Tyson (1995) Movie Script

"I was a child when I saw (Muhammad Ali)
for the first time."
"I saw the way people like
it with admiration."
"I saw their smiling faces."
And I said to myself: This is how I want to be.
"I want to be the world champion"
Wait, Mike.
Give me this
Don't freak
. It's Doug.
Damn man! why are you late
Here they are
Go there and do that
Do it, man
Get them, Mike.
It is time
Well, now you and I will play against each other
Clear the stadium, clear the stadium
Clear the field,
I'll put the ball in the basket
- Go,
go - come on, come on
- No, not here.
- Scroll
- Pass the ball
- I got it
- Well
- watch it
Watch out! Watch out!
- Hold it
- Run, run
Let's differentiate
Come on, man
- Come on
! - Damn!
Hold it
Hurry up, Tito, come on!
Let someone call the police
"All I need is this washing up."
"I know, my dear"
Rodney, is my mom at home?
- "Thinking about going in the afternoon"
- "My pants are gray."
- "You will go to the laundry center"
- "Yes"
"Why don't you let me take care of you (George)
like I did 20 years ago?"
- "Has all this time passed?"
- "You will be late, we have to hurry."
- "Okay, well, goodbye"
- "Goodbye dear"
- "Bye, mom"
- "Bye, sweetie"
"Come back early because
I'm preparing a surprise tonight."
- (Dennis) Is my mom at home?
- Does it seem to you?
"(Michael Gerald Tyson)
You are guilty of aggravated assault"
- "Drunk in a public place and hanging around"
- "Guilty of beating and assault"
Possessing a deadly weapon and grand theft
- "burglary"
- "burglary under threat"
- Guilty of the charges against him
- Possession of Stolen Items
- You are ruled guilty
- Resisting arrest
- "On charges of armed robbery"
- (Michael Tyson)
- Assault with a deadly weapon
- You will be imprisoned
In the Trayon Correctional Service for boys
in Johnstown, north of New York.
(Catskill), (New York), 1979.
What is the boy's name
- I thought you spoke to (Bobby)
- All he said was that he had a boy
- We have to see it
- not (Bobby Stewart)
Yes, from Tyrone's correctional facility.
Wonderful! This is what is missing from
another misdemeanor event
Catskill Boxing Club
What did this boy do?
Rather, say what he did not do. He was arrested
about 40 times before the age of 12
40 times? Oh my God
Even (Al Capone)
has not been arrested 40 times
Sounds bad boy
. Sure
- Does he have a mother?
- Of course he has a mother
At some point even the mother gave up
(Bobby) I wouldn't expect to take this boy
to my house, right?
(Bobby) does not expect anything
all he said is to see him
- Are you okay, Cass?
- Yes, I'm fine
Go and I'll catch you
Come on, Kevin.
Is that it?
It is 180 centimeters long and weighs 82 kilograms
It is
He is strong
Yes, I was expecting a tiny little boy.
What do you feed these boys, Bobby?
As usual, breakfast cereals with chocolate and
He doesn't have a cool style,
but he's good at punching
Not only can he punch
this damned boy like Joe Frager.
It is very fast
On your messenger, son
What is your name, son?
(Mike) What?
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson
Keep up with what you do
What do you think?
What do you think?
I think it fights bad intentions
this is my opinion
Be careful!
Here we go
This is our side of the road
Let's go back to what I was saying
Yes, do not worry about your fear of entering a fight.
You should worry if you are not afraid
Fear is a friend every athlete witty and sane
tempered speed
You see that house over there?
That new house, Mike.
Turn right, right
With caution
Here we are
Come in, behave as if you're at home
I want to introduce you to this woman
Come here, greet Mike.
(Mike) is a boxer

Mike, this is Camille Ewald.
Tell her you are glad to meet her
My pleasure to meet you, madam
It's okay
Don't be so angry, I know he's someone else to
support but ...
We can take advantage of the
additional $ 200 here
Come on, I'll show you your room
- Is (Camille) your wife?
- Not quite, this is her house
I don't think she'd be here
No, she's just a little shy
See this
If I catch a fool who does this, I
'll make him lose some of his teeth, believe me
I have 6 boxers staying here
It is important for everyone to
be in order. This will be your room
It is important that we bring you an alarm clock
Who ate my sundae?
Never arrest you while you eat sundae!
What is the difference between a hero and a coward?
There is no difference
They are very similar from the inside
Both fear death or harm
But what the hero does
is what makes him a hero
What the other man does not do
is what makes him a coward
Damn it!
"When two men enter the circuit,
only one deserves to win."
"When you enter the circuit you must know
that you deserve to win."
"You must know that fate owes you victory
because you train more than your opponent."
"I punched harder
and ran a longer distance."
- Because you woke up
- "More early"
I know you are not asleep
I know you hear me
Always keep your chin facing down towards your chest
I don't care if you are running
or walking around the school
Or watch TV
keep your chin down
Your eyes are facing up
One word (Rocky Marciano) describes
It weighs only 85 kg
But to this day he remains the
only heavyweight champion he has never been defeated
How? Because he did not imagine
that he could lose
The concept of defeat was not allowed to enter his mind
Do not look at the gloves, but on the chest
If you wait for the gloves to move, you will be eliminated
When the chest contracts, it rushes
(Joe Lewis) It seemed calm
But from the inside, he was filled with anger
He was a black man in the world of white men
and he hated it
Everywhere and throughout the day
Stay in constant motion,
not to let him see your head twice in the same place
Set a target for him here and
when he waves his hand, he will have lost it
When the counterattack
5 fingers move to the ribs
- Then 4-1 at the top, I see?
- Yes
Well, let's go
"If you don't get hit, you won't lose
it. Simple."
When you learn to keep your head low and
hidden behind your gloves.
And in a constant motion,
no one can hit you with any punch.
Lying, deceit and intrigue
are what will kill you
Do not let anyone know your true intentions
"Hero Boxers are champions in lying.
They are the best in the world."
"Keep your camera moving because I'm fast."
Get away from him and keep pugging.
Who ate my sundae?
Who ate my sundae?
Who ate my sundae? Damn
- What's wrong?
- Mike's mother died.
- He has to take a bus to Brooklyn.
- Can you get him to the town?
- Sure
What will you do, Mike?
Are you coming back to live here at home?
No, I have a house, man
Hi mike
Hello, Jamie.
- What are you doing?
I build a bath
I heard about the death of your mother
We are glad your return home
- (Jaime)
- Okay, uncle (Teddy)
I have to go
Bath if
My father used to call her flying rats
How was the funeral?
Do you know who is the professional?
The person being paid to ...
It has nothing to do with money
A professional is someone who does his job
regardless of how he feels, understand?
7 No matter what
- What is this?
- It's for you
(Muhammad Ali) gave it to me and I will give it to you
Take it with you to the Junior Olympics
Junior Olympics 1982
(Colorado Springs), (Colorado)
"It's a heavyweight championship."
Relax, Mike, please
- I am very scared
- What scares you?
To disappoint Kass
- You will not be disappointed
You have come down men stronger than this
look at your opponent there
Look at it
Do you think he's not afraid?
Of course he's afraid
What did Cass say?
Remember what he said about your fear? What did he say
- He told me to take advantage of
him - How do you use it?
- To turn my fear into a fight
- that's right
So, what will you do when you enter the circuit?
I will start with some movements 7
- 7
- Well done, your chin down
With your eyes up, what will you do next?
- I'll punch 2
- What is the next punch?
5 7-2-5
I keep moving to the depth
What will you do when you get to the rear?
I will open up as a scoundrel
Well, let's go and win the match
To the ring
Go ahead
Go to the corner
4 5
6 7
8 9
You succeed, hero
Well, stay still, don't move
- Would he be okay?
- He would be okay
8? What do you mean by 8?
There are only 3 rounds in the Junior Olympics
No, 8 seconds.
8 seconds?
What did he do? Did he shoot the man?
As if he did, they say is a
new Olympic record
Everyone is talking about
Where is he now?
Still in the ring,
they just announced the result
- "Anyone speak to him?"
- Of course, the ring is full of people
Teddy, I want you to take him back here immediately
- To get back here on the first plane
- but ...
Don't argue with me, Teddy
, just do it
Damn those predators!
Actually, to Mike,
it's ...
What to (Mike)?
After the death of his mother etc.
I thought that maybe ...
Are you adopting it?
I know this sounds crazy,
but what do you think?
Cass, here we come
. Cass!
Cass, you succeeded
just as you said
Yes, but you took 8 seconds,
why is it late?
I'm proud of you, Mike, so proud
Come on, Mike,
let's take these things inside
I was thinking while you were away
- Camille and I are actually
- about what?
What do you think if we became the guardian of you?
Do you want to adopt me?
Yes, something like that
Yes, definitely
This is good, son
Michael, congratulations
You have been successful!
Camille, was Cass really serious about ...
Cass is always serious
So, was he serious about ...
yours, too?
So ...
So can I call you mom?
I like it very much
What do you want from me?
- He needs boxing colleagues
- What about the other boxers?
I mean real boxing colleagues.
All my boxers have beaten up
It's a risk, Cass,
bringing another boxer today is expensive
For me, everything is a risk
We are talking about the next world
heavyweight boxing champion
- Are you serious?
- Remember my words
When the history of boxing is written, they will write down the name
(Mike Tyson) with names
With Dempsey, Marciano, and Joe Lewis.
Those are big names, Cass.
So, when are we going to meet this kid?
- What are you doing here, Michael?
Come here for a bit
See this guy?
This is the most honorable man I know in this corrupt field
(Jimmy Jacobs)
Mike Tyson, my son's been around for two weeks
Mike Tyson, Jimmy Jacobs
Hello, Mike
. Nice to meet you, Mr. Jacobs.
Please call me (Jimmy)
always just call me (Jimmy)
- This is my partner, Bill Keaton.
- (Mike)
I watched your match at the Junior Olympics,
you did a great job
Thank you, Mr. Keaton.
- Pardon, Mike.
Bill and Jimmy are boxing business directors
, Mike.
They wouldn't be here if I hadn't trusted them
Yes, this is the type of friend
that should be around you
It's the kind that keeps you out of trouble, believe me
If you want to be a hero,
you must show great discipline
The next great heavyweight champ
Who were you talking to, man?
Is that what the white man tells you?
You know he's lying to you, right?
You know that, right?
There must be 10,000 people like you
in the slums who have the same dream
Each one of them must be behind someone who is under the illusion of the
dreaded (Anglo Dandy)
- His name is (Angelo Dandy)
- (Angelo) or (Angelo), it does not matter
This saddens me
Let's go home
. This nonsense causes depression
- Stop the car.
- Why?
Hello, girls
Hey, stop the car,
they are interested
Where are you two girls?
How are you
- Wait, my dear
- Let's go, man
Can I accompany you, my dear?
Please man, how many times should you fail
before you stop trying?
Wait for it
They are running away
I like that on the right, man
- Damn it! We must have hidden them
- they are not afraid
What are you doing
Come on, man
They must have entered here
Not here, Mike. Let's go
- They are hiding here.
- What are you looking for?
- Come on, you went.
- What do you want?
- Oh, man!
- You can't go in there
- Two girls
- Get out!
- Leave
- Where are you?
- What are you doing here? Get out
- stay away from me
This is not permissible, man, let's go
- Get out
. - Get away from me
Call the police, call the police
- Get out of here.
- Come on, buddy
- Hello, I want to call the police
- All for a girl
- All of you, like each other
- I called the police
Damn you bitch!
Call the damned police
- What's wrong with you?
- Let's go, Mike, let's go
- Get out of here
! - Damn you!
Someday I will own this damn shop.
What do you want to do?
- Police
- Come on, come on
Damn you dreaded!
What's wrong with you man?
Damn it!
Let's go
Is not present
If it had been the first time
, there wouldn't have been a problem
But it is becoming a pattern now
He commits a foul and disappears
How long has he been away this time?
3 or 4 days? Do we know where he is?
- Don't go overboard, Teddy! - Exaggerate
Last week he threatened a school teacher
Last month, a female classmate was lying in class
under the legal age
We have to get him out of school
- Are
you taking it out of school? - Clearly, it has a negative impact on him
(Cass), he's in tenth grade
needs school
What he needs is an environment that leads him
to become a boxing champion
What if he does not succeed in boxing?
What if he had to find a job one day?
Is this dialogue ended?
He needs discipline, Cass.
I think we should freeze his privileges
in the gym
You have trained two world champions.
Do you want to tell me what to do?
If he was any other boxer, I would have fired him long ago
I will not separate my best boxer, this is stupid
- Teddy, you have visitors.
- I'm busy
I will tell you what stupidity is stupid
letting that fool do what he likes
Because you are afraid to leave
if you do not allow him to do so
Don't tell me how to run a club
. Rather, our club. Remember, Cass?
He has been our club for six years
- (Teddy)
- What?
Your sister is here
- (Mike Tyson)
- Yes
Damn it! That bastard!
I will kill that filthy
rash enough, I'll get it done my way
Let's go, let's get out of here
If you allow your attention to be distracted, you will allow
yourself to fail
Go back to the training
You bastard! You have gone too far
Know what causes this.
Know what caused this
- What? Jamie?
- That's right, Jamie.
- I didn't do anything, man.
- Damn you! I know what you did exactly
- She sought me.
- She sought you?
She is a child
You bastard, if you reduce the respect of
one of my family again, I will kill you
Understand, I swear I will kill you
If you want to scare me,
I will do the best I can
Do you suspect me?
Say that
Do you suspect me?
He is outside
What was I supposed to do my
(Jimmy)? Was with him a pistol
Yes, he fired a bullet
No, he shouldn't
think he was just trying to scare him
This is a violent way to communicate perspective
He claims Mike tried to get into a relationship
with his younger wife's sister
Yes, I have to find a new coach
Go, 5-5-6
Hit it
No boxer enters the track without fear, but fear is a
friend and loyal to every wise and wise athlete
How you feel when you are piling
for a professional prize money
It feels great
"(Tyson) is the product of good work and
brilliant fists."
(Tyson) prepares to start a sweeping tour
Yes! Fabulous
Respect for Tyson is increasing.
(Tyson) and (Dmato), the successful duo
Then count him
Are you okay?
Are you sure?
Yes! Yeah! Well done
Beautiful, beautiful
6 7 8 9
Visit hours are over
You cannot log in, visiting hours are over
- I have to see it
- No, you can't see it
Leave him alone, let him relax
, the visit hours are over, come back tomorrow
It's okay
He was waiting for you
Cass, man
Please don't die, man.
Please don't die, Cass.
How can I die when you don't even let me sleep?
Please man, you have to recover
You have to recover, I will
fail without you man
I cannot continue while you are not there to
press me
You have to keep going, Mike.
If not, fail
I will return from death
And beat you
7-7-2, see how good he is still
Do you know that it weighed 79 kilograms?
His opponent was overweight by
a difference of 11 and a half kilograms
He always fights in depth
Like Fraser with Ali.
Yes, he will not continue to
lose his speed
Are you listening to me?
I miss him, Jimmy
I miss him a lot
Damn it!
I worry about the man
who cannot cry
I'm so weak,
I feel weak, Jimmy.
Weak? You are Iron Mike
You're the big Mike
I don't feel like it, not after Cass goes away.
I didn't know what he saw on me
He loved you

For your bravery ...
And your boldness
You have a fist like a bowling ball
- like a demolition
ball - a demolition ball
I'm with you, Mike.
I will not go anywhere
So, with heavyweight championship
at stake?
Early in
Mike Tyson's Career
"The torch that Kato Dumato sponsored,
has become a bright flame."
(Tyson) punches
his deadly punch with his left fist.
(Burbeek) falls to the ground.
(Burbeek) is having trouble getting up, and he
'll try.
And now he falls again.
"This may be the end of the
age of 20 ..."
Mike Tyson is about to become the
youngest heavyweight champion in history.
Sorry, that's enough, it's
all over
"It works."
A new era in boxing has begun
At the age of 20, Mike Tyson has accomplished
what he seeks.
Ladies and gentlemen, time.
"Two minutes and 35 seconds
after the start of the second round"
Referee (Mills Lane) suspended the tour.
"Knockout winner and
New World Champion in heavyweight boxing"
Iron Mike Tyson
"I would like to dedicate my victory to my wonderful guardian
(Cass D'Amato)"
"I know he is in heaven watching and
speaking to the big boxers."
"He says he's a girl who has succeeded."
"What was the most important lesson I learned
from (Cass Datato)?"
Cass was all about the
Mike, is that a good thing, man?
Mike, is that a good thing?
Who will be your next opponent, hero?
"I am the world champion. I will
fight anyone I want."
"Anyone in the world will
fight against everyone who challenges me."
"The amazing thing about accomplished boxers
is how fast their hands are."
Well, watch this, Tucker,
left fist on the ribs, right?
Watch this
Look at this nonsense
punched with the right hand on the head every time
What did you do, Mike?
Back to that station
Go back to that station
Do you see that? Every time he punches, he turns
his right hand back and leaves you ...
What is this (Mike)
Would you go back to that station?
Mike, you know you're going to drop this guy
Where is my dinner?
- I just had lunch
- Never mind, I'm hungry
Give me that damn thing
"He is trying to stay out of the left hand"
Enough, Mike, give me this
Give me the dreaded controller
"It comes a little closer and then backs off."
"It is approaching the face area"
scoundrel! What happened to you recently?
Tony Tucker's Corner
What do you want Spaghetti? Steaks
I want corn groats
I want black peas to
make me a pig bowel platter from that bum
- What kind of food is this?
- "Thank you, Yvonne."
You know I don't know how to cook that
"Watch out, peasants. The
empress is not dressed."
- What a rascal!
- Is anyone at home?
- How are you, man?
- Okay
Fine, what's wrong with Kevin?
I'm trying to raise a rock on a mountain
that's sermon (Kevin)
- (Jimmy), I'm glad to see you, man
- How are you?
Fine, don't hurt me, man
Hurt you You were well
Do you know that - do you steer clear of trouble?
If you get gonorrhea
- not a big deal
Do you mean the disease or what I picked up with it?
Yes, right
I'm serious, Mike. There are so many things going
on right now that might kill you
And you risk too much
It was just a passing stage, Jimmy, and
I skipped it
Of course! Orgy is a trivial thing, right?
No man, I'm serious
I mean, I want to fall in love,
do you understand what I mean ?
I want a relationship like yours with Lauren
and some kids
- What do you mean?
- Yes, sure
Forget this!
Well, Jimmy,
I saw a pretty pretty girl today
She is smart and elegant
and I'm still thinking about her, she stopped my heart
I think her name is Robin.
- Is she from this region?
- No, I saw her on TV
The TV?
- Wow! Forget this
- please, man
Hey, is Robin Gevens out there?
Good evening. Can I talk to Robin?
Damn it!
Hi Robin, it's Mike
(Mike Tyson)
"Hello for the second time"
- What did you say?
- "Hello, I mean, who speaks?"
- Are you (Robin)?
- "This is my name, don't consume it."
"Who do I speak with?"
It's Mike Tyson.
(Mike Tyson) boxer?
"Yes, that's right."
This is a surprise
Please be pleasantly surprised
She is so happy now
And what is the reason for this call, Mr.
Mike Tyson?
Actually, I ...
Admired your business a long time ago and
think that maybe ...
We can meet one day
"I understand from this that you hope to meet?"
Yes, you know, it does not matter
"I was thinking about coming to the West and
visiting you."
"If you don't mind"
(Tyson) v. (Tucker)
(Las Vegas), (Nevada)
August 1, 1987
Benches beside the ring for Mike's
new mistress ?
(Mike) said this is a serious relationship
- Really?
- He's in love
! !
No, come on!
Well, come
He is not getting it done
Well, get away, stop this
Come on, Mike.
Perform the movement 4
- Come on.
- Come over here
Stop this, come on
You project your chin as if you were a penny
Do not use a single punch method.
Work on the body first, then the head
Do you know what will happen if you lose tonight
That sweetheart will come home with that boob
And you will do dirty things with him all night
Do you know why?
- Because she ...
- Damn you!
Because she came here for the hero
She didn't come for Mickey's Iron.
She's here for the hero
It does not matter what his name is
as long as people call him a hero
Well done! These are punches
Get it! Yeah
Well, leave it
Well, punch face 4
This is what we want! Yeah
Come on! Come on! Yes, get
it, Mike!
Okay, enough, Mike, leave it
Well, well, yes!
- Keep punching.
- Come on, Mike!
This is what I want to see
The time is up
Undisputed New World Champion in Heavyweight Boxing
Iron Mike Tyson
(Don King), tell us the importance of
(Mike Tyson) winning
"World Heavyweight Championship tonight"
- It looks beautiful on you
- "What we have seen this year ..."
I know where it will look beautiful
It's a mixture made by Mike Gerald Tyson
from Brooklyn, New York.
And he came out with a crown worthy of a king.
You are my property
A queen for a day?
- Forever.
- "That's how it felt."
"From the days of (Muhammad Ali)
and retaining this title"
"For 16 months"
"I can see that
because I'm the only American man."
"This is just as important as the
World Boxing Championship."
Which was created to unite
those with different experiences in the ring.
"Heavyweight class is better now
than it has been for a long time"
Oh that! I have to escape from these people,
see you inside
Mike, when is your next match?
- Yes, I'm excited
- Are you excited about it?
Very excited
Look, they got it,
she has to learn to pass by them quickly
Kidding? She loves this
I have to call Camille.
Come on, come on
- "Hello."
- Hello
(Michael) Where have you been?
What do you mean? You get married
Got married?
Yes, we had to keep it a secret
and do it quickly
(Robin) is pregnant, mom and
she says she's in the third month
Please, mom! You are supposed
to be happy for me
I'm happy, Michael. Really happy
- But ...
- "But what?"
- (Mike), (Bill) talks
- "Guess what you did, Bill?"
Yes, I heard. Congratulations,
this is great
"Listen, I have a bad news."
Jimmy is dead
. Leukemia finally got him.
I'm sorry, Mike.
What's the matter
Jimmy died
Listen, the funeral is in California, and we
're going to travel on Friday.
I suddenly got into my office and shouted,
"I'm Mike Tyson's wife."
"And I will manage my husband's affairs."
She didn't say: "(Bill), I regret that your friend and
partner 20 years ago passed away."
She walked in without permission
and screamed to see Mike's contract.
- Damn!
- On the day of Jimmy's death
Finally! Bill, you have arrived
Mike Tyson's limousine .
Sorry, group.
Are you with Mr. King?
Mr. King
, have predators hovering over from now?
Beautiful! Only in America
See the look on Keaton's face? If put
in a stylish frame I can put it in my house
Wow! Who invited him?
Mike, my condolences for the warm, Mike.
- (Bill)
- (Don)
(Lauren) Even though I and Jim were rivals
most of the time, I respected him
I have always cherished his friendship,
I will miss him a lot
Thank you, Don.
Hello mister king
This is insulting. There should have been
limousines waiting for us
These people do not know how to deal
with a hero
When I was Alis business manager,
he was never waiting at the airport
Brother, we have a lot of room.
What do you think you can ride with us?
- Come on.
- Isn't this Mike Tyson?
Come on
Come on
Don't think Big Don arranged for our car to be late,
Predators are definitely hovering around
Do you know? I was very fortunate
that Jimmy was your business manager
It was the example of the father you need
at the beginning of your career
- Yes, he was a good man
- He was very good
- Your suit is beautiful, brother.
- Yes, very beautiful
Tell me something, Mike.
Do you trust the Devil?
- The Devil?
- (Keaton)
Did you say the devil?
I meant Keaton.
But the question remains
Do you trust him?
- Yes, I think so.
- How much?
Please allow me to ask
- 30%
- 13, that's fair
No, not 13 but 30
30 if
Caitlin is arranging a match for you
with Spinks, right?
What do you think, Mike, if you were offered 5 games
5 easy matches?
For $ 5 million per match,
if you become a manager
Instead of the devil
I mean Keaton.
I will think about it
Do it, Mike.
Take all the time you need
So what did King want?
What does he always want?
I was offered 5 games for 5 million
for the match if I didn't drop (Spinks).
- What did you say to him?
- I asked him
Why do I have 5 easy matches if I
can make the same amount in one easy match?
Did you shut him up?
Damn it! Don King?
Are you okay, Mike?
Do you know who is buried in that grave there?
Jimmy, Cass and mom
Everyone I trust underground now
The situation was different before the money entered the matter
Now I can't trust anyone
Don't you trust Bill?
I don't know, I heard some hearsay
I love (Robin) with all my heart
but ...
Love and trust are two different things
Do you understand what I mean?
"From the exciting world of comedy series
to an imaginary lifestyle, not in dreams"
(Robin Givens) Becomes New Queen of
Heavyweight Boxing Champion (Mike Tyson)
"Here we see the royal couple in their
new $ 4.6 million palace ."
What Mike bought here
in Bernardsville, New Jersey.
I was told (Bill Keaton) offered a friend
$ 50,000 to ruin our marriage.
People in the world of boxing are more impostors than
in the neighborhood they grew up in
(King) tells lies to (Robin) and
unfortunately she believes her
I support (Ruth Roper) when she says that her daughter
fears for her life
Because she asked the unforgivable question,
"Where's the money?"
If there were 50 million in Mikes account,
there would be 70 million
There is a problem
- as I support (Robin Gevens)
Which is the best thing that happened in
Mike Tyson's life .
Asterisk sample star!
Three years remained in Mike's contract, and if
King, Gevins and Roper tried to break it
So I turn to the Supreme Court
(Keaton) is a freak by himself who
thinks he controls the world
Nobody can control Tyson
because I'm the leader
Bill Keaton is my manager,
and Don King is my promotional agent
This is his job
"Tyson" bows down (Terrell Biggs) and
retains the heavyweight title
If I become more heroic than
I am, then I can simply end it all
All I have to do is defeat and
everything will end
Keaton held Tyson
a bondage bond
They enslave a black man now in 1988
as they did in 1849
I am not against white,
I am only black
King tries Tyson to his side
with the theory that blacks should be together
Black business manager, black coach and black
promotion agent, all black
I am the best boxer in the world that
no one can beat me
(Mike Tyson) is the knight of our dreams
Each strike is in the name
of those who suffer from racism
The crushed, the less fortunate, the
racially disadvantaged
People want to approach me to steal my money
Everyone is trying it
How can a woman attending
Sarah Lawrence University
And the Harvard Medical School
is said to be
Ultimately falling in love with a man
from a violent boxing school?
I would like to know that too.
There are many things in common between us
Traditions, family traditions
We love each other
Family traditions? Honesty and love?
What nonsense?
- Don seems to have doubts, Don
. I have very great doubts
I am sure she did not go to medical school,
neither at Harvard nor elsewhere
I am also sure that she was never one of the most important
Ford models, as she usually claims
So, I heard that she is
five and a half months pregnant
Pregnant month of the fifth and a half?
Rumors say she was pregnant in the
third month when (Ruth) got them married
Carl! This is a woman carrying thieves
in her heart
This is ridiculous
It is terrible, it is a blatant measure
of the remaining respect in our impure profession
What I hear here is
Michael Spinks' match against Mike Tyson.
Promotion expected to raise over
$ 70 million
And you offer me, I'm the promotion agent,
only 3 million?
No, sorry
This final, meager offer,
is also unacceptable and unethical
It's my final offer too, Don,
accept it or reject it
Bill, everyone in this room knows
it's usually a promotion agent
To get 30%
and what you offer are just over 3%
Who is the promotion agent?
Foreign broadcasting rights have been arranged
and the prize money negotiated
Place fees were paid, and the promotion agent
as we know it became an old idea
The truth is that we do not need you
The truth is that you are an intelligent businessman
And smart businessmen don't throw
3 million dollars without a good reason
Maybe I feel pity for you
You might be afraid that your hero will wake up and
come to work for me
3 million, take it or leave it
Michael, Michael, I'm on top
I am glad you arrived, Michael.
Be strong
(Tyson) v. (Spinks), the biggest prize money
in boxing history two weeks away.
A few days ago, I saw Don King
shaking hands with Donald Trump.
Can you imagine King and Trump making
a deal together?
We need 12 accountants to know
who will betray who
Yes, that's (Jackie Gale)
(Kevin) Isn't it strange that the hero did not attend
the training camp?
No, it is not strange
that it always happens
Well, someone has to tell Spinks,
he works hard
- Do you have a girl?
- Stranger Me
I know you have one, bastard
You will be punished for this
- Are you with you 2?
- Look here, Kevin.
Here your friend has come
Mike, do you have something to say about
Spinneys' comment yesterday?
21 million, you won't allow Spinx to get
it, right, Mike?
Well, look who finally came
Please be here for work,
otherwise do not waste our time
Come on, man
Come on
Come on, Mike, punch some
Punch him until you drop him to the ground
That is enough
Back there, that's not enough
When I say that it is enough, it will be
back there, come on
Listen, we'll be back in training tomorrow
We will not, you will not get off the track
until you have your sagging ass
Let's go
Come on, Mike. What's wrong?
- (How)
I don't think this is a good time to
click on Mike like this
Why, lawyer?
Listen, it has nothing to do with you or me, okay?
- (Robin) Aborted her unborn baby
- Aborted
Yes, Mike knows more than
anyone else
He is a sensitive person and I think everyone should
tolerate him for some time
I see, thank you, Rory.
Well done
- yes
- Mike, come back to the ring.
- What's wrong with you, man?
- What do you think about leaving from here?
- Damn you!
(Mike) is in a difficult psychological position
that she must be taken into account
Tell me about observance, my friend
who is paid 250 thousand dollars a year?
You bastard! I earn my money well
I am his friend, and I feel sorry for him,
and you fool should feel this way too
Yes, I feel sorry, too
I regret that I am the only one who has the nerve
to tell him that (Robin) was not pregnant
- Damn you, man!
- Yes, damn me!
Damn me for telling him what everyone in the country knows
He is deceived by his wife
and dear mother
The towel
You wouldn't need that, man
I heard what you said, white
when White says, "Jump!"
Black asks: "To what height?"
When Al-Abyad says: "Assassin", Al-
Aswad asks: "How long?"
When Al-Abyad says: "To death, you black"
Al-Aswad says: "Yes, sir."
Come on, bastard, come on, do your job. Hit
I'm touched, come on, bastard!
You can't beat
- (Mike)
- You're a shit
Hit me as if you were daring
, come on
I almost toppled me
You have one last chance, you bastard,
one chance
Please, Mike, this is not true.
What happens, Ronnie?
Wow! For one of you to stop it
Do you hear me, man?
Are you okay?
You are
Come on, go up here, you bastard
Come down, bitch
You have 10 seconds to topple me, come on
1 2
3 4
5 6
7, come on, bastard
You better kill me, you bastard
Because I intend to kill you
Have you lost your mind?
What are you doing, man?
- Come here, coward
Thanks, I don't want that
Look at this, a coward gets
$ 1,500 a week
Yes, keep the rest, Mr. Tyson.
(Tyson) v. (Spinks)
(Atlantic City), (New Jersey)
June 27, 1988
You look great
Ladies, you are so charming
The papers are with Mr. Winston.
Mr. Winston, go ahead
This is for you
My services have been dispensed with
(Mike Tyson) challenges the only man to
have dominated the heavyweight title previously
(Michael Spinks)
What makes this amazing match is that
(Michael Spinks) is a winner.
"He always found a way to win."
"Boxing fans know this and respect it and
many of them ask"
"If he can defeat and defeat
a much stronger and much smaller hero"
"The important word here is frustration."
For every person who thinks Tyson
will outperform Spinx by force.
"There is a person who thinks Spinks
have more technology than Tyson."
Listen, Mike, I ...
"13 and a half million dollars guaranteed for (Spinks)"
- Faster
- "He has an Olympic Medal"
"He has never lost a professional
prize money game ."
(Tyson) will also win more money tonight
if he is not defeated as a professional wrestler.
Here it is
Ladies and gentlemen.
"This is the main game for tonight."
"Which includes 12 rounds of boxing for
the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship title"
We present to you in the blue corner
next to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
It weighs 96 kg
And with a professional record includes 31 wins
And without any defeat
and 21 fatalities
He holds an Olympic gold medal and
is considered by many boxing fans
And also Ring magazine.
Heavyweight world champion
ladies and gentlemen
I present to you (Michael Spinks)
And in the red corner, the late disciple
(Cass D'Amato)
Coming from Catskill, New York.
He weighs 99 kg
His professional record includes 34 wins
without defeats
And 30 fatalities
is the undisputed world heavyweight champion who has never been defeated
(Mike Tyson) Iron
Well, ladies, you
received instructions in the dressing room
Any questions? Touch your gloves
Good luck for both of you
This match is for Cass and Jimmy.
Do you hear me? Now win it
Well, win
Well, start the attack
Get away from each other
Okay, Mike, watch your elbow
Punch, punch
Well, get away from each other, come on
Yes, breathe, breathe
Okay, Mike,
go to your corner
4 5
6 7
Are you okay, Michael? let's go
- Yes!
- Go to your corner, Mike.
3 4 5 6 7
8 9
10, I lost
Yes my dear! Well done! Well done!
This is the right way to fight
- My services have been laid off.
- What?
Our services
(Don King) is now dismissed
Trust me, Michael has finally taken
And they still steal it
Do you realize that Mike is still paying
all Camille's bills?
Food, service and everything
Place a mat on the floor before you drag this
onto my carpet
- we are filming
I think she
liked me more than I initially liked it
- Really? Not true
- I think so, because ...
She said I did not like her because I am a boxer
but I think she liked me more
What did you want from (Robin)?
- At first ...
- Don't say that on TV
This is fair
How has your life been choppy since then?
It was torture, Barbara.
She was hell
"It was worse than anything I could imagine."
"Every day is like a fight or a fight."
- "With whom?"
- "Business managers and family members".
"I try to keep my dignity always,
which is something I never imagined I should bear."
Michael has manic depression.
"This is true."
"And living with him was worse than anything
I could imagine."
Do you gave that man
sedated? See him
I mean, I think I understand the oppressed women
for the first time.
Do you think they put Mike's drug
in his drink?
"Why do you love him?"
Because Michael has an aspect
that most people don't know.
"A side that I didn't even know at first"
"Astonishingly fluffy side"
And also because (Michael) loves me
more than anything in the world.
"I feel like he needs me, and
maybe that's something I need."
"Do you want him to continue boxing?"
I want to live with Mike Tyson for the
rest of my life.
And having young children
"This is what I want."
"But it can't happen
if Michael doesn't get help."
"And what if he doesn't?
Will you stay with him?"
- Here you have it!
- Damn! The man was caught
Brothers, the paths of the Lord are not recognized by man and
show us miracles
Did you see the episode of (20/20) about them
last night?
- You missed me
- Suffice it to say this call
This call did not surprise me
Did you hear that, mom?
I fuck (Donald Trump)
I didn't have sex with Donald Trump.
- Damn you!
- We got in touch, madam
Finally you arrived! Where were you? We
could have been killed
"Something I forgot to steal, fallen."
My lord
"A prostitute seeking money."
What do you want
We received a connection about a family dispute
There is no dispute,
everyone knows they fell
- Damn you!
- It seems you have gone too far
This is my home and I can do whatever I want in it
What to do What does it do?
- Get out of here.
- Sir, you can't threaten your wife
I didn't do anything, I didn't touch it
- Damn false
- Sir
- Get out of here
- call yourselves cops!
No one has broken the law here,
taking out my property
Mr. Tyson, we can't leave ...
Damn you all
You will not get anything from that man who
arrested him and took him to prison only
- Calm down
- well, well
- Calm down
- (Mike)! step away
- (Mike)
- Get out of here
- Mike, stand up. - Get
away from me, Michael.
- Get out of my way
- crazy!
Damn you bastards, you all make
me sick
- Would you let him go?
- Especially you, dirty
"You must have called her dirty."
Because the word "dirty" is the only thing
that irritates a woman like this
As a result, Robin is asking for a divorce.
You know she filed for a divorce
in California, right?
"When you are with him you live in constant fear."
"It is a time bomb."
"We are in front of a man who threatened to kill his wife,
not an ordinary man."
"A person who is undisputedly considered the
fiercest man on earth"
Yes, man that the
Japanese will love (Mike Tyson)
February, what do you think of February, Mike?
Yes, February is good
Who? What is the difference in who is that?
Tell them he'll fight Hook Hogan.
Those Japanese buy tickets
for anything
"Once (Michael) hit me on the head
with a closed fist"
"He knows where to hit and how to hit"
"Without causing real harm."
Webster Douglas? Know what you said about him
But I don't think people will pay much
to see Mike slaughtering Buster Douglas.
What does Webster do these days
Mike, (Webster) works to get the carpets up
Kevin Rooney?
Man, Kevin Rooney is gone
Why? Because he earns two million dollars
per game
At the height of his manic condition,
Mike went down to the bar.
"And he started drinking vodka glass after cup,
as if it were water."
- "Then he returned to our room."
- "I'll call you later."
He took a bunch of lithium
and locked himself in the bathroom.
"He said he would kill himself"
(Mike), advice for the future, don't under any circumstances call
a black woman dirty
That (Mike Tyson)
- Wow!
It's Mike Tyson.
Hi Mike, what are you doing here in Harlem?
I came here to see how blacks live.
Understand what I mean?
I'm black and many people don't know that
Dear Mike, can I have
your signature?
Yes, my dear
- Dark and beautiful
0 Hello (Mike)
See yourself!
Let your man out?
- What can I say?
- Damn! Are you going to accompany me tonight?
Here is that bastard bastard
- Who are these?
- Amateur fighters
What is this Fallen (green)
Look at this rascal
Don't you get tired of being under the control of women,
you bastard?
Your old wife and your old wife's mother
- Two women control him
- you pathetic villain
- Want me to hit you again?
- Crap! You didn't hit me, you bastard!
Anyone watching TV knows that
They say I hit you until your brain ran
out of your head
I'm going to admit it to you, you bastard.
Tell me where Robin is.
I will tell you where she is, she is in my house
counting the groats and she is naked
What do you think about that?
They do the impossible for me
- Come on.
- Don't be quiet about this, Mike.
- What are you going to do, Michael?
- Do something to him
So, who's more cowardly, Mike,
or Robin?
What's the matter, bastard?
- You're just a bastard, you bastard!
- (Mike), (Mike)!
(Tokyo) (Japan)
I want to date Mike Tyson.
"42 versus 1, is there anything you
know that the possibilities do not know?"
Actually, they cannot measure desire.
"(Mike) An excellent boxer,
please stand up to him."
(Tyson) v. (Douglas)
(Tokyo), (Japan), February 10, 1990
"Even now, the
seemingly unbeatable heavyweight champion "
Look at this, one-punch style
won't work, Mike.
Come on, get on with it, Mike.
Get away from each other
, push yourself back
Push yourself back
"He was punched more in this match alone
than I saw in all his previous matches."
(Douglas) is the dominant until this moment
and who would have imagined it?
Hey boxers, get away from each other
Get away from each other
Yes! Yeah
6 7 8
No, this match is over. It is over.
What do you call this?
That's the longest count I've ever had
The match is over.
That man has been on the ground for more than 15 seconds
Where brought them this
judgment? Will cause the defeat of boxers
- Stay on the ground for more than 10 seconds
- more than 20 seconds
- Give me the swelling
relief - are there other things in there?
I do not know
- Where is the swelling relief?
- We do not have swelling relief
Just give me an ice pack.
- Hat an ice bag, Jason.

Well done!
Come on! Come on
Well done! Punches on the body,
hit him, man

- Stay apart
- keep fighting
Hit him, Mike.
Hit it
Come on, get rid of him, Mike.
Keep your eyes open
"After he was ousted,
Tyson was no longer able to ..."
Punch and move, Mike!
Keep moving, Mike! Damn!
To return each to its corner
Sit on the chair, Mike.
- Where's the damn chair?
- Hat the chair, man
Come on, give me the damn chair
. Bring some snow
- We no longer have it
- find some of it, his eyes close
(Rory), put some petroleum jelly on his eye
- What about apulin?
- I'm allergic to petroleum jelly
- damn it!
Do we have any here?
Damn it! Damn
Damn it!
James, listen to me.
"He exhausted his strength and
continued to fight harder, okay?"
- "Let's start fighting, come on!"
- ready
- Keep fighting, Mike!
- Hit and move, dear, yes!
"Tyson's eye is now completely closed
and he can't see Douglas coming."
And ((Webster) strikes a lot of those punches
in a row.
It was said that the only man who could defeat
(Mike Tyson) was (Mike Tyson) himself
"But he receives a lot of help from his challenge."
- Keep moving, dear.
- You have to keep moving
- Come on!
- Come on, hero!
- 3
- "If Mike Tyson does not get up"
"This will be the biggest unexpected win
in the history of the Heavyweight Championship."
Mike, you have to get up.
- 6
- Come on, Mike!
Come on, don't give up!
Get up, Mike.
Time is up, you have lost
"Live a quick life and die young."
Will Mike Tyson recover
from this loss?
"Buster Douglas" fell to the ground for
16 seconds.
"He lost"
No, you hear me, the tape is with me and I
'll take it to the boxing organization
The World Boxing Council and the World Boxing
Federation, all of them
They will see that one of the boxers was ousted
in the eighth round
No, no, Mike Tyson will not lose his nickname
because a referee has forgotten how to count
Not true, you know that
Don't you know how to cut a ribbon?
Take that off
I'll get this done, Mike, and you
know I do what I always say
- I know, man.
- You're going to get the title back
- Either they nullify their decision or ...
- I didn't win it tonight
Damn it! I won the match, Mike.
- And I'm on the ground?
- The match was over
- I lost
- miserable to you, Mike!
I do not want to hear this defeatist talk
You did not lose
I will prove it
And you will not spoil my life
Do you understand?
Well, Don,
I understand your point of view
I didn't lose
Don, what's your comment?
I will go to satisfy their curiosity
- That boy has beaten up
- Guys
All you will know tonight is the truth
that the man lost in the eighth round
Do you want anything else?
I want to go home
Catskill Boxing Club
What are you laughing at?
Who ate my sundae?
Do you eat sundae!
(Indianapolis), Indiana
Mike, what do you think about replay?
I'd like to focus on the 37 hours
I spent here in (Indianapolis)
Starting from your arrival on the 17th of July
"To participate in the Miss
Black contest in (America)"
"How did you feel when you were not the hero?"
Tell me you both know
What about the rumors of meetings between
you and Robin?
- Damn you!
- Rumor
Mr. Tyson, what did you do when you got
to the Omni Hotel?
Hello man, nice to see you
. (Charlie Neal)
Mike, these are Charlie Neal and Johnny Gale.
Hello man, I like your music
- Nice to meet you
- So, when will we see beautiful?
After you filmed that publicity for me, Mike.
No man, I think things will happen
in the opposite order
Miss Black Beauty in America (
1991 )
3 4 5 6
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
and then you stop there, okay? Come on
Come on girls,
we don't have much time
- (Darnell), remember where you are
- I'm in trouble now, man
Miss Washington, describe the reaction of the
participants when Mike enters the room.
"We were all very pleased."
Do I understand from that that at some point
Mr. Tyson was asked to participate?
"In training?"
- Yes
- Do I get it?
"Is that at some point in
your bosom training and asked you to go out with him that night?"
- "Yes"
- "And you never met him before?"
"We were getting ready to sleep when the phone rang."
- "Is (Desiree) there?"
- Yes, who is speaking?
- "Tell her that I am (Mike)."
Wait a second,
he's a guy called Mike.
- Hello
- "Hello, this is I (Mike)"
- (Mike Tyson)
- Yes.
Mike Tyson?
It's Mike Tyson on the line
Hi there
- Well
- "What do you think you can download?"
Wait a little
- "Is there a problem?"
- No, I'm fine
"What's the matter?"
"I was wondering if you wanted to
go down and go with me to a party."
"Tonight? Isn't it too late for a party?"
There are many celebrities there.
"I don't know. What about tomorrow?
Can we go out tomorrow?"
I wish I could,
but I have to leave tomorrow.
"Why don't you come? It will be fun."
Good evening
- A beautiful dress
- Thanks
Mr. Tyson, what did you do
after Miss Washington got in the car?
- "Kissed her"
- "How did she react?"
- "Kiss me"
- "To the hotel"
"Is the party over there?"
"No, I have to go get my bodyguard
over there."
"(Mike Tyson) needs a bodyguard?"
- Where are you from?
- From Rhode Island.
"I thought we would go up to his room to bring in his bodyguard
before going to the city."
"To attend late parties
with other celebrities"
"When I got off the elevator,
where did you and Mike go?"
"We walked across the corridor to his room."
Do you have pets?
- I have a bathroom
- Really?
How many one do you have?
I don't know, about 200
That's cool, I have a puppy
We will not be late here, come in
"What is the difference between a hero and a coward?"
"There is no difference,
they both feel the same thing inside."
"They both fear death and harm."
"What the hero does is what makes him a hero."
"And what the other does not do
is what makes him a coward."
"Mike Tyson" was found guilty of rape
and deviant criminal behavior.
"He was sentenced to 6 years
in prison at a youth center in Indiana."
(Robin Givins) got divorced from Tyson
in 1989.
The terms of their settlement have been reserved.
(Kevin Ronny) filed a civil suit against Tyson
in 1989 for the damages he suffered
The case has not yet been decided.
Tyson was released on March 25, 1995.
"He immediately announced that he would continue his sporting career
in boxing."
Don King remains Mie
Tyson's promotional agent .
(King) will be tried for
insurance fraud in May 1995
Amman, Jordan.