Typo (2021) Movie Script

[typewriter keys]
Im back, Tim
Ill be up in a minute, Tim
Morning, my lovely
Did you miss me?
Sorry I was gone longer than expected
Its been a strange morning
You're looking a bit pale
You seem to have a bit of a temperature
you poor thing
Im not feeling great either
just so tired
So much to do every day
No rest for the wicked, hey
My head's been all over
the place the last few days
but earlier...
I got the answer
I know you think this is
gonna sound strange...
and youll most likely
think Ive gone mad, but...
I felt God...
touch my heart today
I felt him right here
Well you know me...
Im not one to believe this
sort of thing usually, but...
God spoke to me
and He told me exactly what to do
I think he felt sorry for me really
because of our...
current situation
I always thought religious
people were delusional...
but it just goes to show you how
things can change in an instant
Just like that!
- Its a bit dark, isnt it?
- Hmmm
Wonder what that says about the artist
I dont know. Not my cup of tea
Looks a bit like you in a bad mood!
Oi, you. Shut up
I dont know. I was hoping to
see a nice sculpture or something
Some naked men perhaps?
Isabelle, stop it
Oh, wait up, hunk alert
Interesting picture
Yeah, I like it
Im Tim by the way
and this is Isabelle...
So do you come here often?
No. First time
Im supposed to be meeting a mate here
Oh, right.
Well, its a nice place
If Im honest with you, I
dont really like art very much
I appreciate it, but I
cant paint to save my life
Im not very creative
How about you, Abbie? Do you paint?
Oh God, no. No. Im a writer
Well, I hope to be. Thats my ambition
Well, maybe Ill read
one of your books one day
I hope so
Yeah. Me too
So, err. I dont think my friends actually going to turn
up. I dont suppose you fancy having a drink, do you?
Yeah, OK
I need a break
So, you having a good day?
Perfect. How about you?
Yeah, not too bad
Mind you...
You know I cant swim, right?
You never said
Did I not?
- Well I cant. So if I was going to stand up like this...
- No, sit down, sit down!
Sit down!
- Oh my god
- Careful
Only joking. Of course I can swim
But if I couldnt and
I accidentally fell in...
would you give me the
kiss of life and save me?
Hmmm. No
Well thats nice of you
I would watch you sink
to the bottom of the lake
Yeah, but you wouldnt
really though, would you?
Besides... if I went in...
Id make sure you came in with me
And thered be nothing
you could do about it
OK. Lunch.
Its beautiful here
I used to come here a lot when I was a kid
Yeah. Climbing trees
getting myself all muddy
Listen. Ive got something to ask you
If I make you dinner,
are you free on Thursday?
Oh, I can't
Ive got to meet Isabelle after work
Oh come on. See her another day
I cant let her down
Oh come on. Please?
Yeah? Thank you
What is it anyway?
Im not telling you all my secrets
But it just goes to show you how
things can change in an instant
Just like that
I think sometimes when tragedy strikes...
it makes you see things in a different way
Im never going to take
anything for granted anymore
I mean, look at us
That didnt turn out the
way we expected, did it?
You see, Tim...
wants to help us
I think perhaps you should
start believing in God too
It might help you
I bought you a bible in town earlier
Ill bring it up later
Bring you nearer to God
He loves us all no matter what, Tim
and now...
I understand everything
Now it all makes sense
This is fate, Tim
All of this is fate
Its a big test for both of us
Whats this?
Why dont you have a look?
Do you know what? Close your eyes
Go on. Close your eyes
Now you can open them
Oh my god!
Like it?
Are you kidding me?
Like it?
I love it
Its a pleasure, honey
I thought it was about time you had something
to give you more motivation to write
It certainly will
God I dont know what to say
I have something else for you aswell
What is it?
I think you should close your eyes again
Open them
Ive never met anybody quite like you
From the moment I saw you, I just...
I just knew
I want you to live with me
I want you to grow old with me
I want you to have babies with me
I want you to marry me
Will you?
Yes, of course
Well, wed better see how
this fits then, hadnt we?
So tell me something...
How has a girl like you
never been married before?
Never really found the right man
Well... until now
I was engaged once before
years ago
but he ended up being a total jerk
loved his bands more than he loved me
Well he lost a good woman
Abbie, can you do something for me?
Yeah, sure
I want you to give up work
I want you to be able to
concentrate on your writing full time
I dont want you to worry
about money or anything
I make enough for us to get by
Besides, Ive got some stashed away so
after were married we can have a holiday
Thats not fair on you
paying for everything
I dont mind working. Ive
always been independent
No, honey
I dont want you to worry about anything
I want you to be able to just
write without any pressures
If youre sure
Yeah, Im sure
When youve sold millions of books
and become this big
multi-millionaire writer...
you can look after me. How does that sound?
Its a deal
Home sweet home Mrs Hemp
Its going to take me a
while to get used to that name
Well, youd better get used to it!
Ive got a surprise for you by the way
Oh yeah? Whats that?
Im pregnant
Are you serious?
I did a test this morning, before we left
Youre going to be a daddy
Thats amazing
God, I love you
Im going to be a daddy
Hey love. How you doing?
Yeah. Good.
Err, listen...
Im going out and have a
few drinks, if thats alright?
With my mate Shawn here
You remember Shawn, hes the ugly one
Piss off you
Hi. Congratulations on the
wedding and baby, Abbie
Thank you
Nice to meet you
Next time Ill bring my wife.
Im sure she'd love to meet you
Yeah, thatll be great
Ill see you later
It's two o'clock in the morning!
Naughty me
What you gonna do about it?
Whats happened to you?
I dont even know who you are anymore?
I told you ages ago that I had to go
out with Shawn and the lads for a drink
OK. He done me a very, very big favour
OK, now...
You knew about this, so stop
your moaning, Miss Moany
Whats that?
It was your dinner
Do you know how long that took me to cook?
Quit your whining, Miss
Whiny Whingy Whiny Person
Alright? OK?
I tell you what. Look...
Ive had enough of your
questions for one night
So I'm going to go to bed
Cos Ive had enough of
your questions for one evening
Im going to sleep in a bit
Got a big day tomorrow
Dont want to be too tired
Lets say a little prayer
together, shall we?
You especially need to believe in God more
He might be able to
help with your suffering
Everything happens for a reason, Tim
Even if sometimes it is cruel
Thats what Ive learnt
God taught me that
Come on
Dear Lord...
We thank you for guiding
us towards the light
We are your pupils
your children
and we pray that you forgive us our sins
Close your eyes
Its not respectful
Thats better
Dear Lord. We thank
you for blessing us with life
and showing us the true value of existence
Doesnt that feel better?
Itll be our anniversary next week
Can you believe that?
Doesnt time fly?
I know I havent been exactly
how you wanted me to be
As your wife I mean, but...
I did try to please you most of the time
I think I did really well to be honest
I mean, you werent easy to cope with
and there is only so much
a person can take
Did you see that, Tim?
You see?
Im not going mad
I need to talk to you
about something important
I need to go my own way
I cant cope with you anymore
Lets get you more comfortable
I did love you, sweetheart
but I just dont have the
same feelings anymore.
Isabelles really excited
about our good news
She thinks its going to be a girl
But I dont know...
I think its going to be a boy
Yeah, maybe... Maybe a boy
Well Ive not had much sickness
and they say if you get really sick
during pregnancy its likely to be a girl
Oh! Guess what?
She knows this guy
that runs a publishing firm
and shes been talking
to him about my writing
and apparently hes really
interested in looking at my work
Ive just got to finish the last
chapter and then I can send it to him
I hope he likes it
Im so lucky to have a friend like Isabelle
Yeah, thats good
Well, fingers crossed
you might be looking
at a best-selling author
What about me?
What do you mean?
Well, I thought I was your best friend?
Well of course you are
Youre my husband
What I meant was... Isabelle
is my best female friend
So, umm... how was work?
Yeah, it was alright
Look, can we just go home?
Im missing the football results
Yes, sure
Are you okay?
Yeah, Im OK. Sorry, Im
just tired. Work, you know?
If Im honest, I cant
wait to have this week off
Cant remember the last time I
had a week off over Christmas
Be great
Mums looking forward to it as well
Well, don't forget my
sisters coming Boxing Day
Yeah... I don't think so
What do you mean?
I haven't seen my sister in months!
Look, I just want to have a quiet
Christmas, alright? No bother
You always got on alright with her before
She just talks all the time
though, you know? Just goes on
Its my sister, Tim
You can see her another time
Besides... she has these brats with her. Constantly
running around, screaming their heads off!
Thats my family!
Dont ever talk about them like
that again! Whats wrong with you?
Dont embarrass me, Abbie!
Not here, and not now!
Look, this discussion is over
Come on. Were going
Have you seen my keys Abbie?
No I havent
Maybe try your coat pocket?
How are you Abbie?
Im OK thanks. How are you?
Yeah Im cool
Just plodding along as usual
Helen says hello by the way
Oh thats nice. Say hi from me
Look. When youre done flirting,
do you think you can help me look?
Alright buddy, calm down
Its none of your business, Shawn
Keep checking in here. Im
gonna check the sitting room
Whats rattled his cage?
Sorry about that
Dont apologize. Hes out of order
I think hes stressed about work
Having to do the extra hours and all
I think he is feeling the pressure
from the new baby, you see
Hell be ok, dont worry
Found em
Do me a favour mate. Go
put that in the car would ya?
No problem
See ya later Abbie
Do you think Im blind?
Trying to make me look like
an arsehole in front of my friends
I didnt
I didnt
Dont ever disrespect me again
Im so sorry for hitting you
I just... I just get so jealous sometimes
And what with work and...
Its just...
Shawns my best friend, alright?
And Im sure he fancies you
I just took it out on you. Im sorry
I love you so much
I just get so mad... sometimes...
But youre my woman. Youre my woman!
Nobody elses
But I promise you...
I promise you... this
will never happen again
Im so sorry
Im just going to work
Ok. See you later
what I found!
Havent we been sneaky?
Now Im mad!
Really... mad!
They accepted my book for publication
Years ago!
And you knew this!
Did it hurt you to see me
doing something successful?
What was it?
youre a sad...
mummys boy!
And what about these other letters?
From Isabelle?
And my sister?
You made me think...
that I was all alone
That nobody cared
You didnt ask me to quit my job...
so I could focus on my writing
wanted to control me
Trap me
now Im in control
and you...
are all alone
No mumsie to help you this time
I was going to make
things pain free for you
Not now
Im not going to give you your meds now
Im going to make sure...
you feel...
Whatre you doing sleeping out here?
You disgust me!
What the hell are you going on about now?
Aww... My bloody head
Serves you right, you bastard
I know youre seeing someone else
What the hell are you talking about?
I could smell her perfume on your shirt
It stinks!
Youve got it all wrong, as usual
I was just dancing with some girl and she
was rubbing herself up against me. Thats all
While Im at home, pregnant with your baby?
And you expect me to hang around here, whilst
you get as fat as a whale! I dont think so
Are you cheating on me?
Tell me!
Just be honest with me
Well, so what if I am?
Im your wife
and Im having your child
Why are you treating me so badly?
Ive never done anything to hurt you!
Now you listen here
I can see whoever the bloody hell I like!
I know youve been
speaking to Isabelle still
Ive seen the phone records.
I know youve been lying
So dont you ever
expect me to listen to you!
Who is she?
Shut up!
Do you even know who you are?
I do
and so does God
He feels my pain
Hes not happy
I mean, its unbelievable
if you think about it...
I went round the guys office...
Walk in, just asked him for a pay rise.
And he turns round and tells me
theres no money in the company kitty
Give me a break!
If you go round that guys house...
theres a new car on that driveway...
What the hell are you wearing?
It's the new dress I bought, for tonight
You said you liked it
You look like a complete slut
Youre way too old and fat to
be wearing something like that
Seriously. Go and change
I bought it especially...
Abbie, Im serious. Go change it!
I'm not going to be seen
out with you looking like that
[Tim] Go change it!
[Tim] Go on
Thanks guys, that was lovely
No worries mate
Yeah. Thank you. It was really nice
Its our pleasure
It was lovely to be over tonight
So, Abbie...
Do you fancy a girls night out soon?
Yeah. Thatll be great
I havent been on a
girlie night out for ages
Well we need to change that then dont we?
Weve got to enjoy it
before you become a mum.
are we gonna have kids?
Err, never
Youre enough to cope with
See the abuse I get?
Does anyone want any coffee?
Err... yeah, thanks
Yes please
Ill take these plates out for ya, love
Youve always got to be
centre of attention, havent you?
What do you mean?
What do you think I mean?
You, talking all the time
Do you honestly think that Shawn and
Helen are interested in your opinions?
I don't think I talk too much
Youve got verbal diarrhoea, love
One stupid opinion after the next
I was just making conversation
Do you honestly think they are interested
about you and your stupid bloody books?
They seemed interested
They're being polite, love. Polite
you are a stupid cow
sometimes, you know that?
And youre not going out with Helen either
You always go out with Shawn
I never get to go out
Well I know what women
are like when theyre together
Dyou know what?
Shawn actually dislikes you
He hates you
and there you are...
giving cow eyes to
him in front of his wife!
Youre an embarrassment
I didnt...
So, Tim...
What was that favour you
wanted to ask me about earlier?
Me and Abbie have got
to go off and see my Mum
shes been a bit under the weather recently
Ive got a package being delivered
that Im not going to be around to sign for
Its really important, mate
and I was just wondering,
would you be able to do it for me?
Yeah sure, course I will
Thank you mate
Heres the key to the
house, okay. Let yourself in.
When I get back, Ill buy
you a couple beers, okay
Here we go then guys
[Abbie] Thank you
[Tim] Cheers
OK. Help yourselves
Are you OK?
Yeah sorry
Im just a bit tired
It's been a long day
Were great though aint we love, eh?
Thank you for coming round to cook, Abbie
Ive been unable to do it myself
Ive been sick with worry
I havent seen you for three weeks, Tim
Yeah I know, sorry Mum
Ive just been busy at the yard
You need to phone me more at least
I think...
the meat is a little undercooked...
and the vegetables are overcooked
Roasts are a question of...
my dear
Yeah, she's right you know,
darling. This is a little bit chewy
Ive got an idea
Why cant you take time
out from your busy schedule...
and teach her some domestic skills, eh?
That won't be necessary
But mums a better cook than you
I can cook!
Anyway, why are you
done up like a dog's dinner?
Just thought I would make
a bit of an effort, thats all
Dont you like it?
He is right, Abbie
It wasnt necessary to
dress up on my behalf
Anyway, mum...
youre gonna be a grandmum
Thats good news, isnt it?
Yes. About time
I was beginning to think Abbies bits
werent working properly downstairs
Well weve been trying to
think up girls names anyway
Abbie likes Samantha
Were going to redecorate
the spare room into a nursery
Hopefully Barbara will approve
Its not easy being a mum
Its a tough job
You do know that?
No I didnt, Barbara
Is it really?
Now calm down girls, alright?
This is supposed to be a happy occasion
Oh my god. Mum?
If your father was here he
would be very proud, Tim
You remind me so much of your father
He was a great dad
He was hardworking and handsome
just like you
Do you know...
one year he did three jobs
just so we could pay the bills
He never gave up on us
Nowadays they dont know
the meaning of hard work
Well it's none of my business, but
perhaps it's you putting pressure on him
You're not helping
him financially, are you?
You've got to understand - he'll
have another mouth to feed soon
[Mother's voice] You're not helping him
[Mother's voice] Perhaps it's you
Please, please Abbie
Please Abbie. I'm so sorry
the doorbell rings
Who is interrupting us now?
Who is it, please?
Are you okay in there?
Are you okay, Abbie?
Yeah, Im fine. Come in
Good, good
We havent seen Tim in ages
Manager keeps asking about him
I told him I aint seen him all week
You dont know when hell be back in work?
He wont
Not for a while
I dont know, to be honest with you Shawn
Hes not very well
Hes been in bed all week
Oh. Right
you didnt call the
manager and let him know?
Didnt think about it really
Just had so much going on
Hes really not very well, you see
Are you sure everything is okay?
You look terrible
I didnt mean to sound rude
I mean...
I mean you look tired
No, Im okay
Im sure hed be happy to see me
Might even cheer him up
Is he upstairs?
Im sorry Shawn. I lied to you
He left
But its okay... Im happy
In fact...
I couldnt be happier
We really werent getting
on very well, you see
Hes got a terrible temper
I tried my best to make it work, but... no
I lost that...
attraction for him
I lost that... spark, you could say
You dont know where he went?
Not a clue. He left about three days ago
He just left? Without saying anything?
Not a word
Oh, I see
Like I said...
Ive never been happier
I'd better go
Im sorry about you and Tim
I think that's best
Thats Tims wallet. Why would
he leave without taking that?
Dyou know what, Shawn?
I've always fancied you
What? I'm happily married. You know that.
Come on, Shawn...
I've seen the way you look at me!
Stop it! We mustn't!
Dont you like me?
Yes, but not like that
Don't you find me attractive?
It's not that.
I'm happily married and Tims my best mate.
Im going. Im sorry Abbie...
this isnt right!
Looks like the meds are wearing off fast.
Be time for you to say goodbye soon
Where have you been?
Just out for a walk. Get some fresh air
Ive been thinking everything through
Im not happy, Tim
I bought you flowers.
Theyre your favourites
I dont want your fucking flowers!
I want you to treat me
like a wife should be treated
Hold on a second here. Just calm
down. Im just trying to make things right
Things havent been right in ages!
I am sick to death of living like this
You treat me like shit
You insult me
Youre making me ill
And all of this strain is most
likely having an effect on our baby
Stop talking to me like this
Get off me!
I bought these flowers for you...
and youre going to fucking take them!
Come on
Its alright
Up you come
Its OK
You make me do this to you
Come on
Its alright. Take it easy
Look at me
Now, next time...
I get you flowers...
all youve got to do is be grateful
Good girl
Ti... Tim!
Come on. In you come
You did well not to
tell the doctors anything
Wouldve made matters worse
It wasnt my fault we lost the baby
Im going to make you a cup of tea
Look, its been three weeks now Abbie
You cant keep moping
around the house, darling
You havent eaten. Youre
going to make yourself ill
Why dont you do some typing, eh?
You havent written anything in ages
Look, Im sorry, OK?
It was... It was just a bad accident
We can move on from this. We can
Just you and me. You
and me against the world!
Hey love?
Look Ill call the doctor tomorrow
Ill get him to come around.
He can give you something
Make you feel better
Just... just dont say anything, okay?
We dont want to make matters worse
Thanks for coming, doc
Ever since the miscarriage
she doesnt eat...
She wont talk to me...
Lies there on the couch
and just does nothing
Do you mind if I talk to your wife alone?
It might be easier for her to communicate
She has been through a
very traumatic experience
Id kind of like to be here for support
I understand your concern, Mr Hemp, but...
I would rather see her
on my own, if thats ok
Yeah, errr...
Yeah, of course
Ill be in the other room then
Hello Abbie
My names Dr Ribbon
Your husband got in touch with me
because hes concerned about you
He says you havent been looking
after yourself since the loss of the baby
How are you feeling?
Can you talk about it?
Thats her name
Thats a lovely name
Abbie, when was the last time you ate?
The coffin...
It was so tiny
Im just going to take your blood pressure
Dont be frightened, its ok
It wont take long
I just want to be left alone
Sit up
It wont take long
Pop these on here, so we
can hear whats going on
Your blood pressure is a little
high but that is to be expected
You are going through a very traumatic time
I would like to refer you to an
outside organisation that may help
Weve got to get you better, Abbie
A lot of women in your situation
have found it to be very helpful
In the meantime, I can write you
a prescription for some tablets...
that will help ease your stress a little
I just want it all to end
You really are very lucky to
have such a supportive husband
You should try and talk to him
I can see he loves you
Is everything ok?
Look after yourself, Abbie
Is she going to be alright?
Shes suffering stress from the loss
of the baby. But shell be ok in time
Ive written a prescription for diazepam
Should help calm her down
If you could pick it up as soon
as possible, that would be great
Yeah. Yeah of course
She needs a lot of rest...
and tender loving care
Has she said anything?
Shes very vulnerable at the moment
You need to be there for her
One hundred percent
Look after her, Mr Hemp
Yes of course
Just glad shes ok
[sound of typewriter keys]
Do you realise that you haven't
shagged me in ages, woman?
Whats this? What are you writing?
Get off Tim, its not finished yet
Whoah, whoah, whoah!
What is this?
Bethan ran down to meet Massimo
She leapt on the back of the bike...
seconds later they were roaring...
Stop it!
...down the open road
This was the first time Bethan
had been on a motorbike
...and it seemed to her...
- ...that it was one of the best things she had ever experienced.
- Tim, stop it!
Bethan enjoyed the sensation
of freedom the bike gave her.
And a warm breeze ruffled her hair
...caressed her skin
Why wont you just leave me alone?
Ah ha
Im not hurting you
This is the only time I have to myself
Its all Ive got
Well, let me tell you something
Because this shit...
doesnt put money in our pockets
Well you wouldnt let me work!
You were supposed to
take care of me. Remember?
Why does it bother you so much?
Me doing the things I like
Why cant you be supportive?
Why does everything have
to be about you, you, you?
Be careful, Abbie
Do you know what, Tim?
I dont even care
Do what you want!
Youve broken me already
- Cheers, mate
- Cheers!
So yeah. I was a bit of an
arse to buy this place, wasnt I?
Well, I didnt want to say anything mate
Well, thats alright. Youre going to do all the
plastering and painting. Everythings up to you
Im paying you. Im going
to sit there and do nothing.
[they laugh]
- Do you know how long its going to take?
- Yeah
Im the one that bought the place
Id better go
Alright mate. Take it easy
See you later
Why do you have to look so
fucking miserable all the time?
Why cant you actually make
an effort for me? Just once
Look at you. Look what youre wearing
Whats this? Eh? Whats this?
For once in your life can you make
an effort for me? Im your husband
And you wonder why I look at other women
No, youre not going anywhere.
Im trying to give you advice, here
Its these fucking tablets that youre
taking. Theyre messing with your head
And Im sick to death
of seeing you wander all around the house
bitching and whining and
crying Oh I lost the baby
Its fucking attention seeking
You caused it!
After you hit me
You killed our baby, not me
No. Dont you ever
fucking say that to me again!
I dont go to work every single
day to come back to this... this shit!
I pay the fucking bills
around here, not you
You lost our baby and Im gonna fucking
well make sure that you give me another
Get on that fucking table
If I have to fuck you every day, youre giving
me another fucking baby. Do you understand?
Please, please, please stop
Please dont
Do you understand me?
[Abbie cries in pain]
Youre giving me a fucking baby!
[Tim snoring]
Girl's voice "Mummy, save me"
[a woman crying]
You killed our baby
[A sinister laugh]
Is my lunch in there?
Yeah. Its all packed
Whats the matter?
Nothing. Im fine
Have a good day
Ill see you at six
Clean yourself up. You look a state
[Abbie screams]
[Tim tuts]
Stupid, stupid
Do you think you can leave me?
You honestly think you could leave me?
Huh? Is that what you were trying to do?
If I cant have you then
no one can have you
Huh? Dont you ever
try to fucking leave me.
I will not let you leave me for anybody
You are mine! Do you understand?
You can understand. Say yes. Go on, say yes
- Say yes, you can't leave
- Yes. Yes
- Yeah, yeah!
Come on. Keep struggling
Show me you can struggle
Show me. You dont
have the fucking strength
Come on. You dont, do you?
No, you dont
Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on
[They both pant for breath]
[Abbie moans]
Hey! Afternoon
[Abbie coughs]
It appears we had a little accident
Dont worry, sweetie.
Everything will be alright
You think Im stupid?
You think I cant read you like a book?
You think I dont know what you were doing?
You were lucky I didnt kill you
The next time you might not be so lucky
Just where the hell do you
think you were going anyway?
You've got no friends
Your family dont even want
to know about you these days
[Tim chuckles]
Have you ever stopped to wonder
why it is that everybody rejects you?
Everybody abandons you
[Abbie sniffs]
No. You probably havent, have you?
My mother was right about you, you know
You really are just a...
poor little excuse for a woman
Sorry, but its the truth honey
[Abbie cries]
The other night I was doing
you such a big favour you know?
Shagging you
Cos the state youre in at the moment,
nobody else would touch you with a barge pole
Now I want you to listen to me,
and I want you to listen to me good...
Youre mine
You belong to me
Nobody else
And if you ever, ever, try to
pull a stunt like that again...
I will fucking kill you!
You understand me?
Yeah? Getting through?
Now, I dont know about you...
but Im gonna go and get changed
Were in a bit of a state
[Girl's voice] Are you there?
[Girl's voice] Are you there?
[Girl's voice] Its me, Mummy
Is that you?
[Girl's voice] Yes, Mummy
[Girl's voice] Why did I die?
Please forgive me
I was too frightened to leave daddy
[Girl's voice] Daddy killed me, Mummy...
[Girl's voice] Hurt you
and took away your dreams
[Girl's voice] Remember the letters
What letters?
[Sound of static]
Dont go
[Girl's voice] Do it mummy
[kettle boiling]
[Tim snoring]
Its time
You hurt me too much, Tim
All I ever did was look after you
[Tim pants and gasps]
[Abbie hums]
I can't cope with you around anymore
You disgust me!
Im not as weak as you thought I was
Am I?
The years I suffered...
with you treating me like an animal
To be your little dog
Did you really think..
I was gonna put up with this forever?
The beatings...
the mental abuse...
Killing our child!
Please Abbie...
Im so sorry
But I need you...
to understand my pain
I need you to feel my suffering
[Tim tries to speak]
Like you always say...
You made me do this
No no no no!
[Tim screams in pain]
[the fire crackles]
[the door slams shut]
[the sound of typewriter keys]
Are you OK, Abbie?
Ive finished my new book
I did it
Would you like to read it?
Maybe later, Abbie, but you have a visitor
Its your husband, Abbie
Hes come to visit you
Its been a while, Abbie
Look, I bought you flowers
Theyre your favourites.
[Abbie whimpers]
Are you taking your medication?
I worry about you
The house is so lonely without you
Look. Im sorry, ok?
I wish I could bring you home with me.
But I cant. You just...
youre just too dangerous
to live with right now
You needed help
Wheres your god now?
Wheres your fucking god now?
You made me do this
[knocking on door]
[knocking on door again]
Heres the key to the
house, okay. Let yourself in
[key in lock]
Youre going to rot in here
So I suggest you start praying.
[Tim laughs mockingly]
Help! Now.
Youre dead!
-Calm down Abbie
- I killed you!
- Calm down
[Abbie keeps screaming]
You okay, sir? Let me see to that wound
Im okay. Thank you
Just worried about my wife
I know Mr Hemp
Must be hard seeing her like that
Life can be so cruel sometimes
Youre dead!
[mobile phone rings]
Hey ma
[Mother] Well?
Yeah, just left the hospital
[Mother] And Abbie?
Yeah, don't worry about it
She's sorted
[Mother] Very good, son
[Tim chuckles]
Yeah, look, I'm gonna be...
[Mother] You're well rid of her
[Thud and sound of air brakes]
[Mother] Tim? Tim?