Twisted House Sitter 2 (2023) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
Listen, my-my magazine came early, we're all set now.
We can just do the law of attraction like they say.
You look at the-the image and then you
imagine that yourself having it right now.
We're gonna have the best life ever.
We're gonna do this, we're gonna do that.
Look at this, look at these beautiful, beautiful
models here. That's gonna be us. We're gonna make so much money.
It's gonna be fantastic! Come on, team up with me.
You just need some inspiration, you know, like the law of
attraction. Well, look at these tropical photos.
And go to Puerto Rico and start a blog. Ooh!
[sniffs] Ooh, this smells so good!
You want some?
It's Love, Priscilla.
[instrumental music]
I hope you feel better. Oh.
[breathing heavily, groaning]
-[Alicia groaning] -Are you okay?
Alicia. Oh!
Help! Help! We need help in here! Help! Help!
Okay, but stay with me. Look at me.
Help! Help! Somebody help!
Stay with me! Guards?
Alicia, she's dying! Guards?
[woman] She's dying! Alicia's dying!
[Alicia coughing]
[Tyler] How are you feeling?
[scoffs] I'm okay.
[Alicia coughs]
[instrumental music]
-[Alicia sighs] -Take this.
-What is it? -Medication.
Now, you need to take one drop a day
for the next week. No more.
Otherwise you'll have some severe side effects.
What kind of side effects?
-Hallucinations, blackouts. -And you want me to drink this?
If you don't, your heart could stop again.
Permanently this time.
-We did it. -We did it.
-Just the way you planned. -Just the way I planned.
I switched your body at the morgue with the cadaver
the prison is sending to a medical school.
Lucky for us, you don't have any family to claim you.
Yeah. Lucky.
The body is gonna be accidentally cremated
to avoid an autopsy.
So, I'm a free woman then.
[inhales sharply]
You are my woman.
I got to get going.
Remember, one drop.
And these are for you.
Only use the credit card to buy food
and the phone to call me.
Got it?
[ALIBI Music singing "Stretch This Money"]
I'mma screwed up counting zeroes
I'm talking about mucho dinero
Big mistake up to the ceiling
Ka-ching ka-ching I'll be winning
That would look so good on me.
Morgan Mason Media.
No. No.
We've moved on from Morgan Mason media.
Mn-mn. No.
We have a bright future...
without her.
Morgan Mason Media.
Okay, well, who's number one?
"Pamela Dorian."
Boss bitch. I love it.
Executive assistant?
What does an executive assistant do?
Hey, guys, so I am on my way to catch my flight
for my all-expenses-paid trip to Paris!
[Tara] It truly breaks my heart to be leaving Pamela's side,
but luckily, the heartbreak is only temporary
as I assist her in our overseas takeover!
I did leave her in good hands. Loren, I know you got this.
And I will see you all stateside in a few weeks.
[blows kisses] I love you all.
-[door opens] -[footsteps approaching]
What the hell!
I told you, only buy necessities!
I did.
Come on now, you know that's a necessity.
Do you understand what we just did?
I broke you out of prison and faked your death!
I could lose my medical license and go to jail!
I thought you said you had everything under control.
You can't buy women's clothing on my credit card!
Just say that it's for your new fiancee Natasha.
That's what I want my new name to be anyway.
-Everyone knows I'm single. -[Alicia] So update them.
You're overreacting.
Nobody cares about your love life. So we're good.
You don't get it!
You need to do what I say or--
Or what?
What you don't get is that I've been cooped up
in this dusty, musty motel room for days now
and I'm starting to go just a little bit crazy.
When are we going to Miami anyway?
We're not.
[ominous music]
What do you mean we are not?
I got a transfer to Nebraska. Lincoln Correctional.
Do I look like I belong in Nebraska?
Who the hell willingly moves to Nebraska?
-Alicia-- -No, you said...
Actually, you promised
that if you found a way to break me out of prison,
we would go to Miami.
-I know. -So...
I'm just supposed to go along with some new plan.
If you wanna go to Nebraska,
enjoy all the corn and cattle you can.
Me, I'm going to Miami.
Listen here, I put everything on the line for you.
You're coming to Nebraska with me.
I know you think you do,
but you don't own me.
You're a dead convict.
No money, no ID,
no friends, no family
and no way out.
I am all you have, baby.
Now, we'll be leaving for Nebraska soon.
Stay in the room.
Don't go anywhere.
No more shopping sprees.
I'll be back in a few days.
[music continues]
[door opens]
[door shuts]
That's why I took a picture
of the credit card, idiot.
[intense music]
[Alicia] Lolo!
-[chuckles] -Alicia?
-I haven't seen you in-- -Eight years.
-Muah. Mm. -Ah.
I, um, I heard you went to prison.
Early release.
-Good for you. -Mm...
Um, I gotta go. I'mma be late.
But it was really good running into you like this.
Oh, no, we're not running into each other.
I came to see you.
What do you mean?
Sis, I need your help.
It has been so hard trying to get a job with my background.
And I heard that you just got hired at Love Priscilla, right?
How do you know about my new--
So I need you to give me your job. Okay?
Nothing serious. You could just refer me like Tara referred you.
-Oh, you know Tara? -Mm-hmm.
You know what? Never mind. I can't just refer you.
Alicia, I don't have time for this.
You don't have time? Loren, we're family.
What do you mean you don't have time?
We aren't a family.
We were placed in the same foster home 20 years ago.
Before you got adopted, we were sisters.
We were pretending to be sisters.
But we haven't spoke since you came to visit me freshman year
of college and picked a fight with me over changing.
-And now-- -Look.
I really need this job, Loren.
And I'm trying to change. I'm trying to change myself.
Don't you wanna see me change my life?
Like I said, I wish I could help, but--
Here. Take this.
I know you got it on your Pinterest page.
But I tell you what, you give me the job...
-And you can keep it. -Alicia, I can't.
-Take the bag, Loren. Loren. -Alicia, stop!
If you'll take this bag and give me the job!
-Take this bag. -You're making me--
[eerie music]
[ominous music]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
Well, you always are.
Good morning, I...
Okay, baby. All right, bye.
How can I help you?
[chuckles] Today is my first day.
[chuckles] A first day of what?
[chuckles] I'm Pamela Dorian's new assistant, Loren.
You look different than your pictures.
Uh, just a little thing called filters.
-Right. Yeah, I see that. -Hm.
Kiki wanted me to tell you hey.
Um, yes, tell her I said hey back.
When's the last time you guys have seen each other?
-Um-- -Graduation?
-Graduation, right, exactly. -Yeah? Yeah.
Uh, what is that on your cheek?
-Ooh. -[intense music]
Just a little creme blush.
-It's still there. -Okay, blends right in.
Oh, no, but it's not.
Don't forget the Zoom meeting with Roger at 3:00.
Good morning, Ms. Dorian.
[upbeat music]
Uh, your new assistant is here and she's ready for you.
Send her to Tara's office in five.
-Of course, Ms. Dorian. -[Marcus] Ah.
-Hi. How are you? -Hi. Good morning.
Good morning, Amara. How was your weekend?
It was good. What about you?
Well, I was here all weekend,
getting ready for this IPO.
So exciting.
-So, who's this? -[Amara] Oh, this?
-Tara's new temp. -Hm.
Hi. I'm Marcus Dorian.
Pamela's husband and lead cosmetics chemist here at LPC.
-It's pleasure to meet you. -Yeah.
-It's been five minutes. -Okay.
Well, I look forward to working with you.
-Yeah. Me, too. -Loren. Okay.
Loren Tucker.
BA in Business from Harvard,
MA in Marketing from UC Berkley.
So tell me, what is it that you wanna be?
A boss one day.
A woman who calls the shots, gets things done.
Someone who commands respect
the moment she walks in the room.
So if you wanna be a boss so bad,
then why are you here as my temp assistant?
Because in order to become the best,
you have to learn from the best.
And who's better than Pamela Dorian?
Mm-hmm. Good answer.
Tara left the Love Priscilla bible for you.
It has all the details you need to do the job.
There's a rack outside of my office, I need you to get rid
of it, bunch of designers dropped off dresses
already knowing that I'm rocking an Everette Lemon original
for the launch party. Hm. Tacky.
Can you take care of it?
-I sure will. -Good.
Welcome to Love Priscilla.
[ALIBI Music singing "Boss Chick"]
Boss boss Ah
Do it yourself I'm a real boss chick
Baby all about my wealth all about my wealth
All all about of my wealth if you want somethin' done
Do it yourself if you want somethin' done do it
What am I doing?
Do it yourself
Here. I thought you can use this.
-[chuckles] Thank you. -Oh, no.
It's not for you, it's for Pam.
I take it you haven't gotten to page ten yet,
how she likes her coffee, when she wants her coffee.
Now, she always has the second cup right before
her end-of-day meeting with Roger, which is in...
-Two minutes. -Yup.
-Well, thank you. -No problem.
-Good luck. -Thanks.
Just thought I'd return the favor.
Oh. Thank you.
So I do my little experiments here sometimes
before I take 'em to the lab.
All right, smell.
Mm. This smells amazing. What is it?
It's a new eye cream.
Oh, it's smooth.
-Yeah? -Oh, yeah.
But it's not great.
We should be using organic oils.
Growing our own herbs, making the oils ourself, but...
Well, Pamela says it's not cost-effective.
-Hm. -I swear...
Us going public is gonna be the death of me.
Why are you going public? Isn't it better to be private?
Well, what the lady wants, the lady gets.
Or rather, what the board wants, the board gets.
Either way, I couldn't stop it if I tried.
there are tons of eye creams already on the market.
What if you add this to one of the concealers?
-That could be-- -A game-changer.
I like it. I like it a lot.
It's a brilliant idea. Look at you.
-Okay. -How's it going?
-Uh, it's-it's going. -Hm.
You know I can't extend the deadline, right?
I know, sweetheart. I know.
The valet has our car waiting. Loren, we're about to leave.
Oh, I'm gonna stay a little bit longer if that's okay,
I have a lot of work to do.
-See you in the morning. -See you tomorrow.
[door opens]
Alicia? Honey?
[ominous music]
[cell phone ringing]
[Pamela] Marcus, how many times do I have to tell you?
Love Priscilla is expanding!
We have new customers. We are global now.
[Marcus] Which is why I'm not changing
another one of our products!
Look, one bad batch goes out,
we get sued for millions.
[Pamela] So you're gonna tell that to the board?
[Marcus] Whatever.
You know what, do what you want. You always do.
-Oh, my God, I am so sorry. -Oh.
Look at you. I'm so sorry.
Oh, it's okay. It's, it's no one's fault.
Find Amara. Give her your size, okay?
We have an account with Neimans.
I'll cover the cost for it.
-Oh, no. Sorry. -For messing your dress.
-That's too much, but thank you. -I, I insist.
Um, it's fine.
But, hey, um, for what it's worth, I agree.
Yeah, I love the products,
so try not to change them too much.
Thank you.
[Pamela] Loren.
I see that you're wearing my coffee.
Yes, I just had an accident right out the door.
Um... I'm just gonna go get you another--
No, no, no, th-that's okay. I need to discuss my schedule.
Uh, please confirm my 3 p.m. with Roger Clear.
He's the head of the board, and that meeting is very important.
Ah, okay. Want m... Uh, I'll get right on that. Anything else?
Yes, I fired my maid this morning,
so I need this to-do list done.
-You don't mind, do you? -Maid?
-Mm-hmm. -As in, your house?
Um, sure, yeah, I will get right on that.
Um, do you mind me asking, uh, why your maid got fired?
She forgot about my nail appointment.
Anyways, here is the key.
I've disabled the alarm, so you shouldn't have
any problems getting in.
Everette is coming for my fitting at 1 p.m..
So make sure you have that done.
-Everette, as in Everette Lemon? -Is there another?
That's why I need that list done by 1 p.m.
-1 p.m. -Last thing.
This phone is for you. Have it on you 24/7.
This is around-the-clock job.
-Understood? -Understood.
And you should, uh, get that stain fixed ASAP.
I'll get right on it. Yeah, coffee is not really my color.
No, it's not. See you at 1 p.m.
1 p.m.
I'll just take this, too.
[ALIBI Music singing "Make It Clap"]
So you're the new Tara.
Well, how long have you been
doing this, Ms. Loren?
[panting] Sorry I'm late.
It's okay.
-Here we are. -Uh, no, thank you.
-I don't drink. Hm. -Oh.
Anyway, these are the things that I brought for you.
-Ooh, my favorite colors. -[Everette] Mm-hmm.
So what do you think?
Um, the blue, uh,
is a color of imagination, inspiration,
and I would love that on you.
But if we could just add a split on the side,
that would really take it up a notch.
Blue it is.
And split noted. All right, well...
You gonna have to go try it on so
I'll know how high you want it.
I can't. I have a meeting.
You confirmed with Roger, right?
-Yes, you are all confirmed. -Great.
You're gonna be working from here for the next few weeks.
I'm getting the office remodeled. Oh.
And cancel my five o'clock, too.
-Already on it, Pamela. -Uh-uh.
-Come here, Ms. Busy-body. -What? What?
I called Marcus this morning to talk to him about
the suit that I was making for him,
and he told me about the fight you had.
That man can't hold anything.
Well, y'all been fighting
-a lot lately. -And...
And you're putting a lot of pressure on him, Pam.
I'm under a lot of pressure, too!
Okay. Okay. I know, and I understand.
That is why I booked a mini-retreat for you and him.
-For this weekend. -This weekend? I can't.
-I have way too much going on. -No, ma'am.
Okay, you need to work on your marriage.
You don't wanna end up like me, working on husband number five.
-Six. -Damn!
-Mm-hmm. -You're right.
That's not the point. Okay? Refocus.
You and Marcus have been married for 25 years!
You do not want to risk not making it to 26.
So you're going, okay?
Talking about my designs.
Put a split. This is a designer dress.
I've been making clothes all my life.
[ALIBI Music singing "Double Up"]
[Marcus] Well, good morning.
You, uh, worked through the night?
You know, there was a lot of work to do.
-With the IPO. -Ah, yes, I know.
-Hm. -Hm.
-Ah. -Did you spend the night here?
Yeah, she was trying to keep up with you.
-Oh. -[chuckles]
Well, I'm glad you're here, because I need you to
take care of this list, okay?
-Sure. -All right.
Can I see you in my office in five?
-I'mma grab some coffee. -Oh, I'll take a cup.
-Uh-huh. Yes, ma'am. -Thanks.
One two now drop the beat
[Justin Canton & Harlin James singing "Beat Street"]
You gotta keep moving
Uh, hurry up, babe. Your drive will be here in ten minutes.
-[Pamela] Coming! -Mm. Ooh!
Oh, looks like you guys have a vacation planned.
More like hostile negotiations, but let's hope for the best.
[Pamela] Oh, Loren.
We will be back on Monday and no need to worry about the alarm.
It automatically locks in a few hours.
That should be enough time for you, right?
-Oh, yes, definitely. -Good.
I'll see you on Monday.
-Ready? Mm-hmm. -Oh. Let's go.
-See you Monday. -[Marcus chuckles]
[door shuts]
[ALIBI Music singing "Make It Clap"]
[Marcus] Wow, you're still here.
[Marcus] Hi.
Uh, did you guys forget something?
Uh, Pamela and I couldn't even make it through
check-in without arguing about work.
So I just decided to come back
and let her have the weekend to herself.
Wait, is that Pamela's robe?
It is.
I was doing the chores that Pamela requested,
and I got my own clothes dirty and threw them in the wash.
Well, it sounds like she tried to ruin both of our weekends.
But you know what? I'm glad you're here.
I could use the company.
And while the cat's away, let us mice play. You want a drink?
-Sure. -Okay.
I see you've already started playing.
-Yeah, about that-- -Uh, don't worry about it.
Most of this stuff is just for show.
You know, when we entertain. And Pamela doesn't drink anymore.
It's a choice she's made.
-Oh, I didn't know that. -Yeah, most people don't.
I-I don't drink that much anymore either.
Just occasionally. But I do make a mean mocktail.
You wanna try one?
-I'd love to. -Okay.
-All right. Hm. -Oh!
-Thanks. -Yeah.
-Hm. -Hm.
-It's good, all right? -Yeah.
You know...
To be honest, I hate what Pam is doing to our company.
For me, integrity is more important than a profit,
but it's like she wants to change everything about us.
She really should trust your instincts more.
When it comes to things like this,
she only listens to two things,
the numbers and her own opinion.
Anyway, thank you for that eye-cream suggestion.
Pamela loved it. And I-I-I told her it was all your idea.
-You did? -Of course.
Look, I would never take credit for somebody else's idea. No.
Thank you.
And listen, I know this position is only temporary,
but, but maybe we can find a way to keep you on.
Yes. Yes, absolutely. I would love it. I would love that.
Great. Now, don't let me keep you here, okay?
I could complain all night if you let me.
Besides, I'm sure a woman like you
has a nice young man somewhere waiting on her?
I don't anymore. No.
Uh, we weren't on the same page, and, uh, we broke up.
Huh, he is an idiot
to let a woman like you go.
Uh, he threw me out.
-Mm. -Yeah, uh...
I don't know what I'm gonna do,
I don't know where I'm gonna go,
I don't know where I'm gonna stay.
I-I, honestly, I can't afford anything--
Stay here.
-No! No, no. -Yes.
-I-I can't accept that. -No, stay.
We have plenty of room.
And plus, the hours that Pamela has you working,
it only makes sense for you to stay.
-Are you sure? -Absolutely.
Mi casa es su casa.
-To LPC? -To LPC.
Roger, that is unacceptable!
I will not have them second-guessing my decisions.
Let me call you back.
[both chuckling]
Well, you're home early.
Wow, did you really think I was going to spend
the entire weekend alone?
No, you wasn't alone because you were with Roger.
You're drinking.
Oh, relax, it's just a mocktail.
And what are you still doing here? And in my bathrobe?
I told her she could stay here while she looks for a new place.
-Her boyfriend-- -Ex-boyfriend.
Yeah, well, he kicked her out.
So I was thinking she could stay in Maria's old room.
Maria was our live-in maid. She fired her.
She likes firing our maids.
Maria was, what, sweetheart, the fourth or fifth one--
Right. Fourth.
[Marcus scoffs]
Just until Tara gets back.
Thank you, Pamela. Yes, you won't regret this.
[Marcus sighs]
Yes. Much better than the motel.
Oh, yeah. Whoo.
Where are you? Where are you?
There you are.
[line ringing]
Hello, yes, I need a,
a couple of receipts sent to me, I used your service this week.
Now, will the pickup and drop-off location be on there?
[dramatic music]
Alicia! What kind of game are you playing?
Tyler, what are you doing--
You know what I'm doing here. Let's go.
-I'm not going anywhere with y-- -[Marcus] Loren!
Is everything all right?
Yeah, everything's fine. I'm her fiance.
Oh, so you're the deadbeat that threw her out on the street.
I'm a deadbeat?
I don't know what bag of tricks you have going on here,
but believe me when I tell you,
you have no idea what's going on.
Oh, I know what's going on.
You're getting off my property before I call the police.
You're gonna call the police?
-You are gonna call the police? -Yes!
[Marcus] I will call the police.
What in the world?
Maybe you should call the police.
What do you think? Should he call the police?
Tyler, I think you need to move on without me.
I will never move on, sweetheart.
You're gonna regret this.
-Hey. Are you okay? -Yeah.
What's going on? I heard shouting.
Loren's boyfriend just showed up.
-Is that him? -Yeah, but I got rid of him.
-What did he want? -To be an asshole.
But don't worry, he won't be coming back again.
You good?
I am. Thanks.
[instrumental music]
Hey, baby.
I'mma go on a quick run, okay? Just to clear my head.
[instrumental music]
[footsteps approaching]
Marcus going on one of his micro runs.
-It calms him. -[Alicia] Mm.
Well, I don't mean to disturb you, but, um,
I'm all done in the kitchen.
So, uh, if there isn't anything else,
I'm gonna head on off to bed.
Come join me.
Loren, you have pleasantly surprised me.
I never thought I could find anyone to fill Tara's shoes.
And you have.
[chuckles] And then on top of that,
you come up with the idea
to add the concealer to the eye cream.
-Hoo! Genius. -[both laughing]
Finally got Marcus to think outside the box.
I think you have a knack for this business.
Ah, I usually do this alone, but I thought
this time I would celebrate her birthday with someone.
Today is my sister Priscilla's birthday.
So I always have her favorite drink to honor her.
I thought you didn't drink.
I had a problem with alcohol. I used it to cope.
Losing my sister was devastating to me.
You kind of remind me of her. You do.
Yeah, your spunk, your creativity.
[laughing] Your bad taste in men.
[laughing] Priscilla always came up with the best product ideas.
She's the reason why I started my company.
And you named it after her.
I did.
-Felt like I owed it to her. -Hm.
-To Priscilla. -Yes.
To Priscilla.
So, tell me about your family.
Oh, um...
-I had a sister once. -Oh.
[dramatic music]
But she passed away also.
[music continues]
Kinda leaves a hole in your heart.
-Right? -Mm.
-[door opens] -That's Marcus.
Keep this between us.
-[door shuts] -Of course.
-Hey, baby. -Honey, how was your run?
Oh, it was good. You know, quick, but good.
-[Pamela laughs] -So, what are you ladies doing?
Um, we were just talking about the new eye cream.
Okay. And?
-Nice, lovely. -Okay.
But I was about to go freshen up. Do you wanna join me?
-Absolutely. -[both chuckling]
[message alert beeps]
-Good morning, Pamela. -Morning.
I'm heading to the nursery with Marcus,
but I'll definitely be back before your first meeting.
Ah, so he roped you in to
helping him with his flower garden?
-He's planting herbs, too. -Hm.
He wants to experiment with them, I think he wants
to add them to some products he's developing.
-Hm. Better you than me. -[Alicia chuckles]
All right, well, I'll see you soon.
[doorbell rings]
[Pamela] Thanks for dropping this off.
This looks like something I'd wear.
-My thoughts exactly. -Mm.
[sighs] I think that Loren's trying to impress you.
I mean, this is not Loren's taste at all.
-I follow her on social media. -And?
Well, she changed her whole look.
Hair, clothes, makeup.
She doesn't even look like herself anymore.
-Oh. -She does look different.
Like a completely different person, right?
Uh, I know it's none of my business,
but is Loren really living here with you?
-It's just what I heard. -Even working from home...
I see there's still office gossip. Mm-hmm.
-Her boyfriend kicked her out. -Uh, boyfriend?
Since when has Loren been into men?
-Loren's gay? -As Wanda Sykes, yes.
Are you sure? Her boyfriend came by.
They were arguing out in front of my house.
Loren and I don't exactly run in the same circle,
but she went to college with my Cousin Kiki,
and as far as I know, she's never been into dudes.
-Really? -Mm-hmm. Oh.
If you want, I can ask my cousin if she switched teams,
maybe find out who that guy was for you?
-Would you? -Of course.
I can hit her up right now.
-Kiki... Yeah. -Amara, do me a favor.
Keep this between us, okay?
Absolutely, you know, I'm not the type of person
that's gonna put someone's business out on the street.
-No, of course not. -[both laughing]
-You headed back to the office? -Yeah, I can go right now.
Okay, cool. Thanks for bringing by the dress.
-I'll show you out. -Of course.
Room is a mess.
Thanks for being so grateful.
[ominous music]
[intense music]
Mm. Cheap. Hm.
[music continues]
What are you doing in my room?
Oh. Hey, um...
Amara brought your dress by, so I put it in the closet for you.
And, um...
Just realized I ran out of my favorite cream.
Yeah, empty.
Oh, yeah. That one runs out so fast.
I'll be sure to order you another one. Mm?
-Thanks. -Mm-hmm.
[music continues]
You don't wanna be late for your meeting with Roger. Do you?
-[gasps] Oh. -Final negotiations, right?
-Right. -Mm-hmm.
Your coffee is waiting for you on your desk
and I've already logged you in.
-Perfect. -Mm-hmm.
[intense music]
[cell phone chimes]
[music continues]
[glass clanks]
[music continues]
Roger, good morning.
Are we ready to seal the deal?
I have some bad news, they found out
about your DUI, and they just wanna
make sure that it doesn't affect the company.
-[Pamela] You're kidding me! -That's why...
They're adding a sobriety clause.
That DUI was ten years ago
and it was circumstantial.
I was coming from my sister's funeral and--
It doesn't matter, you're a public figure,
the head of a company that is about to be worth billions.
[Roger] Your personal brand matters as much to them
as the company brand.
And if you were ever to fall off the wagon...
There's no wagon to fall off, Roger.
I was grieving and I made a mistake.
But if you did, it could ruin stock prices.
-And they just wanna make sure. -[Pamela] And if I don't sign?
Well, then the IPO is off,
and all of the expansions we've made
in the European market will come out of your own pocket
and it will put Love Priscilla in a lot of debt.
And if I sign?
If you are ever caught drinking again, even just one drop,
you will be immediately replaced as acting CEO
and you will have to complete a 30-day hold
in a rehab facility.
I'm sorry.
[sighs] Yeah.
[mouse clicks]
Pamela, you left this in the kitchen.
-Mm-hmm. You're welcome. -Thank you.
-[Pamela sighs] -Everything okay?
This IPO thing is about to be the death of me.
Mm. Ha, you know what?
Marcus said the exact same thing.
The irony of all of this
is that the board is afraid of me drinking
when they're the ones that are about to drive me to drink!
That bad, huh?
They are working my very last nerve.
Well, you know what?
You and Marcus have been working so hard on this IPO,
and you didn't even get to have your weekend together.
You know what, I'm gonna make you guys dinner reservations
tonight at Ormond's. You guys need a dinner date.
-On a Tuesday night? -Yeah. Why not?
-[cell phone chimes] -There we go. Done.
Reservations for two at Ormand's tonight, 8 p.m.
-Okay. -Excellent.
Thank me later. Enjoy.
Baby, can you believe Loren is still out there
working on the garden?
-[chuckles] Wow. -You like?
-I love it. You look beautiful. -Thank you.
-Can you help me with my clasp? -Yeah, sure.
-Oh, mm. -Mm.
And maybe when we get back home,
we can have a little dessert.
You naughty.
So did you and Roger finally work out the contract?
-Um, we came to an agreement. -Ah. Wait.
He didn't try to throw something new at you again, did he?
No, Roger didn't, but, uh, the board did.
Sobriety clause. They found out about the old DUI.
I swear, they are just looking
for a way to steal this company from us.
But you don't drink anymore, the joke is on them, right?
[both laughing]
-Exactly. -Yeah.
All right. We're off.
Oh, yeah, you guys look amazing.
-You kids have a good time. -Oh, well, you should, too.
Instead of being cooped up in this house and working.
Oh, I have way, way, way, way too much work to do.
Oh, God. Starting to sound like a mini me.
No, just relax, okay? We can do the planting in the morning.
Uh, yeah, I know, but I really wanna get a good head start.
-Hm. -All right.
Well, don't work too hard.
-Oh, no promises. -[chuckles]
Thank you.
[doorbell rings]
Hi. Uh, Pamela asked me to drop by.
Yes, she did, she stepped out
for a second, but she'll be right back.
Come on in. Come on in. Make yourself at home.
Can I get you anything to drink while you wait for Pamela?
Uh, yeah. Do you have a Bourbon?
Of course, yeah.
[Alicia] So, how was work?
Work was work.
Mm. Ran into any traffic on the way over here?
No, it was normal.
-Mm. Lucky girl. -Mm.
[ominous music]
How's the drink?
Tastes like Bourbon.
You know, Amara,
you and me, we don't really know each other well, do we?
Um, I mean, I do.
I used to visit Kiki all the time in college.
-Remember? -Hm.
You know, I learned a few things about you.
Hm. Like, um, I hear you're into dudes now.
Oh, is that what you and Pamela were talking about?
What? I wasn't talking--
Have you ever heard of the saying,
"Curiosity killed the cat?"
-Never heard it. -Hm.
[music continues]
Well, it basically means
you really should keep your nose out of other people's business.
[ominous music]
Are you feeling okay?
This drink is just kind of hitting me hard right now.
-[music continues] -Oh, God.
That's not gonna be the only thing that's hitting you hard!
-No! -[grunting]
[intense music]
[Amara] Whoa.
How's that Bourbon now?
[Amara panting]
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You're a fucking psychopath.
[panting] You're fucking nuts.
[Amara] No, no, no, no! No. No, no, no, no!
-[thuds] [Amara screaming]
[instrumental music]
[Marcus chuckles]
-Hey. Good morning. -Hey, Marcus.
Seems like a little elf did some planting last night.
-Ah, just a little something. -Mm.
-I think I have a knack for it. -Yeah.
-You like it? -Yeah, I love it.
-You did a good job. -Thanks.
-I think so, too. -Yeah.
[doorbell rings]
-I better get that. -Yeah.
Well, if Mohammed won't come to the mountain...
I'm tired of her canceling the alterations on me.
I'll go get Pamela for you.
Okay. Thank you.
[Alicia clears throat]
[ominous music]
[footsteps approaching]
Everette is here.
Um... Alterations. Right.
-Um, yeah. -[Alicia] Mm-hmm.
[Pamela] By any chance, have you seen Amara?
I text her, and I haven't heard back from her.
Mm, no. No, I haven't.
Mm, strange.
I asked her to look into something for me,
and now I can't seem to reach her.
-Mm, that is strange. -Yeah.
Uh, well, you should probably head on over.
Uh, Everette's probably all set up and ready for you.
-Right. -Mm-hmm.
[ominous music]
[laptop keys clacking]
[dramatic music]
And here you are, sir.
-Your suit. -Why, thank you, madam.
-[Everette chuckling] -Oh. Nice.
-Like it? -Oh, I love it.
-Very good. -Thank you.
So, you and Pammy finally on the same page?
-Yeah. Yeah, I think so. -[Everette] Oh.
I mean, I feel really good about this IPO.
-Okay. -I think this was good for us.
Oh, I'm so glad to hear that, Marcus.
[both laughing]
-I was worried-- -[Pamela] Hey, girl.
-Hey! -[Everette] Hey! Look at you.
Well, I will leave you ladies to it. Got to run.
[Everette] Good to see you, Marcus.
-So, what you got for me? -The lady ask for blue.
-[Pamela] Mm! -I made blue.
-All right. With a little... -Oh. Lovely.
[Everette] Look at that. I know you don't like a lot of glam.
So I just, uh, you know, stoned it out. Look at that split.
-[gasps] Eeh, my goodness! -[Everette] Look at that split.
Look at this split.
...enough leg because you can.
-Bam, just like that! -Yes, ma'am. And then...
I have a little sheer here for a low bust mode.
You know how that is. You're not too much for a sheer cut.
-You like it? -Thank you. Yes.
Oh, that is beautiful. We should celebrate.
Champagne for you, spritzer for you, with a twist.
-I, um-- -For Priscilla.
-Okay, yeah, let's do a toast. -Yes.
-Okay. Okay. -Okay.
-For Priscilla. -For Priscilla.
-For Priscilla. -Oh.
-Mm. -That--
Well, listen, I'm gonna go try on this dress.
Hold that for me. Thank you.
-Okay. Sure. -Be right back.
-Yes, ma'am. -Mm.
[cell phone vibrating]
-[sighs] -Hello?
[Tyler on phone] Enjoying being a housemaid?
Turn towards the window.
How did you get this number?
[Tyler] Baby, I was able to fake your death.
You think I couldn't figure out how to get your number,
Loren Tucker?
Now, we're leaving for Nebraska today.
Meet me in the alley near Ocean Street in one hour.
And if you don't, and I have to come back here again,
I'm gonna drag you out.
[intense music]
[instrumental music]
[Pamela] Now, take that slit down just a little bit.
-[Everette laughs] -[indistinct chatter]
Yeah, now you wanna take somebody's leg back, huh?
-[both laughing] -All right, girl.
You know, Pamela, you look stunning.
And, Everette, the dress is gorgeous.
-Isn't it? -You know what?
I'm loving how everything is coming together.
I think we should celebrate.
Round two!
-All right. -Round two.
-I see you, Loren. -You see me?
I am Pam and all of that.
-Oh. -I see you.
[upbeat music on tape]
[indistinct chatter]
Champagne for you, spritzer for you.
-I-I really shouldn't. -[Alicia] It's just a spritzer.
-[Alicia] Why not? -Okay.
This time for Love Priscilla.
-Love Priscilla. -Love Priscilla.
-Yes. -Mm.
-Mm. It does taste good. Yeah. -Mm. Mm...
You know what? We should take a selfie.
-Ooh. Okay, selfie time. -Selfie.
Where's your phone? Where's your phone?
Right there.
Okay, let's all get in here.
-All right. One, two, three. -Y'all ready?
-Ah, yes! -What?
Girl, you are showing your age.
Nobody says "cheese" when they take a selfie.
-Oh, what do they say? -They say money.
Oh, I know. That's right. Money.
-[laughing] -Money, money, money, money!
[Pamela] Money!
We don't be that way
[Pamela] Oh, well done. Another successful fitting.
[Everette] Indeed. [Pamela] Mm-hmm.
And I'll have everything done for you by tomorrow.
-Okay? -Okay. You always do.
Now, you let me know if you need anything in between ten.
I will. Oh, Loren, can you hand me that gown?
[Alicia] Oh, yes.
-Thank you. -Thank you. Thank you.
-Here you go. -All right, I'll see you, baby.
-All right. Oh, plea... -Goodnight, Loren.
Please text me when you're close.
-Absolutely. Thank you. -Okay.
-Night. -[Everette] Goodnight, baby.
Hoo! Look. Oh...
I drank too many of those spritzers tonight.
Oh, no.
You were celebrating in honor of Priscilla.
She would be proud.
Look what I just found.
-Is that Everette's phone? -It is.
Oh, she's gonna be a wreck without it.
Oh, I'll go downtown and give it to her.
Uh, I just need to reschedule my salon appointment.
No, no, no. You have done enough.
-Oh. -And self-care is important.
Besides, I have an appointment--
-With your notary. -Yes.
The IPO contract is finally official.
So I'm gonna drop off this phone,
then go to the notary, only two minutes away.
Hey, my salon is near your notary.
-Can I hitch a ride? -Sure.
Awesome. Let's get this girl her phone.
Oh, it's a shame we can't live without it.
What? I thought it was a blessing.
[Pamela laughs]
[dramatic music]
[indistinct chatter]
-Ah, nice. -Yeah, you like that song?
-That's the jam. -It is the jam, isn't it?
[indistinct song on car stereo]
Wondering where you went
[song continues]
-Oh, sorry. -Girl.
-Whoa! Everything okay? -Sorry.
Yeah. I think, uh, I just got a little lightheaded.
I didn't eat today, and that spritzer.
-So... I'll be okay, though. -Okay.
I'm gonna pick up something to eat after I drop off Ev's phone.
All right. Scared me for a second.
[song continues]
[engine revving]
-[tires screeching] -God! Pamela!
[Alicia] [distorted] Pamela? Pamela?
Pamela, are you okay?
Come on, please wake. Pamela, wake up.
Wake up, Pamela.
[normal] Wake up, Pamela.
-Pamela. -Where are we?
Oh, thank God.
I don't know, you said you knew a shortcut to Everette's
and you turned down this street. Beyond that I have no idea.
-Yeah. Be, be careful. -[gasps]
-Oh, my God. -Yeah. Be careful.
Wait. Wait, Pamela, don't.
Pamela, don't go out there. Pamela.
-Did I hit something? -Someone.
Someone? Oh.
[dramatic music]
Oh, my God!
Is he, is he dead?
-Yeah. -Well, well, maybe not.
Maybe, maybe we can call an ambulance.
-Take him to the hospital. -Ambulance? Hospital?
Do you hear yourself? How are we gonna explain this?
You hit him while under the influence.
-What? Uh, well-- -Remember the spritzers.
-This is a DUI, Pamela. -I wasn't that drunk.
Uh, m-maybe my blood sugar was low, but...
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. What are we gonna do?
-We can't just leave him there. -We can and we have to. Okay?
I'm gonna call you an Uber, okay? Y-you go to the notary.
And I'll take care of the car. Okay?
Oh, my God. I can't believe this. This is terrible.
Pamela, we're gonna take care of this together, okay?
-Okay. -All right.
So there is a cafe just a few blocks away from here.
Go there, get yourself cleaned up, okay?
-Yeah. Oh. -One second.
-I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. -Here, take this.
The Uber is gonna meet you there in ten minutes.
-[gasps] Ten minutes? -Ten minutes. That's it.
-Okay? It's gonna be fine. -O-okay.
I'm gonna take care of it.
It's gonna be okay, okay?
[eerie music]
Well, well...
Ooh. Ah.
[engine starts]
[instrumental music]
[footsteps approaching]
[sighs] Whoo!
I'm so glad this IPO is finally settled.
Baby. What's wrong?
[Marcus] What, did Roger pull something on you last minute?
The contract is signed, we are...
officially ready to launch.
Oh, my God. Baby, what happened?
I hit my head on a-a cabinet.
Oh, Pam, you-you have to be more careful.
Look, you've been working really hard, okay?
But now you can relax. All right?
-The IPO was a lot of work. -[Marcus] Yes, it was.
-Hey, Marcus. Hey, Pamela. -Oh, hey.
-Hey. -I took care of everything.
Your car will be ready in a couple of days.
Wait, what-what happened to your car?
I was taking notes in the car on the way to the notary
and the pen broke.
Ink everywhere, and she just asked me to take it
to the shop to get it reupholstered.
Babe, please don't tell me that's what you're upset about.
All right, don't let that dampen the mood. Okay?
Now let's celebrate. Come on.
-[Marcus clears throat] -Tomorrow.
It's been a long day, I...
-I might hop to bed. -Really?
-Tomorrow. -Pam!
Well, what about you?
You, uh, down for a little apple bubbly?
Yes, I'm always down.
-There you go. One for you. -Thank you.
-And one for me. -This is so exciting.
Absolutely. Time to celebrate.
-To LPC. -To LPC.
Nice. Heh-heh.
-[ominous music] -[Pamela groaning]
[dramatic music]
-[Pamela panting] -Oh, baby. Baby.
You all right? You all right?
-[belching] -[Marcus] Pamela.
-[Pamela coughing] -Pam, baby, you okay?
[Pamela coughing]
[Pamela] I'm all right. It must've been something I ate.
Okay, well, uh, I-I'll get you some seltzer.
-It'll settle your stomach. [Pamela] Hell, no!
I-I-I'll take some water.
All right, I'll get you some water.
[female reporter] An unidentified body was found
in the alley near Hudson and Ocean last night,
the victim of a suspected hit-and-run.
So far no witnesses have come forward.
The police are asking that anyone
with any information please contact them.
You can leave a tip by texting the number posted below.
I know how to bounce it back quick ah
I got that attitude 'cause I'm mad thick ah
I know how to bounce it back quick ah
Twerk twerk twerk twerk some with my thick self
I'mma shake it till I hurt some
Twerk twerk twerk twerk some with my thick self
I'mma shake it till I hurt some
Throw it back put some work in it
Gone and put it any loud for the twerk
Is that your ex over there? we gonna hit it
Where it hurt yeah
[indistinct singing]
We gonna hit it where it hurt yeah
I noticed you haven't been eating.
Who the hell can think about eating?
-A man died, Loren. -It was an accident.
What was he doing in the middle of the street anyway?
Probably up to no good.
That could've been someone's father,
husband, brother--
You can't even think about that.
You have to think about you.
What's done is done. Okay, now eat.
You have a meeting with the board in an hour,
to finalize the publicity for the launch.
Come on now. Come on.
We don't want your blood sugar getting low again, do we?
-Happy? -I am.
Let me get you some green tea.
It's better for you than that coffee you've been drinking.
We are so happy that we're taking this next step together.
Uh, so are we, Roger, so are we.
So the launch party will be at your house, which we love.
-Our house? -[Roger] Yeah.
Pamela and I discussed it. It...
It gives it a personal touch.
Fits in with the idea that the brand is a family-run business.
Pamela, would you go over the talking points?
-Um, what was that? -The talking points.
Would you go over the talking points?
[gasps] Oh! Right.
Pamela, are you okay?
-[intense music] -[gasps]
Uh, maybe you should have some tea?
-Excuse me, Roger. -[Alicia] Mm-hmm.
Okay, you feeling better?
-Yeah. -Okay.
Sorry about that, Roger.
As you all know, the skincare market generates...
a $136.4 billion in the US alone.
As we enter this market globally, that exposes us to...
[gasps] Oh! Did you see that?
Did you... The head! The head!
-[panting] -See what, honey?
I'm sorry, Pamela, we don't follow.
Um, I think that Pamela is not feeling very well.
Uh, she had an accident the other day, hit her head.
-Oh, my goodness. -[Alicia] Yes.
So, um, I think for her health, um,
Pamela, let's just sit this one out.
And if you and Marcus don't mind,
I could move forward with the talking points
just so that we can move forward with the launch.
By all means, if that's okay with Pamela.
Oh, Pamela, do you mind if
I take over the meeting really quick?
-No, not at all. -It's all right, baby.
-You should go lie a while. -Okay.
All right, guys, well, let's pump some blood
back into this meeting, shall we?
All right, so what we intend to do at LPC
is we want to dominate the market.
And how are we gonna do that?
We're going to appeal to all ages,
skin types and skin tones.
Now, first things first.
I know what I saw.
Marcus, it popped up twice.
It sounds like you got a concussion.
Yeah, you must have hit it pretty hard.
[sighs] I really wish you would let me take you to the hospital.
No! No hospital.
Well, I want you to stay in bed for the rest of the day, okay?
And if you're not better by tomorrow,
then you're going to see a doctor, end of story.
-You hear me? -You got it.
-You want some more tea? -No, that stuff is awful.
I think Loren was hoping that you'll like it.
I don't.
I'll bring you some water and an aspirin for your head.
-Thank you. -I'll be right back.
All right.
So, as I've already outlined, if we stick with these
main talking points, I have no doubt that retail chains
will be clamoring for Love Priscilla products.
-Thank you. -[clapping]
I'm sold.
So do any of you have any questions?
No. I think we're happy with what we've heard.
I especially love the idea of Tara doing
a small launch party in Paris
that we can simulcast in during our launch.
[sighs] Now, I know Loren is just filling in for Tara,
but, Marcus, she's a keeper.
We should find a position for her within the company.
Maybe Tara could work in the overseas division
and we keep Loren stateside.
-Mm-hmm. -Sounds good.
But Pamela has to agree on it, though.
-She is the CEO. -What do you think, Loren?
I would love to, absolutely. I would be honored.
Um, so you have a great rest of your week.
Uh, you, too, Loren.
See you both live and in the flesh soon.
-Yes, see you soon. -See you soon.
Wow. It looks like you just got offered a job.
I know. I can't believe it.
[laughs] Congratulations. Oh!
[chuckles] Oh, my... Ah.
-Um, you deserve it. -Yeah.
I'm sure Pamela will sign off on it.
How is she feeling?
She's too stubborn to go to the hospital.
She hates doctors, so it's too early to tell.
Well, I'm sure with a little rest and TLC,
she'll be back to her usual self in no time.
-Want me to order dinner? -Yes, please. Thank you.
-No problem. -Mm-hmm. Good job.
-Thank you. -Mm-hmm.
-Hey. -How you feeling?
-Better. -Good, good.
So Loren nailed the meeting yesterday.
She really is becoming your mini me.
Roger thinks we should find a position for her.
What do you think?
[Marcus] Pam?
Okay, that's it.
I'm making you an appointment. You're going to see a doctor.
Okay, Marcus.
[cell phone ringing]
[sighs] Hello?
[Kiki] Hello, is this Pamela Dorian?
Yes, it is. Who's calling?
This is Kelana Lewis. Kiki. I'm Amara's cousin.
I'm sorry to disturb you, but Amara sent us a group text.
-A text? -That's how I got your number.
She hasn't been responding to my text.
And I was wondering, have you heard from her?
No, I haven't. And...
This text that you say Amara sent, I-I never got it.
It was about Loren's girlfriend.
-You mean, boyfriend? -No, girlfriend. Stephanie.
Hold on a second, I'm gonna send you something.
[cell phone chimes]
[cell phone chimes]
-[Pamela] Did you get it? -Yes, ma'am.
The woman in the middle, do you recognize her?
Looks like Loren. I mean, I haven't seen her in years.
But it also kind of looks like Alicia.
-Alicia? -Yeah, Loren's foster sister.
She visited once during college. She was weird.
-Do you know Alicia's last name? -[Kiki] No, ma'am, I don't.
She and Loren stopped speaking after that one visit.
If I hear from Amara, I promise I'll let you know.
-Thank you. -Buh-bye.
Alicia, enjoying that Bordeaux?
[eerie music]
-I misunderstood you. -Alicia.
It's your real name, isn't it?
Did you hit your head again?
Cut the shit. I know exactly who you are.
I like you and I don't wanna see you do something
that you might regret, so I'm just gonna say this.
I am good for you and I'm good for your company.
Does it really matter what my real name is?
The police not finding out about your hit-and-run
and Marcus not finding out about you've been drinking,
I think that's what matters.
-Are you blackmailing me? -No, no, no, no, no.
I want us to come to an agreement.
By conning me, lying on me?
I'm just being a good businesswoman.
Someone who doesn't need a fancy degree to earn her way in life.
Amara's cousin called me.
She told me all about the group text.
Group text? I don't know what you're talking about.
Maybe Amara finally learned to stop
sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.
And Loren? What about Loren?
Loren knows I'm brilliant and deserving.
She's the one who got me this opportunity.
And I look forward to a long
and prosperous career at LPC.
Now, you really should head on back to bed.
The launch is in two days, and we need our fearless leader.
So you think you still have a job?
Pamela, I just said
you keep my secret and I'll keep yours.
Let's agree to make the best of it, shall we?
Hey, what are you doing out of bed?
I was just telling her that she should get some rest
because we need her in tip-top shape for the launch.
Loren's right, okay? And the doc will be by this afternoon.
-To check up on you. -Cancel the doctor. I'm fine.
Is, is everything okay?
Everything's fine.
-Right, Pamela? -Yes.
Better than fine. I'm gonna go get some rest.
I've got some serious decisions to make.
And I'm sure those decisions will be the right ones.
-[scoffs] -[chuckles]
How's she doing?
She's acting weird.
-I mean, really strange. -Yeah, I've noticed.
Loren, I gotta ask you.
Were you there when, when-when Pam hit her head?
I-I mean, yeah, I was there.
Me, Pamela and Everette, we were celebrating
everything coming together.
Had a little champagne.
Wait, Pamela didn't have any, did she?
-Mn-mn. -Are you sure?
And she, she told me she walked into a cabinet.
I don't buy it.
And-and over here we have empty wine bottles...
three wine glasses that...
all smell like wine.
She was drinking, wasn't she?
Actually, I was supposed to clean these earlier.
So I'm just gonna do that right now.
Just leave it, leave it, leave it.
We could lose everything.
What was she thinking?
And you, you don't have to cover for her.
No, but I do have to take care of her.
[sighs] No.
Covering for her drinking is not your job.
Don't worry.
I'll, uh...
I'll handle it.
Okay, what's the emergency? You said--
Not out here. She might hear us.
-Let's sit in the car. -What?
Let's sit in the car.
What's up?
-How could you? -How could I what?
Let Pamela drink.
Okay, first off, Pamela is a grown-ass woman.
Second, she hadn't had a drop since the DUI.
She drank the other night when you guys were celebrating.
-She had seltzer. -With wine in it.
What? Boy, you know you can't get drunk off of spritzers.
-It's like drinking soda. -And who's to say...
That's all she's been drinking?
Marcus, you are overreacting. Pamela is not an alcoholic.
You know, she only stopped drinking to please you.
No, she got drunk and ran into a lamppost, Ev.
That's why she stopped drinking.
That is not fair.
That was after Priscilla's funeral.
You know she was in a bad place.
Well, now she put our company in
a bad place. And if the board finds out--
What does the board care if she has a drink from time--
There's a sobriety clause in her contract!
If she's caught having one drop, we lose the company!
Oh, shit.
And she hit her head on a cabinet.
-The other day. -She did what?
She was probably drunk when it happened.
Look, we need to have an intervention.
Marcus, I don't think we need--
She knew about this clause and chose to drink anyway.
That's careless and it's reckless behavior.
We need to have an intervention.
And I'm sending her back to that court-ordered rehab center.
Well, Pamela's never going to agree to that.
Yeah, well, the State of Georgia says I don't need her to.
I'm her husband, Ev.
I just wanna do what's best for her.
Don't you want that, too?
Fine, Marcus.
When do you wanna do it?
Tomorrow. Right after, I'll, I'll have them come get her.
-What about the launch party? -I'll make up an excuse.
I'll say she has COVID.
Quarantined until she's negative.
Do you realize what you're doing?
What you're doing to her, what you're doing to your marriage?
Did she care about our marriage when she was drinking
behind my back?
I don't like this, Marcus.
I don't like it, I don't like it.
But are you with me?
Marcus, please.
Tomorrow 3 p.m.
For Pam.
-3 p.m. -Marcus...
Oh, shit.
[Pamela] What's going on?
Uh, Pam, please, take a seat.
I don't wanna take a seat. What's going on?
Okay, first off, understand what we're doing is out of love.
Okay, somebody needs to tell me what the hell is--
-We know you're drinking again. -I'm not drinking.
Okay, I, I had one white-wine spritzer
for Priscilla's birthday, to honor her.
Okay, what about the other day? Huh? Were you honoring her?
Drinking on the same day you signed a contract
that has a sobriety clause in it.
[Pamela] Okay, I had one, two drinks.
But who the hell gets drunk off of a wine spritzer?
-That's what I said. -Ev, you're not helping it.
[sighs] You sneaky bitch.
You want the board to enforce the clause, don't you?
You want my company.
-Whoa, whoa, wait. -Yes.
-Yes. You want LPC! -[Marcus] Wait! Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, baby, how can you accuse Loren of doing
something like that? She's been a godsend to us, okay?
And we couldn't have made it to this point without her.
Pamela, whatever I did or didn't do to anger you...
-I would never-- -You made the drinks.
-Pamela, I would never-- -You put something in them.
-Didn't you? You did. She did! -Pamela, I would never.
-Wait, wait, Pammy. -[Pamela] Yes, you did.
-You think Loren roofied you? -Yes!
-[Alicia] I would never! -Yes, she did! And she did!
[sobbing] She's-she's got this, um, thi-thi-this, this bottle.
-I'm gonna show you. -Pamela, I would never!
[Marcus] Pam!
-It was here. -[Everette] Pam!
[Pamela] ...little bottle. I know what I saw.
Pamela, wh-wh-what are you
doing going through my things?
-It's my house! -Pam, please calm down.
I don't know what she's talking about.
You hid it. You hid it, didn't you? And I know--
-Pamela. -[Marcus] This is crazy.
[Marcus] Why are you going through her stuff?
[Everette] Pam, please calm down.
-What are you doing? -I found it.
Yeah. Here it is. Told you.
-Hey. -It's glycerin.
I gave this to her to add to her moisturizer.
Look, Ev, you gotta believe me, you've gotta believe--
Hey, but I don't know what I believe right now, but maybe
you do need to get just a little help to get back on track.
-She is not who she says she is. -Look, Pam.
You need to take responsibility for yourself. Okay?
Fuck you! How about supporting your own wife?
-I am supporting my wife! -No, you are not!
You are not supporting me. What are y'all doing?
-This is for your own good. -Wait! Wait!
What are y'all doing? You bitch!
Pamela, it's okay.
We're all here for you, okay, Pamela?
-Marcus... -I know. I know, I know.
Jeez, I know.
[intense music]
[Pamela] What's going on? I heard shouting.
[Marcus] Loren's boyfriend showed up.
-Is that him? -Yeah, but I got rid of him.
[intense music]
-Looking beautiful. -Thank you.
-[indistinct chatter] -Wow!
Tom, come on.
[instrumental music]
How could you let her wear Pamela's dress?
Well, she didn't have a dress for tonight,
and you worked so hard on it.
This way you still get some publicity for your design.
Who are you?
You know, at first, you were afraid
that going public would change Pamela.
But it looks like you're the one that's changed, Marcus.
You seem to care more about the company than you do her.
I'm doing what's best for my wife.
And I'm also doing you a favor.
Okay? Relax, enjoy the party.
-Marcus, don't you-- -[Marcus] Roger, hey!
-Boy... -[Marcus chuckles]
[indistinct chatter]
[knocking on door, door opens]
First group session in ten.
-I don't belong here. -That's what they all say.
[sighs] I just...
[exhales sharply] I feel so alone.
I feel alone. Do you think that I can, uh...
-Um, um... -Please, can I hug?
-Hey, hey! -Hey, I can..
-Please, get off me! -Just, just, just...
-[indistinct] -[sighs]
I'm sorry.
-Group session in seven. -Got it.
Yeah, got it.
[instrumental music]
See you soon, Alicia.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
Enjoy this tray, gentlemen.
Well, look at you.
And in my dress. Hm.
Looks better on me, don't you think?
No, I don't. Enough of your bullshit.
I see you. You're trying to get rid of me.
[scoffs] Pamela, don't be so dramatic.
-I'm doing no such thing. -You lied to Marcus about me.
No. You lied to Marcus about you.
I was trying to help you.
If you wanna help me out, get the fuck out of my dress
and the fuck out of my house.
I can't do that, Pamela. We have an agreement.
And I expect you to honor that agreement.
Do you really think I'm gonna continue
to let you work for my company?
If you expect to keep your company
and your husband, yes, I do.
[chuckles] You're crazier than I thought you were.
You say crazy. I say clever, resourceful.
All the qualities that a VP of brand marketing should possess.
That's my new position, by the way. You like it?
[scoffs] It's never gonna happen.
It's already happening.
Marcus is talking to the board about me as we speak.
He is acting as the CEO while you're in quarantine.
-Quarantine? -Oh, don't take it personally.
Pamela, I didn't want all of this to happen.
I blame Amara's gossiping ass. You should blame her, too.
What did you do to her?
If you think I'm gonna let you blackmail your way
into my company, uh-uh.
I'd rather lose it than let you have it.
Now, Pamela, here I am, thinking you're the rational type.
But you're being so emotional when I'm trying to create
a win-win situation.
But, fine, have it your way.
[clap] I'll just run and tell Marcus
exactly how you really hit your head.
You're not going anywhere.
Do you really think two wine spritzers
would get me blackout-drunk? You drugged me.
No, you're projecting your sins on to me.
You drank.
You got behind the wheel.
But you know what, I will tell Marcus
because I want my relationship with him
to be based in truth and honesty.
Bitch, please. He doesn't even know your real name, Alicia.
I'm done trying to reason with you.
You're not going back to my party.
-Watch me! -[upbeat music]
-Ah! -[guests gasping]
Don't you put, put your fucking hands on me.
[Alicia groaning]
Won't let you steal my life!
-[grunting] -[Marcus] Pamela!
Stop! Stop! What are you doing?
What are you doing? What are you doing?
You're supposed to be in quarantine.
-What? -She has COVID.
I think everyone should go back outside.
Uh, she's a liar and a murderer.
She killed Amara and probably Loren.
A-and that guy in the street, who was he?
-Was he your little boyfriend? -Wait, what're ya talking about?
[panting] The accident in the street, it was Alicia!
-Who's Alicia? -Loren is Alicia!
Pam, please, you're causing a scene, baby.
So, what, you don't believe me?
She is trying to blackmail her way into our company!
Why would she do that, she already got a position
in the company. Pamela, you need to go back to quarantine.
-Come on. -I've never been in quarantine.
Pamela, I love you,
but I'm not gonna cover for you anymore.
She was drinking and driving.
-And she hit someone. -Liar!
Her car wasn't getting reupholstered
She asked me to take her car to the shop
to get it repaired. That is the truth.
Please tell me that's not--
-It's definitely the truth. -It's not!
-It was Alicia that was driving. -No!
Marcus, listen. I'm starting to remember things.
She hit me in the head with the phone. That's how I got this.
No, stop lying, Pamela. Come clean already.
Wait, you told me, you told me
you hit your head on the cabinet.
-I know. -So that was a lie?
-Pam, Pam, Pam. -Yes, but, Marcus.
Marcus, you have to listen to me.
You have to listen. She did it.
Alicia did it all. She set me up!
[Alicia] Hello, 911? I need to report a crime.
Pamela Dorian is responsible for the hit-and-run off Hudson.
[Alicia] And I fear she plans to harm others.
Please come to the Dorian estate immediately.
You liar. You liar! I know who you are.
[crickets chirping]
Oh. No, thanks.
The last thing I want right now is a drink.
you can't blame yourself for Pamela's decisions.
Yeah, but...
I should have seen the signs.
There's no way you could have.
But I should have.
I-I should have.
I got so caught up in this damn IPO,
I lost sight of what's important.
Marcus, what's important is that you take care of yourself.
The longer you stay in this dark place,
the harder it's gonna be to pull yourself out of it.
And now Pamela's gonna get the help that she needs.
And I'm sure you'll find a way to forgive her.
No, no, no, I...
I don't know if I could ever forgive her.
Hell, trust her, for that matter.
She lied to me. She-she killed a man.
There's no coming back from that.
Truth be told, without Pamela,
uh, I don't even know how to run this damn company.
I can help you navigate it.
And honestly, Marcus, you're a smart man.
You are. You know you are.
You are creative.
Your workers love you.
You have the best ideas.
You're gonna be a really great CEO.
I know it.
The only thing you really have to do...
is ask yourself...
"What do you want, Marcus?"
[intense music]
Pamela, you have no idea what this means to me.
Like, this is a dream come true for me, like...
[sniffs] You're wearing your own perfume. I can smell it.
I-I-I've smelled all your perfume, worn all your makeup.
It's the only one that doesn't make me break out.
Like, who else can wear their own perfume
and their own makeup? Like...
[gate shuts]
You know, alcoholism is a disease.
You shouldn't be in here. You should be in rehab.
Your launch party looked classy as hell.
That Everette Lemon original, ah.
[eerie music]
You know, I could've sworn that
this was Alicia in this photo,
but it can't be, she's dead.
But this woman looks just like her.
You know Alicia?
We were besties.
You knew Alicia?
Probably not as well as you did.
Tell me all about her.
Well, we had this company we were gonna start.
We spent every day...
You said she died.
Yes, I was there. I couldn't help her.
She had this stomach problem and she kept on breathing
and hyperventilating and then she was foaming at the mouth.
Like, what am I supposed to do? I'm not a doctor.
And then I was trying to shake her a-awake, and then
I called the guards 'cause I needed help
and they-they took her out, and I was like, "Can I come?"
And they-they were like, "No." you know, I was like,
"This is my best friend. I can't be there?"
[intense music]
[Alibi Music singing "Boss Chick"]
Boss boss
Boss boss
If you want somethin' done
Do it yourself do it yourself
Do it do it yourself I'm a real boss chick
Baby I'm all about my wealth all about my wealth
All all about my wealth
If you want somethin' done
Do it yourself I'm a real boss chick
Baby all about my wealth all about my wealth
All all about my wealth if you want somethin' done
Do it yourself if you want somethin' done
Do it yourself I'm a real boss chick
Baby all about my wealth all about my wealth
All all about my wealth if you want somethin' done
Baby do it yourself baby I'm a boss chick
You know I got these dugs better he in love
With that major 'cause he know I'd do it bigger
Yeah I'm all about my bins running up them figures
All about them deadest yeah I'm all about my business
I don't need none to ask for So independent
And I'm coming north is the way that I intended
Can't really rock with me if you choose every dispended
I don't really need 'em baby you had his Rubitini
Yeah I got it on my own that's why we different
I'mma running tough regardless of the distance
[indistinct lyrics]
Where the bag at? What's up?
If you want somethin' done do it yourself
Do it yourself do it do it yourself
I'm a real boss chick baby all about my wealth
All about my wealth all all about my wealth
If you want somethin' done do it yourself
I'm a real boss chick baby all about my wealth
All about my wealth all all about my wealth
If you want somethin' done do it yourself
If you want somethin' done do it yourself
I'm a rea