Two Lost in a Dirty Night (2002) Movie Script

TWO LOST IN A DIRTY NIGH - 2 Perdidos numa Noite Suja -
Mom, I'm sorry I haven't
written. But I'm too busy.
I'm not complaining. It's all
going according to my plans.
I told you, I'd come
to America and make it.
And here I am.
In New York, a good job, making
a lot of dollars, a nice home.
It's life as it could be.
I miss you.
I wish you were here
to see me well.
Why don't you come?
I'm putting some money away
to buy you an air ticket.
I know you're scared to death
of planes, but it'd be nice.
Well, I'm going now.
I've got to go to bed.
I promise to write next week.
Bless me, mom.
Your son who misses you,
Antonio Carlos.
Dear mom, going back today...
I recalled the day I arrived
here, five years ago.
And I remembered my first
visit to the Statue of Liberty.
On that day, looking at it,
I felt like an ant...
but I wasn't afraid.
I felt protected...
as if that were a great mother
welcoming all her children.
The Statue was built
right there...
at the entrance to America.
And it's been there telling
newcomers like I was then...
that this is our place.
And I haven't forgotten that.
That's how I feel today,
going back home once again.
- Paco?
- Son of a bitch!
- Shit, Tonho!
- What are you doing here?
I live here!
I thought you'd gone for good.
Why would I do that?
And give away such a nice place.
You weren't here
when the police came.
I spent some days away,
till things settled down
Or should I just sit here
for them to catch me?
- Who's is the idiot here?
- You're always the same, Paco.
Yeah, but I'm no snitch
Who's is a snitch?
How come the police came
after me?
You couldn't take the woopin'
and told them everything!
I didn't say a word!
Yeah, right. If I didn't run fast
enough, I'd be locked up too.
You're a freakin' snitch Antonio.
I bet they didn't have
to drag it out of ya'.
My name, my story
you just gave it all up.
I didn't say a word!
My sentence was double!
I could have served 3 months
only, had I told your name!
What a friend! Your
loyalty is so moving.
I should have told them.
I was arrested because of you.
Because of me?
You were arrested
because you're stupid, man.
Only a dumb ass
would set a cop up.
You're a stupid, retarded, loser.
You deserved to be caught.
The "Tonho Man" rap.
He doesn't know what that is
Tonho Man, listening my rap
Look at his face
He doesn't believe it
He thought he'd leave Brazil
And would come back in style
Forget it, Tonho
With your mind you'll die
But you will never see any cash
Look at his face
He doesn't believe it
He thought he'd leave Brazil
And would come back in style
Stop that, Paco!
I told you to stop!
I told you to shut up.
- I was just kidding.
- Am I laughing?
Won't you tell me?
How was it in jail?
Six months is a long time.
I see you worked out a lot.
You got big and all cut. I bet you
spent the whole time working out.
Forget it, Paco!
I like the look.
You're strong, well fed.
Come to think of it,
jail was good for you.
Six months of doing nothing,
just pumping out...
three meals a day.
That's not bad!
- It's better than many hotels.
- Let me read in peace.
Were you their "bitch"?
- What?
- Were you used and abused?
Fresh meat in jail is a feast!
You're no special meat,
but they had to do you.
Tell me, Tonho.
It was a party, wasn't it?
Cut the bullshit!
The bitch is hurt, is that it?
Do you miss your "man"?
Tell me, come on! Did it hurt?
They say it burns like hell!
It hurts in the beginning, but
you end up getting used to it.
Some people learn to like it,
and can't stop doing it.
Tell me!
You did like it, didn't you?
I'm serious, Paco!
I'm warning you...
What about panties?
Did you wear a bra?
I know people who went in
straight as an arrow...
and next day were wearing
girdles and high heels.
I bet your "man" made you wear
panties and bra all the time.
It must have been something!
Panties ridding up you ass...
all very "buttocks up".
Tonho bitch ass here...
Tonho bitch ass there,
shaking your ass around...
And them all whistling,
trying to get a piece of you.
But your "man" was alert,
looking after you...
- "Tonho bitch ass is mine!"
- Stop it, Paco!
What the hell did I do?
Talk to me, Rita!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Thank God! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I lost it.
I've told you,
not to call me Rita.
My name is Paco.
I'm sorry, Paco.
- You've really hurt me man...
- I asked you to stop.
- You can't take anything, can you?
- Forget it, it's all right.
It's all right
because it wasn't with you.
This isn't over.
You'll pay for that.
Don't you forget it.
What? Are you threatening me?
What are you gonna do about it?
Haven't you quit that shit yet?
Leave me alone.
I wonder how you're still alive.
You're all bones.
I can still handle a lot, man.
My clientele doesn't complain.
There are all kinds of
freaks in this world
You're right about that.
The world is full
of kinky bastards.
- Get out of here!
- Why?
You too?
Just my luck! Twenty million people
in this fucking city...
and I come across a Brazilian
Is your life always like this?
Always messy?
Not always.
Most of my clients are nice.
Now and then there is
a violent maniac.
And what do you do
when I'm not around to help?
Don't flatter yourself.
I can defend myself.
I see that
I'd get rid of the bastard
in two seconds
He'd end up with more holes
than Swiss cheese.
What's your name?
- Antonio Carlos. And yours?
- Paco.
Yeah, Paco.
- That's not a woman's name.
- So what?
- Have you got a place?
- Of course! You think I'm homeless?
That's not it. I live nearby.
If you want to rest.
Hey, man. Don't get any ideas!
No. I'm just asking
if you want to take a nap.
Yeah, right. Take a nap with you.
No, just a nap.
It's a huge place
Do you think I'm stupid?
Didn't you see the pliers?
I'm just trying to do you a favor!
And how should I pay for it?
With a blow job?
Geez girl, you don't understand.
I don't want anything
- Is it nearby?
- Yeah.
Are you one of those people
who miss Brazil a lot?
I think about going back,
some day.
I came to work,
to make some money.
I want to go back in style,
full of dollars.
- Do you think about going back?
- No.
- Will you stay here forever?
- All I want from Brazil is distance
- May I smoke?
- Fell free.
Isn't that harmful?
No way.
It's very good.
- Do you want a hit?
- Pass. I'll stick to my beer
There's a lot of pigeons
in this damn place!
How long have you been here?
Five years.
Five years
and still cleaning toilettes?
When I came,
I thought it would be easy.
They all think that.
It was very hard in Brazil.
I couldn't get a job.
I met some guys from Valadares
who had come here.
They told me to come,
that I'd make it.
I gathered all the cash I had
and owed and bought a ticket.
Mom gave me some money.
Poor mom... all her savings
But I'll pay her back every cent
Because it was all set.
Including a lawyer to get me
a green card.
I had to give 30% of my income
to the old bitch.
Damn, that sucks!
But I had my green card.
I was legal,
I was going to find a job.
- It was all according to plans.
- And something came out wrong.
It should have worked out.
I can't understand.
I studied, you know?
I know electronics,
I can handle a computer.
I'm educated! I never ran
from work, I like it
But in spite of it all,
it didn't work out all right.
When I think is going to be fine,
it happens the other way around.
I don't know why. I think...
that people look at me
as if I had something.
They're suspicious,
as if I had a problem.
Tell me, Tonho.
Sit down over here!
Say it!
Say it. Through, think, there.
Are you kidding me?
- The "th" is hard
- You're saying I don't speak English?
- Barely
- I can speak it very well!
Damn, man!
Spit that sock out of you mouth
Of course you can't get a job.
You don't speak their language.
What do you mean, girl?
Are you kidding me?
- Relax.
- I speak it well. Very well.
I can say that too. Big deal.
Why do I have to say it?
I've got my green card.
- I bet you don't have one.
- I do.
I don't believe you. You're kidding me.
I bet you're illegal.
You're stupid, man.
I'm not illegal.
How did you get in the country?
You're not old enough
to travel alone!
How old are you? 17?
I bet you're under of age.
- You ran away from home.
- I didn't.
Does your father know
you're here?
He can't tell what to do
You look like someone
who's run away.
I bet your father is desperate
in Brazil, looking for you.
Fuck my father!
That's it! You both argued
and you ran away.
Is your father pissed off
because you're a les?
- Who told you I'm a les?
- Aren't you?
- Where did you get that idea?
- Well, you look like a les.
I'm no lesbian, got it?
I'm no lesbian!
- What's your name?
- I've told you, Paco.
- Real name, girl's name.
- Paco! My name's Paco!
There you are, a les's name.
I'm no les, damn it!
I'm not! Leave me alone!
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me.
Easy! I'm not doing anything.
- I'm sorry. I was just kidding.
- Don't you ever touch me again.
Easy, girl.
Put that thing away.
I'm leaving.
Wait! Stay here.
It's big enough here.
For both of us.
Yo man, are you trying to mess
with me? Is that it?
That wasn't the plan.
I just want some company.
Someone to talk to me.
Are you serious?
Stay with me.
- Don't you do anything stupid.
- Relax.
All I want is a friend.
All right. You've called me.
Don't complain.
I won't complain.
Are you hungry?
- Paco, are you hungry?
- What?
I asked if you're hungry.
I'm beyond the stage of eating.
I only feed my spirit now.
Do you want some?
It's not a big deal,
but it kills the hunger.
I told you I didn't need that.
Come on. Don't be so proud.
You need some meat on those bones
What are you laughing at?
Do you need all that style
to eat this grub?
Sweetie, I'm very elegant.
I wasn't born in the country side,
like some people.
I was born in a golden cradle.
Are you that elegant
on a blow job?
No doubts!
Do you want me to prove it?
I didn't know you could sing.
You think I came to America
just for the blow jobs?
- You're good!
- I'm very good at it!
Don't you forget it!
In a year, I'll be more famous
than Madonna.
You'll get into a store and
you'll find lots of my CD's.
All I need is finding the right
person at the right time.
I've got it all planned, Tonho.
My point is close to the Island
The recording company.
One of these days I get
a big shot as a client...
and from a blow job
to the other, I sell myself.
He'll see I can use my mouth
for more profitable things.
I'm leaving.
Are you going out?
I'm going back to Brazil.
I'm the one who smokes,
you're the one who's high?
- Go back to Brazil, man?
- I can't stay here any more.
- And in Brazil you'll be okay.
- It's impossible to be worse.
I came to America to get
better. What did I get?
To end up in jail.
Forget it! To have been used
in jail is no good reason.
My life is shit.
You're too sensitive.
We're in America.
- Anything is possible.
- I haven't got anything.
Because you're a wuss.
I can get anything I want
When I can get it easily,
I use my pliers and take it
I'm going back to Brazil, Paco.
Alright. If that's it,
have a nice trip back.
May I keep your place for myself?
You may, damn it.
My land has palm trees
Where the sabia sings
Birds that sing around here
Don't sing as they do there
May God not let me die
Before I go back there
- Paco, I mean it!
- Alright then.
But tell me just one thing.
How do you intend to go back?
A ticket back costs US$500.
Have you got the money?
No, I don't.
But I'll get it.
All you do is to cry.
Who were those guys? Cops?
They were after you.
What do they want with me?
I'm legal.
I have a green card.
I don't know.
They asked lots of questions
about you.
Your whereabouts,
what time you'd come back.
The color of your underwear.
They seem to know
you are on parole.
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
I don't understand! Why are
they after me, just like that?
Maybe they've found out
you served some time.
That's not their business!
They have nothing
to do with that.
I remember now.
Something one of them said.
You should renew the card
- What do you mean?
- Your green card. It's expired.
- Puff! Into thin air
- What kind of joke is that?
It seems your old lady decided
to request marriage annulment.
Are you deaf? She wants
to make it void, to get out.
Maybe a younger one came
about, with more money.
She wants to get rid of you.
That bitch can't do that!
You left the old bitch,
now you gotta pay for it
You know, it serves you right.
Damn, Paco! I get screwed
and you laugh at it!
You wanted to go back to Brazil
but had no money. You're lucky.
Immigration will take care
of sending you back
They'll give you a free ticket
for you to go back to mommy.
The thing is that you're going
in cuffs, like a thief.
And maybe you'll get beaten,
for trying to pull one over
Damn Tonho, so what if
you gotta take beaten?
They're sending you home anyway.
No, no way.
Isn't it what you wanted?
To go back to Brazil?
- Not like that.
- What? You wanted first class?
What are they going to think?
They think I'm well off here!
What will they think knowing
I was expelled as a sick dog?
You mean in Valadares they all
think you're big shot?
They think I'm well off,
I have a good job...
I live in a nice place.
What can I do now?
They only way is killing
the bitch. To become a widower.
That's it, man!
Besides the green card,
you get a pension, inheritance.
The old bag may have some money
stuck under the mattress
We kill the old lady
and get the inheritance!
Shut up!
You're driving me crazy!
The bitch is upset.
I take it back
Are you all right?
- Are they gone?
- Who?
The guys from Immigration
They waited for you all night.
They're tough, right?
I've got to get out of here.
I've got to go back to Brazil.
Play a new record!
That's boring!
I've got to get some money.
I need a ticket.
That's me
You could help me.
Lend me the cash.
I ain't no whore
to support a man!
Five hundred bucks.
Can you lend me?
Are you crazy?
I ain't lending money to you
- I'll pay you back.
- You have nothing.
- I promise I pay!
- Right!
- When I get there, I send it.
- Forget it, Tonho.
Damn, Paco. I'm begging.
On our knees.
- What?
- Beg on your knees.
- Stop kidding.
- Kneel down and beg!
Help me, Paco.
You've really knelt down.
You're really desperate,
aren't you?
Are you lending me the money?
I'm touched.
Honest, that was beautiful.
If I had the money,
I promise I'd lend it to you.
You don't?
And if I had US$500 would I
be living in this joint?
Think about it! US$500!
It's a lot of blow jobs!
That's not a bad idea.
You could do the blow jobs.
Cut the bullshit!
Don't be so proud! I bet you
did it a lot for free in jail.
- Why don't you charge now?
- Leave me alone!
Don't worry! It's just like
sucking mango, without hair!
Shut the fuck up!
Son of a bitch!
That was bad, Rita.
It was bad.
I told you not to call me Rita.
My name is Paco! Paco!
You know,
I hope you get screwed up!
I hope the guys get you
and send you to hell!
Where are you going?
It's none of your business.
What are you going to do?
What? Are you afraid I'll call the
guys from Immigration on you?
- Are you afraid I'll turn you in?
- Stop kidding, Paco.
Oh! Where's the big macho?
You're quiet!
And that's just good!
You don't wanna get me upset.
I'll screw you!
No one can imagine how hot
it is in this damn city.
We're used to seeing America
on films, on TV...
all that snow, people in coats.
Forget it, it's hot here.
It's the ozone layer. Pollution
is screwing Earth's climate.
Why do you write so much?
Is it a girlfriend?
No, to my mom.
You've got a strong bond
with your mom, don't you?
One, two letters every week.
I like her very much.
She cried a lot when I left.
Broke my heart.
I almost gave up and stayed.
What about you?
- What about me?
- You never write to your parents
Why should I do that?
Don't you miss them?
Your mom, your dad?
What a fucking hot place!
It feels like Brazil.
What are you looking at?
Wow! What a face.
I'm scared.
I'm worried.
My mom needs to be operated.
She needs money.
Tell her you're broke.
"I owe, I don't deny it.
I pay whenever possible."
I can't tell that to my mom.
And what can you do?
Have you got any money?
- I could get you a nice job.
- Really?
I don't know if I should.
It's nothing too honest.
- Can I make some money?
- Easy money.
Do I have to hit someone?
You've got to hustle
and money comes easy
So? Are you interested?
So, Jackass! I want to hear it
from your mouth
Are you impressed
with my new shoes?
Where did you get those?
Now I really look
like a pop star.
Take a good look at me and tell me:
From the top of these boots...
Don't I look powerful?
The cat in boots.
Beautiful, aren't they?
They cost me an arm and a leg.
Five hundred bucks.
Expensive, aren't they?
I thought so too.
But take a look at these.
Aren't they awesome?
Damn, US$500! You said
you didn't have that much.
Hold it. I said I didn't have
money to lend to you.
To buy such awesome shoes
I'd spend even more.
Son of a bitch! How can you
spend US$500 on this shit?
Money is mine.
I spend the way I want.
Paco, I needed that kind
of money for my ticket.
If you need it,
you've got to hustle for it
I got this money sucking a lot of dick
Do you think that's easy?
I swallowed a lot of cum
to buy these shoes
You could have lent to me.
What? Am I your mommy,
to give you allowance?
I asked you. I begged!
And I said "no".
Crappy life
It's always like that.
Every one watches over themselves,
the rest could go to hell
No one helps no one.
When everything goes rock bottom,
no one lands you a hand
And there's always someone
to piss on your grave
That's exactly the way it is.
What did you want?
Someone to do it for you?
If that's what you want,
go out there and hustle
And screw you! Damn!
I won't give up buying
things for myself...
just because you're screwed here
and you wanna go back to mommy
If you want to buy your ticket,
go for it!
At least once in your life
you could do something decent.
To help some one screwed.
I won't do it. Even if I could
I don't hand it to any schmuck
No one ever gave me anything.
I did.
You did my ass!
You wanted a piece of me!
- Come on!
- Do you think I don't see?
The way you looked at me,
eating me with your eyes.
I just wanted to be your friend
Right. And you'd spend
the night jerking off...
ready to do me, if I let you
What a terrible life you might
have had. You don't trust.
Come on, man! A terrible life
is yours, mine has been cool!
I came to America, I'm cool,
I have everything I wanted.
Your life sucks
Don't you believe it? Tell me.
You ended up screwed in America
I have everything I want.
You were used in prison,
but my ass is one way...
nothing ever goes in
Immigration is after you.
I'm perfectly legal
You don't have a cent to go
back, I have wonderful shoes.
So? Who's the one screwed up
here? Me or you?
How much did your boots cost?
Five hundred.
After a good look,
you're right.
They're very beautiful.
What's that?
Turn that shit away!
What's it?
You don't want to steal
my shoes, do you?
Don't be afraid, Paco.
I'm not going to steal.
There are no bullets.
- Where did you get that?
- I found it on the street.
Since when do you find
a pistol on the street?
Guns don't grow on trees
I was in the wrong place,
at the wrong hour.
They killed somebody else
and threw the gun away.
I saw it and decided
to take it.
I don't know. I saw it
on the floor and picked it up.
Maybe to take these boots
from you...
to go back to the store
and recover the US$500.
There are no bullets, remember?
With clean hands
you can't take my shoes
Relax, Paco.
I won't steal your boots.
You scared me.
I thought you'd steal my boots
for the money.
My little boots, so new.
I'll be rocking hard with them,
don't you think?
- You're very good on them.
- Do you like it?
Very much.
You should try a mini skirt.
- Skirt? Are you kidding me?
- You'd look hot
Boots and mini skirt.
Better yet, no skirt.
Just boots.
Naked and with boots.
I bet you'd let me step on you.
I'd let you do anything.
- Anything?
- Everything.
What are you doing?
Who told you to touch me?
Damn! Let go! It hurts!
Who do you think you are
to be touching me?
My boyfriend? My husband?
My dad?
Damn! Let go, Paco!
Don't you ever touch me again!
Or you'll lose your hand!
Are you nuts?
Yes, I am! Paco, nuts and
dangerous. Don't you forget it!
Tonho, asshole, where are you?
Damn it!
Son of a bitch!
You did go away!
Where were you?
I'm screwed up here,
and you're hanging out!
What's that suite case for?
That's not your business.
What happened around here?
I decided to help
with decoration. Ain't it cool?
- You've broken it all.
- It was just garbage, anyway.
I'm tired of this shit. I'm an artist,
a really good artist
Can't anyone see how good I am?
But they will
I'm going to show them all
how good I am.
They'll be crawling to me,
they'll kiss my boots!
They'll beg for my attention,
and I'll laugh at them! Right?
I'll wet my pants laughing.
Do you know why?
Because I'll end up famous
and they'll be screwed
I'm going to sell a million
copies. A golden record!
I'll put my picture
on the Rolling Stones cover...
and my video will play
non stop on MTV.
I'll be a superstar!
What's that? The System is kidding
with me? Shit!
With a fucking piece of equipment
like that I won't make it
All I needed was a
tremendous sound system
A mega super hyper big sound
system! 5,000 Watts.
With such a beast, I'd sing
at the recording company.
I'd press buttons,
rhythm would start... Cool!
The sound going up the walls,
drive half of the city nuts!
People would run to the window
to see: Who's doing that?
"Who's that girl?"
Paco! Her name is Paco!
What a sound!
"We've got to hire that girl!"
Damn it, Tonho,
I'd be set!
Why don't you buy
that equipment
Are you mocking me,
or you're just stupid?
I'm not talking
about equipment.
I'm talking about a hyper, mega,
big, super sound equipment...
with sampler and what it takes.
5,000 Watts of power.
I just click and the whole New York
philharmonic plays just for me
- That costs a lot, man.
- Why spend it with boots?
I told you to leave my boots
out of this.
If you returned the boots,
you'd get the US$500.
- That's to begin with.
- That's not gonna happen.
Keep your boots, then,
without the equipment.
Will I have to spend my life
sucking fagots' dicks?
Damn, Tonho. I'm talented.
I'm good, I could be great.
If you had the money.
I told you I won't sell
my little boots.
If you had the money...
what would you do?
I told you. I'd buy a super
sound system...
to place it in front
of the recording company.
I was thinking.
Is that so, Einstein?
Does it hurt?
A way to get the money.
You've been here for five years
without a cent. What now?
That's not a bad idea.
I've got to go back to Brazil.
I've got to go back home.
To get out of this shit hole
I need money for my ticket.
I tried many things. Useless.
That's the only way I have.
To steal.
You won't rob couples making out
at Central Park. Will you?
- I thought of something better.
- Spit it out.
A client. We could get
one of your clients.
You call the guy in.
At the right time, set him up.
Suggest to go to his place,
for a complete job.
He accepts, takes you there.
I follow you.
When you're up there,
you help me in.
Easy, Paco!
No violence, Paco!
Keep quiet!
I take care of this here.
Go and check out the place
for things to take along.
Move, man! Do you want
to spend the night here?
Damn it, Paco!
What are you doing?
The son of a bitch won't tell
me where the money is.
Forget the old man,
let's get out.
No! I want more!
The fagot won't play with me!
Damn, Paco, are you mad?
What's the matter?
Are you taking his side?
We've got enough!
Don't be a loser!
Take a look around!
This rich fagot must have
a lot more hidden.
- Let's go, Paco!
- No, I want money.
- Let's go away, Paco.
- Now we go.
Have you lost it, Paco?
You'll kill the old man!
No, I won't. I already have
The fagot is gone.
Damn, that was crazy!
I never thought it could be
so easy to steal!
- You needed not hit him.
- Yes, I did.
- The cops will come after us.
- The cops don't know.
The old man knows.
He can't talk.
That one is gone for good
I hope in God he isn't.
Not even God can help him.
I sent the bastard to hell.
- Do you want him dead?
- Sure! I hit him to kill.
- You're sick.
- Relax.
It's just one old fagot less
in the world. He won't disturb no one.
If the cops get to you,
you can't escape. It's jail.
Damn the cops.
You know...
I liked hitting the old man,
I liked seeing his blood.
The more he whined, the more
I felt like beating him.
If he died, fine.
I killed because I wanted to.
Less one creep in the world.
You don't know what you say.
And there's more. We won't
attack just for money now.
I'm going to finish with these
scumbags I had to suck
All of them!
We'll clean the world.
I'm going to have a gun,
a knife, and my pliers.
I clean the guy and tell him
to get naked. And I say...
"What do you prefer, scumbag.
A bullet, a stab or a pinch?"
The guy scared to death
will say the pinch.
I get my pliers and hit
his balls till he bleeds
You're nuts.
Yeah, I am!
Paco, nuts and dangerous.
That's what the papers should
write about me.
The scumbags exterminator.
It will be cool, man
Those pervert old men won't
have peace any more!
They'll be scared to death,
when they know Paco...
nuts and dangerous,
is at loose.
What harm have they done
to you to be like that?
Not even half of the evil
I'm going to inflict them.
I won't stay here
to watch you screw up.
I'm leaving, Paco.
I'll go back home.
Let's split the money.
Half and half.
How much money is there?
I got US$500 from the fagot.
Plus US$2,000 from the safe.
Cool. US$2,500.
US$1,250 each.
Hold it! The money from the safe
we won't be splitting
Why not?
If it were up to you, we'd have
just this little he gave us.
Had I not forced him,
we wouldn't find the safe.
The money from the safe
is mine.
Are you crazy?
We're in this together.
Nice! Well, should the old man
die and the cops come...
- you'll say you killed him.
- No! I said no violence.
You're smart ass!
We're partners in fortune...
Till shit hits the fan, then
I'm the only one screwed!
Paco, I told you not to hit
the guy!
But I did! That's why he gave in
and showed us the safe.
- The money is mine.
- Stealing was my idea.
Big deal. Any idiot could
have thought that.
For God's sake, Paco.
Let's deal with this nicely.
OK. We share the blame
for killing the fagot.
- But I didn't kill anyone!
- The money is mine, then.
- I'll have just US$500.
- US$250.
Wasn't it US$500?
That money we got together.
We share.
US$250 isn't enough
for the ticket.
- Stop whining, damn it!
- I did it for the ticket!
Give me my share. I'm fed up.
OK, Paco, OK.
Let's split once and for all.
I want the pen, the chain,
the cufflinks.
The key ring, the watch
and the pin.
And the ring?
Paco, leave it to me.
You've got a lot already.
A fagot's ring.
- I don't want it. Keep it.
- To do all that for nothing!
Don't whine. That's a lot
of merchandise. Easy to sell.
You buy a first class ticket
and have some left for shopping
Damn it!
- What is it?
- The guy's name's in the watch.
In the key ring. In the ring.
The damn name is all over!
So what?
What if he dies? I sell this,
they'll see his name.
It won't be hard to link facts.
A fagot is dead, and a man is
selling his jewelry.
They'll come after me.
Easy! Don't panic.
Just wait till it settles down.
When no one else remembers
the creepy, we sell the things.
How long?
I don't know.
Six months, a year.
A year? I want to go back now.
Give yourself up to Immigration.
They'll send you back to Brazil
You bastard!
You're laughing at me!
Easy, that's just a suggestion.
What use was doing that?
I'm just as screwed!
Relax, Tonho. Next time
we set things straight.
There won't be next time.
I'm no thief.
You are now.
Thief and murderer.
You killed the old man.
That's the story
you're sticking to
Do you think the police
will believe I killed the man?
Look at me, look at you.
And don't forget you did time.
That complicate things!
It'll be difficult for you
to prove you didn't kill him.
I haven't killed anyone.
Relax, I won't tell them.
My lips are sealed.
Damned the moment
I linked myself to you.
But we had our nice moments.
I don't want to see you again.
I don't want to cross you!
- All you did was screw me!
- You'll miss me.
You're too evil.
You wouldn't be here if
there was no interest.
Deep down you do love me.
You're an idiot, Paco!
You never got it.
You've just said it.
Don't screw with me
I've loved you all this time.
If I put up with all things
you did to me it's for love.
I love you very much, Paco.
All this time you never said
anything. Why?
Were you afraid I'd say no?
Or that I'd laugh at you?
Were you afraid I'd say yes?
Do you know what you are?
A loser, a coward.
That's why
you never did things right.
That's why you didn't
make it in America...
you're in this whole shit
You're a loser!
More than that!
You're a fagot.
Yeah, that's it. A fagot.
That's why you never said
you loved me. You're a fagot!
I thought you wanted to fool
around with me. A queer!
Of course. All that story
of letters to mom, typical.
- You son of a bitch...
- Stop it!
I bet you found out you were
a fagot in jail...
when they used you.
It hurt, but you liked it.
You did like it, yeah.
You liked it
- Leave me alone.
- How can a fagot like you love me?
No, you can't. It's impossible.
Sad, isn't it?
Tonha! Tonha, Maria Tonha.
Shut up!
Leave me alone!
Shut up!
I told you to shut up!
The gun has no bullets.
It didn't have, Paco.
Now, it does.
Hold it, Tonho.
What are you doing?
Put the gun down.
Let's talk about it.
There's no talk, Paco.
Give me the money.
Come on! The money! And
the jewels. I want them all.
Take them.
Now, put the gun down.
I want the boots.
- What?
- The boots. Take them out.
Take out these fucking boots!
We're even now.
Let me go.
You didn't give me
what I wanted.
- I did give you.
- Take off your clothes.
Take off your clothes, Paco!
- For God's sake, Tonho.
- Take off your clothes.
Not that.
Do you want a bullet
in your head? Take them off!
- Take off your pants.
- For God's sakes, Tonho.
- I want to see you naked.
- No, please, no.
Take them off!
I said everything, Paco!
Please, Tonho.
Why are you crying?
Didn't you say I was a loser?
Didn't you say I was a fagot?
Then why are you crying?
- What's your name?
- Paco.
- Your real name.
- Rita.
Tell me. My name's Rita.
- Please.
- Say it! I want to hear you.
- My name's Rita.
- Louder.
- My name's Rita.
- Again!
- My name's Rita!
- Again!
- Rita!
- Again!
What are you waiting for?
Come on! Take me!
Wasn't it what you wanted?
I always wanted to have you,
But not like that.
Goodbye, Rita.
Come back!
When I wanted you
You didn't want me
When I was happy
You were bad
When you wanted it
You couldn't give yourself
I was there but you didn't see
It's cold in this place
Where I don't belong anymore
Where I don't belong anymore
Where I don't belong to me anymore
When I wanted you
You rejected
When it was over
You wanted to turn around
When I was gonna say it
My voice failed
Everything went dark
You didn't see me
It's cold in this place
Where I don't belong anymore
Where I don't belong anymore
Where I don't belong to me anymore
But if I've lost myself
How can I lose myself
If I've already lost myself
When I lost you
But if I've lost you
How can I lose myself
If I've already lost myself
When I lost you
Recovered by (c) dCd / February 2018