Twisted Twin (2020) Movie Script

What happened?
Tess, come on.
I don't know why
you're acting all upset.
We were just talking.
Because, Lucas,
it didn't look like that.
Okay, so maybe
she was flirting with me.
You don't have to enjoy it
so much.
You could've told her
I'm your girlfriend.
We've avoided talking about it,
but... when we leave
for college next month,
we both know...
we're breaking up.
Right, I mean,
you had to have been thinking
the same thing.
No, I thought we would try
to make it work.
Come on, how many
of our friends tried that?
And how many of them
are still together?
Look, if it's meant to be,
it'll happen when school's done.
Trust me, it's...
it's for the best.
Come on, Tess.
You know I hate to see you cry.
Tess, come on!
I'm in here.
Hey, what's up?
Just didn't know where you were.
Ready for your orientation?
Yeah, bag's in the car,
I'm ready to go.
Just as soon as I'm done
feeding Pepper.
Have you eaten anything yet?
Umm... almost.
All right. Ten minutes?
Hey, girl.
You still love me, don't you?
Yeah, I love you too.
Be good.
So, I was thinking
we might go to Grandma's house
when you get back.
Clean it out.
I've decided to sell.
No, that's where you grew up!
If I sell now
while the market's still good,
I won't have to worry
about any loans for your school.
What if I went somewhere where
the tuition isn't so expensive?
Coastal has
the best veterinary program
in Southern Cal.
We agreed to this.
It's just...
everything is changing.
What happened?
He broke up with me last night.
He said it was for the best.
Oh, honey, I am so sorry.
I wish this orientation
was actually the start of school
so I didn't have
to see him again.
Oh, don't deprive me
of my three weeks with you.
I still need time
with my little girl.
I love this song.
Everybody's livin' in Crane City
Movin' in to brand new
bedrooms in the sky
Everywhere I look are
broken mirrors starin' back
Reflectin' towers built from
pills and things that die
It breaks my heart
I bet you are gonna make
some great friends this weekend.
It'll be fun!
It's a new beginning.
I know, I know.
I'll pick you up
in a couple days.
Have a great time.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- Bye, baby.
- Bye.
Okay, everybody, follow me.
So our main goal
for this orientation
is to give you a sense
of what to expect
when you start school
in just a few short weeks.
One of the most important things
for you
will be managing your time
and navigating
your class schedule.
You can go online
to Student Services
and download an app
that will send you
daily reminders
of your classes...
You may want to visit
our library,
which is located
on the other side of campus.
It has...
This is one of the best places
on campus...
Most of you will be tempted
to do research
by typing your subject
into an internet browser,
but studies still show
the best way to learn
is by picking up a book.
Staff members
and student assistants
are available to answer...
It's okay.
Try not to freak out.
I just want to show you
Hey, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you,
this is trippy.
I'm Sammy.
Sammy Crain.
Your sister.
I don't have a sister.
Yes, you do.
You were adopted, right?
Georgia Highsmith.
My... my birth mom?
Our birth mom.
Oh my God.
Oh my God,
I have to call my mom.
She didn't tell me
anything about this, and I...
I don't think she knew.
Maybe we can... go somewhere
private to talk.
I mean, really talk.
This is so crazy!
I can't believe
you have your own boat!
Your house, it's like a castle.
Are these your parents?
Mitch and Kim.
They seem nice.
So, they told you about me?
Not directly.
I overheard them
arguing one night.
We should've just adopted both.
You wanted one, we got one.
They were twins.
They should've been raised
We had this argument
18 years ago.
I'm not having it again!
Besides, can you imagine
having two of them?
What if she finds out about
her sister from somebody else?
Then she's really gonna hate us!
She's not gonna find out!
Those records were sealed.
And anyway,
what difference does it make?
She's gonna hate us
no matter what we do for her.
I can't believe
they split us up!
How could they do that?
That's why I said
your mom never knew.
After they took me, I don't
think they could tell her.
So, how did you find my name?
Made a few phone calls,
threw some money around,
went to your PicOGram account.
You post everything.
It was not hard
to track you down.
You sound like my mom!
I just love
that you have a horse.
That is so badass.
Her name's Pepper.
I've had her
since she was a filly.
You have to tell me
everything about her,
in case I ever meet her one day.
You will.
God, there is so much
I want to ask you.
What's your favorite color?
Favorite music?
Country western.
Mine's alt rock.
I kinda like that too.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Yeah, but it's complicated.
- You?
- Not anymore.
We broke up.
Because I'm coming here.
He said it was for the best.
What's his name?
Well, I think you're better off
without Lucas.
Now you can live
the life you want.
I guess you're right.
I got your back.
Hey, I have a crazy idea.
Why don't you come home with me?
You mean, like, right now?
This afternoon.
I've already missed,
like, everything.
So just miss the rest.
My house is only
a couple hours away from here,
and Mitch and Kim are in Cabo,
so we have the whole place
to ourselves.
We could really get
to know each other!
Uh, but I have to take
the Spanish placement test
before my mom picks me up,
even though I'm so bad
at Spanish.
Que hora?
"What time?"
It's at noon.
My nanny was fluent,
so, so am I.
I'd get you back for it,
and at least we'd have
another night together.
Look, I'm sorry if I seem
like I'm being pushy,
but I just want to get
as much time as I can
with my sister.
We have so much to catch up on!
Okay! I'll do it.
You have no idea
how happy that makes me.
What's wrong?
It just... this has
jalapeos on it,
and I specifically told him
no jalapeos.
- What are you doing?
- I'm getting you another one.
No, it's okay,
I can just take them out.
No, it's ruined.
And besides,
it's the principle of the thing.
And I just want to make
my sister happy.
So, are you ready to leave?
We could, uh,
do some more things
around here first.
Take a walk down fraternity row.
If we're gonna go,
let's just go now
while it's still light out.
Is something wrong?
No, no, nothing's wrong.
- Let's get going.
- Okay.
I'm just gonna grab my stuff.
Hey, Mom.
Hey, sweetie, how's it going?
I haven't heard
from you all day.
Oh, I've just been really busy.
Tell me all about it.
I've just met
some really interesting people.
Like who?
Just kids from everywhere.
Oh, speaking of,
there's this girl down the hall,
and we're gonna go grab
an early dinner.
She's waving at me,
so I have to go.
Well, have fun.
We will!
And I'll see you tomorrow.
Love you.
Love you too, Mom.
This is your car?
Yeah, you wanna drive it?
- No, I couldn't.
- You know how to drive, right?
It's just a car.
What if I scratch it
or crash it?
I'll say it was me.
So, what did this car cost,
like $100,000?
Actually, $150,000.
Oh my God.
I really can't wait
for you to meet my mom.
She's gonna love you.
When the time's right.
For now it's just us,
our secret, okay?
So you and your mom
are pretty close, huh?
Yeah, we are like best friends,
but she's still a parent,
you know?
My Grammy Parker was the one
who really spoiled me.
She died last year,
and my mom's planning
on selling her house
to pay for my school.
It's a real mess,
so we have to go there next week
to clean it up.
And now I'm rambling.
I'm so sorry.
It's all right.
Where did she live?
Out past Ridgeside,
in the middle of nowhere.
We should go there sometime.
There are so many places
to explore.
You know, we could've had
so much fun there as kids.
Okay, your house
is not like a castle,
it is a castle!
This is crazy!
This is so cool.
You think that's cool?
Wait till you see this.
It's heated.
Feel free to take a swim
whenever you like.
I don't have my bathing suit.
We're the same size.
I've got plenty.
Come on.
What's down here?
Oh, that's Mitch and Kim's wing.
They really don't like it
when people go in there.
Come on,
let me show you my room.
This is awesome!
Make yourself at home.
Hey, what's the matter?
Uh, nothing.
I mean, this is...
This is just so unreal.
Today has been
the best day of my life.
Come back tomorrow morning.
What are we waiting for?
Just trust me.
We have to do it this way.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Where are my clothes?
Tess, I know you're probably
panicking right now,
but don't.
Relax, enjoy the house.
I'll be back after I finish
taking your Spanish test.
And don't worry, it is
the one subject I was good at.
I'll ace it!
My gift to my wonderful
little sister...
or is it big sister?
Which one of us was born first?
We have to find out.
Be back soon.
Te amo, Sammy.
"Te amo" is "I love you"
in Spanish,
in case you didn't know.
I've got this.
How about we have a little fun?
Like we would have as kids.
While I'm pretending to be you,
be your best Sammy in my place.
My best Sammy?
Are you back already?
Ya miss me?
You're always griping
that I don't do romantic things,
so... I'm doing breakfast
this morning.
Maybe there's something
you should know, I...
Just say, "Thank you, Damon."
Thank you, Damon.
I could help you.
No, that's okay.
Why don't you just go wait
out by the pool?
If that's what you want.
That is what I want.
Something nice to look at
while I'm cooking.
This is all just for me?
Yeah, I wanted to make breakfast
for my lady.
This is just...
This is so overwhelming.
Come on.
What was that?
I thought we'd be alone.
What are they doing here?
Maybe they just came
to clean the house.
Babe, this was supposed
to just be the two of us.
You didn't say anything
about the housekeepers.
I need you to try
to get them to leave,
or else I'm gonna have to go.
Oh, for Pete sakes,
pick that up, hurry up!
- Hey, hey there!
- Uh, hello, Miss Sammy.
Um, I was thinking maybe today
is not the best day
for you to clean.
Maybe you could come back
tomorrow or the next day?
Well, this is a different day
than usual,
but Mrs. Crain told us
to be here today, so...
But I'm saying
you don't have to.
- She's not here.
- Oh, she's never here...
- Damn it.
- I just mean she's out of town
for a few days,
so you can come back tomorrow.
Oh, I don't have time tomorrow.
- Please?
- Uh, I take orders
from Mrs. Crain, not you.
Really, you couldn't do
this one favor for me?
So when your mother fires me
for not following her orders,
you're gonna find me
another house to clean
that pays just as well?
My mom wouldn't fire you.
Have you ever met your mother?
Mom, what are you doing here?
I know, I know, I am too early.
I... I just got worried.
I didn't see any pics
or posts online.
My phone died.
I forgot to charge it.
You have no idea how quiet
the house is without you.
In a bad way.
I missed you too!
So, how did the Spanish exam go?
- Nailed it.
- Good!
It's good to see you
so confident.
College life will suit you.
So, were you headed out
No, there's this...
closing event sort of thing,
but there's no reason
to stay for it.
Oh, I... I don't want
to hold you up.
Mom, I have four years here,
but only three more weeks
at home with you.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Just give me a few minutes
to pack my stuff.
The dorm's
right around the corner,
and meet you in the parking lot?
All right,
I will pull the car up.
What is it? What... what...
What is it, what's happened?
Please, please, Miss Sammy...
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Can you see who that is?
What's it say?
It's an unknown number.
Let me check.
Mom, Mom, something terrible
just happened!
No, no, no, no!
Who was it?
A telemarketer.
There was that weird pause thing
before they start their pitch.
I'll block it.
We need to get out
of the house, Miss Sammy.
The police are coming.
Come with me, come!
Tell me about the orientation.
Your new friend?
The one you went to dinner with?
Oh, uh, Nicole.
Where is she from?
Ridgeside, like Grammy Parker.
Oh, good!
So you had something in common.
See, I told you that you
were gonna have a great time.
Hey, Carla.
What do you got?
Multiple stab wounds in each.
How long?
Maybe 24 hours.
Yeah, thanks.
You want to start
with the daughter
or the cleaning crew first?
Cleaning crew.
I'm gonna make some tea.
- You want some?
- Um, how about a scoop
of chocolate ice cream?
Well, I will see if we have any.
Thank you, detectives.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Appreciate your time.
We'll be right here.
So, Sammy.
I'm not Sammy.
Excuse me?
I'm Tess.
Tess Houston.
Do you live here?
- No.
- Then what are you doing here?
I'm visiting my sister.
We're twins.
I know it sounds crazy,
but it's true.
- Just tell me what happened.
- I don't know!
The cleaning staff says
you tried to get them to leave.
That was Damon's idea.
And Damon is?
Sammy's boyfriend.
He was just here
cooking breakfast,
and then he left.
Well, I'm gonna need
his information.
Ask Sammy.
Cleaning crew says no one
even heard of a twin sister.
Well, they... they wouldn't have.
I literally just found out
- And you can prove this?
- Yes.
When Sammy gets here,
she'll explain it.
Well, not even explain,
you'll just see.
Oh my God.
How am I supposed to tell her
that both of her parents
are dead?
Have you been drinking today?
Take anything?
What, like, drugs?
I'm telling you guys the truth!
I'm not Sammy!
The note.
She... she left me a note
in her bedroom,
about how I should stay,
and she even joked
about me playing her.
- Let's check it.
- Okay.
You could call my mom.
I already tried,
but she didn't answer.
Her name is Patricia Houston
in Lincoln Valley,
and she will straighten
all of this out.
All right, all right.
Give me the number.
Yes, this is Patricia Houston.
I'm sorry, can you repeat that?
Detective Moreno.
Woodcreek Hills
Police Department.
We have a young woman here
who says she's your daughter.
Um, I am looking
at my daughter right now.
And your daughter's name is?
Tess, Tess Houston.
Well, that's who this girl
says she is.
Is this a crank call?
I assure you, ma'am, it's not.
Have you ever heard of a girl
named Samantha Crain?
No, never.
The girl here says
that she's Tess
and she has a twin sister
named Samantha Crain.
This is crazy.
She says they were separated
at birth.
I don't know anything
about that.
Was your daughter adopted?
So there is a possibility
of a twin
that you don't know about?
I... I guess.
My partner and I
would like to come by tomorrow,
talk with you and your daughter.
I mean, if you feel
it's necessary.
Yes, I think it would help
a great deal.
All right, well...
We should be here all day.
We'll see you tomorrow.
What did she say?
She doesn't know anything
about a twin.
That's because the adoption
agency never told her.
Well, she also said
that she was with her daughter.
That doesn't make any sense.
Sammy is with her.
Oh my God!
She planned all of this!
She... she might hurt my mother!
Look, look, the only sense
I'm trying to make
is why there are two dead bodies
in that house.
Did you find the note?
It was on the nightstand.
Did you check there?
Maybe the cleaners threw it out.
I can help you look.
No, that won't be necessary.
I think we should go
down to the station.
Let's go.
Mom? Why aren't you telling me
what that phone call was about?
Mom, you're scaring me.
The police
are coming by tomorrow.
The police?
Apparently some girl
is claiming to be you.
Wait, what?
That's ridiculous.
I know I shouldn't be smiling,
but Mom, that makes no sense.
What, is this a case
of identity theft or something?
They sounded serious,
so we need to take it seriously.
The paperwork doesn't say
anything about a sibling.
So you think there's a chance
that I have a sister?
I want to say no, but...
I thought you said
they were coming tomorrow.
I did.
- Lucas!
- Hey.
Can I talk to you, please?
I don't want to talk to you.
Tessa Ann...
Before you were a couple,
you were friends.
Good friends.
Just talk to him.
You're right.
Do you want to talk outside?
Say what you gotta say.
You're mad.
Oh, this is not me being mad.
This is me not caring...
about you,
about there ever being an us.
Oh my God.
You thought
you were gonna come here
and give me a little speech,
and then I was gonna jump
back into your arms?
Not gonna happen.
But... I realize now, I...
I love you.
I want to try
and make this work,
even if it is long distance.
You just miss the idea of me.
It's okay,
you'll find someone soon enough.
I know I will.
Why are you being like this?
You don't even sound
like yourself.
You broke up with me.
This is me moving on.
And you need to do the same.
I just want a chance to...
to prove that I still love you.
You do?
You were a bit harsh,
don't you think?
Yeah, you know,
maybe you're right.
I'll call him later, apologize.
But I'm still not taking
him back.
- Your attorney.
- Hey, Sammy.
I'm gonna get you out of here
as soon as possible.
but you should know that...
The detectives filled me in.
Let me handle this.
Don't say anything else.
Not a single word.
The Crains would be appalled
at the way you're handling
this situation,
and treating their daughter
like a complete...
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
Do you know what we found
in the room
where the Crains were?
His wallet full of cash
and a bag of diamonds.
You know what tells us?
This was a crime of passion.
And when we went looking
for this note
she alleges Sammy wrote to her,
we found this.
Sammy's diary.
"They never loved me.
They never even wanted me.
They just wanted a prop
to show off to their friends."
- What is it?
- Please sit.
- Not until you tell me why.
- Sit!
We think it's only fair
to tell you this now
so that you have
a chance to prepare.
At the end of this summer,
we want you out of the house.
Do I have to wait
until the end of the summer?
You know, we really have tried
to give you a good life,
but you don't seem to appreciate
anything we do for you.
You embarrass us
in front of our friends,
coming home drunk,
nearly costing me
a million-dollar account.
You refuse to get a job,
you won't go to school.
So, now you're on your own.
Give me my money
and I'll leave right now.
I don't think
you're understanding.
There is no more free ride.
You're out of the will.
We signed the papers yesterday.
No, you can't do that!
We left a thousand dollars
in your account, and that's it!
We're never giving you
another dime.
Maybe this will teach you
some responsibility.
Consider it tough love.
That's what we want.
But I'm your daughter!
Not really.
You two never really loved me.
All you care about is
what other people think of you.
That's the whole reason
why you adopted me, isn't it?
- You can yell, you can scream...
- To have me, and to show me off
- throw one your little...
- to your clients...
- not going to change a thing.
- To trick them into thinking
you have the perfect
little family.
Oh, oh, maybe they'll buy
more diamonds!
I hate you!
Both of you.
I don't need you.
I hope you die.
I hope you die!
"They think
they can throw me out
like a piece of garbage,
leave me with nothing.
I'll show them.
I'll take everything from them.
I'll take their lives."
- Sounds like motive to me.
- But that's not mine!
You don't have any proof
that she wrote that.
And, as I understand it,
she came here voluntarily,
so I'd like to take her home
right now.
Not tonight, counselor.
We're detaining her.
No, you can't do that!
Sammy did this, she set me up!
Calm down.
We're holding you for 24 hours,
or more, if we need to.
They can't do that.
Can they?
I'm afraid they can.
- Morning!
- Good morning.
Did you sleep well?
No. Hence the coffee.
Listen to you.
"Hence the coffee."
I didn't sleep well either.
Would you mind getting me a cup?
Definitely no cream and sugar
for me this morning.
I need the extra kick.
How 'bout you?
Oh, just the usual.
Here you go.
I thought you could
make it yourself.
I'm gonna go get dressed
and, uh, take care of Pepper.
So you're Pepper, huh?
Are we good?
Oh my God,
she looks exactly like me.
Oh my God, it's just like...
it's just like
looking into a mirror!
I'd go with the second option.
Easy now.
You should not be here.
Thought you mighta run off.
I almost did.
To come to you.
Yeah, so what happened?
Why didn't you kill her?
House cleaner showed up.
She wasn't supposed to be there.
Yeah, well she was.
And if we had just
stuck to the plan,
it wouldn't have mattered.
Your sister would have
already been dead,
a clean murder-suicide.
What's down here?
Oh, that's Mitch and Kim's wing.
They really don't like it
when people go in there.
Come on.
Lemme show you my room.
I told you, I changed my mind.
I didn't wanna be there
when it happened.
Just like when I took care
of Mommy and Daddy, right?
You didn't wanna be there
for that one either.
So what now?
We can still make this work.
No, I'm sure your sister
already told the cops about me.
So if they come to you,
tell them you weren't there.
The evidence points to her,
not you.
Well, just in case
you're wrong again,
why don't we take the cash
and the jewels and get going?
Get as far away from here
as we can.
Yeah? And have everyone believe
Tess is telling the truth
and the cops are after us?
Why would we do that
to ourselves?
Let her be the one to pay.
Let's you and me just
stick to the plan, hm?
I go to college in three weeks.
We can lay low,
then I'll call Mom and tell her
I think I wanna study abroad.
And then we meet,
fall in love in Mexico
with all the money in the world,
- hm?
- Hm.
I think I'm done listening
to the way you wanna do things.
How 'bout you just
give me my half now?
Or maybe I should just
go in there
- and take it myself.
- Tess!
The police are here!
I have to get inside.
And I need that money.
I got a question:
What if the cops are on to you?
What then?
They're not here
to arrest anyone.
They just wanna ask questions.
And besides,
I've studied Tess online
for six months now.
- I got this.
- And what if that woman in there
starts to figure you out?
You got the guts
to take care of her?
I hope so.
Why don't you meet me tonight,
At Pinewood Peak.
The place where we first kissed.
And other things.
If you try to run off
with the diamonds,
I'll find you.
You know that I will.
I'll see you tonight.
It's just that we have to
check out everything.
Yeah. Shouldn't take long.
Sorry about that.
- Tess?
- Yes.
Has your mom told you
why we're here?
Some mystery girl is saying
she's my sister?
Twin sister.
If I'm just going
on appearances,
I'd say she's telling the truth.
I can't believe this.
It's like it's me but it's not.
What exactly did she do?
Her parents were found dead.
We think she might be involved.
Oh my God.
That's awful.
Well, it's important that
you be truthful with us.
Of course.
Do you have any prior knowledge
of having a twin sister?
No, absolutely not.
And if this girl is saying
that I know her,
she's lying.
Recognize him?
So he never tried
to contact you?
What's he got to do with this?
We're not sure.
What'd you think?
Still processing.
They both seemed pretty stunned
with the whole thing.
Yeah, but Sammy...
or I should say, our Sammy...
wasn't lying
about having a twin.
No, she wasn't.
We better get a tech
to give us their initial report
before we get back
to the station.
Got it.
Baby, when I adopted you,
if I had known
that you had a sister,
I would have done
everything in my power
to make sure
you grew up together.
But... I'm glad you didn't.
I mean, she's a murderer, right?
Honey, we don't know that.
You're right.
We don't know.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna make sure you're safe.
I promise.
Thanks, Mom.
Well, we have chores to do.
We spoke to Ms. Houston.
And we spoke to Tess.
You mean Sammy.
So she was with my mom?
Yes, she was there.
Then my mom is in danger!
You have to do something!
Computers, phones, tablets,
phone records...
all this technology,
and on the surface,
no connection
between you and your sister.
But digging a little deeper
into some data that was deleted
on your hard drive,
our tech people recovered
some connections.
But the evidence only shows you
looking into Tess.
There's quite a rich
digital footprint
of you following this girl.
Yeah, sounds a little stalkery
to me.
You know? So we're
filing an application
for another 48-hour detention.
Sammy, you need to sit here.
I don't feel right.
Get the trashcan.
Get some help.
Get an ambulance, now.
Your placement exam results
have posted.
Please log on
to your student portal page
for the results.
What are you doing?
Uh... I...
What are you, like,
checking up on me or something?
I was just straightening.
Go ahead and look.
I have nothing to hide.
Your Spanish scores
came back, I...
they were almost perfect.
You were a C student in school,
I just thought...
Thought what?
That I cheated?
I studied, Mom.
I can't believe this.
You've never done anything
like this before,
all because I worked hard
and I got a good grade?
I'm sorry, honey, I'm...
I'm sorry, I just...
All this stuff going on
in the last day,
and not sleeping last night,
gosh, my head's just swirling.
You promised, promised,
that we would get through this
We will.
We will!
Hello, Mrs. Adams,
how are you feeling tonight?
All right.
Well, that's good,
because you need to rest.
I'm gonna give you something
to help you sleep, okay?
Just give me one second.
There we go.
Drink the whole glass.
I know.
Everything okay?
These monitors are fickle.
We'll take her off
in a couple of hours
once we know
she's out of the woods.
Then I can get her back.
Once the doctor says it's okay.
Let me know if you need
anything else, okay?
There's the button,
I'm right outside.
Call me if you need me.
You're late.
Took longer than I planned
to get away.
Yeah, I wasn't sure
you were going to show.
I meant what I said.
This is about us.
Whose car is that?
Tess's mom's.
You were right.
She started asking
way too many questions, so...
I took care of her.
We can leave the car here
and take yours.
Head to the border tonight.
I'm assuming that's the stuff.
- It's on the hood
- I wanna see it.
What did you do?
Horse tranquilizer.
I don't think the cops'll
question it too much.
Remember that narc charge
last year?
You're liable to take anything
to end it all.
You really think
I'd let you live
after you screwed everything up?
You bitch!
Come here!
I'll kill you.
I loved you.
Get over it.
"I killed Mitch and Kim Crain,
because I believed
that was the only way
for Sammy and me to be together.
But she lied to me.
She set me up,
she tricked me
into committing murder."
"I don't want to spend
the rest of my life in jail."
You can have her
in about 10 minutes.
- Pardon me, ma'am?
- Yes, Officer?
I was wondering.
Is there a place around here
to get some food?
I've been standing
all night long.
You, uh, never know
when somebody's gonna...
So, uh, you have
long hours tonight, or...
Oh yeah, just pretty neat.
I'm usually here
till 6, sometimes 7.
Morning, Detective.
Morning, Ms. Houston.
Sorry to be calling so early
but there have been
some developments.
Open up.
Okay. I'll feed Pepper
when I wake up!
I need to talk to you right now.
Okay, I'm coming.
- Tess!
- Just let me get dressed, sorry.
What's up?
Sammy Crain slipped past
the police last night.
They don't know where she is.
- What?
- That's not all.
That boy that they were
asking you about, Damon?
He killed himself!
He left a note
and confessed to the murders.
It looks like
him and your sister
were in it together.
- So she is a killer!
- Yeah.
And she knows where we live?
She could come here
looking for me.
The police think
it is a possibility.
They used the word "obsessed"
to describe
the way she talks about you.
They're sending some
plainclothes police officers
to the house.
Police? Here?
Yeah. They just want us
to sit tight,
and if we see
anything suspicious,
to call Detective Moreno.
Or we could just leave town.
And go where?
Grammy Parker's house.
Just as we planned.
We could get a head start
on cleaning the place out,
and it would be
a perfect place to hide
while the police
try and find her.
Okay. I... I like that,
but hurry, come on.
Okay, 10 a.m.
Remember, the vet said
multiple small feedings
throughout the day.
That's great.
Thank you.
Just making arrangements
for Pepper.
You ready?
Wouldn't you be more comfortable
with that in the back?
It has some stuff in it
that I might need on the road.
Well... looks like we're gonna
have to stop and gas up.
I thought I had
at least a half a tank.
You didn't take the car out
last night, did you?
Got any gum?
Sure. Check my purse.
You see it?
Um, yeah, I think it's just
down at the bottom.
It's our song!
Everybody's livin' at Crain City
Come on, what's the matter?
I'm just not in the mood, I guess.
Oh, God!
Oh, God, Pepper!
Hey. You knew, didn't you?
That fraud did not fool you,
I bet.
Sammy Crain escaped from
Woodcreek Hills
Memorial Hospital
at around 4 a.m. this morning.
She is a person of interest
in the murder of her parents,
Kim and Mitch Crain.
The police are asking
for the public's help
in trying to locate her.
How you doin', girl?
Are you ready for
your breakfast this morning?
What are you doing here?
I thought you left
with your mom.
Hey, hey, it's me...
it's Tess, it's Tess.
- How do I know?
- Your birthday is August 2nd.
And you had Mr. Hamilton
in homeroom last year.
And the last time I saw you
at Mandy's you were a real jerk.
I... uh, yeah.
I'm really sorry about that.
Apology accepted.
Lucas, what are you doing here?
Your... your mom called and
asked me to look after Pepper
for a few days.
Where did she go?
Your grandmother's house.
With you.
I'm gonna need your help.
How did this happen?
I'll explain everything
on the way.
- What's wrong?
- She's not picking up.
I'm not getting anything,
not even her voicemail.
- You don't think...
- No. Don't go there.
Could use some help
with the groceries.
Sure, after I drop off my bag.
Put it back!
You can call me Sammy.
They're here.
I'm calling the cops.
I'm... I'm not getting a signal.
We should drive back to town
so I can make the call.
I just wanna make sure
she's okay.
What if Sammy sees you?
She might do something crazy.
That's why you need
to go and make that call.
I can handle it.
Okay, just... just promise me
you won't do anything
till I get back.
The sooner you go,
the sooner you can come back.
So, Sammy,
is this why you killed them?
For money and diamonds?
Damon killed them, but...
they deserved it.
How could you use your sister
like this?
Your own flesh and blood?
She may be flesh and blood,
but she was never my sister.
The bag.
If I hand it to you,
will you go?
I'm not gonna ask again!
Look, you don't need
to do anything crazy.
You could just
take the bag and disappear.
Maybe I will.
Hand it over.
I said, give it to me!
Don't make me.
Firing pin on Dad's gun
stopped working years ago.
Get away from my mom, you bitch!
Get off of me!
Did you ever want
to be my sister?
Oh... there was a moment.
When we were driving to my house
where I thought,
"I could tell her everything."
But it was too late.
My parents were already dead.
And Damon.
He was supposed to kill me?
That was your plan?
You wanna know why
Mitch and Kim chose me over you?
It's because you
were lying there screaming,
crying, and I was asleep.
Ten seconds later,
I would have been crying
and you would have been asleep,
and then everything
would have been different.
You would have been
the one to take every hit,
whip, and slap instead of me.
You know...
no one ever really loved me.
Not my birth mother,
not Mitch or Kim.
my mom and I would have.
Oh. Really?
So you two are gonna bring me
home-cooked meals in jail
for the rest of my life?
Didn't think so.
- No... Sammy, Sammy!
- Back! Get back!
You can't kill me.
Yes I can!
That's why you had Damon do it.
It's because
you don't have it in you.
That's where you're wrong, Sis.
Are you okay?
Yeah. Are you?
That little brat gave me
a hell of a time.
I knew something was wrong.
I should have trusted
my instincts.
What are you doing?
What do you think?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
You said you were
gonna let me go.
You said you were
gonna let me disappear,
I still can.
Just untie me
and you will never hear from me
ever again.
It's not up to me anymore.
Help me! Please!
You're my sister!
You could have had
all the love in the world
if you would have just
called and asked for it.
But that's not really
what you wanted, is it?
You just wanted to get even.
Well, I guess you did.
I thought it might be you.
How are you doing?
How do you think?
I, uh... I wrote a letter
to the judge,
asking him for leniency.
And what?
You expect a thank you?
No, not really.
So what do you want?
I wanted to say
happy birthday, Sammy.
Happy birthday.
You think you could
stay for just a little longer?