Undercover Bridesmaid (2012) Movie Script

A moccacino, please.
- Small, big or medium?
Small. No, big.
Are you waiting!
No, you'd rather make a small one.
How big is "medium"?
If you do not mind, I would be
happy to return for lunch.
Sorry. Small.
- What's your name? - Ogul.
I am glad.
- Ogul? How are you?
I saw you since the party in French
Consulate no longer. - Do we know each other?
Oh, we'll meet now.
Glad, that's it at last
have managed to decide.
In the time you needed
to decide between big and small
the market has fallen by 50 points.
- Go on.
Do not you have anything to say to me about this?
- I am very sorry.
Yes, I hope so, sir.
Someone call the police!
Attempted kidnapping at the Turkish consulate!
Are you okay, Ogul?
- Yes, Tanya.
You have already rescued me.
How do you do that?
Her face is dirty, sir.
Already gone.
- Thank you. Gentlemen and Tanya,
I want to introduce you to Wes Thompson,
President of Continental Titanium.
Mr. Thompson,
These are the best bodyguards
and security professionals,
which you can buy with money.
Very pleased, lady.
So you are also an agent?
I am. I am glad.
Let's see if your people
really as taffy as you say.
Not so tight, Tanya.
If you break his hand,
he can not sign the contract.
- Sir.
You can grab.
Well, I see, I'm right with you.
So the situation.
This is a routine task.
You understand, I have
a large number of business opponents.
if you make your way up.
You know, you have to smash eggs,
if you want an omelet.
Now it looks like one of those eggs
returns to the nest, so to speak.
And now you want us to protect you.
- No, not me.
Oh, Sally, it's all perfect with the wedding preparations. - You.
Daddy and I are
gone through the offers of the caterers,
and we already know who it will be.
London Catering, of course.
And I'm at Neiman's right now
seen the most precious gift basket.
You can die for that.
- Stop it, Daisy.
We came here because of you.
Same, Daddy, one second.
Listen, Sally, it's going to be so exciting
It could not go better.
My company has gone off like a rocket,
we are planning a billion-dollar takeover.
And my little girl will marry.
Everything was perfect,
until then this turned up.
It started a few days ago.
Who does something like that?
Who threatens the life of my little one
Girl a week before the wedding?
Besides the business opponents,
is there anyone
who would not treat her?
Friends, family members
Listen, lady, the Thompson clan
may be a bit eccentric,
but we are not sick guys.
Sir, the first principle In personal protection means: nothing is impossible.
We will take a closer look.
The police have you
not yet turned on, right?
Do it if you think it necessary.
But for now, it's important
that we keep the matter secret. It is
a very sensitive time, the acquisition.
I definitely do not want
that the partners are unsettled.
I need the best.
That's why we're here.
One second.
We celebrate the wedding on our estate.
A wedding in the old Texas style.
The festival lasts a full five days.
Here in our good old California.
A little intimate affair,
only family and close friends.
I do not want to take any risks.
We lost her mother,
a few years ago.
And Daisy is the most important thing for me.
Nothing, but absolutely nothing
means more to me than my little girl.
Sorry, Daddy, Sally did not want to stop
to talk. But she likes my idea. So, instead of at the wedding banquet
just to have flowers on the tables,
how about bears?
Which one do I take?
The wedding bear or
the Buffalo Bobby Bear.
No idea.
Oh, and Daddy,
The wedding planner had a great idea.
So, the lettering "Love forever"
in pink roses at the entrance
and carnation flowers
in the form of a heart at the altar.
What are you saying?
- Yes, whatever you want, sweetheart.
What a day.
I do not know where my head is.
What is this about?
Photographers or decorators?
They do not look like decorators.
- No honey, these are the security people.
Darling, we want to be sure
that runs smoothly at your wedding.
Is it about these papers?
Why this whole vortex?
Someone has a fun,
that's all.
I want to be sure,
nobody cares you even a hair
your pretty head is bending.
- You do not have to worry.
We always have a team in the environment and a team directly at the client.
Nobody can get too close to your daughter.
- What? No way!
Daisy, honey!
Daddy, I do not want a bunch of gorilla guys,
who are wallowing around me.
That breaks the wedding.
- We spoke about it. - Yes,
but I did not think that
a whole armada of James Bond agents
comes to my wedding party.
That totally ruins the atmosphere.
Be sensible, sweetheart.
- Daddy, a wedding is about love,
for dedication, for commonality.
Not about any with steroids
inflated bodysuits, - seriously?
The groping the bridesmaids!
Pretty spoiled princess.
You know, Tanya, you can never
to judge a book by its cover.
This cover is an insult to books.
She is under great pressure.
- That's understandable.
We have to handle that
without compromising safety.
I do not admit that my daughter an attacker is defenseless.
To our job
to be able to execute effectively
we need
unrestricted access to the client.
We could disguise our team as a caterer.
That would only be temporary. I would like,
that there is always someone at your side
If discretion is a must and
it should also be unobtrusive at the same time
maybe we could undercover someone
as a wedding guest.
Continue. - If you want someone
being with the bride all week,
why not a groomsman,
or better, a bridesmaid.
She is always at her side, at the
Events, the parties, the food.
Someone who is perfect
integrated and not noticeable.
Someone who is
- As.
I beg your pardon?
- That's perfect. - no.
They are constantly with the bride,
without arousing suspicion.
And the rest of the team
can hold in the background,
until they are needed.
You are just one of the girls and could all scrutinize
approaching Daisy on more than 10 steps.
Yes, I can sell Daisy.
- Then we have a deal now.
Sir, I do not want to do that.
I can not.
Prince Vandar
come to town next week.
That can also do Danforth.
Tanja, this is far too important.
Thompson is a crucial client for us.
- I know that.
And you know, I would
go through the fire for a client,
just not in front of the wedding altar.
Send me abroad,
to protect a greedy dictator.
I am also ready,
Protect witnesses from the mob.
I take care of myself
again Gary Busey.
Alone, if you ask me to.
But please spare me hereby.
I can not stand it.
But you have to go through that, Tanya.
He wants the best.
And his company
wants after successful takeover
a million-dollar contract
complete with a security company. Sir, you might know something.
Weddings and me
are not very good at it.
Why not?
- I do not want to go into that.
Tanya, you are a professional, right?
They are made for great things,
maybe also for a partnership.
But first and foremost
follow instructions.
So, for clarification. Someone is trying
to prevent this wedding
and you will see to it
smoothly and without interference taking place.
But, sir
- Think about it.
If you do not want to do it,
I expect your answer at the latest tomorrow.
Stop firing. Unload weapon.
The passage is over.
You killed the groom.
Do you want to talk about it? - no.
I just can not believe
that Chesterton puts me to the election.
My job or this job.
- This is an ascent.
You lead your own team.
- That is not all.
He even offered to become a partner, when I do this job.
Hey, then do it.
I do not know where the problem is.
The wedding is the problem. You know, do not you,
how much I hate weddings. Really!
Honestly, I can not do that.
- Clearly you can do that.
You just always have to
Think of the mustard seed. - To what?
Well, even the faith, so big
like a mustard seed, can move mountains.
Thanks for feeding, Henry.
But weddings
I swore for all time.
What's wrong with that, Tanya?
Come on!
I lead your background team,
and we are right there,
if you need a shoulder to cry,
or to break.
How is it looking? - I have
never rejected a job before.
What do I hear now?
- Stop it! - What do I hear?
Okay, I'll do it.
But I do not wear chiffon, right?
That's what you wear.
Hi, darling, this is Mom.
I hope
You'll be visiting again soon.
I just wanted to tell you
that I know about "you know who" read something in the business section.
You're a hundred times better off without him.
By the way, your dad was
bitten by the cat again.
I love you.
Do you want, Tanya,
the Kevin present here
to take husband, love and honor him,
until death divides you?
And if I want.
Do you want, Kevin,
take the Tanya present here as a wife,
love and honor them,
until death divides you?
Tell me. Do not fool around, Kevin.
Tanya, me
I can not. I have to go.
That is unbelievable.
- Is that a joke or what?
Hi! Pick-up service!
You have to be Tanya.
I'm Sally, and that's Kimmy.
We want to collect you.
- Come on board! - How exciting.
The three bridesmaids are in a good mood
and ready for her performance.
I think our bridesmaid dresses are great.
And how.
You must like them too, Tanya.
As long as I do not
be confused with the wedding cake. She is funny. I like her.
Oh, Tanya, you are right for us.
Here, we must not forget that.
Another bridesmaid.
Oh really,
I can not remember you anymore.
But I feel like I am you
have known all my life
I am Daisy's Aunt Helen.
And I'm so happy
that you came to the wedding.
Listen, as my bridesmaid
At least you could try to smile.
That's my smile.
- The bridesmaids help the bride,
to make a special day
and do not bargot your teeth.
Believe me, as long as I only
Teeth fletsche, that is less painful.
I do my best.
Patrick Andrews! Oh my God!
- Daisy!
I can not believe
that you are already getting married.
And then look who's still there.
Oh, Mr Bosworth!
- How are you, Daisy? My congratulations.
Many Thanks.
It's so nice that you are here.
Oh, may I give you one
introduce my bridesmaids? Tanya. Tanya, that's Mr Bosworth,
the business partner of my father.
Was, dear.
I was your father's business partner.
In the meantime, I have resigned.
I am very pleased. - Me too.
Aunt, do not play
the inconspicuous purple spot!
Come here and talk to Tanya!
We met already.
What are you for a pretty thing!
If you are not careful,
then we will meet you during the week
still with someone verkuppeln.
I see,
that you do not yet wear a ring on your finger.
We have to do something about that. - Perhaps
look at the wrong finger.
The supporter team
has gone into position.
We work from a catering van
outside at the delivery entrance.
That's our base, so to speak.
And your guests will not notice
that we are there.
We have the room for you
finished right next to Daisy.
Then you can keep an eye on them.
- Do not I have any privacy anymore?
We do not know yet, what we are dealing with.
It could be a single madman
or even a group of professionals.
Everyone is suspicious at this point.
So, the fewer people
know about us, the better.
Can I at least mine
- Would you please help us
to do our job,
and not tell anyone?
Good, if you say that
but I still do not understand
what is the whole thing.
- Yes, and, Daisy, I beg you,
to wear this.
This is a tracking transmitter with GPS support.
This bites me totally with my outfit.
- Your blood too.
So, whenever you need me,
just press this button here
and I'll be there in 30 seconds. OK?
- Okay.
A message. Carlo is here.
Exactly there.
- Carlo! Buongiorno!
Bellissima. Bella Bianca,
all in white for wedding.
I want white silk.
There and there too. The
will flank the swans and the white horses,
if they pull the carriage, no?
A beautiful idea. - Yes. The plants must all go out!
I just want to see white! White roses!
Hi. - Hi. - The safety precautions
here are poor. We have a goal,
that falls off its hinges, and a wall,
which is good for decoration at best.
We need motion detectors
around the property,
and I would say
Cameras on all four sides.
Will be done. Here, your earplug.
- Oh yeah.
Really pretty.
Thank you.
- Yes.
Who is there?
- Pookie. - Hey!
Oh, Chip, honey, I want you
introduce my old friend from college.
Tanya, she is one of my bridesmaids.
- Hi. - Hi.
And my congratulations
for your big day.
Man! Careful with the golf bag,
the driver costs two giants!
I'm terribly sorry, sir.
This will be great fun. - Yes,
I'm so glad you came.
Oh, Betsy, may I introduce you to Tanya?
A roommate from college. - Hi.
And I am glad that she too as one of my bridesmaids is here.
We have been best friends for ages.
- Yes, since the first grade.
No, since the kindergarten.
- Betsy is our mother hen.
And when she says "kindergarten",
then it is like that.
You already know Sally and Kimmy.
- Oh, God, that's going to be gigantic.
Can you?
feel the excitement? OK.
First, the bridal party,
then we sip the champagne
and then we check the guys!
This will be great fun!
Tanya? Screech.
Tanya, Tanya, that's funny.
I can not remember,
ever heard of you.
Oh, Daisy and me
were only one month roommates.
Then I changed to college.
But of course we decided
Stay in Touch.
Because hello-o F-w-e
F-w-e. Wow!
- Friendship lasts forever.
Very good move.
Here are the boys.
Hey boys!
- What's up buddy?
Oh, people!
As in Daytona Beach.
- Hi!
Come here!
- Hey! - Here are the girls. Who does not know the guys yet
Rich, Vince, my little brother Robbie
And the guy here is my best friend Jake.
Girls, I am glad to see you again.
Jake, Robbie, may I introduce Tanya?
Tanya is the last access
in the bridesmaid office. She is new to the city.
- Hi.
Hi. Jake. I hope you know
what you did to yourself.
This gang is already planning the wedding,
since I was in 4th grade.
Jake is studying law at Vanderbilt.
- Really? - What are you doing, Tanya?
I'm curious.
- I - She is a kindergarten teacher.
Pretty hard.
- Is not that cute?
That's such a nice job. Do you like it?
Well, it's like being the mother
of 20 children at the same time.
Well said.
I'll go in then.
- Bye, Tanya.
She is really nice.
- Seems pretty taffy. - I like her.
Already settled?
- Probably not.
Do we already have an analysis?
the party participant?
Yes, we have the connection. Well. Let's take a look.
Reads himself
like a "who's who" of millionaire children.
What do we have about the bridesmaids?
- Food only from silver spoons.
None of them ever worked one day.
Betsy Monroe.
She is practically America's aristocracy.
She can change her lineage
attributed two different presidents.
Filthy rich. Her family owns companies,
that make pretty much everything,
from watches to wedding cakes. Mega coal.
Yes, she looks funny, at least to me.
Keep an eye on her.
What about the wedding planner?
Carlo Santi. He used to go to the
Thompsons started with corporate events.
But now also makes weddings.
Has a pretty big customer list.
Seems to be okay.
The witnesses are buddies from college.
No angels, but during spring break
something about the severity.
And what about our lover boy?
- The groom?
Daddy manages a hedge fund,
and Junior is employed as V.I.P. Specialist. Translation?
He spends his time in polo, rugby
and loses his money in horse racing.
A real heartthrob in college.
- He is nesting. Fits to him.
And his best friend Jake?
- Good that you ask.
She said,
he is studying law at Vanderbilt.
I checked the registration,
and he does not study law there.
I have not found it anywhere else either.
Well, I keep digging.
Please do not behave
like a bodyguard. - Yes, okay.
Do you have a weapon?
Not? Oh no! There's chips mother.
Protect me.
- Why, what's up with her?
See you soon. Hello, Constance.
Daisy, you have to tell your dad
he should fire your gardener.
The lawn is simple and simple
a weed jungle.
Oh, of course. May I give you one
introduce my bridesmaids? Tanya.
Hello, I'm glad.
- Pretty.
Chip, darling,
you have to show me the tux,
you will wear to the wedding.
- We have to look, if it has already been delivered.
- What, not yet? - After you.
Wow! Very friendly.
- My future mother-in-law.
She thinks,
Chip could make a better match.
I'm only good for 50 million.
I guess you'd rather
Chip would marry a DuPont.
- May I ask for your attention?
We would like to thank you,
that you have to this happy occasion
have come to us.
I tell you, rest,
because we have many events,
that lie ahead of us.
For example football.
Tomorrow morning. An old Thompson tradition.
This is our year, people.
This time we'll pack it.
we have to do something with the trees
in sector L 5 .
They provide a perfect overview,
if we have it
to deal with a shooter.
Being done, Tanya.
Now dive in.
Who knows,
maybe there is one for you too.
Sorry. BVG
Did you speak with your hand?
Oh, me among so many people I am always a bit shy.
That's why I'm testing,
what I want to say.
Are you studying law?
- Actually, the Daisy said.
How's it going?
- Oh good. I
I find such a wedding
has something special. Not romantically?
Strangers meet, fall in love.
It's like Noah's Ark.
The animals always come in pairs in the boat.
What is going on in these people's minds?
- Me
I already had three old ladies
and a WWII general,
me with a bridesmaid
wanted to get involved. I swear,
when another comes,
I give myself beaten. Final.
Keep telling.
- Why do some people have to
the opportunity
always use the same for a wedding,
around singles in the area
of 300 miles to pair up?
I do not know.
But I know exactly what you mean.
I did not know that you can laugh too.
- I do not do.
And? How is it going?
- I have the best time of my life.
Do not eat things like that in yourself. Do not want to see what happens
when you explode.
- very funny.
Do you have more information?
about Robbie, the little brother?
No, but I have something
learn about cousin Eldridge.
He and Daisy
would divide the family company.
But if Daisy and Chip
Have children,
turns half of a third.
That's a 10 million loss.
Inheritance, that would be a good motive.
We also have the mother-in-law,
who believes
that no one is good enough for her angel.
There is one more.
Bosworth, Thompson's business partner.
He did not go voluntarily. He was pushed.
- For the takeover to pass?
Bingo. And Aunt Helen.
She manages the Family Education Fund.
You should rather him
call the Jewelery Fund.
But he's dry
since Thompson does not sponsor him anymore. - Revenge?
She does not seem to be the type for me
but you never know
what people are capable of.
What about our student? Jake. Nothing so far. Since he's high school
left a few years ago,
he does not seem to exist anymore.
- Keep searching, yes?
There's something about this guy
that lets me assume
that he is not that
what he claims to be.
I do not know what, but do you hear?
What? I do not hear anything. - Just it.
The crickets are no longer heard.
There. A burglar on the east wing.
Follow him. I cut off his path.
What are you doing there?
I asked Claire
to help me find my contact lens.
I have to go somewhere
lost here at the pool.
Did you just see someone here?
- no.
As I said, I miss the contact lens.
- Right.
Thank you.
Tanya, he disappeared.
- What?
Did you recognize who it was?
- no. But I think,
I have just the groom
caught with an employee.
Are you sure?
- Yes, pretty sure.
Wow! What is all this?
- We are leaving for the last time.
The boutique has sent stuff that we may need.
Why go shopping,
when shopping comes to you?
Only a few things. When you're done,
Let's check all the ways.
Hello. You are the only bridesmaid
which is not completely electrified.
Certainly we still find
something nice for you.
No, I do not think so.
- Tanya, your attitude. ladys
This is my last fitting.
This is important. You know,
I would welcome it,
if you want something more in your attitude
would work.
- I work hard.
I work hard
To protect you in the background.
Do not you understand? As a bridesmaid
do you depend on the other girls
makes nonsense,
talks about guys and clothes.
You can do that, right?
or you end up as a wallflower.
- As what?
I'm sorry.
- Maybe that sounds a bit cheesy,
but to be bridesmaid
is a sacred duty.
An honor, something very special. So, help me, a garter
to find, and I am prepared.
Oh my God! Oh!
Just look
this adorable little pillow! Oh!
We already have one.
But is not that adorable?
I do not really know
- Oh, my God, is not that adorable?
How should I explain this to you?
So, you shop, and I protect you.
By the way, you master
any kind of self-defense?
I raised my elbow as me
wanted to grab a bag.
- Oh my God!
That's insane.
But not before the honeymoon.
We are waiting.
- Honestly?
What do you think if the chip is like?
I think Chip likes a lot.
- Yes, he is really very open-minded.
One of the things that I love about him.
- Are you sure that he is the right person?
Of course I'm sure.
What is the stupid question?
You do not really know him, right?
- What do you mean?
I mean, I'm here for giving you hurts coming through your wedding party.
Oh, my God, we are too late
to football! Come!
It is so far!
Long live the family tradition.
We play football.
You are with us. - Do not you have girls?
Afraid to get hurt before the wedding?
There are only two things
that really interest us Texas girls.
The semi-annual sale
at Neiman's and Football.
Are the teams ready?
- Yes, let's start!
Wait. I'm getting Tanya.
- Sorry, bro, that's on our side.
I would like to play with Daisy.
- Okay. Then I get a chip. - Yes.
Contact lens found?
Hey, good luck.
Your page has no chance.
In this exam,
Law student, you rattle through.
Hat, hat, hat!
I have that!
Very quiet, Bosworth.
- What's up, Thompson?
Do you think
I am no longer able to fight,
since I'm no longer in the store?
Hat, hat, hat!
Young man,
You have the decency of an ox!
I'm sorry.
Go on!
- hat, hat, hat! Look there!
- Thanks, Daisy.
Not my day. Who comes now?
I try it.
Nice that I'm allowed to participate.
Oh, we love pretty ladies.
You just can not do that
shoot in the back.
Shoot in the back
is more of a character trait
the Thompson family, right?
- So, Tanya, before the disc comes,
you have to keep the run absolutely straight.
Can you see it?
Yes, but remember
the mouth should always point down,
until you are ready.
Press firmly on the shoulder.
And do not tear the trigger,
but press gently.
Roger that. Thank's for the Tipps.
Nice to have you here. Daisy says
that you will retire soon.
Do not believe everything you hear.
Okay, let's go, Tanya!
You dont need to be scared.
I suppose that did not work.
- Do not worry, honey,
they are clay pigeons, they do not feel anything.
Do not forget the muzzle end
that's what you shoot.
It's okay, sweetheart, is also more of a men's sport.
Hell, my wife would not even
to hit a barn door,
even if she stood in front of it.
Double Pull!
Oh, man, only beginner luck, probably.
Oh, so late.
I still miss the bridal shower.
I wish the men a lot of fun.
Wait until you see my shoes.
You will die.
Oh, madness!
- I have a lot of surprises.
Do you have games too?
- You know Sally.
Games? - Naturally.
Sally is the queen of the organization.
For one we need
- Oh, I love that.
A bridal party to get to know
is such a great idea.
Yes. Now only have to
the boys are there, and who knows, ladies,
Maybe there's a double wedding.
Interested persons?
Between you and Jake
appeared this morning at football
to vote the chemistry yes. - no.
- Time for our favorite pastime.
We ask a question
and answer in a circle.
We do that since we were kids. And, Tanya, you're one of us now.
So you're there too.
Ladys, what's up for you
the most beautiful at a wedding?
For me it's the hair.
All hairstyles
are just perfect on the wedding day.
I swarm for lace.
To me
only the love oath comes into question.
I especially like the witnesses.
Tanya, what's up for a wedding?
always the best?
Oh, that's hard to say.
But a fantastic question.
The most beautiful thing for me is the bouquet.
Because I love roses,
romantically tied, to a bouquet,
with the bond of togetherness.
Is not that cute?
Where we talk about commonality,
Let's start with the bridal games!
Okay, it's time for the wedding dress.
We only use toilet paper
and make a wedding dress out of it
for the cardboard bride. OK? Come on!
Okay, and now we have the Adonis balloon.
The first, the dream types
Balloon won, okay? Here. Oh, my uncle was a knife thrower in the circus.
Yes, it goes without saying.
- Now it's around. - Ladies?
Now the party is really getting started.
- Hi. - Hey boys.
Hey, Tanya! At some point I will get you
on my side. - Really?
How do you like it here?
- I think it's great. Thank you.
Do you know if Jake is from the area?
Yes, that's from here.
I myself come from Long Island.
But the people here know how to party.
- Yes, definitely.
How did you meet?
My family
owns a property on Palm Beach.
Maybe you'll visit me there.
I'll show you the area.
Say, Robbie,
I have just seen,
that you are the waitress
smiled at the back.
She has to have a crush on you.
- Do you think?
Yes. Hurry up.
I'm sorry.
And? How do you get
life in the midst of the landed gentry?
Oh, very good, thanks.
And? Are you studying law?
Is that important?
- What do you think?
Whether I am a law student?
I mean, we would talk, if I were a garbage man?
- It was just a question.
Or are you hiding something?
- You ask too many questions.
I'm just a curious guy.
- I'm sorry, but I'm sick of it,
that my fortune decides
whether a conversation lasts longer than a "hello".
How do you feel that I am such a person?
- Take a look around!
You never know.
Just take Betsy there as an example.
Did you know that she and Chip
were in college together?
But she had first left him
until she has his name.
But I am not like that.
Would you maybe dance with me?
- no. Certainly not.
Well, maybe you change your mind.
I do not want,
that you embarrass me at my wedding,
by standing on the side
like a wallflower.
That is what you are doing.
- That's not part of my job description.
I'm here,
because I have to take care of you.
It's also possible with a smile.
Come! Go to him already! Come!
- Yes, but - Well, go!
OK. I am ready to give it a try.
Do you do that more often, that you try,
To impress women on the dance floor?
Why not? Works.
Your best friend
likes to take a look out the window.
Chip? No. He is as loyal as a dog.
Believe me, he loves Daisy.
Well, let's hope.
Come on, Tanya!
That's all?
Am I wrong?
I never mislead me in the end.
Come on, Daisy.
Wake up, the guy is playing wrong.
Why are you doing this?
- Because you have sneaked up on me.
No. I did not rank myself.
- But.
No. I said "Hey". This is not
the same as sneaking up.
I'm sorry, I was scared.
- Yes, you are very pale.
What do you want with the binoculars?
- I watch birds.
Yes, I watch birds.
The kids like it.
A tensioner?
No. - Tanya, hey, hey!
That was fun, nothing else. - I have to go.
Watch out for the black-throated night swallows. - Wait, Tanya, wait!
Why are you always running away? Tanya!
Funny insert.
No, that was embarrassing. Where is Daisy going?
She went in with her sweetheart.
I think they are in the south wing.
That's Daisy's alarm. I'm on the road.
Check the property! Immediately!
- Tanya!
Listen, we are busy.
- Tanya, what are you doing here?
Well, not a moment too soon
how I see it, right?
Not before the wedding.
- We just kiss.
Yes, that's how it always starts.
- That should be a joke.
Maybe she's right.
- You heard her.
The rest follows in the wedding night.
- I am sorry.
I have to sound the alarm by mistake
have triggered. - That was close.
Oh my God!
Have you seen chips face?
Yes, not exactly overjoyed.
Thanks, Tanya, that's all
went a little further than I had planned.
Why did not you just say something?
You prevail,
when it comes to wedding planning. You also have to be with the people
push through. - I know, but me
You are so confident. - But that was
not always like that. Believe me. - no?
Please, do not
the same mistake as me, Daisy.
What happened?
I understand.
That's why you hate weddings so much.
You know,
It's not about me at all.
Come, Tanya! Does she have one?
sitting in front of the altar?
Oh my God!
Tanya, I'm so sorry, really.
That's fine.
Just take care of yourself, okay?
And I take care of you too.
Maybe you should rest a bit.
The many festivals before the wedding
are very exhausting.
- Something comes to mind.
For the brunch that my family
organized tomorrow for the relatives
Do you have something to wear?
I have my black Chanel costume.
- Nope.
That should be a bit more summery.
Here, try this!
I saw it and thought,
that would be great for you. It would have to fit.
Thank you.
- I thank you.
Guys, do you have to do everything yourself?
Is a disaster!
Where are the flowers that I ordered?
Oh, madam, your hair is a bit higher!
Thank you.
Oh, here comes the bride!
Here comes the bride!
Good morning, Mr. Enigmatic.
- Good morning, Mrs. Judo.
You look exciting.
- Thank you. - And there she goes.
Run away from me again.
Do I talk to myself?
Excuse me, do you have canaps?
- Yes, ma'am.
They are spicy. Much cayenne in it.
Oh, Henry, you are a natural.
So, what do we have on the plan today?
First, the brunch for the relatives
and then the
Hen party at 5pm.
And the hay cart ride. At 22 o clock.
- Hay Cart?
That will be interesting.
- Do you want some gossip for tea?
Well, and how.
Cousin Eldridge.
Who is sitting in the photo with him?
Is that Leo Simons, the billionaire?
Yes, that's Thompsons
Main competitor in the acquisition.
I think you want to tell me Cousin Eldridge lives beyond his means
and urgently needs cash.
- He gets 20 giants a month
and needs twice as much.
- Attention, 6 o'clock.
So, Daisy, I have to say
this hors d'oeuvre is interesting.
Thank you. I left the boss
fly in from Maxims for him to prepare.
Glad you like her.
- Oh, who says I like her?
I just said, they are interesting.
What about the mother-in-law?
Do you think she would
to get your hands dirty
so Daisy disappears from the scene?
Well, she has magazine snippets
and a pair of scissors in the bag, though
I do not think so,
that she sent the notes.
I can imagine that she is Daisy
displaced from the country club,
because she is wearing a Dior dress from last year.
But a murderer?
I can not imagine.
Dive? Ciao.
But I only ask
for a small cash injection, nothing more.
Do not forget, this educational fund Honor the whole Thompson family.
And we are almost bankrupt.
Every penny is now for the takeover
second hand. - quarrel in the vegetable garden.
That's not a good time.
I had to
sell the Nebraska Railway Company,
to have enough cash.
I had to confess to the shareholders
You neglect the family,
and you still regret it.
So what's going on?
Is Aunt Helen angry because of something?
No, she is just a little tense
lately. Everything OK.
Virgin invasion.
Oh, honey!
Would you like to talk to us?
I do not understand. What do you all mean?
Sally says we want you to know
You know, we are so sorry.
- We know about everything.
How you were allowed to sit.
Right at the altar, that's horrible.
- That's so tragic.
Yes, but we want you to know
that we are always there for you.
Let's do it.
- sister hearts.
You are one of us now.
Thank you.
I can not believe that you have told everyone
I did not tell you that you mean mine
Bodyguard is just what you went through.
Tanya, we are friends.
You have such a heavy burden
but do not wear alone.
Also bodyguards need
a shoulder to cry. - No, listen!
That's not how it works, okay?
You are the client, I am the bodyguard.
You are not here for
to buy me pretty clothes
or sisterly heart pressures
to organize,
and especially not your bridesmaids
to tell my personal problems.
OK. So, what are we doing here now?
Something I unbelievable
find relaxing. I show it to you.
OK, pay attention! We fill
small bags of lavender and roses,
with it the tables
smell good at the wedding afterwards.
Then I tie
a little pink ribbon around and
Voila! Try using!
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
I know, I chatted.
This will never happen again.
But what happened at the wedding? Oh you know,
I was young and completely naive.
And Kevin was attractive.
I should have been startled,
because he always tried
to postpone the wedding date.
But I was so busy
with the wedding,
that I did not notice the signs.
Finally, I stood there
with a bunch of gifts,
which I had to return.
And he left my maid of honor.
Wow! Tanya, I'm really sorry.
- No, alright.
You know what? I think,
Kevin did you a favor.
As the?
- I have a good intuition.
And I think you'll do something better.
I do not know, but okay.
May I give you some advice?
- Do I have another choice?
You have to try to forgive him.
Promise me you'll try.
Tanya, please!
I try it.
I think we both might have one another
judged something too premature, right?
I know,
it is not easy for you to be here
between this wedding stuff and stuff, but I am glad that you are there.
Tanya, meeting in the Texas room.
- Yes immediately.
Be right back.
Home on the ranch does not mean
I can not find you.
A gardener thought so
outside in a flowerpot.
And this time was also
a cartridge case.
Someone has fun with this game.
That's enough. We say
all activities until the wedding. - What?
Darling, listen!
- Stop with "darling"!
I do not give up because of a stupid letter
on my bachelorette party.
I would even
to crawl through a barbed wire fence,
not to miss the party.
And that's probably all.
Tanya, stay by her side.
Bachelorette party or not,
stick to it!
- We are also with the van
and keep an eye on everything outside.
- I expect you to be back in time.
The hay wagon ride is at ten.
Tanya, comes from a 38s.
Should you be at the party? Keep that in mind tonight, okay?
I think it's really funny here with you.
Okay, a toast.
On old friends and new!
- Cheers!
Hey, Slim, where is the next round?
I'd like to know,
What Chip and the boys are doing today.
Forget the guys!
This is your bachelorette party.
Betsy is right, Daisy.
This is your last evening in freedom.
Chip makes the best of it,
and I think you should do that as well.
Yes. - I could imagine,
you would be a good Tammy Wynette.
No. I sing? No.
No, I need more fluent courage
to do that.
Bottles up! - Oh, I do not drink that much,
otherwise I'll go crazy.
We are not kindergartners,
you have to take care of. Swallow up!
Yes, I want to see the crazy Tanya.
- Definitely not.
Then you can us
tell a little bit more about Jake.
The guy seems to have done it to you.
Well, I admit, he is very sweet.
You know what? Now I am making a toast.
I was a little scared,
to be an outsider here.
But you girls have me
really great. Cheers!
Thank you. - Cheers!
- You are now part of the family. Or, girls?
And I'll do the hair for the wedding.
She gets a crazy Texas hairstyle,
and that is a promise!
Okay, ladies and gentlemen!
Let's welcome our first karaoke star!
Cowboy Bill!
Hello friends!
I will blow you away
with my guns
and some delicate tones!
Come on, cowboy!
You have a new worshiper.
From tomorrow she is married!
- Hey, shut up!
Come on, sweetheart!
I can not get the sounds alone!
Come on, go up. Enjoy it.
As you say, Tanya,
I lose the freedom.
He can not sing at all.
But with the muscles, what's up?
Be kind, Daisy!
We just danced, Tanya.
- Lady, why are you going for me?
I could not control myself. They were so good. - Honestly?
Yes. So your song, the movements,
that confused me completely.
You have something from Brad Paisley, I think.
I do not care. Sorry.
Go on!
That was entertaining. - We have just
seen the mad Tanya.
Hey, I'm surprised. For one
Kindergrtnerin you're pretty taff.
Okay, girls!
You have to lift one more.
We'll meet in an hour
with Chip and the boys.
Good number, Tanya.
Is not that insanely romantic?
- Yes. - A hay cart ride with you all.
Tanya, did you notice
how great are all my friends?
I hope you enjoy yourself.
Hey, little lady, how are you?
- I'm fine, Sheriff.
You just want to cuddle, right?
We do not need to pretend
as if we were a couple.
Glad to hear that.
That's so tragic, darling.
- Listen.
The stock market? Oh thank you.
We went swimming with Nebraska Pacific,
So save your tips, Robbie. Robbie always desperately tries
getting rid of his stock picks.
You have hay on your hair. Wait!
Look at the lovebirds.
- Daisy.
So, really, these brats are so curious,
that drives me crazy.
So much for the topic
"Maintain myth".
Forget it! It does not work.
- Really?
You seem to be
pretty good on it. - Do you find?
Clear. Law student. No money.
You know, the exterior can be deceiving.
Did you actually know that Daisy and me
were together? - no.
Do you have any reason to hope
that the wedding can not take place?
How so? He is my best friend.
Believe me,
Daisy and Chip are made for each other.
You do not think that his gaze wanders too?
- You know what?
I think we should have the interrogation
finish now, young lady.
Think twice,
before you throw it.
You do not win the war.
- Take your finger away!
I have seen your judo arts
and was not impressed. Do not do it.
I'm warning you, do not do it. No!
Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace.
Hey, stop!
Was really romantic.
- Was a great carriage ride.
What do we do now?
Do we want to drink something?
- Hey, shut up!
A nightcap?
- I could use a whiskey.
Daisy, sweetheart, just got a package
delivered for you. Here.
This is defined
a special wedding gift for you.
I'm really curious. Grandma Smith?
Till death do us part. Say it off.
Henry, main entrance.
Who gave that?
That was a messenger with a motorcycle.
He is still in front.
Watch out for Daisy!
- Did she just speak with her hand?
We have our husband.
He confessed at once.
But why did he do that?
I do not understand his motive.
That will be shown yet. Important is,
that you caught the guy.
Does anyone have that?
heard of the wedding party?
No, they were all already in there busy with their drinks.
So, I think
Your camouflage has not been revealed.
But I will give a speech,
so that no doubt arises.
Good, I see,
you have the situation under control,
but by no means
you may let it go. - Yes, sir.
Until the wedding we are on standby.
I want you all to know
how happy we are
for the first time in several weeks.
Now I am calm.
Now I want to make a toast.
So, fill the glasses!
It's so hard to believe
that it was Carlo.
He has the simple green tablecloths
spiced up with aqua napkin rings.
Who thinks that someone
with so much taste is a criminal?
Oh, well, who knows
why do people do what they do?
But no matter. You're doing well?
- Yes.
And I'm really so relieved
that you got him.
Now I can completely relax
focus on my wedding. Did not you do it before?
- Daisy, darling, please come to me!
Everyone has? OK.
I would like
to thank a special person.
Of course, next to my beloved daughter,
namely our bridesmaid
and girlfriend Tanya.
For all who do not know it yet
Last night
she caught a real party crasher.
our little celebration is in high demand.
So we all start together,
on our Tanya!
On Tanya!
- Cheers!
And now we enjoy
my daughter's wedding.
I love you darling.
My buddy Jake is totally on you.
Really? Why are you telling me this?
I have known Jake since we were five.
I know when he likes someone.
I just wanted to tell you
that I am happy about it.
I do not like him me and Daisy
looks happy all the time
and even nobody has.
Jake is a good guy.
And what about you?
Really ready to marry?
There are enough possibilities here
find out. I sometimes see
pretty girl behind.
But believe me, I have Daisy
never cheated. Not really. No way.
I got used to the idea
only one woman for the whole
To have life. That's scary.
You should get used to that too,
that means a marriage.
I know.
But I love Daisy. She is everything to me.
She is the only woman for me.
And I always want to be by her side.
If that's really true,
she is a very happy woman.
All the best.
Hey, Tanya! Do we want to go to the park?
I should actually
I should be with Daisy.
Okay, I know
that you and Daisy are good friends,
but you can not even do it
Leave alone for five minutes?
I think she can take care of herself.
I want to tell you something.
So, what did you want to tell me?
You have me all the time
picked up because of my law school.
Now I wanted to clear the table.
So you lied.
I am not a student. I have never studied law in my life.
I got accepted,
but I did not go. And
I work in a supermarket.
Where? A double life, why?
No idea.
I do not have that much coal like that.
That is not completely right. I'm coming
from a wealthy family, but
I think I just want to do it myself.
do you understand?
I will study law at some point,
but only if I can pay it myself.
I think that's fantastic.
This shows character and backbone, I think.
I think you are fantastic.
I should go back.
- Oh, wait!
Why are you always running away from me?
Because I should be with Daisy.
I promise you, Daisy is doing very well.
But you are in serious danger.
How so?
- You miss your luck.
Henry, shots at the south entrance!
What's going on here?
- Did not something happen to anyone?
Daisy, all right?
- Yes.
Where were you? Daisy, are you hurt?
No, I'm fine. I heard the shots and ducked me. - Good Good.
Did something happen to someone?
They should protect Daisy. - I know.
I'm sorry. I was only in the park with Jake.
My daughter is almost shot
because you were flirting in the park!
What kind of bodyguard are you?
That makes no sense.
- All right, darling?
You are a bodyguard?
- Did he escape?
There is nobody in or out of the property.
It has to be someone
that's already in here. Did you see something?
No. I did not see anything.
Go through everything. - Well.
I want answers right now.
Whoever says you are the best,
They screwed up.
Out with the language! - Sir,
can we clarify that in private?
- You can forget that.
I want answers!
Who did you exclude?
Who is suspicious?
What are you actually imagining?
Someone wanted to murder Daisy.
I want to know everything now. Immediately!
Listen! At first I thought,
it would be Bosworth, but in time did not skinny.
Constance seemed suspicious
but then I caught Chip
with the staff, and I thought - What?
What? You have a chip
seen with an employee?
Not really.
- Not really?
Why did not you tell me?
I thought we were friends.
Let's see if other security companies
do their job better.
Lady, you are fired!
It can neither Constance
still be Bosworth.
We have them on the video all the time.
And here is the video clip
of the other night.
Chip and the employee.
Looks like chip really
would have lost his contact lens.
I was wrong.
I was completely wrong with everything!
I can not believe it,
I disregarded the simplest basic rule.
Get away from emotions
do not obscure the view.
Can you please make sure
that Daisy sees the tape,
So she knows that Chip did not do anything?
I go home.
And of course we expect you too are again numerous this summer.
But now for the wedding,
everyone is talking about right now.
Of course, our holly is there.
Yes, and the surprise
the day is for all of us,
That the wedding of Daisy Thompson and
Chip Denver has been postponed to tomorrow.
This blue-blooded wedding was planned
yes for today.
But then you decided
to move it.
And although the bride is practically up close
surrounded by bodyguards,
speaks for everything
that it will be a great day for them.
Back to the studio.
I'm not there.
Please leave a message.
Hi, it's me, Daisy. I wanted to tell you,
that I'm sorry how everything went.
Call me. Bye.
I have a new order.
I just want to see how you're doing.
Outstanding. You can see that.
A completely normal day.
Are you telling me
why you want to break my joints? I only have to
reduce some excess energy.
Come on, Tanya!
Calm down, for God's sake.
Free up a few days.
Fly to the Bahamas or something.
I'm getting fit
for the next fight, okay?
I am worried.
What do you want here?
- Why did not you call back?
I have ... you
leave a dozen messages.
I thought you were evil,
because I was not honest. That's it.
Then I'm just as guilty
because I was not honest either.
Jake, why are you here?
- Because Daisy needs you.
Okay, Henry showed her the tape.
She knows that nothing happened
between Chip and this girl.
Where is the problem?
She wants to talk to you, Tanya. - I think,
I built enough crap with her.
Then clean him up again.
I can not, okay? I have to train.
- All right, train!
Well, go!
Of course you also suspected me.
Why not?
After all, I was not honest with you. You just did your job.
I got that.
Besides, I'm here
because the wedding takes place as planned.
And I want to,
that you accompany me as my partner.
Listen, Jake!
I think you're a really nice guy, okay?
But I'm a security agent,
and I messed up an order.
I do not know if you know
What that means for me.
This has never happened to me. I want
get my life back in gear.
Focus on the work and try
to get everything else out of my head!
Got it? - Do you have the philosophy
also heeded two years ago?
Did that make you happy, Tanya?
- Get lost!
Tanya! Hey wait!
Daisy asked me to give you that.
She said you would understand.
Something, how important it is to forgive.
you can go to the wedding because of Daisy,
who would like to have you as a friend.
Or you go with me.
Tell Daisy that I would like to congratulate her. Hi, I will not stay long.
- Hi Kevin.
Wow, I have not seen you since, since
- It's been a while.
Are you doing well?
- A little older, but not necessarily wiser.
You look great.
- Thank you.
I heard,
you are a special agent or something?
Do not believe everything you hear.
So that's your own restaurant now.
You have done yourself.
Yes, I have three restaurants,
but most of the time I spend in the kitchen.
And what brings you here?
Oh, my mother told me
from your new restaurant.
I just wanted to congratulate you.
I have a little gift.
Thank you. It will not explode, right?
When aprons explode
- Thank you.
You want to marry?
- Yes, crazy.
I am happy for you.
- Thank you.
I have to go.
And I wish you the best of luck.
Tanya, wait! You're welcome! It
I'm really sorry for what happened.
What is beautiful
a small forgiveness among friends?
Glad to be happy. Do not you want to stay for dinner?
I make a stunning fish soup.
No thanks.
I meet up with friends.
Then at least take a fresh muffin.
On the go. You're welcome.
Oh, please, do not tell me this is a bug.
No, that's a mustard seed.
Are you allergic?
I'm sorry. I did not know
No. No. Excuse me
That is a long story. Thank you.
Oh, Henry
Bright sunshine.
- That's Kelly and Ron.
I do not know. Yes, perhaps.
- I am not sure.
Oh my God,
This eyeshadow is really tremendous to you.
Yes exactly. And look
the veil on, just stunning.
Many Thanks.
I do not know if I can handle it.
Oh darling, I know what you're missing.
Once together. - Yes.
I wish Tanya was here.
- How so? She just made trouble, Daisy.
Do not forget, this is your special day
and everything is perfect.
I know, but somehow - I'm sorry
all this hype about the wedding. I mean, the security issues,
but now we are - No, Daddy,
That's not it. It is Tanya.
She is my girlfriend.
Oh my God,
I hope that's not the bridegroom.
Who's there?
- Jake. - Should come in.
Somebody wants to talk to you.
We do not need your services anymore.
We met other arrangements.
I can assure you, Mr Thompson,
I'm really private here.
Well, I'm here exactly
How should I say, for my girlfriend.
Tanya, I am so happy that you are here.
Oh, that's nice to hear.
I got three tickets,
to be here in time.
- My make-up is over.
You were right with me
protect and control my feelings.
I'm sorry.
And even though I really hate weddings,
I wanted on your very special day
but like to be there.
Besides, someone once told me
to be that bridesmaid it is a sacred duty and an honor.
Thank you, Tanya.
But I do not know if that's right.
Daisy! Hey, Chip did not do anything.
Henry saw the videos.
I was completely wrong.
Yes, but I heard
how you talked about it,
that he looks after other girls and
- Did you hear the whole conversation?
Because then Chip told me
that he is only in love with you.
And that's it all over the world
no other girl for him.
And that only he
want to be with you.
And I believe him.
- Do you really mean? - Yes.
Darling, we have to!
- no.
Not without my new bridesmaid.
- Agreed.
You are really the biggest.
Is he crying?
- I told you, he's a softie.
Keep your mouth shut! I have only one allergy.
Hey, are you crying?
Do not think about what happened to you.
I do not do that. It's because
I'm just happy for my girlfriend.
It is so far. The big moment. And I am bursting with pride.
- Yes, ready, Daddy. Still waiting.
What is it, honey? Are you not feeling well?
You do not get cold feet because of Chip.
If you do, you just have to say it.
- No, daddy. Everything is perfect.
Well. Do not worry
because of uninvited guests.
The property is surrounded.
Nobody comes in here who should not get in.
I think they are already waiting for us two.
- Okay, Daddy. Let's go.
Dear bridal couple, we are today
in the name of God,
around this young couple
to accompany in the state of marriage.
Daisy and Chip are a couple,
that is made for each other.
And this is a happy day for the two.
The stock market? Oh, thank you.
We went swimming with Nebraska Pacific,
So save your tips, Robbie.
I had to
sell the Nebraska Railway Company,
to have enough cash.
I had to get the shareholders, you can not imagine that.
And now, Daisy will take the vow
that she wrote herself.
Betsy Monroe. It is practical
America's aristocracy. Filthy rich.
My beloved chip
Just take Betsy there as an example.
Did you know that she and Chip
were in college together?
But she had left him first,
until she knows his name.
And I swear to love you always
through all the sun's rays
and thunderstorms of our lives.
Madam, madam, your hair is a bit higher!
And I solemnly swear,
always only to love you.
Your family owns companies
who make just about anything,
from watches to wedding cakes.
If someone has reasons to
why these two
not to marry,
Now talk or be silent forever.
All men down! Come on! Get down!
What's going on there?
Someone has to stop them! Stop them!
I do not believe that. You really wanted to kill me?
Why not?
You ruined my life, Daisy.
You're the one who gets chip,
and you do not need his money at all.
But me,
since your dad ruined my family.
You get everything, and I can not get anything!
But, Betsy, we swore
Being girlfriends for life.
- But that's over!
What was that?
Left hook.
Kind. Very nice.
I hereby declare you
to husband and wife.
Really a perfect day.
Say, all weddings are with you
as bridesmaid as exciting as this?
No. Only the ones you are with.
- How could I ask?
Okay, everyone's listening!
We would like to toast with you now.
But first I want to ask Tanya
to read something,
that's me special
for Chip and me wrote.
No. - Do it, do it, do it.
- You really want me to do that?
I want.
What is love?
It is the feeling
when I see magenta clouds and they fill me with joy.
I discover bright yellow daffodils
and bath in their golden splendor.
I watch the dancing butterfly
and feel his freedom.
I dance, I dance, I dance
on the bliss of life.
Just like unicorns
accompany me in my joy,
like rainbow
to illuminate our common path,
I know that the feelings,
that I share with my love,
will continue,
our whole life.
My lady.
OK. One last question.
Then I will stop. - Tell me!
Are you now
cured of your wedding phobia?
No bad memories anymore
the last time,
no lasting guilt feelings?
Should I be completely honest?
I want to now
in no place in this world would you rather be
to dance here with you
- Oh, my God, beware!
You did that on purpose.
- Trapped is trapped.
By now Betsy confessed everything.
The instigation of the wedding planner,
the threats What was with Carlo? - Betsy has Carlo
just wrapped around the little finger.
She pretended to him
that she had fallen in love with him,
and he fell for it.
They will both be long for a while
disappear from the scene.
Wow, American Royalty!
What are they going to do next?
Let's work, maybe. Cousin Eldridge
has at least given up his playboy life.
That's why he's with the
Takeover alums hit by Thompson.
That's good for him.
Hey, what about Constance?
I never found out why
this scissors carries in her bag.
One of our boys
you followed her into a shop.
Obviously, she collects coupons.
- Really?
One of America's richest women
collect coupons? - Yes.
In fact, she is one
of America's poorest women.
Crazy world.
- Yes, oh no matter.
It's just important
that the wedding was saved
and you're back to your job.
- Yes. Do you want to learn a little secret?
- Clear.
I was at Chesterton,
and just like you, I am now a partner.
How nice.
Then I'll see you on Monday morning
fresh and lively at the partner meeting.
No, I'll take a few days off
and I will recover.
You will not start now,
to spare me?
Oh no, do not hope.
I think I earned holidays.
What? Vacation? You?
- Yes. You know, just put your legs up,
from time to time
to pick up a good book
A good book?
Have fun.
See you. - Bye.
Thank you.