Tyskungen (2013) Movie Script

That's a good name. Little Maja...
Are you a little Maja?
What do you think, Mother?
- I guess Maja sounds good.
- Good as gold...
- She looks so much like you.
- And her daddy...
- Something around her mouth...
- A beard?
Look how strong she is.
Let's say hi to your grandmother.
- Would you like to hold her?
Well, Maja... is very nice name.
- Is that your name?
It's Erica... You take it.
Oh, please! Did you step on it?
- Tore!
- Slow down!
The Hidden Child
Six Months Later
Everything will be all right.
It's good for Maja.
You get a room to write in.
And I won't have to commute any more.
Well then...
Here we go.
Here's the deed to your parents' house.
Sign these and you can move in.
Oh my... What do you say, Maja?
Want to be a police officer, Maja?
Or a writer, like Mommy?
You won't regret this, it's a wise choice.
And Fjllbacka is paradise on earth.
Is this our new home, sweetie? Is it?
Erica Falk?
- The author?
- Yes.
Didn't Elsy Mostrm used to live here?
Did you know her?
She's my mother.
- Elsy Mostrm is your mother?
- Yes, why do you ask?
I'm sorry...
The reason I'm here
is that I've been told...
...that Elsy Mostrm
was my birth mother.
My mother had two girls,
my younger sister and myself.
She had me in 1946, when she was 16.
A man named Frans Ringholm
wrote me, he told me all this.
I can't believe you're my sister!
"Human Blood"... What a book!
"Thicker Than Water"...
- I've read them all.
- I'd like you to go now.
I'm glad you like my work.
But you can't barge in like this.
This is my home...
I should have called first.
I'll be going. Sorry about this...
- Who was he?
- Just some deluded fan. I think...
Some man called Frans Ringholm
told him we had the same mother.
Frans Ringholm?
KME 310... KME 3 10...
KME 3 10...
Cop killer member
of neo-Nazi "Friends of Sweden"
Erica, is there anything
you want us to get rid of?
- What are you doing?
- I found Mother's old diary.
- Anything in it about... a kid?
- No.
The charity people are here.
What are they supposed to pick up?
I think you should talk to the guy.
I know you won't be able to drop it.
He's staying at the hotel.
You have reached Gran Berger.
I can't come to the phone right now.
Please try again later,
or leave a message.
Hello, Gran. It's me, Erica Falk.
Could you please call me?
I think we do need to talk after all.
You have my number now. Goodbye.
- Did he mention seeing anyone else?
- No.
He was a ex-sailor, disability pension.
Unmarried, no children.
No living relatives.
I've arranged for DNA testing,
if you want to know.
So is she a "Maja"?
What do you think, Mother?
Why didn't she say anything?
How can you give up a child
and never mention it again?
He was my brother and I threw him out!
- Stop the car.
He was my brother and I threw him out!
Didn't anyone know?
Someone must have...
Cop killer member
of neo-Nazi "Friends of Sweden"
Axel, Erik, Frans...
Fjllbacka. June 18, 1943
Dear Diary,
Today was a wonderful day!
It was pure magic.
One of those days
you wish would never end.
We went to a local dance.
Frans, Britta, Erik, Axel and me...
It was like there was no war.
I wish it could always be like this.
But tomorrow Axel will be going back
to Norway with Dad, on his boat.
Axel says it's our duty.
That we have to help the Norwegians.
I'm so afraid...
We can never be sure
that they will come back...
Denmark Liberated!
- There are about a hundred or so...
- Can you narrow it down to Fjllbacka?
Here's something...
- "Elsy Mostrm."
- My mother.
Here are the others' names:
Britta, Axel, Frans and Erik.
Could you print that out for me?
- Criminal Care Services
- Hello, I'm Erica Falck.
I would like to visit one of your inmates.
- What name?
- Frans Ringholm.
Please submit a written application
for our consideration...
Britta Johansson...
Erik... Erik Frankel.
Axel Frankel...
Axel... Axel... Axel?
Excuse me... Hello.
I'm looking for Axel and Erik Frankel.
- Well, I'm Erik.
- Hi, I'm Erica Falck.
I think you and your brother
once knew my mother, Elsy Mostrm.
- Who?
- Elsy Mostrm.
I'm... Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
My brother's granddaughter
has a train to catch.
Please wait a second...
I know you're a expert on WWII.
I found this, in my mother's things.
Do you know where it came from?
- I'll take a look.
- Thank you.
I'll be back in a few days.
Oh... Sure, you do that.
Who would have ever thought
Elsy would die in a car crash...
She was the most
loving person I've ever known.
Warm and open...
Full of life.
It's like you're describing someone else.
- That's you, right?
- Yes.
You do recognize Elsy, don't you?
She thought I did
such a poor job braiding my hair...
- I expect she was tidying me up there.
- So I see...
Why did you lose touch?
Both of you stayed on here in Fjllbacka.
What happened?
You don't want to know.
Yes, I think I do.
- It was his fault.
- Whose?
I'll show you.
Old bones...
- Old bones...
- What was that?
Old bones...
That's how it is...
Old bones need to rest in peace.
Elsy! I've been wanting
to speak to you for years...
No... I'm Elsy's daughter, Erica.
I have to tell you...
- Your son was here.
- Gran? Gran Berger?
I have a letter for you.
What were you trying to tell me?
- Was it about my brother, Gran?
- No...
- You were about to tell me something.
- No... No!
- No, no, no...
- Britta!
- What's going on?
- I just asked her a few questions.
- Who are you?
- Erica Falck, I wanted to ask...
- My wife has Alzheimer's. Get out.
- I don't want to...
Hi, how's it going? Is the Berger
post mortem report ready?
- Aren't you off duty?
- Yes...
- Coffee?
- No, I'm good.
His system was laced with Warfarin,
that's rat poison.
We have no suspects.
We have nothing...
No hotel staff on duty after 9 pm,
so anyone could get in unnoticed.
- No one's seen a thing?
- Nope.
Shall I dedicate your copy?
Kenneth, with "th"?
Thank you.
- Would you like a dedication?
- To Erica.
I think you knew my mother...
- Your mother?
- Elsy Mostrm.
Are you Elsy Mostrm's daughter?
Want to hear a secret?
You're just as pretty as your mother.
Thank you.
Your mother was a delightful young lady.
Everyone was crazy about her.
- Did you know that she had a baby?
- No...
Imagine that, Elsy had a little boy.
That was in 1946.
She never told me about him.
Things happened in Fjllbacka
that I know nothing about...
Was that 1946?
I spent two years
in a German camp, Sachsenhausen.
I was captured in Norway in 1943...
They sent me to Germany
soon thereafter.
It was my third trip to Norway.
Your mother was always so worried...
But we saw it as our duty
to side with the Norwegians.
I belonged to a Resistance group
and we were
planning to blow up an airbase.
I was smuggling intel...
Got a match?
Who are you working for?
Who are you working for?!
Move it!
Next. Name, age...
It was an encounter with death.
A journey to hell!
Turn around!
Move along...
Who were you in contact with?
The Brits. Force 136.
- What day is it?
- No talking to the prisoners.
"What day is this?"
It's Thursday.
You speak Norwegian...
How long have I been here?
Nearly two months now.
Excuse me, I'm looking for Erik.
Who are you?
What's wrong?
What have you done?
It wasn't me.
What have you done?! Don't leave!
It wasn't me, it was...
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. Mellberg's in the house.
Hi there, sweetie pie.
I need you back on duty.
It's the police.
Hello, Axel Frankel speaking.
Why did you kill him?
I didn't.
So you tripped over
the murder weapon and picked it up?
He was already dead when I got there.
Your grandfather, Frans Ringholm...
You see him in prison a lot.
He told you about
the Frankel brothers, didn't he?
We understand that you
support Friends of Sweden.
Along with your grandfather.
Right-wing extremists...
Friends of Sweden have harassed us
for years now,
and I've saved their threats.
Frans Ringholm...
He hates the Axel Frankel Center
and what it stands for.
Do you believe
that you were the intended target?
- We can come back later.
- No...
You have a job to do.
My father has helped expose
more than 50 war criminals...
Have you been in touch with Ringholm?
He's in prison, a life sentence.
I want nothing to do with a man like him.
- Prison Service.
- I'm Erica Falck.
I'm here to see Frans Ringholm.
Go ahead.
Hello, please put
any loose objects in the bins.
There is staff on duty 24 /7.
And surveillance cameras are installed.
There is a button by the door.
Push it when you're ready to leave
or if you require assistance.
Thank you for seeing me.
Why did you contact Gran Berger?
Come here...
You look like your mother...
The same sadness in your eyes.
Have a seat.
I'm glad you came.
- That you agree to cooperate.
- I came to talk about my mother.
My grandson did not kill Erik Frankel.
- I see that you would believe that...
- Per didn't do it.
- Like I said, I only came...
- Help me.
Then I will tell you
what happened to your mother.
I know why your mother was unhappy.
I can't help you.
We're done in here.
I can tell you about Hans Olavsen...
The boy who got your mother pregnant.
I'm sorry, we'll be needing
a little more time.
I would have told this story much earlier,
but I wanted to protect Elsy.
I couldn't bring myself
to do it until she had passed.
She died...
without ever knowing the truth.
- I missed you!
- And I missed you.
This is Hans Olavsen.
He escaped from Grini.
Did you ever meet a boy called Axel?
Axel Frankel, he's 17.
It's his brother.
We think the Germans got him.
No. Sorry.
Imagine that, a Norwegian who escaped
from the Germans will be our guest.
- I hope you will feel welcome here.
- I'm sure I will.
The pleasure is all mine...
You were in love with my mother...
Why should I believe you?
There's a file...
Items Per helped me locate.
There are photographs, documents...
Go pick it up.
Come back after you've read it all.
- Where is it?
- At Carina's house. Per's mother.
- Hello...
- Is this about Per?
- I've been talking to his grandfather.
- That beast destroyed my son's life.
I think he's trying
to do the right thing this time.
Frans is convinced that Per is innocent.
- Hello, Britta. How are you?
- He loved her.
- Who did?
- He loves her and...
And she loves him.
He loves her and she loves him.
Who are you talking about?
- They loved each other! They did.
- Britta?
Tell me more about Hans Olavsen.
I tried to warn her about him.
But she wouldn't listen.
What did you warn her about?
Right from the start, I knew there
was something fishy about Hans...
Then one day, word arrived that Elsy's
dad had been killed in the war.
There was a mine. He...
No... !
May I come in?
I don't know what to say.
It's so unfair...
War is not pretty.
The good ones die...
Don't go poking around in my things!
Give me that.
- What was that?
- Listen, it's not what you think.
Just a medal, it doesn't mean a thing.
You've got to believe me.
It might have saved me
if I had been caught.
Why do you still have it?
I'm so happy we met.
The only thing I want now...
...is to be with you.
So he tricked her?
Did he stay on in Fjllbacka?
- Could he be the one...?
- Wait, you're getting ahead of things.
- Can't you just say why...
- Hans Olavsen never left Fjllbacka.
- I told you to wait!
- Did he adopt a new identity?
You need to help me out
before I tell you more!
- Per! Get him out of custody!
- What do you expect me to do?
All the evidence
points in his direction...
- Per didn't kill anyone!
- I saw him !
It's not what it seems, he's innocent!
- Sorry, there's nothing I can do!
- You're not going anywhere!
Are you all right? Frans?
- He just collapsed...
- Can you hear me, Ringholm?
- Call an ambulance!
- Can you hear me?
- Hello.
- Hello, son.
- How are you?
- What do you want?
Your grandfather died today.
A heart attack.
Let's go.
We have a runner...
Hey, you...
Stop! Stop!
Stop him!
All units: Escape attempt on floor 2...
- God dammit!
- I'll get the key...
Watch out!
- Suspect now in the yard!
- Get him!
Head him off at the parking lot.
Head him off on the north side.
The north side.
Sorry about just showing up like this,
but is Axel here?
I'd like to ask him
a few things about my mother.
I'm not sure that I like
you bothering him like this.
What's going on?
She wants to talk to you.
Well, that's all right...
Come along.
Hans Olavsen...
He got my mother pregnant.
I heard that people took in
Norwegian resistance men here,
but I never met any of them.
Frans Ringholm told me
that Hans Olavsen
is still here, in Fjllbacka.
So I thought it might be...
That he might be...
The person who killed my brother?
And Gran.
I think the police have solid evidence
against Ringholm's grandchild.
So no...
Both of us have lost a brother.
Even if you didn't know him,
it's still a tragedy.
Nothing is more important than family.
Erik was overjoyed...
...when I came back from the war.
And you're sure you've never
heard of Hans Olavsen?
Show some respect!
- Don't you see how hard this is on him?
- It's all right.
You can do this some other time.
- I think you'd better go.
I apologize.
Patrik, listen to me...
Where are you?
What are you doing there?
Herman, talk to me...
You can tell me what happened.
Please, Herman...
What happened?
- What was the COD?
- Suffocation.
- What about him?
- He has an alibi. But something's off...
- May I go inside?
- No, this ends here and now.
Let us take care of the case.
Try to let go.
She was the last one...
She was the most loving person
I've ever known.
Warm, open...
And full of life.
Doesn't sound like the same person.
It was his fault.
Take it easy. Don't scream.
Where are my papers?
Calm down and listen !
Get your car keys.
You're going to help me find the killer.
We're going to find Hans Olavsen.
- What do you know?
- Nothing.
What did Frans tell you?
Shut up and drive.
Where are we going?
- You'll see. Just follow the GPS.
- ETA, 7 hours and 3 minutes.
- Kristina speaking.
- Hi, Mom...
Make a right turn.
Per, wake up...
We'll be at the border soon.
Put away the gun.
Put it in the glove compartment.
Erica's missing.
Erica's missing.
The car's gone too. She never
goes anywhere without telling me...
- Have you put out an alert on the car?
- No.
600 meters, then make a left turn.
Turn left.
You have reached your destination.
- What the hell are you doing here?
- We're looking for Hans Olavsen.
- What for?
- To talk about my mom, Elsy Mostrm.
- Who's he?
- Per Ringholm.
The guy who sent all those letters?
Is Hans Olavsen here?
That's me... I'm Hans Olavsen.
We're looking for an older man...
I was named
after my grandfather's brother.
Their father was German and their
mother, my grandma, was Norwegian.
Hans disappeared.
When your grandfather contacted me,
I found out
that he had gone to Fjllbacka.
Here, have a look at this...
So, Hans Olavsen worked at Grini?
Both Hans and Harald worked there.
- For the Germans?
- Yes, unfortunately.
That's one of the last pictures
ever taken of Hans.
That's Axel Frankel,
my mother knew him.
Who's that man? In the middle?
Espen... Espen Bye Askildsen.
We were in touch... a few years back.
When I was trying to find out
what had happened to Hans.
I think I have his number somewhere.
Would you like me to set up a meeting?
That would be great.
- It's me. I'm in Norway and I'm fine.
- Where are you?
I'll be home tomorrow.
There's someone I need to see first.
- I can't talk, Patrik. Bye.
- Who do you have to see? Hey...
Patrik, take a look at this...
This morning, at the Norwegian border.
Hang on...
What the hell...?
What have you done?
Why are the cops here?
What's going on?!
God dammit, let me go!
Let me go!
Don't move... Nice and easy...
Hi there, Espen...
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
You have visitors.
- Who are they?
- The people who called you.
- To talk about Grini, remember?
- Of course I remember!
There's nothing wrong with my memory.
Hello, Espen.
- Are you Hans-Erik?
- No, it's Erica Falck.
Oh, right...
I was wondering if you
recognize Hans Olavsen.
- The guy on the left.
- On the left?
I need my magnifying glass.
Hans Olavsen. He...
He made my mother pregnant.
Back then, during the war.
I'd like to know more...
Who he was and what happened.
I don't remember his name...
Hans Olavsen, you say?
That sounds familiar...
That the enemy was evil and brutal,
I can understand that...
But all those countrymen
who did their bidding...
All the bastards that helped the enemy.
The infiltrators.
Who betrayed their own people!
They are beyond forgiveness.
And that one...
He tricked everyone into believing
that he was a nice person.
But he was the worst of them all!
- Out! Move it!
- Askildsen stays here.
Take him to the "lounge".
So Hans Olavsen
worked for the Germans at Grini.
He fled to Sweden,
pretended to be a member
of the Norwegian resistance...
And when my mother
realized she had been deceived...
She gave her baby away.
Nobody wanted to have a German brat.
But why Gran, Erik and Britta....
Frans said Olavsen never left Fjllbacka.
Could he have changed his name?
We should talk to Herman,
I think he knows something.
Could Herman
possibly be Hans Olavsen?
- Could we have a word?
- What's the point?
My wife is dead
and I'll never get her back.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Just leave me be.
This isn't about your wife,
it's about...
...Hans Olavsen.
I don't know a thing...
I think you do know
who I'm talking about.
Aren't you Hans?
Drop the axe.
I'll tell you the truth.
I'm not Hans.
Britta told me all about it.
It all began when Axel
came back from the war.
Hello, Axel!
Hello, Axel!
This is Hans.
- So you're selling the house?
- Yes...
I'm hardly ever here.
Erik insisted on hanging onto it.
I have a flat in London, you know.
Do you remember that I asked you
about someone named Hans Olavsen?
You have met him.
- Isn't that you, on the left?
- No, to the right. That's me.
Yes, but on the other side.
In a uniform.
That's Hans Olavsen.
I think I know who you mean,
maybe his name was Hans...
What can I say about him?
He was one of the guards.
One of the Nazi bastards.
That's all I know.
Are you telling me...
...that he got your mother pregnant?
Yes. And I think he killed
our brothers and Britta.
When were you imprisoned at Grini?
- Your medal!
- What?
I expect you want it back.
I'll go and find it.
"My father was arrested in 1943
and sent to Grini.
In 1944, he was
transferred to Sachenhausen."
Hans Olavsen, you say?
That sounds familiar.
That the enemy was cruel and evil,
I could understand that...
Who do you work for?
But that all these countrymen...
The infiltrators...
...who betrayed their own...
Them, I cannot abide.
I don't remember his name,
but he convinced everyone
that he was a nice guy.
- Who were you in contact with?
- The Brits. Force 136.
But he... he was the worst of them all.
Askildsen stays here!
Take him to the "lounge".
There you are! I was looking...
You found it.
- Thank you.
- Thousands of those were handed out.
Come to the basement with me,
I'll show you my collection.
That's nice, but I have to go home...
I lied about Hans.
Our paths did cross, as you noticed.
I have to go...
The basement.
You want to know the truth, don't you?
You were never sent to a German camp.
You were in Grini the whole time.
You sold out. To save your own hide.
What kind of nonsense is that?
I was transferred to Sachsenhausen.
Then why are you in a photo
from Grini taken 1944?
Who knows when that was taken?
This is absurd!
You've been talking to senile old coots.
I'm telling you the truth !
And you do want to know
what happened to Elsy, don't you?
Hans isn't a resistance man,
he's the son of a German Nazi!
He wasn't a prisoner, he was a guard!
He's tricked Elsy, don't let him
get away with it. - Frans...
He's fooled us all. Follow me.
Wait up...
- What it is?
- We just want to talk.
Have you been deceiving Elsy?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You're a Nazi.
Go right...
In there, we have the past.
What does this
have to do with my mother?
Take a look around.
50 years of collecting...
Lots of knowledge.
Life is too short...
...for ignorance.
Take this, for example...
It was owned by Josef Kramer.
"The Beast of Belsen"...
I have a baby girl.
War taught me...
...to turn a blind eye to death.
But the people who stayed at home
never understood a thing.
Go get him!
You tricked Elsy!
Get him !
- Go on, admit that you're a Nazi!
- I'm not a Nazi!
My father's German
and my mother's Norwegian!
- That's why I came here!
- Axel!
He's lying! Frans!
No... He's the liar!
You can't trust him.
I saw him at Grini!
He worked for the Nazis! For my father!
- Let me go!
- I want to hear what he has to say.
He was an infiltrator.
He worked for the Nazis. Don't trust him !
- You know you're not a hero, Axel!
- He'd say anything!
I didn't trick Elsy, I love her.
- Frans!
- We're having a baby.
Did you knock Elsy up
with a German brat?!
Is she going to have
a goddamn German brat?!
Get him !
Good, Frans! Get him good!
I told her:
"Think of our children, think of us."
"Whatever happened is dead and gone."
But the Alzheimer's...
I couldn't get her to keep her mouth shut.
She'd mix things up.
And when your wife was hounding her...
Here, it's a letter Hans Olavsen wrote.
...should never...
...have meddled in this!
What has to take place now...
...is entirely your own fault.
We're in the basement!
- What's this, Dad?
- She tried to steal from me.
Your father worked for the Germans.
A double agent.
He was in Norway the whole time.
Here's a photo from Grini.
- Taken in 1944.
- What?
Who knows when that was taken?
Alva, please...
- Put that gun down, Dad.
- We had a pact.
They went back on their word!
Britta... Frans...
Even Erik was willing to betray me.
Because that "German brat" showed up!
Did you kill uncle Erik?
We had an agreement.
He would have ruined everything.
No one will come looking for him.
We're the only people
who know about this.
There's no need to tell anyone.
- What's your plan? Tell us!
- What about his mom?
What about Elsy?
You are not to blame.
But we will never tell anyone.
- I can't lie to Elsy...
- Listen, this concerns all four of us.
Stop. Stop the cart.
We did Elsy a favor.
We'll tell her the truth :
He tricked her and he left her.
He's dead. We can't change that.
He's right.
The only thing we can do
is to never mention it again.
No matter what, this never happened.
We'll bury him in the cemetery...
In a proper grave.
I want to hear a yes from each of you.
Swear to keep this secret forever.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Leave the room!
Give me the gun.
- Get out of the way, Alva.
- Put it down, Dad.
No! Dad !
Move it!
Axel, we're coming downstairs.
NO! !
Dear Harald,
I wish I could have been in touch
sooner, but it was too risky.
I was able to escape and
a boat took me to Fjllbacka.
I am staying with
a sea captain and his family.
I am in love with their daughter, Elsy.
She is pregnant
and we are getting married.
I've never been as happy
as I am right now.
I want to put the past behind me.
And I hope she will have faith in me.
At some point,
she will have to learn the truth.
I hope that one day,
I can bring my new family to see you.
That you will be able
to meet my Elsy and our child.
Let me hold him...
I want to hold him...
All the best, your brother, Hans.
Please let me hold him...
I have to take him now.
I'm so glad you came here.
You won't leave us, will you?
Leave? I will never leave you.
What about when the war is over?
I will never leave you.
I will never ever leave you.
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