Unconditional (2011) Movie Script

Life used to be so beautiful...
so full of magic
and possibilities.
I would sit for hours drawing
and dreaming up crazy stories
to tell all my friends.
I thought my stories would
inspire the world,
make it a better place somehow.
I was such a dreamer.
And for a while,
it seemed like all my dreams
were coming true.
Billy was my world,
the man of my dreams.
But how quickly dreams
can be shattered.
That killer didn't
just take Billy's life.
He took mine, too.
The only thing the police knew
was that the killer wore
a red hoodie
and left behind
a mechanic's rag.
They soon gave up their search,
but I could never move on.
What do you do
when you've lost your faith,
your hope, your will to go on?
I used to dream
of telling stories,
but I never dreamed that mine
would end like this.
Oh, my God, no!
No, we doin' this.
So tell me, did you miss her?
I don't hear nothin'.
I know you as hungry as I am.
Out late for a school night.
Come here!
I know you're still there.
And I know you're listening.
I sure could use
some help right now.
No matter what happens to me,
watch over those kids.
She... She got hit!
Miss Crawford?
How is she?
She got banged up pretty good.
Gonna keep her overnight
just to be safe,
but she's gonna be fine.
Have you seen the family?
Someone should be here
any minute.
The police, they're downstairs
waiting for a statement,
but if you got just a second,
she wants to see you.
She wanted to tell you
No, no, no, don't wake her.
if she don't get to see you.
Coming tomorrow?
I don't know.
I think so.
How I know you're not playing?
"Samantha Crawford."
You can call me Sam.
What's your name?
I'm Macon, and you
just made me a promise.
Well, I guess I did.
So she's okay.
She's gonna be fine.
She's all right.
You a relative, or...
I help look after her.
Miss Evans is
on her way up now.
What's your name, honey?
Joe. Joe Bradford.
Joe? Joe Bradford?
It's Sam.
Samantha Thomas.
How have you been, girl?
I can't believe this.
What are you doing here?
What... Are you okay?
I'm fine. I...
This is the young lady
that brought
the children up here.
You have got to be kidding me,
of all the people.
Those kids yours?
Well, now, that's complicated.
know each other?
This was my best friend
when we were kids.
Oh, come here, girl.
Yes, sir, she's right here.
What is it, 20 years?
Hold on.
Excuse me.
You have
a very impatient detective
waiting for you downstairs.
Okay. Okay.
You got a card
or something, Sam?
Here, I found one.
It's tattered there.
She's headed your way.
You come see me.
We got a lot
of catching up to do.
It was good to see you, Joe.
You, too.
You come see me now.
I will.
This is Joe Bradford.
His grandmother
is the new janitor.
Let's all make him
feel welcome.
Run along and find a seat.
Gosh, look at that Afro.
Seat's taken.
What you got?
Got something to trade?
Do you like Jell-O?
How about my Jell-O
for your potato chips?
And, uh, maybe we can
trade again tomorrow?
Okay, it's a deal.
Here she comes.
Who tripped her?
She's your girlfriend.
Why don't you make her
tell you, coon?
I'm gonna tell you this once,
and I'm gonna talk real slow,
so you can understand me.
It'll be a cold day
in Jamaica for some...
Fight, fight, fight, fight!
Fight, fight, fight, fight!
Fight, fight, fight,
fight, fight!
See you at lunch tomorrow.
Don't forget my 'tater chips.
Hey, Cricket.
How's my girl?
Strange day today, huh?
Hey, cowboy.
Hey, pretty lady.
You make it by the bank
for me today?
I sure did.
Good, 'cause I just ran out.
You are finally
gonna write that thing.
It should be your best ever.
All right.
So where they at?
Where's what at?
My $2.00 bills,
my Jeffersons.
I put them
in the coffee mug cabinet.
The coffee mug cabinet?
Now, why would you go
and put them
in the coffee mug cabinet, huh?
What's wrong with you?
Oh, you're gonna get it.
A chicken?
You broke your promise.
And you owe me a quarter.
No, no, I'm still
coming up there.
Too late.
They sent us home.
Yeah. And you just made
a big, fat liar out of me,
'cause I told Keisha
you was coming to see her.
Looked her in the eye.
Macon, I am so sorry.
I guess
this is good-bye.
No, Macon, hold on a second.
I was just on my way to get
something special for Keisha.
Something special?
What you got, some candy?
Sure, what kind does she like?
Bring her some M&Ms.
I love... I mean,
she love them things.
And pizza. Bring her some
pizza, ham and mushrooms.
What's your address?
Told you.
Now, how about that?
About time you showed up.
Well, it's nice
to see you, too.
Mind your manners.
Hi, Keisha.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm Sam.
Keisha, you better get over
here if you want any of this.
Boy, you act like you ain't
never seen no candy before.
Name's Maddy.
It's a good thing what
you done for my babies.
Well, anybody would've done it.
Aw, no, they wouldn't.
Hey, Tee.
Got a light?
Can I go hang with Tee a while?
Leave that man alone, boy.
Can I, Tee?
How far does that road go?
Mmm, four more streets
and a dead end.
Help you find something?
I passed by this address
on my way to see you.
I think it's my friend's house,
but I'm not sure.
Give it here.
Your friend Joe Bradford?
Yes, ma'am.
Well, you're in luck,
'cause that's where he live.
Welcome to the projects, honey.
Thank you.
for Joe, aren't you?
He said you might be
stopping by.
I'm Denise.
I work with him.
Hi. I'm Sam.
Oh, I know who you are.
Told me all about you.
Come on in.
Just make yourself at home.
I knew you'd come.
I need your help
with something.
I bet I know
what you're thinking.
How in the world
did I end up here?
I'm just glad to see you, Joe.
Hold this.
I hope you got enough, man.
Thanks, Billy. Thanks.
Let's go!
Hey, give me one.
Ha, ha, hey, yeah!
Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about.
That's what I'm talking about.
Huddle up, huddle up,
huddle up, here we go.
Here we go.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Haaa!
Green means they all had
good behavior the whole week.
And for that...
Oh, this is my good friend from
when we were kids, Miss Sam.
Give it up.
You ready.
I'm ready, yeah.
His name is Snuffy
Yeah, and he's a clown
Yeah, when he gets jiggy
Yeah, he breaks it down
Yeah, go Snuffy
Go Snuffy, go Snuffy
His name is Papa
Yeah, and he's a clown
Yeah, when he gets funky
Yeah, he breaks it down
Go Papa, go Papa Papa
Yeah, his name is Bernie
Yeah, and he's a clown
Hey, old man.
You do your dialysis today?
No, ma'am.
But, uh, I will. I will.
Her name is Sam
Yeah, and she's a clown
Yeah, when she gets happy
Yeah, she breaks it down
Yeah, go Sam, go Sam
Go Sam, go Sam
Go Sam
Uh uh-uh uh
Uh-uh uh
Uh-uh uhhh
Hey, all right,
girl goes down in flames.
All right!
homework time!
So what have you been up to?
I mean, I saw on your card
you're like a children's
author or something now.
No, I stopped writing
a couple years back.
What's up, Bernard?
I'm thirsty, Papa Joe.
All right, I got you, big man.
Let's go.
Got a lot of catching up to do.
Yeah, we do.
Hey, Denise.
Tell Joe I'll be right back.
Okay, baby.
Yo! You got the OG
holdin' it down out here!
Boy, don't ever let me catch
you wearing this again.
You hear me?
Go home, Macon.
Hey, I'm sorry, all right?
Boy, get inside that house!
Miss Crawford?
Oh, please, sit.
So what were you doing
down there?
I was checking on a couple kids
that I'd helped get to the ER.
Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, the hit-and-run,
girl from the projects.
I heard about that.
While I was in The Commons,
I saw a guy that matched the
description of Billy's killer.
He had a red hoodie,
and he was a mechanic.
You a detective now?
You do understand that
we questioned every mechanic
and chop shop operator
in a five-mile grid?
Here's a news flash for you...
all the bangers
wear red down there.
You're grasping at straws,
Miss Crawford.
Look, I'm no racist,
but I am a realist.
This is The Commons.
They throw a party if a boy
makes his 21st birthday,
because he's defying the odds.
Did you ever play
with pit bull pups?
They're so cute, cuddly.
Then they grow up.
They become what nature
intended them to be.
They can't help it.
I think about those kids
you picked up,
and I wonder
what they might become.
You might take solace
in this thought.
The man that killed your
husband's probably already dead.
Thank you, Detective.
So you started your new book?
Oh, no, it's just an idea.
It's nowhere near ready.
Well, I would love to hear.
I'll be nice.
Come on.
All right.
But it's rough.
Once upon a time,
there lived a little oriole
named Firebird,
and Firebird just lived
for the sunshine.
He would bask
in that glow for hours.
But when the rains would come,
he would complain to his mama.
He wanted to know why
God gave the storms power
to take away the sun.
And his mama would
just smile at him and say,
"You'll know someday
when you take a walk
on the clouds."
Now, over and over again,
the rains would come,
and over and over again, little
Firebird would complain to his mama.
Until one day,
a huge storm rolled in,
and his mama had
a different answer.
She said, "It's up there
waiting for you.
You just have to see it
for yourself."
Now, little Firebird
was scared.
He hadn't used his wings
much at all.
Yet he went up
into the great unknown.
But instead of answers,
he was met with lightning
and thunder and a howling wind.
He feared
it would rip him apart.
He was about to turn back
when it happened.
He broke through the clouds,
and there it was,
more beautiful than ever.
And in that moment,
it all became clear.
No storm could
take the sun away.
The sun was always shining.
It was as constant
as his mother's love.
He just needed to take
a walk on the clouds.
Well, that's not bad
for a start.
You gotta write this, Sam.
Excellent work
this time around, guys.
I'm really,
really proud of you.
I will be posting
your names in The Commons,
so everybody can see
how wonderful you all are.
First up, a man
who flat-out rocked it,
who came up in four classes,
Great job. Great job.
Peach, Chloe, Keisha,
Trent, and Willis.
Excellent work.
You owe me some of that.
Oh, really?
Enlighten me.
Five "A"s, baby.
Is that right?
Yes, sir.
Never saw any proof, Einstein.
'Cause I don't want
my name up on that board.
Mmm, and why is that?
Got my reasons.
Well, I'm sure you do.
But until I see that card
and you let me post your name,
I'm gonna assume you're
doing what you do best,
which is running
a hustle on me.
I ain't hustling you, man.
Then bring me
that card, player.
You show me what you made of.
This is stupid.
Well, well, she lives.
Y'all got time
for a quick story?
That woman back there,
she saved my life once.
Y'all want to hear about it?
I thought so.
You scared away my bird friend.
He was the main character
in my new story, see?
Oh, yeah?
What's this one about?
'Bout this little bird
who finds out
God even cares about sparrows,
and then he's happy.
Why you always messing with all
that drawing and story stuff?
Why you always wearing
your pajamas in public?
For the last time, these are
not pajamas, all right?
Come on.
Where are we going?
Someplace special.
You'll see.
What's all this?
This is my training ground.
I am gonna be
a samurai warrior.
Uh, Joe, I don't think
that there are any...
I know, I know.
There ain't no black samurais.
I am one of a kind.
Gonna train hard,
gonna fight hard,
gonna save the world.
I'm gonna be big, Sam.
Writing stories
is still cooler.
Ain't busting up Jimmy Landry's
face good enough for you?
Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Stay back, Sam.
I... I got this.
Don't... Don't do it.
What about my dad?
Is he coming?
No, baby.
He ain't gonna be
able to make it.
Yes, sir?
How come my dad don't love me?
Well, aren't you
just a pretty thing?
You got a visitor, Joe.
Come on over here, miss.
Look here.
Made you something.
"Samurai Joe."
That's what I'm talkin' about.
I was thinking...
You can survive a snake bite,
you can survive
just about anything.
I mean, you're invincible,
and you're strong enough
to make it on your own.
Ain't nobody that strong, baby.
And you ain't got to be,
'cause you're never
on your own, Joe.
You're never alone.
died that night
if Miss Sam hadn't
been there with me.
How many y'all coming up
without a father?
it's tough sometimes,
but one thing my grandma
told me that day was
that sometimes
life can be cruel,
sometimes life can make you
sad or angry,
maybe even want
to hurt somebody,
but no matter
how hard life gets,
you're never alone.
I got some good news
and some bad news.
What do y'all
want to hear first?
Bad news is food truck...
it's not coming tomorrow.
The good news is
it already came!
all this, Joe?
happens when you just ask.
Truth is my neighbor, Denise,
came up with this whole thing.
I'm just...
just doing my part.
Hey, I'm sorry
I disappeared on you.
How come she doesn't talk?
She used to.
She's been through quite a lot.
She wants you to come along.
So where's it at?
Where's what at?
You still owe me a quarter.
Are you serious?
Oh, that is an amazing drawing.
Did you do that?
Wow, we have
a little artist here.
Always drawing
them dumb things.
She ain't never even
seen a real one before.
There's nothing dumb
about a horse now.
They're the most
amazing animals on earth.
That one looks
just like mine, Cricket.
Stupid waste of time
if you ask me.
Well, nobody asked you,
did they?
I think it's beautiful.
that's a good idea.
She wants you to come inside,
so she can show you her room.
I think you should ask
your grandma first.
I'll wait here.
She don't like white people
in her house.
Nah, I'm just playing.
Macon, I told you
not to come into my house!
We're gonna have
to have a talk, boy!
Come on.
Come walk with me.
Hold up a sec.
What were you just doing?
You were in Tee's house.
Oh, man.
Where you gonna walk, fool?
I'll get you back.
Just keep walking.
No, man.
I want to know.
What were you just doing?
You're hiding something.
You're the po-po.
This is ridiculous.
I'm just a friend of Joe's.
No, I'm not buying that.
Give it to me straight,
or I'm telling Joe
you're up to something.
All right, I'll play along.
Name your price.
I seen how you play.
You want something from me?
Then name your price.
Double what was
in the grocery bag,
a case of Coke, three bags of
Snickers, and a roll of quarters.
Is that all, Macon?
The horse!
And you better take Keisha
to see that horse.
And I swear, if you do one more
crazy thing, I'm telling Joe.
And I can promise you that.
Oh, you made a promise.
Come on.
I'll be fine.
I'll see you soon.
You've reached
Detective Miller.
Please leave a message.
Detective Miller, this is
Samantha Crawford.
I need you to run a name
for me, Anthony Jones.
I know you think I'm crazy, but
just run the name and call me back.
When did it happen?
about the horse and the farm?
ladies and gentlemen.
Out of the graciousness
of her heart,
Miss Sam has invited all of us
on a field trip to her farm.
It's looking better,
and I'm loving the weather
Things are coming together
Now I'm smiling again
Hope is the reason
There's a change
in the seasons
And if we keep believin'
We'll be smiling again
It's the first day of
the best days of our lives
How's everybody
doing back there?
All because hope
saved my life
I survived
And now I'm living
and giving, too
Show me the way
This is the first day
of the best days of my life
You ready?
Come on.
You know they have
a special gift, don't you?
Would you like
to know what it is?
You can tell them
all your secrets,
and they'll
always keep them safe.
Cricket knows all of mine,
the happy ones, the sad ones.
And she's never told a soul.
You can tell her anything,
and it'll always be safe.
Come on, man!
You have to see this!
Okay, Macon.
I'll be right there.
There's a cow!
That's a cow!
Now, what you want to do is...
Seen this on TV
a million times.
See, all you need to do is grab
one of these things and pull.
Come here!
You don't see it, do you?
See what?
Come on, now.
Ooh, dang!
Ooh, man?
What is that trash?
Kids, guys,
I'd prefer if you didn't
play with this stuff.
I'm sorry.
Miss Sam's right, y'all.
This is, uh, real
special stuff right here.
This girl's country music
helped save my life once.
Say what?
That's right, back
when I was in prison.
Oh, I got to hear about this.
Y'all don't want
to hear about that.
Yes, we would.
Well, now,
the first thing
you learn in prison
is to always mind
your own business.
Keep on walking, young buck.
No, sir. I think I'll
be fine just right here.
We got rules here.
That's why you gotta move it.
Now, scat before I get angry.
You gonna eat that cornbread?
Take a walk, old man.
You talking to me, Tubby?
Yes, sir, I was just leaving.
You're new here,
so I'm gonna let you off
with a warning.
Stay with your own kind, sheep,
or Big Mack gonna have
to put his hands on somebody.
Mop that floor
like you was taught to do!
I can't listen
to this trash no more.
I mean, can't a brother
get some r-e-s-p-e-c-t
up in here or somethin'?
Shut up and mop.
You missed a spot.
Make him clean it up!
I can't take this.
Take that, crackers.
Yeah, whoo!
It's free time.
What are we gonna do, man?
If we live through this,
remind me to kill you later.
Oh, there's just somethin'
About the way
it's lookin' around here
This old place
ain't what it used to be
So I'll pack up my guitar
Won't you forgive me,
You won't be hearing
nothin' more from me
Darlin', I have to hitch
my way to Georgia
Gonna have to go away
Darlin', I hopped a train
to California
Darlin', I'm breakin'
out of here today
And I've cast off
these shackles
And give myself
another world away
I'm breakin' out of here
You know any Hank Williams?
Know 'em all.
Which one we doin'?
That's enough.
Back in your cells.
We know 'em, too!
We know 'em, too.
and most of my other friends
used to listen to.
I mean, I must've heard
that tune a thousand times.
When I think about it,
Miss Sam done saved
my life twice now.
What is that?
All right,
we about to blow it up now.
Oh, man.
Y'all ready for this?
So you ran the name?
Didn't have to.
Your boy was one
of our original suspects,
but he has an alibi.
He was with his cousin
that night.
But I'm telling you, I saw...
I don't really care what
you saw, Miss Crawford.
I care about evidence.
Unfortunately, I can't make arrests
based on your gut feelings.
Just stay out of The Commons.
Nothing good is gonna come out of
whatever it is you're doing down there.
Don't call me about this again.
You hear me?
You're on your own.
What an honor it is
to be here tonight.
I'm still not certain
how a children's author
received such
a prestigious award
for giving away a few books.
Everyone here seeks to make
a difference in this world.
My husband Billy
would have been
right at home with all of you.
Tonight, I'd like
to share Billy's idea
about changing the world
with love.
The $2.00 bill,
it came to be
Billy's symbol of love.
There are millions in print,
more than enough to go around,
but they're hardly ever seen.
People hoard them
or they hide them away.
Billy would always say there's
enough love to go around.
You just got to share it.
Then he got this crazy idea,
and he started giving away
$2.00 bills
to perfect strangers.
It was his way, uh...
I'm so sorry. Thank you.
where you hide out.
Wow, what is all this?
This is my life.
All these yours?
Hey, there's that little bird
you were always drawing.
Did you write that book?
No, I gave up on it.
Well, I didn't
believe in it anymore.
What happened, Sam?
Where is that hopeful
little girl I used to know?
All right, you buckaroos,
time to pack up and
head back to the house.
Oh, yeah, you heard me.
Come on now.
Let's go.
Hey, old man.
You do your dialysis today?
I will.
I promise.
Me and Brett
got the kids tonight.
She needs you.
But you owe me one.
Owe you?
What you mean?
Like what?
I don't know.
I'm sure you'll
think of something.
How about some real dancing?
You know you can't deny
these moves, you know.
Oh, yes, I can.
Go on.
I'll see you.
See you.
Hey, Sam, wait up now.
Okay, baby girl, go get it,
and I'll wait
right here for you.
like a wonderful man.
So why'd he pick you?
You changed a lot yourself.
Yeah, yeah, I have.
Joe, what's going on?
Both my kidneys shut down
a few years back.
Yeah, yeah,
permanent disability.
Then I basically went from
prison to the projects.
How long were you in there?
They gave me eight years
for stealing 200 bucks.
Eight years.
Wanted to prove
I was worth something,
you know, always did.
And I wanted to show my daddy he
was wrong for walking out on us,
that I was somebody.
You know, Sam, I graduated
top of my class in college?
Computer engineer,
had a nice job lined up
with IBM, too.
So then what happened?
Well, me and some friends
had gotten into hacking.
Right before graduation,
someone bet me I couldn't
hack into a bank.
I swear sometimes
it's the bets you win
end up costing you the most.
It was my pride
that took me down.
Worked out for good, 'cause
prison is where I had
the most powerful
realization of my life.
I was just lookin' for Joe.
I got something for you.
Give me that hand.
No! No! Aah!
That's right, that's right.
And your brothers over there
know you crossed the line.
That's why they're
staying out of this.
It's just you and me now.
When I let him go
and how I let him go
is up to you now.
It's easy.
All I want you to do
is to step up
and spit
in this cracker's face.
I mean, that's what
they've been doing to us
for 400 years, my brother.
Boy, you step up and spit
in this cracker's face,
or I'll take
a lot more out of him.
Go ahead.
It's okay.
You best be letting him go now.
Get him over here.
Come on, man!
Yeah, do it!
Aah! Aah!
Right here! Yeah!
Come on!
I was about to kill,
how far my anger
and my pride had taken me,
how far I had fallen.
I got 40 days
and 40 nights in solitary.
I had no one else to talk to,
so I talked to God.
It was in that darkness
in the loneliest place of all
that I felt His love
for the first time in my life.
I never been the same since.
I feel that love every day
I'm with those kids.
I look into their eyes,
and I know...
I know that there's something
worth fighting for.
Hey, Sam.
I think I could use your help.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Joe, should we take you
to the hospital?
No, lookit, you can do this.
Plug it in.
Okay. Hit the switch
in the back.
Now, take that tube,
hook it up.
All right?
You can do it, you're good.
You're doing fine.
Unclamp that bag
and hit the red button.
The red button.
I gu... I guess
that makes three, huh?
Come here.
This child is an angel.
Their mama got caught up
in the wrong crowd.
One night when Macon
was out with a friend,
a man broke into their house.
Keisha hid in a cabinet
while their mama was murdered.
Well, that monster set
the whole place on fire.
Thankfully, somebody
heard Keisha screaming
and ran into that apartment
and saved her life,
never spoke again.
You saved her.
You did.
Old Samurai Joe?
No. No,
it was another guy.
His name was Anthony Jones.
The kids didn't have nowhere
to go, no relatives,
so his neighbor,
Maddy, took them in.
Joe, my husband was murdered
in your neighborhood
behind Murphy's.
It's why I was in The Commons
when Keisha got hit.
That's where I...
I thought I had found
the man who killed him,
but I guess it was
just a dead-end road.
Been down a few
of those myself.
The one thing
I learned along the way
is that it ain't a dead end
if it takes you somewhere
you needed to go.
Sleepless one
Oh, rest your heart
with mine
And don't you be surprised
When all your fears fade
Take your time
Oh, love, don't be alarmed
Though pain is found
Oh, surely now
joy still abounds
And in your silence,
pray with me
And in the night, dear,
stay with me
Oh, 'cause the morning is
bringin' good news
Hey, Miss Sam.
I'm hungry.
Well, we'll get something
on the way back.
Where's Joe?
I'll get him.
Miss Sam?
Miss Sam?
You'll have to wait
in the waiting room.
I'm so sorry.
Miss Crawford?
I'm Dr. Reeves.
I wanted to give you
an update on Mr. Bradford.
Is he okay?
His body has rejected dialysis.
If he doesn't receive
a transplant soon,
I'm afraid we might lose him.
But the moment
a kidney is available,
it's on its way here.
How long is that gonna take?
There's no way to know,
but we need it to happen soon.
And then he'll
make it through, right?
We're doing all we can.
He's awake
if you want to see him.
How are you feeling?
I heard 'em talking.
They don't think
that I'll survive the surgery.
They think this might be it.
You have time for a story?
Well, I sure hope so.
Then lay back.
Once upon a time,
there was a little boy
who lived in a small village,
and he knew he was destined
to become a great warrior.
But no one else in his
village believed him,
not even his best friend.
The time passed,
and the little boy
and his best friend,
they grew up,
and they grew apart.
And like so many of us in
life, they lost their way.
It would be many years
before Providence
would unite them once again.
But when his friend
beheld him at last,
she couldn't believe her eyes,
for standing in front of her
was one of the strongest,
most noble,
most courageous men
she had ever known.
A mighty warrior.
Those are my babies.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Had a good time
out there now, did you?
Yes, ma'am.
Joe's in the hospital.
I heard that.
I need some bus money.
Got some business with him.
You know, there be a shortage of
good men in this world, Macon.
It's like the Earth only allows
so many of them here at a time.
Now, Joe...
he's a good man,
probably why he's dying.
It ain't fair.
That's just the way life is.
Ain't nothin' in the world
you can do about it.
I wish you'd leave that
man die in peace, child.
Lord know he needs some,
but if you just have to go,
there's some extra change
up in my top drawer.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you.
to tell you something.
It's my fault Keisha got hit.
I was stealing some stuff,
and we got caught.
We was running, and she...
And she...
I'm glad you told me.
Glad you told me.
Look at that, all "A"s.
Why didn't you want to show me?
Well, the boys at school,
they say it's stupid
to try hard in class.
It ain't cool.
You are the definition
of cool, my man.
You are one of the smartest and most
gifted young men I've ever met.
This is nothing
to be ashamed of,
and I'm proud of you.
I need a favor
if you can do it.
I'll do my best.
Would you...
Would you be my dad?
I wish I could.
I wish I could.
Thanks for bringing him back.
How is he?
There's a small chance
with a transplant, but...
I don't know what happened out
there or what you done, but...
I surely, surely will.
She want me to tell you thanks,
thanks for having her
out to the farm.
Now look what you done to me.
I told the Lord
that I would stop drinkin'
if my baby ever talked again.
Ah, you, uh...
you want to come inside?
I'd love to.
Squeeze my hand when you
want me to open my eyes.
Oh, that's us.
It's beautiful.
I love it.
Look at all this.
Did you draw this?
Where did you see this?
Please, baby, tell me
where you saw this!
Keisha, please!
Where did she see this?
Did somebody show this to her?
It was Tee.
He showed her one day.
Said it was the only thing
he could draw good.
Baby, what has gotten into you?
I have to go.
I'm Samantha Crawford.
You killed my husband.
How'd you find me?
You don't want to do that now.
You need to hear
what I got to say to you,
'cause your husband, he...
he wanted me
to tell you something.
I know you're not
gonna believe me,
but I need you to try.
You already know
that I was there.
My man, you did it.
It was just a transformer.
I appreciate it.
You got some coffee on?
Ain't nothin' to make you some.
All right.
Hey, you live around here?
You need a ride?
Headin' over to my cousin's
when the rain lets up.
Could be a while.
Can I get you something?
No, man.
been five minutes,
and he was back out the door
with a sandwich and some coffee.
He sat with me for an hour
in that rain,
and we talked.
We talked about
a lot of things.
But his truck wouldn't start,
and I helped him
fix it, though,
'cause I always
been good with cars.
He told me he wanted
to see me again
and said he'd be back
the next day.
And then I watched him go.
I appreciate it.
Hey, no, I wouldn't.
You be safe, okay?
Thanks again, man.
Have a good one.
All right.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be all right.
Is this what you want?
Look, I'm gonna go get help.
No, no.
he closed his eyes,
he told me something.
He said, "Tell Sam...
always walk on the clouds."
I knew they'd blame me,
Since that day,
I ain't never been the same
'cause of your husband.
Did he give you anything else?
Yes, ma'am.
you'll never know
what it's meant to me
seeing your face again,
that loving
little redheaded girl
who welcomed a stranger
as a friend."
"It's been hard to see
those once hopeful eyes
now only carrying
the pain of a shattered life."
"Well, I know those eyes
all too well,
but with pain comes
a new way of seeing things."
"You see, here
at the edge of death,
I never felt more alive."
"I know that I've done
what I was created to do,
to love these kids."
"I knew Denise
couldn't do it alone,
and then you came along."
"Well, maybe these kids can help
you find your way again, Sam,
like they did me."
Heard what happened
to your husband.
I'm so sorry, child.
No, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean
to cause any trouble.
Oh, you're no trouble, baby.
You family.
wrote about God and the sparrow?"
"I heard you say you didn't
believe it anymore,
and that's okay."
"He's patient."
"I'm proof of that."
"Whatever happens,
I have peace,
and I only want
the same for you."
"Find your stride, Sam."
"Share your stories."
"They matter."
"Live, breathe,
and find a way
to believe again."
Life is so beautiful,
so full of magic
and possibilities.
I thought that my story
had come to an end,
but I was wrong.
"Once upon a time, there lived
a little baby oriole bird."
"His mama called him Firebird
on account of his amazingly
beautiful orange feathers."
"Now, little Firebird,
he just lived for the sunshine."
"He would bask
in that sunshine for hours."
find something
that I had lost along the way,
something I had once
believed so strongly...
that the storms of life
are bound to come,
but that maybe
even in those storms,
in the loneliest times of all,
you're never really alone.
Love is the most powerful
thing on earth.
I've seen what it can do,
and it can do amazing things.
Sometimes I imagine a world
where everyone knows a love
that's unconditional,
and what a beautiful world
it is.
I think Billy had it right,
that there truly is
enough love to go around.
All you have to do is share it.
What if God's
love is like the sun,
constant and unchanging?
What if you woke up
one day and realized...
nothing can take that away?
Hey, this is Joe Bradford.
You can make a difference
in the life of a hurting child.
There are many organizations
all across the country
dedicated to helping
at-risk kids,
but they need your help.
Please take a moment
to visit the "act" page
at UnconditionalTheMovie.com
to find out how you can
bring hope and change
into the lives
of these children,
because every child
deserves unconditional love.
It's looking better,
and I'm loving the weather
Things are coming together
Now I'm smiling again
Hope is the reason there's
a change in the seasons
And if we keep believin'
We'll be smiling again
It's the first day of
the best days of our life
All because
hope saved my life
Saved my life
I survived
And now I'm feeling,
feeling hope
Show me the way
This is the first day
Of the best days
So I keep on singing
I'll keep on singing
Things are changin'
That things are changin'
I'll keep believing
I'll keep believing
Hope is all we need
Keep on prayin'
Keep on prayin'
Things are changin'
I think I see it
Hope is, hope is,
all I need
We need hope
Hope for the world
Hope for the nations
For every boy and girl
He put a rainbow in the sky
So that we would know
we don't have to cry
We don't have to cry
So wipe your tears
Say goodbye to fear
The worst is over
And the best is here
So keep on hopin'
Keep on hopin'
Keep on prayin'
Keep believin'
Keep believin'
Yeah Yeah
I'm gonna make it
Get salvation
Yes, I'll make it
I'm gonna make it
If I just have hope
I'm gonna make it
You're gonna make it,
keep on
If I have just have hope
Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah
Sun is shinin'
Sun is shinin'
Wind is blowin'
Winds of change
We can make it
We can make it
We can make it
Ooh, yes, we can
If we just have hope
So far
from all these fights
Not far from danger
Sit back and sip my cup
Taste my bit of anger
Oh, take my war
beneath these skies
Lose it on the way to home
You're not gonna
leave me here
You'll fall into this fight
You're not gonna
leave me here
You're not gonna
leave me here
You'll hold me
through this night
You're not gonna
leave me here
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
All the love your arms
could need
Proves to be so sweet
It's your heart
that keeps me
Your love carries me on
I walk this road
a thousand miles
To find you here
and talk awhile
It's your hope that leads me
all the way back home
You're not gonna
leave me here
You'll fall into this fight
You're not gonna
leave me here
You're not gonna
leave me here
You'll hold me
through this night
You're not gonna
leave me here
No, you won't leave me
Love won't leave me here