Udal (2022) Movie Script

Can you believe me now?
Doesn't this happen wherever
ladies are there?
What do you mean?
At present the company doesn't intend..
..to release more proofs than these.
Did you get me?
So things are spoilt for four
to five days.
What surety do you have that things
will speed up after four to five days?
Or else Pathanapuram zone..
..will record a strong rape case.
Mind it.
Yeah, let's wait and see.
First of all, there is jealousy.
Don't betray me.
Who has jealousy
and for what?
I am jealous of myself.
The guys in town have an opinion that
you're an attractive chick.
Then won't I feel
jealous of myself?
Hey, don't do this
through the phone?
Those damn town guys!
Aren't they the useless
guys who sit at the roadside?
Their stare itself just irritates me.
A handful of jobless guys.
Hey likewise..
..I too don't have a job.
Usually techies who quit their jobs..
..start a dairy farm or..
..engage in agriculture and
farming is what I've heard.
If my lover was very wealthy..
..I could have also started
such a dairy farm.
Why don't you leave
a poor girls like me..?
..and catch hold of some
rich man's wife?
Hang on. Let's see.
There is still time.
..I will chop off your d.
Mind it.
Then what will you do?
Get lost, you pervert.
Hey.. where is Nunnappan?
He is playing in the front yard.
All the time, he's just
playing. Lucky boy.
..can he sit indoors
all day long?
I myself can't manage it.
..then how can a kid like him?
Hmm, I will draw a beard
and moustache here.
I have been stuggling here since long.
This job seems endless.
Just tie a knot and pull
it tightly, Joy.
Seems like you're proud of your skills
trapping wild pigs long ago.
Ah..ha. You're busy colouring?
No I am drawing.
Oh my dear!
Don't test me Nunappa.
His job today is to
spoil your album.
Kutticha.. you have got a wonderful
moustache now. Collect it if you want.
Why to occupy the space if there
is no one to watch it?
That's also true.
Oh God!
My dear, Corona will not affect
the body that works hard.
So, Omana is safe.
Take it.
Let it be there.
You are securing one daily. I've
never seen you smoking one.
I can't manage to smoke
an entire bidi now.
I stopped it long ago.
It will be a problem if
my daughter sees it.
But still, let it
remain there.
Kutticha, it is stinking very badly.
Only you people can smell it.
I was your senior by two years
in the same college.
At least show me that respect.
Get lost. You tell the same
thing twenty four hours.
I have to give tea to
Omana and Joy.
I will call you later.
I am fed up with this boy.
(Giving a kiss)
One minute.
That will not work right now.
See, I have kept it here.
Reena, just burn it.
My hands are not free.
A homenurse is a doctor who stays
at home and takes care of the patients.
Nothing other than that.
Grandpa, take a stool and sit.
Don't sit on the cot.
Oh..oh, I know.
You look beautiful after a
bath and using talcum powder.
Hey, I can't sit on the cot.
You are lying on top of water.
Water bed.
If I too sit on it
it will all break.
Then we both will be
washed away by the water.
No he didn't come this week.
If he comes, wouldn't
he come to see you?
He might come this week.
He will come.
He will come. Don't be sad.
Go and do some work.
Let me go and
have a bath.
Let me say something?
Hmm, what is it?
Can you come on a video call?
I have no time now.
I will come later.
Not now. When you go
to have a bath.
Get lost you...
I am dying to see you
in broad daylight.
Go away man!
Please, just come once.
One second. That's the only time.
I'm warning you.
I will call you.
I thought I'll have two pegs
because of beef fry.
That's fine, anyway.
Have the beef.
How are your matters
moving on?
My name is there in the list.
People at home are
eager about that.
My brother in law has started again.
I will teach him a lesson.
Leave that.
Hey, what about Shiny Chacko?
Is she blissful?
I have to give her.
Hey, you can't impregnate her.You better remember that.
Don't have it dry.
Add water.
There is no point in climbing the
Everest without anyone knowing it.
But in this case it is more risky
than climbing the Everest.
And if people come to know,
there is no point in being alive.
I just told you the facts.
Saying the prayer "Our Father"
in Malayalam.
Saying the "Hail Mary"
in Malayalam.
(Prayers continue)
(Whispering the prayer)
My God!
I am going in the morning.
Why Reena so suddenly?
I have to go, Shiny.
I heard it is the third wave.
I will be stuck here, if I
don't leave now.
In case of some emergency, we
can make a setup, Reena.
That will not work.
If a lockdown comes, my kids will
be devastated without seeing me.
I will go in the morning, Shiny.
How's it possible when
you say so suddenly?
I have to arrange someone...
-I don't know all that.
That's great. Everyone can
just say and leave.
I am the one who has
to suffer here.
Shiny, I will go in the
morning in any case.
I want my money.
I will go after completing
everything for tomorrow.
But, I will go in the
morning itself.
You haven't given my 7-8 day's salary.
So you don't plan to come back.
Isn't it?
Shiny, change the clothes
in the morning itself.
If she passes her motion at night,
by morning it will be a mess.
Then the sleeping pill,
more than one....
I was the one who did all this,
before you came.
I know everything.
That was quite evident.
Take one more.
Is this one enough?
Hey, that's big.
Take a small one.
I will get it right away.
Do it fast.
Don't hurt your hand.
It's not the right time to
go to the hospital now.
If it's even a bit loose,
they will bite us like hell.
Hey, if you injure your
hands or legs..
..you will have it from me.
Do I have to injure my hands
or legs to get two smacks?
That depends upon your mood, Mummy.
Wasn't that a good one, Grandpa.
Yes for sure.
Nunnappa are you tired?
I am not tired.
What about you Grandpa?
Look, I worked hard as an animal,
yet I am not at all tired.
Then why you?
Joy, I have caught that
cock and put it in.
Please come and kill it.
No one came to sell fish.
Joy, I have nothing
to make a curry with.
My job is to collect the coconut
shells in the morning.
Payment for that is enough.
Why should I kill the cock?
We will have to collect shells
eventually if he works for us.
My backbone is broken
with workload.
He wants money for each
and every job.
But if you ask him for a help,
he will show his true colours.
Oh...I don't care.
Dad, just check the heat.
Slowly.. lift the hand.
Is it too hot?
(Sound of kid playing)
Nunnappa, come here.
Let grandma see you.
Please handle with care.
Her back is in a bad condition.
Let my baby have a bit
more of glamour.
Please throw away the water in the
bucket into the closet.
Don't throw it outside.
Where's Nunappan?Aren't you both eating?
We will eat later.
Are you eating?
Aha, what curry are you having?
Aah, what more do you need.
How's mom doing?
Only mom is having peace here.
What crap are you saying?
Instead of picking on me,
call and arrange someone.
Who will I arrange
during Corona times?
And from where?
Can you please call
Ganesh sir's office, Rejichaya
Atleast try to tell Pradeep.
Ya right, MLA will bring a home nurse!
Never mind!
I had to give up my job for this.
It is our duty to look
after them when they're ill, Shiny.
And that too very well.
God almighty will look after the rest.
She is my mother, Shiny!
Whose ever mom it is..
stools are stools...
urine is urine.
Then? You didn't have anything?
Hmm, I ate.
How will this go on?
We can't even ask him to look after her.
Why can't it happen?
Let him come and look after her.
No, how will that happen?
Why not?
Can't sons look after?
How can we meet if he comes here?
Doesn't he have a job?
He is working there for
a mere 25,000 bucks.
If he fires the workers and look
after the fields here, he can get 50,000.
But no, he won't do it.
Damn with his shop!
As if only the capital's air suits him!
He is escaping from this.
Let him stay there. That's better.
If we can't live for our happiness and
likings at our youth, then what's the use?
Mom, how are you?
How long has it been
since Reena left, Shiny?
Four five days.
Hmm, I can see that!
Her condition is pathetic, Shiny.
Just because she can't speak
doesn't mean she isn't in pain.
I am doing all what I can.
And I will continue to do the same.
If this is all what you can do,
things will be complicated.
Hmm, not for those on the bed...
but for others.
Aha, Kuttinchaya, hope you're ok?
Can I afford otherwise?
How can he go all of a sudden?
What's wrong going so fast?
Let him stay there for four five days.
It's already noon.
When will you go and come back?
Dad and mom will be alone.
I'll be back by evening.
Dad and Mom!
That's all you want to know.
You do whatever you want.
What can I say now?
Nunnu, are you not coming?
I am coming, Mummy.
Dad, I'll be back soon.
Grandpa, I'll be back.
-Oh oh.
Come back soon, Nunnappa.
Grandpa will be bored.
-Hmm go.
This is not part of the plan.
Hmm, it came up fast.
Hmm, let him stay
there for four five days.
Atleast let him eat contently.
Hmm, he wont have problem there.
Anyway that's good.
We can meet peacefully for four five days.
Oh, are you using Bluetooth?
It's fine, you continue.
It's been four five days since we met.
Ya, keep counting the days!
Ah, will you come today, or...?
I will drop him there,
return back, that's all.
Ok, do one thing, call
me when you reach back.
Huh, what happened?
That I'll tell later.
Bro, there's no use bringing stuff from Kayamkulam.
We should check from
Guruvayur or Palakkad.
My dear bro, all the other natives
are getting a kit.
At this time , when people are jobless,
will this ever workout?
The kit doesn't have coconuts.
-It doesnt have?
The kit doesn't even have a coconut?
-That's what I said.
The kit doesn't have coconuts or anything.
How can we manage when we grind
coconuts for fish curry too?
Yo bro, has the day dawned for you?
Oh I had some work.
-Ya right, as if you do all the jobs here.
Aren't you ashamed to be cooped up
at a room for 24 hours, bro?
Aren't you ashamed to sit here at this
roadside for 24 hours?
So now who are we?
- Not we,you!
So you guys do nothing and sit here!
-That includes you.
What a pity!
Aha, isn't it Shiny Chacko?
Whom did she honk at?
It's a turn bro. Let her honk.
Whatever it is, she is gorgeous chick,bro.
Here comes the CCTV!
Nothing senseless.
Last time when Xavier bro came for leave...
till he went back, she was
doing it without a day's break.
Bro,stop snooping at
houses with no men.
Bro, seriously, it was me
who dropped him everyday.
When did you drop?
Where did you drop?
Every night around 11-11:30...
I dropped him on my bike.
Xavier goes behind, climbs the mango
tree and reaches down via the vent.
Then for an hour or two, he
comes back only after doing it.
It's me who brings him back too.
Everyday through the mango
tree.Get out you bloody idiot.
Not only this, she has
many other programs to do.
Bro, you better don't check
my toilet. All you'll find is shit.
Get lost bro.
-What else to say!
Hey, come here.
Bro, don't break your heart and die.
I guess that pained him.
How was that?
-Hmm it worked.
Bro, don't you have any sense?
-Soda with salt.
My dear bro, I've been going to her
place since the last 7-8 months.
Aren't you the one who
is dropping me there?
I am going there like my own house.
That I'll give.
That's all true bro, I
got it from the start itself.
Get me two lime soda.
Then why are shouting for this.
-I got really riled up.
These native guys have
amazing brains for this.
All they need is a small
notion. I am warning you.
Bro, I can't bear when
they talk about her.
The lovers can just
go inside with passion.
The risk is for those who drop
them. Do you know that sir?
For 2-3 hours I should bear the
mosquitoes and fool around there.
No, I ain't in for this.
I am not interested.
Then, how will I go bro?
Ya, as if you're going
for some relative's funeral.
Isn't it that urgent?
Then shall we take the car?
So, you won't get wet in the
rain or get bitten by mosquitoes.
This is why you guys
are called big idiots.
If Google faces a
problem, you'll solve it.
But when a bull charges at
you, you have no idea what to do.
We are hiding the bike itself with great difficulty.
-Bro one second
Yes Shiny?
I can understand your itching,
but I cant understand my problem.
I am supposed to sleep peacefully at home.
-Go ahead bro.
For the time being, you sleep in that bush.
-Nothing bro, just go.
Bro, stop, stop here.
Hmm ok.
Bro I am expecting a superfast
from you, not a passenger train.
Don't spoil my mood bro. Just go.
Is the old man asleep?
-Was there light at the post?
I guess no.
Just come here!
It's been a week since the light has gone.
I haven't informed the member.
My baby's got great brains.
It's been four five days!
Hey, leave me.
What's with you if you don't see me?
Who else do I have to see?
God knows.
What's wrong with you baby?
Just become that old Shiny fast.
Which old Shiny?
That old Shiny on this same cot.
Oh ya!
Oh ya! Come here baby!
Just because of one
periods, you lost all your love?
Love? To whom?
You dont love me?
You dont love me?
You dont love me?
You dont love me?
It's really stinking here, Shiny?
It wasn't this bad before?
Then what should I say,
who suffers this all day long?
Can't you save me from this hell?
It's been three four years
since I am suffering here.
It's been long since I've had
a glass of water peacefully.
I am really fed up with this.
What's the use doing this much?
How much longer should I do this?
Can you stand by me?
We can end this today.
My dear Shiny, I am scared.
You listen to me calmly.
She's been in this same
condition for 3-4 years.
If she dies one fine morning...
..who will have a doubt?
Who will even complain?
Do you think, will anyone
take her for a post mortem?
If anyone has a little love for her...
..it's only Dad.
Even he too prays to God...
..to end her suffering and call her.
But still, I can't.
Does my body smell like me?
Or does it smell like Dettol?
How do you propose to do it?
We cannot touch her body.
Her skin will break.
Don't be tensed.
How is that possible?
What you said is right.
If someone knows that
she died in such a condition..
..nobody will feel anything.
Isn't it?
What to feel?
I will get up in the morning.
I will shout aloud saying,
my mother has gone.
In the present situation,
I don't think
..anyone from the
neighbourhood will also come.
Many people may not come
from the church too.
Once her son comes and sees her..
..then everything is over.
Are you sure she is dead?
Why did you ask like that?
Are you sure?
I just asked.
She must be dead.
Don't tense me unnecessarily.
Where is that towel?
Did we take it to our room?
Come with me.
You sit here.
You sit here. I will
be right back.
Did you get it?
Damn it.This is creating tension.
After a long time..
..I can feel some solace and peace.
I was going through hell here.
Truly I am rescued now.
It's all over.
This happened only
with your support.
Or else I would have suffered here.
Don't you want that same old
Shiny on this cot?
Don't send a message today
after reaching.
Shiny, how can I go from here?
There is no electricity.
There will be no problem.
Just go away fast.
What is the matter?
You come.
Oh my Muruga!!
Did Reji come back?
There is no chance.
There is no point in panicking.
What happened?
The main switch is not shut off.
Someone has removed the fuse.
What is happening here?
Who is it?
I don't know.
I don't know.
My Lord Krishna!!
I told you there is
no point in panicking.
Is it Kuttichayan?
How can someone who has
less vision and senses?
Then who is it?
Who else can come here?
Can it be your friend?
Just to take some video or
something like that.
Come on, why should
he lock us from inside?
You come.
There is someone on top.
What is happening here?
Who is inside this house?
My baby.
Hey baby..
Did you cry?
My baby..
My baby..
Hey baby.
(crying sounds)
I will get up in the morning.
And shout aloud saying
that my mother is gone.
In the present situation, I don't think..
..any one from the
neighbourhood will come.
Many people from the church
too will also not come.
Once her son comes and sees her..
..then everything will be over.
Are you sure she is dead?
Why did you ask like that?
Are you sure?
I just asked.
She must be dead.
Don't tense me unnecessarily.
Come, let's check again.
Yes Dad.
Were you asleep?
My dear dad.
Who will be wide awake
at the middle of the night?
What is the matter?
I just got up after a nap.
I just felt like calling you.
What happened dad?
Aren't you keeping well?
Do you have some discomfort?
I will call her. She will
come and check.
For what?
Don't you have anything to do?
You are waking up those
who are asleep.
Nothing is wrong with me.
You don't call anyone.
Then what's the matter, Dad?
Anything wrong with mom?
Nothing is wrong with her too.
She is sleeping peacefully.
Then what happened, Dad?
However busy you are, you
should come here in the morning.
That's all.
I'll come Dad.
You go to sleep.
I will come in the morning itself.
(sobbing sounds)
(metal clanking sounds)
(cries in pain)
The pain will subside.
(breathing heavily)
Who is it Shiny?
Shiny..Shiny what are you doing?
We have to find that fuse somehow.
He is not like us.
He knows every nook and corner
of this house like broad daylight.
What is this?
Who is it?
That old man has come
to know everything.
He is the one who has
done all these things.
My Lord Krishna!
There is no point in panicking.
Tell me a way to escape from here.
How can I get out?
If you want to escape..
..there are ways, Kiran.
But if you wish to escape like that..
..your escape is only
till tomorrow morning.
Mind it.
What are you saying?
Didn't you understand?
We can't leave him here like this.
My Muruga!!
What are you going to do, Shiny?
I am also thinking about that.
How to do it?
What are you saying?
Mom and Dad on
a single night itself?!
It's foolishness, Shiny.
We will be caught, mind it!
It will be a big mess.
Would you please calm down
and give me sometime?
Since he couldn't bear
seeing his wife suffering...
..he gave an end to her pains.
Then Dad passed away
to give company to Mom.
So do something for that.
My Ayyappa!!
We are trapped now.
There is no other way.
One more thing.
Even though he did this much..
..he is just a skinny man.
I just need a hand to end him.
See that there is no wound on him.
Only then things will
go according to our plan.
(breathing heavily)
Are you sure there is no other way?
After doing all this...
this man who is hiding...
do you think he will
stay quiet tomorrow?
Don't switch it on.
Its too bright.
Use it only if it's urgent.
Don't hit him on his head.
(screams in pain)
(cries in pain)
It's not we who are killing him..
its him who is
trying to kill us.
That nurse has gone away.
It's fine.
If you need anything my dear...
Here just press this,
and I will be here soon.
Just press this slowly...
like this my dear.
Haaa! Clever girl, exactly.
(struggling sounds)
(screams in pain)
You killed my dear
wife!! You killed her!!
(struggling sounds)
(screams in pain)
Get up Shiny!
Get up.
Shiny get up!
Shiny, look.
We shouldn't leave him alive, Shiny!
You bring some kerosene.
(screams in pain)
Wherever you go and hide Dad...
I will not spare you!
You're playing all this game
for the sake of this mere corpse.
He has put talcum
powder and dressed her up!
The old hag that destroyed my life...
Then listen!!
I am gonna set her on
fire with this kerosene.
Come and see!
Hey, pour kerosene on her.
Hey I said pour!!
The woman who destroyed my good times...
I beared that old woman for four years.
I am gonna set her ablaze!
You come and watch!
(choking sounds)
Stab him!!
(screams in pain)
That bloody man
has called the police.
It will take them maximum one hour..
.. to search for this
house and reach here..
Within that time,
something should be done.
I don't think...
we can do anything
alone in this condition.
You call your friend also.
Ask him to come.
-Who? Samad?
Call him!
Where are you stuck, bro?
Bro, I am trapped here!
Please come and save me!
-What's happening?
Hello?! Bullshit!
Hey Kiran?
Hey the doors are all locked.
How do I get in?
Man, tell me something.
How can he get in?
He is outside.
Tell him to...
climb the mango tree behind...
and climb down the
ventilation at the top.
Ah very good!
You Bh!
You were a world class slut, isn't it!
Instead of giving me a conduct
certificate, you try to escape somehow.
What's happening, man?
He's trying to kill us.
Who? Kuttichayan?
(screams in pain)
Hey! Samad!
Hello? Rejichaya?
I think someone has entered our house.
I can hear Dad's calls.
I got scared and locked
myself in the room.
Please call that Alex and tell him.
Please ask him to come and check.
For the last 7-8 months,
you've been deceiving me...
But today is when I
got the real punishment.
Hey Kiran, this isn't
what you think .
You were planning to
betray me, isn't it you bh!!
I have a family, you bastard!!
(screams and struggles)
(loud screams)
You weren't even honest to me
who stood up with you to kill.
(screams in pain)
(screams and struggles)
Dad! Dad!
Look after your mom.
God almighty will
take care of the others.
What's going on here, Dad?
Hey Vijaya, take him in fast! Quickly!