Underdogs (2013) Movie Script

And good afternoon, everybody.
Welcome to
the sam bourquin show
On news talk 1480,
Stark county's sports
It is a beautiful summer day,
and i don't know about you,
But it looks like football's
right around the corner.
# Was a friday night
football game #
# Down at the high school
stadium #
# She was a cheerleader
with her quarterback #
# Sneaking out behind
the bleachers to play #
# 'Cause they don't care
what people say #
# In this town
# Nothing ever changes
in this town #
# And the story's always
the same one in this town #
# And i thank you, lord,
for keepin' us safe #
# And i thank you, mother,
for making us pray #
Down in division iv,
the big news is that
Saint thomas aquinas welcomes
its new head coach.
Vince deantonio had a promising
coaching career
As offensive coordinator
in the college ranks
Until he abruptly resigned
five years ago.
# In this town
Now, it'll be interesting
to see what he can do
With the knights,
who haven't had a winning season
Since 2004.
Now, senior quarterback
bobby burkett
Has shown flashes
of potential,
But that team never has clicked.
# And nothing ever changes
in this town #
# Oh the story's always
the same one in this town #
# And i thank you, lord,
for keeping us safe #
# And i thank you, mother,
for making us pray #
# There's an old man
on a front porch swing #
# And he's always talkin'
to nobody #
# But if you ever stop
to listen #
# You might learn
a thing or two #
# Yeah, i'm talking to you
# You see, he once was
a young man #
# And he was holding
a young girl's hand #
# And they were walkin'
down by the lake #
# And about 1948
# And they had
their first kiss #
# Ooh, with the moon
shining down #
# And they knew true love
# Oh, it really could
be found in this town #
# Oh, oh, in this town
# Yeah, in this town
Set. Hut!
Come on,
know your assignment!
Hey, bobby.
What's the new coach doing
way up there?
I don't know,
looking for a win?
I know, man.
Somebody needs a friend.
All right!
Let's go, guys,
bring it in.
Take a knee.
Take a knee.
Kroger, rooker,
far goal post and back.
Loser gets to go again
and a hundred pushUps.
Oh, man.
Move it!
Taylor, davis, currie,
That's right.
I've watched tape
of every play you made
Or didn't make in your miserable
careers here at aquinas.
Your nine losses last year.
You seniors,
fourYear starters,
You lost 25 games here.
How's it feel?
You quit on the way back.
You're done for the day.
Next time, you're done
for the year.
Your record says you stink,
But i don't think
it's true.
I think your habits stink.
And that's what i'm here
to fix.
We'll start
with your conditioning.
Kroger, give me the goal post
rooker owes me.
But i won, coach.
And you won one lousy game
last year.
Don't start bragging
about a wind sprint.
We're gonna rebuild
this program.
It's not gonna be easy
or fun.
Guess be ready to go
monday at 4:00.
Start from scratch.
Everybody has to earn
their job.
No incumbents.
What about qb.
Bobby burkett's got
a heck of an arm, coach.
Nobody's job is locked.
Copy that.
On defense,
we use our speed.
We're gonna go to
a 353.
We don't have the size
for anything else.
We can do that,
but i hope you have a plan
To light up the scoreboard.
We're gonna open up
the playbook.
Even if burkett delivers,
we're a oneOption team.
Napier's great...
But i need another
deep threat.
We're gonna need
to spread it out
And throw downfield
to beat these bigger teams.
Well, that's all we have
to work with, coach.
Then i'm gonna have to find us
some more horses.
Holy cow, bill,
it's like a sauna in here.
Stop pointing that thing
at me.
It is august, you know.
Will your heater be joining us
for dinner again?
I II know it's august...
But by my calculations,
It would have saved us
$400 last winter.
You don't say.
I stand corrected.
It feels like the garden
of eden in here.
That's good.
I like that.
I can be your
bargaining director
When you sell it
to mr. Handon.
The problem is
i can't present something
From my workshop,
no matter how good it is.
And a real prototype costs
about $30,000.
Mmm, mom's famous
fried chicken.
Could smell it
from the drive.
Hey, dad.
Mm! Not till you clean up.
What? Look, i'm starving.
Coach deantonio kept us for
an extra 45 minutes, you know?
I don't know what
his problem is.
Why is it so hot in here?
Well, give him a chance.
He'll give up on the knights
soon enough.
Yeah, hardyHarHar, dad.
Oh, hi, mr. Handon.
Just a minute, please.
You tell him we're about ready
to have dinner.
hello, mr. Handon.
Bowling alley... again.
No, that'sI can
No, that won't
I'llAll right,
we'll just see you.
You don't have to
drop everything
Whenever that man calls.
He is my boss.
And maybe he will remember
The favors
when the time comes.
Hello, sir.
How you doing?
Hi, how are you?
II didn't know
you were having guests.
The damn pin setter
is broken again, burkett.
john was showing off
With this girl
that he fancies.
Yeah, he takes after
the old man.
How's aquinas looking
this year, bobby?
I don't really follow
d V.
Well, actually,
we're division iv, sir.
You know the way.
I have to get ready
for my guests.
i know what you're thinking.
Just save it.
Dad, what if i
What if i told you
Something that might,
like, disappoint you?
You can't,
but go ahead.
Well, i'm not so sure if i
want to play football this year.
That's a relief.
I was afraid
you might be pregnant.
Hand me a 3/4.
Why don't you want
to play?
I don't know.
I mean...
There just doesn't seem to be
a good enough reason.
And the new coach...
team still stinks.
I'm just sick of losing.
I'm proud of you
for admitting it,
Especially in this town.
If you're just discouraged,
Why don't you just
sleep on it?
See how you feel after.
Can you put these things
in the... thing?
Or is it too technical?
Yeah. No, it's not
too technical, dad.
It's just you stutter
every two seconds.
Easy there.
I'll get the bag.
You go wash up.
Are you sure you got it?
I don't usually like
a rhubarb pie.
You know, to me it's like
a funky celery, you know?
I mean, what is that?
I don't even know what it is.
I've neverYou ever seen
a rhubarb plant?
But this is really,
Really quite good.
Thank you.
You know what?
Hoover's a great school.
They'd be lucky to have you.
Of course,
they always have a lead,
So the other team's
gotta throw.
You get plenty of chances
To bat down some balls
or, who knows,
Maybe you even get
a pick or two.
What did i say?
Don't you know
about the play?
The play?
Let's not bring that up again,
Who cares?
I broke up the play.
End of story.
It was gift wrapped.
You had nothing but daylight.
80 yards wide open
to the end zone.
Now, michelle
It was his best chance.
my son has the drops.
Damien, i don't think there's
anything wrong with your hands.
I think it's in your head.
But i can fix it.
It starts with switching you
to wide receiver.
wide receiver?
Yep, that is fake.
What do you think
you're doing? I'm changing.
Well, i'm s
Get out, you perv!
Okay. Sorry. Sorry!
Enjoy the show?
Look, i'm not
I'm not a perv.
But yeah, maybe a little.
"Maybe a little. "
You're not a perv,
but you are a liar.
You good? Yeah?
Are you here for the party?
No, no. Not exactly.
I'm justI'm just repairing
the bowling alley.
Yeah, john was showing off.
You don't look like
a bowling alley repairman.
Oh, really?
What's a bowling alley repairman
supposed to look like?
Like a stan.
Stan? Wow.
A moustache
and the coveralls
And a sad story.
Well, i got a sad story.
My name's bobby.
I'm renee.
Wow, renee, you really
know a lot
About a bowling alley
Oh, so much.
Oh, yeah?
Do you and johnny break 'em
On a regular basis, or
no, not really.
Um, i just moved here,
It's my first year
at hoover, so...
But if i happen to do it
again, i'll call you.
Call him what?
Burkett, what are you doing
in my house?
Oh, you know, just, uh
Here to see what a real
football team looks like.
Are you referring to your
little cheer squad over there?
I'll let that go
because i feel so bad
For you and your team.
Consider yourselves lucky.
You don't have to do
the playoffs, right.
Okay, um...
I'm gonna finish changing.
It was good meeting you.
We should get some food,
'cause i'm really hungry.
Okay, bye, renee.
Wow. Man!
Don't even think
about it, burkett.
You're second team
and always will be.
Hey, bill.
M Mr. Donohue.
on the promotion.
Oh, well, thanks.
How's the... new house?
Well, renee's still
getting used to it,
But we love it.
A nice upgrade, i will say.
Thanks for asking.
This must be bobby.
Hey, good to see you.
You rReady?
Hey, burkett.
This close.
It's all fixed,
mr. Handon.
Say, why don't
the two of you stay?
I'm unveiling
our new uniforms.
Best in stark county.
No, best in ohio.
Radical skills.
We would, but bobby has
an early practice.
Yeah, um...
maybe next time.
Suit yourselves.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you. Good seeing you.
Uh, '80s called.
They want their discman back.
yo, bro,
How can you afford
You can't even afford
real clothes.
Back off, four mile.
You mess with my cousin,
you're messing with me.
See you at school, urkel.
You won't have your bodyguard
To back you up this year.
Let's go.
I can take care
of myself, justin.
Yeah, i know.
I just wanted to make sure
they weren't bothering
Our customers.
You taking an order
for here or to go?
I'm not here for dinner.
I'm here for you.
You're big mack, aren't you?
I don't go by that.
Okay, justin then.
I'm the new coach
at aquinas.
You still want to
play football?
I don't got time for fooling.
The grill's a mess.
I'm about today
and tomorrow, all right?
You can be accountable
for those,
We'll leave yesterday alone.
What do you say?
For real?
For real.
Justin, i'm sticking
my neck out here.
So if i say jump...
I'm hopping like a mother.
High as i can.
So we got an understanding,
Yes, sir.
Call me coach.
there's one thing.
I'm a package deal.
You're a what?
I'm a package deal.
His cousin, jamal lee
Does he even play football?
Yes, of course.
highly irregular.
Well, he's got
Plus, you said
i get three scholarships.
No, i said we would consider
three viable applicants
Who, coincidentally,
played football.
Now, look, we love
this damien taylor.
Excellent family,
strong grades.
He'll make a fine addition.
But this justin mack...
Do you know why mr. Mack didn't
play football last season?
Because juvenile detention
doesn't field a team.
Aggravated assault
is no small matter.
He made a terrible mistake,
Kids do that sometimes.
And he's paid.
I promise i will have him
on a very short leash.
Come on, father, you're in
the forgiveness business, right?
Careful there.
No disrespect.
You know what i mean.
Fellas, i want to introduce
your new teammates.
This is justin mack.
That's big mack, the kid
that got thrown in jail.
Don't call me that.
Hey, listen,
Everybody's starting over,
all right?
Justin's one of us now.
Damien taylor,
wide receiver.
Jamal lee.
He plays... all over.
Get in there, fellas.
Now look at this.
Sports page.
Hoover, hoover, hoover.
Every story in here
is about hoover.
You know why?
Because they're winners.
Any mention of aquinas?
Not a word. Hmm.
So here we are,
square one.
I don't care who you are
Or what position
you think you play.
Every job on this team
is available to be won.
Now show me some game
Go, guys.
FirstTen offense on ahead.
Let's go, boys.
# Dogs gonna run
# Take it from me
ain't gonna take it anymore #
# Get it on,
we're gonna win #
# Hands in the air
everybody's dialed in #
# Hut one, hut two
# Let's go
# WhooHoo
# Hut one, hut two
# Let's go, whooHoo
Get off me, man.
Set, hut!
Get it, get it.
What i tell you, kid?
You ain't doin' nothin', boy,
i slipped.
Hey, scoreboard talks.
You don't.
Come on, coach.
We're working like dogs
out here.
We need a blow, man.
When i want your opinion,
mr. Burkett,
I'll give it to you.
Goal post,
all three of you.
Murray, floyd, johnson,
get in there.
Run it right.
He just kept making us
do it again and again
And again and again
and again.
I don'tI don't know.
Give him a chance.
I'm sure he knows
what he's doing.
No, what he's trying to do,
Is make us into something
that we're not.
I was gonna wait
till after dinner,
But i can't.
I cashed in
our rainyDay fund.
It's for the prototype.
This is everything.
It's all we have.
We wanted to do this
for you.
Dad, that thing
That thing really works.
I can't, it's...
too much pressure.
I believe in you.
Take it.
All right.
Oh, hi.
Thank you for getting
the door.
You're welcome.
How are you?
I'm well, how are you?
I'm very good.
I'm ready to study.
Yeah, not a bad way
to spend the day.
No, it's not.
So what do you want
to start with,
History or preCalc?
Smart and pretty.
I don't know what i like better.
Hey, boys.
What up, man?
John, i thought
We were gonna study.
I promise we'll study,
After we go for a swim.
I don't have
my bathing suit.
Even better.
Time to hit the beach!
I just love
studying here.
Come on, mandy.
Come on, the water's fine.
Backer! Backer!
Set, hut!
Are you trying to break
my quarterback?
Sorry, coach.
What, are you gonna write that
On his cast?
Your job is to protect
the quarterback, period.
Got it?
Got it.
Coach, i want
my quarterbacks practicing
In red jerseys.
Water break.
Two minutes.
So you can't catch,
Too small to tackle
And you're not very fast.
Kinda limits
what we can do with you.
I mean, what position do you
want to play, jamal?
Maybe i could sling it?
Be the backup qb,
chillin' with the cheerleaders.
Now, back here on earth,
I mean, we've got to find
a place for you.
Coach wants us to find
something for you to do.
II don't know.
I, uh, i got an idea.
Sorry, sorry.
Don't worry, coach,
we got this.
Yeah, i can see that.
Come on,
let's try it again.
Laces out.
You see this, captain?
I hope...
I did the right thing.
Good news.
Johnny wants you
on the cheer squad.
Oh, that's so cool.
I'm a cheerleader.
Apparently you've made
quite an impression
On him this summer.
You're so lucky.
I'm so excited.
See you at the game
friday, right?
Yeah. Ladies.
Excited for our
study session tonight?
i hope you're ready
To actually study.
Oh, yeah, i'm gonna study.
Gentlemen scholars, right?
Scholars. Go long.
Handon, get your car
out of my spot.
My bad, coach.
Bill burkett please report
To the conference room.
Bill burkett
to the conference room, please.
Come on in, bill.
Steven tells me
you have something for us.
Uh, i've been working
on a product
An electric heater.
It's not just
an electric heater.
It's the next generation.
You did all this
on your own?
I have to admit, burkett,
i am impressed.
Tell me more.
Sell me.
Um, instead of the usual
electric coils,
It uses infrared bulbs
to heat up copper elements.
Uh, the number one
selling point
Is that it's not dry heat.
There's nothing like it
on the market.
It feels like a heater.
My wife says
it's the best thing
We've ever used on the farm.
Your tester
was your wife?
I've run technical studies
as well.
Infrared uses about 30%
less electricity.
Let me show you.
As you can see,
the heat doesn't
Just rise to the ceiling.
It's evenly
There's also safety.
You know, conventional
space heaters are the
The number one cause
of fires in the home,
And infrared is
significantly safer.
How much would we have
to sell this for?
The initial price point
would be about $500.
$500 for a space heater?
We sell one
that costs $60.
All due respect, sir,
that's like comparing a...
Rolls royce
to a golf cart.
I've heard enough,
I think you know
my answer.
That'll be all, bill.
You need to get back to work.
What are you doing?
He said no, didn't he?
dismissed it.
Like it... was a joke.
We're in this together.
Don't you ever,
ever forget that.
Besides, there are other
manufacturers in ohio,
Aren't there?
Here we go, knights,
here we go.
Whoo, let's go, knights!
Come on, boys.
Let's go.
Gold 78.
Damn it, damien.
Field goal unit.
Tie this baby up.
Let's go.
Let's go!
Set, hut!
I knew this was
gonna happen.
All right, fellas,
pick your heads up.
Played a football game
Some good things out there.
You guys were physical,
and you worked hard.
We just didn't execute
in the key moments.
So we run.
Ryan, seriously?
Running, after a game.
A little hard work
never hurt anybody.
It's gonna be
a long season.
So little johnny handon,
huh? Not bad.
Oh, don't give me
"little johnny handon. "
He had wilson in the end zone
twice and missed him.
We could have had
six touchdowns.
He can still throw
a long pass, brother.
Yeah, but it's not
gonna do any good
Unless the line holds out.
I mean, this isn't gonna work
At the state championship.
Cranberry soda, huh?
Cool and delicious.
How 'bout davis?
Davis is good.
Who are those guys?
The hoover faithful.
High school football
Breakfast, lunch,
and dinner.
Well, who they gonna put
in the middle, jackson?
Jackson has done a good job.
Jackson wears a skirt.
Jackson has done a good job.
All hoover all the time.
I'm the new coach
at aquinas.
Mm, so you're a spy.
Shh, they'll kill me.
Spies get shot, right?
Your secret's safe
with me.
Jackson's gotta
move over to the middle.
Relax, my friend.
We have a good team.
Thank you, guys,
so, so much.
Yeah, no problem.
Here you go.
Hey, do you want one, man?
No, man, i'm cool.
Yeah, seriously.
My treat.
One more, please.
What is this, a date?
No, it's just
a twisty swirl, man.
Come on. It's good.
Do you hear yourself, man?
Those are rainbow sprinkles,
# WhooOoh, whooOoh
# They say that all
gets torn apart #
# By a guy that only loves
with half a heart #
# They say i'm digging
my own grave #
# But i say i'm
six feet under anyway #
# You're right
in all the wrong ways #
# Don't want you to change
for me #
# Don't rearrange for me
# I know you will
love me better #
# You're the glue
keeping me together #
Do you ever
You know her?
You're that guy
from the party.
You want some ice cream?
Oh, no, i'm, fine, thanks
Come on, man, you crazy?
Get in the game.
Get up. Go over.
Hi. So, uh...
How's the new school
working out for you?
It's good.
I mean, it's still early,
But i'm finding
my way around, so...
Yeah, i
I feel the same way
About aquinas,
but i've been going there
My whole life.
Yeah, really.
You know what?
You know what you should do?
What should i do?
You should come
to one of our games.
Yeah, you shouldWe could
definitely use more fans.
Yeah, it's fun.
And, you know,
We need some more people
giving the old hooRah.
But, uh
Um, yeah, yeah, here.
Here's my number.
And i'll come check you guys out
You should have ice cream
with us sometime too.
What kind is that?
It's sprinkles
with butter pecan.
You added sprinkles
to that?
Yeah, absolutely.
How old are you, like five?
Ashley said
we'd find you here.
And here i am.
Well, this is adorable.
You boys on a date?
See? That's what
i said, man.
anyway, renee,
We're all kinda headed
over to my house.
We're gonna have burgers
on the beach, my dad's cooking.
You're coming, right?
Yeah, yeah, sure, yes.
See you there.
I'll see you there.
See, that dude's
a clown, man.
Conventional heating systems
Get to combustible
That can dry out
the sinuses,
Burn up oxygen.
And this doesn't.
I've already applied
for a patent.
What's it called?
My wife came up
with that name.
Tell you what.
This is a testing agreement.
If it performs well,
we move on to the next step.
Does that sound good
to you?
Come on, knights,
let's go.
Whoo! Let's do it!
10's the mike!
10's the mike!
Green 80.
Set, hut!
Get him out.
Sorry about that one, coach.
You're done. Take a seat.
But, coach, i
That's not the way we do it.
Take a seat.
Rough one, coach, huh?
Ehh, don't worry,
people aren't expecting
Too much around here.
Oh, good, i'll keep that
in mind, thanks.
Your dad coached
in the nfl.
Helped the jets win
that super bowl.
That's true.
You know your football. Thanks.
Well, better luck
next time, coach.
Here you go.
Tough loss?
Oh, yeah.
maybe, uh,
Something a little stronger?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I can't. Uh...
I used to be a little
too good at that,
If you know what i mean.
I do. Believe me.
These kids, you know,
i can train 'em,
I can drill 'em,
but i can't make 'em compete.
You know,
that need to win.
Gotta have it, you know?
Then there's the xboxes,
you know, the iphones.
Everybody gets a trophy.
These kids today are soft,
you know?
I don't know what
to do with them.
Well, remember
they're still kids.
Don't be so hard
on 'em.
That's why
i'm talking to you.
Okay... we lost.
Why did we lose?
They outscored us.
That's funny. Sure.
No, not really.
Okay, good.
Our quarterback says
Losing isn't funny.
What do you think, jamal?
Uh, not funny.
It's not funny.
My playing days
are long past.
These games are for you,
And they're precious.
Because once you're done,
you're done forever.
So if you don't mind
losing 'em,
You should just go do
something else.
There's no talking
to this guy.
He's too intense.
"Drink your milk,
"Oh, what,
you don't like 2%?
Goal posts, run 'em!"
That's all he says.
You know, uh...
you know what the problem is?
Yeah, the guy
with the nuclear whistle.
No, no, the problem is
that he's right.
Come on, man, we actually
have a chance
To do something
this season, guys.
I don'tI don't want
to be on a team
That loses again and again
and again and again.
Do you?
So before we say
anything else
About this coach,
you know
Ben, why don't you just
stick to your route
And make sure it's tight.
And, damien,
i'll put it on the numbers.
You just see it through,
Dakota, you stick
to your man,
And you make sure that
nobody gets past you.
And, jamal...
Just keep them laces
facing out, buddy,
And we'll be okay.
We have a chance
this season.
I know we can do it.
That's all i got to say.
Just want you to know...
I got your back.
# Oh, nostalgia
i don't need you anymore #
pull your socks up,
Tuck your shirt in and,
damn it, pull your pants up.
You look good, you feel good,
you play good.
Yes, coach.
# Hey oh, hey oh
# You could be
your own spotlight #
# Hey oh, hey oh
# You could be
your own spotlight #
# You could be the star,
you could shine so bright #
# Hey oh, hey oh
# You could be
your own spotlight #
# Depression is a little bit
like happy hour #
Ooh. What happened there?
I didn't have time
to think.
I just caught it.
We're gonna work on
Getting you to turn
your smart parts off
And get your
lizard brain working.
# You could be
your own spotlight #
Watch it all the way
into your hands.
Okay? Here...
use this.
Make it a game.
My serve.
Come on.
# Hey oh, hey oh
# You could be
your own spotlight #
# Hey oh, hey oh
# You could be
your own spotlight #
# Hey oh, hey oh
# You could be
your own spotlight #
# You could be the star
# You could shine so bright
# Hey oh, hey oh
# You could be
your own spotlight #
# Hey oh, hey oh
# You could be
your own spotlight #
# Hey oh, hey oh
# You could be
your own spotlight #
# You could be a star
you could shine so bright #
# Hey oh, hey oh
# You could be
your own spotlight #
That's right, we bad.
Hi, bill.
Thanks for coming
on such short notice.
Thanks. Hi.
Didn't want to have to
tell you this over the phone.
Bill, i don't think
this is a good idea.
Yeah, dad. I mean,
these prices are really exp
I mean, they don't even
show the prices.
Come on,
let's live a little.
You know when i first started
dating your mother,
I didn't have a
A penny to my name.
I think we've heard
this story before.
What's really going on,
It's not important.
I just...
Signed an agreement
with sci for the heater.
You should order the steak.
I heard it's very good here.
$1 million?
Wait, did you
Did you just now say $1 million?
The check
is not in the bank,
But it's...
it's looking pretty good.
Can we order champagne?
I already ordered it.
# You got to be
the finest thing i ever seen #
# The magazines
# Don't know
what they're missing #
# Soon they'll be wishing
# It's legitimate
i'm sick of it #
# Could come and sit
# And tell me something,
anything, keep me guessing #
# I don't know why
i'm falling for you #
# I like the way you dance
i like the way you move #
# You make me wild i tell you
nothing but the truth #
# When are you coming over
# Baby i need you
near me tonight, tonight #
# Tonight i'm going
out of my mind #
He's been texting all week.
Hope he's got
the unlimited plan.
He can't help it.
The boy's in love.
All right, all right.
Just worry about
the game tonight, guys.
2 and 0! 2 and 0!
2 and 0! 2 and 0! 2 and 0!
Plenty more
where that came from, guys!
You see that?
John, give me my phone back.
what are you doing?
Why? You got nothing
to hide from me.
But it's none
of your business.
Are you serious?
And don't worry.
I'll buy you a new phone.
You need an upgrade anyway.
What was that all about?
I don't know.
Shut up. Burkett.
Let's go, knights,
let's go!
Whoo! Let's go, knights!
Check, check!
Ten hut!
Check it.
Field goal, field goal!
Jamal, get out there.
What? But i messed up
the last one.
You're the holder, right?
Now go in the damn game.
You're gonna need
your helmet, son.
Go, knights!
But i kicked it.
That's how we roll.
Go, knights!
Look at you.
You didn't need luck.
I knew you'd win.
I'm glad you came
to the game.
Yeah, me too. I had fun.
You were very impressive.
Yeah, i did all right.
No, that was some good football.
Hey, john.
What're you guys doing here?
You know, we thought
we'd check out the game.
We love a good powder puff.
That was cute.
Too bad you guys don't have
any real competition.
Come on, who, like hoover?
Yeah, in your dreams.
No, man.
In your nightmares.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
come on, man.
Bring it on, knights.
I don't see anything here
that scares me.
Well, obviously
you're afraid of something
Or else you wouldn't
have been here.
But hey, man.
Thanks, uhThanks for coming to
the game. I hope you enjoyed it.
Take care.
Let's get out of here.
Hey, good night.
Thanks for coming.
Yeah. Good seeing you.
I'm just...
yo, check it out.
Johnny "mr. Perfect" handon
wasn't so perfect, was he?
We finally made the paper.
Yeah, baby, about time.
Check it out.
Local inventor bill burkett.
It's your dad, bobby.
Sci manufacturing announced
That they will
initially be hiring
500 workers in the next quarter
for the manufacture
Of a revolutionary
space heater.
With the addition
of these 500 new jobs,
Sci is poised to surpass
the handon corporation
As the largest manufacturer
in stark county.
Bill, can i speak to you
for a minute?
I didn't think
you'd be back to work
With a big contract and all.
They don't pay me till
they start the manufacture.
I know renee has become
friendly with your son, so...
Makes this
even more difficult.
What are you trying to say?
In these economic times
We're faced with difficult
decisions every day.
It's with great reluctance
that we are forced to determine
That your position's
no longer needed.
Cut the crap.
We both know
what this is really about.
Mayor, it's my understanding
that sci is continuing
With their plan
for the factory expansion.
All i know
is that they've promised
A minimum of 500 new jobs.
You and i are friends,
aren't we, mayor?
You like playing golf
at my club.
You like my fundraisers,
don't you?
I want you to delay
their permits.
That's not feasible.
I believe my generous
donations to the community
And your campaign
prove that i am a good citizen.
And as a good citizen,
all i'm asking for
Is some help
from my elected official.
Mr. Bill burkett?
Sharon, they're suing me.
They fired me, and now...
Handon is claiming...
Intellectual ownership.
They want to take the heater
by court order.
What can we do to fight it?
There's no way
we can get involved
Until the rights
are free and clear.
You should talk
to an attorney friend of mine.
She can help you.
Can i get an advance?
I'm sorry, bill.
Bobby, renee's here.
Hi, mrs. B.
Don't worry, okay?
Everything's gonna be fine.
It's all gonna work out.
Yeah, everything's
gonna be fine.
Have fun.
You look nice.
Are you ready?
I think the movie
starts at 7:10.
You know, iI don't
I don't
I don't feel like
going to the movies.
Is that cool?
Yeah, that's fine.
Want to go for a walk?
Come on, mr. Grumpy pants,
we're going for a walk.
It's so peaceful out here.
Why do you hang out
with all those jerks?
'Scuse me?
Golden boy handon
and those dumbass cheerleaders.
Let's just
forget about them.
Your season started
to turn around,
You've been playing great.
Do you have any idea
how many kids
Would kill to be
in your shoes right now?
You know...
My father worked as hard
as anyone ever could.
And right when he was
on the verge of success,
Some lawyer shows up
and crushes his dreams.
Just like that,
that's all it took.
Just one piece of paper,
and crushed everything.
So what's it worth?
I mean, all of our dreams
Are just going to come
crashing down.
Did you know that i volunteer
down at the y on saturdays
For this special needs
cheer squad?
Those kids are amazing.
They're never
gonna be doctors
Or lawyers.
That doesn't stop them
from doing what they love.
They always remind me
That everyone
has their special talent.
It's the lucky ones
that know what it is already.
The rest of us, we have to
find it, we have to discover it.
You have a godGiven gift,
Enjoy this moment.
No matter where
it's taking you.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
You're so grumpy.
You're back with sam bourquin
here on 1480 whbc,
Live and local, the sports
powerhouse in canton, ohio.
What a beautiful day.
Temperatures in the 60s.
And i don't know about you,
But i'm ready
for a little football.
And you know,
we've been watching
The st. Thomas aquinas
football team
Become the little team
that could.
In his first season,
new head coach vince deantonio
Seems to have really
gotten to these kids
And lit a fire
under that team.
# White picket fence
but things are looking up #
# Happiness
is a good league hence #
# But things are looking up
# The sting reminded me
at least it seems to be #
# That i am fiery
and must be burning burning #
# Upon the wind
you take your medicine #
# Whether i lose or win
This bobby burkett
to damien taylor connection
Has finally started to click.
Along with ben napier,
Aquinas has become
a highOctane offense
Firing on all cylinders.
# But things
are looking up #
# A hard old rain
is falling down #
# But things
are looking up #
# I'm in a pile of leaves
and i got no rake #
# But things
are looking up #
# Reminding me
at least it seems to be #
# That i am fiery
and must be burning burning #
And after a 1 and 9 season
a year ago,
They are rocketing
up the standings.
What's even more amazing
Is the last time st. Thomas
aquinas made the playoffs,
Most of you
weren't even born yet.
It's been almost 20 years.
# Never promised
we'd play fair #
This injunction hearing
is before just a judge,
There's no jury.
But we have to win,
Because once the judge
makes his ruling
It's very unlikely
he'll change it during a trial.
You're gonna
be great, bill.
All rise.
This court
is now in session.
The honorable
edward j. Elum presiding.
Thank you.
Good morning.
You may be seated, please.
The matter before the court
is plaintiff's motion
For injunctive relief.
Mr. Jannings, representing
the plaintiff, will go first,
And then mr. Burkett
will have his say.
And most importantly,
it is clearly spelled out
In the employee's contract,
As you can see
in paragraph 27.
This is our
intellectual property clause.
It covers any inventions
or ideas developed
While under the employment
of the handon corporation.
Can you please
tell the judge
How you came up with the idea
for the edenpure heater?
Well, my wife nancy
Always gets cold feet
in winter.
Wears socks to bed.
I was fixing plumbing
in our house,
And had left a stack
of copper piping
Near the heater
in the workshop.
The next day i realized
they were radiating heat,
And i knew that copper
would be a key component.
For a heat source
i used farlnfrared.
It has a wavelength
of longer than 15 microns.
So i built
a crude prototype,
And it worked
Better than i expected.
The entire room was heated
From ceiling to floor.
We used this heater
all winter,
And it was great.
Most importantly,
My wife's feet
weren't cold anymore.
That was a charming story,
mr. Burkett,
But i need evidence.
Judge, i don't think
Mr. Burkett,
you can step down.
Now that i've heard
all the testimony,
You will receive my formalized
opinion by the end of the month.
This court is adjourned.
Want to see me, coach?
Mr. Burkett.
Sit down.
So what, am i in trouble?
You know, i never had
any doubt about your ability.
I was worried
about your motor.
Whether you had
what it takes to be a leader.
But you surprised me.
So i sent a tape of you
over to coach bowden at akron u.
That'sThat's probably
a waste of time.
You really think that?
Well, i don't know.
They got a pretty good program.
Well, i think you're more than
good enough to play there.
Wait, are you
Are you kidding me?
I don't kid.
Get outta here.
Is that bobby again?
Don't worry,
i'll tell him.
Look, i know
i'm asking a lot here.
But there's this lawsuit,
and it's complicated.
Now it's just for a time.
I mean, you have to
try to understand that
I'm never gonna
understand, dad.
You've always told me
to follow my heart,
But i guess you just forgot the
"it's complicated" part, right?
# You can put
a stick in my spokes #
# I can be the butt
of your jokes #
# I can be
the laughin' stock #
# I can be the hoax
# But i ain't
gonna lose you #
# No i ain't
You shouldn't be here.
Bobby, just go home, okay?
You're gonna get me in trouble.
Look, i just want
to hear it from you, okay?
You don't understand,
This just isn't a good time
for me right now.
You're right.
I don't understand.
Because last i checked,
you told me to enjoy the moment
And how am i supposed to
do that without you?
You're gonna wake my dad.
I don't care.
Wake your old man up.
# Gonna lose you
I'm sorry.
# No i ain't
# Gonna lose you
Now, you tell me to walk away,
and i'll walk away.
# I can't stand
# The thought
of another man #
I just need
to hear it from you.
Tell me what you want, renee.
I'm sorry, i have to go.
Set, hut!
The big football news
was bobby burkett,
of st. Thomas aquinas
Going for five touchdowns.
Holy smokes,
this kid is on fire.
And for the first time
in almost 20 years,
The knights have made it
to the playoffs.
Hut, hut! Hut! Hut!
In other news,
john handon of hoover
Answered with three touchdowns
and a rushing score.
The way he's playing,
the vikings are in line
For yet
another championship trophy.
Phones are blowing upLet's go
to dan the man on line two.
Welcome to the sam bourquin
show, dan, how are you?
Hey, sam, how you doing?
Hey, you know what?
I think you're on to something.
I mean, the vikings
are tearing it up this year.
That's to be expected.
But come on, aquinas?
Who knew?
They may be dlv, but they might
be the best team in the county.
What i wouldn't give
to see them play each other.
Dan, probably not likely,
but i appreciate the call.
Mitch doran, sports.
I'm on deadline.
Make it quick.
Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa,
s Slow down, i'm, uh...
I'm just a sports reporter.
# My love is a storm
# She doesn't wait for me
# And now that she's gone
Sorry, we're closed.
Wait, whose are those?
Oh, yeah, it's staff only
at this time.
Sorry, ma'am.
So i'm "ma'am" now.
No, i didn't mean, uh...
I wasn't saying anything,
i just
I was just thinking
I wasn't thinking,
But, you know, that "miss"
means, you know, like
Like a teenager, right?
And "ma'am" is anybody who's,
you know, like, i don't know,
Outta college
or old enough to have kids.
You know, i always
wanted to have kids.
Turns out my ex did not.
So here i am.
Are you single?
Or are you just a married guy
flirting with the bartender?
I was a married guy.
16 years, but, uh...
I lost her. Cancer.
But, uh...
Been a long road,
and here i am.
A guy flirting
with a lovely bartender.
Who probably needs quarters.
# Currently in love with you
Let's see what i got here.
Take them all.
# You are my undertow
# Caught in a riptide
# And i am currently
in love with you #
She was too young, vince.
I had to look up the last time
the knights made the playoffs.
It was in a dusty book.
a very dusty book.
You did a good job.
No matter
what happens, you
You brought pride
back to this community.
All credit to these kids,
WhatWhat do you think
of this whole talk
About a game of champions?
It's just
a bunch of media hype.
What's in the box?
I've gotten more calls
about us playing hoover
Than i did when the pope
came to detroit in '87.
I think there's more to it
than just hype.
You're enjoying this,
aren't you?
David and goliath. Hello.
Well, i'm sorry
i missed the game, sport.
I had to take care of a little
problem with the new factory.
I heard you were terrific,
I'm not surprised.
You're a handon, johnny.
And handons don't lose.
All right.
I'll be home soon.
Mr. Handon?
Mitch doran,
from the repository.
Of course.
How you doing, mitch?
Good. Thank you.
Kind of late for an interview.
Well, actually,
I wanted to ask you a question
about your trip to mexico.
According to your flight plan,
This was your sixth flight to
juarez in the past three months.
Are the rumors true
that you're
Planning on moving
your manufacturing to mexico?
This is gonna have a major
impact on the local economy.
Mitch, where in the world
Did you hear
that scurrilous nonsense?
It's just ridiculous.
I wouldn't print that
if i were you.
You're on the record,
mr. Handon.
What do you want to say
about this accusation?
Good to see you, mitch.
Shut the damn door.
Mm. Delicious.
donde esta renee?
I don't know.
En espanol, hijo, por favor.
No se donde renee esta.
She better not be with
bobby burkett. I'll kill him.
Can we please
just have one meal
Where we don't
talk about a burkett?
Both of you?
Do you hear they're saying
he's as good as me?
Can you believe it?
I mean, the whole town's
talking about us
Playing each other
if we both win our divisions,
In some, uh,
game of champions.
I'd give anything
to bury that punk.
So let me get this straight.
You're saying
you would be in favor
Of a game of champions,
mr. Handon?
Well, sam,
I know it's highly irregular
To propose a game
of this magnitude.
But i also know
That in these
hard economic times,
Every school,
every art department,
Every athletic program
is struggling just to get by.
What i propose
is a postSeason charity event
Which will help us
to raise muchNeeded funds
For our children
and their futures.
And my company
is willing to make a donation
Of $100,000 to the school
that wins this charity game.
What a remarkable ride it has
been for st. Thomas aquinas.
Bobby burkett has been
tearing up the playoffs,
And the knights
are one win away...
From both the division iv state
title and the game of champions.
All they have to do
is beat the falcons.
But not to be outdone,
john handon has led the vikings
Into the division i finals
For the third time
in the last four years.
This better be important.
I'm in the middle of my game.
Have you seen the newspaper?
Let me guess.
"Handon corp. Pulling out all
stops for game of champions. "
I paid our pr agency
for frontPage placement.
It is the front page,
only it's you.
The factory move to mexico.
What do you want
to do about this?
We need to stay
on message with this.
I got a big, shiny
game of champions to sell.
You okay?
You don't look so hot.
Must've been something i ate.
I'll be ready, coach.
Welcome. Welcome.
Tomorrow is a big day
for aquinas.
And i hear
there's a football game.
We're here to give praise
and to ask for his blessings.
We all know struggle.
And some of us have struggled
more than others.
I'd like to read a passage
that i've been saving
For a special occasion
like this.
Taken from st. Paul's
first letter to the corinthians.
Be on your guard.
Stand firm in the faith.
Be courageous.
Be strong.
Beat the pants
off the falcons.
I gotta say, coach,
I never thought
i'd see the day
That we were
in the state finals.
Yeah, i knew it
the whole time.
Think fast.
This is vince.
Mr. Napier,
is he any better?
Thanks for letting me know.
That was ben's dad.
Fever's up to 102. No go.
Well, i hope it's not
all through the locker room.
Coach wilfork.
Stomach flu? Oh, no.
10, 22, blue, 11!
Blue, 11! Hut!
Time out, time out! Time out!
This is our last shot.
It's just they're tired out,
coach, you gotta put me in.
Justin, look at yourself.
You shouldn't even be here.
Get outta here.
This is it, bobby.
Got one more play.
Need seven, all right? Let's go!
I got this, coach.
Come on!
Gold, 78! Gold, 78!
Don't hang your heads,
Good work. Good job.
Good job. All right.
All right, good fight.
Good game.
Good work.
I didn't do it.
You left it on the field.
Good work.
God, i wish we could've
played hoover.
Yeah, man. Me too.
Now, despite half of their
team being out with the flu,
The knights almost pulled out
that state championship game.
Now, in the later game
The vikings rolled
to a 3110 victory.
Hold on, we have a caller
on the hotline.
It's coach vince deantonio
of st. Thomas aquinas.
Coach, sorry about your loss.
How you doing?
Well, that was a tough one.
I'm not gonna make any excuses.
But we still want hoover.
Well, it was supposed to be
A game of champions.
And we didn't take care of
business against alliance park,
I'll give you that.
But if hoover
wants a real football game,
They know where to find it.
Well, between the rumors
of a factory move
And the handon corp. Lawsuit,
This is one town
that is ready for a showdown.
This is a lovely place
you have here, bill.
Just lovely.
Would be a real shame
to lose it.
Look, bill, we both know
how this is gonna
Play out in court.
But it's not too late.
We can still
put this behind us.
All right, listen,
i'll tell you what.
You can have your old job back,
And i'll even give you
a piece of the heater sales.
No hard feelings.
All you have to do
is just sign our contract.
Mr. Ha
I think you
You know my answer.
Well, you can't
say i didn't try.
I'll see you in court.
Good morning.
I have reviewed the evidence,
Including your ironclad
employment agreement.
That alone seems to make
my decision clearCut.
The defendant, mr. Burkett,
Has presented no evidence
to prove otherwise.
upon closer inspection,
I looked at
one indisputable fact.
Bill burkett offered his heater
to the handon corporation first,
And you turned him down.
The court denies the plaintiff's
motion for an injunction.
Your honor, you can't
And the court rules
in favor of the defendant.
Your honor, there's
You are no longer entitled to
take advantage of your employees
Or this community.
This matter is concluded.
All rise.
You won.
This court is now adjourned.
Tell aquinas
to bring it on.
The big news today is that
Hoover has accepted
aquinas's challenge,
And the game of champions
is a full go.
Oh, boy. This is like getting
an early christmas present.
This whole town
cannot wait for saturday.
Hey, joe, it's vince d.
I'm good, good.
You know, living the dream.
Coaching high school
Hey, listen, you said, uh,
if i ever need anything
Well, i kinda need a favor.
# Whoa ohWhoa, ohWhoa,
ohWhoa, ohWhoa #
# HiOh, hiOh
# Whoa ohWhoa, ohWhoa,
ohWhoa, ohWhoa #
# HiOh, hiOh
# Whoa ohWhoa, ohWhoa,
ohWhoa, ohWhoa #
# HiOh, hiOh
# Whoa ohWhoa, ohWhoa,
ohWhoa, ohWhoa #
# HiOh, hiOh
# I just can't get,
can't get my feel #
# Of those here
# Oh, but still
# No matter where i am
# In this land
# I feel alone
# When i'm not at home
# Whoa ohWhoa, ohWhoa,
ohWhoa, ohWhoa #
Good evening, and welcome
to whbc's broadcast
For tonight's historic
charity game
Between division i
state champion
Herbert hoover high school
And crosstown division iv
saint thomas aquinas.
My name is sam bourquin,
and i'm alongside
My colleague tonight,
former stark county
Junior college placeKicker
mike "the motor mouth" mayhew.
Well, it's a perfect night
for football, sam.
I mean, the stadium is packed,
i'm smelling popcorn,
Hot dogs, testosterone.
While hoover has always had
a lot of community support,
There sure seems to be a lot
of black and gold in the stands.
Tonight's game is
being sponsored by
A generous contribution
from the handon corporation,
And tonight's winning team gets
a $100,000 donation.
i cannot wait
to crush aquinas
And put an end to this
foolishness once and for all.
Well, for me, sam,
they might as well
Just make that check out
to hoover right now.
I mean, this is kind of like
me against my exWife
In divorce court,
and i'm aquinas.
All right, fellas,
real quick, listen up.
You guys have all heard
the radio chatter,
You've read the papers.
Except you, kroger.
I don't think you can read yet,
can you?
Now, the experts say
we don't have a chance.
Right? Only one way
to shut everybody up... win.
That was your
best speech ever, coach.
Well, i got a friend here
who wants to say hello to you.
He knows a little bit
about beating the odds.
No way.
Who's that dude?
That's broadway joe.
Joe namath.
All right, fellas,
i've been hearing
A lot about you guys.
Saint thomas aquinas,
underdogs, right?
Well, i tell you what.
I know a thing or two
about being an underdog.
In the biggest game
in the world for us,
We were 18Point underdogs.
18Point underdogs.
But looky here.
I tell you what, fellas.
If there's one thing
i ever learned from football,
It's that you never,
ever give up.
No matter what happens
out there tonight,
You don't give up.
Look at me, man.
I came from a small town,
Just like you guys are
coming from.
We won the world championship
The super bowl
Because we believed
in ourselves.
Don't give up.
Believe in yourselves,
And you can do it!
All right.
All right, guys,
let's bow our heads. Father?
Heavenly father,
watch over us,
Protect us from injury,
And give us strength.
Give me some points
on special teams.
Coach deantonio did
a fantastic job this season,
But hoover's coach morlow
has six first team
AllConference players,
Including his stellar
quarterback, john handon iii.
Aquinas is really
gonna need a gut check
Just to prove
that they even belong
On the same field
with these vikings, sam.
Well, we're about to find out
Just moments away
from kickoff
As the teams take the field
for tonight's coin toss.
Little bobby burkett.
You're dead.
You just don't know it yet.
We'll see.
Don't even look at her,
farm boy.
You know,
you already lost her.
You just don't know it.
Hoover wins the toss,
And they have elected
to kick.
Well, the winning
has already begun.
All right, this is what
we worked for.
This is what we want.
So let's get it done, huh!
And the ball is in the air,
and we are underway.
Finley fields the ball
at the 4,
Looks for a lane,
makes a cut,
And is brought down
at the 18 yard line.
That lane turned into a wall
awfully fast, sam.
Number 12, bobby burkett,
leads his offense onto the field
For their first possession.
Number 84, star receiver
ben napier,
Lines up wide to the left.
I think burkett's
gonna have to
Toss that potato tonight, sam,
Or he's gonna get mashed
by this hoover defense.
Red 18.
Napier goes into motion.
Red 18. Hut!
And it's a pitchOut.
Napier blasted
by a hoover defender.
The ball is loose, and hoover
recovers at the 9 yard line.
I'm gonna tell you,
napier looks nervous.
I mean, that linebacker
was in the backfield
Like someone waiting
at a baggage claim.
Handon brings his team
To the line of scrimmage
Behind his massive
offensive line.
I don't think one of these
offensive road graders
Is under 260 pounds.
Single back! Single back!
This is gonna be
a whole lot easier
Than i thought.
Set. Hut!
Hut, hut, hut!
Handon takes the snap.
He drops back
And hits his tight end
for about five yards
Right over the middle.
That's his cousin,
bart handon.
And you know, these two
have hooked up
For 14 touchdowns
this season.
Green opposite.
Green opposite.
Set. Hut.
Handon fakes a handOff,
rolls out the the left,
And walks into the end zone
Are you kidding me?
I can't believe that.
They need bobby burkett to play
both sides of the field here.
Oh, is that it?
Last week you were
He's the best player
out there.
I wish he would marry
my daughter.
Oh, if he married your dau
Make room for michelle.
Play smart.
Play tough.
Yes, sir.
Hey, how you doing?
How are they doing?
Not so good right now.
After a short pass
to napier,
Aquinas is looking
at third and 7.
Number 24, damien taylor,
is lined up to the left.
Burkett takes the snap.
Taylor runs
a downAndln.
Burkett throws it.
would have been a first down.
Well, it hit him in a bad
spotRight in the hands.
Damien taylor,
a transfer this year
To saint thomas aquinas, should
have really made that catch.
Well, you know,
he's shown flashes
Of bigPlay potential
all season,
But it's drops like this
that have been an issue.
If aquinas doesn't
figure something out,
This could get very ugly
very fast.
Hoover's defense
has been suffocating.
Come on, ref!
Reggie streeter has been
All over the field.
I mean, he's going through 'em
Like they're particle board.
That's why they call him
"buzzsaw. "
Handon is feeling it now.
He hits his tight end
For their third touchdown
of the game.
This is where you're
seeing the difference
In size and speed
Between division i
and division iv teams.
I mean, i'm happy
for this game,
But this is
a complete mismatch.
Ooh, another dropped pass
by damien taylor.
Burkett's gotta
figure something out.
BenBen, come on, man,
you gotta get open.
I know, man, i'm trying.
I got no room.
Look, i know they're
doubleTeaming you out there.
Just find a spot, okay?
Just throw it long.
I'll be there, all right?
Aquinas is looking at
a second and 3,
And down 210.
Yellow 89.
Set, hut!
Burkett takes the snap...
Looks to his left at napier,
who makes a great cut,
And hits him on the slant.
Napier takes it in
for a touchdown.
All right, saint thomas is
lining up for the extra point.
The ball is snapped...
and hoover blocks the kick.
And it is halftime here
at the game of champions.
I'm pleased to welcome
hallOfFamer joe namath
Into the broadcast booth.
Joe, thanks so much
for coming in today.
How you doing?
Oh, man,
I'm happy to be here, sam.
I understand that you
and coach deantonio,
You guys go back
quite a ways, don't you?
Well, i've known vince
since he was a pipsqueak.
And i'll tell you what,
when he called, man,
There was no way
i was gonna miss this.
You think they're
gonna be able to get back
Into this thing at all?
You know, i was a quarterback
for a while,
And i know part of the job is
Instilling confidence
in your team.
I can tell you,
i got through to these guys.
I looked 'em in the eyes
and, uh
I know they believe
in themselves.
Well, it may take
a little bit more than that.
Yeah, well, never
underestimate the heart.
This team's not gonna
go away.
The knights are gonna be
in this game
Till the last whistle.
All right,
there you have it.
Legendary quarterback
joe namath
He believes saint thomas
can get back into this thing
In the second half.
They're playing dirty
out there.
And the refs ain't
calling nothin'.
I don't want to hear that.
Nobody cares
who cheats you.
Whoever makes the most plays
Defense, 11 men tackle
the ball.
Ends and backs, i need you
to fight your routes hard,
Even when i don't call
your number.
You're gonna be
telling this story
20 years from now
to your kids.
How do you want it to end?
Bring it in.
Pack your guards.
Control the line now.
Come on.
Bring it in. Bring it in.
You guys gotta savor this.
One, two, three.
If you're just tuning in,
the knights are down 216,
Despite a great talk
by legendary quarterback
Joe namath.
Well, you know,
joe namath
Could be on that field
Playing for the knights.
It would still be 216.
Hoover is that good.
It's third and short
As handon lines up
under center.
defense, defense...
He hands off to bower,
Who's met at the line
of scrimmage
By jordan kroger.
Aquinas is finally getting
some pressure on handon.
Let's go, hoover!
They are three divisions
lower than us.
You are the champions.
Let's prove it!
Bring it in!
We gotta take out big mack
So we can get to burkett
once and for all.
What do you want me
to do about it?
Fat boy's got
a temper.
Light the fuse.
Red 22. Red 22.
Burkett takes the snap,
drops back
And fires to napier.
That should have been
a late hit.
I don't see a flag.
You better stay down,
If you know
what's good for you.
oh, big man.
Is that all you got, boy?
Come on,
Show me what you got.
Hey, justin, keep your head.
Come on. Come on.
Huh? Huh? Huh?
What are you looking at, ref?
Let's go.
Oh, big boy, fat man,
come and get it.
Don't touch my cousin!
Get this little psycho off me!
Stay down, bully!
That can't be legal.
Got your back, cuz.
Now, this is a first.
A holder had been ejected
from a game for fighting.
All 140 pounds of him.
Let's show these guys
what we're made of. Yeah!
Well, the knights
are definitely playing
Like a different team
this half.
You know,
they really are, sam.
I'm glad to see them playing
With some heart, finally.
Bobby burkett hits napier
on a screen and...
Justin mack just
knocked buzzsaw...
And napier takes it in
for the touchdown.
Handon takes the snap,
And kroger gets into
the backfield
To bat the ball away.
Damn it!
Hoover is lining up
for a 41Yard field goal.
The kick is up and good,
Giving the vikings
an 11Point lead
With 4:34 left
in the third quarter.
Streeter has it...
At the 16 yard line.
Hey, man, you hit
like a 10YearOld girl.
Set. Hut!
Well, the knights have
narrowed the score to four now.
It's 2420.
And you know what?
Neither team has
a time out left,
So buckle your seat belts,
We maybe actually having
a game of champions after all.
I right, 23 iso.
I right, 23 iso.
One on one. Ready...
Well, with 1:36 left
in the game,
And the clock is running, hoover
has a second down and six,
Still up by four points.
320, hut!
Handon takes the snap and
gives it to his running back,
Who is stopped for two
by jordan kroger.
If they convert, we're done.
We need the ball back.
Apache! Apache!
It's third and 4,
with another shot
At a first down.
Handon is in no hurry
As the clock continues
to wind down.
You know, if the hoover
vikings get this first down,
The hot dog
is out of the bun.
Red 80. Red 80.
Hut, hut.
Handon fakes a handOff.
He rolls right.
The defenders converge,
and handon slides.
Wait a minute, he's short!
Well, it looks like hoover
is going to have to
Punt the football away.
In the first half,
Handon would have run
right through those guys.
My, my, my,
how things have changed.
Well, there's no way
to stop the clock,
And the knights have
a long field to go.
The ball was snapped
and the punt is away.
Finley calls
for the fair catch.
He steps away
as the ball lands
Inside the 5
No, that's a touchback!
Wow, hoover almost pinned
the knights inside the 1.
Then the cheese would have
been off the pizza.
Well, and now saint thomas has
one last possession to go.
They've gotta drive
80 yards
Without any time outs.
Coach, coach,
twins right,
89 wide flat.
No, no, just
Hey, 12, on me!
They're not gonna be able
to stop the clock.
They've got to throw.
PreVent! PreVent!
Aquinas lines up
and faces hoover
With seven defensive backs.
They're gonna take
no chances
At giving up
this long pass play.
Red 22. Red 22.
Set, hut!
Burkett takes the snap.
It's a draw play to finley.
From the 20 to the 30.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
No, no, to the 40 now,
across midfield.
Out of bounds
at the hoover 43.
That's a very gutsy call
by deantonio.
I'm actually starting
to love this guy.
Aquinas, to me.
Quick, quick, let's go.
All right, everybody
in the stadium knows
We're going to napier.
They've been doubling him,
Tripling him all night,
all right?
So we're gonna use you
as a decoy.
We run a backside fly to damien,
Who is going to make a play.
O line, expect
all kinds of pressure.
Get it to me, man.
I'll get loose, coach, i swear.
He's our guy, coach.
He's good.
He can do it.
Ain't got no time.
All right, we go firebird.
We worked on it all year,
now it's time to execute.
Let's go.
Do it!
Yeah, baby, aquinas!
On the ball!
Well, the knights trail
by 4, no timeouts left,
And 47 yards away
from pay dirt.
Their biggest enemy right now
is the clock.
believe in yourselves.
Believe in your team.
Don't give up.
Believe in yourselves
and you can do it!
21's the mike!
21's the mike!
Black 77.
Black 77.
Set, hike!
Napier is covered.
Burkett rolls left.
Taylor breaks his route
and turns upfield.
Burkett throws it deep.
He's gonna risk it all
on taylor.
Oh, taylor catches it!
Taylor catches it...
And with no time
on the clock.
No time on the clock.
Saint thomas wins.
Damien taylor has just made
the biggest catch of his career.
And we finally have
our answer
To who the best team
in stark county is.
Yes, we do, sam.
What a game.
Hey, burkett.
Good game.
This is a travesty.
Renee, you should be
with john.
I don't think so.
I'm not asking.
Don't talk to my daughter
like that.
You remember who
you're speaking to, steven,
Or come monday, you and i
will have a conversation
That you are not going to like.
I bet you're wondering
who leaked that information
To the newspaper.
It was me.
And i won't be in to work
on monday.
Or any other day.
I'm proud of you, son.
I did it, pop.
You did it.
I'm proud of you.
I love you, mom.
I'm liking this new
invention, bill.
You've been busy.
II... got a lot
of ideas up here.
I like the sound of that,
More chicken, justin?
Don't be shy.
He don't look shy
around food, miss b.
Oh, you wanna be
starting something, damien?
If you mess with my cousin,
you messin' with me.
You saving this spot
for anyone?
Yeah, just my girlfriend.
Just your girlfriend?
Gonna miss hoover?
I think i'll survive.
Plus, i like my neighbors
much better here.
Think fast.
What are you doing?
Damien, say hi to michelle.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Can't miss now, huh?
These are my knights,
Justin, ben, jamal, dakota.
And this guy's bobby.
# Caked black dirt
on the bottom of his shoe #
# We've waited so long
to shine like stars #
# Now the whole world will know
who we are #
# We got each other's backs,
we're gonna win the game #
# From the wrong side
of the tracks #
# Now we're driving
this train #
# The going gets tough,
you're gonna get hit #
# Stand in our way,
yeah, you're gonna get dead #
# And the dog's
gonna roar #
# Take it from me,
ain't gonna take it anymore #
# Get it on,
we're gonna win #
# Hands in the air,
everybody shoutin' #
# Hut one, hut two
# Let's go, whooHoo
# Hut one, hut two
# Let's go, whooHoo
# Check it out
# When the sun goes down,
i speed up #
# Every broken dream in town
rushing through our blood #
# We're bustin' out of jail,
we're lightin' up the streets #
# Like a lit cigarette
tossed into gasoline #
# They think they got us down,
they think the score's tied #
# There's no stopping now,
we won't be denied #
# Come the second half,
we're going for the kill #
# They think they're so cool,
now they're looking pretty ill #
# And the dog's
gonna roar #
# Take it from me
ain't gonna take it anymore #
# Get it on,
we're gonna win #
# Hands in the air,
everybody shoutin' #
# Hut one, hut two
# Let's go, whooHoo
# Hut one, hut two
# Let's go, whooHoo
Red 90, set.
They counted us out...
Blue 88!
But here we are.
The time has come
to get on our feet.
Us against the world.
Little bit louder now.
Shout, shout, underdogs.
# And the dog's
gonna roar #
# Take it from me
ain't gonna take it anymore #
# Get it on,
we're gonna win #
# Hands in the air,
everybody shoutin' #
# Hut one, hut two
# Let's go, whooHoo
# Hut one, hut two
# Let's go, whooHoo
# Mm mm mm mm mm mmmm
# Mm mm mm mm
# Mm mm
# It's my time for blowin' up
# Up, up
# It's my time for blowin' up
# Up, up
# It's my time for blowin' up
# Up, up
# It's my time for blowin' up
# Up, up
# Mm mm mm mm
# It's my time for blowin' up
# Up, up
# It's my time for blowin' up
# Up, up
# It's my time for blowin' up
# Up, up