U Turn (2018) Movie Script

Your brother has some visa issue.
He says hes not sure
if he can make it.
Even if he managed to come,
he cant possibly return.
I dont know what to do.
Hell definitely come
if your wedding date gets fixed.
Mom! Stop asking the same thing.
Ill leave if you irritate me.
I knew you'd say that.
You yell at me no matter what I say.
Mom, why do you get into an argument
and spoil my mood?
I have to get you on the bus
and go to work.
Your dad toiled hard and took debt
to fund your engineering course.
You could go for a better paid job.
Whyd you take up this shitty job?
Mom, no matter how hard you try,
my decision will not change.
Why would you change?
Of course, you wouldnt.
Our neighbour Swetha
is younger to you...
...she got married last month,
and is happily settled in Washing Machine.
Its not Washing Machine. Its Washington.
-Washing Machine?
Do you have any idea how happy she is?
Your dad recently saw her pictures
on Facebook and got upset.
Poor guy! He was really sad.
Tell me this. What havent we done for you?
Why are you punishing us?
Mom, getting married,
going abroad on honeymoon...
...and they post pictures on Facebook.
Its not a big achievement.
It's not a very big deal!
Do you guys need WhatsApp
and Facebook at this age?
Yeah, right. If you want us
to respect our age,
we should be having
grandchildren to play with.
You dont spare us the luck.
You are back to square one.
Its all about marriage.
-Driver, are you married?
-No, maam. Im a bachelor.
-Look at me. Am I beautiful?
-Madam... what are you saying?
Stop near a temple on our way.
Well get married.
Only that will bring her peace.
Shut up! You drive, boy.
Dont worry, madam.
Ill not marry her.
I know of a lady constable in
the Paradise Police Station.
Shes way softer than your daughter.
Listen, Rachu!
Im saying this for your own good.
Quit being a reporter and
take up a software job.
You know the marriage broker Ganesh, right?
Hes in search of a nice guy
with foreign green card for you.
I swear on this auto driver.
If you bring up marriage one more time,
Ill jump out of the auto and run.
Sure, dear. Run away.
Whos stopping you?
Flee wherever you want
once youre married.
Mom, do I have to recharge your phone?
No need, I have balance.
Hey! Why are you diverting the topic?
Youll be boarding a non-stop bus.
Use the loo at the bus station.
What am I saying and
what are you talking about?
Ask dad to use less sugar in coffee.
Hes the only one to look after you.
I have you, right?
You promised to stay with us
all your life.
Im here for you.
What if I got married?
Rachu... Did I just hear
you mention marriage?
I must be really lucky.
Mom, first you need to
stop watching these soap operas.
Youre acting really dramatic.
Oh no! I wonder if the bus had already left.
Mom, dont worry unnecessarily.
Look... You left the mobile back there.
Maa! I know.
Check again, we mustve
forgotten something.
We just have two bags, Maa.
-How much is the fare?
-70 rupees, madam.
-Pay me 100 bucks.
-And why should I do that?
You have luggage, madam.
And Ill have no passengers
on my way back.
Did you carry the bags on your head?
I asked for 30 rupees extra.
I didnt demand dowry.
One tight slap!
Rachu, why are you getting
into a brawl with him?
Look, boy... I sent 70 rupees via Paytm.
-Check it.
-Please leave, madam.
Get your daughters horoscope
checked with those 30 bucks.
Just leave!
Go madam.
Have you got any issues with men?
-Youre always fighting them.
-You go first.
Hey... Hi, Divya.
Hi... Everyone's about to head home,
why did you come now?
Did you have a long lunch
in the afternoon?
Forget lunch, I havent eaten anything.
Im really hungry.
I dropped mom at the
bus station and came.
This Friday... Youre coming, right?
Of course, no. I hate lights and noise.
-Ill happily go home and doze off.
Madam, Editor is calling you.
It's urgent.
Sir, its Sunder. Calling from
the CEOs office.
Sir, your work is complete.
I also filed the returns, sir.
Sorry sir! I forgot about that, sir.
Can I do it in the morning tomorrow?
I'm on the Velacheri flyover.
Sir... It's not like that.
Okay, sir. Ill go back.
Ill finish it tonight.
Ok sir.
Bloody life!
Nobody cares about what I say.
Sir, one moment.
You got a courier.
Oh... Sorry, sir.
Practice it.
Yay! Dads home!
Karthi... Hey...
-Hi daddy!
-Hey sweetheart.
Karthi, whatd you do at school?
We had a running race today.
Wow! Running race, is it?
Did you come second or third?
I came first, dad.
You came first? What was the prize?
-They didnt give any prize, dad.
-Are you lying because you finished last?
Hey... serve dinner.
Did you eat?
-No, dad.
I'll eat with you.
Ok, let's eat.
Karthi, put your slate away
and finish your food first.
No... No... No...
Ive found a good
day-care centre for Karthi.
Lets join him next week.
Didnt we discuss this already?
We are not putting him in day-care.
Whats your problem with that?
How long do I have to quit my job
and stay home for him?
You have me to earn a living for us.
You dont have to get a job.
Before Karthi was born,
I had a career for myself.
I cant give up everything
and sit idle at home.
Instead, you could quit your job and
stay home to look after your son.
Im already tensed.
Will you let me eat in peace?
If career was your priority,
whyd you get married
and have a kid?
Hey, Karthi... Its your friend.
He went on a tour with his parents.
He posted pictures on Facebook.
Hey! Stop laughing. Lets go.
-Come on, move!
-Dad, look!
Akhila, open the door!
Arent you going to open it?
Youll come out in the morning, right?
Let me deal with you then.
I heard the climate is cool back there.
And youre by yourself.
Having a blast, huh?
-Yeah, right. Your boyfriends are here.
-My boyfriends?
Im having a gala time with them.
Didnt they tell you?
Youre enjoying your time, eh?
I dont think so.
By the way, what about your office crush?
Any further development?
-No change.
Hes really scared to even
start a conversation.
I wonder how hed do
as a crime reporter.
Oh... You didn't find any other guy?
Okay. Do something.
-What now?
-Let me finish.
Theres a red colour top in my room.
Lucky top...
Wear that to work.
Youll succeed for sure.
Succeed? How?
Shall I make it simple?
Let loose and youll have kids soon.
What? Why are you silent?
I was thinking of names for
a baby boy and baby girl.
I thought I was so bold
but youre shameless.
-Ill try and let you know.
-Okay bye.
Hey one moment...
My earrings are in the drawer.
Hey! Dont forget to clean the room.
Hmmm. Ok, bye.
Have we got anything today?
Here you go.
-Hi, Rachana.
-How come youre so early?
-Are you off to a Fancy Dress competition?
Really? Its bad?
-Hey! Yeah, tell me.
Hello... Note down the number quickly.
Okay, tell me.
-TN 21...
-TN 21...
CD 7785...
CD 7785...
-Okay. Hang up.
-When will you give me the address?
I'll give you...
-What? Are you that busy?
-Yeah. Really busy.
I'm struggling here.
Everyone is screwing me up.
-Okay, Ill call you later. Bye. Hang up.
-Okay bye.
Hi... Youre busy?
Hey, hi... Yeah, come in.
Grab a chair.
Come, come sir.
What else?
Hows your work going on?
No, not at all...
Same theft and murder...
Nothing new in crime.
Hey, you asked for that material, right?
I had it somewhere over here.
I kept it here.
I know I have it around here...
Ill give it to you later?
Its okay. Its okay.
By the way, are my articles
of any use to you?
-Of course!
I read all your articles.
And I compare them with my notes later.
-It really helps me a lot.
-Not bad.
I just got to know someone reads
my articles as well.
Aditya, actually...
-...I need another favour from you.
-Yeah, tell me.
Can you get me the records regarding
the accident on Velacheri flyover?
I take the Velacheri flyover
route every day.
-But, why do you need them?
-Im preparing a story about that flyover.
I have to get the details
from database once Im free.
Ill need a couple of days time.
Is it okay?
-Its okay.
Okay. Ill see you.
Yeah. Bye.
Ra... Rachana...
One second...
You left it back there.
Your phone... It was on my table.
Im so silly. I keep forgetting.
-Shall we grab a coffee?
-Nah. Ive got loads of work.
-Ive to finish the article.
-Of course... Of course.
Of course... Im sorry.
Of course I'll see you.
Thank you.
Sir, coffee...
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
You will like only this coffee...
-Are you from Chennai?
-No. Im from Coimbatore.
Weve shifted here just
6 months before.
Okay... Okay...
What does your husband do?
What?! Really?
Do I look like a married woman to you?
I mean... You said you guys shifted
6 months before.
So, you know...
You can ask me directly if you want
to know whether Im married or not.
No... No... That wasnt my intention.
You know just...
Which school does your third kid go to?
-Do I look like a father of three kids to you?
My third son is really young.
So, I let him stay with my first wife.
So, are you living with
your second wife now?
No, I just divorced her yesterday.
So, Im back to Single and
ready to mingle status.
So, whyd you kill your ex-boyfriend?
Whats with that look?
I went to kill him.
But he dumped me and left.
He dumped you and left?
What more was he looking for in you?
Im not stupid to market myself badly.
Yes... Everyone in the office
calls you a tomboy.
Isnt that enough bad marketing?
-Really? Youre serious?
Its for my own good.
At least the flirts will stay away.
That's correct.
Oh... My Editor.
I just have a lot of work.
Can I meet you later?
Yeah, sure.
See you.
Hang on.
Our Editor gave me two tickets
to review a movie.
If any friend of yours is free,
she can join me.
Youre from the Crime Department, right?
What do you have anything
to do with movies?
Its a crime thriller.
A tomboy...
Will be waiting for you in the parking lot,
take her along if you like her.
Okay, bye.
Thank you for the dress.
Note it down quickly.
Name: Sunder
-Bike: red glamour, address: 316.
-Tell me.
Rainbow apartment.
What time is it?
11:30, madam.
How do I go to Sunders house?
Go straight and youll find a garden.
Turn right from there.
Your phone?
Hmm... Oh, shit!
Take me to a nice film next time.
Its good for the both of us.
I know. I was waiting for it to end.
You told me it was a crime thriller.
It neither had crime nor any thrill.
And it was the horror genre.
I hate horror stories.
Dont you believe in spirits and ghosts?
Of course, no! Why?
Do you believe in them?
-I dont know.
-You dont know? Isnt that weird?
I mean... There are many things
we dont know about.
Ghosts, spirits, souls...
They might exist. Who knows?
Spirits and souls... Oh, my god!
This is all rubbish.
They sound good in films,
stories and news articles.
People like my mom
believe in this stuff.
It makes me angry.
Forget it...
Everyone has their own beliefs and likes.
So, this means you believe
in spirits and ghosts.
I mean... Im not saying
I believe in them.
But Im saying theres a possibility.
Look over there.
-A lady is draped in a white saree.
With her tresses down, holding a candle.
Yeah, right. Shes way more
beautiful than you.
-Will you get down my bike, please?
Aditya, are you just like every
other guy out there?
-What do you mean?
-Seeing your bike, I can say...
...the brakes wont function
if a girl sits at the back.
Hey! Hello... Im not that kind of a guy.
And first of all, this isnt my bike,
its my brother's.
Im using it for now.
Oh... Inherited property.
Whatd you just say?
Thanks, Aditya. I had a
really boring time.
Yeah. I wanted to know...
-Is it your birthday today?
-No. Why did you ask?
I mean... Youre all dolled up.
-You seem to have taken a shower as well.
-So you think I don't take a shower daily?
But you really do look nice today.
So, you have been observing me lately?
I cant help it, maam.
My job compels me.
-Im a crime reporter, you see.
-Have you been observing others as well?
I only observe those I have to.
Oh, is it?
Ill get going, Rachana.
See you in the office tomorrow.
Hello... Wait...
Come here.
In here.
Wheres B2 in the A block?
Thats my flat.
Give me a minute.
Sir... Shes the girl were looking for.
Are you Rachana?
-Yeah. What happened?
-I called your mobile an hour ago.
-Why didnt you answer?
-Oh... That's you?
Why didnt you answer my call?
I... I was in a theatre, sir.
Cinema, huh?
The guy who just dropped you...
Who is he?
Sir, what do you want?
Why are you asking me all this?
Who is he?
My friend...
-Friend or boyfriend?
-Sir, why do you care about that?
-Whats happening here?
-Get into the jeep.
Ill explain everything in the station.
Sir, why should I come with you?
Youre at the wrong address.
Check again.
Were mistaken, huh?
Is this your number?
Get into the jeep silently.
If you create a scene here...
...public will record it and post
the video on social media.
Is that fine with you?
We can discuss the rest in the station.
Get in.
-Saroja, get her in!
-Yes, sir!
-Come on, girl. Come on. Move.
-Sir! Sir, listen to me.
Sir! Sir, listen to me.
-Sir, please listen to me.
-Youll be fine. Sit down.
Tell them we found the girl.
Were coming to the station.
-Saroja, grab her phone.
Sir... Please...
-Aditya Office... He's your boyfriend?
-Sir, just one call... Please.
There's a tussle going on at Madipaka Junction.
Send the patrolling vehicles.
That night...
He and I had a fight, sir.
A fight? What was it about?
Do you fight every day?
Does your husband come home drunk and
abuse you physically or verbally?
No sir...
-That's never the case, sir.
After he came home that day,
while he was having dinner...
...I told him I'd apply for a new job.
He said I don't have to do that.
I got furious.
I went into my room and locked the door.
What job?
Where did you apply?
I didn't plan anything yet, sir.
I just told him I'd apply.
Meanwhile, all of this happened.
Hey, Kamala...
Get her some water.
Ok sir.
-Here you go.
-Have it.
Go inside. This way...
Come on... Move...
-Narayana, is he available?
-Yes, sir.
Get me those files.
Drink some water.
Sir, she is Rachana.
She was at the apartment.
What's happening here?
Why'd you bring me here?
Sir, she's the girl who came
to the flat this afternoon.
Please don't mind me asking...
...did your husband have an affair?
Do you know of anything?
Why are you asking, sir?
Have you seen this girl before?
Do you know her personally?
Take a closer look and tell us.
No, sir.
This girl went to your flat this afternoon,
we don't know the reason.
Who are you? Why did you go to my flat?
Who is she?
What's the problem, sir?
-I don't understand what's happening.
Did you mean this girl?
Look, ma'am... You can go home now.
We'll have all the details by morning.
-Drop her home.
-Okay, sir.
Prabha, take her inside.
Come on...
Come on.
Go there.
Not over there. Sit here.
-Who is she?
-The suspect in Sunder's case.
-What are you doing?
I'm preparing the case files, sir.
You can do that later. Come with me.
There has been a misunderstanding.
Sit down!
Why'd you go to Sunder's place?
-Which Sunder, sir?
-Give me that register.
Is this your name and contact?
Yes, sir.
-You went to his place at 11:30 in the noon.
-Sir, it's true that I went to his place.
But I don't know him.
Why are you asking me about it?
You did everything you had to.
And now, you're questioning us back.
You think we aren't aware?
Give me that photo.
When we reached his place this evening...
he was found like this.
Now tell me...
-Why'd you kill him?
I didn't kill him!
I went to his place and
rang the door bell.
There was no response and
so, I came back. That was it, sir.
So, you didn't kill him.
Am I right?
-Why would I kill him, sir?
-That's what I'm asking you.
-Why'd you kill him?
I didn't do anything.
You're asking me the same
question on loop.
Why'd you go there?
Sir, I'm working as an intern
in 'The Times of India'.
As a part of a story for my job...
I went to Sunder regarding an article.
What's that story?
How is Sunder related to it?
-It's about...
-Tell me!
Sir, I'm writing an article
on Velacheri flyover.
There are divider blocks on the flyover.
Isn't that obvious?
To avoid traffic jam, people move the divider
blocks and take a U-turn from there.
And once they leave,
the divider blocks are left intact.
They pose danger to people coming
in the opposite direction.
How is Sunder connected to this?
For my story I was thinking...
I trace people who move the
divider block to take a U-turn...
...and interview them. That's all, sir.
So, Sunder moved the divider block?
Is that why you went to interview him?
Yes, sir.
How do you know that Sunder
moved the divider block?
There's an old man sitting by the flyover.
He informs me the vehicle numbers of people
moving the divider blocks.
He only gave me Sunder's number, sir.
You better make your stories
a bit believable, girl.
These silly stories will get
you into trouble.
-This is not silly, sir.
-What do you call it otherwise?
Let's assume Sunder moved
the divider blocks.
You killed him for that. Am I right?
Sir, I went to his place just
to interview him. That's all.
Is it a great feat to move divider blocks
that you interview him?
Sir, they stop their vehicles
in the middle of the road.
And displace the divider blocks with
no care for the world.
Ever wonder how their thinking must be?
Civic sense and traffic rules...
Aren't they important?
To analyze their mentalities,
I wanted to interview them.
Sir, we're investigating that case.
You might be having political pressure,
but we need time to take further action.
Give us time until tomorrow morning.
We'll do something about it.
-Nayak, come with me.
-Saroja, you stay here.
-Okay, sir.
Sit down girl... Sit down.
Kasi, get the car.
Hey, put my bag in the vehicle.
It's already too late.
Looks like it'll pour heavily tonight.
Send her to the remand home immediately.
Let's investigate her once we have
the post-mortem report.
Why a remand home, sir?
Let's send her home.
We could do that if this was
any other case.
But the victim Sunder is
Corporate CI office worker.
He handles all the Corporator's accounts.
That is why everyone's
giving us a hard time.
Prabhakar, you do something.
Collect the apartment's CCTV footage.
-And also get his entire calls data.
-Okay sir.
-Have them ready by morning.
-I'll do that, sir.
-I've been getting calls from home. I have to go.
-Don't worry, sir.
Come on...
Why are you calling me on repeat?
I told you I'm on my way.
Just a minute, sir.
I have nothing to do with this.
-I'm telling the truth, sir.
What do you think of what she said?
I feel she's telling us the truth, sir.
She went to Sunder's place and
Sunder died around the same time.
It might be coincidence sir.
We can't be the judge of that.
No matter what, this case
can't go to CBCID.
We have direct orders
from the Minister.
-Okay? I'll see you in the morning.
Good night sir.
Call the remand home and ask them
to get the paperwork ready.
She'll be staying there for the night.
-Sir! -Sir, actually...
Why should I stay there?
-At least you tell me, sir.
-You sit down!
You go.
Sir, it's very late.
It's too late already and
it's pouring outside.
I know. But there's nothing we can do.
-Okay, sir.
Sir, why are you doing this to me?
-I answered all your questions.
We have many more
questions to ask you.
Over the night by the rules,
-we can't have you here.
If I was the reason behind his death...
...why would I mention my original
phone number and address in the register?
Under the circumstances, you're a suspect.
You better cooperate with us.
There's been some misunderstanding, sir.
I have 10 other addresses
along with Sunder's.
What do you mean?
Take a look at this.
Here are the addresses of those 10 people.
Take a look.
The old man on the flyover gave me
all these addresses.
All of them moved the divider block
and took a U-turn.
Sunder is just one of them.
He's just one of them.
Wait... Wait...
Let's back up for a second.
You mentioned an old man
on the flyover...
Who is he?
Why is he feeding you numbers?
Er... Every time I go there,
he's there.
If he notes the vehicle numbers for me...
...I promised to pay him 100 bucks.
That is it, sir.
So, he gave you these 10 numbers?
Have you interviewed all of them?
No sir.
I went to interview Sunder first.
The guy Rajesh's address
was taken last month.
I mean, why Sunder?
-Tell me.
Last month, my mom came to visit me.
I couldn't make time to follow anyone.
Could you show me the man
if we go to the flyover?
Of course, I can take you.
He's always sitting at the flyover steps.
Okay. Wait here.
-Sir, you asked for me?
Go to the police stations pertaining
to these addresses.
Find out if there are any complaints
registered on these vehicles.
-Do it fast.
-Okay, sir.
Call the mortuary regarding
Sunder's post-mortem report.
-Make it quick.
-Okay, sir.
Take Rachana and go to
the Velacheri flyover.
She'll show you an old man over there.
Just go bring him now.
...it's pouring heavily.
Let's leave her in the
remand home like sir had asked.
Prabha, you know how a remand home is.
Poor girl! Let's help her out.
-We don't have time. Make it fast.
-Okay, sir.
-Get the vehicle.
-Ok sir.
Let's go.
Come on...
TN 05 EA 2162
Can you name the cases registered
on this vehicle number?
I know you need time to write
an official report, doctor.
Doctor, quickly do as you're told.
Kasi, stop the vehicle.
Thank you, sir.
-Where is he?
-Over there... Near the steps.
Kasi, go look.
Where is he? You said he'll be here.
This is where I see him all the time, sir.
Sir, we're here.
There's nobody on the flyover.
This girl has been lying
since the beginning.
Prabha, be more patient.
Look around.
Okay, sir. I'll check.
Hey, stop.
Did it seem like a suicide or a murder?
Go... Go sit over there.
-What is it, Prabha?
-We found him, sir.
Look... He's the man who had helped her.
Rachana, did he give you the numbers?
Yes, sir.
Prabha, take him to the interrogation room.
-Let's go.
-Rachana, you can go with him.
What's the update, Chakri?
Sir, I spoke to the duty doctor.
According to what he had said...
...there are no scratches or
attacking marks on Sunder's body.
Have they analyzed the time of death?
Estimated death time is
around 2 AM.
But, they didn't confirm it.
2 am...
Okay, Chakri. You may go.
Thank you.
Okay, sir.
-Chakri, get me a coffee.
-Sure, sir.
Sir, according to the clues team report...
...and going by the apartment's CCTV footage.
After Sunder's wife left home,
she was the only girl
who had visited the house.
So in between Sunder's time of death
and Rachana's time of visit.
Approximately 12 hours gap.
Correct sir.
-Do they have any connections?
-That is what I don't get, sir.
To claim Sunder and Rachana
have a connection...
...we haven't found a single clue
or evidence whatsoever.
In that case, she's telling the truth, Prabha.
She is innocent.
What kind of story is this, sir?
Some random guy takes a U-turn.
This mad man notes his vehicle number.
And this girl collects those
numbers from him.
Do we look like fools to the youngsters?
Come in.
Sir, in concern with the vehicle numbers
you gave me...
...I've collected all the details from
the police stations.
Prabha, check these out.
Hey! Get up!
-Sir, where are you taking him?
-You sit down, girl.
-Come on.
-Take her.
Sir, hes innocent. Please, sir.
Sit down... Sit down...
Did he give you the ten vehicle numbers?
Yes, sir.
Have you shared these numbers
with anyone else?
No, sir.
He gave you the numbers.
Who gave you their addresses?
Sir, one of my friend works at RTO.
I gave him the numbers and
he shared the addresses. That's all.
What happened, sir?
The ten people in your
diary are dead.
They're all dead!
Reports suggests all of them
have committed suicide.
You're hiding something from me.
I'm trying to help you out.
Don't lie to me, damn it!
I don't get what's happening here, sir.
Except for these addresses and numbers...
...I don't know anything.
What about the dates above
the addresses?
The dates.
When they moved the divider
blocks and took an u-turn.
That's it, sir.
The dates they committed suicide on...
The dates mentioned in the police reports.
The dates noted in your diary.
Same dates in all the ten cases.
How do you explain this?
Look The date Sunder died and
the date in your diary are the same.
How do you justify this?
He doesn't say a word no matter
how hard we thrash him.
He must be dumb.
We can't possibly get any information from him.
What do we do, sir?
He's the only link, Prabha.
I checked his pockets and
found this notepad.
There's a vehicle number noted in it.
Rachana... Whose number is this?
I don't know, sir.
Rachana, look again and tell me
whose number it is.
It must be the vehicle number
of the guy who moved the divider block today.
He must've noted it to inform me.
He usually gives it on my way
to the office the next day.
But I don't know what's happening sir...
In case he gives you the information tomorrow...
...do you mention the date in the diary?
Which date do you mention?
Today's date, sir.
Swami, get me a pen.
Take it sir.
Trace this vehicle's address
and inform me right away.
-Okay, sir.
-Make it fast.
Sure, sir.
-Chakri, open the cell.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Sir! Sir!
-Try again.
Why'd you put this mad man in my cell?
-Sir! Sir!
-Can you see?
-I'm talking to you.
-Why are you noting the numbers?
-Why are you noting these numbers?
-Okay, Prabha. Come with me.
-Chakri, go handle him.
-Okay, sir.
Prabha, go to the traffic control room,
and check the vehicles that took a U-Turn.
-Ok sir.
-Make it as soon as possible.
-Sure sir.
The vehicle number address
you asked for is nearby.
-Get the car.
-Okay, sir.
Rachana, please come.
I've fallen sick, sir.
Shall I go home?
No. Please stay here.
Did Swami go?
Yes sir.
-Sir, do you want me to come?
-No need.
Come, Rachana...
-Call me if it's anything urgent.
-Okay, sir.
-Who's Malik here?
-That's him, sir.
Yes, sir? Tell me.
Nayak had asked me to meet you.
Yeah. He called me.
What information do you need?
Could you tell me if this vehicle took
a u-turn on Velacheri flyover?
I'll check and let you know.
You please be seated.
Thank you.
-Flat number?
-1504, sir.
-Mr. Swami...
Why did you knock so many times?
You see the board?
Sorry, sir. I didn't see.
Who are you here for?
Are you Mr. Sarath Kumar?
Who was it? Who rang the door bell?
Baby was asleep. You woke her up.
Don't you have any sense?
Look how the baby's crying.
Is that your vehicle downstairs?
TN 21 BC 2120...
Why should I answer you?
What's the matter?
He asked if that was your vehicle.
Yes. So what?
Have you ever seen her before?
Who is she?
Who is she?
Have you ever seen him before?
No, sir.
Have you taken a U-turn
on Velacheri flyover?
Why? Did somebody complain?
Did she file a complaint?
What did the complaint say?
-What happened? Any problem?
-It's nothing.
You go inside and sleep.
Who else is home?
Why do you care about that?
What's the complaint about?
Have you got a warrant?
Hello... I'm an advocate.
You can't talk to me the way you do
with everyone else.
Have you got a warrant?
Hello... Hello...
Hey! I'm talking to you.
Where are you going?
Do you have a search warrant?
Who is she?
Can't you hear me?
Ask him to come out first.
I'm talking to you.
Hello... I'm talking to you.
Hey! I'm talking to you.
Don't you understand?
Come out!
I'm sorry.
Hello! Hey! What are you doing
in there? Come out.
Did you find anything, huh?
Come to the station tomorrow.
Let's file a complaint.
Shut the door and stay safe.
Come, Rachana...
Yeah, sure. I'll come tomorrow morning.
I'll file a case on you and
put you in the court room.
I'll show you the power of
an advocate tomorrow.
Do something.
-Stay here till morning.
Yeah. Any problem?
Er... Nothing, sir.
-Call me if anything urgent.
-No problem sir.
Just for precaution...
Why'd they come at this hour?
It's nothing. Go to sleep.
Hey! Shut her mouth.
Sit in the front.
A police's life has become piteous.
The vehicle you mentioned
took a U-turn, sir.
It's captured in the cameras
on the flyover.
-Is he an advocate?
-Yes, sir.
The guy in the driver's seat
was wearing a lawyer's coat.
Have you cross checked
all the vehicle numbers in the diary?
We are working on it, sir.
It'll take some time.
Okay. Keep me posted.
Sure, sir.
Malik, let's check the other
numbers as well.
This advocate took a U-turn
on the flyover.
It's recorded in the CCTV footage.
The old man noted his number
to inform you.
The u-turn, Sunder's death
and the remaining deaths...
I'm sure there's some
kind of a connect.
Rachana, is there anything you've missed?
Just try to remember.
I've told you everything, sir.
Oh, shit!
Don't come out.
-Did you find all the details?
-Yes, sir. We did.
-The remaining numbers in the diary?
-We've got all the details, sir.
Here is the printout.
-Okay, thank you.
-Thank you, sir.
I was occupied with the Minister's case
and this happened.
No, sir. Listen to me.
Yes sir...
It's a complicated situation.
Morning, sir...
In your Jurisdiction,
an advocate fell on our station
vehicle and died.
It's not that easy...
I need some time.
Please delay the lawyer's press conference.
Please do it for my sake.
Okay sir. Thank you.
What have I told you and
what have you done?
Sir, I am investigating.
I told you to send her
to the remand home.
-Yes, sir. But the case...
I've been embarrassed in front of
the Commissioner and Press because of you.
Sir, Rachana had 10 other vehicle numbers
along with Sunder's.
What does that have anything
to do with following my orders?
Sir, all the 10 vehicles took a U-turn
on the flyover.
Look at this. And all the ten are dead.
-What are you saying, Nayak?
-Yes, sir.
Every case was closed considering it
an apparent suicide.
Sir, I think we need to further
inquire on this.
Do you think the girl did all of this?
No way, sir.
I inquired the girl the entire night.
And she's nowhere connected to this.
I think she is innocent, sir.
Look at this. Sunder's post-mortem report.
Clear suicide... Close the case now.
There is something fishy, sir.
With your permission,
I'll carry out further investigation.
No, Nayak. Don't do anything.
Just close Sunder's case.
That's enough.
The other cases are not linked
to our station anyways.
Forget it.
So, where's the girl?
She's in the interrogation room.
Let's go.
Call her.
We're inquiring your friend from RTO.
Don't worry.
He's not in trouble.
We got the post-mortem report.
To prove Sunder was murdered
with your involvement.
We've got no evidence in hand.
You may go.
You're free to go now.
If these vehicle numbers
and addresses leak...
If this news leaks...
...your life will become hell.
I'm saying this for your own good.
Forget everything right here.
Do you understand?
Drop her home.
Yes, sir.
We have the post-mortem report, sir.
We're closing the case as it's a suicide.
Yes sir...
Tell your corporate friend.
He's not in trouble.
Okay, sir. Thank you.
We reached your home.
You must be really tired.
Go and rest.
-At least do you believe me?
-I trust you Rachana.
I'll make sure you have no issues
regarding this case.
-Don't worry.
-Thank you.
I sent you a message.
What happened to the reports
that I had asked you for?
Send them to my table.
Go fast.
We've been waiting for
a really long time now.
Have you seen all the post-mortem reports?
We have prepared them ourselves, sir.
No, I mean... All the reports state suicide.
Sir, we reported the cause of death.
But, the police should decide
if it's suicide or murder.
I was actually looking for a common link
in all these cases.
The time of death or weapons used
or the wounds inflicted...
Anything unique or....
In the cases I handled,
I haven't found anything strange, sir.
Even I didn't notice
anything fishy, sir.
-It's 100 percent suicide.
Kumar, please come.
Sir, Mr. Prabhakar had sent
these papers for you.
-Ok. Thank you.
-Thank you sir.
You can leave now.
If there's anything,
I'll give you a call.
And, thanks for your cooperation.
-Welcome sir.
-Thank you, sir.
Hey, hi...
-This is Rachana's desk, right?
But she hasn't come yet.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, Rachana... Hi...
I was looking for you.
How come you're late today? All okay?
Umm... No.
What's wrong, Rachana?
I slept late last night.
Hmm... Coffee?
It's the editor...
Okay, no problem.
You carry on.
-We'll talk later.
Excuse me, sir...
Are you busy?
It's ok. Tell me.
Sir, I handled one of the cases.
It seemed unusual to me.
-Please come.
-Thank you sir.
Sir, can I see the report once?
This one?
Not that one, sir. This one...
Yes, this is the report I filed, sir.
In this particular case,
death was caused by the
slit of wrist vein.
Normally, they only make one slit.
In very rare case, they will slit
2 or 3 times.
But in this particular case,
the cut was curve shaped. Look...
Umm... Isn't that common?
No, sir.
People prone to suicide
are usually depressed.
They use a blade or a knife
to cut at one go.
That's normal.
They wouldn't curve the blade in a...
Er... How do I explain?
-In a 'u' shape?
Yes sir, that seemed strange to me.
Okay, sir. I came back to
tell you about this.
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
It's purely coincidental.
I've already released a statement
to the Press.
I have nothing else to add.
Thank you.
-Sir, actually...
This case was supposed
to be closed simply.
You have unnecessarily complicated it.
When an advocate falls on to
a police jeep and dies...
...what does that mean?
It's a national level breaking news, you know?
-Sir, I went there to save him. I didn't...
Don't say this out in the public.
The advocate's wife gave a statement.
'The advocate took debts from
several loan sharks'
'Knowing his house and property
will be seized...'
'...He jumped off a building
to avoid the consequences.'
-This is what you should tell everyone.
-Sir, no.
Got it?
Yes, sir.
What's that?
Sir, didn't I tell you already?
Sunder's case and the U-turn case
have a common link.
-I just wanted to show you.
We discussed this already.
Sunder's case is closed.
There are no U-turn cases. Go!
There are many cases pending.
-Go deal with them.
-Yes, sir.
Do you have Rachana's contact?
Yes, sir.
-If you could talk to her.
Delete it.
Yes, sir.
I didn't expect for this to happen.
Keep this.
Take it.
-Can you hear me?
-Are you okay?
-Is there a problem?
-No... No... Nothing like that.
It's just work stress.
Tell me something honestly.
After I dropped you last night,
did I say something wrong?
No... No, Aditya.
You're just really thinking too much.
How about dinner?
Shall we meet if you're free?
Aditya, I'll just call you back.
Hello... Hello, Rachana!
He doesn't know anything, sir.
He's a really good guy.
His friends influence him.
You never listen to me.
Look, we ended up in a police station.
Sir... Sir, please...
You have to save them both.
Please come fast.
Ask Prabhakar to attend them.
Let's go.
Come out.
What happened?
Sir, actually, I was on the Velicheri
flyover a while ago.
And then...
'Aditya, I'll just call you back.'
You're struggling to move one block.
It's damn heavy, man.
Sir, sir stop!
You're not supposed to take
a u-turn here. Please go straight.
As if you can speak...
You can't speak Tamil?
Keep watching...
Yes, sir.
Sir, you can't take a U turn here,
it's wrong.
What? Wrong?
Who are you to tell me?
Sir, it's not right.
Who are you to tell me
what's right and wrong?
She is like a Traffic Priest, dude.
What the hell is a Traffic Priest?
You know... They stand at the signals
and preach morals to the public.
You'll have a problem if you take
a u-turn here.
Problem? What problem, huh?
You can't take a u-turn here.
I won't allow you, sir.
-Do you own the flyover that you won't allow us?
-Dude, you will scare her.
-Ya she'll get scared.
Fine, We'll not take a u-turn.
We'll go straight.
Will you join us?
Get the hell out of here! Go teach kids
about all your rules. Not us.
She looks damn hot even when she's angry, bro.
Hey, she's not our type.
Hey... Care to join us?
Bro, she's clicking our picture.
Post it on Facebook.
You'll get likes.
Sir, you have to save them
at any cost. Please...
Here, sir... I took a picture
of their vehicle number.
Why are you interfering in these issues?
Sir... What are you saying, sir?
Whoever takes a u-turn on the flyover
gets killed accordingly.
Even they will...
Do you think you're some
detective or from CID?
I told you already.
If you get into this mess,
you'll be in trouble.
I didn't do anything, sir.
Those guys ignored my warning
and took a u-turn and left.
Sir, please... You have to save them.
It's not our duty to watch people pass
by on the flyover. Get out!
-Go. Go advise your friend.
Don't be angry, Rachana.
I'm saying this for your own good.
How can you not care about this?
Their lives are in danger, sir.
They'll be fine, Rachana. Believe me.
Sir, the advocate fell on the jeep
and died while you were watching.
Having witnessed that,
how could you still say this?
I also have to follow my senior's orders,
Rachana. Try to understand.
Okay, sir.
You follow your senior's orders.
But if something happens
to them tomorrow...
...I'm not going to stay silent.
Shame on your part!
Instead of taking drugs and lying down
like a dead person...
Why don't you take your own life?
Raju, wake up. You had marijuana
without telling me, didn't you?
My bad fate!
You bloody scoundrel!
He's looking at us,
trying to tell us something.
Do you get it?
Sir, what place is this?
It's safe, right?
It's the old cell in the basement.
There's nothing to worry.
They're safe out there.
They'll be staying there for the night.
Go turn the lights off.
-They'll go to sleep.
-Okay, sir.
Have it.
-No sir.
-It's okay. Please have it.
Thank you for believing in me.
Thanks for bringing them
to a safe place.
It's my duty, Rachana.
Moreover, after the advocate's case...
...I don't want to take any chances.
Sir, is there any progress in the
advocate's death case?
Investigation is still going on.
He had a lot of debts and
he'd be in fear all the time.
This was his wife's statement.
Do the u-turn and all these deaths
hold a connection?
Investigation is going on...
-It will take some time.
-Sir... Sir... Sir... Please come urgently.
What is it now?
-Hold this.
Give me that, ma'am.
Look, sir...
He stood up suddenly a while ago.
Since then, he's been walking
back and forth.
I'm really scared.
What do you want us to do, sir?
Kumar... Turn the lights on.
Umm... Call Chakri.
Sure, sir.
Hey, Raju!
Why are you hitting me?
Sir, you asked for me?
Chakri, they're having a brawl.
Go control them.
-Okay, sir.
-Go fast.
What's wrong with you?
Hey, Raju!
Sir, why are they fighting?
No! I'm warning you not to do it. No!
Sir, these key are useless.
I can't open it.
Come in...
Sir, did you get another pair of keys?
-I can't open the lock with these. Look...
-Give him the keys, sir.
What's all this, sir? What's happening?
You stay here. I'll go check and come.
You don't have to go, sir. I'll handle it.
-Are you sure?
-Sure sir.
How dare you!
Prabha, do something and stop them now.
Do it fast!
-What happened?
-Door is not opening.
-Open it quick!
-I'm trying.
Don't do it.
What are you looking at?
Break it down!
Sir help!
Can you hear me?
Sir, the door is jammed.
We can't open it no matter what.
Sir, please help me.
Leave me!
Rachana, you stay right here.
I'll be back.
Prabha move... Break the door.
-Just move!
-Yes sir. Ok sir.
Chakri, open quickly.
Come, come open it quick!
Come on hurry up!
Come on... fast!
Kumar make it quick!
Sir, we have tried many keys
but we can't open the door.
What is this sir?
We can't open the door.
Prabha, give me the walkie.
Rachana can you hear me?
Come in.
Can you hear me?
Rachana respond!
Can you hear me?
Hello... Hello sir.
Rachana can you hear me?
Sir, he is looking at me...
I'm scared!
Rachana come again!
Sir! Sir!
-Sir please save me.
-How long will it take?
Sir, save me...
-Hold on.
-Sir move... move.
-Just hold on.
-Sir, save me.
Make it fast.
Prabha quick!
Leave... Chakri leave...
Sir, please save me...
Leave him...
Hey! Leave him!
Sir, what's happening?
Prabha quick!!
What do we do?
-What's wrong?
-I don't know sir.
Prabha... speak!
Sir this door is open.
Sir the lock is open.
What's taking so long?
Open the gate...
I'm trying sir.
Open the gate.
When will this door open?
Sir it's not opening sir...
Sir... I'm very scared.
Sir, let's go...
-I'm very scared.
-Shut up!
Shut your mouth!
Let's leave sir.
Let's leave this place.
There is something here...
Sir, please listen to me...
Sir quick... let's leave...
Sir quick!
-Let's go
Sir... quick!
Sir there is something inside..
Sir, listen to me.
Don't go sir...
Please listen to me...
No sir...
Don't go close...
Don't go close...
No sir...
I'm really scared...
Don't go sir....
-Sir! Sir!
Listen to me...
I tried calling you but
you didn't respond.
-Can you please?
-Okay, sir. Thanks.
What happened?
What happened, huh?
It's okay.
I'm sorry, Aditya.
I haven't been myself for
the past few days.
Since three days...
You were fine the first day.
Rachana, you're hiding something from me.
I'll not ask you about it.
When you feel like it's time,
I know you'll tell me.
I'm really worried about you.
Is someone bothering you?
Are you okay?
No, I'm fine...
No one's bothering me.
It's just work pressure. That's all.
Okay, forget all that.
To relieve all your work pressure,
I have a gift for you.
Take it.
You asked for details regarding
the accidents on Velacheri flyover.
To develop your story...
There are a few details in these.
If this is of any help to you,
I'll be happy.
I've got to take this, Rachana.
I've got to go.
Work call...
Sorry. You take care, okay?
Yeah, hello...
I'll mail you in two minutes.
Yeah, okay.
Play camera 2 now.
Hey! Hey!
He fought right in front of you
and shot himself to death with your gun.
Three people died in a span
of just two days.
And they died in front of cops.
I warned you yesterday itself.
You don't follow senior's orders?
Have you got no respect for seniors?
Im sorry, sir.
But, something is happening here.
These three cases are linked, sir.
Stop it, Nayak!
Three people died...
...and there's only one inter-connection.
One, its you.
Two, your friend, Rachana...
What were you guys doing?
Were you watching the show?
Theres an inquiry commission
on three of you as well.
It's not their fault, sir.
I take the responsibility.
-Yes, sir.
Until the inquiry is complete,
you are under suspension.
Yes... Tell me.
Im Rachana...
I work for Times of India.
I need to speak with you.
-Im writing a story about the accidents on Velacheri flyover.
I have a few questions to ask you.
Maya and I fell in love and got married.
Arna was my daughter's name.
She was in second grade.
My wife was a working woman.
I had to come home
from work every evening,
play with Arna, talk with her
and feed her.
It was going great.
Arna was both our life and world.
Our life...
...was a joyous one.
Im sorry, sir.
That day was Arnas friends birthday.
I told my wife to hire an auto
or take our car.
But, Arna wants bike.
She wanted to go on a bike.
Sir, what do you think
about this accident?
What do you think had happened?
Police closed the case stating
it was rash driving.
Maya would drive real safe.
I know.
But on the night of the accident...
...a car had passed by on that flyover.
That car caused the accident.
The car was recorded in
the traffic cameras.
But police...
Didnt hold an investigation.
In just one night...
One night, I lost my whole family.
Im really sorry.
I shouldnt have reminded you
of all this.
They are dead... but I still
don't know who did it.
Hi, Rachana...
I found out when I went to the station.
Im sorry.
Your job is at stake because of me.
Nothing like that.
The case is still going on
and itll be fine.
But still I feel guilty.
Don't worry, Its just temporary.
Why did that happen last night?
Case report suggests he was on drugs.
Maybe that is why
he reacted like that.
Sir, I met the families of victims
injured on the flyover.
You are still hanging
on the flyover incident?
Sir, I met a guy named Ritesh.
His wife and daughter died on the flyover.
He lives alone. I feel theres something
very strange about him.
I think you should investigate further.
Rachana, can you just stop it?
Youre being really absurd
about this case. Just let go of it.
Sir, all these deaths are linked.
You know that.
Those 10 deaths, Sunders death,
and the bikers brawl.
Youre the prime suspect
in all of them.
I didnt do anything, sir.
I know, Rachana.
Everyone else should know too.
This will be a problem to you.
Youd have to attend the police stations
and courts for years.
Sir, everyone who takes a U-turn
on the flyover is dying.
And youre saying we should do
nothing about that?
Rachana, Ive witnessed
several murders in my career.
Ive learnt one thing from them.
I think you should also follow that.
Hello, Prabha...
Few questions are better not asked.
Then you wouldnt have the guilt
of not finding the answers.
And Im done with this case, Rachana.
I cant help you anymore.
The complete file regarding the u-turn.
I appreciate it, Prabha.
I know you are doing the right thing, sir.
Thanks for believing in me.
Rachu, why'd you call at this hour?
-What's wrong? I can't call?
-When did you call?
We call you all the time.
Stop being so dramatic, mom.
Had your dinner?
Long back... Did you eat?
How's dad doing?
How come you thought of us tonight?
Just answer me.
Or else, I'll hang up.
Dad is fine. I'm fine.
And so is the dog.
Mom, I'm really scared.
Rachu, you're fine, right?
Do you want me to come there?
I just wanted to talk to you.
That is why I called.
This is why I ask you to get married.
Then you will have
a guy beside you.
You wouldn't have to call me
when you are scared.
Actually, there's a guy at work.
I'll come there tomorrow itself.
Share his parent's
phone numbers with me.
-I'll talk to them right away.
-Mom... Mom...
Things didn't go that far.
I like him.
I wonder if he...
How could he say no
to a girl like you?
It's just that you're a bit
short tempered.
You don't get along with elders.
-And you don't believe in God.
-Mom, mom stop it!
I'm out of my mind
to have called you.
-Bye, good night.
-Hey, Rachu!
No Mom...
-Eat it...
Stop playing.
You didn't eat anything
since last evening.
Mom, I don't want an apple.
I want an orange.
You don't get oranges here. Eat this.
-I don't want it.
-It's good for your body.
-Eat it...
-I don't want now, mom.
Have it. Just one piece.
It tastes bad, mom.
I don't want it.
Just one piece, dear...
-No, mom.
-Mom will be angry if you say no.
Please mom...
Where's the balloon?
-It must be somewhere around. Go look for it.
-Ok mom.
You always play with balloon.
You should come back and finish it.
-Okay, mom.
-Careful, Arna.
You're responsible for
my daughter's death, right?
It's not me.
You only moved the divider block
on the flyover today.
Why did you do it?
I don't know anything.
Why did you kill my daughter?
I didn't kill her.
Don't lie to me.
It's true that I moved the divider block
to find out what's happening there.
But, on the day of the accident,
I didn't move the divider block.
Everyone is saying the same thing.
That night,
Arna and I were driving slow
on the flyover.
Arna are you feeling sleepy, sweetheart?
No, mom.
Because you moved the block,
we crashed.
I didn't move it.
I don't know what happened later.
Looks like she lost a lot of blood.
No one noticed them until long
after the accident, ma'am.
I was told there was a little girl.
Where is she?
We've received numerous complaints
about accidents on this flyover, sir.
Send the body for post-mortem.
She's a little girl, ma'am. Poor one!
Bye mom.
My sweetheart...
She was five years old.
She doesn't even know
what death means.
Her birthday was in 2 months...
-We were waiting for...
Are you crying, mom?
Hey! Why are you making mom cry?
No... No... Auntie didn't do anything, love.
I got something in my eye. That's all.
Mom, will you read me a story?
Ok... You go to sleep first.
-I'll read you a story.
-Okay, mom.
-Good night, Arna.
-Good night, mom.
I didn't do anything.
Please leave me.
Please... Please leave me.
I didn't do anything.
I'll find out who moved the divider block
and took a u-turn.
I'll find out and tell you.
Please believe me.
I'm giving you a chance.
By tomorrow, I should know
who killed my daughter.
For a week, if we investigate
at the ground.
Sorry. Just a second.
Hello, Aditya.
I'm in a meeting. I'll call you later.
-Let me call you back.
I can't talk right now. Okay?
'I am giving you a chance.'
'By tomorrow, I should know
who killed my daughter.'
I saw it..
I saw her cut the apple
for her daughter.
Enough already!
Listen, I'm serious.
You'll have to stop thinking
about this.
No... No... No sir.
We need to find out who moved
the divider block. Please...
-Just listen to me.
Will you help me or not?
If not, forget it.
I'll take care.
Did you eat anything?
Come, sit...
Eat something first.
Don't worry.
We'll sort this out.
Krishna, I'll go freshen up
while you eat.
When you don't believe me,
why are you doing all this, sir?
This material has the 10 names
in your diary and their photos.
All of these have a common link.
All the cases have a 'u' shape reference.
Sunder's case, Srinivas's case
and the advocate's case.
The guys who died in the cell
the other night.
Just look at this.
And it's not a coincidence.
Rachana, did you see anything
like this last night?
I don't remember, sir.
No. Think about it.
Any kind of pattern, object...
Something related to this?
I didn't notice any such thing, sir.
Okay. Let's go.
-Hi, Malik...
-Oh... Hello, sir.
How come you're here all of a sudden?
Anything urgent?
Nothing, Malik.
There was an accident on Velacheri flyover
on March 9th.
-I need to see that footage.
-Yes, sir. Just a minute.
Make it fast, please.
By any chance,
is it of a mother and a child?
Yes, sir.
The girl fell on the railway track
from her car.
-It's that case.
-Sorry sir.
Sorry, sir. Up until then, there were
no cameras on the flyover.
Aren't there any cameras?
Post accident, the cameras were fixed.
Sir, the accident occurred because
the divider block was moved.
We need to find out who moved it.
Like I told you, there are
no cameras, ma'am.
How will we find out?
Are there cameras at the flyover's
entry and exit?
-Yes, sir.
-Can you play the footage?
This is the March 9th flyover
traffic footage, sir.
Can you give me the vehicle number?
We can check if it passed
by the flyover.
That's what we need to find out.
It's really hard to find if you don't have
the vehicle number.
If someone enters the flyover
and returns immediately...
-...It means they've taken the wrong u-turn, correct?
-Yes, sir.
That's the only possibility.
Once you get on the flyover,
you'll need a minimum of 15 minutes to return.
So, the first one to return,
have moved the blocks.
Am I right?
You're right, sir.
-If we check the flyover entry footage, we can find out who moved the block.
Can I see that footage?
Sure. I'll play it right now, sir.
Sir, on this side of the screen,
you can see the traffic going towards the flyover.
The first one to move the block and take a u-turn
will be seen on both sides of the screen.
That's good, Malik.
Just play the footage now.
You also watch closely, sir.
Let me know if you notice anything.
Sir... Sir... Sir...!
That red jacket...
Rewind a little.
Right there. Pause it, Malik.
It looks like him sir.
There's no chance he'd exit so quickly
without taking a u-turn.
Malik, trace that vehicle number.
-I want all the information fast.
-Ok sir.
Rachana, you wait outside.
I'll come.
Sir, the bike doesn't have a
number plate in the front.
-We got the back number plate, right?
-Zoom in to that.
-I'm on it, sir.
the vehicle number and the address.
What happened?
Is everything okay?
Hey, Rachana!
Mom, balloon.
-Hello, Ramesh.
-No, this is his brother. Who's this?
Wait, Rachana?
Is that you?
Why did you call my brother's phone?
How did you get this number anyways?
Hello, Rachana...
Are you there?
-Is this your brother's number?
He shifted to US before 2 years.
He asked me to keep the number
as it's lucky for him.
But, how did you get this number?
Rachana... Hello...
'My brother's bike... I'm just using it.'
'I take the Velicheri flyover
route every day.'
What happened?
-I've got something to show you.
-Why? What happened?
Rachana, you're acting strange.
What's happening?
Where are you?
You killed her, Aditya.
You moved the block on
Velacheri flyover and took a u-turn.
That kid died because of you.
You killed her.
Which accident? Which girl?
What are you talking about?
You passed by the flyover in a red jacket
on your brother's bike.
I saw it on the traffic cameras.
-Never thought it'd be you.
I take that flyover every day.
But I've never moved a divider block.
Sir, this vehicle went on the flyover.
Yeah. The guy in the red jacket...
And this is the vehicle in the opposite lane
after a minute.
Have you seen me move
the divider block?
-I didn't but...
You just assumed. Is that right?
Do you know what happened that day?
The vehicle that entered and
exited are different.
How is it possible?
I had to give my brother's bike
for servicing.
I didn't have the time to take it
to the garage.
And the mechanic was my friend.
So, both of us met on the flyover.
When I checked the other side's footage
on the flyover... I noticed this.
It's the same vehicle, same color
and same model.
But, the registration number is different.
-Bala, I think the engine is broken. Fix it. I'll collect the bike tomorrow.
We just exchanged our bikes.
He took my bike and I returned on his bike.
This was what happened.
So, you didn't move the divider block?
No, Rachana.
I'm not the kind who'd take
u-turn in shortcuts.
Trust me.
'By tomorrow, you should find out
who killed my daughter.'
Sir... Sir... Sir...! That red jacket...
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
-Hello... Rachana, are you there?
-Oh, my god!
-Aditya, where are you?
-I'm in my flat.
Just hold on one second, Rachana.
Hold on...
Aditya! Aditya, don't go!
Aditya! Aditya, don't go!
Who is it?
Auto... Auto...
Brother, drive to Velacheri quickly.
Hello, Rachana...
The address I gave you is wrong.
There's something wrong in it.
The red jacket guy
didn't move the block.
-Sir, I know it's not him.
-How do you know?
The red jacket guy is my friend.
He works in my office.
-That's strange.
-Sir, I really need your help.
What's wrong, Rachana?
Where are you?
Sir, I know you'll not believe me.
But my friend's life is in danger.
She'll kill him, sir.
I really need your help.
Tell me. What do I have to do?
Go fast.
Who is it?
Brother, turn left here.
Hello... Who's there?
Who is it?
Rachana, Ritesh is with me.
We are also headed there.
Can you tell me what's happening?
The day your wife and daughter died...
...a biker moved the divider block
on the flyover.
What are you saying, sir?
Because the biker moved the blocks
and left them in the middle of the road.
We assume your wife and daughter
met with an accident.
This is just a speculation, Ritesh.
Hello... Tell me, Malik.
I found the number of the guy who moved
the block and took a u-turn.
It's him? Are you sure?
Yes, sir. 100 percent.
Forward me his name and address details.
-I'll do it right now, sir.
I think we got him.
Ritesh, come.
-Which floor?
I saw your wife and daughter
at my place last night.
Hold the feet tight.
Hold tight.
Rachana, get a knife.
Rachana, get a knife! Go!
Make it quick!
Come... Come...
Ritesh, hold tight.
Hold him.
-Just keep breathing.
Aditya, are you okay?
You're okay.
Just keep breathing.
-Rachana, just wait!
-We have to go.
Ritesh, careful.
Sweetie, how are you?
You're fine, right?
Dad, where were you all these days?
I didn't go anywhere, love.
I was waiting right here for you.
Now that you're here,
daddy's not going anywhere.
Miss you so much, sweetie.
Where's mom?
What are you doing here?
-Why did you save him?
-Maya, how are you?
-He's responsible for Arna's death.
I'll not spare him.
Aditya, sit here.
Rachana, keep talking to him.
I'll call an ambulance.
Aditya, talk to me! Aditya!
Maya... Maya...
On the day of the accident,
what happened was...
-Hello, daddy...
Tell me, sweetie.
We have a party to attend.
-When are you coming, dad?
-I'm on my way, sweetie.
It's pouring heavily here.
There's a lot of traffic as well.
Dad, what gift are you getting for Pinky?
Sweetie, pass the phone to mom once.
Mom, it's dad.
-Where are you?
-I forgot Pinky's gift at my office.
-You guys be ready.
-I'll go get it and come. Okay?
Okay. Come fast.
Hello Maya!
I'm sorry, Maya.
I didn't expect for this to happen.
Especially to our family...
Aditya, breathe.
-Ritesh moved the block on the day of the accident.
-Sir, what are you saying?
-Maya, I'm really sorry.
-Don't touch me.
Don't touch me!
You only killed Arna. You did!
Our world and our dream...
We lived happily feeling Arna
was everything to us.
But you killed her.
You killed her with your own hands.
Sorry Maya.
Don't hurt daddy, mom.
I'm sorry. Sorry, sweetie.
Dad didn't do anything.
I'm sorry. I'll not do anything
you don't like.
I'll not do anything.
Don't cry dear.
Don't cry dear.
I'll not do anything.
Don't do it!
Listen to me, Ritesh!
What happened?
Maya... Maya...
Maya...what happen?
Help! Help!
Oh, my god! Train's coming!
Arna...! Arna...!
Arna...! Arna...!
Arna misses you.
She doesn't know the truth
that she is dead.
Whenever she asks for her dad,
I give her random reasons.
You should be alive.
Knowing you caused our daughter's death...
...you should be alive with that pain.
That's your punishment.
Maya, please don't leave me.
Maya... Don't leave me and go.
Maya... Please, Maya...
Arna... Arna...
Arna, don't leave me, sweetie.
Arna! Don't leave me and go.
Mom, isn't daddy coming with us?
No, love.
Daddy has got a lot of work.
He'll come by later.