Unbridled (2019) Movie Script

The wolf is starving
and its pupils
widen at the sight.
At my bare flesh
around my bones.
You look nice today.
You're up early, that's good.
Are you all ready?
Karen won't let me go.
Kenny hi.
She's not going to school today.
She told me to tell you
she'll see you next week.
Thanks for the paper.
Roger, honey, do
you want some eggs?
What do you think?
You know how important
the next few weeks
are to my business.
Are to me.
Hmm, hmm.
And you know how
much I love you.
I need to take her.
The boss is really into ginger,
you know, the red heads.
She'd be featured in the spread.
I'll protect her.
Baby do me this favor
and then we'll go to Kauai,
just you and me, I promise.
Do me a favor.
Call her in sick today and
I'll have her back for Monday.
It's easy, so easy.
Yeah she's African,
absolutely spectacular.
Perfect skin.
She'll be great
for the campaign.
I'll bring her.
And there's double,
she's worth it trust me.
Yeah I got a ginger.
Mitchell, it's Denton.
The girls were on their
way to South America,
but we know they're
tested her locally
to make sure they uh,
perform well.
Just before your
daughter Alison was found
she had made from that same pay
phone and then it went dead.
Obviously these
perverts don't allow
the girls to have a cell
or anything like that
and I'm sure you're gonna
find the prints on the phone...
No, no prints.
The phone was clean.
No prints at all?
- Nope, nope.
- Not even on the receiver?
There was no receiver.
- What?
- They broke it off.
Look, we've got nothing.
Hi honey.
What happened to your hand?
Oh, I shut my hand in
a door, it's nothing.
How was the weekend?
I don't wanna
talk about the trip.
Why don't you pour us a drink?
Hi Sarah.
So what's up?
I waited for you last week
but you never came out.
Well I'll be off of
work study today,
so you'll be glad to
know I'll be in class.
Alright, well if
that's not enough
here, I have you something.
Fresh from mom's oven.
How do I know this
is safe to eat?
Ooh, well I guess you don't.
But you already ate some,
so I guess you're a goner.
Get out.
There's extra credit
for real research,
not just Wikipedia.
And we're gonna continue our
American Literature series
with Hawthorne's
The Scarlet Letter,
one of my personal favorites.
Glad you could make
it today Sarah.
Super hoodie girl
finally made it.
Yeah, does she even
own anything else?
Probably not.
Guys, that's enough.
Thank you.
If you could take
your homework out
and swap with your
neighbor for peer review.
So, what did we learn from
reading The Scarlet Letter?
Eeny, meeny, miny, Laura.
What is the theme of the book?
It's about a single, pregnant
outcast lady who's outcast
because she gets pregnant
and she's not married.
Okay, thank you Laura.
Can anyone expand on that?
Kenny, your partner is?
Can you tell us
about her assessment?
Well it's about inequality.
Can you please explain
what Sarah means?
Well this girl gets pregnant
by a well respected man
and she's branded
for it, but he's not.
So I guess guys can just
do whatever they want.
Great point Sarah, can
you expand on that argument?
I don't know.
Come on Sarah,
does branding the girl
only sound fair to you?
I don't know.
I mean, maybe she had to do it.
Some things just happen.
Maybe she just watched it
and went along with it.
Maybe she deserved it.
Hey remember your final
report on this is due next time,
I mean it.
Hey Kenny, can I talk
to you for a minute?
If you could sit down.
Yeah Miss B.
So Kenny, something
isn't right with Sarah.
I don't really know
her that well so.
Kenny, we're both two
intelligent people here.
Tell me what you know.
When we were going to
school, she didn't see me
but I saw her throw some
lingerie and some heels...
Kenny, in my work with
the county we are seeing
more and more of this kind
of abuse in the suburbs,
have you seen any kind
of strange behavior
in your neighborhood?
No ma'am, I haven't.
But I need to go now.
Just sit tight a
while longer okay.
Hey kid.
Kenny right?
Listen you did a good thing.
No really.
We found the clothes in the
sewer just like you said.
And with her statement
against the boyfriend, Roger,
we can take action.
And I promise you,
we will get him.
Hey, call me okay.
I know this feels awkward,
but you did the right thing
letting me know
about the clothes.
Where will she go now?
The Safe Haven Honor Home.
What about her therapy?
County will be
in to supervise it.
That's pretty bleak.
How do you know?
From work study.
I thought it was a horse
farm, Unbridled right?
Yeah, but Miss B, the
Academy is a program for girls
who have had it rough.
They use horses for therapy.
I mean, it's a day program,
she couldn't stay there,
but the therapy is amazing.
I see, does it work?
Really well, I mean it's
really hard to get into,
but we should try.
For Sarah.
Hi dad,
okay I know you said I
couldn't stay at Martha's house
but her mom's gonna
be back in the morning
and it's gonna be
really, really.
It's gonna be really
soon, don't worry.
Okay, I love you, I
will see you tomorrow.
Just like we practiced babe.
Am I gonna get in trouble?
Just do it.
Just a minute.
Hi, can I help you?
Yeah, are you Roger Donegal?
Yes I am, what
can I do for you?
You can come with me, I've
got a warrant for your arrest.
You're being charged
with engaging in the
prostitution of a minor.
And contributing to the
delinquency of a minor.
Okay, you need to come
with me right now?
I need to read that warrant.
You need to come
with me alright.
Let's go.
Calm down, calm down,
I barely touched you.
- Get back ma'am, get back.
- Obviously you don't your...
- Let's go.
- Oh man that hurts.
- I'm barely touching you.
- Ow, ow.
Really, really?
You've got a right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can and
will be used against you
in a court of law.
Ma'am, you need to back up.
Let's go.
Step inside, so watch your head.
Ow, ow.
Ma'am you need to back up.
Call the police,
call the police.
- I am the police.
- Call the police!
Hello Sarah,
welcome to Safe Haven.
- Miss Bowdren.
- Gerald.
Thank you.
We will get back to you
as soon as Sarah has a
chance to get checked in.
You're gonna like it
here Sarah, I promise.
And you should be clear for
school in a couple of days.
We'll take it from here.
I'd like to just make sure
she gets settled in okay.
I'm sorry, it's
a co-ed group home
and we have very strict
rules Mrs. Bowdren.
Come on Sarah.
Right, well,
why don't you come in and
visit for a little while?
But you need to be
out by 11 sharp.
- Alright.
- Sarah, Mrs. Bowdren.
I'll only
be a few minutes.
Let's go kiddo.
What's gonna happen to him?
Roger's just gonna have to
defend himself in court and...
Weasel his way out of it.
Sarah, none of this is fair,
or right,
or your fault, or.
In the Bible there's
a story of a guy,
Job, who had it rough.
And when Job's friends saw
how great his suffering was
they put dust on their heads
and said nothing for seven
days and seven nights.
Well it's 10:53, so
you have seven minutes.
It's gonna be okay.
It'll be okay.
This is all your fault.
You coming?
I thought you liked horses.
Not really.
Suit yourself.
Hey, how are you Dora?
Let me see how you did Britney.
Much better today, you can
take her out to the barn.
Oh Kenny, good to see you.
Stall five please.
Yes Miss Felicity,
real quick I just wanted
you to meet someone.
You know Pamela.
- Hi.
- Yeah hi.
And this is my
teacher Miss Bowdren.
- Call me Melissa.
- Good to meet Melissa.
And this is Felicity
Clawson, she runs Unbridled.
How can I help you?
Well it's about our
friend Sarah Miller.
She's just been moved to
Gerald Honor's Safe Haven,
she's scared and confused
and Kenny here seems to
think the horses have a cure.
Oh yeah, the horses
don't cure anyone.
- I didn't mean to assume...
- And unfortunately, I'm sorry
we're full, I'm truly
sorry about that.
Kenny you should've asked.
There are several other
very effective programs
that we can look into.
Well, that's that.
No ma'am.
No, we'll get her in.
Ronda, hey, how are you?
It seems like it
was just yesterday
that you and Sebastian were
out here scraping the fences.
That's wonderful news.
Is it a boy or girl?
Here let me give you a number.
I want you to give The
Morning Center a call
and schedule a free ultrasound
and a healthy baby screening.
Okay, how's things?
Yeah I know, I've been there.
You need to build on
a solid foundation.
The most important
thing for kids
is that they see
that you are in love.
Promise me this,
if your marriage
is ever in trouble.
I want you to look
up Mort Fratell,
let him help you
get back on track.
He's the best.
Talk soon.
Hmm, hi.
This is my fault Felicity.
And I'm truly sorry but if
this program really works
it could save her life.
And unfortunately we're full.
I have an awful
lot of work to do.
I mean, you could check
back in a few weeks,
I mean things might change.
Miss Felicity
there must be a way.
Well I'll be.
No one does what you just did.
Dreamer's deeply wounded.
What happened to him?
Starved, beaten.
He was betrayed.
He kicked down a stall and
then was hit by a truck.
He's been impossible to place
with any of our students.
That's one tough horse.
I want him to be mine.
Sarah, this isn't
gonna be easy.
There's no bailing out if you
can't hack it in a few weeks.
He needs someone
that's consistent.
Even if you're sick
and your entire world
is crashing around you.
Do you think you can do that?
Tell your transfer
you're staying.
Thank you.
wheelbarrows outside.
Someone show her what
to do in the paddock.
God please bring
her back to me.
Since when do we make
a collar without back up?
What were you thinking?
Now someone's posted a
lovely YouTube video.
I want your bag and your
gun on my desk by morning.
You, okay, what am
I supposed to do now?
County needs rehab coaches.
Denton's your guy.
Look, I know Alison's your baby,
you let your
emotions get involved
and now the girls trail
is three months cold.
Get your head in the
game, then we'll talk.
Hi ladies.
My name is Cassie Davis and I
am the Equine Director here.
A lot of these horses have a
difficult time trusting humans
so that's where you come in.
Because of your help
these horses can learn
how to trust again.
Our five key pillars are
riding, scholastic, vocational,
therapy and mentorship.
You will gain knowledge
and develop behaviors
that are necessary
for you to pursue
the things that are
important to you.
Whatever that looks like.
It could be your career,
going to college,
having healthy and
good relationships,
maybe starting a family.
Yeah, how long's it
take to get all that huh?
Most of the girls
stay for high school
but we can usually
tell within six weeks
whether or not the programs
gonna be beneficial for them.
A lot of the girls wash out.
Don't worry, we're gonna
start with small tasks
and then progressively work you
towards more difficult tasks
with the horses, with people
and ultimately yourselves.
So let me introduce to you
Felicity Clawson, our Director.
Thank you Cassie.
How are you today ladies?
- Lindsey!
- Hey.
Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
It's so awesome to be
here, thanks for having me.
Oh, I had to get out of the
truck, have a nice stretch.
You should have seen how many
donuts I ate on the drive.
Oh don't worry, we
all have our fair share
of road trip food.
Oh, I have a favor to ask you.
I totally forgot to
bring the Gastra.
Do you have any
that I could borrow?
But it's gotta be Omega-Alpha.
Oh totally, we have plenty,
just take whatever you need.
That's awesome,
thank you so much.
What do you want me
to talk about today?
I don't know, maybe your
award winning Championship ways.
You're too nice.
Don't worry, the girls are
just excited that you're here.
Do you wanna meet them?
Sure, yeah, they're this way?
- Yep.
- Okay.
No matter what you've been
through, you can overcome it.
You'll be paired
with a rescued horse
who will become your
friend and your confidante.
You're also gonna have
various barn chores
like cleaning, and feeding
and caring for the horses.
Then once your barn
chores are finished,
you'll be able to spend
more time with your horse.
You're expected to maintain
and improve your grades,
be honest and
respectful to everyone
or you will not last
in this program.
Ladies, welcome to the herd.
Now since some
of you listened,
I would like to introduce to you
a Natural Horsemanship
Championship Freestyle
Lindsey Partridge and
her beautiful horse Soar.
Hey girls, this is Soar.
She won the freestyle
and the trail competition
and then won the overall title
of America's Most
Wanted Thoroughbred.
I want to share with you how
I re-trained this racehorse
to be the calm and connected
partner that she is.
So who knows what harmony
horsemanship means?
Harmony horsemanship means
learning to understand yourself,
your horse, and the
language that connects you.
Once we can be calm, confident
and communication focused
we can learn to connect and
get in balance with the horse
and then we can learn
to ride unbridled.
Karen, the group home is fine.
Unburgled Riding Academy?
And the orientation was fine,
the other girls are fine,
I'm fine.
Honey, I miss you awful bad.
I'm gonna get things
together, I promise.
Yeah okay, I gotta go.
Okay, bye.
who's with me?
Hey Sarah, come and watch.
Can I change
first Miss Felicity?
Uh no, you
gotta get used to that.
You see what the
girls are doing?
They are talking to the
horses to build their trust.
It's the second phase.
Um, and what's
the first phase?
It's all over your
clothes sweetie.
How's the relationship Stacy?
I'm working on it.
Are you connecting?
Why not?
Because I had a big fight
with my mom this morning
and I'm still mad about it.
They know.
So why don't you
tell him about it?
You have to be open.
Cassie, what's Cameron's goal?
To focus on her
breathing and stay calm.
How's the going Cameron?
Well, I feel a
lot less anxious,
so much better than yesterday.
Outstanding work.
Mary, how's Malakai today?
He's not
actually biting me today,
but I'm onto his tricks, so
it's better than yesterday.
That's good.
What's so funny Ninita?
What you think
you can do better?
Oh you think I'm funny?
Mary, we all laughed.
I laughed.
Sarah might have the
same trouble as you.
So I want you to get with her
and show her what we do here.
Miss Felicity.
Mary, do you want a chip?
We will be a team.
That girl, she's
covered in, stuff.
Alright, it's disgusting.
You were covered in it
too on your first day, okay.
You remember that?
Miss Felicity, she
hasn't said a word to us,
why should we talk to her?
Stacy let's think about why
we would feel for a new horse
but not a new girl okay?
Well, maybe she
just isn't ready.
Right Miss Felicity?
Yeah, 'cause horses
are people too.
Alright girls, come on
let's get changed for group.
So, are we having fun yet?
You ready to pack it in?
Like what?
For the day or for
the whole thing?
Bring extra
clothes next time.
Welcome to my world Ninita.
Look, nobody ever
helps me alright.
But Miss Felicity says we're
supposed to, so here you go.
Bet on Sea Biscuit
in the fourth race.
Alright look, I don't
got much horsey wisdom
but uh, this usually
helps me through.
Do you know what to do with it?
No, girl.
Give it to your horse.
Um, thanks for the shirt.
Of course, have a seat.
You don't have a pen and paper.
Can somebody please offer
Sarah a piece of paper?
Here you go.
We have a new young lady joining us
today, as you've seen.
Her name is Sarah
and she's coming to us
from Safe Haven Honor Home.
Can everybody please
say hi to Sarah?
Hi Sarah.
Something funny Mary?
Why don't you tell us a
little bit about yourself?
Sarah, it's okay.
Um, nothing right now.
That's fine.
Mary, how about you?
How has your week
been different?
Well, I'm still the
main champ in the ring.
Ba, ba, ba ba.
Yes you are.
How about school?
How's science going?
Better, yeah.
I mean I got a C+
on the test so.
Yeah, I mean it's not
great or anything.
Mary, that is
significant improvement.
Yeah I mean, you know, in a way,
but, yeah I guess it
is pretty good huh?
Maybe next time Claire
can help you study
and you'll get that A okay.
The other things, have
you been eating okay?
Um, that's private.
Herd only.
Everyone here is
part of the herd Mary.
No they ain't.
Look, I don't know
nothing about her. Alright?
She's got no right
to know about me.
Alright fine.
Stacy how about you?
Have you talked to your mom?
Did you send her the
letter you were working on?
It's really important
to say you're sorry.
Especially to the
people that you love
and especially
after an incident.
So maybe you can
get working on that
and send it to her this week?
Stacy, like it's not like
you have to forgive
her, you know.
Just tell her you're sorry.
Maybe she ain't sorry, right?
So why don't
you just back off?
Let's let Stacy
speak for herself okay.
We'll come back to that.
I feel bad about what I did.
I scared her.
I scared myself.
She made me feel ugly.
Let's order a sausage pizza.
Sounds good.
May I help you?
Hi, um, yes
I have this restraining order.
Is this where the
arrested people are kept?
No, the jail is on Oak Street.
Okay, this forms needs to
be completely filled out
with your date of birth.
The horse feels your pain,
so I want you to
get in close to him
and hold him as if
you're hugging him.
Like this?
Now let's bring all of that
energy and direct it forward.
Ready and.
Becky did something well,
when the horse starts to
chew and lick his lips
it is him processing that
he's discovered something,
like a shazam moment.
There we go, now we're
gonna take him down.
Then we're bring him
and his nose down,
bring the direction
of the energy down.
Okay stand up.
Connect hold and bring him down.
Good work.
So Stacy, I know how
you feel nervous.
We in life, we feel nervous,
but he is trustworthy
so I want you to talk with him.
Connect with him.
What do I say?
The pain you feel,
the struggle you're going
through in your mind.
Communicate that with him.
Tell him how you feel.
I guess I'm hurting today.
I'm thankful that
you're listening.
Thank you.
Girls let's focus.
I'm gonna count to three
and it's gonna be a one,
two, three fall, ready.
So fall on fall.
- I'm gonna catch you.
- Here we go.
One, two, three and fall.
I'm gonna do this
without freaking out okay.
If she can do it,
we all can do it.
- You got me.
- Yeah.
- She's gonna catch you.
- Yeah.
It made me smile.
I actually grew up on a farm.
It's a lot of hard
work, do you like it?
It's okay, I shovel a lot.
Oh yeah, snow?
Miss Felicity said if
I get here early enough
I can try to mount
Dreamer today.
Oh that's exciting.
I remember my first time
riding a horse I was about 12.
You go girl.
Okay, go ahead Sarah.
Hi Dreamer.
Okay, slow down Sarah.
Come on.
You said I could
mount him today.
In theory yes, but we,
we can't force anything.
Well tell him that
I've been picking up
after him for weeks.
I've done all my
homework on time
and I even got here really
early, what am I doing wrong?
Maybe you're trying to hard.
See, horses teach us patience.
Almost as much as humans.
Hey ladies.
- Hi.
- Hey.
So who's got something today?
I do.
Go for it Ambrosia.
Well, my gran's
cancer came back
and I wanted to see her before
she went on her treatment,
but my social worker said
it wasn't a good idea,
as long as my uncle
was still there so.
I just don't want her to think
that I don't care, you know.
So can we just pray for my gran?
Yeah sure hun, we'll
pray for full recovery
and that she knows
how much you love her
and that you do care, even
though you can't be there.
I mean, it's not
her fault, you know.
I never really told about
what happened with Uncle Phil.
Your gran is a strong woman.
She can beat this,
she's gonna beat this.
I really believe that God will
carry you both through it.
Hey that's a lie
and you know it.
If your granny
loved you so much,
she should have known and
she would have stopped it.
Sarah that's a chip.
You don't have to participate,
but you do have
to be respectful.
Sorry I have chores.
I don't need group therapy.
Okay, I just need
something real.
All the girls just
laugh at me and whisper.
Well, I was kind of mean.
I lost my temper.
Felicity's nice.
I appreciate her trying.
Cassie and Ambrosia too,
they know what it's like.
So do you.
Hey handsome.
I just want to let you
know that I love you.
And I'm sorry for all your pain.
I'm your girl Dreamer, okay.
I trust you.
Alright, it looks
like we got everybody.
Let's go and have a seat.
Just have a seat, it's
real simple people.
The sooner you sit down
and we get started,
the sooner I can get going,
the sooner I can get done
and the sooner you can
get your kids back, maybe.
Hello everyone my name is
Detective Mitchell Sangrin,
I moonlight here because
I have the knowledge,
expertise and degrees to do so.
But mostly because I enjoy it.
So that's why I'm here.
What about
administrative leave?
You all are here
to comply with your court
mandated parenting classes.
You all have deemed
by the State as unfit
to care for your
children or dependents.
Did that wake you up?
There's no excuse people,
there's no excuse.
The most important
thing in your life
should be your children.
That's lesson number one.
From now on, the
most important thing,
priority number
one, in your life
Is your kids.
You guys understand?
You get it?
What, what?
You, hey, what's your name?
Your name ma'am.
Okay Karen...
Do you expect any of us
to feel sorry for you?
Well good Karen.
Because the only person
that we feel sorry for
in this room is your...
My daughter.
Your daughter.
So let's take the focus
off ourselves for a moment
and let's focus on Sarah.
God, if you're there?
You've gotta keep me safe.
And find me a home.
Karen, listen I know
what's going on okay.
I need your help.
Ambrosia, I just
wanted to say sorry
about what I said in group.
It's okay, don't
worry about it.
You look great.
Thank you.
Here, hold on.
Have a seat.
So, is your mom coming today?
Yeah, she's doing better.
I think she likes living alone.
Your dad's gone?
Um, yeah.
He died when I was
seven, in Afghanistan.
I'm sorry.
My dad's a junkie.
I haven't really seen him since
I was like two or something.
Is your gran coming?
Yeah she is.
She's doing good
now, thankfully.
She's losing all of her hair but
she likes
wearing wigs anyway so.
My pop pop's coming
too, you'll like him.
He's kind of funny in
a corny sort of way.
He used to be in the
war, Vietnam, so yeah.
- You look good?
- Thank you.
Alright everyone's
starting to arrive soon,
let's head outside
and meet them.
Come on.
Yeah, right.
Excuse me what are you doing?
- Hi Jim.
- Roger.
It's good to see you pal.
Karen changed the locks,
you're not supposed to be here.
Jim look, now Karen
gave me a new set of keys.
She said it's okay to
grab some of my stuff
but she's delayed.
You know, had to take her
daughter to the horse thing.
Well, how did you
know about that?
I'm the gatekeeper Jim,
it's my business
to know all of it.
Well, if Becky knew
I was speaking to you,
she'd kill me.
She's such a love.
You know, Jimmy,
remember the entertainment for
your buddy's bachelor party?
Be a shame if that wound
up on the web, huh cowboy?
I gotta go in, I'm down to my
last pair of clean skivvies.
Skivvies, yeah skivvies.
A guys gotta have
clean skivvies.
Becky will be back soon.
I'll be long gone buddy boy.
Hey Jimmy, when all
of this blows over
me and you, a ball game huh?
Your treat.
Hi horsey, horsey, horsey.
Hi honey.
Does he do tricks?
Well it's a horse Karen.
What's wrong sweetie?
You smell like cookies.
Yeah I made some mint
chocolate chip, your favorite.
Oh I left them in the car,
should I go grab them?
Oh no, no, no cookies please.
I'm trying to kill
a sweet tooth.
Every heard of freshman 15.
It's just your sober?
One month this Friday.
That's great.
And, uh, I'm in
parenting classes too.
The guy who runs it
kind of scary but...
Well, I think I'll be able
to bring you home soon.
Won't that be great?
Oh hi.
I'll let you two
talk for a while.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Wanna go for a
walk or something?
Yes I know Dreamer.
So you can't hate me
now, you know that right?
Why would you say that?
I don't know, it's
kind of my fault,
like you said in text.
Well it is kind of your fault,
but it was worse before, so.
When you have a bad day
I'm looking at a sad face
Give a round
of applause for Erin Kelsoe,
last years Unbridled
Girl of the Year.
Now please welcome
National Champions
of the National Horsemanship
Freestyle Competition
Lindsey Partridge and
Sour, the horse with wings.
You can be it all
The day can turn to night
But your dreams
they cannot hide
Cause you've gotta
live is tomorrow
Feeling kind of down
You can turn it all around
Cause what you've
got left is tomorrow
How's it going with Dreamer?
Trying to keep you under
Makes you kind of wonder
Make you feel small
Maybe what you come with
Give something that
they can't give
Moving you to the
back of the room
Is the only way
to get through
You can be, you
can be anything
You can be, you
can be it all
What you've got
left is tomorrow
I wanna do that.
I'm sure you will.
So yeah, like I was saying,
miracles happen
here all the time.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
It's gonna be a
good place for you,
thank you for bringing her.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
Felicity tells me that
your grades are better
and that you're doing
really well with the horse.
Yeah, he's pretty cool.
I'm doing everything
I can to get right.
I even have a new job.
I'm a paralegal now.
You're doing so great Sarah.
I will bring you home as
soon as I possibly can,
you know that right?
And I, I got a
restraining order.
Roger won't bother us
ever again, I promise.
Well, give me a hug.
I love you sweetheart.
Your mom seems happy.
Yeah, she's doing better.
You wanna help me clean up.
Yeah, sure.
Why don't you go put a jacket
on, it's cold out here.
It always amazes me how much
the parents make a bigger mess
than even you girls.
Yeah, parents are good at
making messes, that's for sure.
Ah, so I heard your
mom got a new job?
Sorry to eavesdrop.
It's a bad habit of
mine, one of many.
Yeah, people like you are
pretty much born perfect.
So I'm pretty sure
you never made a mistake
your entire life.
You seriously believe that?
Well we all do,
everyone says that you're
this Champion rider who
had this deep calling
to give it all up to rehabilitate
losers like me and him.
Don't say losers.
Come here Sarah.
What I'm about to say is,
is awkward, it's something
I don't normally tell people
because it's pretty
We grew up in a trailer
park until I was 15.
My father died when I was 11
and my mom worked three jobs
just to feed my brothers and me.
And one day my oldest
brother realized,
that boys thought I was pretty.
And that they would pay for.
I don't know if my mom ever
really knew what was going on.
But the truth was,
she was never there.
I'm sorry.
And she, she spent the money
and she never once asked
where it came from.
Did your brother go to jail?
No, neither did my mom.
Without my testimony there
wasn't enough to prove anything.
And it wasn't as if the John's
were lining up to
tell their story.
But there was enough evidence
to get me awarded to the State
and that's how I came here.
Beatrice Dolan, she
used to run this place.
Old and crotchety.
Yeah, but you knew she cared.
I told myself and God that
if I survived I'd come back
here and work with the girls.
And here we are.
So I came home from work to
find my son up on the garage.
Get out of the car, there's
a trampoline set up,
outside the fence to the pool.
Now, when I looked at him
I knew that there was no way,
that if he jumped he
was gonna hit that pool.
It would've been cement.
So instead of getting mad,
I instructed him to learn
more mathematics and psychics.
Sorry ma'am, you're late.
I can't give you
credit for tonight.
Wait, I.
I'm five minutes late,
I mean can't you let
it pass this one time.
I'm sorry it's the rules.
But I just came
from parents day
at my daughters therapy group.
That's great, I
hope she's doing well.
But you're now wasting our time.
Are you serious?
You can participate, but you
won't get credit for today.
People listen,
this isn't about you.
We are here to talk about our...
When you're feeling ready
ladies, ask your horses to trot.
Ease into it Cameron.
Whoa, I think I
ate too much for this ride.
Don't, don't crowd each other.
Make sure you're mindful of
the space between your horses.
Alright bring it in.
Hey where's Mary?
I don't know, maybe she's
doing her hair or something.
Cassie help!
That's all for today ladies.
Mary no, no!
Stacy outside right now.
Let us know when the
ambulance gets here.
This isn't her fault.
Outside Stacy, now.
Come on Stacy.
Come on girls go.
Come on Mary.
Okay, come here.
Run with me.
Good boy.
Hey, thanks for
meeting with me.
Yeah no problem.
I wanna get this guy.
- Yeah.
- And I have a plan.
I think we should
use Karen to try and...
She's already working with us.
Alright, look kid we
don't have a lot of time.
Alright, what we got?
Here she comes.
Sarah, go ahead and tell him.
I overheard Roger before
we went on that trip.
He was on the phone
and he mentioned something
about an African.
He said absolutely
spectacular with perfect skin.
- That's Alison.
- He didn't say a name.
Doesn't matter.
She's still alive, I know it.
Do you think
Alison is even alive?
I really hope so.
How's Mary?
She lost a lot of blood
but Felicity says
she's gonna be okay.
That's good to hear.
I don't know if she's
coming back or not though.
She was kind of mean
to you wasn't she?
She was.
But she's part of my herd.
Herding horses buck and kick,
but sometimes freedom does come.
That's pretty heavy.
When did you get so dreamy?
stop talking okay.
I got a plan.
Steel trap.
Karen, are you almost
done with that transcript?
Yeah, yes, I'll
be just a minute.
What did we say
about the glasses?
I'm sorry Miss Sandler.
Look, I have a new client
coming in a few minutes,
can you please hurry.
Yes ma'am.
Take your time my love.
Hey baby.
Roger, what are
you doing here?
How did, how did you find me?
I came to see my attorney,
I got in a little bit of
trouble, she's the best.
You can't be here,
you have to go.
Oh Doll, I can go
if you want me too...
What is it?
You have to open
it and find out.
Oh Roger, it's beautiful.
You're too pretty
to work for a living.
It's good to see you Karen.
Hello Karen, I'm Gerald
Honor, Director of Safe Haven.
I'm excited by the things
I've heard about
Sarah at the Academy,
and all you've done with your
classes, well done Karen.
Thank you.
So, I'm going
to go find Sarah.
We've told her what today
is about and she's...
She's what?
Of course she's coming home.
This is her decision Karen
and then there's still
the issue of Roger.
No, I've already fixed that.
Roger's not gonna
bother us ever again.
Am I in trouble?
No baby, you're
coming home tonight.
Your mother's
filed for custody
and if everything goes well,
then it could be permanent.
What do you think
about that Sarah?
You still have a
say in all of this.
No one's gonna force
you to go back home.
Wait a minute,
that's not helping.
She's drinking again.
Those are her hangover glasses.
So either go back there
and wait for Roger to show up
or I continue living
at Safe Haven?
That really stinks.
What would you all do?
Well I guess I'd pick the
place I felt the most safe.
No matter what?
Right now, focus on Sarah.
She knows it's not safe.
Oh baby come on.
You know what he
did to me Karen.
Look what he's done to you.
I wanna stay at the group home
and continue my
lessons at the Academy.
No, no, no Sarah.
Look at me.
What are you saying?
Sarah, please, I need you.
I had needs too Karen.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
I hope you're satisfied.
Hey, cold tonight huh?
Yeah I know.
Come on Dreamer,
come on boy, let's
go for a walk.
You wanna go for a run?
Oh, hold on boy, come here.
Let me fix that for you.
Let me get a peg real quick.
Let me just fix that
here boy, come on.
There you go.
There you go, hey.
There you go.
Okay, okay come on, let's go.
Let's go boy.
This way Dreamer.
Yeah I see you, I see you.
You scream, I
shoot your horse.
Give me your phone.
Cell phone.
Come on.
Good looking horse.
Let's go, come on, let's go.
Stop right there.
Alright get in.
You act up, they die.
You better behave.
A beautiful apple.
A beautiful girl.
Gotta share with the class.
Such a sweetie pie.
Something's wrong.
Karen, it's Mitchell.
What's wrong with you?
Oh, I tried
to warn you, I'm sorry.
He knocked me out, he's
gone, I'm so sorry.
Are you kidding me?
Sarah, anybody else hurt?
Let's go, let's go right now.
Let's go.
Put your hands behind your back.
Hands behind your back.
Ah, ah you do those
things too tight.
Let's go.
Sarah, stay right there.
- Kenny you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Hey baby.
- She's okay.
I think she's just drugged up.
Alison, sweetie are you okay?
That's it sweetie, come here.
Can you help with the door?
- Yeah I'll get the door.
- Get the door.
This is Detective Sangrin,
I need an ambulance
at 40 East Flowers.
Got a crash, multiple injuries.
I need an ambulance right now.
I'm gonna get you.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
I'm gonna get you out.
Thank you man.
Get the door.
I love you honey, we'll
be together forever.
You haven't got the guts.
I own you.
Sarah what are you doing?
Go away Kenny.
Sarah don't do this.
Sarah, no, no,
no, no, no, Sarah.
Sarah put the gun down.
Leave me alone!
- Please don't do this Sarah.
- It's okay, Sarah it is okay.
Let me take care of it, okay.
Put the gun down Sarah.
I said go away.
There are others, don't move.
There are other
girls, we need him.
There are other girls.
Think about the other
girls you can help.
Put the gun down Sarah.
He's not worth it.
Sarah, I know how you feel.
Drop the gun.
Turn around, let's go.
Hey baby.
I'm sorry.
You're okay though right?
You're okay.
You're okay.
So tell me what
do you feed Dreamer?
Kenny, I wanna say thank
you for bringing Sarah here.
These little
um, these cookies.
So Alison, you'll be back
in school next semester.
That's really great.
That's wonderful, this
will be a safe place for you.
'Cause you're a survivor.
We're here anytime you
wanna talk about your story.
Do you ride horses?
I don't know, they
are awfully big.
I'm so proud of you.
I'm glad it's over.
Done with him.
And done with the bottle too.
You protected me, and
looked out for me mom.
Oh Sarah, baby.
All I ever wanted
to do was save you.
I, I just couldn't
figure out how.
He told me over text
that if we testify
that we'll be sorry.
But, just in case,
you're wondering
we are gonna put
him away, forever.
Yes, we are.
And we'll both be coming
home for the first time.
Uh, Sarah wanna go for a walk?
Here, watch this.
There you go.
All the way.
So when will you get
to ride him again?
The vet said he'll be good
as new in about six weeks.
Well you're gonna need
alternate transportation
until then.
This guy'll work as
a good substitute.
You know that those with
horses are the sources of life
that forces us to...
What did we say
about the math?
That's my girl.
I don't want you to see this
I don't want you to see this
Step into the parlor
We'll laugh
about the weather
How do you hide the
earth from the sun
Why pretend when
it's already done
I'd like to sweep
myself under the rug
But you always find me out
Being loved is a
hard thing to take
It's a hard thing to take
Being loved is a
hard thing to take
I will try, I will try
I would like to show you
Something of my
own two hands
I want to deserve it
I want to have earned this
Where is the sparrow
in all the skies
That gained by merit
its place in life
You are persistent
and I wonder why
And how do I let you in
Cause being loved is
a hard thing to take
It's a hard thing to take
Being loved is a
hard thing to take
I will try, I will try
We are born unclothed
As we came, we will go
From the first, we are known
We are known
We are born unclothed
As we came, we will go
From the first, we are known
We are known
It's a hard thing to take
Being loved is a
hard thing to take
I will try, I will try
Being loved
Being heard
I will try