U.F.O. (2012) Movie Script

Fox three, stick with your team.
Alpha team three and six in position.
We have a confirmation of location.
Purple team, keep the location
in sight.
Team seven back.
We are already working.
Fox three, stick with your team.
Stay with your friends, people you know.
Then you're safe.
There are a few cases.
One is dead.
We go to the entrance.
Alpha team to the next position.
We are at the location.
We confirm the location, sir.
I hate that formal, it is a miracle that
those bastards still get away with it.
It's the adrenaline now.
You're eight meters from the entrance
remove, I repeat, eight meters.
We go raids.
Fuck you, who are you?
Who are you?
We go to destruction.
Motherfucker Come on, come on.
I love that look. What look?
That look. A look that
only a woman can have.
Almost impossible to handle.
Women do not always ask for solutions.
I know.
A little sympathy here can not hurt.
Believe me, I know really.
Come on, you said you wanted to talk.
Talk whatsoever.
You said otherwise. Other.
I was not talking about,
when I wanted you...
Does this mean that you...
Ruin it now.
This is so different about it.
When we had a conversation on the roof
a car?
Never. I mean.
I did not expect this. A baby.
If you have a preference for change had
then you had something specific.
That's romantic sweetheart.
If you do not grant a little sense?
If I would have traditionally
I would not change it?
There are reasons for some traditions.
Does George you said this?
He would say that I
sure not to do.
Probably a listener.
Yeah, but you know me better.
That is so. And you love me.
On the roof of a car.
Does not work.
Not even a little?
And you feel nothing? No.
Then maybe I should just stop.
I did not say that.
Forefront. Sorry?
It's not because I'm so good look.
In any case, no modesty.
You're American, that's it.
I have lived in America.
Your eyes are so beautiful.
Have you seen Blade Runner?
Life is moments.
All those moments are history.
I still can not believe it.
If it happens to someone else.
Yes, it sounds unbearable.
You are absolutely right.
You may well say, pretty lady.
What's even worst is that they distract me
a dark secret in my life...
I'm not proud. But...
there is a big but.
I would be able to handle it if I
gelijkwaardigs found.
But not so special.
Do you understand me?
Yes, absolutely.
This is insane, because
no one understands me.
Nobody understands the real me and
there you are, at my level.
Dana, you know I...
in darker places have been
than I would like in the past few years.
There were times when I literally
everything 've wondered...
and I know you know what I mean.
And then you're there, you.
Someone who I can not describe, so
beautiful you've pulled me there.
You taught me to love again
when I only could hate.
And I promised you that I stay with you
whatever comes between us.
And now I stand by my promise.
God this is so slimy...
No, not slimy, it's good.
I love cheese.
I chose my words very carefully when
I said you had literally saved my life.
Robin what are you doing?
I can not take your mother's ring.
Shurlock Dana Williams.
Will you marry me?
Yes, of course I want that crazy.
Are you sure you want me
wearing your mother's ring?
It's your ring.
You misunderstand me.
You want me to go with you?
Absolutely not. Is that right?
I sleep with my best friend tonight,
so we must go to his house.
Would you condemn me if I would be
Because frankly I think
that I fall in love Martha.
Mathilda, I'm...
What the hell are you doing?
This is a brand new dress.
You're entering a new dress for my girl
Sorry we have nothing.
Are you the Gestapo?
Who is Michael?
You'll see if he grabs you.
Yes, but come on.
We also get babies?
Yeah, we get it right.
What was that? Nice try.
No seriously, look.
It's a shooting star.
There he goes too slowly.
Maybe the universe pity on me.
And found that I needed some romance.
Come on, my speech was romantic, right?
Seriously now, is it slower?
Fuck off. I'll get you later.
Just because you at the door?
Try Afghanistan once again man.
Try it sucks soldier.
Do not, you promised.
I can not leave him, he's...
my best friend.
And I love your wedding...
but you just asked me.
I gotta go help him.
I'm your family.
Please, I ask you not to do.
Robin, no.
I should have known.
Michael, now go along.
Listen to your girlfriend,
before you get hurt.
What did you say, beautiful?
I said. Listen to your...
I'll fucking kill him.
Okay, let him go.
What was this?
Okay? What were you thinking?
I make the best and it's not
what I was doing, Robin.
It was not my fault, but
Vincent debt.
I let him five seconds and
half the club starts against him.
I have done nothing.
What you've done is my dork
opportunities squandered...
the most beautiful woman I've ever
seen in my entire existence.
That I think not.
Really Michael, the most beautiful girl
you've ever seen?
Beautiful is not even the word.
She took my breath away.
Her tits were incredibly
Tight in the suit for life.
Know what I mean?
I mean the kind of girl
where you fall...
full class but a beast
in the bedroom...
I bet him in her...
That girl what you're talking about...
She stands behind you.
You had me, pretty boy.
Have I lost you somewhere?
Few moments ago, Diamons Street
an official statement.
Will be shown to anyone
who are worried about.
The latest developments surrounding
the unknown phenomenon...
nothing to worry about.
Although a beautiful face is like br
/ They illuminate the English sky.
What was I supposed to do?
The last thing I would want to be
an affair.
Fiance? Exactly.
You ask me to renounce my loyalty.
I just do not want you
being stabbed.
I did not want Vincent
was beaten up.
Why did Michael Vincent
not caught and they ran away?
Take your clothes off.
It just happened then...
What? You heard it.
Take your clothes off.
You'd like to.
You're too well educated to do so.
What a slut you think I am?
Do you think we can win it?
Good morning, Mr. Bradburn.
Okay, Mr. Peterson?
You look hot this morning.
Yes, it was a bit late yesterday.
I know, I heard you
come home at half past three tonight.
I'm sorry. It's okay.
There must now pay for sure?
Do you have some paracetamol?
Maybe you're in luck.
Do you have no power?
Yes, the entire street has failed.
As low five thirty this morning.
Do you know how long it takes?
Not at all.
I go at least to Debrah
in London.
Is Debrah drove there?
Yeah, well...
they got an emergency call yesterday evening.
An emergency meeting.
So I said she had to go by train.
Can I get her back.
Perhaps something.
What was the emergency?
No Vincent, you know the rules
the household of the Petersons.
Do not ask questions.
And tell no lies.
I know, but I just find it odd
you do not know what she's doing.
Government Crisis Managment, Vincent.
How are you feeling this morning?
Can I use your phone?
I should call the club on Dana's coat.
What's wrong with your phone?
No reception.
That's strange.
I did this morning.
And the landline?
You could also Debrah not reach.
Will probably due to the power failure.
This is not the mobile signal.
This also has no range.
The fucking phone.
Which network are you? I have Orange.
O2, maybe the antenna flat.
And the landline?
Maybe there's news, try the radio.
Did you brush your teeth?
Not yet.
AM Try again.
No signal. I try FM.
Maybe what bothers same antenna masts
disturbs, also on the radio.
I have no idea, gentlemen.
I hate to leave you, but I need to
Debrah in London.
The power will not be gone all day.
But as well, I'm back tomorrow and...
I can tell you what I know.
Drive carefully, Mr. Peterson.
Look who's here.
There goes one who should be ashamed.
Your recipe has arrived this morning.
Cream for rashes.
Hilarious, did you all by yourself?
If you scratch, it spreads.
Have you rash?
I do not understand how that
asshole doing it. Me neither.
But he does it pretty well.
And it is certainly the most amazing
of them all.
Calm down guys.
How do you feel?
I have a stomach ache and feel terrible.
And Tina? Helped that last night?
Yeah, that was great.
We do not have electricity.
Also no phones.
How did that happen?
We know, of course not.
What is that? I can see nothing
by the blinding light from your finger.
Have you told Vincent?
An engagement ring. You get married.
Yeah, I'm getting married.
Sorry friend, it's because
the hangover and the rest.
Okay, Vin? Yeah, it's good.
I feel sick, I'm gonna lie.
I feel that I must say
that I would not normally do.
Different men sleep or
hunt them.
Sorry? I can go back to
the home if you wish.
Calm down, I told you that you
need to go anywhere, right?
Thank you, I'm glad.
What is he doing? Who?
Did not you know? I swear I saw...
What do you want?
You can not see me.
You can not see anyone.
Matthew, nobody understands the hour
nobody understands the day.
No angels in heaven above.
Not even the sun...
father, father understands.
Okay, good.
It's too late for you.
You should watch for the color purple.
It's a combination.
You're a little lost.
The combination.
You're not familiar with
begging around here.
Why are you talking about begging?
A gentleman would know what I mean.
If you seriously believe
in the afterlife...
I'm not religious, you are
wasting your time. Take this.
Calm down. I want your money.
I need your money.
But you need some good advice.
Look around, you breathe it in
and you drink it up...
and you enjoy it.
Because nothing else you can do.
Rare old fool.
What was that all about?
I have no idea.
There is a flashlight in the bedroom.
That we keep for emergencies.
There are lots of candles in the attic.
That my mother put there.
She loved candles.
Do you mind if I go get it? No.
No, I'll go.
I figured that I would meet her
Should you do, it's still fresh.
I find it strange to be there with
you talk about.
I told you it was good
do not worry.
They will kind of
unnerved his result.
No, she would poop in her pants.
That's not your problem any more.
Let her not be fooled.
Crazy make? I love it.
That bitch dumps me and now paying the price.
I know that she's...
wishing that I'd be there
to protect her.
You know that right? Of course.
I'm here anyway. For you.
Engaged or not, that does not matter.
I will always be there for you.
Cheers Vin, nice of you to say so.
So am I, and lazer now.
A collection is here in this shop here.
Pete, how's your husband?
Is everything okay?
I'm just fine, yes.
I did not know you were back.
Only for a few weeks.
Have you seen George?
Next week.
Put that fool greetings from Pete.
Will do.
Day sweetie, how are you?
Are you open today?
It is not that power today.
Do you know what's going on?
No, but I know that it is up to Leeds.
Where is Leeds?
About two hours drive from here.
How do you think, Pete?
Know Curtis Rock?
Yeah, with that dark hair.
His girlfriend lives in Leeds and
he was there this morning come from.
It's there just the same.
And everywhere whatever is between.
I've never heard that a
so quickly spread through England.
I think that something is wrong.
Check this out.
This is especially for your mother.
We know it, go ahead. Ready?
What is that?
Talk to anybody about okay?
Or with Vince.
Can you imagine?
It is something really to my taste.
What is going on?
Wait, Jurrasic Park. Dinosaurs.
Imagine a dance off?
It's a mummy. Flintstones.
Not the Homeward Bound?
Tripper. Wild Wild West.
No, he portrays in Brokeback Mountain.
You're good. Guys are so good.
I did not understand what you were doing.
We give up. What is it?
Footloose, it is the dance of Footloose.
That was terrible.
Footloose is a gay man movie.
It's not and you know it.
Who has actually seen Footloose?
I hope that the current path is often
because this is laugh, do not you think?
Speaking, at which point we do something,
and what do we do?
Has the government here no procedures?
Volcanic eruptions.
I recently on the news...
there is such a big science project that
able that once in 100 years...
the rays are so powerful that they
all electricity close.
I do not know why that is.
What nonsense Vinnie stop.
He's right. I have seen.
Thank you.
A 'dirty bomb', it comes through.
Not start delirious man.
The Woetime.
What is that?
This is a small nuclear weapon.
It's as big as a briefcase.
Shoot him from the coastline and
he blows Birmingham or Nothingham on.
Why would anyone want to blow Nothingham?
Why not? Think about it, really.
Let a bomb go off in a small town and
nobody feels safe any more.
If a dirty bomb had gone off...
we had heard something. What?
'Dirty bomb'.
Nasty dirty bomb or what does it matter.
If you and Captain America
want to fight evil...
And you would not really help, huh?
George thinks that there is a bomb.
George thinks we're in trouble.
Did the wife of Mr. Peterson not
with such matters it?
Mr. Peterson said his wife to London was
for an emergency meeting of the government.
Would the government know what?
I mean, what will they do?
Tomorrow we fixed
flow again, we must go to sleep.
Or what sex.
What time is it? Half a.
No, it's much later.
Your watch must be broken.
No at this clock is also half a.
Dana, what time your watch stopped?
Anyone heard that?
What an asshole. Dick.
It's nothing man, relax.
What a dick.
You fart in your pants, huh?
You have to admit it's a little strange.
All clocks stop and the rest goes by.
What are you gestrestst, dommerdje.
I'm not. I still care for you?
You like that? Stop.
You have nothing to worry about.
I'm not crazy.
Try me at my ease?
Or are you trying to get me into bed?
Both are wrong answers.
There is candlelight and it's cozy.
No, but see it as romantic and intimate.
Vinnie, baby.
Hello, boys. What is it?
Nothing special.
Vinnie, what are you doing in my bedroom?
I do not know, just...
I do not know why you're
in our bedroom.
I was thinking and stuff.
Can this tomorrow?
I'm a little crazy when you
really want to know.
And I was wondering if I could sleep
in your room.
I hope you kidding me take.
Afraid of the dark, go out.
That was good.
Sleep but on the floor.
You're a legend, Robinjo.
I can be very quiet.
Leave that.
Nothing you...
Fuck off.
What happens?
How should I know, Vinnie.
An earthquake, a heavy.
In England?
Where did that come from hell?
I'm going closer look.
You can not go outside.
What do you think it's Michael?
Will the army attacks?
Let practicable and stuff.
Dana is right, we would have left.
Go inside and get dressed now.
Vinnie, come on.
Vin, okay?
No, I get totally lost.
Vinnie, try to stay calm.
If you do not stay calm and breathe quickly
touch you panic.
I panic by
that fucking spaceship out there.
It'll be all right.
This is idiotic.
This can not be.
We get hurt later.
Why they open the doors?
There is no one to decide that.
There must be another place to go.
I would have to take two girls
to be on the safe side.
Vinnie, do not be a wimp.
Do not tell me.
Michael, what are we gonna do?
Stay together, he wants us to panic.
We have to stick together.
Carrie, come here.
Sorry, but you can not just to penetrate.
I was here earlier.
Of course. What?
Behind me like everybody else...
That sucks dicks immigrants still
back too, huh?
It's not fair that you do.
I was here first.
Go back in your tree, you fucking bitch.
The supermarket is not for you.
Sit back to your own fucking country.
My husband is an Englishman, he was gone
and I have to feed my children.
I have every right to.
I'll tell you what you deserve.
Let me not again have to tell
that you shut up.
Calm down.
I am the assistant manager here and...
the manager is right there and then
everyone inside.
But he does not open,
middle of this mess.
So calm down and I'll make sure you
first comes in and get what you want.
I want him. No.
Fuck man. Fuck yourself.
Dana now.
Wind Why are you so?
How'd you get in? Tell me.
Pete, let us in, just us.
Okay, go get them, right? Give me a minute.
Otherwise we get caught, okay?
Are you okay?
Do not worry about us.
What the hell is this?
Hey, calm down.
We must help her eat.
That's the right thing to do.
It's okay, Pete.
Fuck boar, Michael.
How is it that this light is lit?
The whole complex is running
on an emergency generator.
Keep your heads low.
If they see you break out riots.
What we join?
Canned food and water.
Canned food.
Only the important things.
This is important.
Stay a little quiet.
Grab that canned food.
Wait, everybody low now.
Everyone from view.
Stay low or they see you.
The more you exercise,
the more they see you.
How is the man? I'm running.
If you run, you cause a riot.
They got me fucking seen.
Grab it and run.
For transport
so we can get out of here, okay?
Go through the back door and
go straight home. Thank you.
We must go, now. Let go.
We're going backwards.
Tough girl you know.
Fuck. Michael, are you?
Sorry guys.
Do not be rude, come on.
I asked you. Calm down guys.
Are you for some reason after us?
Yes, we were wondering if you would be
so kind to give us some water to borrow.
And a little canned food.
We need our family to eat.
Okay, if you eat your family
should give.
I suggest that you go to the supermarket
goes away.
Before everything is sold out.
It's like hearing sale.
To tell you the truth but what we wanted
outside linger.
Wait until there comes what we want and
it just suits.
You see we do not like
supermarket madness.
My friends and I find that
not a good plan.
My friend and I find you and your friends
a bunch of wimps.
And I do not think they
us to dare to love.
And some gasoline.
No, I call my brother a while.
Where is he?
Michael, quietly.
How long do you think it takes
for the ambulance comes in such a crisis?
I mean, to begin with it will not
come close to a violent situation.
This is a standard procedure
And then there's...
I forget completely.
You can not even call an ambulance.
In fact, chances are...
you guys here on the street bleeding.
Calm down man, we were only teasing you.
Is everyone in the car?
Let's go. Do not be stupid.
Come back you.
Please note while we
are together again.
We need this stuff quickly inside.
I think we have seen.
Hey Jerry, how's it going?
I tell you that I will not want to hurt
whatever happens.
Worry, you're not desperate enough.
I'm starting a bit of a target
feel here.
Moving. Do not push me.
Michael, come sit down.
I'm working Dana, that's what I said.
Michael, come sit down.
This does not feel good, nothing is safe here.
We would have to go to George.
Who is George?
The Missing Controller of the Play Station.
I do not think he wants us to see.
It's worth a try.
Michael, in the worst case, we turn to
and come back.
That's not an option I guess.
Why not? The tank is full.
We must first past my house.
Bullets, we're completely without.
Michael, we should not go along?
You've seen what a crazy running around.
It gets much worse, believe me.
We need all the help we can get
I'm going as fast as possible and
if I can grab extra fuel I will.
Maybe we should all go.
It is the other way, that's stupid.
Listen, I get everyone as I get back.
Nice, I'll go with you.
Thank you Robin.
You do not beautiful.
Dana, please.
I'll go.
Carrie, you'd better stay here.
I do not care what you think
care any more.
Dana and Robin remain
together and Vincent...
does not look like he gets up.
I do not care what you say.
In no way are you going with me
in that car, simple as that.
I'll look forward to filling stations.
Of course.
Robin and Dana are very attached to each other.
I have a good feeling about it.
Yes, they are together for a while now.
A few years ago, Robins...
Robins parents died. I'm sorry.
Case of a car accident.
A drunk driver.
Dana has not seen her parents for years.
So after the accident took Robin for Dana.
But in the aftermath Julie came forward.
What about your family?
My parents...
Let's say my father
the nicest man.
And Vinnie's parents live on the coast.
So that he rarely sees.
But I think that's why so
stay together.
I think your parents
now terrible worry.
Everything that happens, I
not yet thought about.
I never call home often.
Is there anything?
In closing, I will have to break it open.
They're all empty. Sorry?
Came this morning large army trucks.
Within twelve hours after the eclipse.
They have tanked.
And they left nothing.
The army must communicate.
It does not necessarily.
I think those guys knew something.
All those ships and UFOs.
They play with us, and wait
which we used to do.
Maybe it's a game for them.
Just fly through space
and amuse themselves.
UFOs? Do you have more than one view?
Three pieces, friend.
I saw three, with my own eyes.
Back together.
I am shocked rot.
I really do not lie.
It must be in the world so go.
Think we with such technology
something against their begin?
If they attack, and they will undoubtedly
this human race exterminated.
Maybe they keep a few of us
in a farm or something.
Perhaps as a pet.
There will be some resistance.
Perhaps the scouts.
Why do you think they were fighting?
Peace never lasts long.
Especially not with that attitude.
People fear what they do not understand
, young lady.
Maybe they are sometimes not.
Maybe keep them waiting.
Looking against each other until
we begin and work for them.
We have already begun.
It is the law of the strongest,
there I must agree.
That does not look good for
an old man like me.
That leaves no
beautiful light shining on humanity.
I can not stand this waiting.
What should we do differently?
The wife of Mr. Peterson.
What they know, are firmly papers home.
Do not be stupid.
What have we got to lose?
It's worth a try.
Breaking, say what?
Robin, you know I'm right.
It's worth a try right?
As if secret documents about aliens
in a drawer of her desk stores.
Nobody asks if you come along, Vinnie.
Lives many of you family in America?
I came to England to learn more about your
culture learn, how you think about things.
It's not much different than yours.
Are you sure you want to try?
Why would you Powers
the leadership of your country?
And your prisoners are heroes, or not?
It's the politicians who start a war.
Watch out.
You will be a great burglar
in your next life.
Is she dead?
Michael, he's alive.
We gotta go, come on.
Leaking gasoline in the car.
Save him. He lives.
Let me see him.
He has internal bleeding
we can do nothing for him.
We have to help him.
What are you doing?
Why do you not help him?
This is the nicest
we can do for him.
This is what we should do for him.
We should go.
Come on, Carrie.
She's in the car. She lives.
She's dead.
That girl...
she lives.
That girl alive. She lives hell.
Carrie, help me, please.
Go ahead.
It's good. Calm down.
I'll have a quick look, okay?
Is it bad? Keep on pressing.
'Il be okay if I can attach
and did something to the wound clean.
Should she go to the hospital?
The hospital's crazy.
There's no self
doctors who can take care of her.
There is a pharmacy around the corner.
Stay on your side.
Where is he now? He finds nothing.
He keeps us in suspense.
I keep thinking about what we have done today.
We demolish the supermarket...
without hesitation.
There was nobody outside that foreign woman.
We did what we could for that woman.
Most people would not even have done that
Mr. Peterson, wait.
What happened? Where is your wife?
Is all well with Debra?
What's going on?
Is he all right?
You will not go away.
Look at me, please.
It seems like you know something.
I can help my fiance and my friends
protect and you must tell me.
Why? Which way?
They're coming. Who is it?
What's going on here?
I am a lieutenant in the army.
This child has
urgent medical care.
Not my problem. Try the hospital.
Are you crazy? This child may die.
You do not have to be involved.
I only need a few things.
This place has been raided twice tonight.
If you enter the site,
you will be arrested.
Arrest us but, but let us first
child care.
Why you actually guarded a pharmacy?
Do you have anything more important to do tonight?
Will not you go home to your family?
I want you opdondert,
before I go arrange the items themselves.
How do you plan to do that?
Guys, come on.
Calm down. This is crazy.
We are talking about a child her life.
That's the man.
The purple mask. Beware.
They come.
You and the girl allowed five minutes
I watch everything you can.
If you only just taking the piss,
you will regret it.
Wait in the car. If anyone in
around comes, waken me.
I would bring in must go.
Now wait in the car.
Is this your daughter?
Yeah, it's my daughter.
Do it quickly.
Carrie, please.
I keep it any longer.
What was that?
You just saved my life.
You're nothing but a cold-blooded killer
I never wanted to experience what it felt
to kill.
It was him or us.
Do not go there.
Why did you do that?
He wanted to the girl.
Is everything okay?
Yes, they should be attached.
See if he is an extra clip with him.
Then we leave here soon.
I've never seen such fear
in the eyes of a man.
Do not touch me.
Get away from me.
Fuck. I'm done.
You love fighting, or not?
Just after
asked if I wanted to marry you...
after you said you
a child from me.
You love so
fight? Fight with me.
Fight with me.
Risk your life like I mean nothing.
I got you. It's good.
It's good.
I care for you.
You did the same for me.
You're with me. Come here.
Do you know how lucky you are?
Dana Sean Williams, I love you.
I've always loved you.
I'm so sorry.
Where do you regret it?
It is a stressful situation.
You're a hard. Everything is good.
I promise.
They attack us.
And we attack them.
Jesus, have you ever
seen anything like this?
What is that?
There's hundreds of them.
They come this way. Lie.
What is that?
What is that?
Be quiet. Look.
Get your hand off me.
I need to George.
How do we get there?
You're gonna help me.
I'm not staying here.
Stay here a minute.
Take the flashlight.
Vincent, look at me.
You fits him.
Why could you not like me?
Great, so I have to go?
Please look out for him.
We are fucking attacked, and now I
steal cars. Awesome.
Come on, motherfucker.
Good shot.
Get away from me, whore.
So do you want it?
I would not go. Welcome to Earth.
You Will Smith never surpass.
Will Smith can not shoot like me.
Yes, I must go to my friends.
When did you contact them lost?
They are there.
Applying now girls?
It is a nice girl.
Way where is the unit?
Who's whining now?
Do you have anything of communication?
Radios fell out during the blackout.
Hands up.
No, they're my friends.
Leave them alone.
It's good. Carrie, is that you?
Why have you left the house?
It's a long story.
Who are you? She saved my life.
Got my girl saved? Thank you. You
my wife helped. I am very grateful.
She has a guy.
Shall we whack him?
We could not get a car.
Michael picked us up at the road.
Do you have one? Do not ask.
We do not approve. What?
I'm Lieutenant Michael Galloway
SAS, shit.
I'm Kenny, we're Col boots.
Where is your captain?
This is for you.
Not everyone who is suspicious, pissing beside
the road, that UFOs are not far away any more.
We should go.
We said we would go to George.
Let go.
Let's go with them.
Is that a good idea?
They saved our lives.
Besides, they have been whacked, right?
I agree.
I'm going back to get more men.
I think those people are fucked up
go without us.
We do not all fit in the car.
There's a truck around the corner.
Can that all of us take? Shoot.
Do nothing, I got this under control.
I told you to listen.
Put the gun down.
You have to trust me.
You must step aside.
Put that gun down or you're dead.
Shut up. It's over.
What's he talking about?
He's talking about the clock.
Throw the gun away.
I can handle this. Let's see.
Stares you in your stupid face.
You protect the devil.
Throw the damn thing away.
I got this under control, relax.
I will not shoot.
God knows I'm right.
Kenny, you know what to do.
Keep it cool, do not do it.
I told you but you would not listen.
I knew that dick was going to shoot.
No, Robin.
Help me. Keep on pressing.
I'm just looking.
Jesus Christ. Do not die.
We go to George because they have
tool, I have to patch.
Take the medication, please.
You want to tackle drugs
so I can help my friend?
Look at me.
It's okay. Do you hear me?
I love you.
You're my best friend, but I think
it is better that you say nothing.
Not go as we planned.
You promised that you might save me.
I can not do it without you.
Yes, you can.
No, please, stay with me.
I love you so much.
No, please.
No, Robin. It's time to go.
Everybody come now.
It's time to go.
We must go now.
Let us quietly and slowly,
and the guns behind.
Guns behind? Are you kidding?
This rifle goes where I go.
It will go with you to hell if you
outside this truck to love you, hear?
Who is this guy again?
Ex-military, Black Ops, Secret Service,
name it.
Trust me. Black Ops.
We do it.
The rifle remains in the truck...
we take our guns along, right?
Let's go.
What the hell is going on?
Put your hands on your head,
and kneel on the ground.
I'm not doing anything until I
See who's talking.
Thanks very much, Simon, ingenious move.
Show yourself.
And you are? With Me.
Me, Michael.
I guess I'll have to make tea.
Where is Robin?
It was not the fault of Robin.
Damn idiot.
Guys, I'm sorry.
I know how close you were.
He really looks up to you, George.
Thank you, Sir.
She sleeps. She's stable.
They set sail.
What exactly are you with her?
I have not exactly thought out, Vincent.
Probably trying to find family.
Very noble of you.
I assume that you have built outside that
battery? - Yes.
You know what's going on?
A long time.
What does that mean?
What did he tell you?
Nothing. Well...
Nothing we can openly discuss.
You know the rules, George.
I'm surprised we could still
rocket launch.
How do you know?
From here you can not see or hear.
How do you know that he has attacked?
I believe they came in peace.
Except disrupt the communication,
they have nothing aggressive about done.
But the bells...
A beggar was talking about the bells.
They talked about a Bible passage.
The clock stopped at twelve.
Or 24.36.
I think this person on the boat had.
The clocks stopped at 24.36, but that
would also a passage in the Bible can be.
Matthew. Something about the end of,
only God knows when.
Never thought you
regulieuze type was, Michael.
I'm not. This man quote the passage
of me and Carrie two days ago.
Before the clock stopped.
Nobody understands it, but
the angels, the angels.
Coincidence? Maybe.
Would also a way to scare us can
, all clocks stop simultaneously.
The question remains standing, George,
how do you know something here?
Charlie 6-8-6, status, please, over.
Mothership remains unaffected, sir.
We tried everything except
bright light on.
Be advised, be advised.
Bright light in the sky, we
waiting for confirmation on.
Incandescent. That's not good.
Where did you get that?
The technology was never explained, but...
the rumors were.
It was the time when area 51 was forgotten.
Every British and U.S. base was an issue.
As a kind of protocol.
But it is now dated.
Or so I thought.
But that meant so...
That someone knew something but nothing said.
What could they tell?
That we have a new technology discovered?
Keep an eye on the sky, boys.
Could not be worse than to say
transfer all but.
Come on.
It would panic and anxiety concerns.
And there's more. Beautiful.
Radio traffic
is increasingly diminished.
They are removed.
Do you think they know we have the radio?
Once the film "Battle of the Bulch ', seen?
Sure, what is it thus?"
Men dressed in the clothes of
the enemy, who pretend they are the enemy.
far behind enemy lines.
Do these things spies on the ground?
That's crazy, how they hide?
I can only tell you
what I heard on the radio.
My days with intelligence,
these things were discussed.
Alien invasion scenarios?
Maybe if people with an open mind on this,
had the lead on this...
instead of shooting.
Better not. That is so.
What's not better than the negotiation
to deploy than to respond?
Carrie's right.
How to disguise themselves?
According to the information,
the human form...
almost impossible to say how.
Listen, stay with your friends.
People you know, then you are safe.
We all know each other.
I know that dick here 15 years.
Dana, Michael and I have
known each other for years.
What is it?
Am I missing something here?
No idea.
How long have you known her?
Why did the UFO as
only at our house twice?
Said that beggar?
Something they were among us or not.
And we did not understand.
And he pointed a gun at her.
Whore is E.T. What a bullshit.
A purple marker. What?
A purple marker. The ship was a
triangle high on her thigh.
A purple marker.
The policeman.
How know that child?
Watch your language, Vincent.
It is a simple test
so can be done.
I do not take risks. Sam, undressed her.
Wait. Reverse soldier.
That's an order.
With all due respect, sir...
we are here to help these people.
If I were you...
If anyone is going to do...
am I, in the other room, private.
I believe definitely, yes.
Look how we can turn our backs.
Nothing but a cold-blooded killer.
Why do you think they are going to fight?
Life is moments.
I really am sincere, Carrie.
Before we do this...
is fair
to be completely honest with you.
Can you talk about moments?
I have a moment I can never forget.
I dishonorably discharged from the army.
I have not even told my friends.
I had lost my temper.
I started the fight...
All those moments will be lost in the
Shoot down the whore.
I said, shoot the whore down.
No need to hear say.
What happens?
It's okay, honey, it's okay.
George, please, take her.
Stay behind me.
Go to the stairs.
Let's go, come on.
Where does it go?
Let's end this.
We need to get the girl.
Come back.
Dirty crazy.
Do not hurt me, please.
Is that what you want?
Here it is.
Leave us alone.
What are you doing?
Come away here.
Get in the fucking truck.
Trust me on this, sweetheart.
Come on.
Where the hell is the exit?
That's not to pick.
Now go back to the farm.
We can not stay here.
We should return to the house.
Come on, come on.
Where is Vincent?
Forget that, I think he's dead.
He is the girl to search.
Leave it.
Vincent, come on.
Vincent, look at me.
I'm asking you, I'm telling you,
Say you're sorry.
Look at me.
We'll get through this.
Try to stay calm. I'm trying.
Stay with me.
What should we do, all alone?
Gazal is dead. Where was he?
Why did you screwed up, dick.
We did not have to shoot.
What are you doing?
I do not care what others say.
You and I are meant for each other.
Dirty dick.
I have been forgiven and
never told anyone because I knew...
that his heart would break, knowing that
his best friend's girlfriend decorated.
I have made it clear
that I was not interested.
He's dead now, or not Dana?
Do not fight it. This he wanted.
You fucked her.
I'll kill you. Listen to me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
That's my damn maid. Come here.
Vincent, no. What are you doing?
Lie. No, please.
Off. No.
Stay on the table.
Stay there.
No, Vincent, please, do not.
Keep your mouth shut.
Fuck. No.
Stay down and fuck you.
Asshole. Stay down.
I'll kill you.
That's enough.
Keep your hands off her.
Vincent, no.
The way. I do not want them
to see that you killed him.
He is a murderer. No, he's not.
He's crazy.
Explosions stopped.
We may safely. Please.
Not where the girl is,
she has seen enough.
Him dead.
You're better than this, please.
Sorry, Dana. Look.
What we do know is that the current
is back in our cities.
It is impossible to Currently the
victims or injured to estimate.
All rescuers are requested
to go back to their villages.
All doctors and...
That's her. This is Carrie.
We all need your help
order to scramble.
One thing is clear,
an attack of the troops at 12:30...
And they have the enemy with
br / successfully defeated...
who tried the coasts
to take over the world.
Please try to stay calm.
Military truck off, one dead.
We act within.
It's a miracle that they are still alive.
The adrenaline.
We are 10 meters from the entrance removed
I repeat, 10 meters.
We act within.
Wait, who are you?
What are you doing here?
We have two men, two women.
Possible to ID the woman
possible for us to identify.
What should we do, sir?
With a purple marker.
Destroy. I repeat, destroy.
No, do not. No.
Go away now, please.