Ummadi Kutumbam (1967) Movie Script

'Actor Par Excellence' Gadusumilli Ramaiah's
drama 'Sati Savithri'.
Who is he?
Looks like he's Lord of Death Yama
to take my husband's life.
What a surprize!
l'm not seen by ordinary mortals
except very wise and pious souls.
How could this lady see me?
But still...
Why are you looking at me soulfully?
You may've been astonished
by seeing my luminous body.
But still l'll take the life.
Lord Vishnu's serpent bed
may also tilt...
The holy four Vedas may go wrong...
Lord Shiva may miss a step
in his celestial dance...
Goddess of learning's veena
may play a wrong note...
l'm Yama, the lord of death who will
never miss to take a life on time...
Don't move, you idiot.
How can l not move if ants bite me?
Savithri, l'm taking your
husband's life.
Bull, let's go!
Are you going away, Lord Yama?
Without any mercy, are you taking
away my husband's life...
What's this pious lady's courage?
Though her courage is praiseworthy for
following me to this dangerous path.
lt's futile!
l'll try to dissuade her.
Path filled with sharp stones
that could cut your legs...
Snakes that hiss and raise hood
to sting at the slightest sound...
Chill waters of river that
can curdle your blood...
Wind that blows sharply
can tear your ear drums...
Pitch dark paths that you can't see
is full of deadly beasts...
Return back leaving your husband...
Why don't you listen to me,
O young lady?
Please go back, young lady...
You mustn't and shouldn't follow me...
So thick forest that ants can't enter,
so dark that crows can't enter...
Even if you cry for help...
No use...
please go back silently...
l'm surprized by the
lady's perseverance.
Not only crossed deadly forests but
climbing dangerous mountains following me.
l'll try to instill fear and
dissuade her.
Are you deaf not to hear me?
Why are you so adamant?
What do you think of yourself?
Who do you think l am?
l'm Lord of Death, the Yama...
She's no ordinary woman!
O lady Savthri!
- Lord!
Now comes the path that
no human can cross.
River Vaitharini which only very
pious human souls can cross.
Lord, you're a man of justice!
l've followed you till this place,
is it good to send me empty handed?
What should l do then?
She's right!
l'll show mercy and grant her a boon.
Pious lady! l'm extremely happy
with your perseverance.
Ask any boon other than
your husband's life, l'll grant it.
l think iron heart is melting,
why should l lose the opportunity?
lt's said that for a woman,
her ln-law's place is heaven.
Lord Yama!
- Yes.
My parents'-in-law are struggling
in forest without vision and...
l'm granting them a kingdom
along with eye sight.
Why is she still following me?
l'll not lose anything by granting
such harmless boons, right?
l'll grant her another boon
and cajole her to turn back.
Since you're a lady and it's not right to
send you back with one boon only,
l've decided to grant you
another boon,
that too anything other than
your husband's life.
Now he has come to my way.
Why should l leave this opportunity?
l'll help my parents.
My parents don't have a son...
l'm granting 100 son to them,
go back now happily.
l asked one boon and
you granted a second one.
ls it justice for not granting
a third boon, Lord?
l didn't get this idea.
Anyway she said this is last wish.
Let me grant it.
Savithri, ask anything other
than your husband's life.
Please grant me a boon of children.
- Granted! Go!
How can l go?
- Why not?
You can't go without giving
my husband's life.
What? Can't l go?
Bull! Go!
What's this wonder!
My bull which never fears to march ahead
even if any angel, God, or demon stops it,
but why is it stopping today in
fear facing an ordinary lady?
l thought you were a pious lady,
are you a sorceress?
This is not sorcery but
an act of seeking justice.
Justice? Justice which l don't know!
Justice above me?
How is it possible?
Gods and angels can have
children how ever...
But how can pious women have
children without husband?
Don't you know this, Lord Yama?
l came thinking she's a pious lady
but didn't expect she'll be so clever,
had l knew it before l would've
sent my assistant.
No use in musing the past.
So...pious lady Savithri...
l'm pleased with love for your husband
and good presence of mind,
take your husband's life, accept it.
For confusing and winning over me,
may your name get eternal fame.
live happily for
long years with husband,
after that come to my world...
sorry not mine,
may you find eternal
place in heaven.
God bless you!
Oh God! Brother!
Are you playing drama here
leaving work in the farm?
Provisions as usual,
sugar 6 kgs,
flour 4.5 kgs, no 5.25 kgs.
The delay l make to pay and the
wrong accounts you show is tallied,
l'm not stopping you,
carry on reading.
Sir, mother promise!
Ask your mother.
Will God keep quiet if
l write wrong accounts?
What has he done to anyone
without keeping quiet, poor God?
You came in as soon l stepped in,
how did you know l was here?
l know you will come today,
l also know your brother Dr. Mukunda Rao
will come here tomorrow.
How can l run a business
if l don't keep tabs?
Tell me, what's that you don't know?
How much you're paying now for the due?
l can't pay anything now.
- How can you say like that sir?
Festival days, l need to get stock.
l'll arrange something before leaving,
it's getting dark, you go now.
Your mercy, my gain.
l'll take leave now sir.
How long will this burden
of dues carry on?
Not very long, mother.
Mukund has become a doctor.
lf starts earning, it'll ease.
Did you come just now, brother?
How's the harvest this year?
Will it cover the costs?
- l don't think so.
All work no profit.
We are facing what this
country is facing.
My fate! No use!
Useless waste paper and
account statements.
Always worries about brothers only,
never cares for wife and son.
What are you searching, mother?
- My foot and your ditch!
Mother! Did you find anything?
l got it!
Give the milk to your father. Go.
Grandma, drink this milk.
- That's for your father, dear.
Mother will give him,
you have it, grandma.
Don't know about your sons
and daughters-in-law,
but l'm sure grand children
will take good care of you.
That's what l wish, son.
Have it, dear.
Oh God!
Hey, it's me!
l'm scared, uncle!
Remove that moustache first.
Oh my God!
Seeing your elder uncle,
got scared and ran away with make up.
Remove all that, let's have food.
You smell great today.
Flowers you got for me.
Though l've everything but
no one to care about me.
No use in having wishes,
you must have means to fulfill them.
Mad girl! Materialistic things
are useless.
lt's the inner beauty that counts.
lt's hot and spicy, uncle!
- Let's have buttermilk, get it.
Butter is stored in the pot
for elder uncle, let's have it.
Let's have it, boy!
l can't reach the pot, bend,
l'll climb on your shoulders.
Get on the box.
That's it, boy!
Take the pot!
Why did you try to take it?
Wouldn't l help if you'd called me?
l didn't want to add burden
after slogging entire day.
Sit here.
Don't act smart.
Would l sleep after having food
before entire family eats?
So, it means you haven't yet eaten.
The bull becomes lazy
after getting fat.
Both elder sisters-in-law have
become lazy after your arrival.
They will realise when m
doctor brother comes,
and shifts family to a big
palatial bungalow in city,
and when you enjoy a queen's life,
they will come to sense then...
Did you hear that?
They will live like royals
and we are slaves.
Do we've children to slog for others?
Are we doing it for strangers?
Why are you raking up that now?
Sister-in-law will scold, sleep now.
Feeling cold, uncle.
Won't it be cold in winter?
Let's cover with sheets.
Move son! Oh my son!
Where is he?
What's it?- lt's me.
- What?- Where's our son?
Will he be with you always,
people sleep in the coziest place they feel.
Don't worry, you go to sleep now.
- Stop it.
You all are one but l'm stranger,
you all are one, trying to take away
my son from me.
l'll not let it happen.
Oh sister-in-law!
l told you to be good but
you insist on being bad.
He's getting spoiled because of you,
come...come crazy boy.
Sleep here!
l told you to sleep here but you
want to sleep with your uncle.
What are you doing?
lt's not patting but thrashing.
You go to sleep.
Can't you sleep without that
torn sheets and dirty bed?
Close your eyes!
With your thrashing he'll not sleep
even on a flower bed.
lt'll burn him.
l'm getting sleep.
My doctor brother!
- Greetings sir.
That's doctor.
Third son Mukunda Rao.
So what if he's?
He's a doctor with degree.
What if he has a degree?
lt nothing but just a permission
to take lives.- That's all.
One becomes a doctor
after killing many.
Well said, my junior!
ln city, it's okay, but here if anything
goes wrong they'll take him to task.
No use if you've a degree
and start a dispensary.
What about hand?
- Hand?
l mean lucky hand!
One swallow doesn't make a summer.
That's it.
- That's where l come in.
He must start practice and
hit big time, only then...
My future is good,
l'll never lose my patients.
Let me see it.
Every man has a disease!
Are you done with you studies?
l've got a job also, brother.
Rs.900 salary.
l'll get about Rs.1500
with allowances,
- Rs.1500?
Your father-in-law sold his property
to make you a doctor,
you made it.
Keep the luggage here
and freshen up.
Will he really get Rs.1500?
Why are you shocked?
lf God's merciful, income is unlimited
just by touching a patient.
My brother has become
a govt. doctor.
l heard it.
No use with his achievements,
we can only see not enjoy the benefits.
Dear, serve this coffee to him.
Just a coffee? Your husband is here
after years and you....
Had it been a city wife,
she would help in remove coat, tie,
hug me sweetly and say hello...
Shameless! Neither l'm educated
nor a modern city girl.
2Coffee is getting cold,
mother-in-law sent it for you,
if l get late, she may think bad,
please take it.
So, this coffee is also
mother's mercy not a wife's affection.
ls it a coffee?
Prepared it with fresh milk.
Goat milk would've been better.
Shall we go out in the evening?
- Go out?
Does your world stop with this room?
You know how exciting it would be to
walk around the pond in evening breeze.
lt will be, this village finds fault even
if l go to a neighbour for a friendly visit,
if we walk around ponds and farms...
- lf we do...
Yes, coming mother-in-law.
You're a good omen indeed.
- Keep it there.
Looks like your husband is here,
what did he bring for you, madam?
Though you may hide today,
l'll tell what it is by tomorrow.
Foolish girl. Where's my sari?
Washed and ironed it.
What's that?
What else can this poor lady
offer you, madam?
Are you still here?
l'll take care of it, you go dear.
Hasn't taken rest
from morning, go now.
Not for me, mother asked me
to bring it stealthily.
Water! - Wait, l'm coming.
Disturbing me now.
Sister, washed bed spread is here.
- Give it.
l can't hold it anymore,
l can't bear this separation.
My heart stealer!
l've waited with patience.
Won't you take me into your arms
and quench my desire thirst?
Won't you show mercy on me?
- Who are you?
Who am l?
O dear, l'm Rama of Ayodhya,
son of King Dasaratha,
scion of lkshvaku dynasty,
your husband,
have you forgotten me?
Where's my brother-in-law Lakshmana?
Since he was a disturbance between
our love, l sent him to Ayodhya.
What about the exile and this get up?
l came to you with great desire
and forgot to change, dear.
l don't believe it.
At this odd hour,
that too in an odd place,
what's this strange behaviour?
He's a cheat.
lf l'm pious and
devoted wife of Lord Rama,
may he show up his real self.
ls it you crap?
May you go to hell, bloody!
Yenki, behave properly.
You're donning Goddess Seetha's role.
Accept me, l'm King of Lanka...
Stop romancing me,
beware death awaits you...
l've stopped advances from
many great beauties for you...
Don't try to covet other's woman...
lt's a sin...
Seek Lord Rama's mercy...
Eight directions are under
my command...
Rama is just a human,
don't talk great about him...
When Rama's arrow pierces
through you in the battlefield...
Let me see who comes
to save your life...
Beware, l'm getting angry
with your attitude.
But still...
l gave you ten days time,
don't create trouble...
Become mine...
lf you refuse, l'll not spare you...
Even if Lord Shiva himself stops me,
l'll not stop, lady...
What's new monkey get up?
This is not make up, mother,
indeed l'm a monkey.
l'm Hanuman, friend of Sugriva,
ambassador of Rama,
take this to check my identity.
Ring...ring...ring that adorns the
finger of my husband...
When will Rama come here
and kill Ravana...
When will my misery end, O ring...
Goddess Seetha, don't worry...
Let it be mighty ten headed
Ravana or anyone...
l'll crush them, don't worry...
Today's show was great.
This is last scene, pray God
to give a riveting performance.
Watch out!
Do you want me to pray?- Pray!
Lord Anjaneya...
Fix the tail properly.
- Fix it well.
That's it!
That's enough.
What about my thirst?
- Get it.
ls it easy to do Hanuman's role?
That's better, watch out now.
Light fire to my tail!
Light fire to it.
Where's my tail?
Hail Lord Rama!
l'm son of Wind God...
l'll destroy the army of demons
and she demons...
Hail Lord Rama!
Your bad time has started,
that's why you got bad ideas...
You kidnapped Goddess Seetha,
l'm here to teach you a lesson...
As thick smoke spreads and
raging fires leap into sky...
l'll burn down Lanka and
teach a lesson to arrogant Ravana...
- Mad man, you're really burning it down.
Run...escape, he has burnt it...
Where are you?
Apply on my back.
Why did you go away?
Greetings sir.
What brings you here?
Why are you doing it yourself sir?
Busy with work, in future one must
do it all by himself.
Well said sir.
Sir, you won't face it sir.
- Why?
Leave it, l'll give you
a good oil massage.
Will you do it?
You know to do it?
You know?
- Why not sir?
You can't do properly anything.
- How can l not do this?
Not bad...
your hands are magical...
You're doing good.
lt's cool!
- What do you think of me?
Sir, that's my hand.
Hey, that's my back,
not your washing stone.
He's tough, he gets carried
away easily.
- He!
That's why people say washerman
is better than educated man.
But not him.
Yes sir, he got ruined the day
he put grease paint.
l got completely ruined
because of her, sir.
Hey, you're pushing me
falling for her.
That's the way l'm ill treated here.
People are jealousy of me.
Others get good saris and
this cheap one for me.
What can they do for
your incompetence?
l would also be good if my husband
is some clerk or doctor.
Why are you talking so harsh
on a festival day?
l know about everyone here,
son is relative but not his wife,
showing partiality,
they gave a cheap sari because
l'm a farmhand's wife.
Elder son bought three saris
for festival,
l sent it to three daughters-in-law,
l didn't show any partiality.
l too didn't buy different ones,
all three are same variety, mother,
same price, hand woven saris.
Show him the price tags to your uncle,
same quality and same price.
Had it been in the same colour,
there would be no trouble.
This differences wouldn't crop up.
Go in.
Creating trouble on festive day,
what would my brother and mother think?
Wear it.
Till now we managed this family
by writing accounts and farming activities,
with low salary and low yields,
it couldn't even cover the interest,
so l've leased out the land this year,
sold off the cattle to settle small loans.
How to run this family?
- Nothing to worry,
Mukund has started working,
with high salary,
l think we are in for good days ahead.
Okay, l don't have any objection.
Lower your voice.
Pickles, take it carefully.
Don't touch it with wet hands.
Savories and sweets,
these are for munching.
Have you kept anything for
other family members?
Shut up, they are eating
like bandicoots here.
Anyway l'm not lucky to be with you,
atleast eat sweetmeats prepared
by me thinking about me.
Whatever l do eat or
anything l'll think...- What?
Always worried about home,
kitchen, and household work.
l came here thinking
this is heaven with a lovely wife.
This is hell!
l'll not stay here for a minute also.
Are you also leaving?
- Yes brother.
You said you've a week's time.
l must find a house to live.
- Right.
Going to new place,
a day earlier the better.
l don't understand your attitudes,
jobs and leaving home.
Parting away.
Can we avoid after
accepting a job, mother? Bye mother.
lt's time to leave.
Venkat hasn't come to take luggage,
how will it reach station?
Will your journey stop
if he doesn't come?
We are two, we'll carry it.
Are you ready?
- Ready.- Carry it.
Carry under arms.
Guru! Yenki is here.
Junior, ironed clothes.
l'm busy, go inside
and collect it.
Your clothes.
When did you come in?
- Behind you.
You look tired!
- Tired? l'm fine.
Give me your hand.
- You want to see? See.
Why are you shivering?
- Shivering? Who?
Hey junior!
Why are you nervous?
- Nothing.
Where's my Yenki?
- How do l know?
She didn't come here.
How come? She said she's
coming here with clothes.
May be gone to the
neighbour's house.
- What?
Come here for a minute.
- Why?
Nothing, want to tell you something.
Come dear.
- What man?
What's that shining in the corner?
- Which corner?
My tuft!
My tuft!
Don't stop me.
Why are you beating him?
Come hubby.
Your life is saved,
trying to act smart with me.
Guru, he's gone.
l got the stick.
Thank God! l was scared to death
fearing he'll come in.
She didn't allow him to come in.
By the way did you...
Very smart girl!
Never let me touch her.
lt's decided, she's on our side.
Why are you also joining me?
Guru, she's on your side.
Don't get smart with me.
She doesn't know English.
My dear...
Doctor, save me!
- Who are you?
You must come immediately, sir.
l'm getting late to hospital,
l can't come now.
Very serious sir,
if you delay a life may go, sir.
Get into the car.
You can go.
Where's the patient?
Before you!
Your suffering from?
You're the doctor,
you should tell that.
No fever.
- But l feel temperature.
Since when?
- Since my eyes saw you.
Clever girl!
- lf you catch it.
How many times l told
you to be careful?
Why would she be careful
when her husband earns well?
She'll get new sari
if old one is burnt.
Not only get new silk saris
but tie down hubby too.
Oh God! Don't know what she used
to prepare those savories?
lt's stinking!
Just now she ate food,
already munching hot dogs.
What sort of a woman she is!
Any letter atleast today, Ramu?
- No, mother.
lt's many days since he left,
he said he gets Rs.1500 salary.
Though high salary, you'll get it
after a month only, mother.
Moreover you've to pay in
advance three months rent in city.
He has to buy other things too.
Moreover my brother is
a government doctor.
Hat, boots, suits,
needs many things.
Can't he write about taking a house
on rent and sending his wife there?
What if we write it ourselves?
Sister-in-law, mother wants me
to write a letter to brother.
l can't write properly.
Write something to move his heart.
Write about pangs of separation...
What's that son?
- Nothing, mother.
Seeking blessings, l write this...
Old model letter.
Elder brother-in-law didn't come.
Younger brother-in-law...
next house maters...
Everything as usual.
Send money to mother-in-law
l humbly request to pardon
if there are any mistakes.
From your humble wife.
Taking my life.
Need urgently!
lf not l'll lose my respect.
l'll return it in near future.
Yours lovingly.
How much?
- Give her.
Take it.
Your husband wrote a letter, right?
What did he write?
Did he buy any jewels for you?
Will all husbands be
like our husbands?
Educated and earning husband.
Yes, one can save or buy jewels
only when he's earning.
ls it chain or bangle?
No, he has bought a golden sickle
to cut my throat.
Sickle? How arrogant!
Are you making fun of my husband
because he works with sickle?
Though your husband earns well,
how dare you call my husband names.
Some earn and some save.
Who is saving? What am l saving?
Why are you getting angry?
Clever ones are indeed saving.
We are not smart, that's we spend
everything for this family.
We are also toiling and
giving to this family only.
Okay, you too say it,
that we are farm hands.
We are uneducated.
We are cheap to everyone here.
What's all this?
Your lenience brought all this.
Though her husband is doctor,
how dare he makes fun of us.
So proud in so short time.
What's the trouble here?
My life is in trouble.
Our lives are miserable, that's why
l'm taking all insults silently.
What happened now?
Your sister-in-law got a letter.
l asked if it was from brother-in-law
and what did he write?
She said he has brought
a golden sickle.
l can take it because
l'm a house wife.
You're a man who runs this family,
how can she make fun of you?
You work with sickle, right?
lf l don't work with it,
nobody here can eat.
Never sends a penny to home,
what makes her so proud?
Money stashed away in suitcases
and banks accounts.
Why are you blabbering nonsense?
Though not as clever as you,
you needn't show your smartness on her,
she's not your slave
to take stick from you.
Unable to digest free meals,
trying to pick up fights.
Shut up and go inside.
You make me shut, that's why
they are bossing over me.
You shut up, l'll take them to task.
What will you do?
Go inside.
Calm down.
You beat or scold me, l don't care,
l can't take it anymore from them.
l can't live in this house anymore.
What do you want me to do?
Can't avoid it any more.
Let's live separately.
Have you gone mad?
We don't have any children,
why should we toil for others?
My mother pampered me.
Today l'm struggling here.
My brother adores you.
Why should we toil for a meal here?
Let's go away from here,
l'll not drink a drop of water also here.
Okay, let's go.
No payments.- What about Parvathi?
She hasn't paid interest too till now.
She paid the principle too,
here's the account.
Paid it.
Couldn't you lend it to someone else?
How can l without your permission?
Sundaraiah wants Rs.30000.
Will he pay 10% interest?
He's in financial problems,
he'll give anything.
Few more people too want it.
Find good clients, let's see.
l've two bags too.
Doctor lends money.
Watch your step!
Bye sister.
What happened brother?
Bye sister.
Nothing...l'll go, sister.
What's that nasty habit
of making fun of elders?
You brat! l'll beat you.
Brother-in-law, meeting you
after many days.
Lord! Facing you on reaching home,
is everyone fine in home?
Everyone's fine.
- Okay then.
Please come and sit here.
l'll come in a minute.
Greetings sir.
- Greetings.
Greetings sir.
- Greetings.
Greetings sir...greetings.
They've come to give their
daughter to Ramu in marriage,
though not very rich, not poor either.
Decent family, girl is well mannered
and knows all household work.
lf you get him also married,
l'll be relieved.
l'll send coffees.
- Okay.
Marriage for Ramu?
l'm asking you.
How will you do it?
Who will bear the cost?
They have come on their own,
if we refuse may not get another.
Marriage for that useless boy?
Should we've to bear all the burden?
Your brother doesn't bother,
that city guy never sends a penny,
if you spend everything
on this family,
what will you leave for your son?
A begging bowl?
Elders are sitting outside, calm down.
What else can l do other
than keeping silent?
Why are you surprized?
Just had few pegs only.
Got a cigar?
Got any beedi?
- No.
Got any cigarette then?
- l don't smoke.
Don't smoke? Why do you live then?
Sporting big moustache, who is he?
Wrestler in our place.
- Shall we have a duel?
You've come in silk clothes!
Came with a marriage proposal.
Proposal? What did he tell about groom?
Told great about him, hard working
and gentleman, many good things.
He'll tell good only because
he's a good man himself.
Why should l take the sin on me?
100 lies are also not a sin to
conduct a marriage, l'm going.
Please come and sit here, sir.
How can l sit when elders
are standing? You too sit down.
Why are you embarrassing me?
Please let me go.
Sit here...tell us the truth.
Please let me go.
- Please...
You want me to tell the harsh truth?
- Yes.
Shall l tell?
Groom is...don't tell anyone l told you.
Groom is a drunkard.
He smokes cigars and cigarettes.
He's a goon.
Loafer, lazy bugger.
Never works,
infact doesn't know any work.
That's why no one dared to give
their daughter in marriage to him.
That's why, searching outside.
Though you say so much...
l swear on you l'm telling truth.
Trust me, only a drunkard
will tell truth.
Who are you?
- Me... l'm his brother.
His brother?
- l mean the groom.
Very good boy.
Only a drunkard will tell the truth.
- That's it.
We'll take leave.
- Come, let's go.
Don't ever come back.
What have you done, brother?
l've done a good deed, brother.
l'm living on you without
any education or job.
Do l need marriage now?
Only a man with job must
marry and take a wife.
Good for nothing guys like me
don't need marriage.
This is the only help
l can do for the family, mother.
Mother, l came with great hope.
l'm going back with heavy heart.
What can you do if the
time is not favourable?
lt seems you sent your wife
to her parents' home.
Yes brother. l'm also going
after informing you.
ls it?
Anyway no farming activity here.
Cattle has been sold off.
l don't have anything to do here
other than getting chided.
l can atleast work elsewhere
to earn a meal.
Okay, anyway you've decided,
l've nothing to tell you.
Okay, as you like it.
This house is in for bad time. Lord!
Though l lost my husband,
l lived for my children,
though l've four sons,
l thought you'll conduct my last rites,
why are you parting ways
when l'm still alive, son?
Washerman is better than
an educated man...
Yenki, what the elders said are
indeed golden words...
Everyone is same for the river...
Castes and religions are same...
While washing clothes
on river bank...
Coarse or fine clothes are same...
Only good remains unchanged...
- Say like that...
Word stands test of time...
We wish good and prosperity
of generous families...
Hold your sari end.
3 measures.
Check it properly,
don't accuse me later.
Look, Rs.2 and 3 annas for a measure,
that's Rs.6 and 56 paise for 3 measures.
Rs.2 and 3 annas for a measure,
that's Rs.6 and...
For 3 measures...
That's Rs.6 and paise 57,
give another paise.
lt's 56 paise.
- No, 57 paise.
lt's Rs.6 and paise 56 only.
Study your lessons only.
Coming, mother-in-law.
What's it, mother-in-law?
Not a grain in house,
give me some money if you have.
Money with me? How can l keep
money without your knowledge?
Grandma, mother has plenty of money,
3 measures cost Rs.6 and
paise 56 only.
How little brat!
Why do you beat him, sister-in-law?
Childishness, that's why he told truth.
Advising me? Can't work,
can't feed your mother,
how dare you advice me?
Come in, brat!
More precious than lands and farms,
precious than diamonds and jewels,
precious than King's crown,
precious than life, that which is
most valuable for a woman,
most holy thing for her,
l'm pawning it with you.
lt's valuable only when women wear it.
l can give only this for it.
Young maiden has appeared
before you like a lightning...
My heart is on fire with your sight,
what am l to say about it?
l heard your name
day before yesterday....
Met you yesterday...
l gave myself to you today,
trusting you, mother promise...
Our hearts have met casually
and become a great pair...
When you look into my eyes,
bashfulness takes over me...
l'm trembling like you've
kissed my cheeks...
O my man! l can't hold
away myself from you...
Brother-in-law is here.
What a surprize!
Remembered your wife atlast.
My daughter returned home sick
and weak in year after marriage.
Are you coming from home?
l left home long back,
l went in search of a job.
Your slippers say that loudly.
Son-in-law's position
hasn't change a bit.
Please come in.
No medicine for fever,
not even gruel to eat,
nothing to cover also...
- Coming.
Elder sister-in-law!
- Coming...
What's it?
- Give me Rs.10.
You're asking as if you gave me.
Not for household expenses,
mother is down with fever,
l want to buy a shawl, please give.
l don't have money.
- Uncle, here's money. brat! Have money?
Why are you beating him, sister-in-law?
Everyone here know where's the money.
Will you give it on your own
or shall l take it myself?
How dare you threaten me?
Stay in your limits.
That's my brother's money, he too has
the responsibility to look after mother.
ls he the only son?
She has three more sons.
Take care of her
or conduct obsequies!
You sold off jewels given
to younger sister-in-law,
if you've any shame or sense,
will you save stealthily
what's common to all the family,
what will you do with it
after everyone's gone?
will you take it with you?
Ramu, mind your words.
l'm telling you the truth,
l would've done this long back if mother
and sister-in-law hadn't stopped me,
you were stashing away
every penny here,
and younger sister-in-law sold off
all her jewels for the family.
Great chaste lady!
- Sister-in-law!
She's a bad omen, the day
she came here, we hit bad time.
Sister-in-law, mind your words.
Bad mouth, l'll take it,
l'll not take a word against her.
Will you behead me?
- Sister-in-law!
Not just one,
l'll abuse her 100 times.
She's a bad lady that's why
her husband left her.- Sister-in-law!
How dare you raise hand
on your sister-in-law!
l wish you weren't my son.
- Mother!- Mother?
lf you were to qualify
to call me like that,
fall at her feet and
seek her forgiveness.
Sister-in-law, forgive me.
Words and deeds are quite different.
They will threaten you.
You live alone here.
Who will bother if anyone kills you?
You're right!
There's only one way to stop
such incidents happening again,
nothing...if entrances to home
are different, you're safe.
Let your brother-in-law come.
- lt's not good to wait till then.
lf you put a thatch wall,
the troubles will come down.
Do it fast.
- Stop it.
You brat!
What are you watching? Do it fast.
You're the eldest daughter-in-law,
are you taking the fight to streets?
O god! Have you left me
to see this day too?
How long will you ake?
Make it fast.
Don't know who cast
an evil eye on our home?
lf we keep quiet,
they will go to any length.
l'll finish it today once for all.
lf you take a step further
but on my dead body only.
- Mother-in-law!
lf you listen to bad advice,
you'll always hit bad time...
lf there are walls inside a home,
it's bad for people in it...
They will take to the bad ways
falling down from morals...
They will wipe out a heaven
with their own legs...
Family...a broken family...
Family becomes a dark home
like hearts plunged into darkness...
Though we wish to live together,
some couldn't tolerate it,
l want to fight it out, but mercy,
relationship is stopping me.
Calm down.
We are facing this day because
of taking it silently, sister-in-law,
silence has broken
your family life too.
What can you do for my ill fate?
Talking about fate is helplessness.
l'll bring back brother
and unite you with him.
After that l'll be with my mother.
Let anything happen.
Mother may overhear.
Kittu, l'm going to city.
Uncle, mother has locked from outside.
Open it, l'll also come with you.
l'm not that lucky to take you.
But l promise to bring a lot of
chocolates and biscuits for you from city.
l don't want all that, l want only you,
l'll also come with you.
Mother is coming.
Bye Kittu.
- Uncle!
Uncle! Uncle!
What's this sir?
Nothing, l'm going to city.
- City?- Yes.
To bring back my brother.
l came to inform you.
Walk to city?
How far is it?
Just 300 miles only.
This is too much! Wait!
How much you have?
- Do l've anything you don't know?
Listen, he's going to city.
Only this much.
- Wait.
Check if there's anything more.
- First send him.
Please accept this sir.
What's this?
- Taking a long journey sir.
For expenses on the way.
- No...
Please don't say no, little help.
Come back victoriously sir.
Bye Yenki.
- Bye sir.
One ticket to city.
Pay another 75 paise.
Ticket rates have been raised.
Raising charges for falling trains.
Okay, give ticket upto that amount only.
But you returned change.
Train will not stop in the
station for this money,
charges are for the station train stops.
Till which station this ticket is valid?
- Tada.- Tada!
As Brahmam foretold,
times have indeed changed.
So you're not a boy but a girl.
Good, pant...shirt...hat...very nice.
Who are you?
- My name is Ramu.
Ramu? ls it Garden Ramu or Goon Ramu?
This is not a film, girl.
'Actor Par Excellence' Ramu.
lf you can help, do it
or else take a long walk.
What? Take a long walk?
Going away after a girl ask for help.
Girl, vehicles are like this only,
it's vehicle if it runs
or else just a piece of junk.
ls it bullock to cajole to run again?
There's only one way out.
Push it. lf you're ready, l'm ready.
Please do it sir.
- Then, close it.
How can you push?
Sit in and hold on steering.
Will you push my weight too?
When l can push a big car,
you're nothing. Get in.
Shut the door.
lt's very slim like a flag pole.
Give it push boy!
What a funny thing!
When it moves it's a car,
if not just a piece of junk...
lt moves at great speed
raising a lot of dust...
lt's sound and blaring horns
tear the ear drums...
To hell with it!
lf a nail pricks and
deflates the tyre...
lt stays put in one place,
refusing to move...
People who can't walk
have to face this fate...
Singles without a partner
have to face this flak...
This journey is unpredictable...
this car is a piece of iron...
O girl!
Though bought paying high price,
it'll trouble you, that's the way it is...
Sir is back!
Call on seeing them, like tigers...
Must gun down them all.
Animals hunted by Lord...
Cook that you can and put others to dry.
Cook that you can and put others to dry.
ls lunch ready?
- l'll meet at lunch.
No sir...
- Shut up.
No sir...
- Shut up!
Same disease, if you live with one for
Where's madam?
- Not yet come sir.
Why did you serve me then?
What happened to you?
- My fate.
Not fate but arrogance.
Tell me where did junior madam go?
Tell me.
- Don't know sir.
Are you all here to tell me this?
Where did she go?
She went in a car.
Why did she go?
Where and when did she go?
What happened to the drivers?
She stopped them sir.
- Why?- l don't know sir.
What happened dear?
What happened dear?
What happened to the engine?
- Broke down.
Who is he?
- See who it is.
Daddy, it's him.
lf she hadn't stopped me,
you'd be dead by now.
Who is he?
- Very good man, daddy.
He pushed the car for 4 miles.
- Great!
Looks like Bhima, great hero!
l like you, take it.
What's that? Money?
Just helped a girl in distress,
getting paid for it? No need sir.
People take money for doing nothing,
you're refusing for great help you did.
l think you're mad.
Ramu, from Pendyala.
Fourth son of Gadusumilli.
lndeed very smart.
What brings you here?
l came for my brother.
- You've come, so stay here.
Here? No sir.
You've come at night fall,
how can you leave now?
To meet your brother, stay here.
Subbaiah will take you
tomorrow morning.
Watch him, he too is a strong man.
Come dear.
Everything is over.
The guest has finished everything.
He pushed the car for 4 miles.
- That's why he had go at food.
Should we've to cook again for us?
Looks like you're still studying,
aren't you feeling cold?
Exams daddy...exams.
Exams in winter for
studies in rainy season.
Why now?
Why can't they schedule it in summer?
Please don't disturb me, daddy.
Study as you please,
but read aloud to avoid sleep.
Daddy, you go to sleep.
Okay, l don't have any exam, right?
His snore is very disturbing.
Rich can't sleep and
poor sleep soundly.
Exams, right?
How long should we face this hell?
Do something. ready.
- Ready!
- Double right!
Release Subbaiah, he'll get the gun,
l'll shoot them like dogs.
No need, l'll take care of those rogues.
ls it you?
Tie all of them and make
them stand in row. l'll fire them.
Where's our hero?
He has been eating for 30 minutes.
Shouldn't we see him eating?
Tell him start all over again.
l can't sir.
- You must show respect to him.
He orders and you serve
but l've to eat, right?
No way, you must eat
and l must see.- That's it.
What was your brother's name?
Dr.Mukunda Rao.
How can we find people in
such big city with just a name?
Do you've his address?
- l do sir.
Recently a doctor treated you for cold.
- That young doctor?
Tell him l sent, take the car.
No need of car.
Show him respect.
Very good boy.
Actor par excellence.
What did you say?
Come in.
ls my brother's name
so long in English?
Please go in.
What? Are you testing
my pulse or seeing me?- All!
l'm not sick.
You don't know,
your disease is infectious,
you look at any man,
he'll fall unconscious.
Stop, you're falling now.
What's this taking liberty with me?
Am l your wife?
lover is for love.
Any lover who realises
this will be happy.
Then, l'll write to you wife about this.
Why are you talking about her
in happy times?
She's a hell, you're my heaven.
Why did you come back?
What happened? Calm down.
Come home, let's discuss there.
What a nasty man? For his service,
does he need a concubine too?
- Get my gun.
Don't rush sir.
- Hold on dad.
Sir, l didn't come here
to kill my brother.
l got a wonderful idea, daddy.
l know, only you can get it,
come out.
No, l'll show it in practical.
- Okay, do it.
lf she says take it as done.
You're young so getting dejected,
l've seen many such things in life.
- Her details
Name is Mohini,
profession is dance, and other things.
Are you doctor's Mohini?
l'm Mohini not doctor's girl.
How do you know?
- l know many things.
But l don't even know your face.
- You needn't know it.
l need to talk to you.
- Okay, go ahead.
Your behaviour is ruining families.
lt may be a laughing matter to you,
but to others its matter of life.
Please leave the doctor alone.
- l haven't tied him.
Tied him with eyes, he has forgotten
the world blinded by your love.
What if l love him?
Love him?
lf it's heart you can stay away
and still love him,
adore him,
some other woman has rights
over him as legal wife,
it's unjust to ruin another woman's
life for your selfish needs.
You're a good writer.
Just scholar or
you've experience too.
You're speaking to
Lord Bhavani Prasad's daughter.
That's what you call arrogance.
You've to keep your folks,
no use in accusing others for it.
That's your biggest mistake.
Yes, it's my mistake to expect
sympathy from a prostitute.
You may be a Lord's daughter,
your writ runs in your fiefdom only.
You'll pay dearly for this.
Watch out, l'll get you
in trouble by yourself.
How dare she abuses my daughter?
How dare!
l'll gun her down like a street dog.
Daddy, she insulted me,
l'll avenge it myself.
The charm she used to trap doctor,
l'll use the same charm to trap her.
Tit for tat, l'll teach both of them
a good lesson.
Look, it's my responsibility
to bring back your brother.
You must do as l tell you.
Say okay.
When she asks, you must say yes.
She insulted you,
how can l leave without avenging
for it and taking my brother?
lf she hears this,
my mother will be shattered,
don't know what will happen
to my sister-in-law?
Okay, l'll do as you say.
lf you both fail, tell me,
l'll blow them off. That's all.
Tell him not to wake her up.
Don't know why she hasn't
waken up since morning?
She's not normal.
How is she now?
Not much improvement.
- lmpossible.
Little improvement but
fever hasn't come down.
Are you using good medicines?
What sort of fever it is?
What fever?
- l didn't mean like that.
Are you testing my knowledge?
My medicines are very famous
in this area.
Are you asking me what fever it is?
Don't bother about him,
you give medicine to her.
That's better.
Can't buy medicine for wife
but ready to boss over?
Who is it?
ls it you sir?
Parents affection is till
you're well off,
as her husband you should've
been careful,
Thiruvengadam's medicines will not help.
Take these medicines thrice a day.
Your results haven't come yet,
come tomorrow.
l'm very poor man who
can't pay you anything,
my wife's life is in danger,
please save her,
l'll repay by working as coolie.
Don't worry, get a cart.
No need, l'll come on bicycle.
Bring the bag.
Tiredness because of carelessness,
nothing to worry.
come with me to get medicines.
That's why they say a woman must
have husband or son to take care.
He was here so brought a doctor.
Husband! To hell with him.
He's a burden to me
and my daughter.
Brothers situation is very bad here...
He has changed completely.
Live with tears all life...
Our's our fate.
Your son, Ramaiah.
Have you finished writing?
l'll post it.
- Come here.
Post it.
- Okay madam.
Old lady got a letter.
l'll give it to her.
From city!
- From my uncle!
To hell with your uncle,
you're not well, go to sleep.
Hundred rupees!
Though useless, youngest
brother-in-law is far better.
May God bless you!
Though weak, you're still beautiful.
When l see you...
How do you spend time?
Why don't you go to the farm?
Are you fine, Krishna?
- Fine.- Come in.
Why don't you pick his luggage
instead of watching?
Greetings brother-in-law.
What's this?
How can l allow son-in-law to work?
l'll bring it myself, you carry on.
Come brother-in-law.
To hell with the cat,
it spilled the buttermilk.
Please adjust.
- No problem.
What a mother's love!
Mother, l've stopped
eating curd or buttermilk.
Please have it son, it'll be cool.
How is the watch?
O village boy, dressed up
handsomely like a city man...
Will you pay back as Guru
wishes or slip on the way?
O city girl! You've taught me
everything city needs...
Would l keep Guru's word
or slip on the way?
When l see you in suit...
When you walk majestically...
Don't know who will lose
her heart to you?
Don't know how many pairs
of eyes will get bewildered?
Let any number of eyes get bewildered
or sky may fall on head...
Only you know my heart very well....
Will you bring the monkey sitting on hill?
Will you teach it to play new games?
Will you keep your word
or return home as loser?
l'll bring the monkey from hill top...
l'll place it before your feet...
l'll teach it a fitting lesson...
l'll keep my Guru's word...
Where did you go?
lt seems you didn't go to farm either.
l'm about to leave now.
With Doctor's grace l got a job
in the neighbouring village.
Working hours are 10 to 6 pm.
ls it? You can look after farm,
cattle and then go to work.
Taking rest just now.
Food is in the plate.
l'm having body ache since morning.
No use of daughter-in-law,
she's in her parents' home.
Jaggu, send someone to
bring daughter-in-law.
Son-in-law's life has become
worse than a dog.
That's why they say never go
to ln-law's place.
Son-in-law has come.
Jagannadham, give water to wash legs.
What are you watching?
Help him to get down.
Hey, catch a hen.
Should l've to tell you that also?
Brother-in-law is here,
get him a coffee.- Coming.
Son-in-law came in a car,
get ready hot water for his bath.
Okay mother.
ln my excitement l forgot
the real thing.
ls my daughter doing fine?
She's pregnant again.
Pregnant? My sweet boy!
No reply for all my letters.
That's why you wrote it personally
and l posted it personally.
Take rest.
Don't rush.
l was an innocent village bumpkin,
you made me a respectable city man,
you shared my difficulties,
you bore insults because of me,
This too!
l'm eternally indebted to you.
How am l to repay the gratitude?
l mistook him,
he's a thorough gentleman.
That's why l told you not to rush.
Let's go now.
l want to say something...
l want to say about an angel
on earth amongst men...
You changed a innocent village man
into a smart and confident man...
Changing him into a complete man...
Granting boons without seeking...
Filling dark life with light...
An angel who turned mud
into a diamond...
Why is the angel so merciful on me?
How am l to repay her gratitude?
lf you give little place to the
angel in your kind heart...
She'll forget her world and make
your heart her permanent abode...
Uncle...he's chanting only his name.
That's where the problem is.
l've got it, sister.
Come here...
Though mother is here,
he's chanting uncle's name,
l'm sure it's witchcraft.
- Yes.
May God bless you.
That cheat uncle went to mosque also.
l'm sure he would've charmed you
with some black magic.
Please save my son's life.
People should be afraid of you,
why are you getting scared?
There's a remedy for every poison,
it needs a herbal concoction and
a poison remedy decoction,
if l mix both and give him
a dose, it'll give him relief.
How much will it cost?
lt'll cost more than Rs.25,
but you pay me Rs.20 only.
Rs.20 for wild leaves and roots.
Sister, medicine will cost you.
Please my bag, sister.
- This one?
Doctor, please check my mother-in-law.
l think she's sleeping..
Nothing to worry.
l think high fever.
Get me some water please.
Please hold this for me.
You can take it later.
Your finger is also hot.
- Leave my hand.
- What happened?
She held my hand, what else can l say?
Have you started this too?
How are you eating food
without any income?
Acting like chaste woman
but behave like cheap woman.
l was wondering,
why we are facing all this?
lt's because of you.
Unable to see this cheap woman,
her husband left her for good.
Acting like chaste woman
but behave like cheap woman.
l was wondering,
why we are facing all this?
lt's because of you.
Unable to see this cheap woman,
her husband left her for good.
l thought you were my daughter,
are you also leaving me alone?
Have l become a burden to you also?
- Mother-in-law!
What great sins have l committed?
They said l'm useless to my husband,
l ruined your family's honour,
l think it's better to end
this life of insults.
You were abused because
you came to my house,
because you married my son, right?
After all these insults,
no need of this house or this village,
Let's see what he has
for mother and wife.
Come dear...come.
Who are you?
- Don't you've eyes? Look here.
Lord of Vankavakam.
Vankavakam? Where is it?
- Show respect.
My lord's pets are tigers.
Why is he here?
That's a silly question.
Why do people come here?
For that thing only.
ls it?
- Stay away.
Welcome please.
Would you like to have coffee or tea?
Any juice?
l think he takes only liquor.
Please forgive, he's talking too much.
l'll catch it and cut it.
- What?
You told me to remind about
printing invitations for Kings party.
Great poet Kalidas,
Veera Pothana, Mukku Thimmanna.
Shall l take a chartered
flight to invite them?
Or shall l send invitations?
Arranging programs, tickets, and music...
l don't have time, you take care of it.
Work must go on, that's all l want.
May l song or dance?
This is fun time for me.
Let's go out.
As you wish.
Let's fly in the air...
l visited London, Japan, Paris
and all other places...
Dated with many world beauties...
But still, you're the best...
l gave my heart to you only...
l thought looking at your suit,
boot, hat and height...
l'm giving myself to
one of a kind in this world...
l say yes to you...
l'll send you into sky in a rocket...
l'll spread bed and
wait for you...
No need, you smoke.
- Light it.
l shouldn't be asking
but what's your salary?
Shut up! My lord will say.
l'll take what l want and
write in the accounts.
ls he so rich?
lf my lord hears, he'll say shut up.
He's so rich that till London bank
intimated about Rs.50 lakhs,
he never knew about it.
Don't know how many crores
are decaying in foreign banks.
There's no country he had not
gone or women he didn't have.
Mohini is nothing.
l'm not scared.
Many like Mohini have come and gone.
lnfact my lord looking at her
is your fortune.
Show respect, Lord is here.
l got a job because of you sir,
l got advance.
ln installments...
- Will you repay gratitude?
Mad man, take something for your wife.
Rich men are great.
Bye sir.
- Bye.
What's all this boy?
Today is brother-in-law's birthday,
so money consecration.
With pennies, he's bearing the cost.
People are like that now.
lnfact l wanted to arrange
scale to weigh him.
He said he can't bear the cost.
Won't he get hurt if coins fall on him?
Very light you can blow it.
Come here mother...
come....stand here.
Don't move.
Mother-in-law, you had money
consecration first.
What did you say?
Give me, you brought it at right time.
Today is my another
son-in-law's birthday.
My sweet darling...look upside.
Come brother-in-law.
Sprinkle scent...put a garland.
A good news for you.
Today is my brother-in-law's
Sorry birthday.
l mean he has completed
-19 and entered 20.
The program starts with camphor burning,
mother, do it.
Sister-in-law. Come quickly.
Kotamma, you sing a song.
Dear, you sing a song.
To hell with you,
someone please sing a song.
lt may dawn before they sing,
better you sing something.
Atleast hold this plate.
May you be blessed...
What happened, son-in-law?
Serve him the fries.
Brought fruits which he likes.
Serve him.
Serve him two more sweets.
ls it the way to serve?
Will your sister do like this?
That's what remains, adjust with it.
l didn't come for royal feast,
anything you serve is great.
Get me some water.
Betel leaves for son-in-law.
- Coming.
Hasn't your husband
bought any jewels?
How can he make one who is
taking refuge in ln-laws' place?
To hell with him.
Well said, may you be
blessed with long life.
How can l avoid after getting
him married to my daughter?
Why are you still sitting?
Go to sleep.
Troubling me again.
Am l troubling you?
ls it what l get back for what l did?
What did you do?
Jewels or money?
ls it love only if l get jewels?
Bloody love.
Though poor in money,
l'm not poor in love.
lt's true l couldn't give you anything,
l left my family and home for you,
l'm working as farm hand for you,
just for your sake only.
- For my sake only?
l brought this hair oil
you love so much.
This is my first gift to you.
You begged and brought it.
What's this thatch wall?
- Come in l'll tell you.
Where's mother and others?
- They have left.
Why are you still here then?
Why should l go with them?
Look at our son first,
he hasn't opened eyes yet.
Not even saying anything now.
Don't know what to do
- Do something,
as eldest daughter-in-law,
you raised a wall between us,
chased out mother-in-law,
drove out your sisters,
do something with him also.
What did l say?
Did l say anything when you
stole money from pockets?
Could l stop you from
saving it stealthily?
l was silent to keep family honour.
Now also l'm silent
because l'm helpless.
Look at the ill fate that
struck our home.
What did you say?
l said come and wash the utensils.
Reduce my burden and
work and eat good food.
How dare you shout at her?
How dare you ask your
sister-in-law to work?
Not just wash utensils,
l'll ask her to sweep house also.
How dare! l'll break your teeth
and throw you out.
lt's not that easy.
lf you throw me out,
l'm not shameless like your
daughter to live in parents home.
How arrogant!
She's abusing your sister,
why are you watching fun?
lf you talk, l'll break your teeth.
Can't advice sister who has
left her husband?
But ready to shout at me
for telling the truth.
l'm dying with these
troublesome women.
Younger son, please ask her.
l've been watching everything,
isn't all this done by you, mother?
Will you feed like a dog
to a son-in-law?
Will you look down upon him
as a farm hand?
Will you make his wife work
for your another son-in-law?
Who is getting insulted in all this?
lsn't it you?
lsn't it our home?
lsn't it for your daughter?
Don't you atleast have
some sense, sister?
You too joined them in insulting him.
He brought doctor to save your life,
he brought you expensive hair oil
though he went without slippers,
did you ever try to
understand his love?
You thought parent's home is heaven,
he tolerated all insults because
he loves you so much.
Don't know where he went?
May have committed suicide also?
Sister, you don't know the value
of husband when he was here,
when he goes, your life
will plunge into darkness,
For everyone...
- Brother...
You've made me realise my mistake,
l'll not stay here for a moment.
Go, though realised late,
you'll live happily hereafter.
You saved our family's honour.
Atleast hereafter sister will
lead a happy life.
Forgive me mother-in-law.
To hell with me!
Was it all a drama enacted by you?
lf not how can l advice my mother.
You're right, l though elderliness
means power,
l didn't expect so much trouble.
You made me realise my mistake,
and saved your sister's life.
That's enough for me.
You got trapped, O bird...
l'll not leave you at any cost...
O colourful fan...
O colourful merry-go-round...
Neither you nor your father
can dare tackle me...
You trapped many with your beauty...
Ruined the lives of many
married men...
But atlast fell into the
hands of master cheat...
l'm no ordinary man...
l'm not a weak man...
l'm scion of Gadusu family,
a real man and a hero...
Not only your father, even your
grandfather can't tackle me...
Are you angry?
l'm not scared...
lt can never dare touch me...
l've seen world beauties...
l'm smarter than you...
l've come to expose
your double standards...
Are you worried of the expose?
You're a cheat, you've cheated me.
You said you trusted me and love me,
you promised on mother and
showed me heaven in your hands.
l may have said that, but if you
expect that again you're mistaken.
lt's a mistake to fall into a trap
by a cheap woman like you.
lt was my mistake to forget
myself in the love for you.
Stop there.
What was said earlier and
now is your mistake.
Am l your wife to boss over me?
lf you've any respect leave
my home immediately.
l'll go but only after avenging
for ruining my life.
l'll go after killing you.
Yes, it's me.
- Have you become a lord?
l'll become anything.
- How dare!
You dared and deviated from path.
l'm your brother so l'll follow you.
How arrogant!
When you can get so arrogant
for paltry Rs.500 salary...
Don't push me.
l'm not that innocent Ramu
to follow your orders blindly.
l'm Lord Ram Prasad.
Don't rush sir.
You're an educated men,
from a good family,
he came to teach you lesson
for troubling mother and wife.
He taught you.
He's not a man to covet women.
Look! Come.
What's the price for your love drama?
- Price?
For singing and dancing
with me on my instructions.
For sending out the doctor.
Why are you acting innocence?
l'm innocent, trust me.
lf you know it's curtains down.
That's why l'm asking you openly.
No fee for love.
- Love?
You used an expression so cheaply.
What do you know about love?
You know to cheat in
the name of love.
You know to trap men.
You ruined a man whom we hoped
will bring prosperity to home,
how many men you've ruined
and their families?
l knew everything about you, so l didn't
fall into your trap and saved my brother.
Your brother?
Have you understood?
Go away.
lf you had sense to know good and bad,
would you commit so many sins?
Wasn't it all for money?
For bloody money?
Take it!
Take it!
Take it!
Take it! ls it enough?
Will you accept now that
l'm a Lord's daughter?
Dr. Mukunda Rao's house?
Go further up, turn right,
a small bungalow next to a big one.
Please give me a glass.
Madam, little water please...
- Sister-in-law!
Take care of mother.
Daddy, Ramu has done
as he promised us.
l saw your brave act
and heard it too.
Who are they?
My mother and sister-in-law.
- Sister-in-law?
Doctor brother's wife.
Just now l gave him
a good piece of mind.
That's why l told you not to rush.
You don't rush, we haven't yet
lost the cause, let's all go to him.
- Take all our cars.- Okay.
You ruined us!
Bloody lady! You ruined the family.
You devil!
How daringly you've cheated!
Have you taken the money
Ramu sent from Madras?
Let me see if your sin money
can bring back a dying soul.
Nobody is here,
all have left the place.
Now only l remain here to go.
Don't cry, you're not the only one
to ruin this family,
everybody contributed their might,
it's not in our hands
to unite this family,
it's all in God's grace.
l think you came walking,
please have something.
lf l'm that lucky,
only after my husband and
mother-in-law forgive me.
Chose my car to kill yourself,
l'll shoot you.
My brother!
Son Chandram...
Son Chandram...
- Son!
My second brother.
- Pick him up also.
Tell me if you've any more,
let's pick them also.
lt's all over.
Our relationships depend on
our previous birth's deeds,
all have left us,
only l couldn't go.
Brother, l'm a sinner.
We all are sinners and
committed mistakes.
No use in repenting now.
You've come at right time.
My son is unconscious, come.
Why are you so scared?
Why are you latching the door?
Check my pulse.
Why is your body so hot?
- By looking at you.- ls it?
l too have strange feelings
on seeing you.
You're a great charmer!
Spell a cast or spell bound me?
Neither l cast a spell
nor spell bound you.
lt's romance.
lf l decide l'll get it.
That's why old woman and
her daughter-in-law left home.
What can they do?
How can she dare refuse me?
l gave her Rs.20 because
she's from a rich family.
She refused me.
She got ruined.
Did you see him?
No use, only pungent smell
can bring him back.
Don't kill me.
- Did you see that?
Let's punish him.
Let's take him to the house he ruined.
Bring him.
Brother, they are here,
our folks have come back.
Mother-in-law! Mother-in-law!
Get up.
Poor lady.
- Son!
l've brought your wife.
Oh my son Kittu!
lt's me!
- Uncle!
l got back my son.
Ramu, you saved my son's life,
you made me realise my mistake.
l was mad after money,
never behaved responsibly.
Sinful money can take only lives,
it can never save lives.
l mad to think unity is not strength
and parting ways is good.
With steel walls in my heart
l put up a thatched wall in the home.
l've brought the sinner.
He's the one who started everything.
He advised her to put that wall.
He's a cheat.
He's so small built but
did many big bad things.
- Go!
Don't fall on my feet,
fall at the feet of all those
you had cheated.
l've realised my mistake,
please forgive me.
l must smash his face,
l blindly followed his ideas.
No need to smash his face,
cut the ears those who listen to it.
Get up, leave this district border.
lf l see you around here
l'll shoot you down.
Please come in.
- Move. l've a job pending.
Big home!
With one shot...
- Thatch is gone.
No, first seek blessings from him.
No way, first from him.
First to him.
You go ahead.
Bless you.
Weaving hearts together...
With good intentions...
Sharing affection...
Spreading love all around...
Family...joint family...
Epitome of good hearts...
Family...joint family...