Under the Shadow (2016) Movie Script

Sir, I just want to come back
and finish my studies.
Being a doctor and serving society
has always been my main goal in life.
I don't want my future destroyed
because of one mistake.
So, do you admit it?
Admit what?
What you've done.
Well, I don't know the details of my case
but I guess the reason I can't return
is because I was politically active.
But sir, everyone was politically active
during the revolution.
I was young.
I mean, I didn't even understand
the difference between left and right.
I was just passionate
like everyone else that age.
I was concerned about the country.
I wanted change.
I'm sure you understand.
If I ended up
in one of those radical left groups...
It was only because
I didn't know any better...
Every mistake has consequences.
I let you in so you could hear this
directly from my lips
and stop wasting your time
by coming here every day.
Let me tell you this frankly.
You cannot continue your studies.
Based on your history, there is not even
the slightest possibility
that you can ever return
to the university.
I suggest you find a new goal in life.
- Hello, Mrs. fakur.
- Hello, dear.
Sorry, I'm late.
I hope dorsa wasn't any trouble?
No trouble at all.
We had fun.
Dorsa! Mum!
- What happened?
- Mummy.
Oh, darling
it's okay.
It's okay. I understand.
That's the climate right now.
Don't let it change you.
To my daughter.
on beginning medical school.
I'm proud of you.
Your loving mother.
Hello? Anyone home?
Dad, dad, dad, dad!
Hello, little one.
Where's mum?
She's in the bedroom.
She's grumpy.
What are you doing?
Those are my course books.
Give them away to someone
who wants them. Or Chuck them.
Go and play dorsa.
What happened?
Maybe things will get better
after the war.
There's no guarantee.
And this war seems to be never ending.
Well, you've tried your best.
It's out of your hands now.
Who knows? It's probably for the best.
Dorsa! Run!
Where are you going?
- There is no time, we have to go downstairs!
- We can't leave kimia behind.
Come on.
Thank you, doctor.
- Sorry for the trouble.
- Not at all.
Thank god, sounds like they've put
more defenses around Tehran.
I heard a rumor that Iraq
is launching missiles now...
Leave her alone.
Dorsa, come here, sweetheart.
Who's this new boy?
Mr. ebrahimi's nephew. Apparently
he lost his parents in the abadan.
What happened, sweetheart?
Did you have a bad dream?
It's okay.
No, dear, those things don't exist.
Next time you're scared,
remember that you're not on your own.
I gave you kimia to keep you company.
Good morning.
No toys at the breakfast table please.
Good morning.
The tape on the windows is coming off.
- What if the windows shatter in a blast...
- I'll re-tape them.
Did you have a nightmare last night?
She said she heard someone
walking in the house.
You're a bad sleeper
just like your mother.
Did you sleep okay last night?
Why do you think I'm sleepwalking again?
You would have noticed.
I was out cold.
Just because I did it once or twice
like six months ago,
doesn't mean it's a constant thing.
Plus this is not the first time dorsa has
had a nightmare and imagined things.
I'm just saying you're only a bad sleeper
when you're stressed.
What's that?
It's my...
Annual draft notice.
Why didn't you mention it sooner?
You've had other things on your mind.
I'm going to the ministry of health later
today to see where I'm stationed.
Might get somewhere safe
like last year...
If we're lucky...
Hey, doctor.
- A minute please...
- Hello.
- Hello... how is your family?
- Good, thank you.
How many times do I have to ask for
the garage door to be closed properly?
- Please remind your wife...
- What do you mean?
Let me show you.
The bolt has rusted.
- It takes force to put it in place...
- How do you know it was my wife?
It's not you or me.
I know Mr. fakur closes it properly.
And none of the women in the
building drive, apart from your wife.
Right. We'll remember
to close the door properly.
Have a good day.
They're sending me to elam.
That's in the middle of the fighting.
I tried for a safer post
but it didn't work out.
I think you and dorsa
should go to my parents.
The rumors about Iraq using
missiles are probably true.
It's safer up north.
People are already leaving the city.
We're fine here.
You don't get a warning with missiles.
I'm not going to be
a burden to your parents.
You're not a burden.
Last time we went there
your sisters kept saying
"Tehran gets bombed
and we get the shrapnel."
We'll be fine in our own home.
I'm worried about dorsa.
What? Am I not capable
of looking after my own child now?
That's not what I'm saying.
All I'm saying is I won't be around.
At my parents', you can
at least have that support.
Ah, because you've been so supportive
until now...
That's unfair.
No, unfair is you swanking off
to play doctors and treating me like...
I'm incompetent.
Play doctors?
Being shipped off to war is not a game.
Are you showing off?
Do you want a medal?
I'm not going out of choice.
I'd lose my right to practice...
If you don't have the right
to practice, it's a catastrophe
but if I don't it's for the best.
Are you mad that I'm practicing?
No, I'm not mad about that...
Dorsa, how many times have I told you
to put your toys away after playing?
Is it my fault
you can't finish your studies?
Didn't you waste your time
on politics at university?
You sound exactly like them.
Am I wrong?
Have you forgotten that you kept calling
me spineless for sticking to my studies?
Like you never tried
to stop me studying.
When did I ever do that?
When the universities reopened
after the cultural revolution
who was it that told me studying could
wait, stay home and raise the child?
Do you have a problem
looking after your child?
Are you calling me a bad mother?
No. I'm saying don't blame your
shortcomings on me and our child.
Tell me, why do you want
to go back now, all of a sudden?
I didn't leave out of choice.
The cultural revolution happened.
That was four, five years ago.
The universities reopened after a year.
You only want to go back now
because your mother died...
Becoming a doctor has
always been my dream!
No, shideh, it's your mother's dream.
Dead people can't dream.
I'll be scared without you here.
I'll be back before you know it!
Mum is going to take you to granny's.
Here's this month's rent
and what we owed from last month.
Give it to ebrahimi
when it's due to shut him up.
My bed is wet.
Get up.
You still have to wet yourself
at this age!
Aren't you going to school
next year?
Go to the bathroom,
take your clothes off.
Didn't I say go to the bathroom?
I'm scared to go alone...
Your toast.
Now that dad is not here...
Can I sleep next to you at night?
Aren't you a big girl?
Big girls don't wet the bed either.
Why do you have trouble sleeping?
Tell me. What are you scared of?
Djinn aren't real...
They are. We just can't see them.
- Who told you that?
- Mehdi.
Who's mehdi?
Sogand and Ali's cousin.
He gave me a ball of magical cat
fur to protect myself from them.
But I lost it.
Drink properly.
Djinn are just a fairytale made
up to scare little children.
Mehdi said djinn are real.
They're evil and want to hurt us...
Mehdi is talking nonsense.
- Hello, Mrs. ebrahimi.
- Hello...
- I hope it's not a bad time.
- Not at all. Please come in.
No, thanks. I just
have a small request...
- Your relative...
- Mehdi?
He has been telling scary
stories to my daughter, dorsa.
I know he's just a child,
it's nothing spiteful
but dorsa is having real
trouble sleeping at night.
Please ask him not to tell
dorsa those kind of stories...
Your daughter has made a mistake.
Mehdi is mute.
He hasn't said a word
since he lost his parents.
They both got killed.
Ebrahimi took him
to so many different doctors.
But no result.
- She said mehdi told her...
- Has she said what stories?
- Djinn and stuff...
- Oh, god, have mercy!
Djinn aren't Mrs. ebrahimi...
They are very real.
It's even in the quran.
My husband gets angry when I say this,
but the boy is creepy...
- You're back early.
- Mrs. ebrahimi sent me back upstairs.
Didn't she say why?
She took sogand and Ali home
and told me to go home too.
What about mehdi?
Mehdi's allowed to stay.
But we can't play with him anymore.
You know, the stories you
mentioned this morning...
Are you sure it was mehdi that told
them to you and not the ebrahimi kids?
Well, sogand and Ali
also tell me stories.
Why be careful?
Because they're coming.
Did he say that
in front of the ebrahimi kids?
No, he whispered it in my ear.
Oh my, we've talked so much.
Your tea is getting cold.
You are right. Sorry.
Beep, beep, beep, beep.
What lovely tea you've made.
I didn't know that you
could make such tasty tea.
Thank you.
- Have some bread too.
- Yes, yes, I will.
- Shideh?
- Hello.
- Can you hear me?
- The line isn't great but it's okay.
- How are you?
- We're fine. How is it over there?
Not great.
Either working in the hospital
or taking shelter.
You still don't want to go
to my parents?
Don't worry about us.
The foreign radios are saying Iraq claims
they'll level Tehran with missiles soon.
Nothing has been reported here.
Please take dorsa out of the city.
I'm not abandoning my home
based on a rumor.
- Not even for dorsa?
- Dorsa is better off in her own home.
I have to go.
Think about what I said.
I miss you.
- Bye.
- I miss you too...
400 miles from the battlefield...
Tehran will become the new front line
for the ongoing Iran-Iraq war.
Iraq has started launching missiles,
reaching out...
- Where did you go, ma'am? Your tea is getting cold.
- Hold on.
- Many iranians have already left the capital...
- What about our tea party?
- Playtime is over
- it's not. It's not. It's not.
When I say playtime's over, I mean it!
If you don't listen to me
next time I'll take kimia away
so you can't play with her.
- Understand?
- Did it hurt?
It's okay. I'm here.
I'll look after you.
Come here please.
Are you still mad at me?
We need to go downstairs right now!
Help me!
Please answer me...
Oh, my sweetheart...
- I saw them. They're real. They were scary.
- Saw who?
- I saw them...
- What are you talking about? Shideh.
Please... my dad...
My dad is dying.
- Please help.
- Mum! Don't leave me!
Please! Help my father!
Save my dad. You're a doctor. You can.
- But I'm not a doctor...
- Mum! Don't go!
- I'll look after dorsa. Go.
- No, mum! No!
Come here.
He's here. Hurry!
- Mr. bijari?
- Father!
Let's take him out of here.
We can't be here.
This missile might still explode!
Go and call an ambulance!
If I don't do cpr now, he'll die.
Dad... my poor dad...
Come on.
Come on.
It's safe, you can come up.
If I was a real doctor,
he might still be alive.
Why do you say this?
You did everything you could.
- What's going on?
- Nothing, darling. Go back to sleep.
She's not here!
Kimia is not here.
- Where was it before?
- On the bed...
- They took her.
- Nobody took it.
It's probably around here somewhere...
Are you okay?
You're so hot!
Oh, my baby...
My sweet, baby girl...
They came and saw
she was alone and took her.
Don't worry.
You should rest for now.
Take your shoes off.
Keep warm and rest
until your fever breaks.
I promise to find her.
Mum, I had a bad dream.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
What are you doing?
Going to get kimia!
I think she's upstairs... they've taken
her upstairs... I want to go, find her...
Let's go back to bed.
- You need to eat something.
- I can't.
You have to eat
if you want to get better.
Do you know what I'm going
to do after breakfast?
I'll put a video on for you.
You can lie in front of the TV all
day and watch whatever you want.
But only if you eat breakfast.
- Dorsa?
- Yes?
- Have you seen my workout tape?
- No.
It was here but I can't find it now.
- I never touch the tapes.
- I didn't say you did.
Who is it?
Just a second...
- Hello.
- Hello.
Business must be good at the moment
with all the attacks.
Problem is, the missus insists
that it's too dangerous to stay.
- Wants us to move out of town...
- Mum.
I had my breakfast.
So, put the video on for me please.
- You said you would.
- Let's go outside and let the man work.
How many times have I told you not to
say we have a vcr, in front of a stranger?
Do you want the authorities
to find out and take it away?
But I'm bored...
I want kimia.
I told you I'll find kimia.
- Hello, shideh...
- Hello...
This is for you.
For what?
For your help yesterday.
I'm also here to say goodbye.
- I'm going back to Kurdistan for a while.
- But it's so dangerous over there.
My father always wanted
to be buried in his hometown.
Dorsa, my dear.
Remember, yesterday after the missile hit,
you said you saw something or someone?
- You said they were scary. You were crying.
- Pargol? Go inside.
Dorsa is a child.
She imagines things when she's scared...
You probably think I'm going crazy...
But my father was fine yesterday
after the missile hit.
He was talking to me. I swear.
I left the room to get him a glass
of water and then I heard him scream.
I ran back and saw...
He looked so terrified.
His eyes were fixed on something
behind me I couldn't see.
Something terrifying...
I understand how hard it is to deal
with the death of someone so close.
You know I lost my
mother six months ago.
But it was the shock of the missile
that gave your father a heart attack.
- Is she still the same?
- Yeah.
The fever still won't break.
Maybe you should take her to a doctor...
I mean, like a pediatrician.
I can't stand any more of this,
You have to close up shop
and take us out of town.
If our tenants would
only pay what they owe
then I could close up shop.
Mrs. ebrahimi is right.
I've told fakur that we have to leave
everything and go to our son's in Paris.
We just renewed our visas, so I see
no reason to sit through this.
I missed you.
I'm here for dorsa.
I always knew you were useless.
- This can't be real.
- Why not?
Where did you go, ma'am?
Your tea is getting cold...
No, playtime is not over!
It was on the bed.
Nothing here either.
- Shideh, could you have dreamt it?
- It was too real.
What's my workout video
doing in the bin?
I'm talking to you.
What are you doing?
Where is she?
I want her back! Give her back!
- What are you doing here?
- I'm looking for kimia.
- Here you go.
- Thank you very much.
Finally some peace.
Ebrahimi went out
and took the children with him.
So, how is little dorsa?
- She's a little under the weather.
- Oh, god.
Nothing serious, I hope?
No, just a cold I think.
Have you heard any strange noises
around the building recently?
If this is about dorsa's screams earlier
in the stairway
I apologize. She has been a bit restless
because of her fever.
Mehdi has been very restless too
but he doesn't seem to be ill.
I knew he'd bring trouble with him.
Please don't say such things,
Mrs. ebrahimi.
I don't think you get it.
That thing didn't crash here by accident.
I think it brought something with it...
Like what?
Djinn belong to fairy tales.
This is not
a thousand and one nights.
You're wrong.
They travel on the wind from place to
place until they find someone to possess.
Why are you telling me this?
Why was dorsa outside bijari's
apartment, banging on the door?
I told you she's delirious
because of her high fever.
She was looking for someone.
Her favorite doll is missing. She thinks
it has somehow gone to the fourth floor.
I think I should go now...
You know, if they take a personal
Something that you treasure...
Then there's no escape from them.
You'll be marked and they'll
always know how to find you.
Sorry, I'm late.
Mrs. ebrahimi accosted me.
- What time is your flight?
- Early morning.
You must be excited to see your son.
The missile attacks have
actually been a good excuse.
He has missed us lots too.
Even wanted to come back.
I had to remind him that they'd
have him conscripted and sent
conscripted the front line
as soon as he landed!
What are you looking for?
I remember you had this book,
the people of the air, by saedi.
Yes, we have. Second shelf.
The contemporaries.
Do you know what it's about?
It's about superstitious
belief in djinn, down south...
And how they travel on the wind.
It's an anthropological book,
not a book to find answers in.
What answers?
I'm just saying
people can convince themselves
anything's real if they want to.
The winds refer to mysterious,
ethereal and magical forces
which can be anywhere...
Where there is fear and anxiety,
the winds blow.
I'm glad I got hold of you.
I thought you'd have left the city
like everyone else.
I sent the family away.
I'll join them during the weekend.
- Have you heard from anyone recently?
- Not really.
I've been to the university a few times
and seen a few old faces.
Can you believe there are still people
from our time who haven't finished?
They're obviously not doctor material...
- Did your own problem get sorted?
- No.
Take a deep breath, sweetheart.
I give her paracetamol
three times a day.
Also started with antibiotics when
I saw the fever wasn't breaking.
There's no sign of internal infection.
So, why isn't her fever breaking?
Shideh, can I borrow you for a second?
Sit down, sweetheart.
Is everything okay at home?
Yes, why?
Everyone's under a lot of strain
right now.
Dorsa is no exception.
It could be stress related.
Everything's fine.
How about you?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
What are you doing here on your own?
Do you need a lift?
Get in.
Where is her doll?
Where have you been, you little sod?
Hi, thanks for dropping him off.
- I saw him down the road...
- Do you want us to leave you behind?
- Is that what you want?
- Leave him alone. It's okay...
How's little dorsa?
The same.
Are you leaving too?
What else can we do?
Take care of yourself. Goodbye.
Have a safe trip.
Please make sure you close the door
properly now that we are away.
- What are you doing?
- We are leaving too.
We can't.
What about kimia?
Okay. Try to remember
the last time you saw it.
It's not there now.
So, where else could it be?
- I don't know
- it didn't walk off on its own.
- Someone took her.
- Who? Who took it?
There's nobody here except for us.
Do you understand?
- Why are you shouting at me?
- Because I'm tired of this silly game.
If nobody took her,
where is she?
I didn't move her.
Just like you didn't
move my workout video, I suppose?
I said I didn't touch
your workout video!
How did it end up in the bin then?
The doll is around here somewhere.
It hasn't left the house
and nobody has taken it.
If I didn't move her and nobody
took her, then where is she?
I suppose I took her then,
We can't leave kimia behind...
I'll be scared without her.
And I'll stay sick forever.
Don't you want me to get better?
If you love me,
please help me find her...
Okay... but we'll leave
as soon as we find it.
You can sleep next to me
tonight, if you want.
Maybe it's over.
Let's just stay a bit longer.
What's wrong?
Hi... do you know where she is?
On top of where? The bookcase?
- Who are you talking to?
- That lady. She was standing right there.
What's this look?
Are we in Swiss now?
Here, cover yourself with this.
I'll go and speak to the haji.
What were you thinking? You know
your crime is punishable with lashes.
So, pray that he shows mercy.
Stand up.
Look, I'm letting you off
this time with a warning
only because Mrs. hashemi
has vouched for you.
Go and thank god that she did.
Because this behavior
is absolutely intolerable.
A woman should be scared of exposing
herself more than anything else.
So, be ashamed.
These are not the old times.
We have values now.
Our men are becoming martyrs
to protect these values...
What are you doing?
- Looking for kimia...
- Up there?
I thought maybe she was up there.
I told you I'd find it.
You really need to rest,
especially with your fever.
You hardly had any sleep last night.
Promise me that you'll find her.
I promise.
My dear...
- Hello? Shideh?
- Hello? Hello?
- Why are you still there?
- Hi.
Please. Can you not be stubborn
about this under the circumstances?
I'm not being stubborn.
- Everyone's fleeing Tehran.
- But...
- But what?
- Something has gone missing. I have to find it first.
- What?
- You wouldn't understand, you haven't been here.
I'm just hearing excuses. I think its
best I get my parents to contact you...
...and officially invite you.
- Listen to me...
- I know you well enough. You're just a...
You're cutting out... hello?
Who is it?
Dorsa, open the door!
Where were you?
Did you see anyone?
I don't know... like a lady?
- Who is she?
- I don't know.
She comes when you're not around.
What does she do?
She plays with me. She's nice.
What does she want?
She says...
You can't look after me but she can.
That's nonsense.
She says she knows where kimia is.
She can help me find her...
This is all in your head.
She's not real.
But you said you saw her too.
To the last person, to the last home
and to the last drop of blood
we are standing
in exaltation at the word, god.
- Mum, can I go back to bed?
- No.
You've to stay where I can see you.
On the sofa?
Didn't we agree not to come in here
anymore? The room is off limits.
- If I can't be there, then why are you?
- Because I'm looking for your doll.
The lady was right.
What did you say?
I'm sick of this nonsense!
I don't want to hear about this lady
anymore, whether she's real or not!
I'll run off with her then!
Stop it!
Please... have me instead...
I woke up and you weren't here.
- I heard noises.
- What noises?
Shideh, have you found what
you were looking for yet?
Hello, iraj.
You might find this hard to believe,
But I really think there
is something haunting us.
They've taken dorsa's doll and...
I have to find it...
If I don't, they'll never leave dorsa
But you can't protect dorsa.
You're useless!
You're nothing but a disappointment!
Even your daughter hates you!
- Shut up!
- No, you shut up, whore!
You brought this on yourself!
Go away!
What is that?
Your loving mother...
Why did you do that?
You killed her!
You killed her!
- I didn't do it.
- Liar!
They did it.
The ones you talk about.
That's your drawer!
You hide your things in it!
That's why they put it in here.
They want you to think that I did it.
But you said they're not real.
Okay. The important
thing is we found her.
But she's dead!
- I'll fix her.
- How?
Lie on the bed and close your eyes.
It'll be fixed when you open them.
It's okay, I'm a doctor.
Your fever has gone.
You know I love you, right?
We'll be downstairs
until the danger is over
and then we'll leave
and go to granny's.
I don't want to stay here anymore.
Wear your coat.
It's not here.
Maybe it's in your room.
Let's go. I'm right behind you.
I'm right here!
I'm right here!
Wait for me.
Why aren't you coming?
Did you hear something?
Mum! Mum! Mum!
Please, mum...
Help me, mum!
It sounds like you.
- Dorsa!
- Don't go!
Dorsa, I'm coming!
Mummy's coming!
I'm coming!
I'm coming!
- Mummy!
- Leave her alone!
- Mummy!
- Dorsa?
- Dorsa?
- Mummy!
- I'm here, sweetheart.
- Mummy!
- Mummy... it has got me!
- I've got you!
- Dorsa?
- Don't come close.
Why did you leave me again?
I made a mistake.
- What?
- Whom are you talking to?
The lady...
She says you took kimia!
- Me?
- She says you were hiding it!
- No. She's lying.
- You're lying. You took it.
- Don't lie.
- Yes. Maybe.
I'm not sure.
I really don't know...
But I know I love you very much.
I'm telling you the truth.
If I've upset you in any way,
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Please forgive me.
I know you're scared.
I am too. Come over here.
Let's leave, then we won't be afraid...
Come here, sweetheart.
Mum, please help me!
Mum, please help me!
- Mum!
- Dorsa!
Mum, please help me...
Don't leave me...
Don't leave me!
Oh, my god!
Are you okay, my dear?
Go! I'll come too. Hurry up.
No. Don't come to me.
Don't step on the ground.
Go up.
Hurry up...
Get in.
What is wrong?
- Mum?
- Come to the front.