Under the Red Robe (1937) Movie Script

Room for His Eminence!
What's happened?
- He doesn't want us!
- He never spoke to a soul!
Isn't he going to give an audience?
Are you going in like that?
No. I'm going in like this.
Who is he?
He's called 'The Black Death'.
Because that's who he is.
He's here! The Black Death.
I hope the cardinal will have him hanged!
Are you sure you woudn't miss me?
Here to behold, the famous duelist.
A good swordsman?
Open that, will you?
Where did you find your Englishman?
I overtook him fifty miles from Cologne.
What did he say?
Nothing, Your Eminence.
Typically English.
What did he do?
Fought, Your Eminence.
Typically English. And then?
We had an excellent fight, Your Eminence.
Did you leave him dead?
Not very. He was cursing heartily.
Cursing? A futile exercise, my friend.
Wildy practiced, but entirely ineffectual.
Even if one happens to be a churchman?
And does it for pleasure?
With that tongue, you might've
made a churchman yourself.
My life has been full
of narrow escapes, sir.
There's your money.
I suppose you'll rush to the tables
and lose it all.
Oh, no, Your Eminence. I'll rush
to the tables and double it.
You heard I had issued
an edict against dueling.
No, Your Eminence. I was away.
Fighting was by Your Eminence's orders.
That was in the service of France.
Four thousand noblemen
were killed in duels last year.
My own brother among them.
I am determined to put an end to it.
I mean this, Berault.
If I fight from sheer force of habit?
I'll have you hanged.
Trying to get English money
for a general riot.
Find Rivarolle!
I saw them with Simourelle in my anteroom.
Yes, Your Reverence.
The Count of Montgomery is here, too.
- Arrest him.
- Yes, Your Reverence.
Yes, Josef. They will hang.
Tell me I am ruthless.
You are ruthless.
Tell me I am cruel.
- You are.
- And rightly!
These men are traitors!
Followers of that arch-traitor,
the Duke of Foix!
Plotting the ruin of all of
our soil for over ten years!
The build-up!
At this very moment,
he is across the Spanish border.
Enlisting troops for a general rising.
And his friends are trying to raise money
in England to support him.
If I am not cruel, we shall have
the south in flames again.
And civil war in France.
Count of Montgomery, by order of His
Eminence, the Cardinal, I arrest you.
There stands a tale up in the town
with a fa-la-la and a fa-di-riddle
Where lives a priest
of high renown
With a fa-la-la and a fa-di-riddle!
He keeps the orchard fair to see
Where dead men hang from every tree
And fairly sure he did decree
- With a fa-la-la
- and a fa-di-riddle!
With a fa-la-di!
Marked cards!
Marked cards!
Marked cards?
Show me the marks.
I've lost everything!
They must be marked!
Show me the marks.
You calling me a cheat?
Don't! Dueling is forbidden!
Remember the cardinal's edict?
Stop, or I'll flog you to the tree.
It's suicide!
Leave me alone!
- He didn't want to fight.
- Never even had a chance.
- You butcher!
- You can't count!
A murderer, that's what you are!
Yes, yes, yes! That's you!
The cardinal's guard.
Your sword, please.
You know the penalty for dueling.
Your Eminence...
What is it?
A letter from Gil de Berault
with all speed.
Read it.
'Would you hang the dog
that kills the rat?'
He presumes on, quite severely.
There have been many, Your Eminence.
I know.
That is why I warned him.
Gil de Berault!
Your time has come.
Was my letter dispatched?
No answer?
'Hang him. '
Two sixes!
My lucky day!
Think so?
You saw my last roll.
Yes, but it was your last roll.
Well, it's alright.
Hell's going to be a dark place.
Marquis du Mareil!
Count du Montgomery!
From the city marshal of Foix.
'The City Marshal of Foix reports that he
is informed by a reliable agent that... '
Go on.
'The City Marshal of Foix reports...
...that he is informed by a reliable
agent that the Duke de Foix...
- ... visited the castle. '
- And?
- 'And left again for the Spanish border. '
- What?
Those damned idiots!
I've got troops posted all along
the border and they've let him slip again!
Once they lay hands on de Foix,
then France is saved.
He's the head in front
of the whole movement.
And without him, all the rest alike.
Sheep without a shepherd!
But he comes and goes as he likes.
He propels his rising at his own leisure.
And every day, my position weakens,
my influence wanes.
Couldn't you occupy his castle?
Arrest his womenfolk?
Yes, and set the whole countryside in
a blaze and lose my one chance...
...to lay this scoundrel by the heels?
His wife and sisters...
Where a whole regiment would have failed,
one man might succeed.
He would have to be a clever man.
There may be time!
Call Rivarolle!
Gil de Berault!
Gil de Berault!
Gil de Berault!
Come down.
By order of the cardinal.
To His Eminence Berault.
Captain, please tell your men to conduct
me to my friend, the cardinal.
Show this gentleman
the way to the cardinal.
I'm afraid your sentence is suspended.
Better my sentence than myself,
Your Eminence.
I'm not so sure of that.
But I am going to give you
a chance to prove it.
By serving France as you
have never served her before.
Not another duel, Your Eminence?
Yes. Of wits.
I'm asking you to succeed
where an army has failed.
You mentioned this.
You know the duke's castle in Foix?
All the better. The duke's wife and sister
live in the castle.
He visits them from time to time.
You will gain access to this castle
and you will win their confidence.
I don't care how.
You will arrest the duke
and bring him to Paris.
Will you try it?
Try? The Eminence may consider it done.
Don't be too certain.
Should they find you out, you'll be lucky
if they give you a quick death.
If you fail me...
I can promise you a slow one.
Bring this man to me
and your sentence shall be cancelled.
Father Josef will give you
all the money you require.
You will need someone with you.
Your Eminence?
Your Honor...
He doesn't please you.
I prefer to work alone.
If I know Marius,
he'll follow you like a dog.
If I know him Your Eminence,
he'll trail me like a hound.
Both, I hope. Josef,
give him the money.
Now go.
And bring the Duke of Foix to me.
One moment, sir.
You know the army, I suppose?
Can you ride?
Yes, sir!
Can you use your hands?
You'd be surprised.
The sooner we start, the better.
What time is it?
It's ten o'clock.
Hey, hey, hey, that's my watch!
- Yes, sir.
- Where did you find it?
In your pocket.
- When?
- When you asked if I could use my hands.
The devil you did!
Give it to me.
From where?
Where is it then?
In your pocket.
In my pocket?
I told you you'd be surprised.
Shall I keep the money or will you?
Keep it. It'll save time.
Open the door!
- We have no room.
- See to the horses.
- We have no room!
- See to the horses!
Could one of your people
guide me to the market, sire?
You're better ask them.
Who wants to earn a couple of crowns?
Is it my imagination or is there
a certain lack of enthusiasm?
We don't like strangers here.
Well, you don't have to poison them.
You are the Duke of Foix's people,
aren't you?
We are.
And he is in Spain?
He might be.
Do I cross the river to reach the castle?
Which road do I take?
You'll take the road home
if you've got any sense!
Certain men live long.
Not here.
Here we are.
But we'll never get across alive!
I might.
But... I can't!
That's why I'm going to cross here.
What should I tell the cardinal?
Say the next time he gives me a
dangerous task...
...he'd better chose a taller one.
But, master!
He's still alive.
Put him down there.
What is it?
A man! He's half-drowned!
Get some brandy!
Thank you, madame.
My name is Reymond du Vas.
What happened?
I... I was attacked.
Hit on the head.
Thrown into the river.
Do you know where you are?
No, I lost consciousness.
You are the guest of the Duke of Foix
until you recover.
How can I thank you, madame?
Louis, take this man to the tower.
See that he has a warm bath
and send him some drier clothes.
You are too kind, madame.
Thank me tomorrow.
- Good night.
- Good night.
This is my sister-in-law.
He called you 'madame'!
He thought you were Edmond's wife!
And he took you for the duke's sister!
Not a very clever spy.
You think he's a spy?
No good ever came out of that river!
I'd've thrown him back!
Do you believe his story?
Not a word of it!
Nor any man's for that matter.
Never did.
I must find out about this man.
Jean, I want you to go up.
At once.
Ow, you're hurting me!
Don't touch me again.
Why are you staring at me?
I don't need you.
Get out of here.
Don't you understand?
Are you deaf?
Get out!
Why doesn't he speak?
He is dumb, sir.
He has no tongue.
When the cardinal's people took
Larouchelle, they spared his life.
But cut out his tongue.
He was a spy, sir.
Dangerous trade.
Very dangerous, sir.
He have to set up the cause.
But we are not murderers.
But we did not touch a hair on his head,
my lady! I swear!
You did not attack him?
Nor push him in the river?
Was he alone?
He had a servant with him.
He had forgotten to mention that.
Did he know he was near the castle?
Yes, madame.
What did he say?
He asked for a guide to the passe.
He said he was on his way to Spain.
To Spain?
I didn't say a word about him.
I never thought he'd get here.
Better here than on his way to Spain.
That's all. Thank you.
But wait!
Send a pigeon to Paris.
Find out if they know anything about
a man who calls himself Reymond de Vas.
Raymond de Vas?
Very well, my lady.
You wish the candle out, sir?
No, no.
There you go.
Come, are you asleep?
Can we allow him to cross the border?
Yes. We're strong.
He might kill him!
He has a servant.
Who will probably tear over to Rome
if he thinks we will strike.
And take his crown.
What shall we do?
We'll write to Edmond and ask him.
Until we have his answer...
...we'll keep the man here.
He should be under lock and key.
But he won't get far
with the guard watching.
Supper is served, Your Grace.
Just one moment, Louis.
Go out! He's coming!
What are you looking for?
Can I be frank, madame?
You'll have to be.
You will think me very ungrateful.
- You will never forgive me.
- Maybe.
You have made a remarkable recovery.
A strange feat to explore the house at
night, tell me what you are looking for?
Food, madame.
We'll certainly not let you die
of hunger here.
Louis, the gentleman
will have supper with us.
May the hand of Jesus Christ bless us
and also this food that we are about to eat.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son
and of the Holy Ghost.
So be it.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
That's a bad omen!
So, you are from Paris, aren't you?
I'm from Normandie.
But I've been living in Paris.
And you are journeying just for pleasure?
Oh, no, madame.
I am on my way to Spain.
To Spain?
- Yes.
- Why to Spain?
To see the Duke of Foix.
Why do you want to see him?
Oh, he may be glad of a good sword.
If your gracious command would help
me to a guide, madame...
I would proceed to Spain as
soon as I have my horses.
In a few days, we should
give you a good guide.
Thank you, madame.
In the meantime...
You had better stay here.
Thank you, madame.
In fact, you do not happen to know
any of the duke's friends?
No, no.
Why did you leave Paris, then?
Oh, I left Paris because...
The cardinal wanted to hang me.
Dueling, madame.
For what?
I almost like the cardinal.
'Thou shalt not kill. '
Of course.
You are a Protestant.
And you?
A Catholic?
I'm afraid I have no religion.
How can you live without
something to believe in?
I have my honor, madame.
And my sword.
Your honor?
Yes, of course.
We return thanks unto thee
for all thy blessings.
O, Omnipotent God...
...who liveth and reigneth forevermore.
So be it.
Let me see. Where was it you were attacked?
At the river.
I was looking for a place to cross.
And you were one man against many?
At that moment, yes.
I had left my man with the horse.
Poor man. I feel the worse.
A faithful servant?
Oh, he followed me like a dog.
Oh, I wonder what has happened.
- Master!
- Gil!
You dog.
You faithful dog.
What did I tell you, madame?
Master, you don't know what
I've gone through! I've -
And you don't know what I've gone through.
I was attacked, hit on the head,
thrown into the river...
Picked up for dead.
What happened to you?
I don't think I'll tell mine now.
No, no. You must be tired out. And you...
And you're always so nicely dressed.
Yes, we'll find a room for him.
Oh, no, madame. He wouldn't think of
sleeping anywhere but at the foot of my bed.
Would you, Marius?
Oh, I wouldn't think of it.
I knew you wouldn't.
Good night, Your Grace.
Good night, my lady.
Is he a spy?
I'm sure of it.
He was terrified that
his man would betray him.
He's a bad man, I swear.
How do you know that?
He only looked at me once.
And a cold shiver ran down my spine.
He did an honor to your dinner, Marie.
We can believe that he was hungry.
Nor was I! They only care for two things.
And food's the other one.
'Reymond de Vas.
The de Vas family is well-known
in Normandie.
But none of our friends have met
anyone called Reymond de Vas in France. '
A spy? Why not make short work of him?
Well, she doesn't know that he's a spy!
We don't know, but...
But I hate the man.
Yes, I saw the two men riding
into the courtyard.
Who are they?
Baron Breteuil and Count Rossignac,
two of the duke's friends from afar.
How do you know?
I have my methods.
And there's something more. There's
a military patrol following them.
How soon can they get here?
Not before midnight, on foot.
Listen, Marius.
There's something else I want you to find.
I have a suspicion that...
...there's an underground passage from
the castle to someplace in these woods.
What makes you think so?
I have my methods.
I'll find it.
You must.
Trust me.
I do.
- But, Master...
- But if they catch you nosing about...
They'll certainly hang you.
Yes, but if we don't get our man,
the cardinal will hang us both.
That's the bright future.
Yes. Very.
And remember that we are anxious to
accompany these 2 gentlemen to Spain.
Why not send the two of you to Spain?
And let them all decide?
But he might attack us!
And we shall be carrying in the diamonds!
And without the diamonds, there'll be no
pay for the troops!
Besides, there's a patrol
on the trail already.
We can't afford to take any further chances!
No. You are right.
Very well. I'd better give you the
diamonds at once.
Twenty-seven diamonds and two sapphires.
Spain will be a fine market for them.
And we can pay the troops.
What do you want?
May I pray a short audience, Your Grace?
I'll be there in a moment.
I'll let you know, Mr. de Vas.
- Did he see?
- Could he have?
Of course he did!
Let's make short work of him.
We can't kill a man who might be innocent!
What does he want of you?
I'll find out at once.
And you'd better keep the diamonds, then.
I think they'll be safer with me.
If he did see...
You wanted to see me?
I want to leave this house at once.
Where are you going?
With the two gentlemen to Spain.
How do you know they are going to Spain?
You have a poor opinion of my
mental powers, madame.
Not of your mental powers.
My honesty?
You are wrong.
Let me go to Spain.
But you said you were so happy here!
I have been happier here than
at any time in my life.
- Then why?
- I'd better not tell you.
I think you had.
Oh, please!
I can understand anything but deceit!
Try to be honest!
I am a guest in this house.
You are the wife of the master
of this house.
Please don't ask any more.
Are you in the habit of running away...
...when you fall in love?
Did the virtuous women in Paris
teach you that habit?
And we poor provincial women
too intimidating?
You're not afraid anymore?
I would face the nation, if
the mistress of the house cared for me.
The mistress of the house?
No, I'm afraid you haven't made a great
impression on the mistress of the house.
I'm sorry to shatter your dream.
But I'm afraid she doesn't care
two thoughts about you.
What did he want?
He wants to go to Spain.
I thought as much.
Well, we can't take him with us.
No, too dangerous.
- Where are the diamonds?
- The baron has them.
And we leave as soon as the moon is up.
When I pull the rope, you follow me down.
What, down there? I couldn't.
Pull yourself together.
- Come.
- What for?
The baron's room is below this one.
We've got to have those diamonds.
What diamonds?
The diamonds they are taking to de Foix.
In Spain to pay the troops.
You mean these?
How did you get them?
I just squeezed past the
baron on that narrow staircase.
Halves, master. My share.
Very well. A third.
Make it a fourth and call it quits.
One stone...
One little stone.
You shouldn't take it. You don't
know what they're worth!
With one stone I could buy an estate!
- Where?
- In England.
I thought you were so loyal to the cardinal.
Not if I could be a squire in England.
Open the gates! Open the gates!
The back!
- Out the back with the horse!
- Yes, my lady.
- Open the gate!
- Yes, my lady.
Hurry, hurry! They're waiting
with the horses!
Come, come.
Where is Baron Breteuil?
He was here. He left a few minutes ago.
Which direction?
Louis! In which direction?
Towards the passe, my lady.
Leaving by the main road?
I don't think so, sir.
Which road?
I think he took the west road, sir.
The west road.
Poor fellows!
They will be searching all night.
By which time the baron
will be across the border.
Good morning.
Good morning!
It is an early morning.
Yes, the poem.
The perfect Eden.
And here we have the perfect Eve.
Your Grace.
Marguerite, would you suspect Monsieur
de Vas of being a poet?
Not of being a poet.
He says this is the Garden of Eden.
You mean before the serpent arrived?
I meant before the angel appeared.
- Well, let me tell you this -
- My lady!
May I have a word with you?
Some news must have arrived.
Count Rossignac arrived.
No! Have you seen him?
No, but I saw his horse.
Hidden away in those woods.
How do you know it was his?
I never forget a face.
It's a last straw!
Without the jewels, Edmond is ruined!
He must have the men!
He must pay them.
But where can the baron have lost them?
I can't imagine! It's incredible!
Why, it's no use running here looking.
We must search every corner of the house!
The baron's room, the underground passage,
Come Elise!
If the count has come back...
...he must have missed the diamonds.
Where the body is, there shall the
vultures be gathered together.
What on earth do you mean by that?
Where the horse is, the underground
passage can't be far away.
You have your moments.
Yes. And you have my diamonds.
Neither yours nor mine.
Goodbye, my count.
And tell Edmond not to despair.
Not to give up.
If we can't find the diamonds, we'll
find some other way to raise the money.
Stay here.
Master, I -
- You silly fool!
- It was a twig you pushed me on!
- You're the one!
- Look!
She's gone!
Can I help you?
In what way?
With your work as a spy!
Yes. It's an ugly word, I know.
But then, it's not a very
pretty profession, is it?
I know nothing about it.
Oh, please! Abuse my hospitality, but don't
insult my intelligence!
You wrong me.
Wrong you?
How could anyone wrong anything
so vile as you?
You got into the house by a trick!
Seeking information to send
to your dirty master!
I am my own master.
Then your master is dirtier than I thought!
I meant Richelieu, the butcher!
Oh, if only I were a man!
Yes, if only you were, I'd make you
eat every word you've spoke!
- All true!
- Not one!
- Liar!
- Silence! I take that from no one!
When I followed you just now...
...it was with a purpose.
Of course! To find the passage.
No. To repay, in some small measure, the
hospitality that you accuse me of abusing.
With good money?
With this.
Which I think you lost.
Even before you lost your temper.
The diamonds!
I found them.
In a passe in the forest.
You mean...
Take them back.
And take back the things you've said.
And the things you've thought about me.
Oh, my wicked soul!
All the horrible things I called him...
Can you imagine how I felt?
But you thanked him.
You told him you were sorry.
He gave me no chance.
How clever of him.
He knows something about women.
He knows nothing whatever about women!
Very well, darling.
We won't quarrel about it.
The question is how to get
the diamonds to Edmond.
But, don't you see? He can take them.
And give my letter to Edmond.
And tell him everything!
I wish I could go with him.
You don't know how I miss Edmond.
It's so lonely without him.
Still? After all this time?
And I'm not ashamed of it.
It's wonderful.
You don't understand. How could you?
You're not in love.
No, darling.
I'm not in love.
It was you, master,
giving back those diamonds!
Which you wanted to divide.
Well, after all, I'd stolen them!
And that's the rule among gentlemen.
You don't have to be a gentleman.
You've got brains!
You are too kind.
You look ahead. You see things.
Subtle, that's what you are.
You flatter me.
I do. You should've seen her!
Tears in her eyes!
Sobs in her voice!
She's yours! And with her,
you get all the rest!
I said, 'with her, you get all the rest'!
What do you mean?
One, you get the woman.
Two, through the woman, you get the husband.
Three, the cardinal hangs the husband.
Four, you get the widow.
Five, with the widow
you get back the diamonds.
Six, you remember who got them for you.
And they all live happily ever after!
Open the door!
Where's the duke?
The duke is in Spain.
That's a lie!
Search the castle!
We have reliable information that
the duke is somewhere in the castle.
We know it!
You ought to save time and tell us where.
Why? When you know it?
I've got him, sir!
I've got him!
Who the devil are you?
Isn't he the duke, sir?
To my deep regret...
I am not the duke.
What are you doing here?
I am a guest here.
Are you?
I bear the king's commission.
He has my sympathy.
What's this?
Look, sir!
Be careful!
I am not a woman.
Come out.
Thank you, Marius.
No, don't!
He insulted you.
But you can't kill a man for that!
He might kill me.
Arrest that man.
Aren't you going to fight?
Don't you want to kill me?
But not with a sword.
With a rope.
A sissily enemy, my friend.
Means hanging.
Take four men and march the prisoner
out to the garden.
He tries to escape, shoot him.
Take him away!
You two stay here.
I'm going to still search the castle.
What is it?
The castle.
Did he mean so much?
From the first day.
And I was jealous and suspicious
and horrible!
And now...
I shall never forgive myself!
It wasn't your fault.
You're just worn-out, that's all.
Let me get you something.
Just a tiny drop.
Oh, no, thank you, Elise.
I do appreciate your sympathy, my dear.
Just now, all I want is to be left alone.
I understand.
Good night, darling.
Good night.
Don't put that in me.
Really? It is you?
I'm afraid so.
But the shooting!
Very poor.
You were not hurt?
I am! All over!
I beg your pardon?
- For your safety.
- And for your wine.
And so, madame...
Good night.
And goodbye.
You are not leaving.
But I must!
I have news for you.
I know now that I can trust you.
Edmond is coming back.
Soon. But he can't stay twelve days.
So you will stay, won't you?
I've been here too long.
Don't you want to meet Edmond?
Yes, of course, but...
I might bring danger on your house.
No. The soldiers will be off again tomorrow.
And if they should return...
We can hide you.
Would you have me stay?
I'll stay.
Thank you. Good night.
Good night.
I have a confession to make.
I deceived you.
When you first arrived here, you remember?
Could I forget?
You called me 'madame'.
You thought I was Edmond's wife.
I am not. Elise is his wife.
I am...
Edmond's sister.
You are not married?
Forgive me?
I had to hate you.
But at this very moment...
I have to love you.
You big boy, you.
You've picked the wrong one.
No! I've just heard some news!
You've been making love to the other one!
While all the time, it was the other one
that was the one and not the other one!
What are you talking about?
The duchess. She is not the duchess.
It's the unmarried one
that's the duke's wife.
And the other one is not the one!
Do I make myself clear?
But I know what you mean.
What are you going to do about it?
I wish I knew.
It makes me laugh when I look back.
I thought you were all kinds
of horrible things!
You were right.
But, dear, what is the use
of telling me that?
I know you.
Then do you know that I came here
on an assumed name?
De Vas.
The name of my mother's family, not mine.
Why did you use it?
Because my name is...
Gil de Berault.
But I like it!
What's wrong with it?
The name of a gambler, a duelist,
'The Black Death'.
That's what they call me.
A man not fit to lick your shoes.
But you left out something.
And that is?
The name of the man I love.
What do I care what you have been?
The past is past.
Your hands, your eyes...
Your courage.
Have moved me.
Very pretty.
I said, 'Very pretty, Monsieur de Vas. '
How do you know my name?
How do I know that it is your name?
What do you mean?
May I ask what you're doing in this house?
I happen to be the duke's guest.
What are you doing?
I happen to be the duke.
Edmond! Edmond!
Have you told him about us?
Told me?
We love each other.
But are you certain that -
You don't know what he's done for us!
He found the diamonds!
You've got them back?
Yes! Thanks to him.
And he risked his life for us
when the soldiers came.
You've done me a great service.
Let me do you another.
Go back to Spain.
Go back?
Don't ask me.
Go where you are safe.
From whom?
They've killed the guard!
How many are there?
I don't know, sir!
They seem to be everywhere!
How could they know you were here?
Somebody must've seen me.
Is my horse saddled?
Yes, but they're coming from the gates!
Open up!
The passage!
They're here, too.
They've found the entrance.
The castle is surrounded!
The northern entrance is blocked.
The lower side.
They're coming up over the rocks!
Duke of Foix.
In the name of the cardinal...
I arrest you.
Don't try to resist.
My orders are to lead you to Paris.
Give me your word of honor
that you will obey me.
That you'll come to Paris at your
ease and as a gentleman.
If you don't surrender, the soldiers
will put you in chains.
Give me your word of honor.
I give you my word.
Duke of Foix...
I arrest you.
You are too late.
The duke is my prisoner.
You? I thought you -
I have arrested the duke by virtue
of the cardinal's commission.
And by the same commission, I order
you to leave this house.
The cardinal's commission!
Where is it?
'By this presence, I command and entitle
Gil de Berault, Gil de Berault...
...to seek, forehold and arrest and deliver
to the governor of the Bastille...
...the body of Edmond, Duke of Foix.
And to do all such acts and things
as should be necessary
to effect such arrest and delivery.
For which this shall be his warrant.
Richelieu. '
I thought you were an honest man
on the wrong side.
I see you're a scoundrel on the right side.
What are your orders?
When do we leave?
Tomorrow morning.
I shall be at your disposal.
Nevermind, master.
We've done our work.
We've done our work.
I'd like to see the cardinal's face
when he hears the news.
You shall.
Saddle up your horse.
But, master...
- You said that -
- Saddle up your horse!
Yes, master.
And room for His Eminence!
- No word from the king?
- None.
- No news from Berault?
- No.
The last straw left to cling to.
The one card that might yet win the game.
The capture of de Foix.
No news.
No news!
Your Eminence.
Oh, quite well, thank you, Your Eminence.
The duke? Have you got him?
I have.
- Where?
- The rest.
- Where?
- On his way to the Bastille.
- And Mr. de Berault?
- At my instruction to take him there.
You mean he sent you ahead with the news?
Well, you can put it that way.
I wish to speak to the Lady Marguerite.
Sorry, Edmond. But I want to listen
to what he has to say.
You told me not so long ago...
...you would not judge me hastily again.
I am not interested
in anything you might say.
But you might be interested
in what I am going to say.
I want to buy my brother's life.
I can pay better than the cardinal.
These diamonds are worth a fortune.
Take them.
You misjudge me.
I'd never turn traitor to the hand that
employs me, nor so with my own side.
Take them!
For my brother's freedom!
I can't! I can't do it!
Will you listen to me for a second?
No, it's not the truth!
Listen to me!
I came from under the gallows.
To arrest an outlaw.
If I had not arrested him...
...the soldiers would have done it.
Do you expect me to be grateful?
I expect nothing.
But there's one course still open to me.
The road there leads to Bordeaux.
Where you have friends and where
you can find a ship.
That road is yours.
And your brother's.
He's free to go wherever he pleases.
But you!
My road is straight ahead.
To Paris.
Back to the man who sent me.
That will be your death!
I pay the penalty.
And I'll redeem my honor.
Gil! No, Gil!
What have you been saying to her, man?
That you are free.
They're all alike.
Every one of them!
Not even faithful to the hand
that pays them!
I can't understand.
- To accomplish the impossible -
- And then to set him free!
He must've had a reason.
A lady begs most urgently for an
audience with His Eminence.
Who is it?
Lady Marguerite.
Sister of the Duke of Foix.
He had a reason.
You have courage, madame.
I am at Your Eminence's mercy.
And so you presume on it.
No, I beg for it.
Oh, not for myself.
For whom?
For Monsieur de Berault.
Gil de Berault is a traitor
to the hand that paid him.
The same hand that signed his death warrant.
And snatched him from the gallows.
To send him to betray our cause.
To save France.
From what?
Do we Protestants love France less than you?
Because we have a different faith?
Because we are buried in this dictatorship
where no one is free of mind?
Honest women do, apparently.
I thought you came here to beg.
Oh, Your Eminence, forgive me!
For your honesty? Willingly.
Then forgive Gil.
Why? There's no honesty there.
His orders were to arrest a rebel.
He did.
And to bring him to me.
He betrayed my trust.
But if he hadn't,
he would have betrayed mine.
No doubt.
But am I to forgive him
because he fell in love with you?
But because he did your work.
And he did better.
Without bloodshed,
there will be no rebellion.
Edmond is on his way to Bordeaux.
The Duke of Foix is onboard
ship for England.
Oh, Your Eminence knows everything.
Except one buried reason why Gil de Berault
should escape a hanging.
- But you -
- Enough!
I've already been too patient.
Not content with stirring up rebellion
among your people...
...you admit having seduced my trusted
agent from his duties.
You came here today at your own risk.
Call the captain of the guards.
In the interest you were
here last, certainly...
In what way?
Haven't you heard?
The cardinal's down.
The king won't even see him.
Now he'll hang no more poor devil's.
One more, I fancy.
I guessed I should find you here.
Where's our man?
I don't know.
You don't know?
He hasn't escaped!
I set him free.
You set him free?
But, what for?
You wouldn't understand.
It touched my honor.
Your honor?
What about my neck?
You're in no danger.
That's why I sent you ahead.
To get the credit for the capture.
And escape the penalty for the rest.
...the king wouldn't see him!
But there won't be any penalty!
The cardinal is disgraced. All you have to
do is wait two or three days and...
...until he be banished or his enemies
finish him. Don't you see?
Yes, yes, I see.
But I gave my word.
- The cardinal holds the -
- Nobody will be there!
I shall.
Your man! He hasn't filed the reward!
He can still hang you!
Don't do it, master, don't do it.
Two months ago I wouldn't have given
a rat, but now...
Don't do it.
Thank you, Marius.
- But this is -
- I know. That cursed honor!
The more I see of it, the more I thank
God I'm not a gentleman!
Master, listen!
Listen, there's still time.
I know where you can lie safe.
As safe as a rat in a rig.
Yes, as a rat.
On the King's service!
On the King's service.
I knew it.
I knew it!
That means he's in power again!
Now you will hang!
'His Majesty desires me to express
with great satisfaction...
...the news that the Duke
of Foix is in flight.
And that his followers are without a leader.
To mark His Majesty's appreciation
of Your Eminence's cleverness...
...he is suppressing the revolution,
without bloodshed.
His Majesty is on his way here to express
his gratitude in person.
Look at them.
All coming back to lick his hands!
Master, master!
For the last time!
I wish to see His Eminence.
Duelist! Bully!
And now a traitor!
You gave me your word of honor!
You don't know the meaning of honor!
If I didn't, why am I here?
Yes! Why are you here?
To pay the penalty.
You're here because you heard
that my power is gone.
Yes. Your power to reward me.
But not to hang me.
I promised you nothing
so quick as a hanging.
Your punishment shall be such...
...that before death frees you...
...you will have time to realize...
...what it costs to play false with me.
Fetch the woman!
Room! Room for His Eminence!
'The King's pleasure is that...
...that Lady Marguerite...
...and Monsieur Gil de Berault...
...retire to the Castle of Foix...
...and remain there...
...until the King's pleasure
be further known. '
Room! Room for His Majesty the King!