UglyDolls (2019) Movie Script

Good morning, Uglyville!
Ugly morning, Ugly Dog.
I'm aerodynamically
There's a child
For every doll
And a doll for every child
They somehow
Find each other
When destiny has smiled
Who knows just how
They're chosen
The stories seldom say
It could happen any moment
And today could be
The day
Yo, wake up, Moxy.
Morning, Peggy.
I've been up for hours.
Today could be the day!
Hello, gorgeous Let's check
out How you look today
Short and stubby And,
my gosh Look how much you weigh!
You're pinkish red
Got this thing on your head
And, whoa
Girl, you couldn't
Look better
- Hey!
- Hey, Moxy. You're in a good mood.
That's because today
I'm going to...
Get chosen and go to the Big
World and be with your child.
You say that every day.
I know. But today
I might be right.
Shake the sleep off And
kick into The morning drill
It's another awesome day
Here in Uglyville
Grab your shoes
Time to spread the good news
- Whoa
- Let's go!
Things just
Couldn't be better
Call it hope or faith
I just know in my heart
It's the day I've awaited
'Cause there's A scrambled
sun In a Day-Glo sky
And the mood
Couldn't be any brighter!
- And as the slam-bang city Goes rocketing by
- I love it!
Well, my head couldn't feel
Any lighter
It's like a fun house ride
- Whoo!
- The kind You just can't miss
Call it crazy and yet Is there
anything Better than this?
Life just couldn't
Be better than this
Ice Bat wins!
Ice cream on me!
Here you go, Mayor Ox.
Hot off the press.
Thanks, Moxy.
Today's the day.
You really think so?
When someone gets chosen,
do they get picked up
by a long stretch dune buggy
or something fancy?
I'm talking about
the tree planting ceremony.
- Oh...
- Mr. Tree, if you would.
Now, I've told you before:
All this business
about the so-called
Big World and children,
those are just stories!
Everyone says that,
but what's the harm in believing?
Never mind that
I'll tell you
What the day will bring
First a shindig, then a bash
Then more partying
- But, Ox...
- Go! Go! Go!
Top it all with a rave
Then a ball
Right, you know
It couldn't be better
Mornin', Moxy Got something
new You'll wanna try
- Hi, Wage!
- It's a brownie-cupcake Fudge-berry ice-cream pie
- Yum!
- Just one bite
Who needs kids, am I right
It just
Couldn't taste better
And soon
You-know-what is comin'
But until it arrives Might as
well Keep the party hummin'
Yes, it's a square-peg life
In a round-hole town
But the folks
Couldn't be any sweeter
It may be upside-backwards
And wrong-side down
But it just couldn't feel
More completer
And there's so much to do
And it's all such bliss
There's no reason to fret What
could ever Be better than this?
No, it couldn't
Get better than...
Incoming! Incoming!
Come on, UglyDolls!
New arrival!
Move your butts!
It's going down!
Incoming! Incoming!
New UglyDoll comin' in hot!
Willard, shake a leg!
You heard the mayor, Willard.
Get moving.
- In three.
- You got this, Willard.
- Two.
- Does he, though?
Whoa! Aah!
We're gonna need
a bigger Willard.
Or maybe not a tortoise.
Is this where I get chosen
to go to the Big World?
Welcome to Uglyville, friend.
What's your name?
- Flattop! Crew Cut!
- Smushhead!
- Wedgehead?
- Great! I love literal naming!
Isn't that right,
Gibberish Cat?
Everyone, let's give
our new neighbor a tour.
I'll show her around.
Stop the press Ugly Dog is here
Story of the day
The month, the year
Here's a scoop
On the way down-low
- Check out the flow
- Cats are rappin'
- Lobsters snappin'
- Only the dog
- Makes the party happen
- Put it in your paper
- Sealed with a kiss
- Couldn't be better Than this
Another madhouse night
In a crazy-quilt world
And our hearts couldn't soar
Any higher
We got our freak flags
Flying completely unfurled
And we just couldn't be More on fire
And life's a nonstop blast
It's utter awesomeness
Yeah, it's crazy, you bet But
it couldn't get Better than this
Food fight!
What could ever be
What could ever be
Than this
Couldn't be
Better than this
Except maybe
for the Big World.
I heard that.
Now, Moxy, I've lived here
longer than anyone,
and it really does not get
any better than this.
Look, you know I love it here.
It's not about that.
It's just...
haven't you ever felt like,
even if you're happy,
which I definitely am...
I mean, I just spent an
entire day singing about it...
there's still
something else,
there's something more
you're supposed to be doing?
Good night, Ox.
Lucky Bat, see you tomorrow.
Maybe it'll be the day.
I just don't want to see
her heart get broken
when this impossible dream
of hers doesn't come true.
Maybe I could talk to her.
Oh, please,
Lucky, give it a try.
We've run out of options here.
She doesn't listen to me.
I've done everything I can do.
I'll give it a try.
For you... and Moxy.
Guess another sun has set
And another moon Has smiled
I'm still just
One more doll
Still waiting
For her child
I'm sure it's gonna happen
Just like the stories say
There's a new day
'Round the corner
And it just might be
The day
Moxy! Thanks for accepting
my random yet urgent invitation.
- How are things?
- Well...
Every day I think:
"Today's the day."
And then it isn't.
And that's fine, it is, but...
Look, I've always believed
the Big World is real.
I know I'll find
the perfect kid for me.
But lately
I'm starting to wonder
with no evidence, no proof,
what if it's not true?
"Find your own truth...
6, 9, 25,
18, 36, 41."
This is why you're
the wisest doll in town.
You're so right.
I have to believe in myself.
Uh... sure.
So how do I do that?
Uh, well,
a wiser doll than me would say
you should stop listening
to what others tell you.
But all I have
to offer you now is some...
Satisfaction Guaran-tea.
Oh! You want to read
my tea leaves! Of course!
Um, you know,
reading tea leaves is not...
it's not really my thing.
But I can tell you that your
forehead looks nice and bright.
And that's good luck.
So take that good luck
and believe in yourself
from the comfort
of your own home.
What do you see?
- You...
- "You"?
Oh! You mean me.
It's not what you see,
but what I see.
I see leaves.
Leaves! I need to leave!
All this time I've been
waiting for my kid to find me,
but I should find my kid!
Wait, what? That's not
what I was saying at all!
Thank you so much, Lucky!
You're so wise. So wise!
- Well, I'm just lucky...
- Come on!
Moxy, I think you may have misinterpreted
the spirit of what I was trying to...
- Ugly Dog, let's go.
- Yeah! I know that look. Wait up!
Yes, let's wait up!
Babo! Lucky Bat
has a great new idea.
- No, no...
- We're gonna make our dreams come true!
I'm always geared up
for dreams.
- Or nightmares!
- Wage! Today's the day!
But, Moxy!
- Come on!
- Here we go again.
Can't we just
hit pause real quick?
Oh! Hello, Moxy.
Looks like you're all
having a good time.
Oh, loads of fun. Lucky Bat
made everything crystal clear.
Hey, Lucky! Attabat!
We're gonna make
our dreams come true!
Everything that comes
to Uglyville arrives here.
So if we're going to find
the Big World,
it's only logical
we start here.
Okay, the Big World
and children do not exist.
I just wanna have a look inside
that flower. Who's with me?
Don't do it.
- I'm in!
- Me, too!
- Traitors.
- Eh?
Come on. Come on over here.
Hit me.
- Just a quick look.
- And then we'll turn back.
Yes! You guys are the ugliest.
Now the only question is:
how do we get up there?
Eh, I got nothing.
Hmm. We need something
that could grip onto the edge
nice and tight.
Even then, it would still need
to hold all our weight.
No, no. No.
Anytime now, guys. Let's go.
Oh, good. A terrifying void.
That's always a good sign.
This is what the inside
of a flower looks like?
Yeah, dark and creepy.
All right, that's it.
Let's go.
Anyone else going
to UglyDolls On Ice tonight?
Nah, I don't wanna miss
this week's episode of
Uglyville's Got No Talent.
Let's just call it a day, huh?
You guys,
this pipe goes somewhere.
Say something to her.
Sometimes, the insides
of our dreams are hollow.
Like this pipe, for example.
Hollow, huh?
I guess a girl can dream.
We'll just go on back
like a bunch of go-on-backers.
I just gotta see
what it's like!
I think we probably should
have expected her to do that.
- Here we go.
- Moxy. Moxy!
Slow down. You're gonna slip.
It's dangerous!
Almost there! Come on!
Come on, guys! Come on!
I guess not.
Guys. What if this is the way
to the Big World?
But Ox says there is
no Big World and he...
He didn't know there was something
else out there. But we do.
This pipe? It's real,
and it has to lead somewhere.
Maybe it's the Big World.
If anyone can figure it out,
it's us.
Lucky, what could make you wiser than
solving the ultimate unsolved mystery?
Hello! Mystery ahead!
And, Ugly Dog,
you're my best friend.
Well, that's just hurtful.
Are you really going
to let me go in alone?
You ain't goin' alone.
Classic guilt trip.
And when someone needs help,
who y'all gonna call?
Babo, that's who!
I gotta say, she gets me.
Hmm. I suppose a little
journey could be enlightening.
This is ridiculous!
Going into a creepy pipe
that spells certain doom?
No. No, thank you!
Go ahead.
Give me your big sell, Moxy.
Tell me that I have to go.
It's my duty as a doll
to be a friend.
Tell me that deep down I want
to know what's over there, too.
Come on. Give me the pitch!
If you don't come,
you're going to have
to climb down that cliff
all by yourself.
Good pitch.
Let's just let the record show
that I am against this.
Now, that's what I'm talking about, Wage.
Slow down, Blobby.
- It's Babo.
- I know your name.
There are so many tunnels.
we really need is a light.
I have a flashlight!
So why have
we been walking in the dark
for the last hour, then?
I'm conserving the batteries
until we really need it.
Good thinking. Let me
know when you come upon a time
when you really need it.
You got it!
You smell anything?
It's hard to say.
It'd be easier
if I had a nose.
Creepy falling babies!
Whoa! Creepy falling babies!
Oh, no! Oh, no.
Whoo! Yes!
Hey, look at me go!
I'm freakin' out.
Breathe in deep.
Very calmly!
And exhale.
Blehh! Blehh!
Yes! Yes, yes, yes!
Let's do it again!
There's a child
For every doll
And a doll for every child
Doll Type Number 12.
You have arrived at your
designated quality control center.
The final step on your journey
to becoming the complete doll
you were made to be.
And once you successfully complete
the institute's rigorous final test,
you'll pass through
this portal
and begin the greatest
experience a doll can know.
dolls You'll meet your child
And they'll hug
And hold you fast
And you'll know
A true fulfillment
That will never
Be surpassed
And they'll see
Their own reflection
Every time
They glance your way
As you bask
In their affection
That eternal
Pure connection
Thank the Institute
Of Perfection
And it all begins...
Moxy, you were right.
Please enter through the gates
and make your way to the
individualization scanners.
Welcome to
the Institute of Perfection.
you will become the best doll you can be.
We will help you grow
from pretty to perfect.
...but only
after you successfully pass
the final challenge
we call "The Gauntlet."
Can you proceed
to the Big World?
Your name is Meghan.
You're a lawyer/model.
Objection, Your Honor.
Your name is Michael.
You're an engineer/model.
I'm an individual.
Exactly like the rest of you.
You are not a model.
Data does not compute.
I... I...
Tell my family I love them.
Ah, must be
a customary greeting here.
Hola, mi amor.
T vienes aqu mucho?
Hard pass.
I guess she's not bilingual,
because that was my best line.
Another swing, another miss.
These skirts
look so pretty on us.
But are they absorbent?
Just imagine, Uglies.
All our dreams are waiting
for us right through there.
Nothing, and I mean nothing,
is gonna stop us now.
Ew! What are those?
Is that supposed to be
some kind of dog?
Lou is so not
gonna like this.
Definitely not. He'll be like,
"I do not like this.
Ew, ew, ew."
Oh, my gosh, Kitty.
That's such a good Lou impression.
I know, right?
I know, too. Right?
Uh, excuse me, girls.
Who's Lou?
"Who's Lou?"
Were you born yesterday?
Um... yes.
Look, listen, and learn.
Lou! Lou! Lou! Lou!
I love you, Lou!
I know you hope to go
To the Big You-Know-Where
And you're here to try
To earn your ticket there
Better listen now
Or you haven't got a prayer
Lemme break it down
We love you!
I'll kiss your feet!
I wanna be your boo!
Over here! Look over here!
If you want someone
To love ya
Ya gotta look like me
I mean flawless
Pure perfection, upper-shelf
Upper shelf
And my first impression
Of ya
As far as I can see
Is you simply can't compete
With my sweet self
Your sweet self
Is your hair
As slick as mine?
Are your glutes
As tight as mine?
Are the moves you got
As drop-dead hot as this?
No! No, they ain't!
Is your profile
Half this fine?
If not, lemme hit you
With the bottom line
Got to measure up Or you
won't get Eternal bliss
So let me be honest
I got to be honest
I'm gonna be honest
Whether you like it or not
- You're much too short
- Too short
- You're way too thin
- Too thin
Is that a blemish
- On your double chin?
- Oh, man!
You'll never walk a runway
Or man a kissing booth
- You're U-G-L-Y
- Ugly
And that's the ugly truth
Now, perhaps I've just upset ya
But, people, let's get real
- Get real
- It's a most exclusive club That you want in
There's a price to pay You betcha
Hey, you gotta look ideal
Or you'll end up
In the ol' recycling bin
Recycling bin
But, hey, I can help ya
Well, possibly help ya
Well, hopefully help ya
But most of you
Probably not
- Your head's too small
- Too small
- Your neck's too long
- Too long
Your nose starts right
- But then ends up All wrong
- So wrong
- Hmm, that tiny freckle
- Ugh!
Ooh, that crooked tooth
- You're U-G-L-Y
- Ugly
And that's the ugly truth
Sorry if that makes ya cry
- You're ugly! So ugly! So...
- Wait!
Marry me, Lou!
Look at you, look at you
Look at you
I ain't seen nothing
Like you before
I mean, words fail me
I mean, I'm tongue-tied
I mean
I'm speechless, baby
What's a thing like you
Doin' in a place
Like this?
I gotta tell ya, girl
You're pretty...
Pretty ugly
- You poor, poor thing
- Come on
- Don't look so sad
- Come on
I'm sorry you're so ugly
- Is that...?
- Real bad.
Imagine how you'd traumatize
Some unsuspecting youth
- Why, it would be U-G-L-Y
- Ugly
And that's the ugly truth
Yeah, so sorry
That's the truth
That's just the ugly truth
Yeah, you're U-G-L-Y
I really do feel bad for you,
but kids just don't want ugly.
So I'm not sure where you
belong, but it's not here.
And that's the ugly
That man can entertain and
emotionally devastate like no one else.
Come on, Moxy. Let's go home.
Do you want me
to carry you home, too?
Okay, just let me know.
Bless their ugly
little hearts. Such a shame.
It is kinda sad, though.
Of course, "sad" in, like,
a totally, totally shameful way.
You know what?
We're not going anywhere.
What are you doing?
Have you lost your mind?
We don't belong here.
We've come this far.
Um... come again?
We're gonna train
and go to the Big World.
We're just as lovable
as any of you.
And we're gonna
prove you wrong.
Before we decide to do this,
shouldn't we tell Ox?
Ox? Who is Ox?
Well, he's the founder and mayor
of our town, where we live.
So there's
a whole town of Uglies?
It's called Uglyville.
I guess they're
into literal naming.
None of this matters. Okay?
Only Pretty Dolls can run
the Gauntlet. Rules are rules.
What rules?
- Uh...
- Did someone say "rules"?
- It says right here in section 43...
- Oh! You know what? Stay here.
- Seriously?
- Yes.
What kind of amazingly
benevolent leader would I be
if I denied fellow dolls a
chance to fulfill their dreams?
Mandy, show our special guests
their quarters.
May I suggest
the Supply Suite.
I have a reputation to maintain,
so I let you skate by this time.
Enjoy this moment.
Because it doesn't
get better than this.
That's the name of our song.
Find out everything you can
about their town
and report back to me
tomorrow night.
- Night? Like a date?
- No.
But there is one more thing
I need you to do.
I'll crush them all
Destroy their dream
To save my perfect empire
Nothing's too extreme
And I know how to do it
Without looking
Too uncouth
A plan that's
So foul, gross
Hideous, nasty
They'll never see the ugly
We are definitely not
"Doll Type 12."
- Everything is so different here.
- I'd say.
So you guys
actually live in these boxes?
Not that they're bad boxes.
They're all neat and organized
and straight...
and symmetrical
and clean and...
I'm okay.
Silly tree. Oh, my goodness.
Okay. This way, please.
What is that?
That would be the supply she...
I mean suite.
Your home away from home.
We are staying there?
I love it!
- Am I the only one seeing this?
- It's so industrial chic.
"Industrial chic"? It's a shed.
I mean, there's boxes and a mop.
Dibs on the mop
and the bucket of dirty water.
- Check out my spare tire.
- It matches my other tire.
- This place is perfect for us.
- Hey, hey, guys.
I'm really glad
you like it and all.
But I didn't get your names.
- Sorry. I'm Moxy.
- Babo.
- Lucky Bat.
- Wage.
- Folks call me Ugly Dog.
- Because that's his name.
- But those close to me call me Slick Dog.
- Which is not his name.
Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi.
So are you really here just
to train for the Big World?
- Yup.
- You bet!
And we're all gonna end up with
our own special kid to love.
You do know that Lou is gonna
make it super hard, right?
Well, I say bring it on,
He means well, of course.
- Though he can be a bit judgmental.
- Ya think?
Still, without
his constructive criticism,
none of us
would ever get anywhere.
So just stay on his good side.
Cool glasses.
I always wanted some specs.
- Ooh, yeah! I feel smarter already!
- Excuse me!
- No!
- Do I look wiser?
- Oh, yeah!
- No! Please, just... Please!
We're sorry.
Please don't say anything,
Especially not to Lou.
Lots of dolls
wear glasses in Uglyville.
Even Five-Eyed Steve.
This is
the Institute of Perfection,
and Perfect Dolls
have perfect eyesight.
Man, and I thought
I had issues.
Do you feel
that electricity between us?
Watch this.
She's gonna turn around.
She's gonna turn around.
She's doing the old
"don't turn around" move.
Well, she didn't need glasses
to see through you.
Hey, Mandy!
I think your glasses
look special.
They make you who you are.
Yeah, but...
No butts about it!
See you tomorrow!
Are you kidding me?
First that dark, greasy pipe,
and now we have
to go down there?
Yeah, maybe someone
down there
can tell us where Uglyville is.
Lowering, lowering, lowering.
Creeping, creeping, creeping.
Sneaking, sneaking...
It's not sneaking
if you say it.
Evenin'. Lookin' ugly.
- Check me. Am I ugly?
- Come on.
Rolling, rolling,
rolling, rolling, rolling.
Go, go, go! Come on, Willard.
I got a lot of buttons riding on you.
Come on!
Do it for Five-Eyed Steve!
This place is definitely ugly,
that's for sure.
Hey, Tuesday, jot that down.
Yas! Lou's gonna be like,
"You guys are
the awesome-est spies ever."
And then he'll love me.
And the winner is Wedgehead,
by a wedge.
Thanks, Mayor Ox!
Is that a bunny or something?
Oh, I love bunnies.
No, that's Ox!
And there he goes. Let's move!
Get him into the bag, up the pipe,
and we're on our way back to Lou.
- Easy-peasy. Any questions?
- Yes! As a matter of fact.
- Are those my earrings?
- Yes. Any more questions?
How could you take them
without asking me?
It was super easy.
Oh, no, no. Don't cry, Lydia.
It'll give you frown lines.
It's no big deal, right?
I mean, it's not like
I borrowed your lip gloss.
Wait, is that my lip gloss?
Whoa, is that the time? Getting late.
- That's my watch!
- It is, but it looks better on me.
Come on.
- It does look good on her.
- I know, right?
Got the Ugly rabbit thing.
Oh, a little rabbit
in the sack, huh?
I'm a natural ear runner.
You'll never catch me...
Right in the buttons.
Good thing for that random rake.
Just like we planned it.
Now tell us
where Uglyville is!
Today you begin your training.
And I know
that seems stressful,
maybe a little scary.
But remember: This is
your purpose as a doll.
And I would never
let you fail.
I've dedicated my entire life to
making sure you go to the Big World.
That's right.
I'm doing this for you.
And you. And you.
- Me?
- Yes, you!
Wait, so that whole "You're
ugly, you're trash" song,
that was because you loved me?
Of course I love you.
I love all of you.
And I will take you there!
Ooh! Ah!
I wanna hate him.
I mean, I really wanna dislike this guy.
But I gotta respect
the man's fireworks budget.
I'm so awesome.
But I'm here
to get you pretty.
Because pretty makes perfect.
And I don't know about you,
but that sounds
pretty great to me!
So let's get started
Do you want your clothes ruined
by a tea party gone awry?
Do you want to find yourself on the
business end of a permanent marker?
- No!
- And you!
- Huh?
- Your kid spent an hour styling your hair.
But then, disaster strikes.
Who's gonna get the gum out?
I don't know!
Today you're going to
practice how to avoid stains,
smudges, and spills.
Or as I like to call them:
"The S's of Messes."
Thank you.
I actually came up
with that one myself...
Sorry. Don't kids have fun
getting messy?
Was this part of the test?
Yes, it was.
And you passed!
For real?
Enjoy the Big World!
Thank you so much!
- I didn't think we'd ever make it.
- I am wise.
I'm gonna meet my child!
Are you guys ready? What?
This, students,
is what happens to dolls who get messy.
They get put through the wash!
Every time you go through the washer,
you come out a little less perfect.
And if you keep getting
less and less perfect,
one day even the washer
won't save you
and your child's parents
will throw you away.
I just don't want to see
any of you get rejected.
So if you want to pass
these tests, avoid mess.
Stay out of the wash.
You guys, he's right.
We've got to focus.
From this point forward,
we do it Lou's way.
What I want, you've got
And it might be hard
To handle
But like the flame
That burns a candle
The candle Feeds the flame
Yeah, yeah
What I got's full stock
Of thoughts and dreams
That scatter
Whoa! Whoa!
You can pull them
All together
And how, I can't explain
Oh, yeah, well, well, you
You make my dreams come true
Well, well, well, you
You make my dreams
Come true
Oh-oh-oh, yeah
I'm down on my daydream
Oh, that sleepwalk
Should be over by now
I know
Oh, you
- Hyah! Hah!
- Yeah
You make my dreams
Come true
Oh, I been waitin' for
- Waitin' for you, girl
- Oh!
Oh, yeah
You make my dreams
Come true
Oh-oh-ohh, whoo
- My, my. I'm impressed.
- Thanks.
And yet...
Never mind.
Far be it from me
to discourage you.
Yeah, no.
That's really hard to do.
Of course it is.
But just between us,
no matter how agile
or unshakable you may be,
when you look up there
at that perfectly pretty doll
and all the joy
she comes with,
do you honestly think
your little band of sock
puppets stands a chance here?
Carry on tryin',
but like I always say...
pretty makes perfect.
Good luck
at the Gauntlet tomorrow.
Maybe Lou is right.
If pretty is what he wants,
we can do pretty.
what are you talking about?
Kidnapping should be a crime.
I'm pretty sure it is a crime.
Good points on both sides.
Maybe we should stop the
kidnapping until we settle this.
No way. He's expecting us.
And I want him to see my
bangs. They're side-swept now.
He's not gonna care
about your bangs!
You guys
are being haters lately.
Let me out!
Where am I?
Who's in charge here?
Hello, old friend.
They know each other?
He just said, "L-Lou?"
Keep up.
have you seen my bangs?
I think it's an improvement.
Hi! Ready for tomorrow?
Oh, my doll.
We... We thought
we'd give pretty a try.
If I'm being honest,
I think you all
kinda look great
just the way you are.
Well, before all of this.
if you're gonna do this,
can I do it for you
at least?
We'll pluck a little here
Then we'll tuck
A little there
Then we'll cut
A little loose
And apply a little mousse
To what seems
To be your hair
- Then we'll do A little tweeze
- Ow!
- Then we'll do A little more
- Oh.
Then we'll wax
And then we'll bleach
Till you're smoother
Than a peach
Or at least
A little smoother
Than you were before
To me, you look okay
But if you truly
Want me to
We'll sculpt and mold
And change
And fix you anyway
We're gettin' all dolled up
Going with the flow
And looking so appealing
Hey, 'cause when
You're all dolled up
No one has to know Just
how flawed You're feelin'
And if you can hide
What's shining through
They'll see
A whole new you
So we'll try a little mask
- It'll open up your pores
- What's a pore?
Then we'll rub
Some lotion in
And we'll soften up
Your skin
So it doesn't look
Like yours
Then we'll moisten up
Your lips
Buff your toenails to a T
And we'll powder up
Your nose
Or in your case, I suppose
We'll just put
A little powder
Where your nose should be
We're getting all dolled up
Blendin' with the crowd
Like we know we've got to
Hey, 'cause when
You're all dolled up
That's when you're allowed
To pretend you're not you
And once you conceal
What's real and true
You'll see a whole new you
Everyone, choose your weapons!
Step one, find
The trendiest of outfits
Step two, pick
The one that just about fits
Step three
This is absolutely key
Choose it not for you
But for who you wanna be
And then once you know
Which look you're into
Say when and I guess
We can begin to squeeze
And stretch
And stuff and squish
Until we nail
The whole display
- Hey!
- Hey
We're getting all dolled up
Feelin' fresh and free
And lookin' oh-so-juicy
Hey, 'cause when
You're all dolled up
People only see
What you want them to see
And once who you are
Is hidden from view
You'll be a whole new you
Check us out!
You'll be a whole new you
We are ugly-licious!
You'll be a whole new you
Wow. Thank you, Mandy.
- Come on, dolly!
- We're gonna beat that Gauntlet!
My pants are tight,
but I like it!
I love it!
We're getting all dolled up
Gosh, though, how I wish
That I didn't need to
Look at me all dolled up
Stuck playing a part
Someone else agreed to
Ooh, if I could choose
Who I could be
I'd choose a whole new me
I'd choose a whole new me
I'd choose a whole new
- Ugh!
- What?
- Ugh!
- Ooh!
What is it?
- O...
- M...
No way!
What is this?
Look at my bangs.
Face it, doll.
They look better on him.
We're Pretty Dolls now.
Well, you certainly are.
- So you're happy for us?
- So happy.
Why does he always
have to say it in that tone?
- And yet so sad.
- There he goes again.
You see, I'm afraid all your
hard work has been for nothing.
What do you mean?
No amount of makeup
or fancy new clothes
or dollscaping...
Excuse you?
...can take away the fact
that deep down,
you are UglyDolls.
There's no changing that.
UglyDolls can never
pass the Gauntlet.
We don't believe you.
You don't believe me?
I suspected as much.
But maybe you'll believe him.
Hello? We kidnapped him.
Oh, yeah.
Ox? I... I don't understand.
- Moxy.
- Ox. Wait.
You won't believe this.
The Big World is real!
I know.
Come on, Ox. Relieve the poor
creatures of their confusion.
Why don't you start
at the beginning.
What's he talking about?
Moxy, all I wanted to do was
protect you. But Lou's right.
You're never gonna get
to the Big World.
Let me try to explain.
It all began
in the Doll Factory.
I don't know how,
but I ended up here at the Institute.
Lou welcomed me
and we became close friends.
And after I begged and begged,
he even let me train.
I even felt like I might
have a shot at the Big World.
I was messing it up for the others,
and they started to turn on me.
I was scared.
It was only Lou who saved me
by showing me a way out.
I wandered into the dark,
and that's when I discovered
the ugly truth
about who we are
and where we came from.
We UglyDolls
are nothing but rubbish.
The humans found us unlovable
and threw us away.
I blocked the way
to Recycling
so that outcast dolls
would be diverted to our cove.
We are rejects.
We belong in Uglyville
where reject dolls
can live safe
and free
of anyone else's judgment.
Oh, Moxy, look at you.
This is what I've been trying
to protect you from.
But I realized you'd need to
hear it from your oldest friend.
You don't belong
in the Big World.
You don't belong anywhere.
You shouldn't even exist.
I'm so sorry I lied.
So there's
no Big World for us?
No kid waiting?
I'm so sorry, everyone.
This is all my fault.
I should never...
Moxy, wait! Wait!
Now, Ox, I'm an amazingly magnanimous
guy, so I'll tell you what:
Go back to Uglyville.
Live your little ugly lives.
Never come back here.
And if you do,
it's Recycling for everyone.
I bet they'll be back.
That little pink one never gives up.
Yes, well, neither do I.
Extra! Extra! People of
Uglyville are revealed to be...
Who'd have thunk?
We heard it straight
from Ox's mouth.
Yep, it's time to wake up
and smell the ugly.
Just the bag, please.
I've arrived!
I can't wait to learn
about this magical place
and all my...
I wish I could say
it wasn't so.
Things will never be
the same around here.
can you spare a button?
Hard times.
Hard, hard times.
Sorry, Uglyville.
Hey, yo. Wake up.
Or don't. It doesn't matter.
I wish I was sleeping. I don't know
why I'm up all early in the morning.
I can't do this anymore.
Did that make you feel better?
What are you doing here?
Moxy, you have to go back
and complete the Gauntlet.
- There's no point.
- That's where you're wrong.
All your life you knew the truth
and you never stopped believing.
And you were right!
I never would have had
the courage to come here
if it weren't for you.
If you give up now
because you're not perfect,
what hope
do the rest of us have?
With five eyes or wedged heads
or glasses?
You need to fight, Moxy.
Show them it's our differences
that make us shine.
There's always Gonna be
someone Tryin' to tear you down
Mockin' you
For your mistakes
Oh There's always
Gonna be someone
Messin' your head around
Watchin' you
To see you break
Don't you let 'em
Call you out
Brush away
The shame and doubt
Remember What you're
all about And then
Show 'em who you are
Show 'em
That you're strong
Show 'em that you know
Where you belong
Open up their eyes
Force 'em all to see
Let 'em know you are
And you'll always be
Unbreakable, yeah
There's always
Gonna be someone
You're somethin' less
Let 'em talk
You know your heart
- Oh
- There's always Gonna be someone
Callin' you second best
Shut 'em down
Don't fall apart
Don't you let 'em
In your head
Doesn't matter
What they said
Get up on your feet instead
And then
Show 'em who you are
Show 'em
That you're strong
Show 'em they've been
Seeing you all wrong
Open up their minds
Throw away the key
Tell 'em that you are
And you'll always be
Unbreakable, yeah
You define yourself
You and no one else
Show 'em who you are
Show 'em
That you're strong
Show 'em That you've
known it All along
Open every door
Own your destiny
Live as if you are
What you were
And you've been
And you'll always be
Great song, guys!
Oh, hello, Mandy.
Lou's gonna love this.
- Whoa!
- Hey!
We are getting so good
at kidnapping, right?
Let us out,
you beautiful monsters!
Lou? What you doing here?
You didn't think I was gonna
miss all the fun, did you?
You did miss the whole climbing
down, kidnapping, dragging,
climbing back up,
being tired part.
I see you brought Mandy, too.
How delightful.
But you told us to bring Moxy
back to you and...
I came up
with a far better plan.
What are you doing? You've
already crushed their spirits.
Uglyville may be crushed,
but we both know
Moxy will never give up.
Without you around,
the rest of them will stay away forever.
The only reason I let you
stay in Perfection
was to keep up appearances.
Everybody says, "Oh, Lou,
you're so nice!
You're the best!"
Do you know how long I've
worked for that adulation?
Those Pretty Dolls,
they're mine.
They hang on my every word.
And if you think
I'm gonna let you
take that away from me,
you're as empty-headed
as the rest of them.
You're both ugly.
And ugly things
belong in Recycling.
- No!
- You can't do this!
Ox disrupted the
system, but I'll fix it.
We'll see each other again soon.
You'll be brand-new.
You'll be perfect!
Please, sir.
Can I have some more?
- Um... a little bit more.
- Ugh.
Bless you, sir.
Perhaps even a little...
Get lost, Oliver.
It's tough times all over.
Where's Moxy?
Wouldn't you hide too
if you were responsible
for all of this?
It's not all her fault.
I mean, I just went along with
it without so much as a bark.
All I wanted to do was help her get
a look inside that magic flower.
It all started
with the tea leaves.
My tea leaves.
Oh, yeah. I never tried
to talk to her out of it.
I thought it was
a great idea all along.
Don't drag me
into your little pity party.
It's all my fault! I've always
wished I could be as brave as Moxy.
But I've always been afraid
of my own shadow,
and I saw this as an opportunity
to step outside of my comfort zone.
It's got to get
better than this, right?
Oh, look at us.
We're falling to pieces.
I'm gonna go talk to Moxy,
and we're gonna make things right.
I need something
stronger than this soup.
Oh, no.
Did you see anything?
What? Oh, no.
Moxy, just give it up.
We've already tried.
No. No! Oh, no! No!
- Moxy!
- Ox!
- Let's go!
- We got you.
Ready, Wage? Now!
We can't hold this forever!
- Hold on!
- Hold on tight!
Oh, no!
- Come on, Babo!
- Stretch, Babo, stretch!
So long, Ugly world!
I'm not gonna make it!
- Yeah!
- Yes!
- Okay, pull!
- Pull!
- Pull!
- Pull!
- Hyah, Willard!
- Whoo-hoo!
I'm lucky you got that thing on your
head, whatever it is.
No, Gibberish Cat,
we're not just going home.
If Lou tried to recycle us,
then no one is safe.
Moxy's right. I lived my whole
life being afraid, but never again.
We need to take a stand.
All of us!
But how? We're rejects!
I read it in the paper.
We are not rejects.
Our flaws make us who we are.
You know what? We have enough flaws for
every doll in Perfection and then some.
I have three brains!
And me,
I'm shaped like a spork!
See this head? It's a wedge!
And I'm greedy with the soup!
Those are all
worth fighting for!
Well, maybe not being greedy
with the soup, but the others!
Now let our freak flags fly!
Attention, please.
All Gauntlet runners
must immediately report
to the starting area.
Are you ready
for the Gauntlet?
I'm ready!
I said, "Are you ready?"
Yes! Excuse me.
Sorry. Coming through.
Mandy. How unexpected.
Step aside, model/engineer.
- Watch out.
- Hey, watch the plush!
Coming through,
coming through.
Pegacorn coming through.
Hello, old friend.
Oh, this is rich.
This is really rich.
You can't possibly think
you'll pass.
Maybe we will. Maybe we won't.
But every doll in this stadium
is gonna see us try.
You know what, Lou?
When I first got here,
I thought you were perfect.
I couldn't find a single thing
wrong with you.
But I can see
a lot better now.
Yes. Yes,
you'll run the Gauntlet.
And I'm gonna run it with you.
I wanna run
your Gauntlet, Lou!
Yeah! Activate the core.
Intimidating warm-up grunts.
You? Run the Gauntlet?
I don't even have to win.
I just need to make sure
you lose.
And when I'm done,
I'll have my loyal subjects
escort each and every
last UglyDoll to Recycling...
where you belonged
in the first place.
Now, as you all know,
the Gauntlet
is designed to simulate
real-world obstacles.
The participants must make it
through the doggy door
and cross the finish line
to win.
Go, Moxy!
- Yeehaw!
- Tallyho, Moxy!
Let's go!
Help me!
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
Lou, we have to save him!
Leave him! He's a lost cause.
He's gone forever.
I'm over here!
You could grab my hand!
There's nothing
we could've done.
Good doggy.
You call that a dog?
It's all right, guys.
Slick Dog's got this.
What are you doing?
Havin' fun, gettin' crazy,
gettin' loose!
Go! I'll stall him.
Go, go, go!
- Huh? Go, team!
- Hey!
Lou! I totally don't
deserve this!
I'm starting to think
Lou's just not that into me.
Heads up, everyone!
Time to clean up this mess.
- Forever.
- Moxy!
- Go, Moxy! Keep going!
- Come on!
- Yeah!
- Yay!
Let's go!
Stairs. Stairs. Stairs!
You don't wanna
do this, Baby. No!
Ox! Are you okay?
My head feel not good.
- Oh!
- Whoa!
Is it okay for a pet
to have their own pet?
- Yeah!
- Whoo-hoo!
Unhand me, you annoying little hazard.
Let go now!
Did you see that?
Who kicks a baby?
Boo, Lou!
- Moxy!
- Come on, Moxy!
You're almost there.
It's okay. Don't cry.
You'll be okay.
Sorry we didn't pass.
But how?
You did it, Moxy.
Gauntlet bypassed!
Love and compassion
are the doll's true purpose.
Run celebration protocol.
Time to party!
For an Exposition Robot,
that guy is pretty cool.
Well, I guess
the cat's out of the bag.
You failed?
How could you fail?
You still don't get it.
Of course I failed.
I'll always fail!
- I'm a prototype!
- What?
"Prototype" is, like,
a good thing, right?
He ain't a real doll, girl.
You thought that
I stuck around this place
because I cared so much
about you mindless sycophants?
"Sycophants" is, like, a good thing, right?
Ugh! No, you imbecile!
- Is "imbecile" a good thing?
- My gut says, "Yeah."
I'm the model!
The mold!
Sent by the factory
to help guide you through.
Sounds amazing, right?
- Uh...
- Wrong!
Prototypes are not meant
for public consumption.
I was never allowed to go to
the Big World, but you could!
How could someone as ugly
as you be accepted and loved
while someone as perfect as I
never could and never will?
Let's see how you feel when you're trapped
in this place forever, just like me.
Come on!
It was all a lie?
Dolls don't need you
or your training.
You did it all
just to feel powerful?
What happened to you?
We were like brothers.
You, a reject, were gonna leave
me, just like the others.
Ever wonder why the
Pretties turned on you?
It was you!
You tried to have me recycled!
You wanted to leave so bad,
I sent you right
where you belong.
The only thing I did wrong
was I should have waited
to make sure
you were recycled.
I need a boost!
I got nothing.
Lou, no! Don't do this!
- Ready!
- Fire!
Destiny time!
No! No! No!
- Good dog.
- Girls! Girls!
Are you gonna let them
take over?
After everything
I've done for you?
So where do you want him,
Hmm. I haven't decided.
Any suggestions?
Tear the stuffing out of him!
- Shred that liar, honey!
- Let the dog have him!
- Give him back to the baby!
- No, please!
I know I'm not perfect,
but I deserve a second chance.
Look into your heart.
Look into your heart!
Um, I have an idea.
Do you know how expensive
this suit is? Dry-clean only!
Hey, guys? Something's
not right with the portal.
There's a child
For every doll
But I guess
That's not quite true
There won't be one
For me now
Or for you.
Or you.
Or you.
I can't believe it's over
And Lou will get his way
Even dreamers
Have to wake up
Guess today will be the
Show 'em who you are
Show 'em
That you're strong
Show 'em that you know
Where you belong
Open every door
Own your destiny
Look down
Deep in your heart
And believe in the you
That you see
Then become what you are
And you'll set yourself
So, what happened next?
Well, you're not
gonna believe it.
Or maybe you will.
I don't even know you!
As your mayor,
I'm proud to announce
the permanent merger
of Uglyville and Perfection.
Slower, Willard, slower.
Soon us Uglies were hanging
With our opposites
And we Pretty Dolls
Embraced all our messy bits
Though we're not
Truly perfect So what
- Whoa
- Let's go!
We just couldn't be better
Now the portal
Is permanently open wide
You can go be With your
child On the other side
Then come back
Once the kid hits the sack
- Whoa
- Life just Couldn't be better
Don't sweat
Don't worry, don't fear
Stop the press
The canine's here
This ol' dog Learned a new
trick Ugly is better than slick
- Ugly is different
- Ugly is unique
Keepin' it real
When you feel like a freak
- So face it, embrace it
- Follow your bliss
Doesn't get better than this
Yes, it's a mixed-up life
In our inside-out world
But it all couldn't
Be any clearer
We may be Pinstriped,
checkered Or polka-dot swirled
- But we love What we see in the mirror
- Go! Go! Go!
- And it's a nonstop blast
- Party!
Of awesome ugliness
It's amazing, you bet But
there's something Much better
So amazing, and yet
It gets even much better
There's one thing
There's one thing
That's better
Well, Moxy, you did it.
Today's the day.
I never doubted you, girl.
Not for one minute.
Well, okay, maybe one minute.
Or, like, I don't know, five to ten.
The time here is so funky.
I mean, how long did this take us?
What is this, a day? A month?
What, 83 minutes?
It's all very confusing.
But look, Moxy,
you better come back
to visit, you hear me?
Of course I'm coming back.
You know Uglyville
will always be my home.
You were right the whole time,
Lucky Bat.
We found our own truth.
- Shh! Don't wake her up.
- She's gonna be so excited.
I never held my hand out
And asked for something free
I got pride I could roll out
For miles in front of me
I don't need your help
And I don't need sympathy
I don't need you
To lower the bar for me
I know I'm Superwoman
I know I'm strong
I know I've got this
'Cause I've had it all along
I'm phenomenal
And I'm enough
I don't need you
To tell me who to be
Can someone just hold me?
Don't fix me
Don't try to change a thing
Can someone just know me?
'Cause underneath
I'm broken and it's beautiful
I'm broken
And it's beautiful
I'm broken
And it's beautiful
I'm broken
And it's beautiful
I'm broken
And it's beautiful
Walking on the ocean
Turn water into wine
We bury our emotion And
pretend That we're just fine
The only way to live now
Is to know you're gonna fly
To listen to the lying liars
And the lies
I know I'm Superwoman
I know I'm strong
I know I've got this
'Cause I've had it all along
I'm phenomenal
I'm enough
I don't need you
To tell me who to be
Can someone just hold me?
Don't fix me
Don't try to change a thing
Can someone just know me?
'Cause underneath
I'm broken and I'm beautiful
Hey, I'm broken
And it's beautiful
I'm broken
And it's beautiful
Hey, I'm broken
And it's beautiful
I'm broken
And it's beautiful
- Oh, oh
- I'm tired
Can I just be tired?
Without piling on
All sad and scared
And out of time
I'm wild
Can I just be wise?
Without feeling Like I'm
failing And I'm losing my mind?
Can someone just hold me?
Don't fix me
Don't try to fix a thing
Someone just know me
'Cause underneath
I'm broken and it's beautiful
I'm broken
And it's beautiful
I'm broken
And it's beautiful
I'm broken
And it's beautiful
It's beautiful, yeah
- It's beautiful
- Beautiful
It's beautiful, yeah
I'm broken
And it's beautiful
- It's beautiful
- Beautiful
It's beautiful, yeah
I'm broken
And it's beautiful
I'm tired of my thoughts
They weigh me down
Feels like I'm drowning
I'm tired of my flaws
They fill me
With anxiety and doubt
Honestly, I'm done
With hating pictures of myself
And trying to be
Like everybody else
I wanna be like, look like
The girl in the mirror
Wanna act like, dance like
No one's watching her
I could try to
Be just like you
But I want to be like me
The girl in the mirror
The girl in the mirror
The girl in the mirror
I'm sick of the likes
And followers
Everyone's counted
I'm sick of the lies
But I'm crying inside
Honestly, I'm done with
Hating pictures of myself
And trying to be
Like everybody else
I wanna be like, look like
The girl in the mirror
Wanna act like, dance like
No one's watching her
I could try to
Be just like you
But I want to be like me
The girl in the mirror
The girl in the mirror
Wanna wake up, no makeup
And still think I'm beautiful
Wanna smile like I mean it
And finally be comfortable
With me
Finally be comfortable
With me
I wanna be like, look like
The girl in the mirror
Wanna act like, dance like
No one's watching her
I could try to
Be just like you
But I want to be like me
The girl in the mirror
The girl in the mirror
The girl in the mirror
Girl in the mirror
The girl in the mirror