Unacknowledged (2017) Movie Script

For as long as mankind has fixed
his gaze upon the heavens,
the age-old question has remained,
"Are we alone... in the universe?"
As our tools for exploring this vast
expanse continue to improve,
the answer to our question
comes more clearly into focus.
It's now estimated that for
every grain of sand on planet Earth,
there is another earth-like planet
capable of sustaining life.
So... can we truly be alone?
I can introduce a man who says,
"There are more things
between heaven and hell
than any of us have accepted."
And I have the witnesses and
the documents to prove it.
Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Steven Greer.
On May 9th, 2001,
20 military, government,
and corporate witnesses,
held a press conference
in Washington DC.
And these are folks who have been
involved in so-called "Black Budget",
or covert unacknowledged projects.
They described a decades long conspiracy
to cover up extraterrestrial
visitation to Earth.
These unacknowledged
special access projects
are taking in at least
40 to 80 billion dollars per year.
And the study of
extraterrestrial technology
in covert military programs.
And, they are sitting on technologies
that can change the world forever.
This technology
would liberate Earth from fossil fuels,
environmental devastation,
and poverty in a single generation.
I didn't believe in UFOs until
London control called us
in the winter of 1962 and asked us
would we chase one.
Their testimony
would make history.
I said, "what are you gonna
tell the public about it?"
And he says, "No, we don't
tell the public about this,
it would panic the public."
This was the most-watched event
in the history of the
National Press Club.
We actually did recoveries
of crashed saucers.
There were bodies that were involved
with some of these crashes.
There were also some were alive.
It marks the beginning
of the global disclosure movement.
These just were hovering off the floor
without any visible means of support.
They were referred to as,
"Alien reproduction vehicles."
Fifteen years later,
Dr. Steven Greer opened his archives
of documents and interviews.
This information was refused
to the President of the United States
by the director of Central Intelligence
George Bush Senior.
They revealed the true story of
the secrecy, and of disclosure.
There is no evidence.
I wish to emphasize that
these lifeforms from elsewhere
are hostile towards us.
But there is a great deal of evidence
that they are concerned
with our hostility.
This is that story.
Four, three, two...
I see trees of green
Red roses too
I see them bloom
For me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world
I see skies of blue
And clouds of white
The bright blessed day
The dark sacred night
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world
The colors of the rainbow
So pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces
Of people going by
I see friends shaking hands
Saying, "How do you do?"
They're really saying
"I love you"
I hear babies cry
I watch them grow
They'll learn much more
Than I'll ever know
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world
I think to myself
What a wonderful world
Oh, yeah
"The phenomenon of UFOs does exist,
and it must be treated seriously."
Mikhail Gorbachev.
One of my biggest disappointments
over the last 25 years is those who
lack the courage of their convictions.
If one percent of the people
who I've talked
with, met with, or briefed,
had that courage,
this would have
all been fixed long ago.
I've always told them,
"If you won't do it, I will."
So here it goes...
For all I know you may be
visited by a different
extraterrestrial civilization
every second Tuesday.
But there's no support
for this appealing idea.
The extraordinary claims
are not supported
by extraordinary evidence.
He's always asked,
"Where's the evidence?"
"Or where's the beef on the UFO issue?"
In fact, we have so much evidence
that Dr. J. Allen Hynek,
who was in charge of project
Blue Book for the Air Force,
stated that it's an
embarrassment of riches.
We have so much.
I'm Richard Doty.
I was assigned as a special agent
with the Air Force office
special investigations
at Kirtland Air Force base.
I was a counter-intelligence
officer at the base.
During my time there,
my first few months there,
I was briefed into a special
access program
involving the US government's
investigation and contacts
with extraterrestrial.
The visitation
of these extraterrestrials to...
To Earth.
"I can assure you
that flying saucers,
given that they exist,
are not constructed by
any power on Earth."
President Harry S. Truman.
And it started out with
a crash at Roswell.
Headline Additions, July 8th, 1947.
The army Air Force has announced
that a flying disc has been found,
and is now in the
possession of the army.
Army officers say the missile
found sometime last week
has been inspected at
Roswell, New Mexico,
and sent to Wright Field, Ohio
for further inspection.
Roswell's almost become a joke
because there's so much myth
and narrative around it.
But, if you look at the
Guy Hottel document,
there was a field agent
sent to J. Edgar Hoover.
"The three so-called flying saucers
had been recovered in New Mexico."
"Each one was occupied by
three bodies of human shape,
but only three feet tall."
The case's become the
number one document
viewed on the FBI website
after we released this.
Now the craft was a more or less
an oval or egg-shaped craft.
It wasn't saucer shaped.
That particular craft...
There were some problems with...
Number one, getting it onto the
flatbed to take it up to Area 51.
The interior craft was, uh...
It didn't have any actual levers or
flight control systems that we would
identify as a flight control system.
But they eventually, I think,
over some time figured it out.
And it was done all by hands.
The creatures would put
their hands on controls,
and they'd have this headset on,
and this headset would somehow control,
or help them control the aircraft.
And they did discuss the fact
that there were bodies.
Extra-terrestrial bodies, yes.
The creatures were about
uh, four foot.
Some of the creatures were mangled,
or heavily injured,
and their bodies were torn apart.
There were four, uh,
aliens aboard I think.
And those aliens went to Los Alamos.
And we were told that
the extra-terrestrial went to
Kirtland field, Kirtland Air force base.
And then onto Los Alamos.
Too bad. Thought he said
it wasn't anything,
and their...
In the anatomy books,
it wasn't anything and
what our medical schools...
They had never seen anything like this.
First I thought it was a...
A child because it was small.
Then I looked at his head and all...
The head was different,
the arms was spindly,
the body was gray.
But the creatures were
approximately four foot.
They had...
Didn't appear to have any ears.
They only had two orifices.
They didn't have ear lobes,
they had two ear canals.
They had an indentation for nose,
very, very big eyes.
Enlarged eyes.
The fingers had no thumbs...
Just four fingers.
Suction devices under
the tips of their fingers.
You know, the four fragile fingers,
and the long arm, real short joint.
Almost looked like they were nude.
But they actually had a very
thin but tight fitting suit on.
One was alive...
Partially alive at the time
that this happened.
They died in...
I believe it was 1952.
But the bodies of the extraterrestrials
that were found at the scene
were in a deep freeze...
Placed in a deep freeze,
and sent to Wright Patt field
in Dayton, Ohio.
One of the briefing officers
that was taking us around and
talking about what was going on,
they said that there had been
over a hundred crashes
in that four corners area.
I just saw another craft...
Holy shit!
After Roswell,
there was a flurry of
ET activity across the globe.
Dr. Greer spent eight years trying
to persuade members of congress,
and other high level government
officials in the intelligence community
to disclose what was happening.
But to no avail.
So in 2001,
he formed the disclosure project.
What you're about to see
is first hand witness
testimony of events
over the past 50 years.
Many are telling their stories
for the first time.
This is only the tip of the iceberg,
as hundreds more have
given us their testimony,
but are too fearful to go on camera
for fear of repercussions for themselves
and for their families.
"I feel
that the Air Force has not been giving
out all the available information
on these Unidentified Flying Objects."
"You cannot disregard so many
unimpeachable sources."
Honorable John McCormack.
Speaker of the House.
Now I'm one of those
what you would call the
high government officials in the FAA.
I was the division chief.
I was only three or four
down from the admiral.
The way it started is
the Japanese airlines,
747, was coming from the Northwest,
going across the Alaskan territory.
So, his radar is picking up a target.
He sees this target with his eye.
And the target, the way he described it,
"Was a huge ball with
lights running around it,
four times as big as a 747."
The Japanese pilot would say
he's now at 11 o'clock,
he's now at 1 o'clock,
he's now at 3 o'clock.
When he would say that
the military guy would cut in
and say that he's now
at 2 o'clock or 3 o'clock
and he would confirm the position.
He said this the first time
they ever had 30 minutes
of radar data on a UFO,
and they're all itching to
get their hands on the data,
and if they come out
and told the American public
that they ran into a UFO out there
it would cause panic across the country.
So therefore you can't talk about it.
And they're taking all this data.
And I had the pilots report
that came through,
and I had the FAA's press report
that was all downstairs on my table.
They didn't ask for that.
And so I didn't give it to them.
The plane that
I was going to be flying in,
was an F-104,
which was the fastest-known
aircraft to mankind at that time.
So we're flying down the Rhine river,
we're up at high altitude,
and about that time,
I spot a bogey at about
10 o'clock over here.
I don't recognize the craft.
I said, "Bogey, 10 o'clock."
And the captain looked over there,
said, "Well, let's find out."
So he kicked it into after-burner,
and we went after that and
it disappeared just like that.
He says, "Please,
whatever you do, do not say
anything about this encounter."
"It will get me in much trouble."
So that was my first introduction
to cover up.
So, everything was going along pretty,
just ho-hum routine.
They dimmed the lights first in the
command center when they said,
"Condition Zebra alert."
Most of the times when they
set these drills,
they would say,
"This is a drill, his is a drill."
But they turned the lights down this
time and didn't say this is a drill.
We had contact with an unidentified
flying object that had
entered our airspace.
We had it on radar for almost an hour.
The order was given by Admiral Train,
to try and get this object
forced down out of the sky
if at all possible,
by whatever means possible.
What was really driving him nuts
was this thing absolutely had
complete control of the situation.
And could just be wherever
it wanted to be.
Just in a matter of seconds.
One minute off the coast of Maine,
and the next minute it's in Norfolk
headed south towards Florida.
After that we found out that
it wasn't the Russians.
They didn't care who it was
or where it was from.
They wanted it, and wanted it bad.
At various times I had loaded
and unloaded nuclear weapons,
and I was considered sane, so to speak,
and able to handle nuclear weapons.
But apparently UFOs are...
Well I know that they're...
Well above, uh,
even nuclear weapons and secrecy.
One particular night
we just finished our refueling mission,
London control called us
and asked us if we would
intercept a UFO
over the center of England,
roughly in the Stonehenge,
Oxford area.
We're up at about 33,000 feet, and
these UFOs were down at
about a thousand feet.
We dove on it.
Eventually we got up close to it,
and we could see what looked like a
cruise ship out at sea
with all the lights and everything.
Got out about a mile from it
and it went up into space.
London control said you can
continue on with your mission.
Apparently, Prince Philip
thought that was a very important...
We were invited to dinner
at the Officers club
where he was a speaker,
and he knew all about the fact
that we had chased the UFO.
He kind of made me
a believer in it since.
I had seen him personally,
of course, before that, but...
When someone of his stature
indicates that, uh,
they're real, and probably from
another planet, it's very convincing.
"I believe
that these ET vehicles and their crews
are visiting this planet
from other planets,
which obviously are a little
more technically advanced
than we are here on Earth."
Astronaut Gordon Cooper.
We should go boldly
where man has not gone before.
Fly by the comets,
visit asteroids,
visit the moon of Mars.
There's a monolith.
They're a very unusual structure on this
little potato-shaped object
that goes around Mars
once in seven hours.
When people find out about that,
they're gonna say, "Who put that there?"
"Who put that there?"
Dr. Greer has been around people
with Top Secret clearance
his whole life.
His uncle helped to design
the original lunar module
that put the first men on the moon.
In 1961, President Kennedy
challenged NASA
to put Americans in space,
and on the moon
by the end of the decade.
Because that challenge is one
that we're willing to accept.
One that we're unwilling to postpone.
And one we intend to win.
The disclosure project archives
includes testimony from
extraordinary individuals,
who are part of this great
effort to explore outer space,
including astronauts Gordon Cooper,
and Dr. Edgar Mitchell,
the sixth man to walk on the moon.
Yes, there had been ET visitation.
There had been crashed craft.
There had been, uh,
material and bodies recovered.
And there is some group
of people somewhere
that may or may not be
associated with
government at this point,
but certainly were at one time
that had this knowledge.
And had been attempting
to conceal this knowledge.
We walked over to one side of
the lab and he said, "By the way,
we've discovered a base on
the back side of the moon."
And I said...
I said, "Whose?"
What do you mean, "Whose?"
Well, let's see, uh...
And then he pulled out one
of these mosaics and showed...
Showed this base
which had geometric shapes.
There were towers, there were
spherical buildings.
They were very tall towers,
and things that looked
somewhat like radar dishes
but they were large structures.
And at that point I became frightened,
and I was a little terrified.
Thinking to myself that if
anybody walks into the room now,
I know we're in jeopardy,
we're in trouble,
because he shouldn't
be giving this information.
The crew of the carrier Kearsarge
goes into action off
Midway Island in the Pacific
for the return of a hero,
Major Gordon Cooper.
The capsule door is blown off
and Cooper's flight ends.
A performance that exceeded the
most optimistic predictions.
You're watching 8 News Now.
At 11...
Officially, the US government
ended it's study of UFOs in 1969.
Because it assured the
public, there is no proof
the phenomena represents
a threat to national security.
But, what if these unknown aircraft
showed an interest in
our nuclear weapons?
A group of more than
150 military veterans,
missile officers, security
personnel, including many
who worked at the Nevada test sites say
they've seen mystery intruders
over nuclear facilities.
In advancing this concept,
Vandenberg Air Force base, California,
has become the first
aerospace operations center
of the Air Force.
They actually photographed the UFO
following the missile
as it climbed into space
and shining a beam on it which
should've neutralized the missile.
It flew into the frame like this,
and it shot a beam of light
at the warhead which is
represented by my thumb here.
So this thing fires a beam of
light at the warhead, hits it,
and then this thing flies up like this,
it fires another beam of light,
goes around like this,
it fires another beam of light,
goes down like this and fires
another beam of light,
and then flies out the way it came in.
And the warhead
tumbles out into outer space.
And when the lights came on,
Major Mansmann turned around
and looked at me and said,
"Were you guys
screwing around up there?"
And I said, "No, sir!"
And he said,
"What was that?"
And I said,
"It looks to me like we got a UFO."
The idea of any explosion
in space
by any Earth government
was not acceptable to
the extraterrestrials.
And that has been demonstrated
over and over.
By the destruction of any nuclear
weapons sent into space.
It was early in the morning,
I received a call from
my top side security guard.
He and some of the guards had
been observing some strange
lights flying
around the launch control facility,
and I said, "Whoa,
you mean UFO?"
I think I used that word.
He didn't know what they were.
But they were lights,
they were flying around.
I just kind of shook my head
and just said, "Well,
call me if anything more
important that happens."
He calls back, and this time
he's very frightened.
I can tell by the tone of his
voice he's very shook up,
and says, "Sir, there's
a glowing red object
hovering right outside the front gate."
And as I was relating this to him,
our missiles started
shutting down one by one.
The Air Force did
an extensive investigation
of the entire incident,
and was not able to come up with
a probable cause
for the shutdowns.
The missiles are not
connected to each other.
Having a fault at one side
would not affect
missiles that are at another location.
Assuming they've always been there,
I don't know what caused this
great interest in us?
This large incursion after '47.
And I remember every thought from that,
and he said, "Well, obviously,
yet our atom bomb."
A one-and-a-half stage,
132 tonne ballistic device,
now fully operational,
after an evolutionary background of
more than 50 years of powered flight.
Roswell was not the beginning.
It was a turning point.
We just dropped two bombs on a country,
and we had a test
of that bomb a few months earlier
for a few weeks earlier
in New Mexico.
This probably was observed
by these aliens somewhere.
Whether they were doing through
reconnaissance back then,
or how they had figured it out.
So they came here to...
To observe,
and try to figure out
what the heck was that.
At the time of the crash,
shortly after the detonation
of the first atomic weapons,
Roswell was the only nuclear
armed squadron in the world.
If you accept the bouncer
dimensional theory,
it's highly likely that we've
done a hell of a lot of damage.
In somebody else's world,
we might have even done more
damage there than we did here.
The underlying theme
that connects most of the
disclosure project case files
is the fact that these close
encounters tend to occur
near our nuclear facilities
suggesting that these visitors
are deeply concerned with our hostility,
and the existential threat that
we pose to ourselves and others
once we learned
to split the atom.
These are some of the highest
ranking military officials
in our defense program.
They are trusted with,
you know, nuclear weapons.
They are trusted with top-level
security clearances and secrets.
But the minute that they start talking
about this particular subject,
they'd become pariah.
"I believe the American people are
entitled to a more thorough explanation
than has been given
them by the Air Force."
"I think we owe it to the people
to establish credibility regarding UFOs,
and to produce the greatest possible
enlightenment of the subject."
Former President, Gerald Ford.
I am prepared to state
that I have been at locations
where craft of unknown origin
that not originated on the face
of this planet was there.
I am prepared to state
that while I was there
we saw living, dead bodies of entities
that were not born on this planet.
I am prepared to state
that we had what they referred to as
interfacing with those entities.
Never, is there any
compelling physical evidence...
The question is, who are
people like Carl Sagan,
and before him, Professor Donald Menzel?
It turns out that Sagan,
in his early career,
actually spoke and wrote about UFOs
in a way that was affirmative,
that was legitimate.
After he was threatened
by the intelligence community,
and blackmailed,
he then began to debunk the issue.
Skepticism is very healthy.
And I'm a big skeptic about
more than 90% of the information
out there on this subject
which the public needs to be skeptical.
skepticism is not just blindly denying
everything that is legitimate.
For example,
we have 3,500 cases
where extra terrestrial vehicles
have landed and left physical traces.
We have 4,000 cases
where they have been tracked on radar,
and seen by pilots.
We have an enormous amount
of photo and video evidence,
and physical evidence.
And, in our last project,
brought out an actual
body that is most likely
not of human origin.
So, the question becomes
what is the metric for the evidence?
Well, the evidence is
actually overwhelming.
There's more evidence for UFOs
than there are for black holes.
Most of the theories in astrophysics,
most of the evidence for
most of the medicines you take.
I'm speaking now as a trauma doctor.
And yet, we have this
blockage in the mainstream media
and scientific establishment saying,
"Where is the evidence?"
"What do we know?"
We know now we live in
an ever-expanding universe.
We know that there are
billions of stars, and
planets literally out there.
And the universe is getting bigger.
We know from our fancy telescopes
that just in the last
2 years, more than 20
planets have been identified
outside our solar system
that seem to be far enough
from their suns and dense enough
that they might be able to support
some form of life. So...
It makes it increasingly
less likely that we're alone.
Oh, you're trying to give me
a hint that there are aliens?
"Of course flying saucers are real, and
they are interplanetary."
Air Chief Marshall,
Lord Dowding.
When I was eight or nine,
I saw one of these objects
in broad daylight.
There was a beautiful,
seamless, disc in a blue sky
back when the skies were very blue.
And I was with some boys
in the neighborhood,
and we saw this and went, "Oh, My God!"
"They're real. We saw a UFO."
And my parents said,
"Oh, well, you're just a kid."
But I became completely
absorbed in this.
So my interest in this
goes back to my childhood.
The disclosure project
was an accident of history.
In 1990, I formed the center for the
study of extraterrestrial intelligence,
to form a diplomatic core
to make peaceful contact
with these civilizations.
Because, once you
conclude that they're real,
and they're of interstellar origin,
the next question is,
"What are we gonna do about it?"
And so, I concluded what we
should be doing about it
is not militarizing the relationship,
but sort of having
a citizens diplomacy effort,
much like the physicians
for social responsibility
who were going to the Soviet Union
to create a dialog during the
coldest days of the Cold War.
There was no one at the United
Nations or State Department
or any foreign ministry dealing with it.
So we started a set of
protocols to make contact.
And sure enough we had
some spectacular successes.
Holy, damn, hot shit!
- Hot dog!
- Thank you.
This got kicked up to
the intelligence community.
So, by 1992,
I was getting visits from
the head of Army Intelligence,
people inside the National
Security Agency,
and other three-lettered agencies.
My intention was never to get involved
with trying to disclose this issue.
My interest was in this whole
concept of making contact
for peaceful purposes,
and to advance our civilization
from a planetary civilization to
an interplanetary civilization.
That was really the heart
of my sincere interest.
But along that way,
you know, and eventually, a man who is
friends with the director of the CIA,
by the time Clinton became president,
and who said, "You're not gonna
be the first person to brief."
"the Director of Central Intelligence
and the Clinton administration on this
because they had made inquiries, and
they had been lied to,
which I did not believe."
I mean, he was that blunt about it.
This is really where I then
went down the rabbit hole.
So can the government
keep a secret this big?
One of the biggest weapons in the
intelligence community's arsenal
is our general belief
that the US government couldn't
possibly keep a secret this big
from the American public.
But the existence of the
National Reconnaissance Office
remained secret for over 30 years.
The mere existence of the NSA,
jokingly referred to as
"No Such Agency,"
was kept secret, until it grew so large
that it was quite conspicuous.
And those working in the Manhattan
Project developing the atom bomb
were told that any secrets
that they disclose
would result in ten years in prison,
or an equivalent of a $100,000 fine.
Only when the weapons were
used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
did the government disclose
what they were.
Of all things to keep secret,
the fact that there is this
bountiful option that we have
of reaching out into the stars
and being friendly neighbors
with other civilizations
in sharing information,
and sharing resources, and
sharing knowledge, and sharing
spiritual insights and values.
To suppress that information,
and to conceal it
is part of the efforts of
the national security state
that is threatened by that reality.
And so this is one of the ultimate
secrets that needs to be exposed.
"We have indeed been contacted,
perhaps even visited,
by extraterrestrial beings,
and the US government,
in collusion with the other
national powers of the Earth,
is determined to keep this information
from the general public."
Victor Marchetti,
former Special Assistant
to the Executive Director of the CIA.
And in this document
from the Canadian government,
"The matter is the most
highly classified subject
in the United States government,
rating higher
than the H-bomb."
That was the most top
secret doomsday weapon
at that time in development.
And the second item, B,
"Flying saucers exist, period."
C, "Their modus operandi is unknown,
but concentrated effort is
being made by a small group
headed by Dr. Vannevar Bush."
And then, D,
"The entire matter is considered
by the United States authorities
to be of tremendous significance."
What is more sensitive
than the development of the
hydrogen bomb prior to its detonation?
The UFO issue.
Our priority, therefore...
The entire subject has been managed
in a way from the '40s onward
with extraordinary secrecy around it.
The event at Roswell, because
it resulted in the acquisition
of material that could be studied.
It created a sea change in the whole
national security organization,
because within weeks of that event,
the CIA was formed.
Within weeks, there was
the formation of the Air Force
which was split off from
the army Air Force.
It also let, however,
the development of unacknowledged
special access projects.
Which is why Eisenhower,
even though he knew about
the subject on a fairly deep level,
had completely lost control of it
by 1961 when he left office.
We must guard against
the acquisition of
unwarranted influence,
whether sought or unsought
by the military industrial complex.
You know, because you think of generals,
and you think of Conservatives
and Republicans as being
very pro-military and business.
But he's talking about
the illegal part of it.
He's not talking about
the conventional military.
But it's now the military
industrial intelligence complex
that are moving bureaucratically
towards establishing
dominion and control
over the entire democratic
process in the country.
And that they're waging war,
invading the Middle Eastern oilfields,
and occupying the oilfields,
attempting to establish what
they themselves refer to as
"full-spectrum dominance."
But we're gonna smoke 'em out.
And so the public has to understand
there became to be this bifurcation
that this separation between legitimate
national security and
military operations,
and the deep black programs
that are unacknowledged.
We're talking about the black budget,
the deep black,
super-secret unacknowledged budget
that runs in the 100 to
200 billion dollars a year.
I'm being conservative.
My '03 budget
calls for more than
$48 billion in new defense spending.
More money for the Pentagon
when it's own auditors admit
the military cannot account for
25% of what it already spends.
According to some estimates
we cannot track 2.3
trillion dollars in transactions.
$2.3 trillion with a "T."
That's $8,000 for every man,
woman, and child in America.
We're spending well over
a $100 million per day
on classified programs that have
no congressional oversight,
no public scrutiny,
uh, there is no monitor
of these programs.
A number of these programs go
directly through Congress, totally.
When you start going
through these documents,
these programs start dropping off
the radar screen.
These are all classified programs
within the defense budget,
but they don't supply any technical
information on the program.
And if people think that
the Congress and the President
actually have a hand on this,
they're gravely mistaken.
They do not.
This is where we get into
the structure of secrecy.
The structure of secrecy is complex,
and multifaceted.
We've been led to believe
that we live in a mostly
transparent democracy,
with the President at the top
of the intelligence food chain.
A true Commander-in-Chief.
The reality however is much different.
A shadowy government
with it's own Air Force,
it's own navy, it's own
fund-raising mechanism,
and the ability to pursue its
own ideas of the national interests,
free from all sects and balances,
and free from the law itself.
There is secrecy that is legal,
and unfortunately,
where Edward Snowden made his mistake,
was by disclosing secrets,
no matter how inappropriate
it might have been that
they were going on,
that were being managed legally
that the President and Congress
and the intelligence
communities knew about.
A traitor!
A traitor to the United States!
On the other hand,
there's secrecy that is illegal!
And these are the unacknowledged
special access projects.
USAPs, U-S-A-P for short.
What they've done is they formed
this alliance among themselves,
of the industry that makes money
by building war machines.
The military that uses the war
machines and justifies them,
and then the intelligence community
that is not really
an intelligence community,
it's a covert operations community,
armed with military weapons
and nuclear weapons,
and that they're trying to
push the boundaries now
of establishing their dominion
in full-spectrum dominance
over the planet.
And in this document,
first document that's on the briefing
for President Obama's brief,
we put together that we
gave to John Podesta.
This document lists
the compartmented operations
out of the Nellis facility,
what the public wrongly calls "Area 51."
I gave this document to
the head of intelligence
for the joint chiefs of staff,
Admiral Tom Wilson.
Now this is J2.
This is the guy who puts the
intelligence briefings together
for the joint Chiefs of Staff for
the United States of America.
And he got hold of one
of these compartments,
and he said, "Hello,
I'm Admiral Tom Wilson."
"I want to be read in to
or briefed on this project."
They said, "Yes, sir,
we know who you are,
and you don't have a need to know."
"You don't have a need to know."
The head of intelligence for
the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
So, this is where the military
have been victims of the secrecy.
Because there are many
Generals and Admirals
and very good officers I had met with
who have enormous responsibility
that everyone if you pulled a
thousand people on the street,
I think every single person would say
something this sensitive,
they would know about,
and if they didn't have
knowledge about it...
And if they asked about it
they will be told,
"That is not true."
There are very clear efforts
to engage in covert programs,
and to keep the knowledge
of those programs away from
people, even in positions
of constitutional authority.
Our Dick Cheney,
he would have a need to know.
They call him Darth Cheney.
We're talking about people
way up in the defense industry,
people who are running this complex.
People like Ben Rich,
like Kelly Johnson.
So these unacknowledged
special access projects
do not care what your
rank and position is.
They care about one thing...
Will you go along with their agenda?
And this is exactly what happened
when I met with Lord Hill-Norton.
Since my name has become
connected with UFO matters in
quite a big way in this country,
I have frequently been asked by
a person of my background,
a former chief of the defense staff,
a former chairman of
the NATO military committee,
what the reasons may be
for governments wishing to
cover up the facts about UFOs.
I believe, is because governments fear
that if they did disclose those facts
people would panic.
The only thing he really
wanted to know was,
I was head of the ministry of defense,
head of the military committee for NATO,
head of the MI5, MI6...
Why wouldn't they have told me?
And I said, "Well, sir,
with all due respect,
"what would you have done?
"If you'd found out that
there was a project
"that was illegal,
"engaged in assassinations,
" that was keeping from
not only our leaders
" in our constitutionally
required oversight,
" technologies and information
" that would enable us to have a whole
new civilization on this planet
" without pollution,
" or dependency on Mid-East
oil, or what have you?"
And he says, "I would not
"stick for it for a bloody minute!"
And he was just in a rage about it.
I said, "That's why
they didn't tell you."
The US Presidents are on record
talking about the UFO mystery.
Yeah, Presidents Jimmy Carter,
Ronald Reagan, both
had UFO sightings of their own,
but the current presidential campaign
might be the first in which...
UFO disclosure has been championed
by a major party candidate.
We had your husband
President Clinton on this show.
He said... I asked him about UFOs,
and Area 51, and...
If he looked in...
Because, if I was president
that's the first thing I'd do.
- I'd go right into those files...
- Right.
- ...and see what was going on.
- Right.
- And he said that he did do that...
- Yes.
And then he didn't find anything?
- Oh.
- I'm ver...
I'm gonna do it again.
Yeah, why not?
Right? And you know, there's a new name.
It's, "Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon."
Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon? Really?
Yeah, UAP, that's the
latest nomenclature.
I like the old one, I like UFO.
I don't know why.
Within a couple months of me
briefing the CIA director,
I get a visit from one of
Bill Clinton's good friends
to my home, who says,
"They love what you're recommending,
"that the President do executive orders
"to declassify and bring
all this information out."
This man comes to my house and says,
"They really think that's a great idea.
"The president won't do it,
it's too dangerous."
And I said, "Well, he's the president."
" He didn't want to be president
he shouldn't have taken
on the responsibility
and sworn an oath to the constitution."
And he says, "Yeah, but you understand.
"They don't think that they
can protect the president."
And I said, "What do you mean?"
And he's sitting at the dinner
table with my children.
And he says, "Well,
they are concerned that...
"That President Clinton will
end up like Jack Kennedy."
And I started laughing.
I really... I mean, I really
started laughing out loud,
because I felt this is nonsense,
this is like conspiracy kookville.
He says, "No, this is absolutely
their concern...
" Is that if he pushes on this,
he is in mortal peril."
Kennedy may have been
engaged in a bit
of a struggle with the CIA
in trying... Attempting to get more
information on the UFO subject
and that might have accounted
for his termination.
And that morning
in two of the English
speaking newspapers,
there was a picture of two UFOs.
So I had placed those on his table
where he was going to be sitting,
and I said, "Good morning,
Mr. President."
Sat him down and said would you
like to have coffee and juice,
and he said, "Yes."
So while I was getting that
he's looking at the papers,
I came back in,
President Kennedy says,
"What do you think?"
I looked at him, I looked down
at the picture and I said,
"Well, sir, what do you think?"
And with that magnificent grin of his,
he said, "I asked you first."
I said, "From what I've learned,
" we can't be the only
" living beings in God's creation."
He says, "You're right, young man.
" There is
" considerable knowledge as far as
" the actual being of UFO
and ET phenomena
" that we're aware of today."
"I am convinced
" that UFOs exist
" because I've seen one."
President Jimmy Carter.
When President Carter was elected,
I was the legal counsel
for the Jesuit National headquarters
in Washington DC.
He called the director of the
Central Intelligence Agency,
George H. W. Bush, to a meeting,
and asked Bush, if as he has the
Director of Central Intelligence
would give to Carters
the president-elect
all of the information he had
on the potential existence
of extraterrestrial life,
and the issue of whether or not
any of the UFO vehicles
might be vehicles from
another star system.
And George H.W. Bush
refused to give him the information.
He said he'd have to go to Congress,
and get Congress to have the
congressional resource service
at the library of Congress
declassify it to get it to him
if he was gonna get it.
That's a true story.
In some of these cases, absolutely,
the President has no need to know
because he's a temporary employee.
He's strictly a temporary employee,
he does not have a need to know
on some of these deeper black
programs within the Skunk Works,
within the Boeing Phantom Works,
and also within the
Black Widow group of Northrop.
Congressional research service
at the library of Congress,
their science and technology division,
based on all the information,
classified and declassified
that they've reviewed
that their projection was that
there were at least from two to six
other highly intelligent,
highly technologically developed,
but nonhuman civilizations
just in our milky way galaxy.
There was deep concern
that something this important
would be kept out of the
briefings for the President.
My sort of coming of age,
which was hard...
It's hard talking about this.
I'm trying to say...
I was a young doctor
asked to do something like this.
I'm a doctor and an ER
taking care of shootings, and
stabbings, and car wrecks...
And I'm being asked to brief the
CIA director on stuff because
he and the president are being lied to?
You know, are you...
I said, "Are you fucking crazy?"
It was terrible.
Frankly, it was devastating.
Initially, I have to admit,
the CIA Director, I thought,
to be honest with you, that he was, um,
sort of picking my brain
to find out what I knew,
as opposed to really not knowing.
And by the time the
three-hour meeting was over
it was quite clear that
the emperor had no clothes.
He later denied the meeting.
It happened for a brief...
This is a wonderful thing.
Now, people say,
"How could he write this letter?"
Basically saying that that this meeting,
and what I said about it was
a distortion of the truth.
I said, "Because he didn't realize
there was a record beforehand."
And thank God.
I saved the document.
That is the original invitation.
And in that letter, it is explicit.
"I talked to Woolsey this morning
" and he suggested getting together.
" There was an active attempt being
made at lower levels of government
" to sabotage Project Starlight,
"which was the initiative I started,
"and Laurance Rockefeller helped fund
" to bring all these top secret
people together,
"and recommend these changes
to the Clinton administration."
And then he says,
"This group almost certainly
has tapped your phones,
" and is aware of most of
the details of your plans.
" Remember the most powerful
people in the world
" will have a deep compelling interest
"in our activities and
will use everything
" at their disposal to
effect their objective."
Yeah, I thought, "Oh, come on,
"this is like a bad, you know,
conspiracy novel."
Except this became my life.
I think I just became
the first president
to ever publicly mention Area 51.
How's is that, folks?
Based upon what Jimmy Carter has said,
and based upon what
Bill Clinton has said,
that they were refused this information.
I believe that is unconstitutional
for them to refuse to
give the information
to the President of the United States.
Many of the disclosure project witnesses
have had a close encounter
with another facet
of the structure of secrecy.
The people who did not agree
with this extraordinary secrecy,
and made trouble for them
ended up having horrific things happen.
He was talking about
being erased.
And I said, "Man, what do
you mean by erased?"
He said, "Yes."
He said,
"You will be erased."
If you tell anyone
who is not in this room
about this project,
this bullet
has your name on it,
and it will find you.
Measures have been taken by agencies
to terminate people
who are...
Who appear to be
inconvenient, or troublesome
through knowing too much.
I've had a hell of a time
after I've told this story,
but I continue to tell the story
because I think it's important
for people to understand
that this sort of shit
goes on in the government!
That the government
covers up information
that we are entitled to know about
as citizens of this country.
"They'll go after not
only you," he said.
"They'll go after your family."
They were like, "Look, man, we're
gonna take you off in a helicopter
"and we're gonna kick your ass
out in the jungle.
"We're gonna end you..."
And all this...
They were never there,
this never happened.
When I asked them at the time I said,
"I don't know why you're
saying this, I mean, it's...
"Yeah, there was something there.
"And if it's not the Stealth bomber,
then, you know, it's a UFO.
"And if it's a UFO why wouldn't
you want the people to know?"
Well, they got all excited over there.
They don't even want to say those words.
And there have been dozens and dozens of
totally, absolutely important,
credible people,
who've had their careers ruined
by the National Security bureaucracy
because they've tried
to come forward and fulfill
what they've viewed to be their duty.
To report this to their superiors.
3 o'clock in the morning,
4 o'clock in the morning,
midnight, 10 o'clock,
people would call and
start screaming at me,
"You're going down, motherfucker!
You're going down, motherfucker!"
And he just said that, "Mister, you
don't go and start any rumors in Roswell
"because nothing happened out here."
But who do you tell that
you were involved in a UFO incident
without them looking at you like
you ain't wrapped too tight.
One night somebody blew up my mailbox,
by putting a big load
of sky rockets in it.
The mailbox went up in flames.
And that night at 1 o'clock
in the morning the phone rang,
I picked it up, and somebody said,
"Sky rockets in your mailbox at night,
"oh, what a beautiful
sight, motherfucker."
Interestingly there was a man
on my executive committee,
he was a very well-known
actor and singer
named Burl Ives.
And Burl Ives, he was
a 33rd degree Mason.
So all of you people who think that
all these secret societies,
everyone in it knows everything,
they don't know anything.
And he said to me, he says,
"We all know that Marilyn Monroe
didn't die of a overdose."
Poo-poo, pee-too
He said, "Do you know
why they killed Marilyn?"
Mr. President,
the late Marilyn Monroe.
And I said,
"Well, I didn't until I got
this document."
It's a virtual death warrant,
because she was found
a couple of days later.
Three August, 1962,
wiretap of telephone conversations
between reporter Dorothy Kilgallen,
who was looking into Roswell
and other UFO issues,
and her close friend, Howard Rothberg.
From wiretap of telephone
conversation of Marilyn Monroe,
and Attorney General, Bobby Kennedy.
Rothberg discussed the apparent
comeback of the subject with Kilgallen,
and the breakup with the Kennedys.
This is referring to the fact that
Marilyn Monroe had been having an affair
with not one but both Kennedy brothers,
and it was becoming conspicuous
so they broke it off.
Rothberg indicated in so many words,
that she had secrets to tell, no doubt,
arising from her trysts
with the President and
the Attorney General.
Once that secret mentions the visit
of the president at a secret air base
for the purpose of inspecting
things from outer space.
Now, this is 1962.
Kilgallen said that
if the story is true,
it would be a terrible embarrassment
for Jack and his plans to have
NASA put men on the moon.
We choose to go to
the moon in this decade
and do the the other thing.
Not because they are easy,
but because they are hard.
The subject repeatedly
called the Attorney General
and complained about the way
that she was being ignored
by the President and his brother.
Subject threatened to hold
a press conference and would tell all.
It's a tragic situation because
she was an actress,
she didn't understand
the National security state,
and the viciousness of those who
want to keep these sort of secrets.
The aliens won't let it happen!
We'll reveal all their secrets.
And they exercise
strict control over us.
Now, you know, there are a lot of people
that are going to examine
your facial expressions here,
- every twitch, everything, and say...
- Oh, no.
And of course, did you look,
did you see, did you, explore?
I... I can't reveal anything.
Oh, really?
Because President Clinton said he did
go right in, and he did check,
and there was nothing.
Well, you know, that's what
we're instructed to say.
One of the most powerful elements
of the structure of secrecy
has to do with the
infiltration and control
over mainstream media.
It's a media-opoly
A media-opoly
Now, our media is controlled
by a few corporations
Thanks to deregulation by the FCC
You mean Disney, Fox,
Westinghouse and good ol' GE?
They own networks from CBS to CNBC
They can use them to say
Whatever they please
And put down the opinions
Of anyone who disagrees
We've observed first-hand
the intelligence community
influencing the media
when they're trying
to cover their story.
We have memoranda, after
memoranda, after memoranda
citing the psychological warfare and
propaganda value of the subject.
This is a very important thing
for the public to understand.
How do you keep something secret?
You hide it in plain sight.
And I suspect that,
uh, unless a...
the defense department
proves us otherwise
that it was probably some form
of an alien spacecraft.
And I think as a public figure you have
to be very careful about what you say,
because people can have pretty
emotional reactions and...
And I said my goal wasn't
to try to stir the pot.
And now I'll ask officer Stein
and his colleagues
to escort the accused into the
room so that we may all look
upon the guilty party.
Don't get him too close to me, please.
In the alien costume is
the governor's chief of staff.
And this just goes to show that you
guys are entirely too serious.
So it's there.
Everyone... I mean 5% of the US
population have seen these objects,
but you create an environment where
the subject is so pilloried
and ridiculed,
that no respectable scientist or doctor
would want to be identified with it.
Internal documents from the Defense
Department intelligence agencies
explicitly stating
that they want to have this campaign of
ridiculing and
destroying the credibility
of completely credible,
completely honest eye witnesses
to UFO sightings.
And even sightings of extraterrestrial
beings on the ground.
That they want them discredited.
They want their credibility destroyed.
If someone comes out and says,
I saw a UFO on TV.
The only ones who see a UFO on
TV programs are the rednecks.
Out in the country that, uh...
That are going coon hunting
or alligator hunting at night.
You don't find anybody with
any kind of smarts or...
Or some professional individual saying,
"Hey, last night, let me tell
you about something, so..."
And this officially was
released by the CIA.
Talking about how they
have people embedded
in all the major media to change, alter,
and affect stories to their benefit.
You are fake news.
So every news...
Uh, agency...
Every television, radio station,
in the Albuquerque or Santa Fe area,
had our snitches in there.
So we knew...
And we pay 'em.
We pay 'em good money.
One of the good... One of the reasons
you get to people is you pay 'em.
And, uh...
And that was controversial.
That was somewhat controversial.
Oh, yes, yes, yeah.
I'm not gonna name em.
"We now have relationship with
reporters from every underlined
"major wire service, newspaper,
"news weekly, and television
network in the nation.
"In many instances,
"we have persuaded reporters
to postpone, change, hold,
"or even scrap
"stories that could have adversely
affected National security interests,
"or jeopardized our
sources and methods."
And it goes on.
To then to say that they have
the same within academic circles.
There's a finding that
the high committee made,
that they had verified 42
full-time Central Intelligence Agency,
paid employees,
that were inserted inside
the major national news media centers.
And most of them
ended up being a so-called,
"National Security reporters."
The man turned to me...
And this is a board member
of Time Life and said,
"Doctor Greer,
"we basically are scribes,
"taking dictation
"from the right hand
"of the king.
"The fourth estate is dead."
I know reporters for Time Magazine
who've told me specifically
that they've provided the stories
and their editors have spiked them.
Yeah, the high level
producer and directors...
Yeah, they pay.
What you do is you make 'em
sign a form and you tell 'em,
"You gotta report this to IRS."
But, whether they do it or not you...
You're not going to give
your form to IRS.
I paid...
I paid, uh...
No, I better not say.
There were...
Some of them were large.
If you, Miss Maclaine,
know of any proof about aliens,
you can give it to me and I
guarantee you I will get it out,
but I am skeptical.
Based upon my experience
representing NBC,
and representing the New York Times,
I know that they will refuse to publish
information, which in my judgment,
is clearly important information
for the public to know.
The corruption of the media
means that you have then
undermined democracy.
And our basic
constitutional protections.
Because, if you control
the information flow
through the elite media,
and the only place where
you can get this information
is through the tabloids,
where they want it
because it's discredited there.
Or on the Internet where there's
so much false information
that's mixed in with
the real information,
that you don't know what to make of it.
There creates this complete confusion.
When you go to a super market check-out,
and you look at the tabloids,
what you may be reading there are
actual stories of actual events.
But when it's portrayed
through the tabloids,
it gets discredited.
And they're ridiculed,
and their careers are destroyed,
uh, pursuant to
a very specific self conscious
official program.
Now this has worked for 50 years.
Why would they change it now?
This is the technique they've used.
"It is time for the truth
to be brought out.
"Behind the scenes
"high ranking Air Force officers
"are soberly concerned about the UFOs.
"But through official
secrecy and ridicule,
"many citizens are led to believe
the unknown flying objects
"are nonsense.
"I urge immediate congressional action
"to reduce the dangers from secrecy
"about unidentified flying objects."
CIA Director, Vice Admiral,
Roscoe Hillenkoetter.
And so, we're sort of living
in a Truman Show boat.
Everyone thinks we have
a free press, we don't.
We have a democratic process,
where all these sort of sensitive issues
will be handled legally, we do not.
And that we have an uncorrupted
scientific establishment,
which we do not and which we will prove.
The structure of secrecy
extends to the scientific
and academic arenas.
Where a deliberate effort
to spread disinformation
has been going on for decades.
From professional debunker's,
to CIA funded committees,
our trusted academics, and scientists
had been complicit in the secrecy.
A lot of people see something.
And a lot of people
see things that they
really can't identify,
but that doesn't mean that they were...
It's quite a leap.
I believe that
people report seeing things
they cannot identify.
But, I, after spending 25 years
I found not a shred of evidence
that we have alien
visitors in our skies.
Look, look, this would be the greatest
discovery in the history of science.
NASA would be elated, of course.
They'd go to Congress
and get more funding.
Why would anybody...
Let's do this other little
thought experiment, everybody.
Are you gonna do this with
baking soda and vinegar, Bill?
In 1952,
project Blue Book,
was launched by the US Air Force
to allay fears from the public
of the ET activity.
And to assure them
that they were doing
everything in their power
to look into this.
I am here to discuss
the so-called flying saucers.
The Air Force interest in this problem
is then due to our feeling
of an obligation to identify,
and analyze to the best of our ability
anything in the air
that may have the possibility of threat
or menace to the United States.
There's been a decision made
within the National security
state infrastructure.
They ridicule, and dismiss cases
that they know positively
are cases of genuine sightings of
UFOs and extraterrestrial beings.
That's perfectly clear.
Project Blue Book
was headed up by Dr. J. Allen Hynek,
a professor of physics and astronomy
in Ohio State University.
And Hynek eventually came clean,
and said we were there
to debunk these cases
not to get to the truth
and tell the public.
And I know...
The... the job they had.
Uh, they were told
"Not to excite the public."
Uh, "Don't rock the boat."
And I saw it in my
own eyes happen that...
Whenever a case happened that
they could explain which is quite a few,
they made point of that and then
let that out to the media.
Cases that were very difficult
to explain, they would
jump the handsprings
to keep the media away from it.
They had a job to do.
To keep the public from getting excited.
However, there have been
a certain percentage
of this volume of reports
that have been made
by credible observers
of relatively incredible things.
It is this group of observations
that we now are attempting to resolve.
In response to Project Blue Book,
an academic committee was formed in 1953
called the Robertson panel.
Comprised of some of the most respected
physicists and astronomers of the day,
the Robertson panel
was tasked with providing
a fair and independent academic analysis
of the UFO case files.
And in this document
it says point blank,
that the people who
are on this committee
are answering and working with the CIA,
but that can't be disclosed.
And these are esteemed scientists
in academic university settings.
It says point blank.
When there's a very
strong piece of evidence,
we need to set up something so
we release certain type of balloons, and
film it so that it will look like that,
to sort of debunk it.
And we need to engage astronomers
and amateur astronomers,
and set up a sighting situation
where we show them some evidence,
and then show them how it's debunked.
Fast forward to 1968.
The Condon committee was formed.
Led by Dr. Edward Condon,
a professor of physics at
The University of Colorado.
Now, ostensibly, this was
an objective scientist,
who was heading up a committee,
to tell the truth,
"Cause I'm a scientist."
These guys are scientists, second.
They're humans first.
And it says, "It cannot
be allowed to be known,
"that Dr. Condon et al
"are actually working with the CIA
"for these psychological warfare
and spin factors."
I concluded that this was
not an objective study.
So, I wrote a letter to Condon,
and he was so furious
at that, that he called up
James S. McDonnell
who was at that time the
chairman of the newly merged
Douglas and McDonnell
aircraft companies,
and tried to get me fired.
This is in these documents, it is.
This is not a theoretical case.
This is why I say,
"You form a committee
"when you want to kill something."
"I must admit
"that any favorable mention of
"the flying saucers by a scientist
"amounts to extreme heresy
"and places the one making the statement
"in danger of excommunication
by the scientific theocracy."
Frank B. Salisbury, Ph.D.
And from the very first
meeting I had what
the Director of Central Intelligence,
I didn't need to convince him
that the UFOs were real.
I mean, in fact I pulled out
all this dis-positive evidence
that Carl Sagan would want to see.
And he said, "I already
know this is real.
"But I want to know why I,
the CIA director, James Woolsey,
and the President of the United States,
aren't being told anything about it."
The "why" is always the hardest
question to ask, and nobody asks it.
And I began to explain to him,
what it really is,
is a big technological question.
We have lost a hundred years
of evolution on planet Earth.
A true lost century.
Huge progress was made in the 1920s
as Nikola Tesla developed
energy-generation technologies
that could power the Earth,
drawing endless free energy
from the so-called
"empty space" around us.
So called "empty space"
isn't really empty at all.
It's actually full of energy.
So instead of being like
kind of a quiet empty lake
it's more like the froth at the
base of the waterfall or something.
The amount of energy in
a cubic meter of space time
was 10 to the 26th power.
So, 10 with 26 zeros behind it
joules per cubic meter.
And that's enough energy
even in a coffee cup
to boil all the oceans of the Earth
completely away into steam.
The acronym,
"Unidentified Flying Object,"
is a deliberately obfuscating term.
And what it really is
is an alternative energy
and propulsion system.
They had a piece of...
They thought was Plexiglas,
a rectangular piece of Plexiglas
for years before they figured out it was
the energy device for the craft.
And that it was connected
in such a manner
that this device could power
a very small watch up to a city.
Power was determined by
what the demand on it was.
And so each craft had one of these.
The implications of free energy
go far beyond keeping
the lights on in your home,
or running your car without gasoline.
Most of the costs of making anything,
from growing food,
to constructing a skyscraper,
is the energy used to mine the
raw materials out of the ground.
Ship, process, ship again.
Package, and deliver.
A free-energy society
in which the cost of manufacturing
and agriculture move towards zero,
would mean endless abundance
for everyone on Earth.
They already exist.
It's not like they even
have to be invented.
You and I the taxpayers,
have already paid,
trillions of dollars,
literally, in super secret
black budget funding
to develop these systems.
This is the society
we could have had a century ago.
We could get rid of smog,
we could get rid of pollution.
You wouldn't even need
solar panels at this point.
We could change transportation
in a micro second.
The way we build homes
would be completely different.
The way we govern our lives
would be completely different.
And all the literally hundreds
of trillions of dollars in assets
that are in coal,
natural gas, uranium,
nuclear power, public utilities,
they're all obsolete.
Many people would say,
"Well, doesn't that mean the
secrecy's been a good thing?"
I say that would be like saying,
we should have never
come out with the automobile
because the horse and buggy manufactures
would have gone out of business.
Or come out with computers
because royal typewriters
didn't get ahead of the curve,
and they went out of business.
When we go outside and
we look at our cars,
we look at our airplanes,
we're already looking
at dinosaur technology.
It's laughable where we are right now.
We should be at least a hundred years
ahead of where we are right now.
And there are still files
on this issue classified.
Top secret, from a hundred years ago
for the same reasons,
because the macro economic order
of fossil fuels, petrodollar,
of handful of the industrial elites
and corporations
would be completely transformed.
But the folks who
actually call the shots
in the multi-trillion dollar
global economy,
they don't want to see that happen.
They know that if that power was,
you know, delineated
to the average person,
we wouldn't need them anymore.
They don't want it today,
and the likes of JP Morgan and others
back a 100 years ago didn't want it.
When they found out that
Tesla had passed away
in the hotel New Yorker,
they came in, they had
the manager of the hotel open the safe,
and they took all of Tesla's papers.
And this was to the director of the
FBI from the Department of Defense,
in a turf war trying to get that
information and then lock it up.
This is not a contested document.
This has been officially released.
A century of artificial scarcity
has produced a destabilized,
dehumanized, war-torn world
where the power and wealth have
been transferred from the many
to the hands of the few.
If you take that on,
you're going to run into
the mother of all buzz saws
in terms of the national security state.
Some of the breakthroughs in the past
have been deliberately suppressed.
There are 5,135,
I believe it is, patents,
that have been confiscated under
national security seizures.
Now these are just the patents.
And this is what happened to a lot of
the huge breakthrough technologies
like Stan Meyer,
who had a car running on water.
A local inventor has
discovered a way, hear this,
to use water to run your car.
It's a major breakthrough that will
no doubt make motorists happy.
And as Ralph Robinson explains
the Pentagon is also showing lots
of interest in this project.
Other people don't realize that
Stan Meyer had a toiretto,
a donut-shaped object
that put out many times more
energy than you had to put into it
because it was tapping
into this zero point
quantum vacuum energy field.
That had a national
security uproar on it
before he even got it to patent.
It was seized and shut down.
What we really had was a threat
to the scientific establishment.
I view this as the
greatest strategic threat
to survival of the United States,
and in fact of civilization itself.
Who's gonna stop this from happening?
The President doesn't
know it's occurring.
The Congress oversight committees
have no idea what's going on.
And you have these people who are in the
deep National Security state
who basically do what they want.
The problem is, most of
these inventors think
that the world's gonna be
the path to the door.
Unfortunately, Murder Incorporated
beats a path to their door first.
But free energy technology was
only one half of the equation
when it came to advanced
extraterrestrial technology.
Early research into
anti-gravity technology
gained momentum in the 1940s
as Adolf Hitler poured
tremendous resources
into developing his secret weapon.
The so-called Flying Bell.
Once we acquired these technologies,
they were augmented with the study
of retrieved extraterrestrial craft,
and we created our own fleet
of so-called Alien
Reproduction vehicles.
This is where Bell Labs was involved,
this is where General
Electric was involved.
This is where a number
of high-tech companies
gained their knowledge.
Lockheed Martin, Skunk works,
and EG&G, Raytheon, and E-systems,
and Mitre Corporation,
and Booz Allen Hamilton,
and on, and on, and on...
I know many people who
worked in these programs.
"We have things flying
in a Nevada desert
"that are 50 years beyond
what you could comprehend.
"If you've seen it on
Star Wars or Star Trek,
"we've been there, done that, or
decided it wasn't worth the effort."
So that's coming from Ben Rich.
Ben Rich, head of the Skunk
Works between 1975 and 1991.
This is the original
letter from Ben Rich
on Lockheed Advanced
Aeronautics Company letterhead.
"I'm a believer, and
so is Kelly Johnson."
And here it says, "Dear Ben,
"there are two categories,
A. Man-made UFOs,
"B. Extraterrestrial UFOs."
"Dear John, yes, I'm
a believer in both categories.
"I feel everything is possible.
"Many of our man-made UFOs
were unfunded opportunities.
"In both categories, there are lots
of kooks and charlatans, be cautious.
"Ben Rich."
"We now have the technology
"to take ET home."
Ben Rich, CEO, Lockheed Skunk Works.
It is being covered up, but,
probably not for the
reasons you might think.
Within the intelligence communities
they have something called...
"Ace in the hole technologies."
So secret they didn't
even talk about it.
November 12th of 1988
was their dog and pony show,
a classified military exhibit
at Norton Air Force base.
And then often, a separate section
of the hangar behind a curtain,
which was opened up once
everyone had gathered,
were three of these so-called
Alien Reproduction Vehicles,
or ARVs.
The craft itself was
hovering off the floor
with no landing gear underneath it,
nothing supporting it from above.
To see something travel across
12 miles of airspace
in under a second and a half,
make a couple of right angle turns,
and not make a supersonic
shock-wave of any kind,
and no sonic boom,
which I've personally witnessed
on a number of occasions,
I mean, it just...
It changes your whole perspective.
There were some very good folks
like Secretary Forrestal,
and others who wanted
to bring the subject out,
but in a way there would be
contact that would be peaceful
between humans and these civilizations.
But there were other people
who saw the big goldmine
of militarism, and war profiteering,
and the psychological warfare value.
Their mandate, repeat, their mandate,
is to lie, deny, and deceive.
There are people who've had
experiences with the technology that
were not able to
handle it psychologically
because it just...
It defies reality.
And in this document,
the CIA director Walter Smith,
says, "I am today transmitting
to the National Security Council
"a proposal in which it is concluded
"that the problems connected with
"unidentified flying objects
"appear to have implications
for psychological warfare.
"as well as for intelligence
and operations."
But to take a step back
from all the jargon
and all the paranoia,
and Star Wars movies for just a minute,
and realize that it's very easy
to set up a false
flag operation.
A false flag operation
also know as a false indication,
and warning is a military tactic
in which you create
the illusion of a threat
often by attacking yourself
and blaming the desired enemy.
It's proven extremely effective
at uniting the public
around a perceived threat.
And this is actually a
well-known concept
in military intelligence circles.
We did in in the Gulf
of Tonkin in Vietnam,
where we exaggerated if not
completely staged an attack
on our naval vessels
so we would stampede
President Johnson and the Congress into
vastly expanding the Vietnam conflict
to benefit, guess who,
the military industrial complex
and the war profiteers.
US military officials,
for example, have planned
a project called operation
North Woods back in 1962
to dress up Cuban refugees
in Cuban military uniforms
had them attack Guantanamo Bay
so they could kill US military
personnel, sink US military ships,
and blow up shopping centers in Miami.
Targeting, killing refugees from Cuba
to infuriate the American population
so that they can invade and occupy Cuba.
It's astonishing that anybody would dare
to make a recommendation like that,
but they did.
Then you can look at Iraq.
Concocted all kinds of false information
about weapons of mass destruction
which Saddam Hussein did not have,
and it was known in intelligence
circles he didn't have.
Fracture that whole part of the world,
and now we have ISIS.
So, we have to realize
the machinations, the manipulations
that go on behind the scenes
leave us very vulnerable.
And the big one is this one
where they could say,
"Oh, yes, the UFOs are real."
"But guess what,
they're a threat and we need
to unite the world."
Like Will Smith said in the
original Independence Day.
Something you want to add to
this briefing, Captain Hiller?
No, sir. I'm just a little
anxious to get up there
and whoop ET's ass, that's all.
Efforts on the part of a certain element
within the kind of ruling structures
of our planet to try to utilize
the discovery of
extraterrestrial intelligence
as an ultimate threat,
the ultimate other bad guys
to justify the national
security state dream
of locking down and putting
under complete control
of an authoritarian ruling class
that control the planet
and the resources.
"The nations of the world
will have to unite,
"for the next war will be
an interplanetary war.
"The nations of the Earth must
someday make a common front
"against attack by people
from other planets."
General Douglas Macarthur.
Can you realize that we,
that you and I, that all of us
have actually begun the
exploration of another world?
We have taken the first historic step
into our solar system.
I'm Wernher Von Braun.
Wernher Von Braun
was one of the top scientists
brought to the US
from Germany after World War II
as part of Operation Paperclip.
He invented the V II rocket
for Adolf Hitler,
and became the chief architect
for the Saturn V rocket
for NASA's Apollo moon missions.
In his deathbed confession,
Von Braun warned of a plot
to pull off the ultimate false flag
using back-engineered
alien reproduction vehicles
to stage an invasion
from outer space.
When Von Braun was dying
in front of me, the very
first day that I met him.
He had tubes draining out of his side,
and he was tapping on the desk
telling me, "You will
come to Fairchild."
I was a school teacher.
"You will come to Fairchild,
"and you will be responsible for
keeping weapons out of space."
The strategy that Wernher Von
Braun taught me was that first
the Russians were the enemy against whom
we were going to build
space-based weapons.
Then terrorists would be identified,
then we were going to identify
third-world country crazies.
"The last card,
is the alien card and all of it."
" He said, is a lie."
"A lie."
That's pretty cla...
That's pretty, hush...
I don't think I should talk about that.
That is, uh...
Yeah, that's very sensitive.
Yeah, that's very sensitive. Yeah.
I occasionally think how quickly
our differences worldwide
would vanish
if we were facing an alien threat
from outside this world.
Well, the only problem with that
is that if you look at the technologies
that permit for interplanetary
interstellar travel,
it's a thousand times more developed
than a hydrogen bomb.
Which, if we were to have a massive
exchange of nuclear weapons
would leave most of our
life on Earth extinguished.
Therefore, how could we
possibly have armed conflict
with another planetary system
for more than a nanosecond,
and survive it?
They know that we couldn't.
But it's a way of
manipulating the public
through demagoguery of fear,
jingoism, false nationalism,
and creating a bogeyman out in space.
Were you surprised
when your daughter enlisted?
Not at all.
She's a born leader.
I know I've been taking orders from
her since she was five years old.
So you don't worry about her?
Of course, I worry about her.
I fought in the war in '96, I know
what those things are capable of.
But I know what my
daughter is capable of.
And I know this planet is safer
because she's defending it.
They could pull it off.
They could definitely pull it off.
Right now they have the technologies
to mimic the form, fit, and
function of extraterrestrial UFOs.
They have the technology, absolutely.
It's seamless and you can
never tell the difference.
If they do have a false flag invasion
they're gonna use one of these.
This is the Hudson Valley boomerang.
This is 1982 to 1989.
Over 25,000 eyewitnesses
reported this craft.
They can use the saucers, the cigars,
the pyramids, the triangles,
as a united coalition.
And that's how they're gonna do it.
We're talking about 150 to 172
feet across for the wingspan
which is the identical wingspan
of the B-2 stealth bomber.
So the question we need to ask is,
was some of that $22.4 billion used
on the B2 porting to this program?
It's the exact same time frame.
When they power up,
and when they accelerate
it looks like a spark off
a grinding wheel,
and you could never know the difference.
So if they wanted to
hoax an alien invasion
they could do it, and they could do
it in a way that's a 100% believable.
They started doing all kinds of
psychological warfare
entrainment of the public
by staging hoaxed events.
Such as cattle mutilations,
"Oh, it's a flying saucer who did that."
It's a covert paramilitary
program, human.
So if you wanted to start
indoctrinating people
into a "false threat" from outer space
that Wernher Von Braun warned us about,
you would start staging events
that look alien,
but that are completely man-made
that are scary
and scare the hell out of people.
UFO encounters are
categorized into four groups.
Close encounters of the fourth kind
include people who claimed to have
been abducted by extraterrestrials.
If you had a close encounter of
the fourth kind and you are back,
we're anxious to hear from you.
Enter stage left,
you got this sort of
anti-gravity devices
with creatures that look like ETs
that are actually
man-made robotic systems.
They're called programmed life-forms.
And you start doing select
interfaces with the public.
We did do that, yes.
OSI did that.
There was a special group out of,
uh, the 76th 2nd intel wing
at Fort Belvoir
that came out and did that.
They had these
people that had maybe
some sort of defects,
anatomical defects that were
Bought in
to fool people into thinking
they were aliens, yeah.
I can't give you any specifics because
the program is still classified.
And they're probably still doing it.
I wouldn't doubt that
they were still doing it.
So they've already got this
psychological warfare
already embedded into
the minds of people to expect
an extraterrestrial...
Not a secret aircraft
but an alien craft.
So when they do pull this
they'll already have
everything ready to roll.
These civilians got on to the base
and got into something.
They saw something they
weren't supposed to see.
And this group came out,
and went into their home, and
scared the Dickens out of them, and...
Yeah, exactly.
The government will use
the extraterrestrial phenomenon
to cover their own deep black programs.
So that's the fight
we're up against here.
And then it makes it out
through the movie industry,
and the UFO
lure, and the Internet, what have you...
And it starts creating
the specter of a threat.
Get away from her, you bitch!
Pardon me, eh,
Are... are you from Mars?
The fact that you and I are still
breathing the free air of Earth
is abundant testimony to their restraint
and non hostility.
Now the question is,
how are these civilizations viewing us?
Are they perceiving
human civilization as a threat?
And the answer is, yes.
Because I believe we've
reached the point where
we're a threat not only to
our planet and each other,
but we're also developing
weapons systems
that are potentially a threat in space.
And I just hope that, uh,
it's not like Independence Day.
Yeah, right!
That it's, uh, you know...
A conflict.
Well, now we have friends.
It may be the only way to unite us in
this incredibly divided world of ours.
They're out there.
We've had our...
Think of how all the differences
among people on Earth would
seem small if we felt threatened
by a space invader.
That's the whole theory
of Independence Day.
You're right.
Everybody gets together
and makes nice, and,
you know...
You and Bill O'Reilly would be
hiding in a bunker together.
The most dangerous thing
going on in the planet today
isn't ISIS.
It's not Iraq.
It's not Russia.
It's not China.
It's a out of control covert group
that is not being
overseen by the people,
the Congress, or the President
who have developed these technologies
and are recklessly using them
to track and target
extraterrestrial vehicles.
The result of this is
that we're in a crisis
that is unacknowledged, ironically.
Because these projects
are unacknowledged.
What do you do?
Do you talk to your Congressman?
Do you write your senator?
Do you march on the White House lawn?
What good is that gonna do
if the people who run this government
don't have access to the programs?
They're not cleared for it. So...
That's just not the direction to go.
We better not get this one wrong.
Because this could be a threat
to all life on Earth if we
are reckless with this issue.
We need wise elders that are humans
in dealing with this situation.
And the sociopaths that are
in control of those programs
can't be allowed to speak
for planet Earth.
And for humanity.
Wresting power
from the hands of these powerful
oligarchs and corporations
is going to require a revolution.
One of the more hopeful events
that happened over the last decade
was what I called
"The French Initiative."
I get a letter from the Ministry
of Defense, and it's dated
16th of January 2007.
And it's signed by Admiral Pierre Moran.
And he was in charge of providing
briefings on this issue
for then President of
the French Republic,
They learned protocols to make
contact with these civilizations
for peaceful engagement.
So here you have a major country,
a nuclear power,
making a commitment to do this.
And we eventually go to France
and under the cover of
a posse public event.
The admiral and his
assistants are there.
And we do the protocols for contact.
And they track ET craft
coming in overhead
at 200,000 kilometers an hour.
But what it shows is that
governments around the world
can actually do a lot if they wanted to
to break the mold of secrecy
and do something helpful.
And this is the proof that that's
happened with a major country.
This is arguably the most important
UFO document in history.
The irony of it is
I couldn't disclose it
for quite a while
until that president Sarkozy
was out of office,
and these folks were not in harm's way.
There was an invitation extended
from the Vatican
to some 40 world scientists
to come to Castel Gandolfo
outside of Rome where
the pontifical observatory is.
And they spent a week
briefing the highest level
members of the Vatican.
They came out with
an official press statement.
Extraterrestrial life is going
to be discovered much sooner
than anybody had previously expected.
And for this reason,
the time has now arrived
for the beginning of
a very serious discussion
about the philosophical
and theological questions
that are posed to our human family
by the discovery of
extraterrestrial life.
There are civilizations that
we need to communicate with.
And I think we've reached that point
in our evolution as a human race
and we need to recognize that and...
The thing that disturbs me
is that the US
is going to be a third-world nation
in that field if we're not careful.
By having all the secrecy and refusing
to set up any kind of diplomatic
protocols as I know that
you have called for
and I believe in very strongly.
The biggest event
in the history of humankind is
the discovery that we are not alone.
But there are other living entities,
intelligent entities,
in this universe or other universes
and that we aren't here alone.
That's a huge enormous discovery.
I think it's long past time
to open this up to the public.
Give this information to the young
people of the world and in this country.
They want to hear it.
They want it.
Give it to them.
Don't hide it, and tell
lies, and make stories.
They're not stupid.
They're not young men that'll panic.
UFOs are as real as the planes
flying over your head.
And it is time that the
United States government
started coming clean on
what it's all about,
because they're very
important military and...
And economic issues that
have to be addressed, and...
How can you address
a question which, uh,
relates to a subject that
people don't even...
Won't admit that it exists.
And it's a mission that we as
the baby boomer generation
pass on to you.
Humanity is at a crossroads.
A choice between endless war,
war in space, growing poverty,
and environmental destruction,
or a future where we explore the stars,
live in peace with each other
and our planetary neighbors.
The technology is there.
The solutions to Earth's urgent
and long-term potential
problems are there.
The technologies will change
the macro economic system.
Because, visualize for a moment,
you're at your home
all your power needs are being provided
from one of these zero point or
quantum vacuum energy systems,
your car is running,
never has to be plugged in.
You then can have agriculture
and manufacturing locally
that has very little cost to it.
And this is not just in the US,
but in places that aren't yet developed,
so-called third world
or developing world.
They're going to leapfrog right
over the smokestack industries,
and go to high-tech, real high-tech,
just like they've skipped
over telephone lines
and gone to the smart phones.
This will be a tide that
will lift all ships.
The world will be
increasingly interconnected.
And yet on the local level,
be completely self sufficient.
Every village, every home.
And this is something that is at
the biggest change economically
in the history of the human race.
It's a big nut to crack.
But I think that if you could do that,
I think that people would stop
looking at each other with a
certain level of hostility, like,
we do now.
I guess it's kinda corny
but it's that bright future
that I see that we could all attain
if just a few things could be changed.
Imagine interplanetary trade,
how exciting that would be?
You have to adjust your cosmology,
you have to adjust your whole concept
of arguing species being at the apex
of all biological evolution
in the universe.
And you also have to
cross-modify your judgment that
the entire universe was created just
as the stage upon which the drama
of the human development is unfolding.
I think there's a lot more going
on in the universe than just that.
And this is why it's time for the people
to lead the whole ending of the
secrecy and do the disclosure.
As we the human family
confront the reality
of extraterrestrial life, it is
perhaps worthwhile to reflect.
Was our doubt really
due to a lack of evidence?
Or merely a lack of imagination?
When it comes to Area 51, and...
Whether or not the US
government knows of aliens
should secretary Clinton
be like the president?
Well, I've talked to the
secretary about it,
and what she said now in public,
is that if she's elected president
and she gets into office
she'll ask for as many records as the
United States federal government has
to be declassified.
And I think that's a commitment
that she intends to keep,
and that I intend to hold her to.
Have you seen any of these documents?
You were the White House
Chief of staff years ago.
You know, President Clinton
asked for some
information about some of these things,
and in particular some information
about what was going on at Area 51.
But, I think that the US government
could do a much better job
in answering the quite legitimate
questions that people have
about what's going on with
unidentified aerial phenomena.
And they should, you know...
American people can handle the truth.
So they should just
do a thorough search...
What is the truth, is there
evidence of alien life?
You know, that's for
the public to judge.
They've seen all the evidence
that the government...
What do you think personally?
What do I think?
I think there's a lot
of planets out there.