Two Catalonias (2018) Movie Script

Catalonia triumphant
Shall again be rich and bountiful
Drive away those people
Who are so conceited and so contemptible
Strike with your sickle!
Strike with your sickle!
Defenders of the land
Strike with your sickle!
Now is the time, reapers!
Now is the time to stand alert!
For when another June comes
Let us sharpen well our tools!
Strike with your sickle!
The fundamental guarantee
which gives sense to any system
is that the citizens may decide
and that decision is not a crime.
...illegal, irregular
and what we have seen today is insane.
With a majority of seats
and a minority of votes, you're trampling
on the rights of a majority of citizens
represented by the opposition.
That referendum,
even though they intend
to carry it out in a way that is...
hurried, sloppy and illegal,
will not be held.
I'm Spanish!
Go get 'em, ol!
They're going all out.
OCTOBER 1, 2017
Get out!
We will vote!
Long live Catalonia!
Cowards! You're cowards.
We hereby establish the Catalan Republic
as an independent and sovereign state,
bound by democratic and social law.
Today, you have acted
like an absolutist majority.
The four opposition parties that denied
the right to present amendments,
represent more Catalans
than those parties who support this law.
I want to inform you...
that today...
I have dissolved the Catalan government
and on December 21st,
elections will be held
in that autonomous region.
I was thinking about the first time
we came here. Do you remember?
Where was it? Gant?
-Antwerp, that's it, Antwerp.
-With Bart de Wever.
When we arrived, in the tower...
-they played "Els Segadors."
-"Els Segadors."
-There in the square in Antwerp.
-It's beautiful.
-Yes, the bell tower.
-The whole Town Council lined up.
Very impressive.
He's a journalist from Girona.
He was Lord Mayor of the city...
a good man...
who doesn't have
a strong political vocation,
though it's possible he has one now...
JOURNALIS ...who sees himself as
a Catalan patriot,
a born pro-independent...
who finds himself at a place in history
that puts him in a position he understands
to be completely
transcendent and as a result he feels
He says he's not the leader of a party
but rather he's the leader of a country.
With great courage...
...with great patriotism, with...
an enormous capacity
for resistance and resilience.
I mean, when he takes a hit,
he comes back and even gets better.
He is able to...
design strategies.
No-one in their right mind,
in a totally democratic country like...
would have taken on the process
of Catalan independence the way he did.
I am convinced that Catalonia
will be an independent State, I'm sure...
as long as democracy is maintained.
The only way Spain has to block something
which is a logical consequence
of the way things have evolved...
is to either interrupt the democracy...
which it has already tried,
or deciding to do
what it has never done in its history...
to realize
that making a deal is not cowardly...
making a deal is not weak.
In democracy,
those who make deals are the strongest,
reaching agreements,
and imposing your will on others
isn't valid in the twenty-first century.
JANUARY 10, 2016
Puigdemont belongs to
a family rooted in...
Carlism who was born when there were
no pro-independents in Catalonia.
He was one of the very few that existed.
A true secessionist.
Just a few brief words.
I don't want to talk politics.
I just want to thank
all those who voted for the investiture.
He's a politician who has managed
to get to the Generalitat
by accident.
He is not someone...
who wanted this.
He told me once he felt
like he was in the electric chair.
I'll repeat what I have already told
some of you in private.
I hope I live up to
your hopes and expectations.
Thank you very much.
Long live free Catalonia!
Either he is a strategical genius,
we'll know that
when the elections are over or...
he has led this process
to a complete failure.
That famous quote, which I think is
a caricature, but it's not bad,
"Puigdemont is a left-wing conservative
who acts as if he's from the CUP." Okay.
-Are we going straight to the event?
-No, first to the radio.
Ah true, I have the radio thing.
The people here didn't trust politicians
for many years, so with our party
they began to believe again.
They began to trust again,
they began voting again with hope
and we have a huge responsibility
not to let them down.
I think that for many of them,
if we let them down,
they'll never trust anyone again.
Ins Arrimadas is a...
generational emblem.
I mean, she isn't contaminated by a past,
let's say, of highs and lows.
She has had a perfectly clear trajectory.
She doesn't have, let's say, the risks
above all of the corruption
that's damaged the PP so much.
My impression is that she's good,
obviously good.
She is on the way up, in Catalan politics,
but she'll probably also have
an important role in national politics.
She is over and above...
her party leader,
Albert Rivera. She does it better.
In my view, Citizens is the party
representing state prosecutors and police,
business leaders and the IBEX 35...
...the regime and the State sewers.
I think she has become the voice
of those people who felt excluded,
those people who've heard it said that
if you don't vote a certain way,
then you're not Catalan.
The hope, the baggage we have,
the will to turn this around
because we're so fed up with nationalism,
with the process. This is unbearable.
The hope that we can start something new,
a new era, a sensible project, proposals
that are viable. I'm hopeful.
Hope is stronger than fear.
I'm Carlos Puigdemont
The James Bond President
My mission is to save the process
At the very last minute
Agent 972, my vehicle is the Girobike
My second mission
Break with Spain and save our planet
I'm the Citizen Barbie, a C in Catalan
But I'll change language now
So my guys can understand
I'm the perfect opposition
I can pronounce "Puigdemont"
And I've figured out
It rhymes with "corruption"
I stand for good sense
I stand for loyalty
The elections on the twenty-first
of December have many peculiarities
and elements
that we don't normally see
in an election.
To begin with,
they are regional elections
but they have been convoked
by the President, Mariano Rajoy,
following the activation of Article 155
and dissolution of the Catalan parliament
and not the Catalan president
which would normally be the case.
It's the first thing that stands out
but we also have the situation where
one of the candidates is
in Brussels, in exile.
Puigdemont has been there for over a month
pending resolution of his extradition.
He will take part
in the campaign from there.
Junqueras, won't be able to participate
either because
he's in jail and will remain there,
on charges of rebellion.
Seven parties are represented
in the Catalan parliament
elected by five million Catalans
eligible to vote.
Three parties make up
the pro-independence lobby
which, for the first time
in a forty-year-old democracy,
came to power in 2015.
This majority group,
in seats but not votes,
is led by the President,
Carles Puigdemont,
and is made up of his party, Together
for Catalonia, the anti-systemic CUP
and ERC,
led by Oriol Junqueras
and his second-in-command, Marta Rovira.
The majority of these leaders
have been accused by the Spanish judiciary
of organizing the illegal referendum
on independence.
The pro-unity lobby is represented by
Citizens, the new liberal party
led by Ins Arrimadas,
Miguel Iceta's Catalan Socialist Party,
and the conservative Popular Party,
led by Xavi Albiol,
a minority party in Catalonia
but in power in Spain.
Commons We Can, led by Xavi Domnech,
is the seventh party
and does not support independence.
On one side, with 67 seats
and an estimated vote of 46%,
the independents.
On the other,
with the same estimated vote
but with six seats less,
the constitutionalist group.
In the middle,
the role of referee may fall to
the Commons.
WRITER AND JOURNALIS You see, in Catalonia,
what's known as "the difference,"
means something
that everyone can understand.
A certain number of Catalans,
quite a lot of Catalans...
JOURNALIS ...either don't feel Spanish...
or only feel a little Spanish...
or they'd prefer not to be reminded of it.
That's neither good or bad,
it's simply the way it is.
It needs a political solution...
and there hasn't been one
in the last 20, 25, or 30 years in Spain.
From a Catalan point of view,
there is a tightening of
centralized power by the Spanish state.
When you have a language
that you are not willing to give up,
and you have a culture
that you are not willing to give up,
it's clear that you may feel differently
if someone tries
to make you give up
that language or culture.
Spain is a democracy
and they have reaped the benefits...
from that democratic system,
where people
are not persecuted for their ideas.
When people say
that this is about democracy,
I think that's a fallacy
because this is about independence,
not democracy.
DECEMBER 4, 2017
No, we can't take photos.
FOUR REMAIN IN CUSTODY's very complicated
from an emotional point of view.
We have two civic leaders in jail,
two members of the government in jail,
five members of the government exiled,
including the President,
and all of that combined
with our daily lives.
-Long live Catalonia!
Hello, how are you?
Thank you all very much.
-Let's hope we get lucky.
-Thank you so much.
Every time I see a yellow ribbon,
I have to say, "Thank you."
You don't know how much it helps.
Yes, terrible. And the worst thing is
you start to get used to it.
The other day I asked Josep,
"How do you write a WhatsApp?"
I couldn't remember the screen.
Perhaps one of
the most difficult times of my life,
was the first of November, before going...
IN CATALONIA Madrid to testify
explaining to my three young children,
six, eight and eleven-years old,
that their father had to go to Madrid...
because he had been summoned by a court
and their father probably wouldn't be home
because he'd been sent to jail.
This election campaign is taking place
in a very abnormal situation,
and in a country that,
emotionally speaking, is very troubled.
"If anyone asks you what you were doing
the night six politicians got out of jail
you can say that you were in Barcelona
at the beginning of the campaign
preparing yourself
for freedom in Catalonia."
-You have to speak for three minutes?
It's perfect.
We will remember this day
as the day when six prisoners left jail.
If anyone asks you
what you were doing that night--
I ask you all in the coming days
to keep the intensity going.
Thanks for coming to this presentation,
the beginning of our campaign.
There are fifteen days to go
to make history.
I came here twenty years ago to improve...
my Spanish.
Now, I'm in love with a Spanish woman,
a Catalan woman.
I have two wonderful children.
There have been eleven occasions
throughout history
when Catalonia
in one way or another has wanted to...
It began with the Caspe Agreement
in 1412.
Catalonia is a nation which was created
as a political state, like the majority
of European nations,
in or around the 12th or 13th centuries.
That political state clearly disappears
after 1714, with the dominance
of the Bourbon monarchy.
A war of...
"succession," not "secession," in 1714.
I think the biggest manipulation
is rooted in 1714.
We were faced with a situation
which can be defined as
one of conquest and military occupation.
The result was that Catalonia progressed
as it had never progressed before.
The historians say that as well.
In Catalonia, we've often been treated
as a Spanish colony.
Our language was forbidden,
our democratic institutions abolished...
They'd never been better
if you compare to other periods.
The way we were treated was degrading,
we were treated like a colony.
There are two opposite poles,
who are in conflict and...
feed off each other
but in the middle, there are many of us...
who consider ourselves orphans and fucked
because we don't know,
not only who to vote for...
but how to respond
to each chapter of this drawn-out story.
When someone is not sure,
you get branded as "equidistant."
JOURNALIS "Of course you're not going to risk it."
"Not risking it," means
you're with the enemy,
and both sides say that.
"Not risking it," is being
on the other side.
What does that mean? "Not risking it
is being on the other side."
"Not risking it," is...
being unsure. "Not risking it," is
trying to understand what's happening.
They try to pin you down
on one side or on the other
with no escape. I'm not buying it.
There are many opinions in the middle.
When Mourinho
stuck his finger in poor Tito's eye--
Do you know who Tito is?
He sticks his finger in--
He's the definition of evil!
Madrid and Barcelona,
that constant tension,
in politics in other ways,
but very clearly in football,
began to soak into the mental framework
of a society...
infecting it with that political tension,
that ever-present grievance,
that dramatic discourse that
there's always someone threatening you
but which is reflected in an idiotic
or simplistic way in football.
An idea has taken root...
CATALAN EX-FOREIGN MINISTER many places that the problem is
that Catalonia hates Spain.
And the question a lot of people ask is,
"Why do you hate us?"
And of course that makes you think
because if there is one thing
that doesn't exist--
I repeat, the one thing
that doesn't exist in Catalonia is hate.
Towards Spain or towards the Spanish.
Absolutely none.
The question is
why someone would have that idea?
Hello, how's life with you?
-Good, here talking with the secretary.
-You're looking well.
-It went well in Tarragona.
-It did?
-Shame on you, with politicians in jail!
-Careful you don't fall!
This is going to be such a pain...
Anything that's seen to be coming
from a Spanish point of view,
is clearly condemned in Catalonia
to be clandestine and even marginalized.
We see that a lot in the media,
on Catalan public television for example,
everything that is not seen
to be a "good Catalan" disappears.
When we speak about certain declarations,
for example, when we see
the ex-president of the Parliament
saying to Ins Arrimadas
because she thinks differently,
"Go back to Cdiz."
That supremacism has fallen into a trap.
They ignore the fact
that democracy has made the rest of Spain
a developed country.
They think its a desert,
that the people in the rest of Spain
are dumber, more...
They've been living in this bubble.
There clearly exists a tendency,
potentially dangerous,
which is the feeling of exclusion,
the feeling that, "I'm better than you."
The same goes for Spain,
what they call "catalanphobia,"
it exists of course,
there's no harm in saying that.
It's transversal, it's not reserved
for fascists, nor right or left,
it's a historic thing that...
grates on the ear.
There is a thematic dictatorship in Spain.
FOR CARLES PUIGDEMON Spain today is a dictatorship
for the Catalan independents.
A tolerance exists
within Spanish public opinion
and practically in all Spanish politics,
in favor that this continues.
They keep quiet and look the other way.
If I can go back in time
to when I was a child...
when I didn't really understand
the world where I lived
I realized very quickly...
JOURNALIS ...something that didn't work,
being a Catalan...
in the Spanish mindset, you know?
When you'd hear comments like,
"This guy is Catalan but he's nice."
Or, "This guy is Catalan
but he's not active."
We saw here, about two or three years ago,
a Spanish Minister of Education
saying that the government's objective was
to make Catalan students more "Spanish."
We are interested in making
Catalan students more Spanish
and that they feel as proud to be Spanish
as they feel proud to be Catalan.
They think that it's a threat...
to a certain idea
of what it means to be Spanish.
The fact that we speak differently.
Even this idea that...
"Really, they're French.
The Basques are
the most ancient Spanish...
but the Catalans are French."
In Aragon, they are discussing
the co-existence of Catalan
and have a look at the subtle way
the PP takes a stand on this. Listen.
Excuse me, could you tell me
where the Plaza de Pilar is?
-Turn right and straight ahead.
-Sorry, what did you say?
I'm sure you don't think that's okay.
"No!" to the imposition of Catalan!
"No!" to the PSOE law.
Popular Party.
Someone over there said, "That's crazy."
For those who don't speak Catalan,
we'll explain.
-Please, pay attention, okay?
-Let's see.
"Turn right and straight ahead,"
is, "Turn right and straight ahead."
-No, that can't be--
It's in the political interest
of the PP and Citizens, for example,
to explain that we brainwash
and teach hate in Catalan schools,
so they can justify intervention
from the Parliament
in Catalan schools.
What we want is that parents' rights
to choose the language
they wish for their children's education,
are safeguarded, according to
Constitutional and High Court judgements.
They are infringing on parents' rights
who are not free to choose
the language in their children's schools,
when we have two official languages.
I would be delighted
if the Spanish people felt
that Catalan was also their language.
Suggesting that teaching Catalan
is an insight to their way of thinking
that is implying
that if we teach in Spanish...
for the simple fact of teaching Spanish,
it would also be brainwashing
in another direction.
We want to do as we wish
and go on speaking one or other language
when we feel like it.
The worst thing about this are the rules.
They want to use the language
as a manipulative, political tool.
Teaching in Catalan
doesn't mean brainwashing but rather
teaching a language
to everyone in Catalonia
so that they can all be bilingual
when they finish their education. do with independence.
I was explaining this to my daughter once
and I said to her,
"People say that in school
you are being brainwashed
that Spain is stealing from you."
She asked me, "In what school?"
And I said, "In yours,"
and she said, "In mine?"
She said, "That's nonsense."
The problem is poor management,
by state institutions
and the governing political parties,
and above all, the Popular Party,
but I'm afraid in the Generalitat as well,
in recent years.
That poor management
has brought us to this situation
that I feel, politically speaking,
in very contrary ways
and seems to divide the country in two
and I think that's the first thing
we have to put behind us
because it doesn't represent Catalonia.
Some families have broken up
because of this issue.
It hasn't happened in every family
but they do exist.
Groups of friends who have split up too.
Personally, and I have only been
in politics for a few months
and President since a month ago,
I have been subjected to a witch hunt,
as far as I can see,
which has affected me,
my wife, my daughters and everyone.
I've felt hatred from people.
I've been stigmatized,
accused of certain things...
that are untrue.
I'm terribly saddened about all of this.
I see how Catalan society
has been fractured, divided
and it's going to take a long time
to get over this.
A few times, on air,
I couldn't help crying because...
that's the way it is, I can't help it.
When I talk about it,
I have a lump in my throat
because we didn't have this problem.
We didn't have it,
and there are so many things mixed up
and a lot of feelings
have come to the surface...
Poisonous, harmful feelings that...
are going to leave a mark
for quite some time.
CORRESPONDEN At a time of globalization,
there are people who feel
either lost, or more likely, abandoned.
In this 21st century
that's so absurd, so unjust
and so disturbing,
democratic shelters need to be built.
Their identity is a little bit lost
in this world
and they are looking for the way to find
themselves again.
-Hello, how are you?
-Hello, thank you so much for coming.
-It's an honor to have you here.
-How's the voice?
Not great.
-I was saying hello to the people outside.
-There were people out there.
-How are you? Hello, Maria.
...very excited and people are convinced
we're going to win.
I think they've gone too far
and they have motivated
the Catalan majority.
There aren't seats at stake here.
What's at stake is these people's future.
The campaign is more emotive.
You're not being asked about policies.
They want to know
if we're going to stop this.
-Mario, a pleasure to meet you.
-Manuel, my pleasure.
-Albert, how are you?
-Are you well?
-It's good to see you.
-How are you?
-Thanks for coming again.
-Not at all.
A clear defeat of independence is vital.
-For Spain and Europe, very important.
The most important thing is to join forces
between the constitutional parties.
That's the most important
but on top of that, if we come first,
-a constitutional group--
-You'll have public opinion on your side.
so that the other parties support you.
-Of course, because if they don't...
-It's a lot of pressure for them--
I don't think they can explain
-if by adding up the seats--
-Impossible.'s more a debate about values
than about left or right-wing ideology.
The European debate has been overwhelmed
by the situation in the end.
In Germany, in Austria, in France,
to some extent in Spain,
in Greece with growing populist movements,
-a wider group has to be created...
Nationalism and populism, in my view,
are two sides of the same coin.
Both are fighting against European unity.
Both talk more about identity
than citizenship,
it's more about impositions than freedom.
The balance
between majorities and minorities
is a part of what you were asking before
about a democratic result.
It's not only the result of an election,
but rather the whole process
which has brought us here,
and in that process,
the role of the minorities is very--
Respect for the role of the minorities
is very important.
They want to create a homogenous space
where we all have
the same language,
the same religion, the same identity
and Europe has to be quite the opposite.
It has to mean diversity, respect
for every idea, religions and ideologies.
In my view, Europe has missed the chance
to reconcile itself
with its historic countries and peoples
who have contributed so much,
languages, culture, cultural tradition
which feeds Europe
and from which civilization grows.
Trying to homogenize that...
because they are at the service
of the different states...
I think they are denying
Europe's very identity.
I'm convinced
that both populism and nationalism,
two sides of the same coin,
will be the great rival in the future.
I think there is a battle
between liberal democracy and liberalism
and nationalisms and populisms.
That's very interesting.
The nationalist always believes
that the nationalist is the other guy,
that he's not a nationalist.
I've reached a very simple conclusion.
States are the maximum expression
of nationalism,
a border, an army, an anthem, a flag...
but no one considers that nationalism
because it's a state.
We can never underestimate nationalism,
because if you leave nationalism be,
it always ends up in the same place.
It's like a seed.
If you plant it and you let it grow,
it will always grow.
It always goes to the same place.
It won't give you new fruit.
It'll always give you the same.
The key is
that Spain is a multicultural state.
For people observing us
from other countries,
we have to remind them
that even in our Constitution in 1978,
which was negotiated
within the framework of a dictatorship,
that text recognizes
that there are territories in Spain
that are regions
and territories that are nationalities.
A reactionary nationalism may exist,
extreme right-wing, chauvinist
and there may be nationalism
with an international focus,
-There's another text.
We have to record a video after this
for the President on welfare...
-that's a bit tricky.
-We'll talk about that later.
Joan, after the Tax Amnesty,
how much was it?
-60,000 million--
-60,000 million? In taxes?
-No, that was the bank bailout.
-Yes, the bailout.
That was the bank bailout.
I think it was 40,000 or 50,000 million.
Ana will introduce Nria
as candidate for Together for Yes.
-No, "Together for Catalonia."
-Sorry, "Together for Catalonia."
The day came when I was really upset
when my wife and daughter came to visit
and I thought they were really well.
It went fine and when I left
the guard said, "Damn, it's hard,
I saw your daughter
while she was waiting and she was..."
-What a bastard!
"You're saying the visit was a disaster?"
After that, I called her and I asked her,
"Are you sure you're okay?"
Because he said he hadn't seen her cry
but that she was very upset.
We're ready.
Say the word, we'll go to the door
and start the campaign music.
We no longer want to see our president
on a video screen
even though it's live.
Each vote,
like he rightly said the other day
at a rally,
every vote for president Puigdemont
is a kilometer closer to having him here.
So, on the twenty-first,
we have to fill the ballot boxes
so he can go into the Generalitat
after the twenty-first.
With you all, President Puigdemont.
Thank you very much.
Friends, thank you, Jordi, for those words
which mean so much to me--
Very much to me...
Come in, the door is open.
It's the only way I have...
to take part in the campaign.
I have no alternative.
A guerrilla campaign.
It is but...
it's strange
and it's hard to interact
and there's a delay between...
Sometimes I interact
because I see someone I know and...
I like to say hello
and that helps to break down this barrier
that technology creates
when you're doing a video call
or you're connecting live
and that brings it a bit closer...
and it helps me
to put myself in the situation...
because those of us working...
in theatre...
It's complicated.
Hello, how are you?
How's it going? Yes.
What are you up to?
...putting up with the cold
and allergies but I'm fine.
There's a great atmosphere here.
Yes, dammit.
We're telling them that it's going well.
It's going well everywhere.
The trend is good, right?
That's why the others are getting nervous.
The pro-155 guys.
I don't know if you saw that article
by Pedro J. yesterday.
-I think they're getting desperate.
They're giving up on it.
-I think so.
-In the end, Jordi--
If after all they've done,
to you all and to us...
everything stays more or less the same,
Mr. Rajoy has some explaining to do.
Dammit, "You've caused serious damage,
you came here with fists flying,
hurting everyone,
and everything stays the same--
You can see now that the problem
can't be solved like that."
-I don't know how much more to the jail.
-Seventy kilometers.
About an hour.
We went inside in a van
and when we went to testify,
we went in a closed van...
and we left at night,
I didn't see any of the surroundings.
You didn't see anything.
-I had no idea--
-You didn't miss much.
-It's a desert.
-I've heard that.
DECEMBER 19, 2017
There's always one there.
Oriol Junqueras is in jail
because his ideas are not accepted
and clearly is being persecuted.
Jail Puigdemont!
Jail Puigdemont!
Get out!
This is your flag!
You're very quiet today.
We don't want to gain independence
from Spain but rather the government.
We don't want independence
but we want the Spanish government
to change.
It can't stay the same.
I think it's a mistake to see it
only as an independence movement.
There's something more.
We've always been denied everything and...
I think it's the solution.
It has something that goes further
and it has to do with...
a protest movement, standing up against
the attitude of the PP government.
It's very simple.
When Rajoy's government comes to power,
support for the independence movement
stands at 17%.
Today it's 48%.
I do think that Mariano Rajoy...
is the real "cultivator of independents."
It never rains but it pours and now
he's getting soaked with independents.
He has remained impassive
in the Catalan issue without making
any concessions because that would mean
his downfall in Catalonia
but making him...
a very powerful man in the rest of Spain.
He will go down...
History will judge him, I think,
if he is fairly judged,
it will be very harsh...
because of his insensitivity,
his impassiveness
towards the growth
of a very important phenomenon
that he didn't know how to read or value.
Lack of dialogue? Not true.
There hasn't been a president...
In the history of Spanish government
who has met, more times,
in every way, discreet, official,
unofficial, with the Catalan president.
There has been a lot of dialogue.
I like Catalonia, I like the people,
their open character, their work ethic.
They're businesspeople...
They do things.
It's served the PP's purpose to divert...
attention away...
from the extraordinary level
of corporate corruption.
The same applies to the Convergence party.
The idea that Catalonia is an oasis
free from corruption,
where there is no fraudulent behavior
which other parties may be guilty of
in the rest of Spain,
Well, you can see...
that the reality has proved that idea
to be wrong.
Catalonia was not an oasis
but rather a swamp.
The nationalist government...
comes up with...
the most efficient way
to avoid its own responsibilities...
and to shift them...
towards other players.
Where better than Madrid...
and the central government...
...and Spain?
I'm convinced that the independents
have gone about this really well.
They have been extremely efficient.
I think in two aspects.
The first fundamental aspect
was to penetrate
in all the grassroots organizations
and carrying out a type of missionary work
in every corner of Catalonia.
Organizing talks
about the advantages of independence,
reaching out to older people,
converting independence into mainstream,
from a grassroots level,
within which mnium
and the Catalan National Assembly
have played a fundamental role,
from the grassroots up.
mnium was founded in Franco's era
and is a cultural organization which tried
to defend Catalan
and defend the teaching of Catalan
at a time when it was persecuted.
It's only been in recent years,
following the court judgement
on the Statute,
that it's become an organization
which supports,
amongst other things,
the independence movement.
The ANC is a different story.
It came into being
specifically as a result of this conflict
between Catalonia and Spain
which has its origins
in the judgement on the Statute
and after the Diada demonstrations
which evolve from relatively large rallies
to a mass demonstration
which became one of the biggest in Europe.
Transforming an argument
about independence and nationalism
into an argument in favor of
democracy, "Yes or no,"
the referendum, I mean
their strategical maneuvers
demonstrate that in this area,
they have been very astute.
I think they've been miles ahead
of the organizations
in favor of Spanish unity in Catalonia,
as well as the national government.
October 16, 2017
The National High Court remands in custody
Jordi Snchez and Jordi Cuixart,
leaders of the ANC and mnium Cultural
on charges of rebellion and sedition.
Jordi Snchez and Jordi Cuixart
remanded in custody without bail,
the presidents of the ANC
and mnium Cultural.
The High Court judge considers them
to be responsible
for the demonstrations on the 20th
and 21st of September in Barcelona.
They're jumping
on the Civil Guard's car!
One moment.
We ask you to always act pacifically.
I think that remanding them in custody
without bail was too severe.
One has to remember that
we are all innocent until proven guilty.
...calmly and quietly.
Today we are breaking up
this demonstration.
They get on top of a Civil Guard's car,
with their permission,
to ask the demonstrators to leave,
to calm them down.
There is no evidence
of rebellion or sedition.
Violence is against people,
not against police cars.
Those terms are too strong
to describe the actual events.
Today we'll see a column of four.
This is the cone, the base,
and it's made up of
as many castellers as possible,
with four levels,
We'll see one on top of the other.
Catalonia and these castells
have this strong connection
which represent
the values of the castells:
strength, balance,
bravery and judgement.
This project comes from the grassroots,
it comes from the base.
The base is keeping it going,
no matter how many are cut off at the top,
even if they try to eliminate the leaders
the base gets bigger and bigger
and more leaders emerge.
and the media,
the Catalan production companies...
with leanings towards those ideas...
they're very good.
When you see the PP outraged by TV3,
it's total hypocrisy,
because they are in charge
of the most biased national TV in history.
...TVE enters into the realm
of freedom of expression
which, as I said
to the Socialist senator yesterday,
"If you don't like the news,
you can change the channel."
We have freedom in Spain.
We have reached a point where people
get their information-- On one side,
they only get information from media
who give them what they want to hear
and on the other side,
exactly the same thing.
They are "ideological comfort zones."
I only watch the channels
where I feel well treated,
where I won't have a problem,
where the world looks
like the world I think I live in.
There is an alarming
lack of self-criticism...
...on this issue.
It means that the reasons
of the other side are not understood.
When we talk about a bias
on one side or on the other,
one should be aware
that it doesn't happen
exclusively on one side
but rather it happens on both.
"Fake news" are made up of
elements of mass propaganda
which are used
to exploit certain political causes,
which in turn are justified
with the argument saying,
and this in itself is almost paradigmatic,
"This is my truth."
If someone thinks they own the truth,
it makes argument impossible.
I go through the headlines.
I go on talking
but the things
I want to say are written down.
I make sure that the message
I want to get across...
This is the first rally with Pedro.
I have to see
what I'm going to say to him.
Wow, hello.
-How are you?
-How are things?
-How are you getting on?
-Here, with my tie on...
It's true that this last week,
there haven't been any issues...
-It's like--
-Look at Rajoy,
he blows out the candles,
messes around, and he's out the door.
-There are no issues.
We've tried to bring up issues but...
all there is are the prisoners, 155
and the rest of what goes on around us.
Our only enemy is the State.
Our only adversary is the State.
Our only enemy is
the antidemocratic state beating us,
the neoliberal regime that makes us poorer
and the flawed, corrupt monarchy
that is screaming "Go get 'em!"
-Okay, that's it.
-So, Albiol is going, Arrimadas.
Domnech is going.
This is the important issue
and I really don't understand
why you don't make a statement.
-This is it. Have you seen this?
Well, you should have a look.
I think it's the most newsworthy...
that I've ever seen.
It's the slowest growing economy.
No, the economy
that will have the lowest growth--
-In 2015, it was in first place.
In 2018, it will be in last place.
Can you get closer to him?
-How are you?
-Look who's here!
-...the PP is Spain's problem.
-It is the problem.
It is, but he says it--
He's not a radical left-winger
but on this issue...
-Tard sent me a message.
He wants us to meet.
Do you know who else?
-David Fernndez.
-He was very pleased.
When you talk about
a progressive government, they stall,
but if you drop names
like Nria Parln and Tard,
they change their tune.
David Fernndez
sent me a message immediately.
And Tard as well.
-What do you think? to the stage.
-Come on.
-Turn up the volume.
-Xavier, this way.
There has always been
an underlying independence movement
in Catalan society,
but when the Transition was agreed,
I think that on everyone's part
there was a
willingness to say,
"Let's see if we can
convert the Peninsula
into a space of co-existence,
of dialogue between us," etc.
and for a few years,
everyone made a great effort
to get this far.
That happens at a time when Spain
is putting in place a modern democracy,
within the framework of the Constitution
which leads to...
the creation of an imperfect,
bi-partisan, parliamentary system.
We've always had two main parties
and the only parties
who could complement these minorities,
when there was no majority,
were parties from the different regions.
During those constant negotiations...
there were demands
on different governments,
who didn't have an absolute majority,
and these were, shall we say, granted
through negotiations and agreements.
In some ways, the autonomous state
has been hammered out in
temporary agreements.
"If you support my budget...
what do you want? Traffic police?
Traffic police, you have it.
More tax concessions?
Port controls?"
That process of handing over power
is continuous.
It goes on until
there are no longer any left
because the State has handed over
practically everything.
The difference between
what Catalonia contributes and receives
is negative by 16,500 million.
With that money, you could pay
two complete yearly health budgets.
State funding has to be improved?
I totally agree with that.
There should be funding
that makes sense all through Spain.
However, the arguments
that have been put forward
have been completely anti-economic
and anti-scientific.
People say, "Spain is stealing from us."
Catalonia, being a driving force,
as it's always been,
in economics and politics in Spain,
has never had a president...
...of Spain, who has governed in Spain.
It hasn't had political weight in Madrid.
I think the last time
a connection was attempted,
on Catalonia's part was ten years ago
with President Pasqual Maragall
who made an interesting proposal.
I will support the repeal
of the Catalan Statute
approved by the Catalan government.
He said, "One way
of solving this historic conflict
would be to create a new Statute
for Catalonia,
which would address these aspirations
and would at the same time,
allow for a definitive connection
between Catalonia and Spain."
That text...
was submitted to the Spanish government,
according to the law,
and there they began negotiating again,
it was altered...
but finally approved.
At that time, it was seen
as a chance to settle,
for a few decades, a conflict
which has a long history.
That text that came out
of the Spanish Parliament,
also in accordance with the law,
was submitted to a referendum...
and the Catalans passed the referendum.
Later, that text...
the result of the referendum
wasn't upheld by the Constitutional Court.
The Popular Party
take it to the Constitutional Court
and in an office
they get rid of part of the Statute.
When that was broken and annulled
after the whole process
by judges and a very politicized court,
like the Constitutional Court,
the constitutional link
between Spain and Catalan is broken.
The Statute was not suspended
except for some articles.
You didn't have to be an expert...
on the Constitution to see that...
they were suspect.
It was very simple. The Statute says,
"Catalonia is a nation."
That stands out.
The consideration of a nation
in Catalonia is widely recognized,
not only by the independents.
That stands out.
Catalonia is a nation.
And it has endeavored to be recognized
as such within the framework
of the constitutional pact.
Why the constitutional pact?
You people, especially you
will probably not be the only ones
because you are the ones that broke it.
The problem is that in forty years
there was not one Spanish proposal
for Catalonia.
Not one.
The only option we have now
is to have our own state.
It happened in the case of
Scotland and Great Britain.
And there was no illegality. There was
an agreement to celebrate a referendum
In the Spanish Constitution,
it is perfectly feasible
to celebrate a referendum
if they want to belong to Spain or not.
What would be a more serious case
for constitutional discussion
would be the application of the result.
A referendum can be celebrated.
With the referendum over,
then a decision can be made.
Our Constitution
is like the German Constitution,
the Italian,
the French...
and like the United States.
They are not countries...
They aren't Botswana,
with due respect to Botswana,
they are established democracies.
In every one of those countries,
the constitutions...
do not recognize
the right to self-determination.
The German Constitutional Court
has just passed a sentence.
Bavaria made a request
to call a self-determination referendum,
and were refused.
It can't be done
because sovereignty
corresponds to Germany as a whole.
On the sixth and seventh of September
is when the break
with the institutions and legality occurs
with regard to state law.
You are trampling on our rights.
We have to right to know--
-It's the--
Our rights have been infringed again...
-What about the Parliamentary Guarantees?
-Please, I will not allow more speakers.
The vote will proceed.
-Mr. Gonzalez wishes to intervene--
-No, we're going to vote.
The voting has started.
You're trampling on our rights.
You're doing what you like
-with the highest institution in Catalon--
-Votes in favor.
Mr. Puigdemont,
you are making statements and acting
in a completely irresponsible way,
One of our basic human rights
is the right to self-determination.
And Catalonia's people have a right
to their self-determination.
What you are trying to do infringes
on the rights of the Catalan people.
The rights of the Catalan people
represented inside this parliament
and outside.
Convoking a referendum
is not a crime,
Spanish law says it's not a crime.
The Catalan parliament decided
to bend the rules,
ignore the Statute and the Constitution,
ignore what the legal team were saying,
the Parliamentary Guarantees...
That day I saw everything go up in flames.
You're about to make the biggest
and gravest democratic mistake
in our history and everything
that happens from now on
Mr. Puigdemont, the responsibility
for that mistake will be yours.
Thank you very much.
This government practices democracy.
And against the threat,
the "threatocracy"
which your regime represents,
we represent democracy.
We are going to proceed
to the final vote of the proposed law
for the referendum on self-determination.
I want to make it very clear
that we cannot take part in a vote
which implies the loss of our rights
as members of the opposition.
With half of the parliament seats empty,
because the opposition had left,
those laws took the place of
the Constitution and the Statute.
Reforming the Statute itself
has to be passed
with a two-thirds majority.
In other words, ninety representatives.
They have seventy-two, not ninety.
The proposed Law
of the Referendum for Self-determination
is approved with 72 votes in favor,
none against and eleven abstentions.
The Parliament lawyers themselves...
warned the President,
"Careful, with these actions
you are infringing on the Constitution,
the Statute and the member's rights."
Laws are all fine and well...
but they can't cover everything.
Some things are not foreseen
in law or in constitutions
and the fact they are not foreseen
does not mean that they are contrary
to those laws nor to democracy itself.
Alternatively, they may represent
the sentiments of new generations
which are not reflected or recognized
in the constitutional texts
of their grandparents.
In spite of that, they decided to go ahead
and today we find ourselves
in this situation.
There will be
no self-determination referendum,
because it implies
depriving the Spanish people
of their right to decide their future.
As you can understand,
neither the government nor the courts
can tolerate this under any circumstance.
The referendum was illegal
and had been declared as such
by the Constitutional Court.
So, then...
obviously, a decree from a judge
has to be complied with
by the security forces.
Today is a democratic day,
a national day of democracy
and we want to vote. There are thousands
of people here who want to vote
and as such we are going to insist
in our position.
-You're not going to allow us to act.
-Thank you.
We are not afraid.
They shall not pass!
I won't comment on the ins and outs
of the operation on the first of October
because it's not my place
and I'm not informed on the matter...
there was no referendum
on the first of October.
The Vice President of the Government
had reiterated
there would never be a first of October,
that there would be no ballot boxes,
there wouldn't be anything.
On the first of October,
there were ballot boxes and people voted.
And I think that was the explanation
for the furious reaction,
in the actions of the police
which occurred on the first of October
because it was an expression of failure.
I think the rule of law...
and that has been demonstrated
in our democracy,
has its mechanisms and it has its ways
of commanding respect.
That is the most important thing
that a government should do...
its country.
With the odds against them,
with all the prohibitions,
thousands of people organize themselves
and manage to open
hundreds of polling stations and make sure
that the ballot boxes arrive
and allow the vote to happen
in a peaceful and exemplary way.
It was empowerment of the people,
whatever your opinion may be
about the Catalan question,
independence and so on,
which, in its own right,
has a lot of political value.
On the first of October there was a...
level of...
enormous irresponsibility
on the part of the organizer.
What the pro-independence government
as well as the other independence groups,
was an international intervention
after an alleged referendum.
It was all part of a plan
and when I say all of it...
I mean all of it.
That photo was a gift
from the Government itself
because the government
should have avoided using force.
On the first of October,
the Spanish government
had several options.
One was to ignore it.
"Let them have their vote.
It's not legally binding."
Another was to take part
in the campaign and say,
"This is why it's better
that we remain united."
That's what Cameron did in Scotland
or what the Canadians did in Quebec.
What any democrat would do.
"I'll go there.
First, I win the argument,
then, I win the vote
I win the referendum, I go home.
Problem solved."
But they didn't.
Get in there.
-Come on.
Surround them, left and right.
A friend of mine
once said to me that politics
looks more like Laurel and Hardy
than The West Wing.
I agree with him a hundred percent.
We will vote!
What proves that the government
never imagined the impact of all this
is that the Government representative
ordered the police
to stop intervening during the morning.
And therefore they understood
that their actions had been
very questionable
and they hadn't got the results
they were hoping for.
Get out!
There is no way you can spin,
inside or outside of Spain,
baton charges against people
who are voting.
There is no discourse,
no way to tell it in a credible way.
People voting...
...a lot of elderly people, children,
and guys dressed
like Darth Vader with their batons
and pushing and so on.
It was a complete disaster.
In the end, for the government,
it was a disastrous day because
they weren't able to avoid
the two photos they wanted to avoid.
The one of people voting normally,
which happened
and there were people who voted
and the one of the police
restraining the voters,
which also happened.
It happened.
There were eight or nine hundred injured
in theory, but there is one thing
that I find curious.
Neither the President of the Generalitat
nor anyone else visited the injured.
Where were the injured?
Shame on you!
On the first of October,
I felt, above all...
total disbelief.
I couldn't...
believe what I was seeing.
I couldn't believe that
what I was watching on TV was happening
ten minutes from my home.
I felt very angry, impotent. I even cried.
I watched the videos
and I couldn't stop crying
because I felt
as if they were hitting my family,
people I care about.
They were my family, very close friends...
I remember it as a very painful day.
I think it's incredible
that in the 21st century,
people are beaten for voting.
I mean, where are we?
I think it's an absolute disgrace,
I was watching--
I was ashamed,
feeling so sorry for my grandparents,
for my family--
I'm the most mixed-breed you'll find.
I have family in Galicia, in Madrid,
from all over the place but I live here.
And I'm going to work here
and I'm going to live here
and that's the way it is.
The truth is I saw that happening
and I grabbed my things
and went out on the street.
I think a lot of people
changed their mind that day.
My mother was going to vote no
but after seeing that,
she voted yes, it was exactly like that.
I wasn't pro-independence
but because of what happened,
especially the repression by the police,
I now want independence.
I think it's the most viable solution.
A lot of people who weren't going to vote
went to vote because of the brutality.
It was extremely...
violent. I saw a man being beaten
in front of me.
He had a cut on his ear and was bleeding
and as well as that I could see
that the policeman was laughing.
I was very shocked
and as I was going home...
I saw a person on a corner
in tears. It was total desolation.
According to the Catalan government,
there has been a participation of 42%
of the census in the referendum.
Of the 5,300,000 Catalans
registered to vote,
two million voted
in favor of independence.
2,010,144, which represents
ninety percent of the votes
in favor of independence in Catalonia.
The Catalan institutions
have the obligation
to respect and implement
what our citizens have decided today.
To honor it with its loyalty
to the commitment
to erect with dignity together
a free country,
which is pacific and democratic.
A fraud has been perpetrated
on Catalan society,
constantly telling people
that this could be done...
with votes
or go to polling stations
when there was absolutely
no type of guarantee.
There was no census, no one knew
how to count the votes, nothing...
We have accompanied a voter,
dressed in a pink sweatshirt and jeans,
who voted in two polling stations
in Barcelona.
This voter did the same.
First, in Cornell...
and again in Hospitalet.
At this time, I can assure you
with absolute certainty
what all of you already know
and what we have been able to observe
during the whole day.
Today, there has been
no referendum of self-determination
in Catalonia.
Le Monde...
The Economist...
The Times even said to Rajoy,
"Don't behave like Putin."
The New York Times at the time,
The Washington Post...
suggesting the need for a referendum,
saying that they want the "No" to win,
that Catalonia should continue in Spain.
The basic consensus inside Catalonia
is in favor of a referendum.
The statistics may swing between 70%, 60%
depending which polls you look at
in favor of a referendum.
"Don't ask me for what I can't give.
I'll cease to exist if you do.
Anyway, I don't agree with you.
And even if I wanted to agree,
I can't give you that
because Spanish democracy is rooted
in certain rules...
called, 'rule of law',
which means that what we all are
has to be decided between all of us."
Good evening.
We are going through very grave times
for our democracy...
...and at this time, I want to speak
directly to all the Spanish people.
On the third of October...
after the "referendum"
in so much as it was illegal,
that happened on the first,
the King appeared in public
and makes an appeal.
Since some time ago,
certain Catalan authorities,
repeatedly, consciously and deliberately,
have failed to comply
with the Constitution
and their Statute of Autonomy.
From that moment on...
as a result of the severity
of the King's message,
when there are very important movements.
The flight of many important companies
from Catalonia,
including two banks
with headquarters in Catalonia.
The companies leave.
"Not one company will leave.
None will go."
three thousand...
is a bit more than none.
The reaction of the socialist party...
which, you could say,
stands with the government.
He clearly disciplines the PSOE...
and he sends out a very clear message
to the European Union and from there on,
all the doors were closed.
As a result of the lack of leadership
from the Spanish government,
I think the King
took on that role of leadership.
I think the timing was important,
given the vacuum of clear messages
of hope, firmness,
in a constructive and persuasive way,
coming from the government,
I think he said, as Head of State,
"It's time to step up."
The King's speech is "Go get them, ol."
It's absolutely unfathomable.
If you explain it
in any other European state
or in the world, if you explained
what the Head of State did,
then they would be incredulous...
this normalization of violence
when up against political differences.
It was an address which...
wanted to establish the limits...
of respect towards the Constitution
that had been ignored...
and as Head of State, a call to order.
I suppose...
he lacked a certain amount of empathy.
I would have proclaimed the Republic
five minutes after that speech.
I was so disappointed.
I was so hurt.
I didn't think I would be
because everyone knows
that the King has no executive powers.
He's at the "peak" of the State.
He represents the State,
but precisely because of that.
It was necessary,
from the point of view of the Crown,
defend what he is obliged to do
by the Constitution which is
the defense of the unity of Spain
and the result was
that Spain was draped in flags.
In the month of October,
hundreds of thousands of people
take to the streets
claiming that they are also Catalans
and not independents.
That, I won't say,
"silent majority,"
but that very considerable part
of the population which felt excluded.
One of the few positive things
about the procs,
is that it made, first of all,
the "silent majority" wake up
and say "That's enough.
Now, we're going to demonstrate
and vote like never before," etc.
The second positive thing,
is that it has stirred up, you know,
that pride of being Spanish,
like in any other country in the world.
-Long live Spain!
-Long live the Civil Guard!
Jail Puigdemont!
Mariano Rajoy has confirmed
the government has reached an agreement
with the PSOE to apply article 155
of the Constitution in Catalonia.
What does the application
of this Article imply?
In effect, it means the political control
of an autonomous region by the State.
"If an autonomous region does not comply
with its constitutional obligations,
it will be obliged to comply, with force."
First, the President of the autonomous
region in question,
in this case, Puigdemont,
will be obliged to cease his actions.
The decision to
unilaterally declare independence
is obviously not my decision.
That's a decision
the Catalan Parliament will have to take.
OCTOBER 25, 2017
That Wednesday, Thursday...
and Friday, 25th, 26th and 27th,
those three days of October
that threw Catalonia into chaos.
There were two possible routes:
early elections
or declare independence in Catalonia.
The Catalans were told
that everything was ready,
and once the Republic was declared,
it would be put in place.
Catalonia saw multiple events like these
where the atmosphere was fired up
to red hot...
preparing people
for what was about to happen.
We hope that nothing is declared tomorrow
because perhaps
whoever declares something
will end up like the person
who declared the same 83 years ago.
Do you mean that what's happening now
will end in the same way,
because he was assassinated
by the dictatorship in 1940?
What do you mean by that?
I am referring to the fact that...
what is supposedly an epic date,
which was the declaration of independence,
had a response.
I'm not a historian
and I'm not a fortune teller either.
I could see that the consequences
for Catalonia would be very serious...
and that I had to avoid the application
of Article 155.
The only weapon I had at that time
at my disposal was
to immediately call for elections.
It's true that there was...
some communication in the sense that
obviously, guarantees were asked for...
in writing that the State
was not going to apply...
the rule of law.
If Article 155 is withdrawn--
I mean, not applied,
if we return to normal,
calling for elections,
the two Jordis are released from jail,
if the 15,000 policemen are recalled,
that were sent
to frighten the people in Catalonia,
and the Generalitat's finances
are reestablished,
I will call elections.
Yes, but it's impossible to demand
guarantees from the State
in writing that it can't apply the law.
This was politics.
The key moment came that night.
It was like the night of the daggers.
There were two parties-- Three,
one outside, two inside
who were in front of each other, waiting
to see who will be the first to back down.
They knew that whoever backed down
would pay a high price at the elections.
Seeing what Article 155 meant,
which for me, was and is a coup d'tat,
which has broken
all the rules of democracy
because it terminated
a democratically elected parliament
and terminated a legitimate government.
The decision to call elections
had been taken.
ERC does everything it can...
to stop him,
putting obstacles in his way and
when he has decided,
they accuse him of being a traitor.
Marta Rovira...
who uses very sentimental arguments,
such as, "We can't go back to our...
towns. They'll kick us out.
They'll call us traitors, botiflers..."
Botifler is a traitor.
-We are botiflers, aren't we?
It's a very insulting term that means
you're not a good Catalan.
What is a bad Catalan?
Someone who is not pro-independence.
We're botiflers, traitors, all these
types of adjectives that are aimed at us.
Anyone who speaks Spanish
in Catalonia is a botifler.
We should never forget
that this essentially
is a competition between two parties...
for political supremacy in Catalonia.
There are demonstrations on the street,
in St. James's square.
"Traitors", "botiflers",
threats of resignation everywhere.
There's a tweet from Gabriel Rufin
which is a very important Tweet.
"One hundred and fifty-five silver coins."
He's saying to President Puigdemont
that he is Judas Iscariot.
His own people ate him alive,
calling him a traitor, a botifler...
In the end, he gives in.
We accept
the mandate of the Catalan people
expressed in the self-determination
referendum on October the first
and we declare that Catalonia
will be an independent Republic.
The declaration
of the representatives of Parliament...
PARLIAMEN passed by seventy in favor,
ten against and two null votes.
There was a type of formal declaration
of the Catalan Republic,
half formal, half clandestine,
half funereal
because here there was no joy.
They sang the national anthem,
"Els Seglars"
but it could have been Verdi's Requiem.
Now is the time to stand alert!
For when another June comes
Let us sharpen well our tools!
Strike with your sickle!
-Long live Catalonia!
Yes, independence was solemnly declared,
in secret, it has to be said.
Effusive hugs,
tears, emotions...
The Catalan anthem is sung...
and they go away for the weekend.
They go away for the weekend
and they don't come back on Monday.
The Interior Ministry has just confirmed
that, in effect, the sacked
President of the Generalitat
has left Spanish territory
and is in Belgium.
Lots of people voted for me
I'm sorry Rajoy men
I started the pruces
For me niggas Freixenet
I want a new country
No tourists pissing
Franco rest in peace
Welcome refugees
Spain's attacking me
Have some bread and tomato, motherfucker
I want a new country
In the VIP zone, always Codornu
I think that Puigdemont's decision to go
to Belgium was part of a strategy...
which was to challenge
the Spanish judiciary system.
We thought the most effective way
we had to do this
was to leave the Spanish judiciary system
which did not give us any guarantees
to defend ourselves correctly
with respect to our individual rights,
doing so from the European Union
and at all times...
facing the consequences.
All of us considered the situation
whether to stay
or to go on a personal level
and obviously in terms
of what they saw in the future.
There is no gesture, no action...
to put in place the so-called Republic.
It's almost comical.
And after that...
what had to happen, happened.
The public prosecution
has filed complaints
for crimes of rebellion,
sedition, embezzlement
and other related crimes
against senior politicians
of the Catalan Generalitat
whose decisions and actions
have provoked an institutional crisis
which culminated in
the unilateral declaration of independence
carried out with total contempt
for our Constitution
on the 27th of October last.
There cannot be candidates
in jail before an election.
JOURNALIS Once they have been tried,
for whatever crime
and the sentence passed,
well, then we'll discuss that.
But to be remanded in custody,
with a hint of political weaponry,
I don't like that at all.
Obviously, if judges are named
by parliamentary majorities
there is a very strong political influence
on the judiciary.
And that "hand,"
by no means "invisible" of politics
in the judiciary is ever-present in Spain.
They haven't understood
what institutional loyalty is.
Political parties are one thing
and the other State institutions another.
They have to be respected
because they are the control mechanism
which lends veracity
to the correct workings of the State.
Who's responsible for the fact that,
right now,
Together for Catalonia
and the rest of the independence parties
do not have any leaders
because they have been "decapitated"?
Mariano Rajoy and the Popular Party.
It's possible that the Catalan politicians
have not understood, even now...
...the violence
that the population was exposed to.
On behalf of the State, there was a ship
with 10,000 policemen here in the port.
There was the threat of a tragedy
for a long time.
Of course, clearly, they had no idea
that they could go to prison.
They had no idea that the law
could be a nasty piece of work.
A European arrest warrant
and it's about me, really, for me.
I am having trouble dealing with this.
I've never had any problems with the law,
not even a speeding ticket.
I've never had anything.
I don't know how to react.
Now I see a European arrest warrant
for a crime with 30 years in prison.
That really had an impact on me.
Seriously, after all you've done,
after spending taxpayer's money,
wreaking the Statute,
using the Catalans' personal information
illegally, because they used it,
our ID's and our addresses
to carry out an illegal census
with no legal guarantees.
After doing all that
and completely ignoring the courts,
did you really think
nothing was going to happen to you?
The judiciary will paper over the cracks
but the conflict will still exist.
So the problem still has to be resolved.
The application of Article 155
hasn't solved the problem either.
This looks like Vodafone.
Hello, I'm sorry,
-I can't talk right now...
I'm sorry, thanks a lot.
I'm about to go somewhere important
and I can't talk right now.
There's very little time left--
Two, three--
-Three days. Monday, Tuesday and--
-Wednesday, day of reflection, right?
Yes, but you know they call us
to take photos, don't you?
-We can't even sleep.
-Yes but not in the general elections.
-Here, the last time--
-It isn't very early, at half eleven...
No. I think so, something like that.
-Hello, how are you?
-Well, very happy to see you.
-Me too.
We'll talk later.
We're looking forward to the 22nd
to go over all that's happened,
because I get the feeling sometimes
-that this hasn't happened to us--
To give a very clear message to the people
"Listen, be careful about
what you're doing.
There's no need to work in politics
no need to defend an idea."
-It could happen to you.
It's very serious.
-Sir, how is the campaign going?
-Good, it's been a while since I saw you.
-Are you okay?
-I'm fine.
The campaign is going well,
it's the voice that isn't.
-Have you taken something?
-I've tried everything but...
I've even taken cortisone.
-Hello, how are you?
-Very well.
-Glad to be here.
-It really is.
-I can understand that. Well...
We'll have to wait and see
on the twenty-second.
We'll see.
-We need a rest.
-Yes, sir.
For the moment, give it our best
until the twenty-first.
Yes, sir.
-Good luck.
-Same to you, Carles.
Hello, princess.
You're winning even before we start.
I have my make up on already.
Now they're redoing it.
It's true!
It's true.
Me, on the other hand...
-Complete paint and bodywork.
A full workover,
powder for the forehead. I look awful!
I've just shaved but you wouldn't know it.
Anyway, it doesnt matter.
Santi, can I introduce you to the
director of the campaign?
-And this is one of our collaborators.
-Nice to meet you.
-This is all for you.
Let's leave our stuff here.
Keep an eye on the independents.
Make sure they don't take my scarf
or jacket.
Go to make up if you like.
Ins, you weren't here the last time.
-Mobiles, tablet?
-If we have it on plane mode?
-No, forbidden to have any type of device.
-This guy is a mole
-I'm the mole.
After the debate,
we'll have a minute round-up.
The order is laid out.
During the debate,
whenever possible, speak first.
-I take the initiative.
So, try to find...
an ally,
and an antagonist.
Confront Citizens...
and to a lesser extent
the Popular Party and Iceta.
Jordi, whatever you like,
but I don't want to go in blind
after a month in jail.
I'm not clear about anything,
I'm really not.
Be confident.
Jordi, you have no idea
what it's like to be in jail for a month.
You speak first.
Once you've said that, your work is done.
-You have to be calm but not relaxed.
If you can get across your message,
get it across.
Let's go, Jordi.
Don't send me any messages.
In Catalonia, during this legislature
in parliament we approved
twenty-six laws.
The business law,
is that good for business people?
Is it important enough to be approved
by the Catalan parliament?
Not the way it has been laid out.
And you voted for it, didn't you?
You voted for it, didn't you?
-It's not acceptable--
-Mr. Albiol...
DECEMBER 17, 2017
Thank you. Thank you.
I don't want anyone else
giving out Catalan ID cards
because we are all Catalonia,
Mr. Puigdemont, Mr. Junqueras
and Ms. Rovira.
-Long live Europe!
- Visca!
The fear of globalization
diminishes us as a people
and so we are searching for
a return to that comfortable place
of our past, our own corner.
There are lots of different things.
And I don't like it at all
when people put all these things
in the same basket,
they tie it up with a bow
and put a label on it
and they call it...
"xenophobia," they call it "populism,"
because they are all completely different.
It would be really useful if these voices
were understood as evidence,
that it's widespread
and arises from very different origins,
the reproach of a tired system.
Nationalism is not the problem.
JOURNALIS The problem is Spain.
Nationalisms are the symptom,
Spain is the problem.
The problem is the European Union.
Democracy is obviously in crisis.
There is a very clear crisis
in the structures that have upheld it.
We are living in societies
without a project.
Spain doesn't have a project.
Europe is a tired project.
And the proof of all of these elements
is popping up everywhere.
How is it possible that a person today...
has a job
and is still poor?
The feeling that in 2008...
the financial crash showed us all
that the world of finance
has more sway than democracies
and that democracies have been brought
to their knees by finance--
Everyone knows that.
How is it possible that the banks
have been converted
into tools of repression of our citizens?
How is it possible? And the answer to
"How is that possible?"
in each country
takes on a different dimension.
In Catalonia, the independence movement
has played with that.
Has "played" with it,
in the positive sense of the word.
The independence movement
is yet another reaction
of those who have seen globalization,
austerity and all these problems.
It's absolutely clear.
-My ID?
-Your ID, kid.
-I've reminded you a few times.
-Yes, my ID and that's it.
-Census card, table number thirty.
-Table thirty.
DECEMBER 21, 2017
I'm so nervous.
Yesterday I was very relaxed and calm
but today, since I woke up...
I'm very nervous. Let's see how it goes.
We can't be overconfident.
Well, we have possibilities
but we'll see how it goes.
It's not a utopia.
Go to hell, gorgeous!
I need some space, please guys.
It's always the same, isn't it?
It's an image
that is being repeated all over Catalonia.
You are seeing a live transmission
from the polling station in Lerida...
where the doors are closing.
The polling stations are closing
right now.
-How are you?
First, the independence group
has the absolute majority.
And secondly, we're in first place
in the pro-independence group.
-How are you?
-Very nervous.
-You are, aren't you?
They always start the count
with the small towns.
And they're always more
in favor of independence but...
as the other results start coming in
from the big cities
we can only go up. We're...
An important part of the PP vote
is going to Citizens.
They probably have some votes
from Commons, it's possible.
The PSC less than Commons...
-A lot.
-and between one thing and another,
see who has the bigger percentage
and the votes they have
but it's going to be very close.
-The PSC has twenty--
-How is the majority going?
-Do we know anything about the majority?
-The PSC is at twenty.
-They're falling--
-Yes, they're falling.
There they go.
Let's see.
Attention, the surprise is
that Ins Arrimadas will win the elections
with almost one million votes.
There might be suicides.
Thirty-four, thirty-six for ERC,
Together for Catalonia
between 28 and 29 seats, the PSC...
between 18 and 20 seats.
Do they add up?
I'm going for a sandwich.
-Do you want anything?
Well, we're doing well.
The PSC 18 or 20?
Yes, this poll is giving 18-20 to the PSC.
It's very low.
-That's bad.
-It is indeed.
-This doesn't add up.
-I don't believe it.
I don't believe it either.
The important thing is to see
if we can join forces
with the other anti-independents
to form a government.
-Let's see what the final distribution is.
For the moment, they have enough.
For the moment, they have enough,
but it's not over yet,
if they go down a bit,
they'll lose the majority.
If Article 155 didn't win,
even in these circumstances...
It's important that Rajoy's plebiscite
is losing spectacularly.
The pro-sovereignty group have 49%.
-We have a great country.
-We are holding up really well.
It's a superb result, my friends.
In these conditions,
goddammit, with candidates in jail,
others exiled...
constant criminalization of our voters...
a steady bombardment
by the media in favor of 155.
With this result,
they have to lift article 155.
I'm really delighted. Look at that,
ERC, thirty-two, Convergence, thirty-four.
That's it.
We're going down.
I want you all looking happy.
I want to see smiles
because we've won again. Come on.
That's why we're in Belgium.
Because if we hadn't
defended the legitimacy
and the continuity of the institution...
-we wouldn't...
-Of course.
have had the voice that we've had
in the last month and a half,
when we've been able to work
as the Catalan government.
-Come on! Ministers, let's go.
-Let's go.
There are too many people.
Don't go that way. The fourth floor.
Only the ministers and the president.
Ministers, this way, please.
-We've won.
-Don't go on too much, okay?
I'll say, "I totally agree
with everything the President has said."
-No, you speak first. I'll close it up.
-The speech will be the most--
-If you open, I'll finish.
You could play the role of the
exiled government's spokesperson--
A victory for independence
and an inevitable defeat."
I was going to say...
37 seats for Citizens. Tonight's winners.
Citizens, a genuine...
which will have an impact
on Spanish politics.
Attention, the independents
maintain the absolute majority.
They have lost some seats but
Together for Catalonia,
Puigdemont and ERC have 70
and the absolute majority
in the Catalan parliament,
with 135 seats, is at 68.
Thank you, Catalonia,
because you've given the world a message.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the Catalan Republic
has beaten the Article 155 monarchy.
Today, it's even clearer
that the procs does not represent
the future for all of the Catalans,
and we will go on fighting.
The prisoners must be released from jail
and the legitimate government
must return to the Generalitat,
where we belong
and what our citizens want.
This will end with a negotiation,
which is what we've always wanted.
There's no alternative.
We can't have a situation
of an imposed victory...
We've won the right to be recognized
as a people, as representatives
in a bilateral relationship.
They should at least
pick up the phone and ask,
"What's going on there?
How can we fix this?"
We'd never have gotten to this stage...
if we'd all been capable of reaching
some type of agreement.
In order to solve this,
we have to eliminate the grievances
that exist and are real...
and explain those that are not.
...and generate a movement of empathy,
of mutual understanding
to create bonds that have been broken,
but that requires a lot of time
and capability.
ON THE 23rd OF MARCH, 2018,
ON THE 16th OF OCTOBER, 2017.
DECEMBER 22, 2017
ON THE 3rd OF JUNE, 2018,
MAY 17th, 2018
IN APRIL 2018,
I have a feeling I know what this is.
A caganer.
It's great. I have one at home.
I know this is something
that drives the Americans crazy.
They call it,
"The man doing his business," right?
I remember thinking, "How can they put
something like this in a sacred place..."
-It's odd, right? It really strikes me...
-It is.
It's a tradition in Catalonia.
Catalan culture is very scatological,
there are lots of scatological references
in Catalan culture.
This is a caganer...
beside the manger.
I think it means...
and serves as a reminder to us
that we are mortals,
that we are humble and that everyone,
I don't know anyone who doesn't do that.