Uklad zamkniety (2013) Movie Script

Ladies and gentleman,
dear friends,
thank you for arriving
in such great numbers.
I would like to greet
our special guests.
Our provincial governor,
Mr Jan Kalinowski, is here with us.
The mayor of our city,
Mr Henryk Leski. Welcome.
His Excellency, Bishop Gobiowski
has graced us with his presence.
The governor of the tax Office,
Mr Mirosaw Kamiski is here with us.
Our dear friend and business partner
from Denmark, Bjorn Gustafsen. Hello.
As you probably know,
our company has already been
in operation for 6 months,
so this ceremony
is really just symbolic.
We were simply waiting for all
the production lines to start operating
so that we could show off
the factory fully operational.
For the 3 of us,
Navar is something
of a promised land.
Ladies and gentlemen,
let us raise a toast.
Thank you for being with us,
for believing in us
and for backing us.
And now I would like to invite you
to tour our factory.
Mr. Mayor, would you do us
the honor of cutting the ribbon?
Ladies and gentleman,
this is the very moment
we've been waiting for.
Come to grandpa.
How was it? Nice?
That's good.
It's great that not only kids
like our castle.
Oh yes. A great event.
Mr Maj, right?
Yes, Piotr Maj.
We haven't met, have we?
No, not in person.
I know you from the media.
Oh, yes.
We've been talked about, recently.
You're the spitting image
of your father.
- You knew my father?
- Your father used to be my dean.
A wonderful person.
- I'm sorry. Andrzej Kostrzewa.
- Piotr Maj.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yes, nice.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Your Excellency, would you please do us
the honor of blessing the factory?
Here are the machines we bought
from North Phoenix, a Danish company.
We are at the signal amplifiers
production line.
Navar is a joint stock company.
The share prices keeps going up.
But maybe I shouldn't reveal secrets
of our company's finances
here, in front of the camera.
I'm sorry,
I must return to our guests.
Thank you very much.
Here, on the left you can see
the assembly line of modems.
Krzysiek, show our guests around,
I'll join you in a second, ok?
- Good Morning Governor.
- Oh, hi Andrzej.
- Long time no see, right?
- Right.
- You're interested in electronics?
- Not really.
But, let me just say,
this is impressive.
Three young guys
have built something like this.
- From scratch.
- Exactly...
Aren't you curious as to how
they got the money for this?
If you dug deep enough,
you'd find some dirt here.
That's your professional bias.
Looking for scams is your job.
Do you know
any honest businessmen in Poland?
They all keep scheming,
- evading taxes to break even.
- Oh, stop it...
Well, the laws and regulations
don't make their lives easier.
But what do we care.
We came here to have fun, right?
I'll have a shot.
It's on them after all.
maybe you could drop by someday?
- We'll talk about the old days.
- I'll call.
Please wait outside and please,
I'll join you in a moment.
Thank you.
- Can I talk to you, Sir?
- Yes?
My name is Tomasz Chwedczuk.
I represent Offshore Holding Company.
Offshore Holding?
Never heard of it.
It's an international corporation.
Most of our capital is Japanese.
I know everything
about Navar's success.
We're looking to invest
a large sum of money in your company.
Navar has a great future.
Why thank you,
however we don't need investors.
We're doing great on our own.
Besides, you've chosen a bad moment.
- Excuse me.
- I come to you with a serious offer,
and you treat me...
As befits the occasion...
Now excuse me.
10 million EURO.
That's how much we can invest
in your company.
How much?
Somewhere between
5 and 10 million EUROs.
I'm sorry,
but that doesn't sound reliable.
If you really mean it,
please contact me next week,
all right?
- Al right.
- Thank you.
I'm coming, just a second.
- Good afternoon, ma'am.
- Good afternoon.
I'm here to see the District
Prosecutor, Mr Kostrzewa.
Please, go inside.
My husband is at home.
I'm leaving for work right now.
Sit, Max.
Don't worry, he doesn't bite.
Please come in.
Good afternoon.
You probably don't remember me,
Mrs Kostrzewa.
Of course I remember you,
Mr Mieczysaw...
- Mirosaw.
- Sorry...
I'm Mirosaw Kamiski,
nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
- Hi Mirek, come on in.
Don't be scared,
he doesn't bite.
There's tea and coffee in
the kitchen. I'll be back as usual.
You said you'd call
but I didn't expect it so soon.
- Let's have some anisette.
- No, thanks, I'm driving.
Oh, come on,
don't be ridiculous.
what did you say about
digging for some dirt at Navar?
Well, you know...
I wonder how Mr Rybarczyk,
Stawski and Maj...
got the money to build such a huge,
modern factory.
You need millions of dollars
to do that.
Well, buying Radiomet was a bargain,
then they sold it at a profit,
but it wouldn't have been
enough anyway.
- How did they get the rest?
- I don't know.
We'd have to sift through
their documents, bills and contracts.
Knowing you,
you've already done that.
No, Andrzej, come on.
- We live in a law abiding state.
- True.
But, if we were notified
that a crime had been committed...
...well, that would be
a different story.
What's this?
The notification of a crime.
Quite a stunt.
Around 10 mln EUROs, I think.
Or more.
No, thanks for the anisette.
But I could use
some white vodka.
Sir, Mr Sodowski is here.
Please, come in.
- You called for me, sir?
- Yes.
Please, sit down.
I've been watching you
for a long time...
...and I'm coming to the conclusion
that I should congratulate you.
I see you have some
character qualities that are crucial
to our profession.
You are very well organized.
You investigate
everything thoroughly.
It's nice to hear this
from your boss.
We will soon be examining
a very important case.
I've decided
to entrust you with it.
Thank you.
What does it pertain to?
For the time being,
I can only tell you
that a huge financial scam
is in progress.
You'll get further instructions
in a week.
That will be all.
Mr Sodowski?
I'm counting on you.
If we have everybody by the balls,
they won't say a word.
Let's hope so.
It's all thanks to your help Jacek, really.
You know, oficially the Ministry
can't have anything to do with it.
Of course.
Excuse me, Minister,
a phone call for you, Sir...
Our investor is getting impatient.
He says he cannot wait forever.
Not everything can be speed up.
Well, it would be good if the media
showed the case In the proper light.
Don't worry about the media,
I'll take care of it.
Oh, well. That's good.
I've got hungry. There is
a good restaurant over there.
Nice one. I shot it yesterday.
What do you do
with the raw hide?
You have to clean it first,
and then you perform taxidermy.
He's coming.
You've got a bit lost, Kamil,
haven't you?
No, I had no trouble,
I've got a GPS.
- Good afternoon.
- Hello.
- Have you met, gentleman?
- We've only spoken on the phone.
- We speak about Navar everyday.
- Sodowski.
Please, come inside.
- You a hunter?
- Yes, I am.
To be more precise,
I eliminate weaker specimens.
- So, this wild pig...
- Wild boar.
...was weaker?
He was weak.
The lack of vigilance killed him.
He came straight
into my line of sight.
This way.
This is my domain, gentleman.
Did you shoot
all of these yourself?
Yes, my friend.
I shot and skinned them,
- and stuffed them.
- Taxidermy.
That's right, taxidermy.
- And that boar?
- That's Zdzicho.
- Zdzicho?
- Yes, Zdzicho.
He commemorates my first case.
A famous case.
You wouldn't remember it,
it was in Silesia in the 70s.
The so called Silesian Vampire.
- Zdzicho... What was his last name?
- Marchwicki?
Yes, Zdzisaw Marchwicki.
I interrogated him a few times.
We called him "Zdzicho".
- A weaker specimen.
- Well, a sick one.
He murdered women.
He was sick...
nature eliminates sick specimens.
No, wait a second.
I'm sick - I've got bad kidneys.
- You'd eliminate me too?
- Of course I would.
If you were
a threat to the herd.
Later, I'd stuff you.
What? You'd stuff me?
- Can you stuff a man?
- Why not?
But he has to deserve it.
Gentlemen, wild boar knuckles.
Delicious. Trust me!
I have to say, I won't eat meat
if I haven't killed the animal
myself. That's my indulgence.
I guess you've already met
Zdzicho and Bozenka, gentlemen?
- Bozenka?
- Leave us alone, dear, all right?
Help yourself please.
- Some cabbage.
- Thank you.
Here you are.
- Some cabbage?
- No, thank you.
- Plain vodka? Or flavored?
- Plain.
- No, thanks.
- Loosen up, my friend.
- Flavored?
- Plain.
Have you drawn up the Navar charges,
Yes, well, actually yes...
But it's not as simple
as I thought.
The Radiomet management buy
out was not illegal.
What if it was
deliberately underpriced?
Yes, but the buyer
who got the bargain is not guilty.
The culprit is the seller
who underpriced it.
The local official.
But if the seller was bribed
by the buyer?
Then that's a different story.
But it's hard to prove bribery
after so many years.
Don't worry about the evidence,
One more thing,
a TV reporter will contact you.
You can tell him a few things.
But no details, of course.
Isn't it a bit premature?
We don't want
to make fools of ourselves.
Where's the toilet?
First door on the right.
Greenhorn. He's got doubts.
Let's hope
he doesn't screw things up.
- Good morning Sir.
- Good morning. Who are you...
Tomasz Chwedczuk,
I was on my way to meet you,
- but I see you are leaving.
- Do we have a appointment?
And how do you know
my private address?
Well, Mr President, you know, sir,
the issue is rather confidential.
I preferred not to call.
The phones are tapped...
the cops are sniffing around.
- What's the matter?
- Could we get into your car?
I'd rather we weren't seen.
I'm sorry, but I have to be
at the airport in 30 minutes.
- I have a flight to London.
- This will take just a second.
Sir, as I said before,
Offshore Holding is willing to invest
a large amount of money
in your company.
We could hand
over some of the money right now.
- What is this?
- An advance payment, 100,000 EUROs.
I told you we weren't looking
for investors.
No need for a receipt.
You can do whatever you want
with the money.
Straight from the bank.
No, no. This is bullshit!
I don't want your money!
Take it away!
It's not bullshit.
It's 100,000 EUROs.
It's tax free. For you.
Nobody has to find out.
Please get out of my car
and take the money with you.
Just a moment.
It seems you don't understand...
Get the fuck out of here!
Or I'll call the cops.
Think it over, sir.
I'll contact you next week.
- Goodbye.
- Take it! Hey, you!
Why the secrecy?
Couldn't we talk in the office?
You need to be careful
in some situations.
You never know who's listening.
It's your obsession from the old,
Solidarity days.
You think that the police
are still spying on everyone.
Doesn't this tax office inspection
make you wonder?
They've been digging
into the papers for ages...
As if they really wanted
to find something specific.
Come on, is this the first
tax control in your life?
They've never been
so thorough before.
The strange thing is they're not
interested in Navar at all.
They keep sniffing around
the Radiomet buy out.
- Have we done something wrong?
- I was tipped off.
The Prosecutor's Office is interested
in the matter - this is serious.
Who tipped you off?
Somebody I trust.
Something's comming,
but I don't know what.
Come on, we were on TV,
people started talking...
They want to check us out,
that's all.
We have to call Marek.
He must come back from London.
He's taking
care of some serious stuff.
You'd ruin
his business meeting on a hunch?
- I'm calling him.
- Grzesiek, calm down.
Excuse me. Maj?
I'm on my way.
Marek? Hi, it's me.
How's the weather in London?
Cold and rainy - as usual in London.
- And what's up?
- Listen, there's a problem.
That Tax Office inspection.
They want to bust the company.
Something is coming.
Listen, you have to come back.
Well, I still have a couple of...
...important meetings here.
When I'm back in Warsaw,
we'll go to the Ministry of Finance
and ask what they've got on us.
Ok, bye now.
He left 100,000 EUROs
in the street?
Apparently not everyone
is as greedy as you think, sir.
Is that so...?
He's more into women
than anything else.
He's more cunning
than I thought.
Maybe I'll just try to approach him
through his mistress?
Then he'll just gobble up
the money.
First of all, you're not going to do
anything behind my back.
Is that clear?
We'll be in touch.
Despite a stormy discussion,
all the resolutions were passed.
Yesterday in Gdask, at the age of 82
died Professor Ryszard Maj.
He was
a renowned legal historian
and the former Dean of the Law
and Administration department
at the Copernicus University in Toru
for many years,
as well as the editor
of the "Wokanda" periodical.
Good morning, I have an appointment
with professor Maj.
Professor Maj was repressed in 1968.
In the wake of
the anti-Semitic March Events.
- Your name?
- Andrzej Kostrzewa.
After he returned to Poland
in the 80s,
he actively supported
the dissident movement.
You've failed two exams.
Both were taken at the final dates,
before the board.
You've used up all the chances
the procedure gives you.
You have not acquired
the third semester credits.
That means you have failed
the whole year.
Sir, I'll lose my scholarship...
- I've got no means to live.
- I'm sorry, Mr Kostrzewa.
I've enclosed
the Student's Association's opinion
- with my application.
- I've read it.
But the Association will not pass
exams for you.
Your political activity
cannot substitute the knowledge
of Roman law. Goodbye.
Hi Andrzej,
I was just about to call you.
- Have you heard?
- Yes, I have.
Professor Maj is dead.
Oh, that's not what I meant.
There's a stock market crash.
The prices are falling like hell.
Navar has dropped by over 3%.
- Other companies are even worse.
- That's good for us.
Comrade Kostrzewa,
what have you got to say?
Good? Why?
Andrzej, are you there?
I went to see Professor Maj... ask him for another chance
to sit my exams.
He said...
I'm not sure if it's relevant...
Come on, comrade.
Speak up!
He said knowledge of Roman law
is more important
than the activity
in the political party.
Listen, don't you care
about old Maj's death at all?
Why should I?
He was old.
You've called me
from my weekend away,
I was rushing
at breakneck speed.
- Ok, what happened?
- Complications.
Everything is ready,
we're striking on Monday.
- Have you got the evidence?
- You were supposed to have it.
we're cancelling the execution.
But can you tell me why?
Because the circumstances
have changed.
Sir, with all due respect, you said
they were dangerous criminals.
And now what?
You've changed your mind?
First you tell me to build
a humongous case,
use heavy artillery, and then what?
And maybe they are innocent?
If so, we have to clear everything up
and apologize.
Do you have many ideas like that,
my friend?
And if so, then what?
Then from tomorrow
on you'll be supervising...
...mugging cases
and petty larceny
this conversation did't happen.
Oh, no. It did happen.
And we'll bear it in mind.
- Well, what do we call these fish?
- Piranhas.
Very good!
And do piranhas like children?
Yes, of course. Very much.
Hi, sorry. I couldn't skive earlier.
Lots of work at the precinct.
there's something you should know...
...before it comes out.
Maj, the old professor
who died 2 days ago...
- I know.
- Andrzej, this is confidential...
Maj, the junior, from Navar,
was contacted by a journalist
from Gazeta Morska.
He's working on an article
about Professor Maj.
The junior came across his father's
old memoirs.
There full of the names
of well known people.
Your's as well,
in the context
of the March Events.
Piotr Maj agreed to have
an interview with the journalist.
On Thursday.
The day after tomorrow.
I thought...
Well, I wanted you to know.
- Come, it's important. Come.
- Not now, buddy.
- Come, come on.
- He'll be back later.
That's bullshit.
But thanks anyway.
- Take care.
- Bye.
Man! The party's executive
has made a decision
and passed it on straight
to the university president.
He's packing his stuff now.
No more Professor Maj.
What the fuck are you talking about?
A bloody Jew!
A Zionist in disguise.
A one way ticket to Tel Aviv,
get it? You can take credit for that.
You did it!
I did it?
That's bullshit, Mirek!
What you said
at the meeting was enough.
And one more thing.
Your candidate period in the Party
was shortened.
Now, you're a full time card
carrying member.
Congratulations, buddy.
Come on, let's have a drink.
It's on me.
No. Tomorrow!
Yes, you heard right. Tomorrow.
the circumstances call for it.
Stop arguing with me, Kamil.
Just do as I told you.
Seize all the documents you get
in their apartments.
Seal all that you find
in Piotr Maj's flat
and bring it straight to me.
It's your personal responsibility.
Good luck.
- You have to? Now?
- Yes. I do.
Please, help yourself sweety.
I'm definitely not having the meat,
But you have to think
about the baby now, darling.
I'm not eating game.
I'm fed up with boar.
Sweety, game is the best meat,
no steroids, no hormones.
No chemicals.
Yeah, but with pellets.
You can break your teeth on them.
I said no.
I won't put it in my mouth.
Your Janusz likes game.
He ate it once not to offend you.
But he hates it as much as I do.
Hates? You didn't say.
You heard that?
He seemed to be such a nice guy
but it turns out he's a hypocrite.
- Thinks one thing, says another.
- You're starting again, dad?
Leave Janusz alone.
You kept getting at my husband too.
I wasn't getting at him, dear.
Your husband was just a crude lout.
- He didn't deserve you.
- He had a PhD.
Yeah, in bullshitology.
But he was candid
and said what he thought.
And you didn't like it either.
Would you like it if he called you
a butcher?
He left me because of you,
you know that?
It's your fault that Zosia
has no father.
Andrzej, Emilka, stop it, please.
Let's talk about something nice.
He wasn't put behind bars
only for Zosia's sake.
A common crook.
And you always have to butt in!
You didn't let mom do
what she wanted, either.
She gave up her career for you.
How could you bear him
for all those years? I don't get it.
- Please, Emilka.
- You'll drive me nuts one day!
Oh, Jesus...
- What's wrong?
- I don't know...
But you're not due
for the next three weeks...
But it looks like my waters
just broke.
- Put the phone away, I'll drive her.
- But you've been drinking.
- So what?
- You want to kill yourself and...
- Stop butting in, dammit!
- Oh, stop it! I want to go with mom.
- Sweety...
- Mom, it's fine.
Zosia, I'll be back soon.
Stay with grandpa, ok?
Everything's fine, right?
- Can you help me?
- Take care of Zosia.
I'll take of her.
Go ahead, you can keep drinking now.
See? Mom doesn't like grandpa.
Neither does grandma.
But Zosia likes him, right?
Police, don't move!
Show me your hands!
Mom! Mom!
Police! Police! Down!
Show me your hands!
Your hands!
- But guys, what 's going on?
- Down, down! On the ground!
- Marek!
- Easy, calm down!
- The other hand!
- It hurts!
Your hand!
Police! Down, down! The hand!
Spread your arms wide!
The other hand!
I'm covering you.
Calm down, calm down...
Come on, let's go.
Glock: 514 565...
- ...865
- The ending again?
- 8 6 5
- Wrong - should be 856.
Mr Rybarczyk,
you possess an illegal weapon.
They must have misspelled
the number.
Misspelled my ass.
Your license is invalid.
We've seen smarter crooks
than you.
- Marek Stawski.
- What is this all about?
Tell me what you're looking for,
I'll show you where I keep it.
Son of Leopold...
- Monika?
- Sit down!
- Come back here!
- Let me go! Fuck! She's pregnant!
- Oh God!
- Call a doctor!
Oh Jesus! A doctor!
- What shall I do now?
- Uncuff her, please.
What now?
Calm down, calm down Monika.
We have a grandson.
A healthy boy, 6 pounds.
a man in this hens' nest.
- Where are you going?
- To see my successor.
- Emilka and the baby are asleep.
- So what?
Andrzej, Emilka said
she didn't want you to come.
I have no right to see
my grandson?
He's her child
and she doesn't want you there.
What is that supposed to mean?
I don't know why I'm here.
Let me help you, professor.
Comrade Kostrzewa!
Drop in on me.
We'll have a chat.
I've got a proposal for you.
I charge you
with organized crime activity,
money laundering...
I charge you
with organized crime activity...
Do you know
why you were taken into custody?
Did you hear my question?
Do you know
why you were taken into custody?
Silence will not help...
You and your partners have been
charged with serious crimes.
If you cooperate with the prosecution
the sentence might be mitigated.
You killed my child,
you motherfucker!
will not help you either.
I asked you if you knew
why you were apprehended.
- I have no idea.
- Well, that's strange.
I was sure you'd entertained such
a possibility.
Really? Why would I?
Didn't Mr Rybarczyk call you
when you were in Zakopane,
not in London, as he thought,
that you might be busted?
That's how he put it.
You... You tapped our phones?
Are you allowed to do that?
All our procedures are legal.
- So did he or didn't he say that?
- I don't remember.
He might have.
Couldn't you've sent me
a summons?
My wife had a miscarriage...
Mr Stawski,
don't try make me pity you...
...or act like a loving husband,
a mourning father.
You notoriously cheated
on your wife.
You had many mistresses.
But this is not about
your love affairs.
Shouldn't you introduce yourself?
- Who are you?
- You'll find out in due course.
I'm charging you
with organized crime activity,
money laundering and acting
to the detriment of your company.
I acted to the detriment
of my own company?
This is ridiculous.
And how did I do it,
Mr Sodowski?
Well, Mr President, for example
the Offshore Holding group made you
a lucrative investment offer
and you turned it down.
That's you... That's absurd.
Andrzej, do a close up on 7,
long shot on 8.
- I'm here, sir.
- Please, come in.
You were interested in Navar?
- You went to the opening, right?
- Yes.
What do you think
of these "businessmen"?
Of Stawski and the others.
They seem to be great guys.
Very creative and resourceful.
- You were impressed?
- Yes, in a way...
Navar is a real hit
in Eastern Europe.
I pledge you
to complete secrecy.
Stawski, Rybarczyk and Maj
were detained yesterday.
Today the court arrested them
for three months.
- Fuck...
- Shhh...
Our camera witnessed the arrest
of the Deputy Chairman Rybarczyk.
It's hard to believe.
This is network television,
not church, my friend,
so put your beliefs aside.
Only facts matter.
And the fact is that the whole
Navar management is behind bars.
So it's been a scam, after all.
Now I want you to do
a background.
- I'm entrusting you with this case.
- I'll be happy to do it.
I'll give you
the nationwide broadcast.
You can get
a quick kick upstairs.
The whole case is guided
by the ministry.
I really appreciate it.
I have to run.
There's little time. Good luck.
The production was suspended,
the staff was sent on unpaid leave.
The price of Navar
shares has bottomed out.
Everyone's rushing to sell them.
So should I give them
away for free, too?
I'll wait till they regain
their value.
You want to wait in jail?
Listen, my friend,
you may be a computer wiz,
but you've got no common sense
at all.
See you soon, Mr Maj.
For the sake
of His sorrowful Passion,
Have mercy on us and
on the whole world...
Excuse me? Sir?
- Mr Sodowski, the prosecutor?
- Yes?
Robert Warzecha, Echo TV.
I called your office
and was told you'd be in the court.
Oh, yes.
The secretary told me you'd called.
I don't have much time,
but for the media...
Just a few questions
off camera for now.
It's about the case
people start talking about.
- Navar?
- Yes.
Oh yes,
that's an interesting case.
I must say that Messrs. Rybarczyk,
Stawski and Maj had a clever idea.
They bought
an old factory - Radiomet,
from the borough very cheaply.
For a bribe...
they took advantage of a rather weird
procedure - a management buyout.
virtually unknown
to Polish business.
Later, they sold it for a huge sum,
way above its real value.
Who wanted to buy it
for so much? A private individual?
No, the borough itself.
Somebody was bribed again,
of course.
- Who was that?
- It's under investigation.
We know for sure that Rybarczyk,
Stawski and Maj
appropriated public property
of a significant value
and were engaged
in organized crime activity.
It's a criminal offense liable
to 10 years in prison.
Which article of the penal code
applies here?
Article 294, section 1
if I remember correctly.
It pertains
to the management buy out, right?
I want to be as precise as possible.
Article 294 deals with appropriation
of property in general.
The arrest warrant was based
on it?
but there are other facts too...
For instance, Rybarczyk's
unlawful possession of arms
often used
by professional criminals.
Maj, on the other hand,
is suspected of
large scale
pirate software trade.
But these are not the reasons
for their arrest?
No, of course not. I told you.
It's a large scale financial crime
in the first place.
I'm sorry, I have to get ready
for the next roll.
Excuse me.
Mr. Warzecha... Look, I simply cannot
tell you more at this point.
Soon but not now.
I'll call you.
Thank you.
- Yes?
- Good evening, sir.
- Robert Warzecha, Echo TV.
- It's past my working hours.
Just one question. I've checked
a couple of things and I'd like to...
- Are you recording our conversation?
- Taking notes.
Ok, what is it?
You said
that the owners of Navar
were charged according
to article 294, section 1.
This article does not mention
management buy-outs.
Management buy-out is a new term,
the code does not include it yet.
Experts believe
that it is not illegal in Poland.
You also mentioned bribery.
What evidence
do you have to prove that
Rybarczyk, Stawski and Maj
gave or accepted bribes?
I cannot reveal this, it's still
under investigation. Is that all?
Sir, please,
you're being evasive.
No, but I cannot
disclose everything yet.
Direct this question
to our spokesman.
Why aren't you
telling the truth?
The investigation is confidential,
I told you!
You mean I should start
my own investigation,
as you're not going
to tell me anything?
you'd better stay out of this.
For hindering the investigation
you might find yourself
in the same place as the Navar guys.
Thank you for saying that, cause
I've been recording our conversation.
I'm sorry to have bothered you, sir.
Good night.
Son of a bitch!
I'll get you, motherfucker...
- Well, so how about it, sister?
- How about what?
- About what I said...
- I see you're really motivated...
we are on a first name bases.
You're a little too young
for me.
Mr Maj? Are you there?
Oh, shit!
Nurse! Come, quick!
How are you?
I called so many times,
but you didn't answer.
What do you want from me...?
I want to know how you are.
Do you want coffee or tea?
- Have you eaten anything at all?
- I puke whenever I eat.
You need to drink a lot,
or you'll dehydrate.
So what?
Monika, you cannot give up.
I know you've been through hell,
My situation isn't easy either,
believe me.
The bastards that did this to us
have to pay for it.
We have to help our husbands.
Who'll do it if we don't?
I sold all my Navar shares
to pay a lawyer.
- They are worthless.
- But it's enough for a lawyer.
A journalist from Echo TV
visited me.
I told him everything.
He promised to help us
with the case.
We shall never have children.
Shhh..., easy...
Easy, Moniczka...
Move to my place, please. Ok?
It will be easier
for both of us.
Hi, what is it?
I didn't want to talk on the phone,
it might be tapped.
So, what is it?
There's a problem with
Navar's controlling block of shares.
Stawski, Rybarczyk and Maj
have 45% together.
The employees have the rest.
What's the problem?
No, they have only another 45%.
10% is missing.
10% is missing?
- We've just found an agreement...
- Who owns the 10%?!
An agreement
between the management
and Ms Dorota Maj,
Piotr's sister.
For providing the missing equity
capital she got 10% of the shares.
Preference shares!
Preference, you get it?!
She has 30% of the votes
at the shareholders meetings!
what the fuck are you talking about?
You have JUST found it?
You've been digging into this shit
for 6 months
and you've ONLY now
found something?
A lot of the documents
were on encrypted discs.
You think it was easy
to break the codes?
- Maj is a real computer pro.
- The guy is waiting with the money.
You think he'll wait forever?
We've found it! Fuck!
You know what you are?
Shit, Mirek, you're shit!
You're a fucking bungler!
From today on I want a daily report!
Is that clear?
You're still here?
Go to the fucking work!
You know, Andrzej,
we used to be friends...
I even liked you.
But since your party career began,
you started treating people like dirt
Oh yeah, and who dragged me
into this shit?
Well, I did.
Yes, that's true.
- But I was not a snitch.
- You weren't?
And whose fault was it the old Maj
got fired? Yours or mine?
Andrzej, never talk to me
like this again, understand?
Or you may regret it.
Good morning,
my name is Dorota Maj...
- Welcome.
- I've got a summons.
Madame. We all know very well
who you are and admire you a lot.
Please sit down.
Would you like something to drink?
Coffee, tea, some cognac maybe?
No, thank you.
Or, you know what?
I'll have a glass
of fat-free milk.
But it could take a while.
- Have we got fat - free milk?
- Fat - free milk?
Please try, ok?
Excuse me.
Here you are.
Why did I get a summons?
- As far as I know, my brother...
- This is a very sad story, ma'am.
I'm very sorry.
Your brother was charged
with serious financial crimes
as well as trading
in illegal software.
It's some mistake.
Piotr was never interested in money.
He was into maths, technology,
This must be a misunderstanding.
Well, but we've got
your brother's deposition,
he pleads guilty to all charges.
- And whom am I being questioned as?
- As a witness, of course.
But that can change, I'm afraid.
To your disadvantage.
What have I done?
You own 10%
of Navar's preference shares
which were purchased illegally,
with dirty money.
This could lead to
a charge of complicity.
Sir, I received those shares
as a remuneration
for putting up the missing part of
cash needed for opening the factory.
I see, but your brother admits
your shares were purchased
with the money
obtained from the sale of Radiomet,
which was illegal.
And that you knew about it.
It was my own money,
I earned singing
the Metropolitan, La Scala...
I understand,
but it will be very hard to prove.
Why are you doing this?
You know very well
that this isn't true.
My dear Ms Dorota,
if I may address you that way...
I shouldn't be doing this...
But considering your contribution to
the national culture,
your great talent,
I'd like to help you somehow.
Your brother doesn't have
to be in jail.
He could be released.
On the condition that you
do something for him.
Like what?
Getting rid of your shares
is the easiest solution.
They are worthless anyway.
The whole property has been
distrained by the State Treasury.
All right,
I don't care about the shares.
I care about my brother.
Well, it seems the problem's
been resolved.
You should expect
- a potential buyer soon.
- Who?
A representative
of the State Treasury.
Good morning.
Wanda Budwi Sarnecka,
nice to meet you.
- Joanna Rybarczyk.
- Please sit down.
Thank you for taking the case.
Many lawyers have refused.
I'm not surprised.
It is very difficult indeed.
But, as women, we should
support each other, right?
Of course. Thank you, ma'am.
- So, Joanna, if I can call you that.
- Of course.
First, I must tell you that your
husband doesn't have to be in jail.
All right, but what can I do?
He could be released
almost immediately.
For the sum of a million.
- A million?
- Yes, EUROs.
- So? How was it?
- My heart was thumping like crazy.
I thought she would grab my hand
and say: "What are you hiding there?"
No one suspects you. It would be
different if I talked to her.
- She'd be on her guard.
- You were right.
I was fooling myself,
thinking she was an honest lawyer,
- who really wanted to help.
- Budwi Sarnecka?
She's prosecutor Kostrzewa's
lover. agreed to take the case.
Many lawyers...
Yes, EUROs. A million EUROs.
- Such a huge bail?
- It's not a bail.
Financial guaranty
is not an option either.
One million EUROs,
directly, no receipt.
Directly to whom?
To a person on whom your husband's
release depends.
I'm just a go-between.
You've got a great stuff
for a documentary.
But what am I supposed
to do now?
We have to make it public
and act together.
You stand a slim chance
on your own.
This a very powerful circuit
of corruption.
You should have done
it straight away, Piotr.
You'd have forgotten about
the prison cell a long time ago.
The deed of shares transfer.
The waiver of your ownership.
Sign here and here.
So, Piotr,
out into the free world!
I'm really happy.
Gentlemen, we've earned this glass
of champagne, I think.
We've done a damn good work,
it seems.
And nearly 100% of Navar
shares is in our hands.
In Offshore Holding's hands,
dear Governor, to be precise.
Gentlemen, I would like to thank you
and express gratitude
on behalf of my department.
We've eliminated corrupt individuals
from the society.
Gentlemen, to our success.
I promise I will put forward
a motion for you to be decorated
for you contribution to fighting
organized crime in our country.
Thank you very much.
And now,
please join me for a little snack.
You've got a beautiful house,
You need to have something
for your old age, dear Jacek.
Excuse me, who is the chairman
of Offshore Holding?
Why do you ask?
Offshore has earned millions
from the shares buy-out.
Excuse me,
what are you driving at Kamil?
I feel greatly honored
by the thanks
and the promise of a decoration
from the Minister.
But I think we need
some financial remuneration too.
- What do you expect?
- 5 % of the gross profit.
My friend,
I don't know if you've noticed,
how much trust we've put in you.
We've entrusted you with a case
of major importance to the state.
It's seems you haven't
fully understood your role.
I understand it perfectly, sir.
You need an obedient,
efficient tracking dog.
I was perfect for the task.
Young, ambitious, stupid...
I think we can agree on 1%.
- 2%.
- Wait, gentlemen. No rush!
In absolute numbers,
these are huge sums.
We cannot
squander money like this.
Well, gentlemen, I won't take
any more of your time, then.
Sit down you!
That's the final offer.
What if I don't accept it?
What then, gentlemen?
All right, 0.5% it is.
Ok, please help yourselves.
Home made pickles. Delicious.
Come on, darling.
Oh, God... Come on.
Get in.
It's good you've showed up at last.
The boss is in a very bad mood.
No wonder, Ania.
The weather is really rotten.
It's not about that. Please.
Good morning.
I've watched your rushes.
They're fine.
But it's not what we agreed upon.
It's not what I meant.
I'm taking the project
away from you.
Hand over all the materials
you've got.
I thought you wanted facts
and an objective truth.
Do you know that some
of the accused pleaded guilty?
Yes, I do. You mean Piotr Maj.
Severely beaten and raped in jail.
I know that his sister gave up
her shares and transferred them
to a person closely connected
to the District Prosecutor's Office.
That's slander.
It was Tomasz Chwedczuk,
prosecutor Kostrzewa's assistant.
I've got his conversation
with Dorota Maj taped.
Hand it over to me right away.
I've recorded it
on my own equipment.
- The materials belong to me.
- You'll end badly...
I promise you.
Prosecutor Sodowski
also made threats to me.
Fortunately, I recorded it.
You're recording
our conversation too?
Have a nice day.
Keep your head high...
Watch your posture. Yes, great.
Your arm guides you.
Guide your palm, yes, like this.
Once more.
Excuse me.
You've come to see me?
- Mrs Maria Kostrzewa?
- Yes...
- Have you got a cigarette?
- I don't smoke.
- Neither do I, actually, but...
- Just a second.
Excuse me,
could I have a cigarette?
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
- Here.
- Thank you.
What is your name?
Aren't you going to tell me?
I teach girls your age.
And I have a granddaughter,
but she's a bit younger.
After the police broke into our house
and the girls' bedroom,
Kasia stopped speaking.
Have you seen a doctor?
We go to speech therapy
twice a week.
So far, no results.
What do you expect from me?
Nothing, actually.
I just wanted you to know.
I was never interested
in my husband's work.
Too bad.
Come on, Kasia, let's go.
08 to 01 what have you got?
Looks like suicide,
he cut his veins.
Lots of blood here.
He took some pills as well.
No, he's alive.
It seems he's saved...
Wait a moment.
Your name, please?
Dorota Maj, Piotr's sister.
- Where do you live?
- In Geneva.
What actually happened here?
Go and check
if they have a warrant.
They came with a legally
binding warrant. What could I do?
I didn't put you here to shrug!
Who the fuck was making
the investigation? Who?!
You and your fucking sidekick.
You had all of them locked up.
And couldn't squeeze them to admit
the machines were purchased
on a commercial credit
in Denmark?
Some documents were in Finnish,
Danish, Norwegian, English.
The translators surely screwed
something up, too.
We have deserved it.
Just as your wild boar, who
came straight into your line of shot.
Lack of vigilance.
They have
a warrant of execution.
You didn't know
about the proceedings?
I did, I sent writs, letters,
lodged appeals.
We were punished for our greed.
Have you taken some holy orders,
Do whatever you want.
I'm out of here.
- Fuck off.
- Excuse me?
Get the fuck out of here!
Good morning, Mr. Bronek.
You're still here?
Well, I've stayed.
Welcome, boss.
- Not boss any more...
- Always the boss to me.
Can I see the production hall?
Have a look around?
Yes, but everything is gone,
they've cleared it out. Ok, go ahead.
When did you get out?
A week ago. And you?
How about Piotr? How is he?
He walks, eats and sleeps,
that's all. Won't talk to anyone.
They've destroyed everything.
Come on.
- It's not worth it.
- Why?
It was our life.
The events we're about to present
in our documentary are unusual,
because it is the government
law enforcement agencies
that turned out to be
corrupt and criminal.
The facts are terrifying.
The law enforcement bodies have
to protect the state and the citizens
from various fraudsters,
thiefs and criminals who cynically
exploit other people's ignorance.
They simply rob public property.
Mr Stawski, Rybarczyk and Maj
are particularly
deceitful fraudsters.
Fortunately, they won't do any more
harm to anyone.
They are behind bars.
A journalistic investigation showed that
the only mistake these gentlemen made
was building the Navar joint-stock
company's hi-tech factory.
Kostrzewa, yes?
Sir, the appellate prosecutor
wants to see you.
You know I'm on a leave.
It's been decided
to cancel your leave.
- Where's Mr Sodowski?
- On a sick leave.
He's got some kind of
an inflammation, apparently.
I'm also feeling not well.
I'm running a high fever.
- I'll be out tomorrow.
- Shit, some epidemic.
Tomasz Chwedczuk introduced himself
as an Offshore Holding company
or State Treasury representative
and started purchasing them
from the disoriented Navar shareholders,
horrified by their bancrupcy.
Mrs Dorota!
- Hello ma'am.
- Hello.
Tomasz Chwedczuk, I'm representing
the Ministry of State Treasury...
You see, Maks, we've lost.
But we'll snarl again.
Don't you worry.
After 7 years
the Navar investigation was dismissed.
Each of the accussed businessmen
received 10,000 z in compensation
from the prosecutor's office.
Prosecutor Kamil Sodowski
was promoted to work
in the Appelate Public Prosecutor's Office.
Andrzej Kostrzewa, the District Attorney
still works in Appellate Public Prosecutor's Office.
The Governor of the Tax Office,
Mirosaw Kamiski,
retired and became an expert auditor.