U Me Aur Hum (2008) Movie Script

I got a feeling incomplete
in my heart..
..don't leave me alone because
we can never be apart.
We can never be apart.
You make me feel complete because
you are the peace of my heart.
You are the one for me and you
are right from the start.
We can never be apart.
Without losing your colours
and mesmerize in my colour.
Without losing your colours
and mesmerize in my colour.
Forget the sunshine and
come under my shade.
Let's do it.
You be there.
I'll be there.
We will be there.
You be there.
I'll be there.
We will be there.
We all three will be
together for births.
You, me, and us.
You, me, and us.
You, me, and us.
You, me, and us.
You, me, and us.
Excuse me.
- Sorry.
Can you make a portion
of fried eggs please..
Sure ma'am..
Make that two please..
one for me as well.
Can you make that only
in egg white please..
Sure ma'am.
- Thanks
Mine also in egg white.
Right, sir.
Can you make that crispy, please.
I am sitting there..
Sure ma'am.
Yours crispy as well?
How did you know?
Just guessed!
She is sitting there..
Thanks.. I am also sitting there.
When a boy starts eating more eggs..
..it either means he is in love with
the chicken which lays the eggs..
..or with that girl who
eats eggs. Who is she?
Which girl?
No, I am talking about the chicken..
Dad, how can I be in love
with some chicken!
Thanks, son or I would be
grandfather of chicks!
Dad, you too!
Where is she?
Behind you.
Dad, what are you doing? C'mon
dad, she is looking.. dad.
Do you love her?
Don't know, dad but
yes I like her a lot!
The moment I saw her, I knew she's
the one. I think I am in love.
So, go and tell her.. I love you.
It's not that easy, dad.
How can I just tell her..
I will tell her at the right time.
Keep waiting to hit
on the right time..
..and somebody else will
score the boundary..
..you will be left staring
like the third umpire.
If I were you, I wouldn't have been
sitting with my father now..
..but would be eating
eggs with that girl.
Skip it dad, let it be.
You don't believe your dad?
I will win her over and show you.
Dad.. dad.. no, not her.
Alright, I can win over any other
girl in this restaurant.
What about her?
Couldn't you find a younger one?
She herself will be difficult
for you, dad.
Ok, son, I will woo her. You go and
woo that girl. If you win her..
..over, from today l
will call you dad.
And if you fail?
Then you call me dad.
My favourite book.. hi!
I just finished reading
it in the morning.
I started it in the morning..
Such a coincidence. We have
such a similar taste.
Do I know you? Have we met before?
Where.. when..
Here.. now!
In such a big restaurant you had
to choose only this table?
See, I told you. Our likings
are so identical.
Excuse me.
You know something..
In my childhood, I used to
like a girl very much..
..to sit and talk to her. So..
..I always kept two toffees with me.
Whenever she was about to leave,
I would say, toffee?
One for you.. one for me.
Can we sit for a while.
I don't like toffees.
Coffee? One for you, one for me?
Can we for a little while..
Hello ma'am! You need some help?
Is this old man troubling you?
This is your father?
No, thanks. I'm fine..
I like tea.
Excuse me.. tea for two please.
Actually, even I like tea.
Then why did say coffee?
Because coffee sounds better with
toffee. It rhymes, you see.
Why do I feel that you also
like white? Please..
Don't you feel that fooling a girl..
..with flowers has become
too old a technique?
There are things that become
prettier with age like roses..
..great beauty and you.
I'm flattered but this
technique is old too.
Do you believe?
- In what?
In love at first sight?
Do you believe?
Even people who say they do,
probably don't believe in it.
Because love never happens
at first sight.
Then why does that first brush of
lips remain forever in mind..
..why the first fantasy
is never forgotten?
One hell of a character he is!
Excuse me, come again. Nothing
entered my head.
Not in the head, love is in
the heart and heart does..
..what the soul dictates. The soul
always finds it's true mate..
..that's why they call
them soul-mates..
..because soul recognizes soul
though the brain doesn't even get..
..to know it, and what
is not understood by..
..the brain is justified by
..Iike love is nothing but..
..Iust. It's just chemical
reactions within us..
.. Iike estrogen, dopamine..
It's sounding so complicated,
how it even happens?
I will tell you a story.
You had once fallen in
love at first sight.
Yes.. now, just a while ago.
You are diverting from the story.
How can one remember fiction when
what is real is so beautiful?
I think your story is getting
to be far too long..
Please, please, I will begin..
The story begins at the beginning.
You know something..
..some surroundings are such that
you cannot take your eyes off.
It was one such picturesque
Till far one could see
only the blue sea..
And in between the sea, there
was this growing story.
Nothing? Your mother is messing
up our life and it's nothing?
Reena, there is no need to drag
my mother in between all this!
Right? Why drag her between us. She
is already there. You know what..
..all this is your mother's
fault. You never have..
..any time for me. With such great
difficulty we have managed to..
..come here but when we go back
she's going to be there..
..superb company that's what you
want right superb privacy, happy!
My mother is coming
for her treatment..
..Reena, don't you understand this?
Then why doesn't she go
to your elder brother..
..why she has to come here?
Yes! That's because
we both are doctors.
Are you guys alright?
No, we are married!
Is it my fault that I am a doctor
and I married a doctor..
..you know what? My life has
been ruined from the time..
..I married you. It's just
you and your mamma.
Mamma what will you eat? Reena..
..make potato pancakes for mamma..
This is Reena & Nikhil. They
were unhappily married.
And one should see your face when
my mother comes.. yeah, like this!
You know what Dr. Nikhil? You
are a very, very selfish man!
Yes? So why are you with me?
Why can't you leave me alone?
It's simple.. simple..
there's no need..
..for you to have come here
and create a scene.
Alright, I am going.
Yes, better!
I am going away from your life
forever, never to come back.
Thank you!
I am going.
- Yes.. go!
Going forever.. going!
Hey Reena! One minute..
one minute Reena.
Vicky, Natasha, help me.
This is Vicky & Natasha. Natasha
has a dancing school..
..it's a different matter that the
school has only one student..
Vicky. They are happily unmarried.
Stand straight, hands up.
Seems both have started again.
So why are you messing my..
Vicky, what we had decided in Mumbai
that whoever abuses will have to..
..run around the cruise that
also without clothes.
Hey Reena.. Reena.. Ieave him,
please, don't beat him.
Not me, save her..
..she is going to jump down into
the sea and kill herself.
Reena, are you mad? There
are sharks in the water.
Reena, please don't commit suicide.
Ah.. exactly, exactly.. I
touch your feet. See here..
..forgive me if I had
done something wrong.
Shut up. I am not committing
..I am going to get my purse, ok?
Look at that! You were being
happy for nothing!
She is not going to
leave me so easily.
You know what, you're sick.
You're a lousy MCP.
You are a lousy..
Aye! No abuses. Ok relax.
Do you know, Vicky, there are two
kinds of women in this world..
..one you cannot live without and
the other you cannot live with!
I want a divorce right now!
We are in such a great mood here.
Please, can't you take your divorce
when we get back to Mumbai?
I can't tolerate this guy
for even half a second.
I am leaving the cruise.
But what has happened, Reena?
She has gone mad. Keep
distance. Go there!
His mother is..
- Hey!
He is a mother..
You can't abuse on the cruise.
His mother is..
Reena, no abuses, ok?
I am not abusing. I am saying
his mother is the problem!
She blames me even if
she catches cold.
She left our house only a few days
ago, and again she is coming back!
So what, what's the problem?
I will
call my mother as well.
Nutty will also invite her mother,
we will have a party.
Yes! A mother's party.
I am going. Where is Ajay? Move!
Yes, l.. you go into the sea,
swim with the fish!
You go and swim with your mom.
It's too hot.
Where are you going?
- Yes?
I have got a ring for you, that
also of real solitaire!
Priced at three lakhs, but l
got a bargain for two ninety.
Let's get married.
Vicky, it's too soon, baby!
You still haven't learned..
..the first three dance steps.
I want that man and wife should
dance on the same rhythm.
Come let's do the cha-cha-cha!
Not again cha-cha..
Ok so this is their story?
The story is of their friend, Ajay!
Smart, handsome, sensitive,
sensible, simple. A psychiatrist..
..the cleverest guy in the group.
His words mesmerizing..
..his charm irresistible.
If you had met him..
..you would have definitely
fallen in love.
How did he look?
Imagine me, 25 years ago.
Ajay, I am leaving!
You haven't come in yet.
I am leaving the cruise.
Give me two minutes,
I am coming with you.
Do you know the meaning of aborting
the cruise at this stage?
It's like aborting a
child in 7 months.
You are a gynecologist so you
can understand what that means.
It's not possible. Do you know
how much money we will lose?
And if they make us
get down in between..
..we can't even walk back home.
But excuse me, who is pregnant?
Ajay, I will not stay with him.
Stay with me then.
- What will I do?
When have you last done anything?
As it is, you are an out-of-form
batsman, go and do net practice!
You mother..
Be careful, son, you are already in
trouble because of your mother.
Listen, that's it. I
want to go right now.
Ok, ok, Reena! Now we all
have to agree that Reena..
..and this sodium sulphate
cannot live together..
..yet this cruise cannot be left
in the middle of the sea either..
..but there is one way..
There is way through the sea?
Let us get them divorced.
- Hundred percent.
Give me your wedding ring.
I don't wear it.
See, I told you, he doesn't love me.
Ok, so you give me your ring.
Of course..
I left it in the bathroom
while having a bath.
Look at this! They are
already divorced and..
..we breaking our
heads over nothing!
Congrats! Congrats. In Mumbai
we will get the papers ready.
Ok, let's celebrate, friends!
Let's have a drink.
Drinks please!
And this is the story.. Piya's
smart, beautiful, sensuous..
..gorgeous smile could knock you
down, her style was enchanting..
..her lovely eyes could make the
rest of the world disappear.
What can I get you, sir?
Ok, tell us, this Piya..
how she looked?
Exactly like her!
Doesn't make a difference.
Excuse me, can I take
your order, sir.
I said anything you desire, sir?
I beg your pardon?
Such a sweet face, has
to be an lndian.
You are an lndian, aren't you?
Will it change the taste
of your drink, sir?
No. Five vodkas please.
Thank you.
I think she is a Nepali.
Some Piya Thapa..
Yes, sir!
But looks very much lndian.
What I look like, I am not, and
what I am, I don't look like it.
But whatever you look
like, it's great!
Very good.
Hey guys, your five tequilas, sir.
But we ordered vodka, didn't we?
No, I think you had
ordered tequila..
..but I can get the vodka,
not a problem.
Doesn't matter! Next
time if we want..
..to drink Tequila we
will order for vodka.
Are you sure?
- Always.
Ok, enjoy your drinks.
Drinks, please!
Drinks, please!
Lacy, could you help these
gentlemen, please?
Lacy will help you, sir!
Yes! What can I get you, sir?
One bottle country liquor, one
orange flavoured hooch of Patiala..
..and one each of tangerine
flavoured and Mahua flavoured..
..along with some munchies!
What was that, sir?
Ah, I'll explain..
..you see country liquor
of orange and tangerine..
..flavours are our lndian wines,
you know like lndian wives..
..you loose control. Ah!
But I like English wines.
Yes! He's right. Indian women
are like country liquor..
..always making one lose control,
but lndian men are like a mouse..
..always looking for a hole!
So true, so true!
Yes, disgusting man.
What.. what is disgusting?
- Oh, shut up!
What the hell..
One MCN and Margarita.
You know something..
..do you believe in
love at first sight?
You are drunk.
I was drunk the moment I saw you.
Maybe you didn't see but I did..
..that there was a dream
that you were seeing.
What I have often seen in my dream..
..and when I saw that dream
tonight I kept seeing it..
..you know what I am trying to say?
I think you shouldn't
be drinking anymore.
You got me drunk.
Ok, I won't give you anymore drinks.
You are still getting me drunk.
I am only watching!
Piya, your drinks.
Thank you.
You know something..
..drinks please..
..friends.. friends..
..tonight the drinks are
free on the house..
I will pay the bill..
..because I have given my heart.
Let's party and get tight..
..because it's love at first sight.
Hey! I am a poet..
..and I didn't even know it.
Who's the lucky girl?
There, she's the lucky girl.
Oh, those two large..
..intoxicating eyes.
Whoever sees it..
..gets highly intoxicated.
When she looked at me..
..there was an unknown reaction.
She made me fall for her..
..with her one glance.
This is the first time..
..my heart has skipped a beat.
If the heart has skipped a beat..
..then there is something wrong.
If the heart has skipped a beat..
..then there is something wrong.
If the heart has skipped a beat..
..then there is something wrong.
If the heart has skipped a beat..
..then there is something wrong.
If the heart has skipped a beat..
..then there is something wrong.
Tormenting nights.
Useless talks.
I can do anything for you.
Everyone says that.
You are my poetry.
You've stole these lines.
The lions are very strong.
Caught them from the zoo!
You are a useless poet.
If the heart has skipped a beat..
..then there is something wrong.
If the heart has skipped a beat..
..then there is something wrong.
If the heart has skipped a beat..
..then there is something wrong.
If the heart has skipped a beat..
..then there is something wrong.
Ever since I saw your face..
..you've been filling up my days.
Why you playing out to get
I love, you yes, yes, yes.
I've come into your heart.
There isn't any place in my heart.
Come in my dreams at night.
I am very busy.
Come in my dreams in the day.
I have to take rest.
Shall I put you to sleep?
I can sleep on my own.
Everything is upside down.
Really got me going..
You really got me going..
Really got me going..
If the heart has skipped a beat..
..then there is something wrong.
If the heart has skipped a beat..
..then there is something wrong.
You know something..
It took me 24 drinks
to say I love you.
Sir, I told you, you are drunk.
I am drunk, you are beautiful..
..I am going to be sober
tomorrow morning..
..but you are still going
to look beautiful..
..and I am going to come tomorrow..
..and say I love you.
I love..
The way the heart has fluttered..
Good morning, sir.
- Yes?
I said, good morning, sir!
Good morning. The morning couldn't
have been any better than this.
You know something?
- What?
I was just dreaming about you.
- Yes.
Let me guess! I was wearing
the same clothes?
And I had a similar smile
on my face?
Right? Right!
And I was serving the drinks,
those free ones?
But I may not have given you
something in the dream..
..which I want to give
you now in reality.
The bill for those free drinks..
..which you ordered in your dreams
and people drank in reality.
bill is for what?
For your love at first sight!
So much, I mean only this much?
But I am happy you came..
..yourself to give the bill.
Even I am happy!
I wanted to be the first one
to see your reaction..
..when you get the bill.
Good day, sir!
Piya, you know something?
I am in love with you..
Yes, I am sober..
..and you are still beautiful, and
I am still saying I love you.
You know something? Last night four
people fell in love with me..
..three with Lacy,
and two with Maria.
One man even fell in love
with his own wife!
Sir, after four drinks, why me, you
can fall in love with any person.
Piya I can't fall in
love with a man..
..because I am not of that kind!
Have dinner with me tonight?
Sorry, sir! We are not allowed to
mingle around with the guests..
..and even if it was allowed,
I wouldn't have come with you..
..good day, sir!
Hello, Dr. Mehra, what time are
you coming to the pub, buddy?
Your love is still new, I suppose
for the next three days..
..you will be paying for our drinks.
Vicky this yogic position is
known as the snake-posture!
No, no, Natasha, this is the hen's
posture, Vicky put in the effort..
..great press.. see.
congratulations, country men..
..a baby boy has been
born in Vicky's family.
Enough, Nutty! Nobody in my
family has ever done this.
But you said you father
does yoga everyday?
He has hired somebody to
do yoga for him everyday.
My father is a big man you know.
- Yes?
For every work of his, he has
appointed somebody to do it.
For every work?
- Yes, yes.
Even for that work?
Yes.. you..
Come on, abuse.
Ok, you want to abuse?
Go ahead, abuse..
..then run around the
whole ship nude.
You mother..
Come, come. Emperor Akbar please
come! Feeling sober now?
Had enough of love?
Don't eat my head! As
it is aching so much.
You have written a love
letter.. oh no!
Don't do it here, go to the toilet.
You think it's funny? Bill for
What? This must be for serving
free drinks to everybody.
Ajay you are such a big doctor,
these things don't suit you.
Why big doctors have less feelings?
What do they say? When you
want to loot the city..
Switch off the lights.
Uncle, ball please.
Nice flowers. Which is
your favourite colour?
Hi! How are you?
Better than before.
I will see you later..
Thanks. Not in the mood to enquire
about how generally things are..
..I asked which is your
favourite colour?
My hmm.. its white..
Excuse me, a bunch of white
lillies. - Sure sir.
Sir, your flowers.
Thank you. White for
the gorgeous lady.
Thank you. My favourite
colour is red.
But right now you just said white.
White is Piya's favourite colour
that's what you wanted to know.
Actually.. right.
Can you do me a favour please.
No I am not going to
give her the flowers.
No can you just get
me into Piya's room..
..when she's not around?
No way. I just want to
place these flowers.
She'll kill me.
No.. no, no, no, way.
Have you ever fallen in love?
You are right. I was so wrong
I should have tried harder.
I fell in love at first sight.
I should have asked him first.
And I don't want to lose before
losing otherwise I'll be left..
..repenting the rest
of my life that had..
..I tried, Piya could
have been mine.
Not what.. when your love-life
is in danger then..
..what or but do not make
any sense..
Understood? Hurry!
Hurry, yes, yes, hurry..
I am at it. Let me find the
proper place for this..
Oh my gosh, she is coming.
Lacy, are you ok?
- What happened? Are you ok?
You have to come with me.
My life is a book of possibilities,
in which there are some dreams..
..and some realities that are
like dreams.. childhood..
..a home in the valley of flowers,
and my loving papa.
Do you remember, papa? You
always used to stop me..
..those liquor chocolates,
I remember you so much!
I miss you, Papa..
Happy birthday, father.
Thank you, dear.
- Yes, sure.
I've kept them for you.
Take this choco..
Not that. Not that. Those are
liquor chocolates.
Take one from these.
And the other dream
Eiffel Tower hold me in his
arms and says, 'l love you, Piya!'
Somebody must be there somewhere..
These days I am getting a dream
again that I've Labrador dog like..
..the one I used have
when I was a child.
Handsome and bright.
If I get him, I will
call him Mr. White.
I am desperate to learn salsa.
This dream I see with
my eyes wide open.
If I close my eyes then how
will I ever learn salsa.
I would love to dance.. the dance
of my dream with my partner.
And now we present you from
std. 9th, Ajay Mehra!
The whole world..
..is crazy about beautiful girls.
Oh, no, not again, I am going to
take these flowers and tell him..
..to stop bothering me, there is
a limit to everything.. this is..
Happy birthday, aunt.
Thank you.
Flowers for the birthday girl.
May God fulfill all your wishes.
Thank you, aunty.
Just one. Every other wish
I will fulfill myself.
I will pray to God to grant you
all the..
..happiness of this world.
Thank you, aunty.
Till the sun and the moon shine,
may your name shine!
Thank you, aunt.. thank you, aunt.
What's your name, son?
- Aunt.. aunty.. Iet me go, aunt..
Leave me.. you are over-acting
too much..
..and your gift voucher is
inside the bouquet but..
You too.
Thank you, aunt.
No. son..
Oh leave me, now she is gone!
Happy birthday, aunt!
How did you know today is
this lady's birthday?
Birthday? Whose.. yes.. ok, those
flowers? They were to impress you.
Really? If you wanted
to impress me..
..then you should have
given me the flowers.
Is there some theory
behind this, as well?
First I thought, I will
give them to you, then..
..I thought you will think that
in giving you the flowers..
..I might have some other thought
so then I thought why should..
..I give you the chance
of thinking that way..
..you know what I am trying to say?
Good. Happy birthday!
Why do you think that everybody
on this earth was born on..
..the same day? Today
is not my birthday.
It's my birthday..
Oh, yours as well?
Happy birthday.
Thank you. Chocolate. No,
not those ones..
..they have liquor in them.
Weird. Anyway, I love liquor
chocolates. Thank you.
I know.
How do you know?
You said.
Now.. just now you said.
Actually, it was nice to see
that you care about people.
Yesterday, I overheard her speaking
to her son on the phone.
She was feeling lonely, so l
thought.. you know something?
I don't know what you think about
me, but actually I am a nice guy.
I know.
How do you know?
- You told me.
- Now, just now you told me.
You must do this on a regular basis.
See you soon. Bye.
Not bad.
Oh, this is bad.. this is wrong!
What an idea! Hooked her in one go!
Hooked? Girls don't get hooked like
that! He is making a fool..
..out of her by lying, and
then he claims to love her?
One truth could live
longer than the lies.
And Ajay wanted to achieve
that truth in this life.
What was that truth?
Ajay's love. I agree.
Once it happened to me
as well. Only few years back..
..when I was in college..
Few years back you were in college?
The building of that college
where you used to..
..study has collapsed ages back.
When you have nothing to
say don't say anything.
Go ahead. - One minute, one
minute.. one minute man.
Hello it's not like this.
Take that step forward.
Plea more.
Bend a little..
Yes.. yes.
You are an lndian?
No, Pakistani.
Then why are you putting
your General to shame?
See embrace your partner
with grace. Hi! - Hi!
Make her believe that she will
remain in your arms forever..
..Iike this, give her the
confidence that you'll always..
..keep her up in the
sky not on the floor.
Yeah, right. Correct.
You know salsa?
I have left dancing.
But why?
One accident can change
a person's life.
What accident?
It happened when we were performing
at a show in London.
Show in London? Wow.
Yes, after performing at
the Toronto festival..
..when we got the gold medal, then..
Gold medal in the Toronto festival?
That's amazing!
I was representing lndia..
Ajay Mehra?! The great salsa dancer.
You danced at the Toronto
festival, didn't you?
By God what a performance that
was. One photo please..
Thank you!
I didn't even know that all these
days I had been serving drinks..
..to a gold medalist salsa dancer.
I was a dancer once, not anymore.
But why did you give up?
It's a long story.
That new year eve is still
alive in my memory..
..everybody enjoying themselves.
Me and Kanchanjungha Godbole..
Kanchanjungha.. Godbole.
She was my dance partner.
We were dancing together..
..and what a performance
Kanchanjungha gave that night!
But while dancing, suddenly..
What happened?
- Suddenly, I pulled Kanchanjungha..
..towards myself, and, and..
..her hand slipped out of my grip
and Kanchanjungha Godbole..
Oh God!
And salsa went out of my life.
That day Kanchanjungha Godbole took
a vow not to dance ever again.
How sad. Gold medalist..
..such a talent to go waste!
No, Ajay. You must
do the salsa again.
No, Piya. It's not possible.
You must do it, Ajay. Yes, or you
will lose your talent one day..
..it will die out.
- It has died.
You must awaken it.
Let it sleep..
No, Ajay. Salsa is a lovely dance..
..will you teach me?
Yes, I have always wanted
to learn salsa!
And a gold medalist.. such a
talented dancer is with me..
..will you teach me, please.
Please Ajay, come on.
No, no, no! Piya it's not possible!..
Please, Ajay come on.
But where do you have the time?
And you are not allowed to hang
around with the guests.
Yes, I know but I will manage,
somehow I will manage..
..from six to eleven in
the morning with me.
But you can't get up
early in the morning.
I will not sleep only..
- What?
I..I.. meant when should we start?
From tomorrow.
From tomorrow!
Enough. Nutty, I can't
hold myself any longer.
Wait, no Vicky.
You know how much I love
doing this for you.
Today I will dance for you,
tomorrow you do for me.
What you do, man! At least
knock on the door.
If you are so particular
about the knock..
..then why don't you lock the door?
- Come with me.
- Where?
Got work with you.
- I am also at work here!
I have to learn salsa.
Right now?
- Yes.
And what about the Bhangda
I am doing here?
You have the rest of your life
to do that. Come on Natasha.
Ok, ok, listen, listen..
..just give me two minutes, please!
- What?
He needs only two minutes?
- Shame!
But Ajay let me wear my dress.
You! Fool!
- Please.
Now get ready to run around
the cruise naked!
Come on now.. it was not, can't you?
Room service.
Let's go.
I am feeling very cold.
What is it?
Hey, what's your problem? Tell
me how much was that ball for?
What do you think, I am following
you around for the stupid ball?
So, what the hell are
you following me for?
You love Piya?
What's that to you?
I also love..
- Piya?
No, I don't eye other
people's girl or ball..
..there is a girl in my school.
By God what a girl! I love her.
I am learning from
you how to woo her.
You are a stingy man but you have
style in winning over girls.
Hey, you! Get lost.
- Hi.
I thought you have forgotten
that I am waiting here.
No, I remembered. I had
told you 7 o'clock.
You said 6.
- 7.
Hey, 6.
- 7, I had said.
Ok, let's not argue, let's dance.
From tomorrow come on time.
And you don't come before time.
There is surely something
in between us.
Yes! Coming on the cruise was my
dream. You also like the cruise?
You want to see the Eiffel Tower,
even I want to see the Eiffel Tower.
You like Salsa, even I like Salsa.
I love you and coincidentally
you also love yourself!
I love dogs I am sure
you also love them!
Hmm yes! I have an old
connection with dogs.
Weird! We have so much in common
our likings are so similar..
..my papa used to get the same kind
of chocolates for his birthday..
..what you got and every time
he told me not to take..
..the liquor chocolates
and you know.
I always took those chocolates
only. I miss him. He is no more.
And your mom?
I think she is in Kenya.
I stay in New Jersey.
She doesn't stay with you?
She stays with some one else.
Mom loves somebody..
..and papa loves only himself..
..from the time we shifted from
Calcutta to New Jersey.
Unfortunately, I have always been
made to see that side of love..
..which was fake all lies. Does
love at first sight ever happen?
I really don't know.
You know something, when
I was in college.
I often passed by a watch shop.
One day I saw a beautiful but
expensive watch in the showcase.
From that time, I saw that watch
it kept ticking in my head..
..maybe I had fallen in love with
that watch the moment I saw it.
Dad had left us in childhood
not his childhood, mine.
Mom worked hard to
make two ends meet.
So, how could I afford that watch?
But then I started working..
..studied, became a doctor
it was like an obsession..
..and you know something, today
that watch is with me.
You need to have passion to be in
love, and to live upto love you..
..need passion as well.
I had read it somewhere.
But somebody must have written it.
Whoever has to meet.
Love brings them together.
Whoever has to meet.
Love brings them together.
They come together..
..no matter how far they are.
Hide yourself anywhere you want.
Love doesn't leave you.
How much ever you try to avoid it.
It takes you long.
Believe it or not.
This whole world..
..relies on love.
..in love.
.. in love.
.. in love.
.. in love.
We will take this moments..
..wherever we go.
- Wherever we go.
We will take the memories..
..of the time spent together
along with us.
Of the time spent together
along with us.
My heart is a little forgetful.
If it forgets.
Remind me of..
..the cities of water.
May this water not end.
Let it never end.
The time keeps flying.
..in love.
..in love.
When we reach..
..the shore.
Where will we go?
Will we go home or..
..we will not go.
Will we go?
From this journey..
..we will begin a new one.
Wherever you say..
..we will stop there.
No matter what I'll not leave you..
..I'll be with you forever.
.. in love.
.. in love.
.. in love.
.. in love.
What, darling? Got her
finally, you fool!
Ajay, I swear you are the master.
You are an old hand at this!
What did you tell her?
Nothing, we were just..
Vicky, souls don't speak in words!
They are soul-mates, aren't they?
Quite possible, why not?
And when she gets to know the truth?
Reena is right Ajay,
this is cheating.
One minute, where, where
is the cheating in this?
You won't agree. By saying..
..everything is fair
in love and war..
..you guys fool around with
the emotions of women.
Have you ever thought, when she
comes to know, how she will feel?
I am sure even then Ajay will have
some game-plan to mislead her.
Come on, Natasha, what's
wrong with you?
You shut up. Ajay, after
hearing all this..
..I feel I made a mistake
in helping you.
But I love her.
Then tell her the truth.
Tell her all your lies.
I will when the time comes..
Why not now?
But what is wrong in this? This
man loves the girl and..
Love? Do you know the
meaning of love?
You are such a selfish person.
Enough is enough Reena.
Don't get personal.
Leave it man.
Why should I leave it? You can see,
all the time she is at it..
..all the time it's
on Reena's tutorials!
When he has said that he will tell
her then we must believe him.
What's her problem with that?
You know what your problem is?
It's your mentality
that is at fault.
You guys think you can get
away with anything, right?
But it will not happen this time.
I will go and tell that girl
right now what the truth is.
Reena what, man, because of you
all everything will be ruined.
Glowing Piya, you are looking good
and you are smelling good too..
..now tell me, who is better than
the other, Piya or the Lilies?
Hi, you are much more beautiful
than these flowers, Piya.
Their fragrance may not
last till tomorrow..
..but yours will remain forever.
Ajay is a good man..
..he is a very nice man
and he is lucky too.
All the best. Keep smiling.
Did you hear that? She said
you are very lucky..
..what do you feel even l
am very lucky, isn't it?
What she told you..
..I had lied to you
Piya, what if I say that..
..I had read your diary.
Book of Possibilities..
..what if I say..
That day was not my birthday,
neither was that aunt's birthday.
You like liquor chocolates,
this I read in your diary.
I didn't know how to dance Salsa.
Excuse me.
But I learnt it..
..just to be with you. I tried to
make all your likings my own.
Not because I wanted to cheat you.
May I take your order ma'am, sir?
Can I have some vodka please,
we are five..
My approach might have been
wrong but not my love, Piya.
Can I take your order, sir?
Piya but l
- Can I take your order, sir?
When we will..
..reach the shore.
Where will we go?
We will go..
..to our house or..
..will go to our house.
Where will we go?
Maybe I did all that because l
wanted to win your love before..
..the cruise got over.
No, I am not trying
to justify myself..
..but you have time on your side,
I will wait for you
the rest of my life..
..if you ever feel that there was
even one true moment between us..
..then give me a call.
I am leaving the watch
behind because..
..I don't need it anymore..
..my good times are
going away with you.
If you ever come back,
bring this with you.
I am leaving, take care.
Piya left.
It's correct. With such a character
one should be like that!
Good that she didn't beat him up.
Now you keep quiet. You
won't understand..
..misunderstandings happen in love!
What misunderstanding?
As if you are in love.
But how's that? Why did Ajay let
her go? Why didn't he stop her?
If she hadn't gone how would
she have come back?
So she came back or she called?
Ajay, where the hell are you?
You disappeared for
the last two months..
At least you could have called.
- Yeah.
Now it's three o' clock
in the morning..
Yeah, yeah! I'll bring her too.
Told you not to enter the
room without knocking.
I am not interested in coming in.
- Get out!
Reena, Ajay called. He has
called us at Club Xl.
What the hell are you doing, man?
Let me sit down at least.
There is no time to sit around how
many times Ajay has called up..
Where are you, where have you
reached, have you left or not?
Obviously, he is behaving
very strangely.
From the time he has come back from
the cruise he has gone crazy.
No, from the time he got the dog.
Yeah, from then he went insane!
Ajay, I can't make out
whether you have kept..
..the dog or the dog has kept you?
You won't understand.
Piya likes this breed.
But tell me. You are sure
that Piya will come back?
The dog dragged away Ajay.
This is nothing. Last time when l..
..and Natasha went to his
house we were shocked!
Yes, it was white everywhere.
How is it looking?
- Looking quite prominent.
You guys know, what is
Piya's favorite colour?
What is it?
It's white.
Oh, how romantic!
Tell me, by making the walls and..
..the furniture all white
Piya will come back to you?
How is it?
I will put it in a white frame.
Brilliant idea!
Look at him now, sitting outside
Hey Ajay, what's your problem? Why
did you call so late in the night?
And where the hell have
you been last two months?
There is no time to
get into details..
..the auspicious hour for wedding
is about to be over.
- Marriage whose marriage?
My father's.
- Really, with whom?
Oh, please control her.
But you said he had passed away.
Got back yesterday to get married.
- You buddy!
Hi guys.
Remember Piya?
When did she come?
What are you all staring at? Piya
is here since the past two months.
But how did she come?
From the door.
Hi. Surprised?
Oh my God.
How cute.
Hi baby, hi sweetie.
Then what happened?
Imagine what can happen.
Actually Mr. White likes these
white walls very much.
And Mr. White?
Liked by these white walls.
And both.
Each other.
And this?
By me.
Didn't you ask why she took so long?
- I will tell you.
Actually, after coming back
from the cruise whenever..
..I thought about the cruise
I always thought about you..
..and while thinking about you,
I thought that maybe your..
..way of thinking was wrong but
your thought was not wrong.
You know what I mean.
Or think how one can think of
keeping awake night after night..
..and learn Salsa just to
teach it to somebody?
Or even if one learns it..
I don't think that anybody will
think of telling the truth..
..so I thought if I think too much
then I will keep thinking only..
..and later on I will think
why I thought so much?
You know what I am trying to say?
- No.
Good what are you thinking now?
I am thinking, you took 6 months
to think about this..
..if you had taken
another 3 months..
..a new life might
have taken birth..
..and what would have
been it's name. Think!
Shut up! I had finished thinking
this in 3 months..
..then I thought where to look
for you, how to contact you?
But I had given you the note..
That is what I had forgotten.
Then one day suddenly
I saw you in my dream.
The same face, when you had come
to my cabin for the last time..
..and left the note
then I remembered..
..found the note and came here.
Thank God that you didn't forget
how to dream. You know some thing?
After meeting you l
also had a dream..
..to make all your dreams come
true. I missed you Piya.
I missed you too. I am sorry, from
today your good times start!
Our good times!
You, me, and us.
What good fortune
Ajay was born with!
I wish I had his luck then l
wouldn't have any problem in life.
What do you think, Ajay didn't have
to face any problem in life?
Everybody has their
share of problems.
Nikhil and Reena were initially..
..having problems in filing
their divorce..
..now after one year they are having
a problem in getting the divorce!
Problems are like a blizzard..
..however much you close the
windows it just gets in..
..and Ajay also had windows
at home like everybody else.
I want to divorce my husband.
I will require a certificate from..
..you stating that he
has a brain disease.
If your husband was suffering..
..from a heart disease you
would have still left him?
Mrs. Joshi, I know your husband
suffers from schizophrenia..
..and what you are going through.
But you also have to understand..
..what your husband
is going through.
In 20 years of our married
life every day..
..I have tried to be
a good wife to him..
..but for the last two
years to be with him..
..he could be sent to some place..
..where they will take
good care of him.
Mrs. Joshi, look at me.
Whose life you want to make better..
..by sending your husband
to the asylum?
His or yours?
Go home, and look once carefully
at your husband..
..and after that if you still feel
that the need for him to go to..
..the asylum is more
his than yours..
..then I will write a
letter to the hospital
Thank you, doctor.
- Take care.
One minute sir, one patient wants
to speak to you urgently..
..seems to be a serious mental case.
Yes sir! - Hello!
- Hello!
This is Ajay Mehra speaking.
Doctor. I want play the game of
doctor and patient with you..
..you will play with me?
Who is this?
I am your patient doctor, will
you have coffee with me?
I love you doctor!
You! You have fallen
to such bad times.
Natasha has left you or what, that
you are going around saying..
..I love you to men?
If you don't meet your friends
then they have to..
..become patients to meet you.
Where are you, man?
I am here only, where is Nikhil?
Nikhil is sitting here.
His wife has dumped him so he
is considering other items.
We are reaching, come down fast.
- Ok, I am coming
I am sitting with the
long-haired item!
You know Pooja Prasad is in town?
Pooja Prasad?
Same girl who loved distributing
favours to everybody?
Yeah, she shifted back last
week, her husband is out.
Then we must get in! Do
you have her number?
Landline number
- You met her?
No, man. Whenever I call up her
grumpy mother picks it up.
Give it to me. I will speak to her.
- Yes!
It's in my cell the moment her
mother answers just say..
You don't take tension!
It's ringing.
Greetings mummy.
Is Pooja there? Mummy please
give it to Pooja Prasad.
I am Vicky, mummy. Very
good friend of hers.
This sounds like Nutty's voice.
Natasha? Na.. Na Natasha no l..
Now the bell has rung!
I.. I.. Natasha you fools,
I will not leave you!
Hey, take care of the car..
Iook.. Iook there.
Piya! - Ajay!
Piya, what happened? - Ajay!
Thank God, I found you, Ajay!
- Piya?
I had told you before I told
you always.. Ajay. Ajay.
I don't know. I got lost Ajay.
I couldn't make out anything.
I tried to call you up but l
couldn't remember your number..
..how could I have forgotten
your number, Ajay?
It's okay, Piya people
do forget numbers.
No, I forgot your name as well,
Ajay. You know what..
..and then. I was going to
the market in the morning..
..and I was looking. I don't
know, I forgot the way.
I forgot my way. I forgot
my way back home..
..forgot my own home, Ajay.
I was wondering where to go,
couldn't understand anything..
..I was searching around here but
I couldn't make out anything.
You are just standing
in front of your home!
How did she forget just like that?
How can anybody forget
one's own home?
She was alright, right?
Why don't you say
what's the problem?
It was not such a big
problem, actually..
..problem is never bigger
than the individual..
..the individual makes it big.
You know something..
..the heart beats themselves
teach the heart how to beat..
..but one has keep those
heart beats alive..
..this is what Ajay
& Piya had to learn..
..this is what we all have to learn.
We fall in love for ourselves,
because we like somebody..
..but only then it becomes true.
..when we come to realise whom we
love what that person loves..
..both may go through sorrow or joy
whatever they may go through..
..they go through willingly
I had read it somewhere.
But somebody must have written it.
Has this ever happened
before to you?
Have you ever forgotten
things like this?
Sometimes, I leave the milk
to boil and forget.
And there are times when..
..I serve myself my lunch
fully intending to eat..
..and find my plate untouched
in the evening.
These are ordinary things.
My wife often forgets to
put salt in some dishes.
Anything special, that you clearly
remember having forgotten?
Actually our wedding anniversary.
And Ajay had reminded
me the day before it.
Tomorrow we will go out for dinner.
At least let that be a surprise.
I'll book a table and come.
- Ok.
The next day, when I returned
from my walk.
Ma'am, sir had telephoned.
- Yes.
He said he was running late.
- Okay.
Has asked you to reach China at 8.
China Hut?
- Yes, that's it.
I reached at 8pm sharp. Life
is beautiful with you.
Thank you. Why the cake though?
What's the occasion?
Nothing. Just cut the cake.
No. Tell me. What?
You're just playing with me.
No. Seriously tell me. I don't know.
We spoke of it only yesterday.
Spoke of what?
Today's our first anniversary.
We discussed it yesterday. How
can you possibly forget?
I gave you a call.
Your face? Perfect scapegoat!
That means you weren't
joking that day?
Why didn't you tell me? We could
have.. - I was scared.
I was scared.
Piya, you know it's a fact
that in lndia 90%
..of the married people in the
world forget their anniversaries.
And you know why? Because they
try to hard to remember.
Tell me what happened today?
Today l.. I had to buy some
things for the house.
The mall was nearby. I went
across and got what I needed.
it was raining. I wanted
to rush home..
..because it was time for Ajay
to come home from work.
I like being home when he returns,
to open the door for him.
I was crossing the road..
..when suddenly..
I don't know what happened.
I'd been there before.
So many times.
I know those roads very well.
But today, I just couldn't
remember. I kept walking but..
..I was lost.
I thought of stopping someone
and asking for directions..
..but I couldn't even
remember the address.
I have a phone.
I have a phone.
Hello, I've forgotten my address.
- Can you tell me my address?
Ma'am I am calling from Axis bank.
- Listen. - I have an offer for you.
Listen, I've forgotten my address.
Can you tell me my address?
Sorry ma'am. - Please!! - We
only have your number with us.
How could I have forgotten
your number?
How can I forget where my house is?
I couldn't understand a thing.
It was so frustrating.
I wanted to scream.
I want to cry.
I wanted to call you there
to help me but..
.. I had forgot your name Ajay.
How can I forget your name?
It's ok, Piya.
How can I forget your name?
It's ok Piya - How can I do
that. - It is okay, baby.
It's okay.
- How can I forget your name?
Sister, please come.
Piya. Calm down Piya. It happens.
See, sometimes this happens
due to stress.
Or shortage of sleep.
It happens to me at times.
These days, surgeons
forget watches..
..napkins and even mobile phones
inside their patients' stomachs.
The poor patients only realize
when someone decides to call.
I doubt there would be
any network coverage..
..in the patients' stomachs.
Especially when it's so bad outside.
I think the phone is usually
followed by that little dog.
Right into the stomach. Don't
you remember the ad?
Er.. sister.
Take Piya to the examination room.
I'll be with you in a minute.
Come Piya.
No, thanks.
Ajay, do you really not know..
..or are you consciously
refusing to believe..
..what all Piya's symptoms
are pointing at?
Because she's your wife. perhaps you..
..perhaps you want to believe that..
..what we believe is not right.
But then, reaching a
conclusion without..
..any tests is also not right.
Definite cerebral atrophy and
ventricular dilation is prominent.
There is prominent damage.
And what is most worrisome is the
shrinkage of the hippocampus..
..that part of the brain..
..that is responsible for
our good or bad memories.
I'm sure you know what's
wrong with Piya now.
She has Alzheimer's Ajay.
A disease which will destroy
her power to remember things.
Slowly, she will forget everything.
It starts with little
inconsequential things.
But then patients begin to forget..
..their names, addresses,
It's possible that one day Piya
won't even recognize you.
But then, there'll be times when
she'll seem perfectly fine.
There'll be days when
she remembers nothing.
Really. - But then there'll be days
when she'll remember everything.
Except that she has Alzheimer's.
But Sir, she looks fine. She's just
We could run the tests again.
You know sir, the problem is that..
..that I'm a doctor myself.
And I know all about this condition.
But how? How did this happen?
There are some diseases.
Where even Medical Science cannot
understand why they happen.
Alzheimer's is one of
those. Maybe some family history.
Or an accident. Or just fate.
Because normally..
..this happens only
after a certain age.
There must be two cases
in a thousand..
..where it happens at
such an early age.
And Piya had to be one of those two.
Ajay, you know this condition
has no cure.
And now you need to be
even more cautious.
Because I'm worried that her
pregnancy could cause.
She's pregnant?
Yes. But the sad part is that
this is not happy news.
A pregnancy in this
condition means that.
Piya's deterioration
will be more rapid..
..it might worsen her
condition faster.
Plus all the medication she
has to go through now.
The medicines' side effects
could affect the child.
And as the pregnancy progresses,
her condition will worsen.
And to save Piya from
deteriorating further..
..we will have to abort the child.
The problem is that I know.
Where's madam?
- In her room.
Piya.. Pi..
You know something.
I've put your face on the
baby's face because..
..I want our baby's face to
look exactly like your face.
And that can only happen if I'm
permanently face to face..
..with your face. But I'm
facing the fact that..
..we can't always be face
to face, which is..
..why I've put your face there.
You know what I'm trying to say?
How did you know?
Reena told me. Oh Ajay, I am so
happy. I believe I'm pregnant.
I just can't believe it. And
I know you want a son..
..but as long as we have a healthy
baby, it doesn't matter.
See Ajay, our second wish
is also being fulfilled.
A baby worth living for.
A baby just like you.
Under a silver moon,
on a cruise deck,..
.. celebrating 25 years
of togetherness.
We will celebrate our
silver anniversary..
..on a cruise, won't we?
We're going to make all..
..our dreams come true.
Ajay, I am so happy.
I can't believe it.
It is a miracle. A miracle.
So, where are you off to for
your honeymoon? - Abroad.
- Nepal? - Thank you.
Please come.
- Hi. - Please.
You know, this seems to be the
season of divorces. No, seriously.
I filed for mine a year ago. But
it still hasn't come through.
That means I'll have to tolerate
my wife for another year.
I think Reena's a great
girl. Don't you?
Yes, of course. Your
wife's wonderful.
Really? Why don't you keep her?
Really. Today's a good day.
I'll wear your clothes, and stand
here. You leave with Reena.
I'll go to Nepal with her.
- Oh Hi!
Hey. Listen - Hey
You're always eyeing other men's
wives, Vicky.. Vicky.. Ajay..
You know something?
I love you.
- Me too.
You know something?
You're beautiful.
You're gorgeous.
You're hot.
You're heavy. - Hmm. It's not
just me you're carrying now.
It's bound to be heavier.
You know something?
- Hmm. - I will die without you.
With me, not without me.
There you are! We've been
looking everywhere..
..and you're parked here.
Hi Piya
- Thanks. - Hi.
Have you noticed Vicky? Firstly
he never meets up.
And when he does, he doesn't
even greet us.
- Cheers guys.
You meet and greet them.
I'll be right back.
When you look at her..
..can you tell there's something
wrong with her?
Everything will be alright.
It's just a bad dream.
I wish it was a bad dream. I
would have stopped sleeping.
The truth is that this is the truth.
I go home scared these days.
Scared that she might
not recognize me.
The other day I was sleeping,
Piya.. Piya.. Piya What
are you doing Piya?
What.. what?
- What are you doing?
What do you think I'm doing?
I'm working out.
I'm trying to lose weight.
Look at my stomach.
I can't fit into any
of my new dresses.
I have to lose weight
right now Ajay.
Piya, this is bound to
happen in your state.
What state? You're responsible
for this state.
I've kept a caretaker.
Feeding me chocolates, eating
out at lunch and dinner..
..who stays with her for 24 hrs.
I'll become fat and you'll leave me.
What did you do to deserve this?
I deserve it. For all the
times I tortured you.
Now someone's torturing me.
Nobody can match in front of me.
I can make them count
stars in the day.
Nobody can match in front of me.
I can make them count
stars in the day.
She makes us tear our hair apart.
My wife makes me go crazy.
My wife makes me go crazy.
My wife makes me go crazy.
My wife makes me go crazy.
He makes my life a mess.
He spoils my mood.
He makes my life a mess.
He spoils my mood.
He makes us tear our hair apart.
My husband makes me go crazy.
My husband makes me go crazy.
My husband makes me go crazy.
She makes noise even
by being silent.
Makes noise even by being silent.
She shoots silent arrows.
Shoots silent arrows.
When I sit silently..
..he puts words in my mouth.
He is the best excuse maker..
..in this world.
How much ever you try
to make her happy..
..she remains angry.
Every husband is a miser.
Every wife is a detective.
Does not allow us to eat or drink.
Does not live and does
not allow us to live.
Does not live and does
not allow us to live.
Will make us stop using
our comb and mirror.
Will convert out stresses
into a mess.
Does not let us wear
beautiful clothes.
My husband makes me go crazy.
My husband makes me go crazy.
My husband makes me go crazy.
What is it?
Tell me what is it?
You want to give me divorce.
Don't mess with me.
Don't mess with me.
Don't mess with me.
Don't mess with me.
Hey, don't.
- I'll hit her. - Hey, don't!
I know Mr. Dutta. Why don't
you talk to Dr Khurana.
He's a very good doctor. I can't
handle your case anymore.
You need to understand
because my own..
- Coming Ma'am
Richa. Come back here.
I'll call you back.
What happened, Piya?
Richa. I don't know why..
..but I can't find our wedding
necklace anywhere today.
I've checked everywhere Richa..
..didn't I ask you to
check in the bathroom?
Piya, you gave it to me.
To get it repaired.
What? When did I give it to you?
Piya, perhaps you've forgotten.
No, go ahead, say it. You want to
suggest I've forgotten. Again.
I'm always forgetting things,
right? Everything.
That's why you've put up these
stupid posters. Everywhere.
These.. these stupid posters
- Piya, Piya..
I forget everything.
- I'm sorry Piya.
No you think I'm mad, don't you?
I don't forget things..
You do! And I remember
very clearly that..
..I left that necklace there.
You must have picked
it up of your own.
Piya, Piya! Call the doctor!
Call Reena.
Let go of me. Leave me. Oh my God!
Ajay you have to sign these papers
- Why?
We're going to have to operate.
She's just not pushing..
..the baby
down. She's had another attack.
She's just not reacting. She
doesn't remember any of us.
She's not co-operating.
She's screaming.
Ajay, please don't think.
Just sign the papers.
Congratulations guys, look,
who is here. - Oh.
So cute.
My God, it's a boy congratulations
my friend.
It's a boy.
Vicky, that's my finger
you're holding.
You cant even tell the difference
between a finger and a..
Dude, I thought..
Anyway, I know for a
fact that it's a boy.
You have a lot of faith in yourself.
Not in myself. I have faith in Piya.
Her mind may forget..
..but in her heart she
knew I wanted a boy.
Hi baby. How is she?
She should regain consciousness
in a little while.
Though I can't promise
she'll recognize.
Hi baby.
How cute. Give it to me.
Hi baby.
It is okay.
Lovely baby.
Baby, hi.
Hold my finger, baby.
Ride on a pony.
How is Piya now? And how is she
reacting to the new neurodilators?
Not too well sir.
She's not too good.
Dude, Ajay, this astrologer
is useless.
He says the kid should have a
name starting with F. I mean..
..here's a list of names.
There aren't too many choices with
F. Fakir Chand, Fagun Lal..
..Fursat Chand, Fuddu, they're
all very funny. And outdated.
I have a progressive suggestion. F..
I know it sounds awkward at first,
but in twenty years..
..it will be a very popular name.
The kid will love his parents
for naming him F.. - Really.
I think we should think of his
future, don't you uncle? - Yes.
Uncle, I think even you
should name your child F.
Dude, what are you doing?
He's my senior.
So what? Nikhil, you tell me.
Should we name the kid F..
Name him what you like.
Just not Nikhil.
Because if you drop three
alphabets, Nikhil becomes Nil.
You've had too much to drink.
It isn't the alcohol.
It's my ex wife.
pretty strange man.
As one walks down the beautiful
yet lonely streets of life..
From time to time, coincidentally,
one meets many a stranger.
Of these strangers, some
you forget quite easily.
But some you have no choice
but to remember.
Even I met someone
I couldn't forget.
Yes, even I met someone.
I couldn't forget as I walked
down these streets.
As I walked down these streets.
Even I met someone
I couldn't forget.
There were times when your
shadows showed me the way.
There were times when your
shadows showed me the way.
But as the sun set, those
very shadows faded a way.
Even I met someone
I couldn't forget.
As I walked down these streets.
Even I met someone
I couldn't forget.
If such a situation were
to arise tomorrow.
In a life full of joy.
We were faced with sorrow.
Don't leave my side.
No, don't leave my side.
As we walk these streets together.
Even I met someone
I couldn't forget.
As I walked down these streets.
Even I met someone
I couldn't forget.
If in our life, we
face storms and..
..hail or our relationship
begins to ail.
We'll find a way out of it all.
As we walk these streets together.
Even I met someone
I couldn't forget.
As I walked down these streets.
Even I met someone
I couldn't forget.
My heart wanders, defeated, in
these streets you talk about.
Every jeweler in the market has
figured my problem out. - Wow.
" I'll set up shop
right amongst them."
As I waste my youth a way..
Shut up Vicky where do you get
these rubbish ideas from?
Oh, oh, oh. That's fantastic.
We just created some poetry.
Even I met someone
I couldn't forget.
Yes, even I met someone
I couldn't forget.
As I walked down these streets.
As I walked down these streets.
Even I met someone
I couldn't forget.
Yes, even I met someone
I couldn't forget.
As I walked down these streets.
Piya, Piya.
What happened, Piya?
I'm not well Ajay. I'm not well.
I don't think I'll be able
to take care of this child.
Let's abort this child.
Let's abort this child.
Let's abort this child.
Let's abort this child.
Ajay is here.
How's she?
- She's sleeping.
Ajay, I think you should
get Piya admitted into..
..my hospital for a few days.
Here, she'll only worsen.
By your hospital, you
mean mental hospital.
Psychiatric facility ward Her
mental state could improve.
I can't see any improvement
in your mental state.
- Vicky!
Sorry sir.
Everyone's edgy because they're
worried about Piya.
I am too. That's why
I'm saying admit her.
No sir. Come what may, I'm not
going to let us be apart.
Call me if you need any help.
See you Dr. Ajay.
Okay, thank you.
- Ok. Thank you. Bye, bye.
- Yes sir.
Don't fix any appointments
before noon tomorrow.
- Bye sir.
Why you sitting here?
I thought you might be busy.
Never too busy for you. I was
just leaving. What's up?
Nothing special. Just felt like
seeing you. So I swung by.
You seem out of sorts.
I am. A little. Join me for a drink?
I need one desperately,
but I need to go home.
You know what Piya's state is.
So let's go to your place.
Anyway, it's been 3 months
since I saw Aman.
Will meet
Piya too. And secondly..
..all we're going to do is get
drunk and abuse each other.
We'll do that at your place.
I think Reena was supposed
to come over.
Might be awkward for you. I'm not
sure you want to run into her.
I'm not sure either. But maybe..
Lets go.
Hello Mrs. Joshi.
I'm here to collect the reports.
We're shifting him to the
care facility tomorrow.
- Thanks.
How come you come home
so early these days?
No work in the clinic?
It's not like I'm coming
home early for you.
I come for this fellow. Hi baby.
Baby, you've met Nikhil.
Hi Piya.
- No, we haven't been introduced.
Of course I know him.
Reena and I were just talking
about you. Come. - Come.
Hey Reena, see who's here.
Hi Reena. You're looking good.
Thank you.
Hi Nikhil.
Hi Reena.
How are you?
Ok. You?
Who'll have coffee?
- Hi, guys.
If people start Drinking coffee..
..who's going to finish this bottle?
Thanks a lot. And how've you been?
Fit and fat buddy. You tell me.
How you managing without your wife?
I've kept a maid. I get
her to do everything.
You get your maid to do everything?
You're that deprived?
You'll never change.
Ajay, tell me What would
one name a girl..
..ho shoves her father around?
Pushpa! Push Pa.
Sweets.. sweets.
Snacks for you.
Your mother's in town?
Yes, she was asking about you.
I'll visit her in a day or two.
What are you doing?
- Don't you understand?
Vicky, enough. You're
not drinking any more.
What happened, Natasha?
This Vicky, you know.. he's
started drinking too much.
How many times he's promised
to give it up or drink less.
Sworn on me as well.
I'm sorry baby. I tend to forget.
You don't have Alzheimer's, do you?
No, seriously. You should get
yourself checked, you know.
It's a very serious disease.
The victim starts forgetting
everything. And jokes apart..
..it's very painful. I just
read an article about it.
Found it on your desk.
A person affected by it
forgets his or her name.
.address and even family.
But more than the victim, I wonder
about the victim's family.
The trauma they must go through. I
get scared even thinking about it.
If you were to get Alzheimer's..
..and forgot that you loved me..
..I'd die.
I would be very happy
if Natasha got it.
At least she wouldn't remember
my affairs and my drinking.
And imagine, if Reena got it..
..it would solve all of
Nikhil and her issues.
Relax, he's fine.
Dude, at least now tell
me what happened.
Laugh baby why are you crying..
..mama is going to be by your side.
Laugh baby and sleep tight.
Sleep baby, don't your cry.
So many times I have told you.
- But - Here.
My cousin was in the vicinity sir.
I stepped down to meet..
..him for a couple of minutes.
I told you that you were never
to leave Piya alone.
I knew that it would gradually
become very difficult.
Even I knew that sir.
Ajay, there's a big difference in
knowing something and going through.
As doctors, we know everything
about every..
..possible illness, ache and pain,
but we truly understand them only..
..when we or people we love
suffer through them.
I'm so confused. I don't
know what to do.
What you should have
done a long time ago.
Admit her into my
care facility Ajay.
She'll be well looked after there.
But how can I sir? She needs
me through this phase.
She doesn't need you.
But sir..
What she needs is professional
help and better care.
You'll only be helping her by
admitting her into the facility.
Don't you realize that this
is a point of no return?
You also know how..
..difficult life is
for her right now.
How difficult every step she takes..
..is, from the time she gets out of
bed, to the time she goes to bed.
Today baby and she could even
cause herself some harm.
Hi! How am I looking? Nice?
See, I got a new hair style.
I've decided..
..from today I'm going to
take better care of myself.
Ever since Aman was born,
I've become very careless.
I'm going to join..
..the gym from tomorrow. I
want to learn Salsa again.
I want to do so many things.
How do you like my hairstyle?
Pretty good, isn't it?
You're looking good as always.
That's all?
You're gorgeous, as always.
You're hot, as always.
- You are heavy, as always.
When you talk like this,
something happens to me.
Tell me you love me.
I love you.
Say it again.
I love you.
Say it again.
What happened?
Tell me.
I told you, it's nothing.
Come on, tell me.
- Didn't I just say nothing?
I had asked for..
..a friend like beloved.
I had asked for..
..a friend like beloved.
But he turned out to be..
..a mysterious beloved.
A mysterious beloved.
A mysterious beloved.
He is always lost.
He is always angry.
He isn't a..
..Iively husband.
Lively husband.
Lively husband.
I had asked for
He keeps wandering..
..in the alleys like wind.
In the alleys like wind.
He is always hot in anger.
My beloved is always angry.
I couldn't know him..
..what I mistake I've done.
My beloved is..
..very quiet.
Very quiet.
Lively husband.
I had asked for..
..a friend like beloved.
He is mesmerized in..
..the newspaper every morning.
Hungry for news.
He is more interested in other
things than his wife.
My beloved is very stubborn.
My beloved.. beloved.
How will not my heart burn.
But my beloved is very naughty..
Naughty beloved.
Naughty beloved.
He is always in his dreams.
He is always lost.
He is always angry.
He isn't a..
..Iively husband.
Good morning, doctor.
Hi Piya. Hi Ajay.
Hello sir.
- Hello Mrs. Mehra
Piya, this is Sudha.
She's going to take
care of you and..
..if you want something, ask Sudha.
She is very sweet.
- Piya, okay.
Let's go. Shall we?
I've kept all your stuff here.
Your medicines..
..you know Sudha will
take care of you.
You know Dr. Khurana Dr..
I'll go?
I should.
I'll keep coming though. And
if you need anything..
I've told Sudha that
you get very thirsty.
I've got a night lamp
put in the room.
Piya's afraid of darkness.
I'll go?
I shall leave now.
You know something?
There was this man once, who
got hurt, on his hand.
It as an ordinary wound.
But slowly, the wound worsened,
as did the pain.
But the pain was under control.
Unfortunately, the wound
got infected..
..and the infection spread.
Before the infection spread to the
other hand, in order to save it..
..the man cut off his infected arm.
While the arm that remained was..
..free of pain, the man wasn't. The
loss of that arm was a great one..
..and it stayed with him forever.
Piya, that man was a human being.
Even I am human being. You
know what I am trying to..
Listen, whatever you forget in
the course of this illness..
..never forget that..
I love you. Always.
Aman's home alone..
I should leave.. bye.
Without losing your colour
mesmerize in my colour.
Without losing your colour
mesmerize in my colour.
Without losing your sunshine,
come into my shadow.
Come, let's do it.
You be there.
I'll be there.
We will be there.
We all will live together
for births.
You, me, and us.
You, me, and us.
You, me, and us.
I think you should admit him
her into the care facility.
She'll be looked after better there.
How can you say that?
He is my father and l
can take care of him.
If we want, we will keep a nurse.
One day the moment
surely has to come.
One has to leave.
One day the moment
surely has to come.
One has to leave.
This is life, know it.
We both will learn to
live life together.
As the one behind shouldn't
face difficulties.
It's Aman's birthday today.
Won't you wish him?
What's your name?
Piya, this is Aman. It's
his birthday today.
What's your name? Tell
me what your name is.
Like the shadow walks with us.
We will stay together like that.
You, Me, and us.
Listen, please put this..
Ajay, Ajay..
Mrs. Mehra.. what happened?
Mrs. Mehra.
- Who are you?
Mrs. Mehra. Please calm down first..
Where's Ajay?
- We'll just call him..
I.. Where am l?
Sit. Please just calm down..
Let go of me. Leave me!
Ajay.. Ajay.. why are my
hands Tied? Where am l?
Who are these people?
I don't know anything.
I can't understand what's happening.
Why are you just standing there?
- Why don't you come..
..and help me? Leave me..
Mrs. Mehra.
Ajay.. Ajay, I am your wife.
Don't you recognize me?
Leave me.
- Mrs. Mehra.
Ajay, you fell in love with me.
You promised me that..
..you'd never let anything
happen to me. Leave me.
Ajay, you said you loved me.
- Listen to me.
I want to go. Ajay, I want to
go home. Take me home, please.
You'll hurt yourself.
- Look at my foot.
My foot, look at it. You
know how much it hurts?
I.. I'm in pain. So much pain Ajay.
Why are you just standing there?
Why don't you come to
me? Let go of me.
Ajay, please. Please, Ajay.. please.
Take me home. I want to go home.
I want to see my baby. Ajay,
please take me home.
Don't leave me here.
I'll die here. Ajay,
can you hear me?
I am dying.
- Please. - I want to go home..
I want to go home!
Ajay, please take me from here.
Listen to this one. A judge asked
a man why he wanted to..
..divorce his wife.
He said.. Because I am not
satisfied with my wife.
The judge then asked the woman
what she had to say to this.
So she said.. Judge, I've managed
to satisfy the whole neighborhood.
He's the only one complaining.
You remember that film Nikhil..
what was it called..
I bind him with my oath..
Ek Duje Ke Liye.. we saw it
together.. bunked school and..
You and me, me and you, are
made for each other..
I saw that film eleven times.
Why? Didn't understand
it the first time?
Actually, opposite my house, there
stayed this girl. I used to..
..watch the film, come to
my balcony and sing to her.
We are made for each other.
Landed up seeing it eleven times
thanks to this routine.
When I came home after the
eleventh viewing, I found..
..my mother crying.. I discovered
that my father had left us.. for..
..another woman.. I'm sure
he'd seen the film too.
But after that day, I never
saw the film again.
Realized that the whole we
are made for each other..
..business was all rubbish. But
as time went by, I forgot..
..what I had learnt
and then I met Piya..
..and it all began again..
We are made for each other.
You know something?
There isn't a song as fake as
this one in the whole world.
Nobody lives for the
sake of another.
Everybody lives for themselves.
I didn't admit her into hospital,
keeping her convenience in mind.
I did so, for my convenience.
Had she stayed home, things
would have been tough.
Looking after her, her medicines.
I'd have had to dedicate
myself only to her.
So I sent her away..
..because I matter to
me more than she does.
You know, God created man like this.
One can love another
to a great extent..
..but will always love
oneself a little more.
It's called a self
defense mechanism.
Our psychiatry books also say..
there's this case of a..
..mother and a child drowning. The
mother is doing everything she..
..can to save the child.
But there comes this moment..
when the..
..mother is completely out of
breath.. where the mother, however..
..unconsciously, pushes the child
underwater in order to get up..
..herself for some air.
This isn't planned or on purpose.
It's human nature.
Self defense mechanism.
I had promised her that l'd..
..always take care of her.
Always look after her.
But now I think..
..how can I leave my child
with that woman.
My child is not safe
with that woman.
See, he's become my child,
and his mother..
..my wife, has become that
woman. It's all crap.
Love is all crap.
You guys are right. Good
you guys are separated.
You know.. it's not
about you, me and us.
It's never about you, me and
us. It's only about me.
Only me.
Oh no! Spoilt everyone's
mood, didn't l?
Let me tell you a joke..
..once this kid..
Guys, my kid's alone
at home. I should go.
So that's where you are. You could
have completed the joke.
Nikhil, no joke, nothing,
makes me laugh any more.
You remember Ajay, one day you'd
told us this story once.
About a village that had no rain.
It was on the verge of drought.
Defeated, the villagers decided to
collectively pray to God for rain.
One by one, they all collected
at the temple..
..with a wish that it should
rain, empty handed.
But one boy..
..came to pray with an umbrella.
Because he had faith.
He was certain it would rain. Ajay,
that boy, in that story, is you.
You were the guy who always told
us. Hey guys, come on, always..
..believe in yourself.
Where's your faith?
Forget what doctors say, or what
the medical sciences preach.
Ajay, important is what
does your heart say?
Go, Ajay, and bring Piya back.
Not because she needs you..
..but because you need
her. And you said..
..it was all about me. Go.
Ajay, you have to bring her back.
Will you be off now, or should
I set some dogs after you?
- Go get her.. get her.. get her..
Lets go home, Nikhil.
Vicky, let's get married.
Nutty, I'm not carrying a ring
today. And all the jewelers will..
No, no. There's no need for that..
Ajay, do you know what you're doing?
No. -You know..
..what results your
actions could have?
They'll be better than these.
Why don't you understand Ajay?
You're a doctor yourself.
Don't you see that if you
take Piya away from here..
Doctor, you know what one needs
to do to keep one's wife happy?
One has to always follow two rules.
Fulfill every one of the..
..promise you make to your wife.
Two. Never make
your wife any promises.
Unfortunately, I forgot the rules.
I made her a promise.
That I'd never leave her side.
I promised her that l'd
always look after her.
I promised her we'd celebrate
our silver wedding..
..anniversary on a cruise.
Now I'll have to fulfill
these promises..
..won't l?
Don't take her away from here.
If she leaves this place..
..she won't survive.
Do you guarantee me that she will
survive if she stays in..
No doctor can guarantee
a thing like this.
But a husband can.
I guarantee you that
I will celebrate my..
..silver wedding anniversary
on a cruise with my wife.
And I promise you that
you will be invited.
If you survive that long.
Piya, should we go home?
Who are you?
It's me.. Ajay.. Iet's go home.
Who are you?
I'm your husband, Piya.
child is waiting for you.
Aman.. Aman is waiting for you.
Your child.. he needs you..
Let me go
Let me go.. don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Piya. -Don't know you..
..don't know you..
.. I made a mistake. I
left you here. I just..
Don't touch me..
I'm sorry.
I will never do
this again.
You leave me. Leave me. And don't
touch me.
Who is he?
Don't you remember the wish
list, that we wrote?
I don't remember any wish list..
I didn't write any wish list..
..on any wall.. Who is
this man? I don't know.
Get away from me.
Stay away from me.
Ajay, this is not the
right time.. Iet's go..
Piya, please..
Mrs. Mehra.
Why don't you understand, Ajay?
This is going to worsen her
condition. Let's go.. please..
No Ajay.. not again Ajay please.
You don't know me? You don't
remember your child?
You don't remember how much I love
you? You've forgotten that..
..we wrote a wish list together..
..but you remember that
we wrote it on a wall..
..today you remember everything.
You're just pretending..
..to make me feel terrible
for having left you here.
You want to sacrifice. Make
this great sacrifice..
..be a martyr and make
me feel even worse.
I forgot nothing. I forgot nothing.
I came here every single day.
Came and told you that I loved you.
Waited everyday, hoping that you
would say you loved me too.
But you forgot. You.
I messed up. I made a mistake
by leaving you here.
I committed a sin by ignoring
all your pleas..
..and not taking you back home.
You've forgiven every mistake
I've made so far.
Forgive me once more. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. - I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
And they lived happily ever after.
You know something?
Every moment spent in
love is precious.
But the most precious..
..moment is the one where you
manage to win over the girl.
And Ajay was so lucky..
..that he got to experience
that moment every single day.
Maybe he'd learnt the tricks,
or perhaps they were..
..truly soulmates, but he managed
to win her over every day.
And then there were some
bonus days in his life..
..when Piya recognized him..
You know something?
Today is their twenty fifth
wedding anniversary.
So did he take her on a cruise?
Did he fulfill that promise?
They're here.. on this cruise.
Would you like to meet them?
Are you sure?
You'd like to come with a stranger.
There are days when I recognize
that stranger.
But you didn't recognize
your bonus day!
You've made a fool out of me again..
I don't have to try too hard.
God made you pretty foolish
to begin with.
Happy anniversary.
Love you, mom.
I got a feeling incomplete
in my heart..
..don't leave me alone because
we can never be apart.
We can never be apart.
Don't lose your colours and
mesmerize in my colour.
Don't lose your colours and
mesmerize in my colour.
Without losing your sunshine, come
into my shade.
Come, let's do it.
You will be there.