Un traductor (2018) Movie Script

And at this moment,
the Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev,
emerges from the plane.
Together with Fidel, a great number
of men and women from Havana
cheer the arrival
of Gorbachev.
In this, his first visit to
Cuba and Latin America.
Gorbachev !
Gorbachev !
Gorbachev !
I saw him !
I saw him, Dad !
- Should we go tell Mom ?
- Yeah !
Mama !
- Mama !
- Tell me, Javi !
Mama ! I saw him !
- Mama ! I saw him !
- You did ?
- He waved at me !
- Really ?
You'll have to tell me all about it.
How was it ?
No one else could join.
You didn't tell me how the interview
with the Soviet writer went ?
In fact, she said
something really interesting.
She has this theory that...
Soviets and Cubans
share a sense of isolation.
They're cut off by the land,
and we...
stoic in the sea.
How does it apply
to your thesis ?
I don't know yet.
I'm going to work on it tonight.
What's wrong ?
You promised
you'd read to me tonight.
"Kikiriki, kikiriki,"
crowed the rooster.
And that was the last
they ever heard of the robbers.
- You didn't do it right.
- Why ?
Mama does the voices.
I'll do the voices next time.
Good night.
"I am a nobleman,"
"I, too can earn rank."
Why does he say
he's an aristocrat ?
I don't think
that he means
that he's an aristocrat.
Just that he has
value as a human being.
He's going mad
because his social status
doesn't allow him to
have the life he wants.
his social status
affects his life.
He's in love with
the director's daughter,
but she won't look at him
because he's just a clerk.
Good job.
Make a case for
Poprishchin's madness:
A thousand words,
due a week on Friday.
Forty-five litres, honey.
Hey !
I said one,
not ten.
I have my own money.
Then you pay.
Fifty pesos.
Attention Department of Russian
Language and Literature.
All classes are suspended effective
I don't know what that means.
- Look who's here.
- Malin.
What is this ?
- Yours says the same as mine.
- But mine says morning.
- Mine too.
- Mine doesn't say anything.
What I don't understand is...
Why have we been divided this way ?
Because this is absurd
and ridiculous.
Like always here.
- I'm going to talk to the dean.
- What for ?
Kristina, you know that
our glorified administrator
couldn't change a light bulb
without permission.
- Look at him.
- Hernandez !
Orders from above.
- Oh, Kristina, Kristina.
- I told you, but you are stubborn.
Do you want advice ?
Don't waste your time.
- I'm going to get paid.
- Hey !
Did the letter say anything else ?
No, there was an address
and that was it.
Will you still be
able to pick up Javi ?
I don't have to
be there till 7 pm.
Who knows,
you might finally
finish your thesis.
That would be nice.
You done yet ?
Not yet.
Don't stay up all night.
I'll be in soon.
- Staff room, please ?
- Elevator. Second floor.
Thank you.
What's wrong with her ?
Do something. She is waking up.
Something is happening to her.
A minute, a minute, please.
No !
No more drugs.
Please. No more drugs.
I want her to wake up.
She's in a lot of pain. Please.
- Please. Do something. Do something.
- We aren't going to hurt her.
- Do something.
- Remove your hand. Please.
I want you to do something.
- Not just that. Do something-
- We aren't going to hurt her-
She doesn't want more sedatives.
She wants you
to try something else.
She's in a lot of pain.
Tell her.
She's in a lot of pain.
Why did you stop
the treatments ?
What's happening ?
She's refusing
the morphine.
Who are you ?
They sent me
from the university.
Translator ?
Tell her we'd hoped
for a more positive response
to the radiation, but...
unfortunately, there's
been a tumoral growth.
Tell her, please.
I, uh...
They had hoped that...
her reaction to the radiation
therapy would be better...
but her condition
has gotten worse.
We've been unable
to eliminate the disease.
Which means,
eliminate the cancer cells.
So the transplant
won't be possible.
They'd been
hoping to perform...
a trans...
But since they've not been
able to get rid of the cancer,
the procedure is not possible.
We came here for this procedure.
That's why they came.
I'm afraid at this point
all we can do is manage her pain.
at this point,
all they can do is...
manage her pain.
Can I ?
Everything will be okay.
My baby girl...
My love...
We thought maybe you got lost.
- I know why we're here.
- Why ?
Good evening.
Good evening.
I'm Dr. Rivas,
Chief Physician and
Hospital Administrator.
It's a busy night
so I'll be brief.
As you know, you'll
be supporting our staff
on an as-needed basis.
Each of you has
been assigned to a ward.
Every night come straight here.
The schedule is on the board.
Any questions ?
Support with what ?
Because we don't know.
You're here to translate.
Translate for who ?
For the patients
from Chernobyl.
Felipe ?
- It's you.
- It's me.
You're on the third
floor with Antonia.
- Ronaldo ?
- Me. Me.
You're with Seleste.
You're with the Argentinean,
Well, that's all.
They had to move all the regular
patients to different hospitals
to make room for them.
We had no idea there'd be so many.
Why'd they send them here ?
An act of kindness
by a leader with a big heart.
No, they couldn't
handle them all there.
Babies are being born
with serious diseases.
They are building a hospital
in Tarara just for them.
Sounds like another
master plan.
It's not contagious.
So ?
It's a hospital.
What ?
We're there to translate
for a bunch of Soviets.
From Chernobyl.
They assigned me
to the Children's Ward.
"Russian- Spanish Dictionary"
Where's Stasia ?
She died this morning.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Where's her mother ?
- Probably packing.
Already ?
The Soviets pay
to get them here,
Cuba covers
the treatment costs.
When it's done, they go.
We did everything
we could, Malin.
Swap wards with me.
No, no, you can't.
You were assigned.
We're translators,
not specialists.
Who can I talk to ?
I know who you can talk to.
To Fidel !
Malin !
Malin !
- Grandma !
- My love !
Hugs and kisses
for your grandmother.
How big you are growing.
- Mama.
- Beautiful.
My precious grandson.
- How is my champion ?
- Good.
Look at all of these things.
I don't know what I
would do without you guys.
- Everything is quiet.
- Good.
The diplomatic visit of President
Gorbachev ended today...
Did you hear what
Fidel said the other day ?
Gorbachev is softening.
Flirting with capitalism.
Oh ! Flirting is shit...
If the Soviets enter the free
market he'll have to consider it.
It's not in line with
his idea of socialism.
- It'd be bad for us anyway.
- Yes ?
Right now the Soviets give
us oil in exchange for sugar.
Who else is going to
give us a deal like that ?
Can we talk about
something else ?
How is working
nights going, Malin ?
No, no... I don't want to talk
about that either.
I'll take you.
How's he doing ?
I'm not going back.
I'm going to ask for a transfer.
Dr. Rivas reported
you to the Ministry.
Gladys told them
you were sick.
And now what ?
Now what ? Say the
same thing. You are sick.
Recovered ?
Very good.
We're in isolation.
Face mask.
Give me.
His immune system is weak.
We can't risk infection.
Hello, handsome.
This is Malin.
He is here to
translate for you.
This is Alexi.
Tell him, please.
I'm Malin.
A translator.
You speak Russian ?
Why ?
Sit down, please.
Have you ever
seen a lava rock ?
When you kick them they smoke.
How are you ?
Please. I've been
sitting long enough.
Is this a new doctor ?
- Translator.
- Ah. Nice to meet you.
you're all here.
Alexi's white blood cell count
is up by a full point,
and his red cell count
is in the normal range.
Alexi's white blood cell
count is up a point.
His red blood cells are level.
We'll continue as we
have been with the chemotherapy
and hope to see
continued progress.
They'll keep going with chemotherapy
and hope to keep seeing progress.
So it's working ?
It's working ?
It's progress.
There is progress.
I don't want more chemo.
I don't like it.
It's good news.
Your body's fighting.
Thank you.
Do you want
to be a doctor now ?
I tried that
but it didn't work out.
- You ?
- I went to med school.
- Seriously ?
- One semester.
That I would believe.
Have this.
To help you sleep.
You look tired.
One day, Chicken Little was
walking through the forest.
One day,
was walking
through the forest.
And all of a sudden,
an acorn fell on her head.
How long have you
been doing this ?
Are you going to tell me that
I can't do this either ?
I was just thinking...
it would be great
to do a story time.
No ?
Are there houses that are
more beautiful than ours ?
I imagine...
most likely.
Is that why you
don't sleep at home ?
I sleep at home.
- No.
- Yes.
But not at night.
I've been working
at the hospital.
Are you a doctor already ?
I'm working on my doctorate.
It's a different kind of doctor.
Can I watch cartoons ?
Sorry. My meeting ran late.
Javi has eaten.
Your dinner is in the fridge.
What is it ?
I'm pregnant.
I thought we agreed no more.
Not after Javi's delivery.
You'll see, it won't
be like before.
I want you to be happy.
I'll be fine.
"Cuban Children's Stories"
Hello, everyone.
How many of
you like to travel ?
we are not going to
travel in a vehicle,
but I'm going to take
you away from here.
Find yourself a place.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Thank you.
"The Beekeeper's Child."
Carlitos lived in a valley, nestled
between the mountains and the sea.
His father was a beekeeper
and his grandfather before that.
But Carlitos wanted
to see the world...
Carlitos got lost...
Would you like
to listen to a story ?
This book was
one of my favourites.
Carlitos lived in--
Leave !
Everything okay ?
So, you're a teacher ?
Of Russian Literature.
Me, I teach high school.
You know,
it was a big honour for me
to get the job in Prypiat.
They brought
the best scientists from
all around the country-
and they took me
to teach their kids.
You're the only
father I've met here.
- I was his cell donor.
- Ah.
We've tried with his own
cells but it didn't work.
Seems to be
effective this time.
We have good days.
And bad days.
It's strange.
Radiation did this to him
then they give him more
to make it go away.
What do you think ?
How much radiation
do you think
one body can take ?
I lived in Leningrad for five years.
You asked
why I speak Russian.
I studied at the
university there.
Have you been ?
It's very near our dacha.
You probably miss it.
I miss it.
The art,
the music,
the fish soup.
Damn !
I don't always
want to talk either.
Maybe you would
want to write about it ?
I didn't know that you smoke.
I needed fresh air.
You picked the best spot.
- I hate it.
- I know, me too. It's disgusting.
This place.
That they make me do this.
You know what ?
Fuck that !
I came to this country
for two reasons.
Videla was a son of a bitch
and this island has one of the best
medical systems in the world.
You don't want to be here ?
Who wants to be here ? No one does.
But you are here ! Period.
- Find a way to deal with it.
- You chose to be a nurse !
You chose.
I didn't.
I didn't choose any of this.
These kids didn't
choose either.
You're back early.
I miss you.
I'm tired.
What's that ?
Read it to me.
In darkness I can see it,
The flashing, coloured light.
Seeps in from out,
Goes out from in
The bright and shimmering light.
The light, it came
with black dust
We watched and breathed it in
The light, it went inside me
And then the world caved in.
And now I wait in darkness
For sunlight to return
For light that's
clear and constant
For light less beautiful.
It's stupid.
It's exceptional.
That's what it looked like ?
It went up and down.
Not like a normal rainbow.
You can read
yours, if you want.
"The Beekeeper's Child."
Carlitos lived in a valley,
nestled between
the mountains and the sea.
His father was a beekeeper
and his grandfather before that.
But Carlitos wanted
to see the world...
You can write anything you want,
they don't have to be stories.
Poems, pictures,
a journal. Anything.
Write what you want.
She can't write.
Then draw something.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You said anything.
Javi ! Be careful !
Did Mama say she'd be late ?
I don't know.
Hey, come on.
Where's Isona ?
- Sorry. I need another half hour.
- I have to go to work.
- Where do you want this ?
- The end wall.
It's not appropriate
for him to stay.
What do you want me to do ?
Remember the ultrasound
tomorrow at eight.
Yes. Yes.
Go straight from the hospital.
Are you God ?
We're not supposed
to talk about God.
I don't even know
what he looks like.
Old, with a beard
and a white dress.
Am I wearing white ?
Why are you scared of God ?
He took Stasia.
It's a monumental blow to our
collective battle for freedom,
as thousands of East Berliners,
encouraged by boisterous
hordes of imperialist capitalists,
began to chip away at this most noble
symbol of equal rights
for all workers...
Malin !
Excuse me.
The bonds ?
It was all they had.
- And they stopped issuing bonds.
- What ?
Everything's cash only.
- You have to pick up your pay.
- I'll do it tomorrow.
- No, I can't do it tomorrow.
- Why ?
Because I have to go
to the university.
They invited me to do
a series of guest lectures.
It's too much,
tell them you can't.
I want to do it.
It's good for me.
We have found new lesions,
which appear to be metastatic.
Several new tumors
have grown from the first cancer.
Several new tumors have
grown from the first cancer.
Carlitos was lost in the desert.
He had nothing but his clothing.
His water canister was-
What do the others look like ?
Are there more boys or girls ?
It's about the same.
There's a girl, Elena.
She's very good at sewing.
What are you talking about ?
He wants to know
about the other kids.
One of these days, handsome.
- What are you doing ?
- I need paper.
Those are important.
Today, I want each of
you to write about yourselves.
Things you like and don't like.
What is it ?
Doesn't matter. Turn it over.
Like this.
The things
that make you, you.
Don't forget to put your name
and birthday at the top.
"The Chernobyl Children. For Alexi."
That's the same birthday as me.
My cosmonaut.
He loves everything that
has to do with space.
They want to
know about you.
Malin, Malin, Malin...
The King of the Kids.
What are you doing there ?
Alexi !
Come, come...
Fernanda ?
Take her temperature, please.
You okay ?
What were you doing ?
I got scared.
- Is he making sense ?
- Yes.
What ?
You look like you sound.
I took Javi
to the doctor today.
He's lost five pounds.
The doctor says he
needs more high fat food.
It could impact his development.
Are you going
to wake up, Malin ?
- I'm awake.
- No, you're not.
You sleep all day,
you're gone all night.
I'm alone with Javi at
night and in the morning,
but I'm not taking pills
and shutting out the world.
Do you think it's easy for me ?
Work is crazy. The
show's about to open-
It's just art.
It's not your turn.
Guys, what are you
complaining about over there ?
I don't get it.
Come on !
- Hey, shut up !
- I won't shut up. I'm in line.
Pay me. This is messed up.
Guys, listen !
There's nothing left.
There's nothing left.
We're out !
This is the government's,
not yours !
Yo !
We're out !
We're out !
I am not Cuba-Petroleo.
There's no more gas, papi.
Good morning.
Good morning.
I'd like to close my
savings account, please.
Savings accounts can't be closed.
You can withdraw a
maximum of twenty percent.
- Twenty ?
- Twenty.
What would you like
to do, comrade ?
Comrade ?
Do I know you ?
Do we work together ?
Then I'm not your comrade.
The twenty.
We need you in ICU.
What ?
Relax ! Be quiet !
Quiet, I am telling you.
Don't scream.
I don't understand
what you are saying.
Enough. I'm telling you.
Stop it. Relax.
I told you.
Don't yell.
What ? ! What are you saying ? I don't
understand what you are saying !
I don't understand-
Tell her to be quiet !
She has to stop
or she has to leave !
Help her, please.
Do something.
Please tell them...
to loosen the straps.
- Can you loosen...
- Do something !
Can you untie her hands ?
- Quiet. I'm telling you.
- It's for her safety !
This is for her safety.
The doctor wants
you to calm down
or they'll make you leave.
Mom !
Mom !
Behave yourself.
If you don't behave well,
no one will help you.
They will not help you !
That's it, take her out right now.
That's it.
Look, baby.
This area is the Caribbean.
And this is the island of Cuba.
We're here.
I'll show you.
It's the shape
of a sleeping alligator.
There's the head. See ?
I need to talk to you.
I don't like it.
You haven't even
tried it, Javi.
What happened ?
Daniela sold two
from this series.
A thousand dollars each.
Dollars ?
American dollars ?
You know what happens
if we get caught with dollars ?
- We have to do something.
- Yes.
Perez stole half the supermarket
and is selling it.
- No ! We don't go near that.
- We need food, Malin !
We have to find
another solution.
We have no one
to watch Javi on Friday.
- What's Friday ?
- The opening !
- The thing I've been working on...
- Yeah, yeah... yeah !
Do you think
you could start late ?
- I'll be back by 2 AM.
- Probably.
- Not "probably." I need to know.
- I'll be here.
Javi !
Look what you did.
Relax, it's just cornmeal.
There's no "just"
anything anymore.
They're planning to drain
the fluid from his lungs.
Tomorrow at 4 pm.
Tomorrow ?
I'll come early.
What happened ? You stink.
Did you tell them it was us ?
What are you saying, Malin ?
It could have been anything.
When the power's out,
the AC goes too.
Alexi was breathing
every germ in the building.
We dealt with the bigger
problem at the time.
That's what we do.
I'm hungry.
Go to sleep.
Take this one.
"Rice and beans are in the fridge.
I'll be home before 2 am."
I have to go to work.
Mama will be home any minute.
Do you think you can look after
yourself until she gets back ?
You can watch
TV the whole time.
Get out.
Get out, please !
It had been three days.
Carlitos' tongue was swollen.
He needed water desperately.
Carlitos looked out at the
expanse of sand before him.
At what was once the bottom
of the ocean.
Where are the
rest of the drinks ?
It's done.
Mommy ?
Mommy ?
Mommy ?
"The one that does not look forward..."
Malin ?
Javi ?
Malin ?
Javi ?
Oh darling, we
were waiting for you.
I found him
crossing the street.
- Darling...
- Thank you, Maria.
You welcome.
That's what neighbours are for.
- Thank you, Maria.
- Take care.
I was all alone.
Not anymore, my love.
I'm sorry.
Where the fuck were you ?
You were supposed
to be here.
- I forgot.
- You forgot ?
He left alone, Malin.
In the middle of the night.
It's lucky Maria's so nosy...
I can't even imagine.
But he's okay ?
Is he hurt ?
- Is he dying ?
- No.
But he's your son.
On top of everything, Malin,
he left the door open.
Someone could have
come in and stolen art.
Of course.
It's only art.
It's not only art, Malin.
It's what I do.
Who I am.
When you disregard it,
you disregard me.
Am I saving lives ?
But that doesn't mean
what I do isn't important.
It's important to me.
I can't do this alone.
Where are you going ? Isona...
I'm taking Javi
to my parents for a while.
It could have been anything.
Fluid like that doesn't
come from an infection.
Malin, you can't take
it home with you.
If you don't leave it here
it'll drive you crazy.
They finished the new facility.
We're moving to Tarara.
There's an orientation tomorrow.
The bus leaves here at nine.
We have nothing scheduled.
You should go home to rest.
Good morning.
Welcome everyone.
I'm Rosa,
administrator of this complex.
Please, follow me.
Very nice.
Over here.
This is the playroom.
It will be supervised by
staff throughout the day
and provides an opportunity
for independent play as well as...
There's going to be
a story time. Twice a day.
You will be in charge of it.
By chance ?
They might have
taken suggestions.
I just want to speak to my wife.
Are you here to talk ?
I can't.
This is the problem, Malin.
I ask and ask and nothing.
I'm not going to spend my life
with a man who doesn't speak to me.
I can't do it for you.
Stop it. I'm telling you.
I'm giving her 100 bicarbonate.
Starting compressions.
Can you take me
to the hospital ?
Dr. Rivas needs to talk to her.
What ?
- What ?
- Malin !
You might as well not be here.
Passed out in there.
What if...what if she dies- -
You have no right !
You don't understand anything.
I've been sitting
with her, every minute.
"With" ?
But you are
never there for her.
Enough, Malin !
Excuse me ?
Can I help you ?
I want things to be
how they were before.
Nothing can
be like before.
But maybe they
can be different.
- Is that me ?
- No.
His name is Alexi.
Come here.
Once upon a time there was
a rooster who lived in a barn
with all of his friends.
Pig, donkey, horse,
cow and sheep.
One day they went for a walk.
"It's too hot."
"It's too hot,"
said the pig as they went along.
"I want some mud to wallow in."
We're done.
What ?
They brought new patients,
new translators...
real translators.
- That's it ? It's finished ?
- It's finished.
You heard ?
Won't there be some
sort of transition ?
Did you get one
at the beginning ?
I thought you'd be happy.
You should feel very proud
about everything you did.
It was my duty.
You did much
more than that.
I have to go back
to my old job.
Orders from above.
But will you be visiting us ?
What did she say ?
She wants
to know if I can visit.
I'll come.
Don't forget.
May 10th...
and cabbage rolls.
Professor !
In "Diary,"
we see a man
driven to madness.
Driven to madness
by the world he lives in.
He escapes by
creating his own reality.
What was it like ?
- What ?
- At the hospital ?
What was it like ?
It was...
It's done.
Over 25,000 victims of Chernobyl
were treated in Cuba
for illnesses
caused by radiation.
Despite the collapse of the Soviet
Union the program continued until 2011.
Malin and Gladys
never saw each other again.
Malin continued to teach
Russian Literature
until interest in the program declined.
Malin and Isona divorced in 1995.
Malin moved to Italy,
where he still teaches literature.
Isona continues to work
as a contemporary art curator.
Their sons directed this film.