Twogether (1994) Movie Script

[ethereal music ]
catching breath]
[man narrating]
If I could just keep going...
Step off this piece of earth...
and not stop until I got there.
We come out here...
It's country developed
this way!
It's the end of the line,
You can't go no
further than this!
You do...
One thing's for sure...
You gonna get wet!
[sirens blaring]
[man narrating]
It was one of those nights...
You know the kind,
when you can feel it
in your bones...
and the tingle in the palms
of your hands...
When you just
know somehow...
That you're gonna get lucky!
[horn honking,
tires squealing]
You asshole!
Hi, yeah...
Just hit the button on the
ground, she'll start right up.
Uh, say listen, uh...
I love this car...
Take very special care
of it for me, will ya?
No dings.
[mumbles to herself,
engine starts up]
[man over speaker]
seeks to radically change
the way people view
their existence.
To change, not just to think
about the spotted owl
or plastic trash bags,
but about God and the Earth.
Think about the world
as a living organism,
not a storehouse
of physical resources.
Think about creation as an
ongoing process,
not something that ended
after seven tumultuous days,
thousands of years ago.
Think about nature
as having rights, too.
And of those rights,
not coming from us.
And think about
and understand
that what we
are talking about,
what we are dealing
with here tonight,
is nothing less than the very
survival of this planet.
[classical music ]
[clears throat]
Can I have you?
Can i have your name?
Uh, trade you!
You give me mine,
I give you yours.
- What?
John Madler.
Oh, you're him!
I think so.
Allison McKenzie.
Oh, you're her.
- Yes.'s your name tag.
Uh, you keep that.
I prefer anonymity.
Excuse me.
John, you're fucking late!
There's so many people
here just dying to meet you.
I want you to know that I'm
fucking pissed at you!
The Frazers,
the Frazers!
This is our John Madler.
Oh, your work is
And to be completely honest,
I don't know why!
Perhaps dear,
complete honesty is not
absolutely necessary.
Oh, but I just love it!
The color, the balance,
the sense that something's
about to happen
off the frame...
Thank you.
We'll be seeing more of you!
Oh, you will, Tom.
You have my assurance
of that!
A martini with a twist.
A beer.
- You got it!
Put it in a glass.
Don't drink from
the bottle here.
I'm not going to
fuck around with you.
I think you have talent and,
more importantly, can sell.
If we can find
something to spark it.
This auction, this fundraiser,
could be an important event
to execute that plan.
Introduce us to your artist,
Mr. Saffron.
Of course, Mrs. Norton.
Alicia Norton and
her granddaughter,
Beatrice Norton.
This is John Madler.
Do you think your work
is sexy, Mr. Madler?
See, I told you it was your
But I could be wrong.
I love what you do.
Well, we haven't seen
everything yet.
But we'll be back,
to get more insights into
your work, young man.
We need you
to be in her collection.
We do?
It could launch you, baby!
You know, I probably
shouldn't tell you this...
I'll suffer for it later.
But your work is brilliant.
It only takes one or two
to buy a painting and...
you're made.
I gotta hit the head.
Don't be long.
[sultry saxophone ]
What are you doing here?
Contributing my time.
Doing something worthwhile.
I'm a volunteer.
You know, when you do sex
like this, it's like playing
Russian roulette.
Sometimes you get lucky.
You make your luck.
Do you always let your dick
rule your life?
You're through!'s over!
I don't care how fucking
talented you are!
[Duran Duran's "Serious" ]
[music fades ]
I didn't know you smoked.
I don't.
Do you remember?
Kind of,
but I don't remember...
You feel okay?
How did this happen?!
I don't know.
I can't believe it!
I mean, the last thing
that I need to do...
even, even want to do
is to get married.
You mean, "be married,"
'cause that's what you are,
you know, you're married!
I know, I read
the goddamn thing.
Maybe it's a joke.
Maybe it's not real.
Maybe we bought it in
one of those novelty shops.
Nah, we're married.
How can we be married?
I don't even remember
your last name.
I know yours, it's McKenzie.
It says it right here
in this goddamn
marriage certificate
right there, see?
I got it.
It's simple, it's easy.
We made a mistake,
that's all.
I don't even think we had
that much to drink!
And we're two mature,
grownup adults
who can solve this problem.
Just like that.
[snaps fingers]
You mean, divorce?
Well, of course!
Isn't that what every mature,
grownup adult does when
they realize that their
marriage just doesn't
work, huh?
Yeah, but you don't have
to be so hard on it.
I mean, at least we
had fun, right?
It's more than most
people can say after
a "bad marriage."
Should be easy enough.
We get a lawyer,
sign papers...
It'll be like it never
happened, right?
What the fuck you
doing here, Arnie?
I own the fucking
place, remember?
[clear throat]
Lookit, John, look how
loose you look there.
You look good!
You look good.
Look at this one, huh?
She's a good one!
Come on, all of them!
- I like this one!
Look at her eyes!
She looks good!
That one too!
- What, this is for a little--
Come on, come on.
Everything nice on that one.
You're a sleazebag, Arnie.
Don't flatter me.
Try to do the porno
in the nude!
Thank God!
I told you...
I'm not here...
you don't come in.
That's the deal, okay?
i told you the rent
is due on the first.
That's another deal
we made.
Oh, come on.
Just bring my plate!
You're getting technical
on me, Arnie!
Come on.
Call it whatever you want,
but I gotta get my money,
or you're gonna get
your ass outta here!
Come on, Arnie.
You can't go on living here
like a sultan, Johnny!
Living on the beach,
looking out
at the beautiful ocean,
scoring all the best ladies
on the shore,
and not expect to pay!
Come on now, Arnie.
Arnie, be reasonable, man!
What's the matter?
You got your arm around me.
So what?
I don't like it when you put
your arm around me.
Why not?
Because when you put
your arm around me,
you're usually trying
to manipulate me.
Come on, Arnie!
Take some paintings!
- Come on, man!
Art's what's happening, man!
There's big money in it!
Don't you read?!
- Yeah, I read!
Now, you got until tomorrow
to get my money
or you're out, okay?
Let me stay until
you tear the place down.
It's not gonna be
the same, man.
Thank God!
Hi ladies.
Hi, Jemia!
John, what are you
doing here?
Browsing, David.
Just looking around.
Where's all my stuff?!
He told me not to tell you.
Tell me what?!
They sold, John.
They all sold.
They all sold?!
- Shh!
Please, don't tell him
I said anything.
Romeo, returns!
Unscathed by your travail,
one would hope!
I'm hungry...
How 'bout buying me lunch?
Something simple,
but trendy...
and expensive.
I need money.
How can I give you money?
You haven't earned
any money.
Lend it to me.
You know I've already
deducted your portion
from the auction.
And you still owe
me over $5000.
Well, I'm worth it.
I'm good for it.
Did you leave with one
of the female volunteers?
Come on, Mark...
The guests understood.
They did?!
They did not!
The auction went well,
didn't it, Mark?
You have the nerve to leave
with one of the female
volunteers after screwing
her in my toilet!
[John laughing]
You're not backing a loser,
are you, Mark?
All right,
let's talk money, here...
You love me...
You love what I do!
When you do it!
Which hasn't been very
much, of late.
Oh come on,
give me a break.
What do you think, it's
a question of just turning
a switch on or off?
Well, maybe not...
But I know this...
Nothing is going to happen
unless you put yourself
in front of a canvass
and dare yourself!
Not to leave with one of the
female volunteers.
How perceptive!
How astute!
How obnoxious!
You know, there oughtta be
a law against
people like you
being involved with artists.
You're just another form
of pollution, man.
Carelessly, recklessly,
fucking things up!
[radio announcer]
A Sig Alert has been
announced on the Hollywood
Freeway coming through
the Cahuenga pass.
The one and two lanes
are closed and the
coroner's on the scene.
[John narrating]
I tried to avoid going east
of Lincoln as much
as I could.
In fact, I knew people who
refused to ever go that far
away from the beach,
that far inland.
[radio announcer]
A pilot of a light plane,
his companion and
two small children
were all found
dead earlier today.
[John narrating]
Paul was a friend.
Three bodies have been
found in a creek near San
There was one thing that
was clear to each of us...
Paulo Mann saying goodbye
until tomorrow, 6 a.m.
And remember, only you can
prevent death
and destruction.
So beware, take care,
and God bless.
...That we would always
be there when we
needed each other.
[John]: You're the good guy.
[Paul]: And you're the hero.
Listen, uh...
We're splitting the
expense for the divorce.
What's she like?!
Your wife!
Oh, Allison?
I don't know, I...
- Yeah.
I was immediately attracted
to her immediate availability.
And she, yours, I'm sure.
But of course...
- Ah, well...
You always were an easy
Well, you know, I try.
Anyway, I told her
that I'd pay her back
half the money for Las
Vegas and the hotel...
Well, it's only fair.
And you're totally
broke again.
That fucking Mark won't
deal with me honestly
about what's selling,
I mean...
He's so carried away with
this control trip that he's
How much?
Do you need?
Five or six thousand.
I-- But I could hold
things off for less...
Yeah, that's the good news.
Can you do it, Paul?
Can you help me out again?
Yeah, a little bit.
You're lucky that I'm
a working schmuck!
[John narrating]
Working schmuck.
That's the way Paul
always described himself.
It was his destiny,
he used to say.
Something he inherited from
a long blue collar tradition
that produced them.
He got paid for working
at throwing people
what they really did
need to know.
Somehow, he lived a little
more freely through his
association with me.
He always told me,
I was a hero.
Let me have $100 worth
of lottery tickets.
You pick the numbers.
[smooth jazz ]
[John narrating]
A pure response...
Nothing to stop it.
Nothing to think about, really.
Nothing to fear.
Just hold on...
and go along for the ride.
[knocking on door]
[knocking continues]
[knocking gets louder]
Final divorce papers!
you're a free man.
Can I buy you a drink?
Yeah sure.
Come on in.
So where do you want it?
The champagne...
Oh yeah, here,
lemme get that for you.
What a nice surprise!
Wasn't expecting anyone!
I worked late.
Haven't seen ya
in a long time.
Nice dress!
So where you
been hiding, huh?
Oh, I've been around.
- Hmm?
[birds chirping]
To marriage.
To divorce.
[clears throat]
Look like you're
happy to see me.
I wanna paint you.
[smooth jazz ]
I don't wanna love.
We both need
the same thing...
To be able to forget
everything else.
The only thing that
matters is now.
We can lose ourselves
right here.
Right now.
Here's a story
about Wally, okay?
He's a little frog who
likes to eat pussy!
I don't wanna hear that!
Oh, you'll hear it
and you'll like it!
[bar chatter continues]
Hey, it's the girl
from the Polaroids!
John, I need to talk
to you outside.
Uh, well come on,
have a drink.
Arnie, you buying?
No, it's important.
I gotta talk to you now.
Arnie's buying.
- No, I don't want a drink.
Ohh... I guess I'll see
you guys later!
[hooting and hollering]
Big guy!
See you later, big guy!
I got it, I got it!
Buckle up for safety, man!
- Don't take too long!
Buckle up,
it's dangerous out there!
So how'd you know I was
at the Baja, hmm?
You left a note for Melissa
on your door.
Ooh, yeah, that's right.
Don't worry, it's still there.
I'm um...
We're pregnant.
I knew it.
I just did.
I just thought I'd--
- So what--
Go ahead.
- No, you go ahead.
I'm the only one.
[dog barking]
So, I guess we just...
have it taken care of.
Look, I...
I know you have to get
back for Melissa, so...
I'll have it taken care of.
Hey, wait a minute!
I'll go with you!
Come on, we started
this thing together!
We might as well
finish it together!
Hear me?!
You can hear me!
You can hear me!
[bottle spills on ground]
[radio announcer]
Fires still burn
in the Los Padres
National Forest,
threatening 65 homes,
as the wind-swept flames
pushed firefighters back
in their, what are so far,
losing efforts
to contain the holocaust.
Homeowners in the area
are beginning to lose all
hope of containment.
[John narrating]
I wanna set you guys free,
but they tell me you'll die.
That you can't make it out
there in the world anymore.
So we're both stuck...
I guess.
This has gotta be wrong.
[woman over intercom]
Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm sorry
to bother you,
but I'm looking for McKenzie,
Allison McKenzie.
Who's calling?
John Madler.
Does she know you?
Yeah, we used
to be married!
What is this place?
It's my family's home.
You mean, people
actually live here?
You actually live here?
You think we could...
go some place
away from here?
To talk?
I was drunk...
I know.
I meant what I said.
I think we need
to do this together.
All right.
She's pregnant.
I can't stop thinking about...
you and dad
adopting me and...
my mother and...
and my father.
Mom, I wish you were there
like you always used to be.
I miss you so much.
[car horn honking]
Let us council you!
Please, don't go in there!
You guy are idiots!
[door shunts,
angry chants continue]
[horns and sirens outside]
Allison McKenzie?!
John Madler?
You know we're really--
We're really different.
But this isn't about us...
It's about this kid.
I know, so how do you think--
Go ahead.
No, you, you...
No, you.
- No, really.
[both laughing]
How do we do this?
Together, right?
I mean, it's not mine
and it's not yours.
It's ours, right?
All right.
So we get together...
Have this baby...
Not to be married...
No, no, we won't even
act married, no...
Just to facilitate the birth
of the child and then...
We'll figure that out
when the time comes.
It's very important that
we do the right thing here.
Okay, l mean, we could ruin
a very good relationship
if we're not careful.
But we're smart and we're
only doing this because we
wanna have this baby, so...
Because we can't
get rid of it.
Well, because we can't
get rid of it, yeah.
But in any case, we're--
Or, we know who we are...
and what we're doing.
And as long as we're
able to talk to each other
and tell each other
what's going on,
then we should
be okay, right?
And the ground rules
remain the same?
Mmm-hmm, exactly.
And that's all we
want from each other,
to have the kid
and nothing else?
Just to have the kid.
No commitments,
- No.
no dependency...
Nothing but the kid.
- Right.
So, she said,
"You're not even married.
How can you be
having his baby?"
And I said...
"Mother, it's my baby, too.
And besides, we were
married, and that's
almost the same thing."
[John cackling]
And then she wanted
to know about us
having been married...
Because apparently, when
you came to the house,
you said something
to Margaret,
about us having
been married?
So I said, "No big deal.
Things just didn't work out."
[both giggle]
What's in here?
- Stuff?
- Stuff.
Okay, Mr. Articulate.
I got it!
It's not part of the deal.
Who's that?
That's Oscar.
I let him sleep back there
and shower when
he needs one.
You do?
- Sure?
Real smart,
knows a lot about history.
[knocking on door]
Is that Melissa?
Yeah, probably,
I wanted to introduce her
to the mother
of my future child.
Some days, you get lucky.
Some days, you don't.
No, you make
your lucky, remember?
Saw the truck parked
outside, uh, you moving?
Allison, this is Arnie Wolfe,
he's our landlord.
Yeah, we met once
briefly at the Baja.
This is a nice
place you have.
Arnie is a money-monger.
He's a member of a group
of so-called developers
that are bent on
destroying a way of life
down here in Venice.
Tearing down a tradition
that has spawned artists
and creative people
for more than half a century.
Yeah, you say the nicest
things, really.
You're the girl from the
Polaroids, right?
- Yeah, you said that before.
They seemed to have made
a lasting impression on you.
Oh yes, that's
a horrible understatement.
You possess tremendous...
- Arnie, Arnie, down boy
Allison's gonna be
staying here awhile.
We're having a baby!
- What?
We're having a baby.
What do you mean, "why?"
You guys ever hear of
The pill?
Arnie, we got lucky...
Anyway, the important
thing is, now...
You're gonna get at least half
your rent every month.
'Cause the mother of my
future child has got...
Is he telling the truth?
Yeah well, this is great news.
This is reason to celebrate.
You guys got any beer?
No, but there's some peanut
butter back there.
Well, I'll take that as well.
Tasty libation for everyone.
There might be some like,
warm milk in there.
There it is!
There it is?
There it is...
What's that mean,
"there it is?"
There what is?
The heartbeat.
Right there.
Can you see it?
That's it.
Wake up!
It's okay, it's okay.
What were you dreaming?
Why do you want this child?
Do you always answer
a question with a question?
None of this
makes any sense!
I don't know why
we're doing this!
Well, let's just say because
we can't help ourselves.
That's bullshit.
We can.
Do you want me to leave?
I don't know what I want.
Look. look!
What do you think?
Maybe a little small, though.
How do you know?
From the crotch.
My son's gonna need
a lot more room than
that to be comfortable.
Yeah, well maybe you
shoulda tried having
a baby with a woman.
How's it going?
Had better days.
What is it?
It's a painting.
Smart ass.
I wish I could do that.
I wish I had a gift like that.
Look, I got you something.
Do you like it?
Why don't you?
Why don't I what?
I can't.
I don't know how.
Here, go ahead!
Do it!
No, I can't.
I don't know how.
Come on, just do it.
Come on.
- No, are you crazy!
- No!
No, I can't.
- I don't know how.
You're afraid!
Of what?
Of what?
I love it.
[moaning and panting]
Hi mom.
Mom, this is Allison.
I wanted you to see her.
Feel it, mom.
The baby.
Our baby.
Do you ever wonder
what this is?
No, it's a boy!
No, I don't just mean
what sex, I mean um...
You know, sick or well or
normal or abnormal or...
Sometimes I get--
I get scared.
[blues rock ]
We'd like you to design
a visual statement...
One that can unite
all the various elements
of our program, into one
cohesive impression.
A lasting one of great impact.
Because we feel that you
could give us something
that would be effective
in terms of our fight.
You guys are at war!
There's nothing I can
do to help you win.
There's nothing any
artist can do.
You guys need guns,
not paintings.
[dishes rattling]
[pots banging]
I can't believe you,
Well good, because it's not
up to you to believe me!
It's none of your business!
- Yeah!
How can you even say that?
This thing, this blind looting
of our world
is everyone's business!
Oh, that's really well-spoken
from the lips of a volunteer!
Oh yeah, and we met with
you volunteering your
paintings at auction!
To sell 'em!
To make me famous!
What you're saying is
perpetuation of bullshit, man.
Because nobody
gives a fuck!
Yes they do!
- Nothing's changing!
What else is there?!
- Escape!
You know how many
paintings that van Gogh
sold before he died, huh?!
One painting!
One fucking painting his
entire fucking life!
- Stop it, stop it!
Fuck you!
I hate this.
[Mark giggling]
This is fucking wonderful!
Why haven't you
shown me this before?!
Well, I...
I just wasn't ready
to go public with it...
You're leaving
a mark on him.
I'm trying not to.
I see a change.
It's for the better.
So, uh, I understand you
moved here from Bel Aire.
It's a short ride.
You don't happen to have
a twin sister, would ya?
[both laugh]
No, no....
I had a brother that...
You don't have to.
- No, it's no--
It's okay.
He died.
[instrumental version
of "Silent Night" plays ]
I think you guys are brave.
I couldn't have a kid.
All this shit going
on out there...
What kinda world is it for
a kid to come into anyway,
you know?
To the baby!
To the baby!!
[female radio interviewer]
This is Cheryl Harvey
"John" Wolfgang Amadeus
Madler is from Iowa
and graduated UC, Berkeley.
His father taught art at the
local community college
and his mother was head
of the high school
music department.
He is considered one
of the leading young artists
in the Venice colony.
I try not to think too much
about what I do.
Sometimes I feel that
thinking is anti-art.
The process that
I'm involved with
is about feelings...
freeze-drying them,
in a sense.
So that they're preserved...
Locked in time, as it were...
and breathing heavily]
I'm scared!
Oh God, my face is red!
It's red, I'm flushed with it!
What if something's
wrong with it?!
It's gonna be horrible!
It's gonna be a monster!
What do you want?
What do you want?!
Can you give me
anything that I want?
What do you need?
What do you need?
I, I don't wanna feel
worthless or purposeless!
I don't wanna feel guilty!
Tell me what you
can't give me!
Tell me!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I need to be forgiven.
For what?
For killing another one!
No, this is a permanent deal.
It's not part of the deal.
It's not allowed!
Tell me anyway.
[catching breath]
His name was Donald.
And we met in school.
At college,
and I got pregnant
and I had an
abortion and um...
and he crashed
his motorcycle.
And he died.
You don't wanna know this,
do you?
You want me to know?
I don't know.
I wanna know why
it can't be easy, though.
It just isn't.
Never is, babe.
You're leaving soon,
aren't you?
Tell me.
Some island.
South seas maybe.
[John exhales sharply]
I'm gonna find me a piece
of unspoiled paradise.
And I'm probably gonna be
the last one to use it up.
If the baby is all right...
Will you love it?
I need to create something
that I can give
myself credit for.
I need to create something
that I attract credit
from myself for.
Danger is that...
You have to worry about
losing something
once you have it.
[ominous soundtrack ]
[no audible dialogue]
[John narrating]
The last month was a blur.
We didn't know
anything anymore,
and stopped trying.
The thing that took
over was primitive.
An existence on the edge
with just the imperative
of getting to the delivery.
We stopped talking about
what was about to happen.
We became suspended,
locked in a vacuum.
And we knew that
anything and everything
that would follow,
was completely and utterly
out of our control.
Let me have $50 dollars
worth of lottery tickets.
You pick 'em.
[Allison yelling]
Okay Allison, come on now.
Let's push,
A little harder now.
You can do it.
Come on.
A little harder.
Okay, come on.
A little more.
One more push and I think
we're gonna have the baby.
[Allison screaming]
- Good!
The head is out, don't push.
Just breathe now.
Just breathe.
This is it, this is it.
Come on!
[Allison screaming]
[baby crying]
A beautiful girl!
Honey, it's a girl.
How can you tell?
Dr. Uzi told me.
He's got a lot of experience
with these kinds of things.
What does she look like?
Weird, kinda like a rat.
Like her dad.
[baby crying]
Oh look.
[car engine stalling]
Come on, come on,
come on!
[breathing heavily]
We have gathered in
celebration of death.
And in so doing,
in celebration of life.
For life and death are one.
Even as the river
flows to the sea,
life moves forward and does
not tarry with yesterday.
And the life before us
beckons to great glory
as the only memorial
that is fitting and just.
To everything,
there is a season.
And a time to every
purpose under heaven.
A time to be born,
and a time to die.
A time to get,
and a time to lose.
Let us seek Helen Madler
in ourselves.
In the patterns of our minds
and memories.
In the shape of a world made
a little different by her,
in the very rhythm
of our heart of hearts.
To Jennifer!
To Jennifer!
Love to dance, baby.
Yeah, that's a good girl.
You like to dance.
No, don't come around here!
I'm not coming around there.
Why are you laughing?
I wanna know why
you're laughing.
I wasn't laughing.
- Yes you were!
No I wasn't.
- Yes you were.
No I wasn't,
I was giggling.
Oh uh, okay, you
were giggling, fine.
Why were you giggling?
Because of you.
Well I think it had something
to do with me.
'Cause you just suddenly
looked so silly.
So silly.
- You're weird.
You have a weird mom.
You have a weirdo
for a mommy.
Don't tell her that!
Don't tell her that, no!
She's weird.
No, don't tell her that.
- She's a weird little--
Your dad can't help the way
that he talks to you.
You just bring out the boy
in him, don't you?
Oh I see,
it's a conspiracy, huh?
Hey, don't!
You said you wouldn't look!
I lied.
It's remarkable.
- You're lying.
I don't know much,
but I know this...
It's nothing, it's just--
- Free...
- It's nothing!
It's everything!
[baby cries out]
Baby, oh,
I'm sorry, sweetie.
It's okay.
Oh, I know...
[baby crying]
You're a dad?
Well, I've been called
a lot of things...
And I am a lot
of things, but...
It would be a total inaccuracy
if you refer to me as a dad.
I sired me
some babies, though.
Well, so you're just the studly
type then?
You're just...
the love 'em and
leave 'em type, huh?
Yeah, I guess
you could say that.
I never been very good at
staying around in one place,
- No, don't pull it!
Doesn't it scare you
to be alone?
Don't do that.
But uh...
I think I like the fear.
Makes me feel alive,
you know?
Makes me feel constantly on
the verge of discovering...
Ooh, oh!
- ...what's next.
Don't do that.
Sick, huh?
- No...
I couldn't live
like that, though.
[doorbell rings]
Wanna keep an eye
on Jennifer for me?
You would be
my extreme pleasure.
Stop crying.
- Hello there, sugar.
Hello, sugar booger.
You smell funny.
Your father and I were
concerned about you.
Because you're
our daughter.
Well that's never given you
reason enough for concern,
has it?
May we come in?
Um, I'm really kinda
busy right now--
Oh, please--
Yeah, yeah, sure.
What the hell?
You just come on in
and I'll have--
I'll have the staff put
a little banquet for you.
Brandon, please come in.
Brandon, please!
Jennifer barfed up
all over herself.
Oh, look!
[baby screaming]
I'll guess I'll let you folks
back whatever you--
Uh, we can,
we can finish this later.
Tell me, uh, that's not him.
Who, Oscar?
That person, he's...
He's not your, uh...
Yes, mother, he is.
He's our friend.
He lives here with us.
Tricia, let's leave.
But he's not your husband.
He's not the father
of the baby, is he?
Not that that's any
of your business.
Thank God!
This is Jennifer!
Jennifer, this is
your grandmother
and your grandfather.
They have come here,
no doubt,
to make sure that we have
not deviated too far
from the norm, God forbid.
Where's your husband?
My husband and I
are divorced!
We got pregnant, in fact,
celebrating our divorce!
I'm leaving,
even if you're not.
That's right, Bobby, just
You always were more
remarkable for the things
that you didn't say and do,
than the things that
you fucking did!
Your life is an affront to us!
An offense!
I needed...
to come here to see
how you were doing.
This is not the way
you were raised!
See how I
was doing, mother?
Glad to see me?
You're punishing us!
I'm not going to allow
it to happen!
Then just leave!
They have this thing
about males, you know?
It's something tribal.
And girls, aren't valued
as much.
You know?
So my having a daughter
is probably just given them
more evidence in their case
about how useless...
I really am.
Any dinosaurs in
your neighborhood?
They can't hurt me anymore.
I know, I can tell.
I've never come here before.
So much was left
unfinished, um...
We were separated
by only a year, and...
We were extremely close.
They gave him everything.
They gave him...
every opportunity and...
He was looked at from
the beginning as being...
the obvious successor.
And was looked at from the
beginning as being...
gifted and talented and...
And I was being groomed
to be a lady and a wife,
you know?
And any talents that I had
for original thinking
or leadership were just,
you know,
poopooed or discouraged.
And uh...
They pushed him,
they pushed him so hard that
he never even made it
through his senior year.
He killed himself in his
senior year in college.
Oh, Timmy!
Oh God!
I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry for wishing
that you weren't there!
I just thought that if
you weren't there,
if you weren't around, that...
That they'd finally see me.
That they'd...
finally focus their attention
on me, but...
I wouldn't win that
competition with you.
Even after you died,
I couldn't.
I couldn't.
I don't want you
to see me like this!
Come on, honey.
- No!
Your baby needs you.
- No!
Okay, okay, okay.
[synth-pop ]
What do you want?
We got lucky with her.
Are you a sicko?
Who are you?
Can you...
[reverberated stomping]
I knew he would tell you.
In fact, I wanted him
to tell you.
Why, I mean...
What did it matter if I knew
the paintings sold
or they didn't sell?
I mean, why
the fucking game?!
Why not, it got you excited,
didn't it?
That's important.
That's bullshit!
You know, you're a sick,
manipulating motherfucker!
We can settle this problem
easily, you know?
I'm perfectly willing to tear
this up, if you are.
What's that?!
- Our contract.
Listen, you fuck!
You're gonna sell my stuff,
and you're gonna
sell a lot of it!
I've had to borrow money
from Allison and everybody
for everything,
including the kid!
And that's over,
do you understand?!
Then give me the nude.
I can sell the nude.
Ed Morley from Greenscene
called again.
He's still very interested
in getting you involved
with them.
What'd you tell 'em?
I told 'em I'd
mention it to you.
Sounds good.
What does that mean?
I don't know...
It means...
Well terrific!
Why don't you uh...
try and figure it out.
And when you do,
you'll like,
break it down
to me in English.
And I'll call 'em back, okay?
Sounds good!
I look out here
at this world...
Our world...
And I can see two things...
One is, bad.
It's rotted, it's decayed.
And the other,
the other possessing
enormous potential
for renewal.
And the thing...
that separates
these two realities,
is mingled with,
and indistinguishable
from everything,
It's you...
and it's me.
And it's nothing more
powerful or...
fragile than the glimmer
of reason.
The presence of hope.
The blessing of thought.
It's a thing called an ideal.
[German accent]
That's it, Wolfgang!
Time time call it a nacht!
You fucking call me
It's the only way I know
to get you outta here!
Come on, it's close-up time!
Nobody calls me Wolfgang,
except my mother.
You fucking hear me?!
Yeah, I fucking hear ya!
Go home!
[waves crashing]
[John singing]
My girl!
[Allison whispering]
Be quiet.
Oh God.
[birds chirping]
How 'bout a little cum
to start off the new day?
I don't cum.
I never cum.
You mean with other men?
No, what I mean is...
But you came with me.
Well, tell me you came
when I fucked you!
God dammit, tell me!
Because it was
important to you.
You gotta be kidding me!
Wouldn't it make you feel
more like a woman?
More whole?
I don't know.
[John sighs]
Well, what do you need?
I can do it.
- I don't know.
Why not?
I don't wanna talk.
Why not?
- I don't want to!
Well, which is it?!
to me.
- You're hurting me!
I don't want this!
Just let me go, please!
Just let me go!
How could you lie to me?
I didn't!
I swear to God, I just--
I lied myself!
You had nothing to do with it.
Oh God, help me!
[baby cooing]
[Paul on radio]
And in a related story,
it may come as no surprise
to anyone out there,
that the latest findings
indicate that crime--
[car horn blaring]
I got your message, Donald.
So, you're back?
Ah yeah,
that was a good one.
I think that will do.
I'd hate to spill
this champagne,
it would be really...
[radio interviewer]
Tell me about your work.
It allows me
to express myself.
It might possibly
bring me mortality.
Is that important?
It is.
If what you leave is accurate
and can reflect the world
that you filled.
Can tell if it's good and bad.
And maybe suggest
where it went wrong,
how it did itself in.
And how everyone
let it happen.
Hey crazy, let go of my nose.
[toy playing
"Frre Jacques" ]
I'm gonna get you...
[baby crying]
Come on, come on.
[banging on door]
Just a little minute!
[banging continues]
Just a little minute.
I got it, man!
I got the permit!
Come on, you wanna
go celebrate?!
Let's go, it's on me!
I'm buying!
Johnny, I'm buying!
I'm gonna get her a beer!
You wanna beer, honey?!
Come on, I'm buying!
I don't know.
I haven't figured it out yet.
[clears throat]
We can leave...
They're gonna tear
this place down.
He gave me 30 days.
- Yeah.
You knew it
as gonna happen.
Yeah, it wasn't nothing.
Tell me what you want.
I don't want to be
dependent on you.
I can't allow
myself to need you.
It scares the shit outta me.
I-I can't do it.
I wanted this baby.
And she's mine.
She mine and...
I feel...
I feel good about myself...
for the first time...
in a long time.
And there's nothing
that you can do
that's gonna change that.
There's nothing that...
I mean, even you're leaving,
it won't change that.
Hey, I-I...
I wanna propose that we
make our lives lovely by
being a family, but...
I can't!
Don't you see that we can't
make ourselves right
by forcing ourselves
on one another,
by condescending to...
trite emotion that, that...
force us to alter our lives
and, and...
give up our dreams.
No, we can't...
lose ourselves in the same
lie of love that the whole
world uses as an excuse
for survival.
Can we, John?
Love is a lie...
told in story books...
to fuel fantasies...
that are destructive...
and wrong.
I had this idea...
- Yeah?
What if the only news
that we found...
What if the only news
that we told...
was good news.
That's a fucked idea!
It's really fucked!
Totally fucked!
I mean, that's...
That's bad for business.
That's fucking impossible.
Oh, it's really
fucking impossible.
You know, it's too bad, too.
Because there's a lot of
good shit going on out there
and nobody ever knows
about it because
nobody ever tells anybody.
That is fucked!
- It's really fucked!
Let's do it!
- What?
Let's go!
- Where?
Fuck it, let's go do it!
- Where?!
No, let's go
to your fucking station
and we'll tell 'em all the
fucking good news man.
- No, we can't.
Why not?!
I got no fucking balls.
I got no fucking balls!
I hear you.
[Allison narrating]
This building
being demolished
was the best thing
that ever happened to us.
It forced us to do something,
to make a move.
There are people who spend
their whole lives
suspended in fear,
waiting for some event
to cause them to have
to come to grips with reality.
But it never does.
And they die not knowing if
they were where they were
because it was easier
to drift alone with the tide,
like a corked bottle at sea...
than to move in a direction
of their own choosing.
To freedom.
Bon voyage!
[man singing]
[both cackling]
[thick Chinese accent[
What's a-matter you?!
You break my business!
Get out!
Get out of here!
- I'm going...
- No, honey...
You know me!
- We're sorry, we're sorry!
No kiss men!
No kiss!
- We can--
Why did we come here?
Because we came
to get lucky!
Oh yeah, that's right,
we want--
We want five--
I got five dollars
and I want five tickets.
Lucky tickets!
I want five...
Five dollar!
- Lucky tickets!
Lucky tickets!
[yelling in Mandarin]
"Bi-san" yourself!
I'll clean that up
if you want!
No, it's okay.
How you been, baby?
[yelling in Mandarin]
We came to kiss it.
[John screaming]
Good night!
[heavy metal music ]
[baby crying]
This would work a lot
better for both of us
if you would just get it up.
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm great.
Um, I was just wondering
If um...
If you'd like to come by
And uh...
see Jennifer?
And uh...
maybe take her over night,
I know she'd like that.
She misses you.
Me too.
[fountain flowing]
[Car door slams shut]
Mr. Madler.
Please, come in.
You're beautiful little girl
be ready in just one minute.
Thanks, Margaret.
- You're welcome.
Hi, honey!
Hi, sweetie.
Want to give dad a kiss?
I think you'll find everything
you'll need in the bag.
Okay, thank you, thank you.
We'll be fine.
I'm Allison's mother,
Patricia Mackenzie.
Hi, I'm Jennifer's father,
John Madler.
Nice meeting you all.
Oh, call if you need anything.
I will but--
I won't--
We'll be fine.
Well, nice meeting you all.
-Bye, bye.
Say bye.
Oh, yes.
Someday you'll know
what's going on...
I think.
Someday, you'll
understand that...
You're mother and I needed
more to than anything to
bring you in to this world.
I hope.
[motorcycle revving]
[blues rock ]
[Allison's voice echoing]
Can I have you?
You give me mine,
and I'll give you yours.
Oh, you're him.
You know, when you
do sex like this,
It's like playing
Russian Roulette.
Do you always
let your dick rule your life?
I don't wanna love.
We both need
the same thing...
To be able to forget
about everything else.
We're pregnant.
I knew it.
Hey wait a minute.
I'll go with ya!
Can hear me...
I know you can hear me!
You can hear me!
You can hear me!
I have to leave her with you.
[Baby crying]
I'm sorry to bother you!
I just--
There's nothing
else I could do!
What's the matter?
Nothing, nothing.
I got to catch a flight.
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving the country!
Promise me one thing...
Promise me one thing.
What is it?
That you won't do to her
what you did
to your daughter.
Please, promise me that.
What are you talking about?
What am I talking about?!
I'm talking about the way
you made her feel small
and unimportant,
I'm-- I'm talking about
the way that you
allowed her to assume...
All the guilt, for what
happened to your son.
I'm talking about the way
you, never, ever allowed her
to understand how
special she is!
That's what I mean!
Promise me that, lady!
Promise me that!
Before i leave
my daughter with you,
promise me, please!
Please, you gotta work your
ass off to make her feel...
To let her know
how great she is.
[blues rock ]
Hey, Jack!
Let me have a Stoli.
Straight up,
a double one.
And one for the captain.
God bless you, my son.
God bless you.
Gettin' a little late start
tonight, huh?
Well you know,
it's better than no start at
The world, my son,
is like the contents of a
Constantly growing
Smaller and smaller...
and smaller.
Yeah, i'll drink to that.
Let me have another one
just like that. Make that two.
John, where's Jennifer?
This is my place.
What are you doing here?
Why did you bring him here?
Where is Jennifer.
Is she safe?
She's with your mother.
Is there a problem here?
A problem?
No, there's no problem,
We're just conducting
a little, business meeting.
This is Jennifer's father.
John Medler.
He's an old friend of mine.
Donald Walters.
Why, ain't you dead?
I mean, cause
that's really funny.
Cause i heard,
that you fell down
on your little bicycle,
Got a boo-boo on your head,
and you died.
What is this asshole talking
It's a fucking resurrection,
A fucking miracle
and it ain't even Easter!
Jerry, I got to
drink to that.
Oh, me too!
So, now you're into
fucking the dead, huh?
Who I fuck, and what
I fuck is my business.
Is he your way of making
you feel good about
yourself again, huh?
Has he forgiven you?
Have you guys
forgiven each other?
Nice mouth.
I think I'm gonna have
to shut this mouth.
Hey, that's a nice new
motorcycle you got there...
Did she buy it for you?
Son of--
- Take it outside!!
Come on, fuckhead!
Kick him in the nuts, Johnny!
Kick him in the nuts!
You know, Allison, you're
an easy mark for abuse!
Come on!
- Oh, I'm coming!
I am coming!
Start the bike!
- Start it!
Start it!
- Did he ever find himself
after he made you the kid?
Stop it!
Stop it!
Don't hurt him!!
Kick him in the nuts!
In the nuts!
Let go of me!
He needs my help!
He needs me to help him!!
Which one are you talking
Stop it!
Someone get some help!
[indistinct chatter]
- What a cheap shot, huh?
[party chatter]
It's the best thing
you've ever done.
It's truly remarkable, John.
It's gonna spin your career
around like a top!
I think I'm talking
the really big bucks, here!
You're a scumbag.
It belongs to Ed Morley
and Greenscene.
They commissioned it...
It's a charitable
A tax write-off.
Don't you see it?!
The whole problem with
the world today is...
We think we know
And therefore,
we can't learn shit!
And on any given issue,
any given time,
there's only one truth...
And it doesn't come
in shades and variations.
And ultimately it's the only
thing that matters.
Are those real?
Hey, hey!
- Are you crazy?!
This isn't your lease.
These freaks--
These freaks
in my place, man!
They're gonna
mess up the place!
Arnie, Arnie, Arnie!
The bulldozers are gonna
be here in a couple of days.
Any damage we do
is gonna save you money
on the back end!
Think of it
as good business, man!
You been drinking?
- Yeah!
I think you're right, though.
- All right, man.
I want you to--
introduce you to...
Luella and Susan.
This is Arnie.
He owns the place.
- I own the place.
You wanna--
You want a drink, man?
Yeah, scotch no ice.
Ice spoils the drink.
How you girls doing?
I own the place--
Friend of [indistinct]
down the street.
Do a lot of business
I'm thinking about a lot of
exciting things for this area.
Gonna tear it down
and go about three high.
You guys enjoy condos?
You ever been down to...
John, the radio
tomorrow at 12...
Tune into the station.
I got a surprise for you.
What is it?
It's a secret.
It's your going away present.
All right.
[party chatter,
rock music ]
[bird tweeting]
Go on now, girls.
[smacks cage]
Go on!
[Paul on radio]
Today, I've got some good
news for everyone.
Instead of the usual stuff,
we're gonna talk about some
of the other interesting things
that're going on in our city.
More than 3.5 million people
didn't die today in LA.
They were not involved in
traffic accidents,
plane crashes, fires or crime.
Now that's what I call
[horn blaring]
A Hollywood man...
What the hell
is going on here?!
Freddy, what does he
think he's doing?!
...dedicated to helping
provide housing for the
Jake is on the phone.
get him off!
- In Pasadena...
- ...a 14-year-old put
a group of teenagers
to visit the elderly.
To learn from them.
To learn to respect them...
Paul, I swear to God!
A business exec in Century
City decided that by pooling
the various individual
talents of the poor...
You did it, you son of a bitch!
You did it!
...manufacture profits and
well-being for its
A retired grandmother
decided to fund a group,
dedicated to instilling
a sense of accomplishment--
Listen, I want this stopped!
...even in the most
desperate of our citizens.
The balls, man.
The beautiful balls!
The phones are ringing
off the hook!
I've never seen
anything like this!
All right, all right, that's
Just cut him off!
Pull the plug!
We're off the air!
What are you talking about?!
They love it!
They're all saying they
love what he's saying!
I'd like to end this first
of "The Good News Report"
with an excerpt from a letter
that was written in 1852
by Chief Sealth,
in response to an inquiry
made by the US government
about buying tribal lands.
Chief Sealth said,
"The Earth does not
belong to man...
Man belongs to the Earth.
All thing are connected, like
the blood that unites us all.
Man did not weave
the web of life....
He is merely a strand in it.
What he does to the web,
he does to himself."
[knocking on door]
Uh, can I come in?
[door closes]
Something happened the
other night when you were--
When John dropped
Something important.
Allison, I--
I'm sorry.
[voice breaking]
I'm so sorry.
What happened?
He loves you so much.
It opened my eyes.
His love for you
made me see--
Mother, what are
you talking about?
You can't keep living
on our terms,
because they're wrong.
There is a phase
of our lives...
that has to come to an end...
as of now.
Patricia, you can't change
the world in a single
I need more happiness
in my life.
And so do you.
So does our daughter
and our granddaughter.
Now, we have
talked about this...
We talked about it.
We're going to fix what's
wrong with this family...
Once and for all.
Your father couldn't
understand the
difference between...
running a corporation...
and allowing the love
of a family to--
He felt, he couldn't
show softness...
and vulnerability.
This thing about males...
is a carry-over from some...
distant tradition that
your father inherited
and foisted upon us.
And I let him.
Your husband was right.
We never worked our asses
off to make you feel great
about yourself.
And that was
a terrible mistake.
[metal creaking]
[glass breaking]
I told myself, "Someday.
Someday, I'm gonna do it!
I'm gonna do it!"
But I never did it!
You know, because
it gets stuck!
You get stuck in the rut
and then you don't know
what to do!
We just get stuck!
You know what I mean,
You know what I mean?
Really what I'm talking about
here, huh?!
You know what I'm talking
about here or what, huh?!
[engine shuts down]
[waves crashing]
Can you believe this?!
No, I can't believe it!
All right, change it before
I miss my flight!
I can't!
What do you mean you
The spare is flat, too!
No, it happened this
It happened this morning
and I did not have
a chance to get it fixed!
I mean, whoever heard
of two flats in one day, huh?!
I mean, sometimes--
Sometimes you just
don't get lucky!
And sometimes you
make your luck!
No, I'm not lucky!
I'm never lucky!
What did I ever
do to you, huh?!
Why, why are you doing this
to me?!
[jet roars overhead]
Hey, hey!
What about my fare?!
You get what you deserve!
You motherfucker!
[rock ballad ]
[John narrating]
This she is,
Allison McKenzie...
Insecure, deeply unhappy.
Not possessed of a great
sense of self or self-worth...
Capable of buying people off
and not admitting
that she did it...
Resentful of her situation
and her family...
Hides in sex,
fakes enjoyment of sex.
Doesn't cum...
So she says...
[Allison narrating]
There his is...
Wolfgang Amadeus
Self-centered, a pushover,
overwhelmed by the
prospect of the mark he can
leave on the world...
at the same time,
not convinced
of the uniqueness of his
talents and their value...
In love with money
and what it can do,
in love with sex,
and the way it conforms
his sense of power and
control over things.
There he is...
running away.
Tell me what you want!
I want you to stop giving up!
I want you to
become aggressive...
Determined to shape
your own destiny!
I want you to stop being a
submissive victim!
Oh, look who's talking?!
The volunteer!
You think the world's a place
to go through in camouflage!
Always seeking the path
of least resistance.
I'd rather be a volunteer
than a victim.
There's a penalty for all this!
It's called "being lonely!"
Being alone!
[John yells,
tires squeal]
What, are you fucking
I don't need this shit!
I'm by myself!
I wanna do something,
I do it!
I need something,
I get it!!
It's simple!
It's so simple!
What are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of?!
Crazy rich bitches
and fancy cars!
Why don't you
get outta here?!
Go back to your dead man!
Let him dazzle ya!
Let him fuck your brains out!
Come on, come on!
Being faithful was never part
of the deal, you know that!
At least I didn't sell a
painting that was part of our
part of who we are!
Did he help you go back?!
[horn blaring]
Did he help you forget?!
Did he help insulate you
from the realities of the
We all have our fantasies
to run to, to escape to!
You have your island.
You untouched wilderness
to use up!
Did he make you cum?!
[jet soars overhead]
Throw your stuff in.
I'll take you to the terminal.
If I could change the world,
you know what I'd do?
No, what would you do?
I'd get a lot of story books,
and I'd research
my subject well.
And I'd make sure that all
the princes and princesses
dressed well...
And that all the knights ride
white horses.
And that heaven extended to
And that love was a magic
breath that lasted forever.
And that lovers who fell
madly in love with each
even if it happened against
their wishes and their wills,
would be able to admit that
they needed each other...
And they'd become
empowered by
each other's presence.
And they'd contrive to make
the world what they wanted
and needed it to be.
That's what I'd do.
[Pat Benatar's
"So Long" ]
We can do it.
I know we can.
Do what?
Make heaven on Earth.
Need help with your bags?!
It can't be done.
We could do it together.
Yeah, well if you folks get it
together enough to decide
whether or not you need
help with your bags, let me
Mommy, push me faster!
Push me higher!
Not too high, Jennifer.
Mommy doesn't want you to
get hurt, okay?
Daddy, daddy,
push me higher!
You wanna go high?
How high you
wanna go, baby?
John, be careful.
- She'll be fine.
I wanna go up to the sky
and touch the sun.
You know--
- I was wondering--
Go ahead!
No, I want you to go first.
- No, you go first.
You know, you're
always doing this.
Go ahead!
I want you to go first.
I was wondering if
you would ever like uh...
consider, you know,
like ever...
getting married again.
You know what?
- What?!
No, it's very funny.
What do you mean "funny?"
What do you mean it's like
"ha ha" funny
or peculiar funny?
What's so damn funny?!
Oh, no it's amazing
No, no, I was just um...
I was just wondering
the exact same thing.
[Primal Scream's
"Come Together"]