Under the Influencer (2023) Movie Script

[fireworks popping]
-[upbeat music]
-Hello, darlings.
Okay, so I know
that Women's Health Week
was like two months ago,
but better late than never.
Am I right?
I am here today
getting my annual checkup.
Outfit of the day, #gown.
Now listen, ladies, I know
a lot of women get bogged down
in their crazy schedules
and let their own well-being
slip through the cracks.
Tsk, tsk.
I suppose I shouldn't judge.
It's actually really easy for me
because my doctor is dreamy.
He's smart, he's funny.
He's well a doctor.
Let's just say
he can examine me any--
Oh, Dr. Morris, perfect timing.
I was just talking about you.
Tori, we talked
about you filming in here.
Oh, I know, I know, doctor.
But this video is going to run
as part of a series
promoting women's health
across the country
and I knew I could count on you
to support
my humanitarian efforts.
Okay. I have your blood work
here and I want to--
[gasping] Doctor.
These are my Victoristas.
Nothing on
a little piece of paper
is going to tarnish
my sparkling reputation.
Wait, why?
Do I have a UTI or something?
Just given your family history,
you should look at
these results more seriously.
-[music distorting and ending]
-Wait. Why? Did you--
did you find something?
Nothing is conclusive yet.
We still need to run
a few more tests.
But with
lymphocyte levels this high...
[camera thudding]
[cheery percussive music]

This is a carcerous.
Isn't it cute?
That's one
of the most difficult plants
to maintain in this climate.
Yes, I-- I heard it's a handful.
You gotta prune it every day.
Excuse me? Tori?
Hey, girls.
-Can we get a picture?
-Of course.
-Sorry. One sec.
-Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much.
We absolutely love your channel.
Aw, you girls keep me going.
Are you posting anything soon?
Well, we're
shooting something tomorrow.
Should be up by
the end of the week.
I can't tell you what it is,
but it is a classic.
Is it gonna be
something with Ryan?
Uh, no, we are
still very much broken up.
Sorry, I just really
loved you two together.
It's all right.
Sorry to disappoint.
Have a good day girls.
BOTH: Thank you!
Sorry about that.
You were saying?
I was just saying it's
a difficult plant for beginners.
You have to prune it constantly,
rotate the mulch out.
There are a lot of details
that determine its survival.
You're right. I-- I watched
a video on the upkeep
and it seems like it's a--
it's a lot of hard work.
But I think
I'm up for the challenge.
If you say so.
[upbeat music]

[Tori sighing]
Well, you gotta start somewhere.
Look at you. You're a mess.
-I've been gardening.
-I can see that.
I can't say that it suits you.
Oh. Dang it.
I left my phone out there.
No, it's in your pants.
Oh. Can you find
a place for this?
I'll add to the hobby closet.
Okay. Just put it up front
where I can find it
because this one
is going to stick.
Okay. I got the car washed
and picked up the dry cleaning
-and package from UPS.
-Okay, great.
[Sarah chuckling]
-Hey, Ken.
-KEN: 'Sup?
Are we shooting today?
I thought we were
doing that tomorrow.
That's a Christopher question.
Either way,
we should get you cleaned up.
Do you want me to run a bath?
No, I'll just wash my face
and get out of these clothes.
Are you sure? I could easily--
SARAH: Derek. You're still here.
Hey, what's that?
Derek, honey,
what are you watching?
Right, but there's no sound.
Okay. Um, you know, we're gonna
be probably shooting here
later today,
so you're gonna have to migrate
-to one of the bedrooms, okay?
It'll be like I'm not even here.
-Hard to imagine at this point.
Stop it. He's my brother.
What am I supposed to do?
Kick him out like your mom did.
Yeah. Well,
I make a concerted effort
to avoid holding her
as my moral standard.
There he is.
Have you tweeted yet today?
-Ah, yes.
-You did not.
We made that whole list,
so all you have to
do is copy and paste.
When you are done,
go and get ready.
We should be wheels up
in an hour
if we're gonna be done
in a semi-reasonable time.
But, do we like
have to do this today?
If you want to post Friday,
we do.
-You want some coffee?
This is really
what it has come to, huh?
We aren't going
over this again, Tori.
Check the board.
That doesn't make it feel
any less icky.
Go get five million views
on this
and then you can cook up
a more original idea.
Until then, we...
Ride the trend.
Bingo. It's the way
the game is played.
We only have so much time
on this earth.
Doesn't this make you
contemplate your mortality?
No time for contemplation.
Got videos to make.
Now get in there
and put your face on.
I don't wanna be here all night.
[angelic organ music]

Full of smiles today,
aren't we, darling?
This room
always lifts my spirits.
Today, we right the ship.
Nothing to right, my dear.
Our course is true.
Tell that to our
waning viewership.
The views will come.
It's us they can't live without.
Yeah, that's not as easy
to believe as it once was.
Are you aware
that our collected works
have been viewed more
than three billion times?
More than any song, film,
sculpture, painting ever.
Do you know what that means?
It means we're big.
And always have been.
It's the platform
that got small.
You sounds like it's good.
Mic's good?
-KEN: [indistinct] solved.
CHRIS: Moments away,
moments away. Energy up, please.
-Thank you, thank you.
-Yes, thank you.
-Hi, let me look at you.
[Tori exhaling]
Hello, darlings!
Welcome to Tori Time.
By popular demand, today
we return to an old favorite.
Much to my chagrin.
But you know me.
Gotta give
my Victoristas what they want.
Which in this case is slime,
all over my face.
Sometimes, I'm confused
by this dynamic of ours.
Without further ado...
Oh, this is, uh, it's cold.
It is wet
and it's disgusting
as I predicted.
This does not taste good.
Oh. Here we are.
This is not going
to stay on its own.
So, time for the fun part.
[hair dryer whirring]
Ah, ah, ah, ah.
[hair dryer whirring]
Sarah. Sarah.
-TORI: What do you think?
Hm. You might be able
to get away with it.
But, if you want to be safe,
keep going.
[hair dryer whirring]
Look at me. I'm a monster.
What you really wanna see
is just how painful
this is gonna be to take off.
Ow. Ow.
I've made a huge mistake.
It's finding all the hairs.
How do I feel?
Let's try the nose.
Um, maybe this way? No.
Ow. Okay.
Ooh. Ooh.
Um, go get Derek.
This is what you guys
do in here all the time?
-It's cool.
-Okay, Derek.
-You think you can do this?
Get it.
-Right here.
Right. Ready? Oh, God.
Oh, oh! Oh, my God!
[Tori groaning]
Oh, my God.
[Tori wincing]
What? Is my eyebrow still there?
Please tell me
my eyebrow is still there.
It's green.
Oh, my God!
Ow. Oh, thank the Lord.
Yeah, it's my face. No, no.
You kids know the drill. Like,
subscribe, get notifications!
Thank you for joining us
on this edition of Tori Time.
The end.
[Tori sighing]
Okay. Cut it.
Just an alcohol wipe
to loosen
the residual sticky bits.
Residual sticky bits.
This is what
my life has come to.
Tell me, didn't we swear
off these videos for a reason?
CHRIS: Don't make me
point at the board.
Okay. Done.
Everything else
should come off in the shower.
Then, you rest.
Oh, are you
transferring the footage?
It will be waiting for you.
Leave it.
There's plenty of time
to finish tomorrow.
Trust me. I have no interest
in looking at it tonight.
Thank you, guys.
[Tori singing softly]
No, not tonight.
[Tori hums quietly]
-You heard from her?
-No, I assume she's sleeping.
It's after 11.
Shoots like yesterday take it
out of her
-more than they used to.
-CHRIS: 25 is the new 65.
It's been 10 years.
It's a lot.
And that's why
I try to keep her on point.
It's a business.
It needs to be treated as such.
[gentle snoring]
CHRIS: This girl.
Do you see what she was doing?
She didn't dry her hair.
This girl's
gonna catch her death.
What'd she do?
I mean, everything.
Editing, sound,
color, graphics, music.
I guess that
explains her late start.
She must have
been at it all night.
Let's let her sleep.
Do you have what you need?
I'm gonna look it over
and do some polish,
but yeah,
a thumbnail and we're done.
She can't keep this up.
Am I looking disgusted enough?
I think so.
Here. Wanna come check?
This is what you used to do?
You add the goop after?
Yeah, when I add the slime
and afterwards, I can...
Mm. Those are good,
but, uh,
let's just add a little
bit more of these in there.
Thumbnails are a game of clicks.
These get clicks.
Looks good.
When you add it in afterwards,
you can make it goopier.
SARAH: What is that?
You make the eyes bigger?
Mm-hmm. It's a subtle art.
You don't want
to go too cartoony,
but you want to give them just
enough to make them stand out.
Impressive. I guess.
Showtime. Did you tweet?
At least tell me you
have a thumbnail for me?
Coming in hot.
Ooh, Sarah.
Will you prepare the tradition?
SARAH: Of course.
CHRIS: Very nice.
Good call, including the girls.
I thought you'd
appreciate those.
Hm, only in this context.
Here we are.
Are we good to go?
Let's toast this post.
What should we toast?
To riding a trend?
To five million and beyond.
Oh, so we never
have to do it again.
TORI: Perverse creatures.
What you really want
to see is just how painful
this is gonna be to take off?
Joy. Oh. Oh, dear.
I've made a huge mistake.
Huge mistake.
Oh, my gosh.
It's finding all the hairs.
I knew I should have
shaved my mustache.
Eyebrows. Hello.
There you are.
And I guess
I'm saying goodbye to you too.
[Tori fake sobbing]
Eyebrows are for sissies anyway.
Hm. Okay. Maybe I'll go
from this direction.
No, that's worse.
[Tori sighing]
Lay in the grass.
Walk in the sun.
Stab your--
-[Tori shouting]
-[loud thud]
Oh, God.
[Tori screaming]
What am I doing out here?
[Tori shouting]
It's always the same.
It's me as a young girl
and I wade into a calm stream.
I feel the soft flow
of the water and...
I'm at peace.
And then, something changes.
I hear a low rumble
and I look back just in time
to see this...
wave crash down on me.
And I'm being washed away
by the raging river,
pulled under by the rapids.
And just as I'm about to
run out of air, I--
I wake up.
How long have you
been having this dream?
Six months, maybe.
How often?
More frequently of late.
Uh, every couple of weeks.
-They're getting more vivid too.
What do you think it means?
Well, I believe
it's your subconscious
crying out for help.
Over the last few months,
you've expressed
a growing awareness
of your compulsive need
for validation.
Is that fair?
Many of my clients
struggle with dependency
on social media validation,
you take the affliction
to a new extreme.
For most,
there's a work-life balance,
but you've tied up
your entire identity,
personal and professional,
into it,
making it your sole source
of self-worth.
That girl in your dream?
She needs a lifeline
or she is going to drown.
So, what does he want you to do?
Same diagnosis as the rest.
Take time away
from the platform.
"You are in a unique position
"to explore who
you really want to be."
Blah, blah, blah, blah,.
You don't buy it?
I mean, it's
the easy conclusion to draw.
I mean, maybe it's
the right decision for people
who get caught up, distracted
from their real lives.
But this-- this is my life.
And people view it as
something outside their control,
but it wasn't for me,
I set the trends.
I mean, look at my views.
My work has been
seen by more people
than most artists
can ever imagine.
And I have been cultivating this
for 10 years,
so I have a hard time
reconciling the fact
that I have to set
that aside to move forward.
If you want
to change that perception,
take back the narrative.
I don't see why you
don't focus on music.
It's the obvious choice.
It's not ready.
It's daunting, I get it.
I live with a musician.
But you'd be devoting yourself
to content you feel good about.
I've weathered dips before.
And we've got the big collab
with Becca next week.
Are you really doing that?
I don't like her.
She's... messy.
The views she's getting,
that's exactly what
the channel needs right now.
You're the boss.
Yeah, we can turn this around.
But if not,
at least I go down swinging.
GARDENER: Hi, guys.
So, today we're gonna
be talking about pruning.
Pruning is very important,
especially during growing season
because it helps
keep your plants healthy.
Basically, all you need to do
is grab the branch
you would like to get rid of,
get right into
the base of that plant and snip.
And voila,
you've pruned your plant.
Time to fly, diva.
Can't you see you're
interrupting my gardening?
No time for gardening.
Got videos to make.
Becca collab today.
Let's not be late.
[Tori sighing]
Don't worry, love.
-I'll be back--
-CHRIS: Did you tweet yet?
-TORI: Hi.
-CHRIS: How are you?
-WOMAN: So good, thank you.
Wow, this house is amazing.
WOMAN: Oh, you can
thank owner for that.
We just rented it this way.
Um, can I get you
anything to drink? Espresso?
CHRIS: I'm all right.
TORI: Yeah, an espresso
would be amazing
if I'm gonna keep up with Becca.
[all laughing]
Hm. False modesty is not
a good look on you, darling.
What's false about it?
Well, if I'm not mistaken,
we were invited here
to prop her up.
I don't think
she sees it that way.
Oh, ye of little faith.
[whispering] Never forget
who the real star is.
Here I am.
I know. I know.
The one you've
all been waiting for.
A million apologies
for my tardiness,
but you know
how preparations go.
Ah, let me get a look at you.
It's been way too long.
My God. You look incredible.
Thank you. You too.
So healthy.
Oh, and your face
still looks so vibrant.
What's your secret?
You been doing fillers?
Oh no, I'm still
in the body positivity--
I've had my lips done,
my cheeks
and a little bit in my chin,
but still no Botox.
[giggling] Are you proud?
WOMAN: Espresso, anyone?
Thank you.
Look at us. Twinsies.
[Becca giggling]
-Do you two know our story?
-Oh, you've told me.
This bitch was
my first YouTube friend.
We were both Pennsylvania girls.
I was just starting out.
She was my idol.
I reached out to her as a fan
and she invited me to her house.
Can you believe that?
So generous.
Oh, well, I'm happy to help.
I mean, look at you now.
I'm sorry, I don't mean
to boast, but right?
Is this not my moment?
You are on fire.
Do you know what it is?
I wish I did.
Is this your producer?
-I bet Christopher can tell me.
Uh, you run it like a business.
You run it like a business.
You see, I envy you.
Your prime was in the golden age
where it was a platform
of personality and quirky ideas.
Not anymore?
No, it's all corporate now.
All trends, all the time.
That's why your views are down.
How do you stay on top of it?
Do you know how many minimum
wage minions I keep in the back?
All they do is
comb through socials
for hot topics and keywords.
Just a business.
I don't have to kill
myself being on all the time.
Come over here.
This is just
a general release form.
It basically
gives us permission--
Oh, honey. She knows.
I'm so sorry about that.
My lawyers have been so annoying
since my little
misunderstanding last year.
Oh, for sure.
I-- I just don't
know what we're doing yet.
Oh, I'm starting this series.
It's gonna rev up to a kind
of hot seat sort of thing.
I'm gonna focus on
who has a scandal to share.
Unlike the goodiest
of all two shoes over here.
[both giggling]
That is what is
so interesting about you.
You're kind of like the OG,
but I don't think
subs ever get deep with you.
Like the real you.
Yeah, that's intentional.
You know,
I like to give them her
and keep me for me
if that makes any sense.
No, I totally get it.
I just, I know
how wonderful you are,
so if this could offer
the people a more genuine slice,
I think it could be something
that they gravitate to.
All right, let's do it.
I'm honored to
be the first guest.
I have a pretty good idea
of where I wanna take this,
so I figured if you
just sit back and let me drive,
we can focus on making things
feel conversational.
Yeah, Uh...
do you mind if we keep
the personal ish out of it?
Like especially
anything Ryan related?
Oh, my God, girl.
Have no fear.
This is all about breaking down
YouTuber misconceptions.
Changing the landscape of
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Great. Let's do it.
[Becca giggling]
[bubbly electronic music]
Hi, hi, hi, world!
Thank you
for making the pilgrimage
to the Mecca of Becca.
Today is the first
installment of something
I'd like to call
the Hot Tub Hot Seat
where I'm going to be
spilling all of the hottest tea
with all of your
favorite YouTubers.
Joining us today on
our first maiden voyage
is the one and the only...
BOTH: Tori, Tori, Tori Time.
Oh! Oh, my goodness.
I know that wasn't
the idea of the collab,
but do we not sound amazing?
Um, there is no doubt.
I smell a duet album.
Comment down below if you think
we should give it all up
and go on tour together.
Now, before we get started,
I want everyone to know
this is just such
a strange time for me.
I think I passed you
in subscribers last month,
which is a day
I thought I would never see.
[Becca giggling]
Well, that is the, uh,
the only reason I'm here
is to CG the crowd.
Oh, my God, stop.
For serious, though.
Your views have taken
a sharp hit in the last year.
And I don't say
that with any judgment.
The quality of your content
is still fantastic.
I just don't understand it.
And I was wondering
if you had any
insight on why that would be?
Yeah, from my understanding, uh,
when they do a big adjustment
in the algorithm,
it can throw off
your core viewership.
But when you've been at it,
as long as I have,
you learn to trust the process.
You know,
I can't help but wonder
if that might be
part of the problem.
You made your bones
targeting a younger demographic.
Now, you are growing up.
Those legacy subs
are growing up,
but the content isn't.
The younger demographic is a--
is a big chunk of my audience.
You know, I would worry
about aging out of that world.
Well, I mean, I was hoping for
a few more fruitful years before
being sent out to pasture.
Oh, my God.
You are the worst.
I will have no talk of an
untimely demise in my hot tub.
Yes, yes, yes.
Keep it light.
Although, I am sweating
a little bit more
than I expected
to in this hot tub.
Girl, I do not play.
One more thing
before we move on.
From doing
a little bit of digging
in the blogs and comments.
Oh, yes.
My preferred publications.
A lot of people seem to think
that the genesis
of your song had something to do
with your ex-boyfriend
starting his channel.
What was his name?
-Oh, right, Ryan.
You two were so cute together,
but a lot of people
seem to think that...
-[audio muffling]
-[water gurgling]
[Tori breathing]
[muffled speech]
Um, wow.
Do you think there's truth
to that?
I mean, I was definitely
trying to help his channel
get up and running.
I mean, the same
way I helped yours.
Uh, but I--
I wouldn't say that it--
it took away from my own stuff,
my own work.
You know, I-- I'm just trying
to find a throughline.
BECCA: From my perspective,
it seems like you
got a little bit ruffled
when you started your makeup
line and it didn't really land.
I feel like you were trying
to start something new.
And then, it kind of scared you
back into your YouTube lane.
-TORI: I don't think so.
-BECCA: Really?
BECCA: I see that with
YouTubers all the time.
Fear of losing what they have
keeps them from expanding
into anything new.
TORI: You know, at that time,
I was, uh--
You know, I was really
consumed by--
Hello, darlings.
I think I have
found my new look.
Are you ready?
Ta-da. Is it fabulous?
I mean, I will say it's
a little risqu and breezy for
that matter, but I just
don't see how it won't work.
Excuse me. Um,
what are you two--
Stop it. That's not--
Guys, this isn't fai--
[whistle blows]
This may not work.
Cut, please.
Pick nine cards
but with your left hand.
Three for the past,
- three for the present and--
- Three for the future.
You became
independent very young.
There was pain
in this prosperity
that pushed you away
from friends and family.
The pentacles, there are people.
Always surrounded,
but you don't let anyone in.
This card, it's reversed.
It's cynicism
regarding others' intentions.
You fear
their interest in you stems
from their own selfish desires.
You aren't wrong, in most cases.
Now, the tower is
crumbling at your foundations.
The swords are a crossroads.
You must make a choice.
Help is coming but
from unexpected places.
You'll have to drop your guard.
I see a new
path fraught with trials.
A traveler bringing clarity.
This does lead somewhere.
But where are you?
Pick another card.
Stay calm.
It is easy to see death
and destruction in this card.
But that is
not the only reading.
It can mean
the end of a chapter,
into something new.
Okay, but...
it can also mean
death and destruction, right?
Wyatt has a big
show this weekend.
I know you're a recluse,
but I'm convinced
you'd love [indistinct].
Okay. You're
going to eat that thing.
I drove all the way
over here to cheer you up with
this breakfast
pizza monstrosity.
You need to snap out of this.
It couldn't be more clear.
It is time to
close this chapter.
You get to
do it on your own terms,
using the foundation
you've already built.
I hate to tell you, but you
have it easier than-- What?
I think I left my phone.
It's right here.
Oh, that's why
I keep you around.
Oh, my God.
Are you Tori Time?
- Hi.
- Mom, give me a pen.
Oh, my gosh.
Cassie, Jesus.
I have to get your autograph.
Yeah, of course.
Oh, yes.
Can you make it out to Cassie?
Are you a subscriber, Cassie?
Honestly, I don't
watch you much anymore.
But my friend is dead ass
going to die when she sees this.
That's nice.
Here you go.
Wow, you are so much
chiller than I expected.
What did you expect?
I thought you'd be all loud and
obnoxious like on your channel.
Anyway, thanks.
Okay. Let this be a sign.
Pivoting from
that demographic isn't all bad.
Yeah, you'd think.
[machine whirring]
Hey, Tori,
go ahead and relax.
Hold as still as you can.
Normal breathing,
we'll be done in no time.
[fading honk]
Why the long face, darling?
You know why.
The lioness
does not concern herself
with the opinions of sheep.
You just, you--
you keep saying things
like that as if-- as if
we have a leg to stand on.
But you're not a lioness.
Everyone is laughing at us.
It is just a game.
An ebb and flow.
Remember the mob is fickle.
The only thing they love
more than watching a hero fall
is finding one that possesses
the constitution to rise again.

What the--?
Oh, boy.
Hey, [indistinct].
What are you doing here?
I just, you know,
came to check on you.
That's random.
Here, these are for you.
Thank you.
Sweeties. Your favorite.
Yeah, they're purple.
Uh, I'm sorry,
I just, I haven't heard
from you in like,
what, eight months?
I know.
I've missed you.
It seemed like the best
idea was to keep our distance,
but I couldn't, with
everything you're going through.
What do you-- what do you mean?
This crap with
Becca and your channel.
I know you.
I know you're hurting
and it broke my heart
to think you might feel like
I'm not here for you.
Are you?
I am.
I want you to know that I'll
always be there if you need me.
What is-- What is that?
Uh, who knows?
- Why don't we go--
- No, no, no, no.
- Is that-- is that Raymond?
- What?
- No, I don't--
- Oh my God.
- Are you serious?
- Vic, babe--
- What are you talking about?
- No, babe.
What is this?
Solid content for your TikTok?
It isn't like that. You know
I don't mess with TikTok.
Oh, my God.
- This is not a joke!
- Oh! What--
- Asshole, this is my place!
- What?
[video camera whirring]
[door slams shut]
- Tell me you got that?
- I got all of it, bro!
I was ready
to kill you when you fell.
But I'll be damned
if that didn't turn out
1,000 times
better than we planned.
But she got you full on,
Like, she just
smacked you so hard, dude.
Oh, man.
She gave me a concussion.
It was worth it.
Come on,
let's get the hell out of here.
[gasping] Ah!
[soft sentimental music]
his reservation was for
six and he shows up
at 7:45 like
- nothing was wrong.
- SARAH: That's horrible.
completely ridiculous.
So incredibly rude.
- SARAH: Well, hello.
- Good morning.
Ready and raring to go
- Do you want some coffee?
- No, no, no. Sit first.
May I presume
this early start has
already provided
you the opportunity to tweet?
- It has.
- Is everything all right?
We are all aware
that change has long been coming
and I am ready
to pull that trigger.
I want to record my song.
Make a music video
and post it on my channel.
Good for you.
I was thinking
we build it up with teases
and contests on other
platforms over the next
couple of weeks as
we put it all together.
That's perfect.
We can start
introducing your audience
- to the idea of you as in--
- Christopher?
I sense
you don't like that idea.
I'm happy for you.
I know this is
something you've wanted to do,
but I don't
know if I'm up for it.
- What do you mean?
- Sarah, it's okay.
You think it's the wrong play?
From a social
media strategy standpoint?
- Absolutely.
- Okay.
Then what would you have me do?
- Make a response video.
- You know she isn't going to.
I know-- I know it goes
against the no drama policy,
but we're already
in the thick of it.
Thanks to Becca and Ryan.
Our side of the story is
a surefire way to capitalize
on our trending status,
which is what you really
need to make
the move into music.
- We can do this simultaneously.
- Christopher...
sorry, but I'm not gonna do it.
I know.
So what?
Are you gonna quit?
I have an offer on the table.
Another channel?
Oh, you have got to be kidding.
I wasn't planning on taking it.
Yeah. Well, this made
it real easy for you, didn't it?
Maybe you forgot
that you weren't a YouTube
producer until
she took a chance on you.
- You little piece of shit.
- Sarah. Sarah.
I think I'll take
that cup of coffee now.
You're a good producer.
I'd be lying if I said
that this didn't sting,
but it's the right move for you.
Thank you.
I want you to
know that I really do
appreciate everything
you've done for me.
- And if you want I can--
- No, you should go.
[door opens]
[door closes]
I don't know what
Jedi Zen you pull from
but you let
him off way too easy.
You expect too much from people.
No, that is what you have
come to expect from people.
And so you
have to hold it all in.
It's not good for you.
All right.
So where does this leave us?
We need a song.
I've got lyrics and ideas,
but I need--
You don't need
a YouTube producer for that.
You want music, you come to me.

You guys have, uh, really
made this place your own, huh?
SARAH: We do what we can.
What? Is this you?
SARAH: Yeah,
I used to do live art.
Brave soul.
Hey, did I leave my phone
over there?
SARAH: Yes, dear.
It's on the table.
What is the word on the bird?
I did not take
you for an animal person.
SARAH: I'm not.
Ah, Here it is.
Feathers was pawned
off on me when my friend
moved to New York last year.
Why don't you just let him go?
Oh, I try every day.
He just comes back.
Back to the cage?
I dream of a place
where you and I can go
Let's take a flight
as we wave
To all the passers-by who
didn't believe in you and I
It's good, right?
Wyatt wrote this?
He wrote
it for this young singer.
She released it as
a single, got signed,
and left him in the dust.
And you tell me to
expect more from people.
No, I tell you to
hold them accountable.
And trust me
she heard from us about it.
[man singing in background]
- Oh, Lord. Is it Tuesday?
- [chuckling] I think so.
All right. He's gonna
have tacos and he'll be singing.
It's gonna be a thing.
Just prepare yourself.
Makes me scream,
take a bite
It tastes just right
on Taco Tuesday
I want to put tacos
in my bed
Ooh, thank you, my dear.
Tell me,
have you noticed...
the strange woman
in our dining hall?
Yes. That would be Tori.
- Tori, my--
- The employer.
Tori the employer
who I've have met several times
and is always so very lovely.
Oh, isn't he well-trained?
More importantly.
Does she require sustenance?
- Because...
- What?
Several of the tacos
were misplaced on the way here.
- You punk.
- I was robbed.
- You can't wait?
- It was a very big knife.
- Tori?
- No, thank you.
Tori's here to talk about
a song she's working on.
- Really?
- Yeah. Now you're interested.
Well, tell me Tori the employer.
Do you mind
if we converse post-feast?
Oh, I couldn't
imagine getting in the way.
- [thudding]
- I told you I liked her.
- I love her. I adore her.
- [laughing]
Look at us, huh?
Oh, dear
how I long for a place
The lyrics are solid.
You've been tuning
that for a minute, huh?
A couple of years, actually.
Yeah. There's
like a duality to it.
It comes in sad and slow
at the beginning, the verse.
Then we kind
of pump it up at the chorus.
Feels like we slow
back down at the end.
You know,
but we turn that pain into
something a little bit more...
Soulful. I don't know.
You know, it's rough.
But is that the general
direction you're thinking?
Yeah, it sounds--
it sounds great.
What did I tell you?
Who needs a producer?
- You want another one, babe?
- Mhm.
Okay. That's not gonna work.
Why don't you use the hook
you were trying on limelight?
No, I don't think that's,
I don't think...
- What's the limelight?
- It's another song.
He had this great idea for it,
- but he couldn't make it fit.
- Oh.
it's in a different tempo,
but that does not sound bad.
Okay. You hear that Tori?
I'm gonna go
high from the bridge.
- All right?
- Okay.
Okay. Let's try one.
Do you think
you can follow my lead?
You mean like me singing?
Yeah, it's your song.
Yeah. Yeah.
I-- I can try.
All right. Great.
So I'll take the first
verse so you can get the melody.
Then you pick up on the chorus.
Just watch me for verse
two for pacing. Got it?
- Okay. So I-- I-- I sing--
- Join in on the first chorus
and sing with him
the rest of the way.
- Okay. Yeah. Sorry.
- All right. Let's go for it.
One, two, three, four.
Oh dear how I long
for a place
To be free from the space
From a face
in this captivity
And the walls keep
building up for me
Go slow, not too close
to see the real me
'Cause I've lost somebody,
won't you try and help me?
Find her in the shadows of
this clouded world of mine
I'm always searching
Feels like my
heart's wrenching
See that I have vanished
from the girl I used to be
Oh, dear, I'm afraid
that I'm never enough
To cure and I'm sure
the intentions of those
I'll push you away
before you get the chance
Fear is too deep,
put me out of this trance
'Cause I've lost somebody,
won't you try and find me?
Wandering in the shadows of
this clouded world of mine
I'm always searching
Feels like my
heart's wrenching
See that I have vanished
from the girl I used to be
Look at the camera and
smile for me
Lock up these
feelings and lose the key
I won't lose sight of
the search for peace
Turning my back
for a sense of relief
'Cause I met somebody,
won't you try and find me?
Wandering in the shadows of
this clouded world of mine
I'm always searching
Feels like
my heart's wrenching
See that I have vanished
from the girl I used to be
Well, shit.
- Was it--? [chuckling]
- Yeah.
That sounds like a song, Tori.
[door opens, closes]
[prayer bench slams]
[clears throat]
Uh, dear Father.
Um, sorry, I'm so new to this.
I don't even know
if I'm doing this right, um...
I'm sure you are
busy with a lot more important
things than a YouTube channel,
but I could really
use your help on this one.
I made a music
video for a song
that I wrote and, um,
well, I tried to put
a little bit more of myself
back into this one
and that felt right.
It seems like authenticity
would be something
you'd approve of and I really
tried to hit that mark.
So, I mean,
it would be amazing affirmation
if this video performed.
Then you could,
you know, go back to
dumping on my channel after.
Not that you'd concern yourself
with such trivial matters.
Um, anyway,
thanks for listening.
Uh, please help.
'Cause I've lost somebody,
won't you try and help me?
Find her in the shadows
of this clouded world of mine
I'm always searching
Feels like my
heart's wrenching
See that I have vanished
from the girl I used to be
[muffled song]
There you are.
Come on, girl,
your livestream
starts in a few--
What are you doing?
Tori. Tori! Give me those.
What is this? Your flowers.
It's just a little trimming.
Come here.
You're so warm.
You need to snap out of this.
I know you're scared.
It's the first
step of a long journey,
but there's
gonna be ups and downs--
Hey. What's going on here?
What do you want?
I was always
rooting for you two.
Derek, get the hell out of here.
I'll be inside.
Hey, this livestream
I'm about to cancel
is supposed
to promote your music.
No, no, no, don't cancel.
I'll go give the people
what they don't want.
Are you sure?
This might not be
the best time right now.
You know,
I just realized something.
I pay you to spend
your days with me and
you're the closest
thing I have to a friend.
How are we today--?
Well, this certainly
is a new look.
We're rebranding, aren't we?
Hm. You're being crass, my dear.
I'm all for casual,
but it wouldn't hurt to
wipe a little
dirt off your face.
- It doesn't matter.
- You're right. It doesn't.
All you have
to do is smile and shine.
That's my girl.
Hello, darlings.
Welcome to my live stream.
I hope you all saw my new music
video that dropped last week.
I am here to give my
Victoristas a little scoop
on this new phase of my career.
Uh-- Ooh, the questions
are rolling in.
So without further ado...
Oh, this is
a good one to start on.
"Why are you so dirty?"
Ooh, yeah.
A question many
have sought the answer
to over the years,
but no one has cracked it yet.
"Are you still
going to post on YouTube?"
Well, I would
like to record a full
album which would monopolize
a lot of my time.
But you know, if I do have
a good idea in the midst of it,
then I will definitely
carve out time to record.
Slime is a hot commodity.
I get a lot of
requests for facials.
Oh, wait a minute.
That doesn't sound right.
If I had to
pick a celebrity crush?
Sponge Bob.
A lot of Ryan questions.
Skip right past those.
No music questions yet?
I have become
an amateur gardener.
Hence the look. I guess
I should have kept my visor on.
Everybody is
so worried about me.
Um, thank you, I guess for
your concern, but I-- I am good.
Becca and I will handle
things as YouTubers do.
Knives at dawn.
I did play the tuba
for about three weeks
in elementary school.
I'm not counting
that as a music question,
by the way.
Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.
I guess I should
have had him
come do this for me.
I have been singing
since I was a little girl.
So, uh, me wanting to
push into that space has
nothing to do with
the performance of my channel.
"My energy seems off."
I-- I don't
know what to tell you.
It's-- it's been a long day
and yet here I am,
keeping, it real with y'all.
So maybe-- maybe
stop asking about Ryan.
I mean, you saw what he did.
Is that someone who--
who has any ounce of
care for me or-- or someone
that I should be
future prospects with?
Any other music
questions out there?
Any-- any music questions?
"Does she do music now?"
Not really.
You know, it feels
really silly to complain.
She's given me everything
I thought I needed.
Something fun...
something I was
actually good at.
But I'm--
I'm not driving anymore.
The expectation
is her all the time.
People I'm close to. Even you.
All you see is
what you can take from her.
I'm so... [sobbing]
I-- I boxed--
I boxed myself into this
and I am so aware of
the walls closing in.
[whimpers, cries]
I was so scared of letting go.
So what am I without her?
I'm-- I'm nothing.
[loud thud]
-[camera thudding]
Uh, hey guys.
My name is Vicky
and today I'm gonna be
showing you how to get, um,
a wing tip with your eyeliner.
Um, I've been watching a lot of
tutorials here and I don't know,
I just found them
really helpful.
But I couldn't find one on
how to do this.
So, um, I taught myself,
and a lot of people at school
were asking me how I did it.
Uh, so I don't know,
I just thought maybe
I would make this video and
it could help someone out there.
So, um, without further ado,
[echoing] you're going
to take your eyeliner.
[soothing music]
[bird chirps]

[Tori hums]
Look at the camera
and smile for me
Lock up these feelings
and lose the key
I won't lose sight of
the search for peace
Turning my back
for a sense of release
[Sayer applauding] Bravo.
Sorry. Didn't see you there.
Are you a singer?
-I wouldn't say that.
-You're struggling with it.
I can tell from your song.
Did you write that?
You see.
You're living the dream.
[sighs] I think
you and I have different
definitions of the dream.
Have a nice day.
Okay. Look, I'm sure
it's hard to see, you know,
from the inside out that, uh,
artists incubation period.
It's an important part of
the journey.
-My incubation?
The struggle, the failures.
They sharpen you.
Your best work is actually gonna
come out at moments like this,
but you have to make it through.
That's the deal.
Embrace the suffering.
[scoffs] I'm embracing it,
believe me.
[chuckling] Yeah.
So what's your name?
-My name?
Victoria from
the Latin root victory.
All these signs
and you still worry.
Look, your, uh,
your persistence is admirable.
-Mister, uh?
Sayer, um, it's been lovely
talking to you Sayer,
but I think my path
to self-reflection is best
to travelled alone.
You can't be rid of me so fast.
-Can't I?
Okay. Check it out.
I woke up three years ago
and I realized
I've lived my entire life
in Nebraska.
-Have you ever been?
Okay, no place to live
an entire life.
So I decided to join
the army and look,
they even gave me a cool medal.
It's a distinguished
service cross.
I got it in Afghanistan.
You know what for?
Distinguished service?
Nothing gets by you.
I was hoping you'd be
a little more impressed.
Anyways, after I got discharged,
I decided I was gonna blow
all my money on this trip
to see the country.
And this is my last day
in California.
I'm getting on
that midnight train tonight.
But when the universe
sends you a sign,
it is a sin to leave it
[scoffs] I'm sorry. Did I-- did
I miss a sign from the universe?
An enchanting siren serenading
me in the lush gardens?
-Is that how it was?
I mean, the universe
has never been more clear.
I would be a fool to let you
just walk away.
[scoffs] So what? You wanna--
you wanna walk with me?
I really don't see
what you stand to gain
from this experience.
You're looking
at everything all wrong.
You have a grandmother?
[soft music]
Not anymore, but I am
familiar with the concept.
Well, mine was
a funny little old woman
who lived at the base of
this mountain.
And every Sunday morning
without fail,
she would wake up before dawn,
she would grab her flashlight
and she'd hike all the way
to the top of that mountain.
And I was a young boy.
I was like, grandma,
why do you do this?
And she would say, Sayer,
to get closer to the ocean.
This didn't make any sense.
And I'm ashamed to say,
I attempted it a few times
myself as a young man, but
never could make it to the top.
And then when my grandma,
she passed away a few years ago,
we all gathered at her house.
I just got struck
with this feeling.
And so that next morning
I woke up before dawn
and I grabbed her flashlight
and I hiked all the way
to the top of that mountain.
And lo and behold that crest
flattens into a valley
that extends all the way
to the ocean.
And I got up there
just in time
to watch the sun rise
above the water.
It sounds beautiful.
It was. My grandma,
she was very wise.
She wanted me to understand for
myself that sometimes you have
to reach the end of your journey
to see the full picture.
Well, I hope you learned
your lesson.
You see how this story applies?
Yes. Yeah,
it's quite applicable.
This way?
Yeah. Let's go.
[bird chirps]
And that's the idea, meander.
Make all the big stops
like New York and Chicago.
Anything in between,
just something out the window.
Passing by.
Get off and explore.
Yeah, I could not do that.
My trips are regimented,
scheduled, itinerarized.
that's the postcard approach.
To get the true essence of
a place you need to get off
and explore those nooks
and crannies for yourself.
Okay. So what's the verdict
of the essence of L.A.?
Without the beautiful weather
and the beaches?
-It's ugly.
Pockets of skyscrapers
connecting to dirty strip malls,
concrete everywhere.
No history.
Even the nice places,
they kind of feel like a mirage.
I felt the same way
when I first moved here.
I had a lot of meetings
and interviews
around town and I knew no one.
It was a lot.
Well, something made you stay.
[gentle music]
[sighs] Yeah.
To-- to get my bearings,
I would drive around late
at night.
And I would take the 110
which runs you straight
through the heart of downtown.
People know downtown as this,
just nightmare and rightly
so it's no fun during the day.
But at night
as you pass underneath,
the buildings just...
hang over you.
And it feels like you're
crossing a threshold into--
into something bigger.
I-- I don't know.
I like that.
I missed that part of the tour.
Yeah. Well,
you'll have your chance.
You're going to Union Station
later tonight.
Excuse me, cab driver,
take me across the threshold.
[Tori laughing]
Oh, I love these.
I used to have one. It just
wasn't as robust as this.
You're probably
at lower elevation.
They grow better up high.
Aren't you full of surprises?
I worked for a landscaper
one summer.
-Best summer of my life.
I mean,
working outside in the dirt.
Then there's the design element.
I'm thinking about coming back
to it one of these days.
-Oh, in, uh, in real life?
-Yeah. Just not quite yet.
I promised my dad I'd go back
and work for him for a while.
Oh, what does he do?
He, uh, runs a printing company.
-[laughing] My thoughts exactly.
No, I mean, it's--
it's good that you can help.
Just have an exit strategy.
You know, don't get pulled too
far down someone else's path.
It'll-- it'll put your fire out.
-[crack] Oh.
-Oh, are you okay?
Yeah, no. It's my ankle.
It happens a lot, actually.
Here. Hands, there we go.
-You okay helping me down?
All right.
[grunting] All right.
I just need to adjust my shoe
here and we'll be right as rain.
I thought I was gonna have
to carry you out of here
for a second.
And yet the brave artist
valiantly leapt into action.
[chuckling] No, I think
there's a stronger argument
for us artists being cowards.
-How dare you?
-I'm sorry. But it's true.
I mean,
holding on to this fantasy
because they're scared
of real-world inadequacy.
There's this French
novelist named Balzac.
I know super pretentious,
but he has this wonderful idea
he explores.
And it's all about
why society lavishes
the same rewards on artists
and generals equally.
And you see,
the artist has to throw
themselves into their work.
Unrelentingly like
a soldier into the breach.
Or else their work will perish,
never to be fully realized.
Bringing the artist
face to face
with the crippling suicide of
their own talent.
And if the artist is
aware of these stakes,
but yet persists on their path.
-I mean...
-[metal clanks]
[sighs] wouldn't that make
him brave by default?
You know,
I think the thing that resonated
with me most was what you said
at the top which was, um...
oh, how pretentious it was.
[both laughing]
-We need a photo.
-Of you and I?
-Oh, yeah.
One photo that encapsulates
this entire walk.
And this archway is
the perfect place to do it.
Oh, excuse me, sir.
Hey, do you mind taking
a picture of us? There.
Just that button there and just
uh, make sure to get it all in?
So what are you--
what are you looking for?
All right, we're gonna stand
here, stand straight next to me.
-Stiffen up like a board, right?
Like middle schoolers
at when [indistinct].
Oh. I like that note.
I can do that.
Okay, sir.
We are ready.
-No smiles.
-No, of course not.
-[camera clicks]
Oh, hold on, sorry, one more.
[both clearing throat]
[emotional music]
[camera clicks]
[bird chirps]
[sighs, clearing throat]
You know, it's such a shame.
I feel like there was
so much left unexplored.
What will you do?
They're gonna let me call
a taxi so I'll just head on
down to the station.
Yeah, but you're gonna be there
kind of early.
Yeah, but I have time
to find my platform.
Get a bite to eat.
You could, um,
I could give you a ride.
No, no. Come on.
Our little deal was just
guidance in the gardens.
-That's it.
-Yeah, but I can't let you take
a taxi now.
I appreciate you,
but I don't want to steal
any more of your time.
All right.
Yeah, I just think your-- your
grandma would be disappointed.
You not seeing things
through to the end at all.
[upbeat instrumental music]
Have you noticed that I--
I haven't asked about your leg?
I have. It's quite remarkable.
Can I assume
that I now hold the record?
-By far.
-Good. Good.
I just-- I want to make sure
before we get to the station.
May I assume that means
you have no interest
in hearing the story?
Oh, no. No, not at all.
I mean, not unless like
you want to tell me.
There isn't much to it really.
Um, we were out on patrol in
this remote township
in Afghanistan.
And we all of a sudden
just started getting shelled.
And I had to retreat
and when we looked back,
I saw our translator
got pinned down out there.
So I ran back out there to get
him and the next thing I knew.
-[imitates explosion]
And now I am the bionic man.
[metal clanks]
Sounds brave to me.
I don't know.
Sometimes I feel like a fraud.
If you don't feel like a hero,
where does that
leave the rest of us?
I get it.
I just have this gnawing
sense of resentment,
I can't seem to shake.
[emotional music]
I know I did the right thing
but I can't help but question
if I would do it again.
Even wishing I hadn't.
Knowing what
that would have meant.
It's sickly, self-serving.
Not very heroic.
Look, I-- I have no
understanding of
what you've been through.
But I know that most of us
struggle to stay true
to ourselves every day,
even in the small moments.
And I really hate thinking of
you looking back with regret.
Because no matter
how you feel about it now,
the choice that you made in
that moment, that's who you are.
What about you?
Huh? Who are you, really?
What? Was that a bad question?
No, no, I just, uh,
look at where we are.
Oh. Oh, man. Is this it?
-This is it.
-This is the threshold.
-[chuckling] Yeah.
-The threshold.
-This is me.
-Yeah, I guess we made it.
Sure did.
Oh, pull it together
Lady Victoria.
-Jeez, we just met.
It's not you.
It's, um, it's just goodbyes.
Goodbye? Oh, no, hold on.
We made a deal, remember?
Right. Yeah, we're gonna meet
again and become pen pals.
I've always wanted a pen pal.
It's just that the odds
really aren't in our favor.
Well, then we're gonna
defy those odds.
If not in this life, in another.
This whole day, not an ounce of
optimism has rubbed off on you?
I'm immune.
[sentimental music]
I'm very glad to have met you.
Good luck on your incubation.
Don't forget
about my grandmother.
How could I?
[sniffles] God, I'm a mess.
[cell phone rings]
Where have you been, my dear?
I've been worried sick.
I've been out.
I can see you're still
reveling in your victory.
And what victory is that?
[sighs] Look, darling.
I can admit when I was wrong.
And this cinema verit
look worked magic
I could never have imagined.
But don't you think
we should clean it up a bit,
at some point?
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
-Oh, the stream.
-The live stream?
[laughing] You don't know.
Will, you just... Know what?
I tried to tell you.
[soft tense music]
A true star shines brightest
in the darkest hour.
[uplifting instrumental music]
[indistinct music]
[train horn blares]
[on the phone]
Because I brought the mighty
Won't you try to help me
Find her in the shadows
of this clouded world of mine
Now that we're back
where we belong.
Let's get back to work.
Hey, no. What?
From the girl
I used to be
Look at the camera
and smile for me
Lock up these feelings
and lose the key
But I won't lose sight of
the search for peace
[music stops]
[mellow music]
[train bell dings]
'Cause I'm that somebody
Won't you try and find me
Haunted by the shadows of
this clouded world of mine
I'm always searching
Feels like
my heart's wrenching
To see that I have finished
From the girl I used to be
I used to be
Thank you for joining us
on this edition of Tori Time.
The end.
[engine stops]
[fireworks popping]
["How I'm made"]
It's Becca, bitches.
I'm the best
at throwing shade
Blow your mind like
a hand grenade
All the hate
just fade away
Who I am is how I'm made
Leave the fakeness
at the door
We all know
what you came here for
See the girl
who runs the game
It's who I am,
it's how I'm made
Say my name
Let it sink into your brain
Drive in the fast lane
we won't stop
I'm trying [indistinct]
Because we're famous
And looking gorgeous
Make it hot
Make it pop
["Used to be" by
Taylor Joree Scorse]
Oh dear, how I've longed
for a place to be free
From this space,
from this face
And this captivity
And the walls keep building up
for me
Go slow, not too close
to see the real me
'Cause I've lost somebody
Won't you try and help me?
Find her in the shadows of
this clouded world of mine
I'm always searching feels
like my heart's wrenching
To see that I have vanished
from the girl I used to be
Oh, dear, I'm afraid
that I'm never enough
Insecure and unsure of
the intentions of others
I'll push you away
before you get the chance
The fear is too deep
pull me out of this trance
'Cause I've lost somebody
Won't you try and help me?
Find her in the shadows of
this clouded world of mine
I'm always searching feels
like my heart's wrenching
To see that I have vanished
From the girl I used to be
Look at the camera
and smile for me
Lock up these feelings
and lose the key
But I won't lose sight of
the search for peace
I'm turning my back
for a sense of relief
'Cause I'm that somebody
Won't you try and find me?
Haunted in the shadows of
this clouded world of mine
I'm always searching feels
like my heart's wrenching
To see that I have vanished
from the girl I used to be
I used to be