Twist and Shout (1984) Movie Script

Erik, do you have to go home now?
I don't Iike Mom to be home alone.
Isn't your dad home?
He's leaving in half an hour.
It's Friday.
Just one more hour.
It's 20 minutes to get home,
and my rear tire is losing air.
Didn't you see her at all?
Well, uh...
How's your mom?
Is she better now?
She isn't sick like that, you know.
That coffee really smells good.
Okay, but down in my room.
You're crazy.
I think I'll let my hair grow.
Did you see the singer there?
You'll look like a girl.
What about you, man?
I got a high hat for my drums.
Having fun, I see.
Erik, why didn't you come home earlier?
You knew I had to go.
I'm leaving now, Erik, and remember:
Your mom has to use the bathroom
before going to sleep.
And how about
being a little less noisy?
Where's he going?
He goes to a meeting.
Every Friday.
What nice undies.
With a fly, even.
- Say thanks like a good boy.
- Now, Henning.
Let me show you how to say thank you.
Like this. And then like this.
And then...
- Nice.
- You ought to practice that.
Want to go to Uncle Bjorn?
Hey, Johnny.
Hey. Coming over to me?
Good idea we got, huh,
to have it down here?
It's a drag there isn't even space
to have guests in our own apartment.
It won't be like that for long.
Then I came to the customer
who wanted the vacuum cleaner fixed.
You know what was wrong?
She'd put the hose in the wrong hole!
- Did it blow?
- You bet.
She'd been blowing for three years.
Someone blew for three years!
People are strange.
'Cause we're moving
to another place next month.
You haven't said a word about that!
Three rooms
with bath and central heating.
I simply walked up
to the Housing Office.
That's right.
I can't stand it here.
That tiny apartment
is driving me crazy.
I'll move there myself with the kids.
You will, huh?
- Couldn't we have talked this over?
- That wouldn't have helped.
Dad, go have a look
at the place with Mom.
- What's the rent?
- One half more than what we pay now.
Can you manage that?
But it's expensive to move.
Painting and all that.
The company pays for fixing it up.
- Our phone is free too.
- What do you mean?
You see, Svend is going
to be the manager.
You'll like it, Dad.
How do you like that? Manager!
You should've given me a chance.
The manager is the boss,
you know, Svend?
Otherwise we'd never have gotten it.
One, two, three.
Why do they do that?
I saw them in the garden.
- Suddenly
- How did it break?
- Did she cut herself?
- No.
- I saw them do it.
- Not that I can see.
Get her slippers, please.
No. Stay here,
so you don't cut yourself.
Why can't they leave me alone?
It's all right.
Try to get some rest.
That'll do you good.
- Say I couldn't help it.
- You couldn't help it.
There you go.
Thank you.
Drink this.
The last band tonight will be
the four young Sea Lions from Bronshoj.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Sea Lions!
Erik, why can't you come?
Don't have time.
No time?
Didn't you see her at all?
What do you think?
She's okay.
She's totally fantastic!
Hi, Bjorn!
Come on.
But I have to get some things.
See you.
Where's Bjorn going?
Why does he run around town so much?
Guess he knows someone in town.
How nice of you to do the shopping.
It was nice walking with you.
See you.
- Aren't you gonna invite me in?
- What?
Well, you see...
The place is being redone.
Are you painting it yourselves?
Maybe we could wait till another day.
- Are you the only one at home?
- Yes... No!
Where are my keys?
- Did you lock yourself out?
- No, but it's...
Isn't that them?
Oh. But these aren't
the keys to the basement.
- Is that your room?
- Yes.
I hope I have the right key.
Kirsten, can't we...
My mom isn't well.
Bjorn told me.
- What did he say?
- That your mom is sick.
But what did he say?
Only that she's sick
and in bed most of the time.
- Let's go up and make some tea.
- What?
No, I mean, you can sit in my room.
Then I'll make some.
- Let me take the cups at least.
- No, I can do it.
Did you bring somebody home, Erik?
- I saw from the window.
- Mom, go to your room.
And you have two cups on the tray.
Come on, Mom.
It's a girl.
Take the jasmine tea in the little can.
I forgot about that.
But it tastes funny anyway.
- Now go to bed.
- I Iike jasmine tea.
I'm afraid I have to go.
Time flies.
Do you think he's in town?
- Who?
- Bjorn.
You said he was in town, right?
Well, I don't know.
- Shall I go through the basement?
- No, that's not necessary.
Why did you have to come barging in?
Why can't you stay in your room?
Why can't I bring anybody home
without you having to ruin everything?
What did you have to do in the kitchen?
I just heard you come in.
Why can't you just...
You just wanted to nose around.
Admit it!
I'm sorry.
She's really pretty.
Tell me her name.
Her name is Kirsten.
Mom, just this once...
I know it's wrong,
but let's not tell Dad, okay?
I can't walk backwards.
You think it's easier
in a pair of sandals?
Thanks for the plants.
Henning, look!
We can sew
the sleeves up a little more.
I can do that.
And we have matching pants.
Don't they feel great?
Thanks for the clothes.
I'm gonna keep them on.
- Get the shoes.
- So you won't be home for dinner?
No, I don't think so.
this is where I live.
I was wondering if we somehow
could go somewhere together.
How about going rowing on Sunday?
I took rowing lessons there once.
Things were different then.
I don't go there anymore.
Not challenging enough.
- Afterwards we...
- Yes, I'll go.
I just don't get it, man.
I've never felt like this before.
She's the only thing on my mind.
Damn it, Erik!
I don't see how
I could have ever lived before!
What about Kirsten?
You just gotta see her.
She's outrageous.
How about coming up for a cup of tea?
My mom is feeling better.
She'd like to see you.
Sounds good.
That'll make her happy.
Come out, Mom.
Don't be afraid.
- Hello, Bjorn.
- Hello.
It's been a long time.
You've grown so tall.
So nice to see you again.
Same here.
You look happy.
Have you met a girl?
It makes me warm inside
when I hear things like that.
Erik has too...
I'm sorry. It's because
I feel so much better.
I'm going to the hairdresser's
today too.
All those sounds drive me...
You must have heard them too.
Don't you think
it's because you're always inside?
Maybe you could go out once in a while.
They're here now.
Can't you hear them?
Come with me, Mom.
I'll take her.
Maybe I better go.
Okay. I'll see you at the party.
What a success this is!
You like it?
It was an enormous amount of work.
But both my mom
and her sister helped me.
Mom! Could you give me a hand?
Why don't you ask your brother-in-law?
Hi, Erik.
Erik, this is Anna.
Anna, this is Erik.
Bjorn has talked a lot about you.
No, don't take it like that!
Time for snacks!
You like the food?
We haven't tasted it yet.
Having fun?
Don't you remember
what we agreed on at school?
- At school?
- No outsiders, just classmates.
- Well, Anna...
- You're so low!
I don't think you're being fair.
I mean, I thought
we were gonna be together.
You thought... What about Erik?
That fool!
Who do you think I am anyway?
Cool it.
Him and his sick mother.
Don't get carried away.
Don't you tell me what to do! You...
Bringing her is one thing,
but don't you dare tell me
what to do in my own house!
Got that?
Stop bad-mouthing other people.
I'll do just as I please.
I don't need you to tell me what to do.
Take your greedy girlfriend and split.
Right now!
Then maybe the rest of us
can have some fun.
Fine! I won't bother you anymore.
You're not being fair, you know.
She's the one who's unfair, not me.
- It was your own fault.
- Maybe.
But she's not gonna get away with it.
But we did agree at school, right?
She's just gone too far.
I think you should go back in.
I'm not going in that house again.
Well, it's up to you.
You were in the kitchen yourself, Erik.
You heard what she said about you.
Go get your stuff
and let's all three split.
Don't go back in there, Erik.
- She's just using you, man.
- Cut it out.
You heard what she said,
about your mom too.
Get your clothes.
How can you let her
treat you like that?
Erik, don't let her humiliate you,
for Christ's sake.
Let go of me.
- For Christ's sake!
- I said let go!
- Your dad's insane, anyway.
- That's enough!
I only wanted to help you.
Erik, come with us.
Do you like it?
Not really. Sounds like
when you pull a cat by the tail.
I prefer music with a beat.
It's like the two instruments
are playing with each other.
Hear that?
Beautiful, isn't it?
- Who's that by?
- Bach.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you too.
I forgot to tell you something.
I have to go away.
Go away?
- To Svendborg.
- Svendborg?
- For three days.
- Three days?
I'm going to a silver anniversary.
How can that take three days?
Two hours at the most.
You have to stay here.
Impossible. I have to go.
Three years! Man!
Can't you stay home?
I'll wait right here for you.
- Not with the animals watching.
- It's okay.
East of Svendborg, the temperature
may reach below 40 degrees,
and nothing alive
can maintain a normal existence.
It's not bad being a bachelor
for a few days either.
I thought you missed her.
Come on.
Three days mean nothing.
Soon we won't be able to see your eyes.
He looks like Marius.
Do you remember him, Erik?
Marius home on the farm.
What time is it?
Almost 1:00.
I have to go!
Thanks for the coffee.
Hug me!
I'll never ever let you go.
Oh, Svendborg.
Mom went directly from Svendborg
to visit Dad for a few days.
His ship is in Antwerpen these days.
That's from the first time
Mom was sailing.
She was a waitress for the officers
on the ship that my dad was on.
He was a really handsome captain then.
She couldn't resist him.
They say I was made on the Suez Canal
in 100-degree heat.
After that, my mom stayed home
to take care of me.
On the Suez Canal!
Sometimes I miss you
even when we're together.
Is that hers?
The girl's?
She forgot it the last time.
I think she wanted you
to have something of hers.
I found these pipe cleaners
from last year.
Let's have him look out over town.
Did you remember the carrot?
I think I'm gonna die.
What is this?
Look at me, Erik.
What are these books doing here?
- I borrowed them from the library.
- I can't hear you when you mumble.
What are those books
doing in your mom's room?
- I lent them to her.
- Take those books and follow me.
I thought I could trust you, Erik.
- You can.
- No, obviously not.
I also thought we had
an agreement about Mother.
And I thought we could
talk sensibly together, you and I.
It's so very important
that you understand this.
Especially for your mom's sake.
Sit down, my boy.
Many years ago...
when your mom
had just come to Copenhagen,
when I had just met her...
at that time she wrote poems.
Not normal poems
like those you know from school.
They were strange...
almost morbid little stories.
She had a bizarre love
for a very special type of literature.
She wasn't as hamed of it.
She loved talking about it,
especially when others were present.
She exposed herself
shamelessly in front of others.
It was terrible.
Finaly she became unable to distinguish
between books and reality.
It was morbid.
You understand, Erik?
It took me a really long time
to get her away
from that way of thinking,
It took me many years,
and that's why it was very hard
for me to go into her room
and find these books under her bed,
knowing you had gotten them.
You simply must understand this, Erik.
Those books will make her illness worse.
You don't want that, do you?
I can take them back right now if...
We haven't finished yet.
Where did this come from?
It's a hat.
I can see it's a hat,
but where did it come from?
From a girl I know.
- What now?
- I just have to go to the bathroom.
Go ahead.
Nobody will come. I'll listen.
Did you say from a girl you know?
Not really know, but...
But what was it doing in the workshop?
She was here one day.
And then?
Then what?
Then she forgot it.
Did she see your mother?
No, not really.
What do you mean, "not really"?
They didn't speak to each other.
So she's a girl you see often?
No, she was here to...
Do you... whatever you call it,
go out with her?
No, not at all.
In fact, Bjorn is the one
who knows her.
There must be something between
you and her, since you kept the hat.
Erik, I'd Iike you to tell me...
I still think,
well, you're only a child,
and with Mom sick, you're all I have.
Do you know where she lives?
Sure, she's in my class.
It doesn't mean anything.
I'll take the hat over
right now if you want.
Okay. Don't be long.
Kirsten, it's one of your classmates.
Oh, there it is. Thank you.
I thought we were going to your place.
Is anything wrong?
They said the test was positive.
But they could have been wrong.
I don't want to have this child.
We can't have it, can we?
No, of course not.
I'm going home now.
Remember that letter
you sent me a few months ago?
You wrote that you loved me
as much as the sky was blue.
I still do.
It's too late to come now, Anna.
But you have to help me.
Dad will be in Antwerpen
again in two weeks.
I'm meeting him.
He must never hear about this.
Never, never, never. Understand?
I know nothing about it.
Anna, my little darling.
How much were you expecting?
About 500 kroner.
That's what they cost.
They're gold.
I'll give you a hundred.
But I need 500.
What about 200?
That's all I could get.
- Thanks. You'll get it back soon.
- That's okay.
- Sugar?
- No, thanks. Yes, please.
This is the time to be in Norway.
You mean Sweden.
Kirsten is going to Kullen
sometime after Christmas.
Don't you want to come?
To Sweden, to a country cottage.
The fianc of Kirsten's sister
has a house up there.
It's very nice in the spring.
We'II go up in Kurt's car.
What do you say?
Can you lend me some money?
How much?
320 kroner.
I'm not sure I have that much.
How about that trip to Sweden?
All right.
Is the money for Christmas presents?
Most of it.
You'll get it back after New Year's.
All the stairs have to be washed.
See you.
Anna, let's wait till another day.
You can take off your coat.
And you can go in there.
You can take off your underwear
and lie down on the table.
Lie down, okay?
And put your legs up.
Just relax.
Does it hurt really bad?
Not if you relax.
Just relax and take it easy.
Then it won't hurt.
And when it comes out,
remember to call an ambulance.
You have to go in
and get the curettage.
And then do as I told you.
What have we done, Bjorn?
Come, Anna.
I can't go on!
I don't want to!
Is it gone?
She told us to call.
You have to call them.
Mom, I made something for you.
Don't you want
to hear at all how it went?
I just assumed it went okay,
and that maybe you didn't want
to talk about it anymore.
Why couldn't you have helped me
when I needed you?
Dear Bjorn,
I've written this 1,000 times.
Listened to my words over and over
We had so much together, so much...
which suddenly, all at once,
closed up and became
a hard little ball of pain.
I love you and miss you.
I miss the incredibly happy times,
which I know are over.
We've aged many years during this time.
We learned a lot...
but our feelings couldn't keep up.
I cry every night
when I think of what we've lost.
I will always love you.
Take care, my beloved Bjorn.
Yours, Anna.
Watch the wire
so she doesn't trip over it.
Okay, Kirsten. Put it on.
Come on, Bjorn. Over here.
Watch this.
Can you imagine
how much training that takes?
Four hours a day, at least.
Come here.
Take a look at her.
What do you say?
Is it serious between you and Kirsten?
Turn it up a little, Kirsten.
What a treat, watching this!
Great, isn't it?
- Let's go for a walk, Bjorn.
- Wait. I want you to see this.
- Look at that, will you?
- Leaves you breathless, huh?
Come on, Bjorn.
- Two Cuba Libres.
- Certainly. Lime or lemon?
Cuba Libre...
Before, we couldn't mow the lawn
because the pinecones ruined the blade.
- You want ice?
- Yes.
Then, in six days we cut down
11 firs and two pine trees.
Look at that!
Look at her.
Great gals, those two.
We're really lucky.
I'm glad I met you.
Is it serious between you and Kirsten?
Make it official.
The other stuff is no good.
Visit this place for your engagement
rings and say hello from me.
You'll get a 20 percent discount.
47, 48, 49.
I'm coming.
That wasn't very nice.
What's wrong?
Are you thinking about her?
Hello, this is Anna.
This is Anna...
Come with me, Erik.
You're old enough
to hear things straight.
I don't really think you know
what's wrong with your mom,
or what I've paid to keep her at home
instead of sending her away.
After you were born, she developed
what's called a post-partum psychosis.
She was totally hysterical.
Refused to accept you or see me.
She was yelling and screaming.
They had to give her a sedative,
and I agreed with the doctors
to get her out of the maternity ward,
if her nerves were really that weak.
Suddenly she got the idea
that you were deformed.
I had to make her look at you
in your crib through the window
to make sure
there was nothing wrong with you.
She was the one who was sick.
- Dad, I just...
- Then she calmed down...
or gave up, or...
Well, she became totally apathetic.
We had a maid here in the daytime.
Your mom was prescribed
some medicine for her nerves.
At the same time, she had developed
a morbid fear of sounds.
I found I could use that
to keep her indoors.
In a way it's all my fault.
Thinking like that leads you nowhere.
Whatever happened, happened.
But you and I, we have to be able
to count on each other.
You have a responsibility, too.
You tell them.
Kirsten and I.
We're getting engaged next month.
What a surprise.
We had a hunch it was coming.
Bjorn, let's eat.
Look what Kurt and Inge gave us.
That was nice of them.
Bjorn, lie down a little on top of me.
I don't think we have to wait
till after the engagement, do we?
Hold me.
How long are you gonna go on like this?
We're going to eat this now, okay?
Come on, eat.
She still won't eat?
That's not for her to decide.
I thought maybe she should
see a doctor, you know.
- What in the world are you saying?
- I just thought that if...
What in the world are you saying?
A doctor look at her?
As if we couldn't manage ourselves!
You're really all shined up, huh?
That dump, of all places.
I was only there once, and that
was more than enough. Definitely.
- Who are you going with?
- Bjorn and his girl.
His girl?
He takes his girl with him
to that gross amusement park?
No decent girls go there.
Only a certain type of people go there.
But of course, some people
just have to try everything.
We just want to try out
the new things there.
You've started going out
a lot recently, you know.
What are you up to, Erik?
- I expect you back by 9:30.
- No, not tonight.
It's Friday.
Bjorn! I won!
You're the perfect couple.
I've wanted to say that
for a long time.
I'm glad you're the one
who's with Kirsten, actually.
She's fantastic.
- You're lucky, Bjorn.
- Erik...
If anything should happen to you,
I'll always help you.
- Erik... do you remember...
- Don't forget...
I'll always be right there
to defend you.
Erik, do you...
And it's not just 'cause
I've been drinking.
You can count on me. Always.
Remember when I borrowed
some money from you?
You know what it was for?
An abortion.
Anna had a little baby in her stomach
that had to come out.
That's illegal.
Don't you understand anything, man?
I miss her!
Ladies and gentlemen.
Since the days of antiquity,
the female form has inspired
the male's wildest fantasies.
The world's greatest artists
have competed to portray those forms.
Thorvaldsen got blisters on his hands
for the sake of us mortals,
but why settle for marble and bronze
when we can see the real thing?
Why settle for photos
when we have, straight from Paris,
Dadanella, Lulu and Gigi!
Where the hell are you going, Erik?
- It's late.
- No, it isn't.
How could you have taken Kirsten
to that kind of filth?
Filth? Relax, man.
You're not nice to her at all.
Come on, let's have a beer.
Shit! You always have to go home,
no matter what we do.
Why do you keep following me?
You ought to take
better care of Kirsten.
But we agreed that...
I told you I promised to be home.
On a Friday night?
It's also because my mom...
she's gotten worse.
Then your dad should take care of her.
He has to go to a meeting on Fridays.
- Come on.
- I don't want to discuss it anymore.
Why don't you go to the place
your dad goes on Fridays
and see what he does there?
Your self-righteous dad.
The lecher!
Did you hear that? The lecher!
Erik, don't leave me now. Shit!
Hello, Grandma?
It's Erik.
Not at all.
Yes, I know.
But I just wanted to ask...
if Mom and I could come
and stay with you for a while.
No, she's not doing well at all.
She's not eating these days.
Dad doesn't want us to call a doctor.
I just feel she's become
so thin and weak lately.
So I thought that...
But it can't wait much longer.
I'm glad to hear that.
I'll figure something out.
Bye, Grandma.
All my love.
Who are you calling
in the middle of the night?
What are you up to, Erik?
Dad, I...
Behind my back.
What were you discussing
with your grandma?
About... Mom.
She's not well.
She's not eating anymore.
It can't go on like this.
What can't go on?
She has to have food.
So you want to drive her to Jutland?
- No, I just thought...
- Without saying a word to me.
Like a thief in the night.
Look at me, Erik.
I said look at me when I speak to you.
You have to see
I can't trust you anymore.
You can trust me.
I can't trust you at all.
I'll have to take some precautions.
I can't let you use
the phone anymore, understand?
And you'll have to stay in your room
after school for now, okay? Got that?
This is Dad, and you, and Bjorn.
And now I think we should ask...
Where's Erik?
You look terrible.
How can you look like that?
Can't you stay home?
Just for tonight?
But you know it's Friday.
Can't you see how she's feeling?
I'm invited to Bjorn's.
Don't behave like a child now, Erik.
Like a child?
Yes, like a stubborn little child.
I've never behaved like a child.
I've never been a child.
What kind of nonsense is this?
You took away my... my...
- My childhood.
- Stop that blubbering.
I was invited
to a party at Bjorn's, too.
Didn't you understand a word
of what I told you the other day?
Why can't you stay home
just for tonight?
- Go down to your room.
- But why?
I said go down to your room!
I bet you'll lock me in one day too.
The two girls down here on the floor.
And let your dresses spread out,
like water lilies.
Please go in the other room
while we take pictures.
Lift your heads! Both of you!
It's a celebration! Okay, good!
One moment.
I think this is it.
And Mrs. is also...
Let's have a big smile, everybody.
Come on, Mom.
How come
you're just getting here, Erik?
- I know I'm disturbing you.
- Not at all.
Man, oh, man, am I glad to see you!
How do you like my outfit?
You have to tell me something.
Has something happened?
My mom.
She's not well at all.
She has to get away tonight.
I arranged it
with my grandparents in Jutland.
But first...
It won't be hard to get there.
We'll take care of that.
You said you knew
where my dad went on Fridays.
I want to know exactly where it is.
Wait here.
Wait here, Erik.
I'm sorry, Kirsten.
All this trouble...
But I can't.
I'm sorry, everybody.
What are you doing here?
What the hell are you doing here?
Beat it, creep!
Beat it, I said!
And take all your junk with you!
Erik, listen carefully.
You're probably thinking
certain things about...
But you don't understand
anything at all.
Are you listening, Erik?
I don't have to take...
Don't think I have to take
those dirty looks from you.
There are certain things that...
- If you think you...
- I'm taking Mom to Jutland.
I'm leaving now, Dad.