Una vita tranquilla (A Quiet Life) (2010) Movie Script

Next month, from Campania,
20 thousand tons of refuse
will be transferred
to the incinerator at Biebesheim.
Hessen regional president
Michael Richter,
assures the refuse will be
to materials for industrial use.
Only a small portion of the refuse
is destined for the incinerators...
Eduardo, don't you smell a stink?
- What stink?
- Smells like gas.
Move over.
- A looker, isn't he?
- Yeah.
- Any left?
- Wait.
- What was that?
- Run!
Take the stairs!
All hell broke loose.
Can't explain now.
Sure, it's all okay.
Put Dad on?
Yeah, wake him up.
Have him call me,
we'd better put it off.
- What are you lookin' for?
- Nothing.
Why did you have to call so fast?
- What's the difference?
- Gigantic!
Is it my fault the hotel blew up?
I'm okay, but there was
a problem at the hotel.
An explosion.
The cops are here now,
we gotta reorganize.
We push it up two weeks!
He wants to talk to you.
You're right, we were jerks.
I know.
I know!
I'll find a safe place,
relax, we won't mess around.
No documents, okay.
- He wanted to call your brother.
- 'Cause I'm the idiot son!
What's it you're lookin' for?
Sleep, we'll be going to Wiesbaden.
I might have backing there.
Hotel-Restaurant da Rosario, hello.
Yes, Mrs. Mueller,
my husband should have come.
We'll be right there.
Use the red tablecloths.
But Mr. Rosario said...
And I say red!
Bamboo, have you seen Rosario?
I swear to God, Claudio,
you're out of here tonight!
If you like, I'll go now.
The school called.
No more Italians, all Vietnamese!
You have to go get Mathias.
I forgot, can you?
I have to set 54 places.
And I have to cook the boar.
We'd like it if you go.
Thaw the crabs.
- Doing wild boar with crab?
- It's forbidden?
In real restaurants, it is.
Bamboo, thaw the crabs.
- Do everything he says.
- He doesn't even talk!
- Good for him!
- Never does a fucking thing.
- Bamboo, never a fucking thing!
- 'Cause you do, huh?
Doris, no red, all blue.
All blue...
Hello, Mrs. Mueller.
School got out half an hour ago.
You're right.
If you can't get here on time
apply for the school bus.
You're right...
Stop by the restaurant sometime.
What for?
For dinner.
Good day.
It's Claudio's fault I'm late.
He's been working with me
for 10 years!
Remember when he came?
Right, you weren't born yet.
I can take the bus with Lucas.
I like coming to pick you up!
- But you always come late.
- Not always.
- Often.
- Okay, often.
But this time it's Claudio's fault.
I'm wrong,
I hire Italians, I help them,
I trust them and it doesn't work out.
It's damned freezin'.
- What are you lookin' at?
- Your guess?
We always gotta take the ferry
to get to the other side?
I have to see where the fuck we are,
just watch the sea.
You call this a sea!
They have no starters.
- Crab with wild boar!
- They're German, they eat anything.
When you own a restaurant,
you can decide.
Try it at the Danieli,
they'd kick you out.
- For me, you can get out now.
- Your nails clean?
You still here?
Two Italians are asking for you.
Mr. Russo?
Wild boar and crab...
I'll call the inspectors in.
- I'm shakin'! This okay?
- Yeah, better.
Mr. Russo?
What is it?
What do I tell the two Italians?
Whatever you want.
They say they're your friends.
Let them wait.
- Is this okay?
- I give up!
- Take the boar in!
- After the crab, nothing goes in!
Don't break my balls. Renate?
Where's my wife?
Haven't seen her.
The Vietcong spoke!
At the reception desk.
- Why?
- She's talking to the Italians.
- This tastes like raw wood.
- It's good.
Poison them and they'll sue you.
I understand "surf and turf",
mussels and mushrooms!
What do we mean by "turf"?
Mushrooms, tubers.
Get out!
Want me to go? Why?
You're fucking worthless.
Two Italian boys asked for a room.
What's wrong?
Nothing, let's serve the boar.
Claudio, where are you going?
Ask the chef.
Put that apron back on!
This time I'm not putting
anything back on.
You owe me 200 euro.
You're through here.
Now there'll be double the work!
Thanks a lot!
- I don't like you two fighting.
- What room did you give them?
- Don't change the subject.
- What's their room?
- Who?
- The Italians.
The big one.
I'll go see them, finish up here.
- Diego?
- I'm not Diego, wait.
The phone.
Doris, take some boar and crabs
to the big room.
- Who answered the phone?
- A colleague.
- Should I worry?
- No.
They're bringing you
something to eat,
I can't come up.
- No problem.
- I'm not done!
You know my situation,
should I worry?
- I said no problem.
- It'd be easier if you were alone.
- I know.
- You can tell me tomorrow.
Enjoy the meal.
- Who's this friend of yours?
- I already told you.
He was strange on the phone.
I said we're colleagues.
I heard.
It's not that I don't trust him, but
he learns only what's necessary.
Hurry, I have to pee.
What are you looking at?
You're drunk.
Rosario, fuck off!
Rosario sends this.
Come in.
- What's your name?
- Doris.
Boris! What are you doing tonight?
I don't understand Italian.
If I say I love you,
do you understand?
You're beautiful, Boris!
Anything to tell me?
The wild boar came out nice.
What was Christine Schwibach
doing in my restaurant?
I didn't even see her.
I did, she followed you
into the bathroom.
What did you say to each other?
She was drunk, I hadn't seen her
for over two years.
I forgave you once
because I love you,
but don't think I'm stupid.
Let's go to bed.
I'm not sleepy.
Do you mind?
Don't stay up too late.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Do you speak Italian?
- Yes.
Isn't anyone around?
Dad's outside, he'll be right in.
Rosario's your father?
What's he doing?
He's killing the trees.
Nobody around?
I wanted an outside terrace
with tables and chairs for summer,
a sort of biergarten.
But they won't let me
cut down the trees.
They'll only give authorization
if they're dead,
so I kill them with copper nails.
- Eat up.
- Now you even cook?
I learned here.
- Is the salt right?
- I guess so.
They've got weird tastes here...
Sorry I didn't come up
to say hello yesterday...
- I was wrong not to let you know.
- Okay, you're here now.
How long are you staying?
Two, three days, is it a problem?
What did you tell your colleague?
That you're Mom's cousin.
- What's the matter?
- It's strange seeing you here.
Why's that?
Because I remember you as a child,
I couldn't imagine...
I mean, I knew you'd grown,
but not...
Anyway, you understand.
- Hello.
- Hello.
This is my wife,
he's Diego, my cousin's son.
Rosario never talks
about his relatives.
I always say to invite them,
but he won't.
I'm taking Mathias to school.
See you later.
She's 42, but still
a beautiful woman.
If you want something particular,
just ask.
- I've got things to do, we'll see.
- As you like.
Stay as long as you want.
Remember Enzino's brother,
the guy who ran the car wash?
- Gaetano?
- Yeah.
- Know how he died?
- He fell off the balcony.
And know how he happened to fall?
I don't know,
he leaned over too far.
Okay, so you don't know!
He was having a spittin' game.
A spittin' game?
Enzino, his brother, told me!
Gaetano took a run to spit
and fell off the balcony.
Couldn't it happen?
He took a run,
the railing was low...
And he fell off the balcony.
That's him.
We gotta do it down here.
Go 500 meters
and take the second left,
at the bowling lanes,
see you there.
In theory he should sign the
contract at the end of the month,
but he wants to screw them
so he's signing early.
are his hours always the same?
Like clockwork: he leaves the office
at 5 and rides his bike home.
Okay, we'll wrap it up in 2 days.
Did you bring it?
If you need anything,
call me by tomorrow,
then I'm on vacation
and want no trouble.
- Tell us how your brother died?
- That again!
- A spittin' game.
- My brother is dead and you laugh?
Diego didn't believe it.
Didn't you know? You came
to the funeral with your father.
My father was already dead.
My brother died in '92,
your father was shot in '95.
- In '94, December 10th.
- Okay, but that's still after.
That story about your father
has always been strange.
Shut up.
It's paid for.
Hi Doris, what'll you have?
Two packs of Marlboros.
Need a lift?
No, thank you.
We can't meet this evening?
I'm going to Klaubauterman's,
it's a pub.
You know "pub"? Drinking, smoking...
A pub!
I understand, I'll come too.
- Did anyone survive the boar?
- You're still here?
I was sorry to leave Renate
alone with you.
Then you can take
the shift this evening.
Talk to Renate,
I'm taking the evening off.
Like you work too hard!
- Mrs. Bauer.
- The priest's wife?
Pastor! Priests can't marry.
Good evening, Mrs. Bauer.
Good evening.
How's your husband?
Today we prayed,
we're in the Lord's hands.
As we all are.
Thank you.
Can we have another?
Hello there!
Bachelor night?
I'm with Italian friends.
How old's your son?
Nine, in a month.
You two seem to get along.
I'd say he sees me as an old man.
For example,
he steals money from my wallet
and thinks I don't realize.
I like it better when they're grown.
What the fuck do you know
about when they're grown?
When you were his age, I was living
in a cellar, like a dog,
living a life of shit.
Just a moment.
Did your mother marry?
Three years ago.
- Do you get along with her husband?
- Who sees them? I live alone.
I'm putting money aside for you.
- I don't need anything.
- Why not, aren't you my son?
Mr. Russo!
Hi, Florian!
Have you seen Doris?
No, I'm sorry.
Thank you.
What's your business in Germany?
Eduardo's father has a farm,
he produces olive oil.
And you work for him?
We're trying to sell it here
to supermarkets, department stores.
Doris, don't worry.
I'm fine, but go outside and wait.
Does she get panic attacks?
No, but hurry.
Everything alright?
What were you doing?
Do I have to explain?
Shit Italian, I'll beat you bloody!
Did you hear me?
Get moving!
- Say you're sorry.
- To who?
Say you're sorry!
Rosario, sorry for before,
I lost control a little.
Guys, we're not getting along.
Everyone here knows me,
I don't want to look like shit.
You're right, I'm sorry.
If you want to screw,
you have my hotel at your disposal.
My friend, I already said I'm sorry.
We're not friends,
my friends know how to behave,
or I kick their asses.
- You're going too far!
- Am I clear?
Yes, you're clear.
- We're going to bed.
- Damn good thing.
Who the fuck's this guy?
A friend wanted
to give my son a boxer puppy,
but my wife brainwashed him
that bastards are smarter.
Then go for the bastard!
Which one would you choose?
I had a Dogo, but it ran off.
What race is that?
It's an Argentine dog.
I'm sorry I raised my voice
with your friend.
- I want you to feel at home.
- It's all okay.
If you have nothing to do later,
I'll take you to a place
where the beer's really good.
What for?
There's a lake,
we can fish for eels.
Mathias would like it.
We'd all be together.
Sure, all together!
All set, Mathias?
Are you in a rush?
- Know how long you'll stay?
- Four days, are we a bother?
You don't know how happy I feel
to have you here.
It's taken 15 years to get a new
life, but I never forgot you.
Hurry and get this fucking dog.
You know I did what I did for you,
if I'd stayed
they'd have killed us all.
- You gotta anticipate everything.
- Why?
He's signing today at 4.
- At 4?
- He's in his office now.
Then he'll leave and go sign.
I'll come at 3, if there's a hitch,
it's your fault too.
Relax, come at 3.
- Problems?
- Lend me your car.
We're done... Renate, have you
picked one? Diego has to go.
Why did you come, anyway?
I'm leaving with Diego,
take a cab home.
- Stay, just give me the keys.
- I'm glad to!
See you later.
Bye, Mathias.
Don't be an idiot.
Don't be an idiot!
Where are you?
Give me ten minutes.
What's the matter?
It's all okay.
I'll be right back.
You drive me nuts, Boris.
What happened?
You have to see a customer?
I know all the restaurant owners
in the area, if you need...
Turn right.
What the fuck?
Get movin'!
See you at the hotel.
- You're nuts, you brought him?
- It's all okay.
The fuck it is!
- There's the bastard.
- The fuckin' shit.
Do I kill this bastard?
- Are you calm?
- I'm calm.
Go on, blow his brains out.
Go on, we've got just one chance.
- Go!
- I'm goin'?
Why are you standing there?
Better a day early
than a day late, right?
Why the fuck should
I stay another week?
The border?
I see, just to be safe.
Who the hell's that guy?
Mario Fiore's son.
- You want me dead.
- Mario liked you.
That's not the fucking point!
- No one can know I'm alive.
- No one does.
- Does anyone know you're here?
- No one does!
You came for revenge,
because I have a new life.
I was wrong to come.
I won't tell a soul, but
you gotta say what got into you.
You afraid of this guy here?
Come to, nothing happened,
we'll be goin' home now.
Let's go.
Where have you been?
I was with Diego.
Mathias was dying for that dog,
you didn't even look at it.
Are you seeing that woman?
I said no!
Where are you going?
I'm sorry, they're all spoken for.
You had a good hunt.
Look at these fangs,
this son of a bitch!
There was a deer too,
I trailed it for two kilometers,
then I lost it.
I need a rifle.
What kind?
A small one.
Then you need a pistol.
Do you have one?
What do you need a rifle for?
Is Pavel back?
That Polish waiter
who stole from you.
You fired him, didn't you?
Yes, maybe...
You should call the police.
How long
has Rosario been in Germany?
How do I know?
You never know a thing.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Tie your hair back,
you're disgusting.
Biebesheim. As for the murder
of Michael Richter,
investigators are still searching
for new clues.
The head of WEV
was found dead yesterday afternoon
near the incinerators...
- Watching TV.
- What do you understand?
Get Rosario to translate for you.
Next month,
Michael Richter would have signed
an agreement for the disposal of
20,000 tons of refuse from
Did he say anything?
Was it fun for him?
Cut the shit!
We gave him a good show.
Want me to wash yours?
It's disgusting,
you never wash your underwear.
I don't understand you.
When can we meet?
I want to give you a gift.
Rosario, not happy me and you.
What do you care about Rosario?
- Did you like it?
- Yes.
- You were with Rosario yesterday?
- Yes.
Business, I needed a lift.
Are you taking me to the pool?
Dad is.
Do you have another coin?
- Why do you wear those?
- To go under water.
- Like girls do.
- How do you do it?
Come on, I'll show you.
You didn't take Mathias to the pool.
I know, I'll go now.
His course is at 3,
you can't take him at 5.
Diego took him.
He was bored, so I gave him
your trunks, was I wrong?
Then why are you so tense?
I'm not tense.
Want to take a swim too?
I'll wait for you outside,
make it fast.
Wait for me in the car.
- When are you leaving?
- I don't know.
- What the fuck's that mean?
- When we can.
You're leaving tomorrow, clear?
I can't go crazy.
Know what I'm doing?
I'm writing to Boris.
Her name's Doris.
She makes me laugh,
because I don't understand her.
We can't stay here anymore.
- Are you listening?
- Talk.
Rosario wants us to leave.
As if we liked staying here!
Tell him as soon as we can,
we'll be off his ass.
You don't get it, he's nuts,
he might even call the cops.
The cops?
Rosario might call the cops?
You said he was cool!
What happened?
Aren't you friends anymore?
- I think you're zonkers.
- Where are you going?
Come in.
Can I?
Come on in.
I'd like to ask a favor.
Could you translate this?
Is it for Doris?
I'll put it in her letter box.
I know who you are.
You're Antonio De Martino.
Antonio De Martino is dead.
He's dead, huh?
I thought so too, but it seems
he escaped to Germany
and opened a nice restaurant.
Antonio, relax!
I've always respected
people like you,
Let's do this, I won't tell anyone,
not even Diego,
but we've all got to stay calmer,
more relaxed,
because nothin' happened.
We'll stay another two days.
Is that a problem for you?
Not at all.
My first day of work,
the matre takes me by the ear:
"In here, you see nothing,
you hear nothing".
- He did right!
- Wait.
You have to know what it means
to work at the Danieli.
One slip and they kick you out.
Three days later the matre
grabs my ear again
and says: "Here's the dwarf".
He was a real dwarf, maybe about 40.
"Take him to the suite".
A real sultan was in the suite!
As I take the dwarf to the suite,
I wonder what he's going for,
maybe some game
with the sultan's wives.
I get to the suite...
the doors open, and I see
the sultan, his wives
and a rug spread out
with cushions all around,
a sort of ring.
In the ring, two of the sultan's
sons in their underwear
who've begun a sort of wrestling
with the dwarf.
They sure beat on him!
The dwarf was trying to run...
The Arabs do these things.
The Arabs have nothing
to do with it.
It's the hotel that makes you
do strange things!
He didn't even know how to cook then.
Zero, couldn't do a fucking thing.
So they have him do deliveries,
cleaning, crap stuff.
Everything they said to do, he did.
He worked twenty hours a day,
mute, he was learning.
When we met,
his wife and son had just died.
I don't know if you know that.
- A car crash.
- Did you know that?
How did it happen?
Chef, we're talking about you.
I was telling about
when we were on the Baltic.
He ate berries,
couldn't even boil an egg.
Now what a cook!
Tell them you ate berries.
Later, we were in Hamburg
a couple of years.
We worked in the restaurant
of an old man from Palermo, Sergio.
I learned he's still alive.
He's still alive!
- What's the matter?
- Nothing!
The wine's finished,
come choose the one you like.
Watch your step.
Choose whatever you like.
There are German wines,
Italian, French, German...
I don't understand about wine.
You pick it.
You're here!
Pastor Bauer is dying,
his wife needs to get to the clinic.
You go, please.
I can't do everything,
I'm exhausted, I want to sleep.
Alright, I'll go.
Thank you.
I'm going to the hospital, come with
me, I have to talk to you.
You're a priest, aren't you?
Now that you're dying,
you can talk to the Lord.
I've killed lots of times
and He knows it.
He also knows I'd repented.
I'd given up everything,
my family, people's respect, my son.
I stayed hidden for 15 years,
He gave me a new life.
You have to ask Him why
He's come to take it back.
Ask Him that.
I already know why anyway.
He doesn't give a fuck
about helping people.
Eduardo found me out.
- What?
- He told me.
That's impossible.
It's not your fault,
I made the mistake.
I should have made you think
I was dead too.
I'll talk to him
and we'll leave tomorrow.
Eduardo are you here?
What did you do?
There's a bucket and rag back there.
Don't use too much detergent,
or you'll make a mess.
Get moving.
Go to Hamburg tomorrow, see Sergio
at the "White Horse" restaurant.
I'll speak to him first.
Tell him you need a job
and a new document.
Never call anyone, I'll call you.
Toss your cell phone
and stay in Hamburg for a year.
Shave, grow your hair
and change jobs after a year.
Don't trust anyone,
especially Italians.
Avoid them.
Make no friends,
work, go to bed early,
you have to become a ghost.
Leave tomorrow, if it all goes well,
you'll have a peaceful life.
I love you.
Claudio, what's this music?
Good morning.
What is it?
Your Italian friends have gone?
Yes, last night.
I had a date with Eduardo,
did he say anything to you?
Don't you have anything to do?
Yes, forgive me.
If you should hear...
Claudio, turn that music off!
Is Mathias with you?
Mathias, are you here?
He's not in his room it's school time.
Mathias, we're late.
Come here!
Right now!
What's going on?
Did you look in the kitchen?
Claudio hasn't seen him.
He's not in his room.
I told you he's not.
He's not in the yard.
Who are you phoning?
The police?
I'm calling Diego.
Why are you calling Diego?
Is Mathias with you?
Is he with Diego?
Mathias is with Diego?
Let me talk to him.
Dad's coming to get you.
But will you promise me something?
Do everything Diego tells you.
Good boy.
I love you.
It's all okay, he's with Diego.
With Diego?
Why always do what Diego says?
Why's he with Diego?
An outing, I forgot to tell you.
What the shit are you saying?
Calm down.
Calm down?
Why isn't Mathias at home?
I told you,
he's on an outing with Diego.
Tell him to bring him home.
Or else I'm calling the police.
Please, listen to me.
Listen to what?
My son is with a stranger,
what the shit should I listen to?
I'm calling the police.
No police.
Why not?
No police.
Of course I can call them,
in fact I'm calling now.
No police!
You're crazy.
Trust me.
You have to talk directly to Mario.
Tell him it wasn't my fault,
I'll do anything he wants.
I'll be in Teano at 6,
I'm bringing my father to you.
He's not with me, but he's coming.
Mario will decide what to do.
He's on his way.
- Dad!
- You're staying right here.
- Let go of him.
- Sit down.
First let go, then I'll sit down.
Okay? Sit down.
Did he treat you bad?
Did he make you cry?
I want to go home.
We'll go right now,
but first I have to talk to Diego.
- What did you tell him?
- That I'm taking him home.
They're coming for us soon.
I'm not like you,
I'm not running to Hamburg.
- I have to talk to my wife.
- Make it fast.
Renate, Mathias is with me.
I'll put him on, but listen...
We're in Teano,
at the service area restaurant.
Come and get him!
Renate, it's the only way.
Hi, Mom!
I'm sorry to see you
in this position.
It's not your fault.
- What did Mario say?
- What could he say?
He lost a son.
Listen, you stay here and wait.
Get yourself some ice cream.
All set?
- Where are we going?
- Follow us, don't worry.
- I didn't leave him any money.
- Keep walking, you drive.
- Put it down, there's no need.
- Go!
I'm afraid of dying.
I thought I wouldn't care, but...
I didn't know
it would end up like this,
I just wanted to see you.
- It's my fault.
- It's your fault.
It's your fault.
You didn't give a damn about anyone,
you just ran off.
- I was concerned for you too.
- Concerned for me!
So why didn't you take me
to Germany with you?
Don't stop.
But they'll kill us both.
Don't stop!
Mathias, wake up.
You were brave,
Daddy loves you.
Tell Mommy we're here.
This seat free?