Unboxed (2022) Movie Script

[distant thunder crackling]
[rain sprinkling]
Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma!
Nay, nay, nay!
Nay, nay, nay!
Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma!
Hey, guys!
Okay, chill out.
Hey, guys.
Hola, mi gento!
[whispers] Come on, man.
You can do this. You're a star.
You do this all
the frickin' time.
Hola, mi gente!
[bright pop
instrumental playing]
Hey, guys!
Hola, mi gente!
I am so, so frickin'
excited to be here
-with you guys tonight.
-[thunder crashes]
I have a new look coming up,
which, of course,
will have you guys
looking fuego as per usual.
But I am feeling
extra generous tonight
because I'm the luckiest
girl in the world.
We just reached...
a million followers!
I can't believe it.
All because of you guys.
And in fact, some of you
fantastic friends have marked
the occasion by sending
me some special gifts.
You guys are the best,
and I love you so much.
I am so frickin'
thankful for you guys.
Thank you to Nikita278
for this facial roller!
Oh, my goodness. I don't
have one yet, surprisingly.
And I cannot wait to use it.
And of course, pink.
My favorite color.
You guys know
me so frickin' well.
Thank you to KuanaKitty
for this lip plumper.
My favorite brand.
Of course, which you guys know.
Can't wait to use it. I'll let
you guys know how it goes.
And thank you to my
biggest fan, Casey16.
She sent me my favorite,
Oh, my goodness.
You guys are the best.
Oh, my gosh.
There's a card, too?
"You did it!"
Let's see what it says.
Ugh, "Congrats
on the one million,
to the girl
who's one in a million."
My heart. Oh, my gosh,
I am so frickin' happy.
I don't deserve you guys.
You didn't have to do this.
I should be the one thanking
you guys, more than ever.
In fact, to say
"thank you," we're gonna do
a very special
million-versary giveaway!
So, give me a second.
I'm gonna eat some of these.
I'll be right back.
[music stops]
Oh, my God. What the hell?
[retches] Bleh.
[thunder rumbling]
Ugh. Okay.
[clears throat, music resumes]
All right, guys.
Let's start with some fun.
Who wants to look
fab with this sugar scrub
from Coco Cosmetics?
All you have
to do is wet your face,
put some on your hands,
rub it on your face.
Wash it off, and you guys
are gonna have glowing skin.
I guarantee it.
This is the brand I use.
This is the scrub I use.
A lot of you have asked me--
[clears throat]
-- um, how I have great skin.
[clears throat]
Sorry, guys.
So, all you have to
do is type in #Ria's--
[clears throat]
[thunder crackles loudly]
Uh, some storm, huh?
Sorry, guys.
Where was I?
So, with this makeup
look, you just apply it...
[loud thumping]
What the--
I'll be right back, guys.
[clears throat]
[thunder crackles]
[clears throat]
I think these storms just...
have me a little...
on edge.
[music volume lowers]
For the makeup look...
[thunder rumbles]
[ominous music]
[Kody] All right,
last one and you'll be good
-for the quiz tomorrow.
-[Laura] 'Kay.
[Kody] The endoplasmic
reticulum is a network of...?
[Laura] Membranous tubules
within the cytoplasm of a--
Po-- Of a eukaryotic cell.
And it usually has
what attached to it?
Um... Okay,
I know this. Um, uh, ribosomes!
That is correct. Nicely done.
-So, it all makes sense now?
-Yes. Finally, it does.
Thanks, Kody.
Saving me again, man.
Funny how I've never
been good at science, huh?
Well, you know, your dad
was a pretty big inspiration
for me to go pre-med next year.
[Laura] Oh, well,
he'd be happy to hear that.
He always loved showing
you his science
gadgets and stuff.
Hey, remember
that time you cut your leg
and he showed me
how to do the stitches?
Oh, God, don't remind me.
You know, I still act like
such a baby around needles.
Just-- Just blood and ugh!
[Jess] Hey, guys.
Check out this article
on Ria Reeves going AWOL.
What does it say?
"Missing or publicity stunt?
Thirteen reasons why
social media star, Ria Reeves,
could be faking
her own disappearance."
Come on, Jess, that's probably
just some clickbait article.
I'm sure she's okay.
And plus, honestly,
it-- it probably is just
a publicity stunt.
I mean, you know
those YouTube stars,
they'll do anything
for more subscribers, right?
-[Kody] I don't know.
I saw Ria Reeves'
last live stream
-and something was--
-Bah, bah, bah, bah!
You were watching
a cosmetics live streamer?
-[chuckling nervously]
-[Jess] Mm-hmm.
-[phone ringing]
-Oh, okay.
-[answering call]
Hey, Dawn, I'll call
you back in two minutes.
Hey guys,
I've got to take this.
Um, happy Halloween.
Have fun at Taylor's
party tonight.
Happy Halloween, babe.
You text me if you can come
by after work.
Good luck, Laura. I know
you'll be amazing. Break a leg.
[snaps fingers]
Relax, Kody. She's not
making her debut on Broadway.
Sometimes I forget
you're my cousin.
What are you talking about?
If you want a chance
with Laura,
then maybe stop mentioning
how you watch
girly YouTube
shows on your free time.
She probably thinks you're gay.
[birds squawking]
Hey, wait! You're my ride home!
[FaceTime outgoing ringtone]
Laura, what's the deal?
You were supposed to put
the first video
out an hour ago.
I know. I'm sorry.
I just lost track of time.
-I'll do it right now.
Also, did you check if all the
sponsor boxes got to you okay?
Yeah, I think they did.
You think so?
We're this close to game time
and you think so?
I'm gonna need a solid "Yes"
on that ASAP--
I know. I know.
I'm on my way home
right now to get
you that solid "Yes."
On another note, got some more
potential sponsors tuning
in tonight.
They're looking for someone
with pizzazz.
And by that I mean
some sex appeal,
if you wouldn't mind putting
on a tight little
costume or something.
Okay. You know
my brand isn't that type.
I'm simply considering
how to get you more views.
Yeah, consider
something else, please.
You put so much time
into this.
Maybe you should think
of more risqu opportunities.
All right, all right,
all right.
I'll think about it, okay.
That's all I ask.
Have a wonderful
stream tonight.
The world will be watching.
Oh! Gotta run.
I have a meeting.
Bye, Dawn.
[twigs cracking]
[ominous instrumental]
[crows cawing]

[footstep crunching]

[clears throat]
Hey, Lalites.
Happy Halloween!
Don't forget to join
me tonight
for a special livestream.
Gonna be-- [gasps]
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
Blake, you scared me.
Um, here. Just say--
Sorry. He got me good,
didn't he, guys?
Here, say hi to the stream.
Happy Halloween, everyone.
Don't forget
to check out my girl,
La, on the stream tonight.
It's gonna be 100% awesome.
I guarantee it.
Oh, well,
you heard it here first, guys.
See ya soon.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I am.
I'm fine. I'm just--
You just surprised me,
that's all.
So, what's up? You gonna go
to Taylor's big party tonight?
Honestly, I don't think so.
Are you?
I was thinking of maybe
checking it out,
but without you, it's not
gonna be as much fun.
So, you know,
I'll just stay in,
watch some lame
horror movie or something.
You know,
I haven't seen a really
good horror movie in years.
You know,
it's always more fun
to not watch them alone.
You know, I really want to,
Blake, but I can't tonight.
-I'm sorry.
-I mean, I get it.
How about you do
what you gotta do,
and you can owe me one?
Can I at least walk you home?
You wanna take the short
path or the scenic path?
Scenic path.
-Shall we?
[heels clicking]
[woman in video] Can you tell
everybody, uh, that you were
a guest on Latinos Out Loud?
[man in video]
Not yet. I have not yet.
I feel ya, baby, I feel ya.
Got you a first-class flight,
five-star hotel,
meal stipend, free swag.
You're golden, bro.
Have fun out there
and post the shit out of it.
Yo, I love you, man!
[heels clicking]
[video chatter continues]
[man] Yo, hey! Yo, did you tell
them about, like,
how to follow us on all
the social media
to be on Latinos
Out Loud--
[door shuts]
[video chatter continues]
[video stops]
[laptop slamming]
A'right, guys.
What do ya got for me?
And if it's
the same thing as last week,
none of you
are getting bonuses.
I'm telling you that right now.
I got Keith Kokanu
an offer with Brains and Games.
Complete upfront payment,
and hair,
makeup and wardrobe
all covered by them.
This guy right here, my man!
That's what I'm talking about.
All right, let's give me more.
Dawn, what do you got for me?
Good news for me, too.
I think that after tonight,
I might get Lala
a new offer from Juicy Lips.
I mean. Okay.
Well, you know we get
paid on a per-post basis,
so if everything goes well
tonight, I think that we'll
get a long-term
relationship with them.
Okay. So?
There is one thing
that I should mention.
-[Jeff] Go on...
They want to lock her up,
keep her exclusive
from the market.
Yeah, I mean, I agree with him.
But ever since
we lost our, uh, last client
that vanished
into thin air, um,
we've been bleeding money.
Yeah, Dawn, I'll give
you-- I'll give you a chance.
I won't let you down.
I mean,
you really have no choice.
[soft pop instrumental]

[heavy breathing]
[breathing continues]
[low, reflective music]

Laura. Hi, honey.
-Hey, Mom.
-How was school?
It was fine.
Um, Mom, I was wondering
if I could talk
to you for a minute.
Okay. I don't
wanna miss my flight.
Okay, so, I was
talking to Dawn and--
Really, Laura? Dawn?
I have real work to do
and you want to bother me
with this Internet thing?
Wow, okay. You know what?
Forget about it.
I should have
known you wouldn't care.
I do care. Why do
you think I work so hard?
Ever since Dad died,
being a mom
is number two
on your list of priorities.
That is not the case.
Being a mom is all
I can think about.
I hope your trip goes well.
Look, when I get back,
I promise I'm gonna
make time for us, okay?
We'll catch up.
I see that your, uh,
sponsors are loving you.
Let me know if you have
anything for these old lines.
-Mom, you look fine.
I mean, you're welcome
to anything, obviously.
-In fact...
Here you go.
Okay. I gotta go. I left
a lasagna for you in the oven,
and I'll be back in two days.
Okay, Mom. Thanks.
[delicate piano instrumental]
All right. Looks good.
[ominous instrumental]

[children laughing]
Are you kidding me?
Stupid kids.
["Back Seat" by Void
plays over speaker]
And I can use you
and you can use me

[heavy breathing]
[ominous music]
... use me, I'm on my grind,
baby, use me
Use and abuse me
Baby girl,
come into me
[heavy exhale]
[inhales deeply]
No, bitch,
I ain't a bomb
This bitch
is tripping up
[as Gollum] My precious.
but there's the door
Your heart,
yeah, I adore
[alarm whooping distantly]
[car beeping]
Are you kidding me?
[unsettling music]
Where's my phone?
[music fades out]
[upbeat pop instrumental]
I try to reject you
But you always
come back every night
I'd like to forget you
But you'll always
be my alibi
If there something
in the air tonight
If there's something
in the feet, dance right
Give me something
when you feel it's time
I know
there's something
There's always something
I know
I know you'll
never let me go
I know because
you told me so
Tell me
And I ain't say
I'll never quit
Quit you
But I wish we never met
I'm still hooked
on your lips

You lied
when I met you
I could never
tell which way to go
My eyes,
they don't see through
I'm addicted
to these endless lies
If there's something
in the air tonight
If there's something
in the feet, dance right
Give me something
when you feel it's time
I know
there's something
always something
I know
I know you'll
never let me go
I'm still hooked
on your lips
[doorbell rings]
[Laura] Hmm.
[ominous music]
[birds chirping]
Aw, that's so sweet.
[clasp clicks]
[keys clacking]
[notification sounds]
[cheery pop music]
[thunder crashing
and wolf howling]
Hello, gals and ghouls.
Happy Halloween
from your girl, Lala!
Welcome to tonight's
special edition livestream.
Hope you're ready to win some
spooktacularly cool stuff.
But before we get started,
I thought I'd start with
a special Halloween AMA. So,
go ahead, guys,
ask me anything.
[footsteps approaching]
-Hey. You ready to go?
Hey. Uh, yeah.
-Let me guess. Laura.
Uh, no.
Jeez, Kody,
you got to get over this.
You're way to deep in
the friend zone with her, man.
Besides, there's plenty
of other fish in the sea.
And no better time than
Halloween to cast your rod,
-if you know what I mean.
-[Kody] Ew.
Listen, you're tall,
good-looking and really sweet.
And you're gonna
be in pre-med next year,
which basically means
you're the top 1%
of all eligible bachelors.
Well, apparently
that's not good enough,
because I'm not a stupid jock.
Hmm, stupid jock
with really nice eyes
and gorgeous hair.
Look, I'm just joking!
I just popped molly.
I'm not gonna waste it anymore
on your sob story, okay?
So, let's go.
Come on, primo.
Look, you may not
have Laura tonight,
but you have
a chemically-induced,
happy cousin who loves
to be an excellent wing woman.
And besides,
your A's aren't too bad.
They're just
a B version of mine.
Thanks. That's probably
just the molly talking,
but I'll take it.
Hey, do you want some?
No, I'm good.
All right. Suit yourself.
Now, come on.
Let's go get wasted! That's
what Halloween's all about!
[Laura] And that's the answer
to my scariest Halloween ever.
Let's see,
who else has a fun question?
Getting some really
great questions from you guys.
How about we turn the tables
a little bit and I ask
you some trivia questions
about my past webisodes?
Got a few little
gifts here for the winners
and that way we can warm
up for the big stuff later.
So, whoever
guesses this right...
Will get this luscious
lipstick from our friends
over at Juicy Lips.
You guys ready? Okay.
What month did my
first webisode go online?
Oh. Congrats to Tracey66.
You guessed it first!
Okay, then. Next question
and next chance to win.
Um, let's see...
Okay, on which episode
did I get
my one millionth total view?
And Tracey66 wins again!
Looks like I've got
a big fan here.
Oh, that's sweet.
Well, you get a gift card
for a half-hour massage
at your local Silk spa.
[plastic crinkling]
Check this out, you guys.
A satin sleep mask
perfect for your next catnap.
-Oh, wow.
-[dramatic music]
I'm about to fall asleep
because this is like
having a cloud over my face.
[heavy breathing]
Okay. Last question.
Let's see if Tracey66
can get dethroned here.
What do you guys think
I'm having for dinner tonight?
I'll give you a hint.
It's my favorite food.
Uh, Tracey66 does it again.
Wow. How did you know that?

Oh, uh, of course. Duh.
Um, well, congratulations.
You win again.
[watch beeping]
All right, everyone,
who's ready to get started
with the big money items?
I know I am.
Remember, just
type in #LalasGiveaway
and you'll be automatically
entered to win.
In the meantime,
I want to give a shoutout
to all those
who have donated so far.
Remember, guys, every little
bit helps, so don't be shy.
[pop music plays distantly]
[soft party din]
I can't believe the school year
is already coming to an end.
I know, this is the last
party of the year.
It's so sad!
Taylor's thrown some really
amazing parties, hasn't she?
Mm-hmm. I can't
wait to go inside,
-so come on, let's go.
-Uh, I'll catch up
-with you in a minute.
-Stop being a loser,
Kody, you do this every time.
Let's go!
Just-- Just give me a second!
All right.
I'll see you in a moment.
Congrats to JennieJ89.
You're gonna love
this organic coconut oil, girl.
Hmm. Let's see...
Wonder what
could be in this one.
[doorbell rings]
Hey, what do you guys
say we switch things up
a bit and open up
a box with a trick or treater?
Never too early to become
a Lalite after all.
First trick or treater.
Let's see how this goes.
-Honey, what is it?
-Oh, my God!
-You okay?
Oh, my God. It's Lala!
Lala. Who is she?
Can I please have a selfie?
[Laura] Yes, of course.
Here, come on in.
Here. Why don't we...
-[camera clicking]
-Actually, you're my first
trick or treater, so I have
a special Halloween surprise
just for you.
Really? I'm your first
trick or treater!
-Happy Halloween!
-Oh, my God.
Thank you so much.
You know, me and my friends
watch all of your webisodes.
We never miss one.
[Laura] Well, thank you.
Can I actually say
hi to some of my friends?
Oh, well, of course.
Yeah, absolutely. Go for it.
Hey! Nick, Margaret,
Tina, Sarah, Alison.
I'm missing
some, hold on.
Honey, honey.
Let's give Lala a break--
[girl] Wait, wait.
I'm missing someone.
Hey, guys.
I'm on Lala's livestream!
-Can you believe that?
-Honey, come on, let's go.
-[Laura] Cute.
-[dad] Thank you so much.
-[Laura] Of course!
Ooh, well, looks
like we're one for one
on satisfied trick or treaters.
Let's see what's
in the next box, shall we?
All right, guys, let's keep
this giveaway going.
Let's see,
which one should be open next?
How about this box?
[heavy breathing]
Oh. Just in time.
Let's give this one to the
next trick or treater, huh?
Trick or treat.
Hi, guys. Happy Halloween.
So, I actually
don't have any candy,
but I will give
you this super special gift
if you subscribe to my channel.
I would, but my
mom says no social media
'til I'm 12 years old.
Well, maybe I can
be of some help here.
I have cable.
What channel are you on?
Oh. It's actually--
It's a channel on your phone.
But I can set it up
for you if you'd like.
Never too early and never
too late for any subscriber,
right, guys?
Well, sure. We'd be
happy to watch your channel.
Um, you seem
like a nice young lady.
What type of shows
do you have on it?
You know,
you remind me of a girl
that I used to watch
-when I was about the same--
-[boy] Grandpa?
-- age as my grandson.
What does Kama Sutra mean?
Excuse me?
Kama Sutra. That's
what this book is called.
I am so sorry. I did
not know that was in there.
That-- That's a mistake.
That has to be a mistake.
Hmm. This looks like yoga.
Mommy loves to do yoga.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Something like that.
Look, maybe it's best
that we keep this a secret
from your mommy for a while
so that you can surprise
her with it one day.
You know, on second thought,
we're not that interested in
your channel. My phone, please.
You millennial
misfits have some nerve,
pulling a stunt like
that just for publicity.
I hope it was worth it.
Come on, buddy.
Let's move
on to the next house.
[Laura quietly]
[keyboard clacking]
Sorry about that, guys.
Guess you just never know
what's gonna happen
when you're live.
What do you say we move
on to the next one, huh?
Still have some awesome
things to give away.
Just type in #LalasGiveaway
in the comments section.
Let's go.
[phone ringing]
All right, guys, let's
keep this giveaway going.
Let's see,
which one should we open next?
No, no. Yeah--
Mm, mm-hmm.
Yep. I saw it. No, I--
I hear what you're saying.
Juicy Lips has
nothing to worry about.
Mm-hmm. No, no,
she's totally our girl.
-Don't worry about it. Yeah.
-[woman] This might not be
something we have
to keep going--
-All right. Yep. Mm-hmm.
-- fix it or else.
I'll talk to you soon. Okay.
[door opening]
[banging on table]
What's going on with your girl?
Like, what--
what was that about?
Like, you gotta--
you gotta explain that to me.
No, I-- I-- I--
I know it looks bad,
but it-- you know,
things happen.
It's gonna be fine.
Okay? I promise.
Are we?
I mean, because if it's not,
she's out and so are you.
Jeff, I got you. It's fine.
You understand that, right?
-I'm watching you.
Congrats to PrincessPolly97
on winning this mani-pedi set.
You'll notice
the difference in no time.
Okay, let's see, what next?
Let's see what's in here, guys.
Oh, my God.
You guys, this is so cute.
So, what lucky
subscriber wants to win this?
Remember, just
type in #LalasGiveaway
and it could be you.
[notification buzzes]
[ominous music]
Uh, just ten
more second, guys,
and I'll-- I'll pick
a lucky winner for this.

Uh, sorry, guys.
It's just-- I just--
I'm just having some
technical difficulty on here.

[notification buzzes]
Um, you know what? I'm just--
I-- I'm having
a minor battery issue.
I'm just gonna
sign off for a second,
and I-- I'll be back in a few.
[ominous music cuts out]
[line dialing]
Yo, it's Blake.
Can't answer the phone
right now
so holla at me later.
Blake, or Johnny,
or whoever this is,
you guys need to stop this.
I'm serious.
I-- You know--
You know I'm working.
I'm freaking out.
Just-- You're really
getting on my
nerves with this shit.
-[watch beeping]
-[electric buzzing]
[notifications buzzing]
[masked man with deep voice]
Hello, Lala.
I invited a friend
to watch your stream.
He's a really big fan,
and you shouldn't
disappoint him.
I'm not sure he'll be able
to survive without you.
-[Laura gasps]
When you don't
play by the rules,
little Blakey
here wins a prize.
Let's take a look
to see what he's won.
[door creaking]
Oh, it's a nice tool set.
How about
we start with the hammer?
Or maybe,
since you cut the stream,
it seems best if we cut him.
[Laura] No! No!
[Blake screams]
[masked man]
Don't test me again.
Now you know what
happens with Blake if you do.
Are we clear?
[tense music]
[notification buzzes]
[notification dinging]
[keyboard clacking]
[cheery pop music playing]
[unsettling music]

[notification buzzes]
[key clicking]
All right, guys, I'm back.
What do you think
of my new dress?
Turns out this one was for me.
Let's see what's
in the next box.
[doorbell rings]
[muffled laughter outside]
[notification buzzes]
[doorbell rings]
[tense music]

Uh, trick or treat?
Uh, which one of you's older?
Uh, what?
Which one of you is older?
I-- I guess I am by--
by, like, six months.
Huh. Looks like I just
found the perfect victim
for my next trick.
Wait, what?
I can only take one
of you, though. Sorry.
[older boy] But, um,
me and Andy are together.
[Laura] Yeah.
[older boy] Dude. You gotta go.
I'll catch up with you later.
[Andy] Wait, hold up. Bro!
[laughs nervously]
I'm not gonna lie.
I've never
done this with a girl before.
Well, I just... I never
thought it'd be in front
of other people like this.
[Laura] Yeah, tell me about it.
-Wait, what do you mea--
-[Laura] Just--
[Laura moaning]
That was... amazing.
Hey, can I call you sometime?
[Laura whispers] Sorry.
Another satisfied
trick or treater, guys.
[upbeat dance music]

Damn, it feels so right
Feels so right
[party din]

[chatter and music fade out]
All right, guys. It's been kind
of a wacky night so far, huh?
But let's keep it going.
Let's open up the next box.
Let's see what's in here.
[mysterious music]
[package rustling]
Oh, it's, um...
It's a sewing kit.
[watch beeping]
There's a lot you can
do with this, huh?
[notification buzzes]
[giggling nervously]
[heavy breathing]

You know what? Um, this was--
This-- They probably
sent this to the wrong--
wrong vlogger.
This is for the wrong person.
Sorry, guys, that--
that was a mistake.
Let's just-- Let's move
on to the next, um...
[notification buzzes]
Uh, wow, guys, I'm just--
Sorry. I just--
I'm reading your comments
now and there's--
There's so many
new subscribers coming in.
Thank you, I-- I app--
-[inhales shakily]
-I-- I appreciate it.
I think this might be, um...
the most views
I've had in one night.
So, thank you.
Sorry. Just.... Just seeing--
Just-- just reading
your comments.
The Lalites are always
there for me.
Thanks, I'm just reading
your comments
about the-- the dress change.
Thank you.
[chuckles anxiously]
Shout out to all
of you in Chicago
and Miami and New York.
Thanks so much.
I'm reading 'em now.
Appreciate it.
Okay, guys, let's move
on to the next box.

[breathing quickly]
It's a...
... designer mud face cream.
Just in time
for the dry winter season.
[notification buzzes]
[notifications continue]

I'm just, um...
[breathing shakily]

It's great, guys.
Only the best.
I can... already feel
my skin reacting to it.
[chuckles nervously]

[notification buzzes]
Trick or treat!
Gross. What's that smell?
I don't know, sweetie.
-But it's awful.
-[Laura] Oh, it's--
It's just
this face mask I'm wearing.
It's super, super, uh, natural.
I'm just-- I'm doing
a livestream right now
about beauty products.
And I figured
why not kill two birds
with one stone
and use a Halloween
mask that's, um,
good for the skin, too?
Oh, yeah? Hmm. I'm actually
looking for a new one.
And if you're
a professional...
Oh, well, it's your lucky day.
Here you go. Free sample.
Thanks! Can't wait
to try it out.
It really does
smell super strong.
That must mean
it's super effective.
[girl] Mommy, let's go.
She's too stinky for me.
[tense music, Laura panting]

[Laura whimpering softly]

[breathing heavily]
["Vente Ya" by Rozo]

Well, guys, getting
closer and closer
to the end of our livestream.
Let's see
what's in the next box.
[notification buzzes]
Oh, yay!
This is an ancient
Oriental beauty trick
courtesy of Asian Aesthetics.
The, um-- The...
meat is actually full
of special nutrients
that brighten your skin
and loosen acne scars.
And you know what? There's--
There's one for me
and one
for the next lucky winner.
[suspenseful music]
[Laura groaning]

[breathing heavily]
Yeah. Bon appetit.
Mm. Delicious.

[chuckles nervously]
Okay, then, guys,
just one second
and we'll see who
the lucky winner is.
What just happened? I...
[Laura groaning]
[Laura panting]
Laura. I-- I don't know
what's happening right now
but I just--
You-- You know what?
Um, actually, I'm gonna
come over. Mm-hmm.
Okay. All right. Bye.
[toilet flushing]
[watch beeping]
[crickets chirping]
Daddy. Can I just
open the gift now?
Come on, honey. Mom's waiting.
Daddy, please. Please, please.
[dad] All right.
Thank you!
How do you open this?
Oh, from here. Obviously.
What is it now, honey?
What the--?
[ominous instrumental]
[masked man]
Trick or treat, Dawn.
[Dawn panting]
[masked man breathing heavily]
[Laura] Wow, guys.
What a night.
You never know what's
gonna happen next.
But I'm happy to see
that I've doubled
my subscribers
in just one night.
It's all about my Lalites,
after all.
And maybe one
of my new subscribers
will win...
... a new nail polish.
[notification buzzes]
[clears throat]
Which one should I try on
to see how pretty it looks?
Let's go with purple.
[clears throat]
Oh, wow. It's-- It's actually
a really beautiful color.
And it goes
on really nicely, guys.
Remember, just type
in #LalaGiveaway
in the comment section
and it could be yours.
[eerie music]
In fact, you know what?
I'll give you a countdown.
Five, four, three...
... two, one.
And the winner is JazzyJay19.
Moving on. Let's see
what's in the next box.
[notification buzzes]

[upbeat dance music playing]
Shh! Dance, dance, okay...
Oh, my God, it's you! So much,
dude, this party is amazing.
[Taylor] I'm so glad.
-Taylor, come meet my cousin.
-[Taylor] Hi!
-Hi, how are you?
-Kody, Kody, say hi!
[Laura] I appreciate
you all for sticking around
for today's
more experimental stream.
For the last box.
It looks
like we have some candy.
[eerie music]
[heavy breathing]
[notification buzzes]
Daddy, I think this is
the most candy I've ever got.
That's nice, honey.
How about we make this
the last stop of the night?
Okay, Daddy.

[watch beeping]
Trick or treat!
Oh, hello.
Aw, look at you.
You're so cute.
[supsenseful music]
Um, excuse me.
We're kind of in a hurry
to keep moving.
Do you have any candy or not?
If not, it's no big deal.
Yeah. Yeah, I do. I-- Sorry.
It's been a long day.
Um, I do. I have
some candy right here.
I-- I-- I can't. I'm sorry.
I can't.
I-- I-- I really can't.
[dad] Okay, Bri,
you know what? Let's just go
to the next house.
We'll have better luck.
[watch beeping]
[notification buzzes]
[heavy breathing]
[low, ominous music]

Well, guys.
That's it for tonight.
Thank you so much
to all of my supporters.
It's been a wonderful
and I appreciate
you all so much.
[dance music playing]
Kody. Kody, listen.
You have to stop,
-okay? You--
-I think Laura's in trouble.
Oh, "Laura's in trouble."
Laura does this all the time.
You are reading
into this so much.
No, I'm serious. No.
We should go check it out.
Oh, my God. No,
you're always on this. Okay?
-Put the phone down--
-Listen, do you want to help me
out or not?
I'm gonna go check on Laura.
No, Ko-- Kody.
Get your shit together.
[notifications buzzing]
And there's something
I'd like to say to my mother.
[doorbell rings]
-[man] Open up, police.
[doorbell rings]
[low, ominous humming]
Hi, officer. Uh, I think you--
I think you need
to let me be the one
doing the talking here.
Why didn't you answer
the door immediately?
Uh, because I'm
doing a livestream.
[officer] A livestream? There's
serious crime out there
and I'm dealing
with a livestream? Wow.
I don't really
care what you're doing.
When an officer
of the law is at your door,
you answer it right away.
You understand?
Yes. Sorry. How can I help you?
Got a call about
a suspicious package
given to little girl
in the neighborhood.
You know anything about that?
No, I don't think so.
Anybody else home?
Nope. It's just me.
But I really do need
to get back to this, um--
Look. What you did not
only scared the little girl,
but it's also illegal.
Do you understand that?
Yes, of course.
I'm so-- I'm sorry.
I-- It's a huge
Some viewers decided to mess
around by pranking me
and i-- it got out of hand.
Nothing like this
will ever happen
again, I promise.
What's in the box?
Uh, it's just candy.
Uh, it-- it's expired.
I'll take my chances.
Consider this a warning.

[watch beeping]

[notification buzzes]
[watch beeping rapidly]
[Laura exclaiming]
[suspenseful music]
[Kody panting]
Come on, Laura, stay with me.
Come on. Come on.
Don't do this to me.
Laura, stay!

Come on, stay with me.
[warped, eerie tone]
[party din]
Oh, my God. You are so cute!
Yeah! [laughing]
Do-- Do you wanna, like,
get out of here?
Let me just-- Let me just--
Let me just text my cousin.
You know what? You know what?
It doesn't even matter.
Let's go.
[ominous music]

[heavy breathing]

[Laura] Oh!
[door squeaking]
[heavy breathing]

[door squeaking]
[heavy breathing]
[line dialing]
[operator] 9-1-1.
What's your emergency?
Uh, please, I need help.
Please, please, he's coming.
He's gonna kill me.
[knife scraping]
[Laura breathing shakily]

[notification buzzes]
[door creaking]
[heavy breathing]

[Laura screams]
[dramatic music]
[Laura whimpering]
[utensils clattering]
[gasps] Oh, God. Kody.
[Laura sobbing]


[heavy breathing]
[heart beating rapidly]
[deep, husky voice] Laura...
[muttering indistinctly]
You have to get out.
[Laura gasping]
What the...? No.
Oh, no. No, no, no!
[heavy breathing]
What do you want from me?
Why are you doing this?
[masked man wheezing
and grunting]
[Laura panting]

[sirens approaching]
[helicopter whirring]
["Six Shots" by Cashae]
[sirens blaring loudly]

I let the tears
that I shed wash over me
Six shots,
six roses on the bed
I can't think
over the voices in my head
I never felt so
I never felt so
Six shots,
six roses on the bed
I can't think
over the voices in my head
I never felt so alive
I never felt so

I never felt so alive
I never felt so alive

I never felt so alive
I never felt so
I never felt so
I never felt so
Safe to say that
my soul is in a bullet
I shot through
your heart with a smile
And said I wouldn't cry
And I know that
it hurts now
But love can
get you shot down
Save you, babe,
can't save you, babe
I heard it all,
and I don't make mistakes
I let the tears
that I shed wash over me
I let the tears
that I shed wash over me
Six shots,
six roses on the bed
I can't think over
the voices in my head
I never felt so
I never felt so
Six shots,
six roses on the bed
I can't think
over the voices in my head
I never felt so alive
I never felt

I never felt so alive

I never felt

Felt so alive