Ucho (1970) Movie Script

- Put your shoes on
- Leave me alone, will you
You can't leave me here
without my hat
- Give me the keys
- Go to hell
You locked up,
I was already in the car
That's your bad upbringing -
leaving before me
Nothing to be proud of
They're not here
I know what I'm doing,
I haven't gone mad yet
I'm sure you put them in your bag
Are you mad?
There are people about
You mean that car parked over there?
Who would be sitting in a car
with the headlights off?
Do you think there was
a bit of hanky-panky going on there?
Number 117
- And we all fall down
- Enjoy yourselves
None of your usual
"don't drink" rubbish
You can't boss me around all evening
Keep your voice down.
You don't have to talk to me at all
Look what I pinched at the party
- Where the hell are those keys?
- How should I know?
Just for once, can't you cut it out?
At least for tonight
If you've got time
have a look at the calendar
Why should I?
Maybe you'll realise
what day it is today
I mean,
for such a clever guy
They're not here
so, do something,
we can't stay here all night
We can ring the bell, can't we?
It's not working.
I've got to pee, or I'II...
- I don't give a damn
- No need to remind me
I've known for a long time
how little you care for me
I'm not that stupid
How could you talk to Cejnar
all evening?
You keep saying that he's a moron
Leaving me standing around
like unattended luggage
I'm looking for Anna
Wake Ludek up.
The spare keys are in the kitchen
Now break a window
We're all idiots,
but you are the genius
Try the laundry room window
He's out like a light
Why did you climb over the gate?
It was open
Can't you get rid
of that stupid thing?
So you noticed me
- What was open?
- I've forgotten what it's called
something you go through
to get to the garden
I haven't heard that from you
for ages
I knew I was missing something
How else could I have got here?
Over the fence?
In this dress?
Use your loaf!
Klepac came back from Moscow
two days ago
The blinds have been down
the whole time till today
There was still no sign of them,
even today
At least when he comes back
the missus knows she'll be catered for
Don't pull the washing line!
Blast it!
They gave us a wonderful reception
in Brno...
- In Bratislava... Kosic...
- Kosice
They gave us
a wonderful reception there
When it's cold,
comrade deputy minister...
...when it's minus 20 or 30 degrees
can you lay concrete?
He's asking if we can lay concrete
when it's very cold
I understand
What a nation.
Wouldn't let a soldier take a break!
- We can't lay concrete when it's so cold
- Dreadful
And the civic leader of Plzen...
Plzen - beer!
We can lay concrete in heavy frost.
You must come and see
- Where were you born?
- In Mohelnice
It's a town in a province called Kana
- Mohelnice is a village, isn't it?
- It's a town!
You must come. You must
You don't have a minister
for construction right now?
Of course, we have one.
Comrade Kosara is our minister
our comrades told me
you don't have a minister right now
- He should be around somewhere
- He excused himself
He excused himself?
Allow me to make a toast
soldiers and Czechs alike,
present arms!
He's blown the fuse again!
I'd be interested to see
if you tell him off!
Did he tell you
what he did to the radio?
When? When was the last time
you saw him?
A week ago
If someone's spoiling him,
it's you
What a bloody mess!
They'd have to be hanging here
for me to find them
Is it going to take you all night?
How should I know
where the keys are?
- They're hanging on the hook
- Crap
- Where else could they be?
- I have no idea
How come it's unlocked?
A moment ago it was still locked
Like the gate!
Can't you even tie
your own shoelaces?
What were you up to?
I thought you were fixing the fuse
It's not the fuse, it's a power cut
But I saw you locking up
And the key is inside
When we go out
he always gets up to mischief
I told you, his mates
are always over
They've probably been mucking around
in the house
He wouldn't have left the key in the lock
He would have hung it up
so we couldn't find it
so it must have been the Holy Ghost
Ask him in the morning.
He might tell you what he was up to
He's due a good thrashing
Don't drink vodka from the bottle!
- You know who does that, don't you?
- Yes
Can't you use a glass?
I'm a publican's daughter, my boy!
You should have got used to it by now
our comrade President
also drinks from the bottle
sorry, the comrades don't sleep,
they are listening!
The meat will be off by morning
These are my keys!
Your keys were hanging
in the kitchen!
I locked up with mine
I'll give him one
for bringing his mates here
shall I put the meat
on the window sill?
It's warm outside
Take it down to the cellar
and put it on the floor
It's still cold
They must have only turned off
the power a little while ago
Look, the lights are on at the Klepac's!
How could they have turned off
only our electricity?
It could be the fuse outside
Where's the torch?
Can't you ever keep anything
in its place?
I've got everything in place
But I'm not sure you have
It's about time I brought a little light
into your life!
Drink up, my son, down it in one...
They know how to put it away
What did you discuss
at the cabinet meeting?
- Did you go through our report?
- You're not drinking?
Our people are growing in strength!
It's all the same
whether they're Catholic or Muslim
All that counts is
whether they accept socialist goals
Isn't that true, comrade minister?
I went to see Marecek at the factory
He had a picture of the Virgin Mary
on his machine
Next to his best worker's flag
The Party chairman says
he doesn't know what to do with him
"Be broad-minded", I said
Did we win the revolution or not?
As long as a person accepts
our socialist goals...
Let him pray
if he thinks it's good for him
But we don't have to write
about that in the papers
We're not going to be
heavy-handed about it
I'm glad you're of the same opinion
But it's only Tuesday
Government sessions
are on Thursdays
But they summoned Kosara
They phoned to tell him
to come straight away
I don't like standing near the...
Don't you know what happened
to Kosara?
- What's up with Kosara?
- Didn't they speak to you?
Excuse me, I have to speak
to the Parliament leader
see how he serves the food?
None of them is a trained waiter,
they're all spies!
Give me a bit of salmon
It's that red stuff over there
They took him in!
And Tondl, Klepac and Slesinger too!
But why Kosara?
Because his real name is Karpeles
He was scared
to do anything on his own
We had to force him to sign
that brickworks report!
I'd keep that to myself
if I were you
Make sure you get rid
of all the papers
You might get your fingers burnt
- But why me?
- Just in case
This is the surplus plan!
Anna is looking for you
Do you hear me, Ludvik?
I'm looking for Anna
You could wash the dishes
some time
I may, some time.
Put the meat on the floor
I'll break his legs
Where are you?
What are you doing here?
I'm running a bath.
The tank is full of hot water
They must have only switched it off
a little while ago
What are you doing
with those boxes?
Where did we put all my papers?
Those black books
with my notes in?
What do you need your notes for?
I kept notes when I was working
at the secretariat
I once read it to you in bed, remember?
That's practically all you do to me in bed.
How could I remember?
It's been nothing but brickworks
for the past six months
I know all the brickworks
in the country
There'll be no reading tonight.
Put theory into practice!
At least once a week,
even if it's bleak!
- Give me the torch
- Don't step on the custard!
How come the phone isn't working?
It should be working
even with the power cut
If a government phone won't work,
what will?
Who on earth are you phoning
at this time of night?
You shouldn't care who I ring anyway
For Christ's sake, stop sighing.
It really gets on my nerves!
No need to sigh because of me!
I'm phoning for a man,
if you want to know!
Well, I don't
Didn't we put it all in my suitcase?
The old one I used to have
at Technical College in Brno
- I threw it away ages ago
- Just like you
But there was nothing in it.
I've never lost anything of yours
All you've ever lost,
you've lost by yourself
With me,
you only lost your virginity
Towels are for hands, not dishes!
I'll write it on the wall for you
Do you want something to eat?
Where did you put those things
from the case?
All I remember is what happened
today ten years ago
What happened?
See, something you don't remember!
Actually, I tried to phone Klepac's wife
They must have people round.
All the lights are on
I brought her some stuff
from the government shop
She'd already paid for it
Smoked salmon and four boxes
of cheese. They love cheese
The manager asked me
to take them for her
so he wouldn't have to deliver
it specially
Maybe she came to get it
while we were out
They might have been
at the reception
Maybe in the special lounge
reserved for the President
Tondl's wife said Klepac
was going to be a minister
Why did you close it?
What did I say this time?
Did I say anything wrong?
- Don't shout
- I can hardly hear myself talking
At least tell me
what I can talk about
When can I talk normally?
You said the kitchen, the bathroom
and the bog were OK
What about the President
becoming a granddad?
Is that classified information too?
Can the Ear hear that?
Listen, Ear: Comrade President
is a granddad
It's a boy. Everything's fine
The mother, unfortunately,
hasn't got enough milk
Come here
Sit down
Sit down
I've got to tell you something
Another little chat,
what about this time?
Didn't you get enough chance
at the party?
I don't want to hear
about government mistakes now
And I don't want you
reading to me today
What the hell was in that glass?
Must have been the stuff
I rub on my ankles
Ten years ago,
it was also the 17th of July
- Is it the 17th already?
- Every year, there's a 17th of July
Every year it is only me
who remembers
Too bad
But the phone was working earlier
Jindrich phoned
to say he'd be a bit late
It was working.
Cepicka phoned me
she wanted to know if the house
is warm enough in winter
Markus told her that we were moving
What an idiot
The cabinet housing official
is an idiot!
Do you have to keep up
with your daily ranting?
As long as you don't.
Undo this, will you?
That tickles
Comrades, we're going to bed
- Hi, Bedrich
- You're here?
Why wouldn't I be?
I thought that...
since so many people have gone away,
I thought you...
But I phoned you this morning
about that report
Yes, so you did
sorry, I've had so much on recently
I'm looking for Marie.
Have you seen her?
Aren't you getting undressed?
Just in time,
we would have been flooded
Aren't you coming?
In a minute
Ludvik, my old mate
I'm only friendly with those
who they're after
Number 117
- This is not my car
- It is, comrade deputy
This isn't Jindrich.
You're not Jindrich, are you?
- We live in Bulharska street
- I know where to go
- Are you sick?
- A bit
- Is it your stomach?
- Yeah
- Shall I make you some coffee?
- No, thanks
Did Jindrich say anything
about not coming to get us?
No. Who was it that took us home?
He drove us all round Prague
Didn't you tell him where we live?
Make me some coffee
You didn't eat
any of those prawn sandwiches?
No, I didn't
We get this every anniversary
Get a move on.
You do take your time
Comrades, let us build up
the people's politics from granite
To throw ourselves into our work
will not be an easy task
the comrade is speaking!
I sometimes wonder
if I understand anything
Why not admit it?
But will the revolution wait?
That way we couldn't knock
the imperialism down
so I'll make a decision
and it will be good
It wasn't that painful either
Right now I could just rush back
to the factory
on sundays,
it would be beer and football
But we cannot afford to rest, comrades
It is our mission to topple the world.
But not upside down
That's just what the capitalists
have done
Hear, hear
He's 60, isn't he? But still going strong!
But don't think it's clear to everyone
They are still among us, those who
only call themselves comrades
Kosara, Tondl, Klepac, Slesinger...
Kosara doesn't want
to close the old brickworks...
...and transfer the workers
where they're needed...
...saying that it might
cause an imbalance
No, Mr Kosara!
An imbalance would occur
if we let you...
...and the likes of you
attack the Party's principles!
Do you want some scissors?
Here's your coffee.
Your bath is getting cold
Look out of the window.
Is that car still there?
- What car?
- The Party one
The Party one?
It's the same one
that was there before
They moved it away
from the street lamp
Are they in the car
or standing in the street?
Why would they be standing
in the street?
- What are you tearing up?
- Where's the plunger?
There used to be a plunger here
You've blocked the toilet! You're not
going to unblock it, are you?
Don't shout into their ears!
Do you have to clear out
your case right now?
- Why are you tearing that up?
- Keep quiet!
Isn't someone banging on the gate?
Who would be doing that?
Put something on.
Don't run about naked!
Why should I get dressed?
I've just got undressed
since when has it bothered you? Tell me
You wouldn't mind Konvickova
running around naked!
And now both!
So what do you say
to that about Kosara?
I just don't know
But you prepared that report for him,
didn't you?
Kosara wanted to be in charge
of everything
He kept people at a distance
I... We only got him the figures
But Kosara was good for the job,
wasn't he?
- He was a building engineer
- It depends on how you look at it
He could be very difficult
- Have you heard about Kosara?
- Of course
Do you understand what is going on?
I'll call a Party meeting to take a stand
Of course
- What have you got there?
- Pineapple liqueur and vodka
- Who thought up such slop?
- The comrade
- What is it?
- Open the door
- Why?
- Open the door!
There is a man in the garden.
He's not moving
Why are you burning everything?
Why are you burning this report?
- You slaved over it for six months!
- Careful!
- They can hear everything
- You've burnt the seat!
We'll suffocate here
Close it, you idiot!
Keep quiet!
They've locked up Kosara.
And Klepac, Tondl and Slesinger
They got them
as soon as they arrived at the party
They told them to go
to that special lounge
And they took them away
What did that Cepicka woman say?
She asked if the house
was warm in winter
What do you want me to burn?
It doesn't matter now
It must be a draft in the roof
The attic window is open
How can they put a minister in prison?
They don't discriminate
Do you have any idea
how many are in prison over there?
- Imprisoned and then calmly bumped...
- Where?
Maybe they just want
to ask some questions
since I was his first deputy
Was? You aren't a deputy any more?
Why not? Maybe I am
I don't know any more
who is and who isn't
We could have burnt it in the boiler
- They could see us from there
- We should have stayed in Olomouc
We should never have moved to Prague
- We were OK there
- That's Ludek's school report!
I'll put it in your drawer
so you couldn't say
you didn't know about anything
Why do you always snoop
around my things?
My drawers, pockets and briefcase?
- Do I bother with your things?
- You never bothered about anyone
You've always only been bothered
about yourself
- Where are you going?
- To get dressed
I'm not running around here
as if I were in Hawaii!
Are you going to spend
the night in the toilet?
He's not in the garden any more
Can you see him?
Don't volunteer any information.
Just answer their questions
Don't tell them that Kosara
is Ludek's godfather
They'd read all sorts of things into that
- You closed the laundry room window?
- Yes
You didn't.
You didn't close the door either
There was a draft
when I opened the window
Didn't I put your things
in that old medicine cabinet?
I think I put them into something wooden
It was in Aunt Bozena's old chest
So she still hasn't taken her junk away?
How many times have I told you
that her stuff has got to go?
Where can she put it?
They took all her property
and left her with one room
- Tell her to chuck it all out!
- Chuck out new sewing machines
They're practically brand new!
You told her not to sell
as money had no value!
We can talk here, can't we?
They didn't put a bug in here
We told them
that we would use it as a nursery
Klepac's wife said
they never put them in nurseries
When they had guests,
they shut themselves away there
Now they've been shut away for good
How will we explain all this stuff?
I should have kicked that old bag out
I really should have given her the boot!
You told her yourself
that she could put her carpets here
- What the hell is this?
- My petticoat
Do you think they'll get into our house
and into every room?
They'll get into every corner
of the cupboard!
Do you remember
when the comrade walked past you?
You were standing there
with Bilkova and Vagerova
What did he tell you?
The comrade knows you, doesn't he?
You remember the party
at his Lany mansion?
We walked in the grounds
and you lost your shoe
He must remember you.
What did he say?
I can't remember anything
- He did tell me something
- Can't you remember?
Try to remember what it was
Which of our comrades
is celebrating a saint's day today?
Come on, girls!
Yes! I'm celebrating today
But today isn't Saint Anna's day!
I'm celebrating
my tenth wedding anniversary
Let's see your ID card then.
We can trust women but we must verify
I've got the date engraved
on my wedding ring
How did my mother's glasses
get into my pocket?
The 17th of July.
Comrade Anna is not lying!
Promises must be fulfilled
I hope you have many offspring
in order to increase our ranks!
Let me wrap those in paper for you.
The vase has to stay here
The comrade doesn't know
about such details
Did he call you Anna?
- I think so
- Well, yes or no?
- I can't remember. I was a bit tipsy
- I'll say. A bit!
Did it look as if he recognised you?
If he knows me
why shouldn't he recognise me?
- Or is he past it?
- Try and concentrate!
If he called you Anna and was friendly...
...that would have political significance
He knows you're my wife and if I were
in trouble he wouldn't call you Anna
He did call me Anna
Look, there's a third man!
They've been at the Klepac's place
We forgot the old adjoining gate
behind the compost
But the gate was wired shut
We undid it so that
we could use it as a short cut
Klepac's wife and I took turns cooking
Do you think
that they'll make her move out?
Will they give her a flat
if he's behind bars?
I don't know what he did
with the report in the end
He did the final editing himself
You know how he reacted to things
I told you
that we didn't always see eye to eye
- Who do you mean?
- Kosara
But he thought highly of you,
didn't he?
Only when I agreed with him
I told you about the row we had
at that meeting
No, you didn't
I hardly knew Klepac,
Tondl and Slesinger
You're right. It must have been mutual
They're stealing our radishes.
At least he left the cabbage
- Where did he get the key from?
- The key is not a problem
Isn't it just gossip about Klepac
and Kosara? Who told you about it?
We're mucking about
while our comrades...
...are probably getting 40 winks together
Those yobs
were probably living it up next door
Do you have to keep on?
Can't you ever let up?
- Didn't we put my things in the garage?
- Don't talk to me!
Do you have to clean
the holy seat right now?
I like to see what I'm sitting on
There are only the things
from the pub in the garage
- I'd have to wear armour to sit on this
- In my army case?
- Where is my army case?
- I don't know. I was never in the army
I wonder where it is?
Get the phone!
That's not the phone
- Is it the gate?
- Yes, it is
Don't turn the light off. They'll notice
Turn off the light, will you?
Ludvik, Ludvik
Don't cry
Don't cry, please
What will happen to us? To Ludek and I?
I'll go and let them in
Don't worry, nothing will happen to you
Hide the savings books
and your jewellery
They'll search everything
You'll need some money
But you didn't do anything!
- I know you didn't!
- So you know what to do?
Where shall I put it?
Put it in Ludek's school bag
- someone's ringing the bell
- Yes, just go back to sleep
Go to the window
and tell them that I'm just coming...
...so that they stop that infernal ringing!
He's coming
I give you my word of honour
that I didn't do anything
- Is he coming or not?
- He's just staring
So tell him not to stare
I put some things in your case
- His old woman is with him
- Don't come with me
I put in your pyjamas
and some shirts and socks
Please... go back
I just pressed the bell
and it kept on ringing
Do you always have trouble
with the stupid thing?
No, never. But it could have happened
I must have pressed it too hard
We didn't need to ring.
Are these your keys?
That small one is for the house, isn't it?
Yes, I think they are ours.
My wife must have lost them somewhere
We said that we'd bring them.
You left them there
- standa told us to, but...
- He didn't survive the journey
Pick him up so that
his private parts don't catch cold!
This is Ludvik, my best friend
He's a minister, you clowns!
And these are my best... schoolmates
- No, my best workmates!
- Careful. No names
Yes, all members of authority
have pseudonyms
They're writers
The Brothers Grimm!
Comrade Gibulka!
Stay in that chair
- Comrade Kopackova!
- Don't you recognise me?
we used to pick up girls in the army
You climbed in through that window
And I shacked up
with that fast piece at the station
It's me, standa
BEAUTIFUL AND AFFLUEN You'll sit next to the comrade
Do you remember going to that bash?
Wasn't it great
going to a dance... by tank!
- Could I buy more of these prints?
- Of course
Come and have
a drink of dynamite cocktail
My wife is looking for me
I'll take you somewhere
where she won't be able to find you
see that one over there with the boobs?
She's enough to make you cry
Meet my commander
Plum brandy should be old,
but your wife should be young
He was the greatest comedian
in the world!
Then we all got married
and the cage door shut!
Has the comrade gone?
He went off to show
the new ambassador Prague by night
But I've lined up people
for a photo session
Do you want me
to take the picture for you?
- Put a clean cloth on the table
- The laundry is still drying
- Haven't we got a clean table cloth?
- No
I hope we didn't disturb you, comrade?
- Haven't we met before?
- I doubt it
Make some coffee, will you?
And get that brandy
I brought back from Moscow
Annie, give us
the best brand of brandy...
I remember her coming to visit you
in the army
We had to hunt you down when you
were shacking up with that skinny bird
What did you kick me for?
I know how to behave in company
Can we smoke here?
Where are the sewage works
around here?
I have to make an inspection
Can you get up these stairs?
The one downstairs is blocked
Take it easy.
I've also got a dragon at home
A real old vampire
How did they know those were
our keys? Why did they come?
- Is this a pub or what?
- He can hear you
I want him to hear me. Throw them out!
Is there or is there not
a bottle standing there?
Did lightening strike your bog?
How come the seat caught fire?
Come and wash your hands
I left my jacket in there
Drink up.
The comrade deputy needs his sleep
There's no need to rush, boys
It's only 8:30pm in Australia.
One for the road
- Let's go, gentlemen
- so soon?
We can't accept those, comrade
Ludvik's great!
I told you he's a brilliant guy
If you see some guys hanging about,
they are ours
We did over next door.
You heard Klepac, didn't you?
Yes, I did
Maybe the security guys are still there.
Did you see anyone in the garden?
- No. In the garden?
- They've probably called it a day
Bye, guys!
These are the best looking
girls from Broumov
Well built, aren't they?
You don't think they're held up
by scaffolding? Give him his award
- We've brought you this from Broumov
- It's upside down
so you can take
some good measurements at home
- Careful, the colour will wear off
- Where is this comrade from?
From our office. She's game for anything
They've locked her husband up
for opening his big mouth
We finally got her to divorce him.
You should come and visit us
Did you have to give them the cake?
You would have given our house away!
You stuff those louts
with our anniversary cake!
Forget the flaming cake
I'm just happy things
turned out the way they did
You can clear up this mess.
I won't touch anything
I wouldn't expect you to
If I want to eat off a clean plate,
I must buy it first
I'll buy you two cakes in the morning.
Go and change
I'm in no mood to play the scarlet woman
What did they say
about Kosara and Klepac?
Why should they say anything?
They must have told you
why they took them in
Didn't you ask them anything?
I'll get you your things.
Where's your nightie?
At least one of you
has to ask about Kosara
At least ask what has become of him!
Let the Ear hear this
Always having to shut the door!
Not even gypsies
have to make love in the kitchen!
Not even the Hottentots
do it on the floor!
We can go in the bedroom
I don't like being recorded
when I'm enjoying myself
If they took Kosara's wife, they'll have
to let her go. She's got children
Who would look after them?
She hasn't got anyone in Prague
This is the last one
Kosara didn't want to submit the report.
You should tell someone
- That would be a long story
- Let's talk then. We can't sleep anyway
Do I have to waffle on about it
with you too?
Do I worry about your plans?
Where are my pills?
- Have you seen my pills?
- They wouldn't work for me anyway
Don't play the poor boy with me
How often have I lain awake
with you snoring away?
Why are you looking at me like that?
How should I know
why they took them in?
Did I inform on Kosara?
They could just as easily have taken me
How do I know
what order they do things in?
But while Kosara's inside,
they come here to live it up
You know what?
Yeah. I shouldn't finish this bottle
Because Ludek
shouldn't see me in this state
I remember all you've told me
in the past ten years
- It's only ten sentences anyway
- Get stuffed
Which makes it nine now
Hey! That cigarette is mine
Who's there?
- Who the hell are you phoning?
- I tried Kosara's wife
some man answered
He used the other phone to call
the operator to find out who was calling
They'll think I phoned Kosara!
No, they won't. The Ear is listening!
Why would you want to call him
if he's inside?
You're a big help!
Put that down!
That was not my husband phoning,
it was me!
You said Kosara needed you in Prague
The truth is
nobody wanted you in Olomouc
You couldn't tell me
where my pyjamas are?
Where you last left them.
In the bathroom, I suppose
They're not in the bathroom
Don't look for them in my bed!
Take the clean ones
I gave you for the prison
Are we going to bed
or will you keep on preaching?
Leave me alone.
I'm just talking to myself
- You know who does that?
- The comrade
Kosara came to protect you
He gave you the job
because the secretariat pressed him to
God knows who else pressed him
on your behalf
Kosara was a little afraid of you,
wasn't he?
It must have taken you
a long time to think all this up
Did you think all this up on your own?
Klepac didn't like you, either.
He was clever. He wrote books
Why have they never invited us over?
Why, I wonder
Klepac was also afraid of you
Good night
Do you know
why they are all afraid of you?
You leave a trail of corpses behind you.
All you care about is yourself
You don't even care
about your own brother!
You didn't even tell personnel you had
a brother because he was in England
Help, he's beating me again!
Comrades, help me!
Do you want me to hit you?
Remember how you danced
for President Benes?
All the way from the station to the hotel!
And just for a change,
you sang for Gottwald as well
You sang all night
until your voice was hoarse
You would join any movement,
of the right or left...
...just to scrape your way to the top!
That's right. Just slap me.
You're good at that!
You get drunk and start rambling on
I know what I'm rambling about.
It suits you that I drink
Haven't you got a hanky?
You're counting on me
drinking myself to death
one day you'll dump me in a loony bin
That's what comrades do, don't they?
Even comrade stalin
Cut out this lunacy!
But it's me who always
gets your brother out of trouble
Who got him out of that jam?
He'd still be doing a nice long sentence!
So he would. But you wouldn't
be doing what you're doing now
stop pretending
that you're doing people favours
You're not putting me under cold water.
I'll have a cold for ten days!
Do you want to go on bleeding all night?
Remember how the bed
looked last time?
- Bend down. If you don't, it will hurt
- Bastard!
Is that how a teacher talks?
The school threw you out after two days
Take a look at yourself
This is how I look
after ten years with you!
- So why did you marry such a bastard?
- You'll never understand
But I'll tell you why you married me.
Let me go!
- Only if you bend down
- I'll be all wet!
Bend down or I'll break your arm
Why didn't you marry Jitka?
You had such a crush on that virgin!
Why did you marry me?
I'd slept with a whole football team!
You knew that!
Remember when I slept with you?
When Jirka stood me up!
Shut up!
My father owned a house with a pub
He told everyone
what dowry I'd get
- To marry off his little whore!
- Shut up!
It's cold!
You bastard!
You shit!
To save your career,
you didn't even break Jitka in!
You wanted my money
to set up a building firm!
You didn't tell them
you owned the firm!
- Please, stop!
- Only when you sober up!
- I'll drown you!
- You'd never do it
You didn't even manage
to keep the firm going
Luckily, the coup of '48
brought you into politics
Unlike many others,
you're a failure at it!
It's a good thing you're competent!
Using the car for shopping,
the hairdresser's
They all know you sent
the driver out for blueberries!
I'll look really shitty now!
Bend your head back!
Not with the one
you rub your feet with!
Remember Victor?
The driver with the curly hair?
Go to bed. Do you know what time it is?
When you went to Moscow
with that delegation...
...for 20 days
I taught him the kiss of life
Do you know where we started?
In the car in front of our house
Now I know where all the money went
It must have cost you a fortune
- Why all the sudden interest?
- Go to bed
I'll sleep in the bedroom
You don't have to do me any favours.
I'm not asking you for anything
- Are you sleeping in the cellar?
- Because of you?
You're washing up now?
Look, the birds are already up outside
Up yours! Go to bed!
Don't worry about little Annie
Annie's not going to give you
your little pleasures
she's going to give you a hard time
Look what I found
What is it?
The Ear!
They wouldn't put it
where we'd easily find it
They'd know we'd find out!
What did we talk about
in the kitchen?
We talked about everything
in the kitchen
How long do you think
it's been there?
It couldn't have been that long
It really stinks in here.
Can't you open a window?
There's one there as well
The old one's gone!
Tondl's wife said that when
they want to listen...
...a green van has to be parked nearby
It looks like a little postal van
It has a special aerial
It looks like a kind of...
Where can we talk?
Now, nowhere
Let's go out on the balcony
Why do you always lock the boy in?
If anything happened,
he wouldn't be able to get out
so he can't run riot
about the house
so he couldn't have got out
of his room last night
They put them there last night
They were here before
we came back
We came back too early.
Do you remember that policeman?
Weren't you enjoying yourselves?
Number 117
- That's not my car
- It is, comrade deputy
I wanted to ask you something
You've still got a little time
to smarten up
Am I some kind of chorus girl?
I've got a comb
and the comrade will lend me a mirror
I've still got a few hairs left,
so I needn't worry
Are you afraid
the lens is going to crack?
I wanted to ask you something.
I haven't spoken to you yet, have I?
Well, we can't change
anything anyway
They didn't come for booze.
They came to finish off the job
They took the case away earlier
It was definitely in the cellar
Can't you write what you want?
Or read what you want?
You can do what you want
As long as they don't hold something
against you
But that standa's your pal
from the army, isn't he?
When were we last in the army?
Years ago!
But tell me why?
Now they know everything
about me
Half wouldn't be enough
They did a sloppy job on purpose
We would have found them
in the morning anyway
No way will they wait till morning
Now when they can't hear us
they'll come rushing over!
Have you got a bottle
tucked away somewhere?
Little Annie?
You've always got a bottle somewhere,
haven't you?
I've got a bottle somewhere too
Wait here
Are you there?
Open the door!
Don't do it!
If you do it I'll do it too!
What did you want to do?
You couldn't have done it!
You couldn't do this to us!
You can't!
Where's your gun?
Give it to me
Give me the gun
You have to give it to me
They took it away
When they want to
they'll do it themselves
I won't let you go!
I'm staying with you
They can lock me up too!
What are we?
Still human beings?
What do you want from us?
What do you want, Ear?
Do you want us to kill ourselves?
Shall we kill ourselves?
Even you, Ear,
can't listen in the toilet!
Nor in the bathroom!
Nor the kitchen, do you hear?
Even functionaries can speak
in the kitchen and WC!
I threw your bugs in the loo!
I hope you send the plumbers
round at last!
It's the bog downstairs!
We already reported it three times!
And a good day to you!
Come on, let him sleep
No need to wake him up yet
What did his teacher say about him?
He was one of the boys
who spat on that picture
No one told on him,
but when they started investigating...
...he reported himself to the Head
Did we drink to our anniversary?
It was yesterday. Today is the 18th
Look, swallows!
I've never noticed them before!
Did you notice that nest?
That's when they come -
between 4:00 and 5:00!
But it's the phone
speaking. Yes, comrade
I see
of course
Goodbye, comrade
He appointed me minister
In Kosara's place
How could they do that
if they heard everything?
Yes, they heard it
I'm scared!