Two Tickets to Paradise (2022) Movie Script

Brought your shoes.
You look beautiful.
Thank you, sis.
I'm going to go
check on the flowers.
This looks amazing.
Is everything all set
like we discussed?
Is everything OK?
Can I... can I talk
to you, Cee Cee?
I'm so sorry, Josh.
I love you so much.
It's never been about that.
This just isn't what
either of us want.
And I think you know that.
Can we talk about this?
Give me some time.
Bye, Josh.
Oh, Hannah.
It's finally your
special day, sweetheart.
I am so honored that
you're wearing my dress.
I know it's a bit much.
No, no.
It's everything I've dreamed
of since I was a kid.
Hi, how are the flower
arrangements coming?
Um, about that.
Hannah, come on.
We're going to find Marcus,
we're going to sit down,
and we're going to have
a nice conversation.
Come on, Hannah.
Let us in.
It's cold feet, baby.
It's going to be OK, honey.
My fiancee just dumped
me through my sister!
It's probably because I made
him watch The Sound Of Music,
He hates that movie.
Why did I do that?
Look, you're being ridiculous.
And so is he.
The Sound Of Music is
the greatest movie ever.
We need help here, Cecilia.
Go find Pastor Jonathan.
Thank you.
Everybody's here.
Everyone's waiting.
Pastor went to get something.
Hannah, honey, can we...
Can we at least get
you out of me dress?
Leave me alone!
Have a seat.
Where the heck
did you come from?
I've been here the whole time.
Well, I don't recognize
you, so I'll assume
you're on the groom's side.
Not that there is
a side anymore.
You just go on home.
The wedding's off.
I know that.
I got stood up at the altar.
I just got stood up.
You got stood up?
Do I seem like this is the
happiest day of my life?
Wait, you just got stood up?
Like on a date?
Right over there.
Just kind of showed up
and gave me the ring back.
What did you do?
Why are you assuming
this is my fault?
Men aren't exactly at the
top of my list at the moment.
Maybe it is my
fault. I don't know.
I... I honestly can't
figure out what happened.
Join the club.
So what now?
Well, now I was supposed
to be saying I do.
Supposed to be dancing and
taking pictures and seeing
all my friends and family.
And the honeymoon.
That's the reward, you know?
I was really looking
forward to that.
So go.
On the honeymoon by myself?
Ha, that's sad and pathetic.
I don't think it's
sad and pathetic.
I think you got
blindsided by somebody
that you loved and trusted.
And going on the
honeymoon is just a way
to get some of that power back.
Well, I do still have
the tickets on my phone.
There you go.
What are you waiting for?
My mom and sister
would think I'm nuts.
Tell your mom and sister
that maybe there's something
better out there for you.
Hold on a second.
If I go on my honeymoon alone,
then you got to go on yours.
We weren't going to
go on a honeymoon.
Maybe that's why she
gave back the ring.
I wanted to.
She didn't want to go.
That's settled then.
You go on a random
spontaneous honeymoon,
and I'll go on the one I've
been planning and organizing
for the last six months.
I wouldn't even
know where to go.
Just get on a random
plane to anywhere.
That sounds a little...
Crazy pants?
But so is me going on
a honeymoon destination
without a groom.
Solo honeymoon.
Solo honeymoon.
I'm Josh, by the way.
Josh Wyatt.
I'm Hannah Holt. Enjoy
your honeymoon, Josh Wyatt.
Nice to meet you, Hannah
Holt. Enjoy yours.
It's going to be OK.
I've been looking
forward to this the most.
It's a shame to waste
all that sunshine,
not to mention all that money.
Some more presents just arrived.
You're not in your right mind.
Not in my right mind?
I'm totally in my right mind.
In fact, this is the
most in my right mind
I've felt in a long while.
That sounded expensive.
It was.
Honey, look, I'm
worried that you're
going to get there and
realize you made a mistake.
Oh, a mistake?
Like Marcus agreeing
to marry me?
Don't say things like that.
He doesn't love me, Mom.
At least not enough
to want to marry me.
Maybe you just need
to talk to him.
Maybe it really is cold feet.
Oh yeah, maybe all we need is
like just a really good phone
Here, watch this.
I'll do it on speaker
so you can see.
Hey, this is Marcus.
Leave a message.
He sent me to voicemail.
You know what?
I'm going to Hawaii.
I'll be back in a week.
Say hi to Aunt Bobby for me.
And enjoy the wedding cake.
It was delicious
when we tried it.
Oh I'm definitely
eating that cake.
Me too.
It's wedding ads, you know?
It's like, what is happily
ever after even mean?
Oh my.
Well, well, well.
Fancy meeting you here.
Are you following me?
Must be fate.
I'm an actuary so I
don't believe in fate.
Well then, how else did we
end up on the same flight?
Wait, you booked the
very first flight out?
Because that was the
deal we made, remember.
First of all, it was Jersey.
But then Hawaii.
Where are you staying?
I have no idea.
I'll call an old family
friend who lives on the island
and see if I can get some
recommendations from her.
That's all you packed?
I have everything I need.
Wow, you seriously do not want
to see the size of my suitcase.
Seriously don't.
I can't believe we're
both going to Hawaii.
I know, right?
What are the odds we both
got stood up on the same day
and went to the
same airport and are
flying to the same destination?
Actually, you know what,
I can figure that out
if you give me a minute
because if you factor
in how many weddings there are
in the United States getting
You sound super fun at parties.
I am.
I'm fun at parties.
Flight to Honolulu is now
boarding Groups A and B.
Now or never.
Oh no, I know.
Hey, think about it this way.
Worst thing that could happen to
you kind of already did, right?
Again, actuary.
Well, how about if you're
miserable in a few days
you can always go home?
You know what, sure.
Solo honeymoon it is.
There you go.
Well, Josh, it was very
nice to meet you again.
Thank you for the
encouragement again.
Enjoy your honeymoon.
Are you following me again?
I'm going to go behind you.
Same flight.
It's weird.
Same flight.
I've got two tickets to paradise
Won't you pack your
bags with me tonight.
I've got two
tickets to paradise.
I'm Hannah.
Just me.
Oh, OK.
Let me.
Oh no, no.
I got it.
Thank you though.
Are you sure?
I'm a strong independent woman.
You want to get that...
Watch this.
It's like effortless.
Not a big deal.
No, I got it.
Thank you.
You know what, I'm sorry.
Can we... can we just
go to the hotel?
Aren't we going to wait for...
No, we're not
waiting for anyone.
Where to go.
Ah, cool.
Oh, hi.
Welcome to Paradiso Ipo, Oahu's
favorite honeymoon destination.
Can I help get you checked in?
I actually am a day early.
I called the reservation desk
to try to book an extra night.
OK, let me check.
I'll take a chaise
lounge on the beach
at this point for all I care.
This is nice.
Why do I feel like there's
more to this story that
could conflict with the
theme of this resort?
You're good.
Can I have your name?
Yes, Hannah.
It's Roberson.
That's with the
reservation's under,
but it's actually Holt.
It's still Hannah Holt.
Oh, Hannah and Marcus Roberson.
I see you've changed
your reservation
and your room is
all ready to go.
Oh, good.
The only thing is Marcus
isn't going to be here.
He... he didn't make it.
Oh my.
I am so sorry.
Oh no.
Oh my gosh no.
He's... he's not dead.
No, he's just not here.
But I'm here.
And I'm Hannah Holt.
We will take good care of
you, Ms. Holt. And don't you
worry, trust Kailani.
Thank you.
You have got to be kidding me.
What are the chances?
How on earth did
you end up here?
I thought I was going to
a resort that specializes
in adventures but I guess not.
Not quite what I had in mind.
So many happy people.
Hannah, Hannah.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
The room's not ready.
You said the room is ready.
Well, it's not ready ready.
What is ready ready?
One more than ready.
Kailani, let me in.
Charlie, please take the rose
petals and welcome basket
and put them in the kitchen.
And burn them.
And burn them.
I'm so sorry.
I'm taking this, Charlie.
And this dessert stuff.
Honey, are you sure you're OK?
Yeah, I'm OK, Mom.
You know what, I just miss him.
You still love him.
You know, I don't even know if
I know what love is anymore.
Oh, and if that
wasn't it, what is?
Well, maybe that's what
you need to figure out.
Get some sleep.
Call me tomorrow.
I will.
I love you, Mom.
I love you.
To finding out what love is.
Happy honeymoon, Hannah.
What a wonderful surprise.
I knew you'd be up.
Well yeah, you know me.
It's the crack of dawn.
So, to what do I owe the
honor of hearing from you?
I'm here.
I'm in Oahu.
Is Becca with you?
Uh, no.
Trouble in paradise?
Paradise isn't the problem.
Ooh, curiouser and curiouser.
Well, you want to grab a
cup of coffee later on?
I'd love to catch up.
So where are you staying?
At the Paradiso.
Yeah, it was an accident.
It's quite a story.
Well, lucky for you
I love a good story.
I will meet you there a
little later this afternoon.
And I will be the one without
the spouse attached to my hip.
Yeah, me too.
Why haven't you called me?
What's happening?
Are you OK?
Cee Cee, I'm in Hawaii.
I'm not hard of hearing.
Fine, did you settle in?
Is it awful?
Should I come?
I am settled in.
And in about 30 minutes
I'll be slathered
in sunscreen and
ready for a delicious
day of napping on the beach.
I don't like you being
alone in a strange place.
The only thing strange is me
being here without a husband.
But if anything goes wrong,
I can just text Josh.
Wait, that guy you
met at the park?
He's there too?
I know.
It's funny, right?
At the same resort?
Mighty strange coincidence.
What's his last name?
I'm going to do a
background check on him.
Hey, I'm fine.
Sad and pathetic amongst the
joyful newlyweds of the world,
but I'm fine.
I don't know how
you do it, Hannah.
I'd be a swirling mess.
I am a swirling
mess, just inside.
It's decided then.
What was decided?
I'm coming to Hawaii.
No, no.
Cee Cee, you don't
have to do that.
I'm not letting you spend
your honeymoon alone.
OK, that has to be the saddest
thing you've ever said to me
but very sweet.
I'll be fine.
I think I...
I need to be alone right now.
I got to figure some stuff out.
I don't know.
I'll let you know
when I figure it out.
Got it.
Just what I needed.
Thank you, baby.
Hi there.
Is this seat taken?
Uh, there's just the one.
Don't you need
another one for your...
Your husband or your wife?
No, it's just me.
So is your person zip
lining or, no, at the spa.
Oh, breakfast buffet?
None of the above.
Oh, excuse me, sir.
I'm going to need
something fruity
that I won't feel
guilty drinking
this early in the morning.
Mango lime mimosa?
Sounds gross.
I'll take it.
I'm Cal.
This is Nick.
Oh, Hannah.
So Hannah, what is your story?
Oh, how much time do you have?
We're on our honeymoon
so we only have time.
Is your other half out
parasailing or something?
I'm trying to convince Nick to
go but he's afraid of heights.
Stop it.
Listen, I am no Superman.
I prefer my feet safe and
sound on the ground, OK?
Oh hey, are you two going
to any of the activities?
They seem to have them
every hour at this place.
I have a few I planned
on doing, yeah.
OK, great.
So where is your person?
I've been looking
all over for you.
Oh, why?
There's that thing that
I wanted to show you.
What thing?
That thing that we talked about?
Oh, we have a thing.
We have a thing.
A thing.
We have a thing, yeah.
OK, it was nice
to meet you guys.
Enjoy your thing.
Ooh, I'll take that, sir.
Thank you.
I love you.
You're being so nice to me.
I appreciate it.
In an ocean filled with
deliriously happy couples,
you're the most relatable.
Oh, yes please.
Can I give you this too?
Thank you.
Two please.
So what have you got planned
for the rest of your day?
Anything I can help with?
I have a list.
A list?
I made a list of
all the things I
want to do while I'm in Hawaii.
It was everything I
was supposed to do
with he who shall not be named.
I put so much planning
into this list.
I'm determined to
tackle them all.
Hmm, well, it's probably a
good distraction and a way
to help you feel like you
have some sort of power
over the whole situation.
Yeah, exactly.
Can I see?
Oh, sure.
There you go.
Oh, well I can help you
to learn how to hula.
My aunt teaches the class.
Seriously though,
how are you doing?
I'm OK.
Um, you know, I think my
confusion about the whole thing
has kind of
outweighed the misery.
I just... I don't get it.
I thought we were in love.
Well, can't you still love
someone but still know
that they might not be a match?
You know, my mom said
something interesting to me.
She said, I need to
figure out what love is
and then maybe I'll be able
to figure out what went wrong.
Smart lady.
So what do you think love is?
You're not wearing a shirt.
Hi, Josh.
Nice to meet you.
What have you been up to?
I went for a sunrise surf.
It was super good.
You should definitely try it.
Oh, maybe add surfing
lessons to your list.
Your list?
You know, Josh and I got
dumped on the same day.
Politely disengaged.
Both of you?
And what's even weirder is
we met on the same park bench
right after we both
got the old heave-ho.
Oh wow.
That's sort of...
- Incredible.
Wait, and you both
ended up here?
We did.
Well, that's fate for ya.
Oh, well, breaks over.
Got to get back to work.
You two have a great
rest of your day.
OK, I'll check in
with you later.
So what is this list?
Oh, it's just... it's an app
that I use to stay organized.
I'm the kind of person that
likes to plan everything out
so I don't miss
anything when I travel.
Meanwhile, I just grabbed
one of every brochure
from the lobby display.
Oh well, if it isn't
the elusive Mr. Hannah.
I'm Nick.
This is Cal.
Nick and I were just going to
go to the couples three-legged
race competition you
two should come join.
The three-Legged race?
Did I just time warp
back to middle school?
Oh, come on.
It'll be fun.
Fair warning, Cal is
crazy competitive.
Well, Cal needs to
know that I used
to be the captain of
the local kickball team
when I lived in San Diego.
Minor League Baseball manager.
It's on.
It so is.
OK, boys.
Hannah, it looks like
we've been roped into this
whether we like it or not.
You know what, I'm
actually going to pass.
I've got a snorkeling
lesson in an hour.
Oh, come on.
It's going to be fun.
Three-legged race, snorkeling.
I will teach you.
I used to be an instructor.
Why does that not surprise me?
Please, please, please, please.
Come on.
It is your honeymoon.
There are no rules.
Oh my goodness.
OK, fine.
But I'm going to hold you
to snorkeling lessons.
OK, well, may the
best honeymooners win.
Oh, we will.
All right, I'm going to change.
I'll see you in five minutes?
You don't have to put on
a shirt if you don't want.
I don't have a great
feeling about this.
I'm still a little
unsteady from yesterday.
I could twist my ankle or...
I don't know how
high this grass is
and what the dynamics
are of so many...
So when the buzzer
goes, you just
lead with your outside
foot and then you say,
if it's easier, out,
in, out, in to yourself
like the whole time.
Out, in, out, in.
Oh no.
You know what?
I took gym class.
I know how to run a relay race.
All right, let's do this.
Couples ready?
You're going down,
Mr. And Mrs. Hannah.
I wouldn't count on it, Cal.
First one to the
end and back wins.
Wait, there's prizes?
You ready for last place?
Not going to happen.
Out, in.
On your mark, get set, go!
Let's hear it for Nick and Cal.
They have won a romantic dinner
in the Paradiso Ipo jungle
Thank you.
To coming in second.
It's a bit of a theme for us.
Depends on how you look at it.
How you look at what?
Hey, Alice.
Oh, Joshy, you get more and more
handsome every time I see you.
Joshy, you do!
Ah, Hannah, this is Alice.
Alice, this is Hannah.
This is the old friend
I was telling you about.
And who are you calling old?
Figure of speech.
Yeah, OK.
I have known his family
for many, many years.
I even babysat this
one from time to time.
It is very lovely to meet you.
Lovely to meet you as well.
OK, so you two did not run off
and get married or something
and forget to invite
me to the wedding?
Oh wow.
Clearly you two have
some catching up to do.
I have a hula lesson
in about 15 minutes
so I'll leave you to it.
OK, well, maybe
I'll see you again.
I hope so.
Oh, me too.
OK, what happened to Becca?
That is going to take more
than a bottle of water.
I'm buying.
All right.
Now let's have fun, OK?
Thank you.
Hannah, this is
my Auntie Lailani.
She's your instructor for today.
It is so nice to meet you.
You too.
Do you have a partner, Hannah?
No, I don't have a partner.
It's OK.
Did I need a partner?
That's no problem.
Oh, well, please go easy on
me because my hips don't lie
and they say they're not
very good at dancing.
OK, bye!
Thank you.
Ooh, pretty.
I got the pink one.
OK, everyone.
Let's start moving your
hips while I tell you
the history of hula.
It's not just a pretty dance.
Every movement
tells a story, OK?
We're going to kaholo, everyone.
So Becca's standing there
and she hands me the ring,
and she says that we both
know this isn't right.
And that's it?
No clue as to what might
have changed her mind?
Maybe there were signs.
A few weeks before,
Becca asked if we
were going to buy
a house in Devon
and move to upstate New
York, and I told her
I was thinking about
Denver or Seattle.
And she was surprised,
and I was surprised
that she was surprised.
You didn't discuss
moving beforehand?
Not really.
The whole marriage idea was
more like been dating a while
and we both felt it
was time and she said,
why don't we get married?
And I said, OK.
And we booked a date
at the courthouse.
Not exactly prime fodder
for bridal magazine.
I know.
We never really
planned that far ahead.
It sounds terrible now
that I say it out loud.
Do you love Becca?
Of course.
Are you in love with her?
And before you answer that,
Josh, just know that there's
no right or wrong answer here.
People can be uncertain.
People can move in
and out of love.
But you just have to
be honest about it
with all parties involved,
including yourself.
I don't know.
I just... I look
out at all of that
and I feel like I did
something wrong, you know?
No, sweetheart, you
didn't do anything wrong.
The two of you simply
didn't figure things out
before you decided to
take this big leap.
But that, honey,
is on both of you.
Come with me.
Where are we going?
Over the rainbow.
1, 2.
And kaholo.
Now women, reach up to the
sky and enjoy your beauty.
That's it.
OK, men, circle your women
and enjoy their beauty
all the way down to their hips.
Back to kaholo.
Let's travel.
Kaholo to the right,
kaholo to the left.
You OK?
Oh yeah.
I didn't think this
would be so difficult.
How could you?
What happened to
you is devastating.
I guess I figured
coming here there
would be enough distractions.
You know, I have my list.
I was going to be good.
And I guess I just thought I
was so angry it would carry me
You can't be upset with yourself
for any of those things.
You have the right to be
really mad and really sad.
Sometimes at the same time.
OK, get up.
Come on.
Let's go.
Get up.
Let's go.
Come on.
Your chariot awaits.
What's happening?
Where am I going?
Away from all of this
lovey dovey happiness.
Ah, hello, sir.
Can I please have a
big glass of champagne?
Just huge.
You following me?
Oh, this is getting spooky.
Found it.
Oh hi.
Thank you.
So how was the hula?
Oh, it was tragic.
Oh, it's all in
the way you move.
Oh no, you've got to make
your hand wave, right?
You got it.
Thank you.
Hey, aloha, or mazel tov.
What do you say here?
Hipa hipa.
Hipa hipa.
Hipa hipa.
This place is great.
How did you hear about it?
Alice owns it.
It's a great place to
escape all the tourists
and all those love stricken
couples over at the resort.
Love, not really
sure I understand
what that is anymore.
Can either of you
explain it to me
because I think I'm at a loss.
Don't look at me.
Well, I always knew
from the first moment
I laid eyes on my Roger 30
years ago, God rest his soul.
That's how I wound up here.
Oh, it was Roger's
bar back then.
I just took one look at
his silly, wonderful face
and I just knew.
So it was just one look, huh?
Yeah, sometimes
that's all it takes.
Well, that's not at all how
it worked with me and Marcus.
You know, we worked together.
I actually thought he
was kind of boring.
What changed your mind?
I'm not sure I did.
Boring kind of
became the allure.
Well, I don't know if I
find that refreshing or odd.
Well, he's very pragmatic.
And I tend to
analyze and organize
so that translated into
what my Aunt Bobby referred
to as good husband material
How's that working out for you?
I got a honeymoon out of it.
Hey, the walk in's repaired.
You are a miracle worker, Vic.
I still got to fix
under the bar though.
Oh yeah, right.
Could you maybe take
a little walk outside
while Vic finishes up in here?
Yeah, sure.
I will see you later.
You too, Hannah.
Vic, I see you all the time.
Something you want to tell me?
Whatever do you mean?
You know what I mean.
Surely I don't.
Now scoot.
I'm scooting.
I'm going to be rude
and just check my phone.
Sorry to be one of those people.
Orgit huh?
What's on the list?
Oh shoot, I should have
gotten Alice to make
me one of those coconut drinks.
You know the ones made
out of a real coconut?
That's number 32.
That's number 32?
Let me see this list.
Thank you.
This is... uh, this
is comprehensive.
Yeah, research is
kind of my superpower.
Visit a lighthouse.
Hike to Lulumahu Falls.
Kayaking at sunrise.
It seems fun, right?
Well, would you
maybe go with me?
Well yeah, sure, why not?
Wait, you and me together?
You know, I'm kind of doing
like an independent solo thing.
Look, as much as I've
been filling my time,
this trip hasn't exactly been
easy and both of our lives
just got thrown a
major curveball.
Be nice to spend some time
with somebody who gets it.
What do you say?
Are you doing that on purpose?
Am I doing what on purpose?
This thing with your eyes?
Do you know you do that?
It's the sun.
I didn't realise this
would be so early.
Well, You wanted
morning kayaking.
Shall we?
We shall.
How does this work?
So yeah, so you'll
be in the front
and I'll push from back here.
All right, let's go deeper.
You got it.
Hey, hey.
Look who's here.
We're exhausted.
I know.
We are too.
Whose idea was this?
Hey, want to race to
that marker over there?
We get a little
adrenaline going.
Yeah, all right.
We'll give you a chance
to beat us this time.
All right, you guys ready?
Oh, we're ready.
On your marks, get set, go!
It's on!
Here we go!
Faster, faster!
We've got this!
Come on dig!
We're gonna beat you!
We're gonna beat you!
Come on, come on!
Don't let them catch us!
Let's go, let's go let's go!
They're gaining on us No!
Come on!
What about Cal and Nick?
Let them go.
Let them go.
A lot of tourists at that place.
Take you to a waterfall
more off the beaten path.
Oh yeah, this was
Marcus's idea so...
All the more reason to
try something different.
You know what?
Let's do it.
You said off the beaten path.
You really meant it.
You know, we could have taken
a break in between activities.
You really don't quit, do you?
Well, do I need to?
Come on.
Wanna jump?
Penny for your thoughts.
Risk analysis.
Yeah, before I do
something like this
I have to figure out the
height because depending on
that someone might fall and hit
the water at a dangerous speed
causing compression fracture,
spinal injury, or concussion.
This is fun.
Then it's about what's
underneath the water.
Maybe rocks, logs, sharks.
What if you hit the shallow end?
You could become disoriented
and then you can panic
and then you might have
to get airlifted out
which is like $120,000 out of
pocket and so much paperwork.
I'm just doing the math.
Have you ever gone skiing?
But when you went, did you
go straight to the advanced
I went at the rabbit-
Bunny slopes.
Bunny slopes.
Well, that's what this is.
This is a bunny hop.
If you were to jump, you would
take a running leap and land
in the water feet first.
No, no.
I'm not going... you know
what, it's not on my list.
I would though.
Otherwise I would.
I vote we just keep hiking.
All right, saved by the list.
So yeah, that go, go,
go, I can't help it.
It's how I was raised.
When I was a kid,
my dad and I used
to like to go on all
these adventures.
Really long hikes or rafting
or camping out under the stars.
Called it our
Indiana Jones days.
Oh, that sounds wonderful.
So I just got so used to
it it's become who I am.
Who you are.
And who is that?
You didn't even tell me
what you did for a living.
At least for the time being.
I used to do something
but now I don't.
If you were any more
vague you would disappear.
Are you a spy?
Are you on the lam?
Is there a documentary about
you I need to know about?
No to all three actually.
Well, I am both
relieved and intrigued.
Go on.
Well, I have a story about that.
You know that app
that you use to plan
your list of all the stuff you
want to do while you were here,
I designed it.
Yeah, with my best friend Greg.
Yeah, we both had parents
in the armed forces
and moved around a lot and
both understood how hard
it was to stay organized.
So Greg did the coding and
I worked the business plan,
and voila, Orgit.
That is so cool.
Suddenly I feel like doing
an internet search on you
would have been a good idea.
I wouldn't have turned up much.
I'm not that kind of tech guy
or any kind of tech guy really.
Guess I'm just trying to figure
out what kind of guy I am.
You think maybe that's
why Becca hesitated?
What do you mean?
I guess I wonder how you could
define yourselves as a couple
if you couldn't even define
yourself as an individual.
And I overstepped.
Wow, I'm so sorry.
That was... wow.
No, no, no.
I just said.
That was actually one of the
most perceptive things anybody
said to me in a long time.
Where were you when I
first started seeing her?
Could have saved us
both a lot of trouble.
I was dating the
predictable guy, remember?
Speaking of
predictable, sun's going
to be down in a few hours.
We should probably get back.
Oh sure.
You know, we should see if Alice
wants to meet us for a movie
Well, I'll call Alice
and see what she says.
OK, great.
Hannah, Josh.
Hi, how is your day?
We swam with turtles today!
Nick named all of them.
Frank is my favorite.
He swam right up to me.
It was adorable.
Anyways, we realized
that we already
have dinner
reservations on a boat
so we wanted to see
if you two would
like the dinner at the
jungle bungalow that we won?
Oh, I don't know.
Oh come on.
I think it sounds really nice.
Thanks, guys.
It's at 7 o'clock.
I'll let Kailani know.
Let's grab drinks tomorrow.
Show us more pictures of Frank.
Look at his smile.
I just wanna pinch the cheeks.
OK, you guys enjoy tonight.
All right, well,
I'll see you at 7:00.
Yeah, see you at 7:00.
OK, bye.
Any time you need
anything, there's
a call button in the tree house.
Servers will be by
with cocktails and food
until you tell them
you're finished.
You have the suite until
the morning if either of you
wants to stay the night.
And here we are.
Thanks, Kailani.
I know it's a little romantic.
Oh no, please.
Romance is the last
thing on our minds.
But a good meal and a
beautiful view, it's
the perfect end to the day.
Enjoy, you two.
Let's do it.
We started out the day
on one side of the island
and we're ending
it on the other.
It was a good day.
Penny for your thoughts?
It's the second time
today that I kind of just
stopped and got
lost in something.
When was the first?
This morning.
I could get used to that.
Mm, this was delicious.
Well, thank you for
sharing it with me
even though it
wasn't on your list.
Oh, hey, come on.
I veered once under duress.
You know, I realized
as the day went on,
I stopped thinking about Marcus.
Well, it makes sense
that you think of him.
You were supposed to get
married a few days ago.
I think of Becca.
I think it's OK to
remember that there's
good stuff in our
memories of them.
That's true.
Tell me something you
loved about Marcus.
I loved that he
always kept to plans.
He was always on
time, very dependable.
Good qualities.
Anything you didn't like?
Probably that everything
was so planned out
that I always knew
how the day was
going to end before it began.
But that wasn't
entirely his fault.
What about you with Becca?
Becca always made sure
to say good morning
and good night, even if it
was just a text message.
No matter where I was, I
could always count on that.
And the thing you didn't like?
Probably that if I didn't
respond to those text messages
right away she'd get
really suspicious.
Always bothered me.
Oh, it's almost like
the text messages
that you love so much
weren't so much for you.
They were for her.
Did Marcus ever have any
complaints about you?
Oh, I'm sure he had plenty.
Yeah, if anything, it
was probably the lists.
Would have thought he
would have loved those?
He did and he made them too,
but I made them for everything.
I think sometimes I
got a little too rigid.
You know what's funny though?
I haven't made one
list since we got here.
Ah, almost like the
lists are a distraction?
Oh yeah, kind of like someone
who can't stop moving?
You know, this spot
on perception thing
that you've got going, it's
getting a little annoying.
I do that.
Oh my goodness.
On that note...
I'm tired.
We'll... no, I'll check
on you in the morning.
What do you think?
No, no, no, no.
You know what,
you take the room.
I can go back to my place.
No, it's your first
trip to Hawaii.
You enjoy that.
Oh my Josh.
My gosh.
I meant my gosh.
Are we going to hug?
Yes we are.
OK, good night.
Good night.
All right, see you
in the morning.
Has he called either of you?
If he had, not only
what I have told you but
I would have given
him an earful.
Well, he called me three times.
What did he say?
I didn't answer and he
didn't leave a message.
Aren't you dying to
know what he wants?
Maybe he wants you back.
Or the password to
my cable account?
Give me the phone.
Hannah, honey, you need to
come home and talk to him.
What am I going to say?
That you want to get married?
That's the thing, Mom, do I?
Sometimes I'm so angry
I can't even think,
and then other times
I sit down and I
wonder why I'm not breaking
down into a ball of tears
every five minutes.
Oh wait, hold on.
One second, Mom.
You know what, Mom, I got to go.
Where are you off to?
I'm so sorry.
I have to run.
I'm running right now.
I love you so much.
Sorry, Mom.
She gets it.
I don't get it.
So how'd you sleep?
Uh, pretty well, considering.
Not even considering.
Just well.
Good, I'm glad.
Good, I left the windows
down and listened to the surf
while I fell asleep.
Even tried to meditate.
You meditated?
Mr. can't sit still guy?
Didn't say it was
successful, but still, it
was kind of nice,
the trying part.
Well, I'm proud of you.
Marcus called.
Ah, how'd that go?
I didn't answer.
Why not?
Hi, can we get two?
Green juice, is that OK?
Yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, I didn't answer.
Why not?
I know it might be a momentary
thing, but I'm happy right now.
I want to stay in this place
for as long as possible.
I have plenty of time to deal
with Marcus when I get home.
Have you heard from Becca?
Is that weird that I looked for
a goodnight text last night?
Looking for a text must
be like muscle memory.
Speaking of remembering things,
what's on the agenda for today?
Oh, you know what,
I don't even know.
Let me check.
You know what?
You tried to meditate.
I'm going to try
veering from this list.
OK, look at this.
Pick something.
Pick anything.
Anything, huh?
I pick this.
Oh, no, no, no.
This part doesn't count.
You said anything.
I picked this.
OK, you and I have very
different definitions of fun.
My dad took me on one of
these tours when I was little
and it's still on my list
of childhood traumas.
Got a list for everything.
Fine, I'll do it.
But this is your veer.
This is not my veer.
It's OK.
I would never choose this.
That's OK.
I scare very easily.
This is going to be awesome.
Oh wow.
Oh, Hannah!
Kailani, how's it going?
I was actually going
to ask you that.
How was the bungalow?
Honestly, it was
kind of perfect.
I think we both
really needed it.
And tonight we're going
on a haunted Hawaii tour.
Now, wait a minute,
a bit of a warning.
There's warnings?
We local people take our
ghost stories very seriously.
You should too.
Got to go.
Have fun!
Kailani, what does that mean?
You can leave me with that!
Wait, do you mean
like dangerous?
I've been playing it
cool but is a dangerous?
The Night Marchers,
or huaka'i po, who are
said to walk the streets at
night heading towards scenes
of great battles,
they rise from the sea
and emerge from their
graves and tombs,
floating across the
water and the land,
beating their war drums
and blowing their conch
shells to announce their march.
It's kind of beautiful.
It's like a way of
announcing their tragic past.
Make no mistake, you would never
want to encounter these spirits
or look them in the eye.
I take it back.
What happens?
They say that if you
lie on the ground face
down and don't
move, they pass by.
The only other way is if one
of the marchers is a relative.
They call out, "na'u,"
which means mine.
Only then will they pass by
without a second thought.
OK, I'm not liking this anymore.
Like if I hear a
conch right now...
Don't mess with the dead.
You know what, can
we get out of here?
We can.
I think we're going to go.
You did such a great job.
Thank you.
It's going to be OK.
Can you just stay behind me?
Yes, I'll stay behind you.
See you.
Thank you.
No, no, no.
You're up.
This is way more fun than
evading the living dead.
So how did you guys meet?
Josh's dad moved here for work.
He was friends with
my late husband.
And when Josh's mom left to do
theater somewhere in Nevada,
I just sort of took over.
My other mom.
Until my dad had to move again.
By that point, my
parents had split
and it was just me and Dad.
How do you think you know when
something's actually over?
The more time you
try to figure out
love, the more time you waste.
With Marcus, he had
a really hard time
making any kind of a decision
without the help of his mother.
I mean, I kept saying like, you
need to find your independence.
And he never did.
You know what, he
said that he did,
but I could tell she was
still kind of in there.
Like in his head.
So Joshy, how was it with Becca?
We just had fun.
It was comfortable, you know?
And then we just
decided to get married.
And that felt right to you?
At the time.
Looking back, maybe we'd never
thought whether we should.
These loud noises... I don't
like the loud noises, guys.
Honey, that is just the way
we do last call around here.
I guess I should go in and
see how things are going.
I'll do it, love.
I'll help you.
It's fine.
I'm recovering slowly.
So if it's any
consolation, I think
that you're doing very well
under the circumstances.
You know, people
say it all the time
but I really believe that
things happen for a reason.
They teach us some
sort of lesson
or they get us to a place where
we're really supposed to be.
The world, it works for us,
but it's up to us to accept it.
Thank you, Alice.
I think I should go
and supervise the boys.
You never know what
they're going to get into.
No more loud noises.
I can't even
imagine you agreeing
to go to a tour
of haunted places.
It's a whole new me.
Why can't you be this
fun when you're home?
Ha ha.
Have you called Marcus back yet?
Not yet.
Is that bad?
I mean, you really need to
talk to him at some point.
I know.
What's even weirder
is I'm having
a really good time without him.
I just feel like I'm
finally getting to do
all the things I want to do.
Like I'm fully present.
Did you not feel
that way before?
I mean, I thought I did.
You know, with Marcus
it was like everything
became so expected.
You know, we met, we decided
the things that we wanted to do,
and then we just
did those things.
It all just became the norm.
Like there was no variety.
I got bored and I
didn't even know it.
No wonder he didn't
want to get married.
Wow, Hannah.
I know.
Oh, you know what, I
actually have to get going.
I am going for horseback
riding lessons on the beach.
Be careful.
Oh no, don't worry, I realized
that if I fall at least
there'll be a soft landing.
I love you so much.
Love you.
So where is this
horseback riding?
Kailani said it's about five
miles more down on the left.
She said there'd be signs.
So what number on
the list is this?
I think it's 13.
Lucky number 13, huh?
I'm boring aren't I?
I am.
Me and this list.
It's like my thing.
It's become expected.
It has its charm.
Oh, Cal and Nick went
swimming with sea turtles
at that place right?
With the sea turtles, right?
You know what?
Turtle Canyon it is.
You promise you'd teach
me how to snorkel.
Does that mean your
list is history?
Let's not get crazy now.
Do we have any tape?
That was awesome.
I know.
I've never actually seen a
sea turtle that close before.
I haven't either.
First time.
Yeah, first time.
I'm really glad we just
threw caution to the wind.
Well, speaking of, did a
little research on the sly.
You remembered I wanted a
coconut drink in Hawaii!
I did.
Can I have two please?
I did.
I didn't want you to have one
of those pre-prepared, overly
sugary ones.
I wanted you to have
a real coconut drink.
This is awesome, Josh.
This is the perfect way
to end the afternoon.
Thank you.
Who's to say it has to end?
Well, I'm kind of out
of things on my list.
I guess you'd better
delete it then.
Delete what?
The list.
Delete the list.
You've already proved
you can go off course.
Now you've just got
to do it for good.
Oh, I mean, I'm glad we
did this and everything,
but I don't want to do that.
It's a crutch.
All right, and I know that
probably sounds really weird
coming from the guy
that created the app,
but you know you don't need it.
Not for everything.
OK, why does that
sound so impossible?
Well, look at all the
cool stuff you've done.
Who flew across the country
to go on her honeymoon alone?
Who raced in a kayak?
I did.
Who faced down a
haunted cemetery?
I did.
There you go.
You did.
I mean, I have to say this
is the most relaxed I've
felt in a really long time.
And I think you're right.
I run around so much that
I'm never really present.
And being here is the first
time in a long time I really
feel like I am.
And when I was with
Becca, it was nice
but it always felt like we had
this rhythm we had to keep to,
you know?
Like always something to do or
someplace to be like a train
that never stopped moving.
That's exactly what I started
to feel about Marcus and me.
Yeah, it was like our
relationships turn out exactly
like we expected them to.
We just never stopped to ask if
that was something we wanted.
Maybe we should both give
credit to Becca and Marcus
for finally asking
that question.
Maybe we should.
It's like a machete, right?
That is a machete.
Oh wow.
You need to be so
strong in order
to do something like that.
Easy, tiger.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm good.
I'm good.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
I was hoping we could
go somewhere and...
I'm sorry, who are you?
This is Josh.
This is Josh.
Marcus Roberson.
He got dumped the
same day I did.
Hannah, please, can we talk?
I'll be all right.
If you need anything.
He your bodyguard or something?
You want to talk?
Let's talk.
I know me coming
here was a big risk,
but I needed to make
up for what I did.
I don't know if that's possible.
Hannah, I'll never
forgive myself what I did.
I can't believe how much
I must have hurt you.
Then why did you do it?
It's hard to explain.
Try, Marcus.
Everything was just so perfect.
You know, we had our whole lives
planned out before the wedding.
And I was standing in the chapel
and staring down the aisle,
and I felt like I knew exactly
how our lives are going to look
and exactly where they would go.
And I felt like I
already lived it.
And I panicked.
Marcus, I don't need our
entire lives to be planned out.
I want there to be unknowns too.
I want us to be able
to turn on a dime.
If there's one thing
this trip has taught me,
it's that I don't
need to overthink
every single thing in my life.
I do that enough in my job.
And I love my work, but I don't
need it to be my everything.
I want what you want.
In fact, I bet there's
a list of things
that you were going
to do tomorrow, right?
Yes, there's a list.
But I've actually been
trying to do other things.
What's next?
What's next on the list?
Oh, I was going to
learn how to make lays.
We'll make lays.
We're in Hawaii after all.
It'll be fun.
My mother told me this
was the right thing to do.
I'm so glad I came.
OK, Marcus.
Lays it is.
You're sleeping on the couch.
So no plans today?
Well, now Marcus is back I kind
of lost my adventure buddy.
Well, those two do need to talk.
I know.
So have you talked to Becca yet?
She says she needs some time.
Well, then time you
should give her.
And speaking about
time, Vic asked me
if I would like to go
traveling with him for a while.
You guys finally going
to call this what it is?
We don't define it.
Don't you get cheeky on me.
Anyway, I'm going to need
someone to watch over my place
while we're traveling.
How long?
A month.
Well, would give me a place
to land while I figure out
where I'm supposed to be.
Do you remember when
you were a little boy
and your mom had just left and
you came over to my house one
day and you knocked on the door.
And when I opened
it up, there you
stood in dress slacks and
a nice clean, crisp button
up all the way up to here.
Your shoes were all
nicely polished.
Do you remember what you did?
You reached around behind you
and you pulled out a necktie
and you asked me if I could
show you how to tie it.
And so I did.
And then I asked you, why are
you getting so dressed up?
And you said...
In case my mom comes home.
Never warned me that it
wasn't going to happen.
Just taught me
how to tie my tie.
This is where you land.
Nowhere else.
Love you.
Love you.
Here you go.
I'll see you in the morning.
I'll wake you up at 8:00.
We'll be right back with the
most haunted places of Oahu.
Sorry we're late.
Yeah, Cal, this is Marcus.
Marcus, this is Cal and Nick.
I'm her fiancee.
I'm sorry, your...
Hun, I'm sorry, wait
a minute, who is Josh?
He's my friend.
Tap the table three times
if you need anything.
Welcome, everyone.
Today you'll be immersed
in the art of making lay,
those colorful necklaces you've
probably already wore once
or twice if you've been here.
Oh, Marcus, yours is unique.
Can we just go
somewhere and talk?
Oh yeah, sure.
OK, great.
I'll meet you by the
beach bar in two minutes.
OK, who is he really?
I don't know anymore.
We're just as
confused as you are.
Sorry I'm late.
Oh no.
I have a surprise for you.
It'll be here in a few minutes.
Marcus, how did you know
you were in love with me?
Oh, it wasn't long
after we started dating.
I saw this great
person that shared
a lot of the same
interests as me,
liked the same books and
the same restaurants.
Behind all that
superficial stuff,
I saw a woman who
was good and kind,
someone who is
reliable, someone I
could see being a good partner.
What's wrong, hun?
What you're describing sounds
like a good co-worker, not
really a good romantic partner.
I guess for me those are
qualities I like in a partner.
I don't think of you
as a co-worker, Hannah.
You're much, much more to me.
So much more that you
left me at the altar?
I told you I was scared.
I was scared too,
Marcus, but you could
have talked to me about it.
You're right.
I messed up.
What is this?
It's a coconut drink.
I remember you kept saying
that you wanted to try one.
I'm not sure why, but if you
want it, you should have it.
Please enjoy it because
that thing cost $45.
I'm looking for Josh.
Is he around?
No, he and Vic went surfing.
A little male bonding.
They left early this morning.
I think he needed
the distraction.
He has a lot on his mind.
Well, I asked him if he
might be able to manage
my restaurant for
a couple of months
while Vic and I go traveling.
He's considering it?
Last I heard.
So I hear that Marcus showed up.
He did.
Yeah, it was a sweet gesture.
Anyway, I got a pack.
We're leaving tomorrow.
But I wanted to say
goodbye to everybody.
I had such a wonderful
time, and in large part,
due to your generosity,
so thank you.
Oh, please stay in touch.
And remember, my love,
always follow your heart.
It will tell you what to do.
Thank you so much.
Oh, Hannah.
Are you leaving?
Listen, I know it's old school
but here's our phone number,
our address, our email, our
Facebook, our Instagram,
and our Twitter.
Please keep in touch.
Follow us, OK?
Thank you.
And listen, whatever's
going on, just
make sure that you're happy.
I think that's right.
And I think that's the answer.
Now, if you're ever in Seattle.
Oh, I'm going to
take you up on that.
Bye, guys.
Be safe, OK?
All right.
And oh, Hannah, if you see
Josh, tell him goodbye.
Oh, so glad I caught you.
They're sending me
to a sister hotel
to help out for a few
days so I'm heading out.
Please tell me you had a
great time despite everything.
I did.
And it was in large
part because of you.
Thank you.
It's what I do.
And now Marcus.
I really think we need
to go home and figure out
what happened because
we were happy together.
Remember when you asked me what
I thought love was and then we
got interrupted?
I think it's just a
feeling, you know?
Like most things, you'll know.
Hey, if you are ever back on
Oahu again, look me up, OK?
You got it.
I just said goodbye to Alice.
She said that you
might be staying here
in Hawaii for a bit?
Yeah, I'm considering it.
It sounds really nice.
You and Marcus?
You know what, Josh, I
think Marcus and I need
to go home and regroup...
- And figure out... yeah?
I'm so glad I found you.
Sorry, I forgot my room key.
Do you have an extra?
Yeah, of course.
Here you go.
Sorry for interrupting.
I'm really sorry, Josh.
It's OK.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to get
changed into a shirt.
Josh, wait.
It's been a crazy week.
It has, yeah.
I wouldn't even know how
to describe it to someone.
Well, you could tell them that
two lonely people got entangled
in a series of random and
statistically improbable events
and wound up making each
other's solo honeymoon...
Goodbye, Hannah Holt.
Goodbye, Josh Wyatt.
That should be everything.
Thank you.
So I know you said
you didn't want
to get into anything really
heavy your last in Hawaii,
but I got you something.
You didn't have to do that.
What is this?
It's so you can make
those drinks anytime
you want and remember the trip.
I know that despite
of everything
you said you had a nice time.
I wanted you to remember that.
Sit down, Marcus.
You were right.
You knew something was off.
The perfect on paper.
Hannah and Marcus, it's that.
It's perfect on paper.
When you were looking
down the aisle
and you saw a whole life
that you'd planned out
for us, that we'd
planned out for us,
and you ran because you knew
deep down that it's not what
you wanted.
You wanted the idea of it.
And now I realize it's
not what I want either.
What are you saying?
I'm saying you had the guts
to do the thing I couldn't
do because I didn't see it.
You flying to Hawaii was a
thoughtful, grand gesture.
But can you really
say to me right now
that you're OK with the me
that I think I'm becoming?
It's only been a week.
I don't...
I don't want to completely
plan my life anymore.
I don't even know
what that means.
Breaking up isn't the
plan, but I think sometimes
it's important to
veer off course
so that you can discover
something even more wonderful.
I messed up.
You didn't.
You did exactly the right thing.
I'm going to miss you, Hannah.
You're a wonderful guy, Marcus.
I'm not so bad either.
But we weren't a
wonderful together.
I'm so grateful to you
for realizing that.
Come here.
Hey, Becca.
Well, this is awkward.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I feel like I should apologize.
I've been feeling so guilty.
I mean, I know I
did the right thing,
but I could have
handled it better.
Yeah, it's probably true.
But you were right.
Josh, the night before
we were supposed to get
married it was
like there was just
nothingness on the other
side of "I do," and that
wasn't fair for me, and
that wasn't fair to you.
I know.
We never really stopped to
think what we would be like
if we slowed down.
I wasn't even sure
if I could slow down.
Been going my whole life.
I know that scared you.
It does.
It did.
But you're right, we should
have talked about it.
I guess I was going
as fast as you were.
And I know now
that I need to take
steps to be more connected.
Like really connected, and
not just to other people
but to myself as
well before I try
to get involved with anyone.
Are you OK?
So Mom, with Dad, even
though it didn't work out,
would you do it all over again?
I would have.
I was so young but so in love.
How did you know
you were in love?
I just did.
It's OK that it didn't
work out in the long run
because it was
right at the time.
Not to mention I got you
and Cee Cee out of the deal.
You know, everyone always
says that, that you just know.
I thought I knew with Marcus.
I got that wrong.
Perhaps you just had to get it
wrong once so you could truly
know the next time.
Come on, let's get
going to brunch
before your sister
starts text bombing us.
Right on cue.
Hey, it's Josh.
Hey, man.
I know it's been
a while but I was
wondering if maybe you wanted
to grab drinks some night
this week?
I have an idea I
want to run past you.
I'm so sorry.
Oh my gosh, I was
just texting you.
I saw the moon.
I was just going to
text you to look up.
What are the chances?
How are you?
I am good.
I'm good.
How are you?
I'm good.
I'm... do you want to
walk for a second?
I'm trying to fly by the seat
of my pants a little bit more.
All right, are you
still making some lists?
Some short ones.
You'd never know
they were there.
Well, I am working
on staying still.
A lot less go, go, go.
Oh yeah?
How's that go, go, going?
Wait a second,
aren't you supposed
to be in Hawaii
running Alice's place?
I decided against it.
Flew home to take
care of some things,
and it's looking like this is
going to be home for a while.
Yeah, bought a house.
You did?
Yeah, I did.
And I'm working on
a new app with Greg.
Yeah, it's designed to
help travelers find things
off the beaten path.
I call it Veer thanks to you.
So how's Marcus?
Marcus is no longer
in the picture.
He's not?
How's Becca?
Look where we are again.
You know, some people
might call that fate.
Some might.
So did you ever find
out what love is?
I think I did.
Are you looking forward to
your honeymoon, Mrs. Wyatt?
Even more than the
first one, Mr. Wyatt.
Do you like the movie
The Sound Of Music?
Never mind.
I've got two
tickets to paradise.
Won't you pack your
bags and leave tonight.
I've got two
tickets to paradise.
Won't you pack your
bags and leave tonight.
I've got two
tickets to paradise.