Ultraman: Rising (2024) Movie Script

[Kenji] When I was little,
my parents were my first heroes.
But then life got more complicated.
That's a kaiju.
Not a hero, but not a villain either.
There he is.
That's our hero.
For 30 years, he protected us,
using his amazing powers
to keep everyone safe.
He called it maintaining balance.
I just called it cool.
But being a hero, an idol, an icon?
It ain't what you think.
It's up to you to make the tough choices,
decide who matters most.
But it's not the toughest job.
The toughest job...
[chuckles] Well, I had no idea
until it was my turn.
[young Kenji] Da, da, da, da!
[mimics whooshing]
[man on TV] ...with the windup.
Here's the pitch. Inside.
Schu... Schuwatch!
I am Ultraman!
- Ultraman, we must check the curry!
- [mimics swooshing]
- [groans]
- [laughs]
Mina, status report.
[Mina] Temperature is steady,
but it needs a good stir, Professor Sato.
What do you think?
Mmm... Ten more minutes.
Yep, ten more minutes.
What are you looking at?
[Emiko] Hey, Ultraman!
When you're finished
saving your dad's curry,
you might want to fly on over here
and save your team.
- [mimics swooshing]
- [chuckles]
[man on TV] Now, here comes Matsui!
The Tigers are losing. [whispers]
Probably should leave your mother alone.
[grunts, growls]
[young Kenji] Not today, Gomora!
Ultraman, use your force shield.
[growling continues]
Too strong. Can't hold much longer.
- Distract with Ultra Slash!
- [Emiko laughs]
Get back, monster!
- [growling continues]
- [mimics beeping]
- Ultraman!
- Huh?
It's your color timer.
You must stay focused
or you will change back to human form.
[Emiko chuckling]
- [grunts]
- [gasps, chuckles]
Kenji. Ultraman's most important task
is finding balance.
Hey, give Mama a bonk.
[man on TV] Here's the pitch.
Swung on in a high fly,
hit deep to center field.
Oh, yeah, Matsui!
Yeah, he's pretty great.
Too bad he plays for the Giants.
Mama. Come on.
He's the best player in the league.
[singing in Japanese]
Ahhh! Sonic attack! [groans]
No! Make it stop!
Kenji, if you could be anyone,
what would you choose?
Matsui or Ultraman?
That's a big question
for such a little boy.
[Mina] Incoming call from Dr. Onda.
Emiko. Hayao...
...level our defenses.
Your family, mine, are in danger.
Gigantron is coming.
Gigantron is coming to you.
I'll go. You stay here with Kenji.
Don't go, Daddy.
Please stay.
Watch the game with us.
I'll be back
before the seventh inning stretch.
[engine whirring]
[breathing shakily]
[energy pulsating]
[Gigantron growling]
[Gigantron roars]
[Professor Sato] Hey, Kenji, it's Dad.
You're mad at me. I get it.
I know it wasn't an easy choice
leaving your life behind.
LA, the Dodgers,
millions of adoring fans. [laughs]
But what I'm asking
is bigger than baseball.
The world needs you
to become something...
Sorry, your mom was better at this.
Anyway, I'm around.
[commentator] For the last few weeks,
one name has dominated the headlines
in what is sure to be
a historic moment in baseball.
[engine revving]
In just three days,
Giants fans will welcome a legend
to the New Tokyo Dome
as Ken Sato returns
to the land of his birth.
Now, please join me
in welcoming him back to Japan,
the newest member of our Giants family,
- Ken Sato!
- [all cheering]
- [reporter] Ken!
- Thanks for waiting, folks.
All right, who's first?
I do it for the fans.
It's all about fundamentals.
No, no, no. What I said was
I am the greatest "living" player.
Well, Otani can say whatever he likes.
Aw, that's too sweet. Thank you.
I love baseball. It's all I've got.
Bone broth and wheat grass, bro.
Bro. Bro. Bro!
The rookie? This ain't tee-ball, bro.
[all laughing]
American players are very different.
How are you adjusting
to the Japanese style of play?
Itow-san, right?
Baseball is baseball, man.
The Ken Sato show is the same.
Here, the States, wherever.
Mr. Sato. Why did you come back to Japan?
I... I'm sorry. What's your name?
Ami Wakita.
Hold up. Hold up.
- You're the Tigers fan, right?
- [laughter]
The question
isn't who I root for, Mr. Sato.
The question is why,
on the verge of your first championship,
you choose to walk away and start over.
Some suggest it was emotional stress.
- Due to family...
- This is baseball. Not gossip hour.
- Guys! Play nice, okay?
- [Kubo-san] Sit down.
I'm happy to answer the question.
Miss Wakita, please continue.
Thank you.
Some speculate your departure
was connected to the loss of your mother,
that there was
some sort of unfinished family business.
[voice whispers] Kenji.
[clears throat] My apologies, Miss Wakita.
I have a fan event to attend. Uh...
I look forward to seeing you all
in a couple of days
where I promise
the Ken Sato show will be in full effect.
- [reporters clamoring]
- Much love.
[watch beeping]
- [Mina] Neronga is attacking Akihabara.
- Ah, crap.
- [door opens]
- [Coach Shimura] Oi! Sato!
Hey, Coach Shimura.
You can't charm me.
There's no place
for the Ken Sato show on my team.
Look, I get it.
It's been a rough couple of years
for you guys,
but I'm here to help.
Let me drive, win some games,
and we can get this team
back on top where it belongs.
See? Right there. That's your problem.
No humility.
It takes more than attitude
to become a Giant.
[Kenji sighs]
I stopped believing in Giants
a long time ago.
- [people screaming]
- [roars]
[Mina] You need to get Neronga out of here
with as little damage as possible.
[Ultraman] Give me a break, Mina.
I'm doing the best I can.
[sirens wailing]
[Ultraman grunts]
All right. [grunts]
- Stop. Why ya gotta make this so hard?
- [growls]
Just turn around... [grunts]
Okay, I tried the easy way.
Yeah! How awesome was that?
- [whimpering]
- Hey, where's the love?
[woman] Ultraman!
Stop showboating and do your job!
[Ultraman] Um, I think I just did.
[Ultraman screaming]
[Mina] Are you okay?
[Ultraman] Define "okay."
[Mina] Ken, watch out!
[woman] This is the Kaiju Defense Force.
Evacuate the area immediately.
[Ultraman] Guys! We're all good here.
I was just wrapping things up.
[woman] You've been warned before.
You are not
an authorized government agent.
Evacuate immediately
or you will be placed into cust...
[Ultraman] Dang!
Is that what happens
to authorized government agents?
- [groaning]
- Uh-oh.
[Mina] Ken, you need to get
the situation under control.
The electric armadillo started it.
- [Mina] Your heart rate is spiking.
- [groans]
You know what happens
when Ultraman gets stressed.
[Ultraman] Um, no? Remind me again.
[Mina] Your color timer changes
and you lose your powers.
- [Ultraman] Great.
- [beeping]
[TV playing]
[news theme music playing]
[reporter] We interrupt this program
to bring you live coverage
of yet another kaiju attack
in downtown Tokyo.
[sighs] Mmm.
Do something.
[sighs] Ugh.
[Ultraman] Did he call?
He's definitely gonna call.
[Mina] Yes, he called.
Hmm. Awesome.
[groans] Oh, God.
Oh, yeah, come to Japan,
help your dad, save the world.
It'll be great.
[engine whirring]
[Mina] Ken, the KDF
seem to be using excessive force.
Shall I plot a course back to the battle?
You know what?
I'mma punch out for the night.
Let the KDF handle it.
Right on time. Here comes the guilt trip.
[Mina] He's already left 10 messages.
[Professor Sato on recording] Kenji!
You must go back...
You have a responsibility.
Nope. No, thanks.
I've had my butt kicked enough tonight.
Please silence all calls, Mina.
I need some me time.
[Mina] After your interview
with Miss Wakita, of course.
Wait. The same lady
from the press conference?
Yes, Ken.
The same lady from the press conference.
And you're an hour late.
[engine revs]
[Ami] I heard you're really good
at avoiding hard questions.
[slurps] Mmm!
These noodles are killer. Want some?
I'm okay. Thanks.
Mind if I record?
Mmm. Do your thing.
So you've had an impressive career.
Gold Glove, Silver Slugger.
And yet you've never won a championship.
[chuckles] Wow! Right for the throat.
It's just an observation.
[chuckles softly]
"Just an observation." Sure.
You know, there are lots of great players
who never won titles.
Yes, and some say
you're better than all of them.
"Some"? [chuckles softly]
You have seen me play, right?
420 batting average. 624 stolen bases.
But personal stats
don't win championships.
So my ego is holding me back?
I didn't say that.
And, to be honest,
I'm not really here to discuss stats.
Then why are we discussing stats?
Because players are more comfortable
talking about stats than themselves.
Hey, I'm happy to talk about me.
Because I want to know why.
Why you avoid most interviews,
why you keep your teammates at a distance,
and why you left a city
that loves you to...
You know, you're supposed
to dip the noodles in the sauce.
I like doing things my way.
Let's rewind.
Earlier, I asked about your mother.
[scoffs] Here we go.
You both moved to LA when you were young,
your father stayed behind.
That couldn't have been easy.
Yeah. Well, Dad wasn't really
paying attention when...
[clears throat]
Kids ever make fun of how you talk?
How you look? What you eat?
You learn real quick
that they're gonna talk no matter what.
So you give them
something else to talk about.
Can I print that?
- [door opens]
- [gasps]
- Chiho! What are you doing?
- Mama!
- [Kenji] Uh...
- [gasps]
[chuckles nervously]
- Uh-uh. No. No kids on the table.
- No, no, no.
- [giggles]
- Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
- Here.
- My mom's supposed to be watching her.
You know what? You look really good.
- Chiho! Down, now.
- Ultraman's the best!
Each of you has experienced
the loss of colleagues, friends
and even family to the devastation caused
by the horrible kaiju scourge.
I've felt that pain, that loss,
and I wake up every morning, asking myself
how I can stop it from happening again.
But our shared sacrifices
have not been in vain.
Today is a landmark day.
And thanks to your courageous efforts,
very soon our families
and the families of this country
will be able to live
in a better world, a safer world.
A world absent from fear.
[all applauding]
[thunder rumbling]
[pilot] Vulture's Nest
this is Black Jack 73.
We are en route with the package. Over.
[man] Copy that Black Jack 73.
What is your ETA?
[pilot] Eight hours, 30 minutes. Over.
[man] Roger that. We anxiously
await your arrival. Over and out.
[thunder rumbling]
[beeping stops]
- [music playing over PA]
- [canned cheering playing]
That's what I'm talking about!
[Mina] Ken, it appears
that you strained your rotator cuff
during the battle.
That's what I get for saving lives.
Ken, it is your duty to save lives.
Well, I prefer to save my arm
and leave the kaiju to the KDF.
You know what happens
when you leave it to the KDF.
Yeah. I have a double-double,
a chocolate shake,
and a good night's sleep.
Now stop trying to be my mother.
I am as I was programmed.
[scoffs] Coconut water?
Mina, did you throw out
my fancy fizzy drinks?
Healthy choices, healthy body.
[clears throat] Mmm.
This tastes just like a fart.
Ken. I wonder if you might consider
taking a break.
From drinking farts?
From baseball.
Give up the one thing
that puts a smile on my face?
Sorry. No.
TV, please.
[reporter] More destruction today
as the KDF and Ultraman battled Neronga.
As one witness told us...
I love Ultraman. Always have.
He's done so much good in the past.
Thank you, citizen.
But he's been gone for months.
And now that he's back,
it's like he doesn't really care.
I mean look at this.
I didn't even want this gig.
And now everybody's coming at me.
Shimura, the KDF, random grandmas.
Can we just please give Ultraman a rest?
Yes, of course.
[Emiko on recording] Can't wait to see you
play tonight. So proud of you.
Who's number one?!
Who's number one?!
Kenji. I hope you're settling into Tokyo.
I know this isn't what you wanted,
but you're doing a very good thing.
With his injury,
your father needs you, kiddo.
I just hope you two can find balance.
I'll always root for you.
Even if you play for the Giants.
Still no sightings or readings
from her GPS locator?
No, Ken, I'm sorry.
Unfortunately, she's still presumed...
You did all you could.
Mina, could you pull up an old game?
Of course, Ken.
[Emiko on recording] Go, Kenji!
- [bat clacks]
- [man] Attaboy!
[crowd cheering, whooping]
[Emiko] Kenji!
- Mom! I did it!
- [Emiko] That was amazing!
I can't believe how far you hit that!
[man] That's how we roll!
[commentator] Welcome,
baseball fans, to opening day
and a matchup between your Giants
and the visiting Swallows.
[crowd chanting indistinctly]
Hey, Wakita,
heard you got a one-on-one with Sato.
Inquiring minds want to know more.
You know what, Kubo?
This is baseball, not gossip hour.
Yeah, I heard your little comment
at the press conference.
You can feel the electricity in the air.
42,000 fans here tonight,
a capacity crowd waiting
to get their first look at Ken Sato,
anxious to see what he can bring
to this Giants team.
I can't believe
it's my first game with Ken Sato...
[Kenji] That's worth a lot on eBay, rook.
Hey, come on, smile.
I'm about to make you look really good.
[commentator] ...rightfielder Ken Sato!
[crowd chanting] Sato! Sato! Sato!
- Oh, Kenny.
- [grunts]
It's a shame about that shoulder.
Ooh! Just breaks my heart.
[Kenji growls]
- [umpire] Strike one!
- Come on. Seriously?
I guess "legends" are human too.
[woman] Let's go, Sato!
[umpire] Strike two!
If only there was a Japanese version
of this guy.
The Japanese version's
about to make you eat this bat!
Oh, yeah? You wanna go?
Hey, all right, fellas.
Come on now. Break it up. Break it up!
[pilot] Vulture's Nest,
this is Black Jack 73.
ETA is 10 minutes.
[commentator] Bottom of the first,
two strikes on Sato
and he doesn't look happy.
And now it looks like
Ken Sato's gonna try something new.
He's gonna switch to batting right-handed.
You know, I've never seen this
in the middle of an at-bat.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator on TV] And it's a grand slam!
[whoops] Yes! Kenji! [laughs]
Oh, my God.
[man on radio] Black Jack 73,
pull up, pull up, go left...
[kaiju roars]
[crowd cheering]
[woman] Look!
- [explosion]
- [gasps]
Oh, my God.
[tense music playing]
[announcer] Attention! Please proceed
immediately to the nearest emergency exit.
Repeat. Please proceed
to the nearest exit.
This is not a drill.
[sirens wailing]
[Ultraman] That is for messing up my game.
Oh, crap.
- [alarm blaring]
- [people screaming]
[Ultraman groaning]
Scramble all jets. Kill Gigantron.
And retrieve the package.
[gasps] What the hell?
[Mina] Ken,
you saw what the KDF did to Neronga.
They will kill Gigantron
if you don't help.
[Ultraman grunts]
[pilot] KDF Blue 14. Acquiring target.
[pilot] Vulture's Nest,
we are approaching...
Uh, are you seeing this?
[Ultraman] Hey! Guys!
Gigantron is actually flying away.
So, I don't know, uh,
maybe turn those birds around
and head on home.
[Dr. Onda] If Ultraman interferes,
you are authorized to use deadly force.
[Ultraman groans]
You see what I get
for trying to be the good guy?
[Mina] You're supposed to be the good guy.
[Ultraman] Hey there, Mr. Gigantron.
- [screeches]
- Whoa!
If you give me whatever that thing is,
those planes back there
might leave you alone.
[Ultraman] Whoa!
[pilot 2] Vulture's Nest,
Gigantron is in missile range.
Holding fire. Ultraman's back.
[Ultraman] Please!
They're going to kill you!
[man] Sir. We have target lock.
[pilot 2] Ultraman may get caught
in the blast if we fire now, sir.
I don't care about Ultraman.
Will the package survive the blast?
[pilot 2] Yes, sir.
Then take the shot!
[pilot 2] Roger that. Fire.
[Ultraman gasps]
[Mina] Danger. Take evasive ac...
[indistinct chatter]
[gasps, pants]
[Mina distorted] Ken. Are... Are you okay?
[gasps, pants]
[Gigantron whines]
- [beeping]
- [gasps]
No. No, no, no, no, no.
Uh... No. No, no, no.
[hiccups, sniffs]
[helicopters whirring]
[device beeps]
[Ultraman] Mina! Emergency analysis.
[Mina] Scanning for injuries.
[breathing shakily]
[beeping] Ken, this is very strange.
According to my readings, you have a...
A second heartbeat?
[Ultraman] No.
It's not my heartbeat, Mina.
- [Mina] Oh, my God. Is that...
- [cooing]
[Ultraman] Yep, it's the end of the world.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
Um... Is it okay?
[Mina] "She," Ken.
The infant is a "she."
Her breathing seems normal. Reflexes okay.
Heart rate seems slightly elevated, but...
[Ultraman] Just give me the bad news.
[Mina] I have absolutely no specific data
on infant kaiju physiology.
[Ultraman] Wait, I'm sorry.
[chuckles] I'm sorry.
Didn't Mom and Dad program
everything they knew about these things
into your electric brain?
[Mina] She is not a thing, Ken.
And we've never seen
an seen an infant kaiju.
In fact, no one has.
[Ultraman] Great, super helpful.
Yeah, I think
I'd be better off asking Siri.
[Mina] Ken, I'm not the one who brought
a giant baby kaiju home.
[Ultraman] Uh,
we have to figure something out.
- [beeping]
- [groans]
Um... [chuckles]
- Why is she changing colors?
- Maybe you should ask Siri.
[chuckles] Do not start, Mina.
If I were to guess, Ken,
I'd say she has imprinted on you.
[Ultraman] No. No, no, no! No, no, no!
- Are you saying...
- Yes, Ken.
She thinks you are her mother.
[exclaims] I am not built for this.
I've got a life. A title to win! [groans]
You do something nice,
and now I'm babysitting
a giant pink lizard thing!
We've gotta get it out of here.
[Mina] And where would you suggest
we take her, Ken?
[Ultraman groans]
- [beeping]
- [grunts]
Oh! Oh, oh, oh.
We'll take her to Kaiju Island!
[Mina] Unfortunately, Ken,
no one knows where to find it.
[Ultraman] Come on!
[Mina] Neither your parents nor the KDF
- were ever able to locate the island.
- [beeping rapidly]
Ken, it would be very bad
if you changed back right now.
- [Kenji grunts]
- [thuds]
- [cooing]
- [groaning]
[chuckles nervously]
- [screeches]
- [Kenji screams]
What the heck was that?!
She's scared of you.
Scared of me? She's 20 feet tall!
She doesn't know you.
She only knows Ultraman.
Mina! Containment unit!
Which one?
The biggest one!
[sighs in relief]
[Kenji sighs]
Oh, God.
Ken, there really is only one person
who could help.
Oh, no, no, no! You did not just suggest...
Sorry, Ken. I already called.
Kenji. It's your father.
Are you there? Hello?
My God. It hatched.
Blanket the area.
Find the infant and bring it back alive.
[chuckles nervously]
Dad, hey. Hey, what's up?
How about that game tonight?
Oh, thank God. You're okay?
Yeah, you know, I'm, uh... good.
It was a tough battle.
I'm a little sore, still recovering, but...
[baby kaiju screeches]
- What was that?
- Uh...
Uh, you know, it's...
- [dance music playing]
- Uh... That's the... The party downstairs.
The most magnificent creature
on Earth has died.
The last of its kind.
And you throw a party?
That magnificent creature
nearly took my head off, Dad.
I've barely seen you in 20 years.
You chose this city
and literal monsters over us.
- No.
- Then you get hurt, can't hack it anymore,
and I get to come back
and clean up the mess you made as...
Da, da, da, da
which I only did because Mom begged me.
And you're more worried about the monster.
No. I only wanted to... protect you.
But you didn't.
You didn't even pay attention.
Be honest.
When Mom disappeared,
did you even look for her?
We share the pain of her loss, Kenji.
I will leave you alone.
[grunting softly]
[car door closes]
[engine starts]
[sighs] Dang it, Ken.
[baby kaiju whining]
There stands the glass
- [baby kaiju whining]
- [groans]
Fill it up to the brim
Till my troubles grow dim
It's my first one today
She settled down for a minute.
Then started right back up.
[Kenji] Yeah! I can hear it!
- She's still scared of you, Ken.
- [thudding]
Ya think?
Hey! Hey, hey.
- Hi!
- [crying]
Let's try this.
- Before.
- [whines]
- After!
- [chitters]
- Before.
- [whines]
[sighs] You see?
It's me.
[stomach grumbles]
What now?
I think it's her tummy.
She must be starving.
[sighs] Do I look like I have any idea
what to feed a giant lizard baby?
Mina, hurry, give her something
before she stomps another car.
Of course, Ken.
Uh, maple and brown sugar oatmeal.
New York strip. Mmm.
Go on, try it.
Hey! You don't do that.
Stop it right now.
You are gonna be
in big trouble, young lady.
What? What is it now?
What the heck was that?
It would appear the infant has the ability
to echo-locate her prey.
- [whining]
- Okay. Okay!
Do you want fish? I'll get you fish.
I'll get it.
[Ultraman] Here you go. Here's breakfast.
[yawns, sighs]
[reporter on TV] Next up, KDF Forces
continue to search for Ultraman.
And how to make your tonkatsu
extra crispy.
- [groans]
- [chittering]
What the...
Oh, God. [spits]
Ew! Ew!
That's disgusting.
Oh. That smell.
[coughing] Oh, God.
[coughs] It's so bad.
[groans] I shouldn't have
eaten all those donuts.
Ken, I know you're exhausted.
But you have a game today.
After last night?
There's no way we're gonna play.
We've determined that despite the battle,
the stadium is safe
and we will be playing the game.
Of course.
Of course, we're still gonna play.
What are we going to do
about the baby, Ken?
We aren't gonna do anything.
You are gonna have to
figure something out.
Get creative, Mina.
You are a state-of-the-art supercomputer.
[Mina] Studies suggest
this isn't healthy for children.
[upbeat music playing]
[singing in Japanese]
Ah! TV, the ultimate babysitter.
Just not this crap all day, okay?
I don't want her getting hooked
on that stupid song.
[commentator] And there's another strike.
Sato just looks exhausted.
And now it looks like
there are words being exchanged
between Sato and the Swallows catcher.
Oh! Oh, no.
We haven't seen a brawl like this
in a long time.
Both benches have cleared.
They're throwing punches...
[Mina] Ken,
we have something to show you.
I need some good news, Mina.
Please tell me you found Kaiju Island.
No, Ken,
but the baby has a surprise for you.
[upbeat Japanese song playing]
[Kenji sighs]
- [farts]
- [gasps] Ugh!
Dear God, what... What is that smell?
Ken, you cannot feed a 20-foot baby
a half ton of fish
and expect anything but a giant pile of...
Which brings me to something
we need to discuss.
Until I'm able to find Kaiju Island,
we're going to need to raise her.
Mina, I've got a whole season
of baseball ahead of me.
I just can't do it.
Ken, you brought her home
and now she is your responsibility.
She'll die if you don't take care of her.
Now, it won't be easy,
but I'll do everything I can to help.
We'll have to continue feeding her,
washing her,
develop a strategy
for taking her to potty.
You'll have to learn the five s's.
- Swaddle, side, shush, swing, suck.
- [breathing heavily]
[alarm beeping]
[belches, farts]
- [umpire] Strike!
- [screeching]
You're out!
Hey Sato! You suck!
There's no point in asking
You'll get no reply
Oh, just remember I don't decide
I got no reason, it's all too much
You'll always find us
Out to lunch
[umpire] You're out!
Go back to America!
Oh, we're so pretty, oh, so pretty
[commentator] Ten losses in a row now.
Sato seems to be sleepwalking
through the season.
Sato just doesn't fit
into Japanese baseball.
You're out!
- [alarm beeping]
- [gasps, pants]
[Ami on radio] Halfway through the season
and the Giants are still struggling,
despite the addition of Ken Sato
whose lackluster play
continues to underwhelm...
[radio stops]
- [door opens]
- [Coach Shimura] Oi! Sato!
My office. Now.
- [Kenji grunts]
- [cooing]
Threaten to trade me, Ken Sato,
to the Tigers?!
To the Tigers?!
Nobody trades Ken Sato!
[breathes heavily, grunts]
I... I'm doing my best, okay?!
I feed you. I clean your massive poopies!
Ken? Are you crying?
No. I'm... not crying.
Want to hit a few balls, Ken?
That always makes you feel better.
Yeah. Yeah, that sounds good.
Suck it up, Ken.
Yeah, baby. Come on. Come on!
You are Ken Sato.
[grunts, yells]
Come on! Hit the ball!
You're freakin' Ken Sato.
Oh! Ow!
A simulated therapy session perhaps?
I have several in my database.
Maybe call someone? A friend?
[exhales] Yeah, wish I had one of those.
[cell phone ringing]
- Whoo!
- Hey! Settle down. Hello?
Ami, it's Ken. Ken Sato.
Um, Mr. Sato. Hi.
Look, if this is about my comments,
I can only judge you on what I see.
If you want to set the record straight...
Could we just chat? Like, off the record?
Whoo! Schuwatch!
Take that, Gazoto!
I'm really busy right now... Put that down!
Boom! Scatter drones!
[Kenji] It's just... You're the only person
who'll talk to me.
- Zoom!
- [Chiho exclaims]
I'll make you a deal.
You get five minutes.
- Yes!
- But you have to give me a follow-up.
A real interview this time.
Done. Whenever you want.
Okay, we are off the record.
[whispers] Please Mina, keep her busy.
[Ami] Ken? You still there?
Yep. I'm here. I'm here.
[sighs] So, what's the secret?
How... How do you do it? Juggle everything.
Your job, your kid?
Don't you ever just want
to jump out a window?
Ken, do you have a secret love child?
Because that would be a story.
[laughs] Uh, no. Just, uh, curious.
[chuckles] Honestly, it's not easy, Ken.
They're like little monsters sometimes.
- [thuds]
- [Chiho] Whoa.
But they can surprise you too.
They have hearts and minds of their own.
They're trying to discover who they are
and what they want.
And the only support they have is us.
[chuckles softly] Imperfect, messed up us,
dealing with our own issues,
trying to figure out who the heck we are.
And you know what?
That's the beauty of it.
I look at my daughter sometimes
and think that I'm learning
as much from her as she is from me.
[Ami] Yep, they sure are.
[Kenji] Lower the containment unit.
[Ami] And before you know it,
she won't be interested in toys
and your heart will break.
I'm sure you have no idea
what I'm talking about, Ken.
Ken? Ken?
And your five minutes is up.
You gonna honor your part of the deal?
Oh, uh, yeah, yeah. Uh, tomorrow night?
Um, sure.
Great. Tonkatsu Tonki.
- 7:00? Bye.
- [line disconnects]
[chittering excitedly]
Uh, Mina? Load up a park.
Maybe start her out
in one of the older simulations.
Something easy.
I have just the thing.
[Emiko] Go, Kenji!
[speaking Japanese]
Nice touch, Mina. [chuckles softly]
Okay, just like this.
Elbows up.
Get ready.
Okay, here it comes.
No! No, no, no, no.
Hey, it's okay. It's okay.
It happens sometimes.
You just gotta work at it.
Now get ready
and keep your eye on the ball.
Ichi, ni, san, ball.
- Whoa! Yes! Whoo! [laughs]
- Yay!
Come on, girl! We gotta run the bases!
Like this. Come on!
[laughs] Yeah!
[whoops, laughs]
[engine whirring]
Mina we've got plenty of fish
and Pon de Rings, right?
Yes, Ken. We're all stocked up.
Now, if she wakes up, put her show on.
Let her dance her little heart out
to that stupid song.
And if there's any trouble,
you ping me on this, got it?
Ken. She's never been safer.
Have a good time.
[speaking Japanese]
- Itadakimasu!
- Itadakimasu!
- Right?
- Mmm. Amazing!
Did you just find this place?
Mmm. It's an old family spot.
Mom would bring me here
when Dad had to, uh...
[clears throat] work late.
Have you spoken with him
since you've been back?
Not really. He and I don't, uh...
[chuckles nervously]
Nah. Ichiro warned me
that you could get the devil himself
to confess his sins.
[chuckles softly]
It's my job to get people to confess.
And you agreed to this
during our little domestic chat.
[watch beeps]
You gonna run away again?
I'll try not to.
Then stop staring at your watch
and tell me why you don't
talk to your dad.
Well, look who woke up.
You want to see Daddy?
Here you go.
How about a snack while you watch?
Oh, my!
What you're experiencing
is called acid reflux.
Symptoms include heartburn, nausea...
- [alarm beeping]
- Oh, no.
[Kenji chuckles]
Why are you so laser-focused on me?
Because there's something different
about you.
I don't know what it is yet.
Things you've said, things you haven't.
But I've done this long enough to know.
And when I know, I'm like a pitbull.
I don't let go.
[chuckles softly] Sounds like my mom.
So, um, tell me.
How am I different?
Okay, during our last interview,
you said that kids made fun of you,
so you gave them
something else to talk about.
You didn't like what they said,
but you didn't mind
that they were talking.
Go on.
Your mother was very supportive,
came to all the games.
But I think it was hard
not having your dad around.
You wanted him there
to rescue you, to protect you.
All the accolades, the money,
you don't really care about that.
It's the attention.
More than anything in the world,
you want him to notice.
Look over here. Look at Daddy.
He's right here.
There you go. That's a good girl.
That's not good.
No, you shall remain in this area.
Requesting compliance.
Please return to your designated area.
No. Do not do that.
Daddy will not be happy
with all this damage.
[automated voice] Main entrance breach.
Main entrance breach.
The world ain't gonna explode
if you show a little vulnerability.
The fans don't expect you to be Ultraman.
Do you need to get that?
Oh, my God!
Ami, I'm so so sorry.
It's a family emergency.
[alarm blaring]
[Kenji on video]
Hey, you gotta take care of you.
Coco7. Premium.
Healthy choices, healthy body.
Healthy choices, healthy body.
- [all gasping]
- [dog barking]
[Mina] Ken, a disturbance
has been reported in Daikanyama.
There seems to be a large,
pink creature terrorizing the locals.
No, God, no.
I am sorry. I'm a terrible babysitter.
Yes. Yes, you are.
Scramble the attack squadron
and ready my ship.
[Captain Aoshima] Roger that, sir.
[man] Airship 5,
you are clear for takeoff.
[Mina] Ken, I've located her.
She's not far from you.
- Maybe I can get to her before...
- [drones swooshing]
Oh, no, no!
[speaking Japanese]
Oh, my gosh, it's Ultragirl!
You couldn't get her
to give the mask a break?
Nope, stubborn as you.
So, your plans changed?
Yep. Looks like it's a night out
with my girls.
Wanna grab some ice cream?
Or does our little superhero
need to keep an eye out for...
- [woman screams]
- A kaiju!
It's okay, Mama. I'll protect you.
[Oba-chan] Run!
- [all screaming]
- [man] A kaiju!
[Chiho giggles]
[screaming continues]
Oh, no.
[baby kaiju chirping]
[Ultraman] Hey, come on. Come on.
Come to, uh... Daddy.
[people] Oh!
[Ultraman] Uh, I mean...
Stop there, beast.
[chitters, gags]
[Ultraman] No. No. No.
Uh, Mina. We've got a situation.
Baby just melted Pac-Man.
[Mina] She has acid reflux.
[Ultraman] Babies get acid reflux?
Where's baby?
[all laughing]
[man screaming]
[tires screeching]
Tastes just like a home run.
[horns honking]
[Ultraman grunts]
- [man] Hey, watch out!
- Sorry.
[baby kaiju chittering]
Not good.
Where's baby? There she is!
Come down, right now. Be careful!
[Mina] I don't think she's listening.
[Ultraman] Thanks for the observation.
No, no. This is not playtime.
You get down from there right now,
young lady.
[Dr. Onda] There they are.
Remember, tranquilizers only this time.
- [screeches]
- No. No!
Hang on! I'm coming!
- [bone cracks]
- [shrieks]
No. No, no, no.
Shh. It's okay. You're gonna be okay.
Daddy's here.
[Dr. Onda] Ultraman,
turn the infant over to the KDF
and we will take no action against you.
[Ultraman growls]
Mina, she's hurt!
Uh, prep the base. We have to call him.
[breathing heavily] Call my dad.
Dad, I'm not asking
for complaints, guilt, or criticism.
Not right now. I just... I need your help.
[baby kaiju whining]
[chuckles softly] Incredible.
[Ultraman] She's hurt, Dad.
We were attacked. I don't know what to do.
She... She got loose.
I should have been there.
- [screeching]
- Shh.
Dad, please! Careful with her.
It's okay. He's not gonna hurt you.
- [screeches]
- Shh.
It's okay.
[Mina] Good to see you again, Professor.
Hello, Mina.
It's been a while.
Yes, it has.
Uh, can you do me a favor?
Can you run a chem analysis on this?
Yes, of course.
[Ultraman] I'm here. I'm right here.
Dad, do something.
Help her.
[Professor Sato] Mina, it looks like
she might have a broken arm.
Can you confirm?
Yes, that's correct.
She has a mid-humeral fracture
with associated hematoma.
It's okay, you're okay.
I have completed the chem analysis,
Professor Sato.
It's a powerful sedative,
but it's harmless.
Can you synthesize 100 ccs?
Yes, Professor.
Good. We'll need more.
[Ultraman] More? For what?
Kenji, you may not agree with me
on anything else,
but right now,
I'm the best chance she has,
so please, please, just let me help.
[Ultraman] Okay.
Dad. Bunny?
It always worked on you.
[button clicks]
[mellow music playing]
[Kenji] B-i-n-g-o, b-i-n-g-o
Okay, now hold her steady, Kenji.
[both] And Bingo was his name-o
- [bone cracks]
- [screeches]
[Akiko and Mrs. Onda]
Please let the light that shines on me
Shine on the one I love
Akiko, say hi to Daddy.
Hi, Daddy!
I see you, Daddy, I see you.
[Gigantron roaring]
- What's that, Mama?
- Get down!
Sorry for the intrusion, sir.
My deepest apologies
for failing to capture the infant.
It's all right, Captain.
We learned something
very important tonight.
Watch this.
As I'd suspected,
the infant has the ability to echolocate
to find her way,
meaning, eventually,
she'll want to go home.
And when she does,
we will track her back to Kaiju Island
and destroy them all.
You question my methods?
Sir, I'm sorry.
I wholeheartedly believe in our mission,
but... is there no other way?
Your compassion is admirable, Captain.
You have children. A boy and a girl. Yes?
They're my world, sir.
Family is everything.
I would do anything to have one more day
with my wife and daughter.
I don't enjoy this task.
I am a scientist after all, not a hunter.
But I've learned
that hard decisions must be made
to protect those we love.
Yes, sir.
Captain, you look exhausted.
Go home to your family.
Get some rest and we will
resume the search in the morning.
Thank you, sir. Have a good night.
[heart beating]
Bad habit.
I'd say we did pretty well
considering the circumstances.
Dad, I...
I really appreciate you showing up, I do.
But this doesn't make you Ultradad.
You know, we're not
suddenly gonna be best pals.
Kenji, I need to show you something.
Mina, news, please.
Fortunately, the KDF
was able to contain the damage
and no one was harmed.
But the kaiju escaped
and it would appear that Ultraman
is actually defending the beast.
The KDF are conducting a massive search
for both the creature and Ultraman.
We will protect the families of this city.
We will get to the bottom of this
and we will eliminate the threat.
Kenji, I've been tracking Onda.
And until now he's been content on just
killing whatever kaiju attack the city.
But something's changed.
He wasn't trying to kill the baby.
He wanted her alive.
I've known Onda for a long time.
He is brilliant. He is cunning.
And he will never stop,
not until she's captured and you're dead.
[Mina] B-i-n-g-o
And Bingo was his name-o
[sighs] You and I
don't have to be best pals.
But can we at least agree
that she is the priority?
Yes. She is.
Okay, good.
Do you have a plan?
We thought returning the baby
to her natural habitat
would be best, Professor Sato.
But the location of Kaiju Island
remains elusive.
Even if we could find it,
without a mother to defend her,
the baby might starve, drown,
die of hypothermia.
Another kaiju could eat her as a snack...
I got it. I got it.
We have to raise her
the way her mother would have.
So you're suggesting
that you and I, Ultraman...
Ultramen, guys who are supposed
to fight these things,
should train this baby
to essentially kick our butts?
Kenji, she needs us.
[Professor Sato] Come on. Stand up.
We have to measure you.
[Mina] And analyze
your entire genetic makeup.
[yawns] What are you doing?
We need to examine her
so that we can plan a training regimen
to protect Emi from predators.
Emi? But, uh, wait.
You named her after Mom?
I think she would approve.
Okay now, Emi.
Stand up nice and tall.
My God, my dad is a kaiju whisperer.
Mina, please prepare to insert
the micro tracking device.
Emi, can you do like Bunny?
Good girl.
Mina, treat, please.
And before we eat,
we always say, "Itadakimasu!"
Professor Sato, I believe
that Emi is experiencing
a bit of nausea from the medicine.
Uh, Dad, step away. Seriously.
Oh, she's fine.
[Ultraman] Get back here right now, missy!
[commentator] That's another loss
for the Giants, making it six in a row.
[rock music playing]
Climbing back into contention,
the Giants are now just one game
out of first place.
[Ami] The Giants
are really coming together,
thanks to a more mature Ken Sato.
[commentator] We're going to the playoffs!
Sato's home run clinches a playoff spot
for the Giants.
I have never seen a turnaround
quite like it.
[Ami] I don't know
what's happening with Sato,
but something has changed for the better.
Not only is he shining on the field,
but he has brought this team together.
I thought it would be good
for all of us to get out of the house.
It's exactly the same.
Haven't been in a few weeks.
So many great memories here.
I repurposed it into a bit of a lab
after you moved away.
You know your mom.
She could never sit still.
You did search for her.
God, I miss her.
Her heart, her passion for life.
She showed me what it means to be human.
I'm so sorry, Dad.
She sent me those.
And tapes of all your games.
[chuckles softly]
Do you remember the '02 series?
A clear night. Outfield seats.
Matsui was unbelievable.
What? I thought I'd lost it.
[chuckles] I'll never forget the look
on your face when I caught it.
[chuckles] You cheered like a maniac
every time Matsui knocked one
out of the park.
I thought if somebody could do that
with a bat and a ball,
get your attention, make you smile...
Well, then that was something
I needed to do.
Hmm. That was the best day of my life.
Yes, but it was just one day.
[Emi chirping]
Wanna play?
And it's a grand slam! [whoops]
- The crowd goes wild.
- That's the way, Emi!
And she's safe!
- [whooping]
- [chirping]
Great job, Emi!
It's okay. You guys can just keep playing.
[Mina] Emi, I can't believe
how far you hit that.
You did a very good thing, Kenji.
We did a good thing, Dad.
- I couldn't have done this without you.
- Hey! Wait for me.
[both chuckle]
Very nice.
Did you ever worry
that your power wasn't enough?
That you couldn't protect us?
Every single day.
When I went into battle,
I never knew what would happen.
Whether I'd live or die,
whether I could keep you
and your mother safe.
I know it wasn't easy, Kenji,
moving away,
building a new life.
[sighs] And now this.
I'm so sorry.
[chuckles softly]
It's actually kind of cool
turning into a giant superhero.
It's just, uh...
[chuckles] I'm... I'm not very good at it.
Do you remember Gomora?
Oh, yeah. Big horns, short temper?
[laughs] Yes.
Well one night just after you were born,
your mother and I were making curry.
We're about to eat when the call comes in.
"Gomora is attacking Shirokanedai!"
I look across the table
at your mother and say,
"Wouldn't it be a shame if I die tonight
and never get to enjoy this curry?"
She smiled at me and said,
"If you die, I'll be heartbroken."
"I'll grieve for weeks."
"But I promise this curry
will not go to waste."
[both laugh]
That sounds just like her.
Before that night,
I was awkward, impulsive,
my color timer would go off in minutes.
But during that battle,
all I could think about
was your mother's laugh.
And your face.
And that was the first time
my color timer didn't go off.
I... [chuckles] I don't get it.
Your mother and I
spent our lives juggling,
trying to bridge the gap
between us and the kaiju,
trying to raise you.
Being Ultraman isn't about fighting.
It's about heart.
Using your power to bring balance.
What you're doing now with Emi...
You've accomplished what we never could.
[Emi screeching]
Oh, what's wrong, girl?
What are you looking at? Huh?
Why are the stars moving?
Mina, scan for incoming.
My radar systems have been jammed.
Oh, my God. It's the KDF.
Emi, come on, baby.
It's the bad men. Come on.
No. No, Emi! No!
[indistinct chatter]
[alarm buzzing]
[automated voice]
Drones have located the target.
Drones have located the target.
Emi! Behind you! Look out!
[Dr. Onda] Are there more drones
in the area?
Do we have more drones in the area?
Yes, Doctor. A short distance away.
Send them. Send them now!
[Professor Sato] Those drones have
direct video feeds to KDF headquarters.
We have to go now.
Come on, sweetie. Time to go.
Dad, what's wrong with her?
What's happening?
She's entering a pupal stage, Kenji.
She's changing.
Changing? Changing into what?
I don't know,
but she's vulnerable right now.
We have to get her someplace safe.
Firing up the jet.
- Dad, as soon as the jet arrives...
- [drones whirring]
[screams, groans]
[Dr. Onda] Was the homing beacon
successfully deployed?
Yes, Dr. Onda.
But some sort of frequency jammer
was engaged.
We lost the signal,
but we believe
we can triangulate Ultraman's location
within a five-mile radius.
Good. Good. And what of Project Surrogate?
Good news, sir.
Estimated time of completion
is five hours.
The Destroyer is prepped and ready.
Thank you Captain Aoshima.
That will be all for now.
Yes, sir.
[Ami] It's the first game of the series
and it appears that Sato is a no-show.
He was absent during yesterday's practice
and team management
has been silent on the situation.
We're all hoping he's okay.
Mina, any change?
No, Ken.
He's stable
but his internal injuries were severe.
I'm sorry.
And Emi?
It's hard to tell, Ken.
My sensors can't seem
to penetrate the cocoon.
[kaiju roaring in distance]
No. No, no, no.
It can't be.
Mina, where did that sound come from?
It originated from the east, a mile away.
Oh, my God.
[grunts, pants]
- [kaiju roaring in distance]
- Huh?
[Emi screeching]
No. No, Emi. No!
No, girl.
Emi, look at me. Look at Daddy.
Mina, I need an analysis. What do you see?
Scanning, Ken.
Something's approaching, entering the bay.
That's not possible.
Emi! No!
Mina, take care of Dad.
Danger, take evasive action.
Mina! Shield!
[Mina] Kenji.
[distorted] Ken?
- Are you...
- [groans]
Ken, are you okay?
Oh, God, Mina.
My systems are compromised.
I'll be offline soon.
[coughing, grunting]
Mina, is he gone?
I'm sorry,
but my scans don't detect life.
I've observed you since you were young,
I know you have doubts
about following
in your father's footsteps,
but I see him in you.
Both of your parents.
Your mother's sense of humor,
her directness.
And your father's quiet strength.
- It is beautiful.
- Da, da, da, da!
You are an amazing baseball player, Kenji.
But you were meant to be Ultraman.
One more thing, Ken.
Emi's tracking device
is still active.
You can save her.
Mina, I don't say this enough.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Now go get our girl.
[powering down]
[watch beeping]
[grunts, yells]
[Captain Aoshima] We are headed southeast.
The infant is keeping a steady pace.
[Dr. Onda] Good.
We'll follow them back to Kaiju Island.
And once we're there,
we will do what needs to be done.
Dr. Onda, how did you know
that we could lure the infant out?
As I said, Captain, family is everything,
- even to these creatures.
- [alarm beeping]
[loud thud]
[chirps in excitement]
There's my girl.
Emi. We gotta go, girl.
That's not your real mama.
She's just a fake.
Something the bad men made to trick you.
I know you're up there! Coward!
Mecha Gigantron, attack!
[Ultraman yelling]
[Emi cooing]
Missile attack now!
No! No, no.
[breathing heavily]
No, no, no. No, no, no.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Wake up. Wake up, girl!
[breathing heavily]
Oh, my God.
[Mecha Gigantron breathing coarsely]
Kill him.
- [grunting]
- [roars]
[beeping rapidly]
[Emiko] Oh, Kenji.
Your dad wants to be here
more than anything in the world.
But sometimes, he has to be away
to protect us.
[Gigantron roaring]
[coughing, gasping]
[breathes heavily, groans]
Dad? You're alive.
I promised I would always be here.
Another Ultra?
Kill them both!
What's wrong with her, girl?
- [warbling]
- [roaring]
- [alarm beeping]
- What's happening?
Sir, The Mech systems
are no longer accepting our commands.
Try again.
[roars loudly]
[screeches with joy]
Sir, Gigantron
has overridden our protocols.
It seems the creature
is no longer under our control.
Escort the crew to the escape pods.
See to it that everyone is safe.
- But sir, I...
- The KDF must survive.
Even if I don't.
Go now.
Abandon ship!
Everyone to the escape pods!
- Abandon ship!
- Abandon ship!
[man] Let's go! Move it!
Is this the part where the villain
sends a hidden force we didn't know about?
Those are escape pods.
[alarm blaring]
[groans, coughs]
Dad! Are you okay?
I'm fine, Kenji.
We gonna do this together?
Well I'm not gonna do it alone.
[thunder rumbling]
[all grunting]
- [alarm buzzing]
- [groans]
[Ultraman] Look out!
[breathing heavily]
[grunts, screams]
[grunts] Don't you ever touch my son!
[Chiho and Oba-chan]
Ultraman's our hero!
He's our hero, Ultraman!
Chiho, be careful.
I don't want Cheerios and puke
all over the car again.
Oh, she's having fun.
- [thuds]
- [all gasp]
- Is everyone okay?
- [Chiho] Whoa!
[Ultraman groans]
- Hi, Ultraman!
- No, no, no.
[Ultraman] Hi.
- [Chiho] Oh, my gosh! Look!
- [Ultraman groaning]
- Hello! I know you.
- [screeches]
Emi, come on. Leave the human alone.
How cute!
- Chiho!
- Whoo-hoo!
[Ultradad laughs]
Ultraman! I trusted you.
I trusted you to protect us.
To protect them.
[grunts, groans]
Ultraman, you let them die!
[Ultraman yelling]
Batter up!
[Ultradad] Kenji.
[Ultraman breathing heavily]
[Dr. Onda in Japanese] Die!
[electricity crackling]
[Mrs. Onda] Akiko, say hi to Daddy.
Hi, Daddy!
I see you, Daddy, I see you.
[shakily] Soon.
[Ultradad] Oh, God.
He'll destroy us all.
No, Kenji!
[Kenji] Did you ever worry
that your power wasn't enough?
That you couldn't save us?
[Professor Sato] Every single day.
[Emiko] Someday,
when you have kids of your own,
you'll understand.
[young Kenji] Maybe, if I'm strong enough,
I can keep Daddy safe.
[Ultradad] Kenji!
[reporter 1] A massive attack...
[reporter 2]
We're still not sure of his whereabouts...
[reporter 1] Witnesses saw Ultraman
throw himself on what look liked a bomb...
- [man and woman] He saved us.
- [man 2] Ultraman saved us.
[Ami] After a challenging season,
you proved the skeptics wrong,
brought the team together,
and rallied the Giants
to their first championship title
in years.
That's gotta feel good.
[chuckles] I can't take the credit.
It was this team, these guys.
- [crowd cheering]
- I'm just happy to be a part of it.
Earlier, I spoke with Shimura, who said,
"Ken Sato might be the finest player
I've ever coached."
"He exemplifies what it means
to be a Giant."
Many critics, including myself,
have noticed a change.
What do you attribute that to?
I wouldn't be here without my family,
simple as that.
My dad, mom.
They made this possible.
I just wish she could be here to see it.
I'm sure she'd be proud.
[sighs] She used to leave these messages.
Little things to help me
get through tough times.
Mind if I share?
[Emiko] Kenji,
you're probably not even up yet.
But I was thinking about you
and I wanted to share a list of hopes.
I hope that you'll
give your father a chance.
Whether you believe it or not,
he loves you with all his heart.
I hope you'll understand us better.
Understand that we were
just trying to prepare you
for all the challenges headed your way.
And as time passes, we fade into memory,
I hope that you'll pass
some of those memories,
some of those lessons along
because in the end,
it was all done with love, kiddo.
I miss you.
See you soon.
[Emiko speaking indistinctly]
[Emiko] Kenji? Can you hear me?
It's Mom.
I'm still alive.
Help me get back home.