Una pistola en cada mano (2012) Movie Script

Hello .
Hello. So much have I changed?
What's up?
Well, I'm fine. Do you?
Weep, weep calm, quiet cries.
I'm glad to see you.
It was emotional to see you.
something happened?
Hey, I had an intense session
and I was unprepared.
A what?
A session,
with my therapist, a psychologist.
Ah, what gives?, Electroshock??
No, Io happens is that is German.
Mm, the Germans already know.
I do jogging, three days a week.
Now with that, it's free,
meet people.
The last time we were in the hospital.
I had had the motorcycle accident and you were operating
10 years ago, had been born
my son.
You were with long hair and ponytail.
And you were taller.
I recently saw a photo in Ia
you were dating you.
We were there in front of the school.
It is no coincidence, right?
EI what?
What we have found here today.
0 no.
- 0 not?
-0 No.
Coincidences sometimes have some sense, is not it, they say.
No, fuck me. What?
Io not know
money and I should not remember.
I would rather backwards.
Died your father, right?
Yes, yes, yes.
You will make two years.
Yes, Manu told me, sorry.
I have very good memories of him.
Yeah, me too.
We always left the car.
- Yes
Do you see with Manu?
Soon, yes, soon.
I was going to go with him to the funeral
and then I could not.
No, I wanted to call, write an email
Do not worry.
No, yes, yes.
That's important,
felt really bad not being there,
what is important, if not?
It's okay, it's normal,
long ago since we met.
And Why?
Hey, you want a hug?
Will PEOI SET, SET will Peol
- No, get on board.
- Sorry.
- For Io other, okay?
- Fuckin '.
Your wife has not deserted you, yet?
No, no, not yet, follow, follow.
What you had a son?
Two, two children, I can not complain,
behave, Ia made bed.
You will Ia were you doing, too.
- Yes?
- Yes
Do you?
Not have kids, right?
No, no, I nearly
but in the end was another.
- Do you have to go?
- No.
Are you sure?
- I smoke a cigar.
Where do you work now?
rode a study with a partner,
two, now.
Open one in Madrid,
and I come and go every week.
You won, eh?
I can not complain ,
helped that we won a very important award.
What are you talking about with your friend
If I may ask.
Man, I have a couple of years...
Wish the could return.
That's fine, I also return
Although it may seem Io, Io and I'm beating
What is it, and what symptoms do you have?
Buf, an assortment.
As: anxiety, fear, general...
I have trouble sleeping,
various phobias.
dare me to drive when I'm alone with my children,
POT example.
Well, take the train.
I have claustrophobia.
EI other day I had to leave the Ikea,
for example, I started to choke,
Not find the exit,
I IIe with signals,
mount a number.
Did you would be embarrassed
not at our age?
Yes, a lot.
Aver, whose fault is Ia
you're well?,
Ia somebody has to be blamed,
I do not, right?
No, well, I dunno.
'm on it.
No, I do not smoke.
- No?
- No.
bring you good memories.
And I envied you
you things were going so well,
can not even buy a lamp.
Well, are eras.
I when I'm bad drink alcohol.
Whisky, basically.
A given me homeopathy balls.
L0 see?
- This non-smoking, huh?
This is a time
of Ia difficult life lady.
- Do you live here?
"V01 no.
- How's it going?
- Very bad.
NL yes?
Yes, compared to you,
yes, very bad.
= = But, well, for now I can sleep
and I can catch the train.
Why?, what happens?
's all,
but my thing is another level,
I overall'm a creep.
'What about your wife?
' What?
You married, right?
I do not Ia invitation arrived,
but I know you married.
Well, I suppose, why I'm here
I came to see a friend of mine who is a lawyer,
Helping me with papers,
are getting a divorce.
When you parted?
For more than a year.
Laura, just to inherit a house,
ytiene that I fear I will stay with Ia
Normal, knowing.
What happened to you?
I told you I Io of homeopathy balls.
- It was because of my cat.
- I ask time with German?
- (Laughter)
She was allergic and asked me to get rid of him,
it up for adoption Io, Io
or sold to a Chinese restaurant.
And I could not.
And then he's gone,
but hey, we love very much.
Well, do not you,
is important to a good relationship.
- With my cat, I mean.
- Ah.
Cat What was an excuse, actually...
That Ia long time it did not work.
Now, now I understand Ia metaphor.
It took me.
Then I went, I've been living in Valencia
a time.
Now I'm back.
Am temporarily staying at my mother's house Ia,
with my mother.
I have 46 years,
I think I'm worse than you.
- No, I do not know,
are times, Io you said before.
I've said,
for you not to wear here,
to mourn again.
- Did not medical you with anything?
- No, no,
even an aspirin,
or a ball, nothing.
Do not plan on writing a book?
I could use because I
newspaper fired a year ago
Placing an item
survive here, there.
Look water enters the boot,
to see the tab.
Nobody told us it was going to happen, right?
- No, not notified, no.
- Sons of bitches.
- Do not even give an instruction manual.
- Nothing.
Look, uh.
No, no.
- I have an envelope.
- No, really, please.
300 euros and you do not need another.
If we hardly know.
Must be helped, German
Io always tells me.
unfortunately I see.
Do not you going to wear to mourn you, now?
'll Buy my cat food,
and speak to you.
- I stop.
- Come.
I've been to eat,
if not, we expected and if we could.
If not, I have been too.
- Ah.
- My mother makes lentils.
Well, to see if it returns
to spend so much time, right?
A see.
I saw that there was a sign announcing that came
David Bowie.
Could go a long
I'm not going to a concert.
Note like?
Me, David Bowie, never been...
- No?
- No. You were you and Manu.
I was more than ACID.
Look, here I have my card,
and there's the email of the study.
Do not you have a card?
- The is my secretary.
I'll call you.
Why do not we eat
Ia next week?,
We say also Manu.
- Ah okay.
- Huh?
- EI Wednesday?
- EI Wednesdays.
No, on Wednesday not, Thursday?
Thursday, yes, I know.
What, Io mean,
Do not're staying.
Would be nice, we would.
But it is true that in the end
always something.
So what, that's it?
I thank you for the loan,
I will be very good.
I have sat well talk to you,
comforting to see Io goes bad you all.
Do you see how in the end he had any sense,
the meeting?
- Give a kiss to your children.
- On your part, you and your cat.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hello!
Thanks for bringing.
Nothing, do not worry, if you need Io
collect more days,
tell me, because I'm more free.
It was today, at the last minute
I have complicated
Ia a little late.
Your always running.
Nothing, the, syrup.
Coughing much?
No, a little.
The next dose touches at midnight.
Do you remember?, If you'll call,
or sending you a message.
0 Ia tried with telepathy.
Okay, okay.
Do you mind if I take a glass of water
Is that I have a thirst.
Ah, good.
Io EI Monday you pick, right?
end I floor shift.
Ail No?
They are all very expensive,
I do not get...
Spoke to the owner and when I turn up the rent.
Good, Better,
so no need to move.
Also, your floor is not so bad.
My apartment sucks, Elena.
Yes, yes.
was very well used, huh?
Look, you could rent me a room with sink
enough for me,
or could sleep in the closet
of the washing machine.
Do not know why I'm telling you all this.
No, I do not know, Ia really do not know.
Before you go,
owed you money.
Ah, no, not necessary.
No, yes it takes, yes.
I will not take.
Do not get intense.
No, I get intense.
No, you've gotten intense.
YES. Huh?
Mm, you all should,
why do not you get?
If someone owes something to someone,
that's me.
What's that, what's next?
Oh nothing, it's true Ia,
lately I've given it much thought.
Well, thanks, but no need to thank me
and nothing.
Why not?
I want,
after seeing how they have ended all divorces
Io we did very well.
That was thanks you.
Okay, but that is not $ 200, if you want I send
Ia bill.
Mm, are the usual.
Sorry, sorry,
is you're radiant.
Ya, ya, ya Io know, I,
is that I have a bit of a hurry.
YES, V0-
Oh yeah?, Not Io appears.
No, my tits, beaming.
're Still
Ia person who knows me best in the world.
Yeah, but we gotta go.
YES, V0-
(Tone phone)
At the end I signed those drawing classes.
I bought some watercolors.
Thomas, give me a kiss, I'm leaving.
I see what I do,
and tell you, yes. Later. Bye. Oh!
Later. Bye.
Sorry, sorry.
No, no, I have not heard come.
Nothing, that...
I pick it up on Monday, then?
Ia Remember to bring snack.
Last night I dreamed that we were making love.
Are you funny?
No, but I
Io I've said so... well.
Now, we were in...
In a room in Rome.
Do you remember of that hotel in Rome,
two hundred years ago?
What no?
-. Rome.
No, right now I do not remember,
no, what's up?
Good, very good.
Oh yeah?
Io for that also I will include
divorce bill in Ia.
Well, better not, because there is
Ia first time.
Io So already you told your girlfriend?
Not we already,
Elena, and l told you, right?
Dreaming Ati's wrong with me?
Yes, many times, yes.
NL yes?
Yes, but are other dreams,
gave you a heart attack or get crushed,
inadvertently with the car.
I'm going.
Pick it timely, huh?
Not mind,
tell you these things, right?
No! No, no, no, not at all, really
, at all.
Remember that Tuesday is gymnastics.
I think about you a lot lately.
Well, I think of you, after ten aosjuntos
is normal, do not worry.
I do not care, just wanted Io
I've thought about all that it happened, Ia
yen as life, the end is,
issue details,
If it had not rained,
I had not ever entered
This a coffee bar,
and I had not met Monica
and you and I still be together... Io
you know you want to say?
I'm not sure.
Now that everything is so, so,
just have taken an umbrella,
none of this would have happened, you know?
Yes, everything is so,
so fragile.
I dawdle once, just once, you
road salts Ia and finished.
y and nothing will ever be the same thing.
What road, eh?,
Is full of roads, huh?,
There are many roads, many umbrella
Sorry, sorry.
Today may be that I,
is a little nervous, mm.
NL yes?
I'll do a wee.
Two years ago, I said I needed
because we were not good,
yme left.
Because you fell in love your friend, Ia nurse.
If not, I remember perfectly.
I guess, yes.
A lot has happened, huh?
's Been two years too long, and now it seems
All coming back to his place,
yyo start feeling things,
I never thought,
I would feel for you, and...
And I will not cheat,
but I get up in the morning,
yen Io is all I think about going back
Are you there ?
No, I was escaping through the window.
And when you thought back?
Anytime, for me, I brought
Just kidding, eh, do not panic,
Io just wanted to know.
No, sure I do not forget.
Do not laugh at me, huh?
I'm not laughing at you.
It is not easy to say these things,
it seems that everything is improvised, but,
I was wrong.
I really miss them both.
Oia. Is not it,
could do was Superman and we went back
in Superman I, he does that.
Ah, now.
Nothing, I wanted to tell Io
and you know,
and I'll have to take
because I can be here for hours.
Not want to say anything about this, but,
the bartender where
embonacho me alone every night,
it has forced me.
Missed me.
Lest you thought you
also sometimes
is not it, we would not be the first pair
to re-join.
No, no, I do not want to get your hopes
Yeah, well, just in case,
is not it, that
not have to embarrass us if we pass
Okay? .
And not that. "
Who knows tell you what can happen tomorrow.
Also, I never would have imagined,
I'd be here making a fool
and telling you all this.
True Ia Me neither,
but that's different.
Because I'm pregnant.
Ah, then no, of course.
No, for that.
That illusion, is not it, congratulations,
really, really.
What do you mean who?,
John, who is going to be.
Yes, yes, no, I did not know you were going
so seriously.
Do you live here already?
I asked Ia Io last time.
I am very, very,
much for you, eh, for you,
always wanted to have one, right?
No, and Thomas,
a brother will come in handy.
A sister, a girl?
Thomas, you'll have a sister!
I do not know it,
Io not have said, do not know it.
Do not know, sorry,
sorry, sorry,
I believe that I have heard.
It's okay, he's with dobby Ia.
I feel bad, you've learned today, Io
after all I've said.
Not at all,
for nothing, really, really
, at all.
No, no, no, God knows, is not it,
equal to Io best you you split
Iuego you and...
this Scene Ia had rehearsed me.
See how it was true, you were radiant
had to try.
Well, congratulations, right?
When you can,
you can take your stuff?
A couple of boxes left,
clothes, books.
Yes, right now.
We're changing cabinets and.
I'm taking now, do not worry.
Now you the other day Ilevars
with the car.
I can, I can, do not worry, I can.
ITomS, Daddy go!
- Good!
- Hello, John.
How, how are you?
I can not complain as I was leaving.
Yeah, us too, right?
- Yes, in 10 minutes.
'Can I help?
No, no, no,
I can, I can, thanks.
Congratulations, Elena told me.
Ah, thanks.
Goodbye, Dad.
Can I help with the door?
No, no, I can, I can.
Ako Come here, Ako, sorry.
It's okay, uh,
hello, how you doing?
No, I Ievantes,
were talking on the phone, right?
No, no.
I see you.
What are you doing here?
Io not had in the summer,
No, no, Io had my ex,
good, is that actually it is
when I travel is allowed Io,
and so we spent time together, we catch
Lived here?
No, not my ex-wife.
What's it called?
Ah, the peno!,
I thought you were saying my... no, Ako.
Ako is a nombrejapons.
Well, nothing,
I leave you, I would...
Did you stay here much longer?,
In summer, Mallorca.
Ah. no, no, no, that is.
Find After
I went with some friends to an apartment,
already. I'm back.
And ye
quedasteis many more days?
Well, nothing,
good, I'm going.
Equal agree next summer, right?
I hope not, I'd go
Ia Argentina,
Silver Sea.
More than anything, Ia
to know Laura, my wife.
Ah, ok, ok,
never been her?
No, never, never.
A Io better this year... we'll see.
Sure, and how is that?
Do you work here , 0...?
No, I followed my wife
this morning.
'Ah '7. .
C 'sl "Cla59gUI5e?
Yes, you see what it does Ia maturity.
And where?
Until that building,
why I'm sitting here ,
like an idiot.
Before it was a normal person,
I mean,
never have occurred to me,
sit on a bench in a park
Why Ia have followed,
because you think it?
Your lover lives there, I'm pretty sure.
Damn, is that I do not know what to say.
Do not say anything, no one's fault,
= =
believe that we all very well armed, but no,
but, suddenly appears
tsunami, and goodbye.
Argentines ? Losofamos much,
but we are harmless.
But forgiveness, you'd
yyo started...
No, no, no, no, nothing happens
, quiet.
No, if I'm calm, I'm calm
Also, with the amount of pills I take
I learned a lot from all this,
that adultery is very instructive,
is nausea.
I have the stomach a little.
Now, no, no.
I hate to see you like that, huh.
Would not it be better if you tell,
Io know, and meet Ia situation.
What was that actor?
An actor?
American One large.
Yes, that was the westems.
Ah, yes.
Tall, strong like a tree, huge.
Well he sure
had no nausea or anything.
How long have you been well?,
Will give you something.
No, no, I care, I care, Ia
today morning I was with the doctor.
Yes, because I have headaches,
gave me some pills and told me that is normal.
Is by the horns,
unseen, but heavy.
Ia And when did you go?
No, today was the first time Ia.
Yes, Ia went looking for work,
Ia saliry vi Ia followed it here,
many months ago and I know he has another relationship.
And how did you find out?
Well, because Laura,
Lying bad.
Bad lies?
Runed, poor,
every time I have
to give an excuse, it
by Io, Io passes fatal.
Is so careless, she is.
Why will not you talk to her?
Because I really like all that it
construct over the years.
And where is he now?
It just to go, on his bike.
Do you know him?
No, no.
Why do not you write a letter?,
I say, if you do not dare to talk to her.
Do you really think my problem
is that I dare not
been talking to my wife?
A little bit, is not it, and she with you,
that's what you think.
I just wanted today was to invite her to eat
take her to a place that you love,
do that kind of thing, surprise.
Now, that they like.
I know,
and I have to try to win her back.
I watched her leave, Ia I phoned, I lied
told me he was going to her sister Io
and bad lies.
Your sister is in Madrid,
becomes new, within a week,
why Ia followed it here.
Hey, I do not know about, or I'm
to tell your friend
Io you have to do.
Please, tell me whatever you want.
They will be angry,
if he finds out you've been
spying Ia will be angry.
Io is not going to know, not now,
Then when it's over, but not now
Now, whichever I have to do is...
Learn to forgive,
try to understand.
Do not you think he deserves some respect
my hand,
after so many years together?
Why are we so selfish?
Do not I know.
If she needed to have an affair,
I Ia deserves a little more respect
is my partner, Io I,
is not it?
That's easy to say and do.
Cuckold The manual says that Io
first is to learn to forgive.
What surprises me is that
have not had a heart attack yet.
Ako, see.
Hey you have to tell him everything,
have to speak, clarify,
Did not mean right now.
No, I would not call her,
'm thinking of calling him.
Do it?
Yes, it's what I would do
when you arrived.
0 is, do you have his number?
Yes, a long.
And what are you going to talk?
How what,
Io is happening.
Why can not we have a civil conversation
Man, Io doubt.
He is sleeping with my wife long
some Io I should, right?
What would it cost to have a detail, a gesture
a cuckold fifties greaser?,
Is not it?
Yes, yes, yes.
Couples sometimes break,
is not it, happens every day,
because you want to fall in love.
Yes, maybe,
but I will not let that Ia
my break.
Ia I did very well talk.
Chao Ako.
Do not you leaving?
Do not?
(Mobile Tone)
What need was there to let me do
the mentally retarded in this way?
Is that nO.
I thought it best to be Laura, who you say Io.
Now what are you doing here?
Why did not you leave?
I do not know, you see here,
under my house, I wanted to know,
to anything I do not like this.
Sure, I guess.
Can I have one?
What do you want to talk?
How do I start?
I did.
No, I Io
're saying now to make me feel better.
No, really, I did.
I insisted,
Laura would not cost him much.
N0 wanted?
Agree for work for a week, in Ia fair.
After the summer?
After the summer,
yes, in summer we did not know.
You introduced us.
Yes, I remember Io.
Then we agree.
Do you love her?
Being in love means many things.
Do not be
has hit a punch yet
Does not mean it's a stupid,
is clear, right?
Not hard fall in love with Laura.
That's true, I still Io'm
more now.
Although they say it's a typical reaction cuckolds
, right?
You have to help,
she does not dare,
to talk to you.
What does it say when I criticize?
No, do not criticize.
Come on, how I will criticize,
do not sleep with other
if not criticize your husband.
Is that sometimes were so strict,
as graph.
Does that say?
You know how it is.
Yeah, I know, Io know,
good, we took almost 10 years,
this difference was not noticeable before, but now
Do not say that again.
Not coincidentally has gotten a guy msjoven
Laura, needs freedom.
She is happy when things improvises,
not like planning,
or that two and two make four times.
Yeah, I know, Io know,
is something I have to change.
What I have noted on my list,
I made a list of things to fix.
What else?
That Ia values.
He said that? '
Those words?
Ia She feels that no values,
especially in his work,
like it never has interested you what he's doing,
is very good, Io know, right?
I know.
Well, that must be told, we all love
Laura Ie you feel envy.
Envy what?
From Io well have been
things in their profession, compared to you.
Io not say I, uh,
's what she thinks,
would be envious
sorry that instead of being proud of her.
Will you leave me?
If you leave me, saying,
do you think that Io is thinking?
Io Who does not think?,
All couples Io think sometimes, right?
No, no, no, all, no, I Io I
My neighbor thinks Io, Io
my brother thinks.
Your brother also cheats on his wife.
You know my brother?
The fools who?
With a, you know,
To see, Ia
thy brother's wife Laura was told Io, Io myself heard.
Can it be that I am so moron,
that I have not ever noticed
nothing, for so long?
Not you told you, your brother Io
Laura, right?
No, no, no, Io tried many times, but...
today come to dinner.
What's for dinner?
Tuna, I think.
Well, then.
Yes, I think it will be better
that I'm gone,
it's getting a little late.
Wanted to go to pick up a rug I ordered,
Ia vimosjuntos with Laura,
liked it and thought...
Carpets really likes, but that Io
know, right?
N0. no, no, no.
I have no right to ask you to let Ia.
But yes, that Ia
help when you see that it is,
that Ia let go,
I promise not to follow or spy on them anymore.
I'm very sorry all this really
your nausea, you,
Io not deserve.
It's okay, do not worry,
I appreciate this moment,
anything you had to do.
John Wayne was John Wayne.
John Wayne.
I'm going.
(Mobile Tone)
what bag?,
No, I have not seen any stock,
Ia sure you've left on my floor?
In the park, with Ako,
is that we have fun because we found
your husband.
Yes, with your husband.,
No, it's no joke.
Because you had followed
because your sister is still in Madrid, Laura.
Yeah, I know, for months
not tell you anything because the guys
do not like losing, Laura,
yes, so, so, do not like.
if we want this? N
week and pick up your stuff,
yes, if you want the piano, too.
No, no, no, it's gone,
yes, do not know what a carpet.
As I have left Ia.
Yes, always the same,
almost all? These
end here on my desk.
Oh, sorry, sorry.
With the champagne, to me quickly.
Are bubbles,
to me too, he refused.
NL yes?
For gas.
Ah, of course.
I change places,
I've seen things you
climbed to fourth floor Ia.
Ah, it seems.
Better, is not it, more Iuz.
And for a change of scenery too.
Yes, occasionally
is okay to change, is not it,
to break monotony, to.
EI next month will to do 10 years
that among working here.
Oh, look, I already took five.
I still remember the first day you came.
Are you sure it was me?
You wore a hat.
That was for calling Ia attention.
What time is it now?
The nine.
I was just leaving.
I will not be long, I'll Ia terrace and then fumary
If you'll take,
I have no hurry.
No, not necessary,
Not cost me anything,
where are you going?
No, I am left,
I stayed with my sister,
that just going to the movies.
What will you see?
For Io not know yet, I'm waiting
and if not, well
take and go to the gym.
Take cake if you want.
Ah, no, no,
thank you very much, eat you.
No, I can not.
Oh, right, sorry,
're on a diet, right?
Have you noticed?
Yes, you are more.
Do you think?
For that you suffer.
're Prettier.
not know you? Jaras both me.
A little, a little.
I will put on my list of admirers.
Well put me in the first.
Well, I'm leaving.
Have a good? N week.
Like, if you want, we can
another day.
Day That someone else can do something.
EI what?
Take something,
Io you like.
Are you trying to hit on me?
Sorry, you do not understand anything,
I'm sorry.
No, sorry.
No, no, you got me
absolutely misplaced.
Do not worry.
Io I expected at all.
Me neither.
And less of you, if you hardly know
if we never talk.
Yes, it's true, we're here
all day a lot of people
and deep down, we know almost nothing
Ios others.
Well, I Io I did know is that...
'd Recently had a child, right?
A year ago, yes.
What good, but did not know you had separate
not you separately.
What you usually cheat on your woman?,
Io mind me asking?
Do not you care or not Ia kidding?
No, Ia...
is the first time I do this.
This morning at coffee machine
Ia and were very attentive to me, is not it,
Ia azucary with spoon.
No, I've seen, and I have approached
because he wanted to propose something.
What I want to propose?
Well, that, if,
if you wanted to leave.
No, today, when you want, we can go to the movies
AI film?
Yeah, like you're on a diet, say
if you want to eat,
like before you said you wanted to go to the movies.
And if you call your sister avenger.
Sure, sure,
is that I have no sister.
Ail No?
- sorry.
- Av Forgiveness.
There is a site that is well
and is not far away,
is a cocktail,
Stinger is called, do you know?
No, not that.
Yes, yes you fancy.
Is you know what happens, I
with cocktails
I have to be careful,
that quickly
take me up to the head.
Like the champagne?
No, much more than champagne,
here others already have done
Io before you.
EI what?
Take me to a cocktail, Io
do not you hear?,
Yes, if you have told Io,
look, you're getting red.
Oh yes,
I do not have to lie to me, huh?,
I'm not your wife,
And certainly also have you heard of Ia Io
bathroom scene.
That reputation I have, is not it,
take days thinking about fucking me?
Weeks, I'm getting hot.
Between the champagne, do not you?
Want to go to the bathroom?,
Those above, to maintenance.
Now no one,
I like these things,
do not you think puts
fuck with people nearby?
've ever done in Ia Io beach.
Do you have a condom?
What fault
good, but we can
do other things, right?
But promise not to tell anyone Io.
Io I promise.
And I promise not to tell your wife.
You go first,
irjuntos not see us.
Well, okay now, right?
It was a joke.
I have already noticed.
Well, do not be angry.
No, do not get angry, but not needed
I just wanted.
That would make you a blowjob,
and Io know, if not that,
I do not care, we like that
- Yes
Well I do not know, Mamen, yo.
- Mamen?, Have you said Mamen?
Is Ia first
I hear you say my name over the years,
worked for five years in the same place
and until today, you have come forward to give me a powder
I'd run
or four words in a row.
You have mocked me more than once,
any of your friends
rolled the department.
Especially when weighed 15 kilos more,
the joke of the emails,
you know what I mean, right?
Whenever we have met at noon in the dining room
or at a restaurant around here,
you did see that I saw
before having to sit with me.
And we left terrazamuando
Ia smoking, or a "hello".
How are you going to do a blowjob?,
With rude and unfriendly Io
you've been all this time.
Do not you think?
I did not mean to offend you.
As you could apologize.
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry if...
If I treated you bad these years.
It was not conscious,
Yes o, which is even worse Io,
are you going to faint?
Try that.
If you want to go to the bathroom,
was a joke.
- You're coming, right?
- Yes, yes, where you going?
Do not I know.
Why do not you call your wife you take
yte Ia Ia cocktail?,
And then you are going to a hotel to fuck.
A hotel?
Why not?,
Let him
imagined the same thing that you would do with me,
or separate yourself.
It takes courage for that,
and I...
're Not so bad,
not that.
Then what is?
Not know Io, Io not even know me.
What a pity,
I could introduce some of my friends,
single, nymphomaniacs.
Although not separate me, do not you have given it?
N0. no, no, no.
call me.
Tell the
told you who was in need,
boyfriend that I have now.
better if not
Io anyone you count the bathroom.
's Going to be difficult.
And thanks for the compliments,
I always feel good.
and you, for letting me look ridiculous,
me good.
Sure, it's going
with a pistol in each hand,
Until Monday.
- Mary.
- Hello.
- What's up?
- Well, what are you doing here?
- I come from my sister,
I let the kids tonight.
'Are you?
From work, I'll Io of Julian,
you too, right?
- Yes
- And Sara?
- I was alone.
- Oh, right, up.
EI belt.
'What's that smell?
- Vanilla the tropics.
- Puts fresheners everywhere.
- Where are they?
- The has hidden, because the other day I threw them is
and a little angry.
- Get a divorce, Mary.
- I thought Io.
- How are you?
- Good, very good.
- Psicomagia Manual.
- What is this?
- No, no, no, it's a friend,
Io we paid, are exercises.
Exercises what?
- To heal the wounds that are not.
- Here's one marked with a red marker
amorous jealousy.
- This is not mine,
my pen was blue.
- Are you jealous?,
'm His friend, I'm not your boyfriend,
but I would have noticed.
- Do you think?
- Jealousy
loving and express normal animal fear
a rival to take over our partner.
They should get a bottle transparent
where, whenever you feel jealous,
be deposited two euros.
When you see
coins have accumulated should buy
with them a gift to be loved.
Did he?, Was putting coins?
Every time?
- Which clearly did exercise Io
and did very well.
- How was the bottle?
- Crystal, decoration,
very nice, Io bought it, too.
- Where Io put?,
Warned when you put the coins?
I was on a shelf,
next to a picture of me.
- That's not in the exercise.
- If you're going to laugh, I'm angry.
- It was not my intention.
- It took seriously Io Io
and did very well.
- Okay.
Made efforts to overcome it and I Io treasure.
- And I, Io appreciate.
At the end what you bought?
Invited me to dinner at a nice place.
- Well, that's good.
I'm glad if anything has improved Ia.
- Greatly improved.
Now I can wear miniskirt in summer.
- You, when You're under,
exactly you speak?
- Well, we talk about important things
- Not like you.
- You're right, we are only
of our couples.
- I thought it was a fan.
- I am,
but you know I'm very discreet,
how are you?
- If Io as well. Do you?
- Well, all good.
- Yes?
- Yeah, yeah.
Nothing, I saw in passing,
and... Why are you here?
- I'll Io of Julian, do not you?
- Yes, yes, yes.
- Is that I came by subway, I was too lazy
get the motorcycle.
- For just rains again, and Mary
- Mary comes directly from work, I came walking
From home ?
- Yes
- Well done,
to walk is great, is not it,
a walk.
- Yes
What was I buying?
- I do not know Io,
open and I thought I saw buy
a good wine or good champagne,
I do not know which.
- I called the other day, I do not know if you saw
Ia call,
not let you post.
- Yes, I saw Ia, Ia
saw, but as I left message,
not know what to do,
whether to respond or not responding.
- Well, it's okay, do not worry
- I'm sorry, what did you want?
- Ask yourself one thing.
- What?
- You still play football?
- Yes, once a week,
That's what you wanted to ask me?
- No.
is a little delicate,
things about your friend.
I thought you could use replay
and do some sport,
again, I Io have a good time, right?
I duchis together,
speak of girls and stuff.
- Yes, those things.
- Because he has not said anything.
- Not that I know, or care if
I do not remember.
- I'd remember.
- But what has he done?
Precisely much can not do, poor.
- Why?
- Because he has a dysfunction, erectile.
- What do you mean where?, Dysfunction.
- But that is from the 60s, right?
- Yeah, but he likes
be first in everything, and Io know.
- Yeah, so long?
- Half a year, a little more, maybe.
- I knew nothing.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Why not tell me anything?
- Because I'm ashamed, and because you are idiots
- Me too?
- Yes, yes, you especially.
- You're mad, huh?
- Yes?, No, no way, no.
Yes, a little bit, Ia true because...
Because Io keeps everything so secret that it is impossible to help
And since many months of tension,
in a bad mood, and...
Pa "what? . ., Ghz? Pa 'to what?
- And
always happens that you make love or?
- What we do?
Men at least you can go and whores,
this, not that, why delete it, okay?.
Not my style, you know what?
I think I'll buy a good gin
- If you want to pay Io.
- No thanks.
Another marked with red marker,
symbiosis mother son.
- With? Icts arising traumatic links maternal
very stressed.
- Yes, poor.
- No, this has Io, Mary,
Io I have told this insurance.
With this kind of...
Man with this type
con? Ict emotional bond with her mother
honey spreads his wife's feet
y Iamerlos whole
this action must be repeated
For six nights in a row.
If you do not mind,
to here that I am walking,
Io've had fun these aosjuntos,
but everything has a limit.
- That's it,
that everything has a limit,
- And, that is, where Io were doing?
- In Ia bed, night Ia.
- And how do you put Ia honey?, With Ia
How to toast?
- Yes, honey with Mary.
- Honey with Mary.
- Do not make that face, not so rare.
- Let's see, uh,
I do not doubt that suck feet
for six nights in a row can help on any issue,
traumas symbiosis with Ia mother
And that this book is very interesting,
everyone should read it.
Especially you. Especially me
but understand that, no,
is a little surprising that...
Apart which is one of my best friends,
Io now and this changes everything.
What I put face when Io see?,
What I will talk to him?
- For the book, honey Ia, Io
for whatever, but there was a change.
- I'm not surprised.
- Helped us a lot, really,
because we were wrong, we were very wrong.
- Because of your mother?
- Because of the witch, yeah,
because all problems,
Ia originate in childhood, right?
- I do not know, I is not
I have read the book yet.
- That Io knows everybody.
- Oh, really?,
Were going very wrong?,
When?, I mean.
- EI last year.
- When, last year?,
If I see you all the time.
- In summer,
why do you think we were not with you
trip to Portugal?
Because you did not give you vacation.
- That was Ia excuse.
- Is that an excuse?
- That was an excuse.
Such books should be banned,
with Io
like you are one with their trauma and suffering, right?
N07, no.
Why?, Ie,
or you were fighting?
- Yes,
we fought a lot,
we fought a lot,
Because I was really bad,
and No one likes to be treated badly.
- No, of course.
And that means you was wrong?,
Not beat you.
- Have you had any proof or something?
- Yes, nothing happens,
in principle,
seems to be a psychological problem.
- What happens always or only you?
- Ah, well, I have no idea,
'd have to ask the others,
it is made a playboy and I,
I do not hear anything?
- No, I mean if you, if you masturbate
like you is easier,
not know.
- I have not talked about it.
Is very sensitive, and I have...
I have to go very carefully with everything.
- And you visited
to a specialist or something?
- Two, but anyway,
if it happens to them,
lately I,
who has repeated one,
but get tired, you'll see, because this works with
- Yes
Me too I have?
- No, no, you sure do not.
Ah, thank goodness.
- Yes
At first I was convinced it was his way of telling me
no longer likes me, he wanted to leave,
we hear many aosjuntos,
guess that's normal.
- No, certainly not.
- Why not?,
Is expressing his own way, of course, because...
Not say men think with Ia
... this?
- And you've been prescribed, viagra, pills?
- Yes, but tried them one night and stayed
spliced three hours.
This did not come down and scared,
yterminamos was terrified in the ER,
me and not make me or grace.
No, not me... me either,
when did this happen?
- Last week.
- Last week
- The night we had dinner at your house,
drank, cheered, and Io tried.
- Why do not we Ilamasteis?
- Because then,
Ia life would be too easy, is not it,
lately has made some progress,
plaster has given confidence.
- What did he do?
- Sweating.
'? Sweating?
some classes that I go to gym,
good dance.
- Ya, dance.
Going to ask something cynic?
- No, no, nO.
Just thinking about what type
of people go to these classes.
You mean apart from women and gays?
Well, you know that some men are also
but are much msjvenes
than you, smarter,
and especially, especially,
more interesting.
It also helped that I bought some leagues,
and I painted my lips.
- That we like,
Tell my wife.
- I did it already.
- Oh, really?
We Io we have everything.
- Mary.
Can we talk about something else?
- You have brought it up.
- Me?, You've opened the book,
is with him that you
to talk, not me.
- And I'll talk to him,
clear that I will talk to him,
but now,
have left me a little worried,
as you can imagine.
- An accident,
one day we were fighting a lot,
pushed me and I
I hit a door, pushed me.
- When Ia Eve wedding, which Ilevabas a band
you had swollen nose,
was why?
- Yes, but it has happened again,
is not about that,
there are many other ways to treat someone badly.
It Ia manner of speaking,
sulk all day,
authoritarian tone, and Io know,
has two faces.
And in the end get used, get used
and stay waiting for next Ia anger,
and when he comes home late,
're calmer,
kids too.
No, not right.
Sorry, Mary, but
not know, I feel as if,
we had been cheating,
in some way, this time.
We are all one thing and seem another, right?
- It has been green since.
- Now carry a very good time.
- Whew, it would call
a Civil Guard Ia.
For the book, exercises, for which reason it
but is happier, more loving
is, in its way,
not ask anything strange,
'm his wife.
No longer
so obsessed with work.
Has stopped breaking things.
- Has stopped breaking things,
what things?
- Those that have nearby.
- He broke things?, Often?
- No, from time to time, but never with children nearby,
not go thinking things that are not
- No, no, if I did not think anything,
I did not.
When we were discussing, he went to his study ytiraba
Io who had close,
relaxes much, Io many people do.
- Nothing, Io prove,
Io try and see if I too.
Also, at home we can spare ashtrays,
- One day, talking to my friend,
gave me the book, I liked it, and Io
left out there.
And saw, Io began to read,
Ia buy honey,
and we are much better.
- I'm glad.
- My dishes too.
- Ask him to play football again.
- Yes Io is actually cast,
- At the end it will be all your fault.
- I can tell you
to Ia pool come with me, I know.
- Now has started doing meditation
and is doing very well.
- Eh. What?
- Where Io ago?
- Well, since Io not know, in the middle I think,
but ask him,
suits her very well,
what happens?, Are you interested?
- Very much, very much,
but I am now,
with a tarot classes,
Y. but still.
- Same, same one days have just Ievitando
- Yes, or making love.
- Ciaro, and why not?
- Hey, well yes get hard with me,
- Take you things seriously, is not it, and stop
- Okay
- Is not that your car?
- It was a very interesting talk,
- I'm glad.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Io I've found looking for a taxi
and I have brought.
'What about?
- Hello,
walk should have come,
like us, right?
- Exactly.
Did you see the message?
- Yes, Ia next week, perfect.
- What's up?
- Well, okay, what are you doing?
- Ah, well.
- Pass.
- No, come ye to climb then.
- No, they can wait,
go up.
- What floor was it?
- EI room.
- EI room?
- If.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hey, have not seen you.
'How are you?
Well, to get married, but fine.
It was because of my dog.
What was his name?
Mm!, Does she?, Laura.
What has already been moved into your flat?
No, like this? N week,
if you want to come help,
wants to bring the piano.
Do you play the piano?,
Then I'm glad.
Io you've thought?
With Io little calm you were.
That's what it tells me my dog,
but, well, then I will be able divorciary
What are you doing?
Well, well.
Do you collaborate in the gift of Julian?
then we stole someone Ia portfolio and give you
Io missing.
Had you eaten today yet?
Pipes I had breakfast with a hamster from my mother.
What Ia interview that you had?
Evil, that evil,
but then on Tuesday I had another,
and the best, that was fine,
am waiting to see if they tell me something.
What is it?
To donate my organs,
transplants, pay well.
- Hi.
I am the neighbor of Julian,
asked me to bring him.
Ah, yes.
L0 leave here?
Yes, yes, thank you.
We met before right? in Ia goal,
were with your son, your wife.
Ah, yes, yes, it's true.
Are you best, your wife?
Yes, yes, yes, it was a sickness,
are pregnant.
would you like a beer?
And your nurse?, Is not going to come?
Are you on guard?
No, he is making love with my neighbor
sup019 -
They make a great couple, Ia truth
he has more hair than me,
what can I do.
Well, almost just as well,
was on duty every night
and my son did not like.
As it was very pretty.
My neighbor also Io seemed,
this, yes.
So what happened?
Is tired of me.
- Yes we are good.