Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here (2011) Movie Script

This is a sad and tragic
day for all Victorians.
It's a job where you send them out to it.
But there's alw ays an element of danger.
However. You just expect
them to come home again.
And on this occasion they didn't.
All they were doing in
the early hours of Sunday
was going about their duties.
Protecting the public of Victoria.
The officers were
searching for armed robbers
as part of a special operation
when they were gunned
down in suburban Moorabbin
just after 12:30 this morning.
Mr Comrie described the murders
as a shocking attack on law and order
by desperate and dangerous people.
Police have w arned
the killer is almost certain
to be desperate and dangerous.
Melbourne. 1998.
On a cold winter's night
in the suburb of Moorabbin.
Two young policemen with
everything to live for
were ex ecuted in cold blood.
This is the story of the
hunt for their killers.
It's a jungle out there.
I recommend centre half-forward.
I mean, everybody loves you,
but you're not under pressure to score
a big bag of goals like the full-forward.
Then again, if you want the exercise,
you could always be an on-baller.
Those blokes must run 10 miles a game.
Basically, it comes down to size, mate.
And if you're 6'3" and I've got the
Richmond scout knocking on my door,
I'm gonna say, "My son,
Jimmy, is a key position man. "
Shame if James wants
to be a ballet dancer.
Now, now, Mum. Don't go
getting ideas in his head.
Oh! You really have
to work tonight? Mm-hm.
Oh. Well, show me how to light
the pilot light before you go.
I'll do it. I should know how to do it.
And what do you think I'm here for? Hmm?
Oh, look at him.
OK, listen up. I'm Mark
Butterworth, Armed Robbery Squad.
Welcome to Operation Hamada.
Tonight you good and sober
policemen of C District
are gonna help us catch
two very bad crooks
who've been running wild for seven years.
Open the till. Open the till. Pull it out.
There were two of them, wearing masks -
presidents Nixon and Reagan.
Although they also do
gorillas, balaclavas,
pantihose, baseball caps, etc.
Face down! Hands behind your back!
Get down there now!
Get on the fucking ground!
Job one, they lifted seven grand
and in the process, put the
fear of God into the staff.
Yeah, not if they're Buddhists,
Mark. Buddhists don't believe in God.
Thanks for that nugget, Sergeant Silk.
During the next three years, they
struck 28 times that we know of.
Is this all there is? Huh?
Well, you'd better
raise your prices, mate.
Then they went quiet for some reason,
and three years later, they are back.
Same MO
- they strike late,
tie people up with duct
tape, scare 'em shitless.
Ha! What have we got here?
Let's see how Vietnamese tick.
A month ago, they hit the
Green Papaya in Surrey Hills.
Very interesting.
The older bloke, the talker,
he gave the manager a message for us.
When the cops turn up,
tell them Lucifer was here.
Law of averages, they're
due to strike this weekend,
so you lot are gonna
spend your Saturday night
staking out these
establishments in case they do.
It's a miracle Lucifer and his
mate haven't killed anybody yet.
We don't stop them, then they surely will.
Couple of crooks in there,
stuffing their ugly faces.
What, our guys?
Nah. I think they're waiting for
a deal. Eastern European, Lebanese.
Remind me to do an intel report later, eh?
Mmm, sorry in didn't mention it
- how's the new bub?
Brilliant. Just... Yeah. Yeah?
You ought to try it.
Ha! I don't think I've met
the mother of my kids yet.
Really? A man with your style?
I mean, I thought you'd be
knocking them off with a stick.
Mate, I carry two sticks
on me at all times.
Oh, bugger. Looks like we're out of luck.
What do you want to do, take an
early mark or lend a hand elsewhere?
You know me, Gary.
I live to serve.
You boys get lonely?
Hey, you catch the final score,
Frankie? You owe me 10 bucks.
Yeah, 35 points, eh?
Hey, there's another entrance
from the underground car park.
Anything could be going on down there.
Sounds like us. Alright. Sayonara, ladies.
Want to see his picture?
Oh, look at this one.
Hey, look at him.
Gets his looks from his mum. Yeah.
I didn't realise Carmel was bald.
Gentlemen, we've got company.
Moorabbin 403. You boys need a hand?
Moorabbin 403, stay where you are.
Come on, it's gotta be our guys.
Got the rego, Gary? Negative.
Can't get close enough.
They must be running on rocket fuel.
404 to 403, they've given us
the slip. We're heading back.
It must've been our guys. Look, maybe not.
Maybe our guys are back at
the Silky Emperor right now.
Come on, let it go, Rod.
Let's go back and check it out.
Is that barbecue pork I can smell?
Jeez, I'm hungry, mate.
Hey, Frank.
Shut up.
Oh, shit. He's back for a second go.
Nuh, that's a different car.
It's the same bloody Honda, Frank.
Mate, that is a Hyundai.
Moorabbin 403 to Moorabbin 404,
there is a dark-coloured
Hyundai coming down the ramp.
Heads up, boys.
Look how slow this guy's going.
He's on the prowl for sure.
Give them a hand?
If they want our help,
they'll ask for it, mate.
404 to 403, we've just
turned into Cochranes Road.
Looks like a single occupant.
We're gonna pull him over.
Twiddle our thumbs, then.
Yep, single occupant.
Not our night.
G'day, mate. How are you?
Oh, Jesus!
Frank, they're shooting at 'em.
Moorabbin 403.
Shots fired in Moorabbin.
Shots fired in Moorabbin.
- shots fired in Cochranes Road, Moorabbin.
Please acknowledge.
Moorabbin 403. repeat. Please.
Did you say shots fired?
Christ! He's dead.
Where's Rod?
Rod! Rod Miller!
Oh, shit.
His gun's still in the holster.
Maybe they took him. Or...
Moorabbin 403, uh, we've
got one member down,
one member missing.
So where's Rod Miller?
I want him bloody found!
Moorabbin 406.
We have possibly a
dark-coloured small car...
Oi! Over here! He's over here.
Can't breathe.
I'm gonna die. You're not gonna die.
You're gonna be fine, mate.
There was two of them.
One was... one was on foot.
Um, six foot.
Chequered shirt.
Dark Hyundai.
Cheltenham 206.
The ambuance has cleared
with the second member.
Roger. Cheltenham 206.
The second member has
been transported aw ay.
The road's closed, mate.
What's your business here?
I'm in charge.
Inspector. Sergeant.
It's our fault. Hamada was
an Armed Robbery operation.
We drafted these men from normal duties
and we put them in danger.
Goes with the job.
Unacceptable danger.
What do we know so far?
Um, Moorabbin 403 got
a glimpse of the driver
as they drove out of the car park.
He was medium build,
shoulder-length hair,
three-day stubble,
European, possibly Middle Eastern,
about 170 centimetres.
Although Rod Miller said six foot.
They said he looked relaxed. That's it.
Fuck all.
Where's his day book?
Could've taken it.
Some kind of souvenir
maybe, but I don't know.
This windscreen glass
- from the killer's car?
We're guessing Rod Miller took
a shot at them as they drove off.
They didn't radio in?
No. We weren't using Intergraph.
We were on 52DVP for security's sake.
In case your bandits had scanners?
Trying to keep traffic to a minimum.
Do you mind?
What? No.
I used to write down
rego numbers on my hands.
Mrs Miller?
Sorry to wake you.
I was awake.
What's wrong?
Detective Inspector, what
a terrible, terrible night.
Sir, Graeme. Paul.
Been thinking about Walsh Street. Hmm.
It's been 10 years since
Tynan and Eyre were murdered.
I know. History repeats.
I want you to head up the task force.
Sir, I'm the duty inspector tonight.
There are others far more experienced...
You're the best investigator
in the state, Paul.
Pick your own team, run it your own way.
We'll back you 100%.
We can't afford another
failure like Walsh Street.
You will catch these men.
Attention. Please. To all
members on this channel.
I am sorry to report to you that
Senior Constable Rodney Miller
died at the Monash Medical
Centre at 0439 hours.
You will catch these men.
PAu: I would like you aboard
Lorimer, if you're willing.
You'd be running your own crew,
reporting to me and Graeme Collins.
Thank you.
Dean Thomas is on board.
Is that "Bull' Thomas's boy?
How old is he? He's old enough.
Donald, you know Graeme Collins, my 2IC?
Graeme. How are you?
So any developments, Paul?
It's early days.
Just wanna let you know my boys are
ready and willing to man the phones
if you're shorthanded.
Special Operations Group swapping
assault rifles for phones? Nice.
When you can start? Oh, immediately.
Here we go, here we go.
From interstate and overseas.
Family. friends. colleagues and
strangers gathered to farewell
Sergeant Gary Silk.
It was a heartbreaking return to
the academy from which he graduated
13 years ago.
Outside. Thousands heard Ian Silk
tell of his brother's dedication
to the force.
Finally. the utimate honour
- shouder to shouder for more than a kilometre.
Hundreds of officers reflected
on the utimate sacrifice
they're all at risk of being asked to pay.
?? He will my shield
And portion be...
Premier Jeff Kennett
had for the killers this message.
Just be assured that all
the resources of the state
will be brought to bear to find
you out and to bring you to trial.
I can't promise an arrest.
But what I can offer is a guarantee that
we will never stop trying to find them.
We can't ask for more than that.
Gary wouldn't expect more than that.
No, nor would Rod.
He understood how difficult
investigations can be.
PAu: You know the score.
If we don't identify the
offenders within 48 hours,
it could take years.
I need a team that can run all day,
people who never get tired of chasing the ball
- is that you?
Uh, Dean Thomas, everyone.
Remember, you are working for your mates,
not just Gary Silk and Rod Miller.
You are working for every
serving officer in Victoria.
You're also working for
Constable Damian Eyre...
...and Constable Steve Tynan.
You know their names.
10 years ago, they were
murdered in cold blood
in Walsh Street, South Yarra.
And we never locked
anyone up for that one.
This time, we will.
I've asked these gentlemen to help
us. Introduce yourselves, please.
We're from Armed
Robbers. Mark Butterworth.
Steve Beanland. Joe D'Alo.
Hamada was our op,
and before anybody says we're
responsible, we already know that.
No matter how hard you blokes
work to solve this thing,
we'll work harder
- that's a promise.
OK... the first rule of Taskforce Lorimer
is do not assume anything.
You check everything. You
check everything twice.
At this moment, we've
got twin lines of inquiry.
First of all, we've identified the killer's
car as being a dark Hyundai hatchback.
But what's the first rule of Lorimer?
Do not assume anything. Right.
The second one is why
these gentlemen are here.
Catch the restaurant
bandits, we catch our killers.
Your time starts now.
? I'm a snake charmer. Baby
Tin whistle in my hand...
Police! Don't move!
Get down on the ground now!
? Said I'm a snake charmer. Darling
Tin whistle in my hand...
Don't move! Down on the floor!
Oh, you didn't do it, huh? Hey?
What did you do?
I'll tell you what you can fucking do!
Two fucking mates went out
there and they're fucking dead!
So nobody knows who these pricks are.
Someone does.
Wife, girlfriend, fence.
We've shut down every crook in Melbourne.
Well, all they've gotta do is
give us a name and we'll back off.
And how can they give them up if
they don't know who the hell they are?
I'm taking you back to the
night of Saturday the 15th.
So you're parked outside BBC Hardware
and you're watching the
restaurant across the road.
Can you see its name? The Silky Emperor.
Can you remember the
car's numberplate, Frank?
At first, we thought it was
the same Honda back again.
But it was a different car.
How tall would you say he was?
About 170 centimetres.
Shoulder-length dark hair.
There's stubbly growth.
Six foot.
Check shirt.
Now, Gary was shot three times.
First shot to the chest.
Second shot to the pelvis,
smashing a vertebrae.
Third shot to the skull...
...was fatal.
The second and third round
was from a different gun.
Two shooters?
Or one man with two guns.
Rod was shot once.
The bullet entered his
body under his left armpit
and exited at his right hip.
Explain the trajectory.
Well, the theory is Rod was
at the back of the Hyundai.
He had the gunman inside the car
shooting over the top of the front seat
through the rear window.
First shot smashes the glass.
Rod ducks down.
Second shot...
...hits him.
Anything helpful with the bullets?
No. They're twisted out of shape from
impacting on bone. They're useless.
However, Rod did return four shots,
but we've only recovered three,
so I figure the final round might've
lodged in the Hyundai's bodywork.
Too much to hope it
lodged in someone's skull.
It's definitely Korean manufacture.
The Japs use a thicker
glass and generally tint it.
So it's probably a Hyundai
Excel, either 3- or 5-door.
That's great work, Mick. Thanks.
And how many out there? About
35,000 registered in Australia.
Wouldn't you be wise to add
more experience to the team?
It's all about fresh thinking.
Yeah, well, some of them
look like schoolkids, Paul.
It's like a football team.
Older players don't always work as
hard for the kicks as the young guns.
I've told them they're
getting their weekends off
and to take leave when it's due.
So you're worried about burnout.
Well, you can only run
on adrenaline for so long.
And passion's running
pretty high at the moment.
I've sent a team to South
Korea to research Hyundais.
What's that gonna cost?
Fine. It's fine. Whatever you
need. Just get me a result, Paul.
I went out on a limb for you.
July 18 was the Green Papaya
and August 15 the Silky Emperor.
Now, the Green Papaya was
the "Lucifer' crack, yes?
When the cops turn up,
tell them Lucifer was here.
In July, he throws down a challenge to us.
In August, he works up to murder.
Does our Lucifer have
a grudge against police?
Let's look at everybody who's lodged
a complaint with Ethical Standards,
the ombudsman, that sort of thing.
What if these guys aren't
the restaurant robbers?
You know, what if it's unrelated?
I mean, they could be, uh, I
don't know, interstate drug runners
who just happened to be in the area.
Hey, skip, got a report of a girl who
just bought a replacement rear windscreen
for a Hyundai Excel.
PAu: Aha!
That's it. Number eight.
Detective Sergeant
Ritchie, Lorimer Taskforce.
Who owns this vehicle?
Me. Why?
And what's your name? Nicole Debs.
Nicole, has this vehicle
been damaged recently?
Well, then why was a rear windscreen
purchased for it yesterday?
Look, it was Dad who busted it.
Your dad?
What happened?
Yeah, his wagon was in for a service,
so he needed to borrow
mine to do a tiling job.
I don't know what happened.
He said he had these long tiling
things, like metal strip things,
in the back, sticking out.
Slams the hatch on 'em and
smashes the window to bits.
Why didn't you say so in the first place?
So your dad, what's his name?
Bandali Debs. Everyone
calls him Ben. Great.
He's not home.
Got his mobile number? He's
not got it with him today.
You just tell him we called.
Yeah, don't you worry. I will.
PAu: I know Bandali Debs. He's nothing.
A low-level thief. He's a bottom feeder.
Yeah, you got him on a handling charge
back in '79.
I was in uniform. You
must've been in nappies.
So, what, forget about him?
No, Mick, you don't forget about him.
You get a statement out of him. Check every detail
- twice.
Hey, shut the fuck up!
Oi! Quiet, you little bitch!
Come here, girl. It's alright.
Yeah, me daughter told me youse was here.
So could you tell us how you
broke the windscreen, Mr Debs?
Uh, yeah, well, me wagon was off the road,
so I had to use hers to do
this job over in Jaguar Close.
And I had this... these fuckin'
brass tiling strips in the back
and it was too long for the car.
When I slammed the hatch, they went
straight through the back window.
And when was this?
Uh... last Wednesday.
What were you doing on the 15th?
That was the night them cops got shot.
Mm-hm. Uh...
I did a job in Noble Park during the day
and then I just kicked back with
the family and had a few brews.
Any objection if we take a
look at your phone records?
Oh, it's just something we like to do.
If I can find them.
We'll arrange to pick them up.
OK, read and sign this
if it's correct, sir.
Colleague heard a whisper
about an individual
who was in Moorabbin on
the night of the 15th.
"Colleague'? Meaning fellow
sex offender or fellow murderer?
I'm told this individual was driving
a stolen dark blue Honda Civic.
He was pursued by your
colleagues, if I have it right.
And does this "individual' have a name?
Depends on what you
want to put on the table.
I have a list of what I consider
to be totally reasonable requests.
Fuck is...?
Go, go, go, go, go!
Don't move! Don't move! Stay there!
Police! Get down!
What the hell...?
I break and enter into
cars for a living, yeah?
It's how I earn a quid.
That what you were doing in
the Silky Emperor car park?
I was cruising round the
car park looking for stock.
Suddenly, I spot this VS Commodore
with two blokes in it. Cops!
So I got out of there pretty quick.
Commodore stuck with me for a bit,
and then I lost him on Warrigal Road.
Did you happen to come back an
hour later, then, for another look?
No! I was at home shitting myself.
Plus, I heard all that "shots
fired" stuff on the scanner.
Yeah, well, this is the
time to come clean, mate.
Don't plead not guilty and
then have us prove you're lying,
'cause judges, they hate that shit.
I'm not lyin'!
Did you shoot Gary Silk and Rod Miller?
No! It's not in my nature.
Oh! "Blood will flow"?
Shooting cops sounds exactly your speed.
Oh, that's bullshit. I'm a thief, man.
We'll need blood and hair for DNA testing.
Oh, and your earwax.
Well, your filthy ear preserves
gunshot residue for months.
This is gonna cost 20 million
by the time we're done.
Do you reckon we'd go to the same
amount of trouble if they weren't cops?
We're protecting the uniform...
...the thin blue line
between order and chaos.
Update on our Nazi car thief.
He was home in bed when
the shots were fired.
He's got a neighbour with
insomnia and a telescope.
Haven't you people got homes to go to?
Wanna hear something weird?
Nicole Debs just bought
another rear window for her car.
Another one?
What happened was I installed
the first one myself.
I used silicon. "Great
job, Ben," I thought.
Except that the bastard blew
out when Nicole was driving it.
Isn't that right, kitten?
Hey, what are you doing having
a stickybeak? Go back inside.
Next time, we'll get a professional
to install the little fucker.
And don't forget
- you still owe me, Dad.
So did you manage to round up
those phone records we asked for?
Yeah, I'll just go and
get them for you. Ta.
Bang! Bang!
Inspector, when do you
expect to make an arrest?
I can't say. I don't have a crystal ball.
Well, how long are you gonna keep
looking for these men? Months? Years?
As long as it takes. Inspector!
Paul, John Silvester from the "Age'.
Do you think your taskforce is gonna
be better resourced and better supported
than Walsh Street was?
I'm not here to discuss Walsh Street.
Well, is that a yes or a no?
We have everything we need. Thank you.
Is that all we get?
When I have something to say, I'll say it.
Inspector! Inspector!
We're reporting here live from
the steps at police headquarters.
That was Paul Sheridan...
Not only do we have to do this
one better than Walsh Street,
we have to be seen to do it better.
Walsh Street was a mess because
there was no clear chain of authority.
Too many chiefs, too
many conflicting opinions.
That's why I wanted you and you alone talking to the media
- regularly.
Even if I've got nothing to say?
Paul, two coppers are dead.
The public wants to know
what we're gonna do about it,
so does the Chief, so does the
Minister, so does the Premier.
Now, would it kill you to release
the occasional harmless
snippet of information?
Graeme, if you want a PR
campaign, I'm not the man.
Put the Bandali Debs case to me.
Alright. Debs has a proven
record of dishonesty.
I point to his 1979
conviction for handling.
Further to that, three
years ago, he pleaded guilty
to stealing that spare wheel from
the car yard at Ferntree Gully.
He received a bond and no
conviction was recorded,
but it's worth noting that he led the
police on a chase through three suburbs
before he was caught.
Now, his daughter Nicole
owns a dark blue Hyundai Excel
which is an exact match
for our missing vehicle.
Who's to say that he isn't our bloke?
Skip, Ben Debs is a tradesman
who works for a living.
He's got a wife, he's got
five kids and a mortgage,
and a dog named Pebbles.
Is that the profile of a cop killer?
He... he pays his
taxes, he pays his bills.
He bought the Hyundai quite legitimately
for his daughter Nicole's 18th birthday.
Is that the profile of a guy that
cold-bloodedly murders two cops
just to avoid being questioned
for minor robbery matters?
I mean, surely, if he was our guy,
the first thing he'd do is
dispose of the car, right?
No match.
Let's find out who's
right. Put the dogs on him.
? Up there, Cazaly
? In there and fight!
?? Fly like an angel
Fuckin' Christ!
What happened. Mate? Oh. God!
Oh. Your thumb! Oh! Let's have a look.
Oh. fuck! Oh. it's alright.
OK. Good ony a. Darl.
Here's your...
See y a!
A petty thief maybe, but
public enemy number one?
I still wanna see the car.
You'd better not put one
fuckin' scratch on it, mate.
BANDALl: For the fuckin' umpteenth time,
I parked the car,
I pulled out a bucket of black-label
glue and some other stuff from the back...
Did you hear what I said? Not one scratch.
...tools and shit.
And I was in a hurry, I remember, and I slammed the hatch
- bang!
There was fucking glass everywhere.
Where exactly? In the back.
It all just went fuckin'...
fuckin' crashed down in the back.
You know, bloody mess.
And then I drove home and then I gave
Nicole the money to buy a new one.
Yeah, he did. Which you fitted.
Yeah, which blew out a few days later.
Oh, and I remember something else.
I know where those cops got shot.
What do you mean?
You know that Chink restaurant? The,
um, th-the Silky, uh, thingummyjig.
The Silky Emperor. Yeah.
I did a job there a few years back.
I tiled their bloody kitchen.
The rear windscreen fragments
from Nicole Debs's Excel
don't match the samples
from Cochranes Road.
That means it's not her car.
This is not the killer's Hyundai.
What are you looking at
me for? Find me a killer.
First time in here?
No, of course not.
She's gorgeous, eh?
That your sister, is she?
Guess who was warming a
table at Foodies that night.
What's Foodies?
The hamburger joint across
the road from the Korean BBQ.
Nik "The Russian' Radev...
...and a mate of his they call Greaseball.
Radev? I thought Radev was in stir.
Nope. Paroled three weeks earlier.
My informant's grandson is
mixed up in his amphet business.
He says Radev was there to make a deal.
Hi. How are you?
Two black coffees with milk, thanks. Yep.
Fucking jack. Look at him.
How the fuck would I know?
Shall I ask him?
Uh, yeah.
So, uh, what time do you knock off?
Sorry? What time do you finish?
Um, well, why are you asking?
Well, there's some mean and
nasty hombres around these parts.
Oh. Yeah, it's OK. I'm... a big girl.
Good to know.
There you go. Thank you.
OK. Alright.
Nice to meet you. You too.
Word is, two hours later,
Radev hunted Rod and Gary down.
They drove into the car park of the
Silky Emperor just to lure them out?
Why kill two police just because
they interrupt a drug deal?
Well, maybe there was more to it.
Well, did Gary ever
bust him? I'm not sure.
Two weeks later,
there was an aggravated
burg on a house in Northcote.
Do you remember it? Three
offenders in balaclavas.
It was a shakedown.
One of them shoved a gun
in a five-year-old's mouth.
That's right. Special
Response are looking at Radev.
So the reckless act of a man
who's already killed two cops.
His weapon of choice? A Bulldog. 38
- the right calibre.
OK, so, car pulls up here
under this broken streetlight
- deliberately.
The driver waits in the vehicle
till the cop car pulls up behind them
and Gary and Rod get out.
Rod stays at the back of the car.
Gary comes to the front
to speak with the driver.
Gary then crosses to the front
of the car. Passenger steps out.
Rod pulls out his firearm, takes
shots at the passenger fleeing.
Driver then jumps into
the car, grabs his pistol.
Well, maybe Gary didn't realise
what he'd stumbled across.
And maybe Radev assumed that he did.
So we bring them in?
Apply the blowtorch
to their hairy bellies.
Just Radev.
Divide and conquer.
Police! Don't move! Police! Freeze!
Get down! Get down! Get down!
Don't move. Get down!
Piss off.
G'day, mate.
I told you. I lost my gun.
After you killed two police officers?
What for I kill policemen
for? You tell us, Radev.
I tell you go have
good fuck with yourself.
What happened at Foodies, hmm?
You saw Sergeant Silk. What happened?
Did you enjoy putting a
gun in a child's mouth?
I know nothing about this thing.
Your mate Greaseball said you did.
I tell you who killed police.
You forget about this thing.
We have deal.
No, I don't do deals.
Read that for me
- aloud.
"Tell them "Luchi'... "
Lucifer. "Tell them Lucifer was here. "
You tell me the truth... while it counts.
Come on, fuck. You know
this fat fuck, Greaseball.
Fat fuck.
Leave me alone! What do you want?!
You have the wrong man. I tell
you, you have the wrong man.
You don't want to talk
to us, Mr Greaseball, huh?
Nikolai Radev lies! Right.
Because Nikolai Radev knows
who the real killer is.
Oh, yeah? Surprise us.
Nikolai Radev!
Oh, OK.
Well, they're both bloody compulsive liars
and they hate each other's guts,
so you can't trust a word they say.
But, you know, you can't rule them out.
What's their motivation?
Killing a cop.
You know you'd bring the biggest
shower of shit on your head.
You think these idiots stopped
to consider the consequences?
Not the right guys, then,
eh? Go back to your desk.
You've got your own work to do, yes?
Well, how you been keeping?
Oh, OK, considering. Jimmy's
not sleeping doesn't help.
Guess all you can do is just
take it one day at a time.
Mm-hm. It's a clich, I know, but...
How's progress your end?
It's a little slower than we'd like.
But I'm hoping Santa might bring
us something special, though.
I'm sorry
- I can't say any more.
Well, merry Christmas anyway.
You've got to have faith at
this time of year, don't you?
He could grow up to be
anything, couldn't he?
Prime minister, Nobel prizewinner,
captain of Carlton.
Carlton? He'd have Roddy
spinning in his grave.
He won't even remember him.
You can tell him his father was respected
by every single member of Victoria Police.
I was working
- um, hospital not far from here.
I work as a nurse and I'd
just finished my shift. Um...
Who does she belong to?
Regular customer.
Says that she saw him at 12:15
that night to buy some pills -
personal use only.
Where? Service station in Warrigal Road.
Says that she had to
go the long way around
'cause there were too
many cops in the area.
So, immediately after
committing a double murder,
police swarming all around the place,
he takes time out to do a
hundred-dollar drug deal?
And, yeah...
Out you go, mate.
Imagine this.
Imagine a plank of wood this
wide lying on the ground.
What if I asked you to
walk the length of it
without stepping off
or touching the ground?
Could you do it? Course you can.
Every single time.
But what happens if we suspend that
plank of wood a hundred feet in the air
and we ask you to do it again?
You can't do it, can you?
You can't do it because
you're scared of falling.
Fear of failure...
...is the rust that corrodes
commitment and endeavour.
Once a team believes it's
gonna lose, it does lose.
You understand? Yes! Yes.
You want me to tell you
how to catch these crooks?
You want me to tell ya?
The thing is, they're not.
Professional crooks.
You already know the answer.
You were taught the answer at the academy.
They're doing it for fun.
Those robberies last year.
And they netted, what, 30-odd grand?
Just over.
And it's working for your team mates.
Lucifer's in it for the kicks.
That's how you win.
BANDALl: Where are you going?
Wherever you're going. Jump in.
We'll talk about it.
In memory of Sergeant Gary Michael Silk,
registered number 24685,
and Senior Constable Rodney James Miller,
registered number 29276,
tragically shot and killed in the
performance of their duty at Moorabbin
on the 16th day of August, 1998.
PAu: We're going to start again -
go back to the beginning,
look at the crime scene
again, the victims again,
the robberies, the killers' cars.
Forget everything you think you know.
Look at it as a clean sheet.
Too hard for you?
No, I was just... Leave now.
Go. Well, I was just joking...
I told you I wanted stayers. Yeah, but...
I'm serious. Go, now.
Good luck with the rest of your career.
Today is day one.
Captain Bligh.
Captain Bligh!
I feel old.
You look old.
Old and beaten down.
And sick. Get fucked.
You and the horse that you rode in on.
And the horse you rode in on!
How exactly do we start again?
Do we go back to last year, pull
out robbery number one again?
Last year?
Robbery number one's seven
bloody years ago, junior.
First time Lucifer went around.
How many robberies in that first lot? 28?
Yeah, so what are we gonna do?
Drag every last bastard out again and
look at all the witness statements?
There'll be millions.
You remember that one where that bloke
chucked a tinnie at that robber's car?
Palm Beach restaurant, Patterson Lakes,
October something, 1994.
The famous Mark Butterworth
photographic memory.
Waste of a perfectly good tinnie.
Arsehole! Get back here!
86. 86.
Backs onto 92.
And ended up on the... Page 70.
We end up there. What are we...
There was something funny
about that getaway car.
Remember, Mark?
Yeah, it belonged to a gorilla.
A gorilla?
Mmm. Jason Manuel Ghiller.
18 years old, tyre fitter.
Saturday October 8, 1994. Mm-hm.
Jason Manuel Ghiller
drives his four-door Laser
to the Nu Hotel in
Dandenong for a few drinks
and bumps into an old mate.
An hour later, he offers the mate
and his girlfriend a lift home,
goes outside, car's gone.
Stolen, he claims to police later.
Definitely suss.
That sounds OK to me.
But you're young and trusting and naive.
And you're wearing your
fuckin' Homicide tie!
You're an Armed Robber, son.
You don't wear poofy Homicide ties!
A, when he was interviewed, the general
impression was that Ghiller, the gorilla,
only pretended to be shocked when
told the car was used in a robbery.
B, he bought another car
almost immediately, with cash.
Doesn't even bother to wait and
see if the old one's recovered.
C, he matches the description
of the second Palm Beach robber.
And that's when the first
series of robberies stopped?
Yep, for whatever reason.
How old was he? 17?
I mean, maybe he just got
shit scared and bailed out.
From the mouths of babes.
Didn't know you boys could read.
Hey, that top number.
I recognise it. Whose is it?
Dunno. That kid Ghiller's
most frequently dialled.
We think Debs and Ghiller
were the original robbers.
Then Ghiller got a scare, lost his nerve.
And last year, found
himself a new partner.
Debs is Lucifer.
Why doesn't his car match
the glass on Cochranes Road?
Is it possible you made a mistake?
These are highly sophisticated
scientific instruments.
It is not guesswork.
How many pieces of glass did you
recover from the Debs Hyundai?
I was on leave. 53.
How many did we actually test?
Theoretically, it's only
necessary to test a few.
How many?
How about we go back and
retest all 53, Edward?
A second round of window tests indicate
that the Debs Hyundai cannot
be ruled out after all.
According to the refractive index,
half the fragments are
consistent with gunshot damage,
which puts Bandali Debs
back into the frame.
And for that we can
thank the Armed Robbers.
Thanks, boys.
Hey, bags I'm there for the arrest.
I said we can't exclude Debs.
We are light years
away from arresting him.
Our task now is to prove
whether or not he is our Lucifer.
OK, I'm gonna ask you to
swear an oath of silence.
No-one's to know that we're
looking for Debs. I mean no-one.
Once the warrants are through,
we're gonna off his phone
and install LDs in his house, his
cars, his kids' cars, his garage,
and three foot up his arse if he
looks the other way long enough.
The idea is to catch him bragging about
the night that he took out two cops.
Let's get to work.
Alright, come on. Let's go.
That's a nice dress.
God, he'll be bloody...
Come on! Yes! We're...
You, young lad, you're coming with me.
Where's the other one? The I... Go!
Oh, come on! Alright. Leave it.
For God's sake.
BANDALl: Come on.
Yeah, I'll just follow
you. Just follow her.
Did your father say what
time he was gonna be home?
What do I look like, his
fuckin' social secretary?
Jeez, you've got a mouth on you,
and you didn't get it from me.
Hi, Reet. It's me. How are you doin'?
Don't ask. Dot. My chilblains
are playing up again.
Oh, no, again?
Listen to this, listen to this.
Can you play that back?
Have a listen to this. Right?
Jeez. You've got a mouth on you.
and you didn't get it from me.
Hello. Hi. Reet. It's me.
How are you doin' Don't ask. Dot.
My chilblains are playing up again.
Oh. No. Again?
Oh. I can't hardly bloody w alk today.
Now, this is Dorothy Debs,
on the phone to Rita Ghiller.
It's Jason Ghiller's mum, OK?
Do you know what Mama
used to do with hers?
Yeah. I've tried rubbing
them with raw onion...
Um, "Mama'? They're
sisters? Sisters-in-law?
No, they're sisters, apparently.
This means if Debs is Lucifer, then his
first partner was his own bloody nephew.
And he replaced him with...
...his daughter's boyfriend.
BANDALl: Oh, keep your
hands up, you cockhead moron!
Can we watch something else, please?
Hey, Ben, you know them
townhouses where I'm working?
Ben? What?
The townhouses I'm workin' on.
Oh, the ones over in
Warrandyte? What about 'em?
It's not Warrandyte, ya
fuckhead. It's Wantirna.
God help us.
It's fuckin' open house.
No security.
All you gotta do's cut the fence and
walk in, walk out with your arms full.
Fuckin' beautiful, Ben.
Very interesting.
Squeeze those pimples.
You coud end up with scars.
A Logie winner. AFI winner.
You name it. My next
guest has done everything.
In this magazine are
doing that. It's never me!
Got a headache? Maybe...
Why? 'Cause I don't want to.
Oh, come on. You're so annoying.
live videotape that was in Melbourne.
While in Brisbane. She starred in
the world premiere of the play...
BANDALl: So, how's that
new job going, mate?
I like Hungry Jacks.
Burgers are better than at
Macca's, don't you reckon?
Hey, do you know where they
keep the safe at that joint?
Well, maybe I'll knock it
over. What do you reckon?
Have they got cameras?
You know, CCTV?
Oh, it won't matter
if we're wearing masks.
I reckon clown masks
would be the way to go.
What do you reckon?
Or how about Ronald McDonald?
"Kiss the floor, kids!"
Give 'em nightmares for life.
Give it to the manager, big-time.
What, you don't like him?
Nah. He's an arsehole.
Well, maybe I could single
him out for special attention.
What do you reckon?
Cut off his finger.
Would you like me to do that?
BANDALl: I'm worried about that boy.
Gotta put a rocket up his arse
to get a civil word out of him.
It's a phase.
All teenagers go through it.
The girls never did.
Yeah, well, that's 'cause they were
too busy suckin' up to their daddy.
Guess what?
I got a fat.
Too bad.
I said... I'm not in the mood.
BANDALl: Where are you going?
Gippsland? What a coincidence!
I'm going there too. Yeah?
Get in. Thanks.
There you go.
Oh, right.
?? Gippsland, Gippsland
We're both off to Gippsland.
You don't often see girls...
...hitchhiking on their own.
You got a boyfriend? Ja.
Ja, ja. Yeah, I'll bet you do.
I'll bet they are all over you like flies.
I'm... I'm John. Sabrina.
Hello, Sabrina.
That's a pretty name for a pretty girl.
I like European girls.
Very honest with your needs.
I'm very honest with my needs too.
Hey. Hey! Hey!
Hey! Fuck! Hey!
Once I w alked in and I said.
"Get down on the fuckin' floor!"
And they all just fell
down like spaghetti.
You know how when you pick up
spaghetti and it just... it just drops?
But it's no good when you laugh.
Yeah. No. No, serious.
Because you know why?
They get confident. Yeah, yeah.
Hey, remember that sheila
playing around on them chairs,
laughing her head off?
No, that wasn't me that time, Ben.
It wasn't you? Nuh.
Oh, yeah. She, uh...
she thought I was joking.
And she wouldn't lie down.
I shoulda put the rod in her mouth
and blown her fuckin' brains out.
There's no noise.
Swear to God.
Ya just stick it in and click.
All there is is just skin
splattered everywhere.
July '94, Casey's restaurant, Berwick.
One of the victims, a
woman, thought it was a joke
and she refused to lie down on the floor.
It's Debs and Nicole's boyfriend,
Jason Roberts, talking yesterday.
Well, we've nailed him.
The problem is, Mark, that this isn't
actual proof that he killed Silk and Miller.
The car, this, the Jason Ghiller link.
Are you seriously suggesting
we have got the wrong man?
I need him to spell it out
explicitly, unambiguously,
otherwise we may as well just
call this Walsh Street mark II.
Merry Christmas.
Who taught you basic
right and wrong, Graeme?
Your parents?
Oh, I suppose so, yeah.
I mean, the family unit. That's
where it all begins, isn't it?
But you can't blame your
parents for everything.
Listen, Paul, why don't
you take a few days off, eh?
Spend some time with your own.
That has to be the way to get to him.
Through his family.
Cops. What do we do?
Just relax. What do we do?
It's probably just a
fuckin' RBT or something.
What did I do?
We're interested in your vehicle.
You the registered owner of the vehicle?
I am.
Can I see your licence, please?
Pop the hatch for us, please. Why?
Fuckin' bullshit.
What you fuckin' lookin' for?
Mate, a vehicle just like this one
was used in a very serious crime.
Don't look at me. I'm a nurse.
I'm a respectable member of
the community, for fuck's sake!
Mrs Sutherland?
We'd like to talk to your son.
Which one?
They said they w anted to talk to Robert
because somebody told them
that he woud know who
killed two policemen.
BANDALl: They said that?
Then they asked me if I
know anybody owns a Hyundai?
Hey, I don't know cars.
Then they asked if I had more children,
and I said I have one boy in Melbourne.
That's all I could tell them.
We are not criminals.
Mum, Mum, just don't worry, alright?
Just... just don't worry.
It's nothing, alright?
Look, I'll talk to you later.
Are you worried?
No, I'm not worried.
Not worried about a thing.
Just wonder why they wanna talk to Robert.
I'm not worried because
I know he's on drugs.
Besides, nobody's seen nothin'.
BANDALl: Nobody seen a thing.
One in the head.
This is close to an admission.
Tell that to a jury.
I want someone to leak a story.
We're moving the search
for the Hyundai interstate
because we've drawn a
blank here in Victoria.
Well, won't that take the
pressure off them, skip?
Exactly. Hopefully, they'll relax
and tell us something we can use.
What about...
..."one in the head?" Which means what?
Shooting Gary Silk in the head,
obviously. That's what it means.
Any decent barrister would
tear that statement to shreds.
"Detective Beanland, how do we know
"that Mr Debs isn't
referring to a boxing match?"
Now, listen to me, all of you.
Whenever you think you've got
enough, remember Walsh Street.
We'll only get one chance...
...so think like a defence lawyer.
You're the leaker.
Fuckin' idiots.
You're in the clear, Dad.
You don't understand how
they solve cases, Joanne.
Sometimes, it's after 18
months, 2 years, 3 years.
When they go and search places.
Yeah, but what are they gonna find?
Them things disappeared,
you know, what we used.
Could they be found?
One's cut up, the other's
in the fuckin' lake.
Well, they're talking about guns
- the disposal of a murder weapon.
Which lake?
Cardinia? Oh, shit, that's huge.
Skip. Skip! Gotta hear this.
Joanne. I don't w anna
worry you or anything.
But I'm telling you straight.
In the next six months.
We're gonna have to get
rid of another two CPs.
And you know why?
To make the investigation go stupid.
CPs? That's his word for "cops'.
The daughters know all about it?
...don't you think they would've been
pulling us into the police station by now?
All I'm saying is that if this continues,
this matter, two CPs have gotta go.
Where? Lt'd have to be far.
Across the other side of the city.
Yeah. I'm not gonna use
e-TAG or anything like that.
I mean, killing more police
puts a new complexion on it.
It might be just words.
There's no law against talking.
Thank you.
There's more, sir.
No. Seriously. I don't reckon
there's gonna be any need.
Shut up. Dorothy.
What are you doing?
I'm just talking to Bubs.
Can't we just sit here and talk?
So you talk to your daughter and
tell her what's fuckin' going on,
but you won't talk to your wife?
Just talkin' about fuckin' shit!
Well. Your tea's ready.
Seriously, do you think I should get
rid of the little kid and the mother?
You know, the cop's wife?
Make 'em start thinking
it's about, you know,
drugs or something else, you know?
Something personal about him?
Give me one good reason why
we don't arrest them today.
I don't have enough proof.
But this strategy of yours,
stirring the possums...
Could get more cops killed.
I vote we take them down now.
It's very high-risk.
How can you guarantee they
won't do what they say?
And it's not just members'
lives we're talking about.
It's a risk we have to manage,
which is why I've asked Donald to join us.
I need more time. We move on them
now, they'll walk at committal.
Can you manage it?
Put a SOG unit on stand-by down the road,
and the moment they look like
they're tooling up, we shut 'em down.
I want to see them in the Supreme
Court, not the Coroners Court.
Well, you do your job, and I'll do mine.
Upgrade your surveillance, Paul.
I wanna know where they are every
minute of every day. Forget budget.
It's not true you're looking
for the car interstate?
No, it's not.
By the way, Paul, it's Valentine's
Day, in case you hadn't noticed.
Not too late to send
the wife some flowers.
Carmel, where does Jimmy go to creche?
There's been a threat made against you.
And him.
By these men?
These murderers?
What threat?
To kill you.
Are we safe?
PAu ON TV: Crime Stoppers
has received a call
from an anonymous person
who believes he can identify
one of the offenders.
We believe this person has a
substantial degree of credibility
and I woud urge him to call us again.
No-one was there but us, cockhead!
This is the most significant
lead we've had in 20 months.
Once again, I woud urge
this caller to come forward.
I will personally
guarantee your anonymity.
Your help in this matter coud
be crucial in solving this crime.
Thank you.
That's good.
Why don't we just arrest him?
You know, bring him in. He's a kid.
He'll give up Debs in five seconds flat.
And you're prepared to gamble the
entire investigation on that, are you?
That's me!
Every bastard who picks up this
paper's gonna think it's me!
I don't wanna think about this
every day of my fuckin' life!
What? You don't come in here!
Your mother's on the phone. The
cops have been bothering her again.
Ooh. There's a big dinosaur, buddy, hey.
Can you see him? A big T. Rex, huh?
Yeah, that's right.
Hi. I'm a police officer.
It's fine. There's no danger.
Police? But how... how...
We've been shadowing you
since Valentine's Day.
That's our job.
I had no idea. Thank you.
I didn't know Rod, but everyone
says he was a top bloke.
Thank you.
BANDALl: We're gonna have to be
really careful now with what we do.
We're gonna have to watch every
word, stop talking and shit, you know?
Yeah. Act like everyday wankers.
Maybe I ought to go in and see 'em.
Own up it looks like me.
'Cause if it was you,
you wouldn't be stupid
enough to do that, would ya?
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, act like a cockhead.
Yeah, no worries.
Seize the initiative. Oh...
Very interesting situation, Jason.
That's my picture, mate. I
mean, it looks exactly like me.
It's pretty close, isn't it?
Oh, when I saw this, I nearly
had a fuckin' heart attack!
Me mum went mental.
I can believe it.
But it's not you?
Mate... Mate, I'm a chippie.
Well, an apprentice.
I'm no killer.
We're gonna have to check
you out, you realise that?
Yeah, yeah, no problem, mate.
Cocky little turd.
Come arrest day, we'll
release him immediately.
Give him some time on his own
without his mate Lucifer
telling him what to think.
He might just spill his guts to Nicole,
and we'll be recording every word.
One of them had to shoot first.
Who's to say it wasn't Jason?
But why did they have to shoot at all?
Maybe that was the plan. "If ever
we get pulled over, we shoot first. "
Jason. can you please state
your ful name for the tape?
Jason Joseph Roberts.
I'm just gonna ask you a few questions
in relation to the deaths of...
Oh, what a bunch of fuckin' cockheads!
No fuckin' idea.
Yeah. that's why I'm here.
Mmm! You know what I done? What?
When he went out of the room,
I put his cup where my cup was.
What, they tried to take
your prints? I don't know.
So I swapped the cups around anyway.
Oi, it's that time again, Ben.
Time for a job.
What job? Bang, bang?
I'd love to, mate, but we are red-hot.
So we go west or something.
Wear masks, hit some ching
chong joint or something...
Mate, the Ds are all over us.
I kill Ds.
I know you do. I KNOW you do.
I kill Ds.
"I kill Ds. "
Go again.
I kill Ds.
"I kill Ds. " I kill detectives.
Even if we could enhance the audio,
how do we prove he means "detectives'?
"D' could mean"dickhead'.
You reckon?
OK, fine. I'm going home. If
you wanna sack me, sack me.
BANDALl: Hello.
How are you goin'?
Yeah, good. You?
You caught those people
who did that thing?
Uh, no, no, not yet.
But, er, pretty positive
we'll find them in the end.
And what about the car?
You found the car yet?
No, not yet. But we're still looking.
What, you live around here, do ya?
Uh, no. I, um... just on the
way to a mate's place, actually.
I just stopped by to pick up some stuff.
Oh, yeah. What about you?
You keeping busy? What do you do again?
Oh, I'm flat out. You know,
tiling, roofing, plastering.
I'm doing a job over in Mooroolbark
at the moment, at KFC there.
Actually, I wanted to have
a word again with you soon.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
About that young bloke that
lives with your daughter.
Is it Jason? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, see, a few issues
have been raised about him.
We've had a few calls about
that photofit that got released.
I'll call you, yeah? Yeah.
I'll see you round. Yeah.
I'm gonna find out where he lives.
That stuff about him
visiting a friend's bullshit.
Oi, you reckon our phones are bugged?
I reckon my mobile is.
Why do you think that?
The other day, someone calls
and goes, "Hello, hello. "
And they go, "Oh, got the wrong number. "
Listen, any stuff you think should go
from this place, you get rid of it now.
You know what I mean?
Fuck. It's all good stuff.
If he was visiting a friend,
he wouldn't have been in his
jogging gear, all sweaty and stuff.
I don't care what anyone fuckin' thinks.
I'm gonna find out where he lives
and then I'm gonna fix him up.
I don't care what anyone fuckin' thinks.
I'm gonna find out where he lives
and then I'm gonna fix him up.
We cannot stand by while this
man threatens the lives of police.
We need hard evidence.
It's your call.
It's always been your call.
Let's pray we find some.
Call SOG.
Bring them in.
What have you got on today?
Quoting on a factory job in Clayton.
Big bucks.
Don't be late home.
Five in the morning and
she's whingeing already.
G'day, Ben.
Colin. G'day, Colin. How are ya?
Thanks for coming down. No worries.
This is it.
What do you think?
Fuck me! I'd knock the
bastard down and start again.
You might just be right.
Sheridan. Go.
PAu: It's Paul Sheridan.
I wanted you to know before
you saw it on tonight's news.
We've got them.
Daddy'd be very proud of you.
What have you got to tell us?
Ladies and gentlemen,
today Lorimer Taskforce detectives made
two arrests in relation to the murders
of Sergeant Gary Silk and
Senior Constable Rodney Miller.
Gary and Rod.
Rest in peace.
Join us.
Oh, they don't need me spoiling their fun.
It's not a request, you dismal sod.
Come on.
I still don't know why they did it.
Thank you.
Thanks to all of you.
Thank you.
BANDALl: Wait till I give the word.
G'day, mate. How are ya?
BANDALl: Not too bad. How are you going?
Got some business out
here tonight, have you?
BANDALl: Oh, I've just been
working pretty late, you know.
Got a licence I can
have a look at, please?