Under Eighteen (1931) Movie Script

Let me tell you something.
I wouldn't let you marry my Sophie
if you didn't think a lot of yourself.
Pop, if it will make me any stronger
with you, I'm nuts about myself.
I never saw a successful man who wasn't.
- Right.
He'd never have won that pool tournament
if he hadn't had confidence in himself.
Did you win that tournament?
- Did he?
They don't pin these on
you for chalking cues.
Then you are the ..
- The 3-cushion champ of New Jersey.
Bergen county.
And what's more, he bought the
pool-hall with the prize money.
Just bringing it home. Hi, Ma.
Of course it is bringing it home.
But I wish you'd bought
a real business with it.
Now, Ma.
Now Ma, you can't excel in everything.
No. You've got to stick to your stuff.
Say. How is the idea of
a chain of pool halls?
Now you're talking.
- Dad, stop that.
Not pool.
Ma, you are always worrying.
Now come here.
Bottoms up, Ma. Come on.
What's your rush, Sis?
Your turn will come soon enough.
Gee, I hope so. It must be wonderful.
It's wonderful alright when
you get the one you love.
Look at Alf.
Yesterday, when he said Atlantic City
for the honeymoon I almost fell over.
Well, that boy will certainly
have to treat me grand.
You know, it's funny.
- What's funny?
Here you are, happy
over getting married.
And there is Mary Abbott across
the street crowing over her divorce.
I don't understand it.
- That's because you're just a kid, Sis.
You know, all marriages
aren't made in heaven.
All people aren't like Alf for me.
What gets me is why the other kind of
people get married in the first place.
Well that's easy.
Money, convenience, infatuation.
There's lots of reasons.
But the only marriages that really last
are the ones that are based on love.
It seems to me if I loved a
boy enough to marry him ..
I would never get over it.
Say Marge, did you put
in my pink nightgown?
You know. The one that
I paid eight dollars for.
No. Where is it?
Don't tell me it isn't here.
It is sure, somewhere.
What will I do?
I can't go to Atlantic City with
a man without any nightgown.
Oh, of course.
What a scare that was.
Here, darling put some perfume
on it for me, will you.
While I ..
How do I look?
Marge, are you sure?
You are just grand, Soph'.
- Darling, I am so nervous.
Help me. I'm so nervous.
Look. The sweat is coming
right though my make-up.
Here. Don't be nervous.
You'll be alright.
I can't help it.
My knees are just shaking.
Well girly, give me
your last single kiss.
Now dad, don't muss her.
Oh, Ma.
There, there, dear.
You've only got to do this once.
Take her arm, why don't you.
No, no. The other side.
What's ailing you?
Here, mum.
- Thank you.
Oh my dear. No, there.
There. That's it.
Now, let me get a look at you.
Pretty soon you will be married.
What you crying about?
You've been planning this for years.
I require and charge you both.
That you will answer the
dreadful day of judgement ..
When the secrets of all
hearts shall be disclosed.
That if either of you
know any impediment ..
Why ye may not be lawfully
joined together in matrimony.
Ye do now confess it.
For be ye well assured that if any
persons are joined together otherwise ..
Than as God's word doth allow ..
Their marriage is not lawful.
Would thou have this woman
to thy wedded wife?
To live together after God's ordinance
in the holiest state of matrimony?
Will thou love her.
Comfort her.
Honor and keep her in
sickness and in health?
You bet I will.
It's getting hotter.
Why brag about it?
Say, let's go up to the Greek's
and get an ice-cream cone, huh.
No. We're too close to home.
Well, how about a water-ice?
He hasn't any.
- Sure he has.
I tell you he hasn't. Now don't argue.
Gee, but you're touchy tonight, Marge.
Oh, I'm sick of everything.
Of me?
No. Being poor.
What? On twenty bucks a week?
- Isn't that wonderful.
For sitting in a shop and sewing
labels on gowns for lucky stiffs to buy.
What's it getting me?
Enough to let me and
mother swelter down here.
Don't you worry, honey. I'll get
you out of here one of these days.
It's a fine night when you
fry in your own grease.
Right you are, Mrs McCarthy.
What's the matter with you?
Ain't you feeling well?
Oh, just the heat.
Ah well. You got to stand it.
Sure. If we are fools enough.
Say Margie, what ails you lately?
You talk like you wasn't
satisfied with things.
Don't pay any attention
to her, Mrs McCarthy.
Every time the temperature
gets over 90 she acts this way.
And you call this hot? Huh.
I remember about 20 years ago.
When I was just about as young as ..
Well, it was hotter.
And you could at least be nice
to her. She is your landlady.
Oh, shut up.
Who is that for I wonder?
Somebody that knows what it's all about.
[ Car horn ]
I'll be right out.
Oh Elsie, huh?
I thought that dame has been
dressing kinda classy lately.
I suppose she's worried
about what you think.
Well, she's none of my grief.
Hello, Elsie.
Hello, Marge.
I wouldn't stand for none
of them cheap trips.
I have no choice.
I'm being sent by the fresh-air fund.
Don't mind him.
I wouldn't grow a taste
for that fresh air, baby.
You know it don't last forever.
You mean I'll get spoiled for your kind?
Who can blow a girl to a seat beside
a garbage can on a night like this.
If it's good enough for Margie
it's good enough for anybody.
Yeah? Well, you tell her that.
- Oh, shut up.
Mind your own business.
Listen, Elsie.
How did your mother take it?
I didn't let her know.
You ought to loan her the
limousine while you're away.
Say. Listen, you.
I sent mother to the country
like her doctor ordered.
Did you ever hear of doctor's orders?
Wise guy.
So long, Marge.
Good luck, Elsie.
Not so hot for the old lady, huh?
She got sent to the country, didn't she?
I don't get you tonight, Marge.
If you used your brains you might.
Why, you talk like that dame is okay.
Maybe other people have a
right to see things their way.
Say, are you boosting her racket?
Would I like clothes like
hers or a car like that?
Or go somewhere besides joints?
Or send my mother off for a rest or
anything a sane girl would like?
Well, just ask me.
Then, I guess what a regular guy thinks
about you don't mean anything.
If I could be sitting on top of the
world would I be a sap to pass it up?
I don't think you mean that, Marge.
I'm not supposed to think
when you come around.
Not like that. You're all wet.
- Plenty.
You know a lot.
- You said it.
Listen, when I drive around in that
grocery truck of mine I see some things.
Yes. Well I see a few
things downtown too.
Smart girls getting
what's coming to them.
Yeah? I know all about that.
I've delivered caviar and
stuff to a few of them babies.
Sitting in their penthouses
up on top of the world.
Yeah. But the lid blew off the stock
market and the boyfriend lost interest.
Then the hanging-on wasn't so good.
I'd come around with a bill
and the maid would stall me.
The next day I'd see
the janitor. They'd skip.
If you want to see the pay-off on that
take a walk down Times Square one night.
Talk to them. They'll
tell you it's a swell life.
If you don't weaken.
Alright. You show me
something better around here.
Get this, Marge.
I've delivered charity baskets on
10th Avenue and Cape Vernon park.
Outside of their looks if you think one
is greater than the other, you're daffy.
You know, when you get in people's back
doors you get a real good slant on life.
What's yours, "book of knowledge"?
Just this, grouchy.
There is so much grief, and so much
happiness, in everybody's life.
You never know what's around the corner.
And most of your troubles
come from trying to find out.
Do you know what is around the corner?
Do you?
The gas house.
Oh, what's the use.
Don't take it to heart.
I'll probably sit here with you night
after night until the cows come home.
And liking it.
Listen, kid.
We've got a break coming to us.
Around the other corner.
Well, say it.
I love you.
That is the cue for us to
go and open the doorway.
Come on.
You take me down in
your truck in the morning?
I wouldn't miss for
anything in the world.
Well, I can't see how the devil folks
can eat so much in this hot weather.
Goodnight, lover.
Hello dear.
Why, Mama.
I thought you'd gone to bed.
No, I couldn't sleep for the heat.
Oh, it isn't so hot.
Pretty bad.
And it worries me you being cooped
up in that stuffy store all day.
If Franois heard you calling
his establishment a store ..
Why, he'd choke you to death.
- Just the same.
Now don't worry about your Marge. All
she does is sit around and keep cool.
Why, it's nothing at all. It's a cinch.
It's a pity I couldn't
have kept you at school.
I'm getting a pretty good education
right down there where I'm working.
Yes, but that is a business education.
I mean a higher education.
When your father was alive ..
Did you say mathematics?
You just wait and see what
I can do with mathematics.
What's that?
That darling, is 63
dollars and 75 cents.
Where did you get it?
- I saved it.
Now don't tell me I'm not a
good mathematician. Look at this.
$85 is what I make a month.
$34 for rent.
$30 for groceries.
That's car fare and that is lunch money.
That leaves around $10 a
month to put in the bank.
We're going to move out of this
dump to a decent neighborhood.
Do you think we could?
You just wait and see where
you'll be sitting next summer.
[ Door knocks ]
Now who do you suppose that
is at this hour of the night?
I wonder. Maybe it's Jimmy.
Hello, darling.
- Sophie.
Hello, Ma.
- Well.
Gee, I hope I didn't wake you.
No. I just got in a few minutes ago.
Well, you didn't expect us, did you.
Hi, Marge. Hi, mum.
How are you? Gee, ain't it hot tonight.
Where do you think you're travelling to?
Why, Soph' and me are
sorta giving Newark the air.
How are them cups
going to look there, Ma?
Ma, we may as well tell you the truth.
Can you put up a bum and his
family for a couple of nights?
Why, sure.
What's happened?
Alf lost the pool hall.
What do you mean, lost it?
- You haven't got it, have you.
Look, Ma. Newark is slipping, see.
I seen it coming. So I says Newark
for me and let the pool hall go.
Yeah, to the sheriff.
What difference does it make who gets
it? Ain't that a woman's dumb reasoning.
He gambled it away, that's what he did.
- Listen, Ma. I'll tell you how it went.
I bet on myself in the pool tournament,
see. But I was framed. Get me?
Framed? Huh. The three cushion
champ of Bergen county.
Sure I was framed.
Just when I'm about to
make my winning shot.
Somebody turns the lights out on me.
When did all this happen?
About two months ago only
I was ashamed to say anything.
But this. He hasn't got a job yet.
And today we were thrown out.
How can I guy use his head with
some dame razzing him all the time?
Well you could get a job at
the Greek soda fountain.
The poor Greek thinks he's funny.
So do I.
Wouldn't that be a
great job. Jerking sodas.
And kill all the influence
I've built up.
Listen you, I'd rather be the
wife of a garbage man than ..
You hear that? I'm glad
she made that crack.
That's just the kind of
a handicap I carry.
Ma, you must wait for your connections.
- I understand, son.
Like a friend of mine is going
to put in the paper about me.
He's got a headline.
"New York's gain is Newark's loss."
Kinda nifty, huh?
Grand, Alf. Grand.
Mama, you'd better take
the baby and go to bed.
Yes. I guess I had.
Well, goodnight all.
- Goodnight, Ma.
Goodnight, snookums.
Goodnight, dear.
- Goodnight, darling.
Goodnight, sweet.
Leave him alone, dear. Leave him alone.
Soph', you sleep with Ma.
You can have my side of the bed.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
I'll sleep in there on the couch.
What are you going to do?
- I'll sleep on the veranda.
On the veranda?
- The fire escape.
You'll do no such thing.
Stick Alf out there.
Sure, don't let me be in the way.
No, Alf. You sleep in there.
You won't disturb the rest of us
going out first in the morning.
Go out? What do you mean?
I got no appointment.
Well, you'd better have.
You're going to get a job tomorrow.
You'll not lay around on
my family. Understand?
Please, Sophie. No more arguments
tonight. Come on, let's go to bed.
Goodnight, Alf.
- Goodnight.
Hey, Mom.
- Yes?
You got any silver polish?
I'll find you some if
you'll promise to eat it.
He'll be a good boy and eat up every
bit of that cereal for mama, isn't he.
- Hi, Sis.
Good morning, darling.
Hello, snookums. Got a Kiss for Margie?
Gee Marge, I don't know what to say
about crashing in on you this way.
I'll tell you what to say.
Say nothing.
Hi, Marge.
- Good morning.
Hi, snookums. How are you?
Hi, honey.
All set to corner the cloak
and suit trade, huh?
It's going to be another scorcher today.
Say, Marge.
On your way downtown will you
stop off and get him an electric fan.
Then we'll find a shady nook
and put up a hammock.
Why don't you turn that radio off
or tune in on another station?
What is baby saying?
He's trying to tell us
he's going to get a job.
He wants to be like his father.
Now is that so?
You haven't any serious objections
to the baby working, have you?
Hey, what's the idea?
I'll put it where it will
do the most good.
Margie, ain't there any more cream?
- I'm afraid not, Alf.
It's tough luck she can't
afford two tubs of cream ..
And the pleasure of our
company at mealtimes.
What you doing? Making her think
I ain't paying for us staying here?
No. I'm not exerting myself
to make her think so.
Listen, Marge. I'm entered in a billiard
tournament on Amsterdam avenue, see.
Yeah, until somebody
turns out the lights on you.
Oh, I give it up.
If you must argue, keep it low.
Mama is still asleep.
- Hey, listen.
Listen here, you.
I'll show you the page
we're interested in.
There it is. Now read it.
See if there isn't a bank
advertising for a new president.
And if you can't get downtown
in time to get that ..
There's a choice of a dish-washing
job and a car-washing job.
- Yeah.
And I'd suggest the dish-washing job.
It might give you a chance to
show your executive ability.
You hear that? I'm glad she made that
crack. That shows what I'm up against.
[ Car horn ]
Oh, it's Jimmy.
See you tonight.
- Yeah. So long.
Hey, what do you know. I can get
a brand new Chevrolet for $360 ..
Say, listen here, you. How much longer
do you think I will stand for this?
You've humiliated me
in front of my friends.
And you're not going to do it in front
of my family. Do you understand?
If you insist on starving,
you're going to starve alone.
Ah, there you go.
Now you've spoiled my appetite again.
What's the matter, babe? Aren't
things looking up this morning?
They should. They've got to look up.
They are flat on their back.
- Yeah?
Hmm. We just caught up with that little
something round the corner you promised.
What's wrong?
Oh, nothing is wrong.
Everything is fine.
Only Alf lost at the pool hall and
he and the family moved in on us.
The baby needs milk and
Sophie needs new shoes and ..
Oh, everything is just fine.
There you are. Just goes
to prove what I always said.
Others have their troubles too.
You know, Jimmy, you're
an awfully nice fellow ..
But sometimes you give
me a terrible pain.
Where you got it, honey?
- Right in the neck.
I know just the guy, an
osteopath over on 3rd Avenue.
You darned fool.
[ Whistling ]
Margie, come over here will you.
Candy, darling.
Do you think I'm crazy?
- I don't have to worry.
I've got a new masseur.
He uses a sledge hammer but
he took me down two inches.
I tried one of those rough guys once.
Afterwards, my hips were
wider than Joe Brown's mouth.
Say, I'm getting my choice between
a Rolls Royce or a trip to Europe.
Oh, take the trip to Europe, dearie.
Rolls Royces are so common.
I know. But I got to think of my Mom.
She could use the car.
But I don't think she'd look so hot
walking around the block in Bologna.
Say, if you girls don't mind.
I think this dress is absolutely blowsy.
The guy should open a shop in Dead Man's
Gulch or Emperor Falls or somewhere.
Stop, how you talk about him.
The next time I come into this shop
after Saturday it will be as a customer.
You don't tell me.
- Oh, I do.
My dear. My career.
Sol's has got me a job in a new play.
You would get a break.
Oh, the boyfriend has got influence.
I've got five lines in the first act.
That is if the cops don't
take three of them out.
Oh, Wait a minute.
Here. Hold this for me, kid.
I'm so tired of standing here.
It is so hot.
Oh. Thanks, kid.
They are gorgeous.
The stones are a little yellow.
When Sol bought them he was taking
an awful rap on the stock market.
Lucille, would you please hurry.
They are waiting for you.
That is just too bad.
They like to ..
Make believe they are happy.
There is the big fur out again.
The boss wants this fixed right away.
That guy Harding is coming back again.
I was just waiting for Babs
to steam up against that coat.
Well, she said she'd get it when
he took her out of the shop.
Franois soaked him plenty and slipped
a couple of thousand back to Babsy.
Harding should worry.
Market crashes make him laugh.
I guess I'll have to show it off.
Gee, it burns me up,
the mouth of that dame.
Ever since she landed him
she's swelled up like a zipper.
You are burning up. A heck
of a lot of envy there, babe.
Of her?
Why, any time Harding ever came into
this shop to buy a girl a new dress ..
You'd act as though he were spending
his money to see you do Salome.
Babs just had to walk before him once.
Some girls get all the breaks.
She walks out of here with a
$16,000 fur, gets back in the show ..
And he's naming his new yacht after her.
She's a sap if she thinks
she's the only one.
He'll do it for any girl
that makes a hit with him.
Mr Harding is the man who always
wears a carnation, isn't he?
You're through with that.
Run along back to your machine.
Here's no place for you to be listening.
- Yes, ma'am.
Hurry, hurry girls.
Publicity pictures at Stefani's.
Why do you stand there?
Come on, the taxi is waiting.
Let it wait.
No, Jimmy. Let's eat
somewhere else for a change.
A sandwich shop? That will be fine.
I'll meet you there in
five minutes. Uhuh.
Will you please stop asking me
that question. Of course I do.
Alright. Bye-bye.
Where is she?
- She is not here.
Not here?
Get me a model.
- She must be delayed.
We can't keep these people waiting.
Sybil. Corrine.
Am I bound to be kept waiting like this?
Monsieur, we had no appointments.
We did not expect Mr Harding.
So I sent the girls to lunch.
So, what happens to me, eh?
I lose my best customer. Get out!
All of you! Idiots. Get out!
Here, here. Lady, put this on.
But Mr Franoise.
Take it, girl. What do I care?
I see them all day long.
Put this on, child.
Let me see.
Trs bon. Hello, hello. Magnifique.
You have seen the model?
- Not yet.
Good. Now don't forget.
The eyes, the teeth, the walk, eh?
Let me see.
Ah, perfect!
If you have time, bring me fifty coats.
You know furs when you see them.
But you have never seen
anything to compare with this.
Nice, isn't it, Raymond?
I said it is nice, isn't it, Raymond.
Yes. Very becoming.
Let me see.
I might be able to use
that in the first act.
How much is it?
Sixteen thousand, mademoiselle.
Out of the question.
Oh, mademoiselle. I am desolate.
I think it is swell.
- Shush.
How is it lined?
- Come here. Come here, child.
Vite, vite, vite. Come here.
Open that. Open, open.
Open it, I say.
See? The usual soft tones, mademoiselle.
I prefer the contrasting shades myself.
To be sure. If you will come with me I
will show you the most gorgeous linings.
Oh Miss, you dropped your flowers.
Well, throw them away.
They'll have wilted.
There's a telephone call for you, Marge.
I connected him in here.
Thanks, Joe.
Oh, Jimmy.
Gee, I am awfully sorry but I won't
be able to have lunch with you.
Well, I'm modelling. Yes.
The swell-est coat in the place.
It's just a break.
Gee, I've hardly a stitch on.
Oh. Well, I mean ..
I haven't got on an evening
gown like the other girls.
Well Franois made me do it.
And, Jimmy. Who do you think for?
Raymond Harding. Yeah.
He's buying it for Babsy who
used to be a model here.
Oh, you are posing for that guy?
Listen, I know all about him.
Yeah. He is girl-nutty.
Now you look out.
Well, don't get sore with me.
I couldn't help it.
Well, I've got to go now.
You'll pick me up tonight?
Alright. Bye-bye.
Deadly weather for this sort of thing.
- Oh.
I'll say so. Gee, what I
could do to a Coke.
A Coke?
I guess you would call it a Coca-Cola.
A Swiss cheese on rye. Oh, boy.
- Would you like them?
I say, is there no-one round here?
- Yes, yes.
Yes, Mr Harding?
Will you bring me immediately ..
One Coke and a cheese on rye.
A large Coke or a small one?
Do they come in assorted sizes?
Well, yes. Ten cents and a nickel.
The ten cent one by all means.
- Yes, sir.
Gee, Mr Harding.
I'm afraid I'll get fired for this.
Oh, nonsense.
They don't fire pretty models.
But then I'm not a model.
- No?
You do it so perfectly.
I thought you were new here.
No, I'm just a seamstress.
But thanks for the compliment anyway.
Do you feel the heat as badly as I do?
Do I?
Look at me.
You know.
I've got a ..
A swimming pool on a roof.
Would you like to come up and cool off?
- Gee, that would be ..
That would be swell.
I think I'd better put this in water.
But you are forgetting your
Coke and your Swiss on rye.
Oh no, I just want to save this
and take it home to Mama.
They are pretty aren't they.
Oh yes, Mama is crazy about flowers.
Aren't you?
Sure, but she'll get an
awful kick out of this.
I see.
You know, there really
should be more of them.
Alluring, don't you think?
- Yes.
Well, I see you are wide awake, Raymond.
How do you like it?
However, I shan't decide until tomorrow.
Very well, mademoiselle.
Shall we have lunch?
- Let's.
Good afternoon.
Oh, Franois.
Mr Harding, where will you have this?
Eh? Oh ..
Yes, of course.
Over where the young lady is sitting.
Thank you.
Hey, what's the idea?
What's the matter with you? You expect
me to wait until you make up your mind?
How is the optimist?
- Come on, get in.
Sort of out of place
on this bus, ain't it?
You ought to know. They are on me.
So they got you modelling now, huh?
With the rich boys.
First crack out of the box, this.
I guess the next thing, I'll see
you walking into a Rolls Royce.
Don't be an ass.
- So you talk like them too, huh?
You make me sick. Burned up when I pick
some orchids off the floor to wear them.
Yeah? That's where you got them?
- That's just where I got them.
Wasn't you parading
for that guy Harding?
I can't help who I am
told to model for, can I?
You ought to be glad I had a chance.
- Yeah.
Me like a sap waiting by the restaurant
while you show your shape to that heel.
And then, of a sudden,
your boss don't let you eat.
I did too eat.
- Then you did go out?
No I didn't. He sent out.
The boss?
- No. Mr Harding.
Oh, so that's the answer.
He just happened to
hear me say I was hungry.
Yeah. Caviar and lobster.
Ten dollars a plate.
Coke and cheese on rye.
Twenty cents a plate.
So that's the racket.
Selling clothes, huh?
Yeah, dolling up so the rich
boys can take their pick.
You're getting out of there
if I have to wreck the joint.
Last night you said I had a swell job.
Harding is a heel. A rich, no-good heel.
If it wasn't for guys like him the
Sunday scandal sheets would go broke.
Aside from that he has
good points, hasn't he?
Alright, go on. Get fresh.
- That's what you always say.
Yeah? Well, I'll show you.
Well, what do you want me to do?
Get out?
You and I got to have an
understanding. Now or never.
Now get this straight. I love you.
If I want to pull that
happy-day stuff, alright.
If I want to roast that guy, alright.
I got plenty of reasons.
I love you.
Now sit there and think that over.
Well, what?
Why can't you love me a little, honey?
Did I say I didn't?
Then let's get married right off.
Jimmy, we can't.
- Why?
We haven't got the money and ..
Honey, I've got 800 bucks
saved up in the bank.
Next month I'm buying my
own shop on Long Island.
Why, Jimmy.
You didn't think I was going to be
a delivery boy all my life, did you?
Listen, it's got the
swell-est little flat.
And there is a room for your mother.
Come on, what do you say?
I can't Jimmy.
I'm worried about Soph' and her family.
Oh. Alf will get going.
I'll find him a job myself.
Come on, what do you say?
- Don't rush, Jimmy. Let's think.
What about?
Well, I am afraid that ..
- Don't you love me?
Sure. Of course I do.
Well then, give us a little kiss.
That's fine. Just dandy.
What did I do?
Notting at all. Don't let it worry you.
I didn't see that fire plug there.
Honest I didn't.
Where did you think you was?
On the seashore?
He couldn't help it, officer.
- Why?
Well, he was excited.
Yeah. He looked it.
I mean, well ..
He was asking me to marry him.
What did you say?
So, you're getting your big ticket, huh?
Okay, on your way.
You got troubles enough.
There you are.
Even cops has got their good points.
Things is looking up already.
What's the matter, dear.
Can't you go to sleep?
I'm watching the stars.
Oh it isn't comfy out here.
Well, it's not as comfy as our
summer home in Westchester.
Now, I want you to go to sleep.
I can't. I'm too excited.
If you give me a kiss
I'll tell you something.
Jimmy and I are going to be married.
- Uhuh.
He's buying a store on Long Island and
we're going to live upstairs over it.
Who do you think is
going to live with us?
I don't know.
You are.
Isn't it grand.
You will love it. Life is
just swell over there.
But what about Soph' and the baby and ..
And that Alf?
That Alf will get a job.
Why, there is a lot of good in Alf.
Nobody is all wrong.
I see.
Didn't I tell you to keep
out of that icebox?
Say, where is that piece of hamburger?
You ate it .. you big hog.
That doesn't mean a thing.
[ Buzzer ]
- Sign here.
What is it?
- Flowers.
Flowers? Did someone say flowers?
It won't be long now: "Oh, madam .."
"Can I use your car on Thursday?"
Shut up, you big mouth.
Look. It says "Mrs" Evans.
Mrs? Kinda cautious ain't he?
For me? There must be some mistake.
- Oh, no there isn't.
Orchids. Well, I certainly got to hand
it to you, kid. You can pick the spot.
I'll bet there is a hundred
bucks in that box.
Look. Here on the card:
"For your mother".
Raymond Harding.
946 Park Avenue.
Penthouse One.
I don't know anybody ..
- I do.
See, yesterday when I was showing him a
coat I happened to say you like flowers.
That's all.
That's all? So he shoots
out orchids at twenty per ..
Partner, there is gold in
that there personality.
Sometimes I could kill you.
Send them back, dear.
I know he meant alright but ..
I don't want him getting
the wrong idea of you.
Now don't be silly, Mama.
What's Jimmy going to think, huh?
- Why, he'll understand.
Sure. He's no fool. If she can
collect some easy dough ..
How does it feel when I do
the razzing for a change, huh?
I got an idea.
Let me see them flowers.
Where are you going?
- You been squawking about dough, huh?
I want to get out of the red. I can
get a sawbuck apiece for these ..
Put a side bet on myself and
bring home the bacon.
Don't let him take them!
- Stop him.
Take that!
There. You had it coming. Sorry.
Oh, Soph'.
He hit me.
Mama, get something for her eye, quick.
It isn't so bad, Soph'.
I can't stand it.
I can't stand him here.
He didn't mean to hit you.
It's because he hit me now.
At this time.
What do you mean,
because he hit you now?
I'm going to have another baby.
Well, that's alright.
Does he know?
No. And he's never going to know.
I'm through with him.
Don't talk crazy, Soph'.
I tell you I'm through with him. I'm not
have another baby married it him, Marge.
Listen Marge, you've got to help me.
I want to get a divorce, you understand?
Or I swear by all that is ..
I will kill myself.
Sophie, please.
- I mean it.
What is going to happen if I stay with
him? Where is he going to get us?
Everybody is two-sided.
There is a lot of good in Alf.
It will come out.
Don't marry Jimmy Slocum.
Listen, I know. I've been through it.
Marriage. It's a great game, yes.
For men to makes saps out
of girls like you and me.
Say, I've been doing a pile of
good in this world, ain't I?
I've given him a lot of kids he
can't even keep from starving.
Well I'm next to myself
and I'm through now.
Listen, Marge. I can get
my old job back again.
Mom can take care of the baby.
When we get out of all this.
We can start living like
human beings again.
Here it is, dear.
I won't need it, Ma.
It's bad. It's turning black.
That's just the color I want it.
I'm showing it to a lawyer.
Soph' is through with Alf, Ma.
Yes, Ma. And I mean it.
Don't worry, Mama.
Just as soon as Sophie gets back
to work, why things will pick up.
And then we three will be ..
- We three?
What about Jimmy?
You are going to be married.
No, Ma.
I've seen all I want.
Of marriage.
I thought you loved that boy.
What of it?
Sophie loved Alf when she
married him, didn't she?
Where did it get her?
There is plenty of love to be had
without making a mess of things.
I've made up my mind that any time
I hand myself to a man for life ..
It's cash on delivery.
What are you saying, child?
I'm sorry, Ma.
But what I said goes.
Well then.
I guess you won't be going down
in the truck this morning, will you?
No, Jimmy.
Soph' and I ..
Have something much
more important to do.
Go and get ready, Soph'.
I know just where to take you.
I've heard the girls at the
store talk about these things.
Don't worry, Mama.
Maybe before long.
You'll get a nice vacation.
In the country.
So that's your story, eh?
I think you've got the right idea.
The little girl can't get anywhere.
With what you've got on your hands.
You are dead right.
Everything overboard. Start again.
She has plenty of reasons, hasn't she?
You said it.
A divorce is a cinch.
Maisy from the shop said you
certainly knew the ropes.
Yes. And she had a lot more on her hands
than this young lady to contend with.
If what you tell me is the truth.
Oh, yeah.
They were always watching her.
Ready for a fight.
Oh, don't look so glum.
In a few weeks you'll be a free woman
again, with nothing to worry about.
Telephone me tomorrow at ten.
Maisy said that you'd
want about 25 dollars.
Will it be alright this afternoon?
I guess Maisy must have been
talking about my retaining fee.
25 dollars is only a down payment.
Naturally, you wouldn't expect me to
advance the money out of my own pocket?
Even for two such ..
Charming ladies as yourselves.
Well, the 25 doesn't cover everything?
There is a lot of legal
work in a case like this.
A divorce ain't as simple
as it's cracked up to be.
Not in this state.
Not even when you've got good grounds.
How much will cover everything?
Well ..
If I put up the right kind of talk
I think I can hold it down to ..
Two hundred dollars.
Well, I ..
I guess we'll have to
wait a couple of days.
If you delay now you will
have to wait longer than that.
If I can't get that case on the
court calendar tomorrow ..
You will have to wait six months
longer for the next session.
Oh, that's out of the question.
Well, I wouldn't call it so
good under the circumstances.
You indulge?
No thanks.
It helps my gas.
Maybe I can borrow some money
from one of the girls at the shop.
You get the money tomorrow
and everything will be fine.
I guess I can.
Sure you can.
Well, thanks.
Don't worry.
Ask your friend Maisy how
swell things turned out for her.
Oh yes. She told me.
- See you tomorrow, girls.
Telephone me in the morning.
And don't worry.
Worry never helps in
a case of this kind.
Thank you very much.
- Goodbye.
Goodbye, girls.
After all, kid. 200 bucks is 200 bucks.
I know. But I could pay it back.
Five dollars a week.
It isn't that. It's just the
principle of the thing.
Now if you were in trouble
I could do something.
But gee, I don't know your sister.
Sure. Well, I guess you are right.
Thanks anyway.
Don't look at me, honey.
I haven't got any dough.
Well, let's go.
- Goodnight.
What did I tell you?
You are wasting your time.
They haven't got a dime.
They've got cars and clothes but ..
If a man holds a girl that way, he won't
give her cash to spend on another man.
They are allowed about
as much freedom as ..
One of their Airedales on a leash.
If you want a loan, you go to Franois.
That's business.
So long, honey.
So long.
[ Door knocks ]
Miss .. Miss ..?
Miss Evans.
Oh yes. Come on.
I modelled a coat yesterday.
Yes. I don't forget. I don't forget.
Miss Celeste.
She says maybe next
month she goes to Europe.
I will give you here place, huh?
Gee, that's swell.
Oh my child. That speech.
You must watch.
You say "Gee, that's swell".
Not for the showroom.
If Mr Harding hears that
you spoil everything.
You impressed Mr Harding yesterday.
"Oh yeah"? No, no. Don't say that.
"Charming" or even "marvelous."
Mr Franois.
I wonder if I could borrow 200 dollars.
And have it deducted from
my wages each week.
Are you sick? You lose your home?
Why do you need it?
It is for my sister.
- Is she sick?
She has to have a divorce.
Oh no. I am sorry.
If I do that, every girl in the
shop, she want something.
Run away, Goodbye. I am busy.
- But Mr ..
Leave me alone. Go on, go out.
You see I am busy.
Hello, Hello?
Hello, darling.
No, not at all. I wasn't doing a thing.
I got plenty of time.
My dear.
Only the day before yesterday I sent
you $1,200. What did you do with it?
Well who much is it this time?
Alright. I will send it by special
messenger. Will that do?
Say, baby.
[ French language ]
Alright, darling, Goodbye.
Bye, darling.
Gee, kid.
I've gone through a hundred years
of misery since I saw you last.
I ..
I haven't felt so hot myself.
Well, everything is alright now.
So it doesn't matter.
Come on in and sit down.
Now tell me all about it.
Jimmy, I ..
I didn't come to take back
what I said this morning.
Alright, stop kidding.
I am not kidding.
Maybe it's just as well
you overheard me.
What's happened, honey?
Oh, it isn't you.
I do love you but ..
I am afraid.
- Afraid of what?
Afraid of getting married.
Oh, you'll soon get over being scared.
I ..
I ..
I want to be perfectly
honest with you, Jimmy.
Before I tell you why I came.
I am just here as a friend.
I want to borrow ..
Two hundred dollars.
Anything I've got you can
have. You know that.
I'll pay you back. Five a week.
You will not.
That's got to be the understanding.
Well, why didn't you say
something about it before?
What has happened?
Alf hit Soph' this morning.
He did?
Yes. She is going to get a divorce.
Oh, that's what this is for, huh?
Not with my money it ain't.
- Why, Jimmy.
Listen, haven't you gone kinda screwy
on the idea that family life is a bunk?
What you mean?
First you bust us up and
now you butt in on them.
I am not. Soph' asked me to help her.
Yeah? Well it's a cinch
who gave her the idea.
I didn't. She can't stand him.
- What a shame.
It is a shame.
He's a loafer. He won't work.
Say, listen. People with kids don't bust
up just because the guy is out of work.
You are daffy. That's all.
You'd better take a long
walk and think things over.
You think so?
Well, I came here to borrow money
as I wanted time to think things over.
Now I won't take the time!
Listen, I don't get you.
You don't think I had to come
here for that money, do you?
I've made up my mind.
I know where to get it.
Sorry I troubled you.
Harding, huh?
Hey, Margie.
Hello, hello? Soph'.
Say listen. This is Jimmy.
Yeah. Listen, Margie was
just over here and ..
I said something to her
that I shouldn't have.
Yeah. And she was sore when she left.
Yeah. Now, look.
When she comes in tell
her to call me, will you.
Yeah. Tell her I've got
something for her.
Thanks. Yeah, I'll wait until she calls.
Watch your step.
Come here. Don't be sore.
Take your hands off me.
I am not hired to take
your insults and I won't.
There is your junk.
Baby, don't be a fool.
You poor halfwit.
You don't know the difference between
your horses and your women.
There is the rest of your harness.
Where you going?
Back to pounding a
typewriter, thank you.
You will never make it.
- Oh no?
Too late.
Going down.
- And how.
Hey, girls!
Let's see who the pearl divers are.
Oh, give me a break.
You don't have to get wet to get those.
Is there someone you wish to see?
Why, yes. I wanted to see Mr Harding.
The name, please?
- Miss Evans.
I'll see if Mr Harding will see you.
He'll remember me. Tell him I'm the girl
whose mother he sent the orchids to.
Yes, Miss.
Be careful. Babsy will see you.
You should worry.
Her show is going on the road next week.
Leaving New York?
I fixed that.
- Oh, oh.
Get out the jewels.
- Yes.
- Yes. - No.
Pardon me, sir.
A Miss Evans to see you, sir.
Do I know her?
Excuse me.
She says you sent her
mother orchids, sir.
Serve it here.
Come on, come on.
Would you come this way please, Miss.
Will you sit down and
wait a moment, Miss.
Mr Harding.
Mr Harding, sir.
I'm so glad you accepted my invitation.
I didn't know there was a party.
There isn't. It is only bath night.
Have one?
Well, I just wanted to
see you for a moment.
Well, why not take off your
clothes and stay a while?
Mr Harding, you don't realize
how important this is to me.
But it can wait until
after you've had a swim.
But if ..
- Oh, Peterson.
Find a bathing suit for Miss Evans.
- Yes, sir.
I suppose there are ..
No dressing rooms left?
Oh no, sir.
No? Well, take her to the den.
Mr Harding ..
When you're ready, I'll join you.
Now run along.
Come this way, Miss.
Thank you.
A figure size 14, Miss?
Are there any particular
wines you prefer, Miss?
But I .. I am going to swim.
Yes. Yes, of course you are.
Will there be anything else, Miss?
May I come in?
Come in.
Oh. Too soon, eh?
Why ..
I wasn't quite ready.
That will do for now, won't it.
You look remarkable pretty in it.
Yes, yes.
It's very lovely.
Mr Harding, I .. I came to see ..
Why don't you call me Raymond?
What shall I call you?
Well, they call me Margie.
Alright, Margie.
Let's go.
I came to see if you would lend me ..
Two hundred dollars.
Well, this is serious, isn't it.
Yes it is, but I will pay it back.
From my salary.
Something each week.
Wouldn't you take it as a gift?
If it is necessary.
I suppose that is the only way
you lend money to girls like me.
Yes. That ..
That seems to be the ..
The customary arrangement.
I understand.
Let's have a little drinky.
Here is to your ..
Your future.
My dear, you will choke.
It went down the wrong way.
I see you simply crave champagne.
Yes, I do.
Well fortunately, there is plenty of it.
You know.
You are the prettiest girl here tonight.
Well, I guess I'll hold my own.
When I'm dressed like them.
Do you plan to be?
Sure. That is part of it.
You would be a great success.
I mean to be.
May I have another drink, Mr Harding?
Tell me.
Why do you want the two hundred dollars?
To get my sister divorced.
She is married to a brute.
Oh, I see.
Does he beat her?
Well, he has hurt her.
But he won't work. He is just a loafer.
We've seen all we want of marriage.
Then you have been married too?
Luckily, I saw what was coming so I ..
Gave Jimmy the air.
Well, is Jimmy a brute?
He's a Prince.
But marriage is bunk.
At least, for poor people.
Aren't you fond of Jimmy?
How long would I be,
if I were married to him?
A girl has got to use her brains
to get anything out of this life.
May I have another drink, please?
So, you are going to get
something out of life?
Do you know many who do?
Well, the girls at the shop do.
They go home from work in limousines.
I drive home on Jimmy's truck.
I don't think you care for that.
Why ..
I'll learn to like it.
Too much practice .. makes one ..
Did I do or say anything
Mr Harding, that ..
I find you .. very refreshing.
Gee, you play swell.
On the contrary.
I play .. very badly.
I want to see Mr Harding.
In regard to what?
- I've got a message for him.
Does he know you?
It is from one of his lady friends.
I don't think Mr Harding wishes
to be disturbed just now.
You take my advice and tell
him right away it is important.
Oh. Well.
Wait right here.
I will see what he says.
Suppose you jump into that bathing suit.
I'll run along and meet you at the tank.
- Alright.
[ Door knocks ]
Come in.
There is a young man outside, sir.
Modelling kimonos, huh?
What are you doing here?
- Shut up or I'll smack you.
That goes for you too.
I wouldn't lose my head
over appearances.
I guess that crack comes from the idea
of "protecting her like a gentleman".
Well, she always wanted your kind
of protection and now she's got it.
I guess the ride to the
rescue didn't mean a thing.
It doesn't look as if there's
anything left to save around here.
No. Wait a minute, Jimmy.
Let's talk.
- Alright. You say something.
You want to get the
kid right, don't you?
I've got the kid right.
And I've got you right too, you big ape.
Now listen, Jimmy.
I guess you're going to tell me she is
old enough to know her own mind.
That's a swell idea, isn't it.
Coax some kids up from the
tenement to see this show.
Playing Godfather until they stop
thinking what it is all about.
And when a guy calls you
out on it you got a swell alibi.
The baby came up of her own accord.
I wouldn't say that.
- Listen, fellow.
They got a name for heels like you.
Look out now.
- You don't like to hear that, do you.
No. And I don't like it either.
Ah, shut up you little muzzler.
- Watch it.
Why, you've hit me a little low.
You fool. Get out!
You've shown what you are.
Just like that, huh?
Yeah, a big preaching
windbag. That's all you are.
"Don't mind your troubles little girl.
There's happy days around the corner."
Yeah, you say it fine until the bump
hits you, you cheap squawker.
Alright, I'm a cheap squawker but
I know all about rats like him.
Don't you call him a rat! I came up
here of my own accord. You got that?
He had a chance to do everything
you said he did. Well, he didn't.
He didn't say a word he shouldn't have.
Well how about finding you with ..
- He found me this way too.
It didn't put one rotten
thought into his head.
That's the difference between you.
He is a gentleman. That's
something you will never be!
Now get out! I'm sick of the
sight of you. Do you hear?
Get out!
And be sure you have a good time.
I'm sorry Mr Harding.
To have been the cause
of making this scene here.
Mr Harding!
Mr Harding. What is wrong?
Mr Harding.
Mr Harding.
Come quickly. Something is wrong.
- What's this? What's happened?
Get a doctor, quick.
Is he dead?
- You stay right where you are.
French, find that roughneck.
Search the place from top to bottom.
Tell the doctor to hurry.
- Come on, people. Out of here!
Come on. Never mind. Get out of here.
You've got no business in here at all.
Come on, get out of here.
Hey, did any of you people see
that guy go through here?
Did you?
Answer me.
Answer me!
Yes, I did take a drink.
Did Harding invite you up?
- Is this your dress?
Why wasn't you in evening clothes?
- He asked me up sometime.
I didn't know there was a party tonight.
- Then you had to see him tonight?
What for?
Because you timed it for the boyfriend
to walk in and find you like this.
No, Jimmy never ..
- Jimmy who?
I thought you didn't know his name.
- I don't.
Oh, so you don't know
Jimmy's last name, huh?
I heard Mr Harding call him Jimmy.
- Don't lie!
Don't yell like that. We don't want
the whole roof to hear about this.
If he kicks the bucket and it's a
murder case, they'll hear plenty.
You can tell them downtown.
Put it on.
Get busy will you.
- Give me a chance. I can't dress.
So, modest all of a sudden, eh?
What in there?
- The bathroom.
Go ahead.
Now you must hurry, Peterson.
How is he, doctor?
- I'm afraid he is pretty bad.
Come on, French.
She ought to be dressed by now.
Step on it, kid. Step on it.
Well, I'll be ..
Quick, French.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Hold on out there.
No, ma'am.
He hasn't come in yet.
Tell him to call me when
he comes in, will you.
It's terribly important.
I'll be home in ten minutes.
Thanks. Oh listen, Mrs Howe.
If he won't call.
You call me when he comes in, will you.
If you please.
Yes. Courtland.
[ Door knocks ]
There is somebody here to see you.
I guess she ain't home.
But I'll let you in and
you can wait inside.
Now take it easy and sit down there.
She won't be long now.
Oh, Jimmy.
Alright. No more arguments.
I just came to give you the two hundred
in case you didn't get it from Harding.
I don't care about that.
You are all that matters, Jimmy.
Hey kid, I thought you
were never coming back.
Jimmy. Harding is dying.
- From the punch you hit him.
No, Marge. Don't say that.
I tell you, yes. And the
cops are looking for you.
It couldn't be the punch. I did not
it him hard enough to kill him.
What's the difference? He's dying
and they are blaming it on you.
Jimmy, you've got to get away.
You've just got to, Jimmy.
Where? Where can I go?
I don't want to leave you, Marge.
You have got to.
Go out of town.
I'll go with you.
No, it can't be done.
You can't dodge the cops.
[ Door knocks ]
I'll stick with you, Jimmy.
It's all my fault.
- Not it isn't, kid.
I just lost my head. That's all.
I love you.
Well then, everything is okay.
[ Door knocks ]
Come in.
I'm ready to go. Bring them in.
I beg your pardon?
Oh no, it's alright. I'm alone.
Miss Evans.
Mr Harding wanted you to
know how sorry he was ..
To have been the cause
of any misunderstanding.
And you needn't worry.
He has quite recovered.
He asked me to give you this.
Tell him I didn't mean to hit him low.
0h, when he regained consciousness ..
Mr Harding spoke rather
nicely about you, sir.
You see, it wasn't the blow
that really did the damage.
It was .. well ..
Mr Harding had had shrimp
salad again for dinner.
I don't think there is anything else.
Thank you.
Goodnight, Mister .. Butler.
Well, what do you know about that?
Look, Jimmy.
Two hundred dollars.
I certainly had that guy
pegged wrong, didn't I.
Margie, are you home?
Them stairs are killing me.
Here. Somebody left this just now.
Look, Jimmy.
Another two hundred dollars.
It isn't raining, it's pouring.
Raining, is it? Ah, that's a shame.
That family of yours will get soaked.
What do you mean?
Don't you know the whole bunch of them
went to Coney Island for the weekend?
They did?
Where did they get the money?
Don't stand there and tell
me that you haven't heard.
Heard what?
That brother-in-law of yours won
the Amsterdam Pool Tournament.
And he ..
Did what?
- Sure.
He won the first prize
of a thousand dollars.
And five hundred more
betting on himself.
That's a smart mug, that
brother-in-law of yours.
And how his wife loves him.
I was watching them
starting off this evening.
Just like a couple of honeymooners.
There is nothing in the world like love.
You know, it reminds me.
About twenty years ago I ..
Well, goodnight folks.
It's getting late.
There you are. Just like I've
always been telling you.
If you say it again I'll scream.
I know.
We caught up with that little
thing around the corner.
Give us a little kiss.