Two of Us (2020) Movie Script

Just another day in paradise.
Today and every day.
Still shy
after all this time?
Sorry, Syl.
The way I was brought up.
All good, baby girl.
Why didn't he tell her
he loved her?
He was afraid
she wouldn't say it back.
So I told him to fuck off.
And that's when I knew.
Smart move.
Boom, boom. Yes!
Want to check
and update the map?
It smacks of smoked salmon.
You expect
they don't have good eyesight,
but they have better hearing
than a teenager masturbating
in a room with a door
with no lock on it.
So if they find you,
you shoot to kill.
Go for the head. You kill
the brain, you kill the beast.
You're out of bullets,
you're out of weapons,
you aren't out of options.
Get yourself to water.
The sea, a lake, a river.
Your rich neighbor's
Olympic-size pool. Jump in.
The affected can't swim.
They won't follow you in.
Meanwhile, I just got an update.
Thirteen degrees north, 100
degrees east, is a no-go zone.
I repeat,
that is a no-go zone.
This is DJ,
last of the old breed,
sending the good word
to the good people.
Haven, we know
you're out there.
Come on, be cool.
Let us know how to find you.
Coming back with more news
and advice tomorrow.
Same time, same channel...
Nothing we don't already know.
Except for where Haven is.
Why doesn't he ever tell us
where it is?
Maybe he's hiding too.
I hope Haven's real.
But for now, we don't know where
it is, we don't know if it exists,
so we're staying here.
Want to finish the movie?
Stop smiling.
Like a student
studying hard.
Knock it off.
Another day gone.
A good day.
What do you miss the most?
We said we wouldn't
talk about that.
I'm not
talking about the past.
I'm just asking you
what do you miss the most?
About the past.
I miss fruit juices.
We have juice.
I mean fresh-squeezed ones.
I would kill
for a durian right now.
So what do you miss?
Yeah, I mean,
I know it's clich,
but being alone with your
thoughts on the road...
Like an escape.
All the escape in the world.
Just another day
in paradise.
Today and every day.
I've read all the books.
Read them again.
Your favorites.
I do.
'Cause you're a bookworm.
Books will expand your mind.
My mind expands any more,
it's gonna snap.
Not again.
Okay, we have time.
You've got about a day,
maybe more, maybe less.
I've seen some people change
in five hours, some in three.
The outcome's always the same.
If one of them bites you,
it's game over, man, game over.
Just like stupidity,
there is no cure.
If one of the infected
gets its blood on you,
you better hope it doesn't go
in your mouth, or your eyes.
The first signs of infection
come after a few hours.
Dizziness, sweatiness,
craving for water.
When that happens,
your mind starts to go.
Take it from me, if it ever gets to that
point, it's better to do yourself in.
It is not a good way to die.
Meanwhile, I am getting an
update from my boys on the ground.
The no-go zone
has now been extended
to 14 degrees north,
99 degrees east.
Once again, that is 14
degrees north, 99 degrees east.
This is DJ,
last of the old breeds,
spreading the good word
of good people.
Haven, we know you're out
there. Blah, blah, blah.
This next one goes out to all
those hot single ladies in my area.
It's Nickelback
singing Whitney Houston's
"I Will Always Love You"
on repeat.
Don't let me turn.
I won't.
Do the same for me?
I promise.
One left.
I swear I closed it.
The wind.
Must have been.
We have to be sure.
Patrol, weapons check.
Today's an awful day.
I'm starving.
Me too.
The gas lasted longer
last night.
Something wrong, maybe?
We have to go.
Do we?
We do.
Good night.
Two gone, six left.
Should be enough.
Let's go to the water hole.
We have work to do.
We have time.
It's on the way.
We rarely get to leave.
There's a reason for that.
What's the point of living
if we don't have a life?
I knew you were going
to say that.
'Cause you know me.
It's clear.
I'm gonna go check
one more time.
No, we've been through this
so many times.
Name's Kai.
This is my friend Brian.
What's your name?
Take it easy. Take it easy.
We're not here to hurt you.
We're friendly, okay?
Calm down.
We live in a community
right over here.
We have lots of food
and water.
We're just out searching
for more people to join us.
Are you living alone?
Where do you live?
You guys better leave.
No, we're not here
to hurt you.
How many are you?
Where are your friends?
Hey, guys.
It's funny we ran into you.
We actually are staying at a
resort, like, ten kilometers up.
We have lots of food
and water.
How many people are in your
commune? Sorry, what's your name?
I'm Kai.
It's better this way.
What are you doing?
We need to talk.
It's dangerous.
So is this.
We promised
we'd talk everything out.
Not right now.
Not right here.
Yes, right here, right now.
We had to do it.
No, we didn't.
Yes, we did.
Have you just forgotten
what happened last time?
I've kept us alive.
Right. All on your own. Trust
fund baby saves the world.
'Cause a trophy wife sure as
hell is not about to do it.
And I'll never forget
what happened last time.
I lost my child.
I'm sorry.
Just drive!
We need to unload these.
I want to be alone
right now.
We need to do
a perimeter check too.
We're better off.
I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
Did you get hurt?
No. I'm okay.
How many are there?
I don't know.
We have to go now.
Let's go.
How many?
I don't know.
Like, nine, eight, maybe seven.
How long do we have?
Until this place
is swarmed?
One, two hours.
We have to leave.
We do this right,
we'll be okay.
Never thought
this day would come.
Yes, we did.
Not this soon.
We've had a good run,
longer than either of us
would have thought.
We have a plan.
We stick to it.
If they don't eat us.
- We kill 'em all.
- What if we just left now?
We have a plan.
It's a good plan.
We'll wait.
It won't start.
Battery cable's loose.
You're clear.
Let's go out on top, Syl.
Do you trust me?
You have to believe me.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I don't know how,
but it's gonna be okay.
Yeah, I believe you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's that time of day again.
Get ready for all your
favorite sounds of civilization.
But first,
a message from our sponsors.
Seems we don't have
any messages.
Oh, well, here we go.
This is DJ,
last of the old breed,
sending the good word
to the good people.
we know you're out there.
Come on, be cool,
help us out.
Let us know where you are.
Hold on.
Okay, listen very carefully.
Our base has been compromised.
We're under attack.
It is not safe here.
Whatever you do, stay away
from the old rice mill.
Head north. I believe
that is where Haven is.
Maybe I'll see you there.
This is DJ signing off.
They have guns.
What now?
We keep surviving.
Use whatever it takes.
Just another day
in paradise.
Today and every day.