Ultrasound (2022) Movie Script

- (crickets chirping)
- (thunder rumbling in distance)
(tires screeching)
(music playing over radio)
- (rain pattering)
- (thunder rumbling)
(tires bursting, screeching)
(opera music playing over radio)
(sighs) Damn it.
- Fuck.
- (radio clicks, music stops)
(car door opens, closes)
Hey, uh, my car broke down
on the road
- and I was wondering...
- Oh. Yeah.
...if I could come in
and make a phone call?
(thunder rumbling)
Art: Cyndi we got a guest.
I'm so sorry for intruding.
Oh, nah. (chuckles)
Don't worry about it.
Uh, look at you
all dressed up, huh?
Oh, yeah. I was at a wedding.
- A wedding?
- Yeah.
Oh, well, we've got
to get you dried off.
We'll get you a towel.
- Thank you.
- We... we'll get you a towel.
Oh, Cyndi, this is uh...
- I'm Glen.
- Glen.
Hi, Glen.
- Hi.
- Come on in, Glen. Come on.
- What are you doin?
- Okay.
Come on.
(loud whirring)
Art: You okay, Glen?
Yeah. Thank you both, uh...
Thank you both
for helping me out.
I really thought
I was screwed out there.
(scoffs) No problem.
Here. Cheers.
- Glen: Cheers.
- (glasses clinking)
So, listen, uh, Glen.
I don't wanna be the bearer
of bad news here,
but the closest garage
is Big Earl's
and he's definitely closed
right now.
So, you get that thing working
and you're gonna call Triple A,
and they're gonna send you
to a garage out in Pickton,
- which is, what, 30?
- Thirty-five miles.
Thirty-five, 40 miles away.
- Really?
- Art: Yeah.
That'd be the closest motel too.
Now look,
I'd be happy to drive you,
more than happy,
but I'd just assume
that you'd stay here.
(wind howling)
- Oh, no. I couldn't.
- Glen, think about it.
(scoffs) It makes
the most sense.
Your car will be here
in the morning,
and Cyndi and I don't mind.
Right, Cyndi?
Yeah, we don't mind.
I mean that's above and beyond.
Are you... are you sure?
Wouldn't have offered
if I wasn't, right? (chuckles)
- So, uh, what do you do?
- (watch beeps)
Oh. What do you do
for work there, Glen?
- Uh, for work, um...
- Cyndi: Art!
- What?
- Go.
What? I'll take them
in a minute.
- Art. Now.
- Fine. Jeez.
I'm... I'm sorry about all that.
No, no, no, it's no problem.
I mean...
- Cyndi: Excuse me. (chuckles)
- Sorry.
For your phone.
- Glen: Get it in there.
- Cyndi: Yeah.
He's depressed.
Arthur, that's why
he has to go get his medicine.
He's depressed.
Oh, yeah. I mean... Oh.
It's not a secret.
He tells everyone all about it.
Anyway, I'm sorry for this mess.
(chuckles) It's usually cleaner.
Oh, no. Don't...
don't be sorry. I mean...
Okie-dokie, all righty.
(laughs) All medicated.
Sometimes I don't know
who those pills make happier,
me or you.
(Art and Cyndi chuckle)
(blows raspberry)
My secret's out Glen,
I'm a depressive. A melancholic.
How about you? You depressed?
No, I don't think so.
You'd know it if you were.
Believe me.
You'd have to take medication.
Come on.
We rarely get visitors out here.
Come on join us.
(somber music playing)
Art: So, I broke the cookie jar,
but I wasn't gonna say anything
because I tell you what,
my family? (chuckles)
Look, I'm the oldest
of six boys.
My old man was a bear trap...
(indistinct chatter)
(ominous music playing)
Where did your wife go?
Cyndi, she went to bed
a little while ago there, Glen.
Uh... You hit your head
out there too?
You know, how you fix that?
A little more medicine.
- Oh. No, I...
- (Art chuckling)
I apologize for all that stuff
with Cyndi.
You saw it. She can't stand me.
I just feel like
I can't control the situation,
you know what I mean?
Like I can't fix it.
I always felt like I was a guy
that could fix things.
That I take care of people.
That's what a man is supposed to do, right?
(indistinct chatter)
You're a good listener, Glen.
I appreciate that.
(sighing) Yeah.
Well, you saved
my ass tonight, Art.
Oh, come on. Least we could do.
Least we could do.
- (coughs)
- Oh, you all right?
- (coughs)
- Art: You okay?
Yep. Yeah, yeah. (sniffs)
Um, due to the impromptu nature
of your visit.
(both chuckle)
We weren't able
to prepare obviously.
Our guest room is full
of all kinds of shit.
Oh, yeah. That's fine. Don't...
don't worry about it. That's fine.
Yeah. Well, I'm gonna sleep
on the couch...
No. Come on!
Art, that's totally unnecessary.
- ...and you're gonna sleep in the master bedroom.
- Art!
But listen...
Cyndi is in there.
Okay, so I shouldn't go
in there.
- That's...
- No. You should go in there.
(unnerving music playing)
(thunder rumbling)
You should go in there
and get in bed with her.
- Glen.
- Art.
Art, no. That's... No, man.
Why would I do that?
Why would I do that?
Are you not attracted to her?
Maybe I was mistaken.
I haven't even thought
about that.
Why would I...
why would I think about
whether I was... I don't know...
Art: But I saw you
looking at her.
Come on, what?
You, the looks.
You were staring at her.
Come on. Whoa.
Back off a little bit,
all right?
I wasn't staring at your wife.
Don't accuse me of looking
at your wife.
I'm not getting mad,
I'm not accusing you.
I'm just saying
I saw what I saw.
Unless I was mistaken.
You were mistaken, okay?
I'll tell you
what I didn't mistake,
was the way
that she was looking at you.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
Come on! What's the problem?
You married?
No. I'm not married.
- (thunder rumbling)
- (rain pattering)
Come on, Glen,
just... help me out here.
(thunder rumbling)
(opera music playing)
(opera music stops abruptly)
(sinister music playing)
(music stops abruptly)
- Mm.
- So... Sorry.
Cyndi: Yeah.
I'm awake. I heard you guys.
Oh. Yeah, we were, uh,
just talking about...
(chuckles) Yeah,
I heard you guys talking.
This place is made of paper.
God, that's embarrassing.
I'm sorry.
No, it's fine.
- You know, I'm just gonna go.
- No, no. It's fine really.
I'm the one who should be sorry.
I should have gone down there
and told him to leave you alone
...I just don't want
to cause a scene.
No, it's...
Wanna sit down?
Come on. You don't have to stand
all the way over there.
Yeah, thanks.
Thank you.
He'd still be sleeping
on the couch
even if you weren't here.
Does that change things?
What do you mean?
(chuckles) I don't know. I...
I was 19.
I was 19 when we got married.
Well... Yeah, that is young.
I was 17 when I met him.
He was my high school teacher.
Pretty fucked up, right?
It's fucked up.
'Cause, I would
be the first person
to say to someone, like,
"What the fuck are you doing
throwing away your life,
you fucking moron, you know?"
But there is an energy.
There's an energy
when you throw away things
that people think are important.
I sound like a fucking idiot.
But it's true,
and when you're done that energy
just, like, drains out of you.
So, why don't you leave him?
(breathes deeply)
It's just,
he's a persuasive arguer.
I mean, look,
you're in my bedroom right now,
aren't you?
Yeah, but I wanted to come here.
Is that why you're sitting
as far away from me as possible?
(rain pattering)
(thunder rumbling in distance)
This isn't like some sort of...
some sort of fetish thing
that Art has.
- Is it like...
- What?
There's not like a...
a peep hole...
(chuckles) ...or a camera
or something, right?
Not that I know of. (chuckles)
It's... "Not that you know of"?
(both chuckle)
Well, don't you have to have,
like, a libido
to act out a fetish?
I mean, don't you? (chuckles)
I don't know. (chuckles)
I mean, do you?
It's been a while.
Yeah... it's been a while
for me too.
(ominous music playing)
(thunder rumbling)
(soft music playing)
Hey, that's really great.
What is?
That you're...
that you're still doing it.
Yeah, I guess so.
I mean, that's...
that's good for you. You know?
Thanks. Asshole.
(water sloshing)
Girl: So, I told him
if you want people passing out
from dehydration,
that's on you but...
Yeah, I know they've got water.
Everybody's got water.
Yeah, but if you're working out,
you need electrolytes.
Katie: Fucking dryer!
I'm just gonna call you back
from the car.
Alex, it's Katie.
Today... Today would be
a really good day for you
- to call me back for once.
- (car beeping)
I wanna ask you to come
and see me,
but I would settle
for any sort of acknowledgement
at this point.
So, just call me back, okay?
Just really...
just call me back.
(breathes heavily)
(ominous music playing)
(high-pitched whirring)
(door knocks)
Wow, that worked. You're here.
I mean, this is just...
It's, um, you know?
It's a sensitive time right now
and things are...
They're really ramping up
which means...
more eyes are gonna be on me,
you know?
And what I really need from you,
is to just stop calling
my office so much.
Well, I didn't know that I was
gonna be out here this long
when I agreed to do this.
It's been months Alex,
and I came here to be with you
and I'm all alone here.
You're doing it all for us,
okay? I love you.
(Alex moans)
Um, let me just, uh, fix us
some drinks, okay?
Because I just need to,
you know,
get work out of my head.
- Okay.
- (objects rattle)
(bees buzzing)
(teeth brushing)
(tap running)
(somber music playing)
(door knocks)
(door bangs)
Glen: Hey,
I'm coming. I'm coming.
Yeah, I know rent was due,
and I'm...
Hey, Glen. Uh, sorry
it's so early in the morning.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
Well, I got something I wanna
talk to you about. Can I come in?
Can you... Wait, what?
No, no, no, no, no.
You can't come in.
But I've got something
that I wanna show you, Glen.
Well, I... I don't care.
You got to go man, okay?
You got to leave, okay?
Art: Wait, I don't unders...
I don't understand
the hostility?
- Why the anger?
- Look, you gotta go.
Okay? Why the anger?
How the fuck are you here?
How did you find me?
Neighbor: Hey, Glen.
It's Sunday, man.
What the fuck!
Um, sorry.
Okay, you have two minutes.
Get in.
Art: Yeah, two minutes,
that's all.
Glen: It's fine.
Now, I'm gonna get evicted.
Nails? Nail...
What... what... what nails?
I don't know.
The guy at the mechanic shop
said that it looked like
I'd run over a bunch of nails.
So, you think we put a bunch
of nails on the road
in order to trap
some random motorist
and bring him
to our house, like, why?
I don't know.
Look, you needed help
and we helped you.
Yeah, you're right.
It's just such a...
Man, it was such a weird night,
you know?
And, uh, I woke up
in the morning,
no one was there.
Well, how do you think we felt?
How do you think Cyndi felt?
You're gone,
no way to get in touch with you.
And how did you find me?
- What?
- How did you find me?
How did you end up here
at my door?
Uh, the... the garage
where you took your car.
Hmm. Wait, but he's not supposed
to give you
- that kind of information.
- Yeah, well...
Can I just...
are my two minutes up?
Can I just show you
what I came here to show you?
Glen: What is it?
May I?
Glen: May you what?
Hook it up, so I can show you.
(Glen sighing)
Yeah, go, fine.
It better not be a sex tape.
It better not be me
with your wife.
Art: Okay, try them both
on three, maybe that's...
You think it's this TV
video button. A/V.
Try... Try it.
Oh, oh! Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Hold on.
Start from the beginning.
Yeah, okay. Okay, okay.
Art: Right there.
Right there. Right there.
Do you see that?
What are you saying?
Art: She's pregnant, Glen.
- Art: Your baby.
- It can't be. It can't be.
- No...
- Do I need to explain
how the birds
and the bees work here?
I didn't... we...
we stopped, okay?
Because... Whatever I just...
- Did you wear protection?
- (scoffs)
I think it's probably
just some other guy's.
No, no, no.
She hasn't said anybody but you.
No, some other stranger
who ran over a bunch of nails
in the road, probably.
How about this,
just come talk to her.
- Glen: What? Why?
- Yeah. Just face to face.
- Just come talk to her.
- Art, I have nothing to talk with her about, okay?
Uh, I think you have a lot
to talk about, Glen.
Okay, you know what?
I've put up with this shit
for long enough. Okay?
You were supposed
to leave like an hour ago.
Your two minutes are up, okay?
- I'm done! You're going.
- What's the trouble here, Glen?
- Go! Get out!
- You know what?
Fine, fine, Glen.
Fuck me. Fuck me.
I'm a pathetic depressed loser,
and now a cuckold.
Yeah, fuck me.
Blame me for whatever it is
you're all angry about,
I don't care.
Blame me, but not Cyndi.
You know, for whatever wrong
you think's gone down here,
I... I think we can both
agree that she's bared the brunt
of this thing, right?
- Right?
- Go!
She said there was a connection
between the two of you,
If there's any inkling
of that inside you,
that there was a connection
or something.
(sighs) Fuck.
Never mind, never mind.
Okay, you know what?
I'll talk to her.
Thank you. Thank you, Glen.
Thank you.
All right, but the second
any weird shit happens,
- I'm leaving.
- Yeah. No weird shit. No, no.
This... This means a lot, Glen.
This means a lot, seriously.
- I'm just gonna get my phone.
- Yeah, yeah.
(flies buzzing)
(ominous music playing)
(Shannon inhaling)
(high-pitched ringing)
(Shannon breathes deeply)
I am safe in my own home.
I can check the locks once
and leave.
I can check the stove once
and leave.
I can check the outlets once
and leave.
I will not worry
while I am away.
(exhales deeply)
I will succeed at work today.
I will memorize this text
and I will succeed.
Thank you.
I'm sorry
about all of this, Glen.
Thank you.
I'm sorry
about all of this, Glen.
Thank you.
I'm sorry
about all of this, Glen.
(somber music playing)
Cyndi: Thank you.
I'm sorry
about all of this, Glen.
Well, you can stop apologizing,
it's not really your fault.
Okay, so what's up?
This is... It's not your problem
and it... it can't be
and I don't wanna make it
your problem,
but it's just Art. (sighs)
He's gotten so weird lately.
Like really weird and...
I needed to get away
from that fucking place,
and I was freaking out
a little bit.
And... then I found
this piece of paper
with your phone number on it,
and honestly, I...
I don't have
anywhere else to go.
So, you think it's...
Cyndi: I mean, I don't know.
But I think so.
You've been to a doctor?
No. I... I was in denial
for a really long time
and then...
here I am. (chuckles) Uh...
No, I haven't been to a doctor.
- (crickets chirping)
- (ominous music playing)
Glen: (over headphones) I think
we should call the police.
Cyndi: (over headphones) What?
Glen: (over headphones) For Art.
Cyndi: (over headphones)
If we call the police,
what will we say?
Please stop apologizing,
it's not your fault.
So, what's up?
I... I don't know. I just, uh...
Look, I know
this isn't your problem,
- it can't be. It's just that...
- There's a little laugh.
- A little laugh on...
- "It can't be."
- "It can't be."
- With a little laugh.
- With a little.. "hah."
- "Ha-ha."
Shannon: Right, right,
a little "ha-ha-ha."
- "It can't be, hah."
- "Hah." Yeah. Right.
Look, I know
this isn't your problem,
and it can't be.
(chuckles softly)
It's just that Art
has gotten so weird lately,
and I needed...
A little more emphasis
on "so weird."
- So weird.
- "So weird."
It's just that Art
has gotten so weird lately,
and... I just needed to get out
of that fucking place and...
I was freaking out a little.
Good, good.
- Great! (chuckles)
- It is.
Well, the next sessions
won't need to be as meticulous,
but we really got to nail
this first one.
- Right, of course.
- All right? Great.
- Let's listen again.
- Okay.
(Shannon clears throat)
(ambient music playing)
Glen: Hidey-ho, I'm home.
Got your chicken.
I got your orange juice,
no pulp.
Shit. Every goddamn day!
Um, did you go to the store?
Cyndi: What?
Well, you said
we needed orange juice,
but there's already
orange juice in here.
Did you go to the store?
No, I didn't go to the store.
You okay?
Something's not right, Glen.
I just... I feel so nauseous.
Glen: (groans) I'm sorry, hon.
It's okay.
(eerie growling)
What the hell?
Glen, what's going on?
- Okay, okay, just...
- Ow, ow!
No, no. Don't...
don't keep pushing on it!
(Cyndi crying)
I'm calling an ambulance,
- Okay, hold on.
- (whimpering) Glen.
Hello. Yes, yes, yes,
we need an ambulance.
- (roaring)
- Oh?
(eerie music playing)
Glen: (over headphones)
...there's something going on
with her pregnancy.
We need an ambulance
really quickly.
Fuck! We have to take 'em.
Man: Hello, is Conners there?
Dr. Conners. It's urgent.
Okay, okay. Can you, uh,
leave him a message?
Okay, tell him
this is field unit 2
and that we had to move up
with extraction.
And we're gonna be there
with the subjects in two hours.
(music fades)
Now with her, it'll be more
about running diagnostics.
You know,
tracking physical effects.
The, uh, male subject,
these sessions are more about
pinpointing frequencies.
Oh, okay.
You feel that, right?
It's the air. It changes.
- What?
- It's the air.
Oh, right.
Yeah, it's, um, uh...
- More damp.
- More damp.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
Well, this place is just the tip
of the iceberg.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Three more basements below us.
Used to be used for aging
different types of cheese.
- Woah.
- Yeah.
What, really?
- Yeah. I mean apparently...
- (laughing) What?
...the natural limestone
in this area
is really good
for cheesemaking somehow.
- Wow!
- I know. You know what?
I'll email you the blueprints
for this place.
It's amazing
how much of it there is.
Oh, that would be great.
We've only got this
one observation room
up here right now, but, uh,
there's much larger ones
going in downstairs.
And here we are.
Shannon: Hi.
Dr. Conners: Shannon,
this is Julie.
- Hi.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
Julie is our, uh, tech master.
Uh. Oh. There he is. Great.
You all set?
You ready?
All right. You know this better
than he does at this point.
- I know you're ready.
- (sighs) Okay.
Oh! You will want to put
one of these in.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Of course. Of course.
Yeah, just one should be enough
to disrupt the...
- Right.
- Yep. Just make sure you...
Shannon: How's that?
- Okay.
- It's okay.
- Okay. (chuckles)
- Okay.
(high-pitched ringing)
(tense music playing)
Shannon: Hey.
I'm Shannon.
- Glen.
- Glen.
It's lovely to meet you, Glen.
(breathes deeply) Yeah, you too.
So, um, did they explain
what we're gonna be doing
here today?
No, the doctor just said
that I would be meeting with you
and he told me that, um...
He gave me this.
Which... How did they, um...
Yeah. I know.
It's... it's, uh... it's weird.
It's weird, um. I can't...
Explain it to me at this stage
in the process.
That's the refrain around here.
But you must understand
how this, you know,
getting this, seeing this.
It's... (scoffs)
...it's disconcerting.
I don't know what it has to do
with any of the...
How does one thing
have anything to do
with the other?
I don't... I don't see the link
between the two things.
Well, it'll all make sense
as we go along.
I promise.
Do you want to give it a try?
(high-pitched whirring)
Yes, yes. Let's go.
Here you go.
Shannon: Thank you.
I'm sorry about all this, Glen.
"Please stop apologizing.
It's not your fault."
"So, what's up?"
I don't know. I just...
Look, I...
I know this isn't your problem
and it just... it can't be.
(chuckling softly)
It's just Art has gotten
so weird lately,
and I needed to get away
from that fucking place
and I was just...
I was just freaking out.
- Did you get it?
- Yes, I did.
(ambient music playing)
(high-pitched whirring)
(crickets chirping)
(ominous music playing)
(objects rattling)
Hello? Glen? Cyndi?
Fuck. Fuck.
(eerie music playing)
Art: It's a...
It's a... setback.
Yes, a significant setback,
but it's under control.
I just... I didn't wanna move
to plan B
without informing you first.
(sighs, sniffs)
I... I understand.
I... I get that.
I'm... I'm just wondering,
that if at this late stage
maybe the simpler option
that I suggested initially,
might be easier.
I mean, be easier for me.
Okay, for the last time
I have compromised my principles
enough on this account.
I will not be made a hypocrite.
If... if you want to impress me,
if you want me to vouch
for your technique,
then just handle this, okay?
Without having to call me
in the middle of the night.
(saw whirring)
(Cyndi sobbing, sniffling)
Glen: Hey.
Glen: Are you okay?
(ambient music playing)
That dream again?
- Were you back in high school?
- (sobs)
Cyndi: (whimpering) Yeah.
Oh, Jesus,
when are you gonna graduate?
(sobbing) Seriously?
I don't want to do this today.
I don't wanna do it anymore.
What's... what's wrong?
I don't wanna play
any more role-playing games
until I know what the fuck
is going on around here.
- (scoffs)
- Glen: I got questions.
Cyndi, is she... is she okay?
Was she... was she brought here?
Is she here,
or she's somewhere else?
Or do you know where she is?
Or is... was she hurt
in the accident or was the...
was... was the baby hurt?
I just want to know
if she's okay.
Okay. What else?
Um, I'm having a pretty
fucking hard time
wrapping my head around
how doing
all this role-playing shit
is supposed to help me
get my legs back.
Do you wanna... help me
understand this process
I'm supposed to be
so trusting in?
- Well, what...
- (door knocks)
Glen, hold on one second.
- Could you just tell me...
- I'll be right back. Hold on.
(door opens, closes)
- (door opens)
- Shannon: Okay.
(door closes)
Okay, um...
so, here's what I can tell you.
Cyndi is fine.
You shouldn't be concerned
with her. She's safe.
(breathes deeply)
Shannon: As for the process.
Our process addresses
the physical
via the psychological.
So, it's a new treatment,
but it has extremely
high results,
and we are the only facility
that's taking cases like yours.
Shall we start again?
Going forward I'm gonna need
a lot more questions answered
if I'm gonna cooperate.
I'll do my best.
I just want to know that...
all of this is leading to me
getting up
out of this chair someday.
- It is.
- Okay.
Trust me.
(imitates sobbing)
Shannon: (over speaker)
How did your relationship
with Arthur begin?
(somber music playing)
Cyndi: Um...
he was my teacher.
He was a really good teacher.
He was really nice to me,
to be honest.
He took me seriously
and I liked that.
I mean, he... I had a crush
on him for a while
but nothing real,
just innocent, you know?
Okay, hold there.
(high-pitched whirring)
Shannon: And when
did it become something real?
Cyndi: I guess when he found out
that I liked him.
(breathes deeply, sighs)
And how did he find out?
Cyndi: (exhaling) I stupidly
volunteered to be hypnotized
at my high school homecoming
lock-in party.
This guy, the hypnotist guy,
he... he asked if we had
a secret that no one else knew.
And we were supposed
to write it
on this imaginary piece
of paper,
but before we even got
to that part,
I just blurted out that...
(breathes deeply)
...I had a crush
on my English teacher.
(distorted laughter)
Shannon: (over speaker)
Okay, hold there.
Okay, then what happened?
He must have found out...
because a few days later
he called me and he said
that he was sorry...
for all the kids
making fun of me.
Which, looking back now,
was just probably
his roundabout way
of letting me know
that he knew, you know?
(soft music playing)
Because then he would
just start calling to talk.
But it...
it wasn't anything serious.
Not until the next summer.
Shannon: Okay, hold there.
(high-pitched whirring)
(car beeping)
(ominous music playing)
(car beeping)
Hello, stranger.
This just isn't working for me.
I'm lonely.
I can't live like this.
We're almost through this,
honey, okay?
If we can get through this,
we can get through anything.
All right?
Yeah, sure.
(somber music playing)
Go ahead and lie down, Katie.
(ominous music playing)
(high-pitched ringing)
Katie, can you hear me?
Katie, the conversation
you had tonight with Alex
had a deep impact on you.
You now feel comforted
and calmed.
You no longer question
his commitment to you.
You are willing to wait
the amount of time
he's asked you to.
Art: You will no longer
feel compelled
to try and contact him,
at work or on his cell phone,
or at home.
You know he loves you.
So, you will not go seeking
reassurance in this manner.
You are secure and content
in the knowledge
that soon you two
will be together.
(ringing continues)
When you awaken,
you will awaken with a memory
of how you made love
for a very long time.
You had two orgasms.
And faked another
because you were getting tired.
(ringing fades)
(door closing)
(objects rattling)
(ominous music playing)
- (watch beeping)
- (upbeat music playing)
Alex: (over television) Don't
believe what the fake news media
is spreading to try
and stop me.
I've gotten
out of tough spots before,
but we're being outspent
and I need your support now
more than ever.
This November, make the choice
to protect our streets,
protect our borders,
and protect the unborn.
I'm Alex Harris,
and I approve this message.
(uplifting music playing)
(music stops)
I'll be back soon.
Because I don't have time
to talk about this right now.
- I was.
- (car beeping)
I... I was hurt.
Man: (over phone) Look,
it's hard because I had a similar thing
- happen to me.
- No, you didn't.
Man: Will you let me finish?
- What I mean is...
- No, you didn't.
Man: Jesus Christ. What?
What are we doing?
Is that it? Is this it, honey?
I don't know.
It was a double whammy.
Not only did you not believe me,
but then you took the side
of the guy that assaulted me.
Man: That's not
what I said. Look...
- Nope.
- (Man sighs)
Man: What I was trying to say...
And then you go on to say
that you've been accused of...
Man: I wasn't accused.
I told you
it was a misunderstanding.
I don't... I can't...
I can't talk
about this right now.
I have...
I'm really late for work.
I... This is a very
important day for me
and I can't talk about this
right now. I can't.
Man: Okay. But would you please
call me later then?
I don't know.
I don't know if I'll call you.
I don't know.
- Man: Will you?
- I have to go! I have to go!
I said, I just said
a minute ago, I have to go!
End call.
(soft music playing)
Hi, I'm so sorry
that I'm a little bit late.
I, uh... (chuckles)
(sighs) How are you?
- I am good.
- Great.
- How are you?
- I'm all right.
(breathes deeply) I'm, uh...
I'm alright.
I just, uh... it's, uh...
I'm a little
a little sweaty.
I just ran all the way in here,
and it's a little bit weirdly,
like, hot today.
I don't know, it's...
(Shannon clears throat)
So, today's session is
going to be a little bit weird,
and I just wanna warn you
ahead of time.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna show you
some things,
and they're gonna be...
probably pretty upsetting.
Cyndi, do you recognize
this man?
Do you wanna look closer?
Mm, no.
So, um, this is Mr. Munberg,
and he is your 11th grade
English teacher.
No... (chuckles)
...that's... that's not him.
This is Arthur Thomas...
also known as,
um, The Amazing Arthur...
hilarious hypnotist,
available for parties
and corporate events
and birthdays.
No, uh, I think
you have them backwards.
That's my husband,
and that's my English teacher,
I don't...
I don't know this guy.
So, um, what we think
might have happened is that...
when Arthur met you
at the lock-in
that, um, he began...
a state of, uh,
sustained suggestion
that continued until,
um, just now.
(tense music playing)
(music rises)
(retches, coughs)
Mr. Munberg: Please,
by any and all means,
avoid using the passive voice.
"The chalk was held.
Words were spoken."
Passive voice gives us
all the causes
without any effects.
It gives us the doing
and the done
as if no one did them.
(retches, coughs)
(breathes heavily)
Oh, my god.
(spits, coughs)
(softly) Hi.
Cyndi: (sobbing) Thank you.
Julie: E-zero-one-four-four.
Shannon: Didn't you say
you gotta go to work today?
Julie: Alpha, function.
Glen: Uh, yeah.
I don't know
I didn't feel up to it.
I haven't been sleeping well.
Oh, well, then you should take
the bed tonight.
No, no, it's fine.
The couch is fine. It's...
- It's not that. It's...
- Dreams?
I just don't really feel
like sleeping.
Yeah, same.
Maybe we should get out of here.
Shannon and Cyndi: (together) Take a
walk or something, get some fresh air.
Shannon: I feel like we've been
cooped up in here for so long.
(tense music playing)
Shannon: We could...
(high-pitched whirring)
Nothing. It's nothing.
Well, you... Just say it.
It could be important.
No, it was just, like something,
like, in my mind's eye.
Okay. Well what happened?
I was... seeing the scene.
I'm remembering the scene
or whatever
and I was looking at Cyndi
and just for a second,
like a flash.
She wasn't pregnant.
Write that down.
Did you get that?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I got it.
Could you just excuse me?
Just one minute.
- I'm sorry.
- Okay.
I don't understand.
I don't get it.
- The pregnancy thing?
- Yeah.
Why would Art make them believe
that they were pregnant?
Especially her,
so far along in the pregnancy.
I mean she'd give birth
and there'd be nothing there.
Dr. Conners: Hmm.
I hadn't thought of that.
Where was the baby
gonna come from?
(Dr. Conners breathes deeply)
First off, I wanna thank you
for, uh, coming down here
on such short notice.
Of all the couples we looked at,
you met
all the necessary requirements
and yours seemed the best,
most stable home
for the child.
To be honest, uh,
we were pretty far down the road
with another couple,
but, uh, well, they backed out.
And after going over
your application,
I can tell you
I'm glad they did.
- Oh. (chuckles)
- Art: So, yeah.
So, let's move forward
with this paperwork.
As I believe I mentioned
in our phone interview,
our agency is a bit different
in that we specialize
in the anonymity
of the birth mother.
So, your names will be
on the, uh, birth certificate
and there will be no paper trail
back to the birth parents.
So, if you're ready, clear,
okay to proceed with this.
- Yes, yes, we're ready.
- Art: Great. Okay.
(tense music playing)
(music continues)
(music fades)
I'm sorry
for the cramped quarters
in here. We're in the process
of installing a few larger rooms
on the lower levels.
We were just so excited
with the progress we're making,
we just couldn't wait
to show you.
Now, as you know,
I've been working
in this vein of research
for going on two decades now.
Now, up until a few years ago,
I was working with a partner
in developing the techniques
you're going to see
demonstrated here today.
His area of expertise
was in electrical engineering.
And when he terminated
our partnership,
um, he hobbled
the technical aspect
of our project here.
But, as we recently learned,
he actually continued
his research,
albeit in a more
informal manner.
But thanks
to the help and cooperation
of some of you
here in this room,
we were able to gain access
to the subjects
he was testing it on.
And we've been able,
with the help of my incredibly
capable colleague,
- Shannon Darowicz...
- (scoffs) Hi.
...to sort of reverse engineer
from there,
and in fact, expand upon
the discoveries he made
in the field as it were.
(Shannon clears throat)
Shannon: Glen.
Glen, we're gonna try something
a little new today.
Is that all right?
Since we've been able
to identify
the relevant audio frequencies,
uh, the possibilities
that have opened up
have been immense.
(high-pitched whirring)
Shannon: Glen, I'd like you
to shut your eyes
and take a deep breath.
- (button clicking)
- Raise your right hand.
Dr. Conners: Here,
we have a subject
instantaneously placed
into a state
where he's receptive
to hypnotic suggestion.
Put your right hand down.
Now, put your left hand
on your head.
No counting or swinging
pocket watches necessary.
(crowd chuckling)
Glen, why is your hand
on your head?
I felt a drip.
I think there's a hole
in the ceiling. Must be a leak.
Dr. Conners:
See the subjects themselves
generate the necessary narrative
to integrate the suggestion
into their worldview and memory.
We've been astonished, actually,
at how quickly
they've been able to absorb
and adopt changes
which are sometimes
quite drastic.
Thank you so much, Glen.
I'm gonna have that checked out.
It's pretty amazing on its own,
but we knew about his frequency
well before this stage.
And what we've been trying
to get at,
and what I assume
you're all here to see,
is a sustained state
of suggestion.
People have been able
to influence
the minds and wills of others,
uh, for thousands of years
using these techniques.
Sometimes the influence
is lasting.
A person may quit smoking
or see a decrease
in general stress levels,
but outside
of the hypnotherapeutic session,
these results are contingent
on the subject being primed,
well ahead of time,
for achieving a certain goal.
But what's been much harder,
uh, impossible really,
is to create a sustained state
of suggestion
without the subject's knowledge,
and this is where we've made
our most exciting breakthroughs.
Shannon, could you ask him
to stand.
- Go on.
- What?
(low ominous music playing)
(clears throat)
(button clicking)
- Glen?
- Glen: Hmm?
Would you stand up for me.
(Glen chuckles)
Why do you want me to try to...
you want me to try to stand?
Could you just...
Could you please
try to stand up, please?
(electronic whirring)
(Glen grunting)
(Glen breathes heavily)
(whirring intensifies)
(Glen laughs) What the fuck!
(Glen laughing)
What the fuck!
What the fuck did you do?
You can save a lot
on security personnel
when those in your custody
don't know they can run away.
GLEN: What the fuck did you do?
- (whirring stops)
- Oh, my God!
Shannon, did you know
that Glen could stand?
No, I thought...
And how long have you been
working with him?
(tense music playing)
Five... six weeks.
You will find in your packets,
not only Mrs. Darowicz's
professional bona fides,
but two signed medical reports
from doctors
who independently studied
the subject.
Now, these reports certify
that the subject suffers
from paralysis
due to an unknown
but physiological cause.
Man: What is the subject's
SHSS score?
It's high. It is high.
His susceptibility
to suggestion is probably
how and why he was chosen
by my former colleague.
But we are currently, uh,
working on the abstracts
of several experiments
with test subjects
who scored low on the SHSS,
as well as optimizing a cocktail
of water-soluble vitamins,
uh, that increase and deepen
susceptibility to suggestion.
Also, might I add that trauma
or a "dreamy disposition"
can also increase
Woman: What's this
in the abstracts
about second and third tier
suggestion? What does that mean?
Why don't we move upstairs
to a more comfortable space
before we start the Q&A.
(door opens)
(door closes)
What the fuck?
Did you know he could stand?
(whirring resumes)
- What are you, wiping him?
- Yeah. I...
How many times
have you wiped him?
I'm not supposed to tell you.
(door opens)
You were amazing, Shannon.
I'm glad that it was a success.
It was more than a success.
Dr. Conners: I'm sorry I sprung
the standing thing on you.
I should have let you in
on that ahead of time.
I just needed a way to show them
it wasn't just some dog
and pony show.
What else are you hiding
from me?
Julie said
that you've been wiping him.
Look, up until now,
it was necessary
to keep you and Glen
on the same page,
so there could be a trust
between you.
We wouldn't have been able
to get to where we've gotten
without that trust.
I'm sorry for keeping you
in the dark.
Everybody that was there
was military contractors.
There was no one there
from the VA.
I thought...
Dr. Conners, I thought
that our intended application
for this was for therapeutic
purposes. PTSD...
Therapy is the application
we've been working towards
and that's what the bulk
of the research hours
have been spent on,
but, you know, money for R&D
is not in therapy.
They've been bankrolling this
the whole time?
What is... I thought you were
on board with this project.
I was. I just...
This is seeming
like a very different project
than the one
that I signed on for.
My background, as you know,
is in abuse counseling.
We are doing real,
true good here, Shannon.
Don't lose sight of that.
Are we building a weapon here?
Is that what all this is?
I never would have
shown them this
if we hadn't found
the reversal frequency.
Unfortunately, for good science
to survive these days,
it sometimes has to be a...
sheep in wolf's clothing
You didn't even mention
the reversal frequency.
Look, I've invested too much.
I've put too much time into...
(watch beeping)
I forgot I have a call
coming in a couple minutes.
Look, I'm sorry
I blindsided you.
I won't do that again. Hmm?
Let's keep having
these conversations.
For now, I'm gonna lighten
your one-on-one load
for next week.
I'd like to give you some time
to think this over
and make sure it's a project
you're still invested in.
I have a... I have a session
with Cyndi in 20 minutes.
Fine. Meet with her today,
and Gretchen will take over
for you on Monday.
(tense music playing)
(high-pitched ringing)
(exhales deeply)
You know what to do.
(music intensifies)
(music fades)
Was I...
Did we even get married?
Not legally, no.
(scoffs, inhales deeply)
God, I'm so fucking stupid.
I mean,
how could I let this happen?
This is something
that was done to you.
But was it?
Because it's weird,
I remember doing all of it.
It feels wrong now,
but... how do I trust
that side of myself
that's telling me that.
I mean, am I different now?
Am I smarter?
How... How can I,
like, know what's real?
So, um, this is gonna be
our last session
- for a little while.
- What?
Um, there is another counselor
that is gonna be taking over.
Her name's Gretchen.
She's new and, um...
I think you're really
gonna like her.
I'm so sorry...
but I have to go
and I need those papers back,
so did you get a chance
to look at all of them?
Um, just the first two.
The last one?
Shannon: Okay.
So, goodbye for now.
(whispering) I'm sorry
this is so sudden.
Please, trust me.
I do.
Shannon: Good luck, Cyndi.
It's been a pleasure working
with you.
- Thank you, Shannon.
- (chuckling) Absolutely.
(door closes)
(fast tense music playing)
So, apparently Arthur
had a minor...
psychological breakdown.
And everybody
was very surprised
when, upon his recovery,
he didn't return to the project.
And I guess that's when
he sort of disappeared.
(music continues)
Um, yes, I'd like an economy.
Yeah, that would be great. Shit.
Sorry. What?
A Kia Rio? Yeah, that...
that would be perfect.
Can I pick it up
tomorrow morning?
Okay, great.
Thank you so much, see you then.
(music fades)
(door knocks)
- (Art sighing)
- Hi, hi.
Art: Hey. Oh, uh...
Alex: This is Scott,
my nephew.
Yeah, uh... great.
Uh... uh, have a seat,
my friend. Pull up a chair.
Uh, thanks for, uh,
coming all the way out here.
Yeah, it's nice.
Uh... Oh, yeah. The, uh... this.
The office was perfect.
Thank you.
Uh, meeting went, uh, well
with the couple, the parents.
Um, I think we're all ready
for the handoff. (chuckles)
No way to trace the baby
back to you or Katie.
Yeah, I went to see Katie
last night.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you know, I gotta say,
I'm very impressed.
All right. Great.
Well, I'm glad.
Yeah, those are
the same techniques
that I think would be beneficial
for the campaign, you know?
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, I've got some ideas.
- Ideas?
- I do.
I've got some...
some good ideas. (chuckles)
- You've got some good ideas?
- Yeah.
I think we start with, um...
(clicks tongue)
...radio commercials for one.
And then from there
move to television.
I could really hit the masses.
Yeah. Do you think...
- (exhales deeply)
- Do I... do I think what?
You think it was a good idea
to fuck my girlfriend, Art?
- What? No, no, no.
- You think that's part
of what I had in mind
when I hired you?
Wait a second, no that's not...
No, it's... it's a suggestion.
- I mean, that's how...
- Pretended to be me?
No, that's how she knows
she's not pregnant.
I didn't actually have sex
with her.
No, no. Wait, wait, wait.
Wait a second.
Every time you went over there?
Art: No that's not what I...
Wait, wait...
I should have never let you
get involved, you sick fuck.
- (Art groans)
- You fucking sweater-vest-fuck.
- (muffled groaning)
- Okay.
(breathes heavily)
(panting) It's my mistake
for trusting you.
Now, the deposit for the amount
that we agreed upon
will be in your bank account
this Friday.
What I was hoping to communicate
on this visit, Art,
was how I emphatically
I wish for you to leave
this part of the country.
(breathes heavily)
Look at that, you got blood
on your stupid sweater.
Alex: Asshole.
(ominous music playing)
(birds cawing)
(birds chirping)
Hi, Kevin. Um...
I'm so sorry to bother you,
but I have lost my ID.
(chuckles) I have looked
everywhere for it and, um...
(clicks tongue) ...I think
that it's in my office,
but I can't get into my office
because I need my ID to get in.
So, can you... can you help me?
Uh... I'm not supposed
to leave my post.
Okay, um, is there anybody else
here who could...
My relief comes at 11:50.
(tense music playing)
I don't know
what I could have done with it.
(elevator doors open)
Oh, God. Thank God.
You're here.
- What are you doing here?
- Get in. Get in, get...
I've been here.
What happened to your legs?
- What happened to our baby?
- What?
Our baby, you were pregnant?
What the fuck
are you talking about?
What do you mean, what the fuck
am I talking about?
(music intensifies)
- Where are we going?
- There's supposed to be a door.
- (music fades)
- (sighs) Kevin, I don't know. It could be anywhere.
We could be looking
for this all night.
I'm so sorry, you probably
have to get back to your post.
Thank you so much
for helping me with this.
(tense music resumes)
Cyndi: Oh, God! Shit. Fuck.
- (grunts)
- (chain rattles)
(music fades)
(music resumes)
(Cyndi yelps)
Sorry, sorry! Are you okay?
- Glen: Goddamn.
- Are you okay?
My feet, my feet!
No, no, leave it here! Leave it.
Leave it, leave it, leave it!
- (thunder rumbling)
- (music fades)
- Where are we going?
- A hotel.
Couple hours from here.
She got us a room.
Uh, it's so weird.
Did my legs work
this whole time?
I can't figure it out.
What is going on?
I don't know.
I don't know anything.
She said it's not safe
for us there anymore
and there's a lot
they haven't told us.
Yeah. That sure as shit,
that's true.
She gave me that backpack
and told me to listen
to the CDs.
She said it wasn't safe?
I guess we'll start
with number one.
Shannon: (over recording)
So, apparently Arthur
had some sort of
nervous breakdown
and everyone was very surprised
when he didn't return
upon his recovery.
And I guess after that
he just sort of disappeared.
...where he had continued
his research
by, as Dr. Conners
says, going rogue...
...and what we were trying
to do was...
...we basically stole you
from Arthur...
(eerie music playing)
This road just keeps on going?
Cyndi: It's so weird. But I...
I think we're almost there.
Wait, there it is.
Cyndi: (sighs) Thank God.
Our salvation.
(thunder rumbling)
I bet you're relieved...
that I'm not pregnant.
That you didn't get me pregnant.
No, I...
I wouldn't...
I mean, I would have...
No, I'm sorry, I should...
(breathes deeply) I'm sorry.
No. It's... it's no...
It's just...
I don't... I don't know.
Thank you for, um...
Just thank you.
I'm gonna go to bed.
(birds cawing)
Dr. Conners: I'm just saying
that generally,
we need to be more diligent.
Employee: I... I understand.
Checking who's coming in,
who's going out.
Employee: I understand.
(door knocks)
(door buzzing)
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- Oh.
- Let's head in.
Hi, Karl.
Shannon: Wait.
You don't think that I... I...
I lost my ID last night.
I looked for it for over
an hour. You wouldn't...
When Mr. Sweeney comes in
you can ask him.
They're... I did not...
Oh, I'm going to talk
to Mr. Sweeney.
He's on his way in.
I just wanted to hear from you first.
What are you gonna do?
I have come to no conclusions.
I'm just trying to deal
with this pile of shit
that fell in my lap
this morning.
You know what?
I'm gonna have you work
on a demo
for a corporate client today.
Observation Room D.
Gretchen will fill you in.
Thank you.
(birds chirping)
(Glen breathes heavily)
I know my head's royally fucked
right now, but I'm getting
the craziest dj vu
from this place.
Me too.
It looks like where we met.
What do you mean?
It looks like
one of those rooms
in the hotel where we met.
We didn't meet at the hotel.
It was your friend's wedding,
- (mic feedback)
- (thudding)
Art: Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
so as we've just seen
our three volunteers here
have received parking tickets
on their cars.
That's gonna cost them
a lot of money.
That's very sad for them.
But I'm gonna change
their fates right now,
with the help
of my lovely assistant, Cyndi.
(crowd applauds, laughs)
Art: Cyndi?
- Oh, there she is! All right.
- (crowd applauding)
Art: Big round of applause
for my lovely assistant, Cyndi.
So, now men,
Cyndi's gonna walk by
and touch those parking tickets
and turn them
into jackpot lottery tickets
worth one million dollars.
- Yes. Okay?
- (crowd laughing)
Cyndi, please.
(suspenseful music playing)
(fingers snapping)
(laughs) I won. Winner!
(crowd laughing, applauding)
- Art: Uh-oh...
- (crowd laughing)
(crying) Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- (sobs)
- (crowd laughing)
(crowd cheering, applauding)
We don't want anyone stealing
these tickets, do we? Huh?
So, we're gonna hide them
in a very, very special place.
Go ahead
and hide those tickets, boys.
Yeah, that's it,
don't let anyone find them.
Now, later on this evening,
should someone
from our lovely audience
ask to see that ticket,
you're gonna show them
that ticket.
Right? (snaps fingers) Good.
(chuckles) Okay, let's give them
a big round of applause.
(crowd whistling)
Back to your seats, boys.
All right.
- Hey.
- Put this somewhere safe, okay?
(crowd cheering)
What are you talking about?
We met later that night,
at your house.
(chuckles) At my house?
I don't have a house.
We lived in an apartment.
(music fades)
(ominous music playing)
(owl hooting)
(door buzzing)
Kevin, give me your ID.
(angrily) Right fucking now!
(electronic lock beeping)
I mean, what cute girls like
someone that sits on his chair?
- Dude?
- Glen: Hey guys, this is me.
Oh, all right, later.
Goodnight man.
Oh, wait. Do you have
that winning lottery ticket?
- Oh, yeah.
- (groomsmen laughing)
Groomsman 1:
Goodnight, Glenifer.
- Groomsman 2: Glenifer!
- Groomsman 1: Oh, my God.
Glen: God fucking damnit!
(rain pattering)
(tense music playing)
(thunder rumbling)
Now, this place
is just the tip of the iceberg.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Three more basements below us.
It's amazing
how much of it there is.
(music intensifies)
(music fades out)
You okay, Glen?
Come in.
(high-pitched ringing)
(unnerving music playing)
Getting your car fixed
is expensive, Glen.
You give the mechanic
all of your cash.
And you withdraw 1,500 dollars
from your checking account
to cover the rest.
You have no choice.
You will go
into the adjoining room
and you will lay down
on the bed.
Tomorrow, you will remember
- a very special evening...
- Special fucking evening.
...with Cyndi.
You'll have sex twice.
You will feel a real connection.
You will feel, in the end,
that she has seen you,
like no other woman before.
(high-pitched whirring)
(sighs) So, he... he... he what?
He fucking...
I'd... How the fuck did...
Did we even...
(low ominous music playing)
(tap running)
Is there water running?
- Julie: Shannon.
- What the...?
Okay, um, take this.
This will open the door.
Uh, there's just one more thing,
and it's just a precaution.
- I need you to put these on.
- Okay.
(tap running)
I don't hear anything.
That's okay.
Just listen carefully.
In a moment, I'm gonna play
a tone for you,
and you're going to remember it.
You're gonna remember it.
You're gonna remember it
no matter what anyone
tells you or says.
No one can make you forget it.
And, if you ever feel
like things aren't right.
If you ever feel like things
don't make sense around you,
or you get a bad
or suspicious feeling,
you'll remember this tone.
(eerie tone plays)
(tap running)
(unnerving music playing)
(high-frequency ringing)
What's that?
(music intensifies)
Shannon don't. Shannon.
It was my plan to bring you
in on this eventually.
- No, it wasn't.
- Yes.
We have to bring
them out in stages.
- You tricked me.
- No, no. No.
Yes, you fucking did.
Are you using
- the tones on me?
- No, no, no.
you're a trusted colleague.
I would never.
Look, we have to bring them out
of the suggestion in stages.
- Stay the fuck back!
- Shannon.
We have to bring them out
in stages. Otherwise...
I said stay the fuck away
from me!
(Cyndi laughs)
(music rises)
What is it?
(sobbing) We never left.
What do you mean?
(music fades)
We never left the...
(Cyndi gasping)
(music resumes)
Sleep frequency!
Sleep frequency. Knock them out!
Cyndi, Glen. Let's go!
(high-pitched whirring)
Shannon: Come on. Come on.
(alarm blaring)
- Shannon: Cyndi, come in.
- Cyndi: Glen!
Come on!
- Cyndi: Glen!
- Shannon: Glen, come on!
(music intensifies)
Shannon: Come on,
come on, come on. Fast!
- Come on!
- Glen: We need to get out.
(Cyndi speaking Indistinctly)
(distorted) You okay, Glen?
(Cyndi mumbles)
Where are we?
You okay, Glen?
Just a few more steps!
Shannon: Come on, Glen.
Move your legs!
Glen: Where are we?
Where are we?
- Where are we?
- Just trust me, Glen.
Shannon: Let's go. Come on.
There's the exit.
Come on. Come on.
Get in. Get in.
Get in. Get in. Get in.
- Come on. Come on.
- (telephone ringing)
We're gonna get out
through the front door.
Shannon: Put him in the back.
Come on.
(music softens)
(music stops abruptly)
(music playing over radio)
Shannon: I don't even know
if we can go to the police
with this.
I think we should.
Cyndi: I mean,
it's pretty fucked up.
Shannon: Are you okay?
(scoffs) Define "okay." (laughs)
(Shannon and Cyndi laugh)
Shannon: Yeah, I know.
Announcer: (over radio) ...to remind
listeners to check their tickets.
The Powerball is up
to a staggering...
- (high-pitched whirring)
- ...280 million dollars and we just found out,
the ticket
has already been purchased.
Your dreams
may have already come true.
(upbeat music
playing over radio)
Announcer: (over radio) And
we're back with 30 minutes
of uninterrupted rock and roll
Sending this next one out there
to all you dreamers.
("Dream Baby Dream"
by Suicide plays)
Dream baby dream
Katie: God.
Thank God you answered.
Dream baby dream
Dream baby dream
No. (chuckles) Mom, no.
Dream baby dream
Well, I've been trying
to call you for weeks
but you never pick up.
No... Mom, just listen okay.
Just listen. Listen.
I'm pregnant.
Here he is,
ladies and gentlemen,
the man of the hour,
the man that I'm proud
to call my husband,
your re-elected senator,
Alex Harris!
- (all cheer)
- (crowd cheering)
Dream baby dream
Oh, dream baby dream
Dream baby dream
Dream baby dream
Dream baby dream
Dream baby dream
Oh, baby you gotta keep
Them dreams burnin'
Keep them dreams
Burnin' forever
Ooh, dream baby dream
Dream baby dream
Dream baby dream
Dream baby dream
Oh, dream baby
Dream baby, dream baby
Dream baby, dream baby
Ooh, dream baby dream
Oh, you keep that flame
Burnin' baby
Yeah, you gotta keep that
Flame burnin' forever baby
Ooh, dream baby dream
Yeah, come on baby keep them
Dreams burnin', yeah, yeah
And ever
And ever
Ooh, dream baby dream
Yeah, it's those dreams
That keep you free baby
Yeah, you gotta make
Them dreams come true
Oh, keep them dreams
Burnin' baby
Baby, yeah, keep them dreams
Burnin' forever
Oh, dream baby, dream baby
Dream baby, dream baby
Dream baby, dream baby
Dream baby
(high-pitched whirring)
(whirring fades)