Udta Punjab (2016) Movie Script

Take out the packet.
Come on, Shamsher. Go for it!
Hurry UP-
Look! Look! Look! Look...
Look up you wasted folk,
Right here into my face.
Hold your arms tight,
I m shooting up this place!
Life's a thrill ride,
I m gonna hit top speed
Freedom and liberty,
It's all in the weed.
Don't shy away from high,
Screw those asking why!
If they don't /et you try,
Just shoot them in the eye!
l ll sing in my jammies,
l'll sing in the nude,
Got a prob/em 7
Get off my hood!
I am what I am,
The coo/est dude!
Don I mess with me,
I m an eagle on the prowl.
I m the daddy of swag,
Tsunami unleashed!
Fans across the world,
No time to pause.
All groove to my song,
Thugs or cops alike.
Don't bullshit me,
I can read the future.
You fol/ow your god,
I need no nurture.
Oh darling white one,
Oh darling white one,
You're our beloved happiness!
Oh sweet sugar, oh sweet sugar,
One sniff is eternal bliss.
Punjab is flying high!
Oh brother Romeo
This is your true Juliet!
Draw up that line,
Snort the heaven inside.
Punjab is flying high!
They shall soar,
The ones who sniff it all.
You shall win,
And will meet your
Lucy in the sky.
Punjab is flying high!
She is white but
She speaks Punjabi.
She rules the mighty state of Punjab!
She's a ball of fire,
Roll up in her charm.
Shoot up your nerves,
Her /ove's crawling in
Her love is crawling in!
Her love is crawling in!
In the country, markets,
She's everywhere
She's a friend to
Traders of the dark world
In weddings, funerals,
She's everywhere
In parties, dark alleys,
She quiet/y sneaks in
She cuts across boundaries,
across times
She's always there,
In your living, in dying
Trade your life with her euphoria.
It's her time now.
Boy, girl, woman, man,
You can't escape her
She'll strike a blow,
You scream with joy!
Like a kite,
Punjab is flying in the air!
A Punjab of myriad colors,
Has blown up in white.
This is Bhandi speaking...
Told you not to get
Shamsher along.
The loser can't aim.
You think I have
nothing better to do?
I can't find it.
Just can't!
You are making a fool out of me.
I don't have time for all this.
Oh no, sister fr!!
Patrol officers are here!
I'll be busted, ahs!
Tommy Singh in the house!
Listen up!
Tommy's got a tongue
sharp like Ecstasy.
Tommy's lips taste
like Heroin s intimacy.
Tommy's c&k is white
as Coke's supremacy!
Tommy's c&k is white
as Coke's supremacy!
C&k-coke, coke-c&k,
C&k-coke, oh yeah, I am so high!
Shut it down!
Bro, this is fking killer stuff!
I am telling you, we are
going to kill it, the market is...
Coke-c&k, coke-c&e. ..
It's going to be an anthem, man.
I can see it.
I can so fking see it, man.
Yo, bro! Coke-c&k is the stuff.
Coke- c&k is the scene
This is the international stuff.
I tell you,
this is going to be the net swag!
UK, Canada...
Tommy, you are a bloody poet!
Isn't it a super hit?
Can we hear the rest of the songs?
The thing is... it's work in progress.
Sunday... probably Monday...
Wednesday it'll be clone for sure!
Have been hearing that
since three months.
The release date has been
pushed twice already.
The hoardings have gone up twice.
You know what?
We didn't sign up for this.
Son, hear me out.
Could you talk to him...
I'm really sorry.
We'll just have to call
the deal off, yeah?
- We can work something out.
I've been away for dozen years,
brought myself a little frock.
Tommy sets off a party,
as he yanks his white c&k!
Coke-c&k, coke-c&k. ..
Time to let your mind unblock,
Coke-c&k, coke-c&k. ..
Those who bug, give em a sock.
Coke-c&k, coke-c&k. ..
M Otherfs!
The deal is off!
Juggle your nuts now!
Hello, Tommy. Are you there? Hello.
You fired me, aho
No no, Tommy.
You are misunderstanding me.
Yes, you did.
No, Tommy.
Don't say that. You know...
it just wasn't working out... okay?
Wasn't working out?
Sister fr, who am l?
Your girlfriend?
Am I your fking girlfriend?
What do you want me to say, Tommy?
Say it to my face.
You fired me.
Say it.
Say it.
- Alright, man.
I fired you. Yeah, got it?
He says that he's fired me.
He fired me, fkr!
Nobody fires Tommy!
Brother, brother...
- Nobody.
Give it to him, fkr!
Speedy, you sister fkr,
listen to me!
Tommy's got record labels queuing
till Jalandhar & Chandigarh.
Only Tommy fires Tommy.
Are you fking Tommy?
Listen up, fr!
- What the fk are you laughing at?
Fkr, you Whatsapp dad begging
for a concert with Tommy?
Suck on that!
-You sht!
Fking st!
- And what is your worth?
The best record labels in
the world want Tommy!
Not you!
You bloody ear-grease!
Who's the GABRUl?
- Who's your Daddy?!
Ask your hot wife who's the GABRUl?
Speedy, we'll split
your behind open...
and do a concert in there,
- You fkr!
I fire you. I double fire you.
Speedy, you bought an S-class?
Move... move!
You fkr!
Nobody fires Tommy!
Be careful.
Only Tommy fires Tommy!
I'm the GABRU!
Speedy, I'll fk you over!
Ram into his bloody car!
Overtake him from the right
and make him stop!
Speedy, you motherfkr!
Ambush his damn car, fkr!
Be careful, bro.
Fk, are you crazy?
Do you find this funny?
Do you? The dea
's off
and you're laughing?
You are past your epiry date, babe.
It's over.
- Really.
And so are you, Tommy.
So are you!
Why are the lights off?
Switch on the lights.
Anyone home?
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Tommy, the GABRU!
There are cities in Meico...
where the cops can't put a foot in.
Drug lords are the bloody lavv.
Don't get me wrong...
but what have the police done here?
The situation is the same.
The situation is the same?
- Yes, brother.
Stop that sister fr!
Stop him.
Stop him!
- Get him down.
Get down.
Where are your papers?
It is election time.
Driving without papers, ahle?
Look at the packaging.
With proper branding.
First it was those mini-vans
now they're getting them in trucks.
This is what they call progress.
Green revolution, part two.
But what about our progress?
Our cut is still the same.
Fng 10,000 rupees!
Can we get anything in 10,000?
- No.
I think they've taken
the Punjab police for granted.
There's no regard
for lavv and order here.
If this continues,
Punjab will become
Sister fr, you will turn Punjab into Mexico?
- No, sir.
I will not, sir!
I feel he surely will.
No, sir. I will not
turn it to a
\/Ieico. Never!
Tell your boss to up
our commission.
It's a red light here!
No green light.
Yes, sir.
- Fk off!
Make it quick... move!
See... cop power?
Who is calling?
Yes, sir.
I'll be there... right away.
Go to hell!
Let's go, Sana].
I'll show you what
law and order can do.
"Baby, come sit in my car
We'll celebrate your happy birthday
"Baby, come sit in my car
We'll celebrate your happy birthday
Unleash the dog
Till the dawn is to crack.
Set the world on fire,
Time to payback.
Unleash the dog
Till the dawn is to crack.
Set the world on fire,
Time to payback.
Infinite lines of coke,
Who keeps a track?
The cops are here!
Punjab is flying high!
Stop this nonsense.
- Party is over!
Sir! This is a birthday...
- Stop it!
Sir, this is a birthday party.
Where is Tommy?
Sir, Tommy is not here.
It is a birthday party.
Where is Tommy?
Sir, Tommy is not here.
Back off!
Sir, Tommy is not here.
He's lying.
- Liar!
I am not lying. I swear on you.
What happened?
Gracing us with your presence at 3 am?
ls there a problem?
Get some tea and cookies.
We've got guests.
No need for that.
We have orders from the top.
Get Tommy here. Or all these
sister frs will gets arrested.
He left for London yesterday.
Who's the GABRU?
I'm the GABRU.
I didn't hear that.
I'm the GABRU.
Haven't you eaten?
I'm the GABRU.
I still can't hear you.
I'm the GABRU.
I'm the GABRU.
Didn't Tommy go to London?
So apparently he is here.
But he has given up cocaine.
Doesn't even touch it.
Listen up sister fs!
I am the fking GABRU!
Tommy Singh's arrest is
the latest development...
in the drug crisis that has been
plaguing Punjab for the last few years...
And we have with us eminent politician
IVIP - i\/Ir. ivlaninder Brar
Instead of taking concrete
steps to tackle the drug menace...
Why is the government going
for soft targets like Tommy Singh.
People like Tommy Singh -
they are the ones who are encouraging
drug addiction in our society
with their music,
with their choice of lifestyle.
Look at the kind of videos
they are making.
I think the youth of Punjab deserves
a better role model than Tommy Singh.
Bloody phoney!
-The mi
k's come to a boil.
Turn off the stove!
- Please understand this.
Drop Balli off to college.
He's still asleep.
Good morning to you also!
Phagvvara's boy transformed from
Punjab's Gabru to a menace to society.
Greetings, son. You ready?
Good morning, grandma.
Bless you, son.
I am very worried about Balli.
He wears sunglasses even at home.
Even at home?
- Doesn't study at all.
Let me talk to him.
Get ready.
Aren't you late for college?
And remove this idiofs poster.
With your precious vote,
make Rajveer Singh Pehlwan win.
His victory is yours as well.
Please vote for him!
Vote for Rajveer Singh!
Come here...
Need money?
If I find you at a coffee shop,
I'll thrash you.
Thank you!
Yeah, I'm on my way.
"m getting it.
Give me two today.
Greetings. Hovv are you?
Why? You took very long.
You know, Punjab roads are a mess.
Here's the stuff you asked for.
This one is white
and this is the pink stuff.
This one is for five grand
and this is for 10.
This one is very good as well.
Try it once
and you'll surely ask for more!
What are you doing here?
My stomach is hurting.
I need to go to the doctor.
Get back by 12 o'clock.
Or I'll cut your entire day's pay.
Run along.
There's a shortage.
Check the stuff.
That soap. The red one.
The one on top?
There used to be a huge crowd
at the tea stall earlier.
Who drinks tea these days?
They are all drugged out at the ruins.
Did you see Tommy's pose?
Take that, yo, sister fr!
His brother caught Tommy.
Don't take it to heart, my love.
Who are you?
What are you looking at?
Do you want stuff?
What do you have?
- Heroin?
Yes. That. Heroin.
I don't have any money. Ask them.
You ask them. And take a commission.
Hovv much?
Hovv much can you offer?
3000 is the going rate.
Hovv much do you have?
Come tomorrow.
I'll have it arranged.
Full three grams, right?
Three kilos!
Where did you get that much stuff?
Do you really want it?
Or should I leave?
Nobody can buy it here.
There is someone in tovvn.
Raja, he is...
Give me his mobile...
9988... I will take 1O percent.
- 1O percent. 10!
No. Five percent.
He's back.
Brother of a cop!
Again... already?
Easy, bro!
Give it an hour at least.
Get lost.
Don't act like a roadie, bro!
i...! Ba
Give me the blood pressure set. Hurry!
ls that what you do in college?
ls he going to make it?
Wait outside.
The doctor is coming. Please.
So call the doctor. Who is the doctor?
Please wait outside.
- Balli...
Inform the traffic police.
Turn him on his side.
Hovv many times should I tell you?
Open your eyes, kiddo.
Show me the readings.
Get the IV line started.
Prepare a Naloone injection.
Double dose.
Will he be okay?
Please wait outside.
Please wait outside. Please.
If you have any sort of addiction -
alcohol or drugs
- you just let us know.
We will get you off any addiction.
Cough syrup, smack or heroin...
we have a solution...
You can have it
Give it to your mate
To your family.
We will cure everyone.
Madam, thank you.
What did he have? Heroin?
Hard to say right now.
But he's been doing it for a while.
Heavy dosage.
No, madam.
The boys must have forced him.
My Balli isn't the kind.
Have you seen his hands?
His veins are turning blue,
thanks to the needles.
"My boy is not like that,
it's the others!"
Sorry, madam. I had no idea.
I was just checking, madam...
Will he be able to give it up?
It is up to him.
And his environment.
At such high dependence,
a person loses comprehension.
He is my younger brother.
Dad left me to raise him.
After he's discharged,
bring him to my clinic.
Ivlaqbool road,
opposite Rajju's mansion.
We'll do our best.
Stuff... Do you want stuff?
Wrong number.
- Three kilos of heroin.
I will not call again.
Hovv much?
Three thousand.
Write down the address.
Just a second.
One, ten, hundred, thousand...
ten thousand!
ls anyone there?
Please let me talk to
\/Ir. Brar.
Ivlaninder Brar, IVIP
I performed at his daughter's wedding.
lam Tommy Singh.
Let me talk to him.
Let me talk to him.
At least give me water.
I should at least get water,
sister frs!
This '
n .
g: SlSter f
It's human rights, sister frs!
Give me water right now!
Give me water!
What happened?
You want to go home?
Go then.
The bail can happen later, sir.
You're a celebrity, after all. VIP!
Kartar, take out the jeep.
We have to drop sir back home.
This way, sir.
Sister fr, so you are the GABRU?
Sister fr,
you're spoiling the youth.
QM fx
You are the GABRU, right?
Become a man first, then a VIP.
Ambarsar is high, Ja/ahdhar,
Ludhiana and Moga, every burb.
You try it too, brother,
Don't fear, don't curb.
Daddy is high, brother is high,
Uncles are digging it oh the sly,
Strong and the weak snort it alike
Let the white power strike.
We were in the 8th grade
when your first song released.
We are your fans since.
We want to be like you.
The first time I injected myself,
I swear,
all I could see was your face!
Mother frs!
You've killed your mother.
And now you sing songs here?
Aren't you ashamed!
She was not giving us money.
We needed to have our fi.
What else could we do.
Tales of a /one/y night,
Lone in a daze,
Nobody in sight
Don I turn back to look
Don I turn back to look
Faces lurking around the brook.
Fear stings like a venomous snake
Distant dreams grin at my fate.
Look what just crept up from behind
Fear of the unknown
Turning me blind.
Keep an eye,
Tread with caution
Eerie faces, beaming so often.
Fear stings like a venomous snake
Distant dreams grin at my fate.
Fear stings like a venomous snake
Distant dreams grin at my fate.
The world is shrinking into a dot
I can't breathe,
I m left to rot.
Draw me a few lines,
I beg of you.
Let me snort happiness,
I beg of you.
Alcohol fades ih
comparison to its high.
I see god in my veins
When I shoot up and fly.
My veins throbbing with desire
Just one inhale, and I'll retire
I feel empty, I feel lone/y.
I am agitated, I can't go on.
My body is trembling,
My soul on fire
Death is crooning,
Feels like my pyre
My gul/et is dry as a bone
Life is leaving me
One breath at a time.
When will this misery end
When will I end?
I run and hide
From nobody but myself.
I think she is the same girl...
Bro, why is she running
into the fields?
Kuku, stop her, sister fr!
What is she doing?
Yes, sir.
- Run... run!
Ruining our stuff, bh!
Here you go, Jackie Chan.
Greetings to you too.
Will you have some buttermilk?
Bhandi at your service, sir!
Look at me!
She is from Bihar.
A labourer in Karnail Singh's farm.
Such meticulous planning, the bh!
That explains the
fg missing delivery.
lgtgr f

Let Jackie Chan have him.
Let's go, sister fr!
Listen... don't kill him.
He is family.
Take him to the fields.
Sir, what to do with her?
She isn't family, right?
Child, the stuff was worth 1O million.
If you wanted to throw it,
then why did you steal it?
Let me go.
Just for a little while.
It won't take long.
Leave me!
Leave me.
- Listen to me.
Leave me. Let me go.
- Calm down.
Now grab me.
Grab her.
Leave me.
I'll teach her a lesson.
Hold her down.
e me
"After a vvhole week..."
"Tommy Singh was finally
released from prison today."
"While agreeing to his bail,
the court has specified..."
"that his celebrity status
shouldn't warrant any
Move aside.
- Tommy, who is the GABRU?
- Where has the GABRU gone?
- Where has Tommy, the GABRU gone?
At least let me get inside. Move.
A single person takes to drugs.
But, it affects the entire family.
drugs are taken for pleasure.
Later, drugs become their life goal.
- Open the door, I beg you!
Love, friends, family,
career, education...
Nothing remains!
What do I do with you?
Leave him, Sartaj.
Let him go, son. Let him go.
Leave him.
I'm away from home all day.
Hovv do I know what's happening here?
You all shou
taken care of him.
Everything that is
beautiful within the person,
his adorations in life,
drugs finishes off everything.
I am not reciting hearsay.
I have seen it with my own eyes.
Sign here.
Mother, I want to go home.
Don't worry, son.
Just a little longer.
Shyam, take him to the ward.
Go with them, kiddo.
- Thank you, Doctor.
Let's go, my dear.
Thank you, Madam.
Now it's all up to you. Thank you.
Wait a moment.
- Yes?
Net time, don't come here
in your uniform.
What were you saying the other day?
You weren't aware of what was
happening with your brother?
Have any idea what's
happening in Jashanpura?
In Amritsar? In Tarn Taran?
In all of Punjab?
Do you have any idea?
You're an Assistant Inspector, right?
Which department?
What is the matter, madam?
Why are you talking to me like this?
What's your 'cut'
for not having an idea?
Ten thousand a week, isn't it?
Then why have you got him here?
Take him to a private clinic in Delhi.
What is it, Madam?
Because I am silent...
What will you say?
It doesn't bother you
to ruin a generation.
But when it comes to
your brother, it hurts?
This is what he's addicted to.
A combination of Pheniramine
and buprenorphine.
You must've seen
this bottle somewhere.
Or do you have no idea about this too?
They are two separate drugs...
that should only be
sold with prescription.
But thanks to you, the producers are
combining these drugs...
and sellers are openly selling them
by the name of Chaancf,
in every chemist shop.
For a mere 5O rupees.
The price of your brother's life!
It's my turn tonight.
Let them go, baby.
Let them go.
All good?
Do you want to do her?
She looks good.
Let go.
I need to buy a phone, sir.
- Buy it net time.
Will you buy it for me?
Sir, what are you doing?
He's a regular on this route.
Sir, leave him, he'll die.
Leave him.
- What happened?
Let it go.
Are you out of your mind?
It is Pehelvvan's truck, sister fr!
Get him water.
It happens. He just lost it.
Hey, get him bandaged.
Here, take this, go on.
You leave the truck at Pehelwaws.
Okay, sir.
Don't mention anything to anyone.
Hurry UP-
There is a system.
And everyone has to follow it.
I can handle him being beaten up.
But hovv can you damage his truck?
It is Pehelvvan's truck!
Pehelwan is a Member of Parliament.
Yet he pays our cut. Doesn't he?
He can have both of us suspended.
Brother, I want to go home.
Go home.
Take care of Balli.
Whatsapp me if there is a problem.
- Make it quick. There's a lot to finish.
- No Issues.
- Everything is in control.
- No, no. It's okay.
- Hey, boss is here.
- Come. Have some tea.
[Vote for Rajveer Singh!
Vote for barbelll]
You are not my mother
But an enemy.
You've sent me to exile too soon.
Hello, baby.
Look here!
Look here!
Smile please...
It's nice.
You look pretty.
Tell me if you need anything.
Anything for you.
We've spoilt you.
She is quite petite.
She looked okay on the phone.
New phone?
Yes, sir. I bought it for 8000 rupees.
Eight thousand! You aren't worth it.
New phone!
She won't bite, right?
No, sir. She's well trained now.
Hey, Tommy. My darling child!
Do one thing...
Just make one hit number!
Just one monster hit song!
And then there is that
anti-drug concert.
It's the best step for our image.
Will help the case too.
Public will know that our Tommy
is no more into drugs.
He's clean now.
Told you it's not happening.
Told you!
I think our bro here
can probably do with some inspiration.
r fx
Your 'inspiration'
sent my boy to jail.
Novv, if you even mention it...
- I am sorry, uncle.
I want to go to London.
I want to go to London!
I have to go to London.
You shut up!
Killed your mother!
I want to go to London!
Going to London, fs!
Open the door, Monty.
I say open the door.
- Please, sir.
Please, sir. Stop.
Please don't.
- I'll shoot!
No... no!
- Move away.
Bro, what are you doing?
- Get out of my way.
I'll shoot.
- No... no!
Son, the court will decide
if you can go or not.
You only do your concert.
I don't want to do the concert.
I want to go.
Please let me go, uncle.
Sister fr!
You'll shoot me? Me?
I made you a star.
Your father had abandoned you, sister fr!.
- I want to go, uncle.
I got your younger sister married, fr!
- I want to go...
And you'll shoot me? Shoot me!
Let me go.
Shoot... shoot!
- Call your mom in the morning.
Get up Kiddo.
Get up, child. Easy!
- No!
Have the medicine.
Have. You'll feel better.
- I won't!
It isn't bitter.
Very good!
They're luring voters with drugs this
election, not alcohol or blankets.
Trucks are loaded with this stuff.
Godowns are getting filled.
It's a well organised operation.
Party workers will be
distributing them in every village.
I will drag Pehelwan
by his balls to jail.
I will either lose
my job or I will get shot.
You decide if you want to
take it to the media.
It may get difficult to
hush the matter later.
Might get your name
on all the front pages too!
Fighting from within the system...
and shouting slogans
from the sidelines...
You'll realise the difference
with this case, madam.
Hey listen... hello!
What's the point in arresting
Pehelwan alone?
There is a Pehelwan sitting
in every district.
Pehelwan is just a dealer
of these drugs.
The manufacturers are
the ones to be arrested.
Find out about their factory.
Raid them.
Madam, have you seen my uniform?
Hovv many stars do I have?
One star.
What does one star mean?
.G.? Commissioner?
I am only an Assistant.
You said that this stuff is being
made to lure voters.
So there must be
a political connection.
There is no political connection.
This is politics!
The sermons that you give
on TV about narco politics.
This is it.
So many IVIPs are dealers themselves.
We can shout from the rooftops,
no one will listen to us.
Election Commission.
Elections will take place in a month.
Right now, the Commission
is powerful in the state.
Add media pressure to that,
they'll be forced to take action.
But everything has to be
done before the elections.
I am sorry about yesterday.
Hang on.
I just want to talk to you.
Sir, I am just a driver.
From the factory to the godown,
and godovvn to the factory.
I don't know about these games.
Your factory is in Barotivvala
near the Himachal border, isn't it?
Come, let's take a ride.
No, sir. I will lose myjob.
I came from my village
just to earn a living.
I have to arrange for
my sister's wedding, too.
Fk Off!
I've been snooping around
the factory for four days, madam.
Inside out.
Took lot of pics too.
From outside, the factory appears
to be shut for long.
Just some guards outside.
Work happens in the morning shift.
9 AIVI through 7 PM.
I searched everywhere but
I found nothing.
Looked into the workshop, too.
Inspected the machines.
I saw some oil bottles there
but no names on them.
No factory signboard either.
We won't get information
about the owners from here.
These are the chemicals used
to make this drug.
Ethanol, Hydrochloric Acid, Methyl,
Paraben, Ivlaleic Acid, Opium.
They aren't easy to procure.
Some are imported...
and some are controlled.
Like Opium.
Only two places in India where
opium is legally manufactured...
Neemuch and Ghazipur.
Detailed paper work is required
to source opium from there...
with thorough inspection.
Any random company
can't procure from there.
It is issued to licensed
pharmaceutical companies only.
Novv, if they are procuring such large
amounts of opium...
it means either a pharma company or
its employee is supplying them illegally.
And they are doing all the paper
work behind a bogus company.
If we find out the name of
this company and its owner
we'll understand the entire
political nexus, Sana].
That's it. Their game will be over.
I'm slow in these matters.
I barely made it past college.
I've been at it since four days.
Whatever I could find, I have.
You can take someone's help.
Whose help can I take?
If anyone in the
department finds out...
Think, Sana]. Think of something.
Are you bloody mad?
Only you know this chemical business.
Are you out of your mind? No way!
We will go after the shift is over.
Ecept for two watchmen,
nobody is going to be there.
We don't have to go today.
Maybe after a couple of days.
This is not my job, Sana].
I am a doctor. A lady at that.
All the men in Punjab
are drugged out, madam.
Now it's up to the ladies.
You have saved Ba
i's life.
I won't let anything happen to you.
Where is Tommy's Diet Coke?
I had the Diet Coke kept.
Where is the Diet Coke?
- Where is the Diet Coke, sister fr!?
Get the Diet Coke.
This should have been put first.
Get it fast.
Son, it happens.
It was cocaine's withdrawal symptom
Love you...
Hug me as vvell, daddy.
Hovv are you?
Do you want a dose?
- No.
Our man's shooting up at the back.
Go join.
I have a bad stomach.
Okay then.
They've put us on a double shift.
They think we are dogs.
Why don't you say something?
There's no point to it.
Who cares about us?
Tommy! Tommy!
Move aside.
There was an election rally at Jashanpura,
organised by Ivlaninder Bran...
He addressed over thousand people...
He raised the issue of
drugs ruining the youth...
He appealed to the people,
asking their support in this issue.
I want to tell the youth of Punjab...
that this whole fight,
this vvar on drugs,
is above all, an individual war.
We're with you in this war.
We are here to support you.
I appeal to the the youth of Punjab,
to fight it back!
My dear young ones, march on!
We are with you.
My dear young ones, march on!
We are with you.
Hey, Kaka, Lucky, Sonu!
Get up all of you!
She's running away.
Found anything?
Look at this.
They want to ruin all of Punjab.
What are they on to?
There is nothing here, Sana].
Let's look over there.
Come on. Let's get going.
Wasn't it a day off today?
- Sir, the Ghazipur goods are here.
Sartaj, I think this
is the consignment
This is what we were looking for.
Do you have a safety pin?
Come out as soon as I call you. Okay?
Don't vvorry. I am here.
-Be careful.
- Watch it, it's heavy.
- Keep it here.
- Hurry.
- Get that here.
- Faster.
- Move it.
Easy. . .
- I got it...
[Opium and Alkaloids]
- Move it.
Good job.
Brother, please take over.
What happened?
What's with the power?
I think the power has gone out.
Even I know that.
The power has not gone.
There are lights outside.
Only our factory is blacked out.
I think the fuse must have blown.
Why are you standing here
and talking about it?
Do something.
Come on.
- Come.
Check if there's a lose connection.
Turn the damn generator on!
Just find some help.
Everything is okay here...
Did you find anything?
No. Everything is okay here.
Turn the damn generator on!
This damn power cut!
Thank God, the power's back on.
Everybody back to work.
What was the problem?
The fuse was down.
Come on hurry up.
Come on.
Sana]. ..
Sana], come on.
Leave it. I'll ride.
Sit tight.
Tommy, try the blonde look.
It will suit you.
GABRU, The Great!
My hero...
The crowd is in a crazy mood.
Rock the show!
Daddy, relax!
You're adding to the pressure.
What is your problem?
We're just talking.
None of your business.
I can't do this.
Ricky, enough already!
You want to turn him into Lady Gaga?
Funny, eh?
Get lost.
I will thrash you.
Brother, I understand.
If there's no fuel in the car,
will it run?
And our car is a
Range Rover.
When you drive a Range Rover,
you need more fuel.
Now you tell me,
who's the GABRU?
Say it!
Get ready quickly.
I am out of here.
And yeah, I love you, too!
Where is it?
Can I say something, madam?
Go on.
Sana]. ..
I want to take you on a date.
Sana]. ..
Will you come to
a coffee shop with me?
I've never seen a lady like you.
You are surrounded by filth.
Yet, you are absolutely clean.
Okay. Now get up.
You sitting too far away, madam.
Do you know?
What hit me the most...
Life's worst tragedy, Madam,
To lose someone you love,
And not being able
to do anything about it.
Father had passed away.
If my brother had too...
That day, you didn't save
him, but me instead.
Sana], look at me.
Look at me.
Now show me your tongue.
Martyr Sartaj Singh.
Nothing is going to happen to Balli.
Are you sure?
Brave warrior-madam, Preet Sahni!
Commander, drugs on war.
Not drugs on war,
vvar on drugs.
And I am no hero.
I am only trying.
There are two wars going on in Punjab.
The one you and I are fighting
against people like Pehelvvan,
against the system.
That is easy.
The real vvar on drugs...
is the one that people
like Balli are fighting.
With themselves.
If they win, we win.
If they lose, Punjab...
And so, Punjab has lost!
Sana]. ..
What happened?
Okay. Come here.
Where could she be?
- Look over there!
Presenting Tommy, the GABRU!
Bro, are you okay?
Rock and roll, bro.
Have you seen him?
Has anyone seen GABRU?
Hovv will you see him?
Some are lying in the gutters.
swimming in their own vomit.
And some have already
made it to the other side.
Sing us a song already!
I will sing a song, too.
First, hear what I have to say.
Meet me.
Do you want to meet him?
Do you want to meet
the real Tommy Singh?
Statutory warning -
He's no GABRU!
Novv, do you want to meet him?
Then... here is Tommy
Singh in 3, 2, 1...
This is Tommy Singh.
A small town boy,
Tejender Singh Loser,
Scored a visa and went to
Birmingham, once upon a time.
Somehow his music worked.
Otherwise, he would be driving a cab.
Or waiting tables.
He scraped through high school.
He just knew one thing.
And he sang about it.
And you folks thought
it was philosophy?
You folks are bigger
losers than I am, frs!
Come on, sing the song already!
And you're the biggest loser,
since you still don't get it!
We aren't here for your sermons.
Sing or get lost!
Sing or get lost.
Sing or get lost!
You want to hear a song?
Do you?
Where's the car? Fk!
Where is the Range Rover?
Oh damn!
He must be here somewhere.
Get the car quickly.
Stay back!
Let me hide.
Who are you?
A dog?
A singer. Tommy Singh.
Please let me hide.
Over there.
Thank you.
- Shut up!
Do you have stuff?
Who you hiding from?
From myself.
From myself.
The biggest one.
Not bigger than me, Tommy boy.
Oh, come on!
I am the champion of morons.
His Highness Moron Number One.
Look where I've landed up.
You think I lost my way here?
If you hear my story,
you'll st your pants.
Let it be.
It is even written on my head.
That's L-O-S-E-R written.
- Yes, loser.
They mean the same thing.
Hovv so?
A loser is a loser,
a moron is a moron.
That makes sense.
A loser is a loser...
and a moron is a moron.
Wear it.
I was wondering...
I vvont be able to do it alone.
Will you commit suicide with me?
Get lost!
I am not that big a moron.
Loser, don't you plant
these ideas in my head.
Hit me. You also fking hit me.
Then why are you talking rubbish?
What else should I do?
Who wants to hear
the fking right thing?
They only want rubbish which
I've said for four years.
Made me a pop star! The Fk!
A pop star at fking 22!
Asian underground number three.
Tommy, the GABRU!
And now... poof!
Think... if someone tells you
that your best times are over.
And they won't come back.
The stuff is finished.
Party over!
Go home.
Run away!
Bloody loser!
Why won't the good times come?
Look what's become of me...
I am no moron.
Hockey champion,
district player!
I thought I'd see good times
if I played state level.
But my father dropped dead.
When I got over that...
my hockey stick was
replaced with a sickle.
Left home, reached Sarhota
village to work in the farms.
One day a packet flew from the skies.
I thought, if I sold it,
I'd finally see good times.
That's it. The biggest fk up!
I got busted, damn it!
They've turned me into an animal.
They took turns to do me...
Sometimes all motherfrs together.
Do you know what
I've been through, loser?
Do you know? Do you?
Besides this,
everything else.
Do you understand?
Let's leave.
There's this big billboard
I can see from the window
An ad for a Goa holiday.
That's all I keep staring at
all the time, without a blink.
Because I believe that,
that is my good time.
And that day will come.
And when it does, I will ask it.
Where were you all this while?
Waiting for me to be decimated?
ls that what it takes for you to come?
But here I am and
I refuse to fall apart!
I am standing right here!
Still waiting.
Your Punjab failed me, loser!
I've never touched a cigarette.
And now I'm hooked to the needle.
Why don't you quit it?
Or the needle?
What is your name?
Punjab police filed a case against Tommy
Singh for lewd and lascivious behaviour.
The court has issued a non-bailable
warrant against Tommy Singh.
The Punjab government
has condemned this...
and has asked for Tommy's
immediate arrest.
Forgive her.
- I'm going to kill the bh!
If the boss found out....
No. I will talk to her.
Please forgive her.
Relax, let me handle it.
What is left of her anyway?
She's a chewed out bone.
Let's chop and throw her.
No. Let me talk to her.
Assure them you won't do it again.
She won't.
Bunch of sister frs!
Keep her under control.
I am really mad at you.
Baby, understand.
You can't manage
on your ovvn.
Do you know hovv
expensive heroin is?
You'll have to sleep with
someone for money.
Will you like that?
They're only going to use you.
But, Sonu loves you, baby.
Don't run away again. Okay?
Come here!
Some Virender Singh
is behind all this.
The owner of De
ue Pharmaceuticals.
ue Pharmaceuticals is
the front in whose name...
government controlled
opium is being sourced.
It's a fake company.
There is nothing about it online.
The telephone numbers
also don't work.
But guess what I did?
I logged on to Registrar of
Companies website
and found out owner details.
It's some Virender Singh
from village Havelian.
Who is this Virender Singh?
I thought the owner would
be a big politician.
I don't know.
Could be a political stooge.
Last night...
Are you okay now?
Balli, stop.
Let me go.
- Wait.
Chetan, hold him.
Balli, listen...
Thorazine, quick!
Stop. Drop me here.
On Radio Bollyvvood,
I am your RJ Ivlanveer.
It's 9 AIVI. Tommy Singh's been
absconding for the past 12 hours.
Bro, Tommy!
What's going on, brother?
Tommy, you have any idea...
I have lots to tell you.
What happened?
Come with me.
- What happened?
Sit down.
First let's check into a hotel.
I have to freshen up.
I haven't eaten since last night.
And there's this girl
that I have to save.
For once think of someone
other than yourself, ahe!
Do you know where my dad is, Tommy?
They've put him in jail.
The police must be beating him
asking him where Tommy is.
If it were up to me, Tommy...
I'd hand you over
to the police myself.
But you do as you please,
you're on your ovvn now.
And forgive me.
Jassi, listen.
- I don't want to listen.
It's not what you think.
The girl's in deep trouble,
some heroin mafia shit.
We need some money
to get her released.
After that I will do
whatever you ask...
You were my hero.
When you came from London,
I danced with joy.
My cool cousin!
My cool cousin!
Now just look at this cool cousin.
GABRUs crew tee.
I used to wear it with pride.
To hell with it, sisterfr!
There's no love in your heart,
only cocaine.
Remember that, fr!
Listen up.
- Jassi is dead.
Your uncle is dead.
It's not what you think.
We have to save her!
Sometimes I get high
with just your touch.
"Girl, I am standing by your side,
Won't budge an inch even if I died."
"Girl, I am standing by your side,
Won't budge an inch even if I died."
For you, my white angel,
I quit the white powder
Hide me, don't let me cower.
For you, my white angel,
I quit the white powder,
Hide me, don't let me cower.
Sir, we've reached Sarhota.
ls this Sarhota?
- Yes.
There this girl, from your village.
Which block?
Don't know.
Don't know that either.
Idiots get me riled,
early in the morning!
She may be from Bihar.
From Bihar?
Maybe at Karnail Singh's fields?
Lot of women from Bihar work there.
She ran away.
Didn't even take her stuff along.
Who did she go with?
Do you know anything?
No idea, sir.
She was the silent type.
Her name?
She had a strange name.
Pushpa, what was
the hockey girl's name?
What do I know?
I used to call her 'birdbrain'.
Who is the dealer over here?
You can take some from me if you want.
Supply is down.
Cut it outl!
What happened?
Our dealer,
Bhandi, is in the hospital.
His gang beat him up over a bad deal.
Okay then, have a nice day!
Holy shit! Doesn't he
lookjust like Tommy?
Yeah, bro!
Why would an MD of a pharma
company live here?
You listening?
Praise the lord!
That's a nice house.
Grace of God.
Mobiles don't work in our village.
But I have a phone at home.
You can speak to Virender
if you want
No, that's fine.
Since we were around,
we thought we'd say hello.
It's been a while.
What's he up to these days?
Same. Driving.
Private car?
Yes. With Amar Pal Singh.
\/Ir. Brar's son-in-law.
Ivlaninder Brar?
I remember.
Virender had mentioned
that they are like family
Hey, get the family album.
\/Ir. Brar's entire family had danced
at my son's wedding.
There was so much pomp.
Virender is looking so good.
Of course.
We must be going.
Left from here.
- Yes.
Oh no.
What happened?
What is it?
Hovv is everything?
- All good.
I was saying...
Get out of here, bloody junkies!
Get lost!
Relax, will you.
What happened to the boy?
I think he's got an attack.
Don't hit me more.
No. Don't vvorry. Be quiet.
I am your brother.
Your brother's been beaten
to pulp, my man.
I know, bro. I know.
But there this girl.
Frs fed me to Jackie.
Listen to me.
Fr, chewed out my bones.
Bloody listen!
This girl from Bihar who is in
trouble with the heroin mafia.
It's very important that I meet her.
I've never done anything for anyone.
Let me do this once.
It'll set me free.
Sorry. Listen to me.
Listen to me.
After a long time,
there's a tune in my head.
And it is thanks to the girl.
Ever since I've met her,
I just don't feel like taking cocaine.
I've got my 'mojo' back.
You know mojo, man. It's back!
- Yes.
Where is the girl?
- THE Tommy.
Where is the girl?
Sing me a song.
Just one song.
- Who is inside?
I can't sing here.
It'll make me feel lot better.
Tell me.
. OKaY"
You'll have to tell me then!
Just one song!
- Okay, calm down!
A girl whose name is Love,
She is lost. .. is lost. .. is lost.
Her saint/y charm,
her sublime beauty.
She is lost. .. is lost. .. is lost.
Her face is ethereal,
Warmth, like Mary's embrace.
Catch him.
Don't let him get away.
I won't spare you today.
A girl whose name is Love,
She is lost. .. is lost. .. is lost.
A girl whose name is Love,
She is lost. .. is lost. .. is lost.
Her saint/y charm,
her sublime beauty.
She is lost. .. is lost. .. is lost.
She is lost. .. is lost. .. is lost.
Her face is ethereal,
Warmth, like Mary's embrace
Her smile makes the flowers bloom.
Her gait feels like a moving sonnet.
Tall as a cypress in winter,
Young as a budding ember.
Yet she knows what the eyes speak.
A girl whose name is Love,
She is lost. .. is lost. .. is lost.
A girl whose name is Love,
She is lost. .. is lost. .. is lost.
Her saint/y charm,
Her sublime beauty.
She is lost. .. is lost. .. is lost.
She is lost. .. is lost. .. is lost.
So, Chandigarh tomorrow at seven?
Let's give the Election commission
a couple of days.
If nothing happens,
we will approach the media.
But I am sure, it'll work out.
Thank you, madam.
Whenever I'll look into the
mirror to tie my turban...
l'll feel a little less ashamed.
Okay... ta ta!
Madam, I've been wanting
to say something
I messed it up that evening.
The thing is that... you are so...
You are so perfect that...
Ta ta!
Sartaj. Sartaj, wait up.
Tomorrow when we're done...
do you want to have coffee with me?
At a cafe?
You came all the way
to ask me this?
What happened, kiddo?
The water is over. I am thirsty.
Thirsty? What did you
have for dinner?
Give me yourjug.
Where are you?
Give it to me.
This is not a toy.
This is not a toy.
Some one will get hurt.
Give it to me.
Everything okay?
Kiddo, let's go in.
Listen to me, Balli.
Let me go.
- Balli, wait!
Motherfr! Were you
warming your b
s here?
You haven't told anyone, right?
Hovv can you say that, sir?
Your cousin is my cousin.
It's okay... Don't stress.
Your brother, Jujhar is here.
There's a safe-house in Sultanpura.
Go underground there for some time.
Don't lose hope.
Take him to the safe-house.
I'll inform them.
Okay, let's go.
Hold her head.
Come on.
Switch on the light.
- Yes sir.
I'll create a crime scene here.
You wash the blood outside. Quick!
Where are you?
Sorry, I was riding.
- What happened?
Come to the clinic.
Balli has created a mess.
M otherfr!
Be careful. The floor is wet.
M otherfr!
Today, a large number of Punjab youth
is in drug addiction.
Many house have
at least one drug addict.
Sir, if this vicious narco-politics
is not stopped,
Punjab will soon become like Meico.
I hear that Mexican
girls are really hot.
J Lo... Jennifer Lopez.
Such a derriere can be found only
in Mexico, or in Punjab.
- Isn't it?
You shou
d've at least kept
my name out of the list.
Mine's there, too.
As kid brothers, we weren't shy to
even show each others dks.
I got you this job.
I helped you keep it too.
And you betrayed me for that bh?
It's not about you or me.
Then who is it about?
Fr, you think
Punjab belongs to your daddy?
M otherfr!
Too late to save now...
Lands are dry and kids are high.
Good morning, baby.
Bed tea for...
What are you doing?
Don't shoot.
There's a dog there.
Come this way.
Be careful.
Hey you... em!
At least tell me your name.
ls the Sultanpura massacre
leading to a can of worms?
What's in that file at crime scene...
that's got Punjab government
to swing into action?
An Enquiry Committee has
been set up against IVIP Brar.
I beg the media not to drag
my family in this matter.
Why speculate the
involvement of my family?
Sir... Sir!
Tommy, hovv are you?
Let it be.
You don't miss me.
You are busy in jail, too?
The weather is crazy today. '
What is this green stuff?
Get me some buttermilk.
I don't understand her, too.
a brother before a lover. Okay?
He is asking your name.
Mary Jane.
As in, my beloved?
You guys!
Her name is Mary Jane.
Not your Jane.
My Jane, my Mary Jane.
Mary Jane, my beloved!
Mary Jane, my beloved!
Spoke to her?
Born along the blessed five rivers
Bred in this soil, our mother/and.
Brother, now don't sing out of tune
God is watching over us from above.
But us earth/ings are lost
In our own trance.
So question your conscience.
Peep in the mirror within.
Know this, the eternal truth."
His divinity is in every being.
Live it, celebrate it!
Live it, celebrate it!
It's the essence of our existence.
Live it, celebrate it!
Watch over yourselves.
Look for the path of righteousness.
Beloved mother is
waiting with open arms
Let's ward off the
evil that hurts our land.
Let's exorcise this demon.
Come back home, now!
Don't let these tears turn you weak.
A promise you owe to your land.
So question your conscience.
Peep in the mirror within.
Know this, the eternal truth."
His divinity is in every being.
Live it, celebrate it!
Live it, celebrate it!
It's the essence of our existence.
Live it, celebrate it!