Under the Sun (1998) Movie Script

The thing that hath been,
it is that which shall be,
and that which is done
is that which shall be done,
and there is no new thing
under the sun.
Can I have some of the cover?
Aren't you going to sleep?
Where are you going?
Then stay on the floor.
It's been a good day today.
Four boxes.
Good job by the laying hens.
Four today three yesterday
Carry three Olof!
When are you going to learn to read?
Why do I bother
when you can't read it?
Stop nagging
When would I find time for that?
- I trust you.
- You have to, you dimwit!
But what if
you stopped trusting me?
- Mona died yesterday.
- Did she?
She went quietly, I hear.
You can't complain, she was 87.
Eight children, 21 grandchildren.
They were all there. I don't
know how they had enough room.
- What did she die of?
- Suffocation.
29 people in the room.
There was no air!
It's Mona you're talking about.
I have to go now.
Haven't you forgotten something?
Aren't you going to count it?
I trust you.
- You've got your Sunday best on.
- I'm going into town.
Ladies, huh?
- Go back to America!
- I will!
Sit down. Good boy.
Good day, I'd like to
Hello, I
A gift from Olof.
What is the seventh
commandment, Erik?
- Were there that many?
- Erik
- Thank you.
- That's a lot of money.
I'm buying a trotter.
- Are you buying a horse?
- You want in?
How much?
Four hundred.
- How much for your part?
- A lot more than that.
I have to run that by Alice first
What does Karin say?
No way,
I'm telling Karin about this!
- Do you have the balls?
- Watch your language, Erik!
And there is poor Mona
How is Sven doing?
Not so good, but
- It was expected.
- Mona had been sick a long time.
But it's always painful
when you lose someone.
Yes, but it's practical.
- What do you mean?
- What would we do otherwise?
She provides for us all.
I'll dig the grave, Stig makes her
look pretty, you say nice things.
- Hands on the wheel!
- He's a little devil
How do you do?
I'd like to put in an advertisement.
Just fill out this form, please.
You do it, so it gets done properly.
"Lonely farmer. 39 years old.
Own car,
seeks young woman
as housekeeper."
Let's take it
from the beginning, a bit slower.
- Once more?
- That's right.
"Lonely farmer."
"39 years old."
"Own car."
- A Buick.
- I think "car" is enough.
"Seeks wom young woman"
"as housekeeper."
"Lonely farmer. 39 years old.
Own car,
seeks young woman
as housekeeper."
And how do you want it to end?
How about: "All replies considered"?
When will she come?
Or, I mean
The replies when do I get them?
We should have something
by Friday next week.
- Hello, Olof.
- Hello.
Well, what's
the word of wisdom today?
"To everything there is a season
and a time to every purpose
under the heaven."
Under the heaven?
Under the heaven.
Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, verse 1.
" seeks young woman
as housekeeper."
Is this correct?
Yes, it is.
Is Olof putting that in the paper?
Doesn't the Bible say anything
about discretion?
- Hello again, Olof.
- Hello.
Did you hear that Mona
passed away?
Yes, I heard.
- Coming to the choir rehearsal?
- Oh, yes.
I worry about you, Olof.
All alone at the farm.
We forgot something
A photograph.
Of course
"Photograph appreciated."
You can't park your car here
and make all this noise!
It's sacrilegious!
What will people think?
- Do you want your grave, or not?
- Yes.
- How deep do I have to dig?
- You know it's two meters.
- This is two meters.
- No, it isn't.
- Have you ever done this?
- No, it's not my job.
It's my job to put people to rest
two meters below ground.
But I'm not here to argue.
Read this
"To everything there is a season,
and a time to...
No, no, no Not that. Here.
This here, in the next column.
"Wanted: housekeeper.
Lonely farmer, 39 years old, seeks
young woman as housekeeper."
Who could that be, Erik?
Someone you know
It's Olof.
- And the Yanks are on the moon!
- They will be.
Yeah, but not before you're lying here.
It's Olof, Erik.
- How do you know?
- I met him at the newspaper office.
- Keep this to yourself!
- You know me, mum's the word.
I'm only telling you
because you're his friend.
Where is Olof?
He promised to come!
- He's usually on time.
- Yes.
He must be busy
with other things today!
- There you are!
- Sorry, I'm late.
It's all right. Pitch, please!
I don't have my glasses.
Could you read them to me?
No, but
- Is that really appropriate?
- I'm sure it'll be fine.
- Are you really sure?
- Yes.
"I am a young woman from Alingss."
"I am 29 years old
and have worked as a housekeeper."
"I can cook and have always
wanted to live in the country."
"I am single and not very strong,
but I always try to do my best."
"Yours sincerely, Anna Persson."
- There was no photograph.
- No.
- What do you think?
- It's really not for me to say.
But if you were me?
If I were you?
Let's have a look at the other letter.
"I am 33 years old
and have never been to a farm,
but I am used to hard work
and quick to learn."
"I will be in the area on Sunday,
at Vnersborg Station at 5 p.m."
"Perhaps you could meet me
and we could go to your farm."
"Ellen Lind."
Have you been around here before?
No, never.
No People don't often
Here, Ozzy.
This way, please
They're all laying hens.
- Do they lay many eggs?
- Oh. yes.
It's a lovely day.
- Please.
- Thank you It's a sweet house.
The ground's a bit uneven.
Do come inside.
These stairs lead to the upper floor.
And then
the kitchen's through here.
Damn, the stove is smoking!
I was trying to keep the coffee hot.
Would you like some coffee and a sandwich?
Yes, please.
No, we'll take a tour first and
let the smoke out in the meantime.
The living room is over here.
The living room
There's a bit of a view.
The best room's through here.
I don't often come in here.
Only at Christmas, really.
Not a lot has been done
since Mother died.
- When did she die?
- Nine years ago, in August.
- Shall we take a look upstairs?
- Yes, let's.
That's the sewing room.
I'm not so good at that.
I'll just reheat this.
We'll have coffee and a sandwich
when we come down.
I'm getting hungry Miss Lind?
I thought you disappeared.
I was almost talking to myself.
This way, to the left and up the stairs.
- Thank you.
- Ozzy, go and lie down!
Tread carefully, it's
Lie down!
In here
Excuse me
Sweet kittens.
Sweeter than the spiders.
It's Sessan who sneaks them up
here after they're born.
I don't have the heart
to move them.
Do you like cats?
We've seen everything now,
unless you want to see the barn?
No, this is fine.
The outhouse is around the back.
And the bathroom?
I haven't got one but I've got a tub.
I have money.
Mother left an inheritance,
I still have some left.
And I have money in the bank.
- I can't say exactly how much
- You don't
I want you to know that I have means.
Then I've lent some money out.
I know I'll get it back.
I know I can trust him.
A lot of flies
You see
I don't have time for everything.
This place needs a woman's touch.
- Don't you have any sisters?
- No.
No aunts?
- No one?
- No.
Well, there's an old aunt
Mother's sister.
I haven't seen her since the funeral.
What about you?
Do you have a big family?
- Some things will have to change.
- Oh, yes.
Yes, I'm prepared for that.
- When would you like me to begin?
- Right away, if it pleases you.
- I'll be here tomorrow afternoon.
- Shall I pick you up, like today?
No, I'll take the bus.
That's settled then.
- About your wages
- That can wait.
Until you see what I can do.
- I thought you'd say no.
- I said yes.
- Coffee party?
- Want some?
I didn't think you'd be able to
see any legs at a speed like that.
There's always time for that
Which room do I get?
The one upstairs
or this one next to the kitchen?
So, you're staying?
I didn't know Olof had any relatives.
- Living, that is.
- You know I don't.
Erik, this is Miss Lind.
Miss Lind, this is Erik
- Johnson.
- Jnsson.
I'm the new housekeeper.
- Housekeeper?
- Housekeeper.
Which room?
The room upstairs, if you don't mind.
Your mother's room?
I'd better start unpacking,
I have a lot to do.
- I should think so.
- Good bye, Mr. Jnsson.
- I'm sure we'll meet again.
- Call me Erik.
She's nice.
Ozzy. Ozzy.
- Where did he go?
- Who is she?
She'll be cleaning
and washing and stuff
I see.
After spending the night in Edith's
room? How long is she staying?
You know what the place looks like.
I've done nothing since Mother died.
- I know! How long is she staying?
- I don't know.
- It's up to her how long...
- I see!
- So, I won't be getting the room?
- You said you didn't want it.
That was then!
I can always change my mind.
Where are you going?
I'm talking to you! Stop!
- Now I can't change my mind.
- No
Erik I've got to have someone here
that I can trust.
What the hell do you mean?
You can trust me! You know that!
But you're not very good at cleaning
Where did you find her?
- I put an
- ad in the paper.
"Lonely farmer. 39 years old."
I was here for your 40th birthday!
Not only are you stupid,
you're vain too!
"Seeks young woman
as housekeeper."
Do she have to be young to clean?
"Photograph required." Why?
To see if she looked reliable.
I only had two replies.
- What did the other one look like?
- She didn't send a photograph.
I'll be preparing for dinner.
Is Mr. Jnsson eating with us?
No, thank you.
I'm not hungry, Miss
- What was your name again?
- Miss Lind.
That's right.
Good bye.
Is there anything else?
Otherwise I'll go to bed.
Fine by me. I think I'll turn in too.
I hope you'll sleep well.
- Thank you. Good night.
- Thanks for today.
Thank you.
It's just me.
I just
wanted to say that
if you hear some funny noises
It's nothing to be afraid of.
It's only the gables flapping in the wind.
- It's quite calm now
- Yes, but
You never know.
The wind can rise.
- Is it quiet apart from that?
- Oh, yes. As silent as the grave.
- Good night again.
- Good night.
She's peeing.
Good morning.
I've heated some water for shaving.
- Maybe you shave at night?
- No, usually only on the weekend.
I've made a shopping list.
Maybe you could read it and see
if you want to change anything.
That won't be necessary.
Please, have a look.
I don't want to make any mistakes.
Oh, but this looks fine.
- Soft soap, maybe
- It's there, at the top.
Well, give this to Erik and he'll get it.
- So, he does the shopping?
- Among other things.
Then I'll give the list
to Mr. Jnsson Erik.
And money.
He'll give me the receipts.
I'll put them in the box and
we'll go through it on the weekend.
Miss Lind will do as she thinks best.
- If you think it's proper.
- I think we can drop the titles.
When will the strawberries be ripe?
When they're the color of your nails.
Good morning.
- Sleep well?
- Thank you, yes.
Olof's snoring didn't disturb you?
- We don't sleep in the same room.
- No, I should hope not
How long are you staying?
- As long as Olof wants me to.
- I see.
He said it was up to you.
It can't take that long
to clean a house.
No, but it can take forever
to keep it tidy.
- You don't have a farmer's hands.
- I'm not a farmer.
No, you're a housekeeper.
I understand you do the shopping.
I've got a list
- Olof has read it and approved.
- That's good.
Here's the money,
and I'd like a receipt.
- Ellen
- Miss Lind.
It's a bit soon for us to drop the titles.
What was it? Jnsson.
One more thing
You've got beautiful eyes!
Thank you.
- Nine o'clock.
- Time flies when you're busy.
- Had a nice walk?
- Oh, yes.
- Chicken
- Chicken?
Well, you asked
I like chicken very much.
Then we'll have chicken tomorrow.
I'm going to bed now, I'm tired.
- I hope you'll sleep better tonight.
- I'm sure I will.
Do you mind the changes I made
in your bedroom?
It could only be improved.
- Good night.
- Good night, Ellen.
Good morning!
My God!
- Where's your housekeeper?
- Inside.
- This is great.
- Better bring it inside.
- If you can manage.
- What?
- You look tired. Are you sleeping?
- Yes.
Not my hair!
Listen, when do you think I can get
some of the horse money back?
I only got it a week ago!
Do you want it already?
No, not now. I'm only asking when.
But I don't know when.
You'll get it when you get it.
As usual.
- Ok.
- Mmm?
- Is she nagging you?
- No.
- Did you tell her?
- No.
- Don't.
- I won't.
But then you can't tell her
I can't read.
- Of course I won't.
- Just don't.
- No.
- Good.
- Is the house clean?
- Yeah.
Good food? Feeling like a prince?
- So, she's worth the money?
- Yes, twice as much.
The washing line
is a lot more interesting.
- Here's the shopping.
- Lovely.
I was saying the washing line
is more interesting.
- How do you get into those things?
- What?
- Corsets.
- Oh, they're easy to put on.
But not so easy to get off.
Or what do you say, OIof?
- Shall I bring this inside?
- Put it on the table, please.
You didn't say you like chicken
just because I said I like it?
You haven't eaten anything.
The head is it still
on the chopping block?
Where is it?
I threw it away.
In the woods. The fox gets it.
Nothing's wasted.
Thanks for dinner.
It's already nine o'clock!
- I was going to take a bath.
- Now?
Yes, after I've done the dishes.
Where is the bathtub?
It's out in the woodshed.
But I can bring it inside, if you
don't want to bathe outside.
No, I'd rather take a bath inside.
- That's warm enough.
- Yes.
I hope you will like it.
I've never taken a bath
in a kitchen before.
There's more warm water here
if it starts to get cold.
I almost feel like
jumping in myself.
Thanks for the help. I'm going
to get undressed and get in.
I'll leave you to it
I can empty it, but I don't
think I can manage the tub.
Just leave it.
I'll handle it tomorrow morning.
The door
Good night.
I meant to ask Midsummer's Eve
- Would you like the day off?
- No, I'd rather stay here.
Go lie down!
Let's cheer for this land!
Let's cheer for Svealand!
Three cheers for the potato field
that gives us aquavit!
One two
three four
five six!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Goodness me,
there's someone on a bicycle!
- It's Lena. She's Erik's girlfriend.
- She's not!
- Beware of the lightning, Lena!
- She's a girl and a friend.
Come and sit down.
Lena, this is Ellen.
Ellen, this is Lena.
We're both in the choir.
Ellen is my housekeeper.
What midsummer weather!
Would you like something?
No, I can't stay.
- Why aren't you coming?
- I'll be there.
Can't you see we're still eating?
I'll be there.
- What about the sack race?
- Sack race?
It starts at 7:30.
Lena and Erik won last year.
Erik's the best.
- At sack racing in the rain too?
- Erik is always the best.
- At the egg-and-spoon race too?
- Erik can do anything.
- How about a schnapps?
- Lena doesn't like it.
Shouldn't you be getting back?
Your father will worry.
I suppose I'd better
- I'll see you later then?
- Maybe.
- Good bye.
- Good bye.
- I'm glad I'm not your girlfriend.
- She's not my girlfriend!
May I have this dance?
- Are you asking me?
- No, Ellen.
- She's over there, Olof.
- I'm here.
- I haven't had this much fun
- since your mother died.
- Yes!
- I know!
But you're drunk
and there's no music.
Then I'll put some on.
It's the first time I heard Olof
ask someone to dance.
Since his mother died?
No It's the first time
I've heard Olof do that, ever.
There's a first time for everything.
No thanks, maybe later.
- So you do have some secret vices.
- If you only knew
May I have this dance?
The strawberries!
Sit down, Olof. Take a rest.
How are you?
- He's asleep.
- So I see!
You who can do everything,
can you dance?
Deserted lady on the dance floor.
I'm better at dancing than sack racing.
In one week you've cleaned
this whole house and stolen his heart.
You can twist him round
your little finger.
I bet 100 kronor he's in love with you.
How can you be so sure?
How can you be sure
that the sun will rise tomorrow?
- Maybe it won't.
- No, but it's pretty certain.
Do you know what the ad
should have said?
"Lonely farmer."
"Forty years old."
- Virgin or not, he's still a man.
- I guess you'd see that straight away.
What about me? 20 kronor
Virgin or not?
- I'm not a gambler.
- No
But believe it or not, I'm not a virgin.
What a surprise!
But are you a man?
We're not talking about me here.
I don't know who you are,
or where you come from.
But as long as you're here
Treat him gently.
What do you mean?
I'm off to win some money
in the sack race.
Good luck!
Damn tie
That's not so easy to deal with
the day after a party.
- I rarely wear a tie.
- You did when we first met.
I was going to go through
the bedroom upstairs.
Clean and organize.
But maybe you don't want me
to touch your parents' things.
That's no problem.
As long as I don't have to do it.
I haven't been able to do it.
Too many memories.
- It's your room.
- For now.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
It won't happen again.
It's tradition to drink on
Midsummer's Eve.
You were so beautiful yesterday.
So were you.
You've clearly done this before.
- You're ready for the funeral now.
- Yes.
I'm not looking forward to it.
As for man,
his days are like grass.
As a flower of the field,
so he flourished.
For the wind passed over it,
and it is gone
and the place thereof
shall know it no more.
Do you make a habit of prying into
other people's things?
Do you make a habit of barging
into ladies' bedrooms?
To be honest,
it has been known to happen.
You're not at the funeral?
Obviously not.
I don't like funerals.
I dig the hole, that's enough for me.
- Coffee?
- Yes, would you like some?
- Nice dress.
- Thank you.
- Pity about the hole.
- Where?
Oh my!
I'll have to mend that.
That's good.
- What are you doing?
- Taking my shirt off.
- I can see that. But why?
- If you know how to sew
maybe you can help me
with this button. At the bottom.
- I'd like to finish my coffee first.
- Sure.
You know how to sew,
but you can't pluck a chicken.
Tell me about yourself.
- I can tell you know your way around.
- Biscuit?
- Do you enjoy teasing me?
- Yes.
- I like you. I want to know about you.
- I know nothing about you.
I was born in this village 27 years ago.
Got tired of farmers
ten years ago, went to sea.
The merchant navy.
Ocean liner, to America and back.
I've met everybody.
Garbo! Nice and
wouldn't talk to anyone but me.
She wouldn't have anyone else
wait on her.
Prince Bertil.
Charlie Parker.
Got tired of that and went ashore.
Stayed in Memphis for two years.
Got tired of that too, left.
- Had to leave.
- Why?
Doesn't matter.
But I do believe
I am the only Swede
who shook hands with Presley.
Rock'n'roll, Ellen!
- You must have heard it on the radio!
- No.
But he's fantastic!
Women faint when they see him.
- He can't appear on the television.
- Why ever not?
Because he's so provocative.
He stands like this,
and then the music starts
Get it? They can only show him
from the waist up.
Then he goes like this
And the girls scream like mad.
How was it?
I have to change.
I'm taking the horses down
to the lake before it's too late.
You've done wonders.
I found some rings.
- They belonged to my parents.
- I thought as much.
Last time I sat here like this
was when Mother died.
She was in pain.
I held her hand throughout.
We both knew
she didn't have long left.
She asked me to take off her ring.
It was this ring.
Then she put it in my hand
and closed it.
She said:
"When your father died
he gave me his heart."
"And now, I'm giving you mine."
She asked me what the sky was like.
So I went up to the window
and looked out.
there wasn't a single cloud.
"That's good," she said.
"I'll have no problem finding him."
Then she asked me the time.
"Four o'clock," I told her.
"Don't you forget to wind up
the clock every night at nine."
"Four turns and a bit,
and mind you don't overwind it."
Then she closed her eyes
and passed away.
Would you like some coffee?
Yes, please.
I'll just finish off in here.
- Is that hard?
- No.
Want to try?
Yes come on!
Bucket between your feet.
Grab hold of the teats
And then squeeze and pull.
- You have to That's it.
- Look!
Well, well!
- What's this?
- Hello.
Are you practicing?
- I'm showing her how to do it.
- So I see
Come outside and you'll see
something really exciting.
Are they here?
What's this?
- They're covering the mare.
- I see that, but why here?
Oh No.
- Strawberries?
- No thanks, they give me a rash.
Here you are.
- What's this?
- Deduct it from my debt.
- What do you mean?
- Oh yes, fair's fair.
Look here it's all written down.
Neat and orderly
Check it for yourself.
I made that on the horse today.
Is there an easier way
to make money?
How often can he do that?
Stallions are just like men.
If you find the right one,
you can hit the jackpot.
But Olof's horses
they're a different story.
They've been to the doctor.
They're big, strong
and terribly boring.
- Can I have a few words with you?
- Sure.
One minute?
- Here?
- Yeah.
Thanks for the food.
- What do you want?
- The money.
- What money?
- That I gave you.
- What about it?
- Give it back.
- I just got it from you.
- That was just for show.
That way we're spared
her 'neat-and-order' talk.
I need it tomorrow, I've got a good tip.
Three times the money.
It's for you and me, you know that.
You know your money is as safe
in my pocket as in yours.
It does more good there
than in her purse!
Olof! Are you with me?
Have you fallen for her? Huh?
I can see how you look at her.
You've always listened to my advice.
I'm telling you now take it slowly.
The money.
See you tomorrow.
19 kronor 58 plus
Well, the house is at least clean.
- Anything else?
- No, I just wanted you to have a look.
He's looking in the mirror
for the first time in a long while.
You can use the kitchen floor
as a mirror.
You can use everything in there
as a mirror.
She's certainly a very good cleaner.
Olof must be pleased!
He's on another planet!
All of a sudden, it's her making
all the decisions.
She decides all purchases.
She deals with all the bills, except
mine. She actually owes me money!
Someone owes you?
It's usually the other way around.
- Have you finished? Can I go on?
- Yes, yes.
She knows exactly how much milk
each cow produces.
Exactly how many apples there
are on each tree.
She probably knows
when the hens lay eggs, too.
- That's good.
- Good?
She's taken over! And Olof's
swallowing it hook, line and sinker!
- You seem worried?
- That's putting it mildly.
You know Olof as well as I do.
He doesn't stand a chance.
And it's not about whether
the damn floors are clean or not.
It's about what's going on up here!
- How much did we get?
- 25 kronor.
It wasn't such a bad idea after all?
- Here you go.
- It's not mine.
Without you there wouldn't be
any strawberries.
And I haven't paid your wages.
Then let me buy you a present.
What would you like?
What do you need?
- I could do with a new dress.
- Then we'll get you a new dress.
That's not enough money.
If you want a dress,
you're getting a dress.
Let's see
Let's see here
And to crown it all
- It's too flowery.
- So we'll take it away.
- I'm so sorry.
- That's quite all right.
- It's a lovely dress.
- Oh, absolutely.
On the right person, of course.
We'll try another one.
- Hello!
- Hi there. What are you doing here?
Yes, what am I doing here?
I'll give you three guesses.
Maybe I forgot to say
we don't need any shopping today.
Is that so?
- Are you collecting the eggs?
- Wrong. Try again
Oh damn, I forgot.
- What's that?
- We go to the races once a month.
- We had to go into town.
- I see.
- What do you think?
- About what?
The dress.
Take a spin.
- I like it.
- I'm glad. Olof picked it out.
Nice, huh?
- How long have you been waiting?
- What time do we usually go?
- Three o'clock.
- And what's the time now?
- Nearly four.
- Mmm.
I wanted her to get a break from here.
I've been standing here like an idiot,
worrying about you!
I'm disappointed, Olof.
- Are you going on your own?
- Do I have a damn choice?
Damn, I
- Forgive me
- It's all right.
I I mean
I came upstairs because
I wanted to ask you to wear
the dress tonight.
- I was going to take it off
- Please, put it back on.
Then you'll have to zip me up.
- You can't help me from over there.
- No
I like you, Ellen.
My God, I like you.
I like you too.
I wouldn't be here otherwise.
Will you
Will stay you then?
Will you stay here?
Why do you ask that?
- I want to know for sure.
- You can never be sure of anything.
But it hasn't crossed my mind
to leave.
go downstairs.
Do you want a drink?
There's a bit of grass in the glass.
Couldn't you sleep last night?
- I saw you sitting in the garden.
- Yes well
If you can't sleep tonight,
wake me up.
- It's hot, isn't it?
- Yes.
Do we have to go through this again?
I'm a virgin.
I know that!
Everyone is in the beginning.
But you have to
lose your virginity at some point.
Don't you?
What did you say
when we got into the car?
That I had to be home by 10:30.
When we drove off
you said something to me.
That I love you?
Yes, exactly.
Then you want me to be the first.
Do you love me?
But you know that I do.
- Then tell me.
- Why? You know I do.
- I want you to say it.
- Lena
Love you.
- What?
- I love you!
I'm a virgin.
I'm so sorry
I'm sorry
I want you to kiss me first.
With pleasure.
That wasn't so bad, was it?
- When do you have to be home?
- 10:30.
- Then we have to go.
- Can't we stay a while?
We can't be late.
You know what your father's like.
Are you all right?
- You wanted to. I didn't force you.
- No.
It's never easy the first time.
You have to give it a few goes.
Why are you doing this to me?
You don't have to do it for my sake.
I've managed without it for 40 years,
and I can manage another 40 years!
I didn't do it for your sake.
I did it because I wanted to.
Don't you want me here?
Do you want me to leave?
I'm sorry. Sorry
I'll go to bed.
Calm down! Calm down!
- Calm
- Ellen
Ellen teach me!
- What?
- Teach me.
Don't stop, go on!
Go on
I knew it!
I love you.
Do you hear me?
- Do you hear me, Ellen?
- I love you too.
I love you.
I knew it!
Hi there!
Damn weather, huh?
- Didn't you hear me calling?
- No.
Where is she?
- Isn't she in the house?
- No.
- She's getting sloppy.
- Thanks. She must've dropped them.
She must've dropped them
So, you're not a virgin anymore?
How can you be so damn stupid?
What do you think she sees in you?
What can you offer her?
A rotten house and some shitty hens!
I know women, Olof.
I've had hundreds.
There's nothing here for her.
Are you jealous?
Did she pick the wrong guy?
She picked the idiot.
Yes she picked the idiot.
I'm sorry.
Olof I'm your friend.
I don't want you to make a fool
of yourself.
Why do you think I put
an ad in the paper?
To get the kitchen cleaned?
I wanted to meet a woman!
It was the only way I could do it.
If you were a friend
you'd congratulate me.
Congratulations, Olof
She's wonderful.
So is Grace Kelly.
Good luck.
What are you thinking about?
The barn.
Shall we do it again?
I don't think I could manage.
I bet you could, though
No, I was thinking of the leak.
I've got to get it fixed.
How long has it been like that?
Too long.
Why haven't you taken care of it?
It would cost too much.
- Close your eyes.
- They are closed.
Don't look, then.
Keep them closed.
Don't look.
Hold out your hand.
Hold it out.
Olof, I
- I can't accept it.
- Why not?
It's too much.
It's been lying in that box
for ten years.
My mother's last words
weren't about winding up an old clock.
Her last words to me were
"Don't sit here on your own, Olof."
"Go out and find yourself a woman."
Easier said than done.
I want you to have it, Ellen.
I'm not asking anything of you,
just wear it.
Thank you.
Earlier today
you said you loved me.
Did you mean it?
Of course, I did.
Can you say it again?
I love you.
I love you, Ellen.
Stop, please!
Please stop!
Whoa, Memphis!
There, there.
How much do you owe Olof?
Did we stop so you can ask me
how much I owe Olof?
What's it got to do with you?
He's paid your share of the horse,
hasn't he?
- Did Olof say that?
- No, I've guessed as much.
Whatever, it's none of your
damn business!
He needs the money now.
Don't we all?
The barn is collapsing.
What the hell are you saying?
There are a few holes in the roof!
It's been like that for 20 years!
The problem isn't the holes in the roof.
The problem is that you find knickers
lying on the floor!
I want to know why you're really here?
Because, if it's a bit of fun you want,
I'm always available.
How about it?
There's nothing here for you!
I've had hundreds of girls,
just like you!
On the way to and from America.
Not one of them dreamt about a man
like Olof, I can promise you that!
He's got nothing
to offer someone like you!
You fucking cow!
All I'm asking
is that you sell your ridiculous car
or your filthy horse!
- Shut up!
- And pay your debt!
I'll make it my business to find out
who the hell you are!
I'm going to find out who you are
and what you're after!
You fucking bitch!
Shall we?
- You know I never dance.
- So why are we here?
You tell me! It was you
who wanted to come.
Let's leave.
I love you.
- What?
- You heard me.
Yes, so?
- What do you want me to say?
- What do you think?
I'll say it in the car.
Let me just say a few words to Olof.
Wait here for me.
Just stand over here.
- Well, well, look at you!
- Hello!
- Do you mind?
- What?
I'd like a dance with Ellen.
- Do you want to?
- Don't ask, she might say no.
Well, I don't know Yes, okay.
I want to apologize.
I shouldn't have yelled like that.
You shouldn't treat a lady like that.
You shouldn't treat a lady like that.
That's right, and that's why
I want to apologize.
Will you forgive me?
I was serious, he needs the money.
He trusts you.
You're his friend, aren't you?
I'm impressed, Ellen. You're stubborn.
I am stubborn.
You smell nice, too.
Pity I can't say the same.
Are we going to dance?
Or I'll return to Olof.
- Friends?
- If you give him his money back.
- Shouldn't that be on the other hand?
- It's not a wedding ring.
- Olof gave it to me.
- I see.
- It's nice.
- Mmm.
- Where's the other one?
- What?
Wedding ring.
Or was he too stingy to buy one?
Your husband.
I'm going to take a leak.
I hope to be home in time for dinner.
I love you.
Where are you going?
Ellen I don't know where she is.
I think she's left, she wasn't
She left this.
- You've got to read it to me, Erik.
- No.
You've got to, I can't.
- Didn't she know you can't read?
- I never told her.
Oh, my God
No, I can't do it.
Sit down and read it to me.
I'm begging you, Erik.
Please, sit down and read it.
"Dearest Olof"
"I have left the farm."
and I won't be back.
"Ever since I arrived
I wanted to tell you something."
I've been taking the money
Erik has been paying back
and kept it for myself.
- Is that what it says?
- Yes.
I've been paying you back
all summer, for the horse.
I That's
I trusted her.
"I know you trusted me."
"And I know I have let you down."
"I'm married to another man."
"I'm going home to sort things out.
This is the only possible way."
How does it end?
What does she write at the end?
"I'm sorry you have to read this"
"but I just couldn't say it
to your face."
"I will always love you."
That's all Ellen.
Nothing else?
I've known it all along!
It was written all over her!
- I've tried telling you!
- Read it again.
No No, I won't!
I've told you everything that's there.
I've left, I'm not coming back
and I've taken Erik's money. That's all.
Doesn't it say where she's gone?
You think she'd write a letter like
this and leave an address?
I've been through this
a hundred times
It'll pass.
The world is full of women.
It'll pass.
Give me the letter.
No, don't torture yourself!
I'll throw it away.
Give me the letter
Give it to me!
This isn't the right time,
but I'm leaving.
I'm signing on an Italian ship
in Gibraltar, the Andrea Doria.
I'm going back to America.
If I stay here, I'll go mad.
- When?
- I'm off to Gothenburg tomorrow.
Take care.
I can't read, Erik
but I'm not stupid.
Forget about her. She's not worth it.
You can never be sure of anything.
But it hasn't crossed my mind to leave.
- You look tired.
- Yes.
Read this to me.
But why?
Just read it.
"Dearest Olof."
"I have left the farm. Ever since
I arrived I wanted to tell you"
"I know you trusted me
and I know I have let you down."
"I'm married to another man."
Why do I have to do this?
I can't read.
Why didn't you tell me?
How does your letter end?
How does it end?
"I will always love you."
You don't have a suitcase
I left it at the station, I didn't know
if you wanted me back.
Do you want me to come back?
I thought you'd say no.
I said yes.
The thing that hath been,
it is that which shall be
and that which is done
is that which shall be done
and there is no new thing
under the sun.
Let's go home.