Twisted Pair (2018) Movie Script

My name is Cade. I have an identical twin brother, Cale.
We grew up in a normal family, doing all the normal things of life.
We were inseparable.
We loved going to the beach with our dog.
Then one day, everything changed.
It appeared a bright light in the sky and time stopped.
We were both selected.
The force took. We were separated from our family.
As time progressed, we were subject to reprogram our DNA and cells.
Making us more humanoids with higher powers.
The pace of AI intelligence is incredibly fast.
It is growing at an exponential rate.
A higher entity assigned us certain missions ...
... consistent in fighting for good and defeat evil in humanity using our higher powers.
Although we treated equally, and we are programmed identically,
my twin brother Cale did not succeed in their missions through the years.
The force finally decided to remove his powers ...
... and release it.
They extinguished the flame.
The final time I saw Cale broke my heart.
Despite being now humanoids still felt a bond and love him as my brother.
The force continued programming and developing systems for me.
Increasing my powers.
AI will reach a level of self-awareness,
You will be able to consider complex thoughts ...
... and have feelings.
The final human invention,
Artificial intelligence.
I was involved directly in my own transformation ...
... using all available science and superior technology.
Advances in AI force ...
... clearly they exceeded anything on Earth.
I approached a robotic humanoid state.
Synthetic brain power.
AI never replace the sheer majesty of nature.
While me deeper and deeper into a humanoid state over the years ...
... I never lost touch with the magic ...
... and majesty of nature,
and gifts he gave me.
Good morning, you have a nice day.
Follow me, I can not hurt, you shall not harm.
Follow me.
Wait, wait! Let me go first, I'll protect you.
The proteger, seguidme.
Another defeat for the forces of evil.
The ability of the force to transform and develop my superior powers over the years ...
... It has been rewarding. I am unstoppable and fully accept these powers.
Well done! I'll see you at headquarters.
This is the advantage of being alone. I do not need special forces.
I am the weapon.
Everything was good?
Everything was good. At the end of the day, that's why I'm here.
Well, congratulations. Why do not you take a few days off before your next mission?
Nah, I do not need.
Oh, right, you're special. You're ... You're a special class, you need not be patient ...
But you should try it occasionally. Ready for your next mission?
programmable virtual reality.
The corrupt version.
A digital universe without limits,
connecting all shared virtual reality.
digital tribes.
With all my skills to defeat evil,
I still think about my brother Cale all the time, wondering what will happen to him.
I miss him.
I miss what you never knew.
A crisis.
programmable virtual reality.
We have evidence of planned terrorist largest ever cyber attack.
DNA programmable.
This is very serious.
The Dept. Of Homeland Security is ready.
We are on the brink of mental hacking.
programmable matter.
All will be connected telepathically.
Special agencies are prepared.
I have the power of personal data instant face recognition,
Content of all, to prevent the spread of evil and terror.
The human species has evolved over time,
but as a humanoid is beyond your wildest expectations.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry, I apologize.
- Okay, okay, I can.
- No no no no no. Let it take for you.
It's my fault, it's my fault, really.
- Give me my papers. Just leave me alone. Leave me alone.
- I apologize. Let me compensate you .
- No. You're a weirdo. I have a boyfriend.
- I'll take you out to dinner.
Leave me alone, I have a boyfriend. Get out of my face.
We are here at 8 and you and I take something.
We meet here at 8!
We will go for a drink! I will reward you!
Ha! How beautiful it was!
Beautiful, beautiful ... I bet again at 8.
Oh, thank you, yes, that would be great.
It's 8, it is not here.
Well, you tried.
It's the girl I encountered before.
I will follow it.
Now I'm going to hurt you ... Now you're mine!
I'll teach you to ignore me ... I was supposed to meet at 8.
... You can not bitch to me.
Come here.
Female dog...
You're mine.
And you can not resist me.
Come here.
What's for dinner?
Your favorite.
It's called Mom today.
Say hello to Mom I said.
I miss my brother.
You three come with me now!
Shut up or PIRATE here.
Now you come with me. I do not want your money.
Take your hands out of your pockets.
Now he walks quietly.
- Just relax!
- Make a move and I'll kill you right here ...
No me mates!
Do not worry, I will not kill you. I'll hold here ...
... for all the crimes you have committed.
By cheating, lies, embezzlement that you have committed against the public!
And all the injustices that ...
Injustices? I'm a lawyer!
And I'll see how they put you in jail for the rest of your life.
I do not give a shit, this is my way of justice!
I knew this would bring us trouble ...
- The cars stolen ...
- The millions embezzled from NGOs.
- ... all politicians who have paid!
We have paid politicians for years!
- Illegal drugs
- Illegal weapons
- Executives who have murdered
- Trafficking in human ...
- The insurance fraud we've done.
We've even sold military secrets.
I am going to leave a little souvenir. I will be back. Here's a gift from me to you.
Stay here ...
... until pudriros.
You're trash.
This is where I bring everyone to pudriros and die.
I love working with you. I see you every day.
Come on, we have a minute.
We have a report from the mysterious disappearance of three men two nights ago. They were corporate executives.
The last time they were seen was by a surveillance camera.
They were followed by someone with hood.
It seems to have been the other.
Another crime scene clean.
What did I just watch?
We never planned tests at various locations biggest terrorist cyber attack.
A deep learning neural network.
History shows that have corporate judgments against them ...
and legal action pending criminal.
White collar criminals ...
More examples of businessmen as well.
They were last seen by surveillance cameras while they still someone with hood.
So it may be another kidnapping of vigilante vigilante.
I booked the entire restaurant just for us.
I've heard the food is spectacular, the service is impeccable ...
But it's invisible!
I have bought you a gift.
- You did it!
- I did it...
- A candle ... Thank you!
- You are welcome...
Forever and ever.
I knew it was you ...
About ...
Why have not you contacted me?
We're different! No, I'm different!
I do not have what you have.
But you could ...
... I have had. But you blew it.
You let it go.
Or they took him away.
Its technology surpasses human intelligence.
He thinks, dreams and creates.
We speak of DNA that can not identify.
DNA does not match anything and fingerprints do not match anything recorded.
No, there is nothing in the international database.
That? How is it possible?
He is a murderer with no identifiable DNA!
- Is the money I got from ...
- Give me that shit!
- That's our damn money!
- Leave me alone!
- This is for both!
- Oh, fuck!
Take it.
What the hell are you doing?
Ya do not even love you! Everything I want is drugs and money!
Oh my God...
Come back here!
It changes of attitude! We're both fucked!
I do not care, I do not love you!
We've been here two horrible fucking day!
And you are far more horrible days.
Cuzzx empire plans to invade Earth ...
... through the masterful use of their biochemical CiberControl systems support human life.
Not too difficult to get through today's technology end.
Here are your false identity papers and your passport.
I have an undercover agent who told you you're an investor and collector of international art.
Do not carry your gun.
I need not carry a gun.
I am the weapon.
It's hive intelligence. The ability to communicate telepathically.
Mr. Cuzzx.
I'm assuming.
So you're interested in my special art ...
... and investing in my special projects.
Yes, I'm interested.
This is the special art of which we speak.
Great, let's see.
I want to learn more about your plans for global invasion.
It seems to have the resources. We can help you.
I know his level of danger ...
... and his superiors media.
One for you.
Two for me.
Two for you.
Two for you.
You are so incredibly bright.
To me, you're my world.
I imagine living I can not without you.
I'm so happy now ...
Me too darling.
It's hive intelligence.
What you're doing? What is happening to you?
I'm here for you, I'm your brother.
I lost control.
Who I am? That I am? What happened to us?
This is the center of the operation.
I must stop the cyberwar that the rule of Cuzzx planned.
Interests and the terrors of an AI do not differ too.
Things can become reality in your mind and believe in things you normally would not believe.
A crisis. programmable virtual reality.
We have evidence of planned terrorist largest ever cyber attack.
DNA programmable.
This is very serious.
The Dept. Of Homeland Security is ready.
We are on the brink of mental hacking.
programmable matter.
All will be connected telepathically.
Special agencies are prepared.
I myself can stop all this.
I do not need no army.
I can stop all this with my own powers. Alone.
Plans mutant Cuzzx biological warfare must stop.
programmable matter.
You can transform himself into anything.
I miss what you never knew.
I will start a war against all mental intelligence.
I have the control.
You have no control!
We do not allow you to take control!
It must have been another kidnapping of vigilante vigilante. That's all we have.
Come on.
I still remain many days.
You'll be dead soon.
These here are yours, bitch.
They are not enough.
I need more than that.
- It's over.
- To you yes that you're out!
Loop It's over.
To you yes that you're out!
No, I can not talk now. Later.
Is everything alright?
I have to go. I am going to hang up.
Ahead. Ahead.
Call me back when the attack begins.
I need to end the rule of Cuzzx now, before they begin their plans.
Destroy these pipes is critical to stop it.
It's time to end their global plans. They will not stop.
Hello my friend.
Thank you...
... for giving me peace of mind.
I'll help too.
How nice is this.
I always wanted to be.
I saw you in the office.
How was it?
I am happy to trust our personal lives.
No secrets.
You know I can not hanlarte about my work.
I can not reveal secrets.
I trust you.
Who's there? Who's there?
I know there's someone there! Who you are? What do you want?
Who's there?
I'm here.
Hey, bonbon.
- We're going to party?
- No, thanks, I have a girlfriend.
Hey look at this. Hey. That...? What the fuck?
You'd have shaved! What the hell is going?
I never had a beard!
- That? What are you talking about?
- I never had a beard!
Not a Cale?
- You're identical to someone I know.
- That's my twin brother!
What's going on here? I lived with Cale.
I lived with him.
Did he hurt you?
He did, but I love him too. I hit him first.
Please do not blame him. I left it, it's not your fault.
Take this money.
Find a safe place to live.
Thank you.
Is my destiny eliminate bad my way.
Cade miss.
What happened to us?
Now you're one of them!
What happened to us?
Why are you following me? Why you follow me?
Are you one of us? You are a traitor! You are a traitor.
We've betrayed! We've betrayed! You have betrayed me!
You have betrayed us.
She is one of them.
I did not want to accept it.
This is your end, Cuzzx, and your evil empire.
I'll end this.
It has served ...
To return to. You are here to change the world, and it is he who can do it.
I'm glad you're on our side!
How are you?
- How are you?
- Good good good. How was your day?
It was good!
I trust you.
It's a lonely life.
It's a lonely world.
I knew you'd join us not.
It was just business.
Only business.
I'm sorry.
You break my heart.
I'm here.
Alana, I love you.
I'm sorry. I'm here.
It was one of them. I'm sorry for him.
Someone to go and collect the body.
Pudros and die.
Justice is served.
Even as Humanoid, I can not forget my feelings for Alana.
Cade, I will love you for all eternity.
We live for something bigger than us.
I'm here.
I accept my loss with regret.
I have more important things to do.
Save humanity.
We will live in a virtual metaverson. A virtual universe.
Living in our world every day.
Everyone has the right to be loved.
Everyone has the right to live.
And peace.
I'll be right here.