Under the Bed (2012) Movie Script

Neal, come on, wake up.
Hey, come on, kid, get up.
We're almost home.
How long was I out?
All the way from the airport,
about three hours.
What, didn't you sleep
last night?
Looks about the same around here.
Yeah, yeah.
The, um...
snow just all came off last week.
It was real nice.
You would've...
You would've liked it.
Too bad I had to miss it then.
So I guess it's a lot, uh...
a lot warmer in Florida, huh?
Depends on
what you mean by warm.
See you still got
that mumbling thing.
I don't know.
You see, Aunt Sara
didn't seem to care if I talked or not.
Actually, Sara cared a lot.
Could've fooled me.
You know, kid,
when someone takes your ass in
and doesn't kick it out
after two years,
that's 'cause
they actually give a shit.
And she didn't want you gone,
if that's what you think,
either, okay?
It's 'cause the new lady
wants to meet me, right?
So you did read
the letters I sent you then.
Well, I didn't know one way
or the other, you know.
Response would have been nice.
I had some,
but they weren't very nice.
What does Paulie think of her?
Paulie thinks the world of her.
Which is one of the reasons
why I decided
to move forward with her.
And one of the big reasons
why she wants to get to know you.
How is Paulie?
He's fine.
He's good.
Aw, shit.
I'm sorry. Come on.
It's gonna be all right.
Come on.
It was Angela's idea.
I'm gonna love her.
Hey, come on, this is important
to her, all right?
So just try and remember
what a smile is
and slap it on your face
for a few minutes, please?
Oh, my! Oh, my!
Oh, so nice
to finally meet you, honey!
This is Angela, obviously.
Oh, welcome home.
I'm Angela.
Oh, so nice to see you.
You know,
you must be very hungry.
You want something to eat,
something to drink?
I mean, I've made plenty of...
...in person.
You really are a cutie!
- Oh!
- Where's Paulie?
Yeah, where is
your youngest, Hausman?
I figured he'd be out here
dancing for joy to have Neal back.
Oh. Uh, well,
you know, Paul's, uh...
Taking a nap, actually.
Yeah, he's had a little fever recently,
and he's just getting over it.
You know, we just want
to keep him rested for school tomorrow.
Hey, Neal, you remember me, right?
Mr. Evans.
Hey, kept an eye on your dad
while you were staying
at your aunt's.
Made sure he didn't
get into any trouble.
Are you sure about that?
I think he snuck in a new wife
when you weren't looking.
Yeah, anyway, you remember my boys,
Richard and Roger?
Hey, guys.
They've been talking
nonstop about you
ever since they heard
you were coming back.
Hey, we would love to have you over
for our own little welcome back.
You know, you and your brother
can come over for dinner,
you can stay the night,
we'll hang out.
- It'll be great.
- Thanks.
I'm gonna go tell Paulie.
All right, great.
Great to see you...
Hey, Cara.
I'm sorry I left
without saying good-bye.
We just left, like, overnight.
It's okay.
I'm sorry I never got
the chance to say sorry
about, you know, what happened.
Hey, Cara?
Gonna marry that nut job?
You better keep him
away from matches.
Shut up!
I'm sorry.
My brothers are idiots.
It's okay.
My brother's inside,
so I should go.
It's good seeing you, Neal.
It's gorgeous.
Paulie, Jesus Christ!
You really scared me, buddy.
You're not Neal.
No, of course, I am.
It's really me, Paulie.
Prove it.
Well, Dad, probably flipped out
when he found out
about these, right?
It pretended to be you
so many times.
Paulie, don't talk like that.
Hey, what the hell's
going on in here?
God damn it!
Paulie, what the hell
you doing up here?
How many times
do I have to tell you
not to go through these boxes?
What, 2,000 times?
Terry, Honey?
Is everything okay?
Sorry, excuse me.
What'd you think, Neal's back,
you get to do whatever
the hell you want? Is that it?
I'm sorry, Dad.
- Dad?
- What?
Just hold on a second.
What do you want?
You want Neal gone?
You want him
going back to Florida?
- Is that it?
- Dad, come on!
What the hell
are you thinking, Paul?
What's going on?
This goddamn party's over, Angela.
I want everybody
out of my house right now.
Everybody gone! Now!
Okay! Okay, honey,
just listen to me, okay?
Move your car.
You're blocking some people in.
You have to move your car.
Just take it easy, honey.
I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
How about you, Neal?
I'm great, Angela.
Listen, um...
Why don't you, uh,
just take this?
Get out of the house
and go and be brothers
for a little bit, okay?
Be back by 6:00
for dinner, all right?
Thank you.
You're welcome, honey.
Be careful.
Six o'clock!
Wow, Neal, you're here!
That's right, dude.
I'm here for good.
Feels like it's been forever.
I know, man. I can't believe
how big you got.
I thought you were gonna be
a midget the rest of your life.
So how was Florida
with Aunt Sara?
Aunt Sara home-schooled me
and put me in therapy,
so I sat around and listened
to how crazy I was for a while.
What? I miss something?
No, it's just funny
how sometimes a crazy person
is the only one who gets it right.
Gets it right?
You're not crazy, Neal.
You never were.
You can smoke if you need to.
I can't smoke in here.
No, I just mean around me.
I don't mind.
I think I'm gonna quit.
I have enough problems already.
I really missed this.
You know,
this is the coolest place in town.
Well, what did you miss more,
this place or me?
You jerk.
I was just about to say you.
Hey, guys, how's it going?
Hi. Haven't seen you in forever.
Thought my best customer
left for another diner.
Well, um, there isn't one.
This is the best in town.
Listen to that.
So, you used to get the Reuben?
- Uh-huh.
- Two, please.
Right on it.
So you have a girlfriend?
No, no.
You sure?
I mean, there's gotta be
like ten girls after you right now.
Well, um,
I kind of like this one girl.
She sits right next to me in...
Hey, let me ask you something.
Have you seen this before?
I don't want to talk about that.
It's okay.
It's just me talking
to you, okay?
There's nobody else but us.
I found that sketchbook
a while back, yeah.
I went through your boxes
a few times
just, you know, 'cause
it made me think of you,
- and...
- And you looked inside?
Is that what you mean
by saying that I'm not crazy?
You think that you've been
seeing something like this?
At night, every night.
Who knows about this?
You do.
Only you would ever believe
it's happening again.
But you didn't tell Dad? Angela?
No. Well, they know
I haven't been sleeping,
but I don't talk about it.
They just think it's me
missing you or school,
and I just agree with them.
And you think
you saw me sometimes?
It's one of the ways
it tries to get me.
I remembered you talking
about visions you'd have at night
and Dad saying you've
got an overactive imagination.
Why was all my stuff
boxed up in your room, Paulie?
Well, when you got sent away,
I got kind of sad,
so Dad packed up all your stuff
and moved me in.
He thought it would help.
Oh, shit.
Yeah, it didn't.
So you've been sleeping
in my room this whole time?
Well, I go in there every night,
but I don't sleep.
you believe me, right?
Paulie, what a mess.
See, is there anything else?
Damn it.
This was really close, too.
What is it, Neal?
Two Reubens!
Best in town, right, big guy?
Oh, my God.
Hey, Neal.
Wow, you've been back
for two hours
and you're already at Melanie's.
So how was your party?
Hey, it was, uh...
It was not much.
I mean, it was fine. It was...
Well, well, well,
if it isn't the firebug?
You know, I heard that your dad
had to send you away
to keep you out of jail.
Yeah, didn't something
happen to your mom?
Did you do that, too?
You can't believe
everything you hear.
He got sent away
to protect him from me.
That's right,
I'm his brother, Paulie.
I don't remember
what happened that night.
When I came to
the next morning,
he was halfway
across the country,
and I was in a straitjacket.
What the hell are you talking about?
You're like three.
That's how I get away with it.
Let's get outta here.
You seem like you came
out of everything okay.
Better than ever, baby.
So, Neal, sorry about that.
I'll see you around, I guess.
from the foot of the bed
or the side, most often?
Definitely the side.
Any idea what time?
Not really.
It's when it's dark and late...
really late.
Any contact?
What do you mean?
Like talking, messages, or...?
I don't think so.
What does it do?
It reaches.
Dinner, boys.
Come on.
It's very good, dear.
I see the salad is very popular.
- It is.
- Mm-hmm.
I cut mean vegetables.
Oh. Isn't this wonderful?
We're finally all here.
So where did you
wind up going?
Stop that.
I love that place.
It's such a great idea.
Is that where
your appetite went, Neal?
- Paulie? Stop that.
- Enough.
You're not tossing food.
No, I didn't eat
my sandwich, either.
You want me to cook
you something?
- You sure?
- No, no.
No, like a souffl, you know.
I'd like to see that.
So where's Neal gonna sleep?
Well, Angela and I
talked about that a little bit,
and, um, you know,
Paulie's in your old room,
so we thought maybe
you'd be okay
trying something a little different.
I made a bed for you
in Paulie's old room.
I hope that's okay.
Paulie's room.
That's great, considering that all...
all my shit is in there.
So nice to see
many of your happy faces here
supporting theater in the schools.
Maybe that'll send
the school board a message, huh?
Well, you might have noticed
that our turnout
for this year's school play
is a little light.
You can thank your parents
for responding so well
to my original piece I wrote,
Hero or Cheater?"
Undaunted, I'm gonna move on
to my next project,
which will be a lot of fun.
We're gonna do "The Crucible,
the Musical," and...
Wake up!
Look, I get that you need
some time to readjust, Neal.
Okay, I do,
but I got you two
staring off into nothing.
You're not eating.
You sure as shit don't care
about Angela's feelings.
And you know what
I don't want, boys?
I don't want today
to become every other day.
We used to be normal.
Do you remember that?
We're gonna be again.
We're gonna be,
but it's up to you boys.
Angela and I have decided
we're gonna keep you
out of school for a little while.
No. No, no, no,
you can't do that!
Are you actually asking why?
Should we ask all your...
your classmates
who watched you
melt down today why, Paulie?
Now, look, the... the priority
here is to get you guys
both back to earth
and back in school in a week,
and we are gonna do it!
But before I can enroll you, Neal,
I need you to do
some things for me, son.
Oh, yeah? What's that?
Like grow the fuck up, for one.
Like become a man!
You're were only supposed
to go down to Sara's
for a couple of months,
but she wanted you there
because she thought it was helping.
But if two years down there
is not getting you to grow up,
then I'm gonna do it!
Your ass is getting a job!
Is getting a job
gonna make me a man?
Well, it's sure as shit gonna help!
Uh, Neal, honey?
I think what your dad
is trying to say is that
Paulie needs a role model.
Are you okay?
- Neal! Are you listening?
- Yes!
Yes? Okay, then
what did we just say?
That I'm still crazy!
No, that is not
what we just said!
That's all that anybody thinks!
I'm not even getting a chance!
You don't get chances, kid!
You earn them,
and you're not doing it!
Well, maybe I should have
just died with Mom!
You two go to bed.
Angela's making
you act completely...
Stop it, Neal.
Please just stop talking,
all right?
Now, you two brought
this on yourselves.
This door's gonna stay locked.
You gotta go to the bathroom,
you knock.
all I want to hear is silence.
Sleep tight!
Don't start with me.
Maybe we should consider
outside help.
No. We've done that,
and it hasn't done jack shit.
We are doing this ourselves.
But something
is going on here, Terry.
Yes, Angela, there is,
and we're gonna put a stop to it.
You sleep with the light on?
At night, yeah.
For how long?
About a year now.
But it helps?
Hey, let's try something,
you and me.
Turn the light off.
Neal, what are you gonna do?
If we don't make any noise,
it doesn't know we're here.
What about when we move?
Here, let me try something.
So we don't move,
we don't make any sound,
it's not gonna try anything, right?
Paulie, he's right behind you, man!
How close did it come to me?
Um, not that close.
Still had half the room to go.
A couple of feet.
We're all right
with the lights on, I think.
Wonder what Angela tells Dad.
What do you think of her?
She's kind of cool.
Does she even have a job?
She's a substitute teacher.
Good for her.
Substitute teacher,
substitute wife,
substitute mom.
She's got it all figured out.
Neal, you should give her a chance.
Does Dad ever talk about Mom?
Never, except
when he'd talk about you.
Does he blame me?
He blames everybody.
' Hey, Neal?
Want to see how I get to bed?
So I was thinking
about how we'd keep you
off the floor tonight, Neal.
I was just gonna
stay up all night.
Not like I haven't done it before.
Well, maybe you can
sleep on the dresser.
I mean, better than no sleep.
Worth a shot.
Just run, Neal.
You're gonna make it mad.
I think I made it mad anyway.
Well, it's a lot noisier
than it's ever been before.
It remembers me.
It's been a long two years, Neal.
I'm glad you haven't changed.
What happened to you today?
I fell asleep in class,
and I woke up screaming.
Why didn't you
say anything, man?
Well, 'cause I kind of
like just hanging out
without talking about screaming.
You ready to stop screaming?
Paulie! Paulie,
if you're sleeping, wake up!
Wake up, man,
there's something happening!
Yeah, this stuff.
I don't remember this!
What the fuck is this, man?
Usually happens
after I've already fallen asleep.
What's happening?!
I don't know, Paulie!
Hang on!
Dad, what are you doing?
Dad, leave him alone!
Dad! Dad!
What are you doing?
Get off him, Dad!
Dad, what...
- Dad!
No! Dad!
Dad, stop!
Dad! Dad!
No, no!
Does it hurt?
Do you want to tell me
exactly what happened, honey?
Paulie, you know,
I can put medicine on your bruises
in the middle of the night,
but the only way
I can truly help you
is if I can stop this
from happening in the first place.
Paulie, honey, I love you,
and I really want to help you,
but you have to trust me.
Please trust me.
Okay, you have two ways
of answering this for me.
Either you did this,
or he did this to himself.
- Which one is it?
- No.
Which answer, Neal?
Which answer is gonna
make us less miserable?
You don't really think
that I would ever
do that to him, do you?
So he did it to himself?
I didn't say that.
God damn it, Neal!
Knock this shit off, please!
'Cause I don't think
you two can survive another day!
I don't think I can survive
another day of this!
I know.
This is not the way to protect
your little brother.
You know, he doesn't need you
making excuses for him.
He needs you being a man,
standing up for him.
I'm trying.
Dad thinks you did it.
Angela thinks you did it.
She does?
If she says that to my face,
I'm gonna call her a bitch to hers.
Well, then that'd be
the first time you talked to her.
Did it hurt when it grabbed you?
No, it...
It felt worse.
Like what'd it feel like?
It was cold and...
and numb,
and it felt like I was...
Falling asleep?
Jesus Christ.
Okay, boys, it's late.
Let's try this again, shall we?
Come on, honey,
let's get you back to bed.
Honey, come here.
I'm really worried about you.
How can I make this better?
Can I have my sleeping bag?
Sure, I'll go get your sleeping...
No. Paulie's sleeping in a bed
like a normal person,
and this door is staying locked.
The sooner you two
get past this phase...
The sooner we can
go on living our lives.
What are you doing?
What am I doing?
Normal people sleep in the dark!
So is he!
It's a little extreme, Terry.
Come on, please?
Come on.
Come on.
Paulie? Neal?
Wake up.
Good morning.
You okay?
Yeah, Dad, we're both fine.
Okay, Well, it's...
It's breakfast time.
Come on.
I know. Thank you, Sam.
I really appreciate it.
Yes, I will.
Thanks. Bye-bye.
They understand.
They're not happy,
but they... they get it.
I'm sorry, Ang.
It's okay, honey.
It's not your fault.
I found Neal in Paulie's room
this morning.
- What?
- Snuck in.
Oh, my gosh.
At least they didn't
kill each other.
Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.
I swear to God, Ang,
I have no idea what to do.
Did Dad tell you
about Mom's grave?
One of his letters
had pictures of it.
Yeah, well, she's not there.
No fuckin' way.
I wanted her to stay here,
and Dad said it was okay
as long as he didn't see it.
So I keep it in here.
You remember Mom
staying in the house
after the fire reached
the living room?
That night...
I begged her to stay with me
so she could see
what was under the bed.
She did, and...
she died because she believed me.
She was protecting us.
I miss her.
Look, you gotta hold it
from the side, too.
Keep your finger
on the trigger.
Keep it steady and push forward
with your back hand.
You'd have to be pretty close
to hurt it with this, right?
Well, yeah.
We'd have to get closer
than we've ever been
before sooner or later.
What makes you think
we can kill it?
I think it's afraid of us,
and it wouldn't be afraid of anything
if it couldn't die, Paul.
Would you be?
We're something this thing
has never dealt with before.
We're brothers.
Oh, shit.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Uh, Neal, dear?
Let's leave that alone
for the time being.
Dad taught me to use it before.
Well, he's not here
right now, so, uh,
put it down.
I'll be fine.
Put it down,
Come on, pal.
please tell me what's going on.
It's not a big deal.
Well, if you can just tell me
a little bit, honey,
maybe I can, I don't know,
somehow help you?
If you want to help him,
stay out of his way.
It looks pretty good in there.
Yeah, not bad for two hours
of sleep between us.
We're okay.
Before I got sent away,
I used to sleep anywhere I could,
like the kitchen,
Mom and Dad's room, outside.
I slept in the garage
a few times,
but it only ever got to me
when I would
try to sleep in beds.
It's bound to beds.
I don't know.
I have theories, I guess.
Beds are where people
sleep the most,
so if it usually strikes
when you sleep,
it makes sense.
That's where you have
the most dreams
and nightmares.
Maybe that's what it looks for.
I have another theory, too,
but you can't freak out.
Go ahead.
I read once that you shed
a lot of dead skin cells
in your bed.
Like while you sleep,
you know, like,
your bed is full of dead skin
and pieces of your body.
Maybe it starts
by, like, feeding on...
on your dead flesh
before it, you know...
Before that's
not good enough anymore.
You looking at that old Polaroid?
Yeah. You know about this?
Yeah, I found it after you left.
So that's what it looks like, right?
That crazy face?
I guess.
I never tried to take
another picture after this one, so...
I did.
You did?
I thought that
if I could prove it was real
then you'd come back
sooner, you know.
So I started taking
pictures under the bed,
staying up late, making noise,
you know, stuff like that.
Until one night,
that mist came out of nowhere,
and it's never gone
away since then.
Can you sleep?
Neal? Neal!
Come on, Paulie, this way!
' Oh, my God!
Paulie, that's my old bed!
You okay?
Come on, boys, wake up.
You been asleep all afternoon.
What is all that?
We're gonna try
something new tonight,
something fun.
Mr. Evans next door
has offered
to have you guys
spend the night.
His boys would love to have
you both for a sleepover.
You gotta be
fucking joking.
Neal, come on.
Dad, didn't you just finish telling us
we need to grow up?
I mean, what the hell?
- Neal, stop it.
- They're expecting you anytime,
so whenever you're ready,
up you come, boys.
Come on, it's gonna be fun.
Paulie, you're
not gonna need that.
Give that to me.
Thank you, honey.
But, Dad...
No, she's right, honey.
Come on.
- Thank you, sweetie. Here.
- It's all right.
Take this.
Neal, get up.
Here you go.
Have fun, honey.
Be good, please?
Hey, guys-
Hey, Cara.
Is everything okay?
Hey, boys, glad you took me up
on my offer to come over.
Well, it just sounded
too good to pass up.
Hey, there's little Paul.
Boy, you're really
growing up fast, little man.
Only not fast enough.
So you're staying here
with my brothers?
I gotta stay close
to Paulie, you know.
Yeah, I guess.
Okay, Robert, Richard,
our guests have arrived.
Okay, yeah.
Got it.
Now, uh, they're gonna
be staying all night,
so you make sure
that they, uh, feel
like this place
is their home, okay?
Excuse me.
Hey, guys.
Hey. Sorry, we don't
have any extra chairs.
Is it cool if we just
throw our pillows on your bed?
Hey, Neal.
You know how you were talking
about dead skin cells
on our bed and stuff?
Well, do you think they could be
on our pillows, too?
I mean,
I've had this since I was six.
You think that'd be enough
to get it over here?
No way.
What's going on?
I was gonna ask you.
Having fun?
Time of my life.
Sorry it was weird,
me being here.
No, it's okay.
I just came over here to say
if you get bored with these spazzes,
you can come down the hall
and find me
and I can make us some tea.
We can catch up.
Yeah, that's cool. Thanks.
I just have to wait
till Paulie falls asleep, and...
It's a nice TV.
Is it bigger
than the one you guys have?
We don't have a TV.
What the hell
do you mean, you don't have a TV?
We just don't, that's all.
Our dad took it away
a few years ago.
Was it TV that made you
go all, you know?
No, it wasn't, because...
It's cool, Paul.
No, actually,
nobody knew at the time,
so they just got rid of it.
Better safe than sorry.
So it's true that
they took you away
to the prison
for the criminally insane?
Why do you have to be
such a jerk like that?
We have the right
to know who's in our house.
Everybody's talking about it.
They say you disappeared
after your mom died.
And you tried to burn
the house down.
So maybe I did.
What the hell's with that?
I mean, what happened
to your brain?
Do you really want to know?
Neal, let's not talk about that.
Do you two really want to know?
Then pause your movie.
These lights are going off.
Yeah, yeah! I got it!
God damn it.
Oh, Terry!
What are you doing?
Ouch, jeez.
Oh, my God.
I tried to kill it with fire.
Give me a break.
The fire took down
most of our house,
and it even got my mom.
But that's not
what's really scary.
What's really scary
is that it survived.
What did?
Some crazy guy?
Not a man, not a human.
Something that you can't see
and you can't read about.
You can only hear about it
or learn about it
as it attacks you.
And now Paulie's
getting attacked.
Paul, show them.
No, Neal.
Paul, show them.
You could have
done that to him!
I would never do that
to my brother.
Neal, this is stupid.
Let's just leave.
Yeah, you two go find
something fake to hide from.
Yeah, take your crazy
somewhere else.
What's the matter, boys?
You afraid of what might be living
right next door to you?
Yeah, you and your cuckoo bird
fuckin' brother
ready to burn our house down.
Paul, what did you say
that thing felt like
when it grabbed you?
He said it felt
icy cold and numb
like a dead arm
grasping at you.
I never said that.
You feel your body
start to fall asleep.
That's how it likes its food,
immobile, but still alive.
It attacks you while you sleep.
If you move,
if you make a sound,
if you get too close...
It's too late for you.
Yeah, right. If you believe that,
you're even crazier
than anyone could guess.
I wouldn't wish believing in this
on my worst fucking enemy,
including you two.
Paul, come on, what is it?
Look at their floor.
Wh-what's this stuff? Fog?
Hey, is this some kind of a joke?
GUYS, guys, Shh!
Uh, it's just mist from outside.
Knock it off!
Don't talk!
Guys, stop!
Don't move.
Don't make a sound.
Paulie, run!
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Neal!
Mom! Dad! Help!
Cara, stop! Don't move!
You're in the light!
As fast as you can,
run to your room,
turn the light on,
and don't come out
no matter what you hear!
What about you?
I'm going after my brother!
Cara, run!
Okay, it's just me.
- Dad!
- Dad! It's us!
What the hell's going...
Close the door!
What the hell's going on,
you two?
Were you guys just
in here five minutes ago?
No, Dad! We have to get
out of this house!
We have to leave right now!
Was one of you walking around
all wrapped up
in a sheet or not, damn it?
No, no, no!
That's the thing that's after us!
You guys are
just little monsters!
I've done nothing
but try to be nice to you!
Angela! We're sorry,
but you have to listen to us now!
- Listen to you? How can I...
- We have to get out of this house!
- We have to leave right now!
- Listen to you?!
Get down! Get down!
Aah! No! No! Honey, no!
" Dad! '
Terry! Terry!
Paul! Paul, get out of here!
Get out!
Angela! Turn the lights on!
I can't, Neal! The power's off!
Oh, my God!
It's okay.
It's okay, I'm here.
It got Dad!
Oh, my God.
- I know.
It's not afraid of us, Neal.
It's not afraid.
It's not gonna get us!
Angela, are you okay?
What is that thing?
We need to get
out of this house right now!
We need to move quickly and quietly
and get out the front door.
There's more lights by the street.
I'm gonna open the door,
and then we're gonna move.
Angela, you first,
then you, Paulie, then me.
Get ready.
Paulie, look out!
Neal! Neal, help!
Neal! Neal, no!
Paulie! Paulie!
Take me! Take me!
Oh, my God!
Angela, listen to me!
Listen to me, please!
This thing has been
after me for two years.
If it wanted Paulie,
it would have taken him a long time ago.
It just wants me.
It's using Paulie
as bait to get to me.
But if I don't go after him now,
it's gonna be too late.
No, no, Neal, no!
No, I think I can find
a way to get to it,
but I... I need
your help, please.
Angela, I can't do this without you.
I need you. I need your help.
Okay, okay, okay.
What do you want me to do?
Get some rope.
Okay, Angela,
I'm gonna do this.
Come here.
Good luck, sweetheart.
Come back to me, okay?
Oh, and, Neal...
no matter what happens,
I will not let go
of this fucking rope!
You hear me?
Go, go, hurry!
Oh, no. Shit!
I can't believe it!
I told you we were
in this shit together, didn't I?
Where are we, Neal?
I don't know.
Why are we in hell?
What did we do wrong?
We're not, Paulie.
We're still alive,
and I need you to keep it
together with me, okay?
Angela's still got the other end
of this back in the bedroom.
She's not gonna let go.
Dad's dead. He's gone.
Yeah, Paulie, he's gone.
But we're gonna live
to remember him
just like Mom.
Come on, Paulie!
Hurry, hurry!
Look, Paulie, there's the rope.
You can reach it, all right?
- I'm gonna hold you up!
- No, no! I can't reach that!
Paulie, you can do this, okay?
I need you to do this!
Unh! Come on, Paulie!
Oh, my God! Oh, honey!
Oh, my God!
It's good to see you!
Oh, Neal!
Oh, God!
Oh, thank... thank you!
Neal! Oh, my God!
They're all dead!
Oh, my God!
Oh! Oh!
Come on!
No, Paulie!
Neal, the ashes!