Uncut Gems (2019) Movie Script

Now reaching the right side of the colic.
That looks pretty clean.
An inferior ileocecal valve,
which is patent and looks fine.
Prep looks good.
Looks like he's well-cleaned out.
Going up to sigmoid colon.
Few scattered diverticula there.
Heading towards a splenic flectional.
That looks clean.
In a transverse colon.
Wait a second,
that looks like a flat polyp there.
Probably about 2 cm.
Infix and biopsy for that.
- Yussi, I'm a block away.
- Where the fuck are you, man?
- I told you I'm walking already, I'm walking.
- I got 2 guys, they said they gonna be watching
at their system holding,
what the fuck is going on?
Hey there, man?!
- I got client, tell them to leave.
- Who the fuck do you think you are talking to?
I don't think you said
they're friends of Arnos.
- Arno?! Tell 'em Im coming up now.
Bobby, I need that.
30 inches, that's like about
35 carats in that.
And bright in the middle gem...
Yo, Howie!
What's poppin', man?
That's my nigga Ca$h Out
I was telling you about.
I'm gonna cash out.
- How do you feel, all right?
- No, it was good.
They are calling me
with the results.
Hey, give him
some face time, man.
- Hi, how are you?
- I'm good man.
- Congratulations.
- Trying to spend some money with you.
He took me from Flawless, man,
to come spend some money with you.
He's telling me
you got the best prices.
Hes doing you a favor, believe me,
that guy is a, fucking, moron.
Yeah, Arno's friends here?
Yeah, I'm...
Yussi told me you were waiting on me,
so I'm sorry about that.
- I'm Howard.
- Phil.
You didnt bring them any water?
I'm good on the water.
I don't really need water,
thank you anyway.
This is our own spring water.
Were the first on the block
to have that.
- Your parents happy for ya?
- Yeah, yeah.
All right, so...
I'm gonna tell you I'm in a bit of a rush.
I dont have much time,
because I gotta get...
What did I tell you?
I said no water.
Didnt I tell you no water?
I think its in your best interest
that you find some time for you and I.
Let me get here, a second.
- All right, were on the same page, right?
- We are on the same page.
- You all right, Howard?
- Oh yeah. 100% fine.
Let's go, I'll handle it.
I'll handle it.
You don't do that here, sir.
Pick that door.
Arno Maredian.
- He's not available.
- Okay, all right.
- He's not answering.
- He knows you are calling.
He doesn't want
to deal with you anymore.
- I understand, give me 1 more day.
- No, I don't think you do.
Stop the fucking soap opera!
Listen, listen. Enough.
What are we doing?
What the fuck is...
Here we go again.
Stop fighting it.
- It is not necessarily.
- No, it isn't?
Well, we'll be the judges of it.
- Literally, my last amount of cash I got.
- Fucking magician.
- What about this? What's this?
- This is not mine.
- But it's not mine.
- Take the fuck off.
Take the, fucking, watch.
Take it. Take it.
Arno Maredian.
Arno, what the fuck is this shit?
You're sending collectors
to fuck with me at my office?!
Are you out of your, fucking, mind?
I'm, literally, minutes away from
closing the biggest deal of my, goddamn, life.
And when I do
you gonna be embarrassed.
And by the way, the watch they took from me,
it's worth 20 000 dollars.
I want that deducted
from the hundred grand, you understand?
Call me back!
What's up, ladies?
- She's sleeping.
- She is sleeping?
This is bullshit!
- Hey Howie.
- Hey, Howard, how are you?
People coming in and out
of the apartment.
Oh my God, not this...
You show up to work
anytime you, damn, please?
- Howard I was working all night.
- I'm sick of this shit.
- You're taking advantage of me.
- Howard. Oh my God.
- Come on.
- It's 10:30. It's time to wake up.
You're just so extra.
- Did you have a party last night?
- I did not have a party.
Did we have a party?
That was not a party...
- Why didn't you call me?
- Okay, because I did call you.
At around 9:30,
you said, "I'll call you back in 5".
- I waited for hours.
- Yes, because I fell asleep.
I was putting Beni to sleep.
- Here we go with the lies.
- I had to put him to sleep.
- I'm not lying!
- You're so manipulative!
I had to fall asleep on the floor again!
I'm exhausted!
I didn't ask you to have kids.
Not my fault you have kids.
Shut the fuck up with that!
Look, do you wanna, fucking, stay mad,
or do you wanna get in bed and cuddle?
I know you wanna cuddle, Howard.
Just come here.
- Come on.
- Come on. Just come here.
Come here baby.
Come on, Howie.
Come on.
I know you wanna come here.
- Im so goddamn stressed out.
- I know you can't resist me.
I know you can't resist me.
Don't, don't.
You can't just do that.
It's just me.
It's me, it's me.
Dont you wanna
see the photos I took?
Yes, yeah, show me.
What was that you...
I took these pictures.
I think I really have a future in it.
- How much did you get?
- 3 500.
And who is this guy?
It's this guy - The Weeknd.
What the fuck is The Weeknd?
He's gonna be major,
even though he's from Canada.
This guy looks stupid.
Howard Ratner.
I'm all righty.
I have a piece.
You know this kid - The Weeknd?
That's Michael Jackson there on the cross.
It's gonna be controversial piece,
makes it more valuable.
The blacks are RS2, that's platinum.
Turn around.
Don't even step in my place.
Turn around.
- I got some bets! 24 Gs.
- Don't even sit down!
24 Gs?
Where would you get 24 Gs?
I want the OKC/Lakers.
I want the fucking over, all right?
I want Kobe's under.
Kobe under?
He cant throw it in the ocean.
He's not scoring tonight.
I want the Sixers to cover.
Plus 1.
- The points are...
- Let's finish the bets here.
Hey, one thing at a time!
- I mean, come on!
- Hang on to these points.
Demany. Demany.
KG said he's gonna be here in a bit.
If he gets to the store before I do,
you just fucking keep him there.
Okay? You promise me?
Kevin Garnett is coming to
my, fucking, show room right now.
Right now!
We hot every right
to, fucking, be here!
- Get the fuck out!
- Fuck you!
Whoah, whoah, whoah!
Get out! Get the fuck out!
- What?
- Fuck you man!
You just got involved with something
you shouldn't got involved in.
What the fuck
is going on out here?
It's on you.
You asshole!
- You see this?
- I don't know these fucking guys!
You're dead fucker.
You're dead!
You think I'm playing games?
Get your laughs off now, asshole.
I didn't do nothing!
When Im shoveling the dirt
over your fucking head,
well see how funny it is then!
I have clients in the office, Howard.
This is crazy!
Turn around and walk away!
We're good.
We're good, all right?
David, go back inside.
Everything's fine.
Turn around and walk away!
That's my shop.
Everybody back in it.
Hello, open the door.
Okay, Jesus fucking...
Are you with KG?
Okay, you gotta shut that door.
It's KG, huh?
Is that closed?
- That's my man!
- It's insane they just...
Howard! Howard!
What the fuck is going on, man?
They tried to fuck Yussi up.
It's all set.
Look at his, fucking, shirt!
Look at his shirt.
Listen, hey, thanks for the security,
by the way.
Send those bitches back
to Paramus or Bay Ridge.
Would you take that
and charge it up for me?
All I got is, fucking,
Yussi to protect me.
Let us talk.
- What's going on, bro?
- What's up?
Did a Maria, fucking,
time on the clock?
Come on, not time
on the clock.
- I like the earrings.
- Like these?
- Those look great.
- Just come in to check on...
- What was the last time you cleaned them?
- What are you talking about?
- Let me clean these for you.
- He can clean them really quick.
Let me throw them in the ultrasonic
for you, for free.
- What this gonna cost me?
- For free.
For free, for real?
I wouldn't think
you are that big on Roxon.
That's 'cause you're big guy.
Who would win in a fight:
Ben Wallace or Tony Allen?
- Oh, shit, take a look at that shit.
- What is that?
What is that, Gremlin?
You got an iced-out Gremlin?
This tardy motherfucker
right here is little fucking animal,
or some kind of fucking...
Some toy and some shit...
And itll just bling the bitch out!
He used to work with niggas
on early music videos, all that shit.
He's, like, the first
nigga to start all that.
- Are you serious?
- I started this shit.
- Show him the fucking eyes.
- I started...
All right. So I did this.
So it fucks with you!
- So it fucks with you!
- Are you serious?
You like that?
There it is, there it is.
That scares the shit out of people.
Look at that.
Old, but It's dope.
Listen. This shit was slammin'.
What the link on that?
Let me see the chain on that.
That's an 18.
But I can get you a 40.
KG, Doc know
youre here by the way?
No, he doesn't.
And let's keep it that way.
It's game night,
you should be stretching out.
What is he, your coach?
Nah, hes just a crazy ass Jew.
Throw these in the ultrasonic.
Yes, boss, as soon as
the other stuff is done.
No. Now!
KG, I wouldnt lean on that.
Yo, Kevin was just telling me
he's looking for some watches.
Are you looking for watches?
Let's go to a little wall of watches right there.
- What are we talking? AP?
- I was thinking about...
I was thinking about Presi though.
One you got that crazy ass deal for?
I want for 16.
Crazy one though, no?
Yeah, the... It's insane.
Look at this, there it is.
That's a small watch
for a big man, I don't know.
You got papers for this?
- No, I don't have box and papers.
- Of course, I have fucking papers for that.
I dont have either one.
What are you talking about?
- You sold me this shit, dummy.
- I don't remember that.
Niggas calling niggas out for this, man.
- Of course, if you don't have a box and pap...
- You find me one nigga...
One nigga with a KMH watch
they called out?
- I will wait.
- It's a moot point.
Demany, because
I don't have these, all right?
So how about we move onto
the diamonds here?
You got a girl?
Why don't you get your girl a treat.
He doesn't have a girlfriend.
- Says who?
- Says you.
How do you know
if I got a girlfriend or not?
- What are you talking about?
- 'Cause you told me.
- I never said that.
- Let's see what you got.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- What? What's up?
Why didnt you bring
a, goddamn, watches?
- I'm sorry, I'm not doing that.
- Nigga would've bought one!
I told you, you can keep
them in my safe.
I don't want you selling them
outta my showroom, you understand me?
Fucking dumbass, where, the fuck,
am I gonna sell them, nigga?
- On the, goddamn, street?
- That's not my problem, man.
- Oh, that ain't your fucking problem?
- No.
It ain't your fucking...
- He doesn't like shit in this dusty motherfucking...
- Yes, he does.
He's having a, fucking, ball here.
What are you talking about?
What the fuck is he gonna buy?
The goddamn Furby, nigga?
Fuck you, all right?
I'm gonna take his ass
to, motherfucking, Flawless.
- You're not taking him to Flawless.
- I'm taking him to Flawless.
KG, do me a favor,
don't lean on that, please.
Oh my God. Okay.
Buzz him in!
Buzz him in now!
Oh my God!
Is this...?
This is it!
- Hey.
- What's up?
- Okay, look at this.
- I got a package from Fishtonic.
- Where you want this?
- Bring it in. Bring it in.
Go to my office.
KG, don't you dare leave, okay?
What's in this package
is gonna blow your mind, KG.
- Is it heavy?
- Yes.
Yes! Yes!
Oh my God!
Fuck yeah!
- For you.
- Give me that.
Man, I can't do this anymore, bro!
What happened?
Your street goons in there,
they attacked me, man.
What did you say
to piss them off?
Listen, Garnett's crew came in here,
they took a look around.
They see these guys, they like,
"Yo, who works here and who doesn't?".
Who doesn't - get out.
I said these guys don't work here.
That was stupid,
you shouldn't have said that.
These guys grabbed me,
they dragged me over the collar.
They ripped my shirt.
- Okay, look, here. Take this shirt.
- They made me look like a fool over here.
It's a Gucci shirt, it's $500,
it's brand-new.
Are you fucking serious right now?
- The tag is still on.
- It ain't about the shirt.
You know what I'm saying,
I gave you 8 years of my life.
Look how you treat me, man.
I put everything into this business,
I saved your ass a thousand times.
I can't take this place anymore, man.
I can't deal with your problems every other day.
Listen, there are a lot of people on this block
that would love to do business with me.
When you gonna see me out there, working with them,
you not gonna like it, man, you gonna be jealous.
You not gonna like it, Howard.
Howard? Hello?
I'm standing here, man.
There are a lot of people I could be
doing business with other than you, Howard.
You're falling apart,
you're looking like a fool out here
on the diamond district.
Looking through, fucking, fish?
Come on, man, I gave you 8 years of my life,
and you can't even fucking talk to me
and look me in the eyes?
Man to fucking man?
Holy shit, I'm gonna cum.
Fuck you, man.
I'm finished with this shithole.
- Howard, Yussi is gone, gone for good.
- That's fine with me.
Let me get that phone.
KG, you gotta come here, all right?
- I gotta show you something.
- I gotta leave soon, man.
- I know you have to leave, listen to me.
- I gotta get out of here.
Okay, so I'm watching TV,
like a year ago, all right?
I'm watching one of those, fucking,
history channel shows, trying to learn shit.
And I stumbled...
You ever hear about African Jews?
- African Jews?
- Yeah, no, all right, no.
- Nigga wants everyone to be a Jew.
- Checks this out. Checks this out.
All right?
So, these are black Jews, all right?
They're stranded in the middle of Ethiopia.
- It's deep shit.
- Stranded?
Yeah, look, they got nothing.
They don't got cars, they don't got shit.
And I'm watching this,
and I'm like - what the fuck
are these guys wearing? Look.
It's on the tower over there,
it's everywhere, right?
What the fuck?
Where are these, fucking, guys
get precious black opals?
- That's what that is.
- It's black opal?
I do my research,
these guys live near the Weio mines,
which, primarily, red opals,
which aren't worth shit.
- Okay?
- Oh, okay.
But these, I can get your hands on
these things, you understand?
- Really?
- So, look.
I said to myself,
how do I get ahold of these guys?
And I managed to track these guys down
and buy one from them.
- Holy shit, what is that?
- What is that?
That's what it is.
That's the rock.
That's the rock.
That's the stone I got from them.
How the fuck
did you get this shit, man?
It took me, fucking, 17 months
to get this thing.
- Holy shit.
- Just look at this.
Hang on for a second.
Go through my loupe.
- Be careful, thats my best loupe.
- Let me see this, man.
I want you to look...
- You really into that motherfucker.
- Look at this.
That's history, right there,
you understand?
How many carats is this?
What, four, five thousand carats?
3000 dollars for a carat, I don't know.
- What?
- I'm not fucking bullshitting you.
Why does it have so many
colors in it, man, what is this?
That's the thing, they say you can see
the whole universe in opal.
That's how fucking old they are.
- Holy shit.
- I've been telling you.
- That's why I wanted you to see it.
- I gotta have one.
You know, it's crazy, man.
That's, fucking, from stone to stone.
Garnet's a stone, you know that.
That's a million dollar opal
you are holding.
Straight from the Ethiopian Jewish tribe.
I mean this is old school, middle earth shit.
You got a, motherfuckin', dinosaur gem.
Thats right. The dinosaurs were
fuckin' staring at this thing.
It's 110 million years old, at least.
It's deep shit.
KG, are you okay?
- Are you all right?
- You gonna be all right?
Told you not to lean.
Give him a fucking towel or something.
You heard me, I said
"tell them not to lean".
Are you all right?
That's a sign though.
That's a sign.
That's a sign for that. I need this.
That what it is.
Gotta make sure
my nigga good, bro.
Fucking glass, I'm telling you.
It's a lot of weight you put on.
That's the sign. I need this.
I need this gem.
Listen, that's not for sale, I can't.
I can't sell it to you.
- What do you mean it's not for sale?
- I can't do it.
Goddamn, it's set per auction.
I can't...
Why the fuck would you show me something,
if I couldn't have it then?
Why the fuck would you
bring this out, you know?
Sorry, I was excited.
Excited to share with you.
Let me hold it for the night then.
Let me wear it to the game tonight, right?
Would be cool, I'm going to the game,
nigga, I'll grab it from you,
then meet you at Adley's
tomorrow morning, first thing.
Cool, just like that.
- Howard, come on.
- It's one night, Howard.
- I can't.
- It's one night.
- He's good for it.
- They'll pull it from the auction.
You don't understand.
This stone, I'm really connecting with this.
I feel like Im gonna have
40 or 50 on this, man.
You understand that?
You see what I'm fucking talking about, Howard?
That shit is speaking to him, you know.
I'm gonna destroy
Philly tonight with this.
It's a spiritual man.
Bitch ass nigga, this, fucking, thing
makes me feel like I can fly.
So, you are going to
@MeAndHowie tag?
- Yes. Yes, I got you.
- 30 fucking pics, I want likes.
- Let me get a fucking shot.
- That's a good idea, man.
Come here, so you're holding up?
Look at this shit.
- Boom.
- Boom.
I can't just...
Give me something as collateral.
- I want the ring.
- Howard, calm the fuck down.
- As collateral, I need to make sure he's bringing it back.
- No, no, he's good money, man.
- I know he is, I want to make sure...
- That's a deal. That's a deal.
- I'll give you that.
- Thanks.
And I'm gonna keep it right here,
right next to my Knicks '73.
- Classic.
- Classic, I like that.
- I appreciate it.
- I got you.
- Listen, you meet me!
- I'll meet your happy ass, yes.
You will, fucking, bring that stone
to me, 9 in the morning.
Hey, hey, listen to me.
No dicking around.
You show up, you hear me?
I'll see you there, motherfucker.
All right, let's roll out.
Buzz em out.
I got his earrings.
The earrings.
Wait, bring them out to him.
Keep them, keep them to the mall,
I'll grab them.
Black Jew empower, nigga!
What the fuck...
Who's gonna clean this, fucking, shit?
Eddie boy! What are you doing?
What do you want, Dad?
Look what I got,
look, you gonna love this.
Here, what's that right there?
Would you leave me alone?
- What is this?
- It's Kevin Garnetts ring.
Championship ring.
NBA, 2008, I knew you'd freak out.
All right, I love you, my boy.
Roberto, came to work.
- Bronstein.
- Hey, Howard.
Hey, break out your tray.
Where is it? Where is it?
I'd shake your hand,
but I know where it's been.
Look at this, thats Kevin Garnetts
2008 championship ring.
- Championship ring?
- Championship ring, 2008.
All right, you wanna pawn it
or you wanna sell it?
I wanna pawn it.
- Let me take a quick look at it.
- Right, okay.
I don't know
what you are looking for.
- Check the diamond.
- That was just on his fucking finger.
It's single cut, you know, Howie.
It's single cut, it's not even a full cut.
Okay, you talk to the fucking League
about the way the cut this shit.
- They worth less.
- Take a look at this, all right?
All right, it's his ring, I understand.
It's from his Instagram,
it's, fucking, blowing up right now?
I hear you, all right.
So, what do you need for it?
I figured, that thing's worth 80 grand?
Just loan it to me, that's it.
Just loan it to me, I'll be back Friday.
Number one - we both know what's in here.
We both know that the value
is mostly cause of memorabilia.
- But it is a memorabilia piece.
- Yes.
- So thats why youd be able to sell it.
- So I'll tell you what.
Give me 50 Gs.
Just float it for me.
I'm gonna give you 25 thousand dollars,
but I want an 8 % vig on the ring.
8 %? Fucking, how about I give you a grand,
you take a grand off the top.
I'm gonna come back Friday for it.
You know last time you left
something here for 6 months.
So we wanna make sure upfront.
Last time wasnt my fault,
we fucking went over that.
I understand, let's make it quick.
21 thousand dollars, 7 % vig.
And I want you to know.
Say, you'll be back Friday,
if you're not back Friday, it's my ring.
If I don't bring it back Friday,
I'm a dead man, so...
- All right, so we have a deal?
- All right, deal.
- Mazel.
- Mazel.
- Can you go to the stake and get me the money?
- Get him the money, we'll get you the money.
Hey, good Pesach.
This is great.
70th and 1st?
The fuck is he doing there?
Just walking.
Now he's stopping, he's slowing down.
He's doing something.
He's playing with his phone or something.
He's playing with something.
I can't make it out.
- I can't see him, his back is to me.
- Hes hunched over. You cant see.
I don't know. We can't see anything.
Here we go, see.
Here we go, he's going again.
- Wait, I just got a text from him.
- What's he saying?
- It's a picture of money.
- This fucking prick.
- It says, "Arno...
- He's got fucking money.
I got your money right here".
- Hes turning into somewhere.
- A restaurant, Ninos.
Hey, handsome, where is he at?
He's in the back.
Hey, you gonna make me palls in the back?
- Gary, Gary.
- ... you have your eggs no carrots in the Citazel.
- Listen to me.
- What do you want?
- I already made your bet.
- I know, I gotta change it.
I got 21 thousand dollars.
You add it onto the nineteen.
40 thousand dollars.
- Scrap the whole bet?
- Scrap the whole.
I wanna make a six-way parlay.
Celtics Sixers game, what's the line-up?
- Still plus one.
- Plus one, okay.
So, I want the Celtics to cover.
I want the Celtics halftime.
I want Garnett's points and rebounds.
Garnett's block shots.
Celtics opening tip,
you take lightening bets?
Yeah, but you don't want
any part in lightening bets, come on.
A thousand dollars a point, okay?
Take this.
- And this is the gift from me.
- What's this?
Just for tolerating me
for all this time, okay?
No, I already have a Rolex,
I don't need your watch.
It probably fell off a truck anyway.
But listen, what do you know?
Garnett this, Garnett that,
what do you know?
- I don't know, I just know.
- I'll tell you what I know.
It's the dumbest, fucking, bet
I've ever heard of.
I disagree.
I disagree, Gary.
Let him shoot.
Fucking, those 5, fucking, steps into the...
Jesus Christ! That's it.
Tap to the KG.
Thats it. Thats it.
Back him down.
Fuck you! Yes!
That's it!
That's it. That's my man!
Let's go, get up on him.
Get up on him.
Fucking, get the fuck up on him,
goddamn it!
Howard, what are you doing?
What are you doing? Howard?
- Beni is waiting for you
- Okay, I'm coming up.
It's 25 minutes past his bedtime. Go.
Did he brush his teeth yet?
Brush his teeth?!
I sent you 7 texts in the dark.
Howard, it's the first quarter.
That guy was in my shop earlier today.
Look at him. Soft touch.
He can fucking shoot...
- I don't care, Howard.
Howard, go say goodnight to your son.
Okay, I'll be right there.
I'll be right there.
Let me just get to the time-out.
This, fucking, wrath is ridiculous.
- Now!
- All right, I'm sorry.
Rondo with 9 on the shot clock,
only now to 3 minutes to go.
Garnett put it up with 4 on the shoot.
Garnett, vintage game one, for sure.
15 points on 7 for 8 from the field.
Oh, no!
Oh, give me a fucking break.
Fuck you Callahan! You cocksucker.
- Hey, hey, right?
- Garnett's killing it right now.
I know, Beni's sleeping.
Keep it down.
I'm sorry. I'm so hyped.
NBA is always the last 2,
fucking, minutes, so let's calm down.
Hit that KG!
- Dad, I bet money.
- Boom!
Jason bet me 25 bucks
for the first half.
Doubled that up the last half,
for another fifty bucks!
Your father bet a lot
of money on this, son.
Really? How much?
- You don't wanna know.
- A lot though, right?
Put that shit in the fucking hole!
That's right, come on, you can dunk again!
Amazing, this is amazing.
Hes down.
He's asleep.
You flip it to ESPN,
just for one second.
This is a huge game,
That's why he's going so crazy up there.
Im tempted to wrangle the kids downstairs
right now and get it over with.
You really wanna do that?
I don't know how sensitive that is.
You're calling me insensitive?
I thought we both agreed
that we wait till after Passover.
Next youll be saying you wanna
wait until after the summer.
Im not opposed to waiting
till after summer.
It's commercial, can't you just put the game on
for two, fucking, minutes?
Till my car gets here?
Let's not chop the body.
No words to describe that.
41? I don't know how old these guys are,
but you can't tell by their age.
This is crazy.
Here is KG hitting the shot from outside.
Hell be 36 on Saturday.
And he puts the Celtics
over the century mark, 101 to 76!
Oh, yes!
Oh, God. Yes!
Oh, fuck!
Oh my God!
- Hey, change of plans.
- What's up?
Take the exit, 49th street and 3rd avenue,
Smith and Wollensky.
- Everything okay?
- I just... What's your name?
I just hit very big, very big.
Oh my God!
KG havin fun...
- Hey, what's up?
- Baby, where are you at?
Im just going back right now,
in the elevator. Why, what's up?
I got held up,
I'm just on my way back now.
Dinah was on the tear tonight.
That sucks, how far away are you?
I'm in the tunnel,
just getting in there.
- Okay, so you're very close.
- Yes.
Hold on, I gotta go.
I gotta go.
Wait, wait.
- Hey.
- What?
I can't wait to see you.
I'm in an incredible mood.
Okay, I got another line,
I got another line.
- Gotta go, bye.
- Okay.
As we speak, yeah, and I still
have to set up the stakes.
I still have to get ready.
Because his gem came, do you not listen to me?
I've been talking about it all day.
I'm gonna...
Remember the green? The photo I have?
Yeah, I know, I know...
I'm gonna cum!
I can't help it.
I can't...
Oh my God!
Why the fuck did you do that?
You see how fucking sweet you look,
you look so gorgeous.
I just hit so, fucking, big.
- I hit so big.
- How big?
Feel how wet I am.
I'm almost there.
You told me that already.
Yeah, I hit the mad traffic.
What are you talking...
9 o'clock we were supposed to be there.
- It's fucking 9:43
- Look, the whole city is clogged up.
I can't do anything about it.
Not everybody's on
"Demany-time", man, let's move!
Okay, you can tell Anne we're here.
I'm sorry, hold on one second.
Anne Debaugh,
Howard Ratner and his partner.
We're all ready to go.
Okay, when your partner gets here
I will let her know that you're here.
- Thanks.
- You can sit over there if you'd like.
Hello, Howard,
I'm pulling up right now, come out.
- I said I'm inside.
- I'm not going find a parking here.
- Double-park the car.
- No, I'm not getting no fucking ticket...
- Do it.
- For you or nobody else.
- What the...?
- Meet me, we'll talk to you.
Are you fucking kidding me?
No, I'm not fucking kidding you,
I'm pulling up, come on.
- Will be right back.
- Okay.
Howard, Howard!
Jesus, how did you find me?
- Your office told me where you are.
- You're following me?
- Yeah, we need the money today.
- My office would never tell you that.
- This is the last straw.
- Get out of here.
You havent been returning my phone calls or texts.
You cant take ten minutes to...
What, you're bringing
your, fucking, heavy with you?
- Yeah. You got my money?
- You want money?
- Yeah, you owe me 32 grand.
- I've got no, fucking, money.
Fine, fine.
Look, that's 30 grand.
Fucking sell that for 15 Gs.
15 Gs, where?
Where I'm gonna sell this?
Go to Wempes, 55th and 5th avenue.
Go there, put that in your, fucking, pocket.
Hey, hey.
Where is it at?
Where's the gem?
You give me the gem.
I'll run it up to Siz.
- Get in, I need to talk to you.
- I don't know anything about the watch.
Hey, get the fuck out of here.
I don't want a watch.
You just gave it to me,
for the money you owe me.
- Shut the fuck up,
- This is half the money.
I'm not, fucking, buying
watches right now.
- Back the fuck up.
- Take shit.
- Don't touch my shit.
- Walk the fuck away, man.
Come on, give me the opal.
- Get in, nigga, just want to talk to you.
- They are waiting on us!
- Get in, we'll talk, man.
- What do I getting in, fucking, car for?
Jesus Christ!
Get out of here
with that, fucking, Fugazi shit!
Why am I in your car right now?
They are, fucking, waiting on us.
Where is the opal?
Were at the, fucking, hotel, getting ready to go,
about to go party, we got 3 bad bitches.
I don't have time for this.
Where is my opal?
And KG leaves his,
fucking, ID upstairs, so...
Demany, we don't have time!
They are waiting for us!
- Where is the fucking opal?
- Garnetts got it.
Garnetts got it?
That guy fucked us.
I don't know what the fuck
you want me to do about that.
Call him up. Call him on the phone.
Let me talk to him.
I can't, fucking, call him
right now, he's at practice.
- Tell him I'll give him another opal for free.
- Howard, listen to me.
- I can't call him because he is at practice.
- To wear for as long as he wants.
My nigga, he's not gonna answer
his, fucking, phone for me, God, or anybody else.
Fine, then we'll go on the practice.
So, you want me to go
to, fucking, Philly right now?
He's in Philly?
Then, we're going to Philly.
I just got back from Philly, man.
I'm not driving...
It's 2 fucking hours to get there.
Come on, come on.
Fuck this!
Let's drive!
We gotta be in and out.
In and out.
I got my daughter's play tonight.
How's that? Is that KG?
Tell him we're here, we're coming in.
You gotta calm,
your happy ass, down.
Are we going inside the facility,
or we gonna meet him out here?
Just chill the fuck out!
I hope we'll see Rondo in there.
I'd love to tell him thank you
for trapping all those dimes.
Man, no, that's not...
They're busy.
And what the fuck is this with you
Jewish niggas and basketball anyway?
Ill have you know the first two points
scored in the NBA was a Jew.
- Yeah, What? Fred Flinstein?
- No?
Ozzie Sheckman. 1946.
Played for the Knicks.
Here we go!
This is where the big boys play.
They always got to practice.
Look at this!
This is sick.
Sick, my God!
Hey, check this out.
And he scores.
- Hey, I need to get through.
- Sorry.
What's up?
I'm with him.
No, no. I'm with him.
What the fuck?
Excuse me.
What's he fucking...
I'm with him,
I came with him.
You saw me
walked through the door.
No, I didn't see
you walk through the door.
- What's your name?
- I won't be on the list, 'cause I came with him.
I came with him.
What, the fuck, is he doing to me?
Cocksucking fucker works for me!
Is Marcel excited?
Yeah, I think she's a little nervous.
- And Danny's got a role too.
- Small part, he's nervous, but.
- Good.
- Nothing phases him.
He said she was amazing.
What are you guys doing
for the break?
We're not doing anything this year.
- Oh, really?
- Wow.
That's not like you, guys.
How come?
Howard, how come?
- Howard?
- Everything okay?
No vacation?
No, next year we're gonna
take a big trip,
saving up for that,
gonna go to Europe.
- That's nice.
- So, yeah...
Do a little culture.
These kids are becoming morons.
- Oh, yeah.
- We'll be morons in Concun.
Right, especially on the trapeze.
Good luck to Danny tonight.
When is he coming?
We just talked about Danny.
What are you gonna do for Passover?
Is your sister coming?
What are you doing?
What do you got?
Watching through a phone.
I got six different players, in six different games.
Were all making sacrifices.
Hey, who tapped me.
Who was that?
But that'll be nice.
You gonna do the questions?
Yeah, you were practicing?
I've been practicing.
I don't know how are we
gonna fit it in Mexico.
Good luck to Marcel.
I know, and to Danny.
Where are you going?
Daddy's gonna go to bathroom.
I'll be right back.
I'll be back, thank you.
Howard, Marcel is about
to get on the stage.
- Okay. I'll be right back.
- Howard, are you okay?
This is fucked up guys?
What is so fucked up about it?
- May I speak to you, guys, outside?
- You sure you wanna do that?
Yeah? All right.
Excuse me.
Howard, hey.
What are we gonna do here, man?
Come on, man.
That's my family!
Get the fuck off me!
I got you!
Hey, I'm a cop.
That looks great.
Are you kidding me?
How good you guys look.
Dad, what are you doing?
Marcel, break a leg,
were all here for you!
- Get him, get him!
- Fuck!
Fucking shit!
Come here, you motherfucker!
Hey, fuck you, fuck you!
Come on, get up!
Come on.
I'm coming.
What the fuck!
You, fucking, bit me?!
- Get him the in the car!
- Arno!
What the fuck?
Go, go, go.
Come on, let's get out of here.
You, fucking, bit me!
I'll kill you, you hear me?
Arno. What is happening?
Don't Arno me,
don't, fucking, state my name.
Give me the keys.
The, fucking, Jew bit me.
Hey, what's happening right now?
I told you how things are gonna go,
if you didn't start to behave.
What? How was I not behaving?
Explain to me, I'm sorry.
I think I was very explicit on the phone
about how things are gonna go.
You like the way
things are going now?
Give me the, fucking, keys
to your car, man!
What are you gonna do?
Have them steal my Mercedes?
Look what, the fuck, you did,
you, fucking, bit me.
Arno. Fucking talk to me.
Don't listen to him, Arno,
that's not a game.
- Arno.
- Don't say my, fucking, name!
I have every intention
of paying you back.
I'm broke right now.
You're broke?
What's that one?
Look at that, do you remember that?
Look at it!
That is money, that's not mine.
That I sent to you
because I wanted to calm you down.
We know for a fact,
that you placed a bet with that money.
- I never placed a bet with that money.
- Yes, you did.
- No, I didn't.
- No, let me ask you something.
I heard that Beni and Eddie
are going to Timberlake.
And you know what else I heard?
I heard you've resurfaced your, fucking, swimming pool.
You know how that makes me feel?
- I've never resurfaced anything.
- You think your life is more important than mine?
- I don't know who said that.
- Give me the keys and shut the fuck up!
Give me the keys to your, fucking, car!
I'll give you, fucking, keys, fine.
All right, listen.
I do. I did.
I admit it, I...
I made a bet.
And guess what?
Here's the thing. I hit.
I hit the bet big, okay?
You think I'm stupid?
You think I'm stupid, Howard.
You and your whole, fucking, family.
I'll call the book right now,
you'll get on the phone, and he'll tell you.
I saw your bookie,
you are talking about Gary?
You spoke to Gary?
About what?
About you. About how you're taking my money.
All of the time and placing bets.
You know what that does to me?
You know how offensive it is to me?
What? You stopped the bet?
What do you think, asshole?
- You stopped the bet?
- Shut the fuck up!
Congratulations, Arno, you,
fucked, ourselves out of six hundred...
Take his clothes off.
What's this?
Give me your, fucking, shirt!
This worth more than my, fucking, car.
Howard, you did this to yourself.
Take his fucking shoes.
I will get you the money.
I'll get the money for you.
I got the...
... rip me off
to this next fucking week...
Give me my glasses.
I need my, fucking, glasses.
Shut the fuck up!
Pull up right here.
Come on, let's go.
At each place you'll be, motherfucker.
Know that I want the money.
Arno gets the money.
I'm not, fucking, around here.
You hear me?
Get him out of the car!
Come on, come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
Get in the fucking car.
All right, all right.
Listen to me, Arno!
- Arno!
- Get in the car!
- Take the opal.
- Don't worry about that.
Don't worry about it.
Get in the car.
No, I want the underwear.
No, no!
Come here. Come here.
Give me your, fucking, underwear.
You cocksucker.
Let him, fucking, rot in there.
Fuck you, Arno!
You cocksucking motherfucker!
Are you fucking...
Pick up that phone.
Come on. Come on.
Howard, where are you?
Marcel is about to go on stage.
- Dinah!
- What do you want?
I locked my keys in the trunk of the car.
Can you please...
Can you come to the parking lot
and open it for me?
Fucking shit!
It's okay. Thank you.
Sorry. I'll meet you right back inside.
It's all good now.
Let me get dressed.
What could you possibly be looking for
in the forest, dressed in such thin paper rags?
My wicked stepmother
has condemned me to die,
lest I fill this basket with roses
before the coming of the dawn.
Besides our cottage is our magic garden.
It protects the roses from the snow.
Go now and fill your basket
to your hearts content.
- Dad, what the fuck?
- Just watch you, fucking, sister's play.
Thank you!
We must bestow a gift upon her!
I know! Every time she speaks,
gold coins shall spill forth from her mouth.
This will be our gift!
Quick! He approaches now.
This is Danny's part,
he's coming out.
Hark! Who goes there?
He did so good.
Fuck me. Jesus Christ.
- Hello.
- Hey, you picked up?
When I block the caller you pick up,
when you know it's me you don't?
What is that all about?
Nah, I knew it was you, Howard
thats why I picked up.
Hey, wheres my, fucking, gem?
Hey, you need to calm down.
Nothings happening with you acting like this.
Listen motherfucker.
I want my, fucking, property,
you understand me?
Hey, watch your mouth, all right?
Youre not dealing
with some broke ass niggas.
You, fucking, put me on that bus ride home.
You think that was funny?
What, the fuck, was that all about?
That, fucking, bus was disgusting!
What explaining you want me to do?
I'd go with you to locker-room, with your silly ass
it makes me look really, fucking, suspect.
- Where's my gem? Where is it?
- Im trying to help you, not fuck everything up.
Jesus. I have it on me, right now.
You have it on you?
Yes, Im about to
be back in the city.
Okay, you're going to this, fucking,
Weeknd thing tonight?
I wasn't planning on it,
but I could.
You could? No it's not you could.
You will! You'll meet me there.
Smells good, what it is?
Barbecue chicken?
So, I wanted to talk about
the trunk scenario.
It was, literally,
the most awkward thing, like...
Where are you going?
I'm heading into the city.
Late night event.
- Kinda go...
- It's the cake?
Until 2, 3, you never know anymore.
So, I'll be exhausted tomorrow.
Yeah, okay, sure.
Good night.
Anyway, I'll finish the conversation later,
but it was, literally, so awkward, like...
Who are you talking to?
Hi Jessica.
How good was our girl tonight?
You can't hear her.
Okay, then, just hang up for a second,
let me talk to you, 2 secs.
I'll call you back.
I was very proud of you tonight.
You were beyond incredible.
Yeah, you told me like 5 times already.
Well, I just wanted to...
You really really didn't know
how proud I was, okay?
So I really, I just really really
want you to know.
Okay, well, I do.
Everything is cool, right?
What do you mean?
I don't know, I just.
Thought I would check in with you.
Make sure everything's good.
Why wouldn't I be good?
I don't know,
I just thought I'd check in.
Okay, well, I, literally, don't know
what you are talking about, so...
That's right, 'cause I'm an idiot.
So you love me.
Okay I'm gonna get into the city.
- I'll see you in the morning.
- Have fun.
Like I always do.
Anyway, what were I saying?
You know it was like a
complete resting bitch face, so...
Hey, Demany, where...
I didn't see you out front,
I don't, fucking, see you in here now.
I can't believe I'm still
looking for you.
Just, pick up your, fucking, phone, man.
I don't understand this!
Don't fuck with me here.
Hold on.
Stop the music.
Would somebody pass
the Weeknd the mic?
Where, the fuck, is the blacklight?
What's going on back there?
No, I asked for blacklight.
I'm not performing till it's,
fucking, blacklight on this, fucking, stage.
Call out the blacklight.
Close on with the Weeknd to those,
who turn on the blacklight.
What's going on back there?
I'm puzzled.
That's what I'm talking about.
Hey, Demany!
Howard, I want you to meet,
my nigga, James.
I've been hearing about you.
Yo, where's that opal?
I just need the opal.
- What?
- The opal. Give me the opal.
Oh. I dont have it.
You don't mind to shot me
anytime you want.
What did you say? Where is it?
Out of story. I dont have it.
You don't have it,
what do you mean?
- KG got it, I don't have it.
- KG has? What the fuck are you talking about?
You said on the phone you have it.
Hey, change.
Man, I don't want this shit.
Why, the fuck, are you here,
if you don't have the opal?
Same, fucking, reason as everybody else is here,
to see the, fucking, Weeknd perform.
You got a problem with that?
I got a very big problem with that.
We gave it for one day.
What, the fuck, is wrong with you?
Calm your ass down.
The fuck do you think this is?
You good?
I'm good. I'm good.
Take the, fucking, drink, man.
- What the fuck?
- Hey, fuck you, nigga.
- It's on your face.
- It's okay, baby.
- Is it off?
- Yeah, right there.
What are you doing?
Julia, what are you doing?
No touching.
I wanna fuck you so bad.
How bad?
I'll show you.
I said no touching.
Give that, fucking, ass.
Feel this shit. Feel this.
Oh my God!
How are you even
this hard right now?
Slow down.
Where are you going?
I was already inside.
Listen, I don't remember
seeing you inside.
Im friends with The Weeknd,
He told me to come after his set.
- Hey, Flawless, Flawless.
- Listen, watch the yelling!
- Screaming over here...
- Yo, yo!
- Yo, use the phone!
- Help me, this guy won't let me in!
Come here!
- The legend is in the, motherfucking, building.
- Come here, you gotta let me through.
Let him in.
- You know him?
- Sorry man, yeah, that's my guy.
What's up, sexy?
How are we doing?
Hey, check this out, you see this
Rolls-Royce that I did in Miami?
Yeah, Richie showed me all kinds of shit.
Where is Julia?
Is she in there?
Yeah, she's back there somewhere.
Do you know what's going on
with my Michael Jackson pendant?
What about that?
What do you mean what about that?
I need it back.
- It's in my safe.
- I'll come by tomorrow to pick it up.
She's trying to sell
this thing to the Weekend.
- You understand?
- Yeah.
What do you mean "yeah"?
Where is she now?
- Yeah.
- But where?
I don't mean to get in you business,
I don't wanna get involved,
but I saw her go to
bathroom with Weeknd.
- Oh shit!
- Julia, are you in there?
Yo, I said to hold the door, bro.
Open up the door!
- Someone's in it.
- Shut the fuck up!
Give me one second,
I need to wash my hands.
- What the fuck is this?
- Howard we were just doing coke.
Nothing happened!
Let go!
Let go off me!
Get off him!
Stop fighting!
Hey, get, the fuck, back off me!
Fuck you!
Fuck that, motherfucker, right there!
Shut the fuck up!
I'm so sorry, Howard.
Fuck you!
Let's go!
Get the fuck out!
You tell the, fucking, guy he's sued.
He's getting sued.
Not one, fucking, DJ gonna play his shit.
I know every, fucking, DJ in this town.
Fuck all you losers!
You smell like
his, fucking, cologne!
We didn't do anything, Howard!
Yeah, right, right!
You blew a huge,
fucking, sale for me!
What were you selling,
your, fucking, hot snatch?
Blowing my whole, fucking, life away
for this skank over here.
Oh, wow, okay.
Now I'm a, fucking, skank?
- Were, the fuck, are you, you fuck?
- Listen, Howard.
You knew what, the fuck, it was
when you met me.
That's right, yeah.
That's right.
Thats why I wish I never, fucking, met you.
Right here.
- Oh wow, that's great Howard, Howard.
- Get out of my, fucking, way!
Go fuck the Weeknd.
- We didn't, fucking, do anything!
- Fuck off me!
Go, go. It's fine. Go.
Good night. Bye. Get, the fuck, away!
- Howard.
- Go!
Howard. Get out of, the fucking, car!
Get, the fuck, out of the way!
What are you gonna do, Howard?
What are you gonna do, big tough guy?
- I didn't, fucking, do anything with him?
- Get, the fuck, out of here!
Get, the fuck, away!
Go fuck the guy!
Fuck you, Howard!
I'll see you tomorrow.
I'll see you tomorrow, Howard!
Let's go. Go!
Fuck you!
What, the fuck, are you looking at?
Nothing much.
Oh, funny. Stupid bitch.
That's why you're in line
in the, fucking, cold.
Stupid bitch.
- No, no, no. Listen, Anne.
- Howard, Howard.
I'm looking at it.
I'm looking at the opal.
- You are missing the point.
- I'm looking at it right now, okay?
It's gorgeous.
It is not you who should be
looking at it, it's me.
Turn that down.
Let me explain
something to you, Mr. Ratner.
Your opal is one of the 75 items
I have to oversee for this auction.
All of them but yours have been cleaned,
cataloged and appraised.
Listen, I'm doing some appraisals
of my own, okay?
And then Im gonna
bring it to you today.
I am on the precipice of pulling it.
- I swear to you, please, okay?
- End of the day or were done.
I'm getting a call right now,
so I have to go.
This is Howard Ratner.
Hi, Janet, thank you so much
- for calling me back so quickly.
- Yeah, no problem.
That message you left
was actually very disturbing.
No, I didn't mean to worry you.
Okay, would you mind telling
me what this is about?
I saw online that your boss
represents Kevin Garnett?
- I'm gonna have to put you on hold for one moment.
- Okay, sure, I'll hang on.
- Howard, Julia's on line 1.
- No. No, tell her no. I'm not here.
Fuck it!
Where are you?
Why aren't you answering your phone?
I asked you a question,
where are you?
I stayed at Kats house,
where else do you think?
I couldnt, fucking, go home
with you acting that way.
No, that's...
So, let me guess,
you're not coming to work today?
I would like to.
That must be nice to
come to work whenever you feel like it.
- Howard.
- Is that good, is that good?
Maybe, you should take a nap then?
- Can't we just...
- Take a nap, get your rest...
you need to remain attractive, right?
Answer me.
I just wanna sit down
and talk to you, Howard.
- Okay.
- I don't wanna do this right now.
- I don't wanna play.
- And I just need to work, okay?
I need to work to make sure
that your cheating ass is taking care of.
- ... personnel on line 2.
- Goodbye!
This is Howard Ratner.
My assistant told me that you called?
How are you doing?
I'm not gonna lie to you,
I could be better.
Sorry to hear that,
so what can I do for you?
I've been having a situation
with one of your higher profile players.
And I'm moments away right now
from making things very ugly for you.
- Okay, can you hang on for a second?
- No, I'm not hanging on.
I happen to be a litigious individual,
and I'm a second away
from hanging up right now
- and calling my lawyer and the police...
- Whoa, whoah, whoah.
- You realize I have no idea what youre talking about.
- Howard, KG is here with Demany.
Youre getting very hot very fast and
youre starting to sound like an asshole so
- maybe you wanna back off...
- Nevermind.
Kevin, hey.
Buzz the men in.
- Buzz them.
- I am. I am, Howard.
That's the fucking door.
Got to the other buzzer, please.
Hurry up.
I'll be right there.
Go ahead.
- That's not working.
- Goddamnit!
- Hang up, sorry.
- Open this shit, man.
- I'm sorry.
- We don't have time for this shit.
- Magnets sometimes...
- I don't give a fuck about that.
- You brought the gem?
- I'm claustrophobic.
- Oh, yeah, I got the gem right here.
- Okay, all right, good, there it is.
We'll go upstairs and wait.
You can't leave,
because that one is locked over.
Get a, fucking,
hammer over there.
Roman, he needs the hammer.
He needs the hammer.
Let me get a hammer.
I, actually, don't know how
this will work, but...
- Give me the hammer.
- I'm on it, I'm coming.
It usually works.
This will work. Give me this.
And get ready to buzz, okay?
- Oh my God, nigga!
- I'm sorry, buzz, buzz.
- That shit is louder than bitch.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
Gotta hit it from the side.
- Flawless is here.
- Get rid of this motherfucker.
- Tell him to vibe.
- Oh my God, Flawless is here?
Defy, the fucking, Flawless!
- Roman! Come on here.
- Oh, shit!
All right, listen, we're having
a, fucking, connection issue.
Just get me some, fucking, metal shavings
and the tool, fucking, kit, all right?
I'm going to get this...
I promise you this will work.
Hurry the fuck up, Roman!
Thank you.
Hey, Howard. I'm here to buy the opal.
This is a game day for me!
- I know, I know it is.
- What the fuck is going on?
- I got 175 thousand in this bag.
- 175?
I told you that thing's worth
over a million dollars, that's...
Howard, come on, man!
What the fuck are you doing?
... Court-side seats.
I live in New York, I don't know
whats that gonna do me, KG?
I wanna give you to you for free,
I'm that kind of guy.
Just... I'm tied into an auction.
What are talking...
What auction?
The auction...
Listen, make a bid.
- Make a bid at the auction.
- When is it?
- It's Monday.
- Monday.
- Nah, let him rent it for a couple nights.
- I can't.
Ill just hold it till Monday,
you'll get it back Monday night.
- Kevin, I hate letting you down.
- This dude fucking says "no" to everything.
- Say "yes" to something.
- I want to, Kevin.
I fucking love ya.
I feel like an asshole, believe me.
Come down, let me, fucking, do this.
Jesus, fucking... I got this.
Godd, fucking, damnit.
I gotta do everything.
Please, stop knocking.
It's not gonna help.
Go. Go.
- I'm so, goddamnit, sorry.
- Jesus Christ!
Get them some water.
Get the cold water.
We don't need any water, man.
Go get my ring, man,
so I can get the hell out of here.
Get him his fucking ring.
Hes got shit to do, come on!
- Oh, the ring, the ring...
- He's got a game, Howard.
Oh my God, no, I left the,
fucking, ring in Long Island.
What, the fuck, do you mean
you left it in Long Island?
I'll give it to Demany.
- I don't have time for this.
- I'll give it to Demany.
I'll give it to you.
Listen, I can't do this.
I don't have time for this.
You don't have to,
I do need...
I know what I need is stone.
I need the stone.
- You need the stone?
- Where's my ring at though?
I'll get you the ring,
I'm gonna get it to Demany.
Give me favor.
Get my ring for me and I'll see you later.
Howard, this is bullshit.
Open this fucking door.
Why did we come up here, man?
Buzz us out, Howard.
We'll buzz you out, all right?
Please, buzz them out.
KG, forgive everything
I did and the time I wasted.
You fucking asshole,
you fucking did this!
- What have you been telling him?
- What the fuck are talking about, Howard?
This how this shit works.
I bring niggas here,
to you, to buy jewelry.
That's how I get, fucking, paid.
You got a lot of nerve,
talking to me right now
- The fuck you talking about?
- after the fiasco you, fucking, caused.
That nigga just offered you a quarter
of a million dollars for a, fucking, rock, dummy.
- That's all me!
- Of course, it's you, right.
- And I had nothing to do with it.
- Thats 20 fucking grand...
You spent for those guys
in Ethiopia, right?
You put all those calls in...
Yeah, my bad.
Fuck you, my nigga.
I'm taking all my niggas somewhere.
- Where's my shit at?
- Get the fuck...
What, the fuck, are you doing?
Get out of here!
- Where's my shit?
- Get out of here!
- It's only 3, fucking, watches in here.
- I don't want you in there!
Where, the fuck, is the rest of my shit?!
- Where are my watches at, only 3 in here?
- I loaned them. I loaned them.
- What do you mean you loaned them?
- These are fake Rolex.
Nigga, thats my shit!
Nigga, those boxes are mad expensive!
- You fucking idiot.
- All right, I owe you then.
- Get out of here, I said!
- Man, fuck you! Get the fuck off me!
- Howard, I have Dr. Blauman on line 1.
- Where the fuck is my shit?
Go ahead. Go ahead.
- Howard?
- Hi, doctor, what's going on?
- Howard?
- Yes.
- Where's the, goddamn, paper, man?
- Please be quiet.
- Is everything okay?
- Where's the, fucking, paper, Howard?
Shut, the fuck, up!
- Howard?
- Go ahead. Go ahead, I'm sorry.
- Howard...
- What do I got?
Fuck this shit, man.
I'm looking at the results
from your colonoscopy.
So, we're good, you're all good,
everything came back clean.
Doctor, all clean a 100%?
You said it's good?
- Yes, I said you're all clean.
- Oh, good, good, thank you.
- That's relief.
- Howard, relax, this is just...
My father, fucking, died from it, so...
Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you.
But, you know, given your head family history.
I know, Jews and colon cancer, what is that?
I thought we were the chosen people.
Look, colon cancer just paid
for my house in the Hamptons...
Don't tell me that. Where?
What part of the Hamptons? How many acres?
What are you doing?
You gonna kill the fish.
What the fuck?
- My fish! My fish!
- Fuck your fish, nigga!
Get a glass! Get a glass!
- Fuck your, goddamn, fish, nigga!
- What, the fuck, are you doing?
You, fucking, asshole!
Get the, fucking, another glass.
Get another glass, goddamnit!
Come here, I got you.
Here you go, here you go.
I got you, sweetheart.
Johnny, please get some more glasses.
They cant see the water.
Theyre blind.
All right, Howard,
I'm hanging up.
I thought I was perfectly clear.
- At 5:30 I am out the door.
- I told you I was coming to you.
I'm coming to you. I have the stone.
Don't you dare leave.
- I have a wedding in Newport...
- Howard.
Stop. You're being,
fucking, crazy again. Stop.
Listen, I got no time to talk.
I have to be at Adley's in
50 minutes before they close.
- I'll go with you. I'll go with you.
- Then I gotta get to my father-in-law.
Howard, please, I'm really sick.
I don't feel well. I gotta out of bed...
I see you were in a big rush
to come over here?
You got yourself a, fucking, smoothie!
- I was in a big rush.
- I want you out.
You motherfucker!
Get out of the apartment
by the end of the day.
Fuck you!
Out of my life.
You have no idea.
- How you're doing, Howie?
- Hey.
Good Pesach, Howie.
All right, Larry, you're Jew again,
welcome back.
- Have a good Pascha.
- It's all right.
- Hey, Howard.
- Hey.
Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech Ha
Olam Bore Peri Ha Adama.
Get the celery.
You know what kinda suck
schmuck a little bit, overrated?
Chris Paul.
Come on, man,
he's all NBA, man.
He can't do it alone.
That's enough!
You don't know anything.
What are you saying?
- I'm talking...
- Shut up everybody!
Natalie. You're up.
Wait, you skipped my dad.
Where are we?
Howard, why don't you
read the plagues?
Okay. Ma, you take the Hebrew
and I'll take the English.
Yes, my dear.
Here we go.
- Dam.
- Blood.
- Tzefardea.
- Frogs.
- Kinim.
- Lice.
- Arov.
- Boiled animals.
- Dever.
- Pestilence.
- Shchin.
- Boils.
- Barad.
- Hail.
- Arbeh.
- Locusts.
- Choshech.
- Darkness.
- Makat Bechorot.
- Death of the first born.
Hardcore, back there.
That can still happen.
You know, watch yourselves, kids.
- Hey, Julia, leave me a message...
- Excuse me.
You send me something like that
and then you don't pick up your phone?
Are you, fucking, with me?
I'm trying to have a nice,
peaceful dinner
with my family, which is something
you won't understand,
because you don't have one.
You wanna play mind games with me?
So, whatever you meant
by your little link,
I meant when I said that I want
you out of my apartment tonight.
And I want confirmation,
by text, not a link.
Via text, "Howie, I am gone, 10 PM".
Don't you, fucking, call me!
Arno, what the fuck?
Can we just, fucking, talk?
We're family, we're here,
right now.
Out of my way.
Yeah, not so tough without
your friends around, are you?
Are you?
Fucking pussy!
- You like, you love this roster?
- I love it.
Baron Davis is done.
Let's start fresh: Melo, Amare.
- What about Lin?
- That's it.
We gotta bring back Lin.
You know what, fucking, Lins
not coming back next year?
Cause Dolan saw how everybody
were so fucking happy,
- and said "how can I ruin that?".
- Exactly! Howard, fucking, knows.
You realize that I met my wife
at the first game that started Linsanity.
You know what he says to me.
He comes over to me
and says "Happy Holidays".
Like it's Christmas.
It's like having
an intruder in your own home.
He's not bothering anybody, all right?
He's trying.
Easy for you to say,
he didnt marry your daughter.
This is, KG, huh?
Off. Three for eleven?
What the fuck?
He looks tortured.
That, fucking, guy tried
to steal an opal from me.
- Your opal? Your opal It came?
- The opal came, yeah.
Stupidly, I lent it
to this motherfucker and he's...
What do you mean?
He took it? He stole it?
He didn't steal it, he got carried away.
He thinks it has magic powers.
Magic powers?
- No, really?
- Look, look at him tonight.
Without it, he didn't have it tonight,
look how fucking bad he played.
He wants to own it.
So, I told him to come to the auction
and, fucking, make a bid for it like everyone else.
- When is this auction?
- The auction is Monday.
Okay, so what do you think it's worth?
Well, listen, it's anywhere from
a thousand to 3 thousand dollars a carat.
And it's 6 hundred carats.
That's over a million dollars.
He's very rich.
Not as rich as Gooey!
But Im working on it.
Whos comparing? Rich is rich.
I made a crazy risk at a gamble
and, it's about to pay off.
Don't look at us,
don't look at him, don't look at me.
Find it yourself.
Come on, keep looking.
That's warm, warm, warm.
Very warm.
Keep looking.
I found it!
That's my boy!
Find your stuff, we're leaving soon.
Let's show them.
Dad, look, this is Mom's
Bar mitzvah dress, it still fits her.
Oh. Thats hysterical.
Its 9 o'clock, what do you think,
we should get going?
- Yeah let's go, tell the boys.
- I told them.
- You look gorgeous.
- Oh God!
I wanted to talk to you for a minute.
Just sit down, and,
we don't have to do it here.
We'll wait, but I...
I'm having very serious
second thoughts.
We're all together right now.
We're all so comfortable, excited.
Is it too late? Should we maybe...
What do you think?
Am I crazy?
Are you serious right now?
Yeah, I know,
I know I fucked up.
Yeah, you fucked up.
You are a fuckup.
And I'm not having
this conversation.
Please, stop, just stop for one second
and just look at me, look at my eyes.
And they'll tell you what I'm feeling.
What are you thinking?
What? Tell me.
I wanna know.
I know. What?
Your face is so stupid.
- Okay.
- Oh my God.
I'm gonna leave her.
I'll leave her. I don't need her.
We're done.
- Okay.
- It's done.
It was stupid. She's trash.
She's trash. I know that.
It was stupid. I'm done.
I'm done. It means nothing.
It meant nothing.
Please. I'm begging, you just
give me another shot.
You know what, Howard?
Say yes, what?
I think you are the most
annoying person I've ever met.
I hate being with you.
I hate looking at you.
And if I had my way,
I would never see you again.
That's 'cause you're mad.
You're mad and it makes sense.
- You can punch me if you want.
- Oh, thanks.
I don't even want to touch you.
Oh my God!
Are you kidding me?
Wait. Turn around.
I wanna see.
- Did you see that?
- Oh my God!
I hate you!
That's how fit you're right now?
I was fifteen pounds overweight!
I'll get the car, okay?
I'll get the car.
She's always...
Like we wanna see everything
she's doing at every moment.
- You think she's jealous of me?
- Yeah, she wants your life.
- She wants our house.
- And she can have it.
Why are you taking Lex?
We'll take the tunnel,
its better, less traffic.
Plus, I wanna grab something from
the apartment, and its right there.
We gonna stop
by the apartment, guys.
Oh my God.
- Daddy's got thinks to do.
- Oh, it's so annoying.
That business.
- Hi, Mr. Ratner, how are you?
- How are you?
- Anything in the trunk?
- Im just gonna be up and down.
- If you need anything let me know.
- I gotta use the bathroom.
Hold it in, all right?
It's just 25 minutes before we're home.
- I can't wait that long.
- Don't be ridiculous.
Eddie go upstairs
and use the bathroom.
I'm tired, I wanna go to sleep.
You couldn't go at Grandpa's.
You had to wait till now?
Come on, we're going.
We're going.
Bathrooms all fucked up
because of construction,
so, Im gonna ask a neighbor.
Dad, I don't wanna use a
neighbor's bathroom, I'm taking a shit.
Have you ever seen
the show Good Times?
You, actually, gonna like this.
This guy was the father on the show.
- What? I don't care.
- I showed it to you.
He was in Coming to America.
Hes probably sleeping,
I bet he's an old man.
- Who is it?
- It's Howard, next door.
I live in E.
Hey, how are you?
What's up?
Unfortunately, my bathroom
is all fucked up.
And this kid's gotta go.
Can we use yours for a minute?
No, sorry.
- What a, fucking, dickhead!
- Hey, stop that.
He's a, fucking, legend.
- Hello?
- Hi, I'm your neighbor.
- Hey, how you doing?
- How are you?
- I'm your neighbor, I never introduced myself.
- Allen, how are you?
My bathroom is all fucked up
and my son needs to use.
Can he use yours for a second?
Is it number one,
or number two?
- One.
- He's gonna go one.
All right? So, you go quick.
All right, on the back.
I'll meet you in the hallway.
Have a nice life, I hope you find
everything you're looking for.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Come on, let's go.
Who's the girl,
living in your apartment?
What did you say?
Yeah, that guy told me theres some
hot chick living in your apartment.
Who is that, mom?
What were you doing,
talking to that coke-head?
- He was talking to me.
- I told you to go in there and take a shit!
- I did take a shit.
- That was it. Get on the elevator.
Its enough already!
Don't talk about that to anybody.
- Did you get what you needed?
- Yeah.
Put the recycling in the garbage,
before you come in the house.
Big day.
Magnolia bakery,
from the downtown original.
- Thank you.
- Did you have these? Delicious.
You tell everybody here thank you so much
and they are welcome.
- Will do.
- And these are on me, Howard Ratner.
What's this?
This is the catalog for today?
That's the one.
- Stops right on me.
- Thank you.
What, the fuck, is this?
This is a mistake.
- That's a correction.
- No.
It's a correction,
but it's a, fucking, mistake.
Where is Anne,
I wanna speak with here.
I'm sorry, Anne is in
a meeting right now.
No, get her out of the meeting.
It's an emergency, I wanna speak with her.
Call her on the phone, please.
Thank you.
If you promise
to keep your voice down.
- Yes.
- I'm happy to call her.
Jesus, fucking, Christ!
Hello, Anne.
Can you ask how this
155 bullshit happened?
Did you hear that?
- Okay.
- What did she say?
I'm afraid that's your appraisal.
I know that's what it says,
I'm asking who came up with the, fucking, figure.
- Oscar in Gems.
- Oscar is, fucking, wrong.
I can go on and get
6 appraisers right now,
5 of them would say
at least three thousand dollars a carat.
- He is saying he can go to 6 appraisers...
- Give me the phone.
Can I speak with her please?
Look, I'm sorry,
but I have to hand you over.
No, that wouldn't be necessarily,
I'd rather you didn't.
- Anne.
- Yes.
This is, fucking, outrageous.
Okay, you need to
calm yourself down, Mr. Ratner.
I don't wanna be calm.
This appraisal is a, fucking, joke.
Oscar happens to be one of our most
experienced gemologists.
Who, clearly, knows
nothing about colored stones.
And why, the fuck,
am I hearing about it now?
Do I need to remind you that you brought the opal to us
on a Friday night for an auction set on a Monday morning?
- We were lucky to get appraised at all...
- I don't give a fuck. I don't care.
It needs to be changed. Do it.
That's not an option, but...
If you like we can pull it.
Pull it? No, no.
We are not gonna pull it.
Here's what you'll do.
You gonna make an announcement
at the top of the auction.
That the correction was wrong.
- No, no.
- And the original estimate stands.
We are not correcting a correction!
We can either pull it or carry on as is.
- It's entirely up to you.
- Okay, thank you so much.
- Okay, Anne, I'm sorry too.
- You know I have been...
- We are done here, I had enough of this.
- Yes, that would be perfect, I'll let her know.
Let who know? Me and my stuff
had to work the entire weekend...
Okay, thank you so much Anne and I wanna say
from the bottom of my heart, I apologise.
- Okay, I'll tell her, thank you.
- You understand?
I can assure you, this is the last...
So, she said that we need to take the
inserts out of each catalog
before the auction starts,
so, you have those.
If you want, I saw box down there,
and I can start on these.
- What is that? What are you doing?
- I just have a question for Anne.
You don't need to call her.
I just spoke with her.
Oh, it's a simple question,
don't worry about it.
Hi, Anne, he's saying
that you told him to...
Okay, listen, just, fucking, put them
back in, I don't give a shit.
- Gooey!
- We're here.
You're sight for sore eyes.
Is he here?
KG? He is...
I didn't see him yet.
Is he there?
I got all these things for him to sign.
Listen to me, listen.
Do you want them?
Get that before the auction starts.
Go to the auction, see if he's there.
- He's a great guy, you'll love him.
- He's excited.
I wanna ask you a little favor.
What, what favor?
I need you to jack up the bids.
What? No, no.
Absolutely not.
Gooey, a little bit, just here
and there you make a bid.
I just gotta make sure
we get it up to 250.
What if I win at 250?
That's easy,
I'll give it right back to you.
This is not a really nice position
you put me in, you know?
- I reset this. Very much.
- You think I wanna do this?
I fucked up, I should've got
my own appraisal, but I didn't have the time.
How much they appraised it for?
- 200.
- 200?
But these assholes,
they don't have an opal specialist.
My guy at the AGL says 500,
just based of the pictures.
Listen, 20 % I give you for the winning bidding.
You got to be a partner with me.
KG is gonna buy it.
It's not a problem.
This guy is obsessed with the stone.
Today was supposed to be
about Aaron meeting KG.
- Gooey.
- To show support.
That's what today
was supposed to be about.
This is support, this is support
like you've never known.
Sold to you, thank you so much, sir.
We move on now, ladies
and gentlemen, to lot number 38.
Lot 38, we have a sale room notice.
Im required to inform you all
that this fine Ethiopian black opal,
presented here before you all,
your left, my right.
Is now offered with a revised estimate
of a 155 to 225 thousand US dollars.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is a fine piece,
a collector's work.
And, most importantly,
it is windowed on either side,
to reveal the full spectrum of its dazzling
color and the pin-fire pattern within.
So, with that in mind, ladies and gentlemen,
my colleagues are ready and poised on the phones.
And you all ready with your paddles.
We shall start the bidding now
at twenty thousand dollars.
Twenty thousand now.
Thirty thousand.
Do I have forty thousand now?
Forty thousand, gentleman's bid.
Pleasure to see you, sir, thank you, sir.
Forty thousand now.
Do I see fifty?
Fifty thousand now.
A new place, thank you, sir.
Pleasure to have you back too, sir.
Fifty thousand now against you, sir.
Should we say sixty?
Sixty thousand now against you, sir.
Seventy thousand now against you, sir.
One hundred grand.
One hundred thousand now!
Bid with you, sir.
And a great place.
A big, bold, giant leap
for a big, bold, giant leaper at
a hundred thousand dollars.
No longer yours, sir.
It's against you, sir.
I'm gonna try one more, sir.
I'll even break an increment for you, sir.
Can I ask you to consider
a bid of 105 thousand, sir?
Come on, sir. You sure?
Positive? No farther?
A defiant nod, then?
Looking then for a 110 in the room.
It's a hundred thousand now.
Is there any farther bidding?
110 thousand now.
Welcome back, sir.
110 thousand now.
Once again against you, sir.
Should we try 120?
120 now.
Try one more, sir.
Just try 130.
130 now.
Should we try 140?
140 thousand now.
Come on, sir, it's up again, to 150.
Try one more at a 150 thousand.
No longer yours, sir.
Should we try 160?
160 now.
Back against you again, sir.
Can we try one more to a 170?
170 now.
Say 180. Say 180, sir.
You were okay down 175.
180 thousand dollar now.
Bid back against you, sir.
I'm looking for a 190 thousand.
190 thousand dollars is bid.
Against you, sir.
You have to bid to this claim.
A 190 thousand.
Confer with your adviser now.
- Seriously, we need to go.
- It's okay, I need this though.
We gonna move this up any higher?
Any farther?
- Relax, serious?
- It's a last chance for you, sir.
I have to move this along,
we have a good bid at a 190 thousand.
I'm looking for two hundred, sir.
You gonna move this up any higher?
Any farther?
You sure, sir?
- Last chance, fair warning.
- Let's go.
So, with you, sir, at a 190
thousand dollars against the phones.
Against the rest of the room.
Sold to you, sir,
at a 190 thousand dollars.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, sir.
Panel 172.
Gooey, I'm so, goddamn, sorry.
Thank you very much.
I'm sorry. Listen, I...
Oh, this is 49th street.
Supposed to be on 48th street.
Thank you.
- That's a 190 grand, Howard.
- Yes, that's temporarily.
I'm sorry.
I gotta tell you I was gonna stop...
Didn't I tell you that
was gonna happen, Howard?
- I'm sorry.
- So now what?
So, your money gonna go into my account,
I'll wire it right back to you.
- Including Adleys 20%?
- Absolutely, that comes right out of my pocket.
- That is nearly 38 grand, Howard.
- I know that.
So, I'm gonna need a couple
of weeks on that. But it will be done.
- I promise you.
- All right.
- Aaron, let's go, come on!
- Dad, I got, like, 6 autographs.
You got the autographs, that's great.
Wasn't guy like a champ?
- Don't be mad at me, please.
- Get in.
Please don't be mad.
Come on, can I get the opal?
Let me get the opal.
- What for?
- Because I gotta sell that.
- Take the fucking opal.
- Yes, all right, okay, thanks.
Get them going.
Open the fucking door.
What's he waiting for you for?
All right.
I know.
Let them go
and then we'll talk.
- What the fuck was that?
- All right, I fucked up.
It was a mistake, all right?
I know, I admit it. I gotta...
Just hit pause for one,
fucking, second.
Gotta call Kevin, 'cause I know
he, fucking, wants it, you saw.
He's got the 175 and then
everything will be copacetic, all right?
KG, it's me.
I got great news for you.
No one on the, fucking, phone!
- If you just give me two, fucking...
- Get, the fuck, out.
You're lucky there are
people around you, you prick.
Come on, get out of here.
Let's go.
Hey, fucking...
Just listen to me, please.
I spoke...
I spoke to Demany,
remember Demany?
He's a business friend of mine.
He gave me the, fucking...
That's enough, Howard!
That's fucking enough!
Why are you being
so thickheaded?
Fuck you man, suck my dick!
Throw him in the, fucking, water!
Where, the fuck, are my glasses?
I know this is a 400 dollar bag.
I'll give you 250.
- Howard.
- Forget about Howard...
- Howard, Justin is...
- I'm not feeling good.
- Are you okay, what wrong with you?
- I won't work.
- Send everybody home.
- All right, sweetie.
Hey, sorry to bother you.
What is it?
I just wanted to see
how the auction went.
Terrible, I don't wanna talk about it.
Okay. Well, Damien and Joseph
brought this amazing sweat suit,
that I think it would look so nice on you.
Do you wanna see it?
Just leave me alone, please.
Come on, Howard.
- Don't look at me.
- Oh my God, Howard.
- Don't look at me.
- What the fuck happened to you?
Don't look at me, please.
I don't know if I'm gonna make it.
I don't know. Everybody is...
- It's not ever going right.
- I know.
I'm so sad.
I'm so fucked up.
Yeah, I'm really upset too.
I'm sorry if this has anything to do with me,
but I swear, I really didn't do anything.
I wish you were nicer to me though.
It was not nice what you did to me.
I tried, but it's really hard.
I don't know what to do.
I don't have any place to go.
I don't have anywhere to get.
But you do.
Like, really, Howard?
You're my home, you could come to me.
I can't make it out.
I can't make it...
What I am I supposed to do?
Everything I do is not going right.
I don't know what to do.
I, really, don't know anymore.
Shit, I really don't...
I gotta figure this out.
I really do.
I got something, if you want.
But you can't make fun of me.
It's so stupid. I don't know.
I got it, I thought it would make you feel better.
Look, unzip my skirt.
Not like that,
just unzip my skirt.
It says "Howie".
What did you do?
Why would you do that?
You don't like it?
- I do, I'm not worth it.
- Yes, you are.
- I'm not worth it.
- You are worth it.
- Look. Howie, I'm so crazy about you.
- I don't deserve this.
Yes, you do. I love you.
- You can't even get buried with me now.
- It's okay.
Oh, this, fucking, guy!
Do not let him in,
understand me?
Just ignore him.
Ignore him, Joey.
Here, let's get you cleaned.
It's not broken, right?
You don't think it's broken, right?
This is crazy, you can't be
out here, looking like this.
Help me answer that.
Hi, this is Liz, I work with Kevin.
I'm actually, looking for a Howard.
This is Howard.
Hi, yes, I got your message
from Demany about the gem.
We're at the bank right now.
- Does he want it?
- Yes, Kevin still interested.
We can actually...
It's like we discussed, right?
It's still 175, right?
- In cash.
- Yes, yes in cash.
Like I said,
we're at the bank right now.
Kevin, yes, I told you.
- Howard, I gotta go.
- Okay.
I'll see you soon, goodbye.
See? I told you.
Arno. Listen, no bullshit.
Kevin Garnett is coming
to my office right now,
with a 175 thousand dollars
cash, all right?
You said I got till Monday?
Today is still Monday.
I don't know if you're hearing this,
but, Arno, this is real.
Kevin's really on the way,
he was just at the bank.
Come get your money, buddy.
I need the Celtic ring back.
- What happened to Friday?
- I know, I know.
- It's Monday, Howie.
- I know what we said.
- It was a short week, Pesach...
- What happened to your face?
Car accident, okay?
- So listen to me.
- What do you need?
I need the Celtic ring.
I'm gonna give you the Knicks ring.
You know what that means
to me, swap them out, please.
You've had this Knicks ring forever.
I just need the Celtic ring back.
- No, No.
- What do you wanna do?
- I own that ring right now.
- I know, I know you do.
I'll swap you the 2 rings,
but I'm gonna put a 15% vig on this one.
And if you're not here by Friday,
it's gonna be the same thing all over again.
- You're not gonna have a third ring.
- You don't have to worry about it.
I'll make it 16%,
I'm sorry I fucked you up.
Howie, what's going on?
Are you okay?
I'm very good.
Everything's going good.
I promise you.
Hey, there he is!
KG, don't you got a game tonight?
I got your chip right here.
Game night.
- We really gotta go.
- You must be Liz.
Yeah, we gonna make it
quick, absolutely.
Julia, let's get
these guys some Powerades.
Powerades? Water? Anything else?
It's fine. I'm okay.
That's okay. Yeah, I'm good.
Howard, let me get a
second with you, okay?
Kevin, we need to be in Boston,
no more than 5 minutes.
Give me 2 seconds.
Kevin, we gotta be in Boston
in less than an hour.
What's up with you man?
What the fuck is going on?
Ever since I met you, you've been giving
me the rid around with everything.
What do you mean?
I feel like, you're, fucking, with my emotions,
you're just playing with me at some point.
This hasn't been straight
since I came here.
- You understand?
- Why are you saying that?
Just one thing, you know,
I came back over here, I brought it back.
Howard, I brought it back,
I didn't have to bring it back, you understand?
I showed up at the auction,
you had somebody to bid against me.
All these, fucking, games, like,
what, the fuck, are you doing man?
Like, you don't think I noticed?
You think I know none of this?
It's complicated, KG.
You see this face?
Do you see it?
Here's the 165 thousand
right there, cash.
I'm showing you,
because this wasn't easy.
Six percent goes to Demany.
Ive already taken that out.
I guess that's fair.
Let me get the fucking opal, man.
Let me get the fuck out of here.
- This opal.
- Yeah.
- This opal is very valuable for you.
- Absolutely.
Okay, I did that.
I respect you.
I respect your passion.
- Okay, I always had.
- I thought you were a fan too, man.
I'm a fucking huge fan.
What did you pay for this?
Real shit.
What did you pay for this right here?
That's not a fair question, Kevin.
We're talking months
and months of, fucking, my time.
I'm not gonna take the money back,
when I did a deal now.
Straight up. Straight up me and you.
Mono mono.
How much did you pay for this?
What did I pay?
I paid... This is...
I'm telling you, if I answer
that question it's very misleading.
- I paid a hundred grand.
- So you doubled your money.
I'm the joker here, all right?
I got fucked.
A million dollars is what
I was supposed to get.
I get a, fucking, what?
Made 65 Gs?
You gave some niggas, from Ethiopia,
a hundred grand for something,
you thought was worth
a million dollars?
You don't see nothing wrong
with that, Howard?
Ethiopian miners, you know what these,
fucking, guys make?
A hundred grand is fifty lifetimes
for these, fucking, guys.
A million dollars is more,
that's my point, you understand?
You wanna win by 1 point
or, fucking, 30 points, KG?
Right? I see you out there,
when the, fucking, stadium's all booing you.
You're 30 up, you're still going full tilt?
Lets see what Vegas...
What is Vegas got you guys at tonight?
Take a look, let's see.
Are you serious gonna
put this up right here?
Look at this shit, the Sixers are supposed
to win the game tonight, they think.
I don't keep a track of none of this shit.
Who give a fuck.
They think on game 7
you're not gonna get, fucking, 18 points.
They don't think
you gonna get 8 rebounds?
These guys don't know
shit about me.
What, the fuck, do they do?
Doesn't that make you wanna,
fucking, kill them?
Doesn't that make you wanna say
fuck you for doubting me?
Doesn't that make you wanna step on,
fucking, Elton Brand's, fucking, neck?
Come on, KG,
this is no different than that.
This is me, all right?
I'm not a, fucking, athlete.
This is my, fucking, way.
This is how I win.
All the, fucking, hard work I do.
All the, fucking, ass kicking,
and the dudes I pay.
You're not gonna score
on a big one on game 7?
Fuck these people, right?
That's how you feel, I know you do.
So look...
Let's, fucking, bet on this.
Let's bet on this shit.
I'm, fucking, gonna bet
all this money on you tonight, KG.
You are here to win, KG,
these fuckers don't know.
Them out, fucking, west.
You think they, fucking, know you?
They don't know you,
they don't know us.
It's about, fucking, winning,
it's about you.
I saw your, fucking, conviction,
your, fucking, honesty
and your, fucking, magic.
Howard, you're, fucking, crazy, man.
KG, do you even understand how, fucking,
great of a game you gonna have tonight?
- I know it.
- Listen.
We're a team tonight, KG.
That is, fucking, lock, it's a, fucking, feeling.
We both have it, they don't know.
You and I know, all right?
Nice, fucking, watch too.
Hey, do you mind watching this place,
while I run to the bathroom?
Thank you.
Can I leave you guys alone in here?
- Go mind your business, sweetheart.
- Do you want company?
I don't think so,
but next time maybe.
Hey, hey!
I'm looking for Howard.
I don't know where he is.
I'm fine. We're closed.
He gave me a, fucking, fake Rolex.
I have no idea about that, sir.
Please, come down.
- Val, can you, please, open up?
- Let me talk to you about this.
- You gotta help me.
- I'm sorry I'm leaving.
This is gonna be one of the best
nights of our, fucking, life.
Come on.
Where are you?
- Howard, what, the fuck, is going on?
- Take this.
- What is this?
- I need you to listen to me carefully.
I booked you on a Blade, okay?
You gonna land on top of the Mohegan Sun.
There's a bet in that bag.
I want you to take all of it.
All of it inside the bag
and place it on that bet.
- How much is in the bag?
- It's a lot.
I don't want you to
think about that, all right?
I don't even want you to look
at that, until you get there,
and you take it out, and give it
to the teller, you understand me?
Okay, I got it.
I'm gonna fuck the living shit
out of you tonight, you know that?
I wish I could kiss you.
- You gotta go.
- Okay.
- You get going.
- All right, love you, bye.
Thank you, Jo.
Good to see you, Josh.
- All right, let's get this over with.
- Arno.
- You never gonna believe this shit.
- Believe what?
We are about to hit so, goddamn, big.
KG was just here, you saw him, right?
I gave him the gem.
He's gonna fuck up the money line
so bad tonight.
Howard, where is the money right now?
It's on the way right now.
It's on the way to the casino.
What, the fuck, are you talking about,
- What, the fuck, is going on right here?
- Where is that girl?
- The girl that went to the bathroom.
- I haven't seen her.
- She didn't get back here?
- No.
- What are you not getting?
- No, it's in this room right now.
Go get her now, bring her back!
- Hey, handsome, hit the buzz.
- Open the, fucking, door!
Why, what am I
opening the door for?
- Somebody, fucking, buzz me out.
- I got it, I got it.
- What are they doing?
- Let's go. Let's go!
- You're saying what?
- Put your hands off me!
What, the fuck, are we doing?
It's gonna make sense
in about 2, fucking, minutes.
- Listen to what I'm telling.
- I'm listening.
You gonna do what
I tell you to do.
Listen, you, fucking, goon,
I'm telling you something...
Howard, listen to me!
Get the, fucking, machine, now!
- Shut the fuck up!
- What are you doing?
Wait, hey, come on, come on!
You want to get in touch with her?
I'll drop you on your fucking head, you hear me?
- Okay, get me up.
- You gonna call her?
- I'll call. I'll call. Please!
- You gonna get that bitch down here now?
Take me up!
All right, come one, get him up.
Get him up. Come on.
Listen, listen to me.
Pull yourself together, all right?
I want you to make that call.
You hear me?
Come on.
Give me a, fucking, second. Please.
Youll have plenty of time,
after you make the call.
My heart.
Call this girl up.
I want her back here now.
She's at Mohegan Sun.
Come on, let's go.
Put her on speaker.
There you go.
This motherfucker.
Real Bruce Wayne.
Come on.
- I can't. I'm sorry.
- Fucking guy, I can't believe.
I'm sorry, I really am.
I am sorry.
Fuck this!
You're a moron.
Fuck it.
It's not worth it man,
put this shit away.
- What are you doing?
- Buzz us out!
What are you doing?
What am I buzzing?
- Why are you...
- Just buzz me, the fuck, out!
- Watch the, fucking, game?
- Buzz me, the fuck, out!
- You'll be happy with the results.
- Buzz me out!
I'm telling you now, before I put
your head through the, fucking, glass
All right, I'll buzz you out.
I'll buzz you out.
Close that door, man. Close it.
Fuck, buzz me out!
What are you doing?
Open the, fucking, door!
Howard, open the door.
I'm sorry.
I'm not buzzing you out.
Arno, the Sixers
shouldn't even be there.
No, she's at the
Mohegan Sun sports book.
Mohegan Sun sports book.
Get over there now!
You know what she,
fucking, looks like, go find her!
Howard, open the door!
- I know you're upset, Arno.
- Of course, I'm upset!
I'm trying to, fucking,
make this all work for you.
The NBA doesn't want the Sixers to win,
there's no money in that, you understand?
The refs know that.
They want stars...
Buzz us, the fuck, out of here,
Howard. Right now!
Open the door! Open it now!
This is, fucking, bulletproof,
you only gonna hurt yourself.
- That doesn't work.
- I'm telling you to open it!
Arno, I'd duck,
you're gonna get killed.
Listen to me. Thank you...
I'm talking to Arno.
- Enough of you! Enough!
- You gotta open this, fucking, door.
Listen to me.
You realize all he's gotta do is
get the opening tip,
- he's gotta get the, fucking...
- buzz this, fucking...
We gonna get, you know how many
rebounds this guy's gonna get, Arno?
Who is that?
Who are you talking to?
Who'd you call?
Who did you call?
Open the, fucking, door, dick!
- Yeah?
- Yeah, it's me.
Make it quick, 'cause...
- ConEd called, the office, there's a, fucking, leak.
- What leak?
There's a gas leak on Pinoak.
So they are evacuating the whole block.
- Just slow down, okay?
- So get the kids out of there, all right?
- You and the kids go to Amys.
- Well, why would they call the office
- Stay at Amy's.
- and not the...
I don't know why they
called, me, all right?
That's not making any sense, Howard.
I'm not here to argue with you!
Dinah, get the kids out of the house,
I'm frightened, okay?
- You're freaking me out.
- Just get out, go to Amy's.
And do not leave there,
until I get home.
- You promise me? Stay at the house.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- You'll meet us there?
Yes. All right, thank you.
Thank you.
Open the, fucking, door!
Last year, I made a 125 million dollars.
I don't even know what to do
with my money anymore.
I got nobody to spend it with,
nobody to enjoy my life with anymore, its horrible.
Today is the big day to be, I thank you.
You wanna have a drink with me
when we get there?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Okay, so I'm betting on the Celtics,
parlay, three-way,
money, I don't know, plus...
Have here, you just...
So you wanna parlay, three-way...
Make sure that one you put in
it's exactly that, okay?
I will, how much you want on it?
Okay, I'm not really sure,
You just gonna have to.
Okay. Chad?
Okay, just give me a minute.
I just have to get my supervisor
- count this, okay?
- Okay.
- We're almost there.
- One second.
Come on. Let's go.
I'm feeling this.
From Bergen County, Number 5.
This is it.
Kevin Garnett!
Hi, tell me.
Okay, listen, listen. Say it.
Say the whole ticket out loud.
I want you to say it really loud.
Give me a second.
I want some people to hear it, all right?
Hang on. Hang on.
Say the whole ticket.
Go ahead.
I put 155 on the three-way bet.
Garnetts points plus his rebounds.
Celtics money line with
the Celtics to win the opening tip.
Right, just read the whole ticket.
Read the whole ticket.
Okay, so it says here...
- You're having a good time?
- Yes.
1 million 229 thousand.
Did you fucking hear that number?
That's enough.
You don't have to say anymore.
The bet's in.
- Okay?
- Fuck you!
I'm taking you to the, fucking,
the Ritz-Carlton in the Grand Cayman.
All right? With the, fucking, jacuzzi.
- All right. Rob that tattoo for me.
- Okay, I love you.
Okay, here we go.
We grab this tip, and
we're in business, boys, all right?
Pound that chest, baby!
This is it.
We gotta get this.
This is right out of the gate.
Right out of the gate.
Come on.
Get that tip, let's go
get that, fucking, tip.
Get that tip.
Let's go.
Get that! Yes! Yes!
Fuck, we would've been fucked,
if he didn't get that.
That was the, fucking, biggest part
of the whole, goddamn, parlay right there.
That was huge.
I knew he was gonna win that.
All right, that's it.
Thats one!
Thats, fucking, one.
Look at that.
Right out of the, fucking, gate.
The man.
The man's feeling the gem!
Go, get it, get it to him.
Go. Go.
Finish it. Finish it.
Yes, all right, that's, fucking, it.
That's the first shot of the game.
He, fucking, did it. That's 3 now.
Two plus, that, fucking, rebound.
Thats 3 of the 26!
Okay, I bet on...
I bet on the Celtics,
specifically, Kevin Garnett.
Okay, 2 good bets: Celtics are winning
and Garnett's got 9 and 7, so...
That's 16 right now
on the way to 26 you said, right?
- The gorgeous one is here.
- Not even half time yet.
Twice in one day, I can't believe it.
How are you?
From the helicopter to here.
How are you doing, baby?
I can't kick you out of my mind.
You're funny.
Hi, baby, you're, definitely, hot.
What, you got money on the Celtics?
- Let me see, baby.
- Is he gonna shoot?
Come on, Garnett,
that one's gonna happen.
Oh, come on, man, I mean,
so he missed a shot, who cares?
I have a great idea
for the halftime, okay?
- What's that?
- I'd like you to come up to my room.
I hired the chef, I'm at penthouse A.
And I got the... It's gorgeous.
Best views, I mean, who can
ask for more than that?
- Thank you.
- I love you, baby, I'll see you there.
- Okay, yes, got it.
- Penthouse A, The PennyRoyal.
Okay, bye.
- Fucking worst.
- He's like a cartoon.
You okay?
What happened?
I gotta go.
- What's going on, you need help?
- Thank you so much for your help.
This is the beauty of betting.
You know?
I'm, fucking, pulling for the Celtics.
The Knicks fan.
If the, fucking, 12 year old version
of me saw me right now,
he's be like "what the fuck"?
Everybody's talking
about this, fucking, big bet.
So it's gotta be her.
He's with me, we're gonna, fucking,
find her and bring her back, boss.
Boss, absolutely.
I need everyone in here
to lock in KG.
Look at KG!
Remember this:
if you wanna go quickly - do it alone,
but if you wanna
go far - you do it together!
We're like roaches.
And you can't kill us.
Quit, fucking, passing.
Give it to him.
And another, and another.
And shoot. Shoot. Shoot.
Fuck that shit!
Fucking Doc!
Fucking, threw his rhythm off,
it took him out of the game.
Fuck, man!
That's your fault!
You see that other guy?
Yo, Phil.
What, your boys from Boston?
You got some boys in Boston?
You'll see them locked on, hang on.
This fucker, is that
one of your boys, that fat fuck?
Looks like you.
Looks like one of your boys.
That a, fucking, rebound!
That's it, 3 more!
Three more. Way to go!
What does it say up there,
what is the score?
Are we winning?
Theyre winning.
Theyre winning by 3 points.
Fuck that shit!
He, fucking, fouled.
Doesn't matter,
he grabbed it, he had it.
That counts as 1.
What are we at, 23?
All right, last possession.
Let's go.
Good, pick it up.
All right. That's it. That's it.
Shoot that shit!
Come on K, shoot it, shoot it!
Holy fuck! Yeah!
Let's, fucking, do it!
Just, fucking...
That's all the gem.
That's all the gem.
We're at 25 now. One more!
One more, fucking point,
either a rebound, or a, fucking, basket.
Either one and we, fucking, got this.
All right, one more.
We just need one more.
- Oh my God.
- Hi.
Come on in.
Three times in one day.
- I know, I know.
- Unbelievable.
And I said that...
I believe it's you.
- Where's your boyfriend?
- Why don't we watch the game?
Go ahead, sit there,
make yourself comfortable.
Where's the remo,
what do I do?
The iPad is over there,
do what you gotta do with the iPad.
I gotta take a shower, okay?
I really need gotta take a shower.
I gotta clean up, okay?
To get myself washed.
That plane ride,
it got me all messed up.
So what I want you to do.
If that door bell rings, okay?
I got my friends, okay, coming in,
or I got the food coming, okay?
You just answer and let them in.
- Okay. All right.
- Okay, baby? Please.
That's it!
Thank you.
That's it, okay? That's 2 done.
We got that. Two.
We just gotta win now.
Celts gotta win and we're, fucking, done.
We're done, Arno.
What do you got?
What's the score, baby?
- 68/73, Boston.
- 68 what in the 4th?
You wanna call down
and just cancel the, fucking, food.
I wanna go out.
Baby, I love that
youre into this game.
Push that.
Push it!
Go to the, fucking, hole.
Get in, KG, get in!
Oh, don't, fucking, miss that!
Don't miss that.
That's all right.
That's all right.
KG is gonna get this, fucking, shot.
That's how you steal shit.
Sink that shot.
Sink it.
Come on, feel it.
Feel it.
Come on, he's got the gem.
He's got the gem.
Feel that, fucking, gem.
Feel it.
It's all right, it's all right.
All right. We're up enough.
We're up enough.
This is not that big of a deal.
This, fucking, helps seal it,
but we're good.
Don't talk, just, fucking,
do your shit, man.
Do your shit.
Get this shit, come on.
I'm confident now.
I'm confident.
Don't let them shoot that.
Get that!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Holy shit!
Holy, fucking, shit!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Howard? Did we just win?
Oh my, fucking, God!
Are you kidding me?
Oh my God!
Holy shit!
I love you, baby.
I love you.
I love you.
He, fucking, did it.
He, fucking, did it.
I know. I know, thank you.
Thank you.
No, you, you.
I love you.
I love you.
I'm so happy, it's, fucking...
It's going down.
- Arno.
- You won, you made your point. Let's go.
All righty.
Okay, listen.
You just cash that in, okay?
And make sure they,
fucking, walk you into the car.
All right?
Im gonna book you a Blade.
- Howard.
- All right, I'll call you back.
- Son of a bitch.
- Arno?
- I can't, fucking, believe.
- I did it, Arno.
What, the fuck, did you just do?
Shut up!
Get me bags now!
Let go off me.
Shut, the fuck, up!
Or you'll wind up next to him,
you hear me?
Don't, fucking, confuse me though.
Take your hands off me right now!
Go ahead!
Do it!
What did I say? Do it!
I want out of here.
Let me out of here!
Let me out!
Go get the bags, now!
I'll fix this.
- Get off me.
- Stay right there!
Stay right, fucking, there!
Come on, let's go!
Get out!
Get the fuck out!
You are heading to the finals.
How are you feeling?
When you win,
its all that matters, you know.
The big quiet,
the big shut up, you know.
To them doubters,
to them haters.
Bring it in.
Get that, motherfucking, money, right?
And a personal one to you blood.
You just celebrated your 36th birthday,
to everyone who's saying you're too old...
Some strong shit!
That's my nigga right there!
Look at that motherfucker, man!
I know him! I know that guy!
I know him!
My dad sold a ring to him!
Hey, I can't think!
Amy, he was naked in the trunk.
I'm calling the police.
All the dues, and everything I put into this.
You might think that I will show up to game 7.
Yeah, that's a joke.
It's all there.
Thank you.
In the end, I felt like
it was me and the rock.
Nothing else.
Oh my God, Wayne.
Thank you so much.
- My pleasure.
- Thank you.
Listen, I want you to come here,
and I'll have one drink.
No. I gotta go.
Bye, baby.
- I gotta go.
- Let's go down for one drink.
We can go now.
Nico, go in the back.
I got it.
Let's go.
Go! Go!
On the, fucking, cameras.
All right. Go! Go!
Okay, I got you.
- Nico?
- I can't find the cameras!
Make you get all those in the trunk.