Uncle (2018) Movie Script

I got a taxi till Coimbatore.
Are you coming or not?
Uncle, why are you here?
Business tour
What are you doing here?
What to say?
Hostel was closed due to student strike.
Now, no bus too.
I am waiting for train.
Come on, get in. lwill drop you.
It's ok, I will walk.
Uncle, I will walk.
No need. Just get in.
We will talk aftenlvards.
See, the protestors are almost here.
Let's go fast, come.
Sit inside.
Sit Inside.
Well, are you going to
make me your driver?
Ok, No problem for me.
As you wish.
It's all dirty there.
Yesterday, a friend was with me.
He is a dirty fellow.
Better you sit here.
That's a good girl.
Once I am back home, need to
give this carfor servicing.
- Shall we gothen?
- Ok
To tell you the truth,
I don't like those who make my car dirty.
But this guy is so close to me,
like your father.
Will you get any train if
we go to the station now?
I don't know. Let's go and see.
Uncle, where are you going?
Are you on the same route?
You are lucky.
I am also going to Kozhikode.
Well, you don't have
to run for the train.
Of course.
Uncle, do you live here?
No, I came here for business matters.
- I do tea business.
- Ok.
I am on the way to Kozhikode after that.
That's when I saw you.
Then shall I call my dad?
No, lwill call him.
Let's give him a surprise.
Your dad is not picking the phone.
Then let me call Mom.
Mom! It's me.
Yes, here hostel has been
closed due to strike.
There isn't any bus.
Me? I met Uncle Krishna Kumar here.
Uncle is also going on the same route.
Give me.
Hello, It's me.
I appeared at the right time.
Did you call Vijayettan?
Ican't reach him over phone.
Is there any trouble due to strike?
Nothing to worry about.
I will take care.
Ok. Fine.
Tell Vijayan when he is back.
Ortell him to call me.
My daughter...
I will take care of her.
Ok then.
Mothers are always worried.
But your mother is very brave.
The people of Thalasseri are very brave.
People of Thalasseri Vadakara are the
descendants of Unniyarcha, right?
How about you Sruthi?
Are you like Mom or Vijayan of Kozhikode?
He he...
Hello, where have you been?
I looked for in the whole college.
The hostel has been closed.
No buses running.
- It's a friend.
- Ok.
Let m e ask.
Uncle, there is a friend of mine, to Kozhikode.
Hey, nothing like that.
Can't we take him also with us?
No, it's not possible to go back now.
We are already out of town.
College is nearby only.
I agree, but even if we go back,
we will be going right in front of the protestors.
If you are ready to face the stones,
we will go.
Dude, the protesters are there everywhere.
We already travelled a long distance.
Ok, with uncle, Umm...
Who is that friend, your classmate?
Yes, a family friend
Do you know dad's friend Uncle Philip?
He is uncle's son, Sam.
Boys will find some way to go,
but you girls will be in trouble.
- It's not secured.
- Mmmm
Still, what will he do now?
Did you eat something?
Uncle, I don't want anything now.
Didn't you put seat belt?
Overthere, you need to lock.
Else it will go on beeping.
It's a cool car.
You have got GPS?
You can set the route, right?
I don't need any GPS.
I know all the routes in this place,
Just like the lines on my hand.
Oh, it is a 6-hour drive.
So, what? I am ready, aren't you?
Won't you get tired, Uncle?
Then you can drive.
Hey, I don't know how to drive.
You can learn it easily.
This car is automatic.
Iwill teach you.
A smart girl like you will learn to
drive just with this single trip.
- Really?
- Yes.
Onion chicken is ready!
- Ohh.
- Here...
Ijust remembered when Vijayan called.
I had asked him to do one thing.
Who? Vijayan?
No, KK.
What thing?
That is an important matter.
Why do you want to know?
Oh, I know, I know.
It is this, right?
- If not?
- Yes.
If not?
Is it wrong number?
Sounds like a girl.
Hello, Isn't this Krishna Kumar's number?
Yes, Uncle has gone outside.
May I know whose calling?
Dude, It's a girl.
She said that uncle has gone outside.
Nowadays girls call him as uncle.
Uncle! Hehe...
Hello! Who is that?
I am KK's friend
Ok, I will tell uncle when he comes back.
Fine, Fine, Thank you.
KK is a smart man.
One should live like him.
What is your opinion?
But how does he trap these young girls?
That's what I don't understand.
Have you understood anything?
Yourjob is to make money
selling poisoned apples and grapes.
But his job is to taste
poison-free grapes and apples.
Uncle, you got a call.
Did you attend it?
Yes, he said he will call later.
Sruthi, why did you attend my call?
What did you think?
It's not fair.
Sorry Uncle. Ithought it
was an emergency call.
What emergency?
People will keep calling.
Did you tell who you are?
When we were studying in college,
we used to call him by a name Sree Krishnan.
Forget that now.
From now on we will call him ,A6Uncle'.
Still it was the voice of a lovely bird.
Hey, what is this?
I wasjustjoking, Silly girl.
Hey.. Come on!
Sorry uncle.
Don't be cross.
If you are sad, this
whole trip will be spoilt.
Come on, lwill say sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry..
Or I will do one thing,
I will remove its lock.
Don't say like that.
Here, lam giving you permission
to attend all the calls.
Come on! Cheer up!
Come on!
You don't look nice when you cry.
Come on! Cheer up!
Laugh, laugh, laugh"
Me at your mercy, ok?
That's great!
Mummy, Dad is here!
Dad, sister will come home today.
There is some strike there.
Is it? Who told you that?
I saw in TV. Big strike is going on.
For you.
Will Sruthi come today?
Yes, she had called you.
She said you didn't pick the phone.
When? I didn't see that.
How will you? You are too busy in office.
She called me.
Some strike going on in Tamil Nadu.
They even put a busto fire.
The news was there in TV.
Move your leg!
(News reporting in TV)
What is the issue?
Do they need any specific reason for strike?
The college and hostel are all closed.
She is coming back.
Is she coming by bus or train?
There was no bus.
Luckily, she got a lift in Krishna Kumafs car.
He is also on his way to Kozhikode.
Hearing that only, I was relieved.
Your Kichu.
He said he couldn't reach you over the phone.
Right, there was a missed call from his number.
- Have they started?
- Yes, Itold herto.
It's Tamil Nadu, she will be
in trouble othenlvise.
Uh, she could have called me.
But you were not reachable dear.
She told me, then what's the problem?
- Hello!
- Hello Sruthi!
Yes Dad, I tried to call you,
but couldn't reach you.
- When?
- Not me, it was Uncle who called.
Couldn't you come with your friends?
How did they come home?
They all left yesterday itself.
I had lab practical today.
Where have you reached now?
We? Uncle! Where are we now?
It's Kallatti, Kallatti
You givethe phone to Krishna Kumar.
Uncle is driving.
I will put the phone to speaker.
Dude, big issue is happening here.
Luckily, I met your daughter on the way.
Hey, don't worry man!
I will take care of everything.
Ok, that I know.
Then what is the problem?
We will reach there in no time.
Yes Dad, Uncle is driving with high speed.
Ok, Kichu, I have something to tell you.
Dude, lwill call you.
Dad, I will call you later.
- You are early today.
- I know. There's something.
- What?
- I understood.
Dude, nothing for me?
Did you finish everything?
- I have saved some for you.
- Ok.
See who is at the door
- What happened?
- Sorry, I forgot my car key.
- Oh, it's ok.
- Bye.
Hey, do you want me to introduce her?
No need.
This is for us.
(TV news reporting)
Aren't you going to bath today?
Which route are they coming?
You don't need to tell KK about the route.
Last time, you only brought the tea leaves
which KK had brought from Ooty.
It will take 7-8 hours via Coimbatore
It is faster via Gudalloor.
You don't have to worry thinking about that.
KK will take care of it.
Anyways let me call her.
- Dear!
- Yes.
- Please reduce the volume.
- Ok
Uncle, your brother in law is calling.
That's how I call your dad.
Take the call.
Brother in law! What's up?
Which way are you coming?
We may take any route.
It is longer via Coimbatore.
Notjust that, lot of problems
happening in Tamil Nadu.
They won't allow to go through Batheri,
wild life conservation.
That's why I asked.
Dude, lwill take care of it.
We will cross Wayanad before night.
See, don't drive too fast.
Dad, Uncle has got good control,
Not like your drive.
Uncle, You go fast.
Where have they reached?
What happened?
Still you could have asked.
About which route they are coming?
My dear!
Dad is like that, always tensed.
He is like that since he was young.
How about you? Do you feel tensed?
For what?
To travel with me?
You are not going to eat me.
Why should I be tensed?
Don't get tensed unnecessarily.
Not that, there are many routes
from Ootty to here.
You only said that KK knows
all the routes in this world.
They can come from Gudalloorthrough
Don't worry..
Or they can come via Coimbatore, to Palakkad,
Yes, that's easier.
Dear, they will make it though some route.
Usually, how do you go home, by bus ortrain?
Igo by bus.
Do you go by Gudalloor-Nilambur route
or Gudalloor-Wayanad route?
Gudalloor-Wayanad route, that's easier.
We can see nice sceneries, and there are
so many monkeys in the pass.
Then you can cross the pass
visiting your relatives, right?
Hmm, don't tease me.
I was justjoking.
Leave that.
Otherthan monkeys,
do you like to see the
forest with elephants, tigers and lions?
Well, who doesn't like forest?
Are you scared to go through forest?
I have a little fear.
But as you are with me, it is ok.
That's it. That's a good girl.
Girls should be Iikethat.
Then we will go by another route.
Which route?
Just see, we will take a turn from here.
The newspaper boy is here,
where is yourwallet?
- What?
- Wallet.
You told that you wanted to go out,
aren't you going?
- Dear!
- Yes.
Do you know that girl from Kunnamkulam,
who studies with Sruthi?
Who? Resmi?
Yes, Resmi. How is she coming back?
You do onething, call her and ask.
Hello Aunty!
Dear, where have you reached?
Aunty, I am at home only.
Then, you didn't have class today?
My classes were finished yesterday itself.
I came back home.
What happened?
- Just heard that some strike is
happening there. - Yes, that's right.
Sruthi told me about it. Has she reached?
- No.
- Ok.
Ok then.
She has reached home,
she didn't have class yesterday.
Vow, what a beauty!
I have never been through this route.
Boys have been.
Why couldn't you go with them?
That path is too twisted.
Uncle, now we need to descend
this whole pass, don't we?
We don't have to; the car will descend.
See, how beautiful you look.
You want to try?
Here you go.
- Where should I click?
- Here.
- Try the landscape!
- Hehe.
It's beautiful!
I will take it.
Hey, Isn't your photography over yet?
I can't be at peace when my car is dirty.
If we take care of car,
it will also take care of us.
It is also a living thing.
What, this cal'?
What else? Me and my car are
like that with each other.
Vow, nice smell!
This is just an air freshener.
There is another one which is very aromatic.
It's for gents, but that's ok.
How's it?
Iwill kill him!
Don't you have eyes on yourface?
No Sir, nothing happened.
Just a touch up with paintwill do.
This car cannot be painted like yours.
What to do?
Give him 100 bucks and Ieavethis place.
Ok sir, shall I give you 100 bucks?
Do you know how much this car cost?
It will cost about 10000 bucks just to paint it.
Are you asking for 10000 bucks?
Why do buy such cars?
If it was a smaller car, it would cost
you only a small amount.
I will decide which car I have to use.
You don't advise me about it.
Sir, you only came through wrong side,
then why are you shouting at us?
Don't argue, you came through
wrong side at the turn.
Come on Uncle, let's go.
He hit the car and still arguing with me.
We will com plain to the police.
Go and complain to the police!
You can leave only after
the police come here.
Ok, Go!
Sir, what is this?
It's just a small mark.
Leave it! The whole road is blocked.
Please Sir, please.
- Come Uncle.
- Take your car and leave.
His damn car!
Hello, can't you go ahead?
After hitting on my car,
he is defending himself.
Leave it, Uncle. They are poor people.
They are poor, that's why I let them go.
But my car! It's my only loyal friend.
What? The car got hit? Then?
Itjust got hit, no, jerked with a truck.
Did something happen?
No Dad, there's just a small scratch.
Vijayan, some paint is gone,
you know how I take care of my car.
Ask her if she ate something?
Ask her if she ate something?
Did you eat something?
No, I didn't eat anything.
Ok, do one thing, you can
eat after reaching here.
Anyways, you should be reaching here soon.
Hello, Sruthi!
Dad, lwill call later.
Ok, fine.
Brother, what's there to eat?
Lentil vada, and pappad vada.
Fresh vada is there, do you want to try?
Isn't there anything else?
There is pizza and burger, isthat fine?
Here you can get only these,
eat if you want.
It looks a bit...
It's not like that,
it's very nice and clean.
Do you eat only pizza and burger at home?
I eatthat from outside
as I can't get it from home.
Here! Pizza and burger!
Here only these are available.
Eat if you want.
Pass me the soda.
Pour it in this also.
Ok, Iwill.
Hello, what's up? Nowadays,
you don't need us? It's Vijayan.
Full quorum is here.
Santhosh, Johnson and Hameedikka are here.
- Ask him to come here.
- Come here man!
No Vishwa, I called to ask about Kichu.
- KK?
- Yes, KK.
What happened to him?
Did he get into any trouble?
He might have got trapped in some scandal.
If he got trapped, he knows
how to get out of it.
He's a clever man.
Has KK got any estate in Ootty?
In OOtty? Estate? No way!
All his business is there in Mumbai.
- Hey, what's the problem now?
- No problem.
Ididn't hear about him for some time.
That's why I asked.
Yesterday also, he called me.
He's travelling all the time.
He's single, Dear Vijayan,
Money makes the world go around.
If Menon is in Ootty,
then it will be a big bash...
Vijayan, what's so urgent now?
Nothing Dude. I couldn't reach
him on phone, that's why.
Nowadays, you are his close friend.
He doesn't contact us when he comes here.
Only you are needed.
No, you tell me. I called to ask
which way you are coming?
Via Wayanad.
Via Wayanad?
Dude, should I call him?
No, I just asked.
Then aren't you coming here?
No, I am not coming.
I have some guests here.
Then it's ok.
It's Vishwan. He's asking
whether I would go there.
Why? Are you going to party with them?
No, I am notgoing.
Today, there is Johnson's party.
Hmm, Like the other day, when you
got drunk and couldn't even drive.
That day, KK's driver was there to drop you.
If you want, drink here itself.
Iam not going.
Well, Sruthi had called.
They are coming via Wayanad.
- Via Wayanad?
- Yes.
- Where have they reached now?
- I don't know.
- Couldn't you ask?
- I didn't ask.
Hey! Hello!
First remove that thing from your ears.
Speak something.
Or I will bejust like a driver.
Sorry, Iwas lost in music.
Don't get lost yourself,
make others also lost.
Idon'tthink you will
like this kind of music.
What is that kind of music?
You should also be having same taste as Dad.
Don't tease me like that.
Well, what is your taste?
Oh, definitely western.
Justthat! Then tell me,
which is yourfavourite western band?
Justin Bieber? Taylor Swift?
Oh, do you know about them?
They are all my neighbours.
We meet every day.
In fact, I even know their grandfathers.
One minute,
See, just press here.
(Music playir19)
How's it?
Uncle, you are a smart man.
Uncle is not Dad.
Policemen are there.
Not police, it's Thunderbolt.
- Are you Maoist?
- No
Then nothing to worry.
- Hello!
- Hello, I am Moorthy here.
Yes,yes, you don't need to worry about it.
I have already sent a mail regarding this.
Yes, yes, I know Mr. Menon.
My problem is thatthe other party
needs a confirmation from your side.
Ok, lwill do onething.
I will send a confirmation Iettertoday itself.
- Sorry, confirmation mail. Ok?
- Yea
- Is that enough?
- Ok Mr. Menon.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
It was a business call.
- Hey!
- Mmm.
What are you thinking?
- Won't they be here by night?
- Yes.
Then KK will also be here for dinner,
won't he?
We need to give him
some food at least this time.
Sister, please clean this.
Last time, I cooked food for you,
and what did you do?
You went to restaurant and got drunk
and came back very late.
At least today I need to give him dinner.
- Is Chapati and chicken ok?
- Yes.
The man who camethe other day, likes fish.
Is it? Ok then you go and buy some good fish.
Before you leave, could you please
take that thing from the top.
Do you know what it is?
This is the dinner set he brought
from Dubai last time.
- Let him be the first person to use it.
- Mmm..
- You buy fish from Puthiyappa.
- Ok
It is fine to send girls with yourfriends,
but just remem ber that she is your daughter.
Where are you now?
Somewhere. Isn't it Sruthi?
Won't reach here before night?
But we are only reaching Masanagudi.
But isn't that a longer route?
Yes, a little bit.
But do you know what a
beautiful landscape it is?
Dude, drive a bit faster.
It's already evening.
You should reach here by night.
Lakshmi is cooking something special for you.
Then we will be there in no time.
But dude, my car will be ruined
ifl drive fast through this bad road.
Let me see.
Give the phone to my daughter!
Hello! Hello! Oh, it got disconnected.
Uncle, look, it's Nisha.
- Hello!
- Hello!
Iwill call you back, Ok?
Come on! The fish is very fresh.
Shall I pack this?
- What's the price?
- 500 bucks.
Ok, let me weigh it.
Come! Different types of fish here!
Come! Fresh fish.
Come, Come
- Hey Vishwa! Isn't that your phone
which is ringing?- Oh!
Your wife may have reached.
Koyakka, please cut this.
It is not my wife, it's Vijayan.
What's up Vijayan? Are you coming?
- I couldn't reach KK over phone.
- ls it?
Did hetell you that he
is coming this evening?
No, I don't think he will be coming today.
Dude, do you think KK might come today?
No way.
No dear Vijayan. KK is a clever guy.
He peeked a little bird and flew away.
You put the phone down and look here.
He flew and flew and flew away.
Shall I cut into half? Shall I?
Hello, Vijayan Sir!
Didn't you bring your cal'?
Icameto buy fish.
I don't want my carto smell with fish.
Oh, I don't think like that.
We, Malayali people build toilets in bedrooms.
Then what's bad about taking fish in a cal'?
These architects, they always
talk connecting things together.
You, electricity people always
use words like connection,
high tension, blowing fuse.
Ijust remembered one thing
when I said high tension,
You should help me to change the
high-tension line passing above my factory.
It's been a long time since I gave the request.
Nothing happened yet.
Hey! What happened to you?
Looks like the high-tension
line is passing above your head.
Dears, Sri Krishnan is here!
Man! Where were you?
We have been waiting so long.
See, duty free bag, I told you guys
he will come here directly.
Bapputty! Bring the glasses and soda.
It's here already.
Tell dude, who did you peck during this trip.
Ijust doubt if he peeked or he got peeked.
Vijayan, ifthe hook is good enough,
any fish will bite.
- Correct!
- Isn't KK?
Yes, the hook should be good.
You are lucky, man!
You guys carry on with
yourfamily responsibilities.
Look at me, still a bachelor,
no luggage, enjoying every bit of life.
Hey, who was your bait in Delhi this time?
When he lands in Delhi,
who else will be there?
But she should be very old now.
Yet this man is not getting old.
Not that dude, recently
her husband passed away.
Ifl go there, she will be on my head.
That's right. Freedom will be gone.
He can't do that.
Note the point!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Dude, please teach your technique to us too.
Did you evertry those techniques
which Itaught you before?
What man!
Hey, did KK study with us?
He studied Pre-degree with us.
That's fine.
Dude, whatever close yourfriends are,
you should tell your wives about them.
Oryou will be in trouble.
- What you said is correct.
- Leave it.
Couldn't you reach your daughter over phone?
She's reachable on phone, but Muthanga
check post will be closed at 9pm.
That's right. It will be closed.
So, they can't reach here by night.
Sometimes they might reach,
but I am not very sure.
She could have taken any
of classmates with her.
Is there anyone like that?
Her classmate...
Don't get tensed. Nothing will happen.
Anyways, she is available on phone.
That's right, but how
can I be not tensed?
I can understand.
Me too, father of two girls.
Don't make Lakshmi also worried.
Call me ifthere is something.
Don't be tensed,
I am telling you, don't worry.
Dad has told me.
- That you were a Romeo in your college.
- Me?
If you have this much glamour now,
what it would have been in those days?
Uncle, how many children do you have?
- Children? Me?
- Yes.
How many could there be?
Sruthi, you tell me that,
think and answer.
Oh Nelson! Lakshmi, we have guests.
Not guests, it's us only.
Brother Vijayan, Celine
has got the labour pain.
She is at her house now.
I have to go there urgently.
I don't want to leave Mom alone at home.
Nelson, what are you saying?
We will take care of your Mom.
You go peacefully.
It's not a big thing. Mom will stay with us.
Give that to me. You relax and go.
Celine won't have any problem.
Mom, what's this?
Sister, don't you know her nature?
She won't go empty handed anywhere.
She bought so many things from that bakery,
saying it's for your daughter.
- That's my habit.
- Ok ok.
Saying it's for your daughter,
she bought everything for herself only.
You go and take care of Celine.
Iwill be back soon.
Please call us if there is something.
- Sure sister.
- Alright.
- See you Brother Vijayan.
- Call if you need something.
Let's go.
Mom, you please sit.
I will be back in a minute.
We both can eat this together. Where is Sruthi?
She is on the way.
Why didn't you ever bring Aunty to our house?
Why should I spoil my mood saying all that?
So, kids? No?
I have a kid now, to pamper. I am happy.
- How are you?
- Yes sir.
Give me one packet. How much is it?
50 bucks.
50 bucks.
Do you know what it is?
Aren't they grapes?
No, wild strawberries, wild java berries.
But 50 bucks is a lot.
I never bargain with street vendors.
If it is my Dad, he will bargain.
That's the Malayali mind-set.
Don't eat like that, wipe it first.
It was kept on the road, it might be dusty"
Don't eat everything yourself,
share with me too.
Don't swallow the seeds.
Let the berry trees grow all along the way.
You know what will happen
if you swallow the seed?
It will grow in yourtummy
and you will turn into a big tree.
Then lwill pluck the berries
from the Sruthi tree and eat them.
That's a good idea.
Look, looks like you have
put on violet lipstick.
- Is it?
- See.
Uncle, look here. Let's take a selfie.
There is a song in Malayalam,
"The girl is very black,"
"Her body is well shaped"
"She's the lovely daughter of forest"
"As beautiful as a berry."
"The sesame black is only outside"
"lnside she is gorgeous"
Am Ithat black?
I didn't say you are black,
it's the lyrics of the song.
Then you tell me, what is my colour'?
Why should I say that?
You ask your boyfriends.
- I don't have any boyfriends.
- That's a lie.
- Really.
- Really?
Oh Uncle
I know there should be
so many guys after you.
Tell me, am I black?
I didn't say you are black.
But I am not fair also.
It would be a lie to say you are fair.
Not fair, I know. Is it brown?
Neither black nor fair nor white,
you are beautiful, isn't that enough?
- Not enough.
- Then?
Tell me Uncle.
- Shall I say?
- Yes, agreed.
Not black, not white or brown.
You have the colour of berries,
nice wild berries.
Wild Strawberries...
Wild strawberriesmhehe.
Yes, haven't you heard?
It's the famous movie of Ingmar Bergman,
Wild Strawberries.
Wild strawberry!
It's so quiet here as Sruthi is not here.
When will she reach?
She will be here at night.
Some strike is happening there.
Oh, then there is no class?
No, do you want to watch serials?
- Sreya will play it for you. Sreya!
- Yes.
- Can you turn on the TV for Mom.
- Ok.
Watching serials every day,
it became a habit.
Don't you watch?
I don't have time to watch,
so much of work to do here.
Nowadays, there is no use of these servants,
we have to do all the cooking.
- Did you come late today?
- No
- Did you come on time?
- Yes.
Just asked as you are
washing clothes in the evening.
Why are you cutting so much?
Are there any guests?
Vijayettan's friend is also coming,
Sruthi is coming on his car.
I thought you are preparing it for me.
Mom, you should meet him, he is ajolly man.
Is it? Where is he from?
I don't remem ber where he is from.
Vijayettan said he is a big business man.
He stays in Taj, whenever he comes to
Then he drops Vijayettan here at night only.
Grandma, the serial has started.
I am coming. I don't remem ber where I kept it.
Mom, you watch TV.
I gave it to him. Where did he keep it?
Mom, what are you searching for?
I had brought a parcel when I came.
- I thought you were looking for it.
- I don't know where that boy kept it.
Yea, that's it.
I have the habit of munching
something while watching TV.
Take it dear. Let's take it there and eat.
Don't raise your sugar level.
No no. Come.
- Hello.
- I can't get Vijayan on phone.Where is he?
When we reach there, the post will be closed.
Then we will have to come through Iritti.
That's along route.
Oh, so what shall we do now?
One of my relative lives nearby.
That, that will not be fine.
You ask Vijayettan.
Nothing to be scared of, I am with her.
Ok, lwill give the phone to Sruthi.
- Hello.
- Dear, I will tell Dad.
- Call me once you reach there.
- Ok Mom.
Is there any problem?
No Mom, I will call once we reach.
- Fine.
- Bye.
No, that can't happen. It is impossible.
I have only one word, and
I have told you that.
- Just because I said, don't make it a habit.
- Hey!
Dear, he said that the
check post will be closed.
So, they will stay with a relative today
and will start tomorrow.
All this food that I cooked is wasted now.
Hey, why didn't he tell me about it?
Maybe he didn't want to
stop you from buying fish.
Did he call you?
Yes, he did.
That's why I could tell you that now.
- How about Sruthi?
- She also talked.
I told her it's ok, nothing to worry,
as he is Dad's close friend.
Isn't it true?
Still, you could have told me about it.
I thought I will tell you when you are here.
I can't reach her, you call her now.
I also called. It's out of range.
Hello, are you sleepy?
If you are not sleepy why are you yawning?
Do one thing,
Sleep straight and be comfortable.
I will make it right, enough?
Hi Nelson!
Vijayetta! There isn't any problem.
Is Mom nearby?
Iwill give it to her.
Why are you sitting without turning on light?
I forgot.
It's Nelson, phone call for Mom.
Viiayerra! Vijayetta!
Will you please call Lakshmi sister?
- Lakshmi!
- Yes.
Suhra is calling you.
Hey, what is this?
Isn't daughter coming today?
I have cooked some chicken curry.
Oh, I have cooked here.
- She likes it, that's why.
- Fine.
Suhra made special curry for Sruthi.
Whatever it may be, the ladies
of Kozhikode are expert cooks.
We can never reach up to them.
- Lakshmi!
- Yes.
One of your relative lives in Gudalloor area,
a pepper business man?
Why do you need pepper now?
To put in curries?
Not that, it's already dark.
It will be very difficult to drive
through that forest now.
I was thinking about your relative,
what is his name?
- Who? Vinayan?
- Yes Vinayan.
We will do one thing.
Let Sruthi stay there today.
We will go and pick her tomorrow morning.
KK is with her, then what's the matter?
He might in a hurry, he need to
take care of business matters.
In the midst of that to
take care of our daughter,
Why to trouble him?
You are a clever man.
What did you do when Vinayan and Mini
visited here after their marriage?
You just walked out ofthe house.
You didn't even talk a word to them.
You have no respect for my family.
And now you are telling our daughter
to go there and stay with them?
What kind of a man are you, Vijayetta?
When it is your own daughter's matter...
You go and find the phone number.
I don't have their number.
Notjustthat, last time
she left this place getting really angry.
And now you are asking me
to send our daughter there...
Oh my god! Ok hang the phone, hang it.
Celina has no problem.
Seeing his tension, one may think
he is having labour pain.
Seems it's not cut, see.
Hi Mini, I am Lakshmi.
- Why didn't you accept the call?
- I just slept.
Where have you reached?
I can't understand. It's really dark.
Look at some shop's board,
the name of place will be there.
There aren't any shops here.
- Who is that?
- It's Dad.
Dude, we got lost in a forest.
- Forest?
- It looks like forest.
- Dear, you do one thing.
Haven't you reached Muthumala now?-Yes.
Our Mini lives nearby there.
Where do they live?
I don't know any ofthem.
Now Uncle is there with me.
He has got some business matters.
Is it? Are you in a hurry, uncle?
Dude, I am not in any hurry.
Don't worry about that.
Not that man, there is Lakshmi's cousin
Why do you want to depend on these
distant relatives, when I am here?
Not that, I already told them.
They are in Muthumala.
But we already passed Muthumala.
You tell them that we already passed
Hey, I already told them.
It's ok Vijayan
Yes Dad, we will have to
drive back fora long distance.
We will come straight.
Uncle is with me.
- What I am saying is...
- Okthen.
Truly you don't want to go
and stay with your relatives, right?
How did you know that, Uncle?
Me? That I know.
First of all, I don't know any ofthem.
I haven't even seen them.
Then how can I go and stay with them?
- Yes, you are right?
- Isn't it?
Another evidence was seen in the heaven.
A giant red snake with seven heads,
ten horns and seven royal hair on the head.
Its tail swirled and threw down
the stars in the sky to the earth.
The giant snake waited in front
of the pregnant lady to eat the baby,
as soon as it was born.
It gives me peace of mind
when I read the holy bible.
May be because it is a habit since childhood.
Dear, please call Nelson.
Sruthi hasn't reached yet?
No, they are on the way.
Who did you say, is coming with her?
KK, my friend.
Whether it's KK or PK,
the times are very bad.
- Is he married?
- Who?
- Your PK?
- I think so.
What? You think so?
So, you haven't met his wife and kids?
No, they are settled in Bombay.
He comes here often.
This place is like home to him.
I can't reach Nelson.
When he is on line, you give me the phone.
Hey Sudheer, it's me.
Vijayan, what is it?
Is our KK married?
Are you going to search a girl for him?
Not that.
You guys are close friends,
and you are asking me about it?
This is about a bet between me and Santhosh.
What did you say?
I said that he is married, Isn't that correct?
It's half correct.
He is a divorcee.
Don't you know about that?
So, you lost half your money.
- Ok then.
- Fine.
Only one night.
- One night?
- Yes.
- Ok, we will come there.
- Come fast.
- In half an hour.
- Ok
Fine then.
Hello, shall we go?
Nature's call, are you coming?
- For ladies, it's tough.
- What?
We will go to some petrol pump. Ok?
Shall we go?
- Sruthi hasn't reached there yet.
- Where?
At Mini's place. Mini just called me.
Did you tell herthat Sruthi
will stay there tonight?
Yes, Itold her.
Then shouldn't you have told me about it?
I had told Sruthi.
What? To go there and stay?
My dear, she is not going there.
She will stay in KK's relative's house.
She had told me that before.
Didn't I already tell you?
Uncle! Happy-
Yes, be happy.
Not that, Happy on phone.
Oh. Santhosh, as he is happy all the time,
I saved his name as Happy.
How's it?
Hey Happy! What's up?
Dude, you are the one who's happy now.
Tell me.
There is a problem here.
Problem? What problem?
That song of yours,
,AL'lWhat Johnson, isn't there any toddyZAU
Tell me the second line ofthat song.
Our music performance stopped in between.
Perfect time to sing,
For you it's not the right timeto sing.
Hadn't we taken a video that day,
you check that. Now I am driving.
Dude, whose mobile was it shot, yours?
Not mine. You told me that you will send it.
I think it was in Vijayan's phone, wasn't it?
He is not that kind ofa person.
Dude, it's there in Vijayan's mobile phone,
lwill call him and get it.
Then carry on.
Even if I'm notthere, my song is. Ok?
There are having grand music there.
- Uncle, you sing, don't you?
- Of course.
I just kept away as Yesudas was there.
Ohh.. Uncle, do you really sing?
- Should I sing?
- Yes.
"What Jhonson, no teddy?"
"No mussels?"
"Nothing to take for teddy?"
"Bring soon."
"Let two big bottles come first"
"Hide it inside your coat"
"Let no one see"
"When dusk falls"
"Bharathan Master"
"ls going to reach the shop by rail"
"Let no one see"
"What Jhonson, no teddy?"
"No mussels?"
"Nothing to take for teddy?"
"Bring soon."
"When dusk falls"
"Moosakutty singing songs"
And Chacko brother covering his head"
"Are going to reach the shop"
"Let no one see"
"What Jhonson no teddy?"
"No mussels?"
"Let two big bottles come first"
"Then let the curries, tapioca and puttu"
"Come slowly"
"What Jhonson, no teddy?"
"No mussels?"
"Nothing to take for teddy?"
"No mussels?"
Romeo and Juliet.
It's cigar.
What are you doing with the knife?
Uncle, what is this knife for?
For safety?
No, to cut mangoes.
It is very sharp.
I bought it from Nepal.
Do you have antique collection?
Nothing like that.
lfl like something, lwill get it.
. Anything.
Keep it there or you will cut your hand.
It will be sufficient to kill one, right?
More than enough.
Do you want to kill someone?
Hey, I was just kidding.
Uncle, just imagine the car tyre
bursts now, what will you do now?
Iwill change the tyre.
What if some elephant ortiger comes here?
I will escape.
What about me?
Iwill give you to them for meal,
so that I can escape.
Oh, Cruel man.
Me? Am I?
Yes, you are.
Looks like a tiger.
Sorry, I got scared.
Dude, whatever close a friend is,
you should tell your wife
about their behaviour.
Othenlvise you will be in trouble.
- Uncle,
- Mmm..
Look, Aliyan, my Dad.
You talk.
- Hi Kichu!
- Dad, it's me.
Dear, you give the phoneto KK.
Dad, he is driving.
lwill put iton speaker.
You tell him to call me back.
Dude, tell me.
We are entering thick forest.
A place with animals like elephant,
tiger and cheetah, that are wilderthan us.
Speak fast.
The range may go now,
phone may get cut.
- It's about your relatives.
- Yes, relatives.
All human beings are my relatives, aren'tthey?
Dad, this Uncle is veryjolly.
He isjust tricking me saying things.
He also scared me.
Scared? For what?
Oh, the range is gone.
There is no charge. Don't waste battery.
Turn it off.
Hello! Hello!
Vijayetta, you didn't try
Suhra's chicken, have some.
Are you still on phone?
Who are you talking to?
One day I will check your phone.
Check post is closed.
It's just one minute late.
Sir, rules are strict.
We will open at 6.
What will we do now?
Let us see.
Are you passing via Nachencode?
Please give a lift to my sir till Mettur
How can I ?
I am travelling with myfamily
I will talkto my sir and come
Will he get into this car?
They are good people. Let them go
Thank you, Sir.
What if he insists to get into the cal'?
I won't let him.
Why? Haven't the Police
gotten the right forthat?
Right? Whether it is Police or Army,
one cannot get inside a vehicle
without the driver's permission.
That's the rule.
How can you be sure that they are police men?
What if they are some
thieves disguised as police.
So, aren't they real police?
Who knows?
Anyways, because we said we are a family,
they let us go.
Some lies are for good.
Dear, where have you reached?
Is it your Mom? I will talk.
Trouble came after we crossed Gundalpettu.
Check post is closed, because
of wild life conservation.
The check post will be opened
only at 6 in the morning.
In that case, do one thing.
As Vijayettan said, my cousin sister lives there.
But isn't that in Muthumala?
We will have to go long way back.
Lakshmi, you don't get tensed.
I will take care.
No, as it's too late...
If I was alone, I would have come.
Now, as she is with me...
You got in trouble taking her with you...
You don't worry about that.
I will take care.
My relative lives nearby,
Vijayan knows him.
You have dinner and sleep.
Tell Vijayan also.
There is no range here,
the phone may get cut.
Hello, Hello.
Oh, it got cut.
Hey, nobody in our circle knows about
this Krishna Kumar having export business.
I didn't call for that.
What's up? Did your daughter call?
Yes, she called.
Did you find someone?
I have arranged it.
You should call me if you need something.
- Ok, lwill call.
- Fine.
Are you not having dinner, dear?
Let's eat, dear..come
Hmm... lwill come
Uncle, we are at the Hotel
What? Hotel?
We were following them, Uncle
Are they over there now?
No, Uncle...
We are waiting outside the resort
Can't find their Car over here
Do one thing. Enquire at the Counter
I did. I was told
no such person has lodged here
Uncle, what should we do now?
lwill call you back
Ithought it was your relative's home!
That was a Hotel, isn't it?
Got scared, ah!
No. Just asked as you
told me it's your relative's home.
You hadn't eaten anything since morning,
Ithought we could eat from that hotel.
Then, I decided not to.
I'm like that.
At times, I have some intuitions,
That I need this and notthatl!
- At times, I also feel the same
AI Oh Oh!
Oh no!
Is there range on your phone, Uncle?
Gosh! It's dead!
Didn't I already
ask you to switch it off?
What are you looking for?
Is there no Charger in this Car?
It was there! Some complaint.
Unable to Charge now.
Did you ask who all are there?
Irony! Can't you ask KK then?
Not reachable
This? Is this your relative's home?
Don't you like it?
Greetings sir, hope you doing fine?
Yeah fine!
Why did you take
such a long time to reach?
As roads are too bad,
it got a bit late to reach
Sir, Is this the girl
you mentioned over phone?
Yes..Yes..Get the luggage
Damayandi! Sir has reached! Come quickly
Yeah, coming.
They are Tamilians I guessl!
Yes Tamilians only. So what?
- Greetings sir - Greetings.
Please come..
Come on dear... It's our house,
Get off..
Get off..
Get off I say
- Go...-Come dear"
Don't get afraid"
- Carry this - Give me the bag
Is my item ready?
Get it to the Car
Getting it, sir
What are you looking over there, dear?
Please come
Hello Vijayetta! It's me
Labour pain has started for Celin
No other complications.
Can you give phoneto mom?
Give to mom
Have it, dear
Hello Mom!
Since a long time
I'm trying to reach you
No range here, mom
Oh okay
Did you eat something?
I'm having, mom
Oh! How are Uncle's relatives?
Don't trouble them okay,
it's a new place
Okay mom
Who is that? Mom?
Don't worry, dear
Alli and Mayil arethere
You can sleep with them
Okay..Have food, dear
My dear Nelson! Stop getting tensed
Labor Pain is usual for women!
Why get tensed needlessly?
Relax! Everything will become alright
No, mom
Didn't I ask you to do something yesterday?
You went and asked Thomacchan?
Hmm! lwill ask
Not necessary! You needn't go now
At night time, he must
be lying drunk somewhere in the fields!
Still drinking?
Eat dinner before it gets cold
Here is it, son
Her Labor pain started
It's actually before her due date!
Nothing happens on time in these days.
Now everything is upside down.
What else to do? We have to suffer.
Don't feel frightened!
Feel like it is your home
Please lie down, dear
Where is Uncle?
Sir and my husband have gone out
Will have dinner and come back
Phone him and see if you wish!
What? No Charge on phone?
Give, lwill get it charged
Aren't you sleeping today?
What are you thinking so deeply?
Any tension in your office?
Hey nothing!
Mini called again
To know if Shruthi is coming?
I somehow managed to convince her
Would Sruthi have had her dinner?
She promised to call me then
While talking, call got cut
Hope she is comfortable
Did you call KK?
Ah. I did! She is comfortable there.
As it's a new place"
Come and sleep
Uncle, they went somewhere leaving the hotel
What should I do now?
Yeah! His relative's home is nearby.
They are there
Is it? Where is it?
- Do I need to go?
- Not necessary
- I will call you in the morning
- Okay
Anyway, we've taken a room in this hotel
Vijayetta, Got anything to tell me?
I felt that way
Haven't you slept?
How can I sleep?
Ain't I a mom?
You've some tension in your mind
You sleep
- Pal! I don't feel he is good
- Who?
Uncle who taken Sruthi!
When we reached Gudalur,
Evading us, why did he take pocket road?
Why should he evade us?
He wouldn't have noticed us also
No, He was watching us intently
I also sent her a SMS that I'm behind her
He wouldn't have noticed us
Okay agreed
That is not my doubt
Despite coming to the Hotel,
Without lodging here,
Where did they vanish through back gate?
Yeah that's what Vijayan Uncle told me.
His relative is somewhere here
What are we supposed to do now?
What else? Let's sleep
It will give what it regularly
gives, isn't it?
Dear, drink tea
You slept well last night?
It's a tiny house
Unlike your house, Comforts are very less here
Not even an Air-conditioner here
Dear, Tea will get cold.
It's our garden tea leaves! Will taste good
Drink it
And there is no bathroom inside
You got to bathe outside
I will get the water ready
Have bath, and take breakfast
Okay, where is Uncle?
As comforts are less here,
He is sleeping over there
What is it?
- You slept inside the Car, Uncle?
- Yes
What aboutyou? Had enough sleep?
And tea is even more wonderful
- Did you have?
- No
Drink, I will take another one
Your Ieftovertea without
brushing is for me ah!
- I did brush my teeth
- Yes Yes
Vijayetta, it's me
Tell me Nelson
Pain started for celin
What did the doctor say?
- Pain started for Celin
- Doctor didn't say anything
Me being alone here..
Is Mom sleeping?
Yes! Do I need to wake her?
No..Not necessary, Let her sleep
Ask him not to worry.
It's the first one, isn't it?
Don't worry, nothing will happen
O Kay
Poorfellow! Being the first one..
Should I tell mom now?
No need! Will tell her later.
See you.
Sruthi dear
Take it
I'm going--
That's not the correct usage
Say, I'll go and come back!
I will go and come back
Go carefully dear
See you
You didn't take bath?
No, I can't
It's too cold
I had a good bath in the river!
Crystal clear waterl!
Couldn't you ask for hot water?
They would have given you
River'? Where is it?
I love to bathe in river
But I can't swim
You can also bathe without swimming!
Ughl! What a bad smell!!
Nothing such, okay!
Isn't for that your perfume is here, Uncle?
Don't finish it off
How come they are your relatives?
- Who?
- Aren't they Tamilians?
Can't Tamilians become relatives?
Why don't you sleep there then?
Comforts are too less there
Then we could've better stayed at that hotel
- I love to sleep in my Car
- Lies!
When it's damn cold,
would anyone sleep in the Car?
I know.
Everything. That Dhamyandhi sis told me
About your relationship with them
You understood my secret, is it?
Don't tell it to anyone, okay
- Dear, have you started?
- Yes mom
We're on the way
Last night I was not able to reach you
Your dad was terribly tensed!
Good people, mom! Tamiliansl!
It's a big story, mom
- I will come and tell you
- Did you have anything?
Iate super Uppumma!
Dhamayandhi prepared it
Where is Krishnakumar?
Driving, mom! Wish to talkto him?
No..Needn't talk while driving
You come back soon!
Uncle is a busy man, okay
No..He is not that busy.
Simply saysl!
Okay then"
Let me send Shreya to school
- Bye mom..
- Bye
Sruthi called up
Saying she started!
Hope there is no problem..
What problems..She is very happy
Your KK is with her, isn't it?
Is KK a Tamilian?
It seems they slept last
night in Tamilian house
Tamilian house?
But he said it's his relative's home
That's why I asked if KK is a Tamilian
Come dear, have breakfast
Keep this
Here your brother-in-Iaw calling!
Dad! Mom had just called
You give the phone to KK
Yesterday I couldn't reach you over phone
Your phone was switched off
- I got terribly tensed
- What for?
When your sweet darling is beside me,
Then what?
Not that. When I couldn't reach you..
Sruthi was telling Lakshmi that
she stayed in some Tamilian's house
Who is your relative there?
Dad, they are not Uncle's relatives
- Uncle's Comrades! Comradesl!
- What?
It's a very long story, dad
I will tell you once I return.
Uncle is really great!
She is bullying me, buddy
That's like my own house
It's the house ofthe Leader ofthat village!
Earlier also your dad was like this
Disconnects while talking!
Why is your dad like this?
Dad is not like you Uncle.
I suddenly remembered Chellaiah's house here
He is the Leader of Estate Workers
If Chellaih snaps his fingers,
the entire estate with come with him
Moreover, there is no such a safe place
And at home, Dhamayandhi and Children are
So Safe..And very safel!
Oh, great plan.
Shall ltell you something, Uncle?
- In fact, I was very scared!
- What for?
But, since Uncle you were there..
- That was my strength!
- Good!
You know this Chellaih,
he isthe gem of this Estate!
- Then what about you, Uncle?
- Me?
I'm justa naught!
No..You're the gem, Uncle!!
My Qem!
I got scared!
Now itself"
What should I do now?
Should I wait or leave?
Better you leave
They are coming this way, isn't it?
I will wait for them
Didn't you see him evading us yesterday?
There is no way other than this, is it?
You leave, pal!
I'll catch a lorry or bus and manage myself!
It's Vijayan Uncle!
Damn Uncles!!
- Yes Uncle
- Sorry boy
No problem
Sam, You are on your way
back home, isn't it?
See if you could join them
Yeah Uncle!
I'm waiting forthem on the way
Has Sruthi called up?
No Uncle. Let it be a surprise for her
Okay Uncle..Okay
Hi Shreya
Mom, where are you going?
Nelson is yet to come
It seems her labour pain started.
Let me go to the hospital
Nothing to worry, stay calm, mom
- How can I, dear?
- Come"
Vijayettan will call Nelson
Hasn't Sruthimol reached yet?
No..she will reach now
Oh! Where did she stay yesterday?
At my friend's relative's home
- Friend means"
- Get me the phone
Do you know him?
Yeah, I know Kichu well
It's not safe to let children
stay in stranger's placel!
Times are very bad now!
That's why I said.
Hey Stop" Hey..
Hey Sruthi. Stop
Stop. Stop. Sam
- How are you?
- I'm good
- You know Keshu?
- Hi
What are you doing here?
To give you a surprise..
- Hey look..
- Then..As you said..l stopped it..
- What?
- Stuff.
- Really?
- Shall we move then?
- Okay dude.
- Happy journey!
- Yes Nelson..
- Vijayetta!
- How is Celine?
- Nothing serious
- Would you mind doing me a favour?
- Please tell me
lf mom could come here, it will be good
Doctor also advised
Can you send her?
Cab is enough
Hmm, one minute
Mom, its Nelson
- Hello..
- Mom..
Yes son..Has she given birth?
It's a bit complicated
Just now Nelson called
To send you to hospital
- Alone?
- Yes
How to send an aged mom to travel all alone?
Do one thing. Before going to office
Drop mom at the hospital.
Ohh, a mom and labour pain!!!
As if nobody else has delivered!!
Son, get me ataxi, I will go
Not need of taxi, I will drop you
No, I'm totally restless,
I will go myself, Get me a Taxi
Mom, please go, Vijayettan will drop you
Come, lwill drop you
See you dear
Give me a call once you reach there
Ok, definitely
Convey my regards to Sruthimol
Were you not really shocked on seeing me?
Dude, Would he ride all the way alone?
As Vijayan uncle told me..
But dad nevertold me a word about this
I stopped him from saying
To give you a surprise
- Have you tasted this?
- What it is?
Wild Strawberries!
Ugh! I didn't like it
Where did you buy this from?
We didn't buy, we plucked it.
Now watch! My lips and mouth will go violet
Uncle, do you want?
It's only for both of us, okay
Your uncle is at top speed!!
I'm fond of speed!
Me too! Uncle, come on dash!
He is at over speed!
It is written here,
above 70km ph speed is not allowed.
Who said?
Oh, that rule.
- Is Celine's bystander here?
- Here I am!
- Medicines to buy. Get them from downstairs
- Okay
Vijayettan, you brought her yourself!
How is she? Has she delivered?
- Not yet, Mom.
They told to buy medicines- Okay
I will wait here then
- You got to go to office, don't you?
- Yes
Then you go, I will sit here
Mom is here, right?
- Mom, you sit overthere,
- Okay
- Come back soon
- Sure, I will come fast. Vijayetta!
- Uncle!
- I didn't get in.
Uncle, Sam hasn't got in.
Hey you..Stop..
What have you done, Uncle?
It was not at all fair
Leaving a companion in the
midway is very bad!
When are you going to leave me like this?
Will I leave you midway?
I don't know
Shucks! Poor chap! How
will he return to hometown?
Isn't he a man? He will manage somehow!
Then tell me, why did you leave him midway?
There is a reason
- What is that?
- That"
I don't like him, that's why
For that case, what is his fault?
Why do you want to know?
He is not your boyfriend, is he??
Now he is my best friend
Isn't me your best friend?
Come on!
Then, you are my Uncle, aren't you?
Isn't this Uncle your best friend?
I'm tired ofyou!
Okay agreed! You are my best friend
Now tell me the reason
for leaving him midway
Can there be two best friends
at the sametime?
Not possible, right?
I felt I'm your best friend
So I left him midway, that is all
Now there is range. Sam is calling
Hello.. Hello Sruthi
Yeah, where did you reach?
Just now I got the range
Got any transport?
He is nota nice man!
That Uncle of yours..l meant him only.
Call me after boarding.
Only at your dad's behest
Itravelled all the way long
And your dad was not at all
happy sending you with him
You know?
Iwill call you back later
You see! Don't regret later
He is not good
He is too bad!
I heard what he said
I'm not good
I'm not good, not at all good"
I do agree
That" Uncle..
I'm not worth
Not worth at all!
It's true! Enough?
Oh no!
- Hello!
- Hi aunty!
Is Sruthi at home?
They haven't reached home yet.
Her phone was not reachable
I'm trying for a quite a long time
By noon she will reach home
Won't it be fine
ifl ask herto call you back?
Hmm, okay aunty
When will your classes resume?
Only after the strike is what they told
Please tell Sruthi to call me back
- Okay dear
- Bye
Stop the car
What is it, sir?
- Where are you coming from?
- Ooty
Travelling to?
Give me your book and papers
Iwould like to check your vehicle,
open the dicky
Sir, Good family!
Book and papers are correct
- Who is that? Your daughter'?
- Yes
Looks like a college student
- Which college?
- Studying in Ooty college,
Because of the strike,
I'm taking her back home
- ls it?
- Yes
- What is your name, deal'?
- Sruthi!
- Is it?
- Yes
Ok ok.. Leave"
- Got scared?
- Really!
They are checking us as though
we are smuggling Something
but we didn't do any smuggling
Yes Yes
Did you see this?
I got it from yourfriend Sam!
0h god!
Had they found this,
Minimum 2yrs is for sure
Besides Media will also damage our
Not only him, all three of us!!
Was it wrong to leave him midway?
Sorry Uncle! I spoke harshly
without knowing the facts!
Doesn't matter!
All that happens in friendship
But we got to be careful
Forthis reason only I had tiff with him
and came to bus stop alone
Where are you deal'?
I'm driving..Any emergency?
No..Nothing..l will call you back later
Okay I will give you a call back
You will surely call, won't you?
Okay. We
Uncle, you have too many friends, is it?
Enough ofthem!
They are the ones keeping my life progressing
I know.
That too many girl friends! Right?
Nothing of such sort!
No gender bias in myfriendship
Is there anything like that?
Who knows? I don't know.
Didn't you leave my friend midway?
That was out of my love for you, baby
Ouch! Will you stop calling me baby?
I'm not baby, My name is Sruthi
But only a baby to me!
Never call me Iikethat
Just call me by my name
Okay, then I will call you Sruthi baby
Again baby!
Why don't you call me by my name?
Okay agreed
Yes!! Inspite of having such a sweet name
And me calling you baby was not correctl!
What a fool am I? Is it not?
Sruthi, Sruthi.
I saw Chellaiah giving you!!
That bottle!
Oh you saw that?
You also want?
Haven't you tasted?
We, 8 roommates in Hostel
Drank a bottle of beer!
8 of you drank a bottle of beer!!
Let me tell this to your dad
Please no..Uncle..
Don't tell him
He will kill me
Then tell the truth
You have not tasted anything...
...Like hotdrinks...
I mean, whisky, brandy,
Gin, vodka"
But to my knowledge I heard
girls of your age used to drink
Then do you wish to know its taste?
A little..
If Uncle gives me..
If Uncle gives you..
Aren't you my best friend?
Then I will see
Okay, Ain't I your best friend?
This is the correct am bience
Silence of the forest
Music ofthe flowing river somewhere afar.
...Tamilnadu's border
This is the right place to booze
Come on
Come on buddy, let's enjoy
No Uncle, Iwasjustjoking
I don't want
No Jokes for such things
Come on..
Uncle, I was really joking,
I don't want.
Didn't you yearn for? Taste it and see
It will cause trouble, Uncle
No troubles!
If you don't drink after opening a bottle,
Then itwill lose its vigorl!
Come on, taste it
Got to mix water and drink
Doesn't matter
Oh God!
Close your eyes
Let's drink water later
Oh God! It's honey
Yeah, then what did you assume?
Chellaiah's Scotch Whisky?!!
It's a best Wild honey
Your mom asked for wild honey
I had told Chellaiah!
You can take this home
No..Don'tdrink now
Didn't I say you got to take it home?
"On the tiny tender leaf changing dampness,"
"The forest butterfly is waking up"
"On the tiny tender leaf changing dampness,"
"The forest butterfly is waking up"
"l am also enjoying the season's fondling"
"ls this some dream?"
'On the tiny tender leaf changing dampness,"
"The forest butterfly is waking up"
"As the flowers waiting in a
row for decorating the chariot,"
"As the moon rising forthe first time,"
"As this silent bamboo knows the tunes"
"ln the song hummed bythe breeze,"
"ln thejourney, in a moment,"
"Everything is clear"
"Smeared all over with the fragrance of the
"When the tiny tender leaf is changing
"The forest butterfly is waking up on it."
Have you heard about a story of me
and your dad digging a pond?
Lake?! Where? Tell me
It was during our college days
Shobindran Master was in charge
of National Service Scheme
You know Master?
Of course! My dad's master!
With green dress, Green Cap
and on a Green bike, isn'tthat Master?
Iknow him well
Suddenly one day Master pondered,
Why wild Elephants attack human settlements
and agricultural lands?
He did a research and found a reason
That, on the passage to the lake
where Elephants go and drink water
Is Where human settlements and
their agricultural lands are located
lf any other alternative solution is made
to resolve Elephants' water problem,
Then menace of Wild Elephants straying
into human settles areas can be reduced,
is what he studied for that.
We decided to dig a pond
With the help of our National Service
Scheme Students, Villagers and master
Dug a pond somewhere close by
A Very big one!
And on the subsequent year after rainfall,
pond was filled with water!
But neither Elephants came to drink water
Nor stopped straying into human settlements
and Agricultural lands
When I thought of it deliberately,
those Elephants weren't aware
about the water presence here
So someone's suggestion was
to put a board over there
JlifiHere Elephants' drinking water is
availableJ-iil with an arrow markl!
And in a hustle Shobindran Master
put a board there
Still neither Elephants came to
drink water nor stopped the attacks
- Why?
- Why?
It was because Elephants don't know
how to read Malayalaml!
That spot is somewhere closer
- Shall we visit?
- Certainly
Won't Rasheedikka reach next week?
As there is hectic work now
He promised to come during festival!
That must be Sruthi! I will be back now
Yes dear! Where have you reached?
On the way, mom
- On the way it seems!
- ls it?
With whom are you talking, mom?
I was talking to Suhra
Mom, there is a lake on the way
Uncle was telling
- Which lake?
- Elephant lake
You don't trouble Uncle!
He is a very busy man
No, mom. It's on the way only
- Isn't it, Uncle?
- Yes Yes
Suhratha Chicken Curry
is waiting for you here
Come home soon
Ah, okay mom
She wants to visit a lake on the way
Who is with here there?
Krishna Kumar! Vijayettan's friend!
Vijayettan is back home. You go
Okay then
What happened?
No issues
How is Celine now?
No big complicationsl!
- I met Dr.Sumitra
- Who?
She is one of the Doctors there
Who is that?
My classmate
- The one you met at get togetherl!
- Oh!
What did she say?
Complication is that baby is over weight
0h god!
Did Sruthi call?
Yeah, she called just now
told they are visiting some lake
"Elephant lake
Elephant lake? Where?
I don't know
What happened?
I am not aware of such a lake there
Isn't there an Elephants
drinking lake this way?
Yeah..Go halfa km and take left
- Left ah?
- Yes..third left
Oh okay, thank you
Close by only
Got to travel a little
further and take left
Too manyjerks and shakes!
Unable to sleep also
Yes Uncle
Sam, Which lake is it?
Lake?! Which lake?
Sruthi told me you are
visiting some elephant lake
I hope you are also with them
Yes definitely!
All of us are together only
Nothing to worry, Uncle..Yeah
Bro, is there any lake close by?
Lake? Meaning?
A Pool..Water pool
Oh Pond!!
It's little further
What for, boy?
Want to poo, do you?
Nothing like that.
Doesn't matter.
There is a spot little further
- You can ease yourself there
- Okay bro
Bro! I can't locate the way
Didn't I tell you?
If go halfa km straight and from there right
third from right
Then third left
I'm not able to locate it
No chance
Who is that fellow?
He asked for the way
To Elephant lake
- You saw, ah!
- See what?
Good location to visitl!
Not that kind of people!
Shall we google it and see?
Can't access it here
Look over there"
Uncle! A Peacock, over there!
Not only Deer and Peacock
Wild Elephants and Tigers
are also there in this forest
Enough, come
One second
Have a look!
Lovely photos!
Would've come pretty well in your camera
That we'll take it at the Lake!
Come, get in
Which isthe way to Pooncholapatha?
You remember, Villagers and
College students dug a lake
For elephants to drink water
Where is that lake?
Oh yeah! Go straight,
turn left and again straight
- Thank you
- Okay
They are real inheritors of the Forest
Unlike our People
They will direct us the way correctly
Won't mislead us
How is the trip? Fantastic?
Hmm...Very much!
- Is this the Elephant lake?
- Hmm
Earlier it was not like a forest
Now Even from Mysore,
Animals come here to drink water
- Really?
- Hmm! Travelling by bus!
Shall we take a Selfie?
Will show it to dad and surprise him!
- Enough
- Shall I take a Video also?
Let's see...
So, you located Elephant Lake, didn't you?
Yeah! I had been this to this spot before
I forgot the route
- Hope you understand the route now
- Hmm
Then leave the place
Sorry, such things aren't allowed here
- What?
- Don't try to fool us
This is not the kind of place you imagine!
Such things aren't allowed here
What such things?
- Is this your daughter?
- If so?
Your own daughter?
Not mine, my friend's daughter
Oh! Friend's daughterl!
Not his!!
Bringing College girls into
forest for all such bullshits.
- Not allowed here.
- Hey Mr...
You shut up! Just talk when your turn comes!
She says Mr.!!
Who is this girl?
Some College girl!
What is your name, lass?
Talk decently
Othenlvise would you teach me decency?
Hmm...What do you people want to know?
- What is your name, girl?
- sruthi
- Who is he to you?
- My Uncle
Seems her Uncle!!
- Come let's go
- Wait...
- What?
- Give me your name and address
In case you kill and discard her in the forest,
we'll have to answer to Police!
- Right, Hamsikka?
- Yes Yes!!
When they went around twice here and there
I suspected
What is gnawing you people now?
Look. Look at her attitudel!
Hello. I was also one ofthose who dug this lake
- Around 20 years ago.
- No lame excuses here!!
In guise of showing lake,
Bringing in college girls,
and sabotaging their lives is his business!!
Mind yourwords!
If do, what you will do?
Go ahead and talk, then you will know
Uncle, come, let's go
You can't leave that easily
Hamsakka, you ask them
Well, what brought you here?
- Where is your house?
- Kozhikode
At Kozhikode, where?
- Where do you study?
- Ootty
Here, You guys talk
Sorry. Signal is lost
Yes Yes. Signal will be lostl!
Please spare them
You get away
We are there to look after the town
You look afterthe forest
Get away
- Wait.
- Take off your hands!
How dare you lay hands on her?
Iwill rip you apart!
Let Police come
Let Police come
Then we will leave
What the hell you imagined?
Don't lay hands on her body
Call the Police
Informed them long back!
StopmStop. Police is coming
Let them decide now.
Move awaymMove
Don't touch
What the hell you thought?
Can do all such shit here?
His damn Lake seeingl!
Get away...
StopmPolice has come
This can't be allowed here
Move. Move away
- Is he the one?
- Yes sir
Sir, I'm Krishna Kumar
Keep your English with you!
Talk in language where
others can also understand
Yes, Correct
What is your name?
Krishna Kumar
And yours?
Tell yourfull name
Sruthi Vijayan!
Who is he?
- My Uncle
- Eh!
Uncle it seems
Sir, lfl could get back my phone,
I have to make few calls
Who has taken his phone?
- Give it back
- Here sir
S.P, LG, Minister!
If you are going to contactthem,
Letthis phone be with me fortime being.
Probably to blow off my Cap!
Okay, both of you get into the jeep
Sir my Car...
That will reach the Station
Madhu, Get the Keys and bring
it to the Station
- Sir, that is an automatic Car
- Oh, automaticl!
We Poor don't know all thisl!
Hell, with his automaticl!
If you don't know how to operate,
tow it to the station
Yeah, tow it sir.
Correct sir, Come on, tow..
Hello Uncle.
Come on splash.
Hell with his automatic.
(Crowd noise)
Come on splash it nicely
Vijayan Sir, Were you
aware of yesterday's joke.
Thomas Sir received a Call from
that old Producer Kasi Sir yesterday
Thinking it was for Casting
He immediately rushed.
With a new fair & Lovely tube, Shirt and Pant,
One day leave, and besides it,
an auto fare also.
You know what was the scene
there when he reached?
It seems Producer stopped
Cinema and inviting people
For something called Broadway...
No. No. Amway
AJoining B and B Joining C.
Now he is onto that business.
And forthe people who rushes upon
hearing the word Cinema
Must really deserve this.
- Hello, Is it Mnvijayan?
- Yes
I'm Jeevanandan, Kattichira Police S.l
What are you doing, Mnvijayan?
I'm Assistant Engineer Vijayan
- Mr. Vijayan.
- Yes
- Is Sruthi your daughter'?
- Yes
What is the problem, sir?
Who isthis Krishna Kumar?
Krishna Kumar is my friend
What is the problem?
No issues, as the girl is a minor...
If we charge a case, it will be a trouble later.
I don't get you well, Sir.
What kind of parents are you?
Both ofthem are in the Station
Rush to the Station immediately
I will tell you directly
Back from office so early?
Unable to reach Sruthi over phone
Her phone is switched off
Shall I convey this to someone and
Convey whom?
There is a Circle Inspector, whom I know
For what?
To convey that your daughter
is at Police station?
What shall we do now?
If I tell about this to someone, then also...
No, keep it as a secret for the time being
Ah! I'm leaving
Wait, I'm also coming
- Won't it be enough ifl go alone?
- No
I'm her mom
Then who will take care of Shreyamol?
I'll entrust her to Suhra
- Suhra.. Suhra
- Yes
What's it Lakshmichechi?
We're going out.
Shreya will be back from School now
- lwill give you a call
- Okay
Can you drive?
Shall we call a taxi?
Doesn't matter, I will drive
Yeah Suhara
Child is back from School
Let her be there. We'll reach home soon
- She will be fine here.
- Okay
- Didn't you say that KK
is your dearest friend?- Hmm
Sir is calling you
Show your identity card
Give me your details
Full name?
Sruthi Vijayan
I'm not a kind ofa person you imagine!
That I understood
Don't you read newspapers?
Or Watch TV Channels...
Don't you live here?
Every other day, this Sexual
Harassment is happening
Don't consider everyone like that.
You don't teach me Law
Only after pursuing all this,
I'm wearing Khaki
Who? Your wife?
- No
- Then?
What else a doctor could be?
Oh! So, you consult a lady doctor?
Well, what is your line of business?
Tea & Seafood exports!
Oh! A Big Shark!
Big sharks like you are
the cause for all such troubles
Villagers are not like olden times now
They have got good moral awareness!
For that, All Castes are United!!
Only for such a easel!
By the way, what actually happened?
Sir, along with me...
Sir, he is the Lorry Owner
Please come and sit
You wait out, I will call you
You sit down
That is a different case
- Which?
- Sexual harassment!
- Vijayetta, tell them Krishna Kumar
is ourfamily friend!- Hmm!
Don't vent your anger on him now.
She is our daughter
It's ok...
Call them
Sir is calling you
This is a Police Station,
don't you know?
When I saw my child...
Okay, sit down
Vijayan, isn't it?
Do you knowthis man?
Of course.
He is Krishna Kumar, Ourfamily friend
What is the problem?
Because there is a problem, you've been called
I don't get it.
Villagers will tell you
They were going around the
forest looking out for Elephant Lake
So, what? She already informed me
Yes, she informed us
Very 90d parents!!
What is wrong in it?
Ifa Man and woman go together somewhere,
Will the sky fall down?
But the Villagers...
Bullshitl! What an lrony!!
In which Era are you guys living?
We Policemen didn't create this problem!!
Villagers! When Villagers complain,
Shouldn't Policemen cooperate?
You know, suppose Policemen
don't take any actions,
Only Politics everywhere!
What should we do now?
You needn't do anything.
I've not charged any case against them
As the girl is a minor,
later it will cause trouble
But what did my daughter do wrong?
Isn't there any Case charged against
Villagers for accusing my child?
According to law even if someone touch
a girl's hand without her consent,
Police got to charge a case
Police shouldn't dance
to the tunes of Villagersl!
Listen! Could've charged a case saying that
I saw them in a com promising situation
And leave you in a desperate situation!
When I am trying to help you...
Give your full details and go
If there is any future enquiry about this
lwill be held liable!
Here is your daughtefs phone
Thank you
One more thing, Villagers are waiting
out with mobile Cameras
Ask herto cover her head while going
- Sir, my phone
- Hmmm
Here you go.
What kind of parents are theyl!
No wonder kids becoming like this!
Becoming what?
Oh!! I'm not talking to you
Weren't you saying you can charge case against
us for seeing us in compromising situation?
There are no such sections now, Sir.
Oh! You also know law, don't you?
To pursue law, one doesn't have to
go to Law college
Reading Newspaper daily will be enough
Even without a woman's complaint,
Police has got the authority to charge
a case against those who harassed her
You didn't do that, did you?
Why I kept silent all this time is because,
I didn't want you to tarnish
that girl's reputation.
Thank you, sir!
Damn Police!!
Why do you got to fear?
Just lodge a complaint. Nothing to worry
Thank you very much
Till the time I received a call from you
I was really worried!!
That's alright. Am not me also a Mom?
Thank you
Hey move
What? What is it?
What the hell do you want?
I know my daughter well
Whatthe hell did you think?
If a man and woman go together somewhere,
And sits alone...
Will this World come to an end?
If that is the case, then let this
nasty world come to an end!
First mind yourfamily.
Wait, Vijayetta!
I know these fellows
I'm not afraid of anyone.
Stealthily peeping into other women's lives...
See. There is not even
a single woman in this Crowd
Only low class male vagabondsl!
What a kind of mom she is!!
Yes man!
Yes! Forthe Moms who raise children decently,
A single touch of their children
is more than enough
For her to read their minds!
I'm that kind ofa mom
That's how I raised my daughterl!
(Crowd howling)
Keep howling... till your vocal cord tearsl!
Come on... Click..Click
This is my daughter
You want to take her photograph
Come on, take
Whatthe hell did you think?
Your single photograph
will besmirch her honor!!
You are only a disasterma great Disaster!!!
Playing your pranks with Thalassery People!!
Get in, dear.
Hey...My Slipper is more than
enough to handle you guysl!
(Crowd shouting)
Will you hang usto death?
If needed, I will approach Vijayettan
Our Chief Minister! You want to see?
Want to see?
No other issue here
When I repeatedly heard ,AL'lVijayan..Vijayan..
I suspected,
It's a case that will blow off our caps!
I'm an immoral man, pal!
None of us are good
Still, when you rely and
entrust your daughter to me,
Won't she become my daughter also since
Or what kind of friendship is it?
Kichu, you come.
You go... You are together with yourfamily.
No, come... Get into the Car...
No..You go with yourfamily
I will fix my car and come
We'll entrust that to someone, you come
Uncle, it's you who said we are all one family
Stop for a while
His gait doesn't look goodl!
This is notonly for you
But for all!
Only now I'm pacified
Start the car, dude!
- Brother, Is this place fine?
- For what?
There is no such Elephant lake here, bro
It's an apt place. Ease yourself here and come
I never intended this one.
I referred to a big lake
Where Elephants come to drink water.
You want the same Elephanfs
lake to ease yourself?
It looks very strange!
What a kind of boy you are!
Looking for Elephant Lake for poo also?
Bro, you can locate it if you try
Please push, bro, come, let's go
Attend that call
It's Nelson
What is it?
- Vijayetta"
- Nelson, Vijayettan is driving
What happened?
Celine delivered, A girl baby
Celine has delivered a girl baby
Girl baby?
What is wrong if it's a girl baby?
- Hey, nothing wrong
- I will give phone to mom
Hello. Dear, It was a normal delivery
- Has Sruthimol reached?
- Yes!
Thanks heaven!
Didn't I say,
if the friend is good,
then nothing to worry about
Vijayan is good
That's why God blessed him
with a good friend!
Tell the little one not to finish
all the snacks I brought
Keep some for me too.
Okay mom
"What Johnson, no toddy?"
"No mussels?"
"Nothing to take for teddy?"
"Bring soon."
"Let two big bottles come first"
"Hide it inside your coat"
"Let no one see"
"When dusk falls"
"Bharathan Master"
"ls going to reach the shop by rail"
"Let no one see"
"What Johnson, no toddy?"
"No mussels?"
"Nothing to take for teddy?"
"Bring soon."
"When dusk falls"
"Moosakutty singing songs"
"And Chacko brother covering his head"
"Are going to reach the shop"
"Let no one see"
"What Johnson no toddy?"
"No mussels?"
"Let two big bottles come first"
"Then let the curries, tapioca and puttu"
"Come slowly"
"What Johnson, no toddy?"
"No mussels?"
"Nothing to take for teddy?"
"No mussels?"