Udayananu Tharam (2005) Movie Script

Everybody get ready
for the shot.
Junior, a little stronger.
Running, one by one
take one, clap!
This is a film related to films.
The Lumiere brothers
made films a reality.
You look arrogant.
You should be gentle while
talking to audience.
OK. - OK Sir.
This is a film related to films.
Lumere brothers.. - Cut it!
Listen! Don't try to be a
joker. Don't be too gentle.
You try to be specific,
that's all. - Yes Sir.
This is a film related to films.
The Lumere brothers
made films a reality.
Thereafter, many great
film makers came..
...and gave new definition
to films.
There was laughter inside
the cinema theaters.
The audience could feel the
emotions of the characters..
...of the silver screen like
in their personal life.
The films soothed human life
under trying conditions.
Madras became the centre of
the south Indian films.
Thousands of people came to Madras
to try their luck in films.
They were many who made it big &
many who were ruined in this film city.
We know only those made it big.
And nobody knows about the
one who couldn't succeed.
The hero of this story, Udhaybhanu
had come to Madras 12 years ago.
He was an assistant director.
And was trying to become
an independent director.
Cinema was not just his
ambition, but it is his life too.
The screenplay of the first
film is in progress.
'Om Satyajit Ray Namaha.'
'Om Spiel Berg-aya Namaha.'
'Priyadarshanaya Namah.'
'Kurasova, Aravinda,
Chaplin-aya Namaha.'
Oh God! Give me a great
climax to this story!
Anusha and Ravi met on the
platform unexpectedly.
But to shoot on the
railway platform.
...a deposit of Rs. 5
lakhs is required.
And if producer is not
ready for that, then..
I'll make the film for the
one who is ready do that.
Anyway, the dialogues of Anusha
should be brilliant.
Look Ravi.. I don't
want to invite you..
Ravi in my life, which
is cloudy. Shit..
Stupid dialogues! Would anyone
talk like this in real life?
Cloudy.. Nonsense!
The matter should be simple.
There is no need of 'Look Ravi.'
It feels like a serial.
You've come to see the one who
is running away, isn't it?
You're standing here just because you've
a platform ticket & you can't go beyond.
The one who watches us will
think we are very close.
But it's only we know how
far we are with each other.
Good! That's good!
Let us pray so that Udhaybhanu
gets a good climax.
This city is full of cinemas.
We are on our way
to a film studio.
The heroine of this story,
Madhumati is in the studio.
She was awarded the best
actress of the university.
It was Udhaybhanu who introduced
Madhumati to his mentor.
The very first film itself
was a very big hit.
And Madhumati is
a big star today.
Though Madhumati is indebted
to Udhaybhanu..
...and she likes him, but there is
nothing like love between them.
But Udhaybhanu is restless
about the unwanted gossips.
This is Rajappan Thengamulli,
sorry these are his legs.
He has been looking for a good role in
Malayalam cinema for a long time now.
Is it because of his looks that
is not getting a good role?
Or is it because of his
color and figure?
He has done many
small bit roles.
But he is still waiting
for his dream role.
He has a darker complexion
than me.
And he isn't so handsome,
yet he is a superstar.
The one's wearing suits
go to Wing A. - Yes sir.
It's a Telugu movie, a
company meeting scene.
The rest are all for Shivaji's
garden. A Tamil film.
You will get your dress, guns
everything there. - Yes sir.
And if you have any doubts,
then call me.
OK sir. Come on people.
Go on in this auto.
Sir! Do you have any role?
- There are many.
What, will you come? - Is there
any dialogue in the role?
No, it's a landlord's film.
An India Pakistan war scene.
You will get the uniform,
and guns there.
You will get lunch and snack
in the evening too.
And 100 rupees.
So will you come?
If there isn't a dialogue.
Hey when everyone is shooting who will
think about dialogues. - That's right.
Rajappan, earlier the house
owner had come. - Is it?
It was nice that you left
early. He shouted a lot.
He would have beaten
you if you were here.
Then. - Then nothing.
Thomas has kicked Thadimadi out of
the house because he didn't pay the rent.
He deserves it.
Last week, he didn't give
me a loan of Rs. 50..
You have been kicked out too!
- But I was not there.
He broke your lock and he
locked it with a new one.
Your suitcase and other items
have been thrown out. - Is it?
I took it and kept
it at my doorsteps.
You should have kept
it inside your house.
I decided not to do that
after thinking a lot.
You will come in along
with the suitcase.
That is risk. And it's just because two
scoundrels have come from native place.
And there is no breathing space.
Why don't you try Udhay's place?
No chance, he is writing
the story.
And while writing story, he'll behave like
a dog who gave birth to the new born.
He'll cut me into pieces.
Rajappan, then go and try
at some other place.
Why don't you work as a junior artist
at least for a couple of times like me?
At least you can earn
enough for your rent!
Dear Rafiq, I am not like
you. I have an aim.
And I'll do anything
to reach there.
Once you become
a junior artist..
...you'll be a junior artist
till your death, understand.
I got the climax!
Brother Bhaskaran, sister
Sharada, I got the climax!
A fantastic climax!
Krishnaswamy, I got the climax!
I've got a great climax!
What's the matter?
Brother Bhaskaran.
- Yes.
I got the climax! Such a climax
that nobody expects!
The climax that Malayalam
cinema has never seen.
I was working for the last ten
days to get a good climax!
I got the climax,
a real thriller!
A stunning twist! A
nail biting finish!
Udhayan, what is the climax?
Ravi is coming back to the place
from where he ran away, isn't it? - Yes.
As Ravi got of the train and
came out of the station..
...no, no, I'll not
tell the climax.
Brother Bhaskaran will lose
the thrill while watching it.
I have to make some corrections
in the screenplay.
I'll see you later. I will see
you later. I've got the climax!
I've got the climax!
He is a bit normal today
after 3-4 months.
He was screaming and shouting
all these days in the room..
He used to come out..
...stare at the sky and
shout something.
Then run in again. It was as if
he was going to hang himself.
Is writing a screenplay
that tough a job?
I haven't tried it yet.
- Then you should try it.
Will you get a chance
in Udhayan's film?
No, I don't have
that star value.
If you know that why are you
wandering here in Madras?
You are here for
a long time now.
Why don't you go to your native place &
stay with your wife and children?
You are staying here with your wife
and children for a long time now...
Why don't you go for pilgrimage and
give them peace of mind?
It's because of this you
are not prospering.
You've prospered too much.
You're staying in a single room
with your wife and three children.
And in the same room
you are cooking.
And he thinks he's Tata. Single
room Tata Bhaskaran!
As I was obsessed with
the screenplay..
"Rajappan, I didn't see you.
And what's this like Bangladeshis with
a suitcase and all?
I won't tell lie. I've been kicked out of
the house as I didn't pay the rent.
I am lucky that you've finished
writing the story.
It's my luck that I've finished
writing the story.
Are you planning to stay
with me? - No.. - Then?
Udhayan, shouldn't I find some place to
keep this suitcase and the mat?
Don't play that game.
If I help you, it's sure you'll
take advantage of it.
Did you think I would forget
what you did last time?
When you were thrown out of
the house six months ago..
...I gave you the shelter.
Then what did you do?
When you went for
out door shooting..
...I allowed two guys to stay
here and took rent from them.
Who gave you the right to
give my room on rent?
Then should I've allowed
them to stay freely?
Who asked you to make
them stay here?
That's my mistake, I agree and
will not repeat it! - Fine.
I'll tolerate you once more.
But I want to know one thing.
When will you vacate?
Udhayan, for shifting
to a new place..
...at least there should be
Rs.5000 to give advance.
But it's just a matter of
getting a good role in cinema.
Which cinema? And who is going
to give you a good role?
I've spoken to many people
to give a chance.
But that you are doing
it for a long time now.
Rajappan, tell me something
which is practical.
I don't think you'll ever
get a good role. - Udhayan!
Then what? You must have got
award for the best actor..
...In schools for doing the
roles of leprosy and TB patient.
That is not enough
for doing films.
Acting is what reacting
it is behaving.
Do you know what Stansoloski
said about acting?
Please! What has that
good to do now?
Rajappan, why are you still
expecting a good role then?
Mr. Udhayan!
Mr. Udhayan, Madhumati
Amma is missing.
Whose mother?
- Not mother, but Madhumati.
Sir, don't you know me?
I am Vijayan Varkala,
production manager.
I am coming from the
sets of KP Nanappan.
I've something important
to tell you.
Sir, if you could
come this side..
What's it? - Mr. Nanappan
was shooting for a song.
The song was shot on Madhumati.
It was a very good song.
Suddenly Madhumati said
that she is leaving.
She threw the wig and left
the shooting in a car.
Now the whole unit is stand
still. What should we do now?
What you should do
why I should tell?
I just asked you.
- Then I'll tell you one thing.
It's all her wish whether
to come or go.
If Mr. Nanappan thinks that
she'll come back to the set if
...I call then he is wrong. Now
Mr. Vijayan Varkala can go.
If the shoot is canceled today, it isn't
possible to release the film on Christmas.
Christmas will come next year
too. - Sir, don't say like that.
The producer was not having
the money at all.
And so he pawned his wife's
jewellery to do the payments.
That's not a problem. That's
his own wife. - Sir..
It's men like you who gossiped
in the industry that..
...there is something between
Madhumati and me.
The magazines too
wrote about that.
And may be to confirm that
Mr. Nanappan had sent you here.
Oh no! Nanappan is
a very good man.
Do you know what
Mr.Nanappan has told?
That Mr. Udhayan knows the
value of producer's tears.
It's because of your recommendation
Madhumati acted in her first film.
And this reason is enough
for Madhumati to obey you.
Mr. Nanappan is not aware of the heroines
and the gossips you're talking about.
It's when you said now, even
I came to know about it.
Where is Madhumati now?
- I don't have any idea.
But the cell phone is ringing.
And she'll not attend our calls.
But Sir, she'll surely
attend your call.
All right, I'll see. You go and
call me after sometime. - OK.
How did you come?
I came in brother Bhaskaran's vehicle.
Whatever the reason is,
leaving the set in between is not right.
You should have thought of
the loss to the producer...
...and to the colleagues.
Do you think that the
media will keep quiet?
Each second is very precious
so don't waste the time, get back.
Just a minute, at
least listen to..
Madhu, don't you know that shooting
is interrupted, people are waiting for you?
Mr. Udhayan, that means you're
not bothered about my feelings.
Had this director ever made a film that
hasn't questioned human commonsense?
Why are you asking that now?
Mr. Udhayan, I've told you the
attitude of my father and brother.
They are just blindly taking advances
from wherever they could.
Like the animals which
are brought on rent.
They neither want to know
about the story..
...nor they want to know
who the director is.
You should have told you'd act
only if you like the story.
I said that hundred times.
But who is listening to me?
That the director has talked to
my brother about the story.
He said it was fantastic.
And such a story has
never come before.
I heard the story when I went
for shooting yesterday.
It was just horrible.
I even shot for a role
where people teased me.
I couldn't sleep
yesterday night..
...as I couldn't take
any decision.
Do you know how many times
I tried Mr. Udhayan's cell?
You didn't attend the call
after seeing my number.
You called yesterday?
Yes, yes, I forgot.. to take
the cell when I went out.
Didn't you check the missed
calls after coming back?
Perhaps I didn't notice.
You still don't know how to lie
so that others can believe you.
Don't say that. Sometimes
I don't attend your calls purposely.
There may be someone in the room.
Why should we give them
a chance to make stories?
But if I want to ask you
or tell you something..
That's not the way people
look at things.
Madhu, now you are
a well-known star.
It's better for an assistant director
to stay at his place.
So you've decided to
stay away from me.
I didn't mean that.
Mr. Udhayan, don't you've
any share in my success?
If it is so, then why I am not
able to achieve that success?
Even if I hadn't recommended
you for my mentor's movie..
...you'd have been
in movies because..
...you were born for that.
I loved acting, that's
why I came to cinema.
And because of the same reason,
I am ending it.
I already told you regarding
my father and brother Dinesh.
They are bargaining
with the directors..
...like one does in
the street markets.
The beggars can't be choosers.
Do you want good film
or more money?
There is not even a single
good film this year for me.
I am fed up.
Sir, shall I attend?
What's the use of you
being her manager?
When she went out of the sets,
you should have stopped her!
Attend the phone and listen to
the abuses of the producer.
And tell him that
nobody is here.
Go out and play you stupid!
Why are you getting annoyed
with the children?
Babu and Bhama came to watch
the dance pro-gramme together.
Kanchana, give me
some peace of mind.
I've taken the advance,
so I am bound to reply.
She is coming.
Dinesh, be cool and don't
be angry with her.
It seems that she won't
go for the shoot today.
You know her habit.
And may be she'll cancel
the film itself.
So should I be scared of her?
Laxmi, come here.
Not everyone is lucky and
blessed with God's grace.
I just want to say that we
should not spoil it ourselves.
Who'll bear the loss if the
shooting is canceled?
The one who has taken the
money will bear the loss.
What do you think of yourself?
Sofia Lauren or
Elizabeth Taylor?
If 60 Malayalam films are
released in a year..
...out of that 55 films are flop.
And people like you
are acting in it.
You are not the only one
good actress around.
What if you won't get good
films for the next five years?
I'll not act. - Then who'll
bear your expenditure?
Look, you should not
forget your status.
What relation you've got with
that unsuccessful director?
We are ashamed of the gossips..
...that are published
in the magazines.
You stopped the shooting and
went to meet him, isn't it?
Who is he? Is he your father?
- Dinesh!
Father, keep quiet. - Actually,
what is the main issue?
The cancellation
of the shooting..
...or that I had gone
to meet Mr. Udhayan?
We want to know the decision
on both the matters.
And right now.
- All right, I'll tell.
I'll not act in the film
directed by KP Nanappan.
And about Mr. Udhayan, that
can't be said in one word.
And I'll have to describe. Not because
he brought me into the films,
but because he understands..
...the feelings of human and
because he is talented..
...I love and respect
Mr. Udhayan.
But Mr. Udhayan had never
told me that he love me.
And if he says it?
Father, did you understand?
That she'll go if he agrees.
Do you know he is older than me?
And accordingly Mr. Udhayan
is matured too! - I will..
No Dinesh, no. It's my mistake.
Instead of treating both
children equally..
...I spent 75% of
my income on her.
And for that you might have
profited 100 times by now.
At least you can spare me now.
Udhayan, I heard that you
got a terrific climax.
Rafiq, that's up to the
audience to decide.
Then too Udhayan, you might
be having some calculations.
When are you going to
start the shooting?
For that one needs a producer.
Didn't you contact anyone?
Rafiq, asst. director is like a
bride waiting for her marriage.
The bridegroom, that is the
producer will examine.
And if they like it then only
the marriage is solemnized.
Udhayan, they will
like the story.
Only men like Udhayan can
save Malayalam films.
Look, you've taken the
name and he is here.
You know, I am the second hero
of GK Nair's next film.
Two fights and one song.
Isn't there any scenes
or dialogues for you?
I am talking about other than
scenes and dialogues.
He is a much better
actor than us.
No, when is the shooting?
That's the problem it
is after two months.
Till that time? - I'll get the
advance within in two weeks.
That'd be better if it is
given at the earliest.
Who is the hero of your film?
Most probably it'd
be Prasad Chandran.
Heroine as it is would
be Madhumati, isn't it?
Udhayan, I never meant that.
Madhumati is a well-known
star now.
And Udhayan, you know
her very well.
There are many other
well know stars..
...In Malayalam whom I know.
If you ask anyone who is the
best actress on date, then..
If the friends circle itself
gossips about me..
...then why to blame others.
Udhayan, I didn't really
have any bad intentions.
You know Rafiq, after
I wrote the climax..
...I wake up daily at 5
o'clock in the morning.
I go out with this camera and
shoot many visuals and..
...locations to fix the angles
and composition in the mind.
Udhayabhanu has just one
love and that is cinema.
He has only one wife
and that is cinema.
Why didn't I marry for
all these years?
Because I was afraid that
I'll lose my concentration.
I shouldn't have asked
this question.
But I can tell one thing.
Madhumati has something
for Udhayan. - What?
What are you talking?
- I never told that you have.
But if I were in your place
I'd have married and lived happily.
At least I'd have been
a husband of a star.
Then you go and marry her.
Go and marry her man!
But for that she too must agree.
- I'll make her agree.
Forget it. - The way he is
annoying at us, seems..
- Nothing.
No Rajappan, no. - You are
behaving like children.
Udhayan, we too will have
some roles, isn't it?
I already said that let a
producer come. - Correct.
All right Udhayan,
I am going to AVM.
I've a small role there, which
will get me Rs. 500.
All right, see you in
the evening. - Fine.
Many of them were asking.
Are you listening Udhayan.
Yes, many of them were asking.
Why are you not asking
what they were asking?
Many of them are asking
then why should I ask?
That Udhayabhanu is
your close friend.
And are you the hero
of his first film?
Call the one who has told this?
I'll smash his face!
I can act better than
your Prasad Chandran.
I don't want the person
who acts too much.
I saw your acting in
the film Nattu Gawda.
This is not the way of acting by looking
at the sister who was raped.
Is this the way of expressing
your sorrows?
I didn't do like that?
- Yes, you did.
And it's because of
that the director..
...cut down your scene
from the film.
What you thought? That I was
not aware of these things?
Look, acting is to be done meticulously,
like a heart operation.
God! He has started again.
I'll act the way you say.
Now you can't say that you
don't know to tell how to act.
That's not the thing.
First of all, my actor
is very handsome.
Makeup is meant for that.
But for makeup too
there is a limit.
Marlene Brandon, Alpachino,
Robert Dinero..
...Densel Washington,
Laurence Sylvan.
...Jack Nicholson, Anthony
Hawkins, Sanjeev Kumar..
...Ashok Kumar, Naseeruddin
Shah, Paresh Rawal etc..
...go and watch the films
of these stars.
And learn what acting is.
Or else go back to
native place and..
...do some other job
and feed your family.
If you ask for a chance
in my film, then..
They won't allow any
peace of mind.
Producer Sonabalan speaking.
It was you!
I thought someone has
called for their money.
Last film? it was an utter flop.
Don't you know that?
Looking at the trend of the comedy
a film was made with all mimicry artist.
And it was an utter flop.
Now I show mimicry when people
ask for their money.
That Sonabalan is not there or
like this is not Sonabalan.
Abdulla, someone has come. May
be it is Marwari Mukesh.
He said that he'd arrange
for some money.
I'll call you later.
Good morning Sir.
Rajappan, didn't I tell
you yesterday, that..
...I am not going to make
any films as of now.
Don't come here asking
for chances.
But Sir, that was yesterday. Maybe
you've changed your decision today.
My God! What should
I do with him?
Sir, how many times I came
to you for a good role?
Rajappan, don't kill me.
My mimicry film was an utter flop.
And now even if I want
to make films..
...there should be some
stories and screenplay.
For God sake, don't come
here to meet me again.
So.. I.. come tomorrow..
Mr. Balan is not going to make
any new films, isn't it?
I don't know.
Just remind him if he
is making anything new.
Of course. I'll remind him
all the three times.
Morning, afternoon and in
the evening. Will that do?
There is a need to
appoint a watchman.
Look, didn't you see stupid
Rajappan coming?
RajaPPan, didn't you go?
Would you like to have some tea?
Till today my name was
Rajappan Thengamuda.
Now it has also known
as stupid Rajappan.
Actually, I was telling
him to buy some..
Sir, it's all right. But
I was thinking about you.
You don't have the screenplay,
isn't it? - Yes.
If I give you a good screenplay,
will you give me the lead role?
What do you mean by
good screenplay?
Sir, you haven't left
comedy though..
...your comedy film
is an utter flop.
Sir, accept it only if you
like it after reading it.
Have you written it?
I have been here
for a while now.
I can write at least one.
Even the greatest writers
have kept their pen down.
Thinking what to write
in these conditions.
And you are going
to write stories.
Raja c'mon.
Sir, at least you
should read this.
C'mon, drive man.
- Sir, please. Please.
Oh God! He is just troubling me.
Do one thing, bring it and give
it to him. I'll read it.
Now take the vehicle, c'mon.
That's fine. - Thank you Sir.
Take the copy of all the pages.
- Fine.
That should be neat.
And put a cover for
them but tomorrow.
But now you give me the
originals properly. - OK.
Why did you run when
I called you?
Who called me? And when
did you call me?
Rajappan, don't try to fool me.
I called you, you saw
me and ran away.
And I wanted to
know why you ran?
What was the packet
in your hand?
You've seen the packet,
isn't it?
That means it is true
that you've seen me.
The packet contained
clothes for ironing.
It was true that I ran.
I gave.. Rs. 100 to
Paneer Shelvam..
...to change pipe in my old
room. Since then he is missing.
Today I saw him and was
running catch him.
Paneer Shelvam? Which
Paneer Shelvam?
Which all Paneer Shelvam
do you know?
If you think that I ran
because you saw me..
...then I should be
running now too.
Yes, that is what I
do not understand.
Did he steal something
from here?
Listen, I forgot to
tell you one thing.
I've arranged for a producer.
He is a very rich man.
He is in abroad.
Though you've not offered
any role to me..
...I've said lot of things
to him about you.
Did you say too much? - I said
lot of things about you.
But you'll have to wait
for six months.
Because he'll be coming after
six months. - Go man!
I am going to Ernakulam
next week.
To meet Baby Kuttan
and tell the story.
And will start the shooting
within two months if he likes the story.
Udhayan, no.. listen to me.
The producer must have
sufficient money.
Baby Kuttan is a poor chap.
Why can't you wait
for six months?
Do you know what is name is?
Francis.. Francis..
He is from Kozhencherry.
I am not a fool to listen
to what you are boasting.
Hello, is this movie director
Mr. Pratapan.
Yes Balan, what's the matter?
I've got a fantastic screenplay.
I've just finished reading it.
Mr. Pratapan, this is
called as trendsetter.
I am not telling anything more.
I'll get you the screenplay.
No one else can direct this film
than Mr. Pratapan in Malayalam cinema.
Don't make a conclusion
like that.
So who has written
the screenplay?
That's another surprise. I'll
tell you everything personally.
First I'll get you
the screenplay.
- Greetings.
Have you read that?
- Yes, I read.
Tell me truly Mr. Balan Pillai,
if Rajappan, who is still..
...waiting for a chance to
act has written this story?
You don't believe, isn't it?
I've learnt a lesson from this.
That we should not misbehave
with those..
...who come and ask for
chance for acting.
Art is really surprising?
We can't say which stupid
has got this talent?
But I'll tell you one thing.
People will mock if he
is in the lead role.
He'll not give the screenplay
if he is not in the lead role.
Is it?
We'll play rest all characters
with strong actors.
Mr. Balan Pillai, the building will collapse
if the foundation is not strong.
But our foundation
is the screenplay.
Then Balan, you
do the lead role.
Are you serious?
I'll talk to him.
I'll come to your office
in the evening.
That's not possible.
Then look for some other director.
- I mean..
Sir, I'll tell. I'll ask him
to come to the office.
If it is so, then I am leaving.
Sir, give my screenplay back.
Rajappan, sit down.
- I do have chair at home to sit.
Shall I ask you something?
Don't you wish to see
your screenplay a big hit, Rajappan?
My wish is to see the film
doing well by doing..
...the lead role of Ravi
of my screenplay.
Ravi is a young guy
and then Rajappan..
...how can you fit
in to that role?
MGR at the age of
65 used wig and..
...played the role of lover.
And I am not that old.
But then, why are we arguing,
let me go.
Mr. Balan, give my
screenplay back.
Rajappan, some of the best
writers like Bhasi and..
...Bhaskaran has
left us and gone.
MT and T Dhamodharan write
occasionally. - So?
Rajappan, you can become..
...No. 1 story writer
in Malayalam films.
And I'll direct all the
screenplays written by you.
I only know howl
managed this one.
Mr. Balan, give me
the screenplay.
Rajappan, try to understand.
The role of Ravi is strong
and needs in-depth acting.
It is me who has created
the character.
And so I know how to act too.
I know acting is what reacting.
It is behaving. You know what
Sansloviski said about acting.
I too know a lot things films.
Mr. Pratapan, just a minute.
What's so secret?
- Please Sir.
Give my screenplay back.
- Wait a minute, Rajappan.
My dear Mr. Pratapan, we've
made lot of new faces..
...super stars while they didn't
knew even the ABC of acting.
Dear Balan, he doesn't have the height
and body to play that particular character.
He is not handsome. You too
have read the screenplay.
If that's the case, Mr.
Satyan wasn't tall.
And didn't have good complexion.
Look, don't compare great
actors like Satyan with him,
or else I'll smash your face.
Don't get annoyed. We'll
call Pachallan Bhasi..
...the one who teaches
Kathakalli and dances.
We'll ask him to train before
the shooting starts.
He is very smart. He'll teach
him all the expressions.
And then?
- Then we'll proceed..
How? How?
Mr. Pratapan, I am
in heavy debts.
And if Rajappan acts
in this film..
...all the astrologers say it
will be a great hit. - Is it?
Then ask the astrologers
to direct the film.
But the film will be a utter
flop if Mr. Pratap..
...doesn't direct it, the
astrologers said it.
Balan Pillai, if the
film is to do well..
...all the aspects should
be looked into.
And you all have no sense.
Please compromise for once.
Truly speaking..
...I've brought cheque
to pay him the advance.
Let me pay it before the time
runs out. - Balan Pillai..
Udhayan, you were in
Kerala, isn't it?
I went to meet producer
Baby Kuttan.
He liked my screenplay
very much.
But Prasad Chandran
is very busy.
Baby Kuttan is ready to
start the film anytime.
Is that busy Prasad Chandran.
He is busy with couple of films.
I'll have to press him again.
Do you know something? Do
you know who is the hero..
...of director Mr. Pratapan's
new film? Our Rajappan!
- Yes.
Rajappan in Mr. Pratapan's
film? - Yes.
How did that happen?
Normally, Mr. Pratapan doesn't
make such mistakes.
You are right. I didn't
believe it.
But that is true. Rajappan
got the advance.
He has taken a room
on rent nearby.
And Pachallan Bhasi
is training him.
Oh God! What am I hearing?
Anyway poor fellow, let him
survive. All right then. - Fine.
If you've come to see Rajappan
he is busy doing Shirsh-asan.
I am Rajappan's friend
I am Pachallan Bhasi and
I am training Rajappan.
I'll wait till he finishes
the Shirsa-asan.
No, no, after Shirsh-asan,
he'll be doing Padma-asan.
After that Kukud-as an.
Then Sarvanga-asan.
Then Mayur-asan and in
the end Shava-asan.
Then he'll begin his
actual training.
And it's a very tough training.
I'll tell you in details.
This is Shringaram.
This is Karunam.
Albutam and Shantam.
And there are other four,
which I've invented.
There is a lot to be taught
and time is very short.
So now, no friend or enemy
is allowed to disturb him.
You may go now.
What's this? You are doing Shava-asan
directly from Shirsh-asan.
I'll do the rest of
the Asans afterward.
Who knocked the door?
- He said some name.
And said he is your friend.
Something like Udhayan.. Bhanu..
I said you are doing Asans
and closed the doors.
Then don't waste time lets
start the training.
Do you know how Rasan comes?
It doesn't come, but
we have to make it.
All right, then how to make it?
I don' know exactly, but
still I can tell you.
First we should boil the lentils.
A tomato can be used.
Then black pepper and
asafoetida is to be added.
Then oil is to be heated and
green leaves and onions..
...are to be fried in
it along with garlic.
There is no need to take
that much trouble.
You'll get the powder for
making Rasam in the shop!
Yes, we can get it.
Mister, I am talking
about Navrasam!
He is simply stupid!
This is Srirangam.
Do it.
This is not the way I've shown.
You are doing the act of the
cow releasing the cow-dung.
Do it the way I did.
Why are you shaking your body
while doing Sringaram?
What is written in Natya Shastra?
- That.. that..
What Bharatmuni said
in Natya Shastra?
What you know about
Bharatmuni and Natya Shastra?
This is Kabayil. Virugal.
You should concentrate
on your eyes.
Your eyes should express
So with out shaking your body..
...show me the Navrasam
with your face.
Come here.
This is Karunam.
Do it like this.
It cannot be done so easily
as my master could.
You should kindly
give me some time.
Brother Bhaskaran! Brother
Bhaskaran! - Yes.
What's the matter? Did you
find any climax again?
No brother Bhaskaran, Baby
Kuttan is coming here.
He just called me.
Gopi Kuttan?
- It's not Gopi Kuttan.
It's Baby Kuttan, the
producer of my film.
He has come. We've to discuss
a lot of things.
So I don't have
time to make tea.
So you should make tea for us.
He is not aware of this place.
So I am going to pick him up.
- OK.
This is not the right
place for a director..
...whose film is going
to be a hit.
People should see my movie.
Place is not a problem for me.
I stay over there. Come.
I've to attend a marriage
of a family friend.
I've to take a print of my last film
Prasad lab and sent it to Dubai.
And before that I want
to amend my mistake.
Mistake? - Why, haven't you
heard this word before?
Yes mistake. - What mistake
did Baby Kuttan do?
Come, I'll tell you.
Don't think that just directors
can make dramas.
A producer can..
Brother Bhaskaran, this
is the one I said..
Yes I understood.. Gopi Kuttan!
- What?
Baby Kuttan.
He stays in the neighbourhood.
When friends visit, Brother
Bhaskaran prepares tea.
Don't think that he
is a tea-maker.
Brother Bhaskaran, we've
to discuss something.
Yes, I understood, I understood.
So what were you telling?
A producer..
Yes, a producer listened
to the story.
He liked it and
decided to do it.
But didn't pay the advance.
That's a mistake, isn't it?
It's not that I forgot. But
we've to see the time too, isn't it?
Now take this.
Baby Kuttan, between us there..
Friendship is different
and films are different.
Now take this.
It's a new film directed
by Mr. Pratapan.
I am just coming back
from the Pooja.
Weren't you aware
of it, Mr. Udhayan?
Your friend Rajappan is
the hero of the film.
And I am the heroine.
Mr. Udhayan, the story
is excellent.
He is a new fellow. And his
name is something like Ajay.
I don't know him. Mr. Udhayan,
where are you now?
I am out since morning.
I've to find a couple
of houses to shoot.
For which film? - That Madhu,
I was about to tell you.
Baby Kuttan liked the
screen-play very much which I wrote.
And after waiting
for long time..
...work on my first film
is going to start.
Is it true? Oh great news!
Sister Laxmi, Mr. Udhayan is
going to direct a film. - Is it?
I don't have any shoot
till afternoon.
Mr. Udhayan, where are you now?
I am in the Ambedkar
Housing Colony.
Stop! Stop!
- What to stop?
Stop it!
- I am nearby.
You are where in
Ambedkar Colony?
Just turn around.
- But where?
Can't you see my car?
So you called me from the car.
- Yes.
The daughter of my make-up
man is not well.
I am going to meet her.
I never knew we were so close.
Didn't they call Mr. Udhayan
for the Pooja?
No, I was not aware of it.
Moreover, who'll call a asst.
director for the Pooja?
Rajappan could've called you.
- He might have forgotten.
I feel really sorry for
Mr. Pratapan has made him hero.
He is not a problem.
Many times he was awarded..
...for the best actor
in his school days.
No, I've seen his small roles
in a couple of films.
He'll express only if he
is given electric shock.
Won't you allow me to act
in your film? - That..
Think it over. Mr. Udhayan,
get into the car.
I'll tell you the story
of Mr. Pratapan.
It's a wonderful story.
Madhu, I am really very busy.
I've to do lot of things.
I'll see you later. I'll call you.
- You are lying.
Sure, I'll call you
in the evening. - OK.
All right Sir.
- Thank you.
- Sir.
I wanted to know if you
could work with me.
Udhayan, you were in native
place, isn't it?
So Pratapan, don't you know
that Baby Kuttan's..
...next film is going to
be directed by Udhayan.
He has taken the advance too.
Very good, my hearty
Thank you Sir, thank you.
It's very good. You have so
many years of experience.
The directors just having the
experience of one film..
...are making the
producers dance.
Udhayan, you've been in
the films since when?
It's around 10-12 years.
- Oh my goodness!
And now the time has come.
Who has written the screenplay?
You know Sir it's my
wish to make my film.
.It's the hard work
of so many years.
Baby Kuttan liked it and thus..
Very good, very good.
It's very good if the director can write.
And by the way Rajappan and
Udhayan are friends, isn't it?
Yes, I've come to meet Rajappan.
Rajappan is acting as a hero
in this film, isn't it?
Rajappan was here somewhere.
To be honest Udhayan, I don't
think he can do this role.
The screenplay has really
surprised me.
He has written that, I..
- Udhayan!
Come here. Come here.
Who has invited
you to come here?
You left the room without
saying anything.
I came to meet you twice
at your house.
But couldn't meet you
though you were inside.
What mistake did I do to you?
You said that I'll never
a get a good role.
I'll never forget that.
I don't like to even see you.
- Look.. I just joked.
Is this the way to joke?
You stabbed my chest and you
are saying that it is a joke.
Now go from here.
"Girl! My girl!"
"Do you have the honey of
love on your lips, girl."
"Eyes! That's my eye!"
"Do you have the moonlight
in your eyes, girl"
"Without touching with hands."
"And without seeing."
"The sky is a golden plate."
"I wish to have plate of honey."
"Girl! My girl!"
"Do you have the honey of
love on your lips, girl."
"You asked for a touch
of the lips."
"And silence is the answer."
"That you asked for a sweet."
"And the sweet answered,
"Don't ask me anything more."
"Don't ask me anything
more, my dear."
"What's there on your cheeks?"
"Oh my dream beauty."
"Don't tell anybody
what you saw."
"Don't tell anybody
what you heard."
"Don't break the things
that you touch."
"Girl! My girl!"
"Do you have the honey of
love on your lips, girl."
Baby Kuttan?
- I am still trembling.
Did you read the film news?
- No, what happened?
Who is this Ajayan?
- Ajayan!
The storywriter of
the Sona films.
I don't know, what's the matter?
Some of the reports and..
..scenes of the film have come in this.
It's the same scene as that
of Udhayan's screenplay.
The same dialogues!- What?
Udhayan, did you give your
story to anyone to read?- No.
Nobody else other than Baby
Kuttan has read that.
No Udhayan, we've been cheated.
I am sure.
But can Pratapan do that?
Come, come.
Sir, I want to talk to you
something important.
Can you come inside?
Udhayan, why your face is so dull?
Sir, I'll tell you.
Oh Sorry!
Rajappan has given us the xerox
copy of the screenplay.
The original is with Udhayan.
Balan Pillai, I told you
that day itself that..
...some well-informed person
has written this.
Udhayan, we are innocent.
I am doing films after taking
loans from wherever I could.
We understand Udhayan's ordeal.
But if you file a case against this..
...I'll be left with no
other way than suicide.
I'll call Rajappan and
prove the truth.
Udhayan, I'll pay you something.
Balan Pillai, don't
talk nonsense.
Now what is there to prove?
I know what kind of man is Udhayan.
- I too know that.
Then we'll give the name of Udhayabhanu..
..for story, screenplay and dialogues, isn't it?
I've not come here for
your money and name.
Don't put the price for my life!
I've toiled very much to
write the screenplay.
So can't I make the film now?
How is that possible now,
Udhayan? - Enough!
I just want to know that.
- Udhayan.
What was noise?
It was my mistake.
Even after knowing that
you are a bad character..
...I allowed you to
stay in my house.
But I never expected this
kind of cheating.
You've not taken my screenplay..
...but you've snatched my life!
Now will you repeat this
to anyone.. move!
Sit here.
I came to know about it while
shooting in Santhom.
Mr. Udhayan, do you
remember we met..
...on the road..while coming
back from Pooja? - Yes.
That day you didn't wait
to listen the story.
If you had heard it that day..
- Before shooting?
Shooting started after
two weeks of the Pooja.
This cheating wouldn't
have happened..
...If we had known it that day.
Now what's the use of saying
all these things?
But what's the use of beating him?
That's what I asked Udhayan too.
Normally, what do we do when
there is a theft case?
We go to police or to
the court, isn't it?
Brother Bhaskaran, did you do that..
..when your screenplay was lost?
Just whistling by sitting in
the gallery is different..
...and to play a game
is different.
I worked on it for months.
My first film, it was my dream.
Everything has gone.
One should suffer to
understand that pain.
Dear, your father and brother
are coming here.
Come here!
- Leave me!
I've given you enough freedom.
Now I won't allow this.
- I said to leave me! - Come here!
Dinesh, leave her!
- Father, don't talk.
I want to know what
she has got to do..
...with these scoundrels
at night time! Come here!
I won't tolerate it if you
spoil the reputation of the family.
Get in!
I've ended everything.
They didn't even give me the consideration..
..of a human being and tortured me.
I can't live with them anymore.
I left them, but didn't
know where to go.
Madhu, what is all this?
How long should I suffer...
for the mistakes I haven't committed?
They think that we are in love.
Come in.
They didn't ask you
where are you going..
...while leaving the house?
I may go anywhere, but I told
them I'd never come back.
But Madhu, what if they
come here again.
And create a scene like
last night.
I am already fed up with the
gossips written about us..
...In the magazines
without any reason.
Madhu, I am already in trauma.
You want to trouble me more?
Sorry, I didn't think about that.
You know Madhu I am nowhere.
And don't know what to do next.
I am not in position to share
the sorrow of others.
Anyway, they are your
own father and brother.
If you go back, they
will not discard you.
It's better to die then.
Then what are you going to
do now? - I don't know.
I don't know.
Hello, wrong number.
No, don't take.
They'll create problem if
the door is not opened.
Then father, you go and open it.
I can't talk to them on
this shameful topic.
She married that scoundrel,
what can we say on that?
Oh God! Please save
us from the media!
Look, not a single person
will get inside!
You just go out to eat human
bodies like vultures!
The wretched hasn't come
here after marriage.
And we don't know where she is.
What is your reaction
on the incident?
The sky won't fall
if I don't react.
If a girl is going well
with her film career..
...some scoundrel will
come and grab her.
And it's a routine affair
in Malayalam cinema.
Don't be scared. Nobody knows
that I've come here.
Just give me some space..
Good and I appreciate.
It's good that it's arranged
in a secret place.
Or else to control the media,
we'd have needed police.
Take this. It's a gift from me.
What is this?
It's a marriage gift.
For what? I didn't invite
anybody for marriage.
I know.
But I like to act according
to the situation.
There are lot of expenditures
during marriage.
I just needed Rs. 250 for
the registrar office.
And I had it.
Registrar office is not the end
of the marriage, isn't it?
Now if you want to go
to Ooty or Kodaikanal..
...for honeymoon, it's an
expenditure, isn't it?
Sir, I'll come your house
before going there!
No problem, take this.
I don't like to see the
face of the people..
...responsible for my ruin.
Madhumati! You married
without informing us.
Anyway, congratulations.
But one thing..
...because you are married,
don't leave films..
...like other Malayalam
We want good characters
of Madhu.
Tea. - No, I don't drink
tea and coffee.
Best wishes, bye then.
How did he find this place?
Rafiq, come with me.
You know somehow we managed
to pay the advance for this room.
For now, there is no other way.
Rafiq, sell this camera
and get me some money.
Nobody should know this.
- Fine.
All right Udhayan, we
are leaving. - OK.
You've got to do lot of things.
Call me if you need something.
- Fine.
Bye dear.
- Bye.
Mr. Udhayan, it's only money
and gold that can be robbed.
Nobody can snatch one's talent.
Mr. Udhayan can write again.
You should write.
You can become a well-known
I thought of asking
one thing many times.
Shall I ask you now?
- You can ask.
Mr. Udhayan, did you ever
feel like love for me?
Madhu, you don't know
how much I loved you.
But for the sake of Madhu's
prosperity, I didn't express it.
Hello, is this producer?
I am Pachallan Bhasi.
I and Rajappan..
no Saroj Kumar..
...Is hiding and staying
at the same place.
Kumar is very anxious.
The film is being released
in Kerala today.
The matinee show is finished.
Did you get any information?
What? Super hit? Bumper hit?
Oh my God! Bumper hit!
Rajappan! The film
is a bumper hit!
Give the money!
- Hit! Hit!
What's the matter? - The film
is bumper hit, go and see!
Film is bumper hit! Hit!
Yes come in.
Come Udhayan, the train was
in time, isn't it? - Yes.
Then freshen up yourself we'll
talk after having the breakfast.
Baby Kuttan, when I called you..
...you didn't say anything
about the screenplay.
Didn't you like it?
It's not possible to
answer in one word.
First you get fresh,
and then we can talk.
That's not important.
When I read Udhayan's
first story..
...I knew it was a sure bet.
This.. may be we'd get awards.
But that's not our main motto.
I never thought of awards too.
And who wants the approval
of these crooked minds.
But I don't want to show..
..mimicry and ruin Malayalam cinema.
I too don't want that.
But cinema is meant
to entertain people.
Which people?
- I am not arguing.
I am arguing.
You producers undervalue
the cine goers.
Because there are
no good movies..
...they watch mimicry
and clap hands.
Seeing this, you decide
they want low films.
That is not the truth.
The director and heroes which
gave them good films once..
...are constantly cheating them
now by giving cheap films.
That's why they are clapping hands..
..after seeing the mimicry, understand.
They'll come back surely
to see good films.
It's good if they come.
We should not waste time
talking useless things.
And coming to the point..
...Prasad Chandran's popularity
has gone too low.
Then? - In the film industry, there are
no...permanent friends and enemies.
That is what experience
taught us, isn't it?
There is a proverb, forget the
past and live in the present.
Don't get annoyed.
If we make Saroj Kumar our
hero, everything will be fine.
These days he is very popular.
People are crazy about him.
That's the reason Baby Kuttan
has gone against my story.
No.. it's not that.
If you had said this
on the phone..
...I could have avoided
a journey.
Does forget the past mean
to honor the cheater?
And does living in the present
means to do a film..
...I should forget my
self-respect and conscious?
This is a post-dated cheque.
Somehow I'll put the money..
...In your account in one month.
The advance, which Baby Kuttan..
..gave me for the first film.
Take this.
- Udhayan, between us..
Friendship and films are
both different things.
I got to know it.
People will throw stones on
the tree, which bear fruits.
He may be someone who is
jealous of my prosperity.
I am riding high where nobody
else could reach.
And I take it as a proof of
that. Isn't that a compliment?
I've given seven hit
films in a row.
People love me very much.
And because of this, many
of them are sleepless.
They are not just throwing
stones, they are giving..
...money to people to shout in
the theaters running my film.
But that's not a problem.
My fans will reply suitably.
Which are your forthcoming films?
- There are many.
I don't remember the names.
Who is directing your films?
Whoever may direct,
but it's me who is acting!
My fans just want to see me
for two and half hours.
For that I need to
dress colourfully.
Change the goggles often.
Couple of heroines
should love me.
And nobody notices who
the director is.
You said you'd be back in
two days. I was bored.
I am fed up discussing
with the producers.
Could you succeed?
- No.
Why were you annoyed
at Baby Kuttan?
Who told you?
- Baby Kuttan called here.
And said that you returned
the advance.
To return one's money
is not annoyance.
We should forget the past and
do films with Rajappan..
...that is what Baby
Kuttan saying.
Madhu, it's not just Baby
Kuttan, all the stupid..
...whom I told the story
were saying the same.
Nobody is going
to slit my head..
...If I am not going to
do the films, isn't it.
The robber Rajappan and that
too a hero in my film!
I was watching his interview.
It was fun.
If I was not in films,
I'd have been some..
...doctor or collector
or something like that.
Along with the art,
I was studious..
...and used to be first
in schools and college.
I was the captain of the
cricket team and kabaddi team.
And lot of captains. -
Then Mr. Saroj..
Switch it of, Madhu.
He's simply talking rubbish.
This is better than his films.
Mr, Udhayan, don't get annoyed
and see this, come.
I got flu a day a before
the IAS exam.
I still remember
my father cried.
Do you have any dream character?
- Yes, I have.
Which is that?
- Karnan.. Karnan, Arjunan..
...Nelson Mandela, Gandhi-ji.
Actor Prasad Chandran too
wanted to act as Karnan.
That Karnan is not this Karnan.
Then Gandhi-ji too would
be different, isn't it?
When Saroj Kumar does
it, it's different.
It is said that you stole
the story of Udhayabhanu..
...and became hero
in your first film.
Me? Stole a story!
By the way who is Udhayabhanu?
I am hearing such name
for the first time.
Does Udhayabhanu have the
caliber of Thakazhi and MT?
The Malayalam films are in the
hands of thief like him.
Idiot! Stupid!
Mr. Udhayan, you should
go along with..
For that, you'll not get me!
Do you've the money to
honor the cheque..
...given to Baby Kuttan
in your account?
Somehow we paid the rent
of the house last month.
To do a film according
to Mr. Udhayan's wish..
...a producer may come,
but till then"
I am also thinking
about these things.
There may be some work to do.
Brother Bhaskaran.
- Where are you these days?
I called once.
Udhayan had gone to native
place, isn't it? - Yes.
Brother Bhaskaran, are you busy?
I want to talk to you
about something.
No, I am not busy. Tell me.
The MD of KC Group, Joseph
Cherian's brother..
...do you've any connection
with him now?
He is a big shot now.
He has 5-6 restaurants
in the city.
He is a nice guy, but I've
seen him long before.
What's the matter?
I don't think my film
will come out soon.
I thought of working as
assistant as I used to.
But nobody has the film.
I am not alone now, isn't it?
Can you tell.. Joseph Cherian
for a job.. - No problem.
I heard that he deals with..
...out door catering and
many other things.
That won't look good
for you, Udhayan.
I've to do it. - Then come,
there is no need to postpone.
You should've called me.
You were bathing. But I forgot
and made tea just for me.
I had it in the morning.
When I saw that, you
were sleeping nicely.
Are you not going
for the discussion?
Discussion? For what?
That's nice question. Daily
morning you get ready..
...and go to discuss
the film story.
And now you are asking me
what discussion? - That.
Madhu, that story is
not going to happen.
What happened? - He went
out to conquer the world.
But gradually he lost his
soldiers and weapons.
Now life is staring at him
and asking the question.
You want the world or food
to kill the hunger.
That is the question
to deal now.
If you get the world, then
food is not a problem.
Conquering the world
is a dream now.
And we need food to survive.
Everything will be all
right, Mr. Udhayan.
I knew you were in a bad mood.
Other than asking about
the household items
...you rarely talk to me.
I came to know the reason now.
These obstacles are
for time being.
Everything will be all
right and I am sure.
Mr. Udhayan will become
a well-known director.
I don't have any hope now.
Since many days I was
thinking something.
There are many who do acting
even after marriage.
Then why should I sit idle?
Madhu, it was you who
decided not to act.
That was because I was fed
up doing bad characters.
Did anybody call you
for good roles? - No.
Maybe it's because, they think
I've stopped acting.
And there is no use of seeing
if it's good or bad.
There are many films
which we don't like..
...and people like
them very much.
You understand things very soon.
You are fed up with this
small life, isn't it?
There were lot of fans and lot
of people at your command.
Now you are missing the
glamorous world, isn't it?
Mr. Udhayan, what
are you saying?
Our life belongs to both of us.
And I should do my
part, isn't it?
So it's because of that and
not because you want to act.
You want to share equally.
And to be more clear Madhu,
you are afraid..
...that my income is not
sufficient to carry on, isn't it?
The one who can write stories
can say that way too.
Then Madhu tell me,
how should I say it?
You once got out of the set
as the scene was not good.
And now you are telling
there is no need..
...to see if the role
is good or bad.
OK, I won't go and act. I'll
try for some other job.
No, not now. if I were
a big director and..
...had sufficient money,
I'd have allowed it.
If you do job under
these circumstances..
...that will hurt my ego.
Mr. Udhayan, you have
these complex too?
Yes, of course.
I never thought. - I'd have
said if you had asked.
Madhu, don't take it out
what's there inside.
Don't argue and give
me peace of mind.
I didn't argue, I was
asking opinion..
This is argument!
This is an argument!
You are drinking too much.
How many did you have?
I saw when you came. But
thought not to disturb you.
Do you know me? I am the
producer of Chuvanthangi.
Jomon Kandathil.
We've met couple of times.
- I don't remember.
But we cannot forget.
You are lucky, lucky.
You've grabbed the beautiful
actress of Malayalam cinema.
I became a producer to make
her heroine in my film.
I am late. But I'll
tell you one thing.
A heroine means is the property
of in the industry.
And to keep them closed
in a room..
...without letting them to
act is not a good thing.
If Madhumati is willing to act,
I'll produce film again.
That's my wish. Tell me would
you allow her to act again?
I'll give you another offer.
You can direct the
film she is acting.
C'mon, I am ready
for the arguments.
C'mon, what's your problem?
Tell me everything, one by one.
But I tell you, this is one
and only day you can argue.
Here after no arguments.
I want peace of mind.
C'mon speak UP!
You.. you don't have
anything to say.
OK, then good night.
Don't stare at me like that.
If I were in America, police
would charge the one staring.
You know something..
...I used to drink occasionally
to celebrate.
Now I drink for peace of mind.
That's the difference.
I had peace of mind
when I was alone.
Every time I used to think
just about the cinema.
It has gone. I lost everything!
Everything.. everything.
- I am Madhumati.
- I am Madhumati.
Mr. Udhayan, I came that day
without your permission.
The same way I've
come from there.
We lived together without
understanding each other.
Now we'll not continue,
Mr. Udhayan.
You can go your way and I'll
go mine, good-bye. - Madhu?
It's my fault, not her fault.
The girl who lived luxuriously,
I closed her in a small room.
Did I give her good food,
good clothes?
Did I take her anywhere?
No, I did nothing.
I did nothing.
No one can handicap me and
go ahead, ridiculous.
What Udhayabhanu?
He can't do anything.
What did he do to Rajappan
who stole the screenplay?
God is sending everyone
to ruin my life.
I don't have anything left.
There is no cinema.. no family..
I don't have anything left.
Cinema has gone.. my family..
Gone.. she.. has gone.
Udhayan come. Get
into the vehicle.
I don't have anything left.
Wash your face and have tea.
Udhayan, have you ever treated
me as your friend?
Why are you asking so?
If so, then I want some
freedom to say something.
Liquor won't help you
to forget your sorrows.
Liquor just ruins one's life.
Udhayan, do you want
to ruin your life?
By all means I am nowhere.
But liquor is not the solution
for all your problems.
Udhayan, I thought you
were a talented artist.
Creating something and that
too with the experience..
...of one's own life, makes
him different from others.
It is through the pain
of confronting..
...and resolving problems
that we learn.
It's not my invention. Some
thinkers have said this.
You are not the
one to be ruined.
I have faith in you.
You should do films. I'll
do the financing.
You can give the roles
to anyone you like.
Baby Kuttan, are you
telling the truth?
Do you have any doubts?
We'll make good films.
Udhayan, you'll become
a famous director.
But I won't put any conditions.
I must understand that
cinema is business too.
I remember you said there are
no permanent enemies in cinema.
That's great.
This September?
You want the call sheet of Mr.
Saroj Kumar this September!
Mr. Baby Kuttan, you are
living in which world?
For next seven years super
star Saroj Kumar..
...don't have a single date.
Even small kids know that.
It's just you who
don't know that.
And in between, I'll be
producing six films.
Everyone is making money
out of Saroj Kumar.
Not only that I'll not give date to
outsiders after sever years.
Saroj-Pachallan Combined
Productions will produce..
...and distribute the
films and make money.
I'd like to talk to Mr.
Saroj directly.
Directly with Mr. Saroj?
That's of no use.
Here everything is
under my control.
Look after it carefully it will
be another 4 days before I come.
OK Mr. Baby Kuttan.
I am going to airport in a
Benz car. Then good-bye.
Move, move. Security! Security!
Don't crowd, don't
get crowd, please.
Baby Kuttan is there.
Don't notice him.
Hello Sir.
- Key please.
Hello.. Saroj..
This lift is meant
only for Mr. Saroj.
The thing is..
- There is nothing.
We'll have something to eat from the
restaurant and then go to the room.
Why did Baby Kuttan come?
For dates and not
to see the hotel.
Oh! The restaurant is not
here it's on that side.
The other day I talked
to Baby Kuttan.
I said that there is no
date for seven years.
Who is the director?
- Whoever it is?
We should not give date
to outside producers.
Combines is enough.
They will not last long.
Lot of things were written about the
last film Mundanikadavattu.
The producer will be ruined.
So it's better to make money
as soon as possible.
And for that we should
produce the films.
Satellite and overseas
everything will be with us.
You look old though
you have makeup on.
There are some wrinkles too.
How long can you take
the lead role then?
It's better to start
some side business.
What side business?
Something like spices
and pickles.
Good evening Sir.
- Good evening, evening.
What is there to eat?
What do you like to have?
- What?
I asked what you would
like to eat.
Six 'Parottas' and fried mutton
for the two peoples!
Anything else, sir?
- He doesn't eat that?
I meant to ask if you want
anything else. - No.
Bring this first.
- Thank you sir.
I had not learnt enough English
in my younger days.
Greetings! May I sit here?
- Date..
Don't worry. I have not
come to talk about dates.
We have met and spoken to
each other many times.
But I had not been able to
open my heart to you then.
I am a great fan of Saroj's.
When my father was working
for Air lndia..
...at Bombay, Amir Khan and I studied
sitting at the same bench.
He has told me many times to..
...make a Hindi film with him.
I am not Amir Khan's fan.
Because I am an art lover.
What art?
- I see that art in you, Saroj.
OK that art.
Sir. Sir, you are not allowed
to smoke in here. - OK.
Pachalam, call the owner
of this hotel and..
...ask him to dismiss
him right now. - OK.
There were many talented
actors in Malayalam.
But to sing, dance, do action
scenes, express.
...well all by one person! In short
Saroj is a super market for acting.
If he went through the door
of a shop all the..
...stuff in there would
have to walk out.
But as an admirer there is
one thing I feel bad about.
I can't get the owner on line.
Is it? Then we can dismiss
him after a while.
And what is it?
You haven't got a single
national award.
Nor has he got a state award!
We must remove that deficiency.
Award is not what you can get
by just acting in any movie.
It needs to have a good story.
- Correct!
We have already made the story.
Aren't you interested in awards?
Of course he is.
He lost 10-25 lakhs last
year after the state award.
The jury Chairman was a man
who didn't know Saroj Sir's rate.
He should not be called
the jury chairman.
Who are the 'we' who
has made the story?
It is me along with
a friend of mine.
Who is that?
- You know each other.
There is no point keeping
the past in your mind.
He has forgotten about it.
I am talking about Udhaya.
I suspected it. In front of
my eyes he hit Rajappan..
Pachalam! - He thrashed Saroj
Sir like one hits a dog!
Mr. Baby Kuttan, he went
around the country side..
...telling everyone that
I stole his story.
It was a story we both had
discussed and conceived.
How can it be his story alone?
Let bygones be bygones.
No! Bygones will not be bygones!
If you mention his
name here again..
'I say you get out.'
is what Sir will say!
Actually when I think about
it there is a point to it.
It is sure that his story with
his direction will be a hit!
If you don't give him
a date he would..
...make the movie with
someone else.
And that hero will
also become a star!
Isn't that a loss to us?
And then all producers
will go after him.
Wouldn't it be better if
you gave him a date..
...Instead of creating
such a situation?
Not only is it better it is the
best way to get rid of him.
He took away the Madhumati
I used to dream about.
Don't delay! Go and call Baby
Kuttan where ever he is.
You are five minutes late.
Saroj Sir has gone to
the swimming pool.
Isn't he the director?
- Yes.
Why have you brought him here?
Do you want to ruin
Saroj Sir's mood?
I have talked Saroj Sir into to
this with great difficulty.
Why should he go out
of mood on seeing me?
I have not betrayed him in any
way for him to feel like that.
What did you say?
How dare you refer to the
super star Saroj Kumar without respect?
Aren't they friends who lived
together sharing a room?
That was then.
Then many things could
have happened.
Super star Rajnikant used
to be a bus conductor then.
That doesn't mean that the
conductors who worked..
...with him then can come up to him
and speak to him informally!!
How will he act in a movie
that I am going to direct..
...If he is going to go out
of mood on seeing me?
Udhaya! Have we come
here to argue?
Mr. Pachalam, though he has
is going to be the hero..
...there has to be a certain
rapport between the hero..
...and the director to
takes things ahead.
If you don't use words
rightly then..
...things would only
move backwards.
I'll inform Saroj Sir.
There he is.
Do you remember all
that I have said?
Sit there.
Beautiful house. Is it an old
house or did you buy it?
Buy it! Huh! Every grass
that you see there..
...Is Saroj Sir's own idea.
Isn't it now?
In everything the aesthetic sense
of an artist is obvious.
This is no big deal. I just
put it all together off hand.
I am building a house
on the beach.
The floor and walls are
made of Italian marble.
But Italian marble
is so expensive!
All the furniture
is from France.
Chandeliers are from Thailand.
Everything is so expensive!
Everyone complains that super stars
charge exorbitantly.
But can the people who
say so reduce the..
...price of Italian marble
and Scotch Whiskey?
Saroj Sir has Royal Salute
in the morning.
Black Label in the afternoon.
And Chivas Regal at night.
Can I serve you a drink?
- Not now.
Hello. Yes. It is the minister.
What news, Sir?
I hope you haven't forgotten
us wretched guys!
Is it? When? I will be in
Uzbekistan on that day?
Isn't it?
- When?
And the next day I am
leaving for Copenhagen.
I am going as there as
a guest of the state.
If not in person do
tell me if there..
...Is something I can
do for you, my dear.
That's no big deal. You
must improve the roads..
...between Adimali and
Munnar real fast.
I need to use that road often.
And I'll take care
of that right away.
- Sir.
Send him a draft of
2 lakhs right away.
He needs it for some orphanage.
Don't you see great people
take a lot of money..
...but also have expenses
of that kind to be met.
Why don't people
understand that?
Shall I tell you a fact?
I need 1.5 crore to get by 1
month with great difficulty.
In some months it may
go up to 2 crores.
Which month is that?
- April.
That's what I was saying.
Directors don't understand
our problems.
I don't want to waste time
talking about our problems.
- Sir.
Call Oberoi hotel and order
for lunch for two.
What about you?
- We'll have later.
OK. Let us get to the point.
My PA read the story
you had sent.
It would require
many corrections.
For example; the part that has
me arrested by the police.
That will not happen.
I want to beat up the policemen
who come to get me.
I must beat them and make
them fall on the ground.
And then I will walk
off in slow motion.
There will be round of loud
applause in the theater.
How will the story progress
if you are not arrested?
Who says so? I'll tell
you how it should be.
After I bash up the policemen
I walk away and..
...head straight to the DGP's
office hold out my hands..
...and say.. 'Arrest me.'
Isn't that heroism?
My audience will not be
able to bear it if some..
...good for nothing policemen
come and arrest me.
This character is not inhuman
to beat up policemen, is he?
But isn't it me who will
be acting the role?
Don't I have to think
about my image?
That's all right. How many scenes
do have in the movie?
Could be around 51.
In that case buy 51
cooling glasses.
So that I can change
them for each scene.
But this character..
- Forget about the character.
I am not intending a movie
without a character.
In that case find someone
else to act for you.
What is this Udhaya? This
is only a discussion.
Is there any need
to take a stand?
But it is for me.
You haven't come
to me to make a..
...movie with me out of
love for me, have you?
You have come to me
because I have the..
...backing of lakhs
of fans and you..
...want to make money
out of that.
It is not because I have read books
by Stanis Lowensky
I hope you understand
what I say?
Mr. Saroj, we shall make
this movie at any cost.
We shall discuss everything
and do accordingly.
No, no!
I'll say all that I want
to while speaking. OK?
If I must do this movie then,
on my arrival at the set it..
...won't work if I am called by the old
name based on old memories.
Everyone must refer
to me as Sir. Sir.
Get it?
From here up to
Kasarkode there..
...must be some 50 fluxes
of the movie.
And only I should sing in it.
My head and my full figure.
My head and my full figure.
Like that and like
that and like that!
'Your head! Just come
to act then we'll see.'
'Hey Stanis Lowensky! This
is just the beginning.'
'You will learn about
the rest soon.'
if the shooting must begin
on 17th then your art ..
...section must begin the work
on the sets from the 1st.
I have already booked for
three rooms from the 1st.
Will we be staying
inside the studio?
Sasi, Ramoji Rao film city
is a place that has the..
...facility to accommodate 10 or
more film's crew at a time.
There is no need to drive from..
...Hyderabad to that
place everyday.
There are five stars hotels
and ordinary hotels.
Many vehicles for
And enough stuff that you
would need for shooting.
There are 8 aides coming
along with Saroj Kumar.
Pachalam Basi, makeup men, two..
...guys to hold the umbrellas
and what not?
I don't know how we are going
to handle all of them.
They are the kinds who
are to be blamed for..
...Malayalam cinema
getting tarnished.
Isn't it the kinds of
you who tolerate..
...his moods to capture
the market?
We don't have a choice, do we?
I forgot something!
Our hero's flight ticket
is not confirmed.
I'll go to the travel agent.
In any case there is no need
for me to see the sets.
It would do just fine
if you saw it.
Thank you, Sir.
How is the set?
How is our set?
- I didn't go there.
We must shoot for this movie
in the MGR film city at Madras.
- Only that will work.
Please make all arrangements
for that.
Are you mad, Udhaya?
All arrangements have been
made here to begin..
...the shooting the film on
the day after tomorrow.
Do you have any idea how
much money I will lose because of that?
What is the problem here?
The problem is with me.
A director's mind is his cinema.
If his mind is not in it
everything will be lost.
Haven't I told you everything,
baby Kuttan?
It was for her sake that
I renounced cinema too.
And I went to work at a hotel.
The woman who kicked me with
her feet ruthlessly..
...Is acting in some
Telugu movie. - Here?
How can I shoot my movie..
...at a place where
she is around?
I don't get you.
When I inquired I found
that they will..
...be shooting here for
many more days. - So?
Can't you understand
my state of mind?
I can't!
We are investing lakhs of
rupees to make a movie.
There is no scope for a
person with commitment..
...to that movie to think
of anything else.
He shouldn't!
What if we run into
each other here?
What if it causes an issue?
Aren't you ashamed
to talk like this?
Are you not a professional?
After being as assistant
director for 10-12 years..
...Is this all you have
understood about cinema?
Don't! Don't shoot!
We can shoot after all personal
issues are sorted out!
Shall we cancel everything then?
Let us shoot at MGR film city.
No. What if Madhumati
came there?
Let us go to America then.
What is she came there too?
If a person decides to run he..
...will have to run till
the end of his life!
Isn't she acting in cinemas
forgetting about everything?
You have to take it
as a challenge!
What issue will be created
when you meet?
It is for us to decide whether
or not to make an issue of it.
This is your first cinema.
The shooting is to
begin in a day.
Don't think of anything else.
This is the bouquet for the
birthday celebrations.
Did you buy it from Hyderabad?
We bought the flowers
and assembled it here.
It is beautiful!
- Thank you, Sir.
Kneel down. Kneel down.
Kneel down.
Lower the camera a little bit.
Udhaya, you better
take a look at it.
I can't get rid of
the unnecessary..
...objects in the background.
It is right. - if people hang
around it will obstruct the view.
The frame is a little
compact, isn't it?
I haven't fixed it yet.
Greetings, sir.
- When did you arrive, Rafiq?
This morning, by Hyderabad
Come here. Did you
address me as, sir?
Do you want it to be
like this between us?
But you are a director
on the sets..
There is no such rule. if
you call me Sir I feel..
...as if we both are distanced.
That's why. Don't say that.
No. I won't do so again.
I am glad that you
thought of me.
When I was told to reach
here to play a part..
...In your production I felt
like crying. Out of joy.
It's been such a long time
since I was looking for a role.
This is the first time
someone has called..
...to tell me that there
is a role for me.
We'll talk after the
shooting is over.
Udhaya, do you know what
the problem here is?
None of the junior artists
have a Malayalee look.
How can you insist
on a Malayalee..
...look for people of Andhra?
That is not a problem. Their
faces won't be in focus.
Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
Please don't take that car.
We might need it here.
Take the next one.
I have the keys.
Sit down.
- No.
Just sit down, will you?
- I'll just stand by your side.
If you don't sit in the chair
next to me you might have..
...to keep standing until
the end of the shooting.
Sit down.
I heard about everything.
What happened between
you and Madhumati?
We'll talk about all
that later. - OK.
Anyway I am very happy
about Rajappan's rise.
I am glad that you
have joined up..
...forgetting all
the differences.
Have you met him after
he became a star?
How could I? Do you know how
eager I am to meet him?
Though he betrayed you he
did have to struggle a lot.
But one thing is that
even then he was very..
...confident about
himself and has..
...reached his intended
Who knows what else he intends?
Take the chair there.
Pachalam. Yes.
We are at the Ramoji Rao
film city at Hyderabad.
Director? He is a new person.
Some Udhaya Banu.
S gave him the
date to save him.
I can't say anything about that.
If his direction is
not all right..
Saroj Sir will take the
first flight and..
...get out of here you
know about him, don't you?
Didn't you say it was 200
acres of cashew plantation?
Confirm the deal. I'll send
the advance tomorrow.
His word is final. Saroj
Sir's Benz is arriving.
I'll call you later.
This is not Kerala,
it is Hyderabad.
There is no one to see you.
There is no need for posing.
Good morning, Sir.
- Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Gayatri is looking
very beautiful now.
You didn't look so fair
when you acted in..
...the movie named Naatu Manga.
Thank you, Sir. - Or have
you applied extra make up?
Greetings, Sir.
I hope all the food items for
Saroj sir's consumption..
...during the shooting
has been arranged?
No one told me anything in
particular about it, Sir.
Who should anyone tell you that?
The entire Malayalam film
industry knows about it.
Take it down.
I will give you the
printed Performa..
...for the lunch and
dinner requirements.
This is besides that.
Write it down.
30 tender coconuts.
20 Australian apples.
Almond cake; I kilo. 10 packets
of Cadburys biscuit.
Plachimadai one bottle.
- What is that?
It comes from the place
called Plachimadai.
I forgot the name.
I heard that it contains
some toxic substances.
Then I don't want that.
Shall I make an extract
of cashew..
...nuts and sugarcane
juice with milk?
And some saffron to it too.
- Yes. Saffron.
Don't you eat saffron, Gayatri?
- No, Sir.
It is a very nice thing to
improve the color of skin.
Rajappa! - Have you told
him about the cigarette?
10 packets John Players.
- That is all for now.
Rajappa, don't you recognise
me. I am Rafiq.
Oh God. It is time for me to
get ready for my character.
No one should come near me.
Pachalam, fetch that guy
who called me Rajappa.
Do you want to talk to him?
- I'll tell you.
Why have you come here?
- Udhaya has given me a role.
Did Udhaya send you
to insult me by..
...calling me Rajappa
in front of Gayatri?
How would you get insulted if..
...I called Rajappa by his name?
It is an insult! It is
the treason that my..
...country parents did to me.
Don't you know that
now I am Saroj Kumar?
If you don't behave yourself
based on my..
...status and worth I'll get
you cut out of this movie.
Do you Qet me!?
Good morning.
- Good morning.
Shall we begin on
an auspicious note?
OK. What is the scene?
Ramabhadran is Devi's
father's friend.
Who is Devi? Who is Ramabhadran?
Gayatri will play the role
of Devi. Ramabhadran..
That must be me. Then.
Gayatri, give me the script.
After Devi's father's death
Ramabhadran brings..
...Devi to his house since
she has no one to turn to.
Devi does not like
Ramabhadran's behaviour..
...on the train and she alights
at a station on the way.
After that scene, a month
later Devi and..
...Ramabhadran happen to run
into each other by chance.
That is the scene
we will shoot now.
Ramabhadran apologises for
his behaviour of that day.
Apologize? That too
to a mere girl!
I have not apologised
to any one..
...In any of my
movies till date!
Do you know that?
Saroj Sir's fans will pull..
...and tear the screen.
Let her apologize
to me for walking..
...off the train without
my permission.
Yes. That is the right way.
Change the scene and
write the script.
Mr. Saroj, we are making
another scene where..
...Devi asks for forgiveness
for everything.
Not just that. There is also a
scene at the end where all..
...the other characters
apologize to you.
OK. Then it is ok.
Then both of them are
standing and talking.
Put a number 24 lens and put
the camera on the crane.
The camera is on the
track and trolley.
Whom did you ask before
doing that?
Sir fixes the camera
in all his movies.
I am directing this movie
and I intended..
Why do you intend anything?
The 3.5 crore people in Kerala..
...come to watch my
movie to see me.
Who knows a director
named Udhayabanu?
Put the camera on the crane.
The camera is on the
crane all the while..
...In two scenes before this one.
That is why in this scene..
- Is it?
Shouldn't you tell that first?
Place the camera where
ever you want.
I am ready. Pachalam.
Will the shot be all
right if you..
...didn't place the camera?
Keep manipulating things
like this with this man.
If we keep arguing with
him for everything..
...then we will only
have time for that.
The shooting will
never take place.
Everybody get ready!
Hi, Madhumati! What
a pleasant surprise!
How did you get here?
Are you shooting for some movie?
OK. OK I will come down.
Please wait.
Sir, what are you doing here?
You still haven't forgotten
to address me like that.
I told you on the sets
of the very first..
...movie not to call
me like that.
There is so much formality
in that word.
You have been a star much
before I became a super star.
Crores of people admire me..
...but I admire only Madhumati.
Why don't you say such
things to people..
...who are fond in flattery, Sir?
Madhumati, don't
say such things.
There is only one thing
I have felt bad about.
In your trusting Udhaya.
When I found that you
have rectified..
...that mistake I was happy.
I am not acting in his movie
now because I like him.
I want to teach
him some lessons.
Which movie are you
talking about?
In his movie.
Hasn't he become famous
because I gave him dates?
The shooting for that
movie is going on here.
But for your sake I will
settle scores with him.
What was the reason behind
your splitting?
I have to go for a bath.
OK. OK. We can talk in leisure.
Come in please.
What is the name of the
movie released this..
...Friday in which
Jayakumar acts?
Dosha Raghavan.
- It is a super hit.
Do something immediately.
- OK.
Talk to all my fans
from Kasarkode to..
...Thiruvananthapuram and ask
at least 30 people to..
...enter all theaters on
all shows where Dosha..
...Raghavan is playing and ask
them to hoot cat calls..
...as soon as the movie begins.
We can't just let it be.
For the time being
one super star..
...Is sufficient for
Malayalam movies.
That is right. I will
make all arrangements.
There are some tourists
who have come from..
...Kollam to the film city
for sight seeing..
They know you are here.
And are creating a ruckus
outside to meet you.
Please go and stand
in the balcony.
Not when I am not
feeling too good!
It doesn't look like
they will leave.
What can I do? Fans!
Useless people!
I don't get to live in peace
even in Hyderabad.
Fans are like grasshoppers.
If we don't chase them..
...away when they just
begin harassing..
...they might ruin
the entire crop.
I value your love for me more..
...than a thousand awards.
You have made me rise!
It is the energy you give
that flows through me.
I was laid down, inflicted
by typhoid.
Your voices woke me. What
is typhoid to me..
...If I can't be available
for you?
Please allow me to take rest.
We shall meet in Kerala.
Good bye!
OK! Bye, bye! See you!
What is the name of the movie
he is acting in now?
'In the rain that
poured that day.'
What is your name?
- Pachalam Bhasi.
I didn't know when I came
here to shoot for a movie.
When I came to know I pleaded
with Baby Kuttan..
...to shoot for the movie
else where. He refused.
He is the person who gave me..
...a hand and steadied
me when I was falling.
He was the only person
who showed affection..
...and sympathy towards
me when I was broken.
I couldn't refuse
him. I'm sorry.
But if this is the time
you come out to walk..
...I'll change my timings.
"You went even without
talking or recognising me."
"You never even
replied to my greetings."
'You never even looked back once."
"You vanished far away."
"Dear, are you able to
see the turmoil in me?"
"Are you able to remember?"
"That night which separated us."
"I still remember that."
"The night that we got separated."
"You went even without
talking or recognising me."
"You never even
replied to my greetings."
"Once we met each other."
"We searched for endless joy."
"The life blossomed
like the flower."
"Our life became colorful."
"ls our life also like
the colours of the rainbow.."
"..fading away, dearest?"
"I still remember that."
"The night that we got separated."
"I still remember that."
"The night that we got separated."
"You went even without
talking or recognising me."
"You never even
replied to my greetings."
This way. Room number 122.
- Thank you.
Madhu has lost so much
weight, hasn't she?
Whatever the matter might
be we are siblings.
I won't expect you
to reciprocate..
...the same feelings. But
you can't tell me..
...not to feel that way.
Do you know how long we have
been looking for you?
We found out only yesterday
that you are here.
We got the flight that very
moment to come here.
We came at night and took a
room in the hotel next door.
Don't be scared. We haven't
come for anything.
I know that there is no use
in talking about the past.
But how many times had
dad and I told you..
...not to have anything
to do with him?
But you never listened to us.
Anyway I am happy that you
rectified your mistake.
But when we found that
he too has come..
...to this film city
we got worried.
If he tried to harass you
he should know that you..
...are not an orphan and that
there are people with you..
...and he is accountable to us.
I am late for the
shooting already.
Are you late for the shooting?
Rafiq! What are you doing here?
Udhaya gave me a role. Are
you in a Telugu movie?
- How long are you here?
Maybe another 10 days.
Are you fine?
If you ask such a question..
When people we like are not
fine how can I be fine?
I would have been
happy if you both..
...were married and lived
happily. That didn't happen.
I don't know what happened
between you two.
I asked Udhaya about it once.
He didn't say anything.
But after a while I saw his
eyes well up in tears.
And I understood
one thing that..
...he is not the cause
for your separation.
I am getting late
for the shooting.
Udhaya is a nice man. Why
did you hurt him like this?
You won't understand
if I said it.
You will tell me in
Malayalam won't you?
I do understand a little
bit of that language.
Isn't it good to allow
a man to live..
...Independently if that
is what he desires?
Live independently? ls
that what Udhaya said?
Rain! Cut! Cut, cut, cut!
Get him in the frame.
The bus was late.
The rain was not even.
Let the kids board after
he had gets off the bus.
Start the propeller regularly.
OK everybody back to position!
Once more!
Udhaya, I saw Madhumati.
If you wanted to live alone
why did you marry her?
How can you talk about such..
...things in the midst
of shooting?
Come on! Here we go!
The train is at 1.30. We
must start immediately.
Cut it!
How is it?
- Excellent!
You are talking about her in
the middle of Rajappa's..
...harassments and the anxiety
of whether this will..
...be completed before
the releasing date.
You know everything, don't you?
Before marriage she used
to ask me for advise..
...on every little thing
she wanted to do.
But when there was a
circumstance involving..
...a decision about
the two of us she..
...took her independent decision.
She left me alone and went away.
But Madhumati..
- Don't Rafiq.
I feel unwell as soon as
I hear that name. Please.
This film city is a great
place. We looked around a bit.
We have decided to stay
for a few more days.
Does it always get so late
for the shooting to finish?
Yes. On some days..
I told dad about
having seen you.
To tell you the truth, dad
was crying over the phone.
Whatever it may be you are his
own daughter, aren't you?
You are living in
some far off place.
But to think that
he can't even get..
...to see you, any father
would feel sad.
After all it is
with your money..
...that the house was built
and the car was bought.
It is all still there.
We don't want anything.
After you finish with this
shooting you must come home.
If we have wronged
you due to our..
...folly it won't happen again.
And if one marriage didn't
work out it doesn't mean..
...that it should happen again.
You should be living with a
person who is well to do..
...and loves you a lot and
not.. Anyway forget it.
Whatever you do hereafter
should be..
...done after thinking
over nicely.
I didn't separate myself
from Udhaya because..
...I wanted to marry
someone else.
Even though we don't live
together everyone..
...else in this world
comes after Udhaya.
It is because Madhumati
is an innocent girl.
Isn't that why she is
falling in his trap?
He is an immoral man.
Even now he is after
that girl who is..
...acting as the heroine
of his own movie.
Is it? - Of course. I have
known him for long.
Do you think he married
...because of his love for her?
No. he wanted to make her
act and churn out money.
And when Madhumati refused..
...to act after marriage
he got rid of her.
Anyway this is no big deal.
Especially in cinemas.
In Hindi cinema it is like
having an ice-cream..
...that people marry
and separate.
It is a little less
in Malayalam.
It should happen here too.
I like you very much.
I don't have a person to take..
...care of my many businesses.
My cinema production, estate,
shopping complex etc.
If you joined me we could
be like one family.
I am telling you frankly
I was very fond of..
...Madhumati from the beginning.
I loved her during the days
that we acted together.
But he came in the midst of it
all and ruined every thing.
But still I love her.
I really love her.
"You're the most beautiful."
"I'll never leave you."
"Though you refuse to come to me."
"I will never leave you in life."
"Don't come near me, you mischief boy."
"Don't build castles in air."
"Though your eyes tell me to go."
"I'll never leave you."
"O my dearest of all."
"Come and smile with me."
"O my dearest of all,
my nightingale,"
"Don't shake yourself like that."
"if I call in an
imported car with dollars."
"if I call you will you come?"
"You will never get for me that."
"Don't try to open
the doors of my heart."
"if I call in an
imported car with dollars."
"if I call you will you come?"
"You will never get for me that."
"Don't try to open
the doors of my heart."
"Don't say like that."
"You're my girlfriend."
"I'm not available to go with you."
"I'm not the one to hear your call."
"Don't refuse me like that."
"You're my girlfriend."
"O my dearest of all."
"Come and smile with me."
"O my dearest of all,
my nightingale,"
"Don't shake yourself like that."
"The rains are pouring in drops."
"Can you build a rainbow for me?"
"I will build a palace
for you of rain drops."
"I will build the walls
like the silver moon."
"The rains are pouring in drops."
"Can you build a rainbow for me?"
"I will build a palace
for you of rain drops."
"I will build the walls
like the silver moon."
"Then will you live with me?"
"I'm available to go with you."
"I'm the one to hear your call."
"Come like that agreeing
to my proposal, you naughty."
"You're my girlfriend."
"O my dearest of all."
"Come and smile with me."
"O my dearest of all,
my nightingale,"
"Don't shake yourself like that."
"I'm available to go with you."
"I'm the one to hear your call."
"Come like that agreeing
to my proposal, you naughty."
"You're my girlfriend."
When is the confrontation
...between Devi and Ramabhadran?
We are planning that scene.
Devi's jumping from the flat.
All the required material
should be ready on that day.
All that will be ready but
we have some new problems.
There is a scene where Rafiq..
...beats up Saroj below the flat.
Now Saroj is not agreeing
to it. - Reason?
He says that his image
will be affected..
...If he is beaten
by a junior artist.
What does he expect? Should
we change the story?
He says that no actor
from Malayalam cinema..
...should beat him and that we should call
for Amrish Puri from Hindi movies!
My foot! Why should
we call Amrish Puri..
...let us get Amitabh Bachchan!
I never expected this
guy to be such a pest!
The releasing date
is fixed and..
...agreements with theaters
have been signed.
And now he wants us to call
Amrish Puri to beat him up!
If Amrish Puri knows
of this he will..
...send men from Bombay
to beat him up!
Hello Mr. Baby Kuttan.
- Hello.
I know you are busy with
your work but I need..
...to talk to Mr. Udhaya
for just a minute.
What is it regarding?
- It won't take even a minute.
If you could come out..
I have nothing to
talk to you about.
I am making a movie
for the first time..
...and now I only have
that on my mind.
Oh no! I haven't come
here to worry you.
I want to inform you about
something that will..
...make you happy and I'll
leave. That's it.
What would make me happy and..
Don't waste time arguing,
What is it? - I don't want
to blame you or Madhumati.
At that time we were very
upset but leave that alone.
That is over. You both
have separated.
Since the marriage was
registered it should also be..
...nullified in the right manner.
Otherwise it may cause trouble..
...for you or Madhumati
in future.
If it is a combined petition
it would make things easy.
If you just signed in this
I'll file it in the court.
It can be done. It has
to be done, isn't it?
But even if Madhumati alone
signed and filed..
...the petition the court
will accept it
It will but if it is
a combined petition..
No. I am not interested
in any combined venture.
And at the moment I don't
have much time to talk.
Do you need so much time
to give one signature?
Mister, there is no
point in saying..
...the same thing many times.
Please set for the shot.
- OK, Sir
Reji set for that shot.
- Yes, sir.
If your cinema is important
to you then my..
...sister's life is more
important to me.
When she was setting Malayalam
movies ablaze..
...you came like Satan
and ruined her life.
Luckily she has started
acting again.
has agreed to marry her.
That is why I wanted this
divorce immediately.
I asked you to sign this.
I don't want to sign it!
Is the shooting site the right
place to talk about..
...divorce and other
nonsensical things?
I just thought of asking
you politely.
It is not as if
I don't know of other ways..
...to get you to do it. - What
the hell.. - Udhaya, please!
Mr. Dineshan, we'll
work things out.
I'm assuring you. Let us first
finish with this movie.
No Baby Kuttan, this man..
- Please come. Come with me.
Please don't mind
my saying this.
How ever much animosity there
is it is not right to..
...torture a person like this
under such circumstances.
As a creative artist you
should have known it.
I'm not saying this
as the producer..
...of Udhaya's film but
as his well wisher.
Please don't trouble
him anymore.
Sending your brother in the
middle of the shooting of a..
...movie and saying
that you want a..
...divorce is not the right way.
Don't do this again. Please.
It is a request.
When all the help you gave
me crossed limits..
...I had to leave the house.
If you help me any further
I might have..
...to look for other ways.
When I feel affectionate for
you I'll come home and..
...see you all. Until then there
is no need for you all..
...to go out of the way to
show me your love. Get it?
Saroj Sir, you need not
know anything else.
You only have to invest the
money and leave the rest to us.
If the date is fixed for 1st
of March that day the..
...'Parotta and Papad' would
have been exported to Gulf.
Why only to gulf? Why not
to Europe or America?
Are we going to export
raw ones or fried ones?
Don't try to talk smartly,
Mr. Pacholam!
It is Pachalam.
- Yes, Pachalam.
Won't the people in the airport
bang it and crush it?
Mr. Saroj, there is a small
shot below the flat, if it is..
...not shot now the flat scene
cannot be completed.
All are waiting for you.
We are discussing something..
...more important than that.
We are going to export
'Parotta and Papad.'
They are my business partners.
Valsan Kondoti.
- Greetings.
Benz Mathew.
- Greetings. - Hello!
Kuriachan Thuttipara.
- Greetings.
So will both the factories
be on the same building?
No! That will be a mistake.
If the plain flour meant
for Parotta and the..
...black gram flour meant
for Papad get..
...mixed then everything will
get mushy and sticky!
How many Malayalees would
there be in the Gulf?
I don't know exactly but
not less that 10-25 lakhs.
If the packets have
my photo on it..
...all Malayalees would
buy them, won't they?
What is the doubt about it?
When it is super star..
...Saroj Kumar's Parotta..
...then each gulf Malayalee
would eat 2 Parottas in a day.
That would need at least 50
lakh Parottas in a day.
Would be able to make
so many in our factory?
We must take that shot
while there is light.
They have come to
click a photo of..
...mine while eating Parotta
to print on the packet.
I'll come after that.
Shall we click the photo?
- OK.
It doesn't look like he will
come here right away.
That man and Pachalam are
up to clicking snaps and..
...discussing something with
some business partners.
He and his stupid Parotta
and Papad business!
The day light will be
gone in half an hour.
We have to release
the movie on 19th.
What's the point if he
doesn't come on being called?
He doesn't seem to
know that the..
...earth below his feet
is slipping away.
Both his movies released
last week have flopped.
There is no end to
his acting smart.
Let us do one thing, Udhaya.
We'll shoot the scene where
Rafiq beats him later.
Gayatri's dates are
getting exhausted.
Let us shoot the scene
inside the flat first.
Reji, location shift.
I realise that you
were after Bala's..
...death from behind the curtain.
Now everything is clear to me.
I have informed the police
station that a man is..
...trying to harm me.
She falls down crying. My
Bala loved me so much.
Devi in rage. You are
a lowly creature.
I don't want this world
where you live!
I don't want this
world without Bala.
After saying this
Devi jumps down.
This is the scene.
Sir, are you a villain in
the movie as a character..
...who kills her husband and
tries to acquire a woman?
Ladies audience will spit on your face
if they saw this scene.
How did this happen? My PA
didn't tell me about this.
This was not the story
he read to me.
To have a woman
call super star..
...Saroj Kumar a lowly creature..
I gave the script to read it.
It is not my mistake if
you didn't read it.
You can't pin your opinion
about the character by..
...seeing one scene and
not knowing the story.
Is this a new scene you
created to harm my image?
If it is so then I'll learn
about the entire story and..
...then act in the
rest of the movie.
Come to my room with
the full screen play.
Come in!
Read it from the beginning.
Let me hear it.
I have reservations
about reading it..
...In front of people who are
not related to movies.
Who told you that they are not?
In fact I called them here so
that they can correct the..
...story such that my character
gets highlighted.
They are the people who
corrected all my hit movies.
Why do you just get
them to correct it?
Why don't you get them to
write all your stories?
How can you refer to
him with disrespect?
Who the hell are you to
address out super star..
...In such a derogatory manner?
I'll come back later.
I am not very particular
about your coming back.
I will only act after I get
them to correct the story..
...and write it in such a way
that it doesn't harm me.
I have created this
with great thought..
...and over many
sleepless nights.
I won't allow just any
passer-by to correct it.
Who are passers-by?
Friend, I don't even
know who you are.
Why should we both be arguing?
This is only your first movie.
If we should be correcting
your story you should..
...already be a proven director.
I have told you once that
I am not for arguments.
I have been struggling for
years to make one movie.
I have gone through enough.
Don't you dare harass
me any more!
Are you threatening
us? You better..
Don't! Don't! Hey you!
I have tolerated a whole lot.
I can't bear with it anymore.
If you try to ruin this movie
I'll cut you to pieces.
What happened? Haven't
you started yet?
How do we begin?
All the artists have been waiting
since 8 o'clock with make-up.
How can we without
the super star?
Vijay Varkala who went looking
for him too hasn't returned yet.
Oh God!
Don't we have another
4-5 scenes to complete!
Baby Kuttan, please go
over and make him..
...understand that if we delay anymore
everything will go haywire.
Sir! I waited for a long time.
Then I called the room.
There was no response.
Then I inquired
at the reception.
They said that he
left last night.
He has written this letter
to be given to you.
'No one is big enough to play
games with Super stars!'
'My name will remain at least by
virtue of the movies that I have acted in.'
'But you! You will die a death
of hell for not being..
...able to release your very first movie and
will not attain any fame or recognition.'
'Good bye, Udhayabanu,
good bye!'
There is no point in wasting
time thinking about it.
If I knew where he is
I will go and meet him.
I'll fall at his feet.
There is no way out.
I will not allow that! Even
if it means that I will..
...be on the streets I will not allow you
to plead to a rascal like him.
What else can we do?
Look who it is?
I want to tell him something.
Let us all sit in Sasi's room.
The shooting is over.
We are leaving.
She asked if she could see you.
I'll come. I'll come now.
Have you come to inform
me about your wedding?
Or have you come to seek comfort
by seeing me totally ruined?
The movie has wound up.
I am also going back
foregoing my dreams..
...and desires of many
years midway.
Don't worry.
I will make arrangements for
divorce at the earliest.
I didn't send brother Dinesh.
I couldn't bear it when you
put away all your desires..
...of making movies and
working at a hotel.
It happened because of me.
Did you think it was because
I don't love you?
Who else do I have in this
world to love but you?
Come Udhaya. Did
you get any idea?
I have something to
explain in detail.
I have re-written the story.
Don't be worried.
I think it is better than
the earlier movie.
We have to release this
movie even if an actor..
Kumar was dead.
When that thought crossed
my mind I got this idea.
There is one shot and three sequences
where we can't do without him.
We shall shoot them with him.
One is a shot where
Rafiq beats him.
Then the scene where he comes
to the flat to see Devi.
Then Devi jumps down.
After that the scene where
the police arrest him.
We had put away those scenes
because he refused them.
Then he becomes psychic
out of fear.
How will get him to do all this?
I tried to send many people
to talk him into it. But..
Don't I know that it won't
work with his consent?
How then? - I have prepared
the plan for it.
We will need a huge
infrastructure to achieve it.
Minimum four cameras. Facility
to light up a whole floor.
Udhaya, I will do
all that you want.
But will we be able to release
the movie on 19th?
Don't ask me for an
assurance like that.
He has come here to
shoot for a movie.
If things go the way
I have planned..
We will try our best.
And thus we lost the
last hope we had.
The boat jetty that was expected
to be a super hit has broken.
No one calls. And no
one asks for dates.
I fear that I will have to
go to the streets again.
Sacks full of Parotta and Papad
meant for export are lying in Kozhikode.
If this continues we just
might have to live the..
...rest of our lives eating
those Parottas and Papads.
Rajappan is not the kind
to give up so easily.
I also know to make a movie
directed, produced and acted by me.
Of all the things you just said,
forget about directing.
It is something only
intelligent people can do.
And producing?
Even if one movie of your
flopped you have..
...only enough wealth
to make you bankrupt.
You have lost the rest in your
business and waywardness.
God! Let it be some producer.
Hello! This is super star
Saroj Kumar here.
Sir, this is actress
Gayatri calling.
Gayatri! Where are
you calling from?
I am calling from my flat.
I wanted to tell you
something important.
Do you know Madhumati who
was Udhaya Sir's wife?
She is with me now.
She wants to discuss
something with you.
Could you come over
here please? - Sure.
I don't think that you will
change because of what I..
...do or that you will learn
some lessons in life.
But it is a must for
the peace of my mind.
Cut it.
When Rajappa arrives give him..
...a tight slap across his face!
Set the camera there.
- OK.
Udhaya, are you sure
he will come?
He has assured Gayatri
that he will come.
Camera 1?
- Yes, Sir.
Camera 2?
- Sir? - Are you ready?
Start when I tell you. OK? Get ready.
- OK, sir.
Rafiq, if he doesn't stop on
being called catch hold..
...of him and pull him such that
he faces the camera and hit him.
He will not come dressed.
That is all right.
We should be able to shoot
his face with the same dress.
- What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
- I am going to see a friend.
Good. You won't act in
Udhaya's film, is it?
Cut it. Anbazhagan. He is here.
Start the camera when he knocks
at the door of the flat.
- OK.
What about the dialogues
between Gayatri and Rajappa?
Dialogues are not a problem.
What ever he says we will
make someone with the..
...same voice as his
to dub the dialogues.
We only need to get his
reactions correct.
- He has knocked at the door.
OK. Gayatri, open the door.
- Please come in, Sir.
Please sit down, Sir.
- Thank you.
Before Madhumati arrives I have
a few things to tell you.
What is it?
- Two weeks ago my husband died.
You may not have noticed
it in the papers.
Oh my God! Your husband died?
I didn't even know that
you were married.
Many people don't know.
It was a suicide.
His name was Balakrishnan.
He was a financier.
Everything was smooth
for sometime.
Someone played truant
from behind.
All the depositors asked him
for money at the same time.
Camera one and two get ready.
- That is why.
Net, junior artist,
everything get ready.
I have informed
the police that..
...someone is trying to harm me.
My Bala loved me so much.
You are a lowly creature!
I don't want this world
where you live.
I don't want this
world without Bala.
This dialogue..
Gayatri, I think you
have got it wrong.
I am super star Saroj.
We got it!
Steady cam!
Camera 3 and 4 police!
Everything, get ready.
We are ready.
Security! Please close
the gate. Cut it.
OK move!
Camera 3 and 4.
Get down!
- What?
I am innocent!
I have not done anything.
She called me there.
Cut it!
- Great Udhaya.
There is a problem.
Rajappa in the custody
of our dummy police.
If Pachalam Bhasi
gives a complaint..
...to the real police then
we will be in trouble.
So we must take the
shots where he..
...becomes psychic as
soon as possible.
Tell me what is the plan?
We have to get him to the
set that we have created..
...with the continuity dress
exactly at 70' clock.
And beat him.
But shouldn't he be acting
like a psychic?
No need.
We have planned it in such a way
that he will become like that in reality.
If everything goes well he will tremble
shiver in fear and scream and run.
We will shoot it from all
angles with the cameras.
Call our men and ask them
to get him there at 7.
Cut it!
Hey Rajappa! I made a few
changes and completed my movie.
The real criminals of Malayalam cinema
are stupid conceited people like you.
Cinema is made with the sweat
and blood of many people.
I won't allow you to ruin it.
I am releasing this movie
on the 19th of this month.
And after that I will
see to you properly!
And then I will settle
all scores.
Hello. By the time I finished
getting prints here I was..
...late and there was no flight
or train to reach on time..
It was real mess.
I had doubts if we could
begin the noon show.
Is MD in his seat?
- He has gone to Coimbatore.
How is the response?
- Average.
The last few movies of
Saroj Kumar were flops.
Not only that, the director
is a new guy.
But Udhayabanu is
a talented man.
But people don't know
that, do they?
But the cinema can
only be saved if..
...new talented people came in.
Theater owners will give maximum
support if the movie is good.
What about advance reservation?
- Not too good.
Don't make that an issue.
After the matinee the
people will decide.
Yes. Everything is in
the hands of God.
And Saroj Kumar has called that
he will come for this show.
Is it?
- Yes.
Has director Udhaya Banu come?
- No.
Udhaya, we are at the theater.
You said you will be here?
Yes. But I am very tense,
Baby Kuttan.
I don't know how the public
will receive me.
Anyway we will know the fate
with the matinee show.
What is the point
of being scared?
But... - No ifs and buts.
You must come here.
Kumar has reserved a
seat to watch the movie.
Is it? Won't that be a problem?
Won't the people be diverted
from the movie on seeing him?
If the movie is interesting people
won't pay attention to him.
Do one thing. Drive my car
and come here right away.
No. Don't say anything.
This way.
I haven't told Udhaya that I have asked
you to come and watch the movie.
Will it be full by
the time it begins?
Pray to God.
We have done good publicity.
But it a rat race.
Let us go upstairs.
No. Let us sit down here.
The train is at 1.30 we
must start right away.
When shot without knowledge
it turns out so well.
This is the way to act.
He has brains. Do
you understand?
You have created a stir! We
have got the fruits of our toil.
You have given a great
Should we consider
it your comeback?
It is not about going
or coming back.
My first entry was made by stealing the
story of the director of this movie.
It is intelligent filmmakers
who create stars.
Udhaya is the star. Not me.
Move away. Move away.
Forgive me for everything.