Twisted Seduction (2010) Movie Script

Some extremists find
that it makes perfect sense
to blow themselves up
just because someone told them
it was a good idea.
Hundreds of thousands of people
have jumped out of
well functioning aeroplanes
hoping that their lives will be saved
by a piece of nylon
when their lives are already safe
on the aircraft prior to jumping.
Millions of people use cigarettes.
They inhale smoke into their lungs on purpose.
Concentrated pollution.
That same pollution their lungs
are trying to filter and avoid
on a daily basis.
Different things make perfect sense to some
people and is complete nonsense for others.
But who decides?
Who decides what makes sense
and what doesn't?
Millions of people
do things every day
that are not logical
by the simple rules of logics
but considered normal
by society standards.
What if they're wrong?
What if I'm right?
You see? You don't have to fight me.
It's much better when you're calm.
I can feel the connection.
Can you feel the connection, my love?
It's okay. You don't have to say anything.
I knew you'd stop resisting
and come around.
I can feel all your love.
You're just so beautiful.
I can see your tears of joy.
I had fun as well.
I know, I know.
But once a month is enough for me.
I can only take so much
of divorce scene.
Why does everybody ask me that?
I don't need a man.
Besides, those guys
are only after one thing.
Tears of joy running down your cheek.
You and me together
for ever and ever.
Nah, I'm just fucking with you.
You must be wondering
why you are here.
I'm going to explain it to you
but try your best to understand.
You see, Francesca,
I have a very complicated mind.
I don't need a man.
That's right.
My needs are taken care of anyway.
Well, maybe I like
the fact that he's married.
Okay. I'll call you
when I get back.
I tend to think of things
differently to most people.
Take flowers, for instance.
Most people just place flowers in vases
to make a room look more beautiful.
In reality, what they're doing
is cutting their bodies
in half with a knife.
Putting their bodies on display
in a vase filled with water
to keep them alive just a little bit longer.
What if it was the other way around?
We get cut in a half
at the waist,
our bodies put on display
for a week
only for someone to watch us decompose
for that viewing pleasure.
Excuse me, miss,
you dropped this?
Merci, Monsieur.
Yeah. Pas de quoi,
I'm going to explain to you
why you are here.
Because your understanding of my actions
is crucial for this plan to work.
If you don't understand me,
how could you ever love me?
My name is David Grant.
I'm 25 years old
and I'm originally from England
and I came here to find you.
I'm a graduate from Harvard University
and I have a PhD in Mathematics
and a masters
in Human Development and Psychology.
It's important that
you understand this, Francesca,
so you know I'm not just
a crazy guy without a plan.
I'm gonna remove the tape
that is covering your mouth.
If you do scream I will be forced
to cover your mouth back over
and not feed you for 24 hours
as punishment.
Do you understand?
Somebody help!
Why did you do that?
You were warned of the consequences.
It's all right, my dear.
I anticipated that.
Not that I mind you being feisty.
It is one of the personality
traits I look for in a woman.
I wanted this to be a conversation,
not a monologue.
Since I'm a man of my word,
I'll be back in 24 hours.
Good morning, sunshine.
You didn't think I was gonna let you
starve for an entire 24 hours, did you?
I got you some food I know you like:
organic oats, egg, rice
and some fresh fruit.
There's gonna be anything else?
Go on. Ask.
Well, I'm glad you asked. You see
Why are you such a sick fuck?
You're incredible.
Mocking your aggressor
prior to knowing my intentions.
Very daring of you.
You know, I should stand up
and walk out without feeding you again
for another 24 hours.
If I was a normal sick fuck as you called me,
I might just do that.
But I'm a very especial fuck.
Have you ever heard the expression
"there's a fine line
between madness and genius"?
I see what this is about.
You're just a twisted fuck
trying to justify how fucked up
you are by pretending to be some kind
of a genius.
You're describing a typically
disturbed individual.
I, however, am a different
category altogether.
To describe this in simple terms,
this, my dear, is a date.
You must be out of your fucking mind.
- It's not what you call a typical date but
- Really?
the results should actually
be quite positive.
For months now
I've been screening hundreds of women
in this particular area of the city
because of its high density of
smart, educated, self-sufficient
single women.
Although originally from England,
I was schooled in the US.
I chose Montreal because of
its European charm.
I used a computer program that
I personally designed and hacked
into the phone systems.
I set the software to scan
all phone conversations
that used specific, repetitive
keywords that matched
the personalities that I am seeking.
Once identified,
I researched your personal,
your family, your banking,
your dating, your medical
and your e-mail histories.
And then performed
a lengthy analysis
to determine the compatibility
of our personalities.
I didn't pick you
on anything superficial.
I didn't pick you because of
your looks or your appearance
but solely based on the compatibility
of our personalities.
We have a compatibility ratio
of 99.3%
in 78 different personality
dimensions that I compared you against.
Darling, we're a match.
Now all I have to do
is perform certain psychological steps
using behavioral knowledge
to allow your brain
to develop feelings
of loving emotion towards me.
I know this is a lot
to digest right now.
But what are your thoughts so far?
Fuck you.
Right. What else did I expect?
We're gonna be spending
a lot of time together
doing activities that two people
typically do together.
I'm going to give you options.
We can do this one of two ways:
"a" I keep your mouth covered and
you tied to the bed the entire time
until you decide to cooperate
or "b" do as I say, follow my plan,
and I promise I won't hurt you.
Does that make sense?
Here is the plan:
I brought you a change of clothes.
I want you to shower in there
and get changed for lunch.
I'll be back in a while.
What happened here?
Been a naughty girl?
Fine. Have it your way.
You may have noticed
but you're not alone in here.
There's a little bird somewhere.
With all my genius I can't find
the little fucker.
I don't even know
how it stays alive.
Do You rather I cover your mouth today?
Come on.
Ready for round two?
This is gonna be
more of a challenge than I thought.
You need to take a shower
and get changed
into them clothes over there.
When I get back,
we're playing minigolf.
You know, my family and friends
are gonna worry about me.
They're going to find me.
Your father left you and your mother
when you were two years old.
Your mother,
she died when you were 14.
You practically raised yourself.
Nobody expects to hear from you.
You're just about to take
a two-week vacation
after achieving record
sales at work.
You told everyone you'd be going
to Europe with a married man,
a fictitious, mystery man,
you made up months ago.
So your friends would stop
harassing you to go out all the time.
You told them all he was married
so you wouldn't have to introduce him.
Your fake lover
told his fake wife
that had a work assignment in Europe.
Well, that's what
you told your friends.
Your only plan,
stay home, read,
ordering -- with a bucket of Chinese food.
I'm your Chinese food.
Good evening.
I'm not in the mood for this.
You seemed to be having
quite an exciting dream.
- You were touching yourself.
- I was not.
Right. I made a decision:
our dates will no longer involve things
that you can hit me over the head with.
Are you not anxious to find out
what we've got planned for today?
Do you really think that
this is going to work?
Do you really think that
meaningful relationships are created out of
someone forcing you to like you
or forcing someone to be with you.
Is meeting drunk men in bars any better?
The same men that would feed you
with lies and deception
and do anything to sleep with you?
Is that really a better option?
Certainly better than this.
You keep telling yourself that.
Really, I'm doing you a favour.
Do you really think that you're gonna meet
someone when you sat at home
eating Chinese food by yourself?
Or making fake trips to Europe?
You have a better chance
at winning the lottery.
even if you do meet someone,
what are the chances
that you're going to be a match,
compatible on all levels:
mentally, physically,
sexually, emotionally,
in 78 different
personality dimensions
that are crucial for two people
to be compatible for a lifetime?
Maybe I don't want a man right now.
Maybe I'm perfectly happy living alone
and having a successful career.
You keep telling yourself that.
We both know it's not true.
you wouldn't be so miserable.
Fuck you.
At least now we're having a conversation.
What are you doing?
Right. Now we have breakfast.
I made this shirt for you by the way.
I hope you'll like it.
I trust you can feed yourself today.
Try not spitting food out this time, huh?
How is your breakfast?
It's disgusting.
It's impossible!
I'm a great cook.
Then why do you ask?
Just fishing for a compliment.
Keep fishing.
I know that you're greatly
skilled in the kitchen.
Why don't you cook for me?
Why don't you go
fuck yourself?
If you cook for me first,
then I'll fuck myself.
- Can you pass the pepper, please?
- No.
- The salt?
- No.
- Anything at all?
- No.
- Why not?
- Because I don't like you.
You know,
I could just grab it myself.
Then why don't you do that?
Thank you.
Damn it!
Only a fucking idiot like you
would be careless enough to knock over my drink.
As if I don't have enough shit to deal with
you can't be careful enough
not to knock juice all over my plate.
Sorry about that.
How fucking unbalanced are you?
Damn it!
Only a fucking idiot like you
would be careless enough to knock over my drink.
As if I don't have enough shit to deal with
you can't be careful enough
not to spill juice over me.
You can have mine.
And I'll be back later on
with some more fun dating activities
such as being hit over the head with a golf club
food spat in my face, juice spilling,
you know, that kind of stuff.
Them books over there that you threw
around the room last time,
they are by your favourite authors.
So if you get bored
you can always read.
Alright, babe.
Ciao. Gonna miss you.
Good morning.
Help yourself to the food.
I'm coming back this evening.
And put the clothes
that I left on the chair.
Hi, honey, I'm home.
What's with the radio?
Salsa time.
I'm not dancing.
Again with the options:
sit in the dark all alone or
fun dancing time with David.
Let me wonder.
What's it gonna be?
What are you hiding?
Come on, let's just go salsa.
I don't even have shoes.
Is this all we do?
This is boring.
Why is this fun?
I don't understand.
Well, we've got
a few times to learn.
Okay, give me your hand.
Alright, just follow the steps.
You go forward
with your left foot first as I do
lift your right foot and
put them back together.
- Can I hold your hand?
- No.
- But we're gonna be holding it for the
- No.
- This is what salsa is about.
- No.
Forward, lift, then back,
back, forward, together.
Get your hips moving a bit,
We're trying to be sexy.
Loosen up.
Forward with your left,
lift, back together,
back with you right,
lift, together.
Six steps, altogether.
Lift hand.
We can dance like this.
For now. But we're gonna get together.
Salsa is all about the connection.
Alright, not for now.
Come on.
- Come on.
- No.
Darkness or David.
Left foot.
Remember to move back
or I'll tread on your toes.
Stop being so closed.
Open up. Brilliant.
Let's try some music.
I need a drink.
You care to join me?
Just in case
you change your mind.
Do you mind
if I sit next to you?
Since when you ask permission?
You're gonna sit there anyway.
Well, that's true.
But you are a little bit
misguided about this whole hostage thing.
I'm not misguided at all.
You are the one keeping me here
against my will.
Or are you too far gone in madness
to realize that it is a criminal offense?
Good shit, huh?
- Knock, knock.
- I'm not playing.
- Knock, knock.
- Get lost.
Come on. You know you want to.
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Boo who?
Boo hoo. Somebody help,
I've been kidnapped.
You're such an idiot.
You know,
I haven't always been insane.
You mean to tell me
you were normal once?
I was ten years old,
sitting on the ground,
playing with those
little Mattel trucks.
You know,
minding my own business.
Then I heard
this loud barking noise.
Out of nowhere
this pit bull comes and charges me.
I was skinny and fragile
It easily knocked me to the ground
and then started chewing on my head.
I could feel its teeth
grinding into my skull.
I could hear the bones
being crushed.
I can still hear its teeth
in my head to this day.
I was screaming and crying out
and nobody was coming to help.
It only let go when
this truck drove by.
I can still feel the
holes in my head. Can you see?
Shit! Fuck!
I can't believe I fell
for that bullshit story.
It was worth a try.
Good morning.
Got you some breakfast,
a pen and paper.
Write down what you need.
I'm going to the store right now.
Did you write down
what you need?
"I need you to
let me go"
"I need you to
fall down the stairs"
"I need you to die"
"I need you to go
fuck yourself"
That's great.
Not sure if I can accomplish that
all in one day
but I'll give it a go.
Right. I'm gonna be back
at the end of the day.
See you later, babe.
Take care.
Don't have any boys around.
Love you.
Hey, baby.
Did you miss me?
I missed you so much, baby.
I fantasized about you all day.
I fantasized that you got hit by a bus
and then it ran over you again, and again,
until your insides came out and
you were eaten by a bunch of street dogs.
And you call me a psycho.
I got you some things
I think you might need.
However, I'm sorry,
I didn't find a way to fuck myself.
I'm sure you'll come up
with something else.
Put this on.
We're having dinner at seven.
What if I don't want to?
Don't really have a choice, do you?
- I have a request then.
- Go on.
If I'm going to put on that dress
and have a dinner date with you,
could you at least take me outside
so I can get some fresh air?
I can't take you outside.
It's too risky.
However, I could
take down one of the wooden panels
to let some fresh air in.
But I will have to gag you.
Alright, fine.
- Are you ready, darling?
- Yes, I'm coming.
Sorry about your makeup.
Hey, look.
There's a party out tonight.
The sky is really nice tonight.
This is a good idea.
You know,
when I look up at the universe
makes me realise how insignificant
our existence is here.
If we were not here,
would it matter to the universe on any level?
Where we are, who we're with,
what we own, how much money we have,
it's all so irrelevant to the universe.
-- important
is sharing this life
with someone who understands you,
who connects with you,
whose mere presence next to you
enhances your life.
I could be at a five star event
right now,
in the most luxurious setting,
surrounded by the most important people.
It doesn't matter.
If you don't have that someone special
next to you to share it all with,
it becomes so meaningless.
I truly believe
in the notion
it's not where you are
that matters.
It's who you're with.
It's getting cold out.
I'm gonna close up.
Now, ask me questions.
What kind of questions?
Anything you want to know.
- Have you ever been married?
- No.
- Brothers or sisters?
- None.
- What about your parents?
- My father left us when I was a child.
My mother,
she died when I was a teenager.
- Just like me.
- Yes.
Is that why you chose me?
Not directly but it is one of the factors
that makes us even more compatible.
Growing up without parents
often leads to being starved
of affection and the need to be loved.
So, what's
the long term plan now?
How long do you keep me here for?
Until you fall in love with me.
Compatibility factors
are simply off the charts.
It's just a matter of time.
Fine. I love you.
I'm in love with you.
Can I go now?
Maybe you do love me.
You're just not even aware of that.
Let's go on with your theory here.
How would you ever know if I loved you?
How would I ever know myself?
We'll know when the time comes.
So, why don't you
just let me go
and if I love you
I'll come back to you.
How would you know to come back
when you're not even aware
of how you feel inside?
Have you ever killed anyone?
I'm not a killer.
Oh, I see.
You're just a kidnapper.
I'm not a kidnapper.
What do you call yourself then?
Kidnapping one single person
does not categorize you as a kidnapper.
It sure does!
You even made yourself a T-shirt
calling yourself a kidnapper.
"Please, don't hit the kidnapper",
Hey, you are the one
who wanted to talk.
I was perfectly happy sitting here,
being kidnapped, by a kidnapper!
If you eat meat every single day
and then for one day
you decide to only eat vegetables,
does that make you a vegetarian?
So, do you want me to ask you questions?
Serious ones, yeah.
What are you going to do with me
if I don't love you after months?
Are you just
gonna keep me here for ever?
You will fall in love with me.
It's scientifically impossible not to.
But what if I don't?
You will be given a choice.
To stay or to go.
But if you let me go
you know I'm gonna go to the cops.
Aren't you afraid of that?
It's a chance I'm willing to take.
As I said tonight I'm with my predictions.
Can I ask you a very stupid question?
But that I really need to know the answer to.
What, as opposed to all
the intelligent questions you just asked?
You're saying that you're so certain
of your analysis
that we're 100% compatible
with each other
- Well, 99.3% to be exact.
- Whatever.
and that you're willing to go to jail
if you're wrong.
- You're that certain, correct?
- Correct.
So, call me stupid if you want
but I'm curious.
Why didn't you just ask me out?
You've closed yourself off
to every man who's approached you.
You're emotionally unavailable.
Besides, if we did go on a date
it wouldn't be enough time
to develop feelings towards me.
And if I did date you
then I would be a suspect
if I ever decided to go ahead with this plan.
So, here we are.
You're not even my type.
You don't even know your type.
I know that it's not you.
You know what,
I think we're done with questioning.
Why? Let's ask more questions!
Are you here illegally?
Do you have a work permit
in this country?
Hey, I'm not done!
I'm going to run
us a bath.
You must be out of your fucking mind
if you think I'm getting into a bath with you.
There's no way I'm taking all my clothes off
and getting in there with you.
What is this supposed to accomplish?
We're moving forward in the relationship
and bathing together.
Wow, this is really romantic
and special.
Just be quiet.
Just close your eyes and try to relax.
What's the point of this?
We are relaxing together.
I don't know if you can tell
but I'm not relaxed.
- When did you lose your virginity?
- I'm not telling you that.
- Did you love him?
- Of course.
- How old were you?
- I'm not telling you that either.
I was 21 myself.
- You were not.
- I was.
You're such a liar!
Why is that so hard to believe?
Because you don't look like
the type of guy that would have
difficulties with girls.
You think I'm gorgeous.
You're not.
You are not my type at all.
- You are blushing.
- Fuck off, David.
Look, I met a girl.
Her mind
She was different.
I've never thought much
of compliments.
Usually I think they're
superficial and meaningless.
But she actually gave me
the best compliment I've ever had.
What did she say?
She said that she'd never met
anyone like me before.
That's it?
Look, I know it's simple
but it was very special to me.
- Did you love her?
- Yeah, I did.
What happened to her?
She cheated on me.
She broke my heart.
There's been no one else.
That's all.
Well, what's next?
Why are we eating popcorn?
Are we gonna watch a movie or something?
Why aren't you answering me?
Will you tell me what's going on?
So I'm staring into space
and talking to a brick wall.
Fine. You know what?
Whatever. I don't even care.
You have the maturity of a 10-year-old.
Not to mention the fact that you're
Don't you dare!
David, put the bowl down.
- Put the bowl down.
- You put it down first.
Oh. my!
You are such an idiot!
I hate you.
You're stupid.
You're so juvenile.
- I'm sorry.
- You're what?
It's karaoke time.
No, no, no.
Okay, fine.
You don't have to join in.
That is, if you can resist.
I do happen to know
this is your favourite song.
And sometimes
you sing it in the shower.
I might have placed a couple
of listening devices in your place.
I forgot the words to this part.
Music is not my strong point.
Can you help me out?
Aren't you going to say anything?
What do you want me to say?
What was that all about this morning?
I was lying there almost completely exposed
and you didn't try anything.
Of course not.
Aren't you getting tired of this?
I mean, don't you think
it's about time that you let me go?
It's part of your problem
with your interaction with men.
They all give up on you.
They all run away.
You find someone, you fall in love,
you open up and then you get hurt.
It started with your father
and it's been every guy since.
So now, as a protection mechanism,
you don't let anyone close to you.
You don't run the risk
of getting hurt again.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not gonna let you push me away.
You're terrified of being vulnerable.
Fuck you!
Why didn't you try anything
this morning, huh?
Is this what you get off on?
Why didn't you just do it?
Why don't you just come over here
and get it over with?
- Why don't you just fuck me right now?
- You know it's not about that.
Why don't you
just take what you want and go?
Why don't you just do that?
You could have raped me.
You could have just forced yourself on me.
Why haven't you done that yet, huh?
You could have pushed me away
this morning.
You didn't know
what I was going to do.
You say you want me to let you go
but you don't.
Maybe I should stop caring so much.
Maybe I should just take you right now.
You know how crazy this is, right?
This whole thing is just crazy.
Your analysis, you kidnapping me,
this just ain't real.
Think about the principals of surgery.
You have a perfectly sane,
an intelligent individual
who willingly decides to
cut through living tissue,
through the skin, through muscle,
sometimes even organs.
Where's the logic in that?
Simply put,
with enough knowledge and information
- they know that everything
- Will heal.
And in the end
everything will fix itself
and be even better
and stronger than before.
Somebody must have found
the note I sent.
Bastard, get on the ground now
or I'll shoot!
I love you but I won't go to jail.
Get back!
I've got a gun!
Why did you shoot him!
Oh, my god!
David, come on.
We're supposed to be like this!
You promised me!
You said you wouldn't go anywhere.
You promised me.
David, wake up.
Wake up!
I do love you.
I know that now.
All right, guys, you can go.
We're cool.
Close the door behind you.
Look, listen.
I hid the medicine bottle
for you to find
and later the pen
so you could write the note.
I knew you'd find
a way to get it outside.
And you did!
You staged all of this?
How else were you supposed to know
how you feel about me?
Hey, if you had been happy
when I got shot
I'd stayed dead.
You'd have gone with them guys
and I'd have disappeared.
Case closed.
Who were they?
They are just two crooked cops.
I uncovered some dirt on them
and now, so I keep quiet,
they do jobs for me from time to time.
- I did good, huh?
- You're fucking crazy.
And you fell for me.
What's that say about you?
Well, I guess we're
one twisted couple, then.
Ha, ha.
You just keep getting funnier.
Oh, what you're gonna do, huh?
You've already tied me up,
taped me up, what else you got?
- I'll fucking spank you.
- You'll fucking spank me. Is that right?
Well, I'll fucking spank you then.
Real good. - Oh, nice.
Right, I'm hungry.
As I said I own the entire building
so I'm just gonna go down to my place
get some food and clean myself up.
I'll be back in a while.
You must be wondering why you are here.
I will try to explain it to you
but please, try your best to understand.
You see, Jessica,
I have a very complicated mind.
Some people enjoy watching grown men
chasing after a ball.
Others watch cars driving really fast
in circles over and over.
We all have to find
our own ways to be entertained.
I've found mine.