Under the Christmas Sky (2023) Movie Script

I know. I know.
Pacing won't make the doctor
go any faster,
but you know it makes me
feel better.
Does it?
Tinsel makes me feel better.
Because tinsel means
that it's almost Christmas.
And nothing the doctor says
is going to ruin Christmas.
That's right.
And whatever happens
in there,
we are space cadets forever, right?
- Forever.
- Forever.
Thanks for being here Jenna.
Please. Where else
would I be?
Have you noticed a change
in the size of this scotoma?
Uh no. The big gray spot
is still there.
It hasn't shrunk
or moved at all.
But the accident didn't happen
that long ago
so there's still hope
that it could go away, right?
Blind spots that occur
because of accidents like yours
clear up in a matter of days.
So... so are you saying
that it's permanent?
I'm afraid at this point we have
to conclude that it is.
It's just that in that case...
I can't sign off on you going
to the space station.
I wish I had better news
for you, Kat,
but you know the deal
with the vision requirements?
Without 20/20 vision,
there's just no way it's safe
for you to go into space.
I'm so sorry.
- Whoa!
- Hey! Watch it!
- Hey.
- Hey,
Did you see that guy
who almost ran me over?
How are you?
- I'm good.
- Good.
Thanks for coming
to pick me up.
No problem.
So, did you rob Santa on
your way over here or...?
I did all my Christmas shopping
in one glorious fell swoop.
Oh, yeah. No change.
So uh...
It's a no go on the space
station then.
Look, I'm sorry, sis.
Your job is still safe though, right?
Um, yeah.
I mean, I have another
five weeks of medical leave.
Um, and then I can choose to go
back, you know, if I want to.
But just... you know,
not into space.
Well, at least you'll be able
to spend another devastatingly
enjoyable month in my company
and at Christmas time, no less.
Yep, I get to keep being
under one roof
with you and mom and dad.
It'll be just like high school
when you hogged the bathroom
to fix your perfect hair
and hit on all of my friends.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Yeah, I remember that.
Don't mess it up.
Um... so what was the reason
you left this last job?
I started melding
to my office chair.
Eighty percent of the meetings
could have been handled
with an email.
They made me wear a tie. So...
Okay, okay...
I thought being in event
planning would be a lot more fun
than it turned out to be.
Andy, you know most jobs
aren't exciting.
I mean, they're work.
Yeah, okay, says a woman
who is an actual astronaut.
Well, look, I'm more of a
research scientist these days.
Especially now.
I mean, you may not be going
to the space station,
but you would not believe
how impressed people are
when I tell them
that my big sister
worked on the probe that got
this close to the sun.
What was it, 5 million miles?
You tell people about me?
Of course.
Mostly women I'm trying
to impress.
I mean, listen, it kills
two birds with one stone.
I look cooler by association
and sensitive
because I am so... so proud
of my big sister.
Okay, stop.
You are a menace.
I really am proud of you.
Grounded or not.
Okay, don't get too sentimental
on me little brother, alright?
Are you going to start the car
and take us home,
or do we have to do more
Christmas shopping?
Yeah, I'll start the car,
but we're going to hit a couple
of spots on the way. Okay?
You're kidding, right?
No. No, no, no, no.
So you're going to have
to make room.
Weren't you supposed to help Dad
with the Christmas lights?
Yeah. This is bad.
That man should not be
on the ladder.
His sense of balance is worse
than yours
even without the...
you know...
- Thanks.
- Yep.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Dad, why don't you come down
from there?
I can handle the lights.
You're a little late.
I'm up here already.
Your mom's inside baking
her Christmas cookies.
You should go help her.
Dad, you should really let
Andy and I handle this.
Okay, fine.
Kat, you stay here, let me know
if these are hanging straight.
Andy, go help your mother, please.
Thank you.
Call me if he falls.
Yeah. Alright.
Oh! Dad! Be careful!
Easy. It's fine.
Look, I really think that
Andy would be better at this
with his 20/20 vision.
Come on, it'll be good practice
for you.
Which you know you need.
Now, is this string straight
or not?
I think it's a little crooked
on the left.
I think you're right.
That was a test.
Congratulations. You passed.
Oh Dad, the house
looks awesome.
Oh, thank you.
I even got an extra tree
this year.
I can't believe you did all of
this since I left this morning.
Well, it's time you knew.
I am a superhero.
You are.
We're in here, honey.
Hey, is my tablet in here?
Yeah, it's right there.
Smelling cookies!
No, not until they're frosted.
Oh, that won't be for days.
Good things will come to those
who wait, dear.
Uh-uh no. That is a lie
that patient people tell
overeager people to make us
feel bad.
You two relax.
We'll be frosting soon enough,
and it'll be a good hand-eye
coordination exercise.
Okay, am I supposed
to be impressed
that all of our
Christmas traditions
have now turned
into eye exercises?
That's not what I...
Come on, Dad.
We have some more lights
to put up.
More lights.
Gotta go.
I know. I know. I'm worried
about her, too.
You know, going into space
is all your sister
has ever wanted to do.
I mean, do you remember
all those hours she spent
in the library just reading
all of those astronomy books?
Yeah, well, it probably helped
that both her parents
were librarians.
We were at that planetarium
every other weekend.
When's the last time
we were actually at
the Apollo planetarium?
Oh. Not since you kids
were teenagers.
Mom, can you spare me
for an hour?
I got to go.
I mean...
I got to go. I love you.
I love you so much.
Uh hey. That's for looking.
Not taking.
Uh... yeah no, no I know.
Under normal circumstances,
I would never commit
petty larceny, but my sister
is an astrophysicist
and her area of expertise
happens to be the sun.
Well, then she's smart enough
to look up the info
about the exhibit
on the museum website.
Look, look, please.
She's going through
a really rough time.
And when she was a kid, she
used to collect these flyers
from the planetarium exhibits
and hang them up
on her bedroom wall.
You know, it was kind of a
challenge between the two of us
sneaking them out of here.
Oh, so what you're telling me
is you're actually
a repeat offender?
Yeah, yeah, I am a career thief
of museum flyers.
Go. I'll give you a five-minute
head start
before I have to alert
museum security.
You are a true hero.
The law is going to catch up
with you one day.
But not today.
Want me to make you an eggnog
to go with your book?
That's okay, mom.
Jenna's going to bring
us milkshakes
from Winky's in a bit.
I'm glad you have such
a caring friend.
For your collection.
I thought we could go in
a few weeks when it opens.
Uh no, thanks.
What are you talking about?
You love the planetarium.
I know. And I still do,
it's just...
now it reminds me of everything
that I've lost.
Especially when it's an exhibit
about the sun.
Um, I know the car accident
kind of flipped your whole world
upside down, but... you can't
change the past,
but you can remind yourself
about what made you love
astronomy so much.
Oh I bet that's Mrs. Mills
with her hard pecan cookies.
The ones I chipped my tooth on
when I was 11.
I can't even believe
you tried that.
You know those cookies
are a little deadly.
I'm a hungry boy.
You have a visitor Kat.
Did you leave work early?
I did, yeah.
Ed said you texted him
with the doctor's results.
He practically ushered me
out the door to go to Winky's.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying?
Ed-enezeer Scrooge
found his Christmas spirit?
Wait, did three ghosts
of Christmas past
end up in his bedroom
last night?
Let's rule out stand-up comedy
as career. Please.
I'm sorry.
You're my best friend.
You're supposed to support me
no matter what I do.
I think you just need
to look at it
as me saving you from yourself.
You know I was kind of hoping
that after your medical leave
was up,
you were going to come back
to NSP.
That is no pressure.
It was just hope.
I'm sorry.
You have a whole month and a lot
of Christmas joy to soak in
before you have to make
that decision.
I'm sorry.
What is this?
Oh, it's just some exhibit
at the planetarium
that my brother is trying
to make me go to.
You know what?
I think they might have
called us about this.
Yeah, the planetarium director
was looking for a consultant
for one of their exhibits,
and, well,
they may have mentioned
the Porter Probe specifically,
but you know I told them
you were on leave so...
I mean, you do have a lot
of free time on your hands.
Like, a lot.
No, I don't, I don't.
I'm decorating Christmas trees,
I'm frosting Christmas cookies,
I'm hanging Christmas
mistletoe, I'm ringing bells.
Okay, Santa's most eager elf.
Look, you can do all of that
and consult at the planetarium.
You are one of the most
brilliant minds I know, Kat,
and I am not gonna let you
give up.
I'm not giving up.
But I'm just going to be here
at the house, you know,
eating my weight in Christmas
cookies while I frost them.
Okay, I pinky promise...
that involves your pinky, too.
Please. Thank you.
Oh, that was not very good.
Look, those cookies
will still be here
when you come home from a
meaningful day of consulting.
I'm sorry,
what was that?
I said fine.
I will call them.
Actually, you're drooling
a little bit on my pants.
So, if you could just...
Whoa! Whoa.
Oh, I'm sorry [chuckle].
A shooting star almost
just crashed into me.
A shooting star is just a speck
of dust that catches on fire
when it enters the atmosphere.
So you're actually calling me
a flaming speck of dust?
I am so sorry.
I did not mean to call you
a speck of dust.
I have to say, though, you
really know your star stuff.
Well, yeah, because my dad...
Lila, are you picking fights
with museum-goers again?
No, she walked in front of me.
Yeah. Is that like last week
when that boy just happened
to place his foot in the path
of your wheel?
He did.
I'm so sorry about this.
No, no, really,
it was my fault.
I wasn't watching
where I was going.
I'm really sorry, Lila.
It's okay.
I should let you guys get back
to the planetarium.
We're not here to see the
exhibits, my dad works here.
David Robinson,
I'm the exhibit curator.
Oh, you're actually the person
that I need to talk to.
I'm Kat Butler.
I'm here to consult
on the exhibit.
That's the first I've heard of
a consultant.
Are you visiting
from another museum?
No, I'm from the National
Space Program.
I'm an astrophysicist.
Wait, you're an astronaut?
That's so cool.
Yeah, it is.
There may still be a bit
of a mix-up, though.
Who did you talk to?
Well, I didn't.
I think my supervisor
talked to yours.
Oh, Renee Larson.
That explains...
Why don't we head
to Renee's office
and see if we can get
this cleared up.
Kiddo, don't you have some
homework you could be doing?
This isn't an insult
to you, David.
I was quite impressed with your
Spotlight on Saturn exhibit,
but Kat brings invaluable
experience with her work
on the probe that touched
the sun's atmosphere.
I think she can really help
elevate the exhibit.
You worked on the Porter Probe?
I did.
Um... well, I specialize
in solar winds.
Surely having a section devoted
to the latest solar research
can only enhance.
Wouldn't you agree, David?
Yeah, I would.
It just would have been nice
if you'd mentioned it
before we hired
a consultant.
Oh, didn't I?
I thought I had.
Must have slipped my mind.
I'm just gonna... I feel like
I should step out.
I've worked here
for five years.
There's never been
an issue with anything
that I've curated in the past.
Oh, no, this isn't about me
having an issue with your work.
But Kat brings the cachet of
a local superstar astronaut.
Well, I'm sure that a local
superstar astronaut
has better things to do
than to bother with an
elementary exhibit on the sun
when she's used to working
on solar probes.
I actually happen to have
a lot of time right now...
That's the thing David,
I am not looking for
an elementary exhibit
on the sun.
We need this to go beyond
a rudimentary overview
that any of these kids
can look up on their phones.
This exhibit needs
to be special.
Not elementary.
Okay, maybe elementary
wasn't the right word.
This isn't up for discussion, David.
When I took this job, I knew
there was work to be done.
This planetarium has a great
history here in Kansas City.
I mean I know.
I grew up here.
This place is a big reason why
I pursued my career.
And that is a tribute to how
special this place is.
I was hired to innovate,
to inspire residents
to come here,
and I think the only way
to do that
is to make this place
a hub of the community.
This exhibit has to be
an integral part of that.
Uh well, Kat's experience
and expertise
would certainly benefit
the exhibit.
Oh, yes, I know
it will [chuckle].
But this exhibit opens
on December 16th
and with all the Christmas
activities going on out there,
how are we going to convince
people to come here?
Well, I think we lean into it.
I mean, there's a rich history
of Christmas traditions
that tie into the history
of humanity's relationship
to the sun.
That's perfect.
I already have Celeste working
on a massive community
tree decorating thing.
If you two can find a way
to bring Christmas into this,
that's the exact tie-in
I'm looking for.
Wouldn't you agree, David?
Well, I want this exhibit
to work as much as you do.
Well, this is very exciting.
I can't wait to see what
the two of you come up with.
We won't let you down.
but my plan was that we could
have a display of the layers
of the sun over there, and
then against the far wall,
we could display
the ecliptic plane,
but we'll skew it vertically.
And then I was thinking
back there,
we could have an interactive
display of the Porter Probe.
Yeah, I love that.
And I think that's a great
opportunity to utilize
some of the videos from NSP.
Yeah, makes sense.
And, oh, to tie in the holiday,
we can have
Christmas decorations
in between the displays.
I'm just not sure that
jumping into the holiday stuff
right off the top
is the right move.
Well, I think that starting with
our cultural history of the sun
is a great intro
and a way to tie everything
in together thematically.
I hear something that sounds
very much like my daughter,
but couldn't be because she's
supposed to be in my office
doing her homework, right?
Mom's going to pick me up
in 10 minutes.
I just want to talk to Kat
for a little bit.
Lila, you can ask me anything
you want.
What's it like on Mars?
Well, it's rocky
and it's really cold,
and the air isn't breathable,
so you have to wear a spacesuit.
You know, Lil, Kat's area of
expertise is actually the sun.
She worked on the probe that
touched the sun's atmosphere,
and she's going to be working
with me on my next exhibit.
Me and my dad watch the videos
on the Porter Probe.
So is the wind on the sun,
like, really hot?
It's, like, really, really hot.
This is so cool.
Are you going to go
to space one day?
Alright, kiddo, let's get you
out front to meet your mom.
- Okay. Bye, Kat.
- Bye.
My office is just down the hall.
See you in five.
- Okay.
- Alright.
Andy! What are you
doing here?
Look at this fancy little space,
looks like you're doing well.
I just wanted to bring you your
favorite post-planetarium lunch.
Okay, you know I don't eat like
a 12-year-old anymore, right?
Oh, come on.
Everyone should eat like
a 12-year-old now and then.
It's good for the soul.
Okay, so you're just here
to bring me lunch
and not say because mom told you
to check up on me?
Of course not.
No, but you are okay?
You're good?
I'm fine. I promise.
I'm just about to start work
with the curator.
You got to get out of here.
Alright. Alright, I won't
keep you from it.
Enjoy the burger.
Oh and... "thank you so much
little brother, you're amazing".
Oh, the flyer thief.
Are you back for more?
I thought it was important
to let you know
that my thieving days
are officially behind me.
I am a reformed man.
Well, that's relief, because
I just finished putting up
all the flyers for
the Christmas toy drive,
and I would not want those
to go missing.
Christmas toy drive,
you say?
Oh, wow, you've got a lot
of stuff going on.
Caroling, craft sale,
ornament... ornament making.
What's that?
Behold the big tree.
So the day that the Dwarf Star
exhibit opens,
I'm going to have a bunch
of kids who donated
to the toy drive come together
and make ornaments
for the big Christmas tree.
But they have to be
That's the only rule.
That's brilliant.
Did I ever mention I am a big
fan of ornament making?
This is for children.
Well, I'm young at heart,
and I live with my parents.
Okay, well, make a donation
to the toy drive
and I'll consider waiving
the age requirement
just this one time.
You know, I think this is great.
We can have the end of
the exhibit area devoted
to the Porter Probe so everyone
has their basic sun facts
by the time that they get there.
You want me to have that
printed up in a larger font?
No, no, this is fine.
Well, it just, it looks like
you're struggling
to read the text is all.
You don't beat around the bush,
do you?
I guess not.
I got into a car accident
a couple of months ago.
A guy ran a red light and
I slammed right into him.
I hit my head in just
the right way
so that it created this
blind spot in my left eye.
The doctors were hoping it was
going to correct itself
in a few weeks, but doesn't look
like that's going to happen,
so yeah, it seems like
it's permanent.
That's what you seem upset when
Lili asked about going to space.
I was supposed to go to
the space station in February
to continue my research,
but... not going to happen now.
I'm really sorry, Kat.
So, your turn, Mr. Direct.
Why are you so resistant
to Renee's plans to innovate?
I'm not resistant.
A little resistant.
She just... she wants everybody
to get creative.
And not just about the exhibit,
but like, in general,
about everything.
Well, that doesn't
sound so bad.
Well, it's not if you're
creative, but I am not.
I just... I feel like it's more
important for kids and adults
to get the fundamentals
instead of a bunch of
bells and whistles.
I feel like it's possible for us
to accomplish both.
I think I can come up with a
pitch that even you will like.
I could walk you to your car.
Oh, thanks. I'm going to take
a ride share.
Unless you think
we should work on
those mock-ups for Renee
some more?
I mean, we could grab a pizza
or something?
I would love to.
I gotta relieve Lila's mom.
Right. Oh, my goodness. Sorry.
That probably sounded like
I was asking you out.
I, um, I really don't usually
make a habit of
asking out married men.
No, no, no, we're not married.
We separated five years ago.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Don't be.
Got married young
and then sort of grew apart.
It happens.
Well, I guess I'll call
my ride share,
I think I've embarrassed myself
enough for one night.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, yeah. I'll see
you tomorrow.
I mean, I don't know.
I got him to admit
that he's struggling
with some of the more
whimsical aspects
of what they want us
to do.
Right. Well, sometimes
science people
do find normal person talk
a challenge.
Their minds are just
wired differently.
I know mine is.
Well, I just need to get
Mr. Tall, Brooding and Stubborn
to get comfortable with some of
my more creative proposals.
Well, if there's one thing
you're good at,
it's the art of persuasion.
Remember that time you brought
a Christmas tree into the office
and Ed was going to make you
get rid of it
because it blocked his
oh so favorite Mars poster.
Do you remember the look
on his face
when I stood in front of the
tree and said, "Ed, just try".
But the tree stayed.
It did. It did.
And I made sure to get
lots of Rover ornaments
to put on the tree to assuage
Ed's wounded pride.
Well, you have a way of
winning people over, Kat,
and getting what you want.
This guy will come around.
That's interesting.
Wouldn't my mom just love this?
Because of the cookies.
- I got it.
- She loves to bake cookies.
I know.
I found the drunk elephant.
Oh, hey! No, no. I want to hang
that. It's my turn. Gimme.
Awe, this one's my favorite.
Look at the two of you.
Just as happy as clams.
Our children were so cute.
Ahem. Some of us still are.
Oh, nobody's saying you're not.
Although I do hope you're
not planning to spend months
under my roof eating us
out of house and home.
No, no, I am just here
to make this
the most amazing Christmas ever.
And then come January,
I will find a new job
and a new place to live.
Wait, you're job hunting now?
I'm brainstorming.
I see. Well, we tried.
So I guess we're just about
done here.
Does anybody want to see
this year's new addition?
Uh, we've only been
waiting, like,
well all afternoon at least.
Okay, so since last year's
ornament commemorated
Andy's love of curling,
I thought this year's ornament
should be for you,
my sweet girl.
Oh, mom.
Oh, I love it. Thank you.
Honey, your father and I just
want you to know
how proud we are of you,
always and no matter what.
Yeah, almost as proud
as they are of me.
Okay, Andy, let's relax.
Too much?
Oh, hey.
Don't tell your mother.
Okay, here's what
we're going to do.
You're going to pass me
two cookies-- no, three.
And your secret is safe
with me.
That's my girl.
Mom's cookies are so good.
Even without the frosting.
I know.
So, listen, this museum gig
of yours, you like it?
The curator is a little stuck
in his ways,
but he's starting to open up
to including my research.
Oh, that's good.
And it's good for you, staying
active during your leave.
Yeah, that's what
Jenna says, too.
Am I hearing a but?
I just wonder if I do decide
to go back...
If it'll change the enthusiasm
I have for my work,
knowing I'll never actually be
on the space station.
Oh, sweetheart,
you will cross that bridge
when you come to it.
For now, you just take things
one step at a time
and enjoy things.
Enjoy putting on this exhibit
of yours.
It's going to be great.
I can't wait to see it.
Thanks, Dad.
- Love you.
- I love you, too.
Okay, I'm going to take
my three cookies.
Tin on.
Go to bed, Dad.
Nothing happened... here.
- Bedtime.
- Bedtime.
Andy? Did you clear out
the entire inventory
of that little toy store
Yeah, it's for charity.
Planetarium toy drive.
Oh, charity. I see.
Celeste, this is my sister, Kat,
who is helping
with the sun exhibit I stole
the flyer for.
Kat, this is Celeste,
who runs this lovely caf.
Well, it's very nice
to meet you.
Oh, Andy told me all about
the drive.
It's a wonderful idea.
Awe thank you, I'm actually
drowning in donations.
This is great.
I think all of the kids in town
are signed up to come
to the big ornament
decorating party.
And now your brother
signed up too so.
Okay, well, I'm going to go
to work.
Here, you take this.
And don't let him make you
carry those.
I won't.
You know what?
I'll take this.
It just looks so heavy.
It was. Where to?
Over here.
I think we're going to
need a bigger... sled.
Yeah, no kidding.
And I still have to print off
all the tickets for the party
and get more supplies
because we're clearly
going to have a crowd.
Okay, okay slow down.
It sounds like you could use
some extra help.
Yeah, I sure could.
I'm stretched thinner
than ever here.
Unless you happen
to know somebody
with a lot of free time
on their hands?
Well, I actually do happen
to know such a person.
- Is it you?
- No.
- It's you, isn't it?
- Maybe.
Don't you have, like,
a job or something?
Um well, I actually am taking
the month of December off
to regroup and decide
what's next.
Not to lay around and do nothing
like my family thinks.
So, yes, I would love to help.
Andy, that would be amazing!
What's first, boss?
Right. This way.
We open with the sun's ties
to Christmas.
Back at the height
of the Roman Empire,
December 25 actually marked
the birth of the sun.
So the sun's birthday
is Christmas.
Okay. Alright.
Every year they celebrated
a huge party
called Dies Natalis
Solis Invicti,
which means birth
of the invincible sun.
It was a direct precursor
to Christmas.
Which is a cool fact, but...
Okay, okay, okay, listen.
And the term Yuletide means
the turning of the sun.
The ancient Romans celebrated
the resurrection of the sun,
which we know as
winter solstice,
which commemorated
the days getting longer.
Which is also very interesting,
but I just I don't want
the mythology
to drown out the science.
Well, it won't.
I think humans' relationship
to the sun
over the years is relevant.
Look, I know you're just trying
to give Renee what she wants
with all the flourish.
No, I'm not.
I actually agree with her.
I mean, the exhibit
that you've come up with is
well, frankly,
it's kind of boring.
It's just that there's no new
angle here, you know?
There's nothing to make the kids
remember it a year from now,
let alone years from now.
And now who's direct?
When I was a kid, my parents
brought me here
so many times, and the exhibit
that stands out in my mind
all of these years later
was about the moon.
It had science stuff about it,
but it also had cultural history
and art and literature.
And it all culminated in this
beautiful, beautiful piece
of art of Santa Claus
flying past the moon
with his reindeer.
So I came up with... this.
That is what you want to put
in the exhibit?
The Roman Empire graphic
will be at the beginning,
and then Santa's sun will sort
of guide us through the exhibit.
Oh, and I think it would be
really great if we emphasize
that the sun is actually alive
to help people connect with it,
and we tie it into the holiday
season by explaining to people
how the sun is connected
to the Christmas spirit.
It could work.
Okay, don't overwhelm me
with your enthusiasm.
Alright, I don't hate it.
It's creative.
Dad, there you are.
Hey, kiddo.
How's school?
I told everyone in my class that
I met a real life astronaut.
They were all really jealous.
They had a bunch of questions
about what it's like
to work in NSP
and go into space.
Well, I love questions,
so hit me.
Nolan asked, "what happens
if you sneeze in space?"
That is a very good question.
So all of the droplets
will go all over the capsule
unless there's something
to catch them.
So it's really important
that you use a tissue.
Claire wanted to know if a
person would burn up immediately
if they touched the sun.
Well, the sun's surface is
10,000 degrees Fahrenheit,
so the answer is yes.
But the atmosphere around it
is even hotter.
So you couldn't even make it
to the surface.
Alright, kiddo. Kat and I
got to get back to work.
No, Dad, there are
more questions.
Oh, no, there's always
more questions.
Yeah. Come on. Let's go.
How many times have you
been to space?
And when are you going
to go again?
Uh, Lil. You can't...
It's okay. I need to get
used to saying it.
Well, not that long ago,
I got into a car accident,
which affected my vision,
so I can't see very well
in one of my eyes, so I can't
actually go into space.
I can't go into space either,
so it's okay Kat.
Mom, look at this great setup!
Your father's going
to help me today,
since both you kids are busy.
Well, I don't have to be at work
for a little while,
so I can totally help you
get started.
Well, how is your job
at the planetarium going?
You know, you can always
scale back
if it's getting to be too much
for you.
Because I don't want you to push
yourself so hard, honey.
I know, mom.
I'm actually having
a really good time.
It's sort of nice to be able
to focus on something
that I can throw myself into,
and it's actually a lot of fun.
- Yeah?
- Mmhmm.
Well, in that case,
grab a knife.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey. Look, I'm sorry
about yesterday.
Lila didn't mean to make
you uncomfortable.
Oh, no, David, you don't
have to apologize.
She didn't... she didn't
make me uncomfortable.
It's kind of nice to have
someone not dance around it.
I've been really trying to deal
with this big change in my life
and, you know, what it's cost
me and what I have to relearn.
I don't want to overstep, but is
there anything I can do to help?
I don't think so.
The biggest hurdle
I have to get over
is my hand eye coordination.
And I'm supposed to do
these exercises,
but they're just
so mind-numbing.
You don't want to do anything
mind numbing, huh?
I think I have an idea.
Free tonight?
Squirrel on a water ski.
I'm glad we're not doing
that today.
And we have sliders...
Oh, you roped my brother
and Celeste into this.
Finally, I get a chance to
beat my big sister at curling.
You don't know how long
I have waited for this moment.
Okay, I know I'm here
for my coordination, but--
She's going down.
we're going to beat them, right?
Yeah, we're for sure going
to beat them.
Okay, just so y'all know, my
sister is an absolute novice,
so I can explain the rules
unless one of you wants to,
Take it away.
It's basically just shuffle
board on ice, right?
We are going to deliver these
stones into those big circles
way over there, and we're
playing mixed doubles.
So at the end of the game,
whichever couple has
the most stones closest to the
center circle wins the game.
Oh and when your stone
is moving,
if you want it to go faster,
you're going to sweep
it in front of it as fast
as you can and it will glide.
Well, you want to sweep first
or you want to throw?
What do you want to do?
I think I want to throw first.
Alright. Okay.
You ready to play?
My man, I was born ready.
Oh, boy.
Faster, faster,
faster, faster!
That's as fast as
I can go!
That's as fast
as I can go!
I'm Ready for Christmas...
I'm ready for chestnuts
by the fire.
Go harder, Andy!
...cozy nights
And hold me oh, so tight.
I'm ready for Christmas
- Sweep harder!
- Okay, okay, okay!
- Sweep hard, sweep hard!
- I am!
I am ready
for mistletoe...
Hey, great shot.
Ha! Luck, luck, luck.
It's here,
that time of year.
The snow is coming down.
- Go, go, go, go!
Oh, oh, oh.
It's here...
Okay, little brother.
Alright, relax.
What do you think?
Well, you basically have
two options.
You could try to knock
Andrew's stone out of the middle
or try to get yours as close
to the center as possible.
What do you think?
I'm totally gonna knock
that stone out.
- Alright.
- Alright.
Oh, I'm ready for Christmas
I'm ready for memories,
old and new
I'm ready for
all wrapped up
and wonderful
wishes coming true.
Sweep, sweep, sweep...
It's here that time of year
when snow is falling down.
Oh, oh, oh...
It's here, my favorite
whenever it
comes around
Go harder! Faster!
I'm doing my best.
Now it's finally
on the way...
Three to two.
Not bad.
It's just luck, I guess.
I demand a rematch.
Do you need a hand?
I think the slider is stuck.
I'll show you.
There's a trick.
I had fun today.
Yeah, me, too.
Hopefully, it was helpful, too.
Yeah, it was.
David, I...
Oh, shoot. Shoot.
I forgot I was going to grab
drinks with Jenna,
and I'm already late,
but... thanks for a fun time.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry... you curled?
I actually got some really
good shots in.
But the best part was when
David knocked Andy's stone
right out of the center, you
should have seen Andy's face.
I just... what in the world
made you curl?
It was David's idea.
He thought it would, you
know, help with the blind spot.
Are you into Mr. Tall,
Broody and Stubborn?
No. No.
I mean, we're just getting along
better now
that he's less broody
and stubborn.
Right. And that's why your face
just turned
as red as that lantern thingy.
It's not red.
It's the Christmas lighting.
Well, in all seriousness, you do
seem to be enjoying yourself.
I wasn't sure about the whole
exhibit planning thing,
but it's been really fun.
And it's allowed me
to be creative in a way
that I haven't been
since the accident.
- Kat, that's amazing.
- Yeah.
I guess I owe you
a bit of a thank you
for pushing me to do it.
Just a bit.
I mean, I'm basically your hero.
But it's fine.
I don't need validation.
So look, um my friend Roy,
who works at the Monarch Space
Center, called the other day.
He's looking to add a curator
to his team.
They have like these
great exhibits coming up.
A tribute to the Apollo missions,
a survey on various kinds
of Dwarf Stars,
a spotlight on the life
of a star.
I don't know.
It seemed up your alley.
And I haven't brought
your name up to him yet.
I wanted to talk to you first.
I mean, Ed would kill me
and we all want you
to come back to NSP.
We actually need you.
But as your best friend,
I want you to be happy.
And seeing you just glowing
the way you are tonight...
I don't know,
made me wonder
if maybe a change of course
is what you might want.
I mean, I have been struggling
with whether I should
go back or not.
I don't know,
this has been fun.
I don't know it just seems
like such a big change.
Just let him throw his best
pitch at you, okay?
I brought you an eggnog latte
from the caf as a thank you
for last night and an apology
for running out so fast.
What's up?
Oh, work stuff.
Renee sent over a bunch of
suggestions about the exhibit.
Oh, okay.
Well, her predecessor, Victor,
was a lot more relaxed about
this whole thing and basically
just trusted me to do my job.
But Renee, man, she's got
a suggestion for everything
and they just
won't stop coming.
Um, well, let
me have a look.
Okay, um.
This isn't so bad.
I mean, she loves Santa sun.
She just wants us to add
something more interactive
in the exhibit.
I mean, I think we can do
that, right?
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't
quite hear you.
Was that "Yes, Kat,
that's an amazing idea.
It's definitely not
the end of the world
and might even make
our exhibit better".
You just have to make everything
better, don't you?
Ah, David!
Just checking to see
that you got my notes.
I did.
We were just talking
about implementing them.
Oh, let me know if you need
any clarification.
Okay so, any ideas?
Well, maybe it would be cool
if we could see the solar flares
through a viewfinder.
A viewfinder?
The thing that kids play
video games on.
Oh, like a VR.
David, that's a really
cool idea.
You don't have to act
that surprised.
Here, I'll show you.
I hope I didn't overstep,
but I fiddled
with the design of the tickets
a little bit
and printed out a new batch.
Wow, Andy, these are amazing!
Okay, good, good.
I'm glad you like them.
You've got mad graphic
design skills.
Okay, well, don't be
that surprised.
Maybe the planetarium should
be coming to you for our flyers.
We're only nine days out
from the big ornament
decorating party
and I still haven't got any
of the supplies yet.
Do you have a list?
Does Mars have two moons?
I don't know.
Is that a test?
Of course I have a list.
Okay, well, give it to me
and consider it done.
You're an actual lifesaver.
Okay, well, off to save lives.
July is nice but
I love the winter
Okay, so I'll show
you something.
Porter Probe is designed to fly
within four million miles
of the surface of the sun.
Yeah, I love that.
I just ate your fries.
That's okay.
Now we're even.
It's gonna be a December,
Sorry. What can I get for you?
Oh, gosh, it looks so good.
I think I wrote that.
It's hot!
But it's looking good though, right?
Hey, I have something
I want to show you.
Oh, okay.
A December to, a December
to remember
So... you remember the VR?
- For me?
- For you.
Okay [chuckle].
This is so cool.
We open in two days, kiddo,
so what's your review?
Mmm. I say A+!
Hey, what was your favorite part
of the whole exhibit?
Definitely Santa's sun.
And learning about that,
there is a celebration
for the sun on Christmas.
Well, I think we did it.
Looks like we did.
I guess that's it for me.
The end of my tenure
as a consultant.
I think you promised me
a Santa cone in exchange
for my fair and honest review.
I think you're right.
And I always keep my word,
don't I?
You should come, Kat.
Santa cone?
We could sit alone and tal
I want a Santa and a reindeer.
You know, you gotta choose.
I have an idea.
What if you get the Santa cone
like you planned,
and then I get a reindeer cone
in a cup
and you can try a bite of mine?
Tonight's sugar rush
is going to be no joke.
I mean, it could be worse.
She's going to be bouncing
off the walls on Christmas Eve
waiting for Santa to come, right?
What do you do on Christmas
Eve, Kat?
Well, when I was your age,
my family and I would listen
on the radio to follow
Santa's trek.
all the way across
the country.
We wanted to know exactly
where he was
so we'd know when he would
show up in the house.
We track Santa on our tablets.
You know, that could be a pretty
cool Christmas Eve idea
at the planetarium.
We could do a Santa tracking
party in the theater.
Oh, yeah.
We could put like a giant map
on the dome
and then have like, a little
animated Santa.
Yeah, and we could have a call
in from air traffic control.
Whoa, this needs more
snowflakes sprinkles.
Go ask for some more. Politely.
I mean it sounds like we already
have one person signed up
for the Santa tracking party.
Just one?
I mean, I know Christmas Eve
is only a couple weeks away,
and I can use the help
putting everything together.
That is a very good point.
I know you only signed up
for the Dwarf Star exhibit.
Don't want to take up
too much of your time.
Yeah, I'd have to check
my schedule.
Oh, I checked it.
I'm free.
Well, alright, then.
I'll run it by Renee.
I don't think I've ever seen
the planetarium this busy before
when I was a kid.
Let's hope they like it.
Is that nerves?
Are you nervous?
Of course not.
Well, this is quite
the turnout.
Isn't it exciting?
At NSP, when we post things
on the website,
like pictures or research,
we get a lot of comments.
But to see everyone's
actual facial expressions,
it's so cool.
David tells me that your
contribution to the exhibit
has been absolutely invaluable.
Thank you.
But honestly, his foundation
was rock solid.
I just added a little flourish.
Kat, you added more than
just flourish.
Well, I'm very grateful
to both of you.
Oh, if you'll excuse me,
I don't want to miss
the first group going in.
Kat! Look at all
these people.
- You must be David.
- Yeah.
Pleasure to meet the man that's
been making my daughter's days
so invigorating.
Uh yeah, this is my dad
and my mom, who has no filter.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Ginny and Bill.
Pleasure to meet you both.
Well, I cannot wait to see what
you two have cooked up in there.
Yeah, we should go right away
so my mom doesn't continue
to mortify me.
Aren't you forgetting a vital
member of the family?
Andy, aren't you supposed to be
at an ornament decorating party?
Celeste said she could spare me
for exactly 25 minutes.
So that's just long enough
for you to show me
this exhibit of yours.
Sounds like a challenge.
- Alright, let's get cracking.
- Honey, I love it.
So, a lot of our
Christmas traditions,
is like having dinner
with our families
and exchanging presents,
started in ancient Roman culture
by celebrating the birth
of the invincible Sun.
I had no idea there were
so many connections
between my daughter's
favorite star and Christmas.
Well, and not to jump ahead,
but Kat has put together
a pretty incredible showcase
of her work
on the Porter Probe
as well.
Oh, yes, I want to see
that section.
Um... Lila's just getting
dropped off out front,
I'm going to go meet her.
- Oh, okay.
- Alright.
The Porter Probe stuff
is over here, you guys.
You're going to love it.
The actual Porter Probe images?
Yeah, images and a whole
bunch of other stuff.
You have come a long way
since the science fair.
- Whoa!
- Wow.
I've seen the pictures online,
but this is truly
incredible, Kat.
Awe, thanks Dad.
I remember the day
the images came in.
Everybody gathered around
my console transfixed.
Kat, I could not be more
proud of you.
Of both my children.
Saved by the bell.
Before Mum admits in front of
all these people
that despite all your
wonderful work,
I am still her favorite child.
Okay, I think you better go
help Celeste set up
before your ego starts
to grow so large
that the planetarium
can no longer contain it.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Okay, great job, sis.
I will see you at the party.
Bye Andy.
I decided what ornament
I'm making at the party.
Oh, let me hear it.
I'm going to make
the Porter Probe.
She's been really debating it
all week.
The Journey Rover
was the runner up.
Well, I can't wait to see
the finished product.
Oh, Lila, these are my parents.
Oh, wow.
Are you astronauts, too?
Oh, no, we're librarians.
I like the library, too,
but I like the Space
Program more.
What do you say, kiddo?
You want to roll through
the exhibit?
Yeah. Can Kat come
with us?
For sure.
She sure can.
We've got a tree decorating
to go to so we'll see you.
I'll see you soon.
- - Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So. The Porter Probe.
Shall we?
Andy, these are so cool.
Yeah, I thought it would be
helpful for the kids
who were excited but don't
know where to start.
They're literally perfect.
And you designed all of this
on your own?
Yeah, I had a little time
on my hands.
You have actual wells
of untapped talent.
I guess I was inspired by
all your innovating.
Andy told us you might need
a little help
once all the kids get here.
Yeah, that would be
very welcome.
I'm Celeste.
Ginny and Bill.
Oh, my god.
You look familiar.
Andy's told us a lot of
wonderful things about you.
Oh, really?
Well, if that's the case,
then everything he said is true.
Oh... I like her.
Hi. Oh, that looks so, so good.
I'll be right back, okay?
Excuse me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Have you seen Lilia's Porter
Probe? she's doing amazing.
Yeah, it looks great.
Are you going to go over there
and have a look?
No, she'll have way more fun
if I'm not hovering.
Okay, well, I'm going to go
over there and make sure
that her design schematics
are perfect.
Okay, and I as her
super-not-cool dad
am going to stay here.
- How are you?
- Good.
Sorry guys.
These kids are fast.
Some of them are already
on their second ornament.
Good thing a certain team is not
to bring extra supplies.
Yeah, that chick
is really smart.
Oh, yeah. Mmhmm.
No, these kids are going
to have a blast
seeing all their hard work
hanging up on the big tree.
You know, I'm going to need help
hanging all those ornaments
in case you thought today
was your swan song.
No, I figured
you're pretty short.
I don't think there's any way
you could reach the top layers.
I'm not that much shorter
than you,
but we'll talk about that later.
Well, this looks like a big hit.
Yeah, well, Celeste is really
thrilled with the turn out.
Yeah, she seems like
a sweet girl.
She's a woman, Dad.
- But yes, she really is.
- Of course.
Sorry. You get to be my age
and everyone's a kid.
I'm sensing some old man advice.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Excuse me.
The kids love this, Andy.
You show a real talent
for design, son.
It's just something I noticed.
Well, I had a lot of fun
making it
reminded me of when I used
to design spaceships for Kat
when she was a kid.
You did that?
Yeah, I know.
I kept them.
Oh, my goodness, okay.
Listen, you might not want
my old man advice,
but I'm pretty sure there are
plenty of careers
that involve design.
- Just saying.
- Uh-huh.
- I'm proud of you.
- Thank you.
Lila it is absolutely perfect.
You've done such a good job.
My dad printed out a picture
for me to look at.
I mean, you've got all
the little details right down
to the vents.
I love it.
I think you have time to make
one more ornament
if you want to.
I want to try making
a Mars Rover.
I love it.
Alright, what do we need
for that?
- Oops!
- You guys!
It's ruined!
Excuse me.
So, we could put the kids
in theater
and project the Santa Tracker
footage on the dome.
I'll write something up
and pop it on the website.
And Kat said that she could
come by help
with some of the logistics.
David, you are creative.
You've been holding out on me.
Oh, Lila, I'm so sorry
about your ornament.
It wasn't that good anyway.
Are you kidding me?
It was amazing.
You know, I bet if
we go back in there,
you can make another one
that's even better.
You know, when I was a kid,
even younger than you,
when I started learning
about the sun,
I thought it was so cool that
it wasn't some big, giant star.
That it was just a small star,
but it was so important
that it was the whole reason
life existed on Earth
in the first place.
So when someone told me
I couldn't do something
because I was a little kid,
it made me think about how being
small doesn't stop the sun.
That kid who stepped on my
ornament, he's really mean.
He told me at school this week
that I'd never go into space.
You know, when I was told
that I couldn't go into space,
it made me so sad.
But do you know
what I realized?
Well, working here
on this exhibit...
made me see how much people
care about the work I do
on the Porter Probe
right here on Earth.
Especially one little girl
who loves space
just as much as I do.
You might know her.
You're the coolest person
I know, Kat.
Right back at you, Lila.
How about you say we go back
in and we make another ornament?
Oh, thank goodness.
I've been looking everywhere
for you.
Are you okay?
Have you been crying?
No. We were just about
to go back
and make another ornament.
What? You should have
texted me.
She's obviously upset.
I'm okay now, Dad.
Some kid stepped on my ornament,
but Kat made me feel
better about it.
I just thought
that I could help.
And I appreciate that, but it's
my job to take care of her.
Dad, you're making too big
of a deal about it.
When somebody upsets you,
it is a big deal.
I just sort of thought
that after everything that...
It's not that...
It's okay.
You know what, Lila?
I'm going to head back in there,
but I'll see you after.
I don't know.
He was just so short with me.
I mean, it wasn't like
I was trying to keep
his daughter away from him.
You know what, I'm sure he
realized that five seconds
after you walked out the door.
So are you sure that you still
want me to set up the surprise
we talked about?
Yes. Absolutely.
I know Lila is going to love it
and David's just gonna have
to come around.
He is.
Thank you so much for all of
your help with it.
I really, really appreciate it.
It almost makes me want
to forgive you for missing
the opening day of
our big exhibit.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
You know that work kept me away.
I promise that I will try
and make it next weekend.
You know that I'm dying
to see it, right?
And it sounds like it was
a massive success.
Yeah, people seemed
to really like it.
They did.
And guess who else
is going to come?
My friend Roy who runs
the museum in Chicago.
He is very excited
to see your exhibit.
Oh, lovely to see you!
I have a Christmas
tin of cookies
with your name on it, sweetheart.
Okay. You know you're the actual
best Ginny, don't you?
Oh, here I thought I'd escape
Patricia Mills
and her rock hard pecan cookies.
Excuse me, ladies.
Yeah. Okay.
I am not bringing your mom's
cookies to the office.
They will be gone in
under 15 minutes if I do?
No, no, you just have to control
your cookie output.
You give them to the good people
and not the naughty people.
I don't think that's on me.
Sorry to interrupt.
I probably should have
texted first.
No, it's fine.
This is my friend Jenna.
We work together at NSP.
- Hi.
- Hey.
David, you're welcome
to take a seat
and have some Christmas cookies.
No, thank you.
I was just hoping
for a minute with Kat.
I actually have to go.
Me too.
I have so many errands to run.
I am a last minute shopper
and week out
is cutting it close, so...
Did you want to get some air?
I over-reacted, okay?
And I'm sorry.
I just thought you'd trust me
to look out for Lila.
I did. I do.
Of course.
It's not that.
When Lila was seven,
she got pushed up
against the wall by another kid
during some game at recess
or something
and scraped up one of her arms
really bad.
And she hid it from her teacher
and then she hid it from me.
When she got home, I didn't even
notice it for hours.
And by the time I did it, it was
all red and inflamed and...
I had to take her to Urgent Care
and they sent us home
with some antibiotic cream.
And when I asked her why
she hid it from me,
she said it was because
she was embarrassed.
She's a proud kid.
She doesn't want people
to treat her differently
because she's in a wheelchair.
And she has a tough time
admitting when she's hurt
physically or emotionally.
I do my best to protect her
from both. You know?
But when I saw how
upset she was...
Brought back all of those fears?
You know, I get it.
I feel like she handled it
really well.
She expressed her frustrations
in a pretty healthy way,
and she opened up to me.
She said more or less
the same thing to me
before she dragged me back
into the decorating party
to help her recreate
her Porter Probe.
How'd that one go?
Do you want to see for yourself?
Yeah, this bad boy is going
to look great right here.
Careful. I don't want to have
to catch you if you fall.
I don't believe that one bit.
You're just down
there waiting
for your superhero moment.
Oh, hey, guys.
Oh, hey.
Look, it's the cavalry.
After the hard work has already
been done.
Yes, as I suspected.
Andy, that side of the tree
is empty.
I had to save something for you.
Oh, right, little brother.
Seriously, though, I could use
a lunch break.
You want to grab a bite?
Winky's Diner is five
minutes away,
and I am craving one of
their peppermint shakes.
Milkshakes for lunch?
Yeah, I mean, it's not
a proper meal.
Two milkshakes each.
- Right. Two.
- Will be a meal.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye.
So I guess it's just us.
You want to start from the top
and work our way down?
I could get up on the ladder
and you can pick up
what we're hanging.
Deal. But I'm going to get
on the ladder.
It'll be good for me.
- Careful swaying a little.
- Yeah.
- I'm okay.
- Alright.
How about that one?
Oh, God, these are incredible.
The kids did such a good job.
- That one.
- Cute.
Hey, did you ever think
about it?
Becoming an astronaut and
working for the Space Program?
Maybe when I was in college,
but I don't really give it much
serious consideration.
Why not?
Well... my ex and I got married
when we were really young.
We had Lila when we were young,
and I don't know,
just becoming a dad changed me.
And I just wanted to do whatever
I could to make sure
that I'd be there
to watch her grow up
and be there for her and not
miss any of those big moments.
You've done an amazing job.
I mean, Lila is a confident,
well-adjusted kid,
and she adores you.
I don't know about that.
I think she has a new hero
these days.
Oh, this one is even better
than her first one.
Okay, I'm gonna put it
right here,
and I'm gonna take
a photo for her.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm just glad
you're not hurt.
Uh... hey.
Everything okay?
Yeah, we just had a...
just a little mishap.
Okay. Because Celeste convinced
me to get some takeout,
so we could all eat together.
Yeah, Winky's sounds good.
- Mm?
- Mmhmm.
Yeah, it's fine.
How's the...
Oh, so much better.
I'm fine.
Hey, Lila, you ready to see
Kat's surprise?
Yes! On my way.
Pretty cool, huh?
That thing goes
into outer space.
This is so cool.
Oh, my gosh.
How are you?
I'm good.
How are you?
- Hi, Lila.
- Hi.
My name's Jenna.
I hear you have an interest
in what we do here.
Do you work with Kat?
I sure do, but I study comets.
Actually, there's one coming
in April of next year
called Pons-Brooks,
but it only enters our solar
system once every 71 years.
It's pretty cool.
Do you all want to take
a look around?
Yeah, okay.
Follow me.
I want to show you something.
Look, we have the whole
solar system, Lila.
I've missed your face!
I've missed you so much too!
It's not the same
without you here.
You guys, this is my colleague, Sharon.
We worked on the Porter
Probe together.
We have spent so many late
nights here analyzing data.
Those were good times.
Oh, the night that the solar
images came in,
I just... literally took
my breath away.
I know it sounds silly,
but I think that was
the best night of my life.
Oh, girl, we're young.
There will be more of those.
I'll let you get on with it.
Don't be a stranger, okay?
Okay, let's keep going.
Lila, this is my friend, George.
Hey, Jenna.
George is responsible for
monitoring the whole crew
up on the space station to make
sure they stay healthy.
Not only that, I'm personally
responsible for tracking
Santa Claus and his reindeer
on Christmas Eve.
My dad and Kat are going
to do that at the planetarium.
I'll be sure to give them
my best Santa tracking tips.
Have you always used
a wheelchair?
Yeah, all my life.
How about you?
Me, too.
And you get to work here?
They couldn't run this place
without me.
And I'm sure someday
they're going to be saying that
about you when you work
for NSP.
I want to do research
on the sun, like Kat does.
My favorite, favorite
Christmas Eve tradition.
We better eat fast because we
got to get to the planetarium
to set up for tonight.
Oh, those kids are going
to love Santa Andy!
I'm sorry, sis.
I know you've worked so hard
on that amazing exhibit,
but you can't really compete
with a man handing out
hot chocolate and marshmallows.
It's on, little brother, okay?
Because I'm going to show them
where Santa is in real time
in a planetarium theater.
Yeah. Okay. Have you ever met
an actual human child?
Marshmallows win.
Andy, why don't I take
those pancakes off you?
Yeah, how about you don't?
Nice try old man.
Old man?
You like curling.
And you like senior
citizen activities.
Oh, tell you what.
Is that a reindeer?
With age comes wisdom.
That was so slow, Dad.
I know.
That is so slow. I know.
Together every Christmastime
there's magic
Together, together
at Christmastime
I am so sorry.
Oh! No, no, no.
You're totally fine.
I shouldn't have commandeered
your office to change.
Can you actually help me
with my necklace?
I can't get it done up.
- They're so finicky.
- Yeah.
Tiny clasps.
There you go.
Oh, thanks.
You look beautiful Kat.
Mom dropped me off out front,
but she told me to wait for you
to get hot chocolate.
Come on, let's go.
Okay. Lead the way, kiddo.
Jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
Okay, guys, I got this.
Hot chocolate and cookie.
Coming right up.
Alright, kiddo. Only one
hot chocolate, okay?
I'm serious.
Excuse me guys.
Here we go.
Did you remember?
Remember what?
Oh, do you know what?
I found this behind your ear.
Thanks, Kat.
Candy cane?
Why, yes.
I saw you make your way
through the crowd.
Your coordination
is getting better.
Yeah, I guess it is.
Guess you don't need much more
curling practice, huh?
Oh, no.
I definitely still need to beat
my brother again and again.
Girl, this pantsuit. Wow.
I see you're not the only one
who cleans up well.
So, Roy told me he brought
his nephew to the exhibit
the other day.
Blown away.
He probably won't be here
before you start the show,
so I told them to just pull you
aside before, you know...
when you look like
you have a free moment.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I have
your attention, please?
Before we head into the theater
for the Apollo Planetarium's
very first Santa Tracker
Christmas Eve party,
I want to thank all of our
employees and volunteers
for their hard work and tireless
dedication this holiday season.
Our very own Celeste not only
revitalized the Sun Ray Caf,
but she also organized
that incredible toy drive
and Christmas ornament
decorating party
along with help
from Andy Butler.
And so many of you came to visit
the Dwarf Star exhibit.
That beautiful exhibit.
But I am very happy to report
that that exhibit
will be extended
until the end of April.
Now, please join me in raising
a cup of hot chocolate
to our exhibit curator,
David Robinson,
and our NSP expert,
Kat Butler.
And now, without further ado,
please join me in
the Planetarium theater
and let's find Santa!
Right. Well, it seems that
we are getting an update
about Santa's location.
You care to confirm?
It appears that Santa and
his reindeer have just reached
the outermost edge of
the United States.
Well, then it sounds like
Santa's going to make some kids
in Rhode Island very happy.
Oh, you know what?
I think we are receiving
a message
from the air traffic controllers
at the Space Center.
- Are we now?
- Mmhmm.
This is air
traffic control,
it appears that Santa's been
slowed by some wind.
Please distribute candy canes
to any children waiting.
Merry Christmas!
Very nice to meet both of you.
Thank you so much
for coming tonight.
That was quite a show in there.
Oh, thank you.
I'm Jenna's friend.
Roy Ketz.
Oh, from the Monarch
Space Center.
- That's right.
- Oh, so nice to meet you.
It sounds like Jenna's greased
the wheels for me already.
She has.
I'm glad.
I'm looking to add to my team.
And I have to say,
I'm really impressed
with what I've seen here.
I cannot take all the credit.
I've been working
with David Robinson,
who's the Apollo's curator.
I know, I know.
But the part of the exhibit
that I really gravitated towards
was the section
on the Porter Probe.
At Monarch, we try to be
on the cutting edge.
You would bring that.
And look, who doesn't love
living through a Chicago winter?
You know what?
Take the holidays
to think about it.
But let's talk
before I leave town.
Thank you.
Great meeting you.
Chicago, huh?
What's all that about?
He's from the Monarch
Space Center.
I think he wants
to offer me a job.
And you're considering it?
Are you upset?
I just...
You what?
I guess I just assumed that you
were going to go back to NSP
when your leave was up.
Well, I mean, I'm still
figuring that out.
It just, it seemed like when
we were at NSP
that you really missed
being there.
And now it sounds like
you're going to move
to an entirely different city
for a completely different job.
No, I didn't say that
I was taking the job.
I didn't even say that
I was considering it.
Is this because of what
happened earlier?
No, Kat, no.
I just don't want to see you
walk away
from something
that you really love.
Oh, okay.
Now that the sleepyhead is up
we can finally start.
There's my girl.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Mom.
Okay. Yeah, I'm ready
to open presents.
Hey, Dad?
This present is begging,
just begging for you to open it.
Thank you.
Is it a pony?
- Yeah, a little tiny one.
- It might be.
Hi. Hi.
Come on in.
Hi. Merry Christmas.
Are you just leaving us
right now?
I am, but I'm just going
to pop out.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Celeste.
Hey. I feel really awkward.
I'm not trying to crash
your Christmas or anything.
I just came to drop off this
gift for Andy at the front door.
But then I ran into Jenna
and she was like...
And I said that your mom
would be horrified
if she didn't come in
for Christmas cookies,
so hello, Celeste.
It's 100 percent accurate.
- Hey, hey.
- Hey.
Miss me already?
Yeah, I can't come
into work today,
but I can offer you one of these
delicious Christmas cookies.
I took a bite of this one.
Well, then I'll take
this one.
And the planetarium
is closed today.
- Yeah.
- So...
No, I knew that.
I knew that.
Okay, I'm so sorry to leave you
with this absolute goofball,
but I'll be right back.
Okay, please come back soon.
I was promised cookies.
Okay, your family
is the actual nicest.
Well, now you see
where I get it from.
Oh, never lose
that self-confidence.
It'll go well with my gift.
Consider this a thank you
for all your help
with the charity donation drive
and the party.
I was happy to, sincerely. But...
I do love a gift.
I really do.
Okay, what do we have here?
Oh, wow.
You have a real talent, Andy.
You should do something with it.
Well, this will pair perfectly
with my announcement.
I haven't told my family yet,
but I have decided to take
some design courses.
My plan is to get a degree
and then pursue a career.
That's great.
And where will that take you?
This couch for now, and then
hopefully an apartment in town.
I'm taking my courses online.
So, you're sticking around?
Yeah, I am.
And I was very much hoping
that you might let me
take you to dinner.
I would like that very much.
David, about last night--
Kat, I'm sorry, can I...
I just got to stop you.
I just feel like I need
to apologize
for all the assumptions
that I've been making.
It's just that you've come to
mean a lot to Lila and to me.
And I guess I was caught
off guard
by the thought of you moving
to Chicago.
I shouldn't have presumed
to know what you want to do
with the rest of your life.
But you do.
I mean, you were right.
I don't want to leave NSP.
I love the work
that I'm doing there.
And just because I can't go
to the Space Station
doesn't mean I love my work
any less.
So you're not going to take
the job in Chicago?
I'm not going to take
the job in Chicago.
But I hope that you let me
help you out
with an exhibit here
now and then.
I would love that.
Well, what made you decide
to stay?
Well, I had actually already
made the decision
that I wasn't going
to take the job
and I was about to tell Roy
when I got interrupted.
You see, I have a lot
of reasons to stay.
My job at NSP, for one
And I also kissed
this extraordinary guy
and I'd really like
to do it again.
Am I hearing things or are you
flirting with me?
Yes, definitely.
Yes, I am.
Lila, I got you
a little present.
For me?
- Mmhmm. Check it out.
- Here.
Whoa. This is so cool.
Thank you, Kat.
You're so welcome.
I don't want to be presumptuous,
but if either of you have
no other plans, I'd love
to invite you over
to join my family and I
for Christmas dinner.
Merry Christmas.
Welcome! Welcome!
For you. Thank you so much
for having us.
Thank you!
Now, you wouldn't happen to like
Christmas cookies, would you?
No, I bet not at all.
I do. I love them.
Well, come with me then.
Right here.
Good to see you again.
Yeah, you too.
I love cookies, too.
Yeah, I don't blame you.
I actually have
a present for you.
I didn't get you anything.
I'm sorry.
I probably should...
Oh, you planned that, huh?
I got creative.
You guys want to come and kiss
in front of us or...
Come on. Like you never
saw anybody kiss before.