Twisted Sisters (2016) Movie Script

[orchestral music flourishes]
[indistinct talking]
["Play Pretend"
by The Structure playing]
[drink pouring]
- I mean, did you see
the dress she had on?
- No, I couldn't see past
her hideous new bangs.
- [giggles]
- Here.
[photo snaps]
Damn, who's
red shirt over there?
- So cute, right?
- Mm-hmm.
Why are your pants
still on?
Get them off.
- [pants]
- Get over here.
Oh God, I'm
gonna be sick.
- No, no, you're good.
- No, get off--God--
Oh, God.
- Thanks for
wasting my time!
..., man.
- Hey, Jill,
can you come pick me up?
Bye, sluts!
See you later.
Bye, party people!
My favorite bitch.
cute pajamas.
- Cute shirt.
- [scoffs]
- Another fun Friday night?
- Mm, I don't want
to talk about it.
- You know, someday,
you're gonna have to
think about your future.
- I'm only 16;
I think I can go
a little longer
without having one.
- Just saying.
I worry about you.
- Look, dude,
next year you'll be off
in your Ivy League tower
and getting a
fancy-ass degree and...
you won't have to worry about
your screw-up little sister.
- Hey,
you are not a screw-up.
But you are a throw-up.
- [laughs]
Thanks for
picking me up, Jill.
- Anytime, kiddo.
- Hey, look.
[tires screech]
[horn honks]
[both scream]
[metal crashing]
- Ooh.
Well, you have good timing.
We're almost there.
[engine revving]
You want to, um,
grab some lunch
after we unload
- I have a lot to do.
- Right.
Oh, my gosh.
That's Psi Kappa,
that's my old sorority house.
- You were a sorority girl?
- Yeah.
- You never told me that.
- Well...
I don't tell you
I used to be pretty cool.
- Ah, I see.
[indistinct talking]
[rock music]
- Oh, hey.
Ugh--I'm Jodi.
Ugh--I'm Jodi.
You must be Sarah.
Or the RA coming to give me
a noise citation on day one.
- The former.
- Ah, score.
Oh, I promise I won't be one
of those clich bad roommates
who always plays
her music too loud.
- Oh, no, it's okay,
I like Syntax, so.
- Really?
- Good, yeah.
- Oh, did you see
their show at
Wrighton Hall last year?
Mind blowing.
- Uh, no, I don't really
go to concerts too much.
It's just good music
to program to, you know.
- Oh, you're a programmer?
Very cool.
I, myself, am
an aspiring comedy writer,
as you might be able
to tell by my sharp wit.
- [laughs]
- Anyway, um, I will
get out of your way
and we'll catch up later, cool?
- Yeah, sure.
- Oh.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Alice,
I'm--I'm Sarah's mom.
- Oh, hey Sarah's Mom,
I'm Jodi.
- Hello.
- Oh.
- This is exciting.
- Yeah.
- I think you guys--you guys
are gonna be friends.
It's gonna be great--
- Mom.
Chill out.
- Okay, I'm gonna--
I'm gonna go.
It was really nice to meet you.
- You too.
this is the
last of it.
One more thing.
Um, lovely young girl
in the hallway gave me this.
Very flattering.
- Uhh...
- Just one Psi Kappa event.
Please, for me?
[computer keys clacking]
- Man, you've been
plugged in all day.
So they're having
this floor party so everyone
can get to know each other;
do you want to go?
- Uh,
no thanks.
- Oh.
Yeah, no, me neither,
I hate awkward social mixers.
Um, I'm gonna go to a meeting
for the improv troupe tomorrow.
Kind of dreading it.
Are you gonna join
the computer club or something?
- No, I actually have
this sorority rush thing
I have to go to
- Ha-ha.
Wait, are you serious?
- Yeah.
- I--I'm sorry, you just
don't strike me as the type.
And that is a compliment.
I mean, those girls
are all about getting wasted,
laid, and, ugh,
if they could count to three,
they'd probably add
something else to the list.
- Yeah, it's not really
my scene either, or...
not anymore, but
my mom's really big
about me going
so I'm just going
to tell her I went.
I'm not gonna pledge
or athing like that.
- Hey!
Is this the line just
to get into the event?
- Are you sure
you're in the right place?
- Kind of hard to
misread the giant sign.
- It's a really
competitive year.
They can't fit everybody
in the house at once
so they're admitting
us in groups.
It may take
a while so...
maybe you just want
to come back later.
- Screw this.
- Hey!
Where are you going?
- I was just leaving.
- Why?
Did you change your mind?
- Not exactly.
Uh, look,
my mom went here
and she really wanted me
to check it out.
So I've checked it out.
- Wait.
You're a legacy?
Well then, why
didn't you say so?
Just come on in.
- Are you sure?
I mean, these girls
have been waiting forever
and they're all dressed up.
- [sighs]
Daisy hates it
when they wear our colors
to rush events.
She thinks it's
really tacky.
- Right.
And who's Daisy?
- At the end of the day,
these thoughtful care packages
will be delivered
to our sorority charity:
The Waynes County
Domestic Violence Center,
a refuge for women
who have suffered
both physical
and emotional trauma
and who are looking to move
past their dark pasts
and into a brighter future.
These gifts are designed
to encourage and to empower
these women.
Because that is what
being a Psi Kappa is all about.
It's about learning
to stay strong
and to stand tall
and carve out our futures
in the face
of any adversity.
Thank you
for your contributions, ladies.
Thank you.
Whitney, send in
the next group.
- Daisy.
This is Daisy.
Daisy is our sorority
Daisy, meet Sarah.
Sarah is a legacy.
But she's not really sure
if it's for her, so...
- I just don't really thi--
- Don't ever
be ashamed to think
for yourself, Sarah.
It's a quality that
we admire here.
Tell me, why did
you come to college?
- Well, to learn,
to lay the groundwork
for my career.
- And what is your
perspective on sororities?
Come on, be honest.
We've all heard stories.
So why do you think it is
that so many girls want
to be in a sorority?
- Uhh.
They're trying to fill
deep inner voids with
sex, drugs, and alcohol,
comfortably surrounded by
other girls with
equally deep inner voids.
- [scoffs]
Deep inner voids.
I like that.
And you're right
about most.
But that's why Psi Kappa's
unlike other sororities.
You see, they treat college
like a playground.
And we like to
think of it as a--
as a training ground.
What would you say if
I told you that I was
first in my class, followed
closely by Maria here, our VP,
that my goal is to be
the first female president?
And Maria's going to be
the best public defender
this state has
ever seen?
- I'd say you guys
are definitely driven.
- The events and parties--
to a Psi Kap, these are all
just a means to an end.
And if you have
an end in mind,
a goal that you're
working towards,
then we can help
you get there.
Psi Kap opens doors.
You mentioned that you
want to build a career.
In what?
- Uh, computer programming,
I want to found
my own start-up
and create software that
really helps people.
- Well, we are all about
helping people.
I like to say that
in order to do better,
you have to be better.
And Psi Kaps are the best.
So come on, let's get you
a seat at the table.
- Follow me.
- It was lovely
meeting you, Sarah.
I would tell you
to think about it,
but I already know
that you think for yourself.
- Thanks, Daisy.
I had a really
nice time tonight.
- Good, I'm glad.
Now, get home safe.
What have I told you
about smoking in public?
- All the freshman are gone so--
- No, what
have I told you
about smoking in public?
- That it makes me
look ugly,
which makes Psi Kap
look ugly.
- And yet here you are
during rush week
when we're supposed to be
looking our absolute best
sucking back that cancer-stick
like the white trash
you've worked so hard
to get away from.
- I am so sorry, Daisy.
It won't happen again.
- Do you know what
a good mother does
when she catches her
daughter sneaking candy?
She makes that
little girl
eat the entire pack
till she gets so sick
that she never wants to eat
another piece again.
- Y--you want me
to smoke the whole pack?
- Eat it.
There you go.
That's a good girl.
How many are left?
- [sniffs] Ten.
- I hope you had
a light lunch.
- Daisy!
- [giggles]
I'm kidding.
I'm not gonna make you
eat the whole pack.
What am I,
some kind of monster?
- [sniffs]
- Yeah, they're like,
but they don't fit the
dumb-blonde stereotype at all.
- Oh, I mean, I would never
generalize with stereotypes.
I'm sure you met
a lot of dumb
brunettes and
dumb redheads too.
What, are you really
thinking of pledging now?
- No, no,
I mean, there were like
a hundred other girls
waiting to get in
so I doubt I can
get a bid anyways.
What are you watching?
- Oh, I'm just brushing up
on my "Captain Quantica"
before the new season
- Never seen it.
- What?
You've never seen
"Captain Quantica?"
- No.
- Well, this injustice
must be rectified.
Leave your sorority woes behind
and take a journey with me,
dear roomie,
into the future.
- Kay, next we have
Erin Simpson.
- Mm, the cool, hot lesbian.
Loved her.
Plus, we score points
with the gay community.
- So all in favor
of inviting Erin to pledge?
Next up,
Sarah Marsh.
I thought she was great.
- Ugh.
She's a nerd.
- Okay.
[clears throat]
All in favor of
inviting Sarah to pledge?
- Girls, girls,
girls, girls, girls,
I'm disappointed.
You need to learn
to see past the obvious.
Sarah was a
beautiful butterfly that
just crawled back
into the cocoon.
There's a strong girl
in there,
we just need to help her
break her shell.
And maybe she's
a real nerd,
but frankly I see that
as untapped territory
if we're expanding
our influence on campus.
What makes Psi Kap
the best?
all: None the same,
all together.
- That's right.
So I humbly recommend
that we reconsider
this decision.
All in favor of inviting
Sarah to pledge?
- What's going on
out there?
- "Miss Sarah Marsh,
you have been granted
the distinct honor of a bid
to pledge Psi Kappa."
- We're taking
that crap down.
Soon as I wake up.
- This course is filed under
"Computer Programming,"
but, in truth,
it's equally an art class.
Creation is your
primary task this semester.
Here you'll be learning
how to change the way
people live
through technology.
All right, that's it
for today, guys.
Stay connected.
- Professor Kent.
I'm Sarah Marsh.
- Marsh?
I don't remember
that name on my roster.
- Well,
I'm not on your roster.
I was placed
in Professor Graham's section,
but I want
to be in yours.
- Professor Graham
is a fine teacher.
- Yeah, but based on what
I read about you
on the Teacher Score website,
you're the best
and I need the best.
- Miss...
- Marsh.
- Marsh,
I applaud your enthusiasm,
but I don't make exceptions.
I teach an advanced class
to juniors and seniors.
- [sighs]
So he said he'd
probably see me later.
- So you can just
take that class
in a couple years,
- No, that's not the point,
Mom, I mean,
I don't need to be
a junior or senior
to take this class,
I'm ready to take it now.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
- So...
They asked me to pledge.
- That's great.
Oh, my gosh.
Honey, I'm proud of you.
That's good news that
you're making fri--
- I haven't decided if
I'm gonna actually
take the bid yet,
all right?
- Oh, okay, uh,
what's holding you back?
- I don't know,
as much as Psi Kap's not like
other sororities,
it's still just a big
social distraction,
you know?
I wish I could ask her
what to do.
She always gave
the best advice.
- Sweetie, um,
Jill wasn't worried
about you socializing.
She was worried about you
standing still.
I think if you pledge
this sorority,
it's a confident step
towards your future.
- All right.
Oh, and Mom,
thanks for the computer.
You didn't have to
do that.
- Well, sweetie,
you deserve it.
- All right, love you.
Oh, no.
Oh, my God.
- I am so sorry.
- No-no-no-no, I wasn't
looking where I was going.
I'm sorry.
- Psi Kap?
- Oh--
- I am not worthy.
- Oh, their reputation
that bad?
- Uh--no, they--they
pretty much run the school.
You must be pretty special
if they're asking you to pledge.
- I don't know
about that.
- Just don't forget
the clumsy track guy that
almost ran you down
before you're famous.
Okay, Sarah?
Your name's on
the invitation.
- Right,
kay, sorry.
- I'm Liam.
- I'm Sarah.
- Yeah, you're
only on Book Three?
- That's embarrassing.
- You have a lot
of catching up to do.
- Thanks.
- Happy pledging, Sarah.
- Happy running.
Runner's ass.
- Hi, I'm Erin.
- Hi, Sarah,
nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Any idea what
we're in for tonight?
- No idea.
The Psi Kaps are
super secretive.
- Congratulations.
Amongst over 100 applicants,
you lucky, young women
have been chosen
to pledge Psi Kappa.
Take a look around
at these walls.
You will be joining
a sisterhood that
has given rise to some of
the greatest female leaders
this country
has ever seen.
From senators to CEOs,
Psi Kaps carry their traditions
from this very room
and into the real world.
Your first task tonight
will be to pick
a Psi Kap hero from amongst
our prestigious alumni.
She will serve
as your guiding light,
your role model,
and, if you're lucky,
your real-life mentor.
So, please, pick a hero,
write her name
below yours,
then fold your paper
and place it in the pledge box.
[jazz music]
- My life has just begun
I'm changing my tune
- Who's that?
- It's my mom.
God, she looks so much
like my sister.
- What does she do?
We don't seem to have
anything listed about
her accomplishments.
- Oh, my dad works
in banking
and Mom
raised the kids.
- I see.
You know what, I have something
that I want to show you.
- Is that--
Kendall Lighton?
The founder of Northrotech
was a Psi Kap?
- No, Kendall Lighton
is a Psi Kap,
for life till death.
And if you write her down
as your Psi Kap hero,
you may just get
a chance to meet her.
All right.
Very nice, ladies.
Now I am going to take you
up to the sacred room.
Our final bonding exercise
is a bit more serious.
This house, these walls,
they have kept the
secrets of every sister
since the foundation
of this sorority.
Secrets can
bring us together
and secrets can
tear us apart.
Secrets have power.
So tonight, as the final step
of your initiation,
we ask that you share
your deepest,
darkest secret
with the group.
Only once you've revealed
yourself before the sisterhood
can you truly trust
and accept one another.
[crickets chirping]
- I didn't cut very deep.
Actually, as soon as I saw
the blood, I passed out.
and thankfully
I woke up
with a clear head
and I realized that
I wanted to live.
And, um,
I promised that
I'd never let
a bully get to me again.
- Good for you, Erin.
Thank you for sharing.
Sarah, you're next.
- Uhh.
'Bout two years ago,
I was in a car accident.
Um, my sister, Jill,
she was driving
and she died.
- Sarah, this is
a safe space.
Please, open yourself
to your sisters.
- Well,
after the accident,
um, I took
some time off school,
and I never really
told anyone this, but...
I--I kind of had
a nervous breakdown.
They had to put me in the
hospital for awhile to recover.
It was a really,
a really dark time
in my life.
So I, uh,
I disappeared
into my computer.
Something about programming
made me feel better.
Felt, like,
more in control, I guess.
Like I could turn
pain into productivity.
Eventually I bounced back
and decided to stop
feeling sorry for myself
and start moving forward.
- A strong woman learns
from her trials
and comes through
the fire stronger.
You've clearly
done that, Sarah.
I'm so proud of you.
- I, Sarah Marsh, pledge to
uphold the values of Psi Kappa.
This house is my home
and these women my family.
I will never
betray another sister.
Psi Kap for life.
Psi Kap till death.
- Welcome to Psi Kap,
little sister.
And now that
you're all family,
you will spend your first night
sleeping here,
in the chapter room, dreaming of
your bright, new futures.
Sleep well, ladies.
[ominous tone]
Good morning, Sarah.
How did you sleep?
- Pretty good, actually,
considering I haven't
used a sleeping bag
in about ten years.
- Well, when you
move into the house,
you'll have your own room
and your own bed.
- Uh,
is that required?
- No, it's not required,
but it's strongly encouraged.
- It's just that
my dorm is covered
under my financial aid,
and I can't really afford
the extra housing costs.
- No, I understand.
But just make sure that
any downtime that you do have,
you spend it at home
with your sisters.
And our coffee
should be here by now.
- From where?
- [panting]
Sorry, sorry,
morning practice ran late.
- It's fine.
Kevin, this is Sarah.
Sarah's our new recruit.
- Hey, Sarah, congrats.
- Kevin.
- Yeah?
- This doesn't taste skim.
- Ah--stupid!
Oh, my gosh,
I'm sorr--I'll take it
back for you, Daisy.
- It's okay.
- Okay.
- Well,
we have places to be.
- Oh, yeah, right.
Of course, I'm so sorry,
I'm holding you guys up.
- It's okay.
- Have a good day.
- Yeah, you too.
- Is that your
boyfriend or--
- No, sweetie,
that is just
the power of the pin.
You know, tell me, Sarah,
are you enjoying your classes?
- Uh, yeah,
they're okay.
- Just okay?
We don't settle for okay.
What's wrong?
- Well, I really want to be
in Professor Kent's class,
but it's for juniors
and seniors only, so.
- Sarah,
you're a Psi Kap now.
And Psi Kaps get
what Psi Kaps want.
- And you would like
to be moved from
Professor Graham's
class to...
- Professor Kent's.
- Professor Kent.
[computer keys clacking]
And you are in
Professor Kent's class.
You just bring him
that new roster.
- Mrs. Dwyer,
you are just the best.
You enjoy that cupcake.
- Oh, I will.
- See?
Psi Kap opens doors.
- Yeah, but some
other student
just got switched
out of that class.
- Let me ask you something,
Is some other student
more deserving
of being in Professor Kent's
class than you are?
- Well, no, it's just--
- Good.
So then you're getting
what you deserve
and there's nothing
wrong with that, okay?
Now, run along, we
can't have you being late.
- Hmm.
- It's great.
You can work on it.
Miss Marsh.
Persistent, aren't we?
- Spot opened up.
- Lucky for you.
Okay, so let's dive right
into our pitches for
your year-long project:
a truly useful application.
Shall we start with...
Oh, I don't know,
- Really?
- For someone so eager to
be in this class,
I would expect
some preparation.
- Oh, I'm prepared.
- Great.
What's your pitch?
- Well, it's a place
to share our thoughts.
- Oh! Good.
Just what the world needs,
another digital dumping ground
for its collective
- Wouldn't be
random thoughts.
It'd be things we'd never
share on social media.
- They why would we
share them on
your app?
- Because I'd made it
anonymous and cathartic.
See, we're all accustomed
to typing our thoughts
on social media,
but think about
how good it feels to actually
speak the words, you know,
get something
off your chest.
This app would allow users to
speak directly into their phone
and reveal their
biggest secrets.
Then everyone is filtered
into the same anonymous voice
so that we can all
safely listen to
each other's secrets
without judgment.
- Vocal algorithms
are a tough nut to crack.
- I know, Professor,
that's why I'm
here to learn.
- Very good, Sarah.
Let's hope you can.
Okay, who else
is ready with a pitch?
Ah, ah, ah?
[computer keys clacking]
- Dude,
I thought you died
last night, what happened?
- I spent the night
at the sorority house.
- Oh, boy.
You're a full-blown
sister now, aren't you?
- It's more like being
part of a club that has,
like, really cool perks,
not like I'm one of them.
- Gobble gobble gobble gobble.
- What?
- Nothing.
- Can you, like,
turn down your music?
I'm gonna try to
take a nap.
- Yes, Miss Psi Kap,
anything you say,
Miss Psi Kap.
- Ha-ha.
- This weekend,
we will be hosting
the Sadie Hawkins dance.
For those of you who
don't know what that means,
it's a reversal
of traditional structure.
So instead of the men
asking the women
the women
ask the men.
Because we have the power.
- Uh, who's our
brother fraternity?
- Well, while
most other sororities
limit themselves
to one group of boys,
Psi Kaps actually have
the entire university
at their disposal.
Any guy would be
both eager and lucky
to have you
as their date.
But that means
you must be discerning.
Your choice is not just
a reflection on you,
but also
on your sisters.
Meeting adjourned.
- Daisy can be
kind of intense, huh?
- Mm.
You know, those,
uh, those breath mints
that's she's always
Yeah, well,
she empties the box
and then she replaces them
with diet pills.
- [scoffs]
no wonder she's so perky.
- Yeah.
- Doo doo doo doo,
doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo,
doo doo doo doo
- [chuckles]
- You want to
walk with me?
- Sure.
- Wait a second.
- What?
- Do my eyes deceive me?
- What?
- Pop.
- Yes, I'm officially
a sorority sister now.
So I was wondering
if those feet of yours
do anything other
than run in circles.
- Mm.
What'd you have in mind?
- I don't know,
maybe, uh...
- You tell me.
- No, no.
- No, right?
- [giggles]
But regardless,
I was wonder if
you weren't busy
on Saturday
and if you'd
like to be my date
to this thing...
at the house.
- You know, I'm not really
into the whole Greek scene.
- Right, right,
of course, I'm sorry for
interrupting your run.
- But I'm into you.
- [sighs]
- Good line, right?
- Yes, very smooth,
much like
poly-cotton blend.
- I would love
to be your date
for this thing
at the house.
- All right, awesome.
- Sarah, you have got
some killer outfits in here.
I don't get wh
you don't where any of them.
- I don't know,
I mean,
they're more
the "old me."
And I don't really like
the way I was back then.
- Look, I understand
not wanting to live in the past,
but you don't have
to leave everything behind you
to move forward
and anyway, if you're not
gonna wear any of these clothes,
why do you still have them?
- [sighs]
They're super cute, right?
- Super cute.
[door opens]
- Whoa--sorry.
Didn't mean to interrupt
the makeover montage.
- Jodi, this is my
big sister, Daisy.
- I'm her little roommate.
Hey, Sarah, they're
screening the premiere
of "Captain Quantica"
on the quad tonight. You in?
- She's busy.
- I didn't ask you, Lilly.
- It's Daisy.
- I have a dance
tonight, Jodi.
I'm sorry, but
maybe next week?
- Okay, this is perfect.
with these shoes.
It'll totally
show off your figure.
- Uh,
I'm not exactly sure
I want my figure
on display here.
- What,
are you kidding me?
I would kill to have
your curves, trust me.
And this Liam boy,
he's on the track team, right?
- Yeah.
- So--he's
used to seeing
skinny girls who are
flat as a surfboard.
Got to show him what
he's missing in a real woman.
And this is the dress to do it,
now go try it on.
- Okay.
- Hey, big sister,
why don't you just
let Sarah be herself?
- Mm,
these are her clothes.
I'm just helping her
to be her best self.
- [scoffs]
Friggin' sorority girls.
- Look, Jodi,
I know what
you think of me,
that all girls like me
look down on girls like you,
that we make fun of you,
and that we judge you,
talk about you
behind your back,
but that's just
simply not true.
- It isn't?
- No.
That's just your
own sad fantasy
when I actually give
a ... about you.
The truth is I wouldn't waste
a second of my time judging you
because you are of absolutely
no consequence to me
or the world at large.
You simply don't matter.
So keep your clever,
little quips to yourself
because you are
the only one who's listening.
- I think I love it.
- Of course you do,
it's fabulous.
- I'm sorry--
I don't know what her deal is.
- You don't need to apologize
for other people, okay?
I'm just sorry you have to live
in such a toxic environment.
Hey, let's not worry
about that tonight, right?
Shall we do makeup?
- Sure.
- Kay.
[indistinct talking]
- Wow.
You look well.
Sorry, did I
not dress right?
- No, you look--
you look great, actually
- Well, this must be Liam.
So nice to meet you.
- Yeah, thanks for having me.
- Yeah.
Oh, maybe you know Kevin?
He plays football.
Maybe you two have bumped into
each other in the locker room.
- Um...
I generally try to
avoid running into people
in the locker room.
- Sarah, he is funny.
- What do you bench, bro?
- Uh...
- You know what, how about
you two go grab us some drinks?
- Okay.
- Let's go.
- Poor boy is dumb as dirt
but he is loyal
and I owe him a favor.
- Oh, so you take him
to a Psi Kap event
'cause it helps
his reputation.
- Catching on, Sarah.
Everything has value.
You just have to learn
how to exploit it.
[dance music]
- Daisy, I want
you to meet Claire.
- Hi.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- So nice to meet you.
Sorry for ruining the
girl-ask-boy tradition.
- Hey, nonsense.
Traditions were made
to be broken.
- Yeah, they really are.
This place is so beautiful
by the way.
Our house hasn't
even got a backyard.
- Your house?
- Yeah, I'm pledging
Gamma Gamma.
- Oh, you know what,
excuse me, I'll be back.
- O...kay.
- Maria, Maria.
May I speak with you?
- Yeah?
What's up?
- What's up is that Erin brought
some Gamma girl to our party.
A member of our rival sorority
in our own backyard.
- Okay, well, I'm sure
she didn't reali--
- She betrayed
the sisterhood.
- We--we'll talk to her
about it tomorrow--
- No, I think we should
talk about it tonight.
- Okay, look, there's no sense
in making a scene right now
and ruining the party.
- You're right.
No sense in ruining
the party.
I need you to do
something for me.
- How we doing?
- Pretty good.
- Come on.
- What is going on?
- [gasps]
- Oh, my God.
This was all just
some big Gamma prank, wasn't it?
- What?
- Had to get close to our pledge
to humiliate her
and defile our house?
- I didn't.
Erin, I didn't!
- Get her out.
- Erin, I didn't do anything.
- Get her out now.
- I didn't do anything!
Erin, please!
Erin, please!
Erin, I didn't
do anything, please!
- [sniffling]
- Mean girls everywhere.
- [crying]
Someone help me, please.
Please, help me.
Please, help me.
- It was terrible.
- It was horrible.
- I know.
Other houses can just be
so caddy and close-minded.
- How's Erin?
- Well, I stayed up talking
with her for most of the night,
and that she decided
that the best thing would be
for her to leave school.
- Oh.
- You know, she has a history
with this kind of bullying,
and she just, she really
wants to get away from it all.
She's really shaken up.
- God, poor girl.
She's lucky she had you
to talk her through it--
- Stop, come on, that's
what sisters are there for.
But, you know, every cloud
has a silver lining.
- What do you mean?
- Well, Erin had paid her dues
through the end of the year.
Unfortunately for her,
they're non-refundable,
but fortunately for you,
we have an empty room,
fully paid for.
- So I could
move into the house.
- Like I said, silver lining.
- They're waiting
for you, Daisy.
- No pressure, okay?
Just, I want you
to think about
where you want
your home to be
and the people you want
to surround yourself with.
Think about it, sweetie.
- You forgot something.
- What?
- Your dignity.
But I guess you're leaving
that behind too, huh?
- See, this is exactly
why I'm moving out.
You create such a toxic
environment here.
- ..., she really has
brainwashed you.
This isn't you, Sarah.
- Look, you don't
know me, Jodi,
so why don't you just
leave me alone?
- You're right.
I don't know you.
I don't think
I want to.
- There she is.
Sisters, let's welcome
Sarah into her new home,
where she belongs.
- Psi Kap for life.
all: Psi Kap till death.
[rock music]
- Wake up call
and will show me
whether or not you're
able to handle
the workload
moving forward.
- The alumni mixer is
one of the most important
networking events
of the year.
This is where you will meet
the successful women
that came out of the house,
as well as the heroes
that you selected
during pledge week.
Do not underestimate
the importance
of this event, ladies.
This is where you will
lay the groundwork
for your future.
So don't screw it up.
- I mean, I'm actually gonna get
to meet Kendall Lighton,
like how cool is that?
- Very cool.
You know Kendall
and I were sisters together.
- Wow, really?
- Yeah.
I'm looking forward
to seeing her again.
But, you know, of course,
mostly you.
Hey, can we
grab dinner beforehand?
Just the two of us
to catch up?
I don't think I have
anything to wear.
- [sighs]
- What?
- You're not exactly
- It says
it's a an alumni mixer.
- It is, it's just more of
like a business networking thing
and Daisy only invited
certain alumni.
- Oh, I see.
- But I can ask
if you can come, I mean,
it's totally--
it's not a big deal.
- No, no-no-no.
who would want to
network with a housewife?
- Mom, ju--
- It's okay, honey.
You go, have fun.
I have a lot
to do here anyway, so...
- Miss Lighton.
Hi, I'd like to introduce
you to Sarah Marsh.
She's the brightest computer
programmer in our school.
I'll leave you
two ladies to talk.
- I actually just
write code,
but I aspire to be
a computer programmer.
- Sarah Marsh.
Your mother isn't
Alice Marsh, is she?
- She is, actually.
- She here tonight?
I'd love to catch up.
See what she's doing
with that finance degree.
- Uh, no,
no, she's not.
She's, um,
working late.
But you know
how that is.
- Do I ever.
So you're a coder?
- Mm-hmm.
- How are your
classes going?
- Uh, they're going well,
actually, you know,
college is rough, still
trying to find that balance.
- Grades are the first
thing I look at
in any potential
regardless of whose niece,
second cousin,
or sorority sister
it is.
So you keep up the work.
- Thank you, Miss Lighton,
it was wonderful to meet you.
Thank you.
- You have a great idea,
but it's not
going to execute itself.
- Look, I know
I'm a little behind,
but I think I've almost
cracked the algorithm.
I just...
It's hard to
find time to plug in.
- Well, your school work
should be your focus.
Everything else should be
hard to find time for.
- The school work
is my focus.
I--I mean,
it was, I just--
- What's going on
with you?
You came into this class
guns blazing,
and lately it's been
this steep decline
and I can't help but think
it has something to do with
that shiny pin of yours.
Look, I've heard
sorority stories.
I know they have
their own set of priorities,
but you need to figure out
your priorities
if you want to succeed.
And I care about
your success, Sarah.
- Okay.
I'll do better.
- Good.
I'll look forward to it.
- Hey, the business school
mixer's in an hour.
- I'm actually gonna
have to skip tonight.
- You--you're gonna
skip an event?
- Oh, it's just I'm
so behind on this project
and I really need
to catch up.
- You seem stressed.
Talk to me.
- Well, Professor Kent
kind of stressed me out today.
You know, my grades are slipping
and he kept me after class
to tell me how personally
disappointed he was in me.
- Well, that sounds a little
inappropriate if you ask me.
His personal feelings
about you have
no place
in the classroom, Sarah.
- Well, I mean,
it wasn't like that,
I mean--nevermind--
- What happened?
- Oh, no, nothing,
he just put his hand
on my shoulder, but it was
more like a father wou--
- He touched you?
- No, no, no,
it wasn't like that.
- How do you know?
I mean, how much do you actually
know about this guy, Sarah?
And you're letting him
determine your future?
No, you determine
your future.
- What are you saying?
- Here's what
we're gonna do.
Let's just...
[computer keys clacking]
Leave an anonymous
little comment
about this fatherly gesture
and see if anyone else
has had any complaints
about this guy.
- I highly doubt it,
everyone seems to love him.
I mean, I don't--
- Well, let's just
leave the door open
and see what happens, okay?
Now go put something nice on.
- Hey.
A bit dressed up
for movie night, aren't you?
- Shoot, Liam,
I'm sorry,
I forgot
I have a thing.
- Let's not keep
those business boys waiting.
Hi, Liam.
- Right.
Well, I won't keep you
from those business boys.
- Liam, it's just
a networking thing,
it's not a...
- Yeah, have fun.
- Liam, I'm sorry, I--
- Let him go.
He'll come back.
Trust me, they always do,
but in the meantime,
let's focus on finding you
some more useful friends,
shall we?
- [sighs]
- Yes.
- Hey--uh--hey,
Come here.
Look at this.
Seven other responses
from girls saying
that Mr. Kent was
inappropriate with them.
"He commented on my bra."
"I caught him
looking up my skirt."
"He slapped my ass!"
- I knew it.
- [sighs]
I can't believe it.
- Believe it, Sarah.
This guy is a pervert that
takes advantage of his students.
Are you just gonna
let that happen?
Let this jerk
jeopardize your future?
Or are you gonna
do something about it?
[pill bottle rattles]
- [sighs]
- This is pretty bad stuff,
but the internet is
a breeding ground for lies.
Unless we have a legal complaint
filed against Professor Kent
to help corroborate these
online accusations,
there's really
nothing I can do.
- It's okay,
you can tell her.
- Sarah, did
something happen?
- Professor Kent...
assaulted me.
- Assaulted you?
- Well, I could put
all the details
in a police report
if that would--
- But I--I don't think
any of us would benefit
from making a big
public scandal out of this.
I know Sarah and I
would both much rather
this be handled both
quietly and delicately.
- Of course.
I think that would
be best for all parties.
We are facing
some budget cuts
and since Professor Kent
is not yet tenured,
I can see to it that he's
removed from all his classes,
effective immediately.
Would that solution
work for you?
- Yes, um...
but I also feel that
given the trauma
I've endured,
I should be guaranteed
an A for the class.
- I'll take care of it.
- Thank you.
Dean Conway, I can't tell you
how happy I am
that we could find
justice here today.
You were amazing
in there.
I'm so proud of you.
- I don't know,
it didn't really feel too good.
- Hey, you got Professor Perv
kicked off campus
and you helped yourself
in the meantime.
Psi Kaps get what
Psi Kaps want.
- Oh--Mom, hi.
- Hey.
Hi, sweetie, I--
I'm sorry
I'm just showing up
like this.
- Um, why, is everything okay?
What are you doing here--
- Yes, yes, everything's fine,
I just barely get to talk to you
and I miss you--
- Mrs. Marsh, what a surprise.
But I suppose that
being a housewife
affords you the flexibility
for such unexpected visits,
now doesn't it?
I'm Daisy,
sorority president.
- Hello, Daisy.
- We do love it when
we have alumni visiting,
but unfortunately,
we do have
an important brunch
to be getting to.
- I'm sure she can
skip one brunch
to spend the morning with
her mother, can't she?
- Well, it's actually
with the women at
the Domestic Violence Center,
and surely you
wouldn't have her disappoint
a group of battered women.
- Look, we'll just...
- You see what--
- Be out for
one cup of coffee
and I'll be back
before the brunch.
- Okay.
Well, we leave at noon sharp.
- Noon sharp, mm-hmm.
- I'll have her back.
- Okay.
Noon sharp.
- I got it.
[indistinct chatter]
- Thank you.
Well, thank you
for taking
some time from
your busy schedule
to meet with me.
- I'm sorry, Mom,
it's just--
you don't know
how busy things have been.
- No, I don't because
you never talk to me anymore.
- Well, look, you were
in the sororities,
you remember
how it was, right?
- Not like this.
Yes, the girls
were driven,
but that Daisy?
She's downright
- She's helped me
a lot, Mom.
- Sarah?
Are you scared of her?
- What--what--no.
No, stop.
- Wait, no, honey,
you can talk to me.
- About what?
You ruined your career
before it even started
so you have no idea
what kind of pressure I'm under.
- I'm sorry I'm such
a disappointed to you,
but I chose my family
over my career.
- Mom, what do you
want from me?
You told me
to join this sorority
so I could have
a family here and I do.
- Yes, but I didn't mean
for you to lose your--
- Well, now you're criticizing
me for being too busy
or something.
You know, now I understand
how Jill felt.
You always pressuring
her to be better.
Well, I'm sorry,
but unfortunately,
I'm still just your same old
screw-up kid, so...
Just leave me alone.
- I won't keep you
from your brunch.
- Hey, Whitney.
- Please,
don't tell Daisy.
- I won't.
- Thanks.
I'd say I owe
you one,
but let's just call it even
for helping with Professor Perv.
- Helping how?
- Daisy told us.
How he got all
grabby with you.
Said that we should all go
on that website
and make up stories
to help him get fired.
The bastard deserved it.
- It's 11:58, Sarah.
I was beginning
to worry.
- Look, Daisy,
I don't really feel well.
I think you'll have
to go to this without me.
- Huh.
It's funny.
You don't feel warm,
but maybe you should
get some rest.
Get that head on straight.
- Yeah.
Hey, Mom.
Look, I'm really sorry
about today, all right?
I know I haven't
been acting myself.
But I'm gonna
make a change.
No more letting sorority
stuff rule my life.
I'll talk to you later,
all right?
Love you.
[knock at door
- [groans]
- Look, can I just
talk to you for a second?
Look, I just want us
to be friends again.
- Don't you have
enough of those?
- Jodi, I mean, like,
a real friend.
- I have a stand-up
show tonight.
Open mic at the coffee shop.
You want to be friends again?
Come and we'll talk after.
- I'll be there.
- Good.
And you have to laugh.
Like, even if
it's not funny.
Like, really loud.
- Deal.
[gasps] Oh, God!
- Going somewhere?
- Yeah, Jodi has a show.
- But it's TV Night.
- Every night is
"Something Night" around here.
- Is something wrong, Sarah?
You seem distant.
Is it the
Professor Kent situation?
Because you know that
we did the right--
- No, we actually did
the wrong thing, Daisy.
I know what you did.
It was all lies.
- You had a problem and
I helped you find the solution.
That's what sisters do.
- Yeah, but the man
was harmless, Daisy.
He actually cared
about my future.
- No, Sarah,
I care about your future.
- [scoffs]
I'm leaving.
- You know what?
Maybe you're right.
I'm sure that if Dean Conway
discovered that your
little accusation
of sexual assault
was all a lie,
she would agree that
it was the wrong thing to do.
- Are you threatening me?
- No.
I'm simply telling you
that tonight is TV Night,
and "Shark Tank"
starts in 15 minutes.
- Damn it.
- Right so when we watch,
make sure you're taking notes
on the entrepreneur's
presentation so that
afterwards we can discuss
what we would have done better.
- Since when do we have
homework during TV Night?
- Since shut up
and do it.
- [sighs]
She wouldn't let me leave, Liam.
It's like I'm under
house arrest or something.
- Last I checked,
you were more than happy
to ditch your friends
for sorority events.
- Hey, I said I was
sorry about that.
And, also, like,
this is completely different.
It's not the same.
- Really?
Why are you letting
Daisy control you like this?
- It's complicated,
you know.
door opens]
- Oh, I'm so sorry,
am I interrupting?
- [sighs]
I was just
on my way out.
- Liam--
- Do you know what
your funny friend
Jodi did to us
last night?
- They call themselves
the "Psi Kaps."
Yeah, more appropriately
the "psychos."
[laughing and cheering]
- You shared our secret rituals
with an outsider,
breaching the Psi Kap
code of conduct.
Now, you're gonna have her
take this video down
before it does
any more damage
to this sorority's
- Look, I'll talk to her--
- Fix it, Sarah.
Or I will.
- Attention everyone,
the library will be closing
in five minutes.
- Jodi, hey.
- Oh, they let you
out of your cage today.
- Look, you need
to take that video down.
- The one of
my performance?
Oh, you mean the one that you
were supposed to be there for.
Yeah, hell no.
I'm actually, uh, collecting
quite a following online,
about 100,000 subscribers
to my page.
You're not the only one
trying to build a career, Sarah.
- Look, Jodi, I'm so sorry
I missed your performance
the other night, but
Daisy's going off the deep end
and I'm getting scared.
- Well, I'm not.
That uptight bitch needs
to get a sense of humor.
You used to have
one, too, you know.
- Jodi, please--
- You know what,
library's closing
so I got to go.
[ominous tone]
- She's done, she's done,
you're gonna kill her.
- [grunts]
- Come on.
- Daisy?
- Sit down, Sarah.
- Um.
Look, I tried to talk to Jodi
about the video
but she wouldn't
listen to me, so--
- Come on.
I want to apologize.
I didn't mean to
snap at you earlier.
It's just that
you betrayed my trust
and that hurts me.
- I'm sorry--
- Look, you know that
you're special to me.
I chose you to
join this sorority,
to be my little sister
because I see something
of myself in you.
You're an independent thinker,
you're not a sheep
like the rest
of these girls.
You're strong.
You're a leader.
Tell me, have I
been a good big sister?
- Of course, you--
- Yeah, good.
Well then, I need you
to do something for me.
You and Maria,
you're close, aren't you?
Well, she just passed me
in the class rankings.
Sarah, I need to finish
at the top of our class
to be valedictorian,
my future depends on it.
So, what I need you
to do for me
is to dig up some dirt
on squeaky-clean Maria.
Just something that I can use
to keep her in her place.
I need you to find
her deepest, darkest secret.
- You're asking me
to betray my sister?
- No, Sarah, Maria
is not to be trusted.
I'm asking you to prove
your loyalty to
the only sister
that truly matters.
if you're not my sister,
you're dead to me.
- [sighs]
- I took the video down,
So just tell your boss
to stay away from me.
- Did Daisy
do this to you?
- Just please,
leave me alone.
- Please, I swear
I had no idea, I--
[steam hisses]
I mean, I thought about just
coming clean to Dean Conway,
you know,
telling her everything,
but I saw what Daisy
did to Jodi.
Maria, she's on
a downward spiral.
- I know.
She's becoming
completely unhinged.
It's the end of college,
the end of her reign.
So she's lashing out at everyone
so she can stop on top
until the bitter end.
Thank you for
telling me, Sarah,
and not helping her.
- Yeah, of course.
I mean, she's still
gonna come after you
even without my help.
I'm next on her list.
We have to do something.
- Okay.
Okay, where does Daisy
get her power?
- From manipulating
and controlling people?
- Right.
And first and foremost...
her sisters.
- Okay, but how are we gonna get
the sisters to turn against her?
- Well, they're not blind.
They see that
Daisy's slipping
and they're tired
of being pushed around.
They're just too scared
to do anything.
All we have to do
is throw the first stone.
- She made me
eat a cigarette
as punishment.
I mean,
how sick is that?
- Very sick.
- She pops those diet pills
as if we don't know
and then she has
the nerve to criticize me
for being overweight?
Wait, she's not
gonna hear this, is she?
She's always making us
spend money on useless crap.
Like, if I have to buy
another Psi Kap sweatshirt...
- She is so obsessed
with being the best.
I mean, she's a friggin'
- All righty, ladies,
so I am thinking
for this weekend's
big Greek Week event
we'll just rent out
the Alabast Room.
- Um, that's gonna be
a little expensive.
- Since do we
count pennies?
No, we're gonna do it bigger
and better than Gamma Gamma.
- We don't have to
compete over everything.
Why don't we just
have it here?
I think a
"Heaven and Hell" party
would be way more fun.
- No. Why would we ever do
"Heaven and Hell"?
That could not
be more overdone.
- Yeah, you know,
naughty and nice?
Well, I've got a new
lingerie set to try out.
- What?
What are you guys
even talking about?
- Daisy, take a chill pill.
For once.
- I can't believe
she didn't even show up.
- Cheers.
To the turning
of the tide.
[dance music]
- So now Maria
and I have effectively
turned the whole sorority
against her.
- Hmm, I don't know.
Sounds like you
stooped to her level.
- Are you kidding?
After what she did
to Jodi?
- Yeah, I know,
it's just...
- Look, the point is
it's over,
which means I now
have more time
for more
important things.
- I can get behind that.
- Now go get me a drink.
Hey, you look nice.
- Hey, you look beautiful.
- What'd you say, bro?
Huh? Huh?
[all gasp]
- [groans]
- Yeah?
- [screams]
- Oh, my God, Liam!
Liam, are you okay?
Kevin, what the hell!
- What the hell
is wrong with you?
- What?
It was an accident.
We were just
messing around.
- Liam!
Are you all right?
- [yelps]
- Oh, God!
I tried calling you
all week
and they wouldn't let me in
at the hospital.
- My knee's shot.
And I'll probably lose
my track scholarship.
- Oh, God,
I'm so sorry.
Look, I'm gonna make her
pay for this, I promise.
- Make who pay?
- Daisy.
look, she's just doing this
to get back at--
- She wasn't
even there, Sarah.
- No, but Kevin's her little
lap dog and he'll do anything--
- Oh, just stop.
Just stop!
- You don't believe me?
- No.
I believe you've built
this girl up in your head
to be some sort
of monster.
- She is.
She's trying to destroy me.
She is a monster.
- Okay,
say she is,
I mean, if Daisy's really trying
to attack me to get to you,
then I'd rather
just stay away.
I'm sorry, Sarah.
It's over.
- Mm.
Perfect timing.
- We tried.
- I want to have
a little chat
with you ladies.
It would seem as if
there has been some dissension
spreading in our ranks
and I want to make
one thing
perfectly clear.
I am president
of this sorority.
And with that title comes
a lot of responsibility.
I have busted my ass
and done things, some of which
I am not very proud of.
But I have done them all
for Psi Kappa.
And I have done them all
for you.
So if any of you
ungrateful, little bitches
has a problem with the way
things are run around here,
you can pack your bags
and you can get the hell out.
Or you can get in line
like good little doggies
and raise your damn glasses.
To Psi Kappa.
- Screw Psi Kappa.
And you too, bitch.
We all know what you did
to Jodi and Liam.
- [scoffs]
What are you talking about?
- I'm taking you down.
[glass shatters]
- [scoffs]
Well, that wasn't
very lady-like.
- [crying]
- [screaming]
[ominous tone]
- Someone call 911!
Hey, Sarah,
Sarah, come on.
- Daisy.
- Daisy overdosed
on diet pills
in what appears to be
a suicide.
Did anyone know
she was taking these pills?
- Did anything happen
last night?
That might have
upset Daisy?
- Daisy was pretty upset
last night,
but it was just your average
sorority drama, you know?
None of us...
would have ever expect--
- We don't have to
get into this right now, okay?
There'll be a investigation
in the coming days.
We'll be speaking
to each of you individually.
- [giggles]
- Baby, did I do
exactly what you wanted?
- Yeah, you did good.
- I can't believe you actually
went through with it.
I think it's kind of hot.
- Oh, well then
make yourself useful.
- Isn't it kind of messed up
to keep that hoodie?
- I kind of like it.
It's like having one of those
stuffed animals
mounted on the wall.
So we will hold our own
private memorial service here
after the school's.
Now, remember,
it is important that
we maintain our composure
in front of
the student body.
We cannot be made
to look weak.
Even at a time like this.
Meeting adjourned.
- What did you do,
- What did I do,
- I know what you did to Daisy.
- Oh?
- I overheard your
conversation with Kevin,
I saw the hoodie, everything--
- Wait, okay.
So you have a hoodie,
you overheard
the ramblings
of a dumb jock.
Very impressive,
You've got nothing.
- I could go straight
to the police right this second
and tell them
everything you did.
- But you won't.
- And why is that?
- Because we're sisters.
And you would never
break that bond, would you?
Do you want to know
how it happened?
- It wasn't Daisy that
beat up Jodi, was it?
- It was so empowering.
Mm, and she was
so damn annoying.
It felt so good.
Now, ask Liam
the best way
to win a race.
You hang in second place until
the finish line's in sight.
And then you surge ahead
in the last leg.
[blows landing]
- [screams]
- You're sick.
I was so blind.
- Oh, it was easy.
When you stay at the top
for too long,
you start getting
sloppy and paranoid.
Do you know how many cocktails
I have had to pour
for that bitch
over the years?
It wasn't hard to grind up
a few of those mint malts
and pour it into her drink
to add a little extra kick.
- My God, you killed her.
- You see...
there are some people--
like Daisy,
who think that
power comes from
staying at the top.
But the problem
with that is
it makes you
an easy target.
I'm turning Daisy's
little minion Kevin
into my little minion.
I am particularly...
proud of that move.
And I'm sorry about Liam,
but maybe you shouldn't have
told him what we were up to,
you and I.
You see, I can't have this
little coup tracing back to me.
That's the whole point.
I have been so smart
and so patient.
I mean all those girls,
they think that
I am a saint.
I wish that
they could know
that I am a
But I've had to
keep this to myself,
no matter how much
I wanted to tell anyone
until now.
Thank you, Sarah.
I couldn't have asked for
a better pawn
to help
make me a queen.
- Why are you
sharing this with me?
I could go straight
to the police,
to Dean Conway,
tell them everything,
what a manipulative
little bitch you are.
- Because now it's
your turn to be patient.
All you have to do is let me
graduation as valedictorian
in the next few weeks,
and then I will
pass the torch to you.
And you...
will be the new queen.
- And if I don't want
your damn torch?
- Then I will use it
to burn you...
to the ground.
- Sarah,
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Thanks for speaking
with us, Sarah.
As I said,
I want to speak
to all the Psi Kappa
sisters separately.
- Right, of course.
- Dean Conway
tells me that, um,
you and Daisy
were close.
- Well, yeah,
she was my big sister.
- Any idea why she might have
taken her own life?
- Sarah, what is it?
- Daisy didn't kill herself.
- You think it was, uh,
- No, no.
There's no way
it was an accident.
- Maria, thank you
for coming.
- My God--and you told all this
to the police, right?
- Yes, but
who knows what lies
Maria's been telling them,
I mean...
- I'm coming to get you
right now.
[door opens]
- What's going on?
- We need to
search your room, Sarah.
- Why?
There's nothing here.
I'm innocent.
I didn't do anything.
I'm innocent!
Maria did--I didn--
I didn't do anything!
I--I--what? No!
I'm innocent!
I did nothing!
- Guys, I am telling you,
she was obsessed
with Daisy.
She was always
talking about
how she wanted
to take her down.
And I'm not sure
if you are aware
of Sarah's psychiatric
- You lying sack of ...!
- Miss Marsh!
Did you and Daisy fight
the night of her death?
- Oh, you bitch!
You lying bitch!
- You ...!
She's gonna kill me!
- You framed me!
You framed me!
- She's gonna kill me!
She's gokill me! She's...
- You framed me! You framed me!
- Miss Marsh!
- She framed me!
She killed Daisy!
Let me go!
She killed her!
She killed her!
I didn't do it!
I didn't do it! Let me go!
- Five milligrams
of alazapram, please.
- Get me out of here!
I don't need to be in here!
Get off me!
- [whimpers]
Wait, just...
- She lied!
She--she lied...
- [sighs]
She didn't do this.
I know my daughter.
- I understand
your daughter has
a history of
mental instability.
- She had a nervous breakdown
when her sister died.
I wouldn't call that
a history.
- Look,
right now the evidence
against Sarah
is circumstantial.
The university wants
to keep this quiet
until there's a solid case.
In the meantime, she'll be
kept under hospital watch
with an officer
at the door.
- My daughter's not a murderer.
- I hope not, Mrs. Marsh.
Here's my card.
Please call me
if you have any questions.
- Okay.
[somber music]
- Sarah, I'm so sorry
that I pushed you
to join that
stupid sorority.
It was wrong.
I just...
You were so distant
after Jill died, and I--
I felt like I was losing
my other daughter too.
I felt...
if we had something
in common maybe...
- I didn't
kill her, Mom.
- I know, I know,
I know.
- There's only
one person to blame
and we have
to take her down...
but I'm gonna
need your help
because I have
no one else.
- You have me.
You always have me.
You just
tell me what to do.
- We do what
Daisy was gonna do:
use Maria's deepest,
darkest secret against her.
- How?
- I'm gonna need you
to sneak something for me.
[suspenseful music]
[indistinct hospital
- I'm going to need
to check the box, ma'am.
- Oh, yes,
of course.
They're her favorite,
but I made enough
for the whole staff
so help yourself.
Good choice.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Sure.
- [whispers]
Did you get it?
- Vanilla or chocolate?
What is this?
- It's an app
I was working on for class.
It might be my best weapon
against Maria.
See, she was proud
of her manipulation.
She wishes she could have
told more people so
I'm gonna give her
an outlet to
spill her guts
and fill her ego.
- You're really
good at this, huh?
- Let's hope.
It's ready.
- So what do we
do now?
- Well, we need to get Maria
to start using the app,
which means we
have to make it
the next big thing
on campus.
- Oh, honey, I don't think
the student body's
gonna buy me
as a trendsetter.
- No, but
I know someone who is.
- Sarah needs your help.
Wait--she needs your help
to take down Psi Kappa.
- Hello, dear followers,
um, before I deliver
the funny in today's video,
I just want to tell you guys
about this new app
I just discovered.
- What is that?
- Oh, it's this new app,
"Dirty Little Secret."
Everyone's using it.
You got to check it out.
- [distorted] I slept with
my roommate's boyfriend.
- [laughs]
Who's that?
- No idea.
Everyone's voice is masked.
It's all anonymous.
- It's anonymous, huh?
Okay, so,
you can confess anything
and there's
no consequences?
- Yep.
- I mean, that,
that's pretty sick, though.
- Yeah,
but so good.
- You want to hear
my secret?
- And now a word
from our sorority president
and school valedictorian,
Maria Ferrante.
- Hi.
Um, well I am
excited and honored
to speak with
you all today.
This has been a year
that was tainted
with a terrible tragedy.
My best friend Daisy
passed away
so I would like us all
to take a moment
and just bow our heads
for Daisy.
You want to hear
my secret?
It's a good one.
I killed my sister.
[crowd murmuring]
Well, she wasn't
really my sister,
she was my sorority sister.
It's okay though,
she was a bitch.
She deserved to die.
What was that, guys?
Guys, this wasn't me.
Why would I do something
like this?
This wasn't me--
that is--
- Maria Ferrante,
you are under arrest
for the murder of Daisy Smith.
- You know I wouldn't do that.
You know I wouldn't do that,
- You have the right to remain
silent, anything you say can
and will be used against you.
- Come on, you know I wouldn't,
you know I wouldn't--
- You're entitled to an
attorney, if you cannot
afford one, one will be
provided to you.
Do you understand your rights
as they've been read to you?
- I'm the president
of Psi Kappa,
you can't do this to me,
I am president!
[door slams]
- [scoffs]
- Ha-ha.
- Hey.
- Wow, not bad for
a guy with a busted knee.
- You're late.
- Professor Kent's class
ran over, I'm sorry.
- So Kent's class is
more important than my rehab?
- Uh...
yeah, I guess it is.
- Is that what a
girlfriend's supposed to do?
- No, this is.
All right, I have to go, sorry.
- You just got here.
- I know; I have to go back
to the house, you know.
Fill out all these details
for the event this weekend.
We have a lot to do.
- Copy that, Miss President.
You're the boss.
- Uh, no,
there is no boss.
Those days are over.
- Come over here.
[dramatic whoosh]
[indistinct hospital
- It's important that
we think of this circle
as a safe place where
we can share all our secrets.
Here, we are family.
- I like your outfit.
- Thanks.
Give me your hand.
Now we're sisters.