Under the Bridges (1946) Movie Script

Under the Bridges.
Hello, "Ente!" Ready to be towed?
Yes, all clear!
Hello "Ingeborg!" Ready to be towed?
All clear!
Hello, "Lieselotte!"
Ready to be towed?
Yes... Hendriks still ashore.
He"ll be right back.
Fresh bread rolls...
Either Hendriks not on board,
or youre not on board.
A boatman needs what a boatman
L"m a boatman, You knew that.
Well, I gotta get going.
Take care, Marie.
Karl, why don"t you take me aboard? Why dont we get married?
- Naw.
Why not? L"m as good as anyone.
Nothing against you, but sometimes
you call me Hendrik, sometimes Karl.
The name"s Hendrik. Bye.
On the bridge, too lee doo.
The girls walk fro and to.
Light and dark, big and small.
Who is the prettiest of them all?
The thin ones with blond hair
During the day make a fine pair.
But the brunettes, a hot delight
Kiss so well in the twilight.
And the redheads, sultry and round
Are the best when you"re homebound!
Oh, God, yes.,.
On the bridge, too lee doo.
The girls walk fro and to.
Round and thin, light and heavy.
If only one were mine!
Ash blond, a morsel fine
Love only when the moon does shine.
But gentle ones bronzed brown
Trust only in the morning round.
And all the rest who"ll be mine
l"ll have them at any time!
Oh, God, yes.,.
You see, my boy, now you know.
Nothing lasts forever, no.
On the bridge, too lee doo.
The girls walk fro and to.
What does he think he"s doing?
The idiot! I tell you!
When you do see a pretty girl,
she's always up on a bridge.
You cant tie up,
cause you"re on the tug line.
Maybe she wouldnt call a guy Karl
when his name's Hendrik,
You coulda told me sooner.
Hey, Marie! Whatcha lookin at?
Did you see that?
You bastard! You dog!
Come on up here! Dang blast it!
L"d smack that guy one
for spitting on the barge.
No, no... It"s no life...
Always on the tug line.
Hendrik, listen.
We both own equal parts of the barge.
So I reckon Id have to tell you
if a woman came aboard.
Yeah, I thought about that, too.
But how are you gonna get her off
in the morning without anybody seeing?
It gets light so early now.
She wont have to get off.
She can stay here.
I want to get married.
Hendrik, this is no way to live.
Chasing every skirt.
Staring up at the ones on the bridges.
I want to get it out of my head.
- I'm going to marry.
- Who?
The one in Brandenburg,
Shes pretty, and real cheeky.
Black hair. And she has a great walk.
- Aha!
- No, nothing like that.
One kiss, nothing else.
Just one kiss? Nothing else?
I know one like that, too.
If you know one, then go for it!
There's room here. You two
in the cabin, us two in the bow.
Sounds good to me.
L"ll introduce her to you tonight.
Youll introduce her to me tonight.
Here we are!
- Hi, Vera.
- Good day, Sir.
Oh my goodness,
I didn"t recognise you!
Last time you had a boatmans cap on.
I can't stand them.
Nice of you to remember.
You still have tar on your fingers.
A tiny bit under my thumbnail.
But, well...
If I'm not fancy enough for you...
l"m thinking about getting married.
To whom?
Say, Vera...
Do you even remember my name?
What kind of a girl do you think I am
, ., Hendrik?
One beer...
Why dont you give me a whole case?
Ltll be cheaper for me.
L"m not much on beer.
Then order something else.
Come aboard tonight.
What kind of a girl do you think I am?
No, not like that!
I mean really married!
My boss. I gotta get a move on, Willi.
No, something sweet. Orange liquor.
Orange liquor. Right away!
Tell me, are you seeing
both of those gentlemen?
What kind of a girl do you think I am?
I think you know what you want.
You want me.
The gentlemen are not too bad either.
Your liquor.
But I didn"t order anything.
Right. You drink beer.
Bring me a beer.
Right away, Sir.
But, Vera! Dont call me sir.
Just call me Hendrik.
Funny way to propose to me.
Me? I didnt propose!
You gotta be careful about that.
So many things to think about
when you get married.
L"ll bring your beer, Hendrik.
Your liquor, Willi.
Well, Vera? Did you think about it?
I need time, There are
so many things to think about.
Yes, I understand.
Don't hurry yourself. I have time.
Thank you, Willi.
Hi, Hendrik! Don't have a seat...
Wheres your boatmans cap?
Why do you ask?
Your hat?
And my hat.
I will definitely think about it.
Not that we have anything against you.
5 marks 20. Keep the change.
Take care.
You are seeing those two.
Are you in love?
What kind of a girl do you think I am
, ., Muhlke?
You see, my boy, now you know.
Nothing lasts forever.
On the bridges, too lee doo.
The girls walk fro and to...
Hey, Vera. Shake hands.
- Good Vera.
- Why Vera?
To remind us
that Vera was just an old goose.
How are we supposed to know
if one is a goose or not?
We never have the time.
Well never have the time
as long as we're on the tug line.
If you"re always in a rush,
you never get to know a girl.
We slaved away for eleven years
to get a barge on the tug line,
now we"re stuck here
and we"ll never get off.
No, its no way to live.
Vera"s got it good, right?
Say "Quack, quack," Vera!
What is it?
Have you lost your marbles?
No! Nonsense!
A motor. A diesel motor!
Thats the solution!
Then we don't need a tug.
Then we can tie up where we want.
Then we"d have time.
But theres a catch.
Sure, a diesel costs 15,000 marks.
20 with installation.
Minus 10 percent... 7, 14, 17...
20,000, just like you said.
Well be in Berlin tomorrow at 3.
L"ll go over to Sell & Reeser.
If they give us a loan,
and we pinch every penny,
then in eight years, we"ll have a motor!
A motors only worth it if you carry express freight.
- Sure, express.
Express freight is the same deal.
Then we"re always in a hurry again.
Darn it...
And here we are half the night doing arithmetic.
- You and arithmetic...
l"m going up again, then lm going to sleep.
Whats more important to you,
a girl like that or the barge?
Barge. You know where you stand.
There you go.
So well just do a quick
eight years of hard labour.
Come here. What is it? A girl.
Pretty? Where?
On the Glienicker Bridge. Come here!
She wants to jump.
Get the boat ready.
Look, she threw something in.
10 marks. Do you get it?
There, at the bus stop.
Must be her. Wait here.
Miss, excuse me,
I don"t mean to interrupt,
but its no use waiting.
The last bus has left already.
Thank you.
Dont worry about it. It"s better
than never seeing another bus again.
Yes, I saw everything.
Down there, from the barge.
She wanted to jump.
Maybe she still does. How stupid!
I always have to wait?
I pulled a body out of the river once.
It was pretty awful,
You look pretty nice.
Leave me alone.
You gonna think of another way to die?
Was the water too cold?
It's not true. I didnt want to jump.
Oh, you just came around to get rid of your money?
- Yes.
Heres the money.
Should I throw it away?
Leave me alone!
L"ll scream if you dont.
Now hold on, hold on.
If you want something from me,
l"m down on the 'Lieselotte.'
Come on, Willi.
I wanted to see her, too.
She looks like every other one.
It's time to hit the bunks.
Whats up with Vera?
Huh? No idea.
Did you pull in the plank?
Me? What about the plank?
Something wrong?
No, stay where you are.
You hanging around the waterfront?
Im not hanging around.
Why dont you go home?
There"s no more trains to Berlin.
Why come all the way to Potsdam?
Theres bridges in Berlin, too.
Youre a mean person.
I just have a clear head.
Give me the money back,
You dont know what you want.
I do. I have to rent a room.
I didn"t think of it before.
You have to come and get it.
L"m in my socks.
It's a half hour's walk to Potsdam.
Do you know the way?
L"ll have to find it.
I guess l"ll have to take you.
Youre a poor little thing.
Im not poor.
Oh, right. You can"t be poor
if you go around throwing money away.
None of my business.
So what"s your name?
Anna Altmann. Anna?
I got a sister called Anna.
My name"s Hendrik Feldkamp.
L"m not a mean person.
Im sorry I said it.
Why should I get dressed
to take you to a hotel?
You can come down to our cabin.
My partner and I will take the bow.
No, III find a hotel. Thank you.
It's no problem! You can pay.
You can ride with us
into Berlin in the morning.
Just like being a ferry passenger.
Were no cannibals, just bargees.
How much should I pay?
Room, board, the trip...
All together...,
10 marks?
Is it a deal?
What kind of life must she have
to want to throw it away?
Send her off if you think
something's wrong with her.
It's my dopey good nature.
Were too good-natured.
I wouldnt have even wanted any money.
Youre a bigger dope than I am.
The 10 marks go towards the motor.
Every bit counts,
Why aren"t you in your bunk?
There"s no key. Where?
- On the door.
- Never was one.
Dont worry. I took in the plank.
No onell come on board.
- Good night.
- Night.
- Gave you a fright, eh?
- Yes.
It was just a frog. You see?
There he goes.
There are so many noises here.
Yep, theres a lot of noises here.
D"you hear?
Thats the wind in the reeds.
And that?
Do you hear it?
Thats the water on the hull.
And here...,
The ropes rubbing on the bollards.
Put your ear up to it.
Do you hear?
But those arent noises.
It's nice music to fall asleep to.
Yes. If you know what it is.
And once you get to know it,
you can"t get along without it.
When I have to sleep on land,
I start listening for something.
I don "t know what" s missing,
until I remember.
I heard that in the cabin.
You hear it best there.
Its the helm.
Come here.
The steering gear creaks.
It's the heart of the barge.
As long as the heart keeps beating,
the barge will be alright.
Youre really attached to your ship.
It"s my home.
Is Berlin your home?
No, not my home.
Just a furnished flat. My family
lives in Silesia, near Grlitz.
L"ve been in Berlin six months.
I see.
Yes, l"m all alone in Berlin.
Please dont think
that youre a burden to us.
Its something new, a woman on board.
Never was one before.
Youre the first.
Thanks. I mean...
If I'm not a burden to you,
it's more comfortable.
You go to sleep now. If you listen,
you won"t hear any noises,
just nice music.
- Good night.
- Good night,
Hello, "Ente!" Ready to be towed?
Yes, all clear!
Hello, "Ingeborg!" Ready to be towed?
All clear!
Hello, "Lieselotte!"
You guys ready to be towed?
Hendrik isnt on board.
I was asleep when he left. He went...
to get bread rolls!
That cant be!
Since when
do you have a girl in Potsdam?
Why can"t I really want fresh rolls
for once? We"re all clear!
Come on. Lend a hand.
If shes paying,
we can at least give her breakfast.
Yes, that"s right.
Ahoy! You sure slept in.
It's 10 oclock, Did you sleep...
I want to get off now.
I made coffee for you.
Forgive me for sleeping so long.
Please stop the barge,
Stop? L"ll pay the whole trip.
Why? Don"t you like it with us?
I see.
You shouldve thought of that sooner.
I like it here.
I really like it here, in fact.
I wouldnt trade with anybody.
The paint job alone!
Lmagine how much work that was.
I had to scrape it seven times.
Now it looks like ivy.
Almost... like real ivy.
There's ivy like that, really small.
Believe you me.
No one's cabin is as tip top as ours.
Do you live in a mansion?
Strange men don't come into my room.
I thought you were asleep?
Your hat was there. Now you have it.
Oh well... Anyway, you can't stop
the tug line when it"s moving.
You can wait till we"re in Berlin.
You wont drink more than two cups.
No cheese for breakfast.
Cherry jam. Whole fruits, no stones.
Put it back in the corner afterwards,
or Willi will finish it off.
If you dont like my ivy
and my hearts,
then just don't look at them.
You ate all the jam.
What will your friend say?
He wont notice.
Youre so different. I trusted you right away.
- That"s me.
Its my character.
Good-natured, you know?
But the stories I could tell about him!
Well, um...
I really do like him.
We get along great.
He could have knocked. But he was too excited.
- Why?
We didn"t hear from you all morning.
We thought you"d...
jumped. He wanted to see
if you were still aboard,
He"s like that.
He needs his hat.
He doesn"t care how I walk around.
But otherwise, he"s great.
Please, you...
You dont need to worry about me.
Its not like you think.
So how is it then?
If you dont want to tell me...
But I thought you trusted me.
- Whats that?
- Bridge.
The hearts? - No.
- Ivy?
My goodness, no...
The painting. I was...
I want to tell you, but I can"t.
I can't tell anyone,
Maybe youll tell us later.
So this is our Vera.
Just a goose, but still...
Shake hands, Vera.
C"mon. Hake hands.
She did it!
Sure. Getting nice and fat, too.
Want to hold her?
No. She won"t hurt you.
C"mon, give the lady a kiss.
You have to go like this.
She did it!
F course. Vera kisses everybody.
You can take her. She"s tame.
- Can I show him?
- Ure you can.
Maybe hell cheer up then.
Look what she does.
She shakes my hand and kisses me.
Yeah, I taught her. Watch this,
She plays with my pipe. Vera!
What a great goose.
She likes it with us here.
I like your ivy and hearts, too.
And the barge.
Shes like a person.
- She"s just doing it to keep out of the oven.
Hendrik is right. It"s not natural.
Willi, take the helm, okay?
Vera"s coming with Daddy.
There, Berlin!
Your friend says to come up. Were almost there.
- Yes.
What's that smell?
When the cook wont let anyone into
kitchen, there"s something good.
You have to eat something before
we get to Berlin. It's like Sunday.
You know. Never had a woman aboard.
Yes, thank you...
Lets keep her on board,
since she's here anyway.
If she stays, we can find out
if she's right for a barge.
And she can find out
if she likes me or you better.
What about that thing on the bridge?
Shell have to explain it to us.
We don"t want to buy a pig in a poke.
And how are you going to tell her?
Why me? You!
Youre better at feelings and stuff.
If I do it with feeling,
then theres a commitment.
But we have to be able
to change our minds. No, not me.
If thats how it is, we could"ve kept
Vera until Martinsmas.
Here we are then,
Great, lm starved.
Youre hungry, too. Miss? Yes...
Like butter.
A leg for me, too.
Shake hands, Vera!
Just potatoes and gravy, please.
Why teach a goose tricks
if you can"t taste the difference?
That was silly of me.
Geese are for eating.
Youre really chewing on her.
Is she tough?
Like I said, as tender as butter.
How can a guy eat when
everyone"s staring at him?
Hendrik has something to tell you.
- Not in the mood.
- Then I will,
Were taking a load to Rotterdam,
and we"ll be away for 2 or 3 months.
Sit still!
Rotterdam. Right, Hendrik?
2 or 3 months is a long time.
You can figure out
if you... like one of us.
You can stay aboard. For free.
L"ll sort it out with Hendrik.
But we need to know
where we stand with you.
You hear all kinds of things...
Did you really earn that 10 marks?
I know you didnt steal them.
Excuse me, he said it all wrong.
L"m sorry if it was wrong.
I should"ve been more subtle.
He"s better at that.
Its not your fault.
You wouldn"t have killed the goose.
Your stupid goose is to blame.
That's all.
Hey, your purse!
I didn"t steal that money.
I earned it, ., as a model.
Look how small she is. Our cabin"s
small, too. She"d fit right in.
Did you ask where she lives?
We're on the tug in three days.
Thats another thing about a motor...
No more rocks!
Then we"ll only carry the best.
And well hire stevedores!
Well stand on deck and say,
"Come on! This is express freight!"
When we cruise down the Havel
and leave the others behind,
we"ll know we have it made.
Where are you going?
To Sell & Reeser. About the motor.
Are you really going to Sell & Reeser?
Where do you think lm going?
- Shes a model.
- What"s that?
She takes off her clothes for money.
Are you crazy?
Then they paint her,
and hang it in a museum.
Were too good-natured.
Take care.
She gets upset
if someone sees her sleeping.
Even if shes covered by blankets.
Then my mistake wasn"t so bad.
But you didn"t even get her address.
Yes, l"m coming.
I was just passing by and...
I thought to myself,
'Go on upstairs
"and ask her how she is."
How did you know where I live?
I looked in your bag,
Your address was there.
Why didn't you just ask?
Would you have told me?
No. You see?
Were leaving the day after tomorrow.
I wanted to apologise for Willi.
You knew what he wanted to say.
You wanted to say it yourself.
Yes, but he forgot something.
He should have said it, too:
That we never have time
to really get to know someone.
And that sometimes,
we feel very lonely on our barge.
Yeah. And since you seemed
a bit lonely to us, too,
we thought youd understand us.
Are we just going to stand here?
Nice place you have here.
It"s usually more tidy,
but not right now.
I have the evenings off this week.
You do it evenings, too?
Yes. It can be quite tiring,
standing around all the time.
L"m sure you havent eaten.
No, but..., It"s almost ready.
Since you"re from the country.
You have noises here, too.
Chops, butter, rolls,
herring salad. Enough for two.
You think you can always get your way.
The barge always gets its way.
Shes back on the tug in two days.
I cant always be eating your things.
I want to make something, too.
Do you like potato pancakes?
Potato pancakes? Great!
Please do it again.
I can"t keep turning it!
I got it. Which hand, left or right?
Doesnt matter.
- Damn it!
- Not on here.
I couldn"t do it at first either.
But when you do it 8 hours a day,
you get the hang of it.
What? You make potato pancakes
8 hours every day?
Yes, at Jaenicke"s,
the potato pancake bar.
Do you know it?
On Jannowitz Bridge.
So you"re not a... model?
Making potato pancakes!
Thats a good job!
Bargees not much better.
Gee, that's funny!
We bring tons of potatoes
into Berlin all the time...
To think you made potato pancakes
out of some of them...
I didn"t lie.
I earned the ten marks as a model.
Maybe it was just a small picture,
with lots of nature and things.
I mean, with trees.
I only went once.
Then it can never be finished?
Never go in a museum?
In a museum?
No, why? In a museum?
Alright, now I gotta...
Now I gotta play for you.
What"s on your hand?
Not much. Just tar.
It wont wash off,
Sure it will,
Just a little more.
- It wasn"t much more to begin with. - Oh, yes it was!
Dont stiffen your fingers.
You have to sit still now.
Now you"re
stiffening your fingers again.
You can"t just blow at me!
Orry, but...
I had to blow. The curl.
I won"t do it again.
I didn"t blow.
Your nails are clean.
Don't scrape them with your knife.
- Do I have to leave now?
- No.
Only when we turn the lights on.
The sun said, ' "Moosh moosh"
As we lay in the sand.
The waves said, "Moosh moosh"
And kissed your hand.
The waves said, "Moosh moosh".
And kissed your hand.
The South Wind said, "Moosh moosh"
And tousled your hair.
A steamer growled, "Moosh moosh"
And sailed to Zanzibar.
A steamer growled, "Moosh moosh".
And sailed to Zanzibar.
The big steamers: 'Moosh moosh"
And everything else did too.
Growled and muttered, "Moosh moosh"
So in love with you.
Growled and muttered, "Moosh moosh"
So in love with you.
And so in love with you.
I cant see anything.
- If you turn the lights on, it won"t be the same.
Good evening.
Good evening. Come in.
Its a bit late.
You have to go to Sell & Reeser.
Hendrik thinks lm disturbing.
He didnt tell me your address.
And where did you find it?
In my purse, right?
No, I wouldn"t do that.
I got it from Hendrik"s jacket.
Ask him. Your address,
and a painter"s, on a piece of paper.
Max Braun.
Isnt that right, Hendrik?
Good job.
How dare you
go through my purse?
Why are you so upset?
You should mind your own business.
A man who drives a girl so far is my business.
- It's nobody's fault!
I don"t want to be reminded.
What business is it of yours?
Willi reminded you.
You could have opened your yap.
- Mouth!
- Now leave! Both of you!
Were leaving. May I write you?
You dont have to answer.
Theres no point in writing
if there"s no answer,
l"m alright without an answer.
It's none of your business.
As long as you go through my pockets,
l "ll say when you" re being a fool!
Cant you see that youre imposing?
Tell him l"m not imposing!
I should never have come on the barge.
Dont get upset.
We wanted you to like it on the barge.
You paid for everything.
You dont even have to thank us.
I wouldve been cheaper
if l"d taken the ferry.
Much cheaper, - The ferry!
Dont worry.
L"m not going to that painter...
Otherwise Id wring his neck. Night.
Maybe I really am
imposing myself on you.
If you write, III answer for sure.
Just a few words on a postcard.
Yes. How you"re doing.
You and your friend,
He can write for himself.
No, you shouldn"t fight.
Not a fight. L"m just mad at him.
I get along with everybody.
The two of us have never fought.
L "ll write to you when we" re away.
At least every 14 days.
Good night.
Have a good trip.
We said one takes the cabin,
and the other moves up to the bow.
I see...
You mean you couldn"t stand it
if I brought her aboard,
One of us has to leave the barge.
And who?
Thats simple.
The one who gets her.
At least the other one has the barge.
Or is that too good-natured?
Youve got it all figured out.
No, not figured out.,.
Decency. Were friends, arent we?
Or could you bear it
if I brought her aboard?
Yes. Hed have to leave the barge.
Thats unheard of. They didnt
even clean up after unloading!
Darn it!
Would you like something?
Yes, What?
Does a painter live here?
Lots of painters,
Which one do you want?
Max Braun, What for?
It's... business, you see?
Come in.
Navy, right? No, why? Your cap.
Naw, l"m a bargee.
Oh my goodness! Of course! Silly me.
Go on in.
Herr Braun is out buying cigarettes.
This is his studio.
L"m so used to knocking
that it"s become a habit.
Cause theyre always naked...
Quite a draft today.
Put this on till Herr Braun gets back.
Why? If you"re not cold, never mind.
Hang your clothes on the hangar,
and then close the curtain.
Herr Braun doesnt like untidiness.
Do I look like Id
go naked in front of a stranger?
Then put back the robe
and close the curtain.
I thought you were going to model,
since youre nice and big.
Your head doesn"t really
seem worthwhile.
If dust gets on them,
he says the colours go blind.
As if there were
one speck of dust in his place.
My goodness!
Evening. Herr Witt sent me.
L"m supposed to help out,
cause he"s not coming to Rotterdam.
"I want to tell her"
that she means
more to me than the barge.
"Your dear friend, Willi."
Fix up your bunk in the bow,
Were leaving at 5 in the morning.
Yes Sir, boatman.
"Your dear friend, Willi."
- Evening. I won't bother you long. May I come up?
Yes, please do.
- Was Willi here?
- No.
10... 60... 1.60... 6.60
Heres your change.
I just wanted to return your money.
What for?
You were right.
Potsdam to Berlin costs 3.40.
You didnt eat, so 6.60 change.
Take the money back.
You said we were too expensive.
Its true. There.
I didn"t mean it that way!
Take the money back.
I don"t want to fight again.
You say one thing and mean another.
The money stays!
Fine. Leave it.
It doesnt change anything.
I really don"t want to fight,
It really doesn't change anything.
It's silly. I mean, III take it.
No. Just leave it.
L"m sewing curtains for the cabin.
But I'm not quite finished.
For the cabin?
You have everything so neat and tidy.
It's only missing curtains.
We do everything ourselves.
Sewing, darning socks and all!
But curtains were too tricky.
We didn"t think we could manage.
I don"t think I paid enough...
f course you did! Much too much!
No. You took care of me.
And I never even said thank you.
Thank you.
Dont mention it.
Wed have done it for anybody.
Of course.
My God!
Damn! I knew we'd end up fighting.
- Curtains!
- Hut up.
Put em in the cabin. But dont
get your filthy fingers on 'em!
No Sir, boatman. Get on with it!
Just passing by...
Did you fight with your friend?
No, no... It"s just cause
he"s going to Rotterdam alone...
And tousled your hair.
And sailed to Zanzibar.
You just run off!
You're acting very strange today.
Naw. I was just thinking
that l"ve been here three months.
Why did you fight with your friend?
Why won't you tell me?
Aw, it"s no big deal,
We couldn't agree on...
on whether
to install a motor or not.
So do you want
to stay on the barge for ever?
Did you know the "Lieselotte" arrives in Berlin tomorrow?
- No.
Tonight she"ll tie up
at the Glienicker Bridge.
He writes to you. What does he write?
He thanked me for the curtains.
Nothing else? No.
Shall we go rowing?
How about having a coffee?
No, let"s go rowing.
Why are you in such a hurry?
Somebody might see me, a full-fledged
boatman, in this little tub.
It was your idea.
But not like a duck in a pond.
Lets stop here.
L"ve wanted to tell you something
for a long while, but its difficult.
I trusted you right away,
and now we know each other better.
L"d like to know your opinion.
About what?
That time in Potsdam...
Did you ever look out my window?
The first time I looked out,
it made me homesick.
I wasnt used to it. Now I am, but
first I thought I couldnt stand it.
Just a bare wall.
No sign of spring anywhere.
It was springtime when I moved
from Silesia to Berlin,
I didn"t have anyone to talk to.
I didn"t know anyone in Berlin.
And frying potato pancakes
doesn"t get rid of homesickness.
One Sunday I was in Potsdam.
It was spring.
I stood on the Glienicker Bridge
and watched the boats,
There were young girls everywhere.
None of them alone,
And on the banks, too. I thought
it was my own fault
for being alone and homesick.
Thats what I thought.
Yes, I understand.
- Yes, right?
- And then?
Then I went swimming.
I fell asleep under the sun,
and was woken by a ball.
A big beach ball.
I was mad, but then I had to laugh,
and I took the ball and threw it back.
It was Herr Braun.
- That was the one who...
- Yes.
We met often after that. In cafs.
He was a painter, and said one day
that I should model for him.
In his studio, at his place.
He said it was only for his painting.
But later at home, and at Jaenickes,
I recalled the Glienicker Bridge,
and the girls.
I went to him. I thought I had to,
so I wouldnt be alone.
But I was wrong. It really was
only for his painting,
He even said I looked better
in my swimsuit.
First I go running to Herr Braun,
and I was so...
Yes, I would have done it.
And then he didnt even want me.
I was terribly ashamed,
but I didnt want to show it.
I stood there for an hour.
Then he gave me the 10 marks.
I was so bewildered
that I even thanked him for it.
And then I ran and ran...
And you wanted to jump.
No, what makes you think that?
I went everywhere l"d been
that Sunday, and cried a little.
But on the Glienicker Bridge,
I was feeling much better.
I figured out I was more ashamed
than sad.
And that I shouldnt cry so much
over a total stranger.
Would you like liverwurst or aspic?
No, no aspic. Nothing.
But I could never tell him that.
You understand, dont you?
You like Hendrik a lot.
Well, yes. Otherwise it"d be simple.
I didn"t like him at all at first.
At least he sent you a card.
He didnt write to me. I found out
he"s coming from Sell & Reeser.
Could I have a sandwich now?
No, liverwurst,
Shut up, Tobi!
Forget about it, Tobi.
It's just my dear friend Willi.
Cant your stupid mutt shut up?
It's disgusting with animals onboard.
The mess!
The dog is housetrained.
He only goes in the sand box.
Then he can stay.
I bet you taught him some tricks.
Get the cat!
The evenings are getting cold.
Shell just have to freeze.
Why? Doesnt she have any coal?
Sure she has coal.
Then why should she freeze?
No one to bring up the coals,
I always got the oven going for her.
But today...
She doesnt care about me.
Not about me.
The small one"s for the coal cellar.
Well then...
So you knew all along?
You left me on land working the crane for three months!
- No, no. Tobi...
You left me sitting on the crane,
spinning in circles!
No I didnt. I didnt disappear from
the barge without a trace, Not me.
Anyway... going round and "round...
That's not for me."
It's better if I stay onboard.
L "ll sleep in the bow." Night.
What now?
You dont want her anymore?
I tell you,
the bread rolls in Rotterdam are...
Dont, the boyll do it.
teaching the boy songs like that.
Oh my goodness, where did
you get him?
He adopted me.
Hes really crazy, Tobi, get the cat!
Did the "Lieselotte" come in today?
Yes. At noon. Come on, Tobi!
He"s nice.
Yes he is, His name"s Tobi.
- Do you want him?
- Me?
You'd have something to take care of.
It helps.
I know how it is to care
about someone who doesn"t care back.
Its not good.
You want to give him to me
because you think I'm sad. How nice.
Aren"t you sad?
Pity he didn't have time today.
You really think hell come tomorrow?
Why not?
You see, its like this...
He might. He has a lot to do
at Sell & Reeser and so on.
But one thing I know for sure:
The girls in Rotterdam.,.
Left him cold.
- Really? - Yes.
He really cares about you.
Hey, listen...
But he"s a really great guy, Hendrik.
You still have my keys.
I dont get it.
You say he never said it,
How do you know he likes you?
There must have been something.
Yes, there was.
What was it?
Before he left, he...
We had a fight,
- A fight?
- Yes.
Listen, Miss Altmann...,
I don't think Hendrik is coming.
Someone"s at my place!
Now, damn it, I have to know...
No, I cant tell you!
Nonsense! You didnt have anyone to take care of you!
- How, .,
l"ve been thinking about it for
3 months and I have to get it out!
Homesick. Depressed.
Fall for the first guy you meet...
Painting. Depressed afterwards,
then you want to jump in the water.
- Am I right?
- No... yes.
So I wasn"t mistaken, that time on the bridge?
- No.
Now I know for sure. A guy always has to look out for you!
- Yes.
But the barge is small. You can"t get into too much trouble.
- No.
- L"ll take care of you.
- Yes.
Now lm here,
and I dont have a present for you.
I brought you a little
Spitzhund from Rotterdam.
But hes gone.
Silly mutt, must have fallen in.
A little fur ball? Willi gave me one, too!
Hes downstairs with the dog.
All white. He's coming up.
Come on, Tobi.
Now the barge is ours.
Hurry up with your packing!
The new boatman"s coming at four.
You can"t wait, can you?
The one who gets her has to leave.
My good nature is gone for good!
Dont forget the bobble curtains.
Motor! What a laugh...
Shut your yap, I say!
Mouth, mouth!
Go climb the freight crane,
there"s your motor!
Round and round like a carousel.
A fine thing for a bargee!
The dog"s not going!
He"s staying here...
Do you understand?
The dog stays here!
So the dog stays.
Now weve cleared that up.
Out of my way.
Get out of my way!
So you"re really going to do it:
Leave me alone on the barge.
With this mutt!
L"ll move out of the cabin...
l"ll go up in the bow.
Willi, youre really making a scene!
I feel terrible.
Dont make such a fuss.
Terribly terrible!
I thought it wouldn"t work out with you.
Work out what?
Anna is up in the bow already.
I was only moving my things.
And I thought the good times
were over on the barge!
Willi, it"ll be a great life!
Us two, the barge, and Anna.
Hello, "Lieselotte!"
Hello, "'Lieselotte!"
What do you mean, '"Lieselotte"'?
Oh, right!
Morning, Peters!
Morning! Ready to be towed?
Tie on the others first.
Willi, he just went...
went to get fresh bread rolls!