Two Scoops of Italy (2024) Movie Script

[singing in Italian]
[message notification dinging]
You can do this, Danny.
[birds chirping]
Expand and elevate.
All I kept hearing when I was
brainstorming the new menu.
That is exactly what I hear
every day in my yoga class.
And you told me you were
done with yoga, Owen.
I mean, I was,
but this whole invest-in-
have-the-means-to-invest stress
has pushed me back
into a downward dog.
[chuckling] Okay, well,
maybe that's not
such a bad thing then
the yoga part.
But I think this time,
we'll really get
people's attention.
[mellow music]
Cucumber... avocado...
- Goat cheese?
- With a citrus twist.
Then you continue that
journey to well-crafted bites
on a prix fixe menu.
So more white tablecloth?
Special occasion?
It's on-trend, it's
upscale yet approachable.
But I am open to all suggestions
if it means changing that
sign to open. [chuckles]
So are we chasing
trends or setting them?
You know, I love you, Danielle,
and not just because
you made instant ramen
taste expensive in college.
You're an amazing chef,
but our first year has
been a bit of a struggle.
Which is why we closed
to regroup. [sighs]
We've gone through several
approaches this past year
and we still haven't found a
menu, a-a concept that sticks.
So not this one?
Just feels like this one is
missing that old magic of yours,
the conviction we need
to justify reopening.
It's already been a month, D.
I'm sorry.
[sighs] So are you pulling out?
I've been getting a lot
of pressure from my dad
to cut my losses and invest
in something more sensible
[Owen] with a reliable
rate of return.
Like the shipping containers.
- They're not fun or sexy, but...
- They're sensible.
Look, I get it. I don't
like it, but I get it.
[sighs] Okay, um, well, when
do you need to decide by?
I got until the
end of the month.
Wait, are you...
Are you are you giving
me another chance?
- Bring the fireworks.
- Okay, thank you. Thank you.
I will. I promise.
Uh, well, don't let this
go to waste. Please.
[pleasant music]
[crickets chirping]
[upbeat music]
- [Sarah] Sis?
- I'm in here.
[door closes]
I know you said
you weren't hungry,
but I brought you
comfort in a box.
[gasps] Amici's?
Mushroom and Peppers.
[sighs] You're the
best sister ever.
Mm, I'm your only sister, but
I'll happily accept the title.
Oh, I'm stuffed. [sighs]
Feeling any better?
I had it, Sarah.
My dream shot, and I lost it.
- What if I can't do it?
- Of course you can.
You just need to get
out of these four walls
and get your mojo back.
And what a better
place than Italy.
Now is definitely not the
right time for me to go visit
the Italian countryside.
Now is exactly the time.
No, no, I just, I
need to stay focused.
You're spent, Danny.
You need a minute to
relax and recharge,
then come back and create.
I say go.
Mm, Italy has always
been inspiring to me.
Yes, yes, it has.
Okay, this would
not be a vacation.
This would be a mission
to save my restaurant.
Win or lose. Okay?
[instrumental music]
Win or lose.
[inhales] So...
what do you say?
[chuckles] I'm gonna
eat so much pizza.
[laughing] Yay!
[singing in Italian]
[tires screeching]
[song continues]
[children chattering]
- Here you are, Little Nico.
- Grazie, Giancarlo.
But I'm not little anymore.
Oh, scusa, I made something new.
Try this. Grapefruit
and Raspberry.
[indistinct chatter]
No grazie.
I like the strawberry.
Why you always the strawberry?
I like strawberry.
Careful you don't turn
into a strawberry.
[playful music]
[indistinct chatter]
[van whirring]
Uh, scusi, Bruno.
- Are we here?
- S, signora.
Uh, a step into Rome.
But mi dispiace.
Narrow streets, no vans allowed.
Your cottage is a
half-kilometer that way.
I can help with your
bags if you like.
Oh, no, no, that's okay.
Uh, my bag has wheels
and it'll feel really
nice to walk. [chuckles]
- Stretch your wings.
- [chuckles]
[pleasant music]
- Arrivederci, Daniela.
- Oh, grazie mille.
[engine starts]
[van whirring]
Three generations, our
family owns the cafe,
but for the last three
years, same flavors.
New flavors, that was
your mom's specialty.
Bookkeeping is yours, son.
Maybe I can be good at both.
Give our customers
something new,
just in time for summer,
like mama used to.
If today is the same as
yesterday, this is a blessing.
Maybe for some...
- Buongiorno.
- Oh, buongiorno, Rana.
- Buongiorno, Giancarlo.
- Buongiorno.
Giancarlo... listen to me.
One day, when you're running
this cafe with a wife
and the mini Giancarlos
running around,
you can bring in the
taste of the world.
But what we have
here is good enough.
[fan rattling]
[instrumental music]
[door creaking]
[indistinct chatter]
- [Aldo sighs]
- [clattering]
- Oh!
- [thudding]
- Hi.
- Oh, hi.
Uh-uh, fette un
caffe per favore?
Uh, u-u-un caffe un fette?
- Uh-uh, sliced caffe?
- Slice?
- Sliced coffee, yeah?
- No, uh, just coffee.
- No slice.
- Forgive my father.
Fettemeans sliced in
Italian. He speaks English.
He just likes to joke
around with new visitors.
[laughing] Okay.
Laughter is the quickest way
to get to know someone.
I'll get that for you
right away, signorina.
Oh, grazie.
- Americana?
- Americano.
Oh, uh, no, no,
no, uh, espresso.
Or at least I think
that's what I ordered.
I meant are you American?
Oh, yeah, yes, um,
currently a very lost one.
Actually do you happen to
know where 10 Via Julia is?
It's a cute little cottage.
I just didn't see many
street signs out there.
That's because this town
is too small to need many.
We all know your
cottage, signora.
Just keep going up that
street. You can't miss it.
- Um...
- Giancarlo.
And this is La Rana. In
English, it means the frog.
I'm Danielle. Sorry, why
do they call you the frog?
Italians stand with their caffe,
I enjoy sitting. Ah! So
they call me the frog.
Oh, okay. [chuckles]
Perhaps you sample my gelato.
- Ooh.
- [chuckles]
It will go greater
with your espresso.
Ooh, grazie.[chuckles]
[instrumental music]
Mm... pistachio.
This is delicious.
Did you make this?
With such fine pistachios,
I feel guilty taking credit.
[both laugh]
Mm, good.
- Danielle.
- Mm, yeah.
A special flavor for a
special American guest.
- Ooh.
- Grapefruit and rosemary.
Mm, um, interesting.
Uh, this one doesn't have
a yolk base, does it?
- You don't like it?
- Well, no, no, no.
Um, it's just that
the pistachio,
the yolk is worked in so well.
Yolks clash with citrus.
Uh, yeah, with
lemon. Yes, I'm sure.
But, um, in this one, the
rosemary is just so forward
that I think the yolk might make
it a little bit more subtle.
We Italians aren't
known for our subtlety.
Neither are us Americans.
But, uh, flavor, it's,
uh, it's universal.
Made much gelato, have you?
Uh, n-no, uh, no.
Uh, but I am a chef.
Well, chef. I appreciate
your feedback.
[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
[pleasant music]
- Hi.
- Hi.
[Danielle sighs]
Elida, this is lovely.
Do you like?
I mean, it's even more
beautiful in person.
- Make yourself at home here.
- Mm, grazie.
I understand you're a chef.
Let me show you the kitchen.
[soft music]
- Oh, this is a gorgeous kitchen.
- Grazie.
I live upstairs, but
we share the kitchen.
Is this a wood burning stove?
Rare now, I know.
And if you need more wood,
Bruno is our handyman.
- He's fantastic.
- Oh, grazie.
But I actually
plan on eating out
more than in for the next
ten days. Wait, Bruno? Bruno.
That's not the same Bruno
as my van driver, right?
Well, of course it is. Yes.
And for questions about
the town, ask Aldo.
He knows everyone.
- Aldo from the cafe?
- You met him?
Yes, he's like il sindaco,
the mayor of Ostia Antica.
And makes the best breakfast.
Oh, Aldo wears a lot of
hats, doesn't he? [chuckles]
No, he's quite vain
about his hair.
And if you're not too tired,
you should join us at
Poisonto's this evening.
It's a few blocks over.
We are playing tombola.
I don't think I
know what that is.
- Uh, it's like, um, bingo.
- Oh.
Well, I might be wide awake
right now from the jet lag,
but I should probably try to
get as much sleep as possible.
I have a very busy day
planned tomorrow. [chuckles]
Okay, I'm sure you
want to get settled.
[Danielle sighs]
Uh, this place
makes me feel like
I have been transported in time.
I hope that's a good thing.
[chuckling] Yes, it is.
[instrumental music]
Ooh, you have some great books.
- May I suggest something local?
- Sure.
It's Eat, Pray, Love, way
before it was even a thought.
And is set here, with an
American. I'll leave you to it.
[mellow guitar music]
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
[sighing] Oh.
[crickets chirping]
[mellow music]
[church bells toll]
Church bells now?
[switch clicking]
[crickets chirping]
[Danielle] "What I love
most are the streets."
The way my shoes click
on the cobblestones
make their own kind of music.
And the people, the
way they speak...
they make music too.
From anger to love
in one breath.
To say I was at a
crossroads would be wrong.
Crossroads have
paths to choose from.
I was lost.
But from a seemingly
random series of events,
I feel I've found the path.
"To think it all
began with tombola."
Tombola, huh? Mm.
[folk music]
[indistinct chatter]
You see?
- Salve!
- Please, please.
- Giancarlo? Buonasera.
- Oh. Ciao.
I have another book for you.
Grazie. How did you
know I would like it?
You're the only one
I know who would read
about the Galapagos
Islands, so...
- What can I say?
- [Elida chuckles]
I'm a sucker for "Famously,
fearless, wildlife."
And trips around the world,
if only in your mind.
[both chuckle]
Shall we place a bet on
who is to win tonight?
You know, I'll always
pick you, Aldo.
As long as you keep
making my espresso.
[both laugh]
What about if I win, you
let me try out a new flavor?
And if I win, you stop asking.
- Deal.
- Okay.
[folk music over stereo]
[indistinct chatter]
- Hi.
- I'm glad you came. Come.
There's an open board
here, just for you.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, it's you.
[quirky music]
[clears throat]
[chuckles] Smaller
town than I realized.
You have no idea.
[crickets chirping]
[indistinct chatter]
Let me guess.
You're a tombola expert too?
Okay, if you're
referring to my comments
about your gelato, I never
claimed to be an expert.
- But a chef.
- Only on the good days.
And for the record, I
have absolutely no idea
- how to play this game.
- [Giancarlo] Simple.
If you hear your
number, like five...
put a bean on the
board. And voil.
Oh, all right.
Seems simple enough.
First person with two
in a row yells ambo.
Three yells terno.
Four, quaterna.
Five across, cinquina.
Cover your whole board,
you yell tombola.
You know what? I think
I'm just gonna watch.
It's not a spectator sport.
[chuckling] Okay, then maybe
I'll just go back to my room.
Yeah, honestly, I'd probably
be fast asleep right now
if it wasn't for
those bells ringing.
[chuckling] La chiesa.
- Huh?
- From the church.
Oh, does that
happen every night?
Only when someone's
been married that day.
Oh. Okay, that's kinda sweet.
And a little overkill.
Italians love love.
Okay, attention, please.
- May the best Aldo win.
- Aldo, leave the boy alone.
I can't have fun with my boy?
I thought your
name was Giancarlo.
The only one in a
long line of Aldos.
[inhaling deeply] Ready?
[exhaling] Okay,
I think I'm ready.
[playful music]
Santa Antonio!
Sounded like she
said San Antonio.
[chuckles] Right.
June 13th is St. Feast's day.
Okay, wait, so the
game is in Italian,
but then there's numbers,
but the numbers really
are inside jokes?
Elida, Inglese per favore.
For the lovely
Americana, of course.
- [Elida] 81.
- 81...
[music continues]
- [bean clicking]
- Oh, Bingo!
[indistinct chatter]
[instrumental music]
Oh, I mean, uh, tombola!
[all groaning]
Was I not supposed to yell?
- Congratulazioni!
- [all applauding]
- Brava.
- Brava.
[Danielle chuckles]
[laughing] Yay! Yay!
[instrumental music]
- What's this?
- Your winnings.
Oh, thanks.
[chuckles] An entire cake, wow.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[gasps] Wow.
Okay, please tell me you're
gonna help me with this too.
I'm afraid I'm not hungry.
[indistinct chatter]
[quirky music]
[instrumental music]
[singing in Italian]
[lock clicking]
- [creaking]
- [keys jingling]
What are you doing
here so early?
[Giancarlo] You usually
leave the quiet hours for me,
until your fans arrive.
[gentle music]
- About mama?
- And summertime.
She always spiced
it up, didn't she?
You never knew what
flavors she'd come up with.
It was exciting.
It would be nice
to continue that.
We'll talk about this.
You've talked about it.
It's not my forte, but
I think it's important
to keep our summer tradition
of trying new flavors.
I'll think about it.
At least let me
try some out, papa.
See what our friends
think. Even Nico.
[chuckles] Okay.
If you can get Nico
to approve any flavor
other than strawberry,
I'll put it there
in the vetrina.
- Okay?
- Grazie.
Eh, Giancarlo, he's
a tough critique.
Choose wisely.
I will.
[music continues]
[birds chirping]
[pleasant music]
Our tombola champion,
good morning.
Morning, uh, I thought
you opened at 8:00.
Uh, it's Ostia Antica.
- 8:00 is 8:00-ish.
- Oh.
Uh, well, does that go
for the bus as well?
[chuckles] The... What bus?
The bus stopped
running a year ago.
Really? 'Cause I thought
I saw a schedule online.
Did you see a date?
[birds chirping]
No, I did not.
[sighs] Great.
Where were you trying to go?
Um, um, let's see.
[clicking tongue]
Okay, uh, Trastevere,
for the cacio e pepe,
the old market for the
Trippa alla romana.
Uh, the wine and cheese shop.
And then, oh, and the Salumeria
in Campo de Fiori to start.
And that's all today?
Oh, well, no, no.
Tonight, I have...
[chuckling] Not that
I'm gonna bore you
with my whole
itinerary, I, uh...
I'm just looking for some
inspiration for my new menu.
So I'm really trying
to pack it all in here.
Okay, and before you
traverse the whole of Italy,
why don't you start
here with breakfast?
A typical Italian breakfast.
Okay, I like the sound of that.
Good. Sit. Relax.
Breakfast will come to you.
All right. Grazie.
[pleasant music]
[indistinct chatter]
Here we are.
- Yogurt with fresh fruit.
- Mm.
- [women laugh]
- [dish clacking]
- E caffe.
- Oh.
Espresso, no Americano.
[chuckling] Grazie.
But first, try this.
[chuckling] Okay, do you
always push your gelato
on all your customers or
is that just for tourists?
I think you want to try it.
[indistinct chatter]
[mellow music]
Hey, you added the yolks.
I kept thinking
about what you said
and I had to try
it. You were right.
It balances the rosemary and
makes the flavors come together.
- Instead of competing.
- Exactly. In harmony.
Wow, spoken like a
true chef over there.
I wish I had your
gift, Chef Danielle.
Oh, just Danielle
is fine. [chuckles]
So, how long have you been
into gelato, Giancarlo?
Wait. Sit.
[indistinct chatter]
- Yes.
- [chuckles]
[birds chirping]
Fun flavor combinations. They
were my mother's specialty.
I just want to keep that going.
I know that good gelato
starts with ingredients.
It's just the combination
of ingredients
that I... sometimes
struggle with.
Well, this one is really good.
- It's very refreshing.
- Oh, yes.
But it didn't get
Nico's seal of approval.
Who's Nico?
nine-year-old, yea-high.
- [chuckles]
- He's my toughest critic.
So, if he's a fan, it's likely
to please everyone else, too.
And then it can
go in the vetrina.
[playful music]
- Gelato case.
- Oh. [laughs]
Well, um, if you
ever need any help,
I, I would be happy to.
You're very kind, but
I couldn't ask you that
on your vacation.
No. Kind of a working
vacation, anyway.
The whole menu thing, remember?
That's if I can figure out how
to get around here. [chuckles]
[birds chirping]
- Can I make you a deal?
- Hmm.
I'll help you find
your way around
if you help me come up with
the flavors of the summer.
You've time to do that?
I'll make the time.
- And you?
- Yeah. Same.
[chuckles] Although, do
I need to be terrified
- of this said nine-year-old?
- Just a little bit.
[both chuckle]
- So, we have a deal?
- [indistinct chatter]
- Si.
- Great.
But first, please
enjoy your breakfast.
Inspiration is never
found on an empty stomach.
- Well, not in Italy.
- [chuckles]
[pleasant music]
[birds chirping]
[water running]
You've really never
made gelato before?
No, I'm afraid not.
But dessert isn't really my jam.
Luckily, our gelato is jam-free.
I need to make more
strawberry for Nico.
Anyway, let's begin.
- Okay. All right.
- Cut, please.
The secret to good
gelato is ingredients.
And what I don't know, there
is one secret ingredient
which is most important to me.
- [clacking]
- Patience.
- Oh. [chuckles]
- We do not make gelato.
We sculpt it, like art.
Oh, hey, how many,
uh, strawberries
do you use per batch?
- A bunch.
- A bunch.
Okay, um, how much water
do you use per batch?
Do you not know
how much you use?
Sure. I use the right amount.
It's all about instinct
and intuition, right?
Trusting your taste buds
and following your heart.
[soft music]
I've been thinking about
flavor combinations
and you mentioned the
farmer's market before.
And I was thinking maybe
we could go there today?
Brainstorm a little bit?
The market waits for tomorrow.
Today we start with this.
Don't think I forgot about
my end of the bargain.
But, um...
- Oh, what?
- The castle.
Why is it all the
way at the bottom?
Oh, well, that's just...
I mean, that's only if
there's enough time.
I mean, everything
that I put in here
it's to get inspiration
for my food.
It's just really important that
I figure out my menu quickly.
- [book closes]
- I suggest we work backward.
[instrumental music]
Let history ground your senses
and then everything else
will follow from there.
[liquid pouring]
So, if you said there's no buses
and you don't have
a car, then...
Luckily, I live just here.
- As does Bombo.
- Bombo?
My bumblebee.
[indistinct chatter]
[laughs] Wait, that's yours?
Are we gonna take
that to the castle?
- Only if you're comfortable.
- Are you kidding me?
I've wanted one of these
since I was 16 years-old.
So, yes, yes, yes,
very comfortable.
- Perfect.
- Okay.
[instrumental music]
[birds chirping]
Oh, okay. It says here, Il
Castello di Giulio Secondo,
where it said ancient stones
whisper tales of centuries gone.
Around each corner, an
echo of history etched up
is a dance with the
spirits of the past.
Let's go chase some ghosts.
[quirky music]
Okay. [chuckles]
Lead the way, Chef Danielle.
[gasps] Okay, this place
is, like, straight out
of a fairy tale. [gasps]
It was meant as a mausoleum,
then became a fortress.
This castle has much history.
Not always pleasant.
But Italians know you
find beauty in the dark.
[instrumental music]
Mm. Wish I could do that.
Find the beauty no
matter how dark.
But with the lights
temporarily off at Danielle's,
- I just...
- Your restaurant?
Mm-hmm. Yeah, I'm just...
I don't know, I'm having
a really hard time
seeing through it or past
it, maybe. I don't... [sighs]
I don't know, we've already
been closed a month, so...
There's still time, no?
Yeah. One more shot.
- [woman 1] Buongiorno.
- Oh, buongiorno.
[chuckling] Everyone
is so friendly here.
They're not friendly
where you're from?
Um, it's in their
own way, I guess.
[both chuckle]
And what is that?
Uh, well, I originally
grew up in a harbor town
in Massachusetts, but now
I live in Santa Monica.
Sorry, there's no reason you
should know any of those places.
A harbor town? Like
Martha's Vineyard?
Well, actually, I
grew up in Hingham,
but have you been to
Martha's Vineyard?
No, but I'd like to.
- Tell me about Hingham.
- Uh, let's see.
Well, this diner that
I grew up going to
and I loved, it's still there.
Same people inside.
Older, but still the same.
Your town sounds
like Ostia Antica.
[indistinct chatter]
Same faces, year after year.
Doesn't sound like a good thing?
- No, it is. Mostly.
- Okay.
I just thought I'd
be somewhere else
using my business degree
there instead of here.
Here, at the cafe?
After college, it made
sense to come back.
Learn all I can from my father.
I'll take over one day.
And, you know, there are
some definite benefits
to a small town.
The cafe is a part
of people's lives...
[mellow music]
which means you get to
be a part of theirs, too.
I'm sure you get
that with your diner.
Oh, uh, no. Not really, no.
It's more of like a,
like a restaurant?
Well, it was.
Will be again, I don't...
Maybe... if I can hold on to it,
which is a very, very
big if these days.
Uncertainty is a part of life.
[birds chirping]
Look. [grunts]
A coin found is said
to bring good luck.
This ground is so old. It
must be especially lucky.
For you.
[speaking in foreign language]
- A good luck.
- [chuckles]
- Grazie.
- Prego.
[birds chirping]
[distant vehicle whirring]
May I suggest an extra stop?
To where?
You'll have to close
your eyes to find out.
[pleasant music]
[birds chirping]
[Giancarlo] We are at
my friend's property.
Ah, ah! Keep your eyes closed.
Okay, just on a good
ol' country stroll,
[laughs] but I
can't open my eyes?
- Take my hand.
- Okay.
This is not a place to be
seen as much as experienced.
Just walk, listen, smell.
[laughing] Are you serious?
Let's see how fine-tuned
your nose is, chef.
[groans] Why do I feel
like I'm gonna fail?
Because you're not smelling
yet, you're thinking.
- [Giancarlo] What do you smell?
- Mint?
Perfect to enhance a
fruit salad or freshen up
a green soup made with
peas or asparagus.
Mm, okay, asparagus,
yes, but peas?
[scoffs] Nah.
And what now?
- Basil?
- Uh-huh?
Perfect for a mint and
basil gelato, perhaps.
Interesting. [chuckles]
- And now?
- Okay.
[birds chirping]
[instrumental music]
Introduced during
the medieval age.
Ah, okay.
Hence why you wanted us
to start with history
and work our way back.
You know I love tarragon.
So go with that.
The things you love,
the aromas, always.
Then invite everyone else
in to enjoy that with you.
And revel in how far you came.
[birds chirping]
[laughing] So can
I open my eyes now?
- Yes.
- Okay.
See where you are now.
[spirited music]
Wow. [laughs]
[cat meows]
[crickets chirping]
I thought you weren't
going to do much of this.
What, cooking? No, I wasn't.
But I just wanted to
try out some new flavors
with all the herbs
that we picked today.
How was Giancarlo's Vespa?
Well, how did you know that?
Never mind. [chuckles]
- Small town.
- Tourist town.
Yeah, where everyone
speaks English
and nothing is a secret.
It's not every day he shows
tourists around, you know?
Oh, that? No, no, no, that's...
That's just 'cause I'm
helping him with a project.
The gelato? I know that too.
- Still.
- [chuckles]
Oh, hey, thank you again
for that book, by the way.
I'm enjoying it.
I really see myself
as the main character
- when I'm reading it.
- I knew you would love it.
Hey, I'm trying out some
new flavor combinations,
- so tell me what you think.
- Mm-hmm.
White chocolate
with basil or mint?
- For the gelato?
- Mm-hmm.
- Both?
- Both. [chuckles]
All right, maybe I'll just
start with the mint first.
[electricity sputtering]
[whirring fades]
[tense music]
[sighing] Okay.
All done. [chuckles]
Grazie, Bruno.
Ugh, I have no idea what I did,
but thank you so much,
Bruno, for coming
so late and so fast.
I'm happy to come
anytime you need.
Th-that's very sweet, Bruno.
[mellow music]
It is very sweet.
How long have you
two known each other?
We go way back, Bruno and I.
- He's always been so talented.
- [chuckles]
And Elida's always been so kind.
Please, l-let me know if
you need anything else.
Grazie, Bruno.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight. Thank you.
[furniture clattering]
[door opens]
[door creaking]
[door closes]
Mm, I'm just sayin',
I don't think Bruno does
that for just anyone.
[keypad clicking]
[pop up chiming]
- [notification dinging]
- [chuckles]
[pen clicking]
[soft music]
[pen clicks]
[sighs irritably]
[breathe deeply]
[Danielle] "I didn't
realize how much"
my world had been
shrinking at home.
The less I did,
the smaller it got.
So much so that I
started to feel shy.
Turns out, meeting new friends,
at least in Ostia Antica,
is like riding a bike.
Once you put yourself out there,
the rest naturally follows.
And before you know it,
new pathways open up
that you never saw before.
Only for the first time,
I didn't know which
way I wanted to go
"and that excited me."
[regal orchestra music]
Is it much further?
No. The bicycles are
just down the street.
We're riding bikes
today, no Vespa?
I thought we might
get some exercise.
- You don't like biking?
- No, no, no. I-I-I love biking.
[chuckles] No, it's just
that I, I keep reading things
in this book that
happened in real life.
I don't know, it's
like I've stepped into
a choose-your-own-adventure
And what is it asking?
Maybe I don't need to rush back.
Maybe I just need to stop
and just ask myself, is
this really what I want?
Am I on the right path?
That is definitely not
a question to be rushed.
Hmm, just a thought.
It's a very sweet thought.
One I like the sound
of, the staying part.
[mellow music]
[birds chirping]
- Here we are.
- Hmm.
Okay, well the more
immediate question is,
what flavor are we
going to make today?
To that I say,
lead on, Danielle.
Wait, me?
Okay, you realize if I lead,
we may never make
it to the market.
I'm pretty sure
you'll find your way.
Mm, all right.
Let's go.
[uplifting music]
Okay, this way. [laughing]
[regal orchestra music]
[Giancarlo] Sea salt,
pear, and avocado gelato.
In my father's cafe.
I think I prefer
your mint basil idea.
[chuckling] No, no,
no, I promise you,
it takes the creaminess to,
like, a whole other level.
And it gives you that
little taste for travel.
Maybe for some, but not Aldo.
My father feels no
need to see the world.
The world comes to see him.
In and out of the
doors of his cafe.
So he's never left Ostia Antica?
- Not that I know of.
- Oh.
He picked up English
from the tourists.
What about you? How
did you learn English?
- Ah, Hollywood movies.
- Oh.
I wanted to attend
college in the States,
but... it didn't work out.
Oh, why not?
Oh, Giancarlo. Buongiorno.
- Buongiorno, Marta.
- Ciao, Maurizio.
- And who's your friend, ah?
- Oh, I'm Danielle. Hi.
- Hi.
- She's visiting from California.
Ah, an American.
I hope you felt welcome
in our country, eh?
No, more than welcome.
Um, embraced, really.
It's like a dream here.
Ah, if it's a dream, may we
never wake up. [chuckles]
This dragon fruit looks amazing.
Wait, those aren't local, right?
Well, I'd like to bring a few
curiosities for Giancarlo, eh?
A hint of the world
over the horizon.
Ah, but you have to try
my-my fresh honey, eh?
Hey, what if we did,
like, a tropical dragon
fruit and lemon gelato
with Marta's honey
to soften the acidity
and we could use
some... cocoa nibs
to cut the sweetness and
maybe even pomegranate seeds
to add a little bit of crunch.
- Hm?
- I love it.
You know, you two make a
you make a good team, huh?
Maybe we're onto something.
- Business and boldness?
- Mm.
Passion and perseverance?
This, per favore.
- Okay.
- And some lemons.
[Giancarlo] And
your honey as well.
I can't wait to hear
what else you come up.
- [chuckles]
- Here it is.
- Oh!
- Oh, please, Giancarlo.
For your guest. [chuckles]
- Grazie.
- Grazie.
- My pleasure. Ciao.
- Ciao, Marta.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Hmm, let's see, let's see.
Uh, typical.
[Italian song]
- Buongiorno.
- [gasps]
Look. See, look at it.
See. These are so
beautiful, aren't they?
Yeah. Si.
Let's try.
[speaking in Italian]
[song continues]
[birds chirping]
[machine whirling]
Ah! You know, I don't even
know the last time I did this.
Hm. Two days ago?
Oh, no, no, no. [chuckles]
I just mean, like, uh...
cooking without caring
what other people think.
Not even Nico?
Okay, maybe. Maybe Nico.
[plate rattles]
Hey! What's the deal
between Bruno and Elida?
- Oh, Bruno and Elida?
- Uh-huh.
A crush is all destined.
I knew it!
Okay, so why has nothing
happened between them yet?
I don't know. I guess
timing has never been right.
Okay, what?
I mean, you can't
always just wait around.
Sometimes you just
have to... go for it.
[soft music]
[indistinct chattering]
Well... I think it's very sweet
how personal this place is.
Is Danielle's not?
Um... no, not like
this, it's not.
Well... maybe it can be, no?
I don't know.
Honestly, I'm not
sure that I can or...
even want to do this
anymore. Just...
I feel kind of paralyzed lately.
[instrumental music]
- The restaurant bears your name.
- Mm-hmm.
Isn't that like... giving
up on a part of yourself?
Hey... just a name.
Aldo's isn't even named
after my father, you know?
Really, that's a
bizarre coincidence, no?
The cafe was started by
my great grandfather.
- His name was also Aldo.
- Oh.
As was my grandfather,
as is my father.
In fact I'm the first
man in my family,
in four generations,
not named Aldo.
Have you ever asked your dad
why they didn't name you Aldo?
He always says the same thing.
I guess your mother and I are
more creative than my ancestors.
Well, I think Giancarlo
is a great name.
[Danielle] It's an
important name, no?
Giancarlo, the,
the gelato maker.
Sounds like a, a fairy tale
where the gelati comes to life
at night and speaks to me.
Oh! [chuckles]
Well, does your
gelati speak to you?
When I cook... I have a
conversation with my food.
You know, I ask it questions
and it tells me its flavors.
Or... I don't know, I guess
it, I guess it used to do that.
It's a song.
- What?
- A duet.
I dream of new flavors,
arias waiting to be sung.
I think you're gonna need
the whole of vetrinathen,
if that's the case. [chuckles]
It would be my trip
around the world.
Mm. A cure for a
restless soul, perhaps?
Whose path is already laid out.
[instrumental music]
[bell chimes]
- Is it time?
- To bring your flavors to life?
No, uh-uh. Our flavors.
- Our flavors.
- Si.
- There you are.
- Ciao, Nico.
- This is my friend, Danielle.
- Ciao.
You come by just in time...
to try our new dragon
fruit-lemon flavor.
[tense music]
I prefer strawberry.
Go to the vetrina. I'm coming.
[sighs] I wonder why
he didn't like it.
My father says... never let
success go to your head,
never let failure
go to your heart.
Tomorrow we try again, si?
[instrumental music]
[insects chirping]
[church bells tolling]
Here it is.
The beauty in the dark.
[instrumental music]
[Danielle] "A love for
life is coming back to me."
But the love that moves the
sun, the moon, and the stars,
that was not what
I was looking for.
Not then.
Not until I found...
[playful music]
Thank you for bringing
the firewood, Bruno.
There you go.
- [thudding]
- Ah!
Something smells delicious.
Oh, well, that
would be my lasagna.
Wow, i-it looks tasty.
- Anything else you need?
- Uh, yes, yes.
Could you look at the sink?
[birds chirping]
Something wrong with the sink?
Yes, it's been dripping a lot.
Uh, would you mind?
- Yeah.
- Okay, thank you.
[metal clanks]
[music continues]
Doesn't seem to be doing it now.
[chuckles] You know?
It's gonna start all up
again as soon as you leave.
Oh, could you just double check?
- Yeah, double check down there.
- Thank you.
- [door opens]
- [door closes]
Sorry, I'm late. I
got tied up, and...
Bruno, I didn't realize
you were coming.
Buongiorno, Elida.
[mellow music]
Uh, Bruno.
Um, Elida has been telling me
how much she loved your
work with the door-frame.
Haven't you, Elida?
[chuckles] It was nothing.
No, it's the work of a master.
Yeah, I think attention
to detail is important.
Me too.
I think that lunch
is gonna get cold.
You know, I made
enough to feed an army,
so you two should sit.
- Enjoy.
- I couldn't impose.
No, no imposition. Truly.
[birds chirping]
Okay then.
[music continues]
All right, well, I guess
I will be leaving you.
You're not eating with us?
No, I'm so sorry. I
had to eat already.
I'm meeting with Giancarlo.
I wouldn't want to get
in the way of that.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[indistinct chatter]
[birds chirping]
Truth, papa... why
didn't you name me Aldo?
Uh, you know why.
Your mother and I...
are more creative than my...
- Ancestors, right.
- Ancestors, yeah.
Buongiorno, Aldo.
Buongiorno, Daniela.
Posso avere un cappuccino
e un cornetto, per favore?
Danielle, you Italian
has improved so much.
Okay, one croissant and
cappuccino right away.
You're a good teacher.
- Ready to get started?
- Si.
Oh, do you have ricotta cheese?
I had an idea.
[instrumental music]
Come with me.
Right. Smell it.
Ricotta, honey, and mint.
- Interesting.
- [Danielle] Mm-hm.
It's, uh, sweet...
like a cannoli.
But the mint adds a burst
of unexpected flavor.
Try it. Tell me
what you think.
Wow. The taste is very good.
But it's missing something.
- Mm.
- [clattering]
Mm. Mm-hm. You're right.
You know what?
Let's take a break.
[Giancarlo] What are
you thinking for today?
I feel like I distracted you.
Maybe... but in a good way.
[instrumental music]
This has all been... way
more fun than I expected.
And... more necessary...
than I realized.
That makes me happy.
- [chuckles]
- So... where to?
[uplifting music]
[birds chirping]
Oh, uh, scusi.
Uh, we're looking for
a Signore Chiellini.
Ah, luck smiles on you today.
Mario Chiellini, head to toe.
Let me guess, you
want to do either
a wine or olive oil tasting?
I know it's last minute.
But olive oil, per favore.
Of course, I can't say no
to a young couple in love.
Let's head inside, shall we?
So, we're a couple now?
Then we better get in there.
[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
Okay, so a harmonious
balance between fruitiness,
bitterness, and pungency
is what Mario said
we're looking for.
[indistinct chattering]
Are you good at
everything you do?
[chuckles] Oh, no, I wish.
I mean, I can't even seem to
make my restaurant a success.
But you are willing to
change and try new things.
- That's just as important.
- Is it?
For me, yes.
Failure just gives you
another opportunity.
You know, we're having
a party on Friday.
- Starting at noon.
- Oh!
No, I didn't.
What's the occasion?
The occasion? This is Italy.
We don't need a reason
to throw a party.
- Oh.
- Especially in summer.
Well, it sounds amazing,
but my flight leaves...
No, no, no, we're not
talking about any departures.
Just the here and now.
Well, it wouldn't be
till the evening, so...
- Yeah, I'd love that.
- Good.
[indistinct chatter]
Because it wouldn't be
the same without you.
[instrumental music]
Especially now that
we're a couple.
That's right, how
could I forget that?
So, is it fancy?
- Party?
- Hm-mm.
We take any chance that
we can get to dress up.
Mm. Well, looks like I'll
need to find a dress.
Please, you'll be beautiful
in whatever you wear.
[gentle music]
Ah, my lovebirds!
I wanted to give you one of my
favorite bottles of olive oil.
It's one of my favorite olives
with a hint of hazelnut.
I think I just figured out
what our missing
ingredient might be.
[instrumental music]
[engine whirring]
[singing in Italian]
[song continues]
Ugh! I don't know
what I was thinking.
Get a dress, why
would I even say that?
- Because you like him.
- Ugh!
Is that a bad thing?
Yes, it is because he
lives here and I live...
really far away.
Don't focus so much
on the small details.
Yeah, like the Atlantic Ocean?
[chuckles] Okay,
water is fluid.
[Elida] Your heart, not so much.
Trust me, it feels good
to listen to it every
once in a while.
I did.
- Are you talking about Bruno?
- Mm-hm.
So you're really going on
an official date, finally?
- Yes.
- I'm so happy for you.
Both of you, and Bruno
is, he's a great guy.
He is. They both are.
Now, let's see if we
can find you a dress.
I have one that is
way more you than me.
Come on.
[soft music]
[insects chirping]
[birds chirping]
[bell chimes]
It's ready.
[exhales] Okay.
Hopefully the hazelnuts gave
it that nutty undertone.
Wait. It's best to let it rest.
Oh. Okay.
[instrumental music]
Okay, it's rested long enough.
Okay. [chuckles]
- Salute.
- Salute.
[instrumental music]
- It's...
- It's delicious.
- It's delicious!
- It's delicious!
- It's delicious!
- [both chuckles]
But... will the
customers like it?
Will Nico?
Hey... win or lose.
Win or lose?
[chuckles] It's something
that my sister and I
have said to each other
since we were kids.
It just, it-it means,
uh, succeed or fail
we'll be there for each other.
Win or lose.
Vincere o perdere.
To our new flavor.
Honey cannoli with
hazelnuts and mint.
Maybe it needs a
better name first.
Oh. Oh, okay.
Oh! What about Masolino's Song?
That feels random.
Okay, well, it's-it's
from this book
that I'm reading that's
set here in Ostia.
In honor of this
Italian gentleman
who made this young American
girl's trip to Italy
very special.
[instrumental music]
So... Masolino's Song?
Masolino's Song it is.
[chuckles] Okay.
Oh, yeah, hey, I need
to get to the tailor.
I already went this morning,
but apparently opening at
9:00 really means 9-ish.
- The tailor?
- Yeah.
I got a gown for the party.
I look forward to seeing it.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
[birds chirping]
[instrumental music]
Masolino's Song.
[phone buzzing]
[indistinct chatter]
- [Owen] Danielle?
- Hey.
Hope you were getting
the inspiration
you were looking for.
You know what? I think I am.
I feel the wheels turning.
That's good. That's great.
- Because I have news.
- That sounds ominous.
I am really sorry, but the
timeline, it's changed.
[Owen] I have to make a
decision on my investments
by the end of the week.
By the end of this week?
[Owen] Yeah, but I still
want to hear your ideas.
I know it's only two days away,
but I'm pulling
for you, Danielle.
- Ciao.
- Bye.
[tense music]
[uplifting music]
[Bruno] Good morning.
Oh, ciao, Bruno.
- Usual?
- Chocolate, please.
How about trying something new?
- [plate rattles]
- New kind of chocolate?
Come on, try a new flavor.
I call it Masolino's Song.
I think, I'll just
have chocolate.
[indistinct chatter]
- I'll try it!
- [chuckles]
[instrumental music]
I like it.
- Maybe a small taste.
- Right away.
- [chuckles]
- [indistinct chattering]
One at a time.
[uplifting music]
Ah, scusa.Sorry.
- They love it. They love it.
- That's great.
I scoop and scoop
until I hit the bottom.
And still they ask for more.
We need more hazelnuts.
A whole grove of hazelnut trees.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. Yes, um, I'm
really happy for you.
Happy for us. I couldn't
have done this without you.
This calls for celebration.
Tonight, Poisonto's, my treat.
Um, you know what, I think
I'm gonna have to
stay in tonight.
Work call that I
have got pushed up,
so I need to prepare for it.
Anything I can do to help?
No. No, no, it's okay.
I just, um, wanted to see
how everything was going.
[pensive music]
But I should probably go.
- Bye.
- Okay.
[insects chirping]
[paper rustling]
[Danielle] "I watched
the Anticans."
Joyous, cheerful, in their
own world, while wondering,
can there be a
future for me here?
[instrumental music]
He had shown me a whole
new way of being alive,
"and I knew whatever I decided,
my life would change forever."
Hey, careful with that face.
- We need you.
- [chuckles]
[insects chirping]
Danielle... she
seemed so distant.
Hey, don't worry.
Men can better understand
women than we can the weather.
[instrumental music]
We've gotten pretty good at
predicting the weather, La Rana.
[thunder rumbling]
That's strange.
It wasn't supposed to rain.
You see? Buona notte.
[rain pouring]
[birds chirping]
[gentle music]
[exhales deeply]
[music continues]
[engine whirring]
[exhales deeply]
[birds chirping]
Elida told me where you were.
I was just coming to find you.
Why, why?
Danielle, have I
done something wrong?
No, no, it's me.
I came to Italy for
inspiration and it just...
just hasn't come like I'd hoped.
[pensive music]
Now, I have nothing to show.
Is this about your call?
[sobbing] I now have one day to
come up with an entire new menu.
It doesn't seem possible.
Hop on. I'll get the bike later.
Oh, no, no, no. It's okay.
I'm-I'm okay, really.
Danielle, it's a
journey for all of us.
No one needs to be alone in it
if we don't have to be.
[gentle music]
- Grazie.
- I want to show you something.
- If you have the time.
- [chuckles]
I mean, at this point, why not?
[birds chirping]
I've never shown anyone this.
Here, I can go
anywhere in the world.
With a click, I can
be at Niagara Falls,
[Giancarlo] the
Galpagos Islands,
even Martha's Vineyard.
And all without
leaving Ostia Antica.
It's beautiful.
I thought I'd go further
than Rome at some point,
but my mother passed away.
[gentle music]
So... I decided to stay,
help my father, and
carry on her legacy.
Picture of the woman in
the cafe, is that your mom?
She taught me everything I
know about making gelato.
Like, her parents
and grandparents did.
I'm only mentioning this
because we can plan all we want,
but life tends to
get in the way.
[birds chirping]
That's not always a bad thing.
[music continues]
There's always
beauty in the dark.
[insects chirping]
You think they'll let me
bring this on the plane?
Long as it's less
than three ounces.
Well, I guess we just have to
finish it all by tomorrow then.
- Or longer?
- Mm?
What if you stayed in Italy?
- You mentioned once.
- Giancarlo...
You can open your
restaurant here.
Y-you want me to move to Italy?
If not move...
stay another month.
[soft music]
- Even a week more.
- [chuckles]
I wish I could. I do. I...
But if I don't go back
and-and fight for it,
it'll be just like you said.
It'll be like me giving up on
a part of myself, you know?
And yeah, I may only
have one day to come up
with an entire new menu,
but, Giancarlo, I
gotta at least try.
Of course. You're right.
[music continues]
I was being selfish.
You shine too bright to give
up on your dreams, Danielle.
I wish you all the luck.
Me too.
[instrumental music]
Here you go.
[birds chirping]
Your new flavor is a success!
I hope Masolino enjoys his
place under the vetrina.
Maybe we can add some
more flavors as well.
One flavor to start, Giancarlo.
The wheels of time turn slowly.
Or not at all.
Not everyone wants to
live in this bubble,
or at your pace, all the time.
[instrumental music]
Not when there's so
much more out there.
[birds chirping]
[door opens]
Buongiorno, Aldo.
Oh, La Rana!
- [chuckles]
- Buongiorno.
Hey, what a cloudy face
on such a sunny day.
Just a lot on my
mind, that's all.
Life one advice.
If money can fix
it... no problem.
If money can't fix it,
just drink more coffee.
Or eat a gelato.
- Okay. [chuckles]
- Mm.
Rana... you should try Giancarlo
and Danielle's new flavor.
[Aldo] It's called
Masolino's Song.
You named it after me?
Masolino's Song?
I just got it from a book.
So you named it after my father.
[instrumental music]
The Steps of Ostia Antica, no?
My mother wrote that
book about coming here
and meeting my father.
I'm named after him.
She started writing
the book... right here
at this very table.
She loved this place.
She was so inspired by
watching people coming here,
looking for food,
conversation, comfort.
[music continues]
[La Rana] This place was just
more than a restaurant to them.
It was a community.
[birds chirping]
Let me tell you why
you aren't named Aldo.
From the moment you were born,
your mother said,
"Our son was special."
She asked me not name you Aldo
because to be an Aldo
wasn't your destiny.
She knew your roots grew
shallow here in Ostia Antica.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't strong enough that you
thought you had to stay for me.
We must be one with
our hearts, Giancarlo.
[instrumental music]
I've been watching
the two of you.
You remind me of
your mother and I.
And it-it's made me remember
what she said about you.
I can see now that your
desire to make gelato
is because of the dreams in
your heart of something more.
[exhales sharply]
My heart is here.
In Ostia Antica, this cafe.
[music continues]
But your heart will be
on a plane tomorrow.
- [chuckles]
- Thank you.
[insects chirping]
[soft music]
[exhales sharply]
[music continues]
[Owen] Hey, Danielle.
You know I feel terrible
about pulling you in
like this on your
last day in Italy.
Oh, well, the containers
wait for no one. [chuckles]
I have a contract on my
desk and a shaky pen.
- Let me hear the fireworks.
- There aren't any.
I don't get it.
Like, I was so concerned
with getting it wrong
that I forgot to stay
true to what felt right
and I mean it isn't
about me or the recipes.
It's about people...
community and what
makes them happy.
[upbeat music]
Go on.
Good day.
You look lovely.
Thank you.
Sorry I'm late.
How did it go?
Giancarlo, is it
time to play now?
Go. We can talk later.
Scusi, signorina.
Come on. Bambini,
gather around.
Come here. Come. Come, come.
Feast your eyes, little
ones, on the color field.
Three, two, one.
- And...
- And play!
Who's ready for
Strega Comanda Color!
[all] Me, me, me, me!
The witch will say a color,
and you must touch that color
[Giancarlo] before
the witch catches you.
Beware, bambini,
for the witch is me.
- [chuckles]
- [Giancarlo] Ready?
[kids] Yes!
Eh, verde!
[instrumental music]
The heart. The heart. The heart.
- Oh!
- Okay, wait. What are we doing?
Playing, I think.
- Turchese!
- Eh, Turchese.
Turchese, okay.
turquoise... [chuckles]
You've been captured by
the witch, signorina.
What happens now?
I don't know, uh, I've
never caught anyone before.
You're free now.
Uh, giallo.
[indistinct chattering]
We're thinking of renovating
the cottage together.
Elida is so creative.
And Bruno is so good at
fixing things. [chuckles]
I think we make a
pretty good pair.
I think so too.
I'm gonna miss you guys.
Me too. Come here.
Sorry if I interrupt.
I'll go to get the van.
We need to be leaving soon.
Before you do...
I believe someone has
been waiting patiently
to speak with you.
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]
So, I talked to Owen, and
he likes my new direction.
- A more personal one.
- Like a diner?
Maybe more like a cafe,
where you really get
to know your customers.
You know, you and Aldo's gave me
all the inspiration
that I really needed.
[music continues]
- He'd be a fool not to.
- Agreed.
I'd love for you
to come visit me.
I hope... one day.
["Una Furtiva
Lagrima" over stereo]
"Una Furtiva Lagrima."
What's he saying?
Okay, yeah.
What more searching need I do?
For an instant, I felt
the beating of her heart
as if my sighs were hers
and her sighs were mine.
[indistinct chatter]
[mellow music]
Can't wait to see you
in... the magazines
when your restaurant
will be a success.
I'll project them
on-on my walls.
It will be as if I was there.
You can always visit.
Arrivederci, Danielle.
[music continues]
[uplifting music]
I figured out what was missing.
From Danielle's?
But now I know what's
missing from me.
It's you.
[indistinct chatter]
Come back to America with me.
It can be our specialty. We
can make Giancarlo's gelato.
Just forget making one flavor.
We can make all the flavors.
You know you said that no
one ever leaves Ostia Antica,
and you won't. Because
it'll always be right here.
You can't always wait.
Sometimes you just
have to go for it.
Looking at pictures of
jungles, mountains, islands,
I thought maybe I'd find a place
that felt like where
I was meant to be.
But now I can stop looking.
[music continues]
Because where I'm meant to be...
is with you.
Good thing you got that
passport. [chuckles]
[music continues]
- To Danielle's.
- Oh! To Danielle's.
[instrumental music]
[singing in Italian]