Underground: The Julian Assange Story (2012) Movie Script

Come here , I want to show you something .
Who is she ?
She's their mother .
Isn't she beautiful ?
And now you can call her mum as well.
You know how I am not your dad ,
but we are a family .
All these guys are our family too.
You, your brother ... we are all gonna go and live there.
That is the very first thing .
Come Julian , back to bed.
I will not quibble .
Do not take my boy ...
Adam is my son, okay?
You will not take my boy .
This is weird . It frightens me .
It is a very enlightened soul .
You have no idea ...
Its not a family , it is a cult , Wayne .
- It's not a cult , it's a family .
Good boy .
Kristin ! Are you fuckin kidding me ?
The Julian Assange Story.
Emerald Victoria
May , 1989
Wow, this is great. This is perfect.
You can't see it from the road.
I'll go look for the key .
Listen! If we get separated,
We meet downstream. Ok!!
They may all look innocent enough
in the advertisements
but it seems that computers such as these
have been used for much more than Homework.
Two Melbourne teenagers , Simon
Snel and Mark Kaliver ,
both of Grinvud
were arrested today
charged with the theft of more than 5,000
credit card numbers from the
banks in The United States
connecting through a standard
telephone line
Johnson and Snel were able
to access the Bank's computers
on the other side of the Globe.
It appears that, they then made cash transfers,
and credit card purchases.
A Banking spokesman claimed, its the
first breach of this kind ...
Friends of yours?
- ... security systems have now been implemented , .
making any outside access to banking records
Virtually Impossible.
Local calls only.
Have you seen the news ?
- I think they were caught by the CIA or FBI some shit.
Ah!! that was sloppy.
They deserved it .
I'll probably go to jail you know.
- I bet I could hack into that bank.
Well, Its a race then .
If i win i want your signed Asimov's First Edition "Foundation"
If I win i want your Bible.
Okay. You're on!!
Name: Brian
Password: 123123
Australian Federal Police
Operation "Weather"
The U.S Embassy has been on the phone with Canberra
The minister has been onto us..
Guess its been one of their biggest banks.
Welcome to paradise .
They got through as easy as walking the turnstone.
They dialed up through a computer,
had a look around and hung up.
What'd they steal??
- Well it wasn't anything... nothing.
I mean,technically,they had not committed any offense.
Someone breaks into your house, just to look around, thats still Breaking and Entering.
- Tell that to the judge (laughs).
And unfortunately thats all
we have got on computer crime.
Are Any of these Jokers got a computer??
No they don't.
Well, can you get me someone who has got one??
You are following me!!
- I was here first.
Technically, you are following me .
Well that could just be a sneaky trick.
- Oh yeah?? and how does that work?
If i was going to do it to someone
I'd normally go and wait where they'd go first
and then accuse them
of stalking me.
Like you just did.
- You'd make a good stalker.
What'd you do over there?
Maybe I'll hang out with you.
How does that sound ?
Fitzroy Computer Market
June, 1989
- Hey.
I've got black smoke coming out
of my computer.
I took a quick look inside.
but, One of the chips is melted .
Its probably your processor. Check with Kevin.
You can get a new CPU. It should be fine.
Thank you.
Have you ever seen the inside of a public pay phone?
- Work of Art.
Are we good?
- Cheers.
We have got to meet with someone.
Come on.
Ok .
I want to win it back.
Have a computer match.
How's it going with the
international calls, Traks?
Yeah close ,I'm very close.
Apple? You said you wanted to challenge?
I was thinking the U.S. Military .
What you wanna get killed Mendax??
- Mendax??
Anonymity protects us .
- Yeah, and tells everyone that you've something to hide.
Prime Suspect. Your name?
- Call me, Elektra .
Its a pleasure to meet you Elektra .
- you too.
Excuse me.
It's my mom's.
Don't ask.
Julian, we're home.
Mom! There is a girl in here.
And she's naked.
Mother! This is Elektra.
We met at school today.
Well , it's a raging romance.
Get out of here.
Oi! Ken. Got one for you.
This is Johnny.
This is what they're using.
To connect through the phone lines.
With this..
Its called a modem .
Its what makes the calls.
Show me. Yeah!
Right now , Its connecting to
another computer...
Its called a bulletin board.
What the hell is a bulletin board?
Its where they.. Hang out.
chat, share information.
Right. What do I do?
- You need a password.
You've to hack inside, to gain access.
It's kind of like an initiation.
So, What are we planning to hack?
Maybe we don't have to.
If this is what they used to communicate,
This is what we use to find them .
I want to go to Tristan da Cunha .
Where's that?
- Its one of the most remote places on Earth.
Do you want to travel?
-I Already have.
When I'm hacking computers,
I travel all the time.
To be here in Australia, In my bedroom
and at the same time
there, on the other side of the world
I can't explain it.
Look out the window .
Pick a suburb .
- Why ?
Just do it.
- Ok .
Did you just do that?
- Pick another one.
- Come on.
All those poor people are in the dark .
- They are happy .
Did you know that
nine months after a black out
There's always a rise in the number of child births.
Its true.
- Adam? Adam!
Julian. We have to go.
He's found us .
What 's going on?
- Julian we have got to get out of here. Now!
N..No I 'm not going.
- Adam !
What? Julian?
- Open the door!
- Adam! Open the door.
No, I'm not going . I'm not going to run anymore.
Adam ... It's your dad.
Hey, How did you find us?
Stay away.
Good to see you too, Julian .
Where is Adam?
We are not hiding from you anymore.
- Julian, I'm just going to get my son.
If you come One step closer ...
-I Will ...
If you come one step closer... I will beat the shit out of you.
If I see you again near the school, near the house, anywhere...
I'll fucking kill you.
I will get my son back, Julian .
And you look after yourself, alright!
And I'll see you real soon.
Melbourne Telephone Exchange
June, 1989
So, this is the mainframe.
It handles about 68,000 subscriber lines.
Shit. So, How do we find out who
was on the phone online last night with U.S.?
Well the only way we can do that is manually.
Each of these is a separate line .
you're kidding?
Ah. Hey,
Heey, Howz is it going man?
- Lets do it?
This film is going to blow your mind.
Come on.
okay, I give up. Why are we here ?
- See the bins?
- They recycle all their paper.
We need to get the test line access number.
with that free international calls.
We could just stay online the whole night.Come on.
- You understand I'm guard here.
How romantic.
- We are in a metal container full of paper. Sorry.
I think we found what we need.
U.S Military network. MILNE Guess we win.
Ok , but here are the rules .
- Rules? We break rules.
We only look. Papers do nothing.
We leave no traces.
Where is the fun in that?
Its Ringing.
-Quick! Go ahead .
I told you . I told you it would work.
Free international calls.
Well, that was fun.
I like your friends.
Dad. Julian. Julian. Dad.
Its very good of you Son, Walking her home.
Be earlier in the future.
- Yeah, I'll make sure. I'll do it.
Five minutes.
Get me out of here.
Unauthorized warning system .
When do we want it?
- Now!
we are all gathered here becuase the U.S.A are going to send plutonium into space.
They should stop this
This is ridiculous.
Well, I have ...
- It makes them scared.
Are you okay?
- Yeah, just dizzy.
Do you want to take it , Julian .
Can you get the arms?
Just Hold that. Ok .
All right. We are in.
- What a waste.
Will you move the arms gently. Not too much,
or it looks silly.
Make that a bit evil.
- Evil arms.
Just make your arms..you know like anger.
Having a protest outside the
US Embassy on Tuesday.
Whats the point? Only 20 people turned up today.
-Well the Newspapers were there. They noticed.
Yeah! They were laughing.
- Well, my fuckin puppet.
You know if you think its not big enough, may be you should...
-No, They laughed at you. It's ridiculous.
NASA is about to launch plutonium
into space.
Julian ? What do you want to do?
Just sit there waiting for it to burn up and rain down on us?
I don't know . but your
puppet changed nothing .
100,000 may have walked today.
and NASA would still send plutonium into space.
Yeah! well! I'm not going to give up trying Julian.
Well I hope you enjoy wasting your entire life, trying.
Why is my life..
wills to turning to shit and all you can do is to
The world is on the brink.
and you've gotten your 17 -year-old girl friend pregnant.
Look at her.
- What?
Tell me I 'm wrong.
I do not need this.
- Elektra .
Julian , Julian.
You've got more talent in your little fingers.
but your life is crushing you, you have to
stand up
and decide what is that you want.
Don't let her choices make you normal, boring and fucking normal.
What? My life normal? What about my life is
fucking normal,in anyway huh?
Elektra ! Why didn't you tell me?
What the fuck. I didn't know what to do.
- Ooh.This is not just you .This is the two of us .
Well I can't stay here anymore.
Your mother fucking hates me.
She doesn't.
I'm going.
Can we stay for a bit?
- Yeah , come on in. Cool!
you can crash at my room. Really?
- Yeah, SUre.
Thanks. Thank you.
So we've got all the necessary items here eh!!
Blankets in there.
You can stay , as long as you need.
- Thanks. Thank you.
When are you due?
January .
Well I can help you if you wanna have the baby here.
I just started a nursing course.
Yeah.I do not know if I want to keep it.
But thanks.
Alright. Enjoy.
Anyone Up?
Great Jules. No running water.
but We've got the computer guy.
What ?
You might want to see this.
from Florida.
- "Worms Against Nuclear killing"
What the hell is a worm ?
- Its a program that attacks other computers
They shot down NASA.
- No kidding .
"You talk of times of peace for all,
and then prepare for war."
Is that some kind of a poem ?
The FBI is convinced
that it comes from Melbourne .
today's launch of the
probe to Jupiter was called off
after NASA computers
were infiltrated.
by what the agency is referring
to as a computer virus.
anti-nuclear activists
Celebrated today's aborted mission
but NASA insists the launch will be rescheduled
despite protestor's objections
to the plutonium based fuel cells
being used in the Galileo craft.
Thornbury, Melbourne
November, 1989
Do you like it?
- Yeah I do.
Not too normal?
- what With me and you?
Well they left it painted.
Ok . Here we are.
power it up.
So this is going to scan the lines ,
and identify computers that..
talk to each other.
The Guys downstairs are patching phone lines
into mainframe through to us.
An alarm will go off when there is a computer on the line.
Once we've identified the line.
We can feed it to the computer..
and see exactly what they are looking at.
Yeah. We're ready down here.
Hey, Howz it goin? Check it out!!
- ... Extraordinary night in Berlin's history.
with in hours of East Germany's decision to open up
its borders to the west.
the city erupted in a frenzy of celebration
The infamous Berlin wall that has divided Europe for generations gave way
as thousands of Berliners from
both East and West strained through the crossing point
Throughout the night crowds from both sides of the city embraced as the
East German's Security guards stood by.
Peace on Earth , man.
You think? It has never been peace.
Now they have bombs to sell.
I need to find a new war to look.
... see the joy on people's faces ,
and see what freedom means ...
I found it several months ago .
- It is nice of you to share.
I can't do everything for you.
Unfortunately , This is as far as i've got.
I've been trying every American name i can think of and
Nothing works.
Someone is using one of the lines.
- quick patch it through. Let's see what they're looking at.
What the hell is that?
They're protecting their code with some form of encryption code.
So that i can't see what they're saying.
What about Jeddah?
- No.
- No
- Tod.
Guys Come on.This is too dangerous .
- Don't worry about it.Its gonna be fine.
Try John Connor .
- might as well.
Come on.
- Right now the Terminator's gonna get us.
Can we trace the call ?
- We have it over.
Okay. We're half way.
We need a password.
People use this when it comes to protecting their identity.
This is should be easy.
When the Allies took Germany at the end of the war.
All the military sites were protected by the same number.
Yeah. Hitler's birthday.
- Hang on there. Is that a line noise?
Come on.
No... We're almost there .
Hang on there.
Its coming at regular intervals. Shit!
Someone else is on the line. Cut the line.
Did you get it? No.. No we didn't get him.
- I 'm sorry.
How did they find us so quickly?
- I don't know. That wasn't MILNET.
That wa.. That was Local. They've been tracing our calls.
Alright. Go.
Alright Tim, Could you pass me those papers to me, mate?
I need those by 3 pm
Or, you're fired.
Fucking idiot .
Alright Tim, Could you pass me those papers to me, mate?
I need those by 3 pm
Or, you're fired.
Australian Federal Police.
How can I direct your call?
Mike Stewart , please.
- Won't be a moment .
I'm sorry, But there's no one named Mike Stewart.
There is a Matthew J. Stewart .
Yes. My mistake .
- Putting you through.
Matthew Stewart .
- I'm sorry about it Matt, but we have a system crash .
Are you near your computer?
- Yes, what do i need to do?
Could you get it to reboot it?
Are you ok to turn it off and on again?
Ok, So it should be asking you to login.
Okay. Yeah.
Username ?
- Is Matthew Stewart.
You should probably reset it again for security purposes.
Yeah. No problem. i'm trying.
Bluey .
Ok . Does it work?
- Yep. I'm in.
Great. Ok, could you log off for
like the next hour or so?
We've gotta reset things down here.
Make sure its all working fine for you.
Yeah. Will do.
We found our man.
Hello Ken, busy day?
Who is this?
A Friend.
Really? I don't believe we've met.
Perhaps we should? I'll call to make a time.
You do not have my number...
Let me guess...
Emerald Victoria
April, 1990
He does not know who he is.
Hello. Are you alright?
- Yes. Okay.
Listen! I don't think you understand.
He tried to kidnap my son.
You cannot know that.
The Last time we interviewed him, he made representations that
Adam is his son.
Yeah? You know what? Show me a court order,
and i'll pay attention.
Do you have any idea, who he is?
They call themselves the " Family "
and lock up the children.
Other people's children
Why don't you go and investigate that?
Look, I can assure you that we're doing everything
we can to make sure that you're protected..
Yea, yea , yeah. We've heard all that before.
Same old story huh.
Anything for a family reunion huh?
Where is he?
- I do not know . I do not know .
Could still be in town.
Come stay with us tonight.
Thank you, sweetie.
Hi, Kristin .
- Hello, Elektra .
Oh my God, look how big you are.
Well you need these disposable nappies.
Do you use cloth ?
And pajamas.
- Yes.
Come to bed.
- I'll just be a couple of minutes.
This program can send down
every known word in English.
But in this system.
Its gonna take more than a month.
- We need a faster computer.
Any ideas?
Melbourne University,
Computer Science Department
2.30 am
He leaves the door open.
Keep him busy Traks.
Here it is. Come on.
This system is fast .
Really fast . Look at it.
How long?
Respect life
or Expect Resistance.
Hey ! What are you doing ?
Stop! Get back here!
Respect life
or Expect Resistance.
Come on. Come on.
There is someone coming. Let get out of here.
Lets go.
There was a break-in.
- Alright. I'm calling the police.
You're close.
That's it. That's it. That's it.
It's okay.
It useless.
- Can you show us to the lab?
Just that system down there.
What do you think they were doing?
We are just checking to see where they connected to,
but they've encrypted the number again.
That is a shock!!
Why don't we start with something straight forward.
Like how they broke in.
Hey,Can we get a shot of this?
- I'm coming.
So developing an appreciation of art,
are we?
Nah. Developing appreciation of our hackers.
We are looking for someone with a big head .
You're gonna have to get your shit together now.
Things change when you have a kid.
Yeah mom . I get it.
- Mom!
The attack occurred in the past.
Besides the contact.
A dozen children have now been released.
Police described them as a sect
Arian .
All the children now have a striking
blonde hair .
There's a Suspect involved in this sad and terrible situation.
That is cult
known as " family " ,
Has continued for so long unknown.
There are drugged
and exposed the children here
and we still do not know their
parents , it seems what happened .
They're here. Who? CIA.
They found out this morning .
It seems that they've given up on us following you.
we need to find these idiots before they do,
for their sake.
Whats this?
-You are going undercover.
He looks like Yoda .
what are you going to name this little guy,
- I'm gonna take a few days, see what it is like.
Does he look like you,
He doesn't look like you at all.
- Genius?
Nice kid.
- Thank you.
It's a tradition.
- Thanks man.
You guys really wanna celebrate?
We go in.
Let's see what John Connor has access to.
Hello there, Chain of command.
- Wow .
We need proof. I'm gonna print this. Ok.
Before two hours. Iraqi troops crossed the border
The troops established their military ops
at key positions.
Iraq announced that Kuwait's
Government have been overthrown by an internal revolution.
Baghdad announced that the Kuwait of
was now in control of 19 provinces of Iraq.
Greater security U.S.A
session for tonight ...
Gentlemen. Does it happen?
- OK.
All set .
- All set .
Have you seen something on a 1,200 board?
- Maybe this one?
Telecom . I'm trying to
crack those guys for months.
It's so easy . I was in after a week after them
throughout the north bay.
They build it and we knock it down eh?
This one's gotta a big enough head.
Who is he?
- He boasted that he hacked Telecom .
He seems to handle technical
parameters of the system .
Let's look into him.
And i need a warrant .
Lets do it.
Jesus, Traks . Every day of the week .
Sorry, I forgot to tell you that ...
You told me today was the day you were going
to check out the job thing.
- Hello .
Forget it. I'm going out .
- What about... ?
What ? Your son ?
Hello, Elektra .
- Unbelieveable.
Omega 500. This thing's like a death slur.
I've been up all night.
They're building military bases, sending
troops into the Middle East . They're about to start something.
Well, We are inside,
When are we gonna have some fun .
Not yet. We're here.
We found something important.
why don't we shut down the whole Us fucking military.?
Send a worm. shut the whole system down.
Why ?
- To show them we can.
Well, are you forgetting about the phone trace?
- Well i guess its time to do something truly subversive.
No We look but don't touch. There's
more hidden in here . I need more time.
These numbers. They're coordinates.
Eskan in Saudi Arabia.
And there's another .
And that is Indilik in Turkey.
Its the middle of the night .
So? They're building military bases.
How about Thornbury Melbourne?
Got the co-ordinates to that?
Thats where your child and his mother live.
Fuck, Julian .
So ...
He's inside.
If you wanna see him
Hello, sweetheart.
What 's up?
They're shifting troops into the Middle East.
See this . It's a European base Battalion
There are some training excercises in Saudi Arabia.
And she thinks I'm crazy doing like this huh?
Am I ?
- I don't know .
You know, Wayne used to keep the plans for the farm
he was building
under lock and key.
Julian. The more people lock things up,
the more they've to hide.
And they're probably hiding a lot more than this.
They've been here, In my house.
We'll be caught man
Hey, calm down, calm down.Its okay.
you're sure?
They've bugs in my house.
- I'll take care of it .
Whatever they do, I'm gonna take care of it.
Its gonna be alright. ok?
Hello, Ken .
Jonah, He's back.
We need a trace.
Why are you hunting us?
keep him talking.
We need a trace.
- Yes. are they online?
because you're breaking the law .
We are The International Subversives .
We don't steal or damage anything.
Then What are you doing?
We are going to reveal the truth.
Keep him on the line. Do not lose him.
Goodbye, Ken .
I got it .18 Northwood Street
East Melbourne.
Come on. Come on.
- Thats my address .
That little bastard is fucking with us.
Do you want to go somewhere ... away?
What some place, where there are no computers?
You'll always find a computer , Julian .
Why are you doing all this stuff?
For nine years we've been hauling from
one end of the country to another hiding from the "family".
The whole time i knew what was
happening to those other children,
but I didn't know what to do so.
yea, Lots of people knew and they didn't do anything.
You were just a kid.
Yeah, but now I know
what to do.
Melbourne Press Club
January, 1991
You have got ten minutes.
-The "Family". You wrote about it.
Yeah. Cult.Why? Are you one of them?
How long have you known about them before?
- 8-9 years? Maybe.
If you can write about it.
Then why didn't ya?
We didn't know what they've been
doing to those children. Alright?
They were rumours.
We need facts.
So why didn't you investigate those rumours,
to find the facts.
Well we were working on three papers at the local news.
We didn't have time.
Whats this?
- Chance to redeem Yourself.
I'd do at a time.
How did you get this ?
- Can't tell you .
You've to protect me when the time comes.
Its US military Logs.
Thousands of documents around the world.
Here, Troop movements, Shipments, Weapons..
Here you can see projected shipments of Coca-Cola
- Now. There's a headline.
They're on the move.
Something big's about to happen.
Listen, mate.
This.. This is a pile of facts...
As interesting as it might be..
half a million cans of Coca- Kole landing in Eshkien, Saudi Arabia.
I write a 4-5 line headline
and 200-200 words report.
This is the latest one. Thats what I'd write.
Hey, man. Are you alright?
It Started. They're killing people now.
They found Hagbard in the forests
outside Hanover.
He was a freak like me .
They found him ... burned to a crisp.
They're coming for us.
They say he killed himself.
But I mean...
50% of all suicides occur due to
the firearm ...
20% Asphyxiation and 17% poisoning.
Who sets themselves on fire
to kill themselves, man?
It's over. That's it.
Looks like I've beaten you to it.
I'm worried about Traks.
Its getting worse.I think he's about to lose it.
Here it is. Now we can use those fucking worms as we promised.
Give me the password.
This is going to create chaos.
No, I can't do that.
I told you I need more time to find these stories...
What are you now , are you a journalist?
We need to act on this mate.
If we find this story.
Things will change ,
People will listen .
I'm sick of waiting around for you to do something alright?
Its so fucking low with your..
Look but don't touch..
I need the password .
... Allied forces attacked vayduhoplovne
military targets in Iraq and Kuwait.
Before five months ,
Saddam went to war against Kuwait .
Tonight, the battle has been joined.
Can you turn that shit down.
I'm trying to work.
No, Hang on.
They were " Blossom and Blood"
and "Space deceases . "
I have two tickets for sledei weekend .
It was not a poem.
It was the lyrics of this song.
Song ,the worms ,the graffiti .
"YOu talk of times of peace for all,
and then prepare for war"
Wank worm hits NASA.
Which hacker did this?
Respect life
or Expect Resistance .
If they were trying to steal something,
It wouldn't be random, we'll be able to catch'em.
We are looking protestors.
Who is that?
It is Julian . Julian Assange.
Its a Midnight Oil T -shirt.
The Amriavilu public shelter is believed to have
held over 400 civilians
Today US government spokesperson confirmed that
an accidental strike has destroyed the bunker
The bunker has more..
demonstrators gathered outside ..
One man said he would not
rest until he saw coffins in Washington .
behind me Rescuer workers are taking out
many small bodies.
Many small bodies.
Obviously the children.
# The police said that their bodies were so badly damaged.
that they were impossible to separate.
Civil protection is sung
" God is great " as they protested outside.
Children ! Women! you Bastards!
USA have denied
Iraqi government's claims
That they delibrately destroyed a civilian shelter
Meanwhile greater security
USA , citing the urgency
that operations " Desert Storm "
adopted Resolution 678 United Nations
that resulted pulling
Iraqi troops from Kuwait.
Arab League says the withdrawal
along the highway , " death."
Can I help you?
I'm Detective Sergeant Ken Roberts .
Looking for your son Julian.
Need to ask him some questions.
My son and I had a falling out.
Sarge .
I have not seen him for a long time
And I've no idea where he is.
It's petty.
I understand that you are now grandmothers.
It must be hard .
Yes. It is.
Who is Midnight Oil 's fan?
Look, I know how hard you've worked
to protect your children.
And as surprising as this might seem, We're both
trying to achieve the same thing.
Trying to protect Julian.
Look right now the United States,
is at war with the middle east.
and your son has hacked into
the US military database.
Do you understand what that means?
The Americans are looking for him
right now , here in Australia.
Do you know whats gonna happen to him,
If they find him first?
Look you probably must've
realized by now that
My son sees the world differently
than most of the other people.
For a long time i worried about what that meant.
where his unique gift would take him.
Julian could become anyone he wants to.
He could achieve anything.
He set his mind to.
All his life. I've tried to do.
One thing
Show him that there are values
greater than you and me or even him.
So that no matter wherever he lands,
He will know, whats right.
Mrs. Assange, you're making a big mistake.
They'll find him.
I'm not going to betray my son Sarge.
Not to you or them.
His computer is
in the back room in the end.
Come on Jules . Come on Jules.
We've been recording your key strokes for
the last few days.
Everything you've entered.
Let's see what you've done .
We got the code.
- Great. Read it to me.
" Yankee 7th ..
... " Victor 5 8 Juliet
Alfa 9 3 "Got it"?
You should we've to catch him
in the act when there's another crime.
Get him to lure them in.
Targets in Operation Desert Storm .
Casualties : 493
Expected civilian victim's : 286
Fuck you, Julian .
- Hey, this is important.
- Jesus Julian ! I've been trying to call all day.
Okay, whats the matter?
- I just ... I really...
I think we should catch up.
Its been too long.
Ok . Where do you want to meet?
- The river. Lets meet downstream.
Okay.. Alright
I ... Thanks Mum .
I'll see you soon.
- It's okay , honey.
We're leaving. Come on.Pack your bags.
- What ?
Please Listen
- They are onto me. They're onto me.
- Julian ?
Are you okay?
- I need your help.
Yeah. I know they're onto us.
I need you to come here now, Julian .
I need your help , please.
I can't do this.
- Is he sick ?
I can't do it anymore .
Where are you going?
Hey . He called you too?
- Yeah.
Just go around the block and block them off. okay?
Are you alright?
- I'm sorry. I was just so scared.
Hey man, Its gonna be ok.
Do not worry about it.
They've bombed a civilian
shelter in Baghdad.
I can prove that they did it on purpose.
Its gonna be Ok .
They've got in.
Ken .
- I'm entering the encryption code now .
You should be able to see what they see.
What are they looking at? Ken ?
What do you see ? What are they looking at?
There are Military targets in Iraq.
- Are you recording it?
Have you got it ? Have you got it?
Did you get it?
- Yep. Got it. We are Recording everything.
Yeah, Go. Bring him in.
Julian .
- Yeah?
I'm sorry.
Don't let them to destroy anything .
- Come on , guys.
They are here .
Police . Stop it.
- Get back .
Police . Stop!
Police! Stop!
Stop! Police!
Go around.
Two Suspects
Heading North-East .
All the men in pursuit. All head for it.
Julian Assange.
18th Simpson Street Thornbury .
- Got it.
Hey don't light.
Do not move. Drop it.
I just need to print something.
I can't do this , Julian .
I tried , but I can't .
Is not that what you wanted ?
I mean, we go ...
Its not what I wanted.
You and your mom can be on the run.
I can't .
I just have to print something.
May be i'm just too normal for you.
You're not, Elektra .
Please. Please.
- It's too late . Too late.
Police! Get down! Police!
Easy. Let him go.
Hello, Julian.
I'm Detective Sergeant Ken Roberts,
I believe you were expecting me.
What is this?
Its a Civilian shelter in Baghdad.
It was bombed yesterday.
400 dead .
Women and children .
They knew that it was civilian shelter.
- Thats ridiculous.
It was an accident , They would never do it on purpose.
I can prove it . It's all there .
This isn't much.
This is a bunch of pictures .
Half encoded transmissions.Doesn't prove anything .
The evidence is there. I know it.
I just need more time.
Even if you could prove it ,
The secrecy laws prevent you from ever publishing.
Secrecy laws were made by the goverments
to conceal the truth.
No. It protects our troops who are at war.
This shelter had a protected status.
They murdered them. I know they did.
I just need more time.
Sorry, Julian .
There is no more time .