Unda (2019) Movie Script

Hey! Give me that spray.
- I'll give the spray.
But underwear...
That you should buy your own.
Let my movie release.
I'll show you!
Didn't you pack everything?
- Yes.
It's the first time
I'm going so far.
I have gone.
To Kashmir.
It was so cold there!
- Get me that bag, sir.
Did you have food?
Did you eat?
- No.
What is it?
You're always on the phone, huh?
Nothing like that, sir.
Don't you know to eat quietly?
- Yes.
Okay sir.
Company, Attention!
Grip Arms!
Present Arms!
Order Arms!
Stand at ease!
Stand easy.
How many of you are going on
other-state duty for the first time?
When we go on duty to another state,
the first thing we should be careful about,
... is that others shouldn't
talk ill about us.
Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh...
After that, Jharkhand.
You'll have a duty of
40 days, in total.
Bad behaviour, boozing...
None of this is allowed.
It's our responsibility to uphold the
honour of Kerala Police & our Government.
And most importantly, you should
be very careful with the arms.
Use them only if its necessary.
Don't create trouble for me by complaining
that bullets and Lathi sticks are missing!
And all of you should be
aware of the election rules.
We are also participants in it.
Not as candidates...
But as policemen.
That is our duty.
Okay then.
All the best.
Company, Attention!
Grip Arms!
Move to the right in threes.
Right turn!
Passengers, please
pay attention.
Train No. 22648
The special train from
Thiruvananthapuram to Korba,
is arriving on platform number 2.
Don't forget anything.
Check once more if you
have taken everything.
Come on, fast.
Which one?
This one?
Don't crowd around.
- Hey Girish!
Which one?
Get me that bag.
That blue one.
Why are you putting
this between my legs?
Come on!
Why, man?
He's coming between my
legs in the morning itself!
Get up!
What happened, sir?
- Nothing. It's just gas.
- Must be due to the long journey.
Anyway, the trip here was great.
We should have fun while going back.
Good, anyway.
- A sound came from here.
What was it?
We are from Kerala.
For election duty.
I am Mathukkutty.
Commanding officer.
You think this is funny?
Don't know where they land up from,
to trouble us early in the morning!
Come on!
Who is he?
We were told to uphold our honour,
and lost it as soon as we came!
So we'll have fun while coming back!
So see you there!
- Our party has two ideologies.
- First...
- A new India, where all our brothers
& sisters live happily, without fear.
- Second...
- To make women join banks...
- and to bring prosperity
to their lives.
- Our Government promises
to work day and night...
See, we've been waiting
here for last 3 hours.
Where is the vehicle?
We didn't know that
you were coming.
It will take some more time.
- Employment for the youth...
- This has always been part
of our Government's schemes.
Do you have tablets for gas trouble?
- No, sir.
Where is Mani?
Haven't seen him
since we reached.
I'll go and check.
- They say one thing...
- ... and do something else.
- The entire country knows about
their double crossing nature.
Those who rule us by murdering
their own people,
- what do they know about
the country's progress?
- We believe in our country's
progress and are working towards it.
- Brothers & sisters,
- they are saying that they
will give us petrol for 40 Rupees.
- They promise to eliminate
black money from the country.
- We would never come before
you depending on lies.
- For the past 60 years,
- how our Government has strived for
the country's progress day and night,
- to let that progress continue,
- all of you,
- should cast your valuable votes,
- and like in every election,
Why are you smiling, sir?
One guy was trying to pick
another man's pocket over there.
He gave it back & left,
when he saw me.
Why didn't you catch him then?
What thief is he!
There are much
bigger thieves here.
That's true.
When is your wife's delivery date?
Sometime this week.
They haven't told
us the exact date.
You should have been there now.
I've asked Teacher to
go and check on her.
I asked for a leave so
many days back, sir.
I was forcefully included
in the last minute.
What can we do, man!
Mathews sir is calling you.
Won't you go to buy the wedding chain
& gold with my family in two days?
Nimmy, listen to me. Pay the advance
for the gold first. - Click my photo.
Hey! Come.
- Then you can tell the rest to dad...
Just a minute.
My dear Nimmy, first you listen to me.
You, your family and my
family can go and buy it.
It's just gold and Sarees, right?
I can't skip my duty for that, right?
Click it!
He hasn't spoken to me till now.
He's right here, but he's avoiding me.
- It's not bad.
What can I do if he doesn't talk to me?
Will we be stranded on the streets,
after coming for election duty?
Where were you, Mani?
It's been 2-3 days since I relieved
myself. So I got that done first.
You could have done that in
the train, right? - Oh no!
Do you have tablets
for gas trouble?
You want it?
I'll bring it now.
Why are you sitting
away from everyone?
Sir.. The bag...
Sit! Sit!
I have to get hold of you.
Your mother had come & met
me before we came here.
What did she say, sir?
I'll tell you.
I told that 'Rat' a hundred times,
to avoid me from this.
He has such a weird nature!
I'll get hold of him when
we leave to the next camp.
I'll hit him nicely then.
- Move your leg, sir.
Stop it, sir! He's sad that
his wife left him. - When?
It's been a while.
- Yes.
Let that woman escape!
Give it here.
So what, sir?
We had fun during the trip.
It was good fun, right?
What trip, man!
Can we do any of this
with Mani sir's knowledge?
We should plan
without him knowing.
He'll always talk about duty!
Here... Well, that sir..
We will... Give it here.
We will pour him into
a bottle like this...
and have it at once!
That's all!
- Give it.
Which channel?
Sir, it's on Asianet.
They are watching.
There's no problem here.
News about our team.
On a channel in Kerala.
One group of Kerala
Police has reported to
Bastar, one of the most dangerous
Maoist affected red belts in India.
They are saying that there are
many Maoists there, Kunjetta.
There aren't any Maoists here.
There's no problem.
We just reached here.
We're waiting for a ride.
It's our Appu's birthday.
I'll pass the phone to him.
Happy Birthday Appu, dear...
Say 'Thank you'.
- Thank you.
You should buy a shirt for him.
- Sir, the vehicle is here.
- Okay.
I'll call you later.
Hey! Hey!
Our ride is here.
Did you understand what I said?
They told us to uphold
Kerala Police's honour...
And should we uphold our honour in this
vehicle that carries bulls & buffaloes?
Yeah, man!
It's so hot!
And this place called Bastar...
It's a huge area.
It's a place almost
as big as Kerala.
- Is it?
- Yes.
It's a centre of granite businessmen.
There are many rich people here.
And thus, there are Maoists too.
I hope this gets done...
... without much trouble.
There won't be any trouble.
Don't you see their happiness?
They are so happy.
They think they are going
for some excursion.
- Attention!
- Stand at ease!
- Attention!
- Stand at ease!
- Attention!
- Stand at ease!
It will come out like a Tsunami,
after holding it back for so long.
Oh my God!
Sir, wire!
Sir, electric wire!
We would have died now.
Bloody hell!
The set up is awesome here, right?
What set up, man?
It's a little bigger
than our Idukky camp.
That's not what I am thinking.
Where will they go to watch a movie?
Get going!
Go and sit there.
If there's anything, why are
you keeping it in your mind?
It's really hot, right?
Too much!
They are saying that they don't have the
facility for all of us to stay here.
There are 4-5 days
left for the election.
What are they saying, sir?
Where will we stay then?
After saying that they will
make all the arrangements?
They said they will arrange some booth.
Let's talk, come.
Whom are you trying to
scare with this divorce?
Ask her to talk to me directly.
Pass the phone to her.
Why can't she talk?
I'm not the only
one who did wrong.
Ask her to talk now
if she wants to.
I've come on duty to
an area which has Maoists.
I don't even know if you
can reach me hereafter.
Do whatever you want!
Mani sir is calling you.
Troop A & B, get on that truck.
We're leaving from here.
So it's not here, sir?
Sir, shall I set up the mess?
- No.
Ask everyone to get ready fast.
- Sir.
Hold it carefully.
My old job as a labourer
was better than this.
What is it?
What happened?
It's a puncture, sir.
What is it?
It's flat, sir.
Fully flat.
- No vehicle jack?
- No, sir.
Do one thing.
Ask them to bring the
tools to remove the tyre.
And all of you get down.
We can all do it together.
Let's do it fast. Come on!
Don't leave it.
Once more!
One more!
One more!
Don't leave it.
Don't leave it.
Take it!
Okay, drop it!
All of you stand at an arm's
length from each other.
What is this?
What is this for, sir?
ITBP people are saying that there might
be land-mines buried on the way.
If we go like this,
only the truck would explode.
Nothing would happen to us.
What about that driver then?
Well, he's not a policeman, right?
Right, sir?
What did he say?
- There are mines.
- Mines?
There are mines, apparently.
- Mines? - Yes.
There are mines!
- Mines Mines!
These guys are scaring
us themselves.
We should split as 3 teams of nine people
each, and go 3 different ways from here.
Let Manoj go with A Team,
and Rameshan with B Team.
Me and Jojo will go this way.
Unload all the stuff.
Unload all the stuff, everyone!
Okay then.
- Okay.
Hey drunkard! Whitey!
- See you.
Kapil Dev.
From Haryana.
I am Mani, S.I.
Kerala Police.
On election duty.
- Okay.
Keep your stuff inside.
You have to sleep in the hall itself.
You've to sleep in the hall.
There's no mobile signal here.
What's happening?
[in Hindi]
This is not the time to sleep.
Stay alert!
Everyone is tired.
They won't be sleeping...
They will take some rest...
We're really tired.
[in broken Hindi]
We can't work now.
We're going to sleep.
But stay alert.
This is not the time to sleep.
[Incoming wireless message]
Someone go and switch
off that thing!
[Replying to wireless message]
Get up and be ready!
Maoists may attack us.
Come on, fast!
What did he say?
Sir, he's saying that there's
a chance for a Maoist attack,
and he's asking us to be ready.
Jojo! Get up!
The Maoists may attack us.
Maoist attack!
- Get up, sir.
Aji..! Biju!!
Don't put your guns
down at any cost.
Be alert!
You fools! There are no
bullets in your guns!
The bullets are in the bag, right?
Load them first.
Hey! Turn off the light!
- Sir, one minute.
Turn off the light!
It's not going in.
Turn off the light!
- What?
What should we do, sir?
Let's wait.
They are still over there.
Please don't come!
- There are two people.
Please don't come!
Can you hear a sound?
That's from my stomach.
It's due to hunger!
It's been a long time since we
sat together like this, right?
It's been really long.
Last time was during
Sabarimala duty.
This is such a damned place!
Our place is heaven
compared to this, right?
Why, sir?
This is also our country, right?
I was talking about Kerala.
Is there any house without
a toilet in our state?
Or else, it must be a tribal's house.
Your houses won't
have toilets, right?
We consider shitting inside
the house a bad thing, sir.
Why are you wasting water?
Those villagers are waiting for water.
The pipe isn't going anywhere, right?
They can use it after
our use, right?
This pipe is for them.
They need water.
And you're bathing here?
What's wrong with him?
What's the issue between
you and your wife, sir?
Naushad, you take bath first.
I'll tell you the rest later.
Parade, roll call.
Dressing, by the right.
Everyone has reported, sir.
Assign duties for each of them.
- Okay sir.
Roll Call.
Stand at ease.
Stand easy.
Noushad & Gokulan will be on guard
duty in the morning. - Sir.
In the afternoon, Bijukumar &
Girish should join. - Sir.
Does anyone else have
to say anything?
[speaking in local language]
Because of you guys,
they didn't get water.
He has been annoying us
for a long time now.
Don't you understand Hindi?
- What?
Sir, you haven't been beaten up by
Haryana guys, right? - No. - That's why!
Does anyone bathe like this?
- What is it?
Nothing, sir.
Wasted all the water.
Use it wisely!
Very little!
There's a scarcity here.
Before getting married,
it's good to learn the experiences
from those who're married.
Each one's experience would
be different, right sir?
It's not like that.
All husbands go through
the same experience.
You'll understand that
after you get married.
Why do you say so, sir?
Play, if you're playing.
Who crossed it?
- It's so hot. - Not the heat. I'll
become dark. That's the problem.
What is it, sir?
I was trying to open this.
There is space.
If we clean this up,
we can keep all our stuff here.
Okay sir.
Who is coming now?
It's the food, man!
I'm really hungry.
Bring it.
- Take it.
Thank you.
Keeping it inside, right?
- Let's eat.
Doesn't he want anything to eat?
No need to be scared.
It's our food.
I don't think this place is as
dangerous as we thought, sir.
How do you know that?
We've just come, right?
Did you eat?
- I'll eat, sir.
No one on duty?
You can have breakfast,
but two people should be on duty too.
He hasn't liked us
coming here, sir.
I think he told that
yesterday to scare us.
What will he get by scaring us?
Sir, what will do if these
Maoists actually come here?
Are you even a policeman?
If the Maoists come,
we should defend ourselves.
Be practical, sir.
To defend, they're not
college students on strike.
To be frank, I don't know
how to fire with this gun.
My hands shiver when I touch it.
What were you taught
during fire training?
How should you fire?
Say it.
Let me hear it.
You say it.
Stand in the armed position,
take a breath,
close the left eye, and look at
the point through the right eye.
- If the attention gets diverted,
look to the nearest...... - And...
... take another breath,
close your left eye,
look at the point,
and fire!
That's all.
Don't laugh.
Has Kerala Police ever done a
shoot-out, like we see in the movies?
No way!
Apart from firing at someone,
there's no history of anyone
firing at our police.
I just want to be appointed
to a station somehow.
Then we won't have to
do such jobs, right?
My dear...
A police station is
nothing short of a hell.
This camp of ours is so
much better than that.
If you go to the police station,
your whole nature would change!
Why do you hate the police
station so much, sir?
Have any of you...
No. You might not have...
Have any of you been kept
in a police station?
For 2 days?
Me too, sir.
Have you been beaten up?
- That's what!
Why were you kept there, sir?
That old stabbing case, right sir?
Stabbing case?
- Yes.
It's an old story.
Before I joined the police.
I was jobless after
passing SSLC in school.
I used to work at a
mill in Kothamangalam.
And the food was
at a house nearby.
One mother and two children.
The dishes that woman made
were really tasty! Delicious!
The children were also well behaved.
I hadn't had any close
interactions with families, right?
This was the first time.
I was like a son to her though.
So one guy in town
was really jealous.
He spread rumours
about them and me.
I didn't feel angry,
but sad hearing that.
How can he say that?
Isn't it bad?
I got him at the field during a rain.
I gave it to him nicely!
I was at the police station
for 3 days, for that case.
Every policeman who came and went,
hit me, without even asking the matter.
He didn't die, anyway.
You didn't have anything
towards any of them there?
Nothing like that.
But, I used to like...
... the elder daughter.
Where is she now, sir?
She is in my house now.
My wife, Lalitha.
In spite of hating it so much,
why did you join the police, sir?
It's life, man!
Not just police.
We might have to do any job!
That's why I wrote to them saying
that I'll stay in the camp!
Over here, I can joke around
with you guys, right?
What book is it, sir?
Is it a comedy book?
Yeah! It's a great comedy!
It's about life.
If I become dark,
I won't get a chance to act in movies, sir.
- I played.
Unni sir, your turn.
Not mine.
Jojo sir's.
Will you cross it.. or?
- Sheesh! Gone!
Namaste, sir.
My name is Kunalchand.
I am from this locality.
I teach in this school.
Today, the villagers
didn't get water.
Because you people used up all the water.
If it goes on like this,
it will be really difficult for us.
Please ask your team
to use less water.
Sir, he is a teacher here.
He's saying that the water in the pipe
got over, since all of us took bath.
And he's asking us to be careful while
using water, from tomorrow onwards.
We will be careful.
- Okay sir.
Jojo sir...
Give me the cards.
What's the point in helping these locals?
Let Mani sir do what he wants.
You play, sir.
This will be solved if you
pour some water into it.
It's an air-block.
These guys can't be trusted.
Who knows what kind
of people they are!
Go and bring the water container.
Sir, don't we need
water to drink then?
Let's solve their problem first.
Give me some water.
Where is his house?
Where is your house?
Over there.
We used to live here earlier.
Where over here?
People like you came one day...
... and chased us away.
Since then, we live there.
Do you have any idea
where you have come?
I haven't seen such an
irresponsible team till date!
I didn't expect this from Kerala Police.
You're in the worst Maoist
affected area in India.
A Maoist group has threatened...
... that they won't let
the elections happen.
They can attack anytime!
Vincent, explain it to them!
This is one of the places where the most
number of Naxal attacks happen in India.
There are a bunch of
Maoists who claim that
they won't let this election
happen at any cost.
We didn't think that you would come
here and behave so irresponsibly.
We didn't take this photo.
The Naxalites took this.
Look at this!
What is your weapon backing?
Where are your bullet proof
jackets and metal detectors?
Sir, we have SLR guns and 10 rounds.
Then Lathi, jackets and shields.
Only that many bullets?
What will you do after that?
They will eat & sleep, sir.
What else will they do?
They have come here for that!
Have you come here to shoot
crows & parrots?
Are you @%@@^?
How can your Government
be so careless?
Those were all cuss words!
We were told that the rest of the
arrangements would be made from here.
Sir, they were told that the weapons
are going to be supplied by us.
You were called here to help us!
And now we have to help you?
I don't know what to do.
Tell your Government,
to send everything that
you require over here.
And from tomorrow,
all of you...
will go on route march.
And be alert!
They've all come here to die!
Sir, the matter is really serious.
This place is not like
what you think it is.
Contact your Government,
and ask them to send everything
that you require, at the earliest.
Good luck, sir.
So it's true, right sir?
Then? Do you think
he was joking?
What do we do now, sir?
Let me try calling Mathews sir.
Whose phone has a signal here?
Only BSNL has signal here.
Kapil Dev uses a BSNL phone, sir.
Try asking him.
Tell me.
Sir, an ITBP officer had come here.
He's saying that the amenities
with us, are not enough.
What should I do, sir?
They had told the same to me too.
I thought that they were joking.
Sir, I didn't feel
that it was a joke.
Anyway, we would need many more
metal detectors and bullets.
You should make
arrangements for that, sir.
I had made a call to Kerala.
They are saying that it is the
responsibility of these people.
Do we have so many metal detectors &
bullet proof jackets in Kerala, Mani?
Anyway, I call them again.
Okay sir.
- And Mani...
Be careful!
What happened, sir?
It will come!
Distribute this to the children.
Open your mouth.
That's it!
That's it!
Have it.
Have it.
Sir, isn't that the man who
came to the booth yesterday?
Kunalchand, right?
The child seems to be ill.
Is he a doctor?
I don't know.
What is this?
There's quite a lot!
Hey! He was the one who came
to our booth yesterday, right?
Would these people be the Maoists?
Can't say.
They might not be like
this during the night.
After 4 days, it's the
election at the school.
All of you should come and vote, okay?
All of you must vote.
No need for any tension.
We are with you.
Nothing will happen to you.
Come on.
Are you a doctor?
Yes. I was a doctor, 4 years back.
Then how did you join the ITBP?
I'm from an army family.
Someone or the other from our family
has been in the army, always.
4 years back, my brother
became a martyr.
And I joined the army.
And now I'm serving my country!
Come on!
It's a shotgun missile.
- Yes.
Do they have all these stuff?
- Of course.
They would always have it.
Jojo sir...
One guy is talking on
the mobile over there.
Would he be an informer?
Would he be an informer?
Seems like the Maoists
had come here.
What did he say?
Let's go.
Let's go forward and look.
Look! The place where
Maoists made gruel.
What are these Maoists
upto, over here?
[Incoming wireless message]
Come here.
Come fast.
Your cap!
Jojo sir!
What's the matter?
Why did you run?
Didn't he ask us to run, sir?
He said that you guys would be tired
of walking. We'll take rest & go!
Who asked you to run for that?
It was this 'Rat' who told us
that there will be a shootout now!
Who said there will be a shootout?
- Mani sir.
I've got signal on my mobile now.
- Don't say things I didn't say.
If anyone wants to call home,
go ahead.
Girish, I want to make a call.
Sheesh! Fell down on
my back in vain!
You must be tired.
Sit down.
Hey! Can you see a
child inside the moon?
Look carefully!
Like a child kicking with its legs.
Only you feel so, sir.
Did you call your wife?
I have to call her tomorrow.
But how do I call?
There's no signal here, right?
Well, have you found a
name for your child yet?
She has found some name.
She said that it's a surprise.
What's that?
Do you know what that is?
A light is lit for
the village guard,
so that no one from outside
comes to trouble us.
It's there in our village too.
Have you ever seen a
Maoist, in person?
I mean, have you...
Ask him.
Have you ever seen a Maoist?
I've never come
face-to-face with anyone.
But there are plenty of Maoists here.
There are plenty of them!
Don't be scared!
Actually, what are these Maoists?
What do they want?
Why are they troubling us?
Only they would know
what they want, right?
And we're getting a salary for
taking these troubles, right?
So we should take the trouble.
Mani sir.
These villagers here...
... think that Mao Tse-Tung
belongs to Andhra.
The people here think that
Mao hails from Andhra.
Take it out.
Don't touch it.
No. This is my...
- It will be awesome if we get it.
AK 47.
Nice gun.
- Yes.
This is my wife!
My wife!
Don't make me lose the flow,
Do whatever you want with it.
Mani sir.
What happened?
Keep the gun down.
Put the gun down.
Aji, put down the gun.
Sir, he will shoot.
Aji, put the gun down.
He won't shoot.
What happened, son?
What did you do, Aji?
Pointing a gun at a child?
Sir, that boy would have fired now.
Who is this boy?
- He is my grandson, sir.
He came here by mistake.
Do children pick up
guns by mistake?
Whose gun is this?
Mine, sir.
Do you carry your gun
so irresponsibly, Biju?
This is not a log to keep it
wherever you like. It's a gun!
Sir, he is a Maoist.
That boy?
That boy would have fired now, sir.
- Stop it!
I am sure.
Sir, don't make up stuff.
Didn't he say that the boy
picked it up by mistake?
Don't worry.
Since so much has happened, if anyone has
hidden booze, take it out before food.
Bastar or wherever this is..
Unni will bring booze tomorrow.
When we're in so much tension,
how do you feel like boozing, sir?
If you don't want,
you don't drink.
Why are you interfering
in others' matters?
I didn't say anything to you!
I know where the stuff is.
- Hey! Give it here.
I can't give it.
I have other uses with it.
You selfish fellow!
The others also have
the same use as you!
We get it here also!
Truly single-malt!
Very nice!
Not one drop for me?
Drink it, sir.
Thank you.
Do you want one?
No! No!
It's all right.
I'll have his share as well.
Aji sir, have a drink.
To be frank, sir...
I got courage only now.
Now no one has to be scared.
Whoever comes, I'll stand before
him with my chest broadened.
They will go away
with your chest too!
How can you guys be so scared?
After all, we're policemen, right?
If not weapons,
we'll confront them with brains!
Not by firing...
Kerala Police became India's best
police force by using brains!
That's what everyone says!
That's what!
Let them fire if they want to, sir.
I'm even ready to be a martyr!
- A martyr.
Hey Fair & Lovely!
This is not a shootout from the movies!
Actual bullets would pierce your chest.
- Let it come.
Why are you all like this?
Without any confidence?
Let them come!
We'll figure out then.
Instead, why...
Why do you have to be
tensed now itself?
That's what!
Not just the Maoist,
we'll chase away even his dad!
Whom are they messing with!
That's it!
- Take action!
Where is it coming from?
- Mani sir.
Mani sir, what should we do?
- Sir, what should we do?
- Mani sir...
What should we do, sir?
Go ahead! Fire!
Over here!
Sir... Sir...
Someone shot at us, sir.
Sir, what happened?
[Sending wireless message]
Not to the sky, you fool.
Fire straight.
Shoot straight!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Sir, Maoists!
[Sending wireless message]
Don't waste your bullets!
Mani sir...
Are you okay?
Sir, Maoists!
Wait! Wait!
Please wait.
I said, stop!
Since it was dark,
I couldn't get them properly.
Noushad, this is the first
time you fired, right? - Yes.
What about you?
- It was my first time too.
What's over there?
How many rounds did
you people fire?
First they fired.
Then, we fired.
10 rounds over.
Full rounds!
Ten rounds, sir.
Those people fired just
one or two bullets.
The rest were fire-crackers!
ITBP had chased away some
Maoists who were nearby.
They must have fired
seeing the light here.
What kind of policemen are you,
if you can't differentiate
between crackers & firing?
They were crackers?
Sir, I had asked these fools not to fire,
but they didn't listen.
Where is your Commander?
Your condition is deteriorating day by day.
Try to improve, at least now!
What all am I hearing?
Our boys are all safe, right?
No, sir.
But I heard that no
casualties were reported?
There was a shootout
somewhere else.
The report says that two
Naxalites were killed.
The people back in Kerala will notice
only if one of us dies or what?
What's happening, sir? Will the
bullets & other stuff come?
Don't be emotional.
How can I not be, sir?
We only have 8 bullets in total.
What can we do with it?
I had called them.
S.P. is on leave.
They said they will inform
him once he's back.
- Hello, sir.
What is this, sir? Have we been
brought here to get killed?
I can't stay here.
Did you see the newspaper?
There was the S.P.'s
report yesterday.
That they removed the mines
buried around the election booth.
Will I be able to see my
wife & children, sir?
Is all this true, sir?
Our booths would be safe, right?
S.P. says that they would be.
Oh! That's great to know!
You can sit here & say it.
We're the ones suffering
in the forest.
Only I know how difficult it is
to suffer all alone over here.
Don't be nervous.
You are all team captains, right?
You should be giving courage
to the others, right?
How can I give them courage, sir?
Those boys are all petrified.
Do they have any experience in
handling such a situation?
Leave them.
Do any of us have it?
Do you know what to do if
a shootout happens, sir?
I am trying.
I can only call them from here.
Even if we call from here,
is there any guarantee that they
would send the stuff from there?
Even if they send it, can we be sure that
it would reach here before the election?
I'm leaving, sir.
The shells of the rounds we
fired yesterday are missing.
You're checking all this now?
Shouldn't you take
it then & there?
Do you have it?
I haven't taken anything.
I am sure, sir.
The father & son who came
yesterday are indeed Maoists.
They must be leaking
information about us to them.
He escaped when Dakota
sir came yesterday.
He came here right
before the shootout.
It's him.
- I have also felt so, sir.
What can I do?
It was Mani sir who spoke in
his support yesterday, right?
We saw the condition of the
man who spoke in his support.
He went and sat at a corner,
without speaking a word.
What happened, sir?
They have informed
the Government.
I don't think there
would be any response.
Why is it like that now, sir?
It's the Government
that sent us here.
So aren't they responsible
for our safety?
What happened, sir?
Last night, something...
I don't know what happened.
My arms & legs became really weak.
I couldn't do anything suddenly.
And I was really tired too.
Do you have any B.P. problem?
It was like, my hand
was not there at all.
Have you ever had
a heart problem?
I think it might have
been a minor attack.
Sir, you should take
care of yourself.
And one more thing.
Tonight, we won't use
the light inside.
We'll adjust with the torch.
The thing is that, if the light is on,
there are more chances of being attacked.
He's saying that we shouldn't
keep the light on in the night.
You take care of yourself, sir.
Where are the others?
- They are inside, sir.
From today,
light shouldn't be seen outside.
We need to close these windows.
Today itself.
We'll do what's necessary.
Jojo sir & Unni are saying that you
didn't do anything yesterday, on purpose.
That's why everyone is angry.
We should do something, sir.
Or else, I don't think we
can return from here alive.
Call Noushad here.
Is there any way to send
these photos to Kerala?
We'll send it, sir.
Send it to this number.
Send a photo of this note, as well.
- Okay sir.
Say that Kochumon sent it.
- Okay sir.
Who is Kochumon, sir?
Kochumon is myself.
My old friends call me that.
'Police team on election duty
in Chattisgarh, in distress'
[Protester shouting slogans]
We're in front of the
Collectorate, sir.
A protest march by the SFU.
I saw it, sir.
It's from KAP 5.
OC is our Mathew.
No, sir.
It won't happen again.
I'll see to it, sir.
Sir, shall we charge at them?
- Calm down.
Who did this?
- It's Mani sir's patrol, sir.
What do we do now?
Sir, let's hit them.
- Keep quiet.
Sir, the election is
day after tomorrow.
The bullet proof jackets &
metal detectors are at KAP 1.
They are on duty, sir.
We're really short of
those things, sir.
What the hell do we have then?
We're short of bullets too, sir.
We'll have to collect them.
Bullets, then. Collect it
from somewhere & take it to them.
Ask them to adjust with the rest there.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, shall I chase them away?
- Go and chase them away!
What have you done?
What else should I do, sir?
After sending us here, asking to
uphold Kerala Government's honour,
if no one bothers when we have a
problem, what should I do? Tell me.
For that, should you
insult the force?
It's sure that you'll be in trouble
for this when you go back!
For that, I have to get back
there alive, right sir?
In these 15 years of service,
I haven't got a single red mark.
I've controlled many habits of mine,
just because I'm a policeman.
Well, I am obliged to do it.
But this is not like that, sir.
It's not like the bullets
would be of great use!
There are 6-7 of them in that booth,
who have put their trust in me.
The boys are half dead already.
You don't know the situation there, sir.
I also faltered slightly.
What is it?
There's no problem.
Can I tell them a news that
would make them happy?
Will we get bullets?
They said they have
sent it on a train.
It will reach on
election day morning.
We might get it, right?
In such a situation, is it safe
to send bullets in a train?
I'm leaving, sir.
Remember me?
I heard everything.
Is there any response?
Bullets have been sent, apparently.
It will reach.
I have to ask you something, sir.
- What is it, sir?
What is the attacking method of Maoists?
What do they do?
Sir, we set up this camp here,
last December.
They attacked us on the third day!
We cut down all these
trees after that.
For more visibility.
Attacking method is like...
It's unpredictable.
It's 'Hit & run' mostly.
They come in groups.
Can't say what they would do.
Their aim is to kill.
To kill us.
It's us who should decide
whether we should die or not.
Okay then.
What's the matter?
- Sir, that Kunalchand?
His son was a Maoist.
He was caught.
Is it?
- Yes.
- Some time back.
Sir, shall we go & see
that arrested Maoist?
No one has to go anywhere.
Is this a mimicry programme or what?
To go and see?
Where is Jojo?
Sir, Jojo sir & Smooth have caught
a fever and are resting inside.
What happened to them?
- Don't know, sir.
Sir, they are bringing him.
What happened?
Was there a shootout?
What happened, sir?
ITBP did a raid on the village.
And that boy was
caught from his house.
He was arrested.
- Sir...
Didn't I tell you?
That he'll learn things about
us & inform the Maoists?
Now it's confirmed, right?
You had the most
sympathy for him, right?
How will I know whether
he's a Maoist or not, man?
That's what I said, sir.
When we're sent to such places on duty,
an experienced officer should come with us.
Finally, it's us who
are trapped here.
No one came to help us.
I didn't do it on
purpose that day.
It just happened somehow.
Even though I'm in the police,
I've never had to chase a thief,
or catch a murderer.
I never had to do
anything like that.
It's true.
I don't know how to
handle such a situation.
the guns you have, are ones abandoned
by the army 10 years back!
I have no clue whether
they work or not!
So when all this came together,
I was at a loss altogether.
What should I do now?
Should I apologize?
Forgive me, guys!
If anything happens again,
... only after I die, something
would happen to you guys.
What you're doing is not so good!
After all, he's an S.I., right?
You can talk like this, because
he's giving you so much freedom!
Get going!
There's a call for Mani sir.
There's a call from your house.
Give it to everyone.
- Okay sir.
I knew it when you didn't
call for the past 2-3 days,
that there's some serious problem there.
There's no proper signal here.
Is it?
Well, what's the situation there now?
There's no problem here.
There hasn't been any
problems so far.
It's not a place where
such problems happen.
Don't be tensed about that.
I don't have such tensions.
Why don't you have tension?
Well, it's because I trust my husband.
The kindergarten hasn't been
functioning for a few days now.
I am alone.
When are you coming
back, Kunjettan?
I will come.
And yeah...
Gokulan's wife gave birth.
Is it?
- Yes.
I had gone there.
Two pretty girls.
There's no problem.
Soumya's health is okay.
If he's next to you,
ask him to call her.
I'll tell him.
You should go there.
I'll go.
What else is happening?
Nothing much.
I'll call you later then.
We should say whatever we have to
say, to whoever it is, Gokulan.
What's the point in
keeping it in our minds?
There's a good news.
Your wife gave birth...
... to two children!
Both are girls!
When was it, sir?
Who told you?
Lalitha had just called me.
Sir, I want to call my house.
Call from this.
Call on that number.
Jojo sir's fever has increased.
How did both of them
get fever together?
Must be Malaria, sir.
We drink water from here, right?
Call him... that Kapil Dev.
Hey! Daughters were
born in your house?
Just a minute.
Open! Open!
He will be fine, sir.
There are these small black
mosquitoes here, right?
It's due to their bites.
He'll be fine. Don't worry.
It's not a mosquito.
This is out of fear.
Can't you see him shivering?
He was blabbering
something last night too.
It's not out of fear.
Why should I be afraid?
Then why are you holding
that gun all the time, sir?
Can't you keep it down?
Make a call to your house.
Do you want to call your wife?
We have a phone.
I don't want to see her.
If I die here,
don't show her
even my dead body!
What is it, Kunalchand?
We can't let him in here again, sir.
It's risky for us.
He is a Maoist, sir.
Girish, tell this to him in Hindi.
Why did he come here now?
You don't need to know that, sir.
Don't take up
unnecessary troubles.
Sir, please listen to us,
at least in this matter.
Send him away, sir.
That's better for us.
What did he say?
They are saying that
you're a Maoist.
Get going from here.
Everyone wants us to
go away from here.
Everyone wants to chase
us away from our own land.
Where will we go?
Now my son is with them.
They are calling him also a Maoist.
He is not a Maoist.
I'm not a Maoist either.
It's the election day after tomorrow.
There's patrolling before that.
The car is here.
We have to go.
Who all are coming with me?
I'll come, sir.
You don't have to come.
Jojo is unwell, right?
You stay here.
Aji & Noushad, come.
What's the actual issue
between you and your wife?
She's always
suspicious about me.
We are men, right?
We keep talking to so
many people, right?
If she starts
suspecting all that..?
That's true.
But just because of suspicion,
would she go home, asking for divorce?
Wasn't yours a love marriage?
It happened like that,
back then.
I needed some money then.
I didn't get that either.
What are you saying, sir?
Don't tell us that you don't
have affairs with other women.
We keep seeing it.
She must have caught you.
Who asked her to unlock & go through
my phone, when I was asleep?
So that's it.
She caught you, right?
From your talks, it would seem like she did
something wrong & created this whole issue.
Sir, this problem would be solved if you
keep aside your ego & apologize to her.
I won't say sorry.
There's nothing wrong in expecting some
honesty between husbands & wives, sir.
You'll say this now.
You'll get married, right?
Then we'll see.
In our gun...
To hide the fact that there
are no bullets in our gun,
we just need to have confidence
on our face and in our attitude.
No one can guess it then.
Is he from this locality?
Why? Are you going to say
that he's also a Maoist?
Yeah right.
- What?
There's something fishy
in his 'What?', right?
What is it?
One minute.
What is it?
- Can't understand anything.
Why did he go out?
Dude, what is it?
Will there be any problem, sir?
I don't know.
Sir, there might be
land-mines on the way.
Going forward this way,
might be dangerous.
Oh God!
Are you sure?
Sir, that's how it is, over here.
- It's a dangerous area, sir.
- What is it?
Are you getting scared?
You had so much confidence, right?
- What do we do now, sir?
You don't get out now, sir.
This way..?
It's risky, sir.
Can't say anything.
We need to inform the camp.
Wireless? Phone?
I have a mobile phone.
But there's no signal here.
Sir, should we stay
here and call them?
Can't we go back
the way we came?
We can't go back like that.
What if the people who
come this way are injured?
We must tell them.
I'll take him and go
search for mobile signal.
All three of you
should stay here.
Don't go anywhere.
- No.
All of you should stay together.
- Okay sir.
Sir, I can't find any signal here.
Okay sir.
Where did they go?
Oh no! My boys!
Sir, don't go there.
It's dangerous.
Will you tell the police about us?
Don't hit me!
Come on!
What happened?
Who was it?
Who was it?
Where were you guys?
You got me scared!
Where are the others?
What are you doing outside?
Go inside, man.
Sir, they haven't returned.
They will come.
Why is he saying
'Meri' (My) in Hindi?
It's not Hindi, sir.
He's saying his wife's name.
Nice name.
Maoists say that I am your man.
You say that I am a Maoist.
I'm not anyone's man.
My son isn't anyone's man either.
He's not a Maoist.
My son used to say,
'We should leave this place and go.'
I said, 'Where will we go?'
This land, water and
jungles are all ours.
Where will we go?
15 years back, there were
around 2 Lakh people here.
Now there are hardly
10,000 people remaining.
Where did they go?
No one knows.
I want to meet my son.
I want to see him.
Will you help me?
Sir, where were you?
It's really late.
Don't you want to leave from here?
How will we go, sir?
Is it Lays?
Do you want it?
Can I have some?
I always eat it while
travelling in train.
Do you want it?
How can you do this?
Don't you have any tension?
Keep your leg!
Come on!
Don't you want to?
Look at the place he's
resting his foot!
I'll throw you out!
- Hey!
Why are you so honest?
Two cups of tea,
two 'Vada's.
Sir, we have very few sources.
With all the sources we have,
if we set all our rounds over here,
... we'll be able to stop the attacks
that may happen from the front.
They are going to build something.
We can't say where
they would come from.
Let's build one on
top of this tree.
Call all of them here.
Call everyone.
- No. I understood.
From here, you can cover
all four directions.
Right! Right!
Very good.
If someone attacks,
we need to build covers top
and bottom, to defend it.
Let's build a platform
on top of it.
We'll do that, sir.
I've brought sacks and
other stuff from the camp.
So, start the work then.
Is all this necessary?
Just to trouble us...
Let them bring the bullets first.
What will you do if
they bring the bullets?
Will you fire?
Won't even work...
And he's blaming the
bullet shortage now.
Now you go and give it.
I'll dig this.
I'll go and ask Jojo sir.
No. Each one should do the
duty assigned to him.
What are you saying, sir?
We're together now, right?
You want to play
senior-junior here also?
Jojo sir said so, right?
I'll sort it out.
His side-kicks needn't
talk too much.
Why are you angry at me?
What did I do?
Hey! You go and keep it there.
I can't do it.
Everyone is not a Hawildar.
Who has a problem in doing
the work I assigned?
If you show off too much,
I'll put all of you in trouble.
Keep quiet, sir.
You can cut off two days
leave of mine, at best.
You can't do anything else!
Don't brag too much!
You'll see what I can
do to you, Aji Peter.
There's no problem here, sir.
When Gokulan was tired carrying sacks,
he just asked for a change of duty.
No change in duty!
All of you do the work
I assigned to you.
What's the problem here?
Nothing, sir.
There's a problem, sir.
In between all these problems,
we can't tolerate his ego as well.
If something happens to you tomorrow, only
they will be there to take care of you.
Why do you want to garner
hate from everyone?
Such arguments can wait until
you return to the camp, okay?
Sir, I have to say something.
There's no point in filling
sand in sacks, sir.
We should try to get the bullets &
other amenities here at the earliest.
It has started.
Let it reach here.
Why should we wait?
We can ask the ITBP
people here, right?
Since even those who sent us here
aren't bothered about us,
I don't know how we
will ask these guys.
If you know it,
you try asking.
Everything is okay, right?
- Sir.
This is the election officer.
Take care of him.
- Sir.
Please come.
Please come.
We're watching the preparations
of the Lok Sabha elections tomorrow.
Sir, can you tell us about the status
of preparations in Bastar?
We have done all the preparations
for the elections, peacefully.
There's a threat from the Maoists,
but there's no need to worry.
We have fully equipped worthy
officers in every centre.
But doesn't yesterday's
Maoist attack prove that
there are shortcomings
in your preparations?
That was an isolated incident.
We have 175 centres for this election.
And in every centre, tight
security has been deployed.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I have to say something.
Jojo is going to
ask for a missile.
Will he get it?
We don't have many weapons.
Earlier, you said...
that we have everything.
But we don't have it.
If you give weapons,
it will be great.
Let's go fast, sir.
You can say that.
I'm really scared.
Maoists will let you go
because you're a tribal.
They will kill me.
What are you doing? Don't make it so long.
Make it small.
Make it small.
- Come here.
Keep this here.
Where's Biju & Unni?
They have gone out
for a purpose.
Without asking me?
What is this purpose that
they didn't tell me?
3 bottles!
3 bottles!
3 bottles!
Thank you so much.
I will come again!
Where has this scoundrel gone?
What the hell are you doing there?
Come here.
Look at his love
for his community!
Did you come here to
give them biscuits?
They are poor people, sir.
Not like us.
Not like us.
Like you!
You're also a tribal.
They're also tribals.
We were brought here to pull all of
them along & make them cast votes.
And not to feed them biscuits!
Leave it, sir.
It's just biscuits, right?
Anyway, you can't hide
your true colours, right?
People like you are the
ones who create Maoists.
Tell me, you %@%@.
Aren't you a Maoist?
You've been calling me a Tribal
and Maoist for a long time now!
There's a limit to my patience.
What did you call me?
How can you be
disrespectful to me?
You forest-dweller!
Leave me!
Leave me!
Leave me!
You bloody...
Son of a
Everything is okay.
Now he'll be alright.
Where is he?
Where is Biju?
Sir, you lie down.
Lie down, sir.
Kerala Police, right?
- Yes.
Call him.
Come here.
There's no need to be scared.
There's no need to be scared.
This keeps happening here.
Don't worry.
We will take care of it.
What is it?
Do you want to say something?
If we go back alive,
I won't be in this camp.
I'm going to quit this job.
Our Biju...
... has something
to tell all of us.
My opinion is that we should
listen to what he has to say.
What is it?
Before the accident happened there today,
me and Unni sir had a fight.
Everyone knows where my house is.
After completing my studies,
when I saw an opportunity for a
police job, my mother told me...
'If you get a job,
we would have some respect
and position in society.'
But what to do...
Even after getting the job,
the earlier situation never changed.
I know...
When everyone mocks me...
It's a time-pass for all of you.
But it's not like that for me, sir.
Even otherwise,
the situation when someone else would
decide how our life is going to be like,
... we can't bear that, sir.
I'm quitting.
I'm fed up.
If I go back alive from here,
I won't be doing this job.
I quit.
I just want to be myself, sir.
What all are you saying?
If there's any problem,
we can solve it, right?
You can think about quitting the job,
after going back.
It's the election tomorrow.
None of us can predict what all
will happen here tomorrow.
Whatever happens,
only if we stand
together as one team,
only if we stand together as one team,
we can survive.
Not just your own lives,
all of us should care for
each other's lives too.
I am going for night patrolling.
There are election officers here.
We need guards at the backside too.
Girish & Aji, stand guard there.
Okay sir.
Why are you so angry at me,
for the past few days?
Did I ask you to propose
marriage to my sister?
I thought Nimmy, or your parents
would tell you about it.
I asked you whether
you told me or not!
You didn't tell me,
neither did she.
And I've never taken dad's
words into account.
From childhood, only I was
there with her for everything.
And when it came to such a
big decision in her life,
I wasn't there.
I can only show my anger
towards myself, right?
Is that my fault?
Dude, I didn't mean all that.
- Don't talk too much.
Do you have her photo?
It's really hard to tolerate her.
She's your sister, right?
She's an innocent girl, man.
When will the bullets
come tomorrow?
It should reach in
the morning itself.
The box!
- Your hands are really soft.
Rajan! Where is the box?
Is it here?
It's over there, right?
The box is not there.
The box is not there, man!
The box is not there?
Yeah! Go and see!
I saw it just now.
Where is the box?
That's what I said, you fool!
The box is missing!
Where's the guy who was sitting here?
- He's also missing.
Oh no!
Oh no! The box!
Dude, Aji...
Look at that.
Are they Maoists?
No, dude.
They are showing
their Voter's ID's.
Mani sir...
It's so misty!
- Sir...
People have come to vote.
- Is it?
So early?
So what?
Hey! Wake up those officers.
Everyone get ready!
Come on, get ready!
Oh God!
Protect us!
What is it?
People have come for voting.
Ready! Ready!
We will come now.
Me and Girish will go and
collect the bullets.
You should take care of
everything here until then, Jojo.
You should stay alert.
- Sir.
Call Kapil Dev also.
We'll come back soon.
We will come fast.
- I died yesterday, man!
Sir, isn't he Kunalchand's son?
Was he killed?
Sir, we could leave if
you give us the bullets.
The bullets didn't come,
neither the people
who brought it.
Both are missing.
Are you hungry?
They haven't come yet.
Voter ID?
Sir, ID?
What are you doing?
How are you, Tiwari?
Going on, sir.
Your daughter must have grown up now.
- Yes, sir.
Only 15 people have come so far.
15 people came?
Will you call the army?
No. You do as you please, sir.
I don't have a problem.
Sir, aren't these bogus votes?
Shall we stop them?
We can't interfere in that,
until the election officers complain.
And, we just have to make sure that law
& order is being followed properly.
Wait, Peter.
Then, let's wait and see
if Maoists are coming.
Right, sir?
What happened, sir?
Why is my vote going to someone else?
This voting machine is rigged!
Don't make a mistake! Don't touch me.
- Move back!
Move back!
What's the problem?
The booth is full of crooks, sir.
First, they cast
many bogus votes.
Now they're saying that the
voting machine is rigged.
Who's creating trouble here?
How dare you touch
policemen, you !
Aji, take all of them away.
None of them should be here.
Take all of them away!
Get out, all of you!
None of you should be seen here.
Get lost!
Get out!
What? Who are you?
You don't know me!
You've come for 4 days. Do your
work silently. - Get out, I say!
Get going from here.
I'll sort you out!
I'll sort you out!
None of you should be seen here.
Get lost!
Chase them away!
They're trying to mess with the elections!
Bloody rascals!
How dare you touch him!
Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
Mishra, don't worry.
Go, man!
Get lost, you bloody dog!
Get lost!
Go! Go!
- Come on.
I'll get back at each one of them!
Did the bullets & other
amenities come, sir?
No bullets, nothing!
We have only us!
Come on!
It's me.
It all happened by mistake.
It's all my fault.
You haven't done anything wrong.
I blamed you, to hide my mistakes.
It won't happen again.
I swear.
It's the election here today.
I don't know if I can
call or see you again.
Anything can happen.
I don't care a damn
whether you live or die.
If I say that I want divorce,
that's a must!
There's no change in that.
I want to live peacefully
hereafter at least.
Mani sir...
Come here.
Come fast, sir.
What is it?
- Look, sir.
Someone is coming.
Go and get those
binoculars from Kapil Dev.
Where did you see them?
- Next to that big tree.
Did you see?
How did he come here?
Next to that tree.
- Yes.
Hold it.
Who is it, sir?
- Then who is it?
Whoever it is, don't allow even
one of them to step in here.
Whoever stands in front of us,
seek each one out,
and finish them!
Sir, I will inform ITBP.
They will be here in 20 minutes.
- Make it fast.
We can hold on only until all
these bullets are fired.
These eight bullets are
as valuable as our lives!
Give it to me, sir.
Please hit the targets, sir.
I want to go home.
All of us want to go home...
... and see our
wives and children.
we won't go back,
leaving one of us behind.
We can't do anything
with this, sir.
What do we do now, sir?
We just don't know what
to do with guns, right?
But no one has to teach us
how to use this, right?
What about the Maoists then?
Keep it inside.
Come on, throw it!
Shoot him!
Shoot him!
Take him inside.
We've come here to hold the
elections without any obstructions!
No one should obstruct our duty!
Doesn't matter even if we lose our heads!
Thrash those guys!
Use this.
Only emergency.
- Okay sir.
Beat them to pulp, boys!
Hey Jojo!
Shoot at least one
of them down, man!
Hit them!
Didn't you have a gun?
Couldn't you use it?
Gun! Gun! Gun!
Beat them up!
You won't understand what I say?
You want a divorce?
Hit at least one, man!
Hold this!
Damn it!
Please let me hit at
least one correctly.
Shot, sir!
I shot him down, sir.
Come on! Let's go!
Sir, they are coming again.
They are coming again, sir.
My dear Jojo...
Those are the ITBP people.
I don't want to get
scared again, man!
Damn it!
It's all right, sir.
Consider this as an experience.
Everything is done.
You are relieved.
You can go.
Let's get our luggage.
'The one who searches for souls'
What is it?
I want to come here once again
without the uniform & gun,
... and then see this
place properly.
Let's go.
Are you all right?
I'm going to the S.P.'s office tomorrow.
To enquire about my son.
I don't know your language.
This is your land.
Don't leave this place.
Don't die.
You should live.
Sir, shall all of us
click a photo together?
Shall we go?
Sir, will we have to use
Lathis at the next place too?
Or will we get more amenities?
Bullets, right?
- Yes.
They will reach!
Dream on!