Under World (2019) Movie Script

Come with me, I will tell you
Give it on my hand, why are you dropping it down?
Ouch, my back!
Fantastic! No name or address given
People just walk in as they please
This is Government hospital, not any kind of charitable home
No medicine... nothing
We had pursued a degree in Nursing, not in Magic
there goes another guy,
his matter is settled
Whoever it may be, I will say point blank
I am not afraid of anyone
I've been doing this job for a long time
Are you still lying here?
Dont you want to go?
If you have any friends number,
let me know.
Dont even have that?
"Will the birds come now in rows"
"Flapping their wings, carrying grain-stalks"
"With great cleverness, they can somehow"
"Escape from the small traps"
"My right, I choose my path based on them"
"There are bars to stop me on the way"
"I will need to listen to the blames of people"
"my mind will be disturbed by all these"
"My fate, my future, I will be asked about these"
"There are many routes to find the answer"
"I still have the courage left to
find light from the dark corridors"
"The molten days end resemble waves"
"Kindled with flaming fire"
"Rejoice till you are tired"
"Till the anger of the shore ends"
"In each glance, there is fear caused by the waves"
"The world is awake;
the snake-like track shakes"
"When smoke spreads across the river,"
"Will the birds come now in rows"
"Flapping their wings, carrying grain-stalks"
"With great cleverness, they can somehow"
"Escape from the traps"
"My life is bright now,"
"with much desire, I'm looking forward to future"
"When we attain the target, the world will be shocked,"
"We will work hard till then"
"This is the beginning, no turning back now,"
"We have so much to attain, that's why we hurry,"
"We will have this smile of our faces till the end,"
"The heart must revel till the sky like rain"
"The body must feel warmth soon"
"It should rain continuously"
"At dawn, when the day is inflamed by shadows"
"Is there dance of fire in the furnace"
"When the drums are beating,"
"Did the rhythm of heartbeats increase"
"Like a ritual dance that fills one's heart?"
"Like the sea hiding the depths"
"Like the smoke covering the sky,"
"You should hide your feelings"
"Dart through the new paths
"Forget the past as the story progresses"
"From the sharp arrows are being shot"
"With great care"
Its dead.
Our dog is mad at us.
He hasnt come with me.
If Solomon brother meet him,
He will come happily.
Here, keep it there.
Have you been waiting for a long time?
Did he know that he would be remanded?
I had told him that
there is little chance to get bail.
How can he get bail?
That place was rented to run theatre,
He should run a theatre there.
If he lets people gamble money playing cards
Its not like that dear,
You come with me.
Lets go inside the office and talk.
Padma, what do you know about it?
Everyday they play cards
and do gambling for 4-5 lakh rupees.
Who are these guys?
Where do they come from?
Which money are they using?
Does he know anything?
If the affidavit for Sreejith Divakaran is ready,
Take a print of it.
Yes Madam, I will take.
Its not like that dear, Come!
He leased that theatre for 2 years.
But he couldnt run it for even 6 months.
He did all these as he had no other way.
He has been doing it for the last one year.
There was no complaint about it till now.
Now Sadasivan boss
wants him to be out from there.
He is planning to start some business there,
So, you dont have any problem with him
for doing gambling there.
He has been remanded for 14 days.
We can submit bail application within 2 days.
As he is in Sub-jail, its not a big problem.
Nobody can cause him any trouble.
I am on the way to see the doctor.
See you then,
What did the doctor say?
He can give only medicines.
We need to find peace on our own.
We need to move the bail application for Stalin.
Get the memo ready for that.
Ok Madam,
Stalin John!
You are the guy who used
to run that theatre, arent you?
Yes sir.
Why are you here?
Movies are not successful these days.
Are you old enough to be remanded?
You can give a try,
Maybe this place will improve.
Its your place, right?
I heard that youre the one
who doesnt show any improvement.
That could be true.
Everyone else is good.
Or Sadasivan boss wont
have to send police to hit me.
He could do that directly.
Im an unruly guy,
Not just outside, inside too.
Take him.
In the allegation of receiving bribe of 500 crores
from an American company named VMS,
the verdict against Padmanabhan Nair
will be delivered today.
Who died?
When there was no response,
I thought
I need a box.
It should be long-lasting.
Is there any box with lock?
Its for burying a person,
Not to lock someone, right?
Whats the size of the person?
Is he big?
Is it made of teak?
He can sleep inside for
2-3 years without any trouble.
You wont say it, will you?
- Hello,
- Yes Sir,
Sir, its confirmed,
Will arrest him now.
Where is sir now?
He is at home.
Will you arrest him from his house?
Solomon, why do you speak like
you dont know anything?
After taking the bribe of 500 crores,
Didnt he live happily for
7-8 years during the trial?
Now he has to go to jail.
Or the public will handle us.
Im only worried if he will faint
when we go to arrest him.
For that also,
he needs to have an attitude.
Ok then, will call you later.
Praised be Jesus.
Now and always.
I have never seen you here before.
- My fathers graveyard is here.
- Where?
Its been around 15 years since he died.
Father, I would like to buy a new tomb,
if its available.
We usually give one to a family.
Did you meet your father?
You may leave.
Solomon brother, did you see this?
Can't you bring a Car?
What was going on!
Hugging, inviting home for lunch,
Proposing for marriage,
Will have to find another job.
What job can we find?
Not me, for you.
I can earn enough riding this truck
and delivering cooking gas.
Last one week,
I was dreaming Policemen whenever I slept.
Did you take that gun from the theatre?
I took it home when the police came there.
Whats there to say this much?
Dear Annie, I want to buy a four-wheeler.
Why didnt you tell me about it?
If I tell you, you will deny it.
Do one thing,
They are waiting outside,
Ask them to leave,
Then you will be relieved.
How much it will cost?
It will cost a bit.
A bit means?
A bit means
I cant lie to you.
It will cost around 60 lakh rupees.
If I ask you something,
Will you tell me the truth?
Of course.
Wheres our dog?
I killed it.
How long it had been with us?
Dear, dogs are supposed to be
more sensible than humans.
But that dog was not sensible at all.
Wont we kill if it were a human?
Wont we feel like killing?
Your son is in jail
and you are cooking delicious food here!
I thought you would come to visit me.
But no one came
And they didnt give me the phone too.
It might be an insult to the old police officer
to visit her son in jail.
Even if the parents grow older,
their children are always young for them.
You will understand it later,
That you should have built
your life and not police cases.
Youre right.
The things that I did when I was 18,
I felt they were all wrong when I became 25.
What I did when I was 25,
Now I feel they are wrong.
As you said,
I might feel after many years that
what I did is not right.
But now, I feel that I need to do this.
I felt like doing this now.
Please note it down.
Hello Mujeeb
When were you released?
Not released, I broke out.
Dont sit there all the time,
Try to jump and run.
You got released!
Where are you going?
Comrade Sadasivan has locked it.
Dont try to mess.
You dont know how powerful he is.
Mujeeb, this is a small place.
So, everyone knows each other.
Not because someone is greater than others.
Dude Stalin,
I just warned you as
we worked for the same party before.
Whatever we do here,
No one will dare to stop us.
Dont challenge a whole place.
There might be someone.
Didnt see you for a long time.
Achaya, whats up?
Did you lose?
Im losing, What to do Stalin?
We need to recover everything that we lost.
Yes, we should.
Those are Manafs friends.
Tell him that I will kick him away,
If he sends this kind of people.
I am yet to recover from the harm done by him.
Some of Kerala Congress candidates are winning.
Thats how they are.
Also, Krishnan Nair and team of Nair lobby.
Heard that he got a
sack of black money accidentally.
Also, our old District judge and three thieves.
Looks like the Judge will fail.
Bro, its been a long time
since we paid the electricity bill.
We will pay it later
The case charged is gambling by playing cards
And man-handling the policeman
who came to arrest him.
Is Sadasivan here?
You mean Comrade?
No, Mulleppalli Sadasivan.
The lease is for 2 years,
6 more months are left.
Dont ask me to leave.
I dont have any other place to go.
Stalin, this is party office.
Not a place to express your sentiments.
It was like that before, comrade.
Only when you started preaching
this nasty communism,
I became a party supporter.
You can pretend to be a communist
And also turn down communists for your own benefits.
You should not pretend to be a communist,
You should live as a communist.
So, what I am telling you is
Dont send anyone to teach me communism.
You will have to count stars!
I dont need to explain you who this Stalin is.
Red salute,
Mujeeb, where are you?
Brother, no use of opening it
again without getting a proper deal.
Why do you need aproper deal
for gambling by playing cards?
Then, you open it,
Then the police will come.
And you will be arrested again.
Need to call Mr. Rajan Mulankad.
Will make that guy call SP.
SP will call the local station.
Thats the only way to
work it out for the time being.
If the special squad comes
We will see it then.
Ive been calling him since you got arrested.
Would the party members have erased him?
Whats up dude?
This will take some time
It was with great effort that
I learned to roll it from Youtube.
Else you do one thing,
You pay the money to UFO.
If you had managed it properly,
I would have run it showing adult videos.
Oh, my phone is full of those videos.
I am tired of watching those.
What happened?
Did it get tangled again?
- Come fast.
- What happened?
What happened?
The KSEB guy has removed the fuse.
I had told you many times to pay the bill.
Shes bringing it,
You call Mr. Rajan Mulankad.
Give that fuse back.
You pay the bill,
then the fuse will come back.
Im telling you to put the fuse back.
Talk respectfully,
Give it to me.
Brother, shes asking me to talk respectfully.
Did you call Rajan Mulankad?
Yes, his phone is switched off.
He might have been drunk.
Call him today itself
and get this lady transferred.
Is that the urgent thing now?
Else, will you stand here
with a candle at night?
PW Brest house!
No, Guest house!
Oh, rest house.
Suresh brother,
Is Rajan Mulankad here?
Nobodys here.
Naughty guy!
You are sitting here reading Fire.
Do you know where is?
He has gone to Delhi to meet the High command.
Will be back after 2 days.
Anything urgent?
If its urgent, can you show?
Yes, I will show.
Not this.
Can you show him?
Just the size of a peanut.
And he is reading fire!
Do you have cigarette?
Sorry, I dont have.
I had one with me.
Whats this?
Oh, it was there.
You cant smoke here.
Its a sacred place to read Fire.
Come, lets go.
I havent believed your Delhi story.
Where is this guy gone switching off the mobile?
Thats what Im also thinking.
If we could meet him,
He would have done everything.
He is definitely somewhere around here
(ladys voice heard)
Where are you going?
Move away!
Leave me!
I will call the Chief minister.
Keep quiet, I will dump you in the forest.
Stalin, please dont create any issues.
Go away!
Didnt I tell you that it is rest house?
Please leave,
Its the order of the high command,
To stop shooting.
Everything is for the public.
Fine sir.
Ok sir.
Nothing, no problem.
As SP had called,
I dont want to say anything.
But tomorrow if any superior asks me,
I will get him.
Then nobody should interfere.
Sir, if anyone calls,
you just inform about it.
He will get everything ready.
Then I will take all these things
and go with him.
You wait,
Get up!
Sir, you may also leave.
Come on!
It will end up in a big game.
Have you got enough confidence for that?
Sir, the show will begin at 10 pm.
It will continue till 2 am.
The same place from where you arrested me.
One who can say things openly like this,
Dont underestimate his confidence.
Dont you have the bill?
I dont have.
The system is not working,
So, I need the bill.
An officer working here has taken the fuse away,
They will know about it.
There are so many cases where fuse was removed.
How would I know which is yours?
Dear, you know that closed theatre?
Its for that.
If you had paid the money on time,
Would there be any trouble?
See how much money you have paid as fine.
Even after paying all this money,
they say that the board is in loss.
They are joking.
Look at that bungalow,
they are very rich.
Comrade, its a shame.
With the help of that stupid Rajan Mulankad,
He opened that theatre again.
Let him open it.
Only if its open, we can close it.
All this is happening while our party is ruling.
He is dealing with the police
easily using that guy from other party.
Dear, did you add cashew nuts?
Yes sir.
Mujeeb, police are not messing
with us as our party is in rule.
These policemen like the other party members more.
What day is today?
Tomorrow is Thursday.
Day after is Friday.
On Friday, we will get Stalin John out of that place.
You just need to say a word,
we will take care of the rest.
No one from our party should touch him.
I should not hear that anyone
from our group caused him any trouble.
On Friday, we will get him out.
Saturday and Sunday are holidays for court.
I will play the first show in the theatre on Sunday.
Will see the rest in the court on Monday.
Do you think we can throw him
out easily like a cat?
He is a proud man.
How can he live here after
getting hit by the local people?
Else he has to surprise us.
We need to bring a guy
who doesnt have any address.
Stalin John will count the stars.
Dude, whats the matter?
Cant you call me back
when you see my missed call?
I was talking to Setu.
Whats your program?
I need to go to Kerala.
I have got a work to hit someone.
I have to hit a guy and come back.
Nobody should know about it.
Have you received the cash?
I got the advance amount.
Already we are involved in a case there,
Would we get trapped if we go?
Lets do one thing,
lets have a drink.
I dont have any money.
You said that you got the advance amount.
That was only a little bit.
Two drinks are enough.
I wont drink.
You need not drink.
Only I will drink.
These guys keep thinking
about drinking all the time.
Nothing else.
Sit there,
Your phone is ringing.
Are you Suhas?
Where are you now?
Suhas, its for you.
Its for you.
Are you Suhas?
He is in a meeting.
When will the meeting be over?
I cant say that.
Wheres the meeting?
Its in a police club.
God, is he arrested?
Who are you?
Me Is it about hitting the guy in theatre?
- Yes, are you business partners?
- Yes.
Thats nice.
Cant you come?
I need to get the job done tomorrow itself.
I already agreed it.
What about the money?
Didnt Suhas tell you?
You will get the money
as soon as you finish your work.
You do one thing,
call someone else.
Need to get it done tomorrow itself.
I shall tell you openly,
I will send you my account number.
We shall talk in detail once
I receive the money.
Whats your problem?
Im asking you.
I have nothing to say.
Im asking you the reason for that.
I dont need to tell you the reason.
Whats the matter that you cant tell me?
Did your father betray your mother?
"Even though there is no distance between us"
"Do you still feel the distance"
"When we part in two ways"
"When we part, it is as
if the shore of death has come"
"When we are together,
it is late to understand"
"To know love, is it necessary"
"For having such a distance between us"
"Though no one caresses me"
"There is your memory near me for sprinkling coolness"
"Even if we feel offended often,
and weave a veil"
"There is no secret between us"
"You have become my eyes clearer than my own"
"You made me your eyes also"
"As the root for life and wings to fly high"
"Are there any other boundaries?"
Where are you?
Im at home.
You need to come here urgently.
Whats the matter?
Have you given any cheque to anyone?
I have given a cheque to the
Babychettans finance company.
That cheque has bounced.
The liability is 25 lakhs.
They are waiting here.
You come here quickly.
Hey Nair,
I dont need 500 crores,
Just 2 crores,
At least 1 crore,
Isnt it, Mummy?
I will be back soon,
Because they came to me,
I could inform you about it.
Else you would only know
when you receive lawyers notice.
I gave that cheque to the
Finance company as a bail for Manaf.
Its a matter of only 5 lakh rupees.
That idiot didnt pay it back.
How would I know that he will
cheat these people with that?
They had taken a loan from
the bank against their property.
Soon it will get attached.
These finance people helped them to pay the loan.
And for the rest of the money,
they gave this cheque.
Cant they check it properly before receiving it?
That old man went to collect the cheque,
The girl was not with him.
You do one thing,
I will call that girl,
we will ask for some time.
- That wont work.
- Why?
Even if we try hard to
show that we are great people,
There are some situations,
That tell the world that
We are nothing in this world.
She has seen me in such a situation.
My name is Stalin John.
I gave that cheque to help a friend.
I didnt know it can cause such a big problem.
You can move legally if you want.
But Padmavati is my lawyer.
You will have to find
another lawyer to run the case.
I know that you dont have anything with you.
And I wont get anything
if I sent you to jail.
I shall sign a promissory note for you,
Or I will give you my phone number.
I will accept whenever you call,
Even if I dont,
you can know where I am.
Its the first time in my life
that someone else owes us money.
So, you can understand the situation in my house.
Betty, come!
Dont run!
Stop there.
I told you not to run.
Did you like it?
Yes, I did.
Whom do you like more, me or the dog?
The dog.
He came only today.
You keep him with you for some time.
Then only you start liking him.
Only after that let him inside your house.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
Go and play.
How about you?
Dont take it to the forest.
I will be back now
Why are you here, in the uniform?
These days many arrests are happening.
What are you talking?
Just be careful,
Thats it.
Didnt you see the news?
But Sir is very strong.
Whom to fear when he has 500 crores with him.
Still, why didnt the party leaders help him
when such a big amount is involved.
After the arrest,
no one said a word to support him.
Thats because,
No one got a penny out of that 500 crores.
He didnt involve anyone in that deal.
Solomon, whats your role in this?
They wont be left alive,
he who tells and he who listens.
Why did you buy such a big bottle?
To make me drunk?
After paying the electricity bill and grocery bill,
There wasnt enough money to buy your single malt.
Here you are.
Hey Pappu,
Have you ever got insulted?
Did you feel sad about it?
You are sad because you get
insulted once in a while.
I dont feel sad
as it happens to me every day.
Get lost scoundrel.
Where are you going?
To buy some food.
Do you have money?
I dont have, will borrow some.
Dont borrow from anyone.
God, hope there will be some balance left.
- Sir,
- Yes,
Am I late?
I can only wait,
Used to wait for Padamanabhan Sir before,
Now waiting for you.
I had visited Padmanabhan sir in jail.
As Im his accountant,
I have showed him all the accounts till now.
What is left is your accounts.
Padmanabhan Sir is 74 years old now.
He is becoming very adamant these days.
That I can understand.
Sometimes he talks like
Im stealing all his belongings.
He is like that.
When all the accounts were checked,
There was a mismatch of 2.5 crores.
You should talk to him about that.
Solomon, whats your plan?
Padmanabhan is sleepless these days.
He keeps on asking about the money to be given
to his daughter in Australia and son in Dubai.
What shall I do?
Tell him that we will give everything.
But not now.
If we take it out now,
no one will get anything.
Let this mess settle down.
And let me finish some urgent things.
We will settle everything.
He handed over 500 crores to me
and is relaxing in the jail.
Solomon, if you cant, you may leave.
Its not because we dont have
anyone else to keep the money.
Sir, please dont get tensed.
Padmanabhan sir is on our side.
Its because you keep on drinking scotch.
I shall send some local toddy with Mani,
Have two drinks,
Then you will understand what Im talking.
Solomon, my drinking experience is more than your age.
(news reading in Radio)
Former Industries Minister
and the Cultural Leader Padmanabhan Nair
Was arrested yesterday
with the order from the court.
He had been accused of corruption for a
very long time for receiving 500 crores as bribe.
This led to political turmoil and ended up
in his arrest yesterday from his house.
Someone is here to meet you.
A man or woman?
Its a man.
Can I have a nail cutter?
Whats the current situation?
The news has been published on newspapers.
Not that,
Have you received the money?
It is safe.
Dont keep anything with you for the time being.
Do as I say.
You be safe.
Dont get into any trouble.
I will be at home.
You may leave.
Potty said that 2.5 crores are in your account.
I told Potty that,
If Solomon has taken it,
there will be a valid reason.
Sir, I took it when there was an emergency.
I forgot to tell you.
Potty is an old-fashioned man.
One crore is with me.
I will replace the amount
that I had spent in 2 weeks time.
Whatever you have spent,
I know its for us.
Dont worry about that.
Keep that one crore with you.
Do you understand?
I shall hand it over to Potty.
You can keep it.
Solomon, money is dangerous.
In future, we both should not have
to fight with each other.
An amount of 500 crores, is a lot of money.
Both of us may not want to give it up.
Is everyone fine at home?
Fine sir.
- Hey,
- Yes,
Do you have spare cooking gas cylinder?
Ours is about to finish soon.
I shall bring it.
Bro, the guy who did it is an outsider.
Mujeeb was boasting about it sitting in the shop.
If we could find out where he was from,
we could have taken revenge.
Let me bring the gas cylinder.
I had saved few to sell in black market.
Mom, I am leaving.
See you then.
What you said cant be done.
They have clear account of all the stuffs.
- How much money do you need?
- Money is not the problem.
This will cause problems,
then you will be caught.
And after that we will also be caught.
Do you understand?
This is not a simple job.
All of us will go to jail.
Shall I leave?
Wait dude.
I shall give two small pieces.
Dont get me into any trouble.
You do one thing,
Come home for Diwali.
We will crack it in the front yard.
- Trying to mess with us,
- What?
I was telling that to him.
Seems they dont know that time has passed.
Wait and see.
I will find the betrayers this time.
As if you will.
If you tell this to anyone,
you know me, dont you?
I dont do like that.
Stalin, you want cutting or shaving?
I came to read the newspaper.
What happened?
, ,
My plan is not to go fishing
in Sadasivans swimming pool.
Bro, we are not good enough for that.
We will be in trouble.
This is a small place.
Stanley, its non-bailable.
Not just me, nobody can win it.
Im sure about it.
Dont do that.
You will go to jail.
Im advising you as your lawyer.
One more thing,
In our country,
There is a limit to do things for everyone.
Thats same for Vijay Mallya
and also for Stalin John.
How many cases have been charged against you?
Stalin, this is the limit.
If you do anything more,
you wont exist.
This is my habit since school days,
I dont care how great one is or what he has,
If he hits me 100 times,
I will hit back at least once.
If I am not good enough for that,
This Stalin John will work as a
ticket seller in Sadasivan bosss theatre.
Sadasivan has got some goons out,
Only at night,
As the relevant case is a blast case
And as the court is considering the arguments of the
The court is considering the argument that
The cylinders used for explosion
were used for cooking purpose.
Hence, the court sentences the accused
for 4 years imprisonment and
A fine of Rs.50,000.
Hey, dont think that everything is over with this.
You will never see your family again.
Go to jail,
I will show you what I can do.
Comrade, I exploded the theatre using gas cylinder.
I had put some crude bombs also.
I didnt hear it exploding.
Be careful when you go there to clean.
If it explodes, you wont have
hands left to call the slogans.
Sir, they are making plans to trace the money.
I heard.
Have you got cigarette?
Lighter please.
They took away the lighter.
They are checking using the details from bank
and other stuffs like notes.
Padmanabhan Nair received the bribe in dollars.
American dollars.
From which bank can they get the serial number.
A third person cant touch
that money unless one of us surrenders.
If you surrender,
Solomon, its American dollar,
It doesnt have Gandhis head,
I will forget that Im Gandhis follower.
Are you new here?
Yes Sir
- Whats the charge?
- A small blast case.
Youre not a terrorist, are you?
Go to G block,
they will show you the way.
Do you want a beating or will you sing a song?
I will sing, sir.
Then sing.
(singing a tamil movie song)
Enough, stop.
At what age did your father die?
May be around 70 years.
Padmanabhan is also around 75 years old.
Solomon brother, he wont die any time soon.
He has got a wife, family and grandchildren.
So much of wealth also,
Rich people dont die fast.
If he doesnt have any money,
will Padmanabhan die soon?
Even then, he wont die.
What can make him die?
All human beings in this
world die due to one reason.
Suppose we get trapped in a place,
And when we realise that
theres no way to get out of there,
We will die there.
The scientific name of that death is frustration.
How much did you drink?
Four pegs
What a foul smell!
How much did you drink?
Mani had drunk too much.
How about you?
We had it together.
So, it might be four.
- Annie
- Yes,
Which is better,
to kill a person or to lie to him?
I dont understand.
Which would be better,
to kill you or to lie to you?
If you are drunk, just keep quiet.
(A Visual from a film)
What happened Solomon,
why are you so upset?
Sir, there is a problem.
Maybe its just a doubt.
Say it
I heard that theres an
undercover operation being carried out.
I got the information from CI Shahul Hameed.
Who is that?
He has come with me to see you.
I remember.
It would be better
if you talked to your party leaders.
They havent said anything till now.
Now, only they can help us.
If it was before I was arrested,
I would have thought about it.
Now, I dont need to.
Solomon, how long would
I have to sleep on this bare floor?
At least for 2-3 years, sir.
Only by then, we can get that money converted.
I have moved the money to a safe place.
To get it, one will have to kill me.
Its ok to stay in jail
after stealing 500 crores.
I decided to do this knowing the consequences.
Its time for lunch.
If I dont eat on time,
its hard to digest.
20, 21, 22
Isnt it enough?
Move away man!
Let him do what he wants.
Did you understand now, who I am?
I just hit you for money,
I dont have anything against you.
Come on!
Come on!
What are you guys watching?
Stop them!
No, Sir
I have given him enough.
Leave him
Come on! Go there!
Sir, there isnt any big problem.
There is a slight variation.
If it repeats, we will have to check.
Whats up Potty?
Had met Solomon.
- Did you tell him about the money?
- Yes
What happened?
Didnt he say anything?
He did.
But he doesnt look very confident.
I dont know
He is still young.
Maybe he things he is smart.
Lets wait and see.
Sir, I just told you my doubt.
He is not saying anything clearly.
Maybe its my problem.
Then, its better for him.
Its been a long time since I know him.
Ill be back soon.
I had duty in the kitchen
Whats your name?
Majeed Abdul Rahman
I have written it.
Yours is a blast case, isnt it?
Anything else?
Stalin, are you still angry with me?
I am not angry with you.
Also, I have nothing to talk to you.
Can you please listen to me?
While I was in Mangalapuram,
There was an incident in Mampram
And they put me in jail saying
Ive done the conspiracy.
It was a murder case.
I havent done that.
But I have done many other crimes.
They didnt punish me for that.
Shouldnt we try to get out of here?
Its possible only if we are together,
- To break out of jail?
- No,
Through proper channel
He will help us only if you are involved
Youre the only guy I know here.
Majeed, forget the relation
we had for past years
And I am telling you not
to call me for such things.
What are you guys whispering?
Any plan to break out of jail?
Yes sir,
We have started digging from the other end.
He wants to meet you.
Will you go there and meet him?
Im in jail and how can I go to meet him?
He is also here.
We will do it only if you agree.
Come inside
Please sit
I have been thinking about
reading this book for a long time.
I got time only now.
This is the special food for VIPs
I shall come to the matter.
You have to do certain things for me.
I am not sure whether you can do it or not.
But when I read your case diary,
Blasting the theatre in daylight
And walking through the town without fear,
I find some heroism in that.
If you can help me to move things forward,
I will take care of your case.
I always keep my promises.
Have it.
After few years,
I will come back here with a better case.
Then I shall have this VIP biryani
Ok sir, I shall leave
Stalin, you tell me
Do you have cigarette?
Why are you wearing dhoti?
Just like that,
Its been a while since we met.
Hows your health?
I think I wont die soon
My name is not there on the newspapers these days
Apart from you, everyone has forgotten about
this case, Me too
I cant stay here anymore
Im 75 years old now
Not sure when will this pacemaker
made in America stop working
The two guys I had mentioned,
will come to you.
Save that 1 crore for them
Just to correct an old mistake
Sir, I came to tell you
about converting the dollar
Dont do anything
I know youve already done
so many things for me
Solomon, go home and learn wearing single dhoti
Thats what they wear in the jail
Solomon, Im not your dad to forgive you anymore
If you build a wall around me
and fix an iron gate,
Did you expect me to stay inside it?
I dont see any variations in ECG
Will it work for some more time?
Why not? Its an American Pacemaker
It will definitely work
Okay, I shall move then,
have to visit patients
Sister, Get the results
Sit down
Yes Sir
Do you know when one needs to have pacemakers?
When the mind dies
At that time, if one is fixed,
then there will be no feeling guilt
You can do anything
You must do me a favour
Get my two boys out from there
Ones term is almost over
How can I, sir?
Something like Sentence reduction
Good conduct
such procedures are there right?
When you release other prisoners
release them also along with them
And they will go without creating any issues
If I get involved in this case
It may not work with the present political scenario
They will not let it work
If it is you,
people will think its according to the formalities
Who are the guys, Sir?
They are not someone who has star values
But they hold an item
Would you mind helping me?
If you had thought the same about my case,
then I wouldve been
sacked from job long ago
So, they will be out, wont they?
I lost the job
Now I do food delivery
and running this taxi
Who is the guy with you?
I dont think I have seen him
among decent ones
Maybe its because of hitting people in the dark
Do you know each other very well?
We resolved all the issues with a fight
Hope Sadasivan, Mujeeb
and Che guevra are fine
Comrade has opened his own bank now
Rs.60 for BiryaniBiryani
This is Vinod , my new staff
If there is any food left out,
distribute it in the Govt. hospital
Lets have biriyani today
Okay then
What a surprise! The guy from Dubai !
Did you come empty handed from Dubai?
What I got from Dubai
is not good enough to give you, mom
Who is this guy?
Hes the one who arranged my visa for Dubai
OhCome inside..
Its good that I got married in life
A kind of enthusiasm
Children, Grand children..
Dont want to die
Please dont feel offended if I ask something
Despite having children,
why did you entrust Solomon?
Its the not the salary that the Government had paid,
Its the commission I demanded
If I give it to my children,
by the time I return from here
They would have fought amongst themselves and died
If I give it, they will have a feeling
that their dad has given it to them
And that Solomon,
I really underestimated him
There is no time left now
How will it benefit us?
If you dont cheat me like Solomon did,
Then your life will be spared
Just joking
I always keep my promises
The blows that we get after the age of 60
Will weaken you
Because we know that we dont have
enough strength or time, to strike back
Padmanabhan Sir, we are just 30
Even if we receive blows, we have adequate
strength and time to strike back
I will cook a story about you to Solomon
But he will definitely not believe that story
when you go to meet him, keep that in mind
Dont accept the cash that he offers you
Thats a test dose
He will try his utmost to avoid giving that
I believe you guys blindly
Because I know how many kilometers
your bike has run
And Stalin, I even know how much money
your mother receives as widow pension
Dont forget to meet Potti
I got something to tell you
I am leaving for Mangalore tomorrow morning
I am not sure of your present situation
But it will be good for you to join me
Padmanabhan Nair, 500 Crores,
Solomon, Potti
By the time we finish this drink
I think it will be better for us
to forget all these
We are like suicide-bombers
But I wish to live
Thats why I approached Padmanabhan
and got out of jail before the punishment period
And it is not for helping him
Then why the hell did you drag me into this?
I could have called anyone
But none of them are in jail because of me
I dont want to move from here
Hope you heard about Solomon
Majeed, If you go from here,
will that resolve all your problems?
He even knows how many kilometers
your bike had run
And how much pension my mom receives!
And you talk about hiding in Mangalore?
Isnt it better to acquire something
rather hiding and dying?
- Did Padmanabhan Sir send you?
- Yes
Was it difficult to find the location?
Doesnt matter
We located through Google map
Where are you coming from?
A little bit far place
Far means?
From the Beach road
The money is with my friend
Got to collect it from him
- You came by car, didnt you?
- Yes
Maniya! You follow us in the car
I will get ready and be back
Have we met earlier?
No chance
Where were you?
In Kochi , for a long time
What were you doing?
I was driving Uber
I also had a driver
- We are going to his brothers place
- Hmm
An old friend of mine
Cash is with him
Being a friend,
he made me run a lot for the Cash
And yesterday I contacted him
and said that Padmanabhan Sir needs the cash
If I dont give you the cash,
Padmanabhan sir will get upset
I cant offend Padmanabhan Sir
Wont we get the cash today?
Thats what I have been telling you
His brother was with me for long time
He deceived me and looted plenty
of my money and flew to Dubai
Unfortunately, the third day,
after reaching Dubai,
in a Mysterious Car accident in Dubai
He died
Yeah, I will reach there in an hour
Keep the cash ready
You are at office, dont you?
Yes I will be there,
I will reach the office soon
Okay dude..
If Solomon asks for me,
say that you dont know
Didnt I tell you
that I will be reaching here in an hours time?
Hope you are returning home with cash
No Solomon I
Here is Padmanabhan Sirs cash
Take it
The times have changed, we will fight together
build an empire with embers in our hearts
shall make our own dream world rushing like wind
We shall demolish any hell if we stand together
What has sprouted in fire
will not wither in sunlight
Well carry weapons and be ready to win
This game of dice is difficult
The game of chess continues
The dreams weaved together
Will not be shattered by anything
Lets climb the steps now without faltering feet
with only aim in our mind,
with truth and righteousness
Lets climb the steps now without faltering feet
with only aim in our mind,
with truth and righteousness
When did you reach?
Its been few days
You bought a new car?
Do they pay salary in Jail?
They gave it for good conduct
I had met Babychayans son the other day
I escalated our cheque case to him
He said his dad will never do that
Immediately he resolved the matter
"The times have changed, we will fight together"
build an empire with embers in our hearts
This game of dice is difficult
The game of chess continues
The dreams weaved together
Will not be shattered by anything
I wont remember this
Everything needs to be accounted, right?
Give this account to Padmanabhan Sir
I dont deal all this
We were told that you are his Accountant
Thats why I brought it to you
Not only Padmanabhans Sir Cash dealings
I deal with all his accounts
Just a minute
one more please
Suhas, any news?
Dude, she shifted the house
Some issues I guess
She lives in Vikas Nagar now
Okay, let me know if you get her number
Okay dude
I want to set my beard!
Oh Stalin! Please come
Give me 10 minutes
what about your case?
Trying to Resolve
Two policemen were looking for you
- Police?
- Yes
I revealed all the truth as they were Policemen
Were they in uniform?
They look like police by their appearance
You can make out from
their legs they are Policemen
Who is Solomon!
A lad born in Kochi
Now moved to this place
a tall man with a beard! Thats all
Run when you ought to!
Otherwise we will be in a fix
Solomon must have collected all the details about us
Its good to keep some distance with him
Do one thing
Call Potti Sir
Lets meet Sir tomorrow morning
Please wait outside for 10 minutes
Solomon had enquired about us in our hometown
He must have known everything
Dont meet him anymore
What if we do?
Solomon had met me this morning
Never spoke a word of you
Hope you understood why I said
Can you arrange a financer?
Dont bring petty people
Hope you remember how much cash we hold!!
I will talk the rest to Solomon
And if they ask about the terms of repayment?
Ask for a weeks time
I know how to retrieve cash from
Solomon in a weeks time
Hello, where were you?
Its been a long time
Who is this?
I am with him since 2 years,
he is my friend Stalin
I see! I am Arjun Seth
Well, what is the matter?
A profitable deal
Need to convert few dollars
Accounted or unaccounted?
Accounted ones only, but cant be shown
If its small dealing, I have people here
Not small dealing
I know a man
Only if you are certain about the cash
we can get it done
I am sure about the cash..
Everything is okay
Show us the man
I will direct you the way
Just visit over there
If you could connect us directly,
we shall go and meet him
I dont think there is a need for that
And people dont visit there unnecessarily
What is his name?
Mohammed Sanafar
Where do you want to deliver the money?
I mean anywhere in India?
Not entirely
A small amount in Dubai and in Australia
My clients two children are living there
And give the rest to me
In Dubai, I will deliver it immediately
And Australia
I think it wont be an issue,
My person is there
How much is the total figure?
70 Million US Dollars
500 Crores Rupees approximately
Carrot is very good for your eyes
So, its a dollar transaction
It is a 2-3 years process
as it is a big amount!
There is a problem
A client wants to convert some dollars
If he doesn't need it immediately,
We shall proceed it tomorrow itself
Hello Solomon
Hello Sanafar
You never responded anything
about the conversion of dollars
Is the rate set?
Two parties have come with similar amount
If you dont require it immediately
Shall I give a hand to them?
well,in that case, it will take 6 months to do the
Can you do me a favour?
Can you show me the people?
Can you please show them?
Well what do you say?
You fix the rate
But only one condition
They both shouldnt leave the place alive
Thats how I run my business
Who are you?
Oh no!
For such nasty acts, this is what we usually do
Break into the house and flog
Go inside
Solomon, 500 Crores that you are holding
Is parentless cash
Just because of that, don't assume you are the only parent
Didnt you break into his house and assault him?
He has lodged an attempt- to-murder case against you
For trying to kill him, his wife and children
Was there any need for you to resort such a way?
Shouldnt I atleast retaliate to that extent?
You couldve atleast told me
A Policeman, whom I know,
informed me about this
Otherwise they wouldve arrested you
It is your fortune that Home Minister
has called for a Police Conference now
All Policemen are there
They will be coming here after the meeting
Better leave the place by dawn
They are Policemen
They will not spare you!
Solomon would have met the concerned persons
and done whatever has to be done
What should I do now?
Do what everyone does
Go in hiding
Anywhere outside Kerala
I am very hungry, Majeed
Me too have the same feeling
Isn't there any fast food shop?
Am asking you if there are only houses here?
No fast food available here?
Will your dad run fast food
at wee hours in Mangalapuram?
- Then why the heck..
- Talk softly, dude
Then why the heck you made me walk all the way here!
You neednt do anything,
I will go and steal food from some house
What? You will be flogged, mind you
I will get it
Would you eat?
I wont eat stolen foods
You wait here, Let me see if
any suitable house there to steal
Hold this
May be you are used to beatings!
I'm not interested.
To refrain her from screaming, I did so
You need anything else?
Can I get scrambled eggs?
Scrambled eggs! What is that?
We add grated coconut in it,
and the rest are same as Omlette
Oh I am sorry, there is no coconut at home
Doesn't matter
Is Omlette enough?
No need
My dad used to make
Why did you come all of a sudden in search of me?
Normally you dont return so fast when you go away
What is the case now?
He assaulted a man in his own house!
Thats why for a hiding..
Is that why you came running here?
Is everything okay? What?
If everything was okay,
then I wouldve got settled in Dubai
Police are there too
Chitra, arent you at home?
Yeah I am not
(Funeral Prayers)
(Funeral Prayers)
Sir, I want some water
Sir, he wants some water
Do you want to eat something?
No Sir
Come, let's move
Sir, Stalin!
Which Stalin?
What the hell are you doing?
Get down and walk
Hold this
Sister, Did you get any news?
No, he has not reached the Station
Even otherwise, there is no use in
enquiring at the station for such cases
Sister, I will call you back
What happened, bro? Did you get any news?
Things are getting too complicated, Majeed
Police washed their hands off
They say that they are not aware of anything,
what to do?
What a hell is this life!
Mom died and Police also detained you
You loved your mom a lot, didnt you?
I asked her a lot about you
But she didnt speak a word about you
It happened by mistake, You forget it
There is nothing to worry, Stalin
When you had taken it at the
behest of Padmanabhan Nair
You should have brooded over
We are not innocent boys!
Write in Padmanabhan Nairs account
That Solomon has killed one more guy he had sent
Dude! Did you watch the new video of Sachin?
A new one, advising those not wearing helmets
It was very touching
People do such things for becoming famous!
Who? Sachin?
Why not?
Talking too bad!
What bad did I speak?
Why dont we stop caching frogs,
and do something better hunting
like pigs or wild buffalo?
Basically, we are hunters
Hunting small frogs are much difficult
than hunting big pigs? Get me?
Yeah, come
Have you seen a gun, bro?
Asking me if I have seen?
Once me and my brother-in-law
went to Sholayar Forest for hunting
My sister was Nirvayar(Full term pregnant)
I meant Full term pregnant
I took my brother-in-laws gun
I suddenly saw something moving in the forest
I brandished a Gun like this
And shot a bullet
It worked
I shot at the bums of a forest guard!
I am a kind of a man who hunted a person
I swear
You know with what difficulty I solved that issue
Bro a man over there .. Look
Hold him
Shucks! Bed has gone dirty
Why are you cleaning this dirty man over here?
You could have cleaned him outside
Bringing everything in!
Oh God! My slippers have also gone dirty
What is wrong with him?
Dont know
Who brought him over here?
Two strangers brought him here and left
What a trouble!! Must have fallen down
somewhere in inebriation!
Solomon, hadnt I thrashed and offered him to you?
What should I do now?
You dont do anything now, help him if possible
What did you say?
He got paralysed below his waist
He is half paralysed
And in a very bad shape!
He can never get up and walk
Dying was safer!!
Padmanabhans Cash
That was rather better
If Potti learns this, he will call me
Just that Padmanabhan Sir is not fighting with me
He knows my moves well
Solomon, Your time is bad
So please stay quiet
Police knows how to put him behind bars
I will get that done
Please make him understand that
there is no point in living like this
Sir, he can recall everything, cant he?
- Hello.
- Hello Majeed
Yes Pappu
Tell me
You know my partner, Vinod..
he saw a person similar
to bro at Government hospital
Who? Stalin?
That's what he told me
Now, Im at Palani on a trip
I am just returning from here
Could you please go and check?
You want to keep lying like this?
Dont you wish to leave?
At least give me any of your friends number
You dont have that also!
For whom are you waiting here?
Couldnt you give me a call?
I dont know your number by heart
Get up and come
I dont think I can get up any more
You need to carry me, is it possible?
What do you mean?
They paralysed my body below the waist
Police, Solomon and everyone together
They could do only that much
And can do that only
Where are you taking him?
Taking him home, sir
But the case is not over yet
Do one thing,
Put him in the jeep, Well take him
Sir, he is half paralysed
I am taking him home
Put him on the jeep
Survive doing any petty jobs
Not now, after the case is settled
First we need to take you to the Judge
Without any bruises, take him to the Judge
I have spoken to Sir about it
Hmm, I will speak to him once again
Let me try
Isnt Prathapan Sir there?
- Then, who the hell is over here?
- Quiet
We want to meet Stalin
Stalin has been taken to Magistrates house
Come, lets move
Yes, whats it about?
Its the case to Sub Jail!
Bring the accused
He cant walk, Sir
- Is he drunk?
- No, Sir
In the condition of unable to walk
What kind of condition is that?
What the hell is this?
Dont show your Police tricks over here!!
What is the case?
Sir, trespassing
IPC 404 and 323
While taking him to the Station after the arrest
He jumped out of the jeep
Did he jump or was thrown out?
Stop creating evidences on Remand!
Rather remanding him, take him to the hospital
He might die without water
Sir, I know this case personally
Police arrested him in front of me
Few days later, we found him
half paralysed in Government hospital
I have brought the bail application
If there is any possibility,
please dont send him to Jail
Even otherwise I was waiting to send them away
Dont ever step in here for any case!
You wait
- Did you hear what he said!
- Get lost
Where the heck has he gone!
He might have heard about my condition,
Lets wait
Shall we ask him about the cash?
Hope he recalls us
All of you wait outside for 10 minutes
Here he comes
I regret to see you in this condition
Doesnt matter, Sir
Hereafter dont get involved in anything,
Just forget our deal
And dont meet Solomon
Even though you forget about the money
This Stalin is not ready to forget
even any small loss happened in my life
Things are not as you imagined
Depends on people with us!
We want money to go further
My condition has become like this
Dont you see?
I dont have any money Stalin
Lets move, Majeed
Stalin, I will arrange, dont go
Solomon is alive only
because of my incompetency
You also see to it that
you dont die confined in the cell
Otherwise after Solomons death,
there wont be any heir left for that cash!
Dont give them a single pie
They are of a kind who clutch
on it if they get a little hold!!
Does Padmanabhan still have
cordial relationship with them?
No, he washed his hands off
And I am well aware,
you dont have any sincerity towards anyone
Thats why I called you confidently
I am not with any mongrels in this World!
Tell me Potti Sir
Stalin, Solomon called me today
and ordered not to give you any cash
Be careful
He lays a trap for you!
You had deposited money in some
finance company, didnt you?
Better withdraw it as early as possible
Now look at your condition after playing Underworld!!
Take my losses also into account while settling
You might have spent some days in jail
But when theatre razed into fire
I incurred more losses than you
I will deduct that amount
Hey come
Do you wish to count?
Well, my account is settled now
Solomon, go home and learn wearing single dhoti
That's what they wear in jail
Didnt you leave? What happened?
Car is also there
Are you sending me away?
As if you will immediately leave!
Wont my dad ask about you if go home?
You never used to send me home
Tell him that you broke up with me
Couldnt you send us to Dubai
if its for the matter of 3 days?
My only sister lives there
Its not for three days, just one day maximum
You will leave today and return tomorrow
There is nobody to manage here
I have some personal dealings
I cant entrust that to anyone
Thats why
You look disappointed!
I know only the Solomon at home
I still not know about your dealings
Go and meet superintendent
He is a bit scared
Have you brought the phone?
Hand it over to Superintendent
I will deal with him
You may leave
Keep those boys with you
I should have killed that Stalin
You cant catch them that easily
Looks easy to grasp
But cant get a hold of them!!
Bring some ice please
Hi Solomon!! Are you enjoying the drink?
Oh Cognac
I will also take a gulp then
Bring ice
- Cheers
- Cheers sir.
How did you come, Sir?
By car
Had to come, Solomon
Im the one in need
Only that they wont let me out permanently
To let me out for a single night,
there are courageous Superintendents in Kerala even now
what brings me here is..
You must give me that cash
I came here to collect it
Sir, I dont have it over here
Dont you still have it with you?
Yes Sir
Shall we move then?
Its quite far off, Sir
Inside old St. Pauls church Cemetery
Even if you say its in Karachi,
I am ready to come
Annie and son have gone home, havent they?
I met them on the way
I told them not to travel alone during night hours
And sent my person also with them
What do you say?
Lets move, Sir
Mani, you lead us
I will follow you with him
Sir, I will change and come
Are these your fathers earnings
to scoop away alone?
Padmanabhan Sir and Solomon
will be reaching here any moment
Better leave both of you,
that will be good for you
We came here at the behest of Padmanabhan
Tell Solomon
What happened?
Who came here? Speak up
They ran away with the cash
Didnt you send those two guys?
Its them only..They took the cash
During some particular moments in life,
I folded and tucked in my dhoti like this
When I was denied a Seat at the age of 33
I walked inside the party office
tucking in my dhoti
When I was accused of taking bribe
By the Media, Politicians and others,
I walked like this only
Ultimately, when Police entered my home with Court order
saying all the evidences were against me
I walked with my dhoti tucked in only
I didnt faint
Nor was I hospitalized with any chest pain
I was sleeping on the bare floor,
Later, I had walked like this through
the Verandah of the Central Jail
Finally, I am standing in front of you like this,
What am I to do now?
Instead of praising the smartness
of a Paralysed man
Go and get the money
Where are you?
At home
Is our son asleep?
He has slept
What happened?
You, old mongrel!
Its a game of crores!
I may even pull the trigger against Gods!!
Presume it like that
People mostly use knife as a Weapon in our country
But to win this game
We need a gun
What is it, Solomon?
- Do you have a cigarette?
- Yes
Those guys fled away with 500 Crores
Padmanabhan had come to meet me
I killed him
What are you talking?
He is inside the car
I was forced to kill him
Please help me
Only few more years left for my retirement
Please dont drag me into such things
Then you arrest me!
All the evidences are inside
I am confessing standing right in front of your station
Its not here that you should confess
When he was lying paralysed in the Government Hospital
You shouldve thought about it
Then arrest me if you can
Solomon, I spoke out of fear
This case will not solve
None of us can escape
Technically, Padmanabhan Nair is still in jail
If Nair is not found there,
Superintendent will hold the responsibility
Two brats have fled away with my 500 crores
What am I supposed to do now?
I want to retrieve that Money
The longer we delay, the greater the risk is!
For that you got to sell this body to him
Catch them wherever they are
And put the murder blame on them
Its unaccounted money
If any senior officer finds it,
everything will go down the drains
A game of 500 Crores!
If needed, I would even buy the law of this State
Henceforth its your turn to call
And I will come
Sir is not picking up
May be their discussion is still not over
Had he directed us where to take this money,
Do you have any tension, dude?
like an unleashed dog
He must be looking for us
What brings you come in these wee hours?
I am on duty
Someone killed Padmanabhan Sir
I am just returning from the spot
Where are Stalin and Majeed?
I suspect them
Where is Solomon?
I dont know
Please come
Sir is accusing you for killing Padmanabhan Sir
Speak to him
Potti Sir, is it true?
What the hell did you think of yourself?
I came to take you away
Hellothis is my space
No Police tricks here
Oh, I see
You stay here till the case is solved
How long can you hold
a Police officer on duty here?
Until we are safe
Solomon has killed Padmanabhan
Dont you guys wish to live?
Shouldnt there be a reason for Solomons ending?
For us to lead a peaceful life,
You must do a favour
Then there wont be any issues between us
And everything will be as you say
What do you want?
You should kill Solomon
Kill Solomon
Even if you threaten to kill me
I wont do that
I wont threaten, I will be forced to kill
Please think about it
By the time I kill you and Solomon
It would be dawn
Rather it would be better
if you kill Solomon and return home by dawn
Its SolomonConvey him as I told you
Soloman, Prathapan has arrested those guys
And is taking them to the Station by Jeep
Before they reach the Station,
We need to know where the money is.
Sir, everything is set as directed
- Ok Sir.
- Ok.
He called to tell me about Solomon
Is he dead?
Can we trust him?
Unless and until we see Solomons body,
we will not believe it
Then you go and check,
I will wait here
By the time we return,
you must not be seen here
And dont make us visit your home,
Mind you
Get me
You can decide how to prepare the
FIR of Padmanabhans Sir Murder case
And dont forget it was you
who called Solomon and killed him
Have come to kill Solomon?
I am still living only for that
When this Stalin john became half paralysed
You thought that I lost my manliness too!
That was your mistake.
Moreover I assaulted you at your house, isnt it?
Even otherwise I never expected you guys over here
Hereafter nothing will be as you imagined, Solomon
I must kill you
Until I dont kill you,
I know I can't touch him
I dont believe there is any greater
inspiration than ones Ego in this World
When you enquired about me in my town
You asked who I am
But you didnt ask who I was.
Padmanabhans Sirs car was caught
while checking CCTV Visuals at bypass
We are checking the rest of the Cameras, Over
Has the body moved from the spot?
Yes Sir
- I will prepare Padmanabhans FIR
- Okay sir
Out of 500 Crores, I have some amount left with me.
That is my business, Man
But I need to ask someone
If its Solomon, then you neednt
We finished him
Its not to Solomon but someone else
Mr.Mohammed Sanafar, this is how I run my business!